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Onboard audio problems after moving components to new case

Q: Onboard audio problems after moving components to new case

I'm not too tech proficient, but I'm getting better, and decided to tackle my biggest challenge so far.

I took everything out of a Gateway PC, replaced the PSU and put everything back into a new full tower case.

Everything works great except the audio. Here is the problem and details:

I only have an onboard audio card. The new case has a headphone jack on the front that connects to the "audio" pin connection on the bottom of the motherboard. I connected this.

After reassembling, the audio jack on the rear of the case on the motherboard I/O panel does not produce sound. HOWEVER, the headphone jack on the front DOES produce sound.

I'm a little puzzled because that would seem to imply the motherboard is fine.

Does the I/0 panel audio ports run off of dedicated power, or a specific power cord that I might have placed in the wrong place or backwards?

Any other ideas?

Followup question. THere is something wrong with the front headphone jack (maybe a manufacturer defect) that is causing the left speaker to crackle and be less loud. almost like a bad speaker, but I tested for that.

In the case I took everything out of there was a single AUDIO pin connection from the front panel to the motherboard. But on the new case the AUDIO pin connection had an additional identically sized pin connection coming off of it about 1" from the AUDIO pin connection. It had some numbers on it like a voltage rating or something (unsure).. I just left it hang loose.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Opened realtek HD Audio manager program

When I plug the jack into the back I/O panel the corresponding area on the diagram does light up and recognize. However no sound is produced when testing.

A: Onboard audio problems after moving components to new case

Hi, If you replaced all the cables as they were then you should have no trouble.
The front panels are in 2 groups. The USB sockets are 1 group with a cable that runs over to the motherboard.
The front panel audio board has 2 cables that run from it to a single free socket, and that plugs onto a connector on the motherboard that has 5 pins in one row and 4 pins on the other row, with one pin empty.
But I would think it's more likely the problem is the settings in Windows.
Right click on the speaker icon in the taskbar, choose 'playback devices', and if your speakers are plugged into the back of the pc, you should see them in the list. They should have a green tick over the speakers.
If not, right click on the speaker line, and choose 'enable', that should put the sound signals onto the socket where your external speakers are connected to.
* Might also be worth testing that your external speakers are working by plugging them into something you know works, such as a mp3 player, mobile, or tape player output. It's possible the speakers are not getting power. (Power LED on one speaker).
*Also check for muted audio in Windows, and the 'on/vol' control on the actual speakers.

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Hi, so i am in possesion of an hp desktop (here is the product page, and i was planning on buying a new case, a new GPU (msi gtx 1060) and a new Psu (to support my new gpu. Now in order for me to add all of this stuff i think it would be ideal to transfer all of my components to a new case. I am familiar with how to do this, i just wanted to know if this will all work nice and smoothly or if i need to know a few things first or even if it will not work at all. Thank you.

A:Moving my pc into new case and upgrading components

JablesTheGreat Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!I've done this a few times -- but not with this model PC -- so I can only offer general comments ... 1) I/O shield -- this is the small plate that covers the external sockets at the back of the case.  These are generally a standard size, so if the new case has the same size opening, you can simply move the shield to the new case. 2) USB ports -- these have standard MoBo connectors, so as long as the ports in the new case are the same generation as the old case (i.e., USB 2.0 vs USB 3.0), you should be able to reconnect the USB ports without problems. 3) Memory card readers -- this is more problematic.  Every HP PC I've owned has had memory card readers and the connectors are anything but standard. In addition, the readers themselves are designed to fit into each special case, so they're not "bolt-ons" that can simply be reattached to a different case.  If this is the situation with yours, you would have to suffice with USB-based memory card readers for the new case. Good Luck

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This is my first post here because this forum seems to actually have members that offer help which is rare these days. Sorry about the long post but I'll put some info and links to make life easier on you!

I picked up a case for a friend and swaped out the guts on problem. His seemed to boot fine, neon worked, usb, fans etc. The next day he said he couldn't get the sound working, so I went over and spend hours trying to figure out how the hell this happened with onboard audio.

The board is a FIC AM37 from an emachines box with with the AC 97' Codec embedded in the VIA 8235 chipset. I've tried every driver possible and no sound. Tried repairing the XP pro installation hoping fresh OS files would work. The main issue is that there is a few different drivers for the AC 97' codec that I found and none match up- or at least none work. The bios says VIA-3058 AC97 ?udio with options Auto or disabled.

The VIA audio and 4in1 drivers didn't work, the FIC support page download was the Avance AC 97' driver, but the AM37 Manual they have states VIA-3058 AC97 also. I tried the Vinyl AC 97' for this chipset on the VIA site, and originally it had the Realtek AC 97' driver installed but it was the 3059 version I think. I've downloaded and tried them all with the setup.exe's and manually in device manager. No dice. There is no error messages just no sound. So it's probably not the driver, then what's the board... Read more

A:Onboard audio quit after changing case

You've covered quite a range of issues here but have you checked the system bios to make sure on-board sound is enabled and apart from that, have you checked the audio cables to the speakers?

BTW, :wave: Welcome To TechSpot! :wave: with your first post.

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I have a very odd situation. I've purchased a new case and transferred my rig into it, but instead of the plugs which connect the front audio jacks to the pins on the motherboard it has plugs, like the ones that run from the speaker to the jacks on the back of the motherboard. I've tried plugging them into those jacks, without any result.

There isn't any sound coming from the speakers either, which doesn't make any sense because it's the exact same comuter, just in a different case. I've reinstalled the drivers on the integrated sound card (Realtek AC 97) but it hasn't changed a thing.

Ideas? What am I missing? Would getting a PCI sound card be of any use

A:No audio after moving rig to new case

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hi all ,

i have a desktop

i changed my broken case to a new case like

i removed the HDD and the motherboard and the CD-rom ..etc and installed them to a new case

but when i press the switch button it works normally , and the screen display normally and there are no beeps , but after like 20 second my computer turns off automatically ! ,

what may cause this issue ?

A:i replaced all of my computer components from my broken case to other case

could be overheating CPU. Did you apply fresh Thermal paste to the HSF after reinstalling the motherboard? Is it tight and secure? Did you blow out all the dirt, dust and debris from the fans' fins?

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I am going to migrate my main system to a different case, and I was wondering if I will have any problems doing so. I have a Raid 1 set up through the MoBo on 2 1.5 TB Seagate HDD's, and my main concern was having to unplug them and then plug them back in and still have Windows and my PC recognize the array and the Windows installation. I do regular backups in addition to the Raid 1, but if this migration puts me in the position where I have to reinstall everything, I might think twice about it. Any thoughts?
Thanks everyone!

A:Moving current system to new case...Problems?

The only issue with a recase as far as I can see would be physical - do the components (inc CPU heatsink!) fit. If the case comes with a PSU then it may not be quite as good as some of the popular named brands (eg Seasonic) and you need to check that it has a suitable power rating. Also you need to make sure you have good ventilation in the new case.

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Hello, I've been having audio problems for a LONG time and everytime I reformat or reinstall windows I have to reinstall different things to get audio. Before my last reinstallation, I was messing around in the device manager when I had no sound, Selected AC'97 something and restarted and had sound, It worked nicely, I have this button on my keyboard that mutes it when I press it and a little ( \ ) goes over the speaker symbol (never happened before). I know it was onboard audio because that's the only thing my headset was plugged into. Anyways, I've reinstalled windows again and cannot seem to find what I was looking for to get sound again, I've searched and just can't find anything. I went into bios and put enabled as the audio thing (I think it said enable ac'97 audio codec), I tried it on enabled then I tried it on auto and neither worked. I just want to use my audio sound and anyone that would help me get it back would be awesome.

Thank you

A:Onboard audio problems

Hi mwilsonf,

mwilsonf said:

I've reinstalled windows again and cannot seem to find what I was looking for to get sound again, I've searched and just can't find anything.Click to expand...

do you get any error message?

and what is that you cant find?

a button or something?

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I just set this computer up and I'm having problems with the onboard audio. Motherboard is a Foxconn A7GM-S using Realtek Audio. Their program for playing with the audio works to test left/right with a test sound, but past this test sound I have no audio. I've tried online video/audio sources (youtube, pandora), tried mp3 source. I've tried uninstalling the driver and using the most updated drivers from

Also tried to find these drivers from Foxconn. At one point I tried to uninstall them and it wouldn't let me through device manager so I went through add/remove programs to uninstall all the High Definition audio. I'm pretty much at a loss and I found very little on google about this problem specifically with my motherboard.

A:Onboard Audio Problems

If you are using Vista, try going to Control Panel then Sound. Your audio device may be split into different outputs (Speakers, Digital, Headphones etc). Try testing each, and if you find one that works, set it as default.

Sorry, but I can't remember the proceedure for XP.

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I just recently (6 days ago) my motherboard had a power surge which of coarse killed the poor little guy. So of coarse I replaced it with one that I found on TigerDirect (because newegg didn't have one that supported my older processor).

So I install this new mobo (A chaintech MPM800-3) get all the drivers installed and it tells me that the audio drivers aren't approved by windows so basically I get that it may not work but the drivers page they have say it is for windows XP. So I try installing and uninstalling the drivers and no matter what I do I cannot get my sound to work I even actually went through windows troubleshooting and made sure I checked everything I possibly could think of checking and I can't get any sound what so ever.

I was wondering if anyone might have had a similar problem and knows how to fix it. I know the easy quick fix is just to get a sound card but I really couldn't afford to get the new mobo to begin with so I was hoping for a cheap fix.

Please HELP!!!! (8^D

A:New Mobo Onboard Audio Problems

nevermind Don't waste your time on me I did a really stupid nubby thing when i was putting it in and I fixed it. Moral of the story boys and girls if u take of a short connector to attatch it.. put it back on when ur done.
Yeah I feel really stupid but i was punished with hours of trying to fix my problem.

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Hi, I built a new computer today (first time ever) and everything is running great but the onboard audio for this mobo wont work:

I have installed the audio driver included with the mobos CD.

Any ideas?

Many thanks.

A:Solved: Onboard Audio problems

Which OS? Verify the hardware setup in the BIOS. By default, the audio chipset should be enabled. Check Device Manager to see if there are any devices with a yellow ! If so, those devices require drivers. Verify the audio chipset is listed.

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I have been searching all over for this problem, but cannot seem to find a solution anywhere. May suggestions though.
I have recently built a new pc, based on the Intel DX58SO Motherboard, sporting 2x XFX Radeon HD5750 1GB graphic cards. When I first installed W7 64 bit the onboard sound worked like a charm, and I could choose between digital output (optical), Digital output and speakers as my audio devices.

All worked fine, and I was using three screens, Two benq 24' displays, and one Panasonic pt-a 4000 projector connected through a Denon 1909 AVR receiver. All connected with DVI cables, plus an optical cable input to the receiver for sound. Worked great, only minor bother was that I had to change the default audio device whenever I wanted to play using my headset connected to the 3.5 jack on the computer.
One day I had the bright idea to plug in the receiver with an HDMI cable, instead of an HDMI to DVI cable, and when I did so there was a change in my Audio devices, suddenly realtek HDMI output was the only choice available, and it worked fine when watching movies with the receiver and projector, put I could no longer have sound directly from the pc jack, or the optical output.

I have tried to disconnect the HDMI from the graphic card, enable onboard audio in bios, delete all drivers and reinstall them, even reinstalling windows, but still I cannot get any other audio devices than the ATI HDMI Output. If I disconnect the HDMI cable it says I have no audio device... Read more

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I have quite a bizzard problem this time............. when I'm listening to music/watching a movie my PC has the potential to completely cut off the sound. Once this happens I have to reset the PC to regain any sound.
It cuts out iif i'm scrolling up and down on a web page or changing to another window. Sometimes rather than cutting out the sound goes really thin which can only be remedied by scroll back up the page or changing windows again.
If I'm using Itunes and the sound cuts out the time counter for the audio track stops. Wierd!

Thanx Guys

A:OnBoard Audio Card Problems

are you using a PCI soundcard? or running completely off of onboard audio?

i know your thread's title is onboard audio card problems but i need to know if you have a PCI soundcard installed. and or if it is in use by default rather than onboard

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I have an ecs PA1 MVP Ver.2.0 MOBO with Realtek ALC880 onboard audio but windows won't recognize that I Have any kind of audio at all. I've installed the drivers off the disk as well as downloaded the updated drivers off the ecs website and the Realtek site but still nothing. In the bios the only setting I can see that has to do with onboard audio is the option to turn Azalia on or off and it's on. Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

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I've been refurbishing some Dell Optiplexes and have run into a problem.

The Optiplex 755 runs Windows 7 perfectly, with good volume for the onboard audio.

With the 745s though, the audio is extremely low and faint. I've tried running the audio drivers in compatibility mode and as administrator, but nothing seems to work.

Does anyone know of a way to get the existing drivers to provide louder volume, or a different driver that may work?

It looks like the integrated audio is 'ADI 1983 High Definition Audio'

Thanks for any information.

A:Having problems with onboard audio with a Dell Optiplex 745 and W7

I do a lot of user support on the Dell forum. We have found that Dell supplied sound drivers need to be used with most Dell's as non-Dell sound drivers either do not work or do not work correctly. Vista/Win 7 handles some functions differently than XP and because of this they usually don't work or work right.

HERE is the Vista 32/64 bit sound driver and it will work for Win 7. Give it a try, if you have not tried it.

If this doesn't fix it, repost the problem on the Dell Desktop hardware section for more help.
Desktop - Dell Community

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Hello TSG,

This is my first post on this forum! Yeah! I always like that..

Ok, I'm at my wits end, and this seems like the place for answers so I'll cut right to it.

I recently upgraded my system. I am currently running:

AMD Athlon XP 2200+
Asus A7n8X MB (w/ nForce 2 tech)
512MB DDR266
PNY 128MB GeForce4
2x 40 gig HD
420w power supply
Windows XP Pro +SP1

System is running great! (A little laggy under heavy DX use, but that is excpected...I think)

My SOUND however, crackles, pops, and stutters. Playing a CD through the CD player, you only can barely hear the static. But, playing a 3D intensive game, ie. Unreal 2, Splinter Cell, it becomes more profound and the stuttering kicks in.

I have tried the following:
*reinstall drivers for vid card, nforce audio, and MB.
*troubleshooted different vid settings/res settings
*patched games
*tested variety of media (problem varies only in intensity)

It's very odd to me...any help would GREATLY be appreciated!

(sorry for any typos, I'm in a hurry)


A:nForce onboard audio problems! ahhh!

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Hi all, first post so be kind.

As my laptop is currently stuck in purgatory between me and Medion Warranty repair, i thought i'd bring up the old PC from back home to my house so i can use that instead. It's a Packbard Bell desktop from about 4/5 years back, the stats aren't too bad (Pentium 4 2.93ghz, 1.5gb RAM) but it was virused up to high hell.

As it's so old, the discs and manuals are all elsewhere so i had little choice but to use an old XP disc knocking about and completely wipe the thing to start again. The problem now comes with updating everything, the graphics card, modem and the sound card in particular. Fortunately i have a wireless card with a CD around so i installed that to get on here. All three are onboard, but they're not installed. I could download the drivers if i just knew what they were, but it's proving to be near impossible. Usually i'd just look in Device Manager, but that's just showing them as unknown.

Is there a way i can find out what they are without them having been previously installed?

A:Having trouble finding onboard components...

You could always download Everest and run a hardware scan, then look at the report which you can save in .txt or .html format. This will show you every piece of hardware on your PC and a lot of other valuable information. Then just simply go to the manufactures sites and find the required drivers.

Make sure you install the chip set drivers first.

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Hey Guys,

Finaly I made the time to create my ulimate case I've been reading reviews for the best combination graphics adapter, processor and cooler.
Has anyone ever overclocked a Dual-Core AMD Athlon 64 X2?
I need some tips for excellent perfomance

Thxs in advance,
Monique Vreugd

A:first case mod need components

What motherboard and memory are you using with this processor?

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I don't think I have any overheating issues just yet but I was curious if anyone had some ideas on the most effective ways to cool a BTX case. Case temp is around 50 C and CPU is mid 50's when idle. Room is about room temp, 70 F or so. When doing something intense the it all creeps about about 5 degrees C to the point where the case is around 55, CPU around 60-61. These numbers according to Speedfan.

Again, I've had no problems thus far and I don't think these temps are unreasonable. But I was curious as to what my cooling options are. I was thinking the quickest, cheapest, and probably least effective way to go was to put a fan in the empty PCI least until I need that slot. But it seems that most PCI fans are not made for a BTX case as they point in the wrong direction. Also, this particular setup is somewhat unique as there is a plastic duct running directly from the intake fan to the CPU, making alternative CPU cooling somewhat tricky.


A:Cooling Components in BTX Case

see if there is a place at the front of the case , in front of the hard drive cage, to add another fan..I put 120 MM fans there...blowing into the case... so they can blow cool air over the hard drives an aid the other case fans blowing out of the good and the 120MM fans are quieter than the 80 mm fans

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I am starting to get concerned about my new Dell Dimension 8400 getting hot, doesn't seem to be much in the way of airflow. The whole Intel processor is all new to me...usually an AMD chick, but I got a good deal. Anyway...would it void my warrantee if I put mobo, dvd, & HDD etc. into a different case with more fans to improve airflow? Has anyone else done this? Just curious.

Intel Pentium IV 3.6GHz
ATI Radeon X850 XT PE PCIe (256 memory)

A:Move Dell components into other case?

I don't know if it would void Dell's warranty or not (although I think it well might!), but if you were going to do all that anyway why didn't you assemble your own machine in the first place?

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I moved my CPU (AMD 939 4800+x2), RAM (2*1gb Nspire), and Video Card (7950gt EVGA) from my shuttle ST20G5 which had a bad RAM slot to an Ultra Microfly case with EVGA NF44 AMD motherboard. When I turn on the computer, it beeps once (tells I passed POST) and takes me to BIOS. Then I select XP Pro from my boot menu, the XP load screen is displayed for a few seconds, and then I get a STOP error. One weird part is that when I enter BIOS, it shows up as Pheonix AWARD BIOS, just like in my shuttle, not the EVGA version of BIOS, even though it shows the EVGA splash screen upon boot. I am using the same HD in hopes to preserve all my data... not sure if that is a problem? Please feel free to ask questions and please help... I am stuck on an old laptop with none of my documents... I know because it passes POST that I couldn't have messed anything up too bad when I moved everything

A:Moved components into new case and now get a BSOD upon booting

I have researched the problem a little more... maybe I have to do a repair install of XP?

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I rebuilt by installing all hardware in a new Coolermaster haf 930 full size tower. Everything seemed fine on bootup but, I noticed the drivers, were installing I think, for the ssd and dvd/cd. it booted back up and restarted just fine all day yesterday. When I got up this morning, I turned it on and it got to the welcome screen with small spinning circle next to it but, stayed there a lot longer than usual. Next, it went to a plain blue screen and stayed there for 10-15 seconds then all icons popped on the monitor as usual and everything worked fine after that till I shut down or restart then it's the same thing all over again. All help will be greatly appreciated Thanks!

A:strange bootup after installing components in new PC case

Re-check all your connections. It sounds like something that was previously connected is not now.

Also: are you using the same power supply as before? Or is it a new supply that came with the case?
If a new supply, what are the specs on both (old and new).

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I've just build an high-end pc but I want to move it to a place 100km away from my house at least 2 times every year. So, as the title said I would like to know If moving a pc in a car wont harm any parts. And if not so, how to prevent this.

William S.

A:Is moving a desktop pc safe for the components?

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Hello: Installed Windows 8 Pro Upgrade to an old PC case. Can I transfer all

the components from that case and install them in a new empty case,

bringing along that Windows 8 installation too? I would transfer everything

except the intake/exhurst fans. Thank you.

A:Migrating entire PC components with Windows 8 to another empty PC case

Yes, if you are moving the same motherboard and Hard Drive it should be smooth.

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Hello world,
I'm looking to considerably upgrade my current system, which will become essentially a new system overall.

I was looking into something along these lines:
[Key: Currently Own | Looking To Buy]
Motherboard- Asus Sabertooth Z77.
CPU- Intel Core i5 3570K 3.4Ghz s1155 6MB.
Cooling- Corsair Hydro H100i.
RAM- Kingston HyperX Beast 2x8GB DDR3 1600MHz (x2= a total of 32GB).
GPU- GeForce GTX 460 (768MB).
PSU- Corsair GS600 80PLUS. (is it enough?)
HDD/SSD- *.*
Monitor- *.*
Peripherals- *.*
Case- Open for suggestions!

The rest is less of an issue.

What do you guys think?

A:A New (*upgrade) System Build, Components and Case Questions

The PSU is definitely enough. You could even have two GTX 670s with this PSU.

32 GB would be about 28 GB more than I would ever need, but hey.

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I also have a problem with my sound device. It sais I have none. No icon appears in the lower right hand side of my screen. I can't listen to anything online. It's driving me insane. I talked to someone in the past who told me to download everest home edition and follow his steps. But, I can't find him. I've downloaded everest and got a report. Does anyone know where he was going with this?

A:Another case of XP and Onboard Sound Disappears

cannibalcol said:

I also have a problem with my sound device. It sais I have none. No icon appears in the lower right hand side of my screen. I can't listen to anything online. It's driving me insane. I talked to someone in the past who told me to download everest home edition and follow his steps. But, I can't find him. I've downloaded everest and got a report. Does anyone know where he was going with this?Click to expand...

1. Don't know if you have XP or Vista, but here's a couple links to try for your troubleshooting
- Missing Sound Icon
- Fixing Vista sound problems (Altho this comes from HP/Compaq is pretty generic for all Vista

2. If you continue with problems, you should start a new thread in Audio Video Forum. You should include the Everest Report as well as report from dxdiag (see below)
Click to download then run Everest Home. From top of Everest window:

Click File->Preferences
Check English
Then (still under Preferences) click Report and uncheck Include Debug Information
Close Preferences window

Click Reports->Report Wizard. Get a Custom Report report in plain text. Check these items

Attach the report file to a TechSpot post. When you create your TechSpot post, use the paper clip icon to attach the report. (If you don't see it among your icons, you need to click the TechSpot Go Advanced button towards bottom of window)
Generate a DirectX report
click Start-&g... Read more

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My audio rear outs used to work, but even so, i was primarily using hdmi out from my video card. I was also diagnosing BSODs at the time and sent my mobo back to asus for an rma. When it got back, I placed it in a different case and attached the font panel audio.

Due to a new living circumstance, I decided to switch back to the normal audio out, as my hdmi sound is awful on my new monitor. Problem is, now i find that the onboard audio does not work.

I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling and updating drivers, I have disabled all other drivers in the device manager, I have disconnected the front panel entirely. Nothing seems to re-enable my back panel.

Everything seems like in this thread Just got done building a new computer but... - techPowerUp! Forums
except my audio interface is ASUS, not MSI, and does not allow for front panel detection. (their solution was to "disable front panel jack detection" but this interface does not allow for this)

See the attached screenshots for interface.
Screenshot #1: As you can see, this is all the advanced settings allow. Also note that the bottom jacks are disabled, and does not see the speakers at all, even though they are plugged in.

Screenshot #2: This is with the HD settings enabled.

Screenshot #3: As you can see, there are no devices shown while HD audio is enabled, and the sound device manager does not see the speakers at all.

Screenshot #4: When I change to AC97, the computer sees the front panel, ev... Read more

A:Asus onboard audio no longer working since enabling front panel audio.

Have you tried system restore, or tried reinstalling the software/driver etc?

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Hey Guys,

So here it goes, I normally have my Logitech z-5500 speakers connected to the onboard sound output (green,yellow and black) as well as my Plantronics 780 connected to the front panel USB port. I used to be able to play music through any one without any problems, just had to select which one I wanted as my default playback device.

Now my problem is, I get audio fine through the 780, but I get no sound what so ever from any of the onboard ports. I have searched online for hours trying all the suggested solutions(check below) but I'm hoping its not a device failure =(

What's weird is that just like all other posts I've read, when I plug anything into the onboard jacks I get the speakers as connected and the audio level moves with sound..but I get no output from my speakers.
What I have tested:

1) removing and reinstalling audio drivers from Asus website. - no luck
2) trying a headphone in the different jacks to see if any would give audio - no luck
3) went into the BIOS made sure I was up to date and the sound device was enabled - no luck
I can post screenshots of anything that may help in trying to resolve this problem and would appreciate anyone assisting me.
Thank you.

A:No sound from onboard audio (Realtek High Defition Audio)

Ravir mate do yourself a favour and install a sound card I have the exact same board and I fitted an Asus Xonar DG after spending a load of time trying to make sense of the Asus site, RealTek site and the Windows feature which are all a crock of crap.
The GUI for the Xonar card is great for sound (up to 7:1 support) and effects and mixing. Best of all it is cheap. I have them in three of my machines and would not be bothered with the onboard rubbish. Sound Cards and Digital-to-Analog Converters - Xonar DG - ASUS

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I have an Echo Audiofire4 firewire device, for some reasons I need to constantly switch between Echo and my onboard audio device (realtech sth).
I remember I could do it in the past, but due to the Echo installation problems I disabled it from windows startup menu and now, though I enabled it again, it is not shown plugged-in in "manage audio device window". I prefer not to uninstall Echo driver, it took me so long to installing it after all.
any idea?

A:not plugegd in onboard audio device after disconnecting external audio

I don't know the answer to your problem but I did find a site that might have what you are looking for.

Support - Frequently Asked Questions | Echo Digital Audio

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Hello everyone,

I'm having a problem using my motherboard?s onboard HD audio instead of my video card?s audio, so without further ado here is the situation;

I have an Asus maximus iii gene motherboard which has a SupremeFX X-Fi built-in sound card (this is a very nice card provided you can use it), on the board I have an ASUS EAH5870 V2 (basically an ATI 5870) which also has onboard audio useable through HDMI. When I first ran Windows 7 X64 the drivers for the video card and its audio were installed first, but then I noticed that my audio jacks (both on the back of motherboard and on the case) won?t work, which is a big problem for me. But at least I have audio through speakers on my monitor (through HDMI).

So to fix the problem I just tried to install drivers from Asus for the X-FI chip, but that failed since no HD audio hardware could be found by the installer. Google-ing the problem I came across hotfixes, which Asus also provides but they are not compatible with windows 7 X64? so I?m back at square one.

It?s worth mentioning I have gone through my device manager and under audio only the ATI HD audio device is visible and I cannot see the X-FI device anywhere.
So I would like help installing drivers for the X-FI chip and use the onboard surround sound and HD audio jack on the case.

Thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to read this.


Update of things I have tried

1) I opened my case and checked that all... Read more

A:Onboard audio not working and audio drivers won't install

hkhajavi, welcome to the forums.

First off let me say that despite the fancy sounding name that Asus likes to give some of its onboard audio solutions,in no way shape or form is what is on yours a X-Fi (which I hope you did not try installing any drivers from Creative for as they will not work). Looking at the specs and the download page for your motherboard,

yours has the Via audio chip on it (some of the previous versions of the SupremeFX X-Fi used a Soundmax/ADI based audio chip), of which Asus does have a Windows 7 driver for (both 32 and 64 bit). They also appear to have the updated X-Fi software (also known as X-Fi MB, which is where the X-Fi name comes from for the onboard audio; it gets to use some of the X-Fi software, but it is not a X-Fi sound card) available for it under the Utilities section in the downloads.

You may also need to run the updated Intel chipset Utility for the onboard audio to be detected. Once it is detected and the drivers are installed you will then need to open the Windows playback properties and make sure that the onboard audio is set as the default playback device and not the ATI HDMI device.

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I am contemplating moving my PC to another case. Notice I did not say NEW case. The case I am thinking of is just sitting here. It is a full tower that my Micron used to reside in. The micron was an AMD machine and held a gigabyte 7DX Mobo. The machine I am wanting to move is my HP which is also an AMD machine with a Asus an78x Mobo.
Will this work? I don't see any reason why it wouldn't. I am going to either have to knock out another 3.5 inch bay in it in order to get my memory card reader hooked up, or just forget about it. I have never used it anyway so it is actually just extra junk in the machine.
Another thing I needed to know is will I have to change MY usb plugs? The Micron was USB 1 and the HP is USB 2. I personally don't see any difference in the plugs. Is this a necessity? I have the old case stipped of all of its electronics and soaking in the tub as I type so If I have to change the ports now would be the time. I am kind of hoping it sin't necessary because of the way the ports are clipped into their connectors.
Well, enough of this. I'll have to stop typing if I ever want any opinions.
The reason for the switch is to get my components out of HP's compact case.

A:Moving PC to another case.

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My current computer is a PCV-RS613G, with a P4SD-VL mother board, as I am upgrading my gfx card I find myself needing a new psu thus a new case for the psu to fit into, this is the case I am buying

How do I go about taking the mobo out of my old vaio and putting it into my new case? (I am aware that mobo sucks but my budget is only 160 bucks)

A:Moving my mobo to a new case, how?

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Just got a Asus rampage iv extreme mb and not that I have everything setup I connected it to my tv. However the HDMI audio on my 5770 is disabling my onboard audio which is realtek (ALC898).

How do I fixs this? I have tried diabling it under audio settings and disabling the driver with no luck.

A:ATI HDMI audio is disabling onboard audio

hows your video connected? I'm guessing through HDMI or you using a vga,dvi or display port instead>? Are you trying to get audio through regular speakers? I ask if your video is connected through HDMI because that could be the cause because the video and sound both go through the HDMI cord and should project sound through the tv if it's connected through the HDMI.

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I am building a new computer basically a piece at a time to day i got the tower and power supply. But now that I have it I want to see it all lit up and working so I am wondering if i can basically pull all the stuff out of my old tower and put it in the new. The new tower is the black phantom ATX

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium , Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 810 Processor, AMD64 Family 16 Model 4 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 7927 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 4200, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 702672 MB, Free - 591875 MB; D: Total - 12628 MB, Free - 2283 MB; J: Total - 476821 MB, Free - 329040 MB;
Motherboard: FOXCONN, ALOE, 1.01,
Antivirus: McAfee Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware, Updated and Enabled

A:moving my comp guts to my new case

As long as the old case is also ATX factor, you should be able to swap

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Hi folks.

I'm getting ready to move all my components to a new case and I'm wondering about my SATA HDD. I'm told that I need to remove the RAID controller before removing the HDD.
Question is, when I reinstall my HDD will the system boot up to allow me to reinstall the RAID Controllers? If not what will happen and what should I do?


A:Solved: Moving to new case, what about SATA?

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Hello Techspot,

I am going to get my self a new case and a PSU. I would like to move my current system into it. Will the information on my HDD be wiped off or not.

And if there is any way please tell me. I checked the guide on Techspot but it is a bit outdated and I am not changing my motherboard.


A:Moving system into a new case: Will my OS be wiped off?

No, it will not.

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Alright, so I moved my rig into a new case, this morning, and after getting everything working, I noticed that Windows is loading much, much slower (and still loads extremely slow after multiple restarts, although I'm guessing it's probably just because of the services not starting.)

After it finally started up, two things were not right. I had no audio, and I had an error bubble saying that Windows couldn't connect to the System Event Notification service or something. Regardless, the service is fine and the event log has nothing about that in it.

The other problem is that I have no sound. This is because the Windows Audio service never started. It never started because its dependency, Windows Audio Endpoint Builder is stuck in the "Starting" state.

The event log has two errors in it, 7001 and 7022, which are described as "The Windows Audio service depends on the Windows Audio Endpoint Builder service which failed to start because of the following error:
After starting, the service hung in a start-pending state." and "The Windows Audio Endpoint Builder service hung on starting."

After a few minutes, the stop or restart options finally become available, however when I try to stop and then start it again, I receive error 1053 which says it did not respond in a timely fashion.

I have already tried reinstalling my audio drivers, to no avail. There are two things worth noting, however. The reason I bought a new case (also a new h... Read more

A:Services not starting after moving to new case

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1) Going with Corsair H50 water cooler with dual 120mm fans.
Must I draw are from outside and exhaust inside case or can I get good results drawing air inside and exhausting outside ? CPU = AMD Phenom X4 9950 2.6 quad black edition.

2) May I unplug all my sata devices and hard drives and when building back in new case must I arrange the cables in the same ports to be seen or should the system see where the OS drive is and such no matter where there plugged into ? Oh FYI 3 drives internal non raid, drive 1 has Win 7 Ult. 64 and files, drive 2 has Win XP Pro 32 and files, drive 3 has all lossless music files.

3) New case is the Thermaltake Element V Black. FYI

Thanks in advance to all that answer me !

A:Moving my rig into new Full tower case.

For your first question, you may have to play around with the config to see what gives you the best temps. The instructions state to mount the fans so that they intake air into the case (mounted in the rear).

I have a Cooler Master HAF 932 -- I have mounted the H50 and fans in the rear intaking air and exhausting air. I have also mounted the radiator and fans at the top of the case intaking and exhausting. After all of that, the best temps I get are with the fans exhausting and mounted in the rear of the case.

I don't have an answer at the moment for your second question.

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i have a  optiplex 9020 mt.. but i was wondering if i can move the motherboard to a new case to Achieve more cooling to my system and upgrading my gpu.. because the case is small.. this is a pic of the motherboard.. and can someone tell my what kind of motherboards is this, atx , itx ,micro atx or mini atx.. thank you and sorry for my bad English  

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In my computer, my 250 gig works great, but once I put it into my external enclosure, when I go to it in My Computer it says that it isn't formatted and needs to be before I can use it (PLUS, in disk management it says that it is limited to 31.50 gig) Someone please help ASAP, i spent all last night trying to get this thing working! thanks-


[email protected]

A:Moving Hard Drive to External USB Case

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I'm in the process of moving my Vostro 260 machine, with some upgrades, to a bigger Cooler Master case. However, the original Vostro case has the combination I/O connections (all wrapped together), and the new case audio and power I/O connectors are, of course, divided by specific pin type (Power LED, PW Switch, HDD LED, Mic, Speaker, L, R, etc etc). Since the oem motherboard is not labeled for this, I've been trying to find a MB diagram, but to no avail (it's all very secret, it seems).

Anyone know how I can figure out which pins are which so that I can hook up the new case? It's my machine at work, so I don't really want to go the retail MB route, since I will lose Windows Pro and all unless I buy that again too...

Something like this is what I need to know:

Win 7 Pro
i3 Sandy
GeForce 550 Ti
8GB Kingston HyperX Blu
1.5 TB HDD

A:Issues moving Dell Vostro 260 Motherboard to New Case

I would honestly suggest leaving it in the case its in. or get a standard motherboard. your voiding any possible warranty anyways

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Hi, I was wondering if there were any issues to moving the motherboard (Pegatron/Formosa) from a H8 ENVY h8-1409 computer into any standard mid tower ATX cases such as a NZXT S340? I heard some HP motherboards don't allow for removal, or if they are able to be removed, they are not compatible with any standard cases out there.  

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hey guys, I have an HP Pavilion a1632x with this motherboard: asus a8n-la. I'm wanting to switch it over to an ATX case that I have lying around ( i kept the case when the old asus board I had in it died a few months back), and the screws and I/O shield line up with the atx case's holes, but Im unable to find any manual given that it is an OEM board built by asus for HP. I've checked HP's website, but there isn't really any definitive manual, just a basic photo with a basic layout of the board. What I'd like to know is if there is a manual for an asus board with an equivalent layout to this one that i can use as a guideline to connecting, especially since my atx case has all of it's connecting wires labelled? PS: the reason why i want to switch cases is for better cooling, since my atx case has plenty of fans and airflow space, otherwise the board runs just fine for my purposes.

Thanks for all your help!

A:asus a8n la manual needed for moving mobo over to ATX case...


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The audio chip went out albeit windows diagnostics and DirectX dxdiag both show it is working but all inputs, outputs front and rear do not work, speakers produce static. My question is, I see these usb audio cards that they are so small are they dependent on the onboard audio?

A:Onboard audio out, usb audio card

No, they have their own "sound card" built in. If you use one of these, disable the PC's sound card in the BIOS so there is no conflicts.

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I'm running with Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit, using an HT Omega Striker 7.1 sound card. Its outputs include:
+ 4 3.5-mm (labeled 'Front,' 'Side Surround,' 'Center/Subwoofer,' and 'Back Surround')
+ 1 optical
+ 1 coaxial

From what I've been able to glean from other topics, I'm not really able to use multiple outs at once (unless, I'm assuming, it's the 4 3.5-mm jacks for a 7.1 surround sound setup). So, let's assume I want to hook up speakers for the following:
+ simple 2.1 desktop speakers (currently use Logitech Z4 speakers) next to the computer;
+ a 2.1 or 5.1 setup for the 32" TV hooked up to my computer (right now, the TV itself plays video only; I currently listen to whatever's playing on it through the desktop speakers, since I'm evidently unable to run an auxiliary cable from another jack on the sound card to the TV's 3.5-mm input to play through its speakers) - for this, I'm envisioning something as simple as higher-end computer speakers, that don't require an A/V receiver, but that just plug into an audio output;
+ 2.0 patio/deck speakers, located (obviously) outside;
+ the 5.1 A/V receiver (possibly expanding to a 7.1) in my living room upstairs; and
+ just for shits & giggles, possibly installing in-wall or in-ceiling speakers (2.0) in, say the kitchen or dining room or a bedroom

In addition to all the speakers and speaker wire, I'm curious what sort of device would be ideal for running from one of the audio outputs on my sound card to the aforementi... Read more

A:Components required for installing audio in multiple rooms?

I have that sound card. There are several issues. First, if you are sending video to the TV from the PC, the best option is via HDMI which also includes audio (assuming your Video card outputs HDMI audio). However, I don't think the 8800GT will do this (I have a Radeon HD4850 video card and it does).

Some of what you want to do depends on what type of audio the other devices will accept, but you can only have one type of audio output selected at a time, such as the analog or the S/PDIF (digital or Optical).

As I see it your best option is to run digital to the 5.1 A/V receiver and then distribute the sound from that device to whatever you want.

You can only have one "default audio playback" device set in the Windows Control Panel/Hardware and Sound and finally the Sound Panel. This is the main limiting factor on audio outputs and why I suggested the one to the 5.1 A/V receiver. But, since you wouldn't have PC speaker audio you would have to change the default audio playback device when you wanted the PC speakers.

Basically, "I don't think you can get there from here" or do everything you want.

(I used to live on the other side of the state in KC).

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I'm interested in upgrading my crappy 2.0 speakers into a decent 5.1 system. My sound hardware is the 7.1 onboard audio from my MSI K9N Neo MB. My question is, will I be unhappy with the sound quality of this onboard audio, and need to buy a new sound card as well? Or is will this suffice? If not, can you suggest a decent card - btw, I do not want to spend over $50-75 on the sound card.

I play most of my music via a stereo system, so the sound will really be more for gaming.


A:OnBoard 7.1 HD Audio

I have a system with that same motherboard in it. The sound is very good. I don't think you will need to buy a new sound card at all. I was really amazed by the sound! No bad at all. Buy the speakers and give it a try. If you don't like it you can still upgrade the sound. I don't think you will though.

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I just buit a new computer on a biostar m7ncg400 base, and I'm already
having problems. After a problem with the video signal to my monitor,
I thought the worst was behind me. But, now I can't get the onboard
audio to do anything. I keep getting messages about" hardware not responding." I installed the audio driver(realtek) and it still won't do
****. Any Ideas?

A:onboard audio is f***ed

Check your Device Manager to see if the driver has installed properly. Any yellow question marks show up?

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My new motherboard(P5WD2 prem) has onboard 7.1 audio, with a 'RealTek HD audio' controller. I'm looking into getting new speakers, I want a 5.1 setup because I don't have space for the extra 2 speakers.

All the setups I've looked at(interested in) are amplified of course and the amplifier is in the sub woofer which is where all the other speakers plug in. Although none of them say how they connect to the computer(digital/analog)

My question is if all the surround sound setups connect like this(through the sub) why would they go to the trouble of putting so many jacks on the back of my motherboard?

As you can probably tell, this is the first time I've looked into surround sound for my PC, so any information on the subject would be helpful.

Thanks -Joe

A:Onboard 7.1 audio

Each jack in your computer is resoncible for different speakers. One for sub on center speaker, one for front speakers, and one for rear speakers. Thsi makes it surround sound. How as your sound card is build'in you will probaly need to enable the surround. This will be located in the software you got with your motherboard. There will be a program that controlls all things sound wise. You will have options to uses the jacks as none surround with microphone or surround using all jack without microphone.

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been awhile since I've upgraded. Could you please explain to me onboard audio.
Will the installation of an audio card override this?
thanks in advance

A:onboard audio

Onboard Audio-the motherboard manufacture built in an audio amplifier that is usually of minimal quality/options. You can install a better aftermarket audio card. Usually PCI audio cards will either be seen on bootup and the onboard become disabled or you will have to go into the bios setup program and disable the onboard audio controler that way.

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Everytime i try to look at high resolution pics, or even little things like surfing the web while listening to music, the music gets all static sounding & stuff, but the thing is my computer isn't slow its a XP1600+, but i kept my pci video card and have onboard audio. I am thinking its the onboard audio, I need a better card???? is this right???

A:onboard audio

Well, that would be my guess, unless there is something wrong with the drivers. If you run an AMD and you motherboard uses the VIA chipset, it may need the newest VIA 4in1 Drivers. I would try that first if this is the case. Otherwise, disable the onboard sound, and get a new sound card. Also if your video card is PCI, I would consider getting an AGP card. It works with less problems.

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I'm trying to figure out if my board has the onboard audio ports for the front case panel. I'm assuming not since it came with a hd pc sound card. But I'm in need of a 2nd onboard sound devide so just trying to make sure. Anyone know anything about this. Board is in my sig

A:onboard audio

Assuming you are talking about the P5N32-SLI Deluxe:

It does have a front panel audio connector.

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Hi there,

I just purchased an asrock z170 extreme4 and I am having issues with getting the onboard audio working.
My setup isn't detecting the sound card in device manager and I can't figure out why. The only audio device coming up is that of my graphics card.

I'll try and list what I've done to try to fix this issue:
-Made sure that the BIOS setting for the onboard was set to Enabled
-Fresh windows 10 install with all the newest drivers from
-I've tried unplugging the front audio connector on the motherboard to see if there's a conflict
-Uninstalled realtek driver and downloaded and installed the newest ones from the website
-Searched the internet for hours for a solution and cried a little
-Reinstalled windows 10 and repeated the process and now I'm here

If anyone could kindly give me any suggestions I would appreciate it.
At this rate I'm thinking my board is defective, which would be a shame.

If it will help the specs of my PC are:
Intel 6500
Nvidia gtx 970
8gb ddr4 RAM

A:Onboard Audio issues

youre not running TP, arent you? what does your device manager shows in the audio section?

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Hi there,

I just purchased an asrock z170 extreme4 and I am having issues with getting the onboard audio working.
My setup isn't detecting the sound card in device manager and I can't figure out why. The only audio device coming up is that of my graphics card.

I'll try and list what I've done to try to fix this issue:
-Made sure that the BIOS setting for the onboard was set to Enabled
-Fresh windows 10 install with all the newest drivers from
-I've tried unplugging the front audio connector on the motherboard to see if there's a conflict
-Uninstalled realtek driver and downloaded and installed the newest ones from the website
-Searched the internet for hours for a solution and cried a little
-Reinstalled windows 10 and repeated the process and now I'm here

If anyone could kindly give me any suggestions I would appreciate it.
At this rate I'm thinking my board is defective, which would be a shame.

If it will help the specs of my PC are:
Intel 6500
Nvidia gtx 970
8gb ddr4 RAM

A:Onboard Audio issues

youre not running TP, arent you? what does your device manager shows in the audio section?

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I'm in the process of looking for an upgrade to my 5 year old P-II 333mHz computer to allow me to load VHS tapes to a hard drive, edit it needed, and burn to DVD (will purchase later).

What I've decided on so far is :

ASUS P4B Motherboard (

P-4 1.6 G Processor

ATI All-In-Wonder Radeon 7500 64MB AGP Card

256 SDRAM (can always add more later)

Enlight 7250 tower w/ 300W ATX Power Supply

Salvaging my current hard drives and CD ROM/Burners

I'm pretty sure this should meet my needs.

My only concern is the on-board audio. Will the "AC'97 Compliant 3D Audio CODEC" with "S/PDIF-out interface" work OK, or should I be looking for a separate sound card to use with the ATI card??

My current PC has a Yamaha sound card that I think sounds fine with my Yamaha amplified speakers but since it's ISA, I can't use it in the new system (no ISA slots). I'm thinking the on-board should serve my needs, but I don't want any surprises.

Any suggestions (component choices or otherwise) would be appreciated.

A:Opinion on Onboard-Audio??

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ok i have the on board Realtek ALC655 6 channel....on the biostar P4M800 Pro M7 MB
i want to set it up 4 channel but when i hook up the rear channel i get no sound out of my rear speakers, help please!

all my speakers work, could it be a bad output jack?

A:onboard audio problem HELP

There should be a program in the Control Panel that will allow you to configure the outputs of the sound ports for proper channel operation

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I've just started having this issue since I did a fresh install of Windows 10,
it seems like the onboard audio doesn't work, the rear audio jacks don't work and nor do the front,
no matter what headphones I use, still no luck, all my drivers are upto date and the Audio is enabled on the BIOS settings, my motherboard is the GIGABYTE H61M-DS2 andI have ran out of ideas of what the issue can be.

Any suggestions or assistance is appreciated,
(Note: the G246HL-4 is one of my monitors that is through HDMI, there is no speakers on the monitor)

A:Onboard Audio does not work

It looks to me as if your audio is routed by default through the HDMI output which is associated with your monitor. The monitor probably has a jack plug socket and that is where the audio will be coming from. If you want the audio to be from the desktop you need to change your default device to one of the others e.g. Speakers.

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I just put together a 2.4 P4 system that has onboard audio. I ordered everything off of For some reason I cant get it to work. Here is whats going on.

Motherboard: Chaintech 9VJL3 VIA P4X40+8235

I put it together and everything worked on the first boot. I installed all the drivers that came on the CD witht he motherboard and rebooted. It showed up with the little sound icon in the bottom right hand corner but no sound. I checked bios and the VIA AC97 Audio is enabled like it should be... I go to device manager and look to see if the sound devices are working properly and everything is saying its good... If anyone could help I would be much appreciative.


A:Onboard audio not working.

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Once upon a time, on a system I used to own, I recall a way to make the sound coming from the speaker jack different than the headset jack. For example: I could play Pandora through my desktop speakers but only hear Ventrillo in my headset. Is this still possible? I can't figure it out.

A:Realtek Onboard HD Audio

You can select the output of Ventrillo to go to your headset, while the output of Pandora to go to the speakers, yes.

The settings to do so should be available in Ventrillo. Just tell it to have the output go to your headset.

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Hi, I just buit a new computer and everything is working except the sound. My mobo is an msi k8n neo4 platinum nfroce 4 ultra board. First, I installed the proper sound drivers as listen on the MSI website. When that didn't work, I downloaded the nforce 4 audio driver directly from NVida. When that didn't work I downloaded the proper drivers from Realtek for the AC97' audio codec. Each time, these drivers seemed to install properly and the computer acted as if the sound was functional. However no sound is coming out of my headphones and speakers. I'm posotive it's not a problem with my headphones or speakers or their connection to the computer. Why isn't the sound working? I've heard some people say that some sound problems could arise when using a 20pin power connector from the power supply instead of a 24-pin connector (when supported), although others seem to turn that theory down. Has anyone else experience similar problems? Is it worth me to shell out $7 to buy a converter or is this going to be of no help to me.

Here are some specs...
MOBO - MSI K8N NEO4 Platinum
CPU - AMD 3000+ venice core
RAM - 1 GB Crosshair
Power supply - A very good one, I'm just to lazy to find the model

Thanks in advance!!!

A:Onboard audio not working!!! Help!!!

What kinda sound are you trying to listen to ?
If you forgot to connect the sound cable from the cd rom= no sound from CD drive.
For testing purposes play system sounds.
Maybe there's some setting in the bios that you have overlooked, i mean since it's a
system you built yourself.
Are there any devices in "device manager" with a yellow exclamation mark over them ?

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No Sound Onboard Audio
posted by Ggirl2 on Feb 23, 2009 NO-SOUND ONBOARD AUDIO

Quick details:
V2 Premier
XP Home SP2 (build 2600) ECS P4VMM2 1.0
Processor Main Circuit Board b 2.00 gigahertz Intel Pentium 4
512 kilobyte secondary memory cache Board: ECS P4VMM2 1.0
Controller (3x) MPU-401 Compatible MIDI Device
Standard Game Port
VIA AC'97 Audio Controller (WDM)

Nothing was installed to make sound quit except that Windows Auto-Update was ON
Windows media Player/Winamp think that audio is working fine
NO errors at all under system hardware sounds
PC makes system sounds but from the system not the speakers.
Self Troublesghooting performed
1. RESTORES - tried multiple restores all the way back to 6 months ago
2. Deleted audio from Device manager - let device manager re-install
3. Windows Audio is ON
4. Bios Onboard AC'97 ON
5. Reformatted pc - loaded original drivers from CD
6. Searched for updated drivers - both on Windows site and also
detailid=46&DetailName=Bios&DetailDesc=P4VMM2(V1.1A)&CategoryID=1&MenuID=39 &LanID=8
7. Plugged current speakers into another pc -work great
8. Plugged different speakers into this pc - NO sound
9. Cleared cmos - no luck
10. Loaded driver detective and at that time had all updated drivers necessary
11. Tried reg fixes on Kelly's Ko... Read more

A:No Sound Onboard Audio

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I'm using an ASUS M3A76-CM, which has onboard VIA HD audio. I was running Windows XP and it worked just fine, Windows detected the drivers, and my headphones plugged into the back worked great for audio/mic.

After upgrading, even with the most recent drivers (v.7.3 and 7.4) nothing works. It's detected the device, but I don't get anything at all. I've switched headphones just in case, and no dice.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. My husband gets annoyed when I poach his machine for sound. ;-)


A:Onboard Audio not working

Have you checked you BIOS that the rear Sound Ports Are activated?

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Hi folks,

I am running Windows 7, on an Abit IB9 mobo which has Realtek HD Audio on board.

I have just installed Skype and cannot get the sound playback in my headphones to work.

Sound plays fine in the 2.1 speakers

My mic works fine using the generic MS drivers from Win update.

I have tried various drivers from Realtek (R190 Vista, R211 Vista, R211 XP) but cannot get my headset to work!


P.S. If you need more info about my rig, it should be in my profile, otherwise just ask...

A:Realtek Onboard HD Audio

Try Win7/Vista R2.30 version from here:

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Anyone know how to disable onboard audio on a Gigabyte GA-965G-DS3 motherboard? Cant find an option in the bios or in the manual. only thing relsated to audio in the bios is " Azalia Codec" which is under integrated peripherals. the option for it is disable or set to auto.
Im having soiund issues, the sound skips or stutters and sometimes sounds like ti slows down for a second. had the same issue with another asus P5LD2 and a new sound card corrected the issue. Im thinking it may have something to do with the ram becasue i have the same ram in this mobo. anyway, your help is appreciated.

A:How do i disable onboard audio?

Easy, go to your device manager and just find the audio icon and right click and disable/uninstall it

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AC97 Onboard Audio 3.83 Driver Released
27 January 2006
Realtek have released Version 3.82 audio drivers for their AC97 audio chipsets, found on most motherboards with onboard audio solutions. If you're using onboard audio and are having problems, check this out as it may suit your motherboard. Otherwise it is not vital that you update.

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I have the ASUS P5KPL-cm motherboard and Antec 300 case and for some reason I have no audio. Computer is not even recognizing any audio hardware. No sounds play at all, no volume controls are accessible since there is no audio to adjust. I have checked that my system sounds are not muted and ran the services.msc and made sure that audio was enabled. I have all the drivers installed and have double and triple checked that they are the most up to date versions. I have the HDA plugged in but I don't see a slot for the AC'97 maybe a problem? Let me know what you think.

A:Onboard audio not working

Hi Welcome to TS,

I think your problem is that the audio is not turned on in the BIOS.
Looking at you manual:

Press <Del> during the Power-On Self-Test (POST) to enter the Setup utility
Using your right arrow move to the advanced tab
Move down to Chipset
Advanced Chipset settings
Then go down to South Bridge Bridge
Then make sure the Audio controller is set to Azalla and Audio type to HD

The instructions are a little vague as your manual sucks so I'm not truly sure how to get from Chipset to the Advanced bridge connections but just look for Advanced options then SOUTH bridge when your in chipset. May take a bit of looking.

Also i know you said you've done it but make sure you have the correct utilities installed.
Go here

Click on Audio and make sure you have driver installed. Its all done through the VIA utility ands so without that installed there is no onboard sound according to the manual so make sure that's there and enabled. A user guide on how to use that audio utility is on the link i gave you above.

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hey everyone,

the audio on this pc has stopped working. I say stopped, if the speakers are turned right up you can just about hear a song being played. it is not the stereo, or the cable, these have been etsted with my laptop.

device manager shows no problems

dxdiag.exe shows no problems, although obviously the test sound cannot be heard.

there are 2 line-outs on the pc, one on the front panel and one at the back, neither work.

its a foxconn mb with onbaord audio. reinstalled ac'97 drivers and still nothing.

any ideas?

A:onboard audio trouble

I guess that you already checked your computer volumes.
Could it be possible that there are headphones connected?
I know these are stupid solutions, but they work most of time with me :D

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I recently reinstalled Xp after formatting the hdd, since I was giving a friend in need this computer. Everything went smooth and I left the computer in her possession. A few weeks later I was visiting her and was using the computer when I noticed there was no sound, where there had previously been sound. Upon opening the sounds properties box I found a message stating that there was no audio device installed. I opened the device mgr and there was a yellow exclamation mark under "video controller" which was under "display." After doing some research, I came to the conclusion that the chipset driver needed updated or re-installed. I ran pc wizard which told me that the NB chipset was an Intel i915G, and the SB is a 82801FB/FR (ICH6/ICH6R) LPC Interface Bridge. I went to the Intel site to get current drivers, but could not locate an "i915" chipset driver anywhere. The closest I could come to it was a "915" express chipset driver which only caused a serious blue screen and error message say that windows had recovered from a serious problem and that if I had recently installed any new hardware that this may be the problem. If anyone can help it will be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Here are some general specs.

General Information :
NorthBridge : Intel i915G
SouthBridge : 82801FB/FR (ICH6/ICH6R) LPC Interface Bridge

NorthBridge Information :
Architecture : Direct Media Interface (DMI)
Manufacturer : Intel (Sony Corp)
Codena... Read more

A:Onboard Audio not found

This may be the Intel graphics driver that you're looking for:!


If that computer is an off-the-shelf, factory-brand one, can you provide the brand name, model name, and model number?


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my computer is about 5 yrs old. I have an a7v333 asus mother board and it comes with a cmi8738/c3dx on board audio. i am running windows xp and. i recenly put a sound blaster live sound card in my pc. now i have no sound whatsoever. i checked my device manager and it shows both my sound blaster card and my on board audio. i was reading some posts and i saw everyone saying i should disable through my bios. i went into my bios but was unable to find anything that i could disable the onboard audio. Any help would be appreciated. thanks

A:disabling onboard audio

check in your mobo manual. It should tell you how to disable the onboard sound.

As a temporary solution, you can disable the onbard sound via your device manager. Right click on your onboard soundcard, and select disable.

Regards Howard

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Cant seem to find where i can turn off the onboard audio, i went into the pci config of the bios and in the manual it sais i can turn it off in 'onboard pci devices control' but when i went there 'onboard pci devices control' wasnt even there.
my motherboard is a A7V333

A:Need help turning off onboard audio

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Ive enabled the onboard audio in the bios but my windows xp is telling me i have no sound device, my device manager says the following

i have no other soundcard on my computer, ive downloaded some drivers from microsoft and from the link below with no luck. Whatever i need does not even seem to be on my windows xp cd!
Any help would be greatly appreciated as i dont wanna put a soundcard back in my pc as it made it reboot alot!


A:Asus P5B-E Plus (Onboard Audio)

Install the audio drivers from the Asus P5B-E CD.

Edit: And also the drivers for the integrated ethernet device.

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I have just ordered all the parts to my new system.

Do i have to disable the onboard sound to use my xfi sound card? Should I? and if I can or should how do I go about doing it?

I am getting an Asus P5N-E-SLI nForce 650 mobo and a Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeGamer sound card.

I dont see how the other hardware will have any effect on my audio but here are the specs any way

HDD - Seagate 7200.10 320Gb 16Mb SATA II
CPU - Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 1.86Ghz 2x1Mb Cache
MOBO - Asus P5N-E-SLI nForce 650 SLI Quad Core 775
DVD RW - Pioneer 212 D/Layer 18x DVD+-RW SATA
PSU - OCZ GameXstream 600w SLI PSU
RAM - OCZ Platinum 6400 EL XTC R2 DDR2 2Gb 4-4-4-15
GPU - Point Of View (POV) 8800GTS 500mhz 640Mb PCI-E
Sound Card - Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeGamer 7.1Ch
Speakers - Creative 5.1 Speaker System Inspire T6060 5.1 channel

All inside the Antec Nine Hundred Case

A:Disable onboard audio?

No, you don't have to disable it. Actually, you may find a use for dual soundcards.

You can disable the thing in the BIOS (hopefully) and/or in Windows device manager.

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Hi there. I have installed Windows 7 but currently cant get the right drivers for the onboard sound.

The mobo is a Foxconn 915PL7AE-S

This is currently a big problem and would appreciate any help


A:Onboard audio driver help

cozzy, welcome to the forums.

This should be the one you need,

Latest Realtek HD Audio Driver Version

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Hi, I just installed WIN98se on my friend's PC from work. It's an Intel CA810e motherboard w/ a chipset of 810. After installing the drivers for the chipset and graphics, I cant seem to get the onboard Audio going.

It's weird. In the Device Manager, there should be an exclamation mark or something telling a driver is missing or something but...nothing is telling that. I have the driver which I tried using but nothing again.

Can anyone help me on this? I have built a quite of few PCs but never encounter this.

A:plz onboard audio...weird

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Recently, I installed Neverwinter Nights, then upgraded the video card drivers while I was waiting for it to update. After restarting, the whole thing died and forced me to format. Upon doing so and reinstalling windows xp, I find my onboard audio no longer works.

It either gives me the error "The service name is already in use" or it gives me the error "Device cannot start (Error Code: 10)".

Now, I tried everything I could think of, IRQ work, bios work, reinstalling work, EVERYTHING. Nothing worked. Nothing at all.

It shows up under IRQ 11, and the damned video card takes IRQ 5. I am stumped, I spent too long on this and it hurts my head. Please help out!

A:SiS Onboard Audio Error!

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Hi again. I replied to an old thread about trouble with a 5.1 speakers set because my set wasnt working properly. After getting them to work, I realized that my audio problems went deeper than that and that my onboard audio was being weird.

The deal is this: when i turn on my pc, the audio loads with the rest of my programs. Then eventually whether I am using winamp, core media or not, the sound system driver of my asus motherboard tells me that there is something wrong with my speaker connection; I close it since all of my speakers are working fine. Then when I am playing a song, video or just using my speakers for anything in particular, my sounds starts to break up like it is getting static or a phone is nearby. The static keeps getting louder and louder till the speaker breaks up and I got no sound at all even though the volume control and drivers seem to work fine. By this point, the pc re-starts by itself instantaneously and I got no sound or volume control. The only way to get sound again is to turn off the pc and then turn it on again. This then becomes a vicious cycle because I keep getting the same problem.

I have been thinking about getting a sound card because from what i heard it is not only better but it will give you less crap. I just want any suggestion before I make my purchase since I don't wanna buy a soundcard if it is not going to solve my problem.

Here are my specs:
Windows Xp
Amd Athlon 64, 3000+
Asus A8N SLI Deluxe
nvidia nforce4 SLI,... Read more

A:Onboard audio keeps dying!!

I'd try uninstalling, then downloading & installing the latest Drivers for the Onboard Sound - from Asus.

If it's still playing up, then it's soundcard time {unless the 'Board is still under warranty}

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well i plugged in my speakers to the onboard audio on my motherboard and uhh no sound comes out of them when i try to play sound. do i need drivers? if so which ones... i have a K8T Neo2 and an athlon 3800+ 64 bit.

A:onboard audio not working

Yes you do need the drivers.
The drivers are on the disk that came with your motherboard, if you don't have the disk then go to the motherboards manufacturers web sight and download them.

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I just bought a new P67 MSI motherboard with the Realtek audio chipset and the sound is excellent.

Is it me, or is on board audio becoming stellar, or do you think it still has a way to go,
compared to add-on audio cards?

Your opinions, please.

A:Onboard audio - Stellar or not?

I must say that since the advent of Realtek ALC889A codec, the cost of an offboard sound card started to sound even more outrageous to me!

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Hi there,
I wonder if there is any sure way to check if the pc's onboard audio is really dead? I've check the main sound source and found the front  and rear speakers output are both grey out. I also ran the services.msc and under windows audio, it is set to auto.  
 Is there no other way to get sound out of my pc except to install a pci sound adapter?

A:onboard audio no sound

Have you checked what the status of your sound device is in Device Manager?   Have you attempted to uninstall its current driver, uninstall the device itself, and then perform a Scan for New Hardware to see if a newer/better driver is available?  If that didn't work, have you first checked the support site for your computer manufacturer to see if they have an updated driver and, if not, the manufacturer of the sound card?
Give all these things a try at a minimum before declaring the hardware dead.

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I'm currently using a Sound Blaster Live! 5.1, and I recently installed a VF900 on my GPU. The problem is.. there is literally NO space for airflow on the gpu since there's only 2 pci slots on my mobo, yet it amazingly still runs cooler than stock ( Stock idled at ~53, VF900 idles at ~47 ). I'm thinking of removing the sound blaster and going with onboard so there's more airflow for my GPU..

The onboard audio is Realtek ALC655 6-channel AC97 CODEC. Can anyone tell me if it's bad, and what I will notice switching from a sound blaster, to this onboard, gaming performance wise? ( I know the sound quality wont be as good as the sound blaster )


A:Question about onboard audio..

Anyone? Google isn't helping

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Using Windows 7 64 bit. Have ASUS M4A79XTD board with onboard audio. Everything has been running great. There were no changes or upgrades done yesterday. There was a power failure at my house for a second and when it booted up it asked do you want to start up as usual or in safe mode etc. Ever since I get no sound. I see the audio waves in media player. Also the sound controls show meters moving up and down. I got the latest VIA audio driver. Anyone have any other suggestions?

A:No sound with onboard audio

Do you have the default set to "Speakers"

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I have older HP Pavilion tower #P6302w win7, latly have been having problem with the audio, the  sound would only come out of one speaker so I changed the  stereo cord and  had both speakers running.Recently it will only play sound though one speaker again but the odd thing is it plays stereo through one speaker, 2 channels one speaker. Have tried removing and reinstalling drivers 2xs.I belive there is an internal problem with the onboard audio. I would like to know if anyone could reccomend two or more PCI soundcards that would run with this chipset AMD Athlon2   x 215 Processor  2.70 Ghz   memory 4Ghz. thanks to all that can help.

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Could you help me to turn off my audio from my motherboard. Hope this information will help:

An AMIBIOS ID String Was Detected:
- ---- ------ ------
| | | |
| | | Chipset/BIOS Info
| | BIOS Build Date
| Manufacturer ID
BIOS ROM Information
BIOS Build Date: Jul 15 1995
Motherboard Manufacturer Code Detected: 1131 - ELITGROUP

Also I'd like to upgrade my bios. Thanking you in advance

A:Turn-off onboard audio

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After discovering that my beloved HT Omega Claro Plus soundcard
cannot be installed on my new mb due to the lack of PCI slots, I decided to
go with the onboard until I get a new card.

I enabled onboard audio in the BIOS, downloaded and installed the
latest drivers, went to Control Panel > Sound and set the device as
default. Then I sent thru the Realtec software and set up the audio.

I connected a Corsair 3-pc set and I get absolutely no sound. I can
see signal getting to winamp and cooledit pro, but can't hear a thing.
I then hooked up and known-working el cheapo set of speakers and
still no sound.

Nothing is in mute and everything seems good to go. I've spent an
hour poking around to no avail. Can anyone suggest something I may
be missing? (I'm beginning to wonder if the onboard audio might just
be flakey.)


A:Onboard Audio - no sound

Check the Device Manager, Sound section and see what is listed. You should have the RealTek (assuming that is what you have) and possibly NVIDIA HDMI Audio. If there are others disable (or uninstall them) in the Device Manager, restart the PC and see if that helps. May be good to Post a screenshot of the Device Manager, Sound section.

Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums

The "Speakers" should be set as the Default Playback Device. Stereo Mix as the default Recording Device.

I had an HT Omega Striker 7.1, which is PCI on my old system. When I built my new system, I just went with the RealTek and don't really miss the Omega sound card. I have a recording studio and have high end audio for that, but for PC audio the RealTek is satisfactory for me.

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Hi guys,

So I am back with another problem

I've put a computer together here using my motherboard out of what used to be my computer. Sound and audio were working fine in that setup. Now on this one everything is working spick and span except the sound.

I have no audio playing out of the audio jack from the motherboard. I've went through about 8 different drivers which 'should' of worked and I really can't find another variation that I could be missing on the net. Downloaded the mother board audio drivers from Gigabyte and the rest were variations of the audio thing that's on it.

The odd thing, at least in my opinion is that there is nothing flagged in device manager if i play any sound on a player it does show that its playing. It does not say I am missing any driver or anything of the sorts. Just does play any sound

Here are the details...
XP Pro SP3
Motherboard Name Gigabyte GA-8I915P Dual Graphic
-Microsoft UAA Bus Driver for High Definition Audio [1002-AA60] [NoDB] PCI
-C-Media CMI9880 @ Intel 82801FB ICH6 - High Definition Audio Controller [B-1] PCI
And a extra card I through in in hopes to by pass the on board sound and just play from a sound card... But no dice, same deal of no sound.
C-Media CMI8738/C3DX Audio Device PCI

Any Ideas?

A:Onboard audio - No sound

So you put another computer together

"using my motherboard out of what used to be my computer"

The technician in me would wonder if you have experience doing this because I immediately wonder if there is a board short. Once we establish your experience level with computer builds we can ask the pertinent questions. No offense, it helps to know & saves time.

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The Realtek HD oboard audio, makes an unbearable sound, a continuos beep and it just doesn't stop... tried bios update, audio driver update, OS change... does anyone know how to fix it... thx in advance

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hello i searched the forum but i iddn't see anyone fix the error so i just upgraded my hard drive and did a fresh install of 64 bit win 7 and everythnig went good except no audio out of hdmi. thats the only cable hooked up to my tv and the whole time i did the installation and got to teh desktop no audio whent to nvidia got the newest nforce drivers 15.37 i believe and installed it and restarted and everything but it selected spdif for audio and said hdmi is not connected but hdmi is the only cable connected to the tv and video works find 1080p but no audio. i have 64 bits windows and the video card i have is aonboard geforce 8200 and it is capable of audio pass through because it worked in windows xp so i know its not hardware isssue suggestions or comments are welcome

A:onboard hdmi audio not working

Did you remember to install the Realtek drivers for the onboard audio? If not you can find links to the latest version here,

Latest Realtek HD Audio Driver Version

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onboard audio, strange bleeps? *problem fixed*

My onboard audio has just started making bleep sounds whenever i'm running a program that has music like games and sometimes even just internet explorer. I switched out my old GF 2 card for a GF ti4200 today...i took it to a shop so i know i didn't fiddle with anything i shouldn't have. My motherboard is an XFX KT400 ANB if that helps any. Thanks for your suggestions!

**Well, don't i feel stupid. I installed a power/fan monitoring program and didn't even know that all that beeping was to let me know i was loosing power. With the extra video card and it's fan, plus another fan i added in with it i suppose it's drawing too much. The guy at the shop where i had the work done said it would be fine, i had asked him about it before hand. Ah well.

A:onboard audio, strange bleeps?

Yeah, it does worry me, i don't think he knew that i only had a 300 watt supply. I plan on getting at least a 400 soon, within the next week or two. The +5 was getting down to +4.70 if that gives you a little more info.

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Hi All,

I've just joined and need to update my profile with my hardware details but for the moment I'll just say it's in relation to my A-Bit motherboard and the Realtek AC97 on board audio.

When trying to capture audio streams from Monty Python's Holy Grail (Camelot song) I noticed that there is only what can be described as a "wee-woo"in in the background.

Usually this noise is un-noticable but increasing the volume and editing the wave causes this to become really prominent.

Can anyone tell me if this is a standard problem with the onboard sound or if this is something I can resolve by updating the drivers?

Hope someone can help as it's really annoying.


A:Realtek AC97 Audio (Onboard)

How are you trying to record the sounds. By plugging the output into the microphone on your sound card or are you using some software.

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I have a Dell XPS 410 with Sigmatel onboard soundcard and I installed the newest drivers that Driver Detective found for me which was Intel® Desktop Board DG33TL? Audio: IDT* 92XX Driver

But I still have no sound working could somebody please help me to get the sound to work on my computer!!

A:I have a Sigmatel audio onboard no sound!

Was the sound working before the new driver? If it was, I would go into the "device manager" and find the device, go to the driver tab and "roll back driver" this should at least get it working again then try to find out why the new driver will not work.

You may also try different speakers, headphones, ect to see if you have a bad cable or connection somewhere.

You may also go into the BIOS and see if the onboard sound is enabled if you have the option. Maybe someone gained access and disabled it.

Hopefully something here works.

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Hi, I recently purchased a new PC and it came with on board sound with a driver from RealTek. The driver version is I have some Klipsch 4.1 speakers and for some reason I can get all but one speaker to work with the onboard sound. I've tried just about everything in the RealTek Audio I/O software to get it to recognize all the speakers, but it's like one of the channels is not working. Is there a reason for this that I can correct easily? Or is it possible this audio system not work with a 4.1 speaker system?

I contacted RealTek and they gave me a program to do a dump of my audio information too. I won't put it all here, but if it helps I can post it.

So far I haven't heard back from them after I sent them the dump.

Any help would be appreciated!


A:Onboard 7.1 audio and 4.1 speaker issue

Rough Stuff

Thats a wierd problem, u need a better speaker system i belive if u want 7.1 sound

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hi guys, im having a new problem. i recently got fed up with my SB x-fi and uninstalled the driver, then used driver wiper pro to clean up. i then took the card out of my system completely.

heres where things get frustrating: i went into the BIOS and enabled the onboard audio device, but windows will not detect it. ive tried adding new hardware, but XP simply will not detect the onboard audio device. any ideas? thanks

A:Solved: xp will not detect onboard audio

Have you tried re-running the motherboard drivers? Alternatively, have you plugged the amplified speaker input jack(s) into the motherboard's audio line-out socket(s)? Whenever I do a reinstallation, sound will never come on until the speaker jack has been unplugged from and replugged into the (mobo's) line-out socket.

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Literally pulling my hair out with this one...

I'm having issues getting the on-board 2.1 audio on my laptop working again. The 2 front speakers work fine, but the laptop also has a 3rd Subwoofer-like speaker located underneath the chassis which is what I can't get working.

A bit of backstory; Laptop running slowly so decided to upgrade the old HDD to a hybrid SSD/HDD from Seagate. Couldn't find the original windows 7 discs anywhere so used a friends copy of windows 8 (including the 8.1 update). Installed this and updated all the relevant drivers directly from Samsung's website ensuring I was using drivers strictly for windows 8. Since then, despite many hours of troubleshooting, I cannot for the life of me figure out why I cant get the sub working! I've tried managing the speakers through the Realtek HD Audio Manager software with no success, it doesn't even show a 2.1 option. I've spoke to Samsung support who after a few emails with some things to try, gave up and asked me to send it off to a specialist (at my expense ofc, so that's the LAST resort).

Can anyone please shed any light on how to resolve this issue? As it is now, I have re-installed windows 7, fresh, re-downloaded all the drivers again from Samsungs website and even still, have the sound issue.

The laptop in question is a Samsung NP550P7C-S02UK, with all default specs (except the HDD which has now been upgraded). Again, there are no other programs installed other than what's been obtai... Read more

A:Issues with Laptop onboard 2.1 Audio

If you go to playback devices in windows and hit configure on the device does it say 2.1 under its options? Normally that kind of hardware has a set crossover frequency it will use to create the LFE channel for the sub by itself. Turn up your speakers and use this to see if you can get anything out of the sub.

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