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stuck in update configuration loop

Q: stuck in update configuration loop

My Dell xps is stuck on 3 of 3 update configuration. What do I do?

A: stuck in update configuration loop

(how long has it been stuck?)

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Had an incomplete install of a otherwise working fine...did a system restore to try to go back to the system restore shutdown and restart, now hung up in a update configuation loop that is in third step up to 99% that shuts down only to do the same thing over and over again. So my system never gets to the mainscreen acknowledging system was restored.
I tried F8 going to safe mode, but configuation step 3 takes over again, goes to 99% and shuts down to restart.
I tried the vista 64 sp1 disc...cannot acccess another restore point since it says the system is already in restore mode....just never gets there with the endless 3rd step update configuration loop.
The disc also does not offer the repair/update mode as an option...only full install.
I do have norton ghost 14 on the there is a complete backup file on another internal drive...but no way to get to it to initiate a recovery.
Could time remedy the situation...letting the computer lay idle for a few days...then try to boot up??? I've heard that this on occaision could work with Vista.
Any other thoughts???

BTW, computer is a hp desktop with Vista Ultimate 64 sp1, 4 gb ram, and intel dual core processor, with a bunch of bells and whistles.

A:system restore update configuration loop

Hello peterpy.

Can you get to bios setup so you can change the boot order to boot from the Vista install CD?

Keep us informed!

Later Ted

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This morning when I turned on my lappy it came up with "configuring updates 3 of 3 0% as described below. I've tried to enter safe mode using the method below but it just takes me back to the same screen. I have also tried to restore using the "Startup Repair" function several times but no luck so far. I've just managed to get into system restore (though not sure how) I selected restore point as 28/09/09 but now get an error message "windows has detected file system corruption on S3A6261D001 ( c: ). You must check the disc for errors before it can be restored" I did a disc scan earlier today & it said everything was fine. I have selected the "check disc for errors" and am currently waiting for it to finish. Any suggestions for what next if the disk check comes back ok?

After installing updates from Windows Update, you may get into a Reboot loop
where you machines gets to “configuring updates 3 of 3. 0% complete” then
reboots. The machine then continues to reboot.


1a. Boot to the Windows DVD and choose the repair option in the lower left
hand corner, choose System Restore, and select a Restore Point predating the
attempted installation of the updates.

1b. If you don't have the DVD and the Vista came preinstalled on the
machine, boot to the Safe Mode options using F8 during startup (tutorial:

Once in Safe Mode, invoke Syste... Read more

A:Stuck in update loop

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My Dell Inspiron with Vista OEM is stuck in an update loop. It will POST, start booting into Windows, and say it's updating stage 3 of 3 0% compleate. after about 30-60 seconds, it will restart. It won't boot in safe mode either. I did a system restore in the recovery menu too a day or two back. But then it said stage 1 of 3 0% complete, rebooted, and this time it said 3 of 3 again. I have left it going through the loop for almost an hour, but no change.

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For about the last 2 weeks my computer has been stuck in a loop. When I restart my computer Windows will try to install updates. It will get to 97% install then fail. After the fail it will revert back to the last restore point. This takes over 30 minutes. I have ran eset scanner and Malwarebytes with only minor things wrong. I have disabled my companies virus scan (Symantec). I have even ran the window fix it tool. Nothing. I have attached a screen shot of the fails. Any help would be appreciated. I have had lots of problems with updates on this computer. The others in the office that are the exact same updated just fine. 
Windows 7 processional
Service pack 1
32 bit

A:Windows Update stuck in loop

Apparently you didn't attach the screen shot.
You can post the screenshot in your next post as an attachment.  
Just below the area where you write text in a post there is the Post button, to the right of this is More Reply Options. 

When you click on More Relpy Options  you will see Attach Files and Browse, click on Browse, this will open Pictures on your computer, click on the image you want to post, then click on Attach This File, then Add Reply.
What happens if you try to boot into Safe Mode?
You posted that after the failure the computer will revert to the last restore point.  Is Windows functional at that point?

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My computer shut off during an update and when I tried to restart it I kept getting the "failure to update windows reverting changes" screen and subsequently a shutting down screen that did not turn off my computer even after 5 days.
All my restore points are gone and I even tried making a repair disk to use for help.
Any suggestions?

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I had a bigger update automatically download and install today. It said Windows may need to restart several times during the update. It has been stuck in a restart loop for several hours now. Laptop switches on, after about 15 seconds says restarting and the cycle repeats itself. Not able to get to login screen. When I try to boot from installation media I get the message: "Looks like you started an upgrade and booted from installation media. If you want to continue with the upgrade click Yes. If you want to do a clean install click No. I clicked Yes as I would like to avoid doing a clean install. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Today when I turned on my laptop it said it was updating, at the end it restarted and just went back to updating.
I run Windows Vista SP1.
I have tried running it in safe mode but it just updates when it boots.
I have tried the automatic Startup Repair which either says it cannot fix the issue, or that I should do a system restore. When I hit system restore it just sits for a minute then turns off. Upon booting it is once again updating.
I have also tried booting in safe mode with command prompt to do a manual system restore but it just boots up into the updates once again.
Any help would be appreciated, I really don't want to lose all of my files. Never had a backup because I don't have the money for external HDD's.

Also now when I try to boot it up in BIOS Mode (when trying to follow some instructions from online) it just seems to turn itself off for no reason.

A:Vista Stuck in Update Loop

If possible, purchase a USB hard drive enclosure, and use it to backup your drive so you don't lose any of your data if the computer booting issue isn't repaired.

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Hello. I'm having an issue with Windows update where it seems to install correctly and says successful. I reboot my system, and the windows update icon is still on the task bar at the bottom and it prompts me to install the same updates. I'm not quite sure what's going on. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!


A:Windows Update Stuck In a Loop

Are the updates actually installed or not? Have you checked in "Add or Remove programs"?

You can also use a program called WinUpdatesList.;en-us;822798

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installed some microsoft updates and now my comp is stuck in a loop and wont start. it keeps saying "configureing update 3 of 3" i tried system restore but it didnt work, safe mode, safe mode with network and command promt and every other option it gives me. i got no disks with my PC but i can access the recovery centre but nothing there is doing anything either. the only option ive got left is to format.

if anyone can help me out as ive got loads on the PC that i cant afford to lose so i really, really dont want to format unless its absolutley neccesary. thanks in advance.

A:Computer stuck in a loop after update


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When I went into windows update. It was already checking for updates. It found a definition update for windows defender kb2267602 but is stuck downloading 0%. And just not moving, it's not had a chance to find todays cumulative updates yet! But the concerning thing is the screen (and only the update windows keeps flickering), ie. the downloading 0% keeps moving up and down and nothing is happening. What should I do?

I tried restarting the whole machine but it didn't work. When I return to the update screen it starts doing it again. It's like it's stuck in some horrible loop

The screen keeps flicking between these two shots every couple secs

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Last night a windows automatic update failed and the result is my laptop is stuck in an update loop. It just keeps going to "now installing 3 of 3" and then restarting.

I tried safe mode. No go, because the update is prior to the OS running.

I tried (from the same menu as safe mode) to revert to an earlier working point and it just went into the update loop.

I tried using an OEM Vista disc and using repair and it only repaired the startup, which did not fix the problem.

I am at a total loss for how to proceed. Normally I would just wipe it and start over, but my wife downloaded 1yrs worth of our babies videos and didn't back them up. I cannot afford to lose those. Everything else can go. They are right there on the desktop, but I can't access it.

So, where to next? Is there a way to get windows to use a previous restore point somehow? Could I buy an upgrade disc, say for Ultimate, and install it without losing personal data? I know I have done that in the past with XP installs. I actually have 2 partitions and could theoretically install Vista onto the other partition and leave the original Vista OS partition, then just delete all the files.

I'm so lost as to how to proceed. Obviously I'd rather just use an old restore point from a month ago and call it a day. But how?

A:Vista Stuck in Update Loop

I have the same problem as you! The updates are the problem I have a toshiba laptop with vista ( hate it ) but I tried safe mode too no go then tried my dics lost for words . It appears the only way is to start clean. I have it now being looked into by a pro, he said he can save all my files I am yet to wait on he call .My prob was when installing 3 of 3 it got to a point it stopped at 37% wouldnt go any further, before that system repair got me in , but now no go.

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Hi, trying to run windows update
I get a message saying: Windows cannot install important files while the system is using them, please restart your computer.
However restarting the computer does not help. Tried to run sfc scan, here is the message received:
There is a system repair pending which requires a reboot to complete. Restart windows and try sfc again.
However no mater how many times i restart it stays the same
Any idea what can be done to resolve thsi issue?

A:Windows update is stuck in a loop

You have an active topic in the Am I Infected forum which Broni posted a reply this morning.  
You need to stick with this topic until this issue is resolved to the extent of what can be done in that forum.
I would suggest that you not respond to any suggestions in this topic.  This can only add confusion and make Broni's job more difficult.

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Help! I used Microsoft's Windows Update tool under the start button to download critical updates for the OS(W2K Server) and browser. The download went fine but the installation keeps failing and I can't install any other way without getting an error message that another installation has been started and needs to be completed. I'm stuck in a continuous loop that I don't know how to resolve. It was installing IE6 and/or service packs for IE6 when it began to have a problem. Rebooting the machine just brings me back to a window asking me to continue with the install but it always ends in a failure.

Any solutions out there? Thanks in advance.

A:win critical update stuck in loop

I use 98 and had a similar problem. Perhaps this thread may help you as well.....

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I'm trying to install all the windows updates and keep getting failed attemps. This is na kegal copy of windows but I have removed some of the extra software I do not want nor have room for on this tiny laptop. Can someone assist me in getting through this loop and install as manyb updates as possible? I would greatly appreciate your assistance as I have been working on this for awhile but under my current situation am unable to contine on my own..

Thanks a Ton

A:Stuck in a loop on windows update

Windows Update Repair Tool 0.41 Beta beta

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I have 4 updates minus the IE 11 upgrade which I have no intention of installing, which keep failing. Not only do they keep failing but the system reboots several times before I can get back to my desktop screen.
The updates are KB2868725, KB2868626, KB2862152, and KB2900986. The first 3 are security updates for Windows 7, the last is a cumulative update for ActiveX Killbits of 7.
Let me start with I'm no computer wiz, that is why I had my updates set to auto. It sorts what I really need versus a bunch of stuff I don't. I downloaded the Update readiness tool and ran it. I also ran the troubleshooter for installation problems it says there are no problems. It still does the same thing. Does it restart to revert each update? I've clicked on the online help links but have no idea what they are talking about and when I see the word "registry" I back away. I messed with the registry on an old PC (with the assistance of a Microsoft Tech) and my PC never ran right after that.
I don't get the box like is pictured in the posting instructions that shows the error codes. If I right click on the "failed" line for each I get the following error codes. They correspond with the above sequence of KB's #1 is 8007054F #2 is 80073AA2 #3 is 800F0826 #4 is the same as #3. I have enclosed the logs files, hopes this helps, cause I sure need it!!
I really don't have time for this. I've already lost an entire morning today and an entire morning yesterday trying to get these instal... Read more

A:Stuck in a failed update loop.

Well that didn't work either.
Here are the new CBS logs.

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My brother's laptop has Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit installed. Yesterday Windows installed a lot of updates and asked for the usual restart to complete them. Computer was rebooted and ever since it's stuck at the blue Welcome screen. "Configuring updates, do not turn off your computer" this is the last thing you see for 1-2 minutes then it reboots automatically.
My first thought was that System Restore is gonna solve this, as it has helped me in the past too.
The problem is, of course, that Windows cannot complete the boot, so the usual "type cmd in the search bar" doesn't work. I've tried "Safe boot with command prompt", it cannot complete boot either.
I've tried with a Windws 7 (Prof 64bit) install DVD, I clicked on the System Restore and it gave me an error message: specify operating system! reboot and choose an operating system". I don't even understand, it only has one op. system installed.
Also, aut. repair gave me another error message that this installation disc is not compatible with the Windows the computer has installed. This could be the problem??
If I download the same version (Ultimate 64-bit), make a bootable pendrive and try restoring with that, it's gonna work? This is what I hope, otherwise I'm out of ideas. Obviously, the quickest and most simple way would be a clean install (but there's only one drive, with a lot of personal data, so those would be lost).

Any idea guys???

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My mum has a windows 8 Samsung DP700A3D and says she switched it on the other day and there was a message to update to windows 8.1 and she could not escape out of this message and had to accept the update. It then began updating and there was a percentage bar showing progress. She can't remember what percentage it was up to but it was taking a while so she left it updating. When she returned (no idea how long she left it) it was in the bios config screen main page.
She tried ESC (quit without saving) but after it went black and the samsung logo came up it then returned to Main page of bios. Also she tried F10 save & exit but again returned to bios. She has tried both theses using F keys and also arrow keys/enter. She swears she touched nothing else.
I have arrived at her house and unplugged a camera cable she had plugged in USB port and then restarted machine but again back at bios. I have checked the disc drive and that is empty. I have also tried removing the USB wifi keyboard & mouse and restarting machine but again back to bios. I have also unplugged power supply and restarted. Also tried F9 setup defaults and then exited but back to bios.
Can anyone help? Very frustrated.

A:Stuck in bios loop after windows 8 update

Question? Will the bios boot from a Disc? Is the bios set to boot from Hard Drive. or did some how the bios disable the hard drive?

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I work from home. Recently IT asked me to bring in my laptop so they could update the Encryption Anywhere software. A week after leaving it with them I found out they were still working on it. They told me as soon as they put the update CD in the computer got stuck in a boot loop and that is how it is now. Today I went to pick it up since they have been unable to do anything to fix it. At that time they told me that they had the exact same thing happen to another laptop like mine (Dell Latitude D800). I can't find anything on the Dell website that deals with this problem.

The first thing that comes up after booting is the Encryption Anywhere logon screen (like always). I can sign in there and it shows Windows starting up but after about 10 seconds it completely re-boots and the Encryption Anywhere screen pops up again. It will do this endlessly. I've tried telling it to use Safe Mode and all other options at that page. I've booted from the original Windows XT CD but still get stuck in the same boot loop. I've run system diagnostics from a CD and everything checks out although a couple times it has told me that pci.sys and isapnp.sys are corrupt.

Is there anything else I can try? I really need to get some of the data off this laptop and would hate to have to do a complete wipe and start over.

A:Stuck In Boot Loop After Update To Encryption

So you've tried to do a full Windows repair ? Your data is kept intact and only the Windows portion is reinstalled.

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A girlfriend's laptop starts normally, reaches the screen that says: "Configuring updates: Stage 3 of 3 - 0% complete. Do not turn off your computer." After about a few seconds it jumps up to 93% complete. About half a minute after that, the computer says: "Shutting down..." It then proceeds to restart and run through the same loop repeatedly.

What might be causing this? What might I do?

Make/Model: Acer Aspire 3100-1711
OS: Windows Vista Home Premium

What I've done so far:

Examined drive to make sure it isn't faulty
Scanned/removed malware using AVG and Ad-Aware


A:Solved: Vista Stuck In Update Loop

Try method 2 or 3 from here:

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I recently formatted and reinstalled my Windows 7 OS. Windows has since detected hundreds of updates and has been installing them. Unfortunately, upon restarting Windows has informed me that it has been unable to install updates, and had to revert to old settings. Then when I shut down it attempts to install them again, only to fail upon reboot, revert to old settings, and repeat the cycle again.

I have disabled automatic updates for the time being, with the hope this will temporarily correct this problem, but I need a more permanent fix. Any advise would be welcome.


A:Windows Stuck in Endless Update Loop

Go to your control panel in windows. Once it opens . Scroll down to the trouble shooting icon. Then click on it. Once it opens . Click on System and Security Icon. From here it should fix your windows update problems. Hope this helps.

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Problem: After installing a Internet Explorer update, the computer stated that it had to restart. After restarting the computer loads up to the black Windows loading screen. The screen will act like its loading then the computer will restart from the beginning.

Attempted Solutions: The computer will not start in Safe Mode. It will boot into the Recovery Console command line, but I have no idea what to do there. I attempted a Repair install with the Windows XP disk however it did not fix the problem.

Please help!

A:Computer gets stuck in a restart loop after update

Once you get into the recovery console, type chkdsk /f /r at the command prompt. Restart after this and let us know.

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I started up my HP Touch Smart today and it started autmatically updating. It has been stuck on Update 6 of 8 for several hours.
How can I safely get out of this loop?
Thank you.

A:Stuck in start up "Installing update 6 of 8..." loop

  Normally you don't want to power off during these updates, but sometimes when something like this happens, you have no choice.  Just power off, wait a few seconds, then power back on and hope for the best.  Usually that works.
Good luck.

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This morning my dad was using his Packard Bell laptop not even 4 months old with barely anything on it but Microsoft Office. Whilst checking his emails, Windows Update automatically decided to restart to apply the latest updates and since then it starts up in the Windows 8.1 troubleshooting menu, where the recovery and full system restore options are, each tool requiring a password that when entered it gives me a message saying that the password is incorrect, I tried 4 different passwords about 3-4 times each, checked cap-locks and keyboard language, etc. When I bought it and set everything up on the first time boot, I entered a password which I remember every single letter of, once the laptop was all set up I removed the password right away since I didn't need it so in theory the laptop doesn't even have a password yet it still says it's incorrect, there's also a Forgot Password option that requires the laptop to restart for the password recovery menu, but once the laptop restarts it once again shows a little message saying that there's been an error with a big "" face at the top, then it restarts again and initiates the troubleshooting menu.

I'd prefer not to have to go on a 40 minutes drive to the store where I bought it just to have it taken by a technician for 2 weeks just so they can tell me at the end of it that they can't do nothing with it.

There's not really anything worth saving on the HDD so a full restore is is ... Read more

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Around a week ago, I was prompted by Windows to shut down my laptop in order to install some updates. I went ahead and did this. The next time I started up the computer, a screen came up that said Windows wasn't loading right, blah blah blah, and launched into Startup Repair. Startup repair ran, gave a vague message to the effect of, "this might have fixed your computer, Windows will now restart and maybe things will work," then restarted and loaded into Windows just fine. The next time I shut down my computer, it went back to an "installing updates--don't turn the computer off" screen. The next time I started it up, back to one run-through of Startup Repair, and then loads Windows just fine. This cycle repeated the next 5-10 times I shut down my computer: installing updates (the same updates every time, judging from the fact that it was the same number of updates) on shutdown, running Startup Repair once on startup, then loading into Windows.
I assumed that maybe the problem had something to do with the laptop freezing during an update, thus leaving it in some permanent state of limbo. My thinking was that if I could go back and install the updates fresh, things would work fine. I tried restoring to a couple system restore points, but neither one would work. So I reinstalled Windows 7 (upgrade/repair--not clean install), and was eventually prompted to install a bunch of Windows updates. I'm thinking, sure, the update will go smoothly this time, problem solved. Not so.... Read more

A:I'm stuck in an update/system repair loop!

Please download MiniToolBox  , save it to your desktop and run it.
 Checkmark the following checkboxes:  List last 10 Event Viewer log  List Installed Programs  List Users, Partitions and Memory size.
 Click Go and paste the content into your next post.
 Also...please Publish a Snapshot using Speccy - , taking care to post the link of the snapshot in your next post.

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Hi Guys,

Windows 7 Ultimate x64 has gotten stuck in a loop where it wants to restart and then when your restart it doesn't do anything update related, it just restarts. Can anyone help?!


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Last week HP support assistant sent a message that my BIOS needed to be upgraded.  Since then, I have been in a continuous BIOS Update loop.  I have tried making a flashable usb drive.  I got that to work, but I used the previous BIOS version for my machine.  When the BIOS was writing, it got to 19% and sat awhile then zipped on to 100%.  When the machine restarted, I was still stuck in the bios loop.  Thinking that perhaps there was a problem with this version of BIOS---FROM THE HP SITE FOR MY SPECIFIC MACHINE, I tried to find the page with Bios update files, but have been unable to find it again.   Does anyone know the link to this page?  Whenever I go through the HP support site, I get nowhere.   I have also tried multiple Fn keys, but I always end up in the loop.  I removed the power supply, battery, and hard drive, but when I put it back together, back in the loop.   My machine is out of warranty.  I tried to start up from a windows 10 flash drive, but...the dreaded Bios loop. Please help.  If anyone has the link to the bios updates, that would be great!  Any other suggestions would be helpful, too. Anyone know how much HP charges for something like this?

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It seems that my Windows Update is stuck in a loop of getting the updates. I tried using a diagnostic executable available on Microsoft's website to fix the issue but it apparently did nothing. Does anyone know any other possible solutions?

A:Windows Update caught in loop (stuck getting updates)

You might want to go through the steps here that apply to Win 7. You can skip anything pertaining to 8.1 and 10.

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i was in the middle of installing the sp3 update and the compuiter shutoff and restarted and now will not load into windows at all i just see the loading screen for a sec and it restarts again. safe mode is the same just restarts. is there anythign i can do becides reinsatlling xp again?

A:computer stuck in contiguos restart loop after update.

If you do a reinstall, try repairing (boot from XP CD, choose repair, then automatic repair). Don't try it if you have a large hard disk ( >128GB) AND your have an XP CD doesn't have SP1 or SP2 on it.
Two things you can try, but I doubt they'll yield much. Boot into XP CD (again has to be SP1 or later if your hard disk is >128GB), click repair, and get into recovery console. log into your xp installation, then run
chkdsk c: /p
then type exit and press enter. If the continuous boots aren't gone then i guess there's no option but to do repair-install. (or perhaps wait some - maybe another member of the forum has other suggestions)

P.S: You can run into other problems if you have a SATA hard disk (like no hard disk detected) - if that's the case, press F6 at startup and insert a floppy with the SATA drivers.

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Greetings Seven Forums crew,

I am having an issue with the Windows 7 Update Service. After installing the latest Microsoft Updates (November 2013), I am now stuck in a "restart your computer to finish installing important updates" message. No matter how many times I restart & check for updates, it keeps giving the same message even though the Update History tells me the updates were all successfully installed. When I restart, the "configuring your computer" message displays briefly with no percentage meter, before shutting down.

Before posting here, I had followed your Windows Update Posting Instructions to no avail.

1.SURT ran fine, installed a hotfix but returned to the same update restart loop message.

2.The sfc scan wouldn't run & gave the error message "There is a system repair pending which requires reboot to complete. Restart Windows and run sfc again". Restarting only returned the same error message.

3. I had no update error codes displayed on the requested screen as they were deemed successful but here is an error code from the Windows Update Log-
Handler FATAL: UH: 0x80070bc9: EvaluateApplicability failed in CCbs::EvaluateApplicability
2013-11-15 03:48:22:308 532 d80 Agent WARNING: Failed to evaluate Installed rule, updateId = {5E6A375D-B4CF-4CB3-A8B6-FD35C637F90E}.200, hr

4. Please find the requested CBS log zip attached.

A:Windows Update error, stuck on restart loop.

Please follow the Windows Update Posting Instructions and post the requested data

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Yesterday I shut my laptop down because it needed to install updates, and since it was late I figured I'd just turn it back on in the morning. Now it gets to the "Configuring Updates: Stage 3 of 3 - 0%" screen and just sits there spinning the HDD for a while and shuts down. I tried the safe modes and last known good config options. From what I understand, I need to boot the thing from a Vista install disc and repair the installation - but that's the catch, since I got this laptop by repairing it for a friend, I don't have any of the media that came with it, nor would it have come with a Vista install disc. I do still have the key for Vista attached to the bottom of the laptop case. How can I repair the Vista installation, preferably without losing my data or at least giving me time to offload some of my work?

Gateway MT6821
Vista SP2

A:Gateway laptop stuck in boot loop following update

I would suggest contacting Gateway, requesting Recovery Media CD from them - might cost a few $, but you'd be able to repair the laptop to factory specs.
While waiting for the CD from Gateway, you might be able to recover any data from the disc by connecting it to a HDD dock, and copying files onto another computer.

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I'm not sure where to begin... I guess I should start with the fact that the computer in question is not mine, it is my friends, who is a complete illiterate when it comes to operating anything on the comp (let alone technical questions), so my knowledge of the machine (and what has been done with it) is limited.

The problem we are having is one that seems to be common amongst vista users, looping restart stuck on installing update 3 of 3. I came across this site(many thanks to all of you for your assistance to all of us less knowledgable), and subsequently the microsoft fix here:

I went with method #2, as I don't have the original OS disc anywhere in sight(and he doesn't know if it came with the machine or not). For some reason, the machine wouldn't start in any form of safe mode, but I was able to revert to a restore point via the "repair your computer" option on the "advanced boot options" page. I chose the most recent restore point, which was a basic scheduled restore point(8-16), and let it do its thing. Restart afterward, and then it wouldn't even begin to boot at all, going directly to the Start-up repair program.

It recomended reverting to a restore point, so I did it again, going back to the furthest point, which was created when SP2 was installed(8-9). Still no luck starting up, right back to the startup repair program. It asked to send a report, which I did, so I browsed throu... Read more

A:stuck in update loop and subsequent problems after attempted fix

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Please help i contacted windows and they told me I needed a replacement installer to score recovery disk for Windows Vista I do not have a disk it was installed when we bought the computer. I am stuck in this update loop.

A:configuring update 3 of 3 0% complete stuck in restart loop

Could you describe a little bit more of what is happening in this restart loop?

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I have a Compaq Presario f700 a friend brought to me asking for help. It seems that after a windows vista update the updater is stuck in a loop. Iíve looked around online and found various suggestions for help. Iíve done the following my results have been the same. Every time I restart that same configuring updates 3 of 3 messages appears. The message will stay onscreen for a few moments then the laptop will restart and here we go again.

I tried to do a system restore but the is no restore point prior to when the updates were installed. I donít have a disk as vista came preloaded on the pc. I followed the steps regarding going in and renaming the pending. xml, then removing the XMl identifier in the regedit. Does anyone have any other suggestions I can try?

A:Solved: Vista stuck in update reboot loop

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It seems that my Windows Update is stuck in a loop of getting the updates. I tried using a diagnostic executable available on Microsoft's website to fix the issue but it apparently did nothing. Does anyone know any other possible solutions?

A:Windows Update caught in loop (stuck at getting updates)

Hi and welcome to SevenForums,
How long has it been searching for updates ?
It okay to use Restart.

It's been unfortunately common
I believe it's the update system updating it's self first before offering any update to load by the user.

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My laptop fell into a never-ending cycle during a Windows Update. When I turn it on, it boots up fine, then goes to a "Installing Update 3 of 3..." page, from which it eventually restarts the computer, only to do it again. I've tried the repair option, safe mode, etc, etc, and I've searched forums all over with no working solution. I can format the hard drive if needed, but as a laptop, it didn't come with a installation disk, and the sticker on my laptop has long worn off the Product Key. I know that if Vista's running I could retrieve this key and I know how I would format the hard drive if Vista was running, but it's not. A couple of thoughts/questions, responses to any of which would be much appreciated.

Is there a way to boot to the command prompt?

If so, how would I go about recovery?
Is there a way to retrieve the product key from the command prompt?
I restored the system last year from a partition on the hard drive--is there a way I could access this from the command prompt?

Thanks in advance... I'm stuck without assistance...

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loaded the win 10 anniversary update and it started to suck down power. installed the next update and it was real good for a couple of days. tried to re-boot phone and it just got stuck in a loop. cant even hard reset by holding the buttons down. anybody know a way to resolve?

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I have 2 laptops with the identical issue. I am trying to work on one before fixing the other. 
I have been working with another Bleeping Computer tech, and he referred me to this forum.
the above thread is the last communication that we have had on the topic. My problem is this: Windows Update in Win7 is stuck in a loop trying to search for updates.    At one time, I did an ESET Online Scanner scan and came up with a virus. The virus was cleaned, but I still have the issue with not getting Windows Updates. This one laptop in particular, the issue started when I had Vista on there. I had since erased the hard drive in a 3-swipe process, and I did this 3 times. After the first time, I used Win 7 on there instead of Vista. The problem still persists. Can you help me with this issue? Thank you.

A:Windows Update in Win7 is stuck in a loop trying to search for updates

I would say if the system has been checked by others as per your last original post and stated clean.
Then i see you say that Windows Update - stalls ? ... { You could check Task Manager - Running Tasks - and if WU is running ok.
Does this mean the PC is unresponsive or just Updates taking to long ? { No % Increase }.
I have had PCs take over 10 hours to process and then download.
Hopefully all your Services are still correctly Set ? , i would run the Windows Update over night , the longer the better , and see if it can actually complete.
This has been an issue for quite sometime after intro of Win10 , and for Win 7 machines to be last inline and  ess of a priorty over 10.

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I am currently stuck on build 10532. My frustration is due to the mandatory reboots that Windows 10 keeps scheduling during the middle of the workday, often when I am away from my computer. I have disabled this "feature" in the update settings but it persists. Windows 10 has downloaded build 10547 and keeps insisting that it needs to reboot to install it, but reboots never attempt to install anything; it is a routine reboot.

In troubleshooting this issue, I attempted to opt out of the Insider Program and downgrade to RC builds. When looking at those options, however, I discovered an error message: "Your Microsoft account requires attention to get insider builds." I clicked on the "fix" button and it had me log into my Microsoft account, including all that dual authentication stuff. In the end, the wizard closed out and I was presented with a "next steps" button to click. So I clicked that and it looped me right back into that same login wizard requiring dual authentication, at the end of which I found myself right back at the "next steps" button and the persistent error that "Your Microsoft account requires attention to get insider builds."

Clicking directly on the "stop insider builds" hyperlink below that button produces a popup box stating that "We need you to do a few things to stop receiving builds." Below that statement is a hyperlink titled "How do I opt my device out of In... Read more

A:stuck in endless update loop between builds 10532 and 10547

I have also experienced this effect but have only the user profile (not corrupted) and despite repeated attempts to update, cannot initiate build 10547.

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I wonder if anyone can advise me please?
I have an HP  Compaq 2510p notebook which on start up displays this error message:
'Your Bios Failed to complete the update'
A few seconds later in goes to the HP Invent screen. and then back to the previous error message. These two screens cycle endlessly and there is not a single key stroke I can use to gain access to the bios settings. 
Presseing F9, F10, F12 or F-anything works. No key commands work at all. Nor can I boot from internal drive, CD, USB etc.
How can I regain access to this faulty machine to restore or repair the bios please?
Here is a link to images of the two alternating screens i am stuck in:
P.S. This thread has been moved from Windows Vista to Notebook PCs - Envy, Pavilion, Presario. - Hp Forum Moderator

View Solution.

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 12.57.21.jpg ?349 KB

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 12.57.03.jpg ?274 KB

A:HP Compaq 2510p Bios update failure (stuck in eternal loop))

Hi: It seems you have a similar issue to this model (which is basically the same model as yours except with the 14.1" display). /t5/Notebook-HP-ProBook-ZBook/Issue-with-BIOS-update-on-Compaq-6910p/m-p/2361103#M165620 Your situation seems a bit more serious than mine was, because I (an others on this thread) was able to get into windows, and flash back to F.17.

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This problem started when I accidentally agreed to upgrade to Windows 10 which put that update in my queue. I subsequently cancelled the update but the upgrade remained. This was a problem for me because Windows 7 could not update itself while the Windows 10 update is in the queue and I have important third party software that won't let itself be installed on an un-updated computer. So I am stuck.

I called Microsoft and they were able to (after much time) get rid of the Windows 10 update. However they left me in a never-ending loop of "Restart your computer to install important updates" and my software still won't install. I spent another 2 days on the phone with Microsoft techs and they exhausted their tools and told me reinstalling Windows 7 was my only choice - trying to avoid that. I do have a restore point but it's back in May which is doable I guess but I've had bad luck with restore and am looking to solve this another way.

More details:
* Restarting from the prompt in Windows Update does nothing
* Clicking on check for updates tells me I have to restart first
* I have the original Windows disc that came with the computer, but it is a recovery DVD only and did not give me the option of repairing Windows Update.
* I ran scannow and SURT. Didn't work.
* I have not got any windows error codes
* The only update in my history is the KB947821 hotfix. Something the Microsoft techs did removed the other history
* I uploaded the SFC details file. The CBS... Read more

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I have read a lot of threads about this issue, but none of the options have worked.
I have attempted to reboot in Safe Mode with no success - still starts as normal and back to the update loop gets stuck in backing out the updates.
I have a bootable windows 7 disk and have changed the start sequence in the bios to only start from the DVD it will not boot the DVD and continues to boot from the hard drive. 
Nothing has worked

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I updated to Windows 10 but found after the upgrade my Windows installation would suddenly hang roughly after 2-3 minutes.
I reverted back to my trusted Windows 7 setup but found I am unable to update windows.

As per instructions on Windows update posting:
1) Ran SURT - no issues were found
2) SFC scan - no issue found
3) Windows update error code - None found, screenshot attached
4) Log collection - attached

Any help will be highly appreciated.

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I had auto update for Windows Vista turned on and at some point it updated this latest update, and when I shut my computer down and restarted it I got into the same loop. I have done some research and found out that this is happening all over the place and Microsoft put out a flawed update. I found a forum with the solution, but you need to get to a command prompt. I can't get there because my HP pavilion only lets me get to one after windows boots? Well vista can't boot because of this loop, ergo I can't get to a command prompt to fix the problem! Microsoft URL for the fix is but none of the remedies listed on this page will work on mine. SO I am UP a CREEK for NOW. Any suggestions at this point would be greatly appreciated. I am currently using a system utility supplied on my computer to back the whole thing up, but through a USB port it is taking forever.


A:Microsoft Update perpetual loop on step 3 of 3 Computer is hung in loop

Can you get into Safemode by tapping the F8 key immediately on startup and using arrow keys to select safemode and hit Enter key.

Did you get a Vista disc with the operating system on it?

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I configured this Windows XP system to log the user on automatically and everything went fine for several days. For some unknown reason, it now comes to the screen where is says logging in and then immediately to logging off without displaying even so much as the desktop background. Then it just loops like that continuously.

Of note is that task scheduler is running and performing its tasks.

Is there a virus or malware going around that might be causing this?

A:log-on-log-off-log-on-log-off-log-on-log-off stuck in a loop

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I have a gate way dxy4320 desktop pc, i did a system recovery with the discs i made when i bought it, and now its stuck in a reboot loop.. i get error message (Windows cannot complete installation please put windows setup disk in drive and restart your computer) please help..

A:Stuck in loop Help!

Does GUI load?

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Reboot loop

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I recently upgraded my gateway NE56R41u from the upgraded 8.1 to the new windows 10, and it had some issues, windows store would not open, it was slow, and I did not want to go back, going back is never good, lol, so, I was trying to reset it, and found myself in a loop, saying it ran into some trouble, needed to be restarted and that "they" would restart for me, and that is all it will do over and over again, I am able to hit f2 and it takes me to the set up utility, and I do not know what to do from here, halp!!!!

A:i am stuck in a loop!

I have the same problem. It says my computer has a problem and needs to restart. And it does. Then it says the same thing when it restarts and goes on and on and on. Help. I can't use the computer and have done everything I can think of with no results. HELP!

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Hi, I'm trying to help out a friend. They have Windows XP Home but before it boots to the start up screen it freezes and crashes everytime.

I went through many troubleshooting steps and am stuck in a rut. here's what I've done.

Tried booting in safe mode, that failed as well. Seems like the OS is really messed up.

Tried using a restore cd that includes Windows XP Home. But the boot order for the cd rom is last and so it keeps trying to boot windows first instead of starting up the restore disc.
To fix that I went to the Bios. Tried changing the boot order but that was not available to me because they weren't an administrator.
This is where it got really complicated. There was an adminstrator password set protecting the boot order but they don't know what the password is because they bought it from ebay a long time ago and lost that person's contact information. So there is no way of finding out the admin password from the previous owner.

So now we're in a jam, can't get to Dos, can't get to windows, can't boot from the cd rom to do anything. Any suggestions?

A:stuck in a loop

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I moved my hard drive from 1 comp to another. After doing that windows wouldnt boot it kept crashing, but it would boot in safe mode fine. I went to msconfig and went to boot.ini then did /safeboot and then i found out that i needed to activate windows because i moved the harddrive. So i was stuck in a loop to where i couldnt get to the desktop any more. So i did the XP home repair install from entering the CD. Now when it finished it wanted to boot windows to finish the repair it is still in safe mode so it wont allow the repair to work unless safe mode is off. Safe mode was turned on from msconfig /safemode so with normal boot safemode is still on. Any idea on what I can do???

A:HD Stuck in Loop Please Help

IF a major component of your old comp is dead, then call MS$ and explain and use your install disk to re-install XP again.

If you don't have a disk, then buy one.

Somewhere here I am missing WHY you moved the drive.

Ya know?


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OK, I was having a few software issues. IE wasn't responding, etc... Reloaded IE6. Nothing changed. Reinstalled xp pro over old version. Now when PC starts up, it goes into black screen with options fro safemode, normal mode or last good configuration. No matter which on I select, it reboots and goes back to the black safe mode screen. I tried to boot from floppy or CD, but it doesnt respond and goes to black screen. I cant reformat or anything. Any ideas.
BTW this is my older system. 700mhz AMD 384 ram

A:PC stuck in loop

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My computer is stuck in a loop. My computer starts and the welcome screen comes up and my desktop shows, for about 10-20 seconds it brings up the background but no icons. It then automatically logs off and it goes back to the account selection screen where you choose which account you want to go on (ex: Administrator, etc). I have started it in Safe Mode, but it still just does the on/off loop.

I'm on a HP Pavilion Windows XP.

A:Stuck in a loop

May be useful, Logon, Logoff Loop -

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I searched around but couldn't see any posts about this...

Basically, after I install windows updates and now after I tried to install SP1 RC1, I get stuck in a "Configuring updates" loop.

I think SP1 contains all previous updates, so I don't care about the seperate windows updates right now. When I installed SP1 everything went fine, then the computer rebooted and arrived at the logon page with a "Configuring updates" message. There it was stuck until it rebooted itself and started again.

I stuck the disk in and repair didn't work so I had to do a system restore which did fix the problem, any ideas whats causing this?
Many Thanks,

A:Stuck in a loop!

You may want to ask or research your question here

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Hi, ive had a couple of problems trying to fix a laptop (advent q200).

I replaced the hard drive (Toshiba mk2555gsx, bought a second hand one from ebay) reformatted, reinstalled windows 7, reactivated windows and installed all programs. It started up fine for a couple of weeks then did not recognise the hard drive and couldn't boot.

So I put the original drive back in and repeated the above, formatting and reinstalling everything. All is fine until the next morning when it often wont start without using the windows repair loop. This is the reason I got the other hard drive in the first place.

Sorry its a bit vague but do I have two faulty hard drives or am I doing something wrong whilst installing windows 7 or could it be something else?

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My computer will not even go into safe mode. I can get there but everything I do goes to the same screen which states; Launch Repair or Open Windows normally and not matter which I click it takes me right back to the same screen!!!!! Tried F8 and the supposed Control F11 to no avail. Cant get it to do a factory restore anywhere. Can go and run diagnosics on F12 for the Partition. I was given a Dell XPS Desktop One or One something and no disk. Ugh. This thing doesnt even have a tower. It is all built into the screen. I have Vista if that is any help!! UGH!!

A:Stuck in a Loop!!!

Hi -

What happens when you boot with your Vista DVD?

I think the problem may be hard drive related.

Run HDD diagnostics -->

Regards. . .



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Tonight I pulled my video card and reseated it. Now when I boot up I get the
screen with "safe mode, command prompt, your most recent settings that
worked, etc". It does not matter which option I choose, the computer will
just restart and take me back to the exact same menu of options. I have tried
all the options and I keep coming back to the same place - I am stuck in a
loop. Can anyone tell me how to get past this loop and to my desktop? All
help appreciated.

A:Stuck in a loop

Something might have been knocked loose or is running unstable for whatever reason.

Also whenever there is corruption of windows files (especially in 98) windows tends to crash and reboot.

Did you reseat the card properly? Why did you reseat the card? Did you check all your cables afterword?

Anyway if you can boot in safe mode try doing a selective step by step boot where you choose Y or N to every windows component. Repeatedly hit F8 when you turn on the machine and its about ready to start loading windows. A list will come up do the selective startup so you can choose each component step by step.
hit Y slowly until the unit crashes and pay attention to WHAT you hit Y to just before the crash. On the next reboot repeat what you did EXCEPT on the component that caused the crash hit NO. And you might get into normal windows, my guess is you might have to delete and reinstall you video drivers and possibly other things.

If all else fails you might have to reinstall windows.

Good Luck

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I hope I'm posting this in the right place, but anyway...

I have a HP Pavillion a1600n Media Center PC.

It will run fine for a while, and then after every 3-4 weeks start going into an infinite loop. It will go to the Windows loading screen, then go to Start computer normally/safe mode/safe mode with networking... If I do safe mode, it dumps a bunch of numbers and restarts again. Normal mode will run chkdsk, get to file 30,348 or some crap and then shut down, restart... Wash, rinse repeat.

I do not know what is causing this. I'm wondering if World of Warcraft could be doing it? Maybe a graphics card issue (I have Nvidia GeForce 6150)? When I'm playing the game, sometimes the entire PC freezes, other times I can move the mouse arrow but nothing else. But in the end, it always results in this infinite loop crap.

Can someone shed some light on this? I'm sick of having to do a system restore every 3-4 weeks. This has been going on for almost a year now and started when I installed the BC WoW expansion (coincidental or not, I don't know).

Help! I am willing to take whatever steps I can to get to the bottom of this.

A:PC gets stuck in loop?

Weird that it happens every three or four weeks. If you haven't tried a fresh install yet of the operating system, then I recommend doing that. Backup all of your files, re-install windows fresh with a full format of the hard-drive, and then see if the problem still persist.

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Hello, I have an 2012 acer computer that runs on Windows 7. It has crashed an I believe there is a bug in it. It restarts, then it says windows error recovery and shows launch startup repair or start windows normally. I choose start windows normally, it restarts and goes back to the two options screen. When I choose the startup repair, it checks the system for problems and then has a loading bar and says repairing disk errors and says "to restart immediately click finish" if the repairs were successful windows would restart normally and if not, than it would do it again and it continuously does the repair thing again. Is this a bug, or hardware issue and what can I do to fix this problem.

Fast responses would be great!

A:Stuck in a log in loop


Lets run CHKDSK in the Recovery Environment.

Enter the System Recovery Options from the Advanced Boot Options:

Restart the computer.
As soon as the BIOS is loaded begin tapping the F8 key until Advanced Boot Options appears.
Use the arrow keys to select the Repair your computer menu item.
Select US as the keyboard language settings, and then click Next.
Select the operating system you want to repair, and then click Next.
Select your user account an click Next.
Note: In case you can not enter System Recovery Options by using F8 method, you can use Windows installation disc, or make a repair disc. Any Windows installation disc or a repair disc made on another computer can be used.
To make a repair disk on Windows 7 consult:
To enter System Recovery Options by using Windows installation disc:
Insert the installation disc.
Restart your computer.
If prompted, press any key to start Windows from the installation disc. If your computer is not configured to start from a CD or DVD, check your BIOS settings.
Click Repair your computer.
Select US as the keyboard language settings, and then click Next.
Select the operating system you want to repair, and then click Next.
Select your user account and click Next.
On the System Recovery Options menu you will get the following options:
Startup Repair
System Restore
Windows Complete PC Restore
Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool
Command Prompt
Select Command Pro... Read more

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Hi. I'm trying to fix my friends computer. It is a Compaq Presario 6350us. It is running Windows XP. I'm not sure of other specs because I can't get it to boot up. When I start it up the screen flickers a couple times and then goes to a black screen that gives start up options ie safe mode, safe mode with networking etc. No matter which option I choose, it does the same flickering and then back to that screen. It's like its stuck on a continuous loop. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks- Tom

A:Stuck in a loop.

Boot off of the Windows Disc Or download the Recovery Console ISO. Burn it to CD with IMGBurn Boot off of the CD and get to the Recovery Console. Here type chkdsk /R and press enter. The Check Disk utility will try and fix any file errors.
You can also download the ISO image for Seatools, or WD DataLifeGuardin my signature and burn the image to a CD using IMGBurn also in my signature and boot off of the newly created CD and run the Quick and Advanced tests on the HDD to test the integrity of the drive.

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hi my cpu cooler fan died and i replaced it and did a factory recovery that said it completed successfully. but when i restarted my comp it sets me back at the safe mode page i have triied all boot options and the comp just goes into a restart and sets me back to the safemode screen or it will just freeze. my question is how do i determine if its my hard drive or processor or possibly even motherboard i havent ruled out the cdrom and power supply but i figure if the recovery was sucessfull then mostlikey the cdrom is working correctly. ive read a few similar storys about the same things happening to other types of computers but the fixes didnt seem to work on my system cause it wasnt the same kinda comp this comp is a celeron systemax with a 2.4g processor. i also turned on S M A R T on the bios but doesnt seem to be helping any. i also was able to run a diagnostic test off my recovery cd and recieved error number 16 during the hard drive part of the test. does this mean i need a new hard drive? im not a computer tech but im verry mechanical id like to fix this issue on my own i just dont wanna buy 5 different parts to do it. so before i go buy a new hard drive i would like a second opinion on if its most likely the hard drive or possibly something else

A:stuck in a boot up loop

sorry to double post but i dont see a edit button. i just hooked the hard drive up 2 a diff comp and seemed to work fine now im totally lost on wut 2 look at

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I have a Windows XP Home PC that when you try to log on it will say loading settings and then it will go to logging off and saving settings. It will never let you log on.

A:Windows is stuck in a loop.

Press F8 at startup, & startup in safemode, then reboot.

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My PC running Windows XP SP3 seems to be stuck in a boot loop---please help!!!
Iím working on a different machine as I type this. I am at a loss as to why this happened. I shut it down the other night and everything appeared to work normally. Then the next morning, it kept rebooting over and over. It would get all the way to the desktop and then reboot. I unplugged the machine for a while and came back to it. This time I got a screen asking something to the effect of did I want to start the computer in Safe Mode or Use The Last Known Good Configuration. I tried the Use The Last Known Good Configuration option. This seemed to work, making me both relieved and happy. However, it turned out to be a temporary fix!! When I turned my PC on this morning, it was stuck in the same boot loop!!!!
What can I do to fix this problem? Please let me know what information I need to provide about the machine to help aid in finding a solution. I thought about using the Last Known Good Configuration option again so I could go save my files to a flash drive before messing with the machine but will this cause further problems? Iíve tried to Google search various solutions but I am a novice at this and I am having trouble figuring out what exactly to do. If anyone has any advice on how to remedy this error, I would GREATLY appreciate it! Thank you!!!!

A:Stuck in boot loop--HELP!!

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keep going to black screen and back. tried all modes to start nothing works. tried f8 . nothing.

A:windows stuck in loop

Welcome to TSF

Boot with the XP installation CD.

When prompted, press R to repair a Windows XP installation.

If repairing a host with multiple operating systems, select the appropriate one (XP) from the menu. If you have only one operating system, enter 1 to select it.

Enter the administrator password if prompted. Usually you just hit Enter.

To fix the MBR, use the following command:


This assumes that your installation is on the C:\ drive. You will be presented with several scary warning lines the reading of which will make you want to say no. Microsoft is exceptionally vague regarding the conditions under which fixmbr can cause problems although they are clear about the consequences (losing all data on the hard drive), so use this at your own risk.

Type y and ENTER to fix the MBR.

Next type fixboot. Follow the prompts and then type exit to leave the recovery console and reboot.

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Hi all,
I'm just about ready to put a gun to my head, so I hope someone can help me. for the secoond time, I am getting the following error when I try to start windows 7:

0x0000007B, (OX80786B58, OXC0000034, 0X00000000, 0X00000000)

I have tried everything I can think of to fix this. Using windows repair option does not help. Fixing the MBR does not help. After going through the windows repair option this is what it tells me about the problem:

Problem Event Name: StartupRepairOffline
Problem Signature 01: 6.1.7600.16385
Problem Signature 02: 6.1.7600.16385
Problem Signature 03: unknown
Problem Signature 04: 21201077
Problem Signature 05: AutoFailover
Problem Signature 06: 3
Problem Signature 07: CorruptRegistry
OS Version: 6.1.7600.
Locale ID: 1033

System restore and safe mode do not work either.

As I said, I am about to lose my mind over this one. I hope someone here can help me. Thank you all in advance.


A:stuck in reboot loop. HELP!

Check your HD.
Disk Check

Check with a hard drive diagnostic tools.
Hard Drive Diagnostics Tools and Utilities (Storage) - TACKtech Corp.

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I've received a hard drive from a client and I am trying to get it to work on a pc of mine but it gets to the Windows XP start up graphic and then goes straight back to the initial motherboard boot up screen. Initally I thought it was something to do with the Ram, so I put more Ram in it... New ram in it but it still didn't work...

I then tried the same hard drive in a lower spec pc with 512mb of Ram and it worked fine?!?

Anyone know what's up with it? I presume it's something to do with the bios settings?


A:Stuck in a loop at boot up...

Can you start in Safe Mode?

Edit: read this -> wrong link -brb

IF you can get to Safe Mode:

Change the settings to disable automatic rebooting:

1.Right-click My Computer, and then click Properties.

2.Click the Advanced tab.

3.Under Startup and Recovery, click Settings to open the Startup and Recovery dialog box.

4.Clear the Automatically restart check box, and click OK the necessary number of times to back out.

5.Restart your computer for the settings to take effect.

Then when it crashes again write down the error code (from the Blue screen) to post here then hopefully someone can tell you what it means.

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I am stuck in a start-up loop... Won't let me go into safemode and my recovery program will not do a repair... Is there any way to get the files off the hard-drive before I reformat besides having to take out my drive and haul it to a friends house?

I know it's a long shot, just looking for things to check.. Last time this happened it made my never cry 16 year old bawl her head off!!


A:Stuck in start-up loop....

Is there any way to get the files off the hard-driveClick to expand...

download a Linux distro and burn the image onto a CD. boot from this CD and save your data (burn to CD/DVD). very popular in this realm is Knoppix, as it has full read AND write support for NTFS volumes.

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my wifes computer is a vaio and it is stuck in an endless loop where it starts up... hits the vaio screen.. waits abotu 5 seconds... restarts up again. anyone have any idea what i am to do here.

A:stuck in endless loop

You can either check the BIOS of the laptop and check its Boot device priority by continuously tapping F2 or Delete upon turning the laptop on (depending on the BIOS, I'd try F2 first), or try reinstalling the version of Windows you have installed on that particular laptop.

It seems it is having trouble getting to the Windows load process after the Vaio startup screen and never gets a chance to load Windows and offer some kind of error for this problem.

If this does not help you, wait for someone else to offer assistance. This is all I can advise for you to try with the information you provided.

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My setup:

Q6600 2.4GHz Quad
4GB G.Skill

My Problem:

I believe I have a (Vista Ultimate x64 RC-1? Already has SP1) cd. I can install it fine. I can then install the correct drivers for my hardware. And all works well, until...

I use windows updates and select the 'important' only updates. After that, I'm stuck in a boot-loop. And by boot-loop, I mean I can't get into windows OR safe-mode. I have done this 2 times so far. It definitely only happens when I run the updates (can work perfectly fine for days w/o the updates). Any ideas? It's like I'm just now allowed to have an updated version of Vista.

I made a restore point prior to the updates, so I can get back to where I was, but I obviously can't run an outdated OS all the time. :P

thanks in advance.

A:Stuck in a loop after updates...

One thing I've noticed, if I try to choose 'Last known good configuration', I get a blue screen with a USBPORT.SYS error.

So I just boot from the CD and restore back to a previous point.

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Hi all, read previous post with this problem and the answer was run check disc, i think. But, if i cannot boot how can i run this? f8 got me the "select first boot device" screen, but none of the four options work, it just keeps rebooting. Have tried all the options, safe mode etc, but nothing works. I have a windows xp back up disc, but no recovery disc. I am not the least bit technical, so cannot understand most of the other posts which are remotely like mine. I have a laptop with vista and discs. can i use these on my pc to get it going again? will i lose all the files (not backed up of course). Sorry if this is all a bit vague and drippy, but dont have the first clue what to do. Avast was running on the pc, and i dont download much, so dont know what could have caused this problem. Am prepared for much sniggering at my incompetence, but dont care if someone can help.

A:ALSO stuck in rebooting loop....

A repair install should do the trick.

How to perform a Repair Installation of Windows® XP.

Two things are needed here, just a bit of old technology, an ink pen and a piece of paper to write down any special settings that might have to be changed back after the repair-installation is completed.

Please Note: Performing a "Repair Installation" in this manner should not delete any Personal Files, it should 'repair' the core of the installation but to be safe with your data you should follow the next two paragraphs.

You might have to remove the hard drive from this computer and install it in another computer as a slave drive and after it is able to be accessed by Windows on that computer you will have to manually backup all of your important data that you have to another media like CD-R's, DVD or external hard drive. Then when this is done return it to the original computer as a master drive on the primary IDE cable. and do the following:


The details that follow require an above-average understanding of the technical topics involved. If you do not understand the Registry material presented here, either find a technically knowledgeable friend or do not attempt to repair your system Registry yourself. Improper changes in the System Registry can render all data on your hard disk inaccessible. :

Here is a link to a registry backup program that is absolutely fantastic it is called ERUNT and you would use this to backup the regi... Read more

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Hi guys I'm new here and I've got a problem with my PC, I turned on my comp and got the "how would you like to start Windows" screen. Every option I try I get a reboot.I went to system recovery and got a blue screen that says this under Technical Info. -----
STOP: 0x00000024 (0x001902FE, 0xF79EA6DC, 0xF79EA3D8, 0xF71AAF81)

ntfs.sys - Address F71AAF81 base at F715B000, DateStamp 41107eea

Please help me Thanks!

A:PC stuck in rebooting loop

chkdsk /r

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I tried to boot into safe mode but it wouldn't work. So I tried selecting safeboot in msconfig but now when it boots windows stops saying it didn't start sucessfully.

None of the options available work, safe mode, last good config, start normally etc.It just crashes again and repealts this routine.

How can I disable the safeboot in msconfig if i cant access my desktop?


A:stuck in loop cant boot

You could attempt a repair of Windows with the Windows CD. Do you really have Safeboot, the encryption software, on your hard drive?

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I have been all over the net and it seems that what I am experiencing is either unique or I have not been using the correct terminology in my searches.

To start off, I have a custom built computer running windows 7 64 bit. Today when I came home, i decided to start toying around with UDK, (for those of you who don't know thats a type of program used to make video games) since I'm a Game Design student. Everything was fine, I started her up, got on chrome, went and started my download etc etc everything was fine. I even decided to start playing a game regardless of lag. Its at this moment when I accidentally hit the half moon button or sleep button which caused my machine to start to shut down. However, I tried to stop it buy hitting space and clicking the mouse buttons a few times to no avail. Finally, i waited till she was completely turned off and then hit space and moved my mouse a bit....nothing.

I tried a bunch of things and nothing got it to work so I hit the power button and presto something happened. It starts to boot up but then it shuts down. It conterminously does this unless i hit the power button and hold it. If i hit the power button again after i have stopped it it will just continue to loop. I get nothing on the screen/monitor.

So far I have removed anything USB, pc card by pc card, ram stick by ram stick, the hard drives, the cpu anything that might be cause the problem.

I doubt there is any type of overheating due to the fact that all of the co... Read more

A:PC stuck in infinite loop

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using samsung chronus 7 laptop
windows 8.1 64 bit O/S.

On start up get the samsung screen then a blue screen with a sad face saying pc needs to restart. Then goes in a continus reboot.

tried using the w8 recovery cd. But get on the screen press any key to boot from cd. but press any key has no effect and goes back into loop as before.

press f2 to get to bios reset defaults, no luck either, tried f10 just get boot up order, unable to find what keys boots into recovery mode, f8 does nothing no safemode.

any one offer any help or advice please windows was pre installed.

A:stuck in rebbot loop need help

using samsung chronus 7 laptop
windows 8.1 64 bit O/S.

Try booting from a Windows 8.1 disk (DVD/USB) not a Windows 8.

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OK, I am not very computer techy so if it sounds like I don't know what I am talking about....well that is because I don't :)
We have 2 IBM Thinkpads T6o I believe. They both have Windows 7 on them. We are only having problems with one. We bought them preowned with win 7 loaded on them. I started having problems over the weekend and thought we might have a virus of some sort. We have microsoft security essenctials. I tried downloading a free AVG trial but it did not work. It said it was an invalid license number???
We did any updates we had whatever. Seemed to be fine. Then today my mouse was stuck. When I started the computer it would not move from the center of the screen. Now I am stuck in this reboot mode. When I turn it on it says ...
windows is starting
then it stops and says a problem has been found and windows is shutting down to prevent damage.
Then it says startup repair cannot repair this computer automatically

I tried creating a system recovery disk from the other laptop and tried to reboot from dvd which has not worked. I have been working on this all day. Any idea what I can try?
Thank you so very, very much for any help.:)
A very distressed mama of 7

A:Stuck in reboot loop please help


Originally Posted by heidip2p

I tried creating a system recovery disk from the other laptop and tried to reboot from dvd which has not worked. I have been working on this all day. Any idea what I can try?

When you tried to boot from recovery disk what error did you get?

Have you tried booting in safe mode?

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I recently removed the heat sink to clean it out as it was extremely dusty. After placing it back and plugging the fan back in, started the computer. I get to the Windows XP logo and computer restarts continuously. I tried going to the last good configuration and safe mode and still the same. I checked all the connections and the fan and they are in working condition. I used the HD and RAM in a different computer and they worked. Any ideas?

A:Stuck in restart loop

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Hi there, my PC is stuck in a boot loop. I cannot boot into safe mode, when I turn on the PC the Windows screen pops up and then it brings up safe mode options but it doesn't let me select one of the options, it reboots all over again and stuck in a loop. 
I think what started this is that my boyfriend deleted his msointl.dll file and it that is where things went from bad to worst. 
I know I need to use a Windows XP recovery disk but I don't have one. 
Any help will be helpful, 

A:PC stuck in a boot loop

This topic had been reported to Staff and will be replied soon.
Thank you.

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My win xp computer is stuck in restart loop after installing more ram in it. I don't know what i whould do ?

A:Stuck in restart loop


Originally Posted by senior09

My win xp computer is stuck in restart loop after installing more ram in it. I don't know what i whould do ?

Try removing the RAM!

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Pent 4 - Intel 915G/PCI Express, 4 GB memory, Western Digital WD2000JD SATA HD
I noticed a couple of computer restarts during random work on computer. Next day installed a Netgear wireless adapter for internet. Worked fine no problems. Updated MSN softare and virus protection. All good. Microsoft must have downloaded a few updates in the background as upon shutdown I noticed shutdown and install updates? I clicked OK. Next day upon startup I am now in a reboot loop. I get directed to the windows adv. options screen (without F8) it highlights start windows normally. at this point I have no mouse or keyboard, clock counts downs and the loop goes on & on. I have tried the windows disc and the computers recover disk. No luck. I will try taking HD out and installing it into another working computer to test integrity and save any files not already saved. Any other suggestions? I need to get out of the loop!

A:stuck in reboot loop

Are you using a usb keyboard, if so try using a ps/2 keyboard and mouse.

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My pc (Cyberpower i7 Andromeda Infinity, Vista64) seems to be stuck in some sort of loop at start up. Since rebooting my pc this afternoon the following happens:

Starts with the normal small message...

'NVIDIA Geforce....etc' (Can never catch what it says. Its too quick and is partially obscured by a monitor pop up (Which is normal. Also mentions VGA bios)

Then a new black screen with...

'Award Bootblock V1.0
Copyright (c) 2000, Award Software. inc

Scanning Bios image in hard drive...' Whilst also attempting to access the DVD drive (green light is on).

Then it restarts and goes through the process again.

This goes on until i hold down the power button and turn it off (which makes me cringe!).

Checked inside the casing and everything's still connected as far as i can tell.

Been searching around and apparently this seems to be something to do with the BIOS and is a common problem with GIGABYTE motherboards, which i have.

Sorry if the info I'm giving is a bit vague, but this is totally new to me. Posted on the Cyberpower forums but so far no replies. Any ideas?

A:Stuck In Loop At Boot Up

Turn off automatically reboot on error in Control Panel, System, Advanced Options. You probably have a hardware driver gone wrong

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I have an Asus laptop running on Windows 8 that starts up to the initial Asus logo for a minute and then restarts over and over. I've already tried pressing f8 and it does nothing so I cannot get anywhere to attempt to fix the problem. Unfortunately I do not have the Windows disk so I'm looking for a solution outside of having to buy another one and wiping the hard drive to reinstall. Please help.

A:Stuck in a restart loop

ASUS R503U - Windows 8 64-bit - 4 GB RAM - 500 GB HDD. I did not create a recovery disk as it was my girlfriends laptop I have just recently started using it before this happened. she doesn't know where she put the original discs for the computer

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I restarted the computer after a notification popped up on my screen saying that the driver C had a problem and the pc needed to be restarted to fix it. Once I restarted the pc it came up with an error message saying that the problem could not be fixed and gave me the option to restart. Ater restarting it again it went to the error message again.I tried to reset the system (keeping files and only deleting apps that did not come with the system)  but that also lead to another error message saying that there was a problem resetting the pc.I have a few files on my pc that are not backed up which I would hate to lose, so is there a way I could just get to the homescreen for a backup and then address the issue?

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Hey there. I tried for the longest to find an answer for this issue elsewhere but figured I should probably give in and post about it.

I have an HP Pavilion dv4 laptop with Windows 7 and for about a month now it's been on a loop of trying to do startup repair and failing. It was working completely fine early one day, I shut it off, came back home, and it hasn't been right since. I'm absolutely at my wit's end and I've just started online classes so not having my computer functional is no longer an option.
The stats are:

Problem Signature:
Problem Event Name: StartupRepairOffline
Problem Signature 01: 6.1.7600.16385
Problem Signature 02: 6.1.7600.16385
Problem Signature 03: unknown
Problem Signature 04: 21200462
Problem Signature 05: AutoFailover
Problem Signature 06: 20
Problem Signature 07: NoRootCause
OS Version: 6.1.7600.
Locale ID: 1055

I've looked at a lot of similar problems but have yet to see a signature that was close to mine so I'm completely lost as to what steps to follow.

(Also, as an additional note, these particular prompts are in Turkish for me so if I have to fix things through the System Repair somehow, please be as specific as possible.)

If anyone knows what to do, I'll be eternally grateful, seriously.

Oh and please! Before anyone suggests I try this solution, I was never offered a system restore point type option.

A:StartupRepairOffline stuck on loop

Hello welcome to TSF! Did you say you shut your pc off while Windows Recovery was repairing your pc?

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I'm not really sure how to explain what's happened to my computer so I'll start with what I tried to do.  I was low on memory so I was attempting to delete some programs and such to create more room.  I downloaded a program ( the name escapes me) that was supposed to delete temporary files and duplicate files on your computer that you may or may not have been aware of as to create space if you don't have many programs to delete.  The problem came after the program (duplicate file deletion) did the first scan of my C: Drive.  I thought that it would only bring up erroneus programs but once I sent the supposed duplicates to the recycle bin I got an error message that stated I may have removed files critical to my operating system to function properly.  So, before I permanently deleted anything out of my recycle bin I restarted my computer to see if it would upload correctly and validate that I was ok emptying my recycle bin.  This is where the problem starts:
After the computer starts it loops between the dell screen and the xps screen.  It looks like it's loading correctly then it loops. I tried restoring to previous settings but I couldn't figure it out and I'm not sure if I've damaged my sysem beyond repair. 

A:Computer stuck on a loop

The problem came after the program (duplicate file deletion) did the first scan of my C: Drive.
I downloaded a program ( the name escapes me) that was supposed to delete temporary files and duplicate files

Hi -
This sounds like a typical case of downloading a Registry Cleaner Program that has made your system almost unusable.
Are you able to start the computer in Safe Mode (would prefer Safe Mode with Networking).
I am unable to find the program you refer to, but any more information you have would be very good -
If you need directions for Safe Mode, please ask and we can post them.

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please help crcdisk.sys driver problem
I am really in need of some help.... I have a HP 530 notebook PC that was running windows vista. A couple days ago after a power outage I have been unable to start my computer. When I attempt to start it in safe mode it ends with the driver/crcdisk.sys and will not go any further. The screen then turns to the blue screen of death for about .5 seconds before continuing the whole startup loop again. I am at such a loss. can someone please help or give suggestions? please let me know if you need any additional info.

A:stuck in start up loop

Hello britt10, welcome to Vista Forums!

What type PC / OS are you using to post here?

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Good evening,

I'm trying to help out a friend with a laptop issue, and I just about know marginally more than her about this tech stuff but still a relative novice, so please bear with me.
She has a HP Compaq nx6125 running on Windows XP Home edition. I don't know about service packs etc at the moment but may be able to find out from her.
The problem is that it loops up to windows XP page and then restarts. The fault displays as follows:

Disable or uninstall any anti-virus, disk defragmentation or back-up utilities. Check your hard drive configuration, and check for any updated drivers. Run CHKDSK /F to check for hard drive corruption, and then restart your computer.

*** STOP: 0x00000024 (0x00190203,0x83356008,0xcoooo102,0x00000000)
As I cannot get it to progress any further I am unable to perform any of this I think. She has no disks for rebooting etc. The issue is not so much being precious about the laptop itself but files on it and which she has not backed-up.
Is all hope lost???

A:[SOLVED] Stuck in a loop

The error you are getting is because the NTFS file system has become corrupt. This can be because of heavy defragmentation, damaged hard drive or viruses.

You will need a windows disc and you need to go into the bios to boot from the disc and you need to do a repair installation, then you need to chkdsk /f and chkdisk /p and if that goes well you may be ok but the wosrt case scenario is that its completley screwed.

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My pc is running windows 8.1.  I am trying to just reset it and get it back to the factory settings.
I ran the reset but it failed.  It has now been trying to do the automatic repair, but that is failing.  It just keeps taking me back to the screen to select a reset or refresh.
I found some instructions that said to rename the system to system.001 and software to software.001.  I was able to rename the system but when I try to do the software it says it is unable to rename it because it is being used by another process.
I have a recovery disk that I put in, but I still cant get out of this loop.  It doesn't take me to the desktop it only tries to do the automatic repair.  Not sure what I need to do to get it to use the disk.
Can someone help me to reset my computer?

A:Trying to Reset my Pc and now stuck in loop

Did the computer originally come with Windows 8 or 8.1?
Is there any data you need to pull from the hard drive such as bookmarks or email? Are you using Microsoft Office on the computer?
 If not go here and download the 8.1 media disk that is the same as your version, home or pro. This will let you create an iso,DVD, or bootable USB flash drive. Boot the media and start the install. See this guide on doing a clean install. When it asks for the key select next. When you go online the computer should self-activate after pulling your key from firmware. 

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XP stuck in reboot loop
HI all

I could use expert advice please. I am trying to fix my Desktop. It is a
Hp running Windows XP Pro. Service pack 2. It is stuck in a reboot loop -msg=
We are sorry for the inconvenience...this may be due to a software or hardware problem-
the options given are:
safe mode
normal boot
last known good config
etc... when trying to boot goes right back to that screen everytime thanks in advance ryoby18

A:XP stuck in reboot loop

Can you boot in safe mode or last known good config?..... I can't and I've got the same prob.

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i have tried it but its stuck in reboot loop .. i boot from usb it shows the first screen loading windows then it reboots ..
background of the problem:
mine is dell 755 c2d 8gb ram home pc . it has 250gb hdd with three partitions . initialy it had wind xp 32 bit later i upgraded ram and installed win 7 ultimate 64bit as a dual boot . for some reason i didnt liked the windows 7 .. though i wanted to retain it just in case i can get used to it as i have been using xp since day 1 and have no issue with it and love it . ... so i in love of win xp wanted to install xp 64 bit on it .. not as a triple boot system . but i wanted to formate the xp drive and install the 64bit xp . since i have no cd/dvd i wanted to create a usb setup and downloaded wintoflash program
after reading about it on this site
WinToFlash Guide - Install Windows XP from USB Flash drive

as i ran it it gave me some warning that it cant access the usb drive .. do i wnat to force unmount it . at that time i was not doing anything on usb . so i clicked yes and voila my system immediatley rebooted .(all of this was being done in win 7) and it gave me error 0xc000000e .. and also when i tried to boot to xp i got ntldr error ..i.e. both oses were rendered useless.. so in the boot entries i had xp system recovery mode and i issued fixboot command and now in the boot menu i only see xp .. and able to boot successfully into it..

but inside xp only c drive is shown other 2 partitions (one was for windows 7... Read more

A:stuck in reboot loop

Write the Win7 ISO for your licensed version to stick using the tool in Step 6 of Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Start.

Boot it to Mark 7 Partition as Active (Method Two)

then run Startup Repair - Run up to 3 Separate Times.

Once Win7 starts install EasyBCD to add XP.

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It was doing some system update and when I turned it back on it was stuck on a loop. Ive already tried ejecting the battery and holding the power yet its still stuck. Is there any way I can fix this other than a factory reset? 

A:G50-45 stuck on boot loop.

Hi BootLoops  , 
Welcome to the Community Forums. 
If there is no opportunity to go to the advance repair options. some would intentionally crash it to force the recovery screen to appear just like turning it off and on suddenly with 2-3 attempts. 
Else you can proceed with this option:
Booting to Recovery Environment with Windows 8/8.1 installation media or Recovery Drive/System Repai... 
Take time to review as it offers several options to repair boot and use which best work for you. 
If the data within are essential before doing anything , you can try booting the machine on a rescue live media to backup or place the drive on an external harddrive enclosure to slave it on another machine. 
Update us how it goes. 

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I upgraded to Win 10 only to find printer and software not compatible so I tried to revert back to Win 7.
Instead of going back to the way things were it just keeps trying to load and gives up. Goes back to the Bios page and tries again. if I leave it it continues in this loop
Its an HP Pro 3010 Microtower PC normally running win 7 Pro OA
I'd like to restore it to win 7 without losing data
could someone please advise


A:Stuck in a loop trying to get Win 7 back

If you are referring to the startup repair loop, I had that happen on my Windows 7 laptop a while back. I went through several days of tearing my hair out and the end result was that I had to format the hard drive and reinstall the operating system and reinstall the few apps that I had on it.
Fortunately, I had my data duplicated elsewhere and didn't lose anything.
I don't remember what steps I took but there are quite a few guides online about it:

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Hi All,

So, my computer is stuck in a restart loop. every now and then I see a screen with option to start windows normally or safe mode, but it loops faster then I can hit enter.

being a comp guy and knowing enough about comps, tried to load Windows 7 install disk as well as Ubuntu Live Disk.. No luck, loops before they can load.

Tried disconnecting everything except CPU, Graphic Card, HDD(3 different), and RAM (1 and all sticks).. No luck there either.

Any thoughts on cause of this. fyi. my first inclination was MOBO was fried; so since it was under warranty, I was able to RMA it and get it repaired, but that did not help.

Comp Specs:
Win 7 Ultimate x64
Nvidia GTX480
G.Skill RAM: F3-12800CL6T-6GBPI
Core i7
MOBO: Asus Rampage 3 extreme.

btw, I have rset bios 100s of time and no luck there either...
Let met know if more info is needed.

A:Stuck in Restart Loop

Hello dreaded and welcome to Seven Forums. Sorry to hear you're having these issues.

See if this tutorial will help.

Startup Repair Infinite Loop Recovery

I have to repeat the warning containing in the tutorial:

The instructions presented withing this tutorial must be followed correctly, or you can damage your Windows 7 installation even further. This tutorial is designed to help recover from a bad registry that is causing the startup repair loop. You should note that there may still be some issues remaining that cannot be fixed by manually restoring the registry.

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