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Indexing problem on cloned drive

Q: Indexing problem on cloned drive

Hi guys. I recently cloned my HDD to an SSD.  Now when I try to search, the computer finds nothing because nothing is indexed. When I try to index the files, the "modify" button is greyed out, so I can't add files. Any help would be very appreciated. Thanks!

A: Indexing problem on cloned drive

Check THIS PAGE  is windows search function CHECKED or unchecked?

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 I had a failing SSD and cloned it to a larger  SSD via a USB with the new SSD being external at the time.  I installed the new SSD into the laptop and it will not boot without a boot disk in the CD/ROM. 

Gives a Boot Device not found and lists external several times along with unknown error.

I have been through the bootrec fixes and the BCDEDIT without success.
Can this issue be fixed?

Steve in California

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First off PC specs:

AMD Phenom II x4 processor - 3.4 Ghz
Nvidia N460 GTX GFX card
240GB SanDisk SSD
Windows 7 64 bit

So here is the problem. I had a Western Digital 300 GB SATA drive that was starting to quit on me. So using an Ubuntu live CD I cloned the 300 gig drive onto the 240 gig drive (I only had used approx. 120 GB on the old drive so had LOTS of free space). It seemed to clone fine, and after removing the old drive the computer booted up fine (no errors, running super fast). Windows 7 also recognizes it as a solid state drive (it doesn't show up in the defrag list). However, I just noticed that it's showing the space on the drive as incorrect. It shows up as 126GB free of 297 GB (so pretty much the same size as the old drive). the motherboard's bios shows it correctly, and my linux CD shows it correct as well.

Any way I can fix this in windows without a reinstall of the OS?

A:Problem after having cloned drive. (showing incorrect space on drive)

Maybe you can try to clone with Macrium free
Try loading defaults in BIOS

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ch. My Windows 7 Pro Sp1 system page shows my windows as genuine and activated. At a loss what to do. Looked at a couple tutorials but they were opaque to me. Any help will be appreciated.

A:Cloned OS disk to new, larger disk. Indexing won't run, Win won't sear

Take a slow read through this tutorial by Brink and see if it helps.
Also look at all the things at the bottom of the page and see if their is a subject that will help.

Windows Search - Turn On or Off

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Windows 2000 Pro SP4

Drive 0: Hitachi 80 GB, 4 partions; I, D, E, F
Primary Master
CD-RW is Primary Slave ,Drive G

Drive 1: WD 80 GB; 4 partions; C, K, J, L
2ndary Master, no slave

DVD + / - RW, SATA
Drive H

A week ago, using Acronis True Image 8, I cloned Drive 0 to Drive 1. I use removable trays & racks.

I left the drives in the racks, connected to the motherboard.

Today, I removed Drive 0, booted to Drive 1, and received a message that I am missing pagefile.sys.

I booted to Drive 1, but noticed that my data is 1 week old.

Both C [ drive 1 ]: & drive I [ drive 0 ]: contain pagefile.sys . They are identical in size.

I think Drive 0 is using pagefile.sys that is on Drive 1.

Booting with both drives in the original configuration, as described above, I checked the registry. I think Drive 0, booting to Drive I:, pagefile.sys on C: is being used. HKLM\system\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Mangement\Paging Files C:\ 2046 2092 .

I would like to avoid transferring data from Drive 0, partition I to Drive 1, partition C, so that I have updates data on a bootable drive.

I have booted to safe mode; same problem.

I have placed Drive 1 as 2ndary master, no primary master, same problem.

Until about 6 months ago, I used Norton Ghost 2003 to clone my hard drives, and no problems occurred. The last time I cloned, using Ghost 2003, the same problem occurred. I am aware that I will need to change my cloning routine.

My question, ... Read more

A:Solved: Windows 2K Pro pagefile.sys problem [on cloned drive]

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On my desktop, I have my pictures folder mapped to an external harddrive. The pictures icon still shows under This PC, which is where I want it.

I have a new laptop, also with Windows 8.1, and I'm trying for the same setup. However, when I try to set it up I can only get the icon to show in the library and not under My PC. When I try to work it to show under My PC, I get a message saying the files need to be indexed. I have tried to index them but I haven't been able to. Network files don't show as an option for indexing.

Any ideas?

A:Problem sharing folder on network drive and indexing

Nevermind. It resolved itself after a reboot.

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To start, I had done some damage to my laptop screen, and now I have to plug it into my desktop monitor. However, I screwed up big time when, while I couldn't see anything on either screen, I shut down the computer during a windows update. Ergo, my hard drive became corrupted.

But I thought I had everything under control; I managed to snag my files back with bootable Linux, hit the drive with DBAN, reformatted it with GParted, and reinstalled Windows 7. The system was running smoothly, and I just had to get my drivers back. However, once I began downloading drivers and installing them, the computer's pace just went to hell. It was somewhat minor at first, but within only a couple days it got worse and worse, functions took longer and longer, and now I'm very lucky if I can even log on. It seems like the computer has no idea where to find the right files.

I feel like I got way too ahead of myself and missed a step during the hard drive renewal process. I did not install a driver for the hard drive, but everywhere I looked, I saw that the motherboard controlled the hard drive, but I can't find anything on the Asus website that even remotely resembles the right driver.

I thought I had it all worked out, but clearly, I don't. Does anyone know what I could've done wrong? I'd post more information about my computer, but I'm not sure what might be needed here.

A:Potential (indexing?) problem with Asus laptop hard drive

What is the laptops make and model? Where are you getting the video driver from?

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I have re-phrased my question from previous post

OS: Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit Japanese version.


As usual I connected my external drive and there are many Folders and File for quick work, in the search filed I typed the file extension of PSD (for Adobe image file) and it started opening PSD files in thousands(I had completely forgotten there are many). Any way by click right then from Property I found the Folder path and then opened the Folder I was looking for.

BUT.... during that process Windows asked me do I want to add in Index(hope my English is correct) I clicked Ok. After that I closed the folder exit window and tried to safely remove the external drive by clicking the Icon in the Task tray but it showed some program is using I must close that. However non of the window was opened even I checked through Windows Processor. I thought may be drive would be indexing and left it for some time but afterward when again I tried to remove safely the drive it showed it is being used. The drive's red light kept blinking while green stays. I did not want to remove by force but I was also afraid that if I keep drive open I might loose my data therefore, I turned off computer and disconnected the drive. But later when I connected again the red light started blinking.

My question is, The drive red light is blinking because there are so many files and it might be indexing? I can't think of drive got any problem because it was working fine, no sig... Read more

A:Windows Indexing on External drive got problem (re-phrased previous question)

Hello Ari,

Since it's an external drive, I would recommend to use Option Two in the tutorial below to turn off the index for it. Afterwards, see if you are able to safely remove it.

Index - Enable or Disable

Hope this helps,

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So I noticed that the search in my Windows 8.1 simply won't work to find files and settings. Then I went to Indexing Options in the Control Panel and I noticed that one of the locations Indexing was trying to point to is:

D:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\ (Unavailable)

This is odd since this is not the location of the Start Menu (which is in the C drive, not the D drive).

So I went on to remove this location and manually add the location of the Start Menu in the C drive (i.e. C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\).

To my surprise, adding the location in the C drive is actually listed as the D drive -- not the C drive. In Fact any directory I try to add to the Index located in the C drive is in fact listed as being in the D drive!

I'm at a loss here, and in fairness I reckon this is a bug.

Have anyone here ever experienced this? Is there any workaround?

EDIT: While the search does not work. It seems like the Windows Explorer search works without any issues.
Also I reckon it is worth mentioning that I change the location of my search index to the D drive. This is because my C drive is a Solid State Drive, while my D drive is a traditional Hard Drive.

Thanks in advance for the help.


A:BUG - Indexing Options keep pointing to D drive rather than the C drive - search charm won't work

Hello Roger,
I have to say that I am disappointingly surprised with this answer.
If you read my initial post carefully, the issue is that if I add a location on the 'C' drive it gets market as being on the 'D' drive instead. Therefore, your test of adding a folder to the indexing and delete it afterwards is moot.
Anyway I found out the issue to be that the SID of the D partition was the same as the SID assigned to the C partition and that was causing conflicts.
I looked all around for a way to change the partition SID but I couldn't find anything. So in the end what I had to do is backup (copy) the contents of the D partition, delete that partition (not format), then create it again. Now when adding the disk to
the index, I noticed it works fine. I don't consider this necessarily a solution, but a workaround.

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I messed up by making a cloned SATA drive instead of just doing an image back up. Now, because it's recognized as a real system drive, I can't get to it to make it a backup drive with an image vice a clone.

A:How do I change a cloned SATA drive to use as a backup drive

Sorry to hear you are having issues Beaner...

Not sure how politically correct that name is either... LOL!

I messed up by making a cloned SATA drive instead of just doing an image back up.

What application did you use to make this "Clone"?

Now, because it's recognized as a real system drive, I can't get to it to make it a backup drive with an image vice a clone.

Can you boot into your OS? If yes, can you see both the old HDD and the Cloned HDD? If you can positivly ID the cloned drive just format it and start again!

I can give you more details once you give me more details!

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So my C drive is 500gb and pretty much full, so I got a 2TB drive and cloned all of C's contents over.
I tried changing the bios to recognise the 2TB drive as the main one, but it wouldn't boot.

How can I copy the MBR over or just tell the computer to boot off the new drive. I've read about the spark plug things but my dad says that they're pretty old and not needed any more

Also tried googling how to turn a slave drive into master drive but I really need something fairly simple and probably step by step if possible please
Oh and it's a Hitachi Deckster 7k2000

A:Cloned C drive and want to boot off the newer drive

What did you use to clone it?

What if you boot off the OS disk and do a fixmbr:
If you have Win 7 the Vista instructions should work.

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I recently moved from a hard drive to a SSD . Unfortunately, the Samsung data migration tool didn't move my second drive. This was not surprising, as I had used Ext2 Volume Manager to mount the Ubuntu partition I had in dual boot. The software told me that it would be empty, but I decided to go ahead after backing up my programs and data.

My current problem is that I have a drive U:\ that shows up in explorer, but not in Disk Management. Also, it contains zero bytes, so it is of no practical value. I would like to hide it, but using Disk Management doesn't work. I would prefer not to need to download a tool etc. Any ideas?

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I have W10 which was upgraded from w7 ultimate.
I cloned w10 to another hard drive and now have 2 drives bootable which i can use.
I am going to be buying a new pc without an operating system,before i do can i:
Put one of the drives into this new pc and boot form it?
Will it W10 remain activated on the new pc
If it is not activated how can i activate this?
I also have a bootable clean install of w10 on a usb,which i could install but again this would need to be activated?

Any thought or help for above appreciated before i buy a new pc..

A:Cloned drive to new pc possible?

Taking a hard drive that's cloned from one system and using it to boot another system is fraught with problems, not least of which is that all the wrong drivers will be loaded.

The free upgrade from 7 to 10 granted you a digital licence that is tied to the hardware of the PC you upgraded. This is not a transferable licence. I'm afraid you need to purchase a new licence for the new PC.

What's going to happen to the old PC? If you are keeping it as a spare or passing it on for someone else to use it still requires its digital licence. Even if it were transferable, you can't activate two machines with the one licence, each machine needs its own licence.

PS: it may be possible with a lot of work to configure the clone drive to work in the new PC. I can imagine why you might want to do this, not having to reinstall all your software for one. It won't be activated though. If you decide to take this route, you can activate it later by purchasing its own product key.

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I decided to make my secondary 60G drive the master drive and cloned my original Compaq drive using Drive2Drive software, switched the jumpers and everything seems to be working fine. Now I am supposed to erase the files on what is now the slave drive. My question? How exactly do you do that? Just drag them all to the recycle bin? Even though all of the program files are on there too? Normally I would use add/remove to do the programs so am not sure if it will mess things up to just delete. Also, my performance tab says that all the drives are operating in MS-DOS capability file mode. Tried to fix that using the microsoft knowledge base article but no luck. It's not showing a NIODE in the registry and finally called the techs at Compaq who tell me it is just showing two systems installed and will go away after I erase the slave drive, but that doesn't sound right to me. Am running WindowsME on a Compaq Presario 5000T. Hope you can help. I'm guessing the first question has a simple answer and the second problem maybe isn't so simple.

A:cloned drive

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I read some comments indicating that enabling the indexing service for faster searches actually slows Windows down. I checked my two PCs and discovered that some of the disks have it enabled and other do not:
Desktop C-Drive: Enabled (465 GB)
Desktop D-Drive: Enabled (1.99 GB "Recovery" drive (?))
Desktop USB Drive: Enabled (465 GB)
Laptop C-Drive: Disabled (465 GB)
Laptop USB Drive: Enabled (465 GB)
The USB drives are used for Carbonite's mirror image backup.
Screen shots of the two laptop drives are in this Dropbox folder.
Thinking they should all be the same, I chose one that had it enabled, the Desktop USB Drive, and unchecked that option. The disk started thrashing furiously. It continued for 20 minutes. The progress bar did not show any progress (completely blank).
Thinking I had made a mistake, I clicked the Cancel button and tried to exit. I got the same screen with the indexing option unchecked. Thinking I could recover by rechecking that option, I did and clicked OK. The disk started thrashing furiously as before and has been for abotu 20 minutes.
Have I hosed that disk?
What should I do now?
Should I have this options checked or not for each of these drives?
PS: What's with the 2KB attachment limit. I don't think I have any files that small!

A:Allow indexing service on hard drive and/or USB drive

- Don't worry. When you change the index setting then Windows must update the index(es) (again) and re-read the entire drive. That's causing the "thrashing".
- How many times do you use the search feature ? If you don't use the search funtion that much then you can disable it.
- Do you need to pull info from those backups regularly ? If not then I would disable indexing for the USB drives.

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Hi I have a Sony Vaio connected by Wi-Fi to a BT home hub, which has two NAS drives connected to it by Ethernet.

I deleted all media files photos, videos, mp3s off the Vaio to save disc space, with the intent of accessing them off one of the NAS drives.

Problem is, Windows 8.1 photo app is not locating them. Music app neither. Seems to only be looking locally and at Skydrive.

Yet if I go to Windows media player it finds them on the NAS and builds a library of mp3s.

Drive is properly mapped as a network drive and browsable in file explorer.

Is there something I need to set in the apps, or is it an app limitation?

Thanks guys.

A:NAS drive not indexing

Originally Posted by dakeb

Hi I have a Sony Vaio connected by Wi-Fi to a BT home hub, which has two NAS drives connected to it by Ethernet.

I deleted all media files photos, videos, mp3s off the Vaio to save disc space, with the intent of accessing them off one of the NAS drives.

Problem is, Windows 8.1 photo app is not locating them. Music app neither. Seems to only be looking locally and at Skydrive.

Yet if I go to Windows media player it finds them on the NAS and builds a library of mp3s.

Drive is properly mapped as a network drive and browsable in file explorer.

Is there something I need to set in the apps, or is it an app limitation?

Thanks guys.

You might try adding those drives or folders from the drive to a Windows Library in order to see it from those Apps.
Library - Add a Folder to in Windows 8

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I am trying to index an external hard drive. It has take a day so far and it hasn't moved past a certain point for a few hours 1,787,175. How can I fix this. How can I found out which file is causing the indexing program to freeze. Once I get it fixed how can I make indexing run faster. It takes quite a bit of time so I'm willing to devote more system resources to speed it up. Also, I noticed there is a way to narrow the index by file type. There are a few hundred. Is there a way to deselect them all really quickly or is it absolutely necessary to unclick them all, which will take 5 minutes!!!

A:How can I fix Indexing freeze and make Indexing run faster.

Could be it's being stalled by corrupted files. I'd right-click the drive icon, choose Properties, click the Tools tab and do the Error-checking choosing the full/complete. It requires shutting the computer down then should run when starting up [I don't use Restart for this]. Following that one could defrag the drive, Piriform's Defraggler tends to do better than the built-in application.

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After noticing some issues with Libraries performing the way they should, I discovered that Indexing services are started, but Indexing Options in the Control Panel says that indexing is not running.
Suggestions are welcome.
KenKen Kimbrough

A:Indexing Service is started but indexing Options says it's not.

Seems to be related to the index. Go to Control Panel > System & Maintenance > Indexing Options and in the Advanced Options you click on Restore Defaults and also Rebuild Index. Click OK and then try to start the service.Blogging about Windows for IT pros at

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About a month ago I decided to get a much bigger hard drive (500GB) but theres no way I have time to reinstall everything so I decided to clone my existing hard drive, I tried acronis and the clone went superfast and put everything onto a single partition the full size of the new disk - when I tried to boot up with the disk, it didnt boot. It got to the pale blue screen that usually says 'welcome' but instead it had a small windows XP logo and that was it, it didnt go any further. I contacted support and they were no help so last night I tried another free software hdclone - it took about 6 hours but I actually managed to boot up from the new disk - but the new drive had a single partition the exact same size as the old one and the rest was unused space - no problem I though, I'll just extend it with diskpart - which I did and now windows wont boot from that disk again - with the same issue as it did with the acronis migration.
So I resized the partition back down to the original size and it still wont boot up from that disk

A:Cloned Hard Drive

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Silly me - I guess I thought it would be easy enough to clone my OS drive with Win XP Pro to a new drive using Norton Ghost 2003.

It appeared to work, but I suspected that merely changing the new drive to Master wouldn't be the total answer and I was right getting a 'boot disk failure' message.

Please forgive my ignorance but I presume there's probably no way for this idealistic idea to work without reinstalling from scratch?

A:Cloned drive won't boot up

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After having a hard time installing a SATA drive, I finally got it working right. Now I have trying to clone Windows XP off the 10G drive onto the new one. I have tried Ghost, Acronis, and several manufacturer's programs with no luck.
When I clone the drive, It will boot up windows, but once it gets to the login screen, it stops. No user names or passwords to put in like it usually does, just simply the windows login screen with the Windows logo. I have probably cloned, formated, cloned, formated, over 10-15 times and still can't get it to work.

I have successfully done this before on an old 250 gb drive but that one died last month so I know it can be done.

A:Cloned drive boots, but that's it

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I purchased Apricorn DriveWire to help me clone my current 120GB hard drive to a 320GB hard drive.

I think I successfully cloned my HD to the new one.
Only problem is when it was done, I did not unplug my 320GB hard drive when I rebooted my laptop. I guess the OS settings got modified.

So I wanted to see if everything worked, so I reopened the software I used (Apricorn EZ Gig II) and clicked on Clone Disk. I get an error saying
"you have only one drive. this program is designed to work with two or more drives".

It no longer recognizes my 320GB hard drive being plugged into my drivewire.... HELP!!!!!!

A:Cloned Hard Drive

To add to the matter, I put the hard drive in my laptop to see how it would boot up.
I get test diagnostics that appear. Nothing else...


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just cloned my hd from 80 to 120 but my dell laptop still reads 39% empty same as before what can i do to get it to read the hd right?

A:Cloned my hard drive

Maybe you simply cloned your 80GB partition onto a 120GB drive so you now have unused disk space. You may just need to resize your partition

You can use EASUS Partition Manager freeware to easily manage the partitions on the drive (including a resize if needed)

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My system has two identical hard drives. Using Paragon's Partition Manager v9, I made an exact duplicate of my main drive, which when tested alone boots just fine. However, when I boot my original system with the cloned drive and open Windows Explorer, none of the partitions on the clone are visible. They are visible using My Computer > Manage > Disk Management.

FWIW, my configuration is as follows:

Main Drive (HD #0) -- Primary partition - C; Extended partition - Logical: D, E, F, G, H, I
Cloned Drive (HD #1) -- Primary partition - J; Extended partition - Logical: K, L, M, N, O, P

When both drives are present and Main is booted, why doesn't Windows Explorer see the cloned system's partitions? What can I do to alleviate this situation?

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HiThe hard drive on this J115 3000 series was full - cloned the drive to a larger drive and this will not boot - just a flashing cursor top-left-hand corner of the screen. Tried cloning to a good old IDE drive - same. What am I missing ? Put the old drive back in and everything boots ok. I'm using Norton Ghost to clone - any ideas?

A:Cloned drive won't boot

Try clonezilla but be careful.

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i cloned my c drive (75 gig, xp system, western digital drive), using driveimagexml. i followed the guide in the tutorials on the site, it all went well. My intent was to swap out the original and use the clone. However now my system does not recognize the cloned drive.

I have 2 western digital 75 gig drives. (xp system).

Is there a way to identify what i did ? Is there a way to get the drive to be recognized? Does it make a difference on the jumper settings (currently both the same)?

What can i do at this point? Before i made the swap,the cloned drive appeared to have all the duplicate info.


A:lost drive when cloned

Only thing I could find offhand.

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Hello guys! I just just purchased a 100 Gb drive and cloned my old 60Gb with the 2 partitions into it. I swapped the 2, but windows doesnt boot properly. I can see the windows logo, and the blue screen with the second windows logo (the one right before asking you for username and password) and it just gets stuck there. Whats wrong with it? I read in a thread that the drive letters make a difference. Should I name my new operating system partition c? Can you please help? I use windows xp home edition. thank you very much for your help!

A:Cloned drive won't boot

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Having successfully cloned my C drive to a removable drive (Thanks for your help on that), I would now like to access some of those programs on a different computer via the USB port. Since the other computer is somewhat smaller than mine, I'm reluctant to try out of fear that I'll crash it or worse.

Can this be done?

A:Cloned hard drive


Apart from some very simple programs such as Solitaire and freecell. This will not work.

The host computer would need the programs installed to have all the correct registry settings and files to run the program(s)

Things would also be very slow.



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Too late for me . I've already swapped the cloned disks and booted up with the old disk!

The new disk (master) goes into a boot up loop if the old disk is not plugged in. So I need both disks to boot properly.

What can I do to boot with the new disk only? It already has boot priority in the bios.


A:Cloned drive will not boot without Old

It sounds like it wasn't cloned correctly, that only the partition but not the MBR was cloned over. What did you use to clone it?

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Hiyya Shawn now I have just upgraded to 8 using my 7 settings on a couple of my machines. Is it possible to put back the original 7 SSD drive - clone it to a spare drive and then create the VM set up on that cloned drive using the upgraded drive? I would of course remove the original 7 drive and just use the clone.

Sorry a bit convoluted and if I have to I'll just get an OEM 8 to install if what I have cannot be done.

A:create VM set up on cloned drive

Hello John,

Trying to clone it like that may not work to well.

If you like, you could get a Windows 7 ISO from the link below for the Windows 7 you own a product key for, and use the ISO to create the VM with.
Microsoft: Windows 7 Direct Download Links
Afterwards, you could copy any data from the original 7 to the VM 7.

Hope this helps.

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I installed W7 on my D: drive and it was only 80GB, and had everything running to my satisfaction. Started adding a few programs from my Vista install and thought the drive was to small, so cloned the drive unto a backup drive and installed a 1TB drive. Cloned the image back unto the new drive, but when I try to dual boot, it doesn't see W7. I tried booting from the W7 disk, to do a startup repair, but it doesn't see W7 installed on the new drive.

Any ideas?

A:Cloned Drive with Windows 7

Can you post a screenshot of Disk Management?

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Win 8.1 Pro x64. I cloned a 128gb SSD to a 256gb SSD one, trying both Samsung's cloning software and Todo Backup Home's, both successfully, but the new drive won't boot. Returns one of three errors;
- disk read error
- MBR Error 1
- system32\winload.exe error / 0xc000000e

A common solution to the latter is to boot from a Windows CD and run bootrec /rebuildbcd from a command prompt. For the moment, that option is cut off because my CD/DVD drive isn't being recognized by the BIOS, only by Windows (got a post about that on the TweakTowns Gigabyte forum). So I've booted from the old drive and the new one is plugged into a USB port. My question is whether or not there's a way to run a fix from there, without the new one actually being in the boot seat. I've tried running bcdboot from a command prompt with the new drive's current directory, F: - "F: bcdboot c:\windows / s/ f:" - but that returns "failure when attmepting to copy boot files." Any other ideas? Thanks,

A:Cloned drive won't boot

bcdboot f:\windows /s /f:

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I cloned my OS to a larger drive, I got windows to boot after doing a repair installation. The problem is that the OS has really slowed down and alot of my applications show errors when I start them. Alot of windows system files as well. Most are still trying to reference my old OS drive letter which was I. The new drive has windows on C. I am in the process of updating to SP2. Any hints on how to repoint all these applications to the current OS drive letter?

A:Windows peoblems on cloned drive

I have had good luck cloning, did you format the new hd first? Run ckdisk first? What program did you use to clone?
I assume its on the same computer, just a larger HD, and no, it wont work very well if at all to clone and move to a diff computer.

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i am running windows xp pro sp2 off a Western Digital 120gb IDE drive which is on its last leg...i recently got a 1TB Western Digital Sata drive...i installed the sata drive and formatted recognizes the drive and shows the correct free space and lists it as F:\ in "my computer"

my problem is with my original IDE drive fading i used Norton Ghost V.14 to clone my C:\ drive to my new sata F:\ drive.

it seemed to complete the process without a hitch however when i remove the ide drive and try to boot from just the sata i get a message asking me to insert coreect boot media.

i have gone through bios and made sure the priorities are set correctly and that the setting for the drives is set to enhanced and not legacy.

did norton ghost just "F" up on me and make and bunk clone or am i doning something wrong...any help would be great thnx

A:cloned sata drive will not boot help??

Have you assigned the new device on the Bios boot set up?

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Having another crappy week and can't seem to focus:
Dell laptop came in with malware. Did standard cleanup with AdwCleaner, Mbam, Rogue Killer. After cleanup everything looked good.
Laptop arrived already on, so on reboot I was prompted for a disk cleanup. Allowed it to run. After an hour it was stuck at stage 3. I rebooted and again was prompted. Skipped it. The laptop will go to desktop and everything checks out except it always ask for disk checking when booting. Disk check continued to fail- it would freeze up at stage 3. I booted off CD and did a chkdsk.....12 times and the scan FAILED everytime. Would get between 3-7% on stage 2. Lots of 'deleting corrupted' messages. So I decided to clone to a new drive.
Clone went through with no errors. Mounted back into the laptop. Disk check prompt came up and I allowed it to run. Now it's stuck at 60% in stage 2.
I need this disk prompt gone. What am I missing?

A:Cloned drive having same issues as original

Chkdsk detected a corrupt file system set a dirty bit and then starts Autochk which is a version of chkdsk. Cloning the drive does not solve the file system corruption.
You can disable it at startup but I would not recommend doing that. You can edit the registry offline using Kaspersky Resue Disk which has a nice Registry editor.
I would check disk health using Seatools.  No need, I forgot it's a new cloned drive.

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I have 2 identical HP i5 desktops running 8.1 which was updated from 8.
I want to put a cloned drive from computer A in the other computer B so they will appear identical with all the apps etc.
I am told that I will get a configuration error in computer B because the product key in BIOS won't match.
If this is true how can I solve this.
Will the computer even run with this error to allow me to fix it?
I am told to get a toolkit called the Microsoft toolkit which allows extraction and insertion of keys.
I think that approach would let me make computer B product key be the same as A.
But in doing this I would lose the valid key in computer B.
I would like to change the product key in the cloned drive to be correct for computer B.
Can someone tell me how to do this please?

A:I want to place a cloned drive to another identical PC

you can change manually change the product key in Windows 8

"Change product key" link is not available in Windows 8 or in Windows Server 2012

as to whether the system, will initially run to allow you to do this....I'm not sure.....I guess if you keep the original boot disk and try with a new cloned drive , if it doesn't work you've lost nothing...just put the original disk back in.

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Have a system that had a hard disk drive that was going bad. I took the opportunity to clone the drive to a new drive and all went well in the process.

The hard disk drive is larger than the old so I went to expand the partition to use all of the drive space. I have attempted this with Acronis, Easeus and Partition Magic. None of the utilities will expand the partition stating that there are bad blocks on the drive.

I then formatted the new drive again and ran some tools against it to ensure everything was OK. I then proceeded to mirror the data again with the same results.

I have tried to run chkdsk/f to clear up any issues without success. Is it possible the my clone, "cloned" the bad blocks in the MBR or physically?

I would appreciate any ideas on how I can "remove" the bad blocks so that I can expand the partition.


A:Cloned Hard Drive Bad Blocks

OK, it is a mistake to partition or format the destination drive when using acronis. This will cause drive letter problems. Here is what I would do;

1 Download and run the drive maker's utility for checking the drive. If it checks OK, then there is usually an option to zero fill the drive or sometimes this is called a LLF [low level format]

2 Now that the drive is zero filled, boot with the acronis true image boot CD. Select your source [old] drive and destination [new drive]

3 Select the advanced option so you can change partition sizes. I would keep the same percentage or you can choose to resize to whatever you want.

4 Once finished with the clone process, shutdown DO NOT reboot with both drives connected. After you shutdown, either pull the old drive out or just pull the pw connector.

5 Now pw ON and make sure everything is OK ie drive letters correct, partition size, etc.

Since your old drive is failing, you would not want to reconnect the drive and use it for storage or anything.

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8 or 8.1 is such a headache...
Asus x45a laptop. 8 or 8.1 installed. HDD was dying and the Windows Boot manager was gone, no longer present in BIOS. I tried to do data recovery but of course its a GPT partition. Cloned the drive to a used one (so the new drive COULD be part of the current issue- but only one big enough I had laying around atm). Took a day and a half.
There's 7 partitions, plus 2 Partition 0 that show 249 GB each- and the drive is only 500 Gb.??
All the partitions had errors, ran chkdsk on all of them, but 2 are RAW only. I can view the details of the System, Recovery, and OS, and now I can access the files off OS (which is F:). But I want to get this system booting.
System Restore fails to initialize, says no installation present.

Attempts to do a System Refresh gives me the "drive is locked" message.
System Reset doesn't find an installation.
In an attempt to 'unlock' the drive, in DISKPART I can't make any partition active- I get "the specified partition type is not valid for this operation".
I'm going to try the rebuild the bcd, but failing that, what would be the next step??

A:Trying to salvage 8, rebuilding off cloned drive

Did you initialize the new disk as GPT before you did the clone? If not, then that could be the reason for the problems. The only active partition should be the EFI system partition.
At the diskpart prompt type list disk. Does the disk show as GPT? There should be a * under GPT.

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I just used Acronis True Image WD Edition to clone my 1TB WD SATA drive to a 2TB Seagate SATA Drive to upgrade the boot drive in my HP PC. The cloning process went well and was without errors, and the computer boots fine from the new drive. All settings are correct, etc. The problem is that I can no longer get Windows Updates, download updates to Security Essentials, or upload troubleshooting info to MS. I can access the internet, browse sites, download files, get e-mail, etc. I did have to reactivate Office 2010 when I booted from the new drive, and that went fine.

Windows Update gives me an error message that the update service is not running and I should restart the computer. However, according to services.msc, the update service is running. I tried stopping and restarting the service but it didn't change anything. It was suggested that this hardware change might have caused Windows to deactivate, but it still shows as activated. Nonetheless, I reactivated it (successfully) but there was no change.

The UAC message I get before I run any MS system program (like mmc) shows the publisher as "Unknown". My user account (the only one on the machine) has Administrator privileges, but in order to run certain system programs from the command prompt I have to invoke cmd.exe by selecting "Run as Administrator" or else I'll get the message that I must have Administrator privileges to run the particular system program.

When I reinstalled the original 1TB drive, e... Read more

A:Cloned 1TB C: Drive to new 2TB, now I can't get Windows Update.

Welcome to Windows Seven Forums.

This a real stab in the dark, but I'm wondering if the problem is related to the fact you've cloned to a larger size drive?

Perhaps partitioning the 2TB drive into 2x1TB partitions might help?

Failing that, I'll defer to experts who have more knowledge on drive systems and cloning than I do.

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I used Macrium v5 free to upgrade/clone a 250gb WD Caviar to a 500gb Seagate Momentus. The cloned drive is really slow -- slow to boot, slow to login, apps go into "Not Responding" a lot. I'm curious if someone knows the reason. It is quite unusable as it. I don't know if it'll get better with time as Windows somehow adjusts.

A little background, but probably not cause of the sluggishness. There are 4 partitions, from the factory -- HP Tools, Recovery, C:\, and something else (Win PE maybe?). First time I used it, I cloned as-is, which ended up with a large unused unpartitioned space. This is not what I wanted so I cloned it again, putting the "C:\" partition at the end and used Cloned property to specify Max space, ended up being 400+gb on the new partition. Both times the sluggishness is present. I have not changed BIOS or Windows settings, but Windows did install new driver for the new drive.

Any suggestions to narrow down the problem? Thanks

A:Macrium cloned drive REALLY slow

It would be helpful if you posted a picture of your Disk Management.

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When I built my machine a couple years ago, I used a 64GB SSD for my OS. That space is very cramped so I got a great deal on a 240GB SSD to replace it. I used EaseUS Todo Backup to clone my C drive (64GB).

Here's what I expected - my new drive to show the same amount of space used as the source drive, with the remaining space available for use. Meaning, my C drive has 60GB used. I expected the new drive to have 60GB used, with the remaining 170+GB free. What I have is my new drive partitioned with one partition showing the 60GB used (the exact same space as the source). The other partition has the empty 170+GB free.

What I'd like to do, without messing up the clone, is to have the new drive utilizing the entire 240GB of space as one partition rather than two partitions. What's the best way to do that?

A:Solved: New cloned drive - use all the space

You can do it with the method shown here :-

Is it really 2 partitions or just 1 and the rest is 'unallocated' ?
If it is 2 partitions you may have to delete the 2nd one first.

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I just got Acronis True Image and would like to clone my drive. But it says I have to remove the old drive after I clone it. Wha's up wi dat? I have a SATA and an IDE drive. I want to clone my SATA to my IDE and leave them both in the system. I have an ASUS mb, as long as I have my bios set to boot from the SATA, then this shouldn't be problem, should it? I don't want my computer to explode or anything.


A:Can I leave my cloned drive in my system?

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I cloned a Samsung SSD 840 Evo with the operating system Windows 7 on a Samsung SSD 850 of the same capacity (120 GB).
I did this several times with different programs (SAMSUNG Migrate, Acronis True Image anche with and without copy sector, Macrium Reflect).
When I replace the 840 with the new 850 Windows it boots, everything works except that the system does not mount the USB external hard disk drives. The USB scanner and the USB mouse work. Pen drives and external disks in Device Management report the error code 10, the device will not start. In disk management units do not appear. If I update the drivers using Windows Update it is reported that the driver of the disk drives are the most current.
If again I place the disc 840 everything works properly.
I have read other threads on this topic (USB drives not recognized) and made many attempts but have not solved the problem.
The Motherboard is Asus Z97Pro, CPU Intel 4771.
Thank you.

A:Usb drive not working after Samsung SSD 850 cloned

Sure wish someone would come up with a solution rather than all the advertising for programs that DO NOT solve the problem. All they do is cost money.

Have updated the USB drivers - and still no go on the cloned OS SSD. Put back the original - works just great. Doesn't make sense!

Someone please help - for it's most frustrating - as you probably know.

Many thanks.

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HP Desktop 500-281Win 10 HomeBIOS MEMv80.22 Short version of latest issue:HD0 in sata0 slot (original) boots to win10 fine after upgrade to 10. HD1 in sata1 slot is a new clone of HD0 (Win10, using Reflect). HD1 and its files seen in Windows plus HD1 seen in BIOS. If boot order is changed in BIOS (sata1 above sata0), won't boot saying ?no boot disk?. Boot order reset to default (sata0 then sata1). If HD0 data cable is disconnected, won't boot , again?no boot disk?. Boot order reset to default. Sata0 data cable disconnected from HD0 and connected to HD1, with no data connection to HD0. Now it boots to HD1. How to boot from HD1 connected to sata1 with or w/o HD0?

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I have Windows 12 Pro installed. I cloned my 160 gig Samsung HD to 500 GIG WD drive.There were three cloned partitions. When I look at the partitions under computer I find C,D,E,F,G,I. Since I don't need double the information can I format the partitions from the Samsung drive without problems?

A:Solved: Cloned Hard Drive

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I successfully cloned my C:\ drive to an external USB drive. Next, I'd like to create a new folder on the external drive, and back up (not clone) the data from my D:\ drive to that folder.

Will this cause any conflict either now or somewhere down the road?

A:Backing up data to a cloned drive.

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We have 2 pc's in 2 different locations. We spend 6 months a year in each one. Originally, both pcs were Intel based, 32 bit, windows 7 home premium & I cloned the boot drive each time we move to the other loc & installed it in the other pc. Last year I had to replace one of the pcs so I purchased an HP Envy 64 bit with windows 8.1 & AMD chipset. Now I have an HP Envy pc & an Intel pc with different parameters.
I'm now back in NY with the boot clone from the HP Envy & would like to just slap it into the Intel pc & press start but I don't think that's going to happen. I don't want to lose the data on the boot disk from the Intel & would like to find out what is the best approach to this issue.

A:transferring cloned boot drive to another PC

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I need some assistance or advice on creating a working copy of a bootable XP hard disk.

I cloned my hard drive using Acronis.

Everything looked fine.. I could see all the files on the new HD.

Then I removed the old HD, changed the settings on the new drive to Master, and put it in the system. After powering up, Windows appears to start loading. However, it gets to the point where the whole screen turns blue, and there is a Windows XP logo in the center - but it just hangs there. It is as if it cannot find the user settings to load. Normally, if more than one user is defined, this is the screen that would be presented for me to select the user.. however, my original system had only one user, so it just zipped on past this screen.

I even tried booting up in Safe mode, and normally when doing this I am presented with the Admin user, as well as the defined user. However, even in Safe mode, I do not get any user choices to select from.. just the blue screen with the Windows XP logo.

What gives ?
Thanks in advance,

A:Cloned Drive Won't Boot Completely

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Tried my first attempt using Acronis clone feature to upgrade my Win 7 Pro 64bit system from a Hitachi Sata 2 750 GB drive to a Western Digital Sata 3 500 GB drive.

Cloning seemingly has gone flawlessly from within Windows 7 Acronis app/tools.
Now I don't remember how I setup the new drive partitions. I still have the original Hatachi drive in the box but it is not connected to a power cord.

The new system booted relatively smoothly...only activity was at first boot Windows showed the installing new hardware (new Western Digital drive) icon...install successful...please restart.

Restarted and alls seems well...question is can I reconnect the power to the old "C" drive and restart ? At this point both drives are 'named' the same: "Win 7 Hitachi 750 Main Drive"...but they had the same name after the innitial clone also

Do I have to change the status/partition setup on the old C: drive prior to reconnecting it and starting the system and if so how ?

Or...will the system/bios automatically correct the start up to the new "C" drive and re-assign a drive letter to the old "C" drive ? New WD drive is now on Sata 1 MB connection

At this point I plan on reformating the old "C" drive and using it for Media Center storage.

My concern is having 2 Windows 7 Pro 64bit "installations" in the same box ?
The bios has an option to set the boot drive...which was and is now Sata1...the new cloned drive.

No issues/pr... Read more

A:Cloned existing drive to new HDD...can you have 2 Win 7 drives in box

Could you change the boot device?:

how to select boot device - Bing Images

If anything goes wrong, just change the order back. That should do the trick. Should be able to try it. It may have a BIOS pop up when you start the computer asking which windows to load. Select the right one and boot up. That could be tricky in the event they look the exact same.

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I have an old Dell Optiplex GX280, with a single SATA connection capability, no chance to add a second drive. My original hard drive is 40Gig I want to clone it to a 320Gig drive, but can't do it inside the original computer. I thought I'd try bringing my old 40gig and 320 gig drives to work, then use a machine with 4 sata connections to hook up my two drive and clone them that way, but after using Max to clone the 40 over the 320, and putting it back in the GX280, I get "Error Loading Operating System" from the 320 drive.
I suspect the clone process did not make the 320 drive bootable, is there any way to fix that after the fact?
I did boot the machine with the 320G drive using a Windows XP installation CD to get the repair module, so I can see the data, but it won't boot.

I'm running Windows XP Professional Service pak 3

I'd be grateful for any help

A:Solved: Cloned XP Pro drive will not boot

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Hi all,

I've just cloned a hard drive on a laptop which I then tried to boot from (switched over hard drives installing new cloned drive).

I keep receiving the error message, "no operating system".

One thing that i have noticed is that the letter on the drive is F and not C.

Does anyone know how to change over the drive letter or how to boot from a cloned drive using Macrium.


A:Booting from cloned drive - Macrium

Choose Auto drive letter selection when cloning, also to copy the MBR and track 0.

Make sure the clone then becomes set first HD to boot in BIOS setup.

If it won't start, try unplugging all other HD's and peripherals. If it still wont' start confirm the Win7 partition (or it's 100mb Sys Reserved partition if you have it) is Partition Marked Active
and then run Startup Repair - Run up to 3 Separate Times

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Hi guys,

I bought a new drive recently (1TB) to replace my older drive (250GB).

I started by installing it as a drive E:\ - I then used Norton Ghost to clone my original C:\ drive to the new drive.

Then I took out the old drive to try to boot from the new one.

Basically it went to the blue Windows booting graphic, but got stuck there.

When I used the Symantec Recovery Disk to see why, I saw that the new volume is still designated as Drive E:\... so no wonder it's not working properly.

Any ideas on how to force my computer to see the drive as C:?


A:Trouble Booting From Cloned Drive

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I got an imminent hard drive faiure warning during boot up. I immediately purchased a 1TB hard drive and cloned it with SpotMau. The clone appears to be an exact copy of the original, and now the original hard drive has failed. The cloned copy will not boot after installing it in the computer. The original hard drive was XP and I upgraded it with Vista Home Premium upgrade package. When I tried to use the disk to repair the cloned hard drive, it required a previous version of windows to do the repair function. Any ideas or suggestions will be appreciated.

A:Cloned Hard Drive will not boot.

ofladrt-have you got another machine you could hook the drive into as a slave?If you can do that to save documents to disk,save them there.It kinda sounds it's the long road but it may mean full reset(format) with xp and then upgrade to vista.

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I'm cloning my hard drive onto another one, but I'm not exactly sure what the process is for setting the cloned one as my No1 drive. My old one is on its last legs and I'd rather use it for my less important things. What will happen when I disconnect my old one from my computer and only have the new one on it?

Will everything be literally the exact same on the new one? Same partition names and everything? And if so, can I then reconnect my old one and use its 2 partitions just like normal in addition to the 2 new cloned ones in My Computer? And won't those partition names conflict?

Any help on what I should do for this transition would be greatly appreciated, thanks

A:How do I change to a cloned hard drive?

If cloning goes OK you will have exact copy of old hdd on a new one.
Then you can disconnect an old drive from the mobo and the system will boot from the new drive.

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I've used Clonezilla a few times with great success; I just cloned a 250GB Samsung sata (XP Pro) laptop drive to a Seagate 250GB drive. But the Dell Latitude won't boot to it.

The BIOS sees the drive as a 250 GB. I couldn't find any other settings in there having to do with the hard drive. Acronis sees the drive, but won't boot.

I slaved it to my system, and the 2 sata laptop drives are exactly identical. So I inserted a Dell XP Pro install disk and did a repair install. The install disk saw Windows there, did the repair, and told me all was well.

But at re-boot - still nothing but that blinking white cursor in the top left. (No error messages - nothing)

I tried jumpering the drive as either 3.0 or 1.5, and still no boot.

Even reinstalling windows on it doesn't help.

Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

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I have installed a SSD drive on cd bay and cloned it from HDD. I would like to use this SSD drive as boot drive and keep the existing HDD as-is for backup and storage,etc. I tried changing boot sequence in BIOS but the same is not getting picked. What else need to done make it bootable? System info:Acer laptopWindows 10 Aspire V 15 V3-575T-7008 Thanks 

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I just cloned my Vista install from ym IDE to my SATA drive using nxxclone. However, it's "make bootable" function is for NT, not vista. If i choose to boot to SATA in BIOS, it (for some reason) goes into network boot.

In BIOS, I have it set first boot to IDE, second boot to SATA, third boot to CDROM.

I have the SATA drive marked as active and primary.

A:introducing boot mgr to cloned drive

I'm not sure which drive i'm booting to anymore..but this just came up

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.0.6000.
Locale ID: 1033

Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: 1000008e
BCP1: C0000005
BCP2: 998DC709
BCP3: 9E9A3B64
BCP4: 00000000
OS Version: 6_0_6000
Service Pack: 0_0
Product: 256_1

Files that help describe the problem:

Read our privacy statement:


Also, if it helps, the SATA drive IS running in AHCI mode.

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Hiyas all
Now, I have to admit I am not a newb to this, but a problem is a problem
I have 2 500Gb drives in my second rig, that I would love to stick in the main rig. To do this, I need to traqnsfer drive info onto smaller drives... the total on the 2 drives is about 190Gb and 140Gb, so there should be no prob with the transfer. I have shrunk partitions in Vista, so I have 225Gb on each main drive showing, which SHOULD transfer across ok. However, I have tried Ghost 9, acronis 8, and neither seems to work. When I try and copy, they both insist i do a partition transfer, as opposed to a full drive. So I do this, and when I try and reboot, nowt happens- I did transfer MBRs, so I do not see what is going wrong.
So briefly, I want to transfer less than 230 Gb of data (including Os's), each on a 500Gb drive, to 2 250Gb drives. Any ideas how i can get it done? Preferbly using free software, as latest addition to the fold ( first rig) has left funds a bit lower than I hoped)..
Cheers all

A:Solved: Cloned drive not working

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Cloned western digital 40gb system drive using Seagate Diskwizard to a Seagate 500gb drive. Can't boot the new drive. Dell bios screen loads and continuously loops over and over. I also cloned it with Easeus program with same results. Installed drive in 2 other identical Dell OptiPlex 280 systems with same results. Any ideas? I am stumped. Thanks in advance.

A:Cloned win xp system drive won't boot.

I'd suspect that the cloned drive is highly damaged itself...or the file system on it is highly damaged.
Cloning is pretty much garbage in, garbage out, IME.

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I installed a new hard drive, and used Norton Ghost (from SystemWorks 2003) to clone the old drive to the new. The new drive has been initialized with the drive letter F. (This is the third drive in the machine.) I can access the new drive after a normal startup, booting from the old drive. However, when the old drive is unplugged and startup is attempted, the following messages appear:

Windows has detected a registry/configuration error.
Choose Command Prompt Only, and run SCANREG
Missing or corrupted files: C:\windows\himem.sys
Missing or corrupted files: C:\windows\dblbuff.sys
Missing or corrupted files: C:\windows\ifshlp.sys
C:\>set path=c:\windows;c:\windows\command;c:\progra~1\atitec~1\aticon~1
Cannot find, unable to continue loading windows

When I entered SCANREG at the C prompt, it said Bad command or file name

I'm wondering if the assigned drive letter for the new drive is the problem.

The system is Windows XP, SP3
New drive is a Seagate SATA Barracuda, 250gb

Any help would be appreciated.

I did attempt changing the drive letters, but of course the C drive cannot change while it's the booted drive, and the new drive (F) can't be accessed unless it's able to boot, I think. Also, when trying to boot from the new drive and hitting the error messages, I tried to change to the F drive from the C: prompt, but F wasn't available.

The original drive (source) is a Western Digital Caviar SE 200GB EIDE.

And I've set the BIOS to... Read more

A:new cloned drive missing files?

set the drive to be seen as ide in the bios

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I have a failing hard drive and created a clone on to a new internal sata drive.  The clone completed successfully and when viewing the drives in Windows 7 interface, both look good.  When I remove the failing drive and place the cloned drive in sata1 position, I get an error that there is no bootable drive.  My old drive is still functioning at this time, but I'm not sure how much time it has left.  Is there something I'm doing wrong?  Any advice is appreciated.

A:EaseUs Cloned Drive won't boot

It could just be that the BIOS is not looking at this particular drive as the one that has a boot sector on it.
Either go into your BIOS at start-up (normally key 'F2' at the boot screen) and make sure that your nice shiny new hard drive is the one pointed at by the BIOS, or key 'F8' at the boot screen and select your new hard drive as the device to be booted from.
Chris Cosgrove

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Any suggestions on how to make my cloned drive boot? I installed Win 7 to a SataIII drive/port with the intention of doing a bootable clone to a SataII drive/port. However on completion of the first install I realised that my cloning software was not capable of cloning the SRP (system reserved partition) to my second drive.
Plan B ? Installed a second copy of Win 7 to the SataII drive/port on a single partition (no SRP) with the intention of cloning over the SataIII drive to eliminate the SRP.
Was hesitant to do this as the clone software wipes the SataIII drive so as a tester I cloned the SataII drive with the single partition to a spare SataII drive and it copied ok. Unfortunately when I disconnected the SataIII and SataII source drive the recently cloned spare SataII drive would not boot. The boot manager prompts the user to accept either of the two installed versions of Win 7 and whichever you nominate the spare SataII drive fails to boot. I installed the Win 7 repair disc to fix the start up but it displayed a message that it was unable to fix it.

A:Win 7 cloned drive wont boot

Solved How to Migrate OS to new Hard disk.

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Hi, I have a Dual boot 1 TB HD with Win 10 and Win 7, I believe win 10 has become corrupt as I can't boot the PC, unable to get beyond the Blue Screen. The windows 7 drive I use for Flightsim, and I really don't fancy reinstalling all of the Addons, if I clone the drive and copy it to a new one in the same machine, will it work?

A:Will a cloned drive operate in the same PC but on a differ

Not sure what your asking a clone is an exact copy so the cloned drive will be the work the same ie 10 wont boot

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I cloned a larger drive using Ghost 10. Two partitions with XP home. After removing the original drive and jumpering the new one as master, the drive will boot up to the blue screen with the small windows logo on it and stop. I swaped the original drive in and it won't boot at all. Then I put the new disks back in, leaving the original one as master and then the new one as the slave, and it boots up. Swapping the master/slave jumpers and it still boots. It seams that the boot record/information is split between the drive. Using the disk management, Drive 1 C :Healthy (system) D: Healthy -- Drive 2 E: Healthy (Active) F: Healthy. Should the system also be active? Some one please help.. I would real get back to the original drive and use something other than Ghost, (No help from there tech). Do I run FDISK/MBR on the original drive? My system has 512MB, Pent 2.2Mh, Intel mother board. The old disk was a 40MB, the new one a 120MB.

A:Cloned drive won't boot (used Ghost)

just a shot in the dark (my tech skills are fairly basic) but you said you tried master/slave settings only....errr....did you try jumpering "cable select"? i know that sounds weird but i've had a few motherboards that just hated either one jumper setting or the now i have the habbit of "cable select" first then if that doesn't work master/slave etc.....

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Just had a working SCSI hard drive cloned in another machine, to another SCSI hard drive ( same exact drive ).
After the cloning, I installed the original back into it's machine, and get the following blue screen STOP message:
Along with an address dword dump

The cloned drive behaves the same.

Was only able to research it to a point of understanding ( which is limited in this stuff ), one article stated it may be attributed to cloning a drive from one Windows based machine in another Windows based machine. The other article spoke of this error happening in a SCSI system after a new installation on the first boot. It leans towards missing drivers or drivers not compatible with the SCSI chipset.

Like I said, I read those articles, but do not know how to proceed.

Any help will be appreciated and thank you for your time

A:Problems After SCSI Drive Cloned

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OK, this has me stumped. I use Acronis True Image 2012 for cloning my hard drive. I have two internal drives, drive C: and D: as my back up/Cloned. Now what takes place after I clone my drive is that both drives will be identical in size as in, 63Gigs each; but after using the computer for 10 minutes or so, the D: drive will now show 53Gigs. Why? Where is 10Gigs going?

A:Solved: Cloned hard drive?

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So I have a system image from Windows Backup and Restore. Is it the same thing as a Cloned drive? If not, what differences are there?

A:System Image same as Cloned drive?

If you restored your image to say a brand new HDD of the same or greater size you would end up with a fully functional system (OS, programs, data etc) just like if you cloned. Cloning is just a bit by bit/ sector by sector copy. Cloning would copy everything which you don't really need like pagefile contents etc.

Using imaging you need no preparation of the new HDD just physically connect it (by itself) and run the image restore process. Dead easy.

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Dell desktop running windows XP Pro sp3
3 gigs unshared ram
750 gig HD

My hard drive has the option "Allow Indexing Service to index this disk for fast file searching" turned on. When I reboot my system this indexing starts up (drive light shows the HD is really working hard doing this Indexing thing) and sometimes takes as long as an hour or so before it finishes. I can tell that this slows my system down when I working on my computer applications or even the Web browser and email opens slower. As soon as it finishes, the drive light stops flickering and everything speeds up.

I removed the tic option box so that this Indexing is turned off on the C: and all subfolders.

I really don't care if my files don't open at lighting speed. Is this Indexing Service feature on the hard drive really that important to have it enabled? I often times reboot my computer a couple times a day, to install Windows Updates, or sometimes just to refresh my system resource. Waiting for this Indexing to finsh running ia a real pain.

Thanks for your help

A:Indexing Drive C: & subs at startup/

I don't think all that much of indexing either. All it does is allows your searches to complete a bit faster. But to do so it means that everything else is a bit slower. And as I know where most of my files are located, the rest of the computer bit is more important.
I've turned the index service off completely, and it doesn't affect me other than in searches.

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I have searched this forum, and "the web" and cannot find a post that describes this problem - which I am amazed because I would have thought this had been encountered many time before and has a straightforward solution. I am assuming I have posted this in the correct section of this forum. Please do not get on a high horse if I have missed something. I am only asking for help and have got stuck.

I have downloaded and installed Windows 8 Pro yesterday. I have found the way to quickly get past the ghastly Metro interface back to a desktop by pressing Windows-D.

I want to be able to search GoogleDrive that is visible in the Explorer menu.

I have got as far as opening the Win8 "indexing Options" dialog and the various instructions I have found tell me to click on the "Advanced" button. However, that button has a shield next to it and clicking has no effect.

I have activated the "hidden" windows 8 Administrator account (with the help of other online information) and still I cannot select indexing options>Advanced button. The button again has a blue and yellow shield next to it - which I understood to mean I need administrator privileges to run that command / option - but I believe I am in the "Administrator" account when trying this. Maybe there is another "Administrator" account?

I want to emphasise this is all about indexing GoogleDrive so the folder can be searched through Windows Explorer - ideally wi... Read more

A:Newbie: Indexing Google Drive

Hello Clive,

I also encountered this problem, but I found a solution. It is not an indexing problem, it's an security problem. Here is what I did to fix this:
1. Go to your Documents folder.
2. Right click the Google Drive Folder, select Properties.
3. Go to the Security tab.
4. Click on the Edit... button.
5. Click on the Add... button.
6. Type in "Users", click Ok, then Ok again, and Ok again. Now try and search, you should be able to now.

Here is a picture for better explanation and proof: (I used black marker to remove my username)

Hope this helps

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How to index files from network drive to Libraries (ex. Music, Photos, Etc.)?
Thank you.

A:Indexing network drive files

There are a few ways to do this. I'm guessing you mean add a network drive location to a library.

Library - Add a Folder to in Windows 8

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Running Windows XP Pro

Just got a new PC and noticed an icon on the taskbar down by the date/time clock that when I mouse over it, it says one of the following: "Indexing speed is reduced due to user activity", "Indexing paused due to user activity", or "Indexing Complete". Also notice that when I select Properties on my C: drive, at the bottom of the windows the box is ticked that says "Allow Indexing Service to index this disk for fast file searching". Never noticed this option on my other computers - Is this something I should keep going or is it of little use and just using up processor time?

Thanks and Merry Christmas to everyone at the Tech Support Guy Forums

A:Solved: Hard drive indexing?

if you lose your files a lot or do a lot of searches leave indexing on...

I personally have it shut off on all my systems because I feel its unnecessary and uses your processor when you don't need it to...

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Hi all,

I've recently spent 2 days indexing an external hard drive and now the index has appeared to have gone, for most of that drive.

1) if I index an external drive and remove, re boot, and re attach the drive, will the index still work for the external hard drive?
2) if the answer to question 1) is yes, why can I not search all but the most recent files on this re attached drive?

Please help, as I don't want to re index each time I dis and re connect!

Thanks in advance,


A:indexing external hard drive

I think that you will find that...indexing is a vexing, troublesome feature and is disabled by many users because of this. It has not been demonstrated to produce any distinct advantage over not using it, IMO.


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Hi everyone
hoping someone can help me with this using windows 7 pro 64bit and need windows to index files on a local NAS for quick search i have tried unc add in but the one Microsoft has will work on 32bit but not 64 the only other option i have seen is enabling offline which isn't very practical spent about 8 hours on the phone to Microsoft trying to get them to help me if any one has any info on this i would be extremely grateful.

A:Indexing Mapped network drive

you could check out this link it has quiet a lot of links and information about what you are trying to
achieve never had the nead for this so not to sure on the answer but I will look in to it for you I am at the CAB today so I will ask the main man how it is done.
Kind Regards

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I've got a SUBST for a folder to drive letter P:

I have noticed that exploring these folders from P: is now INCREDIBLY slow, taking up to a minute sometimes to show files. I'm showing them as general files and not thumbnails, so it's not that.

Looking at the original folder in explorer is lightning fast.

I've checked the indexing options and indeed the folder where my files are stored is checked as indexed. I can see my P: drive in the list, but clicking on the checkbox won't do anything.

Does anyone have any clues as to how I can fix this?

(Running Windows 7 just to be clear).

A:How do I turn on indexing for a SUBST'd drive?

welcome to sevenforums. There are many knowledgeable peeps around here. (I don't include myself). But here's my fix effort.

Things to try.
SYSTEM must have full permissions on the folder in question.
Add the path to the indexed locations.
Try rebuilding the index.

One of these may do the trick.

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Trying it clone and switch my 500GB drive with another 500GB drive with Aomei Data Backuper.  When finished and switched in my computer, I get a no system error when booting.
I used the clone option and it finished successfully.  All the original files appear to be there.


A:Systems error with cloned hard drive.

I used the clone option and it finished successfully.  All the original files appear to be there.
Does this mean that the is no problem now?

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This thread is a follow-up to this thread

OK, I have decided to reinstall XP to make all of drive C available, since only 60 gig is available now because the original drive was 60 gig. In addition, the appearance of bad sectors on the new drive is an issue.

My question now is whether I need to reformat the good drive which will be the boot drive. If I re-install XP, will the new re-install of XP reformat the drive or do I need to do a reformat as a separate procedure?

Thank you in advance for your replies.

A:Solved: Re-installing XP After Bad Hard Drive Has Been Cloned

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I have cloned my old 40GB hard drive using Norton Ghost 12 and the new hard drive (also 40GB) will not boot.

I have set the new hard drive as active and set it to master.

I have also removed my old hard drive.

Does it matter that my old hard drive was labelled system amd the new one is labelled active in disk management?

Any help on this would be much appreciated.

A:Cloned Hard Drive Won't Boot (Norton 12)

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not sure if I should post this here or on the OS board but here goes. I cloned my win xp hard drive so I could run xp on my 2nd pc. I cant get it to boot up.Im assuming it is because of win xp. I'm running a DFI mobo CM33-TL

A:Cloned hard drive for new mobo, won't boot

If the hardware is different than the computer the drive was cloned from then it won't work. It needs to be formatted and installed with the hardware that the drive is currently in.

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Hello All,
Ok here is the problem, I have a machine here where the HD has a couple of pending sectors. It still boots fine, no data has been lost, regular backups are being kept. I am trying to clone the original HD to another HD using clonezilla (all other cloning software choke and never complete). Clonezilla does, HOWEVER the new drive is not bootable. When I try I am told that there was a problem and into insert my vista disk to fix the problem. Well that is fine IF you have a vista disk. This is a HP machine which as you probably know, they only give you a "recovery" partition/disk which wipes the drive and restores it back to when you bought the machine. They don't give you any Microsoft start up tools other then reverting to a restore point. The guy does not want to wipe and rebuild everything, just clone it over to a new drive which I have done but it won't boot.

A Vista recovery disk would work, but the only one I found is by Neosmart and they want $25 for it. While that is better than buying a copy of Vista, it seems like I should be able to do repair the startup data in another fashion. Would a windows 7 disk work? I am assuming not, and would cause more problems. I have seen tools to create a recovery disk, but again it requires having a Vista disk in the first place (which if you already have a Vista disk, why would you need to build a emergency recovery disk that does the same thing?)

One other thing I thought of: EasyBCD and using that to ... Read more

A:Trouble booting cloned (vista) drive

If the problem is really "only" that there is an issue with the boot then a Windows 7 Installation DVD or a Windows 7 System Repair Disk will likely fix the boot problem as well as a Vista Installation DVD would.

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Recently I kept getting messages about an immanent hard drive failure, so I got a new drive. cloned it and the ran the setup. Then removed old drive from machine. the computer boots up fine, runs fine, and everything is working except I have several issues with IE11.

Whenever I wan to download a file such as a pdf. the popup window with the "Save/open/save as" appears at the bottom of IE11 but when I click on it nothing happens. I can not get it to do any of the three options. If I try "save as" I should get the directory window to open prompting for a path and file name, but I get nothing.

Other strange things.

In another forum I am a member of will not hold my username and password.

If I open a new tab in IE11 the eight boxes showing the "Frequent" sites I visit are all blank

Some sites with streaming video will not play, I get "error" when it attempts to buffer.

I am certain there must be some settings that became altered, but I can't figure out which ones. I have tried a few things (such as active x) but nothing seems to work.

pretty sure I am using Win7 Home Prem 64 bit. I'll confirm.

A:cloned and replaced c: drive, now can't download any files

Internet Explorer - Reset

Reset internet explorer making sure to delete personal settings as well.

If you install another browser like chrome or firefox does the issue persist?

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I used Macrium Reflect to clone my C: drive onto another, identical, drive in onboard dock. My plan was to have a bootable copy of my system in case anything went wrong with updating to Win 10. The original has 32 folders and leaves 736 GB free on a 932-GB total. The clone has 7 files, and 893GB free.

Folders on the clone are:
Program Files
Program Files (x86)
Program Data

Many of my program and program (x86) files didn't make it over, so I guess the idea is to have a clean boot from the new drive. . . . so I think I've answered my own question about the difference.

But: Is there any way to save these old program files and feed them right back into my system if I resort to the new drive?

A:Cloned C: drive doesn't match original

Are you Cloning the complete drive,(Disk) not just partitions?

Are you Cloning one complete drive (Disk) to another drive (Disk). (Not to another partition)

Examples from my computer.

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First, thanks for any help you can provide. I have Acronis 2013 Plus. What I am trying to do is image the disk of a Windows 7 machine (source) to a machine that had Windows 8 pre-installed (target - Gateway SX2110G).

I connected the Windows 7 drive to the new machine (USB data cable), disabled Secure Boot, and enabled Legacy. Booted to True Image and started the cloning of the drive. Everything seemed to go ok, but as soon as it starts to boot Windows 7, it gives a 7D BSOD. (the same BSOD it gives when I simply plug the source hard drive into the target and try to boot from it).

The source HDD (win 7) boots fine in its original machine.

*I tried the startup repair that's included with the image.. does it matter if I use the one from a disc instead?

I've been stumped for 3 days. If anyone can help I'd REALLY appreciate it! Thanks!

A:Cloned Win 7 drive onto UEFI Win 8 PC, 7D BSOD after cloning

first of all, if win7 is oem or came with your system, you can never transfer it to another computer. second, different computer different drivers - you will need a win7 disk because it will have to be reinstalled. You cannot use an image from another computer unless it is the exact same computer. finally you cannot use the same win7 key in two computers. by imaging one computer on another, you are violating microsofts license.

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Hey all,

Bought a new 500 Gig Seagate Hard-Drive to replace my Maxtor 250 Gig Hard-Drive.

Plugged it in the second HDD slot and powered it up as the slave to the master (ie, the maxtor is master/seagate is slave) and used Windows Disk Management to activate it, format it to NTFS (same as Maxtor) and then used this to clone it.

That worked fine, however when I remove the Maxtor and attempt to boot up from the Seagate, BIOS detects it, I can set it as master, but any time it attempts to boot from it or I ask it to boot from it it demands that I "insert system disk and press enter" as if it's booting from the CD-drive?

I thought maybe I need to somehow changed Seagate which is F: to C:? But I have no idea how to do this or what I'm missing here... I mean surely the straight clone should just think it is the C:?



A:Solved: Cloned Hard-Drive; Won't boot :(

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How I keep my systems backed up is to have 2 identical sized drives in the computer, the 2nd one is an exact clone of the C: boot drive. Nightly I sync changed documents, images, etc. from C to D. I might not make a fresh clone for 6 months to a year, there's no need to. If anything goes wrong with the C drive, a virus, bad software installation, hard drive failure, I just boot up into the 2nd drive and I'm back up and running in 2 minutes and can fix or replace the bad drive or reclone D to C. The system works perfect for me, and I've never had to use any special boot loader.

Now with Windows 7 though and UEFI partitions, it seems that the D drive is also active on boot up. If I change file placements in the Start Menu on D for instance, the change also immediately takes place on the C drive Start Menu. Some programs start up 2 copies on booting up because of this, and a few programs misbehave because of this.

How can I stop that from happening so D is treated simply like an additional storage drive on boot? I know I can hide the D Drive with other software and that probably will work for booting up, but I need to sync new files nightly to it, so that's not a solution for me at all.

Thanks for any suggestions.

A:Stop cloned D Drive from being active on boot?

Welcome to Windows Seven Forums Murklin.

Could you post a Screen Shot of your Disc Management so we can see all your drives . Please be sure to include all information from the Disc Management window. Follow the directions in the link below on how to do it.

Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image

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I just successfully cloned my C drive, a 64GB SSD onto a new 128GB SSD which now reads as the G drive. my 1.5TB HHD is my F drive.

Im not too sure what the hell I'm doing. I can easily remove all my HDs and i removed my C drive and replaced the new G drive in the location. when i tried to boot the computer it obviously didnt work. i put the C Drive back in the case and it booted up fine.

obviously my cloned SSD cant boot my comp up. its cloned, i just dont know how to make it my boot device. any advice?

A:Changing a Cloned SSD with OS to be the Boot device or C Drive

You are wanting to make your 128 GB your C: drive so it will boot, is that correct? What are you wanting to do with your 64 GB drive? We need to see a screenshot of your Disk Management. Click your Start button in the lower left of your screen. In the space above the Start button type "Disk Management" without the quotes. Expand the columns so we can read all of the print. Use this tutorial to post a screenshot of Disk Management using your Snipping Tool
Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums Plug in all HDD, SSD when you boot. Thanks,

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I am running Windows 8.1 and it appears that my hard drive needs to be replaced. When the machine is turned on, frequently there is a slight screech and I feel it?s best to replace the hard drive.

How do I make an exact bootable copy of the hard drive on a new hard drive and simply replace the drive with the new drive without having to reinstall Windows 8.1 or other programs and without affecting any of the files currently on the machine? If cloning software is required, are there any free programs I can download?

A:Replacing hard drive with a cloned copy

I know of no free image backup software to restore to dissimilar hardware.

Two good programs are Acronis True Image 2014 Premium or Macrium Reflect Pro. I have used them in the past.

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i'm trying to upgrade the hard drive in a company computer to install a program with a required 100+ gigs of space (came with an 80 gig drive...). after cloning the drive, including cloning the original drive's serial number onto the new terabyte drive, and retrieving the original product key (xp pro, came with no install disks etc) i swapped drives. everything runs fine, but it wont acept the original windows key to get past the "serious hardware changes, reauthorization required" screen, says it's unauthorized.
any ideas? or do i need to buy another freakin copy...

thanks guys

A:Solved: cloned drive with retrieved key not authorized?

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I have an HP ENVY TouchSmart 15-j063cl that originally came with a 1 TB drive with Windows 8.

Goal was to move the system drive over to a 256 GB mSata and keep the original drive for data, VHDs, etc., and I have completed most of the work to get there.

Basically I wish I had just started with a clean install on the mSata, but that's not what transpired. I wanted to try to leverage the current installation with HP drivers in place. So I went down this path...

I used Macrium to clone the 1 TB drive to the 256 and that succeeded with a little finagling. But then I couldn't get UEFI to boot into the new drive. I finally performed a "refresh" from the MS Win8 install media (and unfortunately left the data drive in during the process).

To my surprise, everything worked and all was well. however, I later discovered that I couldn't back up to the 1 TB because the EFI partition on that disk is being used as the UEFI boot (as per MiniTool Partition Wizard data).

I've tried everything to get the (cloned) EFI partition on the mSata to be the boot, but all attempts have failed. I've tried to use EasyBCD to copy the boot environment (error), windows repair to repair the boot environment (can't repair), but nothing works. system is dead without the 1 TB drive installed and b/c it contains the active / boot EFI partition at runtime, I can't use any imaging tools to backup the mSata to the data drive.

Any suggestions? I'm trying to avoid a new install, as I... Read more

A:Cloned OEM drive to new mSATA, but have boot issues

How to Migrate OS to new Hard disk.

1) Remove the HDD after cloning.

2) Set UEFI/BIOS firmware to boot from mSATA.

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Hallo everyone. I bought a Western Digital 250gig HD, plugged it (in caddy) to a USB port, and used WesDig's own Data Lifeguard prog to clone the still-installed 120gig drive to the new HD. Took out the 120, installed the 250, tried to boot. Immediately after the PC maker's screen, "error loading OS" appeared. Ctrl+Alt+Del took me into setup, but nothing I dare do had any effect.
I think the problem might result from my failure to remove my bios password before cloning, didn't understand the required method so left it installed.
I either need to blank the new HD totally (including the hidden recovery partition) and redo the clone ; or to correct the fault in the existing clone to enable the drive to boot.
Note - the cloned drive shows all files and OS correctly when viewed as an external USB device, so it seems as if the only fault is in the boot.
Can anyone please send me some *****-proof & jargon-free instructions about fixing my problem? I read about "fixmbr" & "fixboot", but can't find them. Are they Dos commands in WinXP, perhaps ? You see, I'm a relative novice at this !

A:New cloned hard drive won't boot Vista

The new HDD dont have any Sata drivers installed for the new HDD. Reinstall the old HDD and boot from it with the new HDD still hooked up by Sata, reclone the old HDD to the new one.

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I cloned my failing hard drive (a 160gb) to a new one (500gb). The installation seemed to go smoothly enough (it was my first time though) as it just required me to stay grounded and remove about 4-5 screws. When I loaded the PC up it wouldnt start the first time so I had to a Windows repair, which didn't seem to do anything except now it worked (it said it failed or something). I then had an issue with Windows 7 claiming to not be genuine although for one reason or another that stopped. Now my issue is that I am unable to access the additional memory of my new hard drive, I am able to access the cloned portion but not the rest (about 316gb). Any help would be appreciated, my PC is a Dell Latitude E6400 if that helps.

A:Inaccessible Memory on Cloned Hard Drive

Hello there,

It is absolutely normal not to see the rest of the free space in the moment. When you clone a drive you create the exact same image of old drive on the new one. This includes the size of the original HDD. However if you go to Disk Management ( type diskmgmt.msc in the search in the start menu and hit enter) you will see that you have one partition of 160GB and the rest of the space will be listed as unallocated. To use it you have two options ? you can create a second partition or you can extend the original one to take all the available space.

To create a new second partition just right-click on the unallocated space and select ?New Simple Volume?. This will starts a wizard to guide you through the rest of the process. First it will ask about the size of the partition. To use all the remaining space just type in the same value you have for Maximum disk space. Click Next.

Then you will get to choose and available drive letter to assign to this partition. Choose one and click Next.

Then you get to the Format partition window. You should choose ?Format volume with the following settings: ?. For the file system is best to leave NTFS. Allocation unit size as default. You can also put a label for the volume here. Then tick the box for ?Perform a Quick Format. ? Click Next. Then Click Finish. And you're done.

If at any point Windows pops up with the following message ?The operation selected will convert the disk to dynamic... are you sure yo... Read more

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I am trying to completely clean out an external hard drive which was last used to make a clone of my computers drive. In trying to do this I seem to have run into two problems, one is that when I made the clone the drive was split into 3 separate partitions which now show up separately on my computer, I would like to turn the whole thing back into one drive. Second my computer seems to be treating the drive strangely, whenever I try to safely remove it I am told the generic volume can't be stopped even if every program has been closed, also when I first tried to wipe it using the "wipe data" tool in the free version of EaseUS Todo backup (which was the same program I used to make the clone) I was given an error message; I don't know if this is even possible, but the only thing I can think of is that because the drive contains an exact clone of a fully functional computer hard drive it is being treated differently by the operating system.

Any help would be great, thanks

Other info: lenovo sl400 laptop running windows vista and the drive in question is a Lacie rugged all terrain hard drive

A:Format a cloned external hard drive

Never use any "wipe" tools unless you plan to destroy the drive. Some have been unusable afterward. There is never a need to wipe a drive you plan to keep.

There is no reason to "safely remove" a drive whose contents you do not care about. Data loss is a non-issue. Just unplug it.

A cloned drive will not work properly unless connected to the machine identically to the way the original was. It has the same drive letter and is set up to replace the original. It sees a different hardware environment than the original.

If it is truly a clone, then it will have the same partitions and structure as the original. It will also be a system drive due to the presence of a page file. Use a bootable CD to remove the partitions and create new ones.
Parted Magic disk partitioning, PC repair, and file recovery tool (Bootable CD or USB image)
If you prefer a bootable USB key, download and run Linux Live USB Creator. Choose the Parted Magic distro, and it will download it and automatically create a bootable USB key.

This CD (or key) contains many useful tools. You can partition, recover files, recover lost partitions, make disk images (by several different methods), transfer files between media, scan for viruses (It can serve as an Alternative Trusted Platform for search and elimination of rootkits and bootkits), examine and benchmark hardware, access the internet, and much more.


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