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Cannot delete partly printed document from cue

Q: Cannot delete partly printed document from cue

I doubt that I can post this question here but I assume it'll be removed if not.

I have an HP printer, 2540, wireless printer. Works fine.

I started to print a pdf file. Because it was a large file I choose the 'booklet' option, which prints 4 pages on one side, then, when everything of the even numbers (I think, not sure) has printed, you will get a message on the pc telling you how to replace the already printed pages in the printer so it can print on the backsides.

When I saw the first batch I decided I didn't like it. So when the message with instructions on how to replace the already printed paper, I went in the printer's menu, highlighted the name of the document and did 'cancel'. In this printer menu it now said it was 'deleting' the document. But it didn't. I waited about half an hour. I turned the printer off and back on. I closed the document. But still the printer menu said 'deleting'.

I opened the document up again, changed the settings for the printer (as in one sided, normal size) and accidentally hit 'print'. I then noticed that - in the printer menu - the 'new' document showed up above the one that still said it was deleting. But it still didn't print. I went in the print menu again and highlighted the new document and did 'cancel' and it did cancel it.

But the old document is still sitting there, 'deleting'. I can not get past that. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.

PS - I thought of un-install the printer program and re-install it again. WOuld that work if nothing else does?


A: Cannot delete partly printed document from cue

There's a way to force these to delete, if you don't mind a little typing. You need to open a command prompt by running cmd.exe. If you're unsure of how to do that, tell me which operating system you're using and I can walk you through that. This should open up a black window, and you need to type in the following commands sequentially, hitting the Enter key after each command.
net stop spooler
del %systemroot%\system32\spool\printers\* /q /f /s

net start spooler
The first command stops the printing service, allowing you to carry out the second command, which deletes any jobs in the queue. The last command re-starts the printing service, and you can try running a test print. Once that's all done, you can just close the black window.

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I scan a document( on a hp 1315 all in 1) that is 8.5 X 11.00 but when I print it it is 8 X 10.25
how do you get it the original size? I tried resizing it in photo shop but cant get it. I have vuescan but still wont print out 8.5 X 11.00 ???????????????/

A:Scanned document when printed out........

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Hi, one of my clients is using the Epson ex 330 dot matrix printer on a windows xp sp 2 machine. Now this printer stopped working on this machine since the 24 pin port on the motherboard got spoilt. So I tried to connect this printer to this machine using a USB to parallel port converter. Now the thing is that the printer is added but when I try to give a test page print or any other print the print spooler shows 1 doument printing. But within 3 seconds it disappears and prints nothing with no error message. Another thing is that this printer used to run on the Epson LX 800 driver since there is no EX 300 driver is the default drivers list. And now I have added it on the same i.e LX 800 driver. But I don't think this should be any sort of problem. Expert help is appreciated. Thanks!!

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Hp Deskjet F2180 all-in-one
Windows XP
wierd problem, i do cleaning of my catridge by printing services all 3 options, clean, inetrmediate and prime, the result is perfect but when i print anything from a software, any text or photo from msword or photoshop or notepad, the printed out put is streaked and blurry totally unreadable. Is there anyway i can fix this at all
i am attaching 2 images, 1 is test page print and 1 is an auto print after doing the "intermediate clean", i printed the test page after intermediate clean
thx for the help

A:output streaked only when a document is printed from software!

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I have Compaq vista laptop with HP deskjet3050A connected. As far as I can see the printer is not able to do copy enlarging, as my last printer did. I want to make a copy of a hard document with enlarged font size. Is there any "work-around" I could try to achieve this? Allan.

A:Solved: Copy and enlarge a printed document

It seems there are enlargement options. Have you see this link?

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I'm helping to develop a web application that uses iframes. On the main page (outside of all frames), we have a div that we use to display and print forms. We also have 2 nested iframes; the innermost iframe contains the main page content. When printing, we use extensive CSS and Javascript (contained in the outermost window) to hide everything except the print div.

When I use File > Print Preview, it always displays the correct preview; that is, the outermost window which contains the print div. Printing from the Print Preview works as it should. However, when I use File > Print, it seems to print whatever window has focus, not the entire page (outermost window). Therefore my print div doesn't get printed and all I get is a printout of whatever is currently onscreen. Why doesn't the print out from File > Print match what is shown in the print preview?

A related issue occurs when using JavaScript's window.print(). When I call window.print from within the print div, it prints as it should. But when I call parent.parent.window.print() from within the double-nested iframe, IE still only prints the window that has focus, not the outermost window (as shown by "parent.parent."). And since they just clicked on a button in the innermost frame, the innermost frame has focus, my print div doesn't print and all I get is a printout of whatever is currently onscreen. I have been using "parent.parent" for all other Javascript calls from the nested iframe to th... Read more

A:Print Preview doesn't match printed document in IE 8 & 9

Have you checked out how other people deal with printing on web?
Take Gmail, for example. When you click on Print link they open a new tab with desired content, which shows print window immediately on opening.
function Print(){document.body.offsetHeight;window.print()};
</script> </head>
<body onload="Print()"> ...
or for a new tab other companies do more direct
<body onload="window.print()">

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When Im protecting a document in Word 2003 and allow exceptions, the exceptions have a grey box as a placeholder. This is printing out as faint grey lines on the printed version. Is there anyway to change the colour of the placeholder (it looks like a field) - or get rid of it entirely?

A:Protect document in Word 2003. Place holders showing on printed copy

Hi LoloPerth, welcome to TSG.

If the exceptions use the same shading that field codes do, it might work to turn off the field code shading. You can go to Tools/Options and change the dropdown box under Field Shading to Never. Let us know if that has any effect.

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I have an Access database used on daily basis to enter and print the maintenance work order in a report format. I have assigned a command button to print the required record. On clicking the button in the Form, a parameter query will run asking the user to put the record number to proceed. Once the correct record number is entered in the parameter text box, the report is previewed and the user click on the print button to print the same.

My question is as follows:

Is there any method to find out the record i am going to print now was already printed before? A kind of record keeping for the printed records.

Also, a message box should warn the user saying incase if the record was already printed, “The record was previously printed, do you want to continue printing again?”

Please tell me a way to perform the above in my Form.

A:Record keeping of the printed records & warning user when printed more than one time

could't you just add a field in the record for printed?

Then if printeed true, show warning, else show printable form.

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there is a random file on my comp called AILog.txt i have deleted it meny time's but randomley keep's apering in my computer desk top file. . . what is this file?how do i perminitly get rid of this file?please help

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Please excuse my ignorance in advance. I have been totally left behind by the speed of the technology. I defragged my hard drive and the report stated that this file would not defrag. McAfee\MBK\Exceptions.txt. I have found out that the MBK is a McAfee Backup folder, but the text file is huge (6,012,106KB). It is so large that I was even afraid that I didn't have an application to open a file that large. I know that this is a text file, but am unsure of why it won't defrag. or if I can safely delete it. I do know that I want it gone if possible. Any help or info that can be given would be greatly appreciated. This is the msg. that I got when I checked on this file - Displays the path and name of the most fragmented files on the volume and the number of fragments, those files are in. If you use these files frequently, there might be a large impact on your system performance.Many Thanksozhawk

A:Is It Safe To Delete This Text Document

Hello ozhawk,

The file in question is not that large, it is around the same size as an audio file. The probable reason for it not being defragged is that mcafee is using the file to perform operations. If you want the file gone, you will most likely have to remove mcafee and install an appropriate substitute for mcafee.

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I created a document in the Works 9 word processor that I now wish to delete. Every time I try to do so, it tells me: "the action can't be completed because the file is open in another program". I don't have any other program running when it says this and it happens even after I shut the computer down. Also, it won't let me open the file or rename it either. I tried copying it into another location and I get the same result when trying to do anything with it. This is the only file (so far) that I've ever had this problem with. Can someone tell me what's going on with this and how I can fix it?

Thanks in advance for your help!

A:Can't delete document file in Vista

Try Unlocker.

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When I open Word 2000 an old document appears which I am unable to delete.

A:unable to delete word document

Please see this thread. I think it will help.

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I use Office 2013 with Windows 7. Today I started a new document and half way through using it the
delete key stopped working - so did the back arrow delete key. On other documents and in Excel it worked as usual.
I tried bringing up the desktop keyboard and it woudn`t work on this document either.

I assume I had inadvertently altered something with keyboard shortcuts and wasted a lot of time looking on the web - found something about looking on Tools and Options but I can`t find these on Office 2013.

In desperation I tried copying the text on to another document - at first that seemed to have got round the problem, but it came back - same thing - so I started writing to Tech Guy.

Thought I had better try the copying and pasting thing again before I sent this, and this time it has continued to work.

Out of curiosity - and in case I do the same thing again - has anyone any idea what I did, or if there is any other way of cancelling this ?.


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Is there a mechanism in Word 2010 (and also Excel, perhaps) which allows me to DELETE the document I'm currently viewing?

I'd imagine it would be under the "File" menu if it existed, but I've not found it so far.

An example of its use: I prepared a document of things to take to a reunion. My PC was still on when I got home, displaying the list (which I'd saved, as I went along). I didn't know what I'd called the document, and I wasn't certain where I'd filed it, but I know I wanted to delete it.

A:How to delete the current document in Word 2010?

Of course you can't delete open files!
But you can hover over file->open to see the last files you opened. Open the one you want. Do a fake "save as" to see the folder it's in.

Now you know the file name and location, so delete it in windows file explorer

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You get the jist by the title. I am just trying to help a friend with their computer. I'm sure its a simple fix but this one document just wont delete... it says its being deleted but never really does. This stupid document is blocking up the printer and i need to print some stuff.

A:document in print queue wont delete

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I want to delete some of old files/folders in my Document.

When I click an intended file/folder by right click on the mouse, there are three options,..... 'Open,' 'Open with new window' and 'create shortcut,' and there is NO delete option.

My question is;
How to delete some of 'unneeded files/folders' in my Document?

Thanks for your help in advance.

A:Unable to delete folder/file in my Document

Drag and drop them to the recycle bin

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XP-SP3 : I think i have 2 separate problems here. The first one is a firefox problem about deleted bookmarks reappearing & each days history disappearing after a reboot. I'm working on that. Don't know if it has anything to do with the 2nd one, maybe. I delete programs that i've downloaded in docs & after a reboot, they magically reappear & files i save in docs since this started, disappear. Also, my desktop icons are being switched around after i've put them in order after a reboot. I use firefox 3.6.18 to download these programs, so it may have something to do with the programs reappearing in docs/downloads after a reboot, who knows. I have alot of security programs on here that are all compatible with each other. This isn't a malware problem either as i have run scans & nothing comes up. Malware/trojans try to steal info, not move your icons around & make files reappear. I just added memory 5 days ago from Crucial Memory, although i doubt that has anything to do with this. These problems just started a few days ago. I can't figure out whats going on. Never had these problems before. THANX for your time/help anyone.

A:Can't delete document files/reappear after reboot

>>> I just added memory 5 days ago from Crucial Memory, although I doubt that has anything to do with this. These problems just started a few days ago. I can't figure out whats going on. Never had these problems before<<<Seems more than a coincidence to me, IMO, although any speculation as to WHY these events may be related to the new RAM would be less than educated guesses on my part, but I would revert back to the "old" RAM setup you had and see what occurs.I'm sure someone more expert in these type issues than myself (**cough cough** Louis, Allan, cryptodan**cough cough**) will be by shortly to offer more assistance.

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My printer tray icon shows that there is a document deleting, but it isn't happening. I have clicked on "Cancel" and also "Cancel all documents" and nothing changes. My printer is HP Deskjet 4260.

Earlier tonight I clicked on a page that I wanted to print and it came out with half of the words missing their top half in many lines but not all.

I want to get rid of this Word document that says it's deleting but isn't, so that I can try printing again. Perhaps these problems are related. I have clicked on printers and faxes, chosen my printer, clicked on preferences and all are correct.

I have unplugged my printer a couple of times from the power cord and from the computer. I have put in a new black cart. I have tried printing a document from a flash drive and the same thing happens...half lines.

Any ideas?


A:Solved: Printer won't delete document or print properly

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In my Word 2003 program, I have some templates shown that are no longer used by me. They are listed at the right hand side of the "New Documents" window under "Recently Used Templates" Can anyone tell me how I can remove unused items from this list, please? Additionally, if I click on "Templates on my Computer", only my currently used template is shown, so I want to delete the "Recently Used" list as it is surplus to requirements. Many thanks.

A:Delete Unused Document Templates in Word 2003

Please do not start more than one thread for the same issue.

If there is no response after 24 hours you can post a reply to "bump" your thread back up to the top.

Closing duplicate.

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Hi to all
I'm new in Word 2003 and i need some help.
I have a word document and i have create a macro to convert all the caracters.
After the macro finish is selected all the document that they have make convert.
I wand to delete everything else except the selected document.
How can i do this??

Thanks and regards

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Could anyone help: I have hundreds of .doc files that all begin with similar text, exactly 102 lines that I need to delete from the beginning of each file. Is there a macro that could do this?


A:Word macro: Delete 102 lines from beginning of document

I don't do Word macros but ... did you try recording something yourself?

I did, and got:

Selection.HomeKey Unit:=wdStory
Selection.MoveDown Unit:=wdLine, Count:=4, Extend:=wdExtend

Obviously that's for just the first 4 lines. And the next thing will be where the docs are all stored. (?)

ETA: here's a possible starter for "loop through all docs in a folder"

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I have a one-page document with a footer. Word has added a second blank page with a footer that I cannot get rid of.

I followed the advice on MS Office help page: open the document, click view, click normal layout, click paragraph icon, delete last paragraph icon. But, when I do this, nothing happens. The last paragraph icon will not delete.

Does anyone know a simple way to delete the blank page? I tried removing the footer from the blank page, but that also removed the footer from the first page.

A:Solved: Delete blank page at end of document in Word 2002

Hi loverboy (I've always wanted to say that ),
Could be a couple of different things. First, try clicking the paragraph icon and using backspace instead of delete.

Is the content on the first page really close to the end of the page? If so, try changing the top and bottom margins (File/Page Setup). Make them both 0.2 or something like that. Did that fix the problem? If so, change them to something more reasonable (like maybe 0.75).

You can also highlight the paragraph character and change the font on just that character to 2pt. That will likely make it small enough to fit with the first page.

If none of those options work, you could have a page or section break that you're not aware of. Go to Tools/Options and on the View tab under Formatting Marks, check All. When you go back to your document, if you see a dotted line that says "break", highlight it and delete it.

Let us know if any of that helps.

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I have been writing on this family history for years. Lots of cut and paste. Now I am almost done but I find I have some odd para marks I cannot get rid of. I have cut the document up reassembled, studied Help, etc. for hours, no luck. I don't know what do do.

enclosed attachments

A:Unable to delete Greyed out para and break marks at end of document

Hi and welcome to the Forum. I will stab a guess and say that you are using Microsoft Word? If so in the toolbar you will see a box giving the percentage size of the document. To the left of that is a Paragraph sign. Just click that and your unwanted signs will be hidden. If that doesn't work then adise us what program and version you are using.

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I have a 20 page document, each page has an identical layout with a mixture of text and tables.

I am running a mailmerge on the document which works successfully. My problem is that after the mail merge has completed, I am left with about 15 blank pages per record as their is not always data to merge for every page for each record. Does that make sense? I am printing the final document when the mail merge completes but I dont want to print lots of "blank" templates where no data was merged for that record.

Does anyone know of a macro I can run on the mail merged document which will delete the pages where no data was merged to it. To decide if a page is deleted, the condition could be something like
if mergefiled = blank or if particular cell in table is blank,
then delete complete page of document

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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hi there,
my problem started with a malware 'magik os.exe' which left me unable to boot, 'ntdl missing'. I booted using the xp cd and repaired the os using this also. I then installed AVG virus software and did a complete scan. No virus was detected. All looked good except the pc was running very slowly and then I noticed my task manager had been disabled and I couldn't get into regedit either as this had been disabled also. I thought if I ran the xp cd again it might load the missing registry items but when I tried to do this it looked like it was reinstalling a new os entirely so yeh, I pulled the plug on the pc and now its completely stuffed. When I turn on the pc it won't boot up, I can't get into safe mode and last known configuration doesn't work either. All I'm left with is a black screen and the only way to turn off the pc is to unplug it and wait for it to die. Please help! Please tell me I haven't lost all my files on the harddrive??? Can this be brought back to life?

A:xp partly installed?

What exactly happens when you try to turn on the PC? Any error messages? Do you get the POST screen?

Can you boot from the XP CD?

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I just got a new Gateway laptop w/Windows 7 (was using XP Home on a Fujitsu that died). Language is definitely set to English, but I sometimes get screens that have some commands in Spanish. One was a fully Spanish agreement panel for some downloaded app or other. I speak enough Spanish that it isn't a big problem, but it's annoying. Any ideas?

A:Partly Spanish?

Quote: Originally Posted by PRJ

I just got a new Gateway laptop w/Windows 7 (was using XP Home on a Fujitsu that died). Language is definitely set to English, but I sometimes get screens that have some commands in Spanish. One was a fully Spanish agreement panel for some downloaded app or other. I speak enough Spanish that it isn't a big problem, but it's annoying. Any ideas?

With home premium there is no way to change the language. I would call the dealer, I bet at a minimum you will get a win7 dvd to reinstall.

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ok, I've been playing FreeRealms. Until now, there has been no,...there is an issue. A few days ago, I quit the game and the monitor was not happy. It looked like a painting that was splashed with water. This was only the small 600-800 setting, the larger setting was fine. I can't see what I am doing on the larger screen though. Anyway, I figured out how to fix this (after a good long time) and solved THAT problem. It was, I believe, the refresh rate.

Now, once that was fixed, I had a new problem. A few inches on the right side of the screen are now missing, and everything looks a little fuzzy and stretched side to side. I tried fixing this with the buttons on my monitor, but they only move the desktop, not stretch it. Setting in properties does nothing, and neither does Intel Extreme Graphic 2.....not that I know how I got that...

I tried going back into the game, hoping it would simply reset the monitor, since the game itself has no stretching issues, but it did not help. I hope someone here can.


A:Monitor is partly blind

Check your monitor settings.

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Hi all, first post, horray I guess... or maybe not.

Anyway, this morning when I started up my computer everything seemed normal until I noticed that the hourglass symbol wouldn't go away after my programs loaded. Then when I went to open the start menu, it came up but I couldn't clilck a shortcut or get a response from anything else, the whole menu was frozen. I tried a restart when the same results.

So here is my only clue, the third time I restarted I found that if I open something quickly (within the first ten seconds or so) it will work. I was able to open Task manager and it shows that SSU.EXE keeps opening again and again and again and again. Last time I checked it had a couple hundred instances open. I could not close them, that is I could try but they wouldn't actually close. I know ssu.exe is related to my Webroot SpySweeper program, but....

Please let me know if you have any suggestions, I'm off to try safe mode and maybe uninstalling Spy Sweeper.

A:Windows Partly Freezes

Could either be a corrupt SpySweeper installation - or it could be malware that's messing with it. Try the reinstall, if it doesn't work post back and we'll go from there.

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i am thinking about upgrading my computer to something faster. i am going to keep my hard drives, my video card and my optical drives. the rest is going to be new. but i need some advice since this is my first pc build n all. here is what i am going to buy. Is it worth putting together? please feel free to comment good or bad.

A:Partly New Computer Decision

sry bro but the link is not right lol

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Alright, I am not sure exactly what to write, or how to explain it.
I will just do my best.

Short story is: My internet is not working sometimes - but at the same time it is.
It started like a year ago, and have been coming once in a while all the time.

The problem is that when I connect to the internet, it's working great.
I am talking on skype, and surfing the internet. Suddenly, I get the "The server not found" message.
Sure, I lost connection? No, I am still on skype, talking with friends.

Same if I am on a website and try to go to a "sublink", meaning the same IP. That works great, but as soon I try to go somewhere else, it doesnt work.

Lately, it has even got worse.
Now I am currently using a mobile internet connection, and it's working perfectly. 8mbit connection, Turbo speed all the time. But sometimes, I just loose connection. Skype is fine, but my game gets disconnected, saying there is a problem with my internet connection or firewall.

Also, I have switched location between these two times, and the year.
The same problem is still there, so I am pretty sure it's some settings in my computer. But what?

So, summary:
I am connected, but can't get on NEW websites. Sites I am already on is for the most part working.
Skype pretty much never gets disconnected, but I do disconnect from games.
I have moved and changed internet connection, so the problem is most likely in my computer.

Please, help me with this <3
Thanks in be... Read more

A:Internet partly not working

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I am having problems with my sound, only windows sounds are working. I tried youtube - doesnt work, skype - doesnt either.

Does anyone maybe knows what could be the problem?

p.s. I installed realtek drivers...

A:Sound working just partly

Are there any yellow question marks or exclamation points in Device Manager?

Which drivers did you install exactly?

When did this problem start occurring? Did you do anything that you remember that may have caused the issue?

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My printer suddenly stopped printing in black ink. There was plenty oin the cartridge and I also replaced the cartridge with a new one. I had the same problem before and fixed it by reloading the driver for the printer but it will not help this time. The coloured inks are working so connection it there. The thing that is worrying me is that the previous time that I had this problem (about 3 weeks ago) even though the printer was fixed by reloading the driver, the computer crashed and I had to have a new hard drive installed. I had saved all my files and reloaded them onto the new Windows XP. Yesterday the key board stopped working and was fixed by reloading the disc for that but I cannot get the printer to print in black ink. I fear that I have re introduced a corrupted file when I reloaded all my old programs. I have run Norton anti virus and 2 spy ware cleaners and they have found a number of threats which I have removed but still can't get this printer to print in black ink. It is a canon S400sp. Any suggestions. Kae.

A:Printer partly working

if you think you have some coruption try to deinstal the hardware and software and let windows detect it again and re instal software.

also on the driver you could try printing with just black and see what happens

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The sharp edge of my Office2007 box has removed part of my product key. Can I recover???

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Just about to go to bed with a problem on my mind

When i launch Internet Explorer, it works fine, but when i close it, i get this error

AppName: iexplore.exe AppVer: 6.0.2600.0 ModName: unknown
ModVer: Offset: 015f217d

I later discovered that when i logged onto the guest account, i did the same process, but when i closed internet explorer, there was no error.

Now, i dont really want to create new accounts just to have an error less browser, so if there is a way of solving it without creating a new account, your help would be very grateful


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I have windows XP recently installed because of a crash with my old windows 98. I reloaded all old files and have obviously loaded a corrupt file as I am having the same problems that went before the crash of the windowns 98. The first thing that happened was that the printer refused to print anything with black in. Colours worked until I took out the cartridge and then reloaded them and then as I did this the colours refused to print. I replaced the ink cartridges with new ones and then purchased a new print head buit still the same problem. Then I reloaded the printer driver and it worked properly but after that the computer crashed. Then yesterday the same thing happened with the new computer. The printer stopped part way through a print job and will now not print black ink. I purcased spy ware stormer and it advised me that I had 14 corrupted files so I removed them all. I have reloaded the driver for the printer but still only the colours will print. I am afraid that this is a sign that what ever has caused the computer to crash before is still working away and will crash this new one too. Any suggestions in finding the cause and getting this printer to print again. It is Canon S400SP. Regards. Kae

A:[SOLVED] Printer partly working

Kae Bright said:

I have windows XP recently installed because of a crash with my old windows 98. I reloaded all old files and have obviously loaded a corrupt file as I am having the same problems that went before the crash of the windowns 98. The first thing that happened was that the printer refused to print anything with black in. Colours worked until I took out the cartridge and then reloaded them and then as I did this the colours refused to print. I replaced the ink cartridges with new ones and then purchased a new print head buit still the same problem. Then I reloaded the printer driver and it worked properly but after that the computer crashed. Then yesterday the same thing happened with the new computer. The printer stopped part way through a print job and will now not print black ink. I purcased spy ware stormer and it advised me that I had 14 corrupted files so I removed them all. I have reloaded the driver for the printer but still only the colours will print. I am afraid that this is a sign that what ever has caused the computer to crash before is still working away and will crash this new one too. Any suggestions in finding the cause and getting this printer to print again. It is Canon S400SP. Regards. KaeClick to expand...

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I have recently found that one particular key on my R61i keyboard doesn't work very well any more. If I press the top part of the key (the part towards the screen) it works fine, but if I press the bottom half (the part closer to me), the key presses don't register. What should I do? Is it simply a question of cleaning? If so, how do I avoid damaging the key when I try to get underneath it?

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I am trying to help out my grandmother. She spends several hours a day playing "Tripeaks" at Despite this being a rather unhealthy obsession, I am trying to help her with a problem she has.

Initially I set up a shortcut for her on her new netbook that would open the page in IE. Everythin worked fine, untill the second day she owned the computer when she would launch the flash game and the game would exceed the size of the flash window, thus making part of the game invisible (off the screen).

I tinkered with IE for a while, then gave up and downloaded firefox. I created a new shortcut with firefox instead, and everything worked great. That is, until the same exact thing happened.

Basically what I am trying to do is either make the screen that the flash game is presented in larger, or somehow scale the game down to make it fit in the game screen, or otherwise just make the game playable for her.

Also, I need to do so in a manner that I can either do myself once and she never has to do it herself, or something so simple that she can do it.

Maybe a tall order, but I would really like to find a solution.

A:Flash Game Only Partly Visible

Hi, welcome to TSF

You can hold down the CTRL key and press the + or - keys to increase or decrease the elements of any web page, including text, images and Flash apps.

Screenshots to show CTRL+- in action:

Default size



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Hi all,
First post on TSG so hope i can get that fabulous help i've read about for so many years..

This one is baffling me - as soon as the desktop starts loading, the cursor goes from standard pointing arrow, to pointing arrow with small hourglass beside it, and it does not change no matter what i do.

I have run fairly extensive checks to make sure it's not some sort of malware (in Safe mode, i have run AdAware, SpyBot, AVG AntiVirus, and Panda's online scanner)

Can anyone help?

A:Cursor stays 'partly busy'

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I'm trying to figure out the best way to permanently delete Microsoft Office Document Image Writer & Microsoft XPS Document Writer. Getting rid of them once doesn't seem to be enough, as they always reappear. I guess Windows Update brings them back. I've found a couple of vbs lines that can be added to the login script, but they involve running prnmngr.vbs, which is apparently very long and can cause system delays. Maybe there's something simpler?

If this has been covered before, I'm sorry to repeat it. I did some forum searches and came up empty. Thanks for your time!

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My laptop used to work fine and was in perfect shape, until I recently discovered that the lcd panel/digitizer started to separate from metal housing (ABout 30% of the circumference). In the meantime everything is functioning as expected.I went to one of the local authorized service shops, but they syggested to replace the whole assembly (screen+metal housing) instead of just reattaching it. I wonder if this is a common issue and if it can be fixed without having to order a new assembly?

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Defragmentation won't run from My Computer/C:/Tools but runs fine if I click on defrag.exe in the Win/System 32 folder.

From My Computer I get this message "No defragmentation tool is currently installed" which is obviously a load of rubbish!

A:Solved: Defrag partly not working XP Home

It may have something to do the defragmenter snap-in files.

This link might help: How To: Fix Windows Built in Defragmenter

Another link that might be helpful:Disk Defragmenter

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My old computer recently died on me (problem with mother board) and I have now purchased a new one. I was trying to recover some data from the hard drives that where in the old machine by converting them in to external hard drives with an enclosure kit made by rocket fish (RF-HD35), long enough to get the data I need off of them before reformatting clean to be used as back up storage. The drive does not appear when i look for it under computer. The drive is partly showing up when i look for it under disk management. It is showing up but has no volume designation or drive path but in the graphical view porting of disk management it lists it as disk 6 it also shows up under the drives section of device manager where is it simply listed as disk drive i have almost no options available to me when i right click on it in disk management. the only actions available to me that are not grayed out are delete volume and help it is interpretive that i am able to access the data on this drive as it contains tons of family photos that are irreplaceable. please help.

A:Enclosed hard drive only partly detected

This might be a problem with the enclosure.
Try attaching it directly to your computer, or get one of these devices, which I find invaluable:

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I'd like to hear some views on whether or not 3rd party utility programs, and particularly Advanced System Optimizer, are of value or a potential problem. When I was having problems with an older Dell 531, I tried using ASO hoping that cleaning up the registry and clearing out file fragments would help. It didn't. If anything it seemed to create more problems. After a 'cleaning' I wouldn't be able to reboot and would need to do a system restore. Now to be fair to ASO, it turned out there were hardware problems and I ended up building a new computer.

The reason for the note is that I can see the potential value of programs like ASO in cleaning up things regularly. However, my initial experience leaves me a bit concerned that programs like this might, in fact, do serious damage. Any advice on whether programs like ASO should or should not be used would be appreciated - with Windows 7 X64. Also, any thoughts on the value and effectiveness of ASO - or better alternatives.

A:Are 3rd Partly Utility Programs Worth the Cost

Registry cleaners CAUSE problems, they do not cure them. There is no such thing as a good registry cleaners, only some that are less harmful than others. Are you having some specific problem?

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For the past few weeks I've noticed that every time I do a search on Edge, either via the quick search bar or the main toolbar and click on any of the suggestions that pop up, I get a Bing error page. If I just press enter and allow a search everything is fine.
For example, if I type in 'IMDB' I see a suggestion pop up for the Internet Movie Data Base website with it's yellow icon, however if I click on it I'm sent to the Bing search page, with an error on it that reads:
No results found for h t t p s : // w w w!pGqNZx578V9wrzWpRmu7gTViRBrU4xpNT3MxoE0SO
I've seen this on three different machines now, all of which are on the Windows Insider fast ring. I installed the latest build 14279 yesterday and the issue remains.
Strangely though I've not seen anyone else mentioning this issue on any forums I've checked on. Is it just me? In which case is it a setting that is getting synced between my machines?
Any help would be greatly appreciated as this is driving me nuts! :)

A:Is Bing search in Edge partly broken?

Noticed this as well but its not on all my machines, only my main gaming rig.

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I have a Dell XPS 600. I was straightening the cords coming out of the back of my computer (turned off). The computer is plugged into a battery back up system. While moving a cord, I heard a strange sound that I think came from the computer. I turned the computer on and while it was booting I touched one of the cords again. That made the computer turn off while it was loading--hadn't gotten to windows yet. I then thought I should make sure the power cord was plugged tightly into the back of the computer and again it made one of those sounds. All this to say that now when I turn my computer on it starts to load and stops right on the Dell logo page with the bar only about one fourth up.
I can't even try to us the F2 because the bios is not fully loading. Nor can I reinstall. Could anyone give me any insight?

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I have a dilemma that i think can be sorted but i dont know how

When i launch Internet Explorer, it works fine, but when i close it, i get this error

AppName: iexplore.exe AppVer: 6.0.2600.0 ModName: unknown
ModVer: Offset: 015f217d

I later discovered that when i logged onto the guest account, i did the same process, but when i closed internet explorer, there was no error.

Now, i dont really want to create new accounts just to have an error less browser, so if there is a way of solving it without creating a new account, your help would be very grateful


A:Internet Explorer Problem (!Partly Solved!)

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Tecra A9 (OS XP Pro) - A pptx presentation when in slide view randomly has slides where the image has been partly lost. It works ok on another computer. It has been suggested that it is a display driver problem.

I have installed the latest A9 display driver from the Toshiba website but the problem persists. The slides are fine in normal or zoomed mode it is only when full screen is selected.

Any ideas / solutions please.

A:Partly lost PowerPoint presentation on Tecra A9

Is your Tecra A9 preinstalled with original recovery image that you got with it?
Have you noticed any similar problem using other applications?

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Hello.A week ago, i noticed that everytime i open a window of ie, another ie window pops up and on the page it is titled: Kids fun House. in the page it has just plain writing..."barny, mickey mouse and more." i usually just close it straight away. but today, i didnt close it straight away. then i noticed it had installed something that i never agreed to. it was a toolbar. i fidled with the toolbar and found an unistall link. i unistalled it and the toolbar is gone. however, ALL the settings on my computer are at defult now. It is acting like i just got the computer. asking me to register things and create new connections to the internet. the Start menu is the way it is when i got the computer and the skin is the defult one. i no it has something to do with the toolbar. Heres my Hijackthis Log...Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1Scan saved at 12:28:13 AM, on 10/6/2005Platform: Windows XP SP1 (WinNT 5.01.2600)MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2800.1106)Running processes:C:\WINDOWS\System32\smss.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\winlogon.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\services.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\lsass.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\Explorer.exec:\Program Files\Norton Personal Firewall\NISUM.EXEC:\WINDOWS\system32\spoolsv.exec:\Program Files\Norton AntiVirus\navapsvc.exeC:\WINDOWS\Syste... Read more

A:Computer now lagging. YupSearch is partly to blame


If you still need help, please post a new hijackthislog in this thread, because above log is already a couple of days old.

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The left hand bottom corner of the screen split at the seam revealing the steel part of the hinge which is inside the screen. As a result I cannot open and close it without the risk of further damage and wholly detaching it and breaking the hinge.Is this a common problem?  It is within the warranty period but the company I bought it from dont seem happy to cover it. They told me they need to change the front and back of the screen and the cost of the spares is 150 euros plus labour. I bought it  for 400 euros. 21 months ago Do you have any ideas?

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a few days ago I found that the shared computer had been infected with the Live Security Platinum rogue AV.

Before finding instructions for removal, I ran MBAM and Avira.

Later I followed the instructions, though it didn't go quite as the instructions indicate.

Since then, there have been a few alerts from Avira, though I haven't been present to record the alerts.

Today I ran MBAM and Avira again.

Avira reported:

MBAM reported:

Computer is running XP SP3
I have downloaded Secunia PSI but haven't run it yet
I have updated IE from 7 to 8.

Here are 2 of the latest MBAM logs:

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Database version: v2012.08.26.05

Windows XP Service Pack 3 x86 NTFS
Internet Explorer 8.0.6001.18702
User :: TILL4 [administrator]

31/08/2012 09:48:59
mbam-log-2012-08-31 (09-48-59).txt

Scan type: Full scan (C:\|)
Scan options enabled: Memory | Startup | Registry | File System | Heuristics/Extra | Heuristics/Shuriken | PUP | PUM
Scan options disabled: P2P
Objects scanned: 272873
Time elapsed: 1 hour(s), 8 minute(s), 30 second(s)

Memory Processes Detected: 0
(No malicious items detected)

Memory Modules Detected: 0
(No malicious items detected)

Registry Keys Detected: 0
(No malicious items detected)

Registry Values Detected: 0
(No malicious items detected)

Registry Data Items Detected: 0
(No malicious items detected)

Folders Detected: 0
(No malicious items... Read more

A:Partly cleaned infection Live Security Platinum

DownloadTDSSkillerLaunch it.Click on change parameters-Select TDLFS file systemClick on "Scan".Please post the LOG report(log file should be in your C drive) Do not change the default options on scan resultsDownloadaswMBRLaunch it, allow it to download latest Avast! virus definitionsClick the "Scan" button to start scan.After scan finishes,click on Save logPost the log results hereDownloadESET online scannerInstall itClick on START,it should download the virus definitionsWhen scan gets completed,click on LIST of found threatsExport the list to desktop,copy the contents of the text file in your reply

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Hello All,

I am running Windows XP, SP1 on a Compaq Presario 2700T (bought
Jan. 2002), and have a fickle keyboard problem.

Yesterday, after using the laptop at home, I plugged it in at the office
and found that the some keys of the keyboard had stopped working.
(The no. 3, E, D, C, ESC, some other random keys.)
Repeated rebooting etc. did not solve the problem.

I have Panda Titanium Antivirus 2005, fully updated, running on the computer, which has not warned me about anything yet.

Here's what I did;
i) Ran SpyBot, cleaned up a bit of adware that invariably accummulates
on a machine every few weeks.

ii) Have Panda running constantly in the background -- it is showing me
that it is blocking other intrusion attempts and adware from my laptop.

iii) Uninstalled and reinstalled (from the computer itself, not CD), the
Compaq keyboard driver.

iv) Connected an external keyboard to the keyboard port, and found it
working perfectly (am using that at present).

Since the malfunctioning keys change randomly
[I kept a trace in
Notepad of what did not work yesterday morning and what was not
working yesterday night, and the night log was much better (many more
functioning keys], I suspect this is a virus,
and not a hardware problem.

My HijackThis log is attached, and I request the experts on this forum
to please guide me in solving this vexing problem, which is really killing
my work!!

Thanks so much,

Logfile o... Read more

A:Partly-working fickle keyboard -- virus problem?

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My Graphic Card is damaged but is usable, with some patience. I probably is going to use another, but I am interested in what happens. It is acting a bit strange.

When i turn on my computer the monitor is blank for some minutes, then later an image appear unstable and flickering and even offset the center of the monitor, double image and very noisy. It's gradually better, until after ¾-1 hours the image is fully normal. When the monitor have been in power save mode or turned off for about ½ hours, a little noise and flicker starts again. It dissapear again after awhile. Also the card do not recognize the monitor anymore (Brand, model and resolutions).

I feel like that it is some electric component which first "power up", charge up or warm up, before the graphics will work correct. At the same time it looks like that my system (Ubuntu) are testing different setups under the time. This could have another explanation. I will check that.

I think I did the damage by hotplugging the monitor.

I also I tested my LCD TV on my graphic card, but I don't think that did anything.


A:Partly damaged graphics card and acting strangely

What graphics card is it? What make, model and year is your monitor? It sounds more to me like an issue with the monitor. What exactly happened when you tried your LCD TV with it? Did it do the same thing? If it worked fine, you more then likely damaged the monitor while hot swapping it. Its always best to turn the system off when doing those types of things.

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Hi guys, hoping we can get some help here. Laptop with 2 accounts, one admin, one standard user started having issues few days ago. The admin account suddenly became somewhat locked with a screen overlay something to do with Australian Federal Police and further down asking for $100 to be unlocked, ctrl-alt-delete would not bring up task manager to start explorer.exe, and often the system would just shutdown when trying to do anything. When logging into the Standard User account this problem didn't occur.
So we were stuck with only being able to access standard account, and from there multiple attempts in normals and safe mode did not help, we tried to get MalwareBytes on there but being standard account couldn't install anything. Tried unlocking the admin account via "net user admin /active:yes" only returned an Error 5. So out came the hard drive to plug into another PC and runs some scans, cleaned a few things off then we could finally get into the Admin account. 
So now in Admin account we start trying to get some cleanup software on, but everytime we download off the net the pop-up says this "suchandsuch.exe contained a virus and was deleted". This applys to 4 things we tried to download, Java, MalwareBytes, AVG Free and Advanced SystemCare, would probably happen for anything. So I got the install files transferred in and ran everything we could including those, Gmer, combofix (jumping the gun but hey we wanna try rather than sit for 5 days). 
... Read more

A:Account hijacked, partly fixed still issues with Msinstaller

Hi GattSandy, Welcome to the forum. Please download Farbar Recovery Scan Tool and save it to your desktop.Note: You need to run the version compatibale with your system. If you are not sure which version applies to your system download both of them and try to run them. Only one of them will run on your system, that will be the right version.Double-click to run it. When the tool opens click Yes to disclaimer.Press Scan button.It will make a log (FRST.txt) in the same directory the tool is run. Please copy and paste it to your reply.The first time the tool is run, it makes also another log (Addition.txt). Please attach it to your reply. 

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A few days ago the audio of my pc stopped working so I rebooted but the system was hanging on startup at the "Veryfying DMI pool data" message.
My motherboard is an old ABIT kt7a RAID: I'm not actually using the RAID function but my hard disks are on IDE 3 & 4 (ata100). The next step was trying to put the hd with os (windows XP) on a regular ide channel and the pc started regularly. I tried to put it back on ide 3, with no luck.
Apart from this issue it looked like everything was fine until I've found two folders with random names in the Application Data folder, one with an exe file (to which a key in the Run folder of my registry was pointing to) and one with a tmp file inside. I then realized that if I searched for "spyware removal" on Google and clicked on any result, I got redirected to pages like this one

I was then about to open this thread, when after running DDS I got this message at the end of the log
Warning: possible TDL3 rootkit infection !

So I searched a bit, downloaded and ran this and got rid of all my problems!
Now I boot from ide3 (ata100) again, I don't get redirected anymore and the sound is on again (a very old sound blaster on isa slot :-))

The only thing I can't fix are five entries in the Hijackthis log that look like this
O4 - .DEFAULT User Startup: idty.exe (User 'Default user')
and cannot delete them.

I w... Read more

A:Rootkit.Win32.TDSS.tdl4 partly solved

Hello and welcome to Bleeping Computer We apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help. No one is ignored here. If you have since resolved the original problem you were having, we would appreciate you letting us know. If not please perform the following steps below so we can have a look at the current condition of your machine. If you have not done so, include a clear description of the problems you're having, along with any steps you may have performed so far. Upon completing the steps below another staff member will review your topic an do their best to resolve your issues. If you have already posted a DDS log, please do so again, as your situation may have changed. Use the 'Add Reply' and add the new log to this thread. Thanks and again sorry for the delay. We need to see some information about what is happening in your machine. Please perform the following scan:Download DDS by sUBs from one of the following links. Save it to your desktop.DDS.scr DDS.pifDouble click on the DDS icon, allow it to run. A small box will open, with an explaination about the tool. No input is needed, the scan is running. Notepad will open with the results. Follow the instructions that... Read more

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I have the AMD 64 processor in my computer. I also have Adobe's version 10 Shockwave plug-in. The processor doesn't seem to get along with the plug-in, and, especially after logging onto Facebook, Windows would not shut down. The plug-ins were the reason. Once I disabled them, shut down, and start up again; no problems...until the next time I use them.

Adobe hasn't resolved this issue with the AMD processor yet, but at least I can get my Windows to shut down by disabling the Shockwave plug-in through Mozilla Firefox.

A:Partly Solved: Windows won't shut down; AMD processor installed

Don't know about Shockwave, but there sure are a lot of programs that must be tweeked for 64 bit...
and Adobe has had so many problems lately with all those many upgrades to fix a problem here and a problem there.
Have you looked at the Adobe site ?

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I recently installed a USB 2.0 external hard drive via a USB 2.0 PCI card (with a hub plugged in) in my Dell Dimension XPS R450 computer (running XP Professional), and partitioned it into two logical drives. It functions fine in either partition -- except that neither partition shows up in Windows Explorer or in My Computer, which makes it inconvenient to navigate to.

In Device Manager it IS present, showing up under "Disk Drives" as a USB Device, and under USB Controllers there is a line "USB Mass Storage Device" which appears twice, no doubt because of the drive's partition into two logical drives. The drive and its two partitions also shows up in Control Panel: Administrative Tools: Computer Management: Disk Management. Working from those listings I have put a shortcut to each logical drive on the desktop, where they give ready access to the drive's two partitions and make it possible to move files to and from each. But just as My Computer fails to register the drive and its partitions, other programs (such as backup software) do not recognize it/them (though Partition Magic DID recognize and work normally on the drive), which makes it tricky to use the drive for the main purpose I got it for, namely as a destination for backups.

Is there some way that I can induce My Computer to notice the drive and its partitions? I am grateful for any ideas folks might have about this.


A:External USB 2.0 hard drive is partly invisible in XP Professional

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Rootkit scan 2011-11-21 15:22:19
Windows 6.1.7600 Harddisk0\DR0 -> \Device\Ide\IAAStorageDevice-0 TOSHIBA_ rev.FG00
Running: gmer.exe; Driver: C:\Users\CURTJU~1\AppData\Local\Temp\uwryqpow.sys
---- System - GMER 1.0.15 ----

SSDT 84E2ED10 ZwAlertResumeThread
SSDT 84E2EDF0 ZwAlertThread
SSDT 84DEB6F8 ZwAllocateVirtualMemory
SSDT 84CDC6A8 ZwAlpcConnectPort
SSDT 84E30650 ZwAssignProcessToJobObject
SSDT 84E2D4D0 ZwCreateMutant
SSDT 8A9F0A86 ZwCreateSection
SSDT 84E30370 ZwCreateSymbolicLinkObject
SSDT 84E0D630 ZwCreateThread
SSDT 84E30460 ... Read more

A:am i still infected with this virus?hard drive partly damaged.

Hello and welcome to Bleeping Computer! I am HelpBot: an automated program designed to help the Bleeping Computer Staff better assist you! This message contains very important information, so please read through all of it before doing anything. We apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help. No one is ignored here. To help Bleeping Computer better assist you please perform the following steps:*************************************************** In order to continue receiving help at, YOU MUST tell me if you still need help or if your issue has already been resolved on your own or through another resource! To tell me this, please click on the following link and follow the instructions there.CLICK THIS LINK >>> <<< CLICK THIS LINK If you no longer need help, then all you needed to do was the previous instructions of telling me so. You can skip the rest of this post. If you do need help please continue with Step 2 below.*************************************************** If you still need help, I would like you to post a Reply to this topic (click the "Add Reply" button in the lo... Read more

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I mistakenly installed malware/virus/worm by clicking on a .exe programme I thought was downloaded music. I realised what I had done immediately and started running scans. I would receive pop up messages with generic errors and my CPU would max out at 100% and I was unable to end the process causing it, the name of which now escapes me.
I was able to remove some things by booting into safemode and running Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, though I don't think this has removed it completely. One of the things I remember it found was something called Ainslot.a which it said was a worm.
Currently scans by Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and Microsoft Security Essentials are coming up clean. My CPU is no longer maxing out at 100%. There is a file in the root of my D drive called ntldr.exe. I've scanned it and it came up clean but I don't recall it being there previously.
I would be extremely grateful to receive some help and guidance from someone here. Thank you in advance.
DDS (Ver_2012-11-20.01) - NTFS_AMD64 
Internet Explorer: 11.0.9600.16428  BrowserJavaVersion: 10.45.2
Run by Big Rig at 19:50:52 on 2013-12-02
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium   6.1.7601.1.1252.44.1033.18.8190.6333 [GMT 0:00]
AV: Microsoft Security Essentials *Enabled/Updated* {641105E6-77ED-3F35-A304-765193BCB75F}
SP: Windows Defender *Disabled/Updated* {D68DDC3A-831F-4fae-9E44-DA132C1ACF46}
SP: Microsoft Security Essentials *Enabled/Updated* {DF70E402-51D7-30BB-99B4-4D23E83BFD... Read more

A:Malware partly removed but not completely, windows 7, (ainslot.a worm?)

Hello zapatista, and to the Virus/Trojan/Spyware/Malware Removal forum.I am oneof4, and I am here to help you!
I ask that you refrain from running tools other than those I suggest to you while I am cleaning up your computer. The reason for this is so I know what is going on with the machine at any time. Some programs can interfere with others and hamper the recovery process.
Please perform all steps in the order received and do not proceed if you need clarification.
Please do not attach logs or use code boxes, just copy and paste the text.
Due to the high volume of logs we receive it helps to receive everything in the same format, and code boxes make the logs very difficult to read. Also, attachments require us to download and open the reports when it is easier to just read the reports in your post.

Please do not re-run any programs I suggest. If you encounter problems please stop and tell me about it. When your computer is clean I will alert you of such. I will also provide you with detailed suggestions for prevention.
At the top right-center of the topic you will see a button called Follow this topic. If you click on this, another page will open. Please choose Instantly for notification and then clicking on Follow this topic you will be advised when we respond to your topic and facilitate the cleaning of your machine.
If after 5 days you have not replied to this topic, I will assume it has been abandoned, and I will close it.
I would also like to inform you that most... Read more

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When saving a Word 2007 document as a webpage (htm, html), an extra folder is automatically created besides the hmtl document itself. This folder contains background information like pictures, wallpaper etc. Is there a way to prevent that folder from being created in the first place? I've got Word 2000 on another computer, and when I save my word documents as html files over there, that extra folder is not generated. The only time that folder is created in 2000 is if my documents contain pictures, wallpaper etc. In Word 2007, it is created all the time, even though my documents are just plain text.

A:Solved: Word 2007, saving document as html document: how to get rid of extra folder?

Managed to find the solution, it was very simple after all. One has to save the document as a filtered webpage and click "yes" when a box pops up warning you that you will use certain featuers which are specific to Office2007, such as the background. Then the document will save without that extra folder and files.

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I am running XP and Word 2000 and Nortons. Word will crash if you leave the document open for a while (there is no specific time frame) and then select close (icon). The error - Microsoft Word for Windows has encountered a problem and needs to close. The details are: AppName: winword.exe
Modname: kernel32.dll
modvers: 5.1.26002180
offset 0001eb33

This has pretty much happened since I got this laptop. I have reformatted and reinstalled everything (due to another problem) and still have the same problem with word. I have used the same CD on other computers to install word and they do not have the same problem.

I use a variety of templates and plain documents in my work and can not pin point it to one template.

If you leave Word open with a document (no matter what size) and come back to it later this is when the problem happens. I started to get around it my saving first then closing, but this no longer works. The save completes and then I select Close and this is when it happens - you get the dreaded pause and then you hear the whirl of the computer and then you get the Microsoft Word for Windows has encountered a problem and needs to close. Firstly I could put up with it but is now just a nusiance.

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I have two questions regarding documents created in Word 2007...

1) Can links be created within a Word document? For example, can I click on and item my table of contents and have the document jump to that particular section of the document?

2) Also, is there a way to make sections of the document hidden until the user clicks a specific word or graphic in the document?

I'd like to specify a particular instruction and include a "Show example" link that would make a detailed example appear for those who needed the extra help.

Thanks everyone!

A:Word 2007 - Links within a document? Hide/Show sections of a document?

If you created table of contents through References - Table of Contents, you can hold Ctrl and click on the item in that table, word will take you there. This feature is standard.

Also, to navigate inside document you can use bookmark option.
Insert bookmarks. Word 2010 Bookmarks
Then insert Hyperlink - in the window select second tab "Place in This Document" and choose your bookmark.

As for hiding parts of document, I do not think that is possible.
You can create that in HTML document with javascript, but not in Word document.

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When I open a saved word document or New blank document, the document is filled with columns or checks fully filled in the document.
How can I avoid this? How to modify the settings. Thanks in advance.

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Hey guys! Is there anybody knows a program that can convert (copy) words in an image to a real document that can be edited from Word?


A:Which software can convert an image of a document to a real document (MS Word)?

If you have MS Office, as I think you do, you might try out this link:

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This might be kind of tricky.

We're trying to streamline our RFQ-to-Quote process, which currently utilizes a combination of digital forms and hand-written forms passed among several departments. My boss asked me to modify the RFQ form to save him some typing (because he has to retype all the information in the final Quote), and I--not understanding the complexity of the process--very stupidly told him that it could be done fairly simply using form fields and bookmarks. He's been kind enough to grant me a lot of leniency because for him anything would be better than the current situation, so as long as I can improve on what we use now, he'll be happy.

I thought about creating form templates for each of the departments, then as the original RFQ circulated from one department to the next subsequent forms would be appended to it to create a rolling document. I'm not too happy with the that idea; there's all sorts of room for user error. I thought about creating a single document template containing every department's form, but a) I don't want any single department to be able to modify information gathered during another department's process, and b) certain departments must generate a variable number of copies of their form.

I told my boss the best way to accomplish a secure and low-maintenance RFQ-to-Quote would be to create a stand-alone Quote Generator application, but we both agree the effort is not condusive to the timeframe by whic... Read more

A:Word 2000: Creating a Master Document of document templates

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Hi all.

The other day whilst in the throws of fixing another unrelated problem I came across a strange and annoying Word Document problem.

When I bought this word document up it present a very unusual icon. It was grayed out and part of the title contained a ~$ then the name of the document.

When I tried to open it, the word document only opened up to the gray page just before it should turn white displaying the text, and there it froze.

Nothing worked after that! The freeze was so bad that the only way to close the window was to turn the computer off at the tower.

After rebooting I tried it again 2 more times with the same problem freeze occurring in the Word document.

Today I again found another document that caused the same problem, this time the icon for that document was normal but right beside this icon was another malformed grayed out ~$(name) icon.

When I tried to open either of the 2 icons I got the same freezing up problem, just as before.

I tried a previously suggested step in that I opened "Word" and from there navigated to where the bad files were located.

In turn I only hi-lighted each, and at the bottom of that window clicked on the arrow for the drop down box.

I was advised that one of the presented options was to repair the file. No such option was present.

So there you have it. Any advice on this problem please?


A:[SOLVED] Word document freezes computer and document is corrupted

Hi all.

Just to advise that I am going to mark this topic as a fashion so to speak.
I may resurrect it at a later stage if the problem re-presents it's self.

In a nut shell. I spent a lot of time today searching sites and performing tests including searches on my computer program.

I ascertained that all the aforementioned "defective " Word documents originated in the same folder. After performing several search functions with the criteria as ~$.doc no other such files were found on my computer, other that the already mentioned.

All tests suggested would not repair the said documents.

I have now deleted the offenders and I will monitor the situation. If I run into problems again I will re-post.

Thanks anyway.

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I'm using word 2010.
I have a Mailmerge document (actually a company letter with header and footer, used by a package called "Cash4Windows" [C4W]). This document usually has the recipients name and address etc. inserted by C4W.
The document is a template - "xxx.dotx".
What I want to do is strip out the Mailmerge fields and save the document as a normal Word 2010 document, 'cos the User wants to have a blank standard company document available.
I've spent a long time fiddling with the Header and Footer to get just what the User wanted, and I know i could just cut-n-paste the Header and Footer into a new document, then save it as "xxx.docx", but when I looked on various help sites the normal method in Word 2010 seems to be
on the ribbon tab
Select Mailings
Select "Start Mail Merge"
Select "Normal Word Document"
then save the Word document.
I've tried this and it has absolutely no effect, as when I close and reopen Word and select the previously saved document, I still get the "Opening the document will run the following SQL command" splash screen!
I've tried saving the "normalised" document with various different extensions, but nothing seems to get rid of the SQL.
I've also tried opening the VBA editor (Alt+F11) to see if I can find the SQL, thinking that if I can delete the SQL it might cause Word to avoid the prompt, but I can't even find the SQL!!!
I know I'... Read more

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I work at a small non-profit and we have updated two computers with new computers running Windows 7. We use MS Word 2003. I have checked all threads on forum related to this issue, but nothing seems to correct our problem. I would be grateful for any help.

Description of issue: With a Word document open, one should be able to click "File" > "Send To" > Mail Recipient As Attachment", or any of the other mail options, and have the email composition window of Thunderbird pop up. What happens is that Word is attempting to send the attachment via Windows Live Mail. The computer basically freezes. If you try and abort or get out of Word, and error pops up stating you can't close Word until the email has been sent. Finally, you have to force a shut down of the computer.

Internet Explorer shows Thunderbird as default email client. I have check all of the other obvious places for setting the default email client, but I can't seem to find a conflict anywhere on the computer showing Windows Live Email as default client.

As a side note, this employee was using Outlook Express as their email client prior to the computer upgrade and all setting were imported into Windows Live Mail, which was initially used. The employee did not like Windows Live Mail, so I installed Thunderbird. It is used as the default email client and the only issue has been with Word. Additionally, I know that the document could be sent from Windows Explorer by right-cli... Read more

A:Can't send Word Document via Thunderbird from open document

Might try uninstalling Word, then reinstalling it.

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Every time when the laptop goes to sleep mode by itself and I turn it on again, the touch screen will be partly unresponsive, to be more specific, it is the upper part of the screen. The problem is only at the screen, mouse and touchpad are working fine. Now I can solve the problem by pressing power button to let it sleep and press again to turn it on, but I don't want to do this everyday.
Anyone have answer to this? Please!! I just got it a few days ago!
Thank you.

A:Dell Inspiron 3147 11.6" - Touch screen 'partly' not working after auto sleep

Hey, guys, I had the partially non-responsible touch screen (top right part) + 100% CPU. What I ended up doing was a clean install of Windows 10 and NOT installing the Dell Quickset. I repeat, DO NOT install Quickset. Hardware works fine without it and I stopped getting 100% CPU after idle and touch screen works normally. The only drawback is that I get an unrecognized component (ACPI\SMO8810\1), which I suspect has to do with keyboard locking in tablet mode. This isn't the 100% full solution, but I get the impression that the Dell power plan is not coded correctly. Any questions you guys might have, let me know!

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I have problem, when I put link to .XPS document in MS word document, i can't open this link, nothing hapens , links to other file types works fine. XPS document opens without problem with IE when opening file from folder. I tried to lower security setings in IE hidden security zone "my computer" , but this wont help. There is no problem in Windows 7 with xps links. But i need it to work in Vista. I think it's some kind of security problems. Any ideas ?

Vindows Vista32 SP2
MS Office 2007 SP2

A:Can't open .XPS document link from word document

Will this be any help:

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How I can change the name that appears at the top of email messages when I print in Outlook 2002?

A:Name at top of printed emails

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This is something that has been bugging me for a while now, and I've been unable to solve this problem. Perhaps someone out there can provide some guidance.

Sometimes, I'm unable to print things (such as online coupons) because I'm told that my printer is set to "Keep Printed Documents." I've tried disabling this setting via the Advanced tab under the printer's properties. However, when I do this, click Apply then OK, and close the tab, the setting automatically reverts back to "Keep Printed Documents". Does anyone know why this is happening? It's sort of frustrating to not be able to set the printer settings the way you choose.

I appreciate any tips/suggestions you might have. Thanks!


A:Keep Printed Documents

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I have Windows 98SE with a HP 842C Deskjet printer.
Does anyone know of any program that would allow me to see how many pages I have printed since the last ink refill?

A:Counting Printed Pages??


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When using my picture it! publishing....when I add a border to a picture it comes out distorted when I print them out. With no border it prints out great.

Any ideas why this is happening?

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Don't print much multi page output, so am NOT sure when this problem began.

Originally, the pages on my HP DJ855C were printed as expected: page-1 first, then page-2, etc; this resulted with page-1 being on the bottom of the stack. Depending on the application being used, there was often a Print-Order option available for Back-to-Front printing so that the last page would be printed first and then page-1 would be printed last and be on the top in the stacker.

NOW, things seem to have reversed:
If I do NOT ask for the Back-to-Front, then I seem to get it anyway (i.e., page-1 last and on the top). but if I want the original order (i.e., page-1 first and on the bottom) then I must use the Back-to-Front option.
It seems as though the default has become Back-to-Front and then selecting the option for Back-to-Front re-reverses the order and the result is Front-to-Back.

Possibly this reversal happened when I went to Win/XP; possibly it happened with the installation of some piece of software.

Q. Has anyone else had this exxperience?

Please tell me where I might change some parameter to make the option of Front-to-Back actually print the page-1 first like it did originally?

Any advice apprecaited.


A:Order of Pages Printed


Go into your printers and faxes options off of your start menu.

Select your printer, right click the mouse and click on printing preferences.
On the features tab at the bottom there is a option for start printing from last page. If there is a check mark in the box next to it, click there with the mouse and uncheck it and then click on apply and ok and you should be all set after that?

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Hi all,

Well not sure if this is the right area for this but not really sure what the problem is.

When I boot my PC during the bootup dos stage I hear my PC making noises, it still boots up Windows 7 ok but as soon as I open something I get continious R type accross my screen, If I hit the caps lock it changes from R to r.

Thought it was my keyboard having the R locked down so tried to fix it, no luck. Changed keyboards with my spare one no luck. Disconnect all keyboards no luck.

So where is this R coming from, its impossible to us my PC at the moment as soon as you click somewhere (word, exel, Google etc) an R/r appears.

Any ideas where to start?

A:Continous R being printed in Windows 7

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hello all,
Im using access 2010 and there is a print of a report like a certificate whenever needed. My office is requesting me to provide a report of all certificate printed including the date and to whom .
my only way to do this is to force users to enter a field print (yes/no) and from there the query "yes" and the report be printed.
Is there any way to do this without forcing the user to enter the yes/no. field.

A:Try to record printed records

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Other than dogging the print preview, and struggling with the size in any pertinent image editing software, has anyone found a reliable way to limit or control the size of a printed web document?
to wit:
I scanned an odd shaped document, 3x8" to email to myself at another site, and the printed form was big enough for two pages. What a waste.
I print receipts regularly and they, 99% of the time have a "trailer" on a last page that has stuff like web site address or URL, a Secure Website emblem, or other, clearly unnecessary printing. My introduction to Windows word processing (WordPerfect) had, and I still use, a "makeitfit" command. Invoking such a command AUTOMATICALLY when printing from the web seems like a simple, brainless way to conserve'll give me a fractional font (e.g. 11.9 vs. a 12) and would prevent the idiotic tendency of a printed page to only have the leftward 80%, l which leaves off the important stuff like the prices...(you gotta print landscape to avoid this)
And I thought a computer was to make life easier, boy was I ever misled)

A:printed size of web documents

The problem is that web pages are usually coded to make them look good on screen, and that tends to make them "unfriendly" when printing.

Web pages designed for printing do exist, and it works well in those (few) cases.

Cutting and pasting into a word processor is sometimes the only workable solution.

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The problem I am having is that when I go to print tax return forms from the IRS site or New York Tax Dept site, the form prints "short", that is, the last four or five lines of each page do not print.

You cannot save the data in these forms, they will only save as a blank form. Your only option is to print it.

However, although Adobe tells how to cure this problem ( by clicking File-Print and going down the menu which comes up to "printer scaling", then chosing "print to fit page", this only works if there is a
FILE menu on the left hand side of the page.

In these tax sites, the forms do not have a tool bar above allowing you to chose a FILE menu.
You can right click the mouse and chose PRINT, however it will print a cut off page.

SOOOOOOO do I either:
1. Get a standard Tool Bar to appear on top of the form, on these web site pages, or
2. use some other device or method to print these documents to fit the page.

If any of you are about to suggest right clicking on the printer icon PRINTERS, in the control panel, forget printer does not bring up anything about "Print Scaling".

Hopefully, some geek out there will read this and solve my problem. Thank you. 44 Guy

A:printed pages cut off at bottom

Every computerized tax form that I have available at the website of the sponsoring governmental agency...and reflects a printed version option which has resulted in everything being printed properly.

I'm not sure where Adobe figures into tax preparation.

If you are using a 3d-party app to do taxes...then the problem resides with the support for that application, IMO.


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I am unable to print pictures completely. I print them from Picasa on HP photosmart C4250. When I try to print, although the preview is correct, the printed result is not. Part of a picture will come out, or the image starts at the end of the paper and is therefore incomplete. Until now, everything worked properly.


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Whenever I print out an email from someone, the resulting document prints my first and last name (Outook Express) in the top left corner. I would like to orevent this but have searched in the Options and cannot find how it got there or how to permanently remove it. Can someone please tell me. Thank you.

A:My name on printed emails not wanted

It is using your user name for the header.
You can change this in the account settings.

Not sure if you can turn this off.

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Hello Team, When I am trying to select eqal (=) to button on which it is printed, it is not getting typed whereas when I am selecting some other button eqal (=) is getting printed. Please help me in solving this issue. Regards,Nizam

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I'm new here!

First I would like to say I'm a TBI survivor and I'm a male and 42 years old .
I was purchased an emachine computer with a Lexmark lasar printer,
Whenever I go to print something, be it a web site article or a personal document that was created using Microsoft Works Word Processor. Whatever is being printed my name appears at the VERY top and the city and state printed at the bottom.
I know little about computers so I'm trying to get an answer why this is being printed.
The only thing that I can come up with is MY NAME, CITY and STATE was somehow entered on this computer's Hard drive and is prints it because it's been entered by someone at the store before iyt was brought home and set up for me.

If there is someway that I can delete this info. being printed, PLESE tell me what to do EXACTLY!

Thank You!

A:I'm new her! Why is my name, town and state being printed?

That's very strange, it sounds like a 'Header and Footer' has been set up with that info and is in your template. (If Works uses such a template, I know Word does).
Try doing a Find (or Search depending on your version of Windows) for and rename any found to normal.old. Then test the printing again. If there is a problem you change the names back again.


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I have the names Charlie Lori Jo, Printed in the top left hand corner of everything I print.
I don't know how it got there, and dont know how to get rid of it.
Can you help me?

A:Solved: Printed name on paper

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I have searched to find an answer to this problem of faded pictures when printed from windows photo gallery. I have seen a few others having the same problem, but no solutions. I am hoping that someone now can help.

I can print pictures from other software on my computer, from the internet, etc, with great photo quality. When I print from Windows photo gallery they are very light and faded looking. I have made sure the adjustments are for my printer.

It seems that most of the people experiencing this problem had canon printers. Does anyone have a solution to this?


A:faded printed pictures

I have found the solution to this problem, you need to untick the checkbox for "borderless printing", this is how to do it:


When you click print, go to Options > Printer Properties

Click on the "Page Setup" tab, then Untick the box that says "Borderless Printing"

I love Myriam the little bunny

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when i tried to print photo from (user administrator)windows7 photo viewer there appear print picture windows without photo preview(seems busy) and after some seconds five repeated error messages "your picture cannot be printed because of this error occured" appear. It is working in user account Guest. printer and its driver is okay(updated). whats wrong with my windows 7 photo viewer? please help me

A:your picture can not be printed because of this error

From Windows Answers:

I believe it is a problem with the "photowiz.dll" file in system32. It is version 6.x.xxxx.xxxx. I found an older version of this file, had to change the attributes and permissions of the file to allow it to be changed. I renamed it with an "dlx" extension and then copied a version 5.1 photowiz.dll to system32 and the print wizard works again! The site I got the file from is:

Try Googling your problem first. Hope that helps

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I have 3 print queues that are retaining the printed jobs in the queue and every now and again the damn thing prints all the job again. I have checked that the keep printed jobs button is NOT checked/selected, but the queue acts ilke it is selected to keep printed jobs. I have 125 printer queues and only 3 act like this and they are set up identical to the others. I have reconfigured this twice on all 3 and they still act like they are set to keep printed jobs in the queue.

Anyone seen this and know of a solution, on the Microsoft site I am seeing posts but not a single reply about how to either run a job to clear them out a couple times a day or fix this so they act as configured. To NOT keep printed jobs in the queue.

Any help as always is much appreciated.

The race to solution is on, let's see who can figure this one out first.

A:printed job remain in queue

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I am a teacher in Tennessee and I need to find a software that will enable me to edit and change a scanned document. I have some old tests and worksheets that I inherited from the teacher that had my room before me. I would like to make some minor changes to the documents without having to retype the entire set of documents. (Things like change the date and the teacher name on the heading, etc...)

Is there a software out there that will allow me to scan a document in and then alter it? These are not copyrighted materials, so that is not an issue.

Preferably, I would like a freeware or shareware or trial version of something to make sure I can navigate it before I shell out a chunk of cash to purchase something.

As a teacher, it is important to me that my materials look professionally done, so I would prefer to edit them on a computer rather than use white out and pen.

thank you so much

A:document editing of scanned document?

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I am so hoping someone knows the answer to this very perplexing problem... I thought it was my printer so I bought a new one and I have the same problem. I print a picture of my granddaughter, who has these wonderful chubby cheeks.........until it is printed and the chubby cheeks are gone. She has slimmed right down...... lol I have been struggling with this problem for quite a while now, have asked everyone who comes within two feet of me and no ones knows how to fix this or what is even causing it. I know someone here will know. I have never had a problem that this site has not been able to fix for me. : ) Thanks, in advance.

Oh yes, and new printer is an Epson 835 al-in-one and my old one is an HP photosmart 2575

A:Solved: quality of printed pictures...

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Fill color isn't displayed during normal viewing of a worksheet. When the worksheet is printed or print-previewed, the colors are visible.

Re-installed Excel, problem persists.

A:Excel XP - Can't see fill colors until printed

Go to your control panel and double click on Accessibility Options.
Click on the Display tabsheet and uncheck "Use High Contrast" then press OK to close that window. You should now be able to see color in your view mode.

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I'm running Windows 8.1 64 bit. I have a PNG file that exceeds the size of the page, 8.5 x 11, when printed. When I view the picture online it appears that it should fit the paper okay. I resized the file by %, pixels, and measurements (inches). I also changed the paper size to 8 x 10. Can somebody tell me what I am doing wrong.


A:Can not resize PNG file to fit paper when printed

Open a Word document of the desired size and import it there. You can also draw a box on the Word document and put it into there - it will fit. If you don't have Word, try Paint.

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Hi, when I print anything from the web (Amazon receipt for example) the 'Print preview' and actual hard copt print appear as source code (similar to lots of DOS type commands etc) and very small print size. Only happens in Internet Explorer 7.0 -tried using Firfox and that appears okay- any suggestions -anyone? (thanks in anticipation)

A:Printed Web pages appear as source code?

open IE, click tools > internet options > advanced tab

click the reset button

This will put everything back to default options and all is good!

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