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Try to turn on my computer but only the fans work and the power led does not turn on

Q: Try to turn on my computer but only the fans work and the power led does not turn on

I have this issue that when I turn on my computer, the power LED does not turn on but you can hear the fans working properly. I don't the issue and I'm not much of an expert with computers. Please help me solve this issue because I'm completely clueless.

A: Try to turn on my computer but only the fans work and the power led does not turn on

How old is the computer, what was the last change you made to the computer and when you last shut it down did it shut down correctly?

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I have a bit of a strange issue with my computer. Forgive me if I'm a little too descriptive, but I'm not sure which details are relevant and which are not for such a problem. First, the specs:

Model: eMachines T2984
Operating System: Windows XP Service Pack 2
Processor: Intel Celeron D Processor 340, 2.93 GHZ, 256K L2 Cache, 533 MHZ FSB
Power Supply Unit: Bestec Model: ATX-250-12E REV: P7
Motherboard: I can't tell, but it appears to be an Intel motherboard by the number of Intel labels on it
RAM: 512 MB DDR SD originally, added 1 GB a couple of months ago
Let me know if you need anything else...

Yesterday, I got home from shopping around 1PM, and I tried to start the computer. I pushed the power button, and nothing happened. I checked all of the cords, and they were all plugged in. Not knowing what else to do, I opened up the case to see if there was something obviously wrong. The only thing that I noticed (other than a bunch of dust) was that the power supply unit was still hot. I shut the computer down about 5 hours earlier after about 20 minutes of use, so it seemed strange that the power supply was still hot. I unplugged the computer just in case there was some sort of fire hazard.

At this point, I called a friend who suggested that the problem might be with the motherboard or the power supply unit.

A few hours later, I plugged it back in to try to get it to work. As soon as I plugged it in, the entire unit suddenly started "running" by itsel... Read more

A:Computer Doesn't Turn on, Fans and Some Lights Turn on Automatically

I would suspect that the Power Supply Unit (PSU) is going south. If you have a spare one laying around, install it and see if the problem goes away.
You can buy a new,better PSU from Newegg for about $40.00. I have used a Thermaltake 430 watt in one of my machines for some time now and it works well.
You will have to check the size of your PSU to be sure a new one will fit into the eMachine.
Here's the page with that PSU on it. It's the last one on the list.

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My problem is actually similar to the following:
This thread however had no responses.

I know a little more about my problem and hope it can be solved here.. Sorry for making this post so long, but this problem is a real bugger and I'm giving all the info I can.

The problem: When the computer doesn't start
When I plug in the computer, pressing the power button does nothing. This problem is aggravated in winters (weird but true) and when the D-Link ethernet card is plugged in (whichever slot).

When it does start:
In summers, I leave it powered for sometimes, say 20 min.
Gradually the power light on cabinet starts blinking rapidly (on pressing the power button).. a little later the HDD lights also start blinking. The CPU fan turns in jerks and in sync with these lights. A little later, the computer boots normally and works fine after that.
Also, operating it increases the temperature, and subsequently the computer can be made to start without problems.. till it cools down or I disconnect mains.

How I have to start it when it doesn't:
In winters, the above procedure doesn't work. Then I can try one of two things (I usually avoid turning the comp at all, use my laptop instead, since I don't like either method)
I can point a hairdryer from a safe distance at the motherboard, and keep the power button pressed. It starts in a little while.
OR, this is possibly a worse method..... Read more

A:Computer startup problem: power light flickers, fans turn in jerks

Have you replaced the BIOS battery? after 5 years its is most likely dead or nearly dead by now. Get your multimeter on it and check it's voltage (my money is on this)
Have you tested the CPU fan to see if it spins up OK, test on another PC if you have one?
Have you tried booting up to just the POST with NO drives connected with power?
Tried another PSU? Does this PSU work OK in another PC?

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i just finished building my computer, and it loads into the BIOS fine, and all fans are working EXCEPT the power supply fans! this is driving me mad because ive checked all my connections and i cant find anything wrong. the chassis power plug is plugged into a 4-pin, the cpu fan is plugged into the cpu fan plug on the motherboard, and the 3-pin power supply fan pin is plugged into the pwr fan on the motherboard. (the manual for the case says to plug it into any fan plug on the case). where am i going wrong!?

case: antec 350W cant remember model number
motherboard: asus a8v deluxe

A:Power supply fans won't turn on!!!


only the back fan of the antec power supply is not running. the inside fan is running. is this supposed to happen? it makes me nervous seeing the exhaust fan of the PSU just sitting there frozen. does it only turn on when it needs to...? :suspiciou

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So I have an ASUS P4C800-E motherboard in a system that a built a few years back. It worked fine but the system has been sitting in my basement for a year or two unused.

I decided to take the components and drop them in a new case.

I have hooked everything back up properly (i think) but when I hit the power button, the cpu fan, power supply fan and case fans turn on for a brief second and then shut off. (the green standby light on the motherboard is on)

What do I do?

I think you can tell from my question I am exteremly amatuer at this. Simple explanations please...

A:Turn power on... fans start up then power shuts off in 1 second

With it shutting down after 1sec, I would check that the hsf is plugged in and working. If there is no fan input ie fan speed, most boards shutdown. In addition that the hsf is installed correctly. If it is loose, etc you will have problems. Most of the time when the hsf is loose, it shuts down in about 5~10sec not 1sec. I tend to think it is more of a shorting problem of the board to the case.

If that is not the case, I would attempt to pw ON the system outside of the case. There are complete instructions in a guide at the top of the forum. It is called troubleshooting guide for problem builds.

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I just recieved my new Dell XPS. I have one thing that I would like to change and can't seem to find out how to do it. When I enter standby, the computer shuts down but the cooling fan(s) continue to run. When I bought my Dell 8100 three years ago it was the same way, but the issue was fixed when I upgraded to XP Pro. Now, with the XPS and XP pro the fan(s) continue to run while in standby. There must be a way to control this. Maybe through the bios? Any help would be great.

A:How to turn off power supply fans while in standby?

Look at APM in the BIOS.

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In which of the ACPI power states on a desktop computer are the CPU/PSU fans on?

I guess in S0 all fans are ON. In what of the other states are fans off?
Wikipedia: Advanced Configuration and Power Interface:

? G0 (S0): Working. "Awaymode" is a subset of S0, where monitor is off but background tasks are running.
? G1, Sleeping subdivides into the four states S1 through S4:
o S1: All processor caches are flushed, and the CPU(s) stops executing instructions. Power to the CPU(s) and RAM is maintained; devices that do not indicate they must remain on may be powered down.
o S2: CPU powered off. Dirty cache is flushed to RAM.
o S3: Commonly referred to as Standby, Sleep, or Suspend to RAM (STR). RAM remains powered
o S4: Hibernation or Suspend to Disk. All content of main memory is saved to non-volatile memory such as a hard drive, and is powered down.
? G2 (S5), Soft Off: G2/S5 is almost the same as G3 Mechanical Off, except that the PSU still supplies power, at a minimum, to the power button to allow return to S0. A full reboot is required. No previous content is retained. Other components may remain powered so the computer can "wake" on input from the keyboard, clock, modem, LAN, or USB device.
? G3, Mechanical Off: The computer's power has been totally removed via a mechanical switch (as on the rear of a PSU). The power cord can b... Read more

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I can't turn my computer on. The fans and lights turn on for a second and then turn off. a few seconds later they'll turn back on and then turn back off. I've had this computer for 4+ months now, i built it myself. it recently started doing this but i'd just turn off the PSU (Power Supply Unit) and turn it back on and it woould fix it. now it doesnt fix it anymore. i've re-slotted the RAM (Random Access Memory) and pushed it in firmly, but that hasn't done anything. i've tried different power outlets and pushed everything into the MOBO (Motherboard), i havent messed around with CPU (Processor) because that's just a pain in the a**... i was wondering if there was anything else i could do before having to take it into a local repair shop, lol.

as for my computer specs

CPU (Processor): Fx-6300 AMD
GPU: R9-270x AMD
RAM (Random Access Memory): 8GB Ballistix sport
MOBO (Motherboard): ASRock 970 Extreme3 R2.0
PSU (Power Supply Unit): Corsair X500 w 80+
Case: Rosewill GALAXY


A:Fans turn on, lights blink and then turn off/on repeatedly.

First, I would unplug everything that isn't necessary. Everything external except for the keyboard and monitor. Internally, just leave the CPU, RAM and video card installed. See if it turns on. If not, you might try and test the power button. Disconnect the power button from the mobo. If the pin headers allow for it, use the reset button as the power button. If not, you can use a flat head screwdriver to power on the computer (cross the two pins for the power button with the blade of the screwdriver). If you do this, just be very careful. Touch only the power button pins and nothing else! You could easily damage components by touching the screwdriver to the wrong thing.

Some motherboards have a power button right on the board that you can press to power on the computer. I looked at a pic of your board and didn't notice one.

If that doesn't do it, plug the power button back in. You might try and play around with the RAM. I don't know if you have 2 or 4 sticks of RAM, but try and boot the computer with only one stick of RAM at a time. If there's a bad stick, you'll find it through this process of elimination.

If none of the above works, then it might be a bad PSU.

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My computer just recently crashed while I was playing a DVD. It had been running fine for about 1.5 years, except for the occasional BSoD (kernel inpage error) in the past couple of months after I had been playing Wolfenstein Enemy Territory for extended periods of time. This time, however, it wasn't a kernel inpage error, but something else. I didn't catch it, as it flashed pretty quickly. My computer proceeded to reboot, but then it froze. I turned the computer off, and when I tried turning it back on again, nothing happened. No lights, nothing. BUT the CPU fan and the case fans were still running, and the only way I could get these to stop was to unplug the power.

I'm about to go borrow a stick of ram from a friend to see if that's the problem. Does anyone have any other ideas as to what could be wrong? Thanks in advance.

A:Computer won't turn on but fans running

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My computer recently refused to turn on. It had been working perfectly the evening before. I could not smell anything burning or hear anything irregular.

On the advice of Corsair, I bridged a green and black wire on the PSU's 24-pin connector to test whether it was at fault. Upon turning the PSU on with the two wires bridged, the fan began to rotate. So either this is not to blame, or the PSU only partially functions.

I cannot figure out what component is at fault, and replacing parts would be quite an expensive guessing game. The Corsair PSU has a 5 year warranty; however, they require me to mail it to California. Being in Australia, this is quite inconvenient and I would rather fork out for a new one. My motherboard, I assume, is out of warranty.

My specifications are as follows:
Gigabyte P35-DS3P Motherboard
Corsair HX-620 PSU
4xCorsair DDR2 6400C4 (4Gb)
Gigabyte 8800GTS 512Mb (G92)
Antec P182 Tower
Intel E6750 Core2Duo 2.66Ghz
Asus 1814BL 18xDVD+-RW IDE
Western Digital 320G SATAII 7200 rpm HDD(Primary)
Seagate 250Gb SATAII 7200 rpm HDD(Secondary)

I purchased/built it on the 19th of December in 2007

Thank you for any assistance.

A:Computer will not turn on - no fans, lights or anything in between.

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So I built a budget gaming computer one and a half months ago and everything was working fine until 2 days ago. Initially, the computer ran Civ V and Shogun 2 just fine.

AMD X4 760K
MSI A78M-E35 FM2+
EVGA 896-P3-1264-A3 GeForce GTX 260
Kingston HyperX 8GB 240-Pin DDR3
CORSAIR CX series CX500 500W
Windows 7 Pro x64

But 2 days ago, I noticed while I was playing Civ V, the computer would suddenly reset to the bios screen and restart. This happened when I played any graphically demanding game, but not during normal use.

1 day ago, the computer started resetting itself to the bios screen during regular web browsing (no gaming), and when it was idling.

Today, I took the graphics card out and it booted (but I couldn't tell what was going on, because I don't have integrated graphics). I put the graphics card back in and it didn't turn on. I took the graphics card back out, and the computer still won't turn on. Now when I press the power button, the fans turn on and off, but the computer doesn't boot. No beeping.

My guess here is the power supply went bad. But I'm more worried if the motherboard is fried. Is there a way I can test? I don't have another computer (aside from this linux laptop I am on right now), or any spare PC parts. What can I do?


A:Computer won't boot at all (fans turn on and off)

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Hey all I'm new to this forum but I've built a few computers in the past but have never experienced any problems like this.

Case: Powerspec Cooler master case
Processor: Intel i5 750(quad core)
Motherboard: Gigabyte H55M-UD2H
Powersupply:OCZ 500 watt Mod X Stream-Pro

Here are some pictures of my build and a video of what is going on.


As you can see the PSU, CPU, and Case fans are turning on and the Motherboard LED lights are blinking and then they quickly turn off. I dont think its a problem with the Power Supply because I have already returned one with the same issue thinking it was defective.


wont let me post pictures =/

Any help is appreciated, thanks for your time!

A:CPU and PSU fans turn on but then quickly turn off as does everything else

Does your current BIOS version support your CPU?

Your 4 pin power connector looks to be missing.... Top right of the video 8secs in.

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I'm definitely not an expert but I have general knowlege from building a couple systems. My current system is the following (I apologize if some details are left out, I'm currently at work)

OS: Windows XP
Chip: Intel P4
MB: Asus P4P800 (865 PE)
RAM: I forget - 2 sticks of Kingston = 1gb
Video: Nvidia 5600 AGP (running 2 monitors)
PSU: Generic from Fry's 400w

I was listening to some streaming music and left the room for a couple minutes and came back my computer had shut down. When I got closer I could hear the system trying to boot, the fans would spin but it would shut down every 2-3 seconds. I switched the power off from the PSU.

I bought a replacement 500w PSU from Fry's figuring it went bad. I installed the new PSU but the system would not boot. THe fans would come on and a light on the MB was on but nothing. My monitors weren't receiving a signal either.

I then thought maybe it was the video card and went and bought a Nvidia 6800 AGP but still nothing.

I read online and tried a few other things:
- Removed the onboard battery on the MB and reseting the CMOS using jumpers
- Removed all PCI components including video card and tried booting and then installing only the video card and rebooting.
- Removed one stick of RAM
- Removed hard drives

At this point I think it might be the MB or just another bad power supply. Any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

A:Old Computer: Fans turn on but system won't boot

Remove the CPU heatsink/fan and check for thermal past. Clean of the old paste and apply new

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Please Help me with this,
One day I get home, turn on my computer, it comes on... checking email...alls fine, then my computer just turns off... click the on button...loading... screen comes again! Not even any error messages! I continued like this for about 10-15 minutes untill now I only get it up for about .7 seconds and nothing appears on the screen.

1. I have the power supply, fine.
2. I have checked all peripherals, fine.
3. I have checked the video card and RAM on different computers, fine.
4. I have continually cried, fin... never mind...
5. I checked the Hard drives, mointor, all other drives, FINE!

My system specs are as follows:
| AMD Athlon 64 3200+ |)
| Gigabyte GA K8NS |)
| Apollo Geforce FX5500 256MB DDR |)
| 3 x Corsair 256GB DDRAM |)
| Western Digital 250GB ATA IDE HDD |)

Thanks in forward for any help or ideas, but one thing that I could use is howto test to see if you motherboard is damage.

Thanks even more!

A:PLEASE HELP, computer won't turn on, fans come on and lights blink

Have you checked that your fans are spinning up? Is the heatsink sitting flush with the CPU? Have you made any changes to your hardware on the mobo?

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When I Exit Speedfan,my Cpu And Hd Fans Just Go On At Highspeeds And Dont Go Off Until I Go Bak To Speed Fan And Turn It Down Do I Just Get Rid Of Speedfan And Make My Computer How It Used To Be?

A:Solved: Everytime I Turn Off Speed Fan,my Computer Runs The Fans At 100%,how Do I Fix This?

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Hi to all Eight forum.
I m here with a strange problem, it happens from yesterday, the problem is when I playing games on my Dell inspiron N4050 and then the main power where the charger pluged in is turn off (it is the most problem in my country that there is heavy short fall of power), the laptop is remain ON just for 2 or 3 seconds and then its suddenly OFF. its not happening before, why is that,? why is the laptop didn't get power from the battery.?
when not playing games. and the main power (electricity) is gone, then this problem is not occurred.
plz understand my problem and reply me.
sorry for my bad English.

A:Laptop suddenly turn off when main power turn off.

Could it be overheating protection?

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Hello Microsoft team,
We need for an application to unplug and replug usb3 - not physically but with a program.
We checked a lot on the internet but did not find answer how to do it in windows 8.1 pro (in c++).
We know that hibernation creates something alike, but how can we only turn down the power of usb3 and return the power back on back via program (in c++).
Thank you for your help.

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i built my computer 3 weeks ago and has been working great. Recently i burned a cd in nero, and restarted and it wouldn;t come on. Only the fans and leds worked. The fan on my graphics card was really loud like it was working at full speed when its normally quiet. After a while playing around and nothing working, i just randomly turned it on and it did! But today it did the same thing and I can't figure it out. I went out thinking maybe it was the power supply and took my mobo out and the new power supply didn't make it work. I'm thinking its either the motherboard of graphic card. Which one is more probable?

My specs: gigabyte ds3 mother board, evga 8800gts 320, g.skill 2 gigs ddr2 ram, intel conroe 6750, and an eneremax powersupply. Please help!!

A:Computer will not power on (fans work)


Not totally sure what you did "I went out thinking maybe it was the power supply and took my mobo out and the new power supply didn't make it work.", but it does seem like you tried a new PS.

Disconnect everything except the CPU/HS/fan, RAM(one stick at a time if you have two) and video card. If it doesn't change things you will have to try other different components like the video card, RAM etc.

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I even tried setting the idle time to only 1 minute but none of my 4x hard drives will turn off when idling. Search indexer is turned off. System setup: i7 920, Asus P6T Deluxe, AHCI enabled with the latest intel drivers.

I didn't have this problem with this system when using XP before.

Any ideas?


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I recently upgraded Windows 7 to Windows 10. When I power down the system from the menu, my computer does not completely turn off. The procedure I use is described below:

Click Windows_Start_button > Power > Shutdown

The system closes applications and appears to initiate a shutdown procedure. Everything appears to be shut off, but my mouse is still lit up. I do notice that the fan stops and everything else appears to be completely shut down. When I was running Windows 7 before my upgrade, my system completely powered down.

I have a dual boot system with Linux, and when I power down from Linux, the shutdown is complete, so I don't think I accidentally did anything to the hardware or BIOS.

Has anyone else experienced this? I'm pretty sure there is some tweak in Windows 10 that would fix this, but I haven't found it yet. Thanks for any suggestions you might be able to offer.

A:Power down button does not completely turn computer power off

I found the solution on another thread. If you have this problem try the following:
1. Log in as an administrator.
2. Right click the Menu button.
3. Left click -> Control Panel > Power Options > Choose what the power button does > Change settings that are currently unavailable
4. Uncheck the box next to Turn on fast startup (recommended)
5. Make sure Hibernate is unchecked.
6. Left click Save changes.
The next time you shut down the computer, it will be completely powered off. At least this worked on my machine.

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Last night my computer blue screened about 3 times then it just stopped turning on altogether. Wheni plug the power supply into the motherboard the neon fan turns on for a milisecond but that seems to be the only way that i can tell that there's power going to the motherboard.

I've tried 4 different power supplies, different processor, different BIOS batteries, different RAM, etc, but no matter how many times i try to turn it on it just wont turn on.

I do recall doing something innthe BIOS last night which seemed to start this dilemer. I went into power management and did something to the power switch option, then set everything back to default settings.

This is when things started to happen then my pc just wouldn't turn on at all.

It's a socket939 MSI CoreCell.

Could something i did in the BIOS really be causing this problem and is there a way to fix it?

Like i said there does seem to be power going to the motherboard but it simply wont turn on (i even tried different power switches just in [email protected]

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I just don't want to buy another 939 motherboard as most shops don't cell them any more and it means i'd have to buy a new processor too.

A:Computer wont turn on with power switch but there is power going through it?

If it is a BIOS setting, removing the CMOS battery for a few minutes should clear it. Since you've already changed the battery more than once, it would seem that is not the problem. Considering what you already tried, it might be the motherboard itself or possibly the graphics card but my money is on the motherboard. Just to be sure do you have another graphics card to test with?

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I thought the power supply unit to my emachine T1840 was shot when the cpu would not turn on, so I replaced it with a new one, and it was still dead. What next?

A:Computer will not turn on, no power

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have a HP dc5000 SFF
with windows XP Professional

When I push button to turn on, the green light comes on, then blicks green and a beeping starts, any ideas?

A:computer has power, won't turn on

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I just put together my first computer 6 months ago. It abruply shutdow in the middle of writing a paper for school. I couldn't turn it back on right away. after trying a few times, it turned on. All the fans are working even the fan on the power supply, the motherboards lights are on. My graphic card in on the motherboard. I think it might be my power supply because when I first put it together I didn't plug in the smaller power connection to the motherboard and the same thing is happening, black screen. It's like my computer isn't giving my monitor any feed. I will have more info when I get home. I can't get in to bios or safe mode.

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Can someone please help me. Take in mind my computer skills are just average. This isn't a problem yet, but would like to get a fix before if possible. Here it is. This laptop is only 5 to 6 months old. Windows 8. My power button that turn,s the computer on, sticks some. I have no money to take it to a shop, I was wondering if there,s a trick to fix it? Or another way to turn it on? Thanks, Chuck

A:to turn computer on ( power button )

Is your computer new and still in warranty? if the power button sticks there may be a known issue with the casing. Have you tried to reach out to the manufacture to see if there is a known issue?

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I have a Emachines T2958 and one day the circuit breaker at my house flipped and the power went out. About 5 hours later when i tried to start it up about 20 seconds injto the boot after the windows logo it would restart itself and just keep doing that repeating the process until i would turn it off. Can someone plz help me fix this?

My comp has
512mb Ram
64mb integrated nividia graphics
2.66 Ghz processor
Intel Celeuron Processer

Someone plz help.

A:Computer won't turn on after power outtage

Which came first, the chicken or the Emachines....? didn't exactly say if the box blew the breaker or vice-versa. You might try resetting the CMOS. Hang loose, wait for a another opinion

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It either shuts down or it doesn't!

What is it you mean here? XP is somehow restarting? There is still power to the motherboard?


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I was sitting at home enjoying myself one day and then I suddenly hear a thunderstorm outside. First the monitor flashes and seconds later everything in my room turns off and back on immediately, everything except my computer. The monitor and everything was working perfectly but the computer itself was showing no signs of power at all, no blinking lights/LEDs on the front, Back, inside the case, no fans spinning, no beeps, no nothing. I tried taking my PSU out to test it with the paper clip trick, but my DVD/CD Drive is preventing me from taking out the cords. What do I do?

A:Computer won't turn on after Power Outage

Hi Jkillaz98, Welcome to Sevenforums

Check if the PSU fan is moving at all or not, if not try to install a spare PSU (which is working) and check if motherboard is getting power or not. You can remove your DVD/CD drive and then take out the PSU.

If the PSU is failing, you can always buy a new one. But, (may god forbids) your motherboard is can get that repaired as well...not to worry. But, first we need to find out what is causing the issue.

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Is there a way to have a computer turn on immediately once power is reaching the computer without having to press the chassis power button (ie. I turn on a power strip and the computer immediately begins booting)?



A:Turn On Computer Without the Power Button

The setting is usually in the BIOS.
It's common with servers.

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My son's computer wouldn't shut down, it would close down the OS but the computer lights and HD would still be running. I did a scan, Ccleaner with its registry fix, and degfrag.. that made it work maybe twice. Now it is doing it again.
It refuses to turn off even with the power button (it shuts off then starts again, on its own - I am NOT pressing the "restart"). I have to unplug it from the wall to make it stop re-starting itself.
Any ideas?


A:Computer won't turn off, even with power button.

What Operating System your son's computer is? Is it Windows XP or Windows Vista?

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Something wierd going on, I can shut my windows XP down like normal, and I get all the way thru the shut down screens, the LCD screen goes blank, the keyboard lights go off, but the power supply in the computer remains on, powering the fans and lighting up my front panel fan control Assy. In order to turn off the power supply, I need to switch the switch on the back of the computer (power supply switch). Then, to turn if back on, I need to turn on my Power Supply switch, and open the case, and lightly touch/push the area near the CMOS battery, and without even touching the front panel power switch, the computer comes to life and I am able to load Windows XP and go about my bidness as normal! I SUSPECT this was caused from a lightning storm a few nights ago, it wasn't near me, but it caused the power to go out and come back on rapidly like three times. What gives? Power supply, Motherboard?

A:I cannot turn my computer's power supply off!

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Hi all,

I went to work this morning at 8am and my desktop computer was on.

When I came home, the computer was off. When I press the on button, nothing happens.

I called the electric company and found out there was an outage in my area from 9:44 to 9:47.

They advised me to turn off all the breakers and then turn them back on after a couple of minutes.

But, the computer still will not turn on.

Any ideas on what to do? :/

Thank you in advance!

A:Computer Does Not Turn On - Power Outage

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I wasn't doing anything out of the ordinary, merely playing a game on my computer, when snap, the screen goes black and looses signal and the computer starts rebooting. It seemed to start rebooting normally, but i regret to say i stopped paying attention to the computer, and 30ish seconds later i hear it completely power off.

When i went to turn it back on, i got a flash of the blue case lights and all the fans twitched but it immediately powered off again. This now happens every time i try to turn it on. After getting the power flicker, i have to either unplug the computer or hold the power button for a few seconds in order for the computer to flicker again when pushing the power button. It's literally less than a tenth of a second worth of power before it shuts off, the fans just bounce back to thier same location. The green light on the mobo is always on while power is connected.

I've unplugged the hard drive and both cd drives, reseated both ram sticks, unplugged and replugged all the power cords to the mobo (A8N SLI).

Any ideas on what can cause this type of behavior is greatly appreciated.

A:Computer won't turn on. Only a power flicker

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Sounds like your psu might have failed.

Try another psu and see if that helps.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:

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Hi guys.

I'm having an issue where the computer will not shut down unless I turn it off at the PSU/power supply (I've had the issue for about a month now).

Windows 7 will run through its normal shut down procedures, then the screen goes black, but nothing happens apart from the fans going really loud for a few seconds before they quiet down and nothing else happens.

The computer restarts fine, but does not shut down at the power button.

I suspect a faulty motherboard (Asus M2N68-CM - pretty old now), or maybe a service/process is not finishing after shut down.

Would greatly appreciate some expert knowledge on this one!


A:Computer will not shut down/turn off power

Could you do a shutdown trace by following this article: Gathering a Startup, Shutdown, Sleep, Hibernate, or Reboot Trace

Please download the latest Windows 8 SDK here, it works flawlessly with Windows 7: Windows Software Development Kit (SDK) for Windows 8

Once you run the setup, choose the install location, hit next and select ONLY "Windows Performance Toolkit" and click install. After this, you HAVE to restart the system, then follow the given tutorial.

This can help forum members and even me (I'm not much of an expert in analyzing these results ) identify if anything is stuck during shutdown.


There might be faulty driver or some bad setting in the BIOS. Try resetting the BIOS to the defaults.

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Okay, so.

I know everyone has heard this scenario, and I have done a good amount of time on google searching for an answer, and have yet to come across something that helped.

What happened:

Overnight on Tuesday we had a pretty wicked thunderstorm which knocked our power out when I was sleeping (clocks reset, etc gave it away). When I woke up, my computer was off. No problem, I thought, that is normal. I go over to boot it up.. nothing. No LED lights, no fan spin, no beeps, no NOTHING.

What I've done:

I have unplugged and switched off my computer and left it all day, came back after work, plugged it in, still nothing. I have tried a different outlet, still nothing. I have flashed the bios for fun, still nothing. I've checked and rechecked all of the cables (which shouldn't be necessary, the computer didn't move), and they all are correct and in place (I've reseated them too).

Now, I know what you are all going to say : "Do you have a surge protector?" Yes. Yes I do. I think it just failed or something.

Also, I know you will tell me that my power supply is most likely fried, and in all honesty, you are probably right. I don't own a tester, so I will probably have to run to Best Buy or something with just my power supply to have the Geek Squad test it for me.

What am I looking for? Any. Other. Possible. Solution.

As I said, I am going to test my power supply when I get time, and no, I do not have a spare one lying around/other PC to test it with.

Thanks fo... Read more

A:Power Outage.. now computer won't turn on

How did you flash the bios if it won't turn on?

Some surge protectors only work a limited number of times (I don't know why, I've just seen some that say it on the packaging/protector itself).

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Hi there, I just got this problem 4 days ago.
While I was working the elecricity went down in my neighborhood. At that time my computer was on (downloading movies). When I get back I waited a bit until the electricity's back, then when its back I tried to turn on my computer, but it did not work.
I checked the power cable if it loose, or checking the power bar if its malfunctioning, bit everything was fine. Since other electronics that's connected with my power bar worked properly except my computer.

So I open my computer and looked inside. I did not smell any burn which I'm afraid. Reattaching cable, try to turned it on again, not working. Then i see there's a switch
at the back of my computer, and I tried to pressed it and I noticed a small lights near the motherboard turned green. Then I turn on my computer again, still no power. Then I pressed the switch again at the back and the lights went off.

After thinking a while I concluded that it is the power supply problem. So since i have a warantee from X company I just brought it to their store and see what they could do.

3 days later I'm kinda pissed off because they did not call me since I'm thinking it's just a matter of replacing power supply. If i Have one or it's free I wouldnt have brought my computer there since I could just replace it by myself. So I came back to the store asking about my computer's status.

To my surprise they said the power supply it's fine, it&#... Read more

A:Computer can not turn on after power outage, causes?

light86 said:

Hi there, I just got this problem 4 days ago.
While I was working the elecricity went down in my neighborhood. At that time my computer was on (downloading movies). When I get back I waited a bit until the electricity's back, then when its back I tried to turn on my computer, but it did not work.
I checked the power cable if it loose, or checking the power bar if its malfunctioning, bit everything was fine. Since other electronics that's connected with my power bar worked properly except my computer.

So I open my computer and looked inside. I did not smell any burn which I'm afraid. Reattaching cable, try to turned it on again, not working. Then i see there's a switch
at the back of my computer, and I tried to pressed it and I noticed a small lights near the motherboard turned green. Then I turn on my computer again, still no power. Then I pressed the switch again at the back and the lights went off.

After thinking a while I concluded that it is the power supply problem. So since i have a warantee from X company I just brought it to their store and see what they could do.

3 days later I'm kinda pissed off because they did not call me since I'm thinking it's just a matter of replacing power supply. If i Have one or it's free I wouldnt have brought my computer there since I could just replace it by myself. So I came back to the store asking about my computer's status.

To my surprise they said the power suppl... Read more

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Hello friends,

My old computer (Intel Impression 440BX) was running Win98, I formatted and installed XP Professional. Now when I select shutdown, the computer no longer turns itself off - as it used to. I now get the "It is now safe to turn off your computer" screen and have to manually turn off the power to the Motherboard.

I didn't make any changes to BIOS (AWARD) and I looked around to see if XP changed something, but didn't notice anything. I am not that experienced with all the different BIOS settings.

Thanks for your help.

A:XP Doesn't turn power off my computer

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I have to hold in the off switch to get it to shut off. Is this a CPU or Motherboard pblm. and how would I determine which it is ?

A:when I turn on puter fans run but nothing happens.

Hi relee_1, welcome to TSG.

It could be a variety of things......can you give us some history on the problem? Is this a new machine? Did this just start happening out of the blue.......have you been inside the case playing around with anything?

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Hello, I have put a new motherboard, power supply, and processor into a computer. The first time I turned it on with all peripherals plugged in, the fans stayed at max speed and it eventually shut down. I unplugged all peripherals except for the DVD drive, and then replaced the power supplie again and and the cpu has a temp of about 124 and the fans still stay at max speed, has not turned off yet.

Any Ideas??

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This is my sister's cpu i'm talking about so i have no idea if there was an error message before the following happened:

She was booting the computer and it just shut off. There is no response from the power button. Yes all the cords are plugged in inside and outside the box. The computer is kinda old, has had major problems with XP, so is back to 98. PII 266, 312 MB ram, GeForce 2 video card, 2 WD hdds. On a possibly related note, the problem with XP was that the registry was corrupted every shutdown. Could this be an issue with the mobo? I know the ram is good, and the power supply seems okay.

Another mobo-ish issue: The comp will only go past bios loading area with 2 devices on IDE 0. It hangs as if there is no hdds in it if there is only one. Yes i checked the jumpers and such. Either hdd on IDE 0 fails boot if there's one, but passes whether it's master or slave if both are in.

Any help would be appreciated.

A:Computer Will not turn on (no response from power button)

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Hey guys.

A few months ago i upgraded my PC by getting another HD7970 (had 1 R9 280x) and running crossfire. I also had to upgrade my power supply to support both the cards and i managed to find a really good deal on a PSU, a Seasonic X-series SS-1250XM Active PFC F3. I can't quite remember, but it was around that time that (i thought) my power button on my case had stopped working when the computer is off, although it will still shutdown the computer if it is on. I assumed it was because of my motherboard being so small, and the second graphics card pushing on where the case power button is plugged in.

Since then i have just been leaving my computer on 24/7. But when i do have to turn it on, i have to slowly flick the power switch on the PSU on and off, which after a few (or many) tries would turn on the computer. Today i finally went to troubleshoot what was wrong so i could buy a bigger motherboard or whatever and found it wasn't the power button on the case. Removing the second GPU so the power button can be plugged in properly didn't change anything, and the power/reset buttons on the actual motherboard also do not work.

I'm assuming now that it is the power supply, but i'm not too sure as i know the motherboard is still getting power when the computer is off (the Ethernet port lights up), and when the computer is on, there are no problems are all. I can play very demanding games for 6 hours straight, and leave the PC on for over a week without it ever turnin... Read more

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Tried to start computer after downloading update previous night.  It came on and ran through updating sequence, then monitor went crazy with broken blue lines.  Would not accept input from keyboard or mouse.  Used power button to shut down.  Now when I try to start the computer, the power light comes on, but monitor shows searches for signal, then displays "No signal" for any of the input options, then goes to sleep.  Tried the monitor with a different computer and it works fine.  How do I get this thing on!?!?!?! Thanks for any help you can provide!

A:After recent update, computer will not turn on, though power...

Hi @bigjer1948,I hope you enjoy your visit to the HP Support Forums. I understand you are having an issue with upgrading to windows 10. I will be glad to help you. Please look at Recovery options in Windows 10. Please keep me informed of how things went. If you require further assistance, let me know and I will gladly do all I can to help you.Please let me know if this resolves the issue by marking this post as "Accept as Solution".To simply say thanks, click the Thumbs up below!  Thanks. 

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So while I was at work my wife called and said the computer will not turn on. She says that our daughter plugged a usb cable into it in order to charge a PS3 remote. The computer was working at this time. She removed the remote later and used it. Upon trying to use the computer later it would not boot at all. When you press the power button nothing happens. No fans spin, no lights come on... nothing.

I removed and tested the power supply via the safety pin method and it is working. I put a brand new power supply in any ways which was also tested. I next replaced the power switch button (not the full cable) and it still does not come on. I noticed after this that my motherboard has an on/off power button and reset built onto the board. Upon pressing this button nothing happens. I built this PC myself less than three years ago and have not had any hardware problems till his.

Do you think my motherboard has suddenly failed? Do I need to replace it? I don't think it is a grounding issue as the computer has sat in the same spot and worked since I've had it till now.

Motherboard is an ASRock P67 Extreme4 Gen3


A:No power to computer. Won't turn on at all. Working till the other day

Still sounds like a power supply issue to me. Were you actually able to test the voltage from either or both power supplies? If not i would try and test the voltage to see if its putting out anything. Short of that it does sound like it could be a possible motherboard issue. Also; when you say your daughter plugged in a usb cable to charge something do you mean she plugged a controller in? because the ps3 remotes for the blu ray part of the ps3 does not have a usb port on it to charge batteries. It just uses normal aa batteries.

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Hi everyone! Recently did a reinstall of windows (yikes, what a pain), recently did all critical updates and installed SP2.

Now, when I attempt to shut down and select "Turn off Computer" from the start menu it no longer powers down completely, it gives me the "It is Now Safe To Turn of Your Computer" screen,,,,ugh!!

I've not messed with my bios....APM is enabled.

I've gone into Power Options and selected to not enable hibernation and I've selected Always On power schemes with all options to never.

By the way, before the install of SP2 it would shut down normally, please help so I don't have to use the power button!!


A:XP Won't Power Off When I select "Turn Off Computer

You can go here:
Scroll down to #76 and click on the word "Off" ,when the file download box opens up,click Open.

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I have recently bought a new Asus machine running Windows 8.1.

I have set my own custom plan for power settings in the control panel and have that selected. However when I turn the computer off then later turn it back on, the power plan has changed. It seems to do this every time. But it's usually one of the ones preset by Asus (Power4Gear).

Any ideas and help would be really appreciated!

A:Power Plan changes each time on turn computer on

maybe a program with automatic startup is changing it.. what does it always change back to??
**EDIT** oh i guess you answered that.. yes exactly see, its a program switching it for you.. so start looking into your startup and services to see what is set to automatically start..

do this by command prompt and then typing "msconfig" and then "services.msc" and then press "Ctrl, Shift, and ESC" and look at (startup tab)

*old* for example i have samsung magician installed on my machine and that created a samsung power profile and luckily it hasn't so far, but it could somehow set itself to always use that power plan if i wasn't careful in choosing my settings correctly when i installed it.. etc..

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Hey guys,

My computer was working fine at home, and I had to move it into school. So, I put the computer in the car and brought it to school. There wasn't any sort of bump or anything that could've damaged the computer, but for some reason the computer won't start up.

When I push the power button, all the fans (including CPU) start up, the LEDs of the computer turn on and everything looks good for about 2 seconds, then the computer shuts down. I tried unplugging peripherals from the power supply, and nothing seemed to work until I decided to unplug the Mini ATX power cable (the four pin cable that plugs directly into the mobo, correct me if this isn't the mini ATX cable), and then it stayed on for awhile. Of course, since that cable wasn't in, my video card wasn't powered, so there wasn't much that happened.

Is this a motherboard short or a power supply short? I don't have another power supply handy to try and fix it, and I was hoping I could get a response as to what is most likely the culprit here.

Thanks in advance.

A:Computer won't turn on with Mini ATX Power Cable in

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Power button turns on but computer won't turn on. Black screen only

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My friend accidentally spilt pop into his computer, it shut off, and he then proceded to turn the computer back on. The computer stayed on for a few minutes but then shut off. Once it wouldn't turn on anymore he asked if i could take a look at it.

I originally built the computer for him so I knew his specs and proceded to look at it.

The first thing I did was try turning it on and no go. I looked inside and checked the entire computer for burn / singe marks but I did not see any. I saw some pop residue here and there but it wasn't much, he said only a few drips got inside. He has a 140mm fan on the top of his computer the pop fell through and the fan splashed it everywhere. But I saw barely any pop.

I replaced the power supply with a brand new on and I'm still getting the same problem. I tested the hard drive in another computer and it still works. Graphics card looks fine and im assuming the processor is fine as well but I can't be positive.

Any ideas are welcome, im getting rather flustered.

A:Motherboard shows power but computer will not turn on?

I suspect motherboard is the first place to have a look at; because probability is it may be shorted and need replacement.

By the way in such situations, best course of action is to turn off the PC/notebook immediately and let it completely dry (may take a day or two depending upon conditions) before trying to turn it back on to give its maximum chance to survive.

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I'm going over there in a few minutes, I plan to check for burn marks, he said the green light still comes on in the back(psu probably). So I am thinking the psu is fried or some other component in which I can hopefully visually see.

Ok heres the plan'
1. Check for burn marks or blown capacitors
2. Swap the psu with a known working psu if no burn marks can be found

Just thought I would post before I took off so I can refer back here if I hit a brick wall in case someone has a suggestion.
OK its been fixed its a common problem with hp pavilion power supplies for future reference

Power outage causes computer to not turn on and green light flashes on the back of the psu.

Solution, unplug psu then motherboard p1 connector, wait 5 minutes until green light stops flashing. Plug the psu back in and it should now have a solid green light on the back now plug in the p1 mobo connector. Yes with the psu plugged in first as said in order.

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Today I switched on my computer and it wouldn't turn on. I had a feeling that it could be something wrong with the power supply, so I took it out and connected it to another computer and it did not work on this other computer either! However, the motherboard light turns on when the power cable is connected to the power supply.

Would this mean that it is or is not the power supply that has broken?

I was thinking that it could be my front panel connectors that could be causing the problem but I'm not sure after I tested the power supply on the other computer and it wasn't working either.

Many thanks for your help.

A:Computer won't turn on! Power supply broken?

If the power supply fails to operate on two different computers you can be pretty sure the power supply needs to be replaced.

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Have an issue with my computer not turning on. A couple of days ago it shut down on me in the middle of web browsing. It would not turn back on. I noticed my power button LED light stayed lit. I completely unplugged the computer, and then plugged back in. The LED light was now off. I then pressed power and it turned on. After 10 minutes, the computer shut off again. LED light came back on. I waited til the next day to try again but was unsuccesful. I thought that I had blown my power supply. I replaced the power supply with a new one and the computer would still not turn on. At this point, I am puzzled by what it would be. I just so happened to have another MOBO, and I swapped the two MOBOs and still nothing. There is a small square light on the MOBOs themselves that come on when the power supply is connected. Not sure what it means.
Since swapping the MOBOs didnt do anything, I bought another CPU. After installing it, I get nothing.

I really need to get this fixed fast. Any suggestions? Why would the power LED light stay on. This is happening with both mobos.

Its an Intel 865PERL mobo with an Intel Pentium 4 HT processor. Socket 478

A:Computer will not turn on, power supply is brand new

call the company

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After my power went out for a second my computer didnt turn on anymore. Every time I press the power button the case fans and cpu fans turn on for a sec then turn off. The ethernet slot light turns on if that matters. Also I tried turning it on without the graphics card and ram connected and still the same results. Whats wrong with my computer??

A:Computer doesnt turn on after power outage

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I have an old computer that has windows millineum on it and when I turn it on the montior will not come on . What I would like to know, is can I connect this computer to my new dell and view it through my new computer.

A:when i turn on old computer display will not work

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When I turn on my computer once, nothing will happen, my mouse, keyboard, nor monitor will turn on. However, after restarting it 4 times using the power button, it works. It's not a huge problem, but I would just like to know if anyone has a solution or a possible solution? Note: It has not always done this, but has been for the past couple months.

AMD A6-5400k Dual Core
Nvidia GTX 750 1GB ACX
FM2A75M-DGS ASRock motherboard
Windows 7 Ultimate
4GB Corsair RAM (Unknown clock speed)

A:I have to turn my computer on and off 4 times for it to work

May be a power supply issue. Change it out...

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Going crazy...please help.

I built my new computer tonight, however it won't start. There is power to the motherboard, because I can hear and see the fans when I turn it on, however the CPU fan doesn't move. It initially spins a rotation or two and that is it. It (fan on CPU) does the same thing when I power it off, just a initial spin but doesn't move. Any ideas...I would be so grateful. Here are my system specs (all bought from Newegg)

Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 Conroe 2.66GHz LGA 775 65W Dual-Core Processor
GIGABYTE GA-P35-DS3L LGA 775 Intel P35 ATX Intel Motherboard
Rosewill RP550-2 ATX12V v2.01 550W Power Supply
4stick of - G.SKILL 1GB 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400)
APEVIA X-JUPITER-JR G-Type X-JPJGT-BK Black SECC Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case

Thanks so much!

A:Built new computer, normal fans work, but CPU fan doesn't spin, board wont power

Sounds like a power supply problem, or a error in connecting a cable. Thus the shot spin of the cpu fan. But usually you just missed something too obvious to think about.
Reseat all cables. Reseat all memory modules. Then try it with one or two memory modules at a time. Then switch to the others.
Check your CPU for proper seating, and possible bent pin.
When no longer frustrated, think through everything you have done in the setup, even the heat sink and thermal paste.
We have all gone through this. We know has exasperated you must feel.

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So I've looked around for possible solutions to my problem.

My problem is I turn on my PC and I see a green led for my Motherboard power. The fans spin for just a second then stop, and no boot.

I've disconnected every component except the heatsink, cpu and fan.

I've tried resetting the CMOS by changing the jumper settings. No good.

I've tried switching the memory around. Nothing.

I've now taken the motherboard battery out and will re-insert it after this post is finished.

If that doesn't work I fear I'm running out of options.

I tried the PSU in another PC and it was fine. So I know it's not the PSU. I tried the OTHER PCs ORIGINAL PSU and that did gave the same problem.

I've read up on a couple of articles about shorting out the motherboard or power supply or something as a solution.

Is this true? It sounds more destructive than creative.

If anyone has any advice or suggestions I would really appreciate it.

This PC is extremely new. Literally half a year old. It has a BFG 850w PSU, an ASUS M8 Motherboard w/ an Athlon Dual Core Phenom 3.2GHz

It has built in SLI with two Nvidia GTX 260s

Two 1gb HDDs

it has about 5 fans including two graphics card fans.

it has 4gb of DDR2 ram.


A:PC Powers on but no boot. Fans turn off after a second

Did this rig ever work?

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This is driving me crazy. I've been out of IT for a few years now and I guess I'm a little rusty. The motherboard on my media center computer fried so I decided to upgrade everything while I was at it. I got an Intel DH55HC mobo/i5 processor with an Antec 650w 'true power new' power supply, 4GB RAM and put it all back in my old case.

After everything was installed I powered it up, the fans kicked on for about a 3 seconds and turned off. After about 5 seconds the fans kicked on. This cycle keeps going until I power it off. I get no error beeps and no video.

My first thought was a bad mobo so I exchanged it and installed everything again. Same thing happened. Second thought was the power supply so I exchanged that - same thing happened.

I tried a power supply out of another computer on the new mobo and the same thing happened. I tried the power supply in another computer and it booted fine.

Could it be a mobo/psu compatibility problem or possibly the processor?

A:New build won't boot, fans turn on and off

I had the processor tested and it was indeed bad. 4 trips to Fry's Electronics (4 too many) and the machine is up and running now.

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This is on my old PC and im trying to fix it but im not sure if the mobo is no good or the psu or what. The PC can power on as well as the fans but maybe 5-10 seconds later the fans turn off and there is no display on the screen but the PSU fan is still going.

AMD Pheonom X4 9550 Quad Core
Nvidia 9100
6 gb ram
64 bit

A:PC Fans Turn On Then OFF No Screen Display.

Have you checked to see if the Ram sticks are pushed in all the way?

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Hi. I just built a new computer, and it has 4 case fans, with lights, and 2 lighted fans on the power supply. This is in my room, and awfully bright if I leave on. I've looked into fan speed controllers, but was wondering, is there a way to have them automatically turn off when I put my computer into sleep mode? I have a clear acryllic case, so thats my biggest problem right there. Thanks.

A:Can I have fans turn off automatically in sleep

If by sleep you mean standby, then you should be able to do that. In the bios, you should be able to select the suspend mode. Chose s3 rather than s1. s1 leaves the fans on, s3 turns them off.

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I have an HP Pavilion a1520y and I went for a two month vacation this summer. When I returned I found out that my computer was doing something it has never done before in my life. When it goes into a low power state (i.e Shut down, hibernation, standby), the power button still stays lit and the fans go crazy. The only way to stop this is to pull the plug. It happens randomly so one week its fine then one day it acts up. I checked my motherboard and the caps are OK. I think there is something wrong with the Power Supply. Please Help Me! This is getting very annoying and it could bring something bigger and worse.

PS: I did upgrade my BIOS and it didn't help the problem.

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Sorry this is so long. There's a condensed version in bold on the bottom with only the pertinent information.

I had posted this quite some time ago, before setting about trying to fix the problem on my own.

I turned my computer on today, and everything was running normally; I went about my business for a couple minutes until it just shut itself off. All the peripherals stayed on and acted like I had just performed a hard shutdown, so I'm pretty sure it's an issue with the computer itself.

If I leave it alone for a while, I can turn it back on, and it works fine until eventually shutting itself off again; the longer I leave it off, the longer it runs when I turn it on again.

I'm hoping this is enough information to provide some sort of diagnosis, as I don't really want to take it in for repairs on what seems like a rather simple problem. Thanks for any help.

edit: Update: Forget what I said above about being able to turn it on; it's completely shot now. I'm guessing the power supply's given out on me. Whenever I plug it in, what I'm guessing is the power supply starts emitting a somewhat faint yet very high-pitched, constant whine; not sure if this is new, or if I just started noticing it because I was taking a closer look at it. Anyway, if anyone disagrees with my conclusion, please let me know. Otherwise, I'll be replacing it pretty soon and hoping.Click to expand...

Now, quite some time has passed, and due to a shodd... Read more

A:Computer won't turn on at all; Curious power supply behavior.

A lot of computers do that first burst of power, I can name 4 that I have had recently, and they are all happy and running (one in now my server), so this is not an issue. Does the computer not turn on at all? If it does not then I ran into one mahcine about a week ago that would not turn on at all, power supply was good, giving out 5 and 12, tested RAM, vid card, HDD's, CD ROM, mobo by itself, and reseated CPU. Nothing, this made me mad. So anyway I pulled the CMOS battery and boom, it worked, long story short it was a CPU recognition issue, dumb I know how it would not even turn on.

Tried pulling the CMOS battery on the new mobo? It is possible to get bad CPU's, I know a guy who went through 3 AMD's before he got one that worked, I do not think the issue is your power supply, it could be something is grounding out against the case or a bad CPU.

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:knock: Today I came home from work and pressed the power button on the computer to which nothing happened. Not a slight power up and turn off, no lights fans, no sign of life. I used it this morning with no problems or indications of anything being wrong and turned it off when I was done, which it shut down properly. It never just turns off in the middle of gaming or anything. What could be the problem with it? Would that be the power supply? I have it plugged into a good surge protector and there was no lightning of weather effects today while I was gone. I turn it off every night before sleeping and when ever i'm done with it. Anyways, thats some usage of it. Its usually on for 6 hours a day or so and its rufly 3 weeks old. (just built). Thanks for any help you guys can give!!


A:Computer doesn't turn on when pressing power button

Jason - from what you describe (and assuming your power outlet is OK), your computer's power supply may have blown. Thankfully, it is an inexpensive part to replace!

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After a power outtage hit my house I tried to start my computer, but it didn't turn on. I opened the computer up thinking it was the power supply. I had the power supply replaced but that wasn't the issue. I also noticed the modem on the motherboard was lit up, so im guessing the motherboard is still ok. Sometimes when i kept turning off the power supply then back on, then try to start the computer i would see a flicker of the power light. Please i need advice on what could be wrong with the computer before i waste money to get it repaired when it could be a easy fix that I can do.

A:Computer doesn't turn on after a power outtage at my house.

did you try and clear cmos

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Help please! My family and I own the HP Envy 23 all-in-one PC. Unfortunately most recently it has stopped turning on. There power light doesn't show nor are there any noises/ beeps. We have checked the power source, so that doesn't seem to be the problem. We purchased a new adaptor (120 W). I've tried the F10, down button, enter button sequence using the wireless keyboard. Nothing has worked.

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My computer will not turn on after an outlet cable that the computer power cord was connected to, seems to have broke and is giving partial electricity every now & then. I have been running tests and trying to figure out why it does not turn on for a full day now and here are the things I discovered:

- I opened up the power supply, and watched it while turning on the computer. I hear a spark-click and another, while the fan goes to spin but immidiatly is stopped, all in under a second. And that is the power on status, it is all it does. It seems as if it starts but then is being backfired.

- On the bottom board of the power supply, on GT3 and GT4 tiny cylinder-like fuses/things (that have a red line on one end and a black line on the other), spark when I very slowly connect the computer to the outlet. Is that normal or is that an electrical leak over a fried part of the board?

- The LAN and interior light both light up when the computer is connected to the outlet, meaning the power supply is not dead? The light up green.

I do not know what to try or how to test for what. And surely do not know what is going on. My guess would be a broken fuse in the power supply if there is one?

There were other electronics connected to this damaged cable, all work perfectly fine, including the computer monitor, peakers, and subwoofer.

Oh and the computer is a Sony VAIO VGC-RA820G that I have had ever since it came out, 2-4 years?

Any help or suggestions?
Maybe so... Read more

A:Power Supply works(?), Computer does not turn on[RESOLVED]

I think you need to have our hardware team investigate this. I'll get your post moved to the relevant area where our hardware team can investigate.

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I have a HP Pavilion 7960 that was used when new for a couple of months, and then stored for a year and a half or so. When I got it out again I have been unable to power it up. The monitor comes on and the little green light at the back of the CPU, but no anything else. I nee HELP....... please.

A:(Resolved) power switch doesn't turn on computer

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Hey guys, I just built my computer. When I shut down my computer and turn it back on the next day. I get a blue screen saying "Check to be sure you have adequate disk space."

I notice that when I shut down my computer, I need to turn off my power supply and the next day my computer will work. I must have did something wrong. Can anyone help me?

System Components:
Asus P7P55D-E Pro
Intel Core i5-750
Noctua NH-U12P SE2
XFX Radeon HD 4890
G.Skill F3-12800CL7D Eco 4GB DDR3-1600
Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB SATA2


A:Need to shut off my psu and turn it back on to get my computer to work

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I'd greatly appreciate some help, please, to reverse something I think I caused.

My Windows XP SP3 laptop will no longer turn off using Start / Turn Off Computer;
computer will neither turn off or restart.

This started while I was freeing space on my laptop, during which I did both
some Remove programs from Control Panel, and manual file / folder deletions.

Was freeing space getting ready to look into why new, blank DVD-R discs are
reading as having 0 used and free space, on Toshiba DVD-ROM SD-R2312, which
reads 'used' discs correctly.

A:Solved: Start / Turn Off Computer won't work. Now I DId It.

Goto Start

Select: Run

Type: "Cmd" to enter the command prompt

Once inside the command prompt type "Chkdsk"

let it complete the scan for any errors if it comes across any paste them here , or use the fix option if given.

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I have a Dell Inspiron 518 desktop Pc. The computer worked fine for a long tme, then the next day i pushed the power button and nothing happens. i tried using another working power cable but it did not work. The only light that comes on is a yellowish green light on the back of the tower just below when the power cable gets plugged in. I took the front off and used my finger to push the button on the inside but it doesnt turn on. Any help is very much appreciated. Thank you.

A:Power button on Dell Desktop doesnt turn the computer on

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I have an HP desktop. I accidentally hit the standby button on the keyboard. It started to put my computer into standby but seems to have completely powered it down. I couldn't turn it back on at all. I've tried hitting the power button and unplugging the computer. Nothing works. There is a green light near the power cord in the back blinking and that's it. I've tried unplugging all peripherals before plugging the power back in. I've also tried unplugging it and pressing the power button a few times before plugging it back in. I just can't get it to turn back on.

A:Computer wont turn on after standby - power light blinking

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OS : Win 7 Ultimate SP 1

Problem :
I can not log on windows with power button.
So, for the detail :
1. When i turn on my PC (use power button)
2. It's on then go to dual boot menu then I press enter on
windows 7
3. Then, the normal boot appear (windows logo with "starting
windows" text)
4. After that, the screen goes blank, just black screen
without cursor

my vga and ram is ok, I already use the latest driver for my
vga card

I can start my win xp normally (my dual boot is win 7 and
win xp)

I can start my win 7 with safe mode and low resolution

I also can start my win 7 normally after I force restart my
PC with reset button

Any help would be appreciate

sorry for my bad English, I'm Indonesian


A:Blank screen after booting if turn on computer with power button

Try disabling the display adapter in safe mode.
Safe Mode
Why is my screen black when I start Windows 7?

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So...this freezing has just started happening bout 3-4 weeks ago. Whenever i start up my PC after around 10 or less minutes my whole computer freezes, i cant do anything. alt,ctr,del dosnt work or anything. so i have to turn to power off :l This is harmful to my computer and its pretty new aswell. Here are my specs.

Processer: Intel i5 760 @ 2.88Ghz (4cpus) ~ 2.5GHZ
Direct x11
NIVIDIA Geforece 460
Windows 7 64bit


A:Computer freezes except for mouse, i have to turn power switch off then back on.

Have you tried cleaning your System Unit, is it free of dust?

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OS : Win 7 Ultimate SP 1

Problem :
I can not log on windows with power button.
So, for the detail :
1. When i turn on my PC (use power button)
2. It's on then go to dual boot menu then I press enter on
windows 7
3. Then, the normal boot appear (windows logo with "starting
windows" text)
4. After that, the screen goes blank, just black screen
without cursor

my vga and ram is ok, I already use the latest driver for my
vga card

I can start my win xp normally (my dual boot is win 7 and
win xp)

I can start my win 7 with safe mode and low resolution

I also can start my win 7 normally after I force restart my
PC with reset button

A:Blank screen after booting if turn on computer with power button

Sorry, Connection error make double thread posted

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i turn it on i can hear the fan etc.. the green button comes on my monitor saying its on then theres just a blank screen, the computer does endup coming up like after 30 minutes. ive checked all the cables and everything and it still wont work. ive scanned my computer for viruses and nothing apart from a few tracking cookies.

A:My computer wont turn on when i click the power button for like 30minutes.

bad switch and/or bad psu

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Problem description:
I built my computer in January 2008. When it is turned on, there is a blue light on the front panel next to the power button that burns steadily (Case is from Cooler Master).

Most nights I turn my computer off when I go to bed. Sometimes though I don't and leave it running all night. The longest I've ever had it on non-stop is probably about 72 hours. After about 30 minutes my monitor goes on standby and switches off. It wakes up and returns to desktop when I press a button or move the mouse.

Last night I kept it on. It had been off the previous night so it was probably now running for about 20 hours. When I returned to it this morning I moved the mouse and pressed some buttons and nothing happened.

I tried turning the monitor on and off but it remained on standby.
So I decided to restart the computer. I pressed the restart button on the front panel but nothing happened. I held down the main power button for 20 seconds and nothing happened. At this point I noticed that the blue light was flashing instead of steadily burning.
The only way I could turn it off was by turning off the psu power button at the back.

I can not get the POST screen to appear. In summary, I can not get my computer to boot up when I turn it on. I can only turn it off by disconnecting the power.

When I press the power button, the blue light flashes; and the numlock, capslock and third light on my keyboard flash as well. The monitor does not turn on and there are no beep... Read more

A:Computer can't POST, turn off - flashing power, keyboard lights

Do you have a multimeter or a friend that does so you can test the power supply?

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Hi i have a issue with my  HP Pavilion g6-2231ec. I used it without battery because battery is dead, just power connector.  Notebook works normaly but on a next day it won't turn on. It only blink one time near power plugin. When pressing the power button the button light doesn't even light.I tried to test it with friend power adapter but won't turn on. But we tried to get battery to it (without adapter), and everything works. I decided to change power DC Jack Power Cable and it doesn't help. It is the same. I don't understand what's wrong. Thanks for reply.

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Hello Forum,

Summary: Weird burning smell for 2 or 3 boots --> Doesn't turn on, no sounds or lights from comp --> replaced power supply --> worked for a few boots --> back to completely nonresponsive state 15 mins later (details follow....)

I do not know the system specs and I can't find them out without posting this issue at this time. It may not be that necessary to know the details but I can find out soon if necessary. Let's just say it is NOT a new computer - the motherboard is large - I could tell you the model in a later post - the processor is 1.x GHz, something like 512 MB RAM, I have 2 HDs. I am running Win XP.

Old Power supply: Was pretty old, up to 10 years old but maybe a few years younger (300 or 350 W). I haven't seen the computer much for 3 years since I started using and it was upgraded in the meantime.

One day I turned on my computer and shortly afterwards the room started smelling like burning metal/rubber or something acridly foul. Opened the case and nothing seemed to be boiling or noticeably hot, though I didn't really touch around. The only thing that was reasonably warm was the P/S. I thought I noticed the smell coming from it but it was only slightly smellier in that area, at most. Didn't add anything special or change anything in comp recently beforehand. Played loud music on in the night before but the speakers have their own power supply.

So I decided to replace the P/S - I purchased an hec HP485D 485W ... Read more

A:Solved: Computer Won't Turn on, no lights, replaced power supply

It's extremely likey that when your PSU blew it damaged your mobo as well. If you have removed and replaced everything else and nothing works then it's either your mobo or cpu. In this case it's likely your mobo.

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I have a Compaq Presario, Windows Vista Basic, around 3 gigs of RAM.

I recently rearranged my room, and when I went to go plug everything back in for my computer, the power supply light started to flicker when it was fine the day before.
I don't remember this ever happening before; it's still green, it just flickers rapidly and I can hear it.
I thought it was a temporary thing, but my power button is completely unresponsive and it will not turn on.

I have had my power supply replaced twice prior, and I fear I may have accidentally surged my power supply when I plugged it back in.
I would like to know if this is the only cause, I have tried different outlets, and even checked to make sure that I didn't mix up my power supply cable with my monitor or printer, but the results are the same.
Even when I unplug any power source, the light flickers and gradually dies, as compared to going out immediately.

The last time I replaced my power supply was around October of 2009, due a faulty fan.
The time before, was October 2007, when the power supply just shorted out.

This time I am completely confused since it was working the day prior, and wonder if my moving it would have caused something. It seems so unlikely, but due to my bad history with power supplies, I am prone to assume it is the same problem.
But if anyone has any other suggestions, please help.

Thank you for your time.

A:Solved: Power Supply light flickering, computer won't turn on

Since you moved the computer I would open the case and make sure all the powersupply connections to the mobo and peripherals are tight.

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I have an HP media center PC running x64 Vista, when I usually put the PC in sleep mode (I'm assuming s3?) the case fans, PS fans and CPU fan would all cut off, now they do not. I have been reading and scanning forums all day on the subject and find no fixes. The closest thing I can come to is a registry setting? There are no power management options in BIOS(the BIOS is the most recent release, I checked).

Any suggestions appreciated!
JC Carmichael

A:Motherboard fans won't turn off in sleep mode anymore.

Fans won't cut off as in woon't turn off or keep on going? Have you tried flashing the BIOS?

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Hi, I would firstly like to apologize for not being able to update my user CP or tell you what my CPU/Mobo is. I can't get my computer to turn on and can't access the info.

This happened while I was trying to reset everything on my computer (because there was a problem with my NIC). I unplugged everything and replugged them into their respective places, and now I can't seem to turn my computer on. Everything was working fine (except the NIC) prior to my resetting. Now the problem is when I turn on the power, there would be a small delay before it would turn on, and when it does turn on, the lights in front of the computer (for the on switch) flash, the flashing intervals are synchronized with the rate the CPU fan turns on and off. The case fan is running constantly however and it is blowing out cool air. I have done some searching on the forums, and I have heard that it was because I unplugged the 12-20 wire that connects the power button (in the front) to the CPU. I unplugged this wire and the fans still turn on and off, except the front LED's can't flash. If anyone can help me, that would be most appreciated.

A:Lights flash, fans turn on and off, comp remains off.

You gotta do some more diagnostics.
But before I'll start listing them, I have one question:
Before you've removed components from your computer did you un-plug it from AC outlet? Cause if you didn't you may've damaged motherboard or any other component for that matter. I know it sounds silly but I'm just making sure.
Anyway, do as follows:
Unplug the power. Open the case and re-sit you memory modules and if you have to re-sit your CPU chip. Re-sit all your add-on cards (sound, video etc.) Make sure you re-install the CPU heatsink properly. Make sure that all cards and modules are snug and properly sitted in the motherboard.
Note! Dont' ever operate your CPU without properly installed heatsink, ever!
Plug it back in and the try to boot. If it's still no go:
Unplug it. Pull all the cards out except for the video card. Disconnect all your drives: hard drives, cd/dvd-rom/rw drives, floppy drive(s) etc. Actually disconnect everything from you motherboard except for: CPU, 1 memory module and video card (and of course power supply - make sure the 12V+ cpu plug is in the motherboard!). Plug in and power on. See what happens. If it's still no go move the memory module to a different slot; power on; still no go - pull the video card out: plug-in power on; still no go:
- Your power supply, motherboard, memory module or CPU has gone bad - you gotta swap them out with differnt component to test if this fixes the problem; star... Read more

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Hi all,
I've got an Asus ROG G752VL-DH71 here and the fans have suddenly switched to 100% - though the temp of everything seems quite fine (hottest is 51 degrees, gpu) and the CPU usage is at 8% average, disk usage no more than 20%.. I cannot find out why these fans are on 100%, so loud, and why I'm unable to change this!!

Someone please help

A:Asus ROG G752VL-DH71 - Loud fans won't turn off or down

What are your CPU temps? Use a CPU Temp monitoring program like Core Temp or Real Temp to monitor your CPU temps. Also, are you sure it is your CPU fan or the GPU fans? Please follow these suggestions to give us the info we may need to help you.

Please fill out your System Specs
Your System Specs will help us to help you, and doing it in this manner will make them available to all helpers in every post and keep us from hunting for them. We ask that you fill them out in as much detail as possible including Desktop or Laptop, Model number if it is an OEM computer and all components with the Manufacturer and Model number if possible. If you will go to your last post and click the 'System Specs' in the bottom left of the post, you will find a link to update your system specs. Please fill those out in as much detail as possible, making sure to click save at the bottom of the page. If you would like to know what we would like, you can click 'My System Specs' at the bottom left of this post to see mine. If you do not know what your components are, this will help you accomplish this task. System Specs - Fill in at Ten Forums

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This morning I came to my computer and it had a BSOD from my wireless adapter driver. This has happened a few times before. But when I turned it off and tried to turn it back on, it wont start! As soon as I press the power button, the lights flash and the fans get one jolt of power causing them to spin and die out immediately and then everything stops in under a seccond. What could be causing this? I did add a new new hard drive to my computer yesterday, but it has restarted fine a few times since then, and unplugging it didn't fix the problem. Other than that, I can't think of anything that is different that would be causing this. Any ideas?

A:Solved: Computer turns off immediately after pushing power button when I turn it on

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We got a Compaq Presario S6500NX from a friend who had upgraded to another computer and we can't get it to work. It ran fine before he brought it to us, however, once we got it here and tried to power it up it wouldn't start at all.

On the power supply in the back the green light blinks and clicks rapidly when the cord is plugged in, and pressing the power button does nothing at all.

Interestingly, a few minutes ago I took it out of storage, (we got the computer months ago and gave up when we couldn't get it running) plugged it in by itself and it powered up just fine, the fan turned on and everything! So I opened it up and cleaned out some of the dust (I didn't have it plugged into a monitor or anything, I just wanted to see if it was still doing the same thing it had months ago) and, lo and behold, when I tried to turn it on again with everything plugged in, I got the blinking/clicking green light and no power up.

What could be the problem here? I know the whole thing isn't totally shot because it DID power up just fine a few minutes ago. But now we're back to the blinking clicking light (instead of the steady green glow that usually happens when the power supply cord is plugged in). It leads me to believe that something's loose, but I don't dare mess with the power supply box unless I know what I'm doing...

Another question is, if the power supply isn't fixable, would it be possible to replace it with the power supply ... Read more

A:Solved: Power supply light blinking/clicking, computer won't turn on

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I have had this desktop for quite some time now but i don't just want to give up on it without trying to see if i could make it work again because it has on tons of songs and pictures.
Anyway the fans started acting up and every time i turned it on it had a high revving sound. Soon after the fans stopped working and when i press the power button it failed to power up. I allowed months to pass i just connected it to the power again and the orange/amber light came on flashing for about 5 minutes then it disappeared for good. What could be the problem? Do I just throw it out or it could be fixed?

A:Dell Dimension 3000 fans stopped working PC won't turn on

I've seen this on a few Dells in the past. First thing to check is the power supply.

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I have upgraded to Windows 7 x64 from Windows XP. With Windows XP, shutdown/reboot/sleep were working perfectly fine but now with Windows 7 x64 the PC refuses to shutdown completely. The fans/LED/CPU remain on. Same thing if I chose to sleep the computer. I need to press the power button for 4 seconds to completely shutdown the PC. I've tried:

- A clean boot;
- Deactivating all non essential services;
- Looking into devices power management tabs and deactivated accordingly what was needed;
- A Safe Boot;
- Reverting certain drivers to older versions (network card, GPU);
- Resetting bios. The Bios is up-to-date;
- Doing a sfc /scannow.

None of the above changed a thing. The outcome is always the same. The only difference with a Safe Boot is that the shutdown process hangs at the "Shutting Down..." window and therefore I need to hard reset the computer as well. Windows 7 is fully up-to-date.

In order to eliminate possible hardware issues I booted the PC with a backup drive of my old installation of Windows XP. Shutdown works perfectly. So it does not seem to be hardware related.

I have made a Shutdown Trace that can be found here. Could any expert have a look at it and tell me if he notices anything out of the ordinary?

Thank you.

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The fans on my video card work fine in UEFI & Ubuntu but when I load windows they turn off upon the windows login screen loading

They also seem to stutter a little like they're trying to turn back on but never do. This is only an issue when running windows and wasn't a problem the other day, but I think there were a bunch of updates that installed since then.

What could cause this and how do I fix it?

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after serching all night to find out why his computer is in limbo, i leave my brother's house without finding needed help. his computer won't turn off...the fan, a couple little lights until he unplugs it from the wall. first, the computer did a restart all by itself, he said, then it would not turn on, except the fan and little lights inside that won't turn off. he took out the hard drive and it functions in his other computer...he puts the hard drive back into the new computer and it will not turn on or completely turn off that fan. he tried the "hold the on/off button for at least five seconds" step and nothing changes. he has had the computer for a year and a half, so he really wants to figure this out. how can he even get it to turn on so he could do a safe start up? so far we cannot find a way to troubleshoot. he have checked the cords, perhaps there was a freeze up that began this loop and that's why the fan stays on? please say this is something you have heard of and there may be a solution. the advice we have found usually goes back to buying a new computer. thanks in advance, tea

A:what's a girl to do when her computer won't turn off, or turn on?

Welcome to TechSpot

I'd unplug all drives and add-on cards (such as soundcard if there is one), and try booting then.

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Windows XP Home Edition SP1

Computer won’t turn on says power save need some Info-Please Read??

I worked on this ladies computer 10/7/04 and 10/8/04 and this is starting like the same problem. The problem then was her computer would not come on the monitor would have a small box that said power saving mode and would disappear and the computer would not come on, you could hear the computer trying to start and then powering down and then trying to start and then powering down.

At first I thought it was the power supply but I changed it and that was not it. I finally opened it up and disconnected the CD-ROM and the Floppy drive and then it started. I then hooked up the floppy drive and it started and then I hooked the CD-ROM back up and the computer started up. It was like that reset it or something. Anyway

Then I started working on it and
CWshredder found one problem (did not write that one down)
Adware SE- 422 problems
Spybot S&D- 258 problems
No Host files
She had no antivirus program
Ran the adware vx2 and it was present and deleted it
I ran defrag
Ran ck disk
Deleted her temp files, cookies, history
Her HJT Log was a mess Deleted 25 items from it
I put AVG antivirus on for her
You can see that her computer was a mess
I did all this with the help of your forum; I could never have done all that by myself.

Everything was going fine, I started checking some peoples computers on a monthly basis just to make sure they were running the adware,spybot,spyblaste... Read more

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Hello I have quite a frustrating problem, last week on my last PC I was having problems with it slowing down in games even though it was more than fast enough to handle them, after trying to trouble shoot it, my screen randomly went black after I restarted it the front LEDs wouldn't turn on, my keyboard and mouse would not light up and the screen was black, though all fans would turn on, so I started to trouble shoot, I bought a new PSU, I tested my GPU in my roommates computer. And I replaced the ram with my roommates ram, I posted on other forums and they said it was likely my mobo or CPU, so I went ahead and used it as an excuse to upgrade, I bought a new core i5 4690k CPU and an MSI z87 mobo, put everything together and still the exact same problem. The only components I haven't replaced are the fans and my computer case / power button and audio/USB jacks. I don't know what to do now, could it be that there is something wrong with my power button coming from the case that is causing all this? (Note the front LEDs flash for a split second when I turn the PC on or off)

A:Solved: brand new PC won't turn on, fans start but no front LEDs or signal to monitor

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Hey Everyone,

OK well here is my problem. Recently my dad moved his PC from his house to his office (onsite). This is about a 200 meters walk outside. It happend to be in the middel of an electrical storm, wasn't raining but lots of lighting. Since then, i have set his computer up again and it doesn't work at all. I have opened the case to have a look and noticed that all the fans are working, the motherboard LEDS work, as does DVD drive, but not the Burner, the graphics card fan works (which is powered through the mother board). The USB inputs are producing no power and the graphic card isn't producing any connection to the monitor. What seems to happen is the copmuter turns on but nothing works. Is it fried? What do you think has happended and why?

Thanks, any interest would be appreciated. I have also taken both hard drives out and installed into second PC to check is they are working. Both the hard drives are not recognized.

I am lost of what to do?

Regard Liam

A:POWER works, FANS work, PC DEAD?????

You get NOTHING but moving fans? No beeps or anything, no input to monitor?

First thing I'd do is re-seat your ram modules. Just take them out and plug them in again. They may have come a little loose on the move. Happened to me once and scared the :hotouch: out of me.

If that doesn't do it, take out your vid card (if you have one) and re-seat it. Do it to all your add-in cards.

Let us know if this works, and welcome to Techspot!

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Just got a new to me P3 computer up and running. Sometimes during star up it does not recognize the PS2 keyboard. Which makes it hard to go into my password protected User ID. When trying to shut down it will keep a few things running like some fans and the CD drive. But it does not sound like the Hard Drive is spinning.

If I use the XP to shutdown it goes into this limbo stage of neither off nor on, same goes for the power button on the front of the computer. It will either start up the computer or turn it to the limbo mode. Upon starting up, I can use the mouse to get it all the way into a non password protected XP users screen but can't do anything without the keyboard working. In the process of setting up I have had everything working earlier today but this keyboard and limbo status has been an intermitent problem. What should I try?

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