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Does anyone know of a utility to create a bootable clone of a Windows system?

Q: Does anyone know of a utility to create a bootable clone of a Windows system?

I want to create a bootable clone of my windows drive. I want to reinstall my whole system then clone it, so the next time I do a clean reinstall I can just go from this clone instead of having to actually reinstall and reconfigure everything. However I do not know of a program that can clone my drive and be bootable. I have tried Acronis true image, I have tried driveimage xml, I have tried paragon and a couple others, but none of them have produced a cloned drive which is BOOTABLE. Boot fails every time, and certain programs like acronis don't even make a cloned drive, they make some proprietary backup file which needs to be decompressed, and therefore is fundamentally useless, since I can't access any of the data without having that original program to decompress it. I want a program that will create an exact copy of my windows drive, so that I, theoretically, can remove my original windows drive from the machine, and still be able to boot from this clone in a perfectly seamless and functional manner.

Does anyone know of a software which can do this? Thanks!!

A: Does anyone know of a utility to create a bootable clone of a Windows system?

I don't have much faith in software imaging solutions either after simulating an emergency with Acronis and finding that it didn't work. Maybe I did something wrong but this type of software is not something most people are going to be practised at using. I have a hard drive copy station and made a direct copy to an extra hard drive for my main system. Occasionally I connect up that drive and make sure Windows is updated then revert to the original drive. It's not perfect but I feel more secure knowing that I can switch the connectors in my desktop and engage a useable drive if disastrer strikes. A copy station will only work to mirror a hard drive to another hard drive of at least equal storage capacity to the first one.

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I want to create a bootable clone of my windows drive. I want to reinstall my whole system then clone it, so the next time I do a clean reinstall I can just go from this clone instead of having to actually reinstall and reconfigure everything. However I do not know of a program that can clone my drive and be bootable. I have tried Acronis true image, I have tried driveimage xml, i have tried paragon and a couple others, but none of them have produced a cloned drive which is BOOTABLE. Boot fails every time, and certain programs like acronis don't even make a cloned drive, they make some proprietary backup file which needs to be decompressed, and therefore is fundamentally useless, since i can't access any of the data without having that original program to decompress it. I want a program that will create an exact copy of my windows drive, so that I, theoretically, can remove my original windows drive from the machine, and still be able to boot from this clone in a perfectly seamless and functional manner.

Does anyone know of a software which can do this? Thanks!!

A:Does anyone know of a utility to create a bootable clone of a Windows system?

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Sorry to ask a question that has been asked quite frequently, but I need some advice on how to make a bootable clone of my Windows 7 HD to a brand new spanking HD. The reason I am asking this is because my fully licienced Windows 7 has been running on a 6 year old 320gb WD hard drive and I'm worried one day its going to pack up. I have a new Samsung F1 1TB (currently mac format) that I want to clone onto...

As I am really new to Windows and its achitecture I would just like a point in the right direction i.e. what software to use, etc. as there seems to be so many ways and options. I have no partitions either, and I'm not fussed on having any on the Samsung, only if recommended though.

This shouldn't make any difference, but I am actually running Windows 7 on a MacPro, but as I mentioned earlier, on a dedicated hard drive and not a bootcamp partition.

Thanks in advance!

A:Advice on how to create a bootable clone of my Windows 7 HD

On this forum, I'd guess the preferred software for that would be Macrium.

But most people would use imaging, rather than a clone, to protect against a possible drive failure.

Below is the cloning screen in Macrium 5.0 Free Edition.

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I got a Windows 8 usb pendrive from Dell.
It has two partitions of different format (FAT & NTFS).

I want to create a single image/clone of the pendrive.
Now, I tried ImageUSB by passmark; but it's creating two different Images for those two partitions.
But I want a single image of the whole pendrive.

Any idea??

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I need to discuss this idea with several of the top Win XP Pro experts to determine if it is possible. If possible, write a step by step procedure

My idea is to maintain a set of up-to-date backups Full & Incremental using XP backup utility saved to a USB Hard Drive. Then if the consultants Lap-Top?s Hard Drive that runs the OS fails!

Rough Draft:
Install new HD in computer.
Boot from a customized bootable CD.
Format new HD (NTSF or FAt32)
CD should load:
Win boot, XP restore utility & USB drivers
Restore full & incremental backup files from all available backups

A:(wanted) To Create A Xp Bootable Cd With Usb & Xp Restore Utility

There are a couple of different options here. If you want a fairly up to date back up with most of your data, programs, etc. then look at this material laid out by Fred Langa ( you just want to be able to reinstall windows with most of the updates in place, you can create a windows xp sp 2 disk by slip streaming, look at this site of what you are suggesting is present in windows xp. But you can add various utilities to the xp sp 2 disk.

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Hey guys, it is good to be back on here as my problems are always solved, it has probably been a few years since my last visit! Anyway I am still running my 2006 Dell XPS 400 machine with windows XP SP3 media Center edition. It has a dual core 3ghz pentium CPU, 2GB ram, a 320gb Western Digital hard drive that is less than half full,and an Nvidia GeForce 6800 graphics card. love this machine so darn much as it does everything that I personally wanted to has one I had made back in 2006. And I absolutely love Windows XP. So being that the thing is 7 1/2 years old and I have never had a prior desktop last over 5 years without a hard drive failure, I feel as if I am running on borrowed time. This saddens me as I take great care of this machine and love it to death. Have everything set up the way that I like and I'm very comfortable with it, I don't adapt well to change LOL. So I recently began researching and found that hardware parts are pretty cheap now for this, but if the hard drive fails I will lose everything. So rather than install a new hard drive should this happen, and then boot from the original six and a half-year-old disks. Drivers, try to find lost photos, etc. I have learned about cloning software and have been researching it. So I purchased a Acronos true image 2014 an external Seagate 1TB HD (for other stuff too photos for the wife etc), And an internal hard drive dock, as well as a brand-new 320 GB Western Digital 3.5" 7200 RPM hard drive. Identica... Read more

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I saw this link (again) today and it seems that many users need to read it and implement the suggestions:How to Create a Bootable Windows XP Setup CD-DVD from a Pre-loaded-Preinstalled Windows System ( - Louis

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Hi Guys,

This is the first time I am posting the question, the issue seems to be very simple, I just wanted to know if "I Can I create a Windows 98 bootable CD/Floopy in Windows Xp System" Please help me resolve this problem.


A:Can I create a Windows 98 bootable CD in Windows Xp System

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Hi Guys I hope that this doesn't sound too silly a question, but here goes: Laptop bought Dec 2014, Win 8.  Updated to Win 8.1.  Now upgraded to Win 10 via the MS free upgrade. I then ran the "Create recovery media tool" and produced the recovery drive (19GB+) - ie just after the Win 10 upgrade. Does anyone know if I can verify if the USB I have created holds Windows 8, 8.1 or 10? Also, can anyone explain why the same process (home made PC rather than HP laptop) produces a recovery drive of just over 4GB?  Both USBs were created within an hour of each other, and each of the computers has virtually the same 3rd party software on them. Many thanks for your sagacious help. ChilliFix

A:does create recovery media utility create utility for window...

ChilliFix, welcome to the forum. I believe that the Recovery media will be for Windows 8.  This is the original OS.  The app to make it is set for the original configuration.  You would be able to Reset the computer to Win 10 using the Recovery Manager, however. I am not certain of the reason for the difference in the size of the Recovery media.  I believe that it has to do with the fact that it Recovers the OS and all of the apps, as well as, the Recovery partition.  This would be done on a custom computer. Please click the Thumbs up + button if I have helped you and click Accept as Solution if your problem is solved.

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I am cloning my Windows 10 OS partition.

My HDD have
450MB Recovery partition
100MB EFI System partition
(C: 239.2GB NTFS (Boot, Page File, Crash Dump, Primary Partition)

I cloned (C: ) to an External HDD, however it is not bootable.
Should I also clone other partitions for able to work or I missing some steps?

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Hi, My daughters hard drive on her Acer is shot It is an all in one. It ran Windows 7. I bought a new hard drive but I do not want to Purchase another copy of windows 7 or 8 for that matter. Is it possible to clone my sons hard drive on his Inspiron to a new hard drive and use it in my daughters pc? My sons runs windows 7 also, and could I use the Windows 7 key from the acer to register windows 7? Would it be bootable?


A:Making a clone of windows 7 bootable to another hardrive on a different pc

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I normally use Acronis True Image for backup and recovery. Fine for file and folder recovery, but I want a reliable full system image of the Windows 7 PCs before upgrading to Window 10. I've just discovered that the Acronis bootable recovery system could not read always my backups so I'm trying the Windows Backup and Restore utility.

For some reason I get an I/O error when backing up to a Western Data 3 TB USB 3 external drive. (Interestingly Acronis writes to the disk with no problem, and, after a few false starts, the recovery system has no problem reading it.) Before I research this more, is there any reason the Windows Backup and Restore utility would have trouble creating a system image backup on a 3 TB USB 3 external drive?

The backup seems to be working fine to an old Seagate 2 TB USB 2 external drive. Is there any way to verify the backup once it is created? The Acronis recovery system had trouble reading backup fines on this disk even though Windows (and Acronis TI 2015 running on Windows) had no trouble reading and writing. I want to make sure the Microsoft recovery system does not have the same problem. But I don't want to do an actual recovery just to validate the backup.

And finally, Process Explorer shows no disk I/O even though the backup seems to be progressing (slowly). Is this I/O somehow hidden. My Kaspersky security software does show I/O activity.

A:Create system image utility - some general questions

Ok. I found the cause for the error when trying to create the system image backup on my WD 3 TB drive. Searching for error code 2155348010 I found several hits. Many large external drives - not just WD - now use a sector size of 4096 bytes rather than the 512 bytes expected by the image copy creation utility.

One such explanation is at

WD has a utility to reformat its drives and turn on support to emulate 512 byte sectors, but that lowers performance. And I would have to backup and restore my backup disk because the reformatting obviously clears the drive. Not worth it since I've now created the system image on another drive (temporarily borrowed from another PC).

I've read the Win8 supports the 4096 byte sector size. Hopefully Win10 does, too.

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I'm having some issues creating a bootable usb on Mavricks 10.9. I've used bootcamp with a windows 7 iso that i downloaded from here Windows 7 Direct Download Links, Official Disk Images from Digital River. Bootcamp does the whole process, but will not actually read the usb pen drive as bootable.
I read this think on the forums about uefi booting UEFI Bootable USB Flash Drive - Create in Windows but for some reason i still can't seem to get the thing to recognize windows 7 as bootable in any way.
I was able to install windows 8, but i was not able to get sound to work even with the drivers that were supplied on the apple forums, i'm really hoping someone can help, because i Really don't like mac os, i've been using windows from the beginning. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advanced.

Edit: i forgot to mention i do have access to a virtual machine to also create a bootable disk, i tried the rufus tool and it didn't work either. not sure if i had the settings all correct,

A:How can i create a windows 7 bootable usb on osx?

Macrium Reflect perhaps:

Macrium Reflect FREE Edition - Information and download

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hi there

how to create a bootable windows 7 for any different kind motherboard and processor.
just like computer shop they just clone the windows for fews minute then everything done include the software.

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Please tell me how to create a Bootable Windows XP installation CD with SP2 integrated but using your existing CD ?

A:Create a Bootable Windows XP SP2 CD

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My uncle's windows xp computer have CD drive but not DVD. I have backed up windows 7 files onto my computer. Anyway I can burn the files onto CDs? I want to put the CDs into my uncle's computer and be able to install windows 7.


an I able to copy all the files onto his windows xp computer and install windows 7 from the desktop?

A:Anyway To Create Bootable Windows 7 CDs?

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Just purchased my first Windows 7 Professional (64-bit) PC (Hewlett Packard). No media was supplied with the machine and I have been advised that media is not shipped anymore (apparantley it is Microsoft's way of ensuring media cannot be loaded onto several systems).

Reading comments on the internet it seems clear that I have to make an ISO file, but I'm unsure what directory/files I need to pick and copy.

Can someone please assist.

A:Create a bootable Windows 7 DVD

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I heard geek squad mention that they boot to a "virtual" operating system to run tests on the hardware of computers. I wanted to know how they do this. I did some research and found Bart PE Builder. I built a bootable windows xp and it works like a charm on XP systems. I was able to boot up and backup the system before restoring it. I tried it on a windows 7 computer but it did not work. I'm reading it is not compatible and I need to use Windows PE.

My question is, how can I create a bootable or portable windows PE disk that is compatible windows 7 computers? I downloaded the AIK here Download: Windows? AIK for Windows? 7 - Microsoft Download Center - Download Details

I burned it with Deep Burner as an iso and the computer will not boot to the disc. It skips right past it. I'm reading I may need to modify the registry with some batch files in order to get PE to work. It looks a little complex. My question is how can I do this if the computers Im working on are not bootable (Operating system is corrupt with BSOD ect..).

I would like to use this disk to work on customer computers to back them up without removing the HD and test them. It can be a pain to remove the HD in some systems such as the all in one touchsmarts... I don't really like using the "Ultimate Boot Disc" all that much. Would like to figure out how to create a bootable or portable disc to boot to and backup computers with a file manager of some sort. Thanks in advance.

A:How to create bootable disk windows PE

I've figured out the answer to my own question after much research and wanted to share if anyone reads this. The batch files or scripts that I was reading were necessary to create a bootable Windows PE disc , not modifying the registry on the host computer. theres some guides out there on how to do it but I chose to search pirate bay for someone who has already set them up. Just search "windows pe". They are already configured with apps and drivers so I dont have to create my own. Hope that helps anyone with the same problem.

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Download and install 'Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool' from Microsoft official store; link: Microsoft Store Online, It is a freeware
Note: 1. For installation, read: Microsoft Store Online
2. It works for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, & Windows XP SP2

After the installation is complete, make a copy of Windows 7 or Windows 8 ISO file by following the inline steps:

1. Press 'Start' button and click on 'Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool' in the 'All Programs' tab
2. In the 'Source File' box, type the name & path of ISO file or click 'Browse' button to select the file from 'Open' dialog box and click 'Next'.
3. Select the USB device to create a copy of the ISO file

When the ISO file is copied onto the USB drive, restart you PC and go to BIOS settings to make the USB drive as the first bootable device.

A:How to create Bootable Windows 7/8 USB drive

It would be good idea to ensure that the computer has the option to boot from a USB first because some older machines will only give you the option to boot from a CD/DVD before the HDD.

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Hello all, I'm really hoping someone can help me out- I have completely screwed up my little toshiba netbook and am trying to install windows 7 with an iOS on a bootable usb- how can I create that with my surface? Seeing as it doesn't have any optical drive (that I'm aware of) and I cannot download any programs to burn the ISO to the usb... PLEASE HELP! My surface is the only access I have to any computer system...

A:Create a Windows 7 Bootable USB using my Surface RT

Hi Bramsey88 and welcome,
Here is a link Using cmd prompt, it is also not very clear on an ISO stored on your comp
Just reread it and it is not clear for ISO files, Perhaps someone else could help there
Good luck

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I want to make bootable installation USB for Windows XP. Can you tell me what is the best program that i can use for this?

A:Best program to create Windows XP bootable USB?

Hi there are a few and each has it's own challenges here is one How to create bootable USB drive in Windows.

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Hi all,

Does anyone know how I am able to create a Uefi Bootable USB Flash drive that contains both windows 7 and windows 10 ?

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I already have a windows 2000 cd but it doesnot boot.When i enter into the cd trough floppy and type the setup file it says this program cannot be run in MS-DOS mode..can any one help me how to creat a windows 2000 bootable cd

A:Create a windows 2000 bootable cd

There is software at the back end of a Windows 2000 CD that will help you create a 4-floppy boot set. There is also a download at Microsoft, but it is difficult to find. You can also copy the install files to sectors on the hard drive, then boot or install from those sectors.
Creating a Windows 2000 boot disc otherwise is extremely difficult, as Microsoft intentionally made it impossible to do.
Usually a W2K disk that does not boot is damaged by scratches. You can use one of the buffing or polishing devices to polish the disc (but don't overdo it) which will usually fix most problems except deep scratches that run diagonally.
We cannot tell you how to make an illegal copy, as per the policy of this forum. I can send you a CD if you have your own legal product ID, but there are 11 different versions of W2K, so you need the right match between the CD and the Product Key or ID.

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Hello gang..
A blonde moment..
Well I was thinking how would it be if I created my own install disk with all programs and windows updates running recently on my machine..
I don't think I have to explain how much pain we all go trough after windows crash, and having to reinstall all everything all over again.
I did some googlin' but all I found was few pages on how to slipstream SP2 into Win. XP (without recent security patches)
something I already have, but nothing on how to include existing programs/updates.
Does any of you guy's know how to do it and is willing to share the deep secret with us?
Thanks in advance..

A:How To Create Bootable Windows Xp Installation Cd-rom

Have you thought of digital dolly? to freeware apps

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I have on my pc windows 8.1
What i want to do is to insert simple disk on key i have to my pc usb and with some simple software automatic to create on the disk on key windows 8.1 bootable system.

Not to install windows 8.1 on my laptop but to be able to boot from the disk on key to access my hard drives on the laptop. The problem is that the windows xp system on my laptop is damaged i can't get to the windows xp in any case.

So i want a bootable system on the usb to be able to look into my hard drive/s of my laptop.

How can i do it ? ( I mean that the disk on key will act like c:\ drive so i can then go to d:\ and e:\ and look for my files for backup. )

A:how can i create bootable usb disk on key of my windows 8?

win8.1 will not boot from a usb device as a live OS [mine wouldn't anyway ].except for [windows to go ,but you need win8 enterprise for that ,] You would be better off using Linux live usb to get the files
a how to create llive Linux usb'
How to create a bootable Linux Mint USB drive using Windows ? Everyday Linux User

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hi ,Can anyone provide me with the detailed steps for creating a WinXP SP3 bootable disc?I have SP3 iso file and I have the Win Xp SP2 bootable disc.From these two can I create a WIN XP SP3 bootable?

A:Solved: How to create a Windows XP SP3 bootable?

From these two can I create a WIN XP SP3 bootable?Click to expand...


Its often referred to as slipstreaming
Here is an easy to follow guide, sure it was written for SP2 but the procedure is the same.

There are also specific slipstreaming utilities to assist you in making your own custom install XP CDs, one such is Nlite

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Hello all, I'm really hoping someone can help me out- I have completely screwed up my little toshiba netbook and am trying to install windows 7 with an iOS on a bootable usb- how can I create that with my surface? Seeing as it doesn't have any optical drive (that I'm aware of) and I cannot download any programs to burn the ISO to the usb... PLEASE HELP! My surface is the only access I have to any computer system...

A:Create a Windows 7 Bootable USB on my Surface RT

Need make and model # of PC.
When you try to go online, what happens? How are you reaching BC currently? Are you WLAN or Ethernet on the PC in question?

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Hi all,
I am searching all over the web for want of a simple but harder me thing
That is: How can I make a bootable backup of winodws 7 H. Premium
Actually, I found a software named Macrium Reflect version 5.xxxx which may provide these facility.. But I don't know will it work.. !!!
Now I eagerly want to know, that how can I make a bootable backup (like windows disk)
If you know the better then please suggest me
Sorry for poor English.

A:Create A Bootable backup of running windows 7

Have look at those tutorials:
Best to backup to a external HDD.
System Image Recovery
Backup Complete Computer - Create an Image Backup
Restore Backup User and System Files

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I have a valid Microsoft license for Windows 7 Home Premium for this computer.

I downloaded the ISO file as instructed in another thread. I downloaded and ran the Microsoft USB DVD Download tool. I ran the tool and it starts to copy and then issues a message that it cannot complete. The USB drive is a Kingston 8 Gb and I ran a utility on it and everything is good. I also formatted the USB drive to NTFS. I also downloaded another ISO file from a link at the Microsoft Support Forum and to no avail.

Any ideas what I can do?

A:Unable to create bootable USB drive with Windows 7 ISO

Download the .iso from here: Windows 7 Direct Download Links, Official Disk Images from Digital River

Download and run Universal USB Installer Easy as 1 2 3
Select Windows 7 from the first drop down list, all the way to the bottom
Select the downloaded Windows 7 iso file
Select your USB flash drive
Check the box to have it format the USB flash drive
Click Create

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I have had a complete HDD crash on a satellite L750. (way out of warranty)

I have replaced the HDD with an SSD. I can't access the recovery drive and have long since lost the recovery CD. When I try to download windows from Micros**t with the windows key it tells me its OEM (of course) and to contact Toshiba.

I just want to create a windows 7 bootable USB so I can reinstall the OS using the licence I paid for.

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I'm using Windows 7 Professional as a 32 bit version. Now I want to install Windows 7 Professional 64 bit on my machine from my USB drive.

The problem is that my machine doesn't boot from the USB drive. Anyway, I've tried with a 32 bit version of Windows 7 on my USB drive. This works well, but not with a 64 bit version. Why it doesn't work? Just to be on the safe side, I've tested it several times with other USB drives and followd thoroughly the instructions(diskpart).

A:Create bootable USB drive for Windows 7 x64 on a x86 machine

Hello Coffee, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You can only create a 64-bit Windows 7 bootable USB flash drive if your current Windows 7 installation is also 64-bit.

You can create a 32-bit Windows 7 bootable USB flash drive if your current Windows 7 installation is 32-bit or 64-bit.

Sorry mate.

Did you try Method One in the tutorial below to see if it may work for you instead?

USB Windows 7 Installation Key Drive - Create

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Hi all I have a problem,How to create a bootable Windows 7 USB flash drive,

Please Help me.

A:How to create a bootable Windows 7 USB flash drive

This should work. I used it it worked for me. Microsoft Store Online

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Hello All,

I have set my system up with a number of partitions. The primary partition is a 128GB SSD, whilst there are an additional three partitions mounted as NTFS folders on the primary, for ease of use.

I upgraded from Windows 7 (Home Premium) to Windows 8 Pro last week. Since then, I have been unable to extract zip files using the built in Extraction utility on the mounted partitions. It complains about being unable to create the directory I want to extract the files to.

Could anyone help me with this?

(Please note, all solutions will involve me copying from a USB drive to the machine as I won't have a home internet connection for another month )

A:Windows 8 Extraction Utility - Unable to create folders

maybe this helps: "Bad Command Structure" Error Message Occurs When You Extract Files from a Compressed Folder

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Good day...

I wanted to create an image of my os and applications so i found the " recimg" in windows 8 and 8.1 and i did the image i needed but if i wanted to recovery this image how can i recover it in bios boot can i create for it a partition and make bootable USB flash drive or i can put it on external hard drive and also recover it from bios like "express recovery2 on gigabyte motherboard"


A:Create custom image of windows with bootable USB flash dr

If you have a large enough USB stick you could use Macrium Reflect Free to put both the boot restore program and the image on the stick. There may be a way to do something similar with the Windows imaging tools but I have used 3rd party tools for so long I haven't tried the built-ins.

Perhaps another poster can answer about using the Windows imaging tools.
But the Macrium imaging is about as easy as it gets. No need to read the manual.

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Hello guys, today i'm are here to explain how to create a bootable usb uefi in few steps

Thank you for whatching

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I got my new PC but didn't get any Windows installation disc with it although there is a serial key sticker stuck to the C.P.U. .Now in case I want to format my windows I have no disc. Please tell me a link if you can from where I can download the appropriate disc image to burn in order to get the widows disc. Even if you can find a torrent file let me now.Please....I want only Windows 7 home basic 64-bit bootable disc not the ones with all version of windows 7. Please help me

A:How to create a bootable Windows 7 Home Basic 64-bit disc

The majority of new computers gives you the option to create a restore disk the first time you turn the computer on. If you did not do it, you should still be able to create this disk by searching your start menu. We can be more specific if you give the exact computer model.

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Good evening
I have Windows 7 PC, and would like to create a bootable version of OS on a USB drive
The instructions seem to apply to people who downloaded Windows from a web site. I did not. Windows was already installed on PC I purchase

Once I download the Windows Download tool, can I make a bootable copy of OS on USB drive from Windows on my desktop? Thank you

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Hi all,

I'm trying to clone my laptop hard drive into my portable USB hard drive, such that I can select the USB drive during startup and boot from it as if it were the original drive. I've tried/looked into a few different programs, with varying flavours of failure:

Acronis, Macrium Reflect, EasyBCD: These programs all look pretty shiny, but they invariably have one of two problems. Either they create an image file, which is compressed and cannot be used as running operating file system, or they don't create the necessary boot information. In both cases, when I select the USB drive during startup as the primary boot device, nothing occurs and it continues booting from the default hard drive, in my laptop.

XXClone, Backup Magic: XXClone claims it will use the windows volume shadow service to copy every single file, but it was unable to copy the pagefile, hiberfile, and RSA/Machinekeys files. Also, it has a built-in 'make target drive bootable' tool, but it looks like it's designed for WinXP systems, since I get a NTLDR is missing and NTDETECT not found error on startup, and Win7 doesn't use those anymore. This one is still the closest I've gotten. Backup Magic works the same as XXClone, without the outdated 'make bootable' tool.

Clonezilla, PING: Both of these boast being able to clone disks partition-by-partition, but the target must be of greater capacity than the source. My laptop hd is 100/200 GB full, and the destinat... Read more

A:Making bootable clone of HDD

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Let me explain my dilemma. In the office we have an old computer that is currently running off a bootable floppy to run custom-made software. The problem is that the floppy disk is running on the last leg, so I decided to clone it to a hard drive. (Otherwise it'd be a very expensive repair if that floppy dies.)

The question is how?

So I did some research and found out that one can use WinImage to clone it. Which I did. But my issue is how to write it to a hard drive and make it bootable. For some reason when I try to do it in WinImage and then boot off of that hard drive I get this error:

Invalid System Disk
Replace the disk, and then press any key

I'm sure I'm doing something wrong, since Windows 7 probably doesn't even know what that old floppy is.

Here's the contents of the floppy that I'm trying to clone. I believe it runs off a DOS system:

So I'd appreciate any input on this? Maybe a different method to copy/clone that floppy to an HDD?

A:How to clone bootable floppy to an HDD?

It's been years since I messed with anything like that, but my first thoughts are try a bootable usb rather than hdd -

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hi, I'm wondering what I'd have to to clone an xp HD.


A:bootable clone of xp drive?

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Hello all,

Here's the deal: I am upgrading my laptop HDD from the standard 40G to a 250G. I got the Vista upgrade via online download through Digital River and don't have a DVD copy for it. Also, don't have a copy of my Windows XP Home installation. (Also read that the upgrade got rid of the LK registration for XP making the LK invalid for stand alone install after upgrade).

I want to make a bootable copy of my HDD and put it on my new HDD so I don't have to worry about finding program disks and waiting to get copies of stuff.

I have read about Ghost programs and that they want to format an external drive (I have info on my external and don't want to lose it), and I don't have any EIDE adapters to hook up my laptop HDD's to a desktop computer to copy there).

I have an external 160HDD. Just wondering if I copy and paste my C: to my external HDD, will it make the OS bootable from my external HDD so I can boot into windows and then copy and paste my old C: onto my new C: and make that the primary bootable drive?

Basically, I just want to copy my C: to an external HDD, boot from the external HDD and copy the drive back to my new HDD in the laptop and have everything work. Is it possible?



A:HDD bootable clone on external HDD

just copying and pasting it will NOT work. I think you best bet would be to ghost or clone your hd to the external then back to the new 250, i am not 100% that would work though

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anyone know if Macrium or other common/good backup/clone package can take an existing good bootable SD Card and clone it to a fresh one? do they need to be exact matches [brand/speed/size] or near-proxy?

A:How to Clone Bootable SD Card?

I just use copy paste from explorer - from 1 SD to another or from ISO image to SD card.

According to here if it is formatted mbr you might have to mark it active but I never have and they always boot fine.

Size doesn't matter as long as it fits.

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Hello all,

I have tried several times to create a USB boot in order to re-install the Windows from several links including from here:

Windows 7 Home Premium Download

But even using Windows 7 USB tool & rufus v1.4.3 the boot drive is not being created.

I have tried using 2 different USB drives but still the disks are empty.

Any advise ? Maybe a different link for an ISO file ?


A:Cannot create USB bootable drive for Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit

Try Option Two here:
UEFI Bootable USB Flash Drive - Create in Windows

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Haven't been here for quite awhile but couldn't think of a better place to get the best answers.

I'm running xp professional and my HD is about full. I have a new hard drive, installed it as a second drive, and I did a disk to disk copy. I think I got everything copied inculding the boot sector. Before I go on maybe someone to tell me how to make sure I got the boot sector..... I used XML to do the copy. Both drives have 2 partitions with the first one being NTFS and the second one FAT. Both of them have the first partition marked as "active". When I took the main drive out and changed the jumper on the second drive to indicate it was the only drive, it would not boot.

Some of the things I have thought about are:

1. Did I not really get the boot sector?
2. Does the first partition need to marked something more than "active"?
3. Does XP prevent you from using a "copy" of the OS?
4. Do I need to change something in the BIOS?
If I leave both drives in, could I try rebooting and set the boot disk to the second drive to determine if it will work?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.



A:Trying to clone new disk and make it bootable

If you did a disk to disk copy, all files should be there bit for bit.
Try flopping the drive cables so the new drive is plugged in the C drive on the MOBO and Let er rip.
I have cloned several drives via Acronis and had great success.

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Will be purchasing a WD raptor and want to put the OS on it, don't want to reinstall all the program so I have tried to clone it on an old hardrive that i will remove and use as a Backup.
Tried XXclone and it install to Vista but does not show any drives in the dropdown boxes so I booted to my XP partition and cloned the drive from there.
When I try to boot from it it says NTLDR is missing ( I did use the cool tools option and ticked all three boxes), i assume this is because of the different boot system of vista
Your input would be appreciated

A:Make bootable clone of Vista Partition

XP and Vista use a completely different Bootloader.

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I decided that I had too much junk in my HD and registry so I di a complete new install of WindowsXP Home. As I was doing this and then installing all of my software I had not realized that my flash drive was plugged in and WinXP then named my HD drive F: So everything is now on drive F: and working well (I think).
In the new install, XP created my HD NTFS. Now, I used ghost to clone my HD. XP called the backup drive C: Backup finished fine, BUT, when I switch drives and put the backup in only, the computer will not boot up. I get to the blue Welcome screen and that is where is sits. I tried the ghost GhReboot.exe program, but no help. Please tell me how to make my backup drive bootable.

A:Norton Ghost clone drive not bootable

Please don't post in muliple forums, one will do. Continue here:, I'm closing this thread.

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I have a HDD 1T with
c: win7 system
d: data

- as this disk is slow, I would like to transfert system and data to another disk
and keep this HDD as extension (data2)
- I use EASUS partition master tool to clone each partition to a new HDD 500G
- but now when I disconnect the 1T and try to boot on 500G its blocks on 'loading operating system'
- I suppose its an issue of the type of partition. how can I solve that and make the 500G bootable ?

thanks for help

A:How to clone win7 disk and make it bootable ?

Looks like you had a problem with the image. Try this (it was originally for a SSD transfer but will work for any disk): SSD - Install and Transfer the Operating System

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Ok so I tried searching, but continually got a Fatal Error (for any of the admins: "Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 75497472 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 24 bytes) in /home/tsf/public_html/search.php on line 884")

So to my query:
I have WindowsXP Pro; 4 partitions on a single hard drive:
1 partition contains OS itself.
1 partition contains Programs (non-OS programs).
1 partition contains various Accounts (MyDocuments etc).
1 partition contains other miscellaneous stuff.

What I'm wanting to do, is create a bootable image of the whole thing, the OS, installed programs, accounts, settings etc, everything. And then store said bootable image on another hard drive I have connected & be able to boot/install said image if need be on system boot-up.

I have searched the net, read several articles, but none that seem to make much sense (perhaps it's just my reading of it *shrugs*).
I wonder, am I able to use the Backup utility in WinXP Pro to accomplish all the above? And if so, do I need to make use of the ASR or am I better just using the Wizard?

Any other suggestions/tips & things to look out for etc would be great too, thanks.

A:Clone Backup bootable image WinXPPro installation

Hi Tropod and welcome to TSF !

I've found that the search feature was somewhat buggy when you enter very common terms (like windows for instance).

Take a look at this guide :
How to copy your operating system from one hard drive to another using XXclone

Create 4 partitions on the backup drive using disk management (right-click my computer => manage => disk management) then use XXclone to copy your data to the new partitions. Use the "cool tools" on the system partition to make the backup drive bootable.

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Computer Specs:
Hp DV6-1355dx
Windows 7 64Bit Ultimate
Intel Core 2 Duo 2.20Ghz processor
4Gb Ram

Hey guys thanks a lot for strolling through, I truly appreciate it and hope with everyones assistance this issue will get resolved. So here's my issue; have I've found that everytime I have allowed windows update to install anything that has had to do with security, following the updates I have always run into the BSOD resulting in restoring my computer to an earlier date. Well this time, things are a bit different.

Whenever my computer has seemed to start to choke up, and really begins to lag, from things as simple as maximizing a minimized window, and it taking about 20 seconds for it to do so, the BSOD is coming. Heres an example of one:
Ill be honest with you guys, I dont know how to interpret what the cause of it is, nor do I know where people find it,(event viewer logs?) but surprisingly I've worked on computers all my life really.
So heres the issue:
Computer completely froze up on me this time, cursor wouldn't react nothing, BSOD, then I found myself in A continuous looping failure of Windows Start up Repair, unable to actually load windows. I tried repairing the device by booting off my windows 7 disk and this is the error I keep getting:

by the way let me add that theres no restore point (of course right....) so that wasn't an option...

Now if im not mistaken that will be translated further in my logs file? Ive honestly really never known how to go about ... Read more

A:Problem with Bootable "Windows Defender Offline" utility error code 0x

no one?? :/
how about if I just delete the boot folder?

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I've been web-researching backup options in the past few days and want to settle on a solution of either Paragon freeware or Ghost (I know the latter meets the needs, but I wonder if the former can do with with reasonable ease for a newbie). Here is the scenario:

My current Toshiba Satellite A660 (model PSAW3C-047017) runs Windows 7 Professional 64-bit. The HDD is Toshiba MK6465GSX HDD (Toshiba SDD - Product Detail). I bought a smaller (500GB) Seagate Momentus XT, which apparently has Advanced Format. I am assuming that the Toshiba HDD has 512 bytes/sector because nothing comes up in a web search for Advanced Format for that HDD.

I would like to use the Momentus XT to create a bootable clone of my Toshiba HDD. The Momentus XT will be in a enclosure that interfaces to the laptop via eSATA. After cloning to the Momentus XT, I would like to replace my Toshiba HDD in the laptop with the Momentus XT because of its higher performance. The Toshiba HDD will then become my auxiliary HDD (in the external enclosure) for weekly cloning. If anything ever happens to the Momentus XT in the laptop, I can then take the Toshiba HDD out of the enclosure and drop it into the laptop. However, this manner of usage means that I have to be able to initially clone from Toshiba HDD to Momentus XL, then clone in the opposite direction thereafter.

I've read plenty about alignment issues that need to be tended to, but not having imaged, cloned, or formatted a hard disk before (aside from blin... Read more

A:Paragon/Ghost: Bootable clone between HDDs, different size & sector sz

By the way, is there a standard way to test disk performance? It'd be nice to know whether I avoided all the pitfalls.

I'm going to boot from the Momentus XT while it is still in the external closure, connected to the laptop by eSATA. If it works, it means I am free to so all the diagnostics/formatting on the resident HDD that I have to (that's what sparked my interest in cloning -- Tech Support said that the best diagnostics that can be done for boot failures was to format the HDD). I don't want to stick the Momentus XT into the laptop right away because if the resident HDD is bad, it can be replaced under warranty (which I don't want to void by replacing the HDD).

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[EDIT: I just came across info that Win7 can't boot from a USB external drive, so my query has been edited to request an alternate solution!]

I am running Win7 64 pro on a Thinkpad x120E. I sometimes travel, and would like to create a duplicate of my entire internal HDD on a larger external (USB) HDD. I have no problems cloning the HDD right before travel to get a fresh copy, and can save new documents during travel on a flash drive as 'updates.' I have 3 main questions, based on the following:

I have tried MiniTool Partition Wizard to clone my HD (without resizing partitions). It reports that the c: (system) partition can't be copied because it's active, but will copy it on reboot. It doesn't--comes up with a brief message that something changed, then goes to regular WIn7 bootup. I did clone all 3 partitions (C:system, SYSTEM_DRV, and Q:Lenovo Recovery partitions) using EaseUS ToDo backup (workstation), which I also use for incremental backups on a local (non-traveling) external HDD.

So, my 3 questions:

1 (non-critical): Am I doing something wrong with Partition Wizard, or is there a way to set it up to clone all 3 partitions of my internal HDD? PW seems faster than EaseUS Todo.

2: Can I make the external HDD bootable, rather than having to restore it to my internal HDD in case of a crash? I'd rather not have to make a recovery CD, carry around an external optical drive, go thru restoration (if internal HDD is still working), etc. I'd rather plug ... Read more

A:Laptop backup: clone to external bootable HDD? (with extra partition?)

Am I doing something wrong with Partition Wizard, or is there a way to set it up to clone all 3 partitions of my internal HDD? PW seems faster than EaseUS Todo.

Use PW from outside windows e.g. bootable cd.

Can I make the external HDD bootable, rather than having to restore it to my internal HDD in case of a crash?

Yes, but it is geeky, not supported by MS, and I can't be bothered to explain all that.

An alternative is to take the drive out of the external enclosure and plug it into the pc directly.

You are probably better making an image. It is a lot easier, and you can just make an up to date one every so often.

what would be the *simplest* flash-drive-based method to start up a crashed laptop and access or restore from the external HDD?

The same way most people do it. Create flash based bootable media containing your imaging program. Boot it up, and point at wherever your image is stored, then point it at the place you want to restore the image to.

Most imaging programs come with some kind of Linux based iso you can put on flash drive, and /or they will create winpe based bootable media for you.

If you want an advanced program, Paragon is excellent.

If you are looking at free versions, macrium is popular, relative newcomer Aomei is shockingly good for a freebie.

Best Free Backup Software for Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP and Server 2003, 2008, 2012

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I have a 500gb dynamic hard disk that contains the Windows 7 64bit Ultimate OS. Just the OS, programme files and libraries. That's about 94gb. The rest is free. Unfortunately it was set up as dynamic. It has just 2 partitions. 100 MB (system) and 465gb (boot, page file, crash dump).

I want to clone this to a 120gb SSD for faster response. I dont need a dynamic setup, basic is fine.

But, I dont want to have to reinstall Win 7 64 from the start. Too many programmes, too much hassle.

Can it be done?


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I have Nero burner and I've already made a bootable EBD cd for win 9x,
and it works just fine after I changed the setting in the bios from the first boot floppy, to cd rom,

but wxp pro bootable EBD are different, I already have downloaded the bootable software from MS for wxp pro and have made the 6 floppy's, EBD that was easy, but now I like to make a wxp bootable start up CD,
I'm thinking of using Nero bootable cd utility and copying the 6 floppy's to a folder, then using nero bootable utility open the folder transfer those files to the Nero set up and burn the stuff to ISO,
but I'm not sure if this is the correct way to go,

or do I just extract it from the wxp cd and burn it that way, thanks

A:What's The Best Way To Make A Wxp Ebd Cd Using Nero Bootable Utility

No takers ????

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1. cmd
2. Diskpart
3. list disk
4. select disk 2
5. clean
6. create partition primary
7. select partition 1
8. active
9. format fs=fat32

Performing 9 fails:
"An object was again called before the first call was completed".
Retried with =ntfs, same msg.

Worse even, could not format as usual, because I "had no rights", although I am the administrator.

Purpose was to create a bootable usb stick as recovery instrument.
Anyone knows a better method?

And please:
How can I reuse my stick of 128Gb (not cheap...).

A:Bootable USB drive: problem with DiskPart utility

Still learning Win 7, not to familiar with diskpart utility. Found this while searching for an answer for you. See if this link will help: Configure a USB flash drive to be a Windows 7 installation platform | Microsoft Windows |


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Folks I'm new to Win7. I used the Windows 7 Backup utility to backup the entire primary drive to a new bigger drive [basically 'cloning', so I thought]. As I suspected, it put most of the files there, but its not bootable.
Error "BOOTMGR Not Found"

So two questions:
1. Do I need to use a third party utility? or can Windows 7 Utility make a bootable image?
2. Can the current image on the backup drive be fixed/added-to/bootable??? or do I wipe out and start over.


A:Solved: Can Win 7 Backup Utility Make Copy Drive BOOTABLE??

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my hd supposedly went bad after a diagnostics test so i installed a new hd that dell sent me and still get this if my cd-rom isn't working but the light is on and if i put a dell diagnostics cd in it it will run that..not sure what else to do here...i;ve downloaded Windows Server 2003 r2 from the website thinking maybe it's the cd and nothing..what am i missing??

A:No bootable devices-strike F1 to retry boot F2 for setup utility

Will F2 get you in to the setup utility screen?

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i have a dell latitude d610
bios version ao3 ( 03/02/2005)
when i start the machine up it loads up with the dell logo page
then the next page that comes up says "no bootable devices -- strike f1 to retry boot, f2 for setup utility "
completely black screen except for those words
what is wrong? how can i get to the desktop?

A:no bootable devices -- strike f1 to retry boot, f2 for setup utility

Hit F2...go into BIOS/Setup...and verify two things:a. Your hard drive is properly reflected on the main page (along with date/time, etc.).b. That your hard drive is the first item in the boot options section of your BIOS.You might as well also ensure that your date/time data is correct.Worth Reading, IMO.Louis

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What's the skinny on nothing showing up (blank window) for system.ini and windows.ini in the System Configuration Utility?

Thank you.

A:System Configuration Utility: No system.ini or windows.ini

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I'm trying to create a bootable SD ram card using "TOSHIBA SD Memory Boot Utility".

I do not have a floppy drive so I use img/vfd image files created on another computer.
In both cases I get a window that say "TSDBOOT This is unsupported format", so what is unsupported, my img/vfd file or my SD ram card???

I have tried with 8MB and 256MB SD cards, both formatted using "TOSHIBA SD Memory Card Format".

NB: Before I begin using Partition Magic on the disk and install Linux, I would like to have a rescue floppy (using SD card instead of floppy to rescue boot WinXp).

A:Libretto U100: Creating a bootable SD ram card with Toshiba Boot Utility


I dint make much experiments but I presume that img/vfd file is not supported. Like you know the all newer units are delivered without floppy drive and you can use SD card for BIOS update or even to save the password.

Please check advanced search on this forum and you will find a few interesting discussions about similar theme.

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Hello all,
I'm using Powerquest Drive Image 7 to create an image of my "system" HDD onto my "backup" HDD. However, I have come across a little problem, I don't have the installation CD required to reboot the system and restore the image I made of the HDD. I have the downloaded version of Drive Image.

So, my question is, how do I make a bootable CD so I can restore my HDD?

Any advice/information is greatly appreciated,

A:Create bootable CD.

If you have Easy CD creator....

You can make one easily if you have Roxio Easy CD creator, just select "bootable CD" as the project type, and have a Windows 98 boot disk on standby. Roxio will copy the bootsector from the floppy and use it for the CD.

I am sure you can do a similar thing in Nero.

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Hi folks,

Can anybody give me instructions on how to create a good bootable CD that will activate all necessary functions and contain all necessary programs when resetting up a pc.

i.e I need a cd that will boot to DOS (command prompt) and give me access to format, fdisk, mouse, and load cd rom drivers etc.

Ideally I would like it to work no matter what OS may still be resident on the HD.

Please help.


A:Create a Bootable CD

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Another new feature

Windows Image Burner - createbootableUFD.exe you'l find it in system32

A:Create bootable UFD

That is a useful feature and passed due.
This is already available, the built in aspect is a definite improvement.
Things are getting easier

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How could I create a bootable DVD for a newly downloaded windows xp sp3 ultimate 2010 edition files?

A:How to Create A Bootable DVD?

Unless you can verify that it's a legal download we cannot help you. Very unlikely to be legal if you need to create a bootable disc for it. It's against forum rules to ask for help with (or to give help concerning) illegal downloads.

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pls tell me how to create a bootable dvd

A:how to create a bootable dvd

Try this search if not helpful tell us more info about what you need

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Hello all, I'm really hoping someone can help me out- I have completely screwed up my little toshiba netbook and am trying to install windows 7 with an iOS on a bootable usb- how can I create that with my surface? Seeing as it doesn't have any optical drive (that I'm aware of) and I cannot download any programs to burn the ISO to the usb... PLEASE HELP! My surface is the only access I have to any computer system...

A:Help me create a bootable USB

what is a surface? are you trying to re-install windows? did you boot into recovery mode?

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I need to do a clean install of Windows XP on a system that previously ran Windows 2000. I deleted the partition via the Windows Install/Setup menu, but when the PC boots, it lists Windows 2K as one of the startup/OS options.

I need to be able to do an /fdisk on the whole drive and start from scratch. Unfortunately, I only have a basic Windows XP installation CD - and if there's a way to get to a prompt and do it from there, I can't remember.

Could anyone direct me to a bootable CD that will allow me to /fdisk and delete and create partitions? I need something quick and fast. I'm not permitted to download or install anything without permission and my boss is out of town until Thursday. He may call in tomorrow (or he may not). So please, don't point me to Bart's PE or anything that requires installing an .ISO burner. I need to be able to do this with the tools that Windows XP, SP 2 native.

These are laptops I'm working with and they do not have floppy drives, so I cannot use floppy disks.

(I'm pretty sure I've done this before, but I can't recall how.)

Thanks in advance!

A:Need to Create a Bootable CD

Put the XP disc in the drive and reboot.
Go to bios and change first boot to cdrom, save and exit.
Xp should boot from disc, you can delete partitions, create new and install XP.
Good Luck

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I'm trying to install Win7 Home Premium x64. I have an ISO, I have an empty USB-stick, I have an empty hard drive on a laptop. I have also this:

How do I proceed? It is important that it is x64 OS.

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I have the opportunity to beta test a new program, which is graphics-heavy, but I need a bootable hdd for it. Apparently to make a bootable hdd from an external, usb driven hdd won't work in Windows for this particular applicaton, so I need to use an internal hdd.
Can I clone my existing C drive to a new hdd using Vista Ultimate and make it bootable, or do I need to use other software?

A:Create Bootable Hdd

Not sure what you're after here...
USB external drives can be made to be bootable....

Doesn't this application need an OS to run on ? ?
Please clarify.

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my friend's bringing his cd-writer over to my place for a day so i thought of making a bootable cd (i have floppies but dont trust them).
could anyone explain how do i go about creating a bootable cd? my friend uses NERO n he says it creates boot cds, but he doesnt know how to do it too.
i have Win98 FE.
with regards,

A:How do i create a Bootable Cd?

When you open Nero select help on the title bar, click help topics, and type in boot or bootable then select bootable Cd, click display and click "How to create bootable CDs with Nero", it will instruct you how.

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hey all, I got curious & wanted to try linux mint, while installing it i deleted win7. now i wanna go back since i can't play games on it. I have 2 ISO files one 32 bit the other 64 bit with serial keys, ccreating a bootable usb,seems to fail everytime as all i get is a screen that says unetbootin, below it default & an option to highlight choice using tab, but there is no choice, making matters worse the countdown to 0 restarts after it gets to 0. So thats my problem in a nutshell, any help would be appreciated. Ty very much.

A:cant create win 8.1 bootable usb

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How do I create a bootable CD in XP Pro?

A:How do I create a bootable CD in XP- Pro?

What kind of bootable CD? What are you hoping to accomplish?

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want to make 'quickrestore' cds for customer computers that are end user friendly
I know drive image and ghost can do this..but here's the hard part, I want something that's either part of windows itself, or a freeware / adware program to do this
Basically I want to make these restore CD's legally, and be able to distribute them with new computers without any legal hassles, and without having to shell out for a copy of ghost for each computer, or drive image for each computer. Any input would be appreciated

A:ISO - Utility to create CD Recovery Set

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Hi all

I have just reformatted a pc and i would like to know is there a way of saving an image of this pc so next time i have to do a reformat i dont have to re-install all the drivers and software packages

it would be nice if i can do it free and most of all easy lol

if someone has steps from start to finish how to save, create a bootable disc and install that would be amazing

i know this is a big ask but please help


A:How to create a bootable image of my pc

This will explain the basics, True Image is one of the best on the market but not free, all depends how much value you put on your data.

There are several free utilities, some of which can be obtained from hard drive manufacturers, googling for free disc image software should find quite a few.

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hellow windows7forum, I just wanna know how can I create a windows xp lite bootable usb, I tried using wintoflash but the USB I created doesnt trigger a boot option.

Thankyou in advance.

A:How can I create A bootable XP Lite USB

You might wanna take this to an XP forum.

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A year ago, I did a fresh install of Windows 7 on a second hard drive and installed all my normal programs. It worked fine afterwords and was bootable and I set it aside. My idea was to be able use this drive (or to clone it) at any time I wanted to start over with a fresh install or in case of a failure of my primary drive, rather than having to reinstall windows and all the programs again. Then all I would have to do would be to move all my backed up data to the new drive.

Now I am in that situation, but this drive now is not bootable. I can see all the Windows files, etc are on it and the drive seems to work fine, but I cannot boot from it. How can I make it bootable without a new install of Windows?


A:Create a second bootable drive?

Try this:
Startup Repair
Note: You may need to do startup repair 3 to 4 times.
Startup Repair - Run 3 Separate Times

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I want create a Bootable USB drive on my pen-drive for Windows 7. Searched on Google and this looked quite good: 4 Ways to Create a Bootable Windows 7 or Vista USB Drive

Also, checked few tutorials on Windows 7 forum but wasn't sure how accurate they were.

Simple I want step by step process to create a Bootable USB on my pen-drive.
SanDisk = 8 GB pen-drive
Windows 7 ISO image

My laptop's ODD isn't working. Hence, cannot install OS through DVD/CD, so, need a Bootable USB drive for the same.

A:How to create Bootable USB drive

Hello Sunimar,

The tutorials below from here will help show you step by step how to. It just depends on if you wanted it for UEFI or not. They are accurate and always updated to keep them so.

Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool


UEFI Bootable USB Flash Drive - Create in Windows

Hope this helps,

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My XP Pro SP2 CD is refusing to boot. Can I simply burn a "bootable command" from Isobuster directly onto this disk to make it bootable? (I have read Paul Thorrott's site on slipstreaming...that gave me the idea)

Thanks in advance

A:create bootable disk ?

Once a disk has been burnt to and closed it can not be written to again. I would try the disk that you are having trouble with in another computer and see if it will boot there.

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Had tried to update the BIOS on my son's Alienware Aurora R4 so that we could install an upgraded graphics card (980 Ti).

Used the Dell Support site - and was upgrading from Bios 7 to Bios 9 - would eventually go up to current version 11 before swapping GPU.

Followed all the steps on the Dell site - but afterwards - it acts like my hard drive has died (doubting this - have fairly new Samsung 512GB SSD as the only hard drive).

Computer boots into Bios now - but says "inaccessible boot device". My son had done the update from Windows 8 that came on the machine to Windows 10 - but apparently did not create a boot disk or USB drive.

Can I create a "generic" bootable USB on another computer - WITHOUT REINSTALLING WINDOWS?? I do not want to lose info/settings on his machine if at all possible.

Waiting on Alienware Tech support to respond - machine is about 2.5 years old and out of warranty - but hopeful they (or someone here!!) can help me.


A:Can I create Bootable USB for Win 10 from another computer?

Yes you can create an installation USB from another computer. These are your recovery options (Advanced Startup Options - Boot to in Windows 10) You can try to go back to your previous OS first, if you want to try that ( Windows 10 - Go Back to Previous Windows) However I would suggest you backup your personal files before doing anything else. If you go back to your previous OS, you can use the USB drive you created to upgrade Windows 8 to Windows 10, which may give better results. Windows 10 - Upgrade Installation

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I have the Windows Vista home premium DVD , shipped with DELL Studio laptop.i want to have Vista in my desktop too.But the DELL vista DVD installs the OS for a period of 90 days only on my desktop.So is there a way to create a fresh bootable VISTA DVD from the Dell Vista DVD.?? i don't want to install it on my desktop by emulating the DELL BIOS in my desktop ( coz it doesn't recognise my creative soundcard).I have an Intel motherboard.
Plz help me out....!!!!!!!!
Thanx in Advance............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A:Create bootable Win Vista

You will have to "bite the bullet" and get a retail copy of Vista for your desktop PC

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Hello all,

a quick question - I have one machine ready for use - Windows 7 and office 2013. I need to duplicate the system setup onto a bootable usb so I can install the schools other 300 machines. What is the best software which will enable me to pick up the machine that is set up how I want it, insert a blank usb drive and in one movement make it bootable and copy the "image" (windows 7 and office 2013) to be later used on other machines?



A:Need to create a bootable usb backup

We must know which booting type the computers have. Is it BIOS or UEFI?

I suggest that you create the USB with Windows 7 only first, then install it in the other machines.

Then cut the Windows 7 setup files,paste them in a folder in your computer,insert the Office 2013 files in the USB and start installation of Office from it.

Check what the booting type is in this site:
BIOS Mode - See if Windows Boot in UEFI or Legacy Mode

Instructions for creating a bootable USB in BIOS:
Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool

Instruction for creating a bootable USB in UEFI:
UEFI Bootable USB Flash Drive - Create in Windows

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I can't understand what's gong on.  In the past, I have on several occasions successfully created a bootable usb with the use of img burn (to create an image file) and rufus (creating usb with image so created).  I did that just a few months ago to install windows 7 on a device without a cd drive.  All of a sudden, the same procedure doesn't work any more. After seemingly creating a bootable usb, after making sure bios is set to boot from usb, I am rewarded a message that no operating system if available or other words to the effect.  What has changed or what could I be doing wrong? 
I have tried different versions of rufus and tried Windows USB/DVD Download Tool
instead of rufus.    I have tried the resulting usb on a desktop and the target windows tablet and got the same outcome.  I have tried different usb ports.  (My comuter uses usb 2.0.)  No change.  Help!.  

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I really should know how to do this. Im buying an asus eee pc, and i want to put windows XP on it. The plan is to use a 2Gb SD card and keep it in the machine and boot from that all the time. How would i go about doing this. The other thing is, i have a license for XP pro, but not the disc, how should i get the right files on the memory card. Cheers in advamce.

A:Create a bootable file

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hi my friends.i have some questions about creating bootable usb flash
1-i have an iso file of "windows password remover".the instruction said that i should write it on a Cd but can i want o have in on usb flash? i use ultraiso(open the iso file and in "bootalbe menu" use "write disk image") but it does not work?
2- as you know , when we create for example bootable usb flash for installing windows 7 , we should first format the flash. i have an old question in my mind that when we format the usb flash and bootable it for example windows 7 , if we put other files for example transfer a music file.the bootable feature of the flash will destroy( imean in bootable flash can we transfer files with and systems)?
3-is there a way to determine the 1st boot priority on usb in windows not in bios?

A:create bootable usb flash

1. The easiest way to create a bootable flash drive is to use Rufus v1.2.0 Rufus - Create bootable USB drives

As in the screenshot select ISO Image in the dropdown menu, browse to and click on the bootable ISO and then click on Start.

2. You can store any data in the remaining space available and that will not destroy the bootability. But make sure you put them in identifiable folders. Otherwise it will mix with the files and folders of the extracted ISO. You delete any extracted ISO file/folder by mistake, that program will not run properly.

My personal advice would be to have a dedicated pendrive for your bootable ISO. If you have many bootable ISOs then use YUMI - Multiboot USB creator. YUMI - Multiboot USB Creator (Windows) | USB Pen Drive Linux

3. Your purpose will be served if you use EasyBCD (free for non-commercial use) EasyBCD - Take control of your boot loader | NeoSmart Technologies and configure it to boot from the bootable ISOs stored in your internal drive. When the system boots you will be presented with a boot menu and you can choose to boot Windows (default) or any of the bootable ISOs run from the memory.

EDIT: Yep, I found this thread which I had read long back as a guest. Say "No" to burning bootable CDs, DVDs from ISOs
That should give you an overall idea.

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I have a dell laptop with XP on it. I want to install some type of a Linux OS. I have fooled around with Mint & a few other Linux systems before, My question is how do I run a Linux OS from a flash drive. I got my laptop set up to boot from the usb port first.

Any help ?

A:How to create a bootable USB drive in XP ?

Hi, According to our site's Rules we allow posters only ONE thread for the same question.... since you have opened two for the same question I have to Close one, this one- please make all your replies at the one I am leaving open
Here is the thread>

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I work for a large company with no help. I need to create a bootable cd for an image we have here. I have the .gho and .ghs( think that is the ext for the 2nd file) files That is all they gave me and told me to get it done. I know the gho file goes on the first cd and the ghs on the second(I think) They have the boot files Autoexc.bat and thus but I don't know how it all goes and can't compress the files in roxio can someone tell me how this works.

A:create bootable cd with the gho and ghs files

Gho and ghs are spanned images and I don't think you can restore them unless you have already created a recovery boot disk with Ghost v.9

You boot to the recovery CD, load any driver files for RAID or other controller on the system if it's needed abd restore the images in place, not from CD.

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hi folks,
need to know how to create a windows 98 bootable CD the same as a floppy to allow me to boot and get DOS up. This is so I can install XP (already copied from XP CD onto a FAT32 partition on the hard drive, was having problems installing normally from CD.)

I don't have a floppy drive. I know I can download the win98SE boot floppy files from but I'm not sure how to go about creating a bootable CD when I don't have a floppy drive. The stuff you download from automatically creatses a floppy, not a CD. If I had a floppy I'd just make the floppy, then copy that to CD, emsuring it was set to be a bootable CD, but I don't have a floppy drive. Info on this elsewhere seems a bit complicated. Anyone explain what to do?


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hi guys, does anybody know what else i need to be able to create bootable disc. i have burnt them to disc but it will not boot, here is what i have


A:help, need to create bootable disk

Cant see anything in picture but I take it your wanting a Win7 boot disk?

Get your hands on a copy of UltraISO, MagicISO etc etc, load a Windows 7 build 7000 or 7022 x64/x86 ISO file, delete the files in the ISO, and then copy in the files from the 7048 x64/x86 folders, save the new ISO with a different name. Now you have a bootable ISO of build 7048 x64/x86!!

The ISO file you save should display as 'Bootable UDF', which means it includes the boot image from the original ISO.

Burn to DVD.

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Years ago I used this tutorial to create an XP CD with SP3 on it. I no longer run XP and was wondering if the same thing can be done with Windows 7 SP1.

The tutorial for creating the bootable XP disc worked great and I would like to have a backup with SP1 on it for my Win7 Home Premium x64 (retail version). I didn't see anything in the Win 7 tutorials, maybe it can't be done with 7, but if it can I would do it so I have the cd with SP1 on it already.

Thanks for any replies.

A:Can you create a bootable Win7 CD or DVD?

See .


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hey friends... i recently downloaded vista home edition .... the thing is i want to create a bootable dvd... m not able to do it... i tried it using nero... it created in some casandr dos... i dont know wat it is.... m using nero 8... pls help guys....

A:how to create bootable disc

try to use (iso buster) software you can take the boot file with this software. its good

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Ready to put the computer through the window here!

I need to do a clean reinstall of W7 HP 32. I discovered the disk sent with the PC when I bought it is the 64bit disk, so completely useless.

So I am trying to create a USB bootable disk after downloading the ISO file.

When I run the Windows 7 USB/DVD creation tool it fails after formatting saying cannot copy files.

I have searched the net and tried the solution which is to format the USB drive using DISKPART and formated it fine (using exFAT as FAT32 won't work).

But it hasn't solved the problem, files are still not copied.

What else can I do?


A:Cannot create USB bootable ISO - won't add files

Welcome to the forum,

See if using option two of this tutorial helps,

USB Windows 7 Installation Key Drive - Create

From Step 11,

11. In the elevated command prompt, type in the command below to format the USB as NTFS or FAT32, and press Enter.

exFAT is not an option.

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I have a Toshiba c55t-22a and all it says is when I turn it on is no bootable device reboot system and when I do that and it does the same thing how do I fix it

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