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Windows 10 available today in 190 countries, here's how to get it

Q: Windows 10 available today in 190 countries, here's how to get it

The big day has finally arrived as the consumer version of Windows 10 is now available. While many around the world will obtain Microsoft's latest for free (for the first year) via Windows Update, the Redmond-based company is also offering...

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A: Windows 10 available today in 190 countries, here's how to get it

How long should I allow for the dust to settle? Is there a global ISO which allows me to make sure that I get the right version (32bit v 64bit, Home v Pro, etc) on each machine?

I have older equipment with several variations of Windows 7 and Windows 8 together with some pretty old chipsets and graphics cards. I would hate to find half way into the process that I can't upgrade.

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When we first unveiled Windows 10 in September, we outlined our plans for a new era of Windows. We wanted to create a Windows that empowered people and organizations to do great things. Our vision was one platform, one store, and one experience that extends across the broadest range of devices from the smallest screens to the largest screens to no screens at all.

For Microsoft, Windows 10 begins to deliver on our vision for more personal computing. In this world experiences are mobile, moving with you seamlessly and easily across your devices. Interacting with technology is as natural as interacting with people ? using voice, pen, gestures and even gaze for the right interaction, in the right way, at the right time. And in our connected and transparent world, we respect your privacy and help protect your information.

Windows 10 Free Upgrade Available in 190 Countries Today | Blogging Windows

A:Windows 10 Free Upgrade Available in 190 Countries Today

I do wish MS would stop calling it a free upgrade. If it were truly free, you would be able to dual boot alongside your existing OS. The true cost of Win 10 is the loss of your Win 7 or Win 8.1 license.

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I've moved my PC desktop (HP Pavilion Elite) from the Middle East to the UK and have lost the ability to connect wirelessly to a broadband router. Wired connection is fine, but not possible from where I sit here!
The machine seems to be working as usual, only the loss of functionality in wireless.
Could it be that I need to reset the network adapter to the UK region? I've tried to do this unsuccessfully in Device Manager/ Network Adapters/Properties/Advanced but the changes always revert to the default (Country Region 11A, Value: Ch 36-165) after I 'OK'. Hmm. Any help greatly appreciated as neither HP or Intel seem to be able to respond to this out of warranty issue!


A:Changed countries, 'Windows cannot find any networks'

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Microsoft confirmed today Windows 10 will be released this summer, hitting 190 countries in 111 different languages. Terry Myerson, Microsoft's VP of Operating Systems, made the announcement during the WinHEC summit (Windows Hardware Engineering Community summit) taking place in Shenzhen, China. ...

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A:Windows 10 release set for this summer in 190 countries; say hi to "Windows Hello"

Awesome! I can't wait (And not because I don't like W8.1, just had to say it, let the hate begin!)!!

Free upgrade, this is quite new for Microsoft, hopefuly they are heading in the right direction.

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I live in Britain but my work requires that I gain information from the USA.
I require the search priority to give preference to US informnation rather than UK information.
Whenever I load google I get even if I enter
In the past I have set my computer as if I was in the USA but have forgotten how to do that now.
Can anyone help please?

A:Searching in other countries

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Sorry if this is in the wrong thread...

Okay, I wanted to know if anyone has a list of the codes used in other countries. For example...

.ca is used in canada
.com, .net, etc. used in US used in UK

Can anyone supply these codes? Thanks! list for other countries?


Have you tried searching google?

This should give you a place to start.

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Different Countries, Different Scams.

Microsoft finds that the Trojans and viruses spreading around China and Brazil differ from those in the rest of the world.

The top four of the most popular malicious programs, which closely follow the United States and European markets, are three fake security software programs and a downloader that installs fake security software. However, in China, four of the top five threats are password stealers for online games, and in Brazil, three of the top four threats are Trojans that steal the usernames and passwords for online bank accounts.Click to expand...

-- Tom

A:Different Countries, Different Scams

Nice Read

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Ok so you know how when you choose which pictures to put in your desktop slideshow they have different countries, I believe they have US, Canada, Australia, UK and that's it. Well what if I want one picture from the US collection and one from the UK one in my desktop slideshow, how do I do that, it's not letting me, it seems as if I gotta stick with one country only.

A:Using wallpapers from different countries to make....

Have you tried to make a new folder like "My Wallpapers"

Then copy each pic you want into that folder & set that folder as the default for your slideshow.

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Something I recently thought - is the internet in Germany different from the internet in the US of A? Is the internet in Japan different from the internet in China?

Not asking whether or not the government governs differently, but if we are actually on different internets (hehe).

For example, I went to Google and typed "McDonald's Korea." I got 0 korean results and certainly didn't get or Instead I got the usual

Is it just the difference in the way they are governed or what?

Sorry if it scares you that an IT guy doesn't know this.

A:Is the internet split up for different countries?

Just one.

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I have been on steam for 3-4 years now. From May 17, 2016, I have been getting emails about my account being accessed from different IP address or different area with right user ID and password. I have been following the guidelines which were changing my password which I did and so far I have done it five times because someone kept trying to access it from random countries with the right password. I also ran Microsoft Security Essentials and Spybot free version and there has been nothing major shown on it. Therefore, I am not sure what to do. I have also filled ticket on steam too.
This is the information of the places where it has been attempted to access my account from.
1) May 17 2016 at 2:29am from
IP address:
City name: Guadalajara
State name: Jalisco
Country name: MX
2) June 26 2016 at 10:08 am from
IP address:
City name: Tengzhou
State name: Shandong
Country name: CN
3) July 11 2016 2:00am from
IP address:
City name: Singapore
State name: Singapore
Country name: SG
4) July 21 2016 10:58am from
IP address:
City name: Pune
State name: Maharashtra
Country name: IN
5) July 24 2016 16:30pm from
IP address:
City name: Omsk
State name: Omskaya oblast'
Country name: RU
I am not sure what to do and bit nervous about my other accounts like finance and such. Thank you for taking your time and reading this forum.

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Starter, Service Pack 1, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU N450 @ 1.66GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 28 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 1012 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) Graphics Media Accelerator 3150, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 228400 MB, Free - 191793 MB;
Motherboard: INTEL Corporation, Tiger Hill
Antivirus: None

Message: When I try to get , Google Chrome automatically reverts me to (I live in Italy). Sometimes reverts to .fr.Sometimes (the magazine has online editions in all 3 countries and more). I know there is a U.S. edition online and used to be able to log in to it. Please help--some articles, like on The New Yorker online, you have to pay for to access--but I have no trouble getting The New Yorker, only Vanity Fair U.S.A. and only lately. Any suggestions? Thanks so much.

A:Can't get [magazine].com, only European countries

Try clearing your cookies. The sites maybe setting a country preference and saving it as a cookie.

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I am trying to use my online banking service ( whilst in Korea and Thailand. The Form elements where I type the amount to transfer usually has a ? sterling symbol in it. In other territories this symbol becomes a random symbol.

I am using my own laptop with the keyboard set to EN for England and have tried it the latest IE and Mozilla.

Any ideas!! As the form rejects the entry and turns it back to 0 thus stopping me transfering money!



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hey guys i just want to know if i buy a USA mobo and a Korean GPU they will work as they supose to?

A:Different countries, same hardware compatibility?

Of course. As long as the GPU understands english. LOL. Just kidding.
Hardware doesn't understand human speech of any form.
So, yes, they will work.

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This might sound like a dumb question, but I need to ask it just to make sure.

I am currently in New Zealand studying for a semester and want to buy an external hard drive because I need lots of extra space as my laptop just isn't cutting it. If I did buy one at a store here in NZ, when I bring it back to the States, I shouldn't have any compatibility issues at all with it working either between my Vista laptop or my XP desktop, right?

Thanks for any replies

A:Storage Hardware between Countries?

awesome, thanks

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When I go to the Windows XP control Pannel and open the "Phone and Modem Options" cp, I can not select any countries. There are none in the pull down list. And I can not close it. Ends up in an endless loop.

This is a HUGE problem with Outlok as every time I try to add a phone number Outlook calls the CP items as Outlook wants a default location. I get put into an endless loop as I can't cancel the CP item and the only way to get rid of it is to open the Task Manager and kill it. I can't add or change phone numbers in Outlook 2003!

Any ideas as what I should do? Thanks!

A:Solved: No Countries Listed

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Easily create dynamic HTML list boxes of the countries of the World for your order forms, guest books and inquiry forms. This trial is suitable for use on intranets or on Web sites.
System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows XP

Compatible with FrontPage 2000, FrontPage version 2002.



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China's hacking hardware, the United States' assassins or Japan's taboo content -- in the Dark Web, only money matters.

On Tuesday, Trend Micro researchers released a whitepaper (.PDF) documenting the results of an investigation into the Web's underbelly, asking if the underground is connected globally, or whether there are countries which have a certain illegal "specialization" in goods or services.

Dark Web drugs, data dumps and death: Which countries specialize in what services? | ZDNet

A:Dark Web: Which countries specialize in what services?

"The US is also, ironically, the best place for the darkest and most dangerous services and purchases, including assassination services and murder-for-hire.

Meanwhile in Canada, the underground economy is not as well-developed or efficient as others. However, vendors are still making a profit on trading ice hockey cards and 'Kenny Chesney' MP3's. The more serious vendors are rumoured to be distributing 'Corb Lund Band' MP3's too. Worldwide!"

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Hey .. Just joined this forum .. and .. its so super cool ! I have a problem .. i'm sure you guys can answer!
I found out that there were some sites that I just cant open on any of the computers in india.. that I could when I was in USA! eg. Its a major telephone company in the US and I need to open it every month to pay my bills on-line!
I have tried it on different computers .. on firefox or internet explorer it just says .. "internet explorer cannot display the webpage" or "unable to connect" in firefox. then this other website I wanted to open today.. .. cant open!
Another example .. on it opens and I can login and everything .. but when I want to open a profile page of anyone not on my friends list, the page wont even load completely. Not that I get a page which says I cant see the profile or anything ... the page just doesn't load ever!

I feel its happening only with these active american websites.
thanks all

A:Do some sites block access in certain countries?

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Let's say I'm in Australia, and I open the British news website Obviously what I'll see isn't exactly what the Brits are seeing (different ads and even different stories - Australian-weighted).
OK, so, would there there be a way to open this site from Aust. so I'm seeing exactly what the Brits are seeing?
Thanks very much for any responses.

A:Bypassing website modifications for different countries

See this article for a number of suggestions on how you may be able to achieve that.

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I have a field for data a appoinment is for in an access table and i need to apply validation to allow entry of todays dat or anydate after today.
I have tryed stuff like ">=Now()" or ">Now() and =Now()" but nothing works please help
also can anybody help with my other problem about No changes to certain field in a table or form

A:Solved: Access Date Today or after today

If this is the same field as the first post then you will be stuck with the default value of Now() or Date().
If it is a different field then in the validation property use >=Date().
Date() is used when you do not need to store the "Time" as well as the date, Now() stores the Date and the Time.

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I bought an HP C4150 all in one printer in the usa in Dec 2006. Am using it now in United Kingdom but it will not recognise the HP ink numbers (same ink but diff numbers in Europe).

Been on the HP tech chat line and been advised the zone needs to be changed (to reflect UK and not USA). It's looking for USA ink no 95 when the Europe equivilant is 334.

I've been told the zone needs to be changed to reflect UK. Seems it should be a reasonably easy thing to do but am toldit needs to be brought into the shop to be changed.

Can I do this myself by downloading new drivers perhaps or by entering the setup for he printer software.

Also this is being used on a new Imac with OS10.3 or better.


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It looks like the MS download is only available to USA, Israel, China and Brazil!
What is that all about????

A:Official MS Security Essentials Limited Countries!

Check this post out by the man:

Microsoft Security Essentials is live!!

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Google already has their keyboard in more countries and i dont like their keyboard that much

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- We do not negotiate or send test and do not waste our time if you do not have any money.
- We are legit and honest dumps... Read more

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I have a friend who lives in the Netherlands. He always complains about errors when charging Nexon Cash on Maple Story (GMS)

I know a lot of people have had this problem, however his is causing other problems, and I would really like his error fixed. My question is, would using an application like HotSpot Shield allow you to pretend you're from america, even through paypal, and hence allow you to bypass that error, as in America, it is noted there are only very rare errors compared to the Netherlands which is apparently suffering from a lot of issues to do with charging money to Maple Story.

If anyone has had a similar problem with charging, can you verify if this would work, or even those with a technical mind, could you explain if it would not work, and why?

Thank you very much <3

A:Maplestory-bypassing paypal error when buying NX in some eu countries will this work?

HotSpot Shield will not work. What determines your location is the IP address from the ISP.

Can I ask are you going through the official site for the cash? I know that many MMO games have people selling their in game cash, which is against the game's T&Cs. Some of them are just crooks.

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New Version of Changeup Malware Found Targeting India, Mexico, Other CountriesThe piece of malware detected as W32.Changeup has been making the rounds since mid-2009 and its developers don?t seem to be willing to give up on it just yet. Symantec experts have found a new variant of this threat circulating in the wild. ? A Worm By Any Other Name:

A:New Version of Changeup Malware Found Targeting India Mexico Other Countries

Another writeup from Sophos:
W32/VBNA-X worm spreads quickly through networks and removable media | Naked Security

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An interesting study on the global underground company shows that money can get you anything -- wherever you are.

China's hacking hardware, the United States' assassins or Japan's taboo content -- in the Dark Web, only money matters.

On Tuesday, Trend Micro researchers released a whitepaper (.PDF) documenting the results of an investigation into the Web's underbelly, asking if the underground is connected globally, or whether there are countries which have a certain illegal "specialization" in goods or services.

There are three loose layers of the Internet; the "Clear" Web, the "Deep" Web and the "Dark" Web. The Clear Web is where we go for daily tasks and to visit standard websites through search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

The "Deep" Web is the layer underneath which is not indexed by standard search engines, and has to be accessed through a service such as the Tor network to access .onion websites hosted in this area.

Lastly, the "Dark" Web is a fraction of the Deep Web where illegal dealings take place, such as the purchase of weapons, drugs, counterfeit documents and hacking tools.

The average person is unlikely to go beyond the Clear Web, but the rest of the Internet is open to anyone using the right setup.
Over the past few years, Trend Micro has conducted a number of research projects focusing on these areas and the underground economy at large. Within the latest resear... Read more

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Hi everyone,

The XP Pro SP2 became available today on the windows update site, I am in the process of installing it now so, if I don't post for a while, it's been nice knowing you

I'll let you know what happens (if I can)

all the best,


A:Windows XP Pro SP2 Available today

Hi everyone,

It seems to have installed OK I've turned of the XP firewall as I have a router that acts as a hardware firewall and everything seems to be running just fine

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Hi everyone,

The XP Pro SP2 became available today on the windows update site, I am in the process of installing it now so, if I don't post for a while, it's been nice knowing you

I'll let you know what happens (if I can)

all the best,


A:Windows XP Pro SP2 Available today

Hi everyone,

It seems to have installed OK I've turned of the XP firewall as I have a router that acts as a hardware firewall and everything seems to be running just fine

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I am being offered both of the high priority downloads listed below for my XP2.
Does everyone have both versions of Microsoft. NET Framework on their computers?

Security Update for Microsoft .NET Framework, Version 1.1 Service Pack 1 (KB928366)
Download size: 8.8 MB , 2 minutes
A security issue has been identified that could allow an attacker to compromise your Windows-based system running the Microsoft .NET Framework and gain complete control over it. You can help protect your computer by installing this update from Microsoft. After you install this item, you may have to restart your computer. Details...
Security Update for Microsoft .NET Framework, Version 2.0 (KB928365)
Download size: 14.7 MB , 3 minutes
A security issue has been identified that could allow an attacker to compromise your Windows-based system running the Microsoft .NET Framework and gain complete control over it. You can help protect your computer by installing this update from Microsoft. After you install this item, you may have to restart your computer. Details...
Don't show this update again

A:Today's Windows Updates For Xp

I only have 2.0 here at work.

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Its Tuesday and that's usally when updates come out. I haven't seen any updates yet does anyone know if theres going to be a windows update today?

A:are there any windows updates today?

It's the second Tuesday of every month that's Patch Tuesday instead.

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Ive had 10 BSoD's today, and three within the past 10 minutes (Im running a java client, its not having any problems with ANYONE else).

I have all the dumps (from today) right here. Does anybody know the problem?

Dump File : 070510-24835-01.dmp
Crash Time : 7/5/2010 7:33:29 PM
Bug Check String : BAD_POOL_CALLER
Bug Check Code : 0x000000c2
Parameter 1 : 0x00000007
Parameter 2 : 0x00001097
Parameter 3 : 0xa11fec24
Parameter 4 : 0xa11fec04
Caused By Driver : ndis.sys
Caused By Address : ndis.sys+56a2e
File Description : NDIS 6.20 driver
Product Name : Microsoft? Windows? Operating System
Company : Microsoft Corporation
File Version : 6.1.7600.16385 (win7_rtm.090713-1255)
Processor : 32-bit
Computer Name :
Full Path : C:\Windows\Minidump\070510-24835-01.dmp
Processors Count : 2
Major Version : 15
Minor Version : 7600

Dump File : 070510-24242-01.dmp
Crash Time : 7/5/2010 7:26:40 PM
Bug Check Code : 0x0000000a
Parameter 1 : 0x8337ded3
Parameter 2 : 0x00000002
Parameter 3 : 0x00000008
Parameter 4 : 0x8337ded3
Caused By Driver : halmacpi.dll
Caused By Address : halmacpi.dll+5ba9
File Des... Read more

A:Windows 7 BSoD (Ive had 10 today).

Can you upload your minidump please?

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Does anyone have any info on today's recommended update kb2732059?

A:Today's Windows 7 update

Description of Software Update Services and Windows Server Update Services changes in content for 2012

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hi can someone help me please windows live todao wont open it says internet explorer script error live 2 char 30293 error a is null or not an object code 0 thanks!!!

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Several Months ago Windows Live Today suddenly started appearing in Spanish. I live in Barbados, West Indies, where we speak English. I have tried in vain to get help correcting this problem since it began. Please help.

A:Windows Live Today

Try going to and downloading the english version from there.

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Check it -

Application Compatibility release for Windows 8 Consumer Preview
You cannot obtain a developer license when you upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8 Consumer Preview

A:New Windows Updates today, 3/20/12

Be careful when you install this update

This update introduces a hard block on Microsoft Security Essentials. A hard block prevents an application that is incompatible with Windows 8 Consumer Preview from running on the computer."

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I updated Tuesday.
Got 1 optional update Friday.

Today {Sunday-8/17/2014} I got more.Lots more !

See picture---

A:New Windows Updates today

Yikes! Be interesting to see what they entail.

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So did Microsoft just make a new offer? No, this is about something has been offering for quite awhile. You just have to know what to look for.You can still get your hands on a no-cost upgrade to Windows 10 by turning to a page for people who use assistive technologies.Here is the page you want: use the term' 'assistive technologies' defined here:Assistive technology is an umbrella term that includes assistive, adaptive, and rehabilitative devices for people with disabilities and also includes the process used in selecting, locating, and using them.So this has a very broad range. I could include family member with a condition that would benefit ma technology that helps or rehabilitates. Also, Microsoft not putting down hard rules and proo0f of need or use. Until further notice,  you will use your own good judgement.Side note. Rather than install Windows 10 as an upgrade to anything, just install it as fresh install on a new disk or a clean partition. A upgrade have fail due to software compatibly issues.

A:How to Get Free Windows 10 Today.

I'm sure there is a subset of people who were resistant to upgrading to Windows 10 only until Microsoft said "OK the free upgrade offer is over now" when they decided "Oh yes it is".Allegedly it requires a call to MS support at a certain point in the process now, as it was subject to abuse.

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Microsoft announced that it would release a security update to help protect customers from exploitations of a vulnerability in the Windows Meta File (WMF) area of code in the Windows operating system on Tuesday, January 2, 2006, in response to malicious and criminal attacks on computer users that were discovered last week.

Microsoft will release the update today on Thursday, January 5, 2006, earlier than planned.

The security update will be available at 2:00 pm PT as MS06-001

A:Windows UPDATE Today

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Today I got a mystery major update, but I have no idea what this update is. Any ideas?

A:What did Windows 10 update today?

Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1511 for x64-based Systems (KB3147458)

1511 OS Build 10586.218


This security update for Windows 10 version 1511 and Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview 4 includes functionality improvements and fixes, and it resolves the following vulnerabilities in Windows:
3148531 MS16-037: Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer3148532 MS16-038: Cumulative Security Update for Microsoft Edge: May 10, 20163148522 MS16-039: Security Update for Microsoft Graphics Component to Address Remote Code Execution3148541 MS16-040: Security Update for Microsoft XML Core Service to Address Remote Code Execution3148538 MS16-046: Security Update for Secondary Logon to Address Elevation of Privilege3148527 MS16-047: Security Update for Security Account Manager Remote Protocol to Address Elevation of Privilege3148528 MS16-048: Security Update for CSRSS to Address Remote Code Execution3148795 MS16-049: Security Update for Internet Information Services (IIS) to Address Denial of Service

Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 updates are cumulative. Therefore, this package contains all previously released fixes.

If you have installed previous updates, only the new fixes that are contained in this package will be downloaded and installed to your computer. If you are installing a Windows 10 update package for the first time, the package for the x86 version is 383 MB and the package for the x64 version is 645 MB.

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windows 7 won't boot up today after it ran fine the other day.

I have done the repair thing and that doesn't help. still won't work. It tells me that it fix it but yet still wont boot.
lastnight it did do an update...

anyone give me clue as to what is up ?

A:windows 7 won't boot up today

Fill in your system specs and give us some details to work with, like what the machine does instead of "booting up."

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Does anybody have sollution for following problem?

I have excel97 and window XP installed. When I use =today() function on worksheet, it shows "today" correcty. But when I try to open saved worksheet, excel gives following warning:

" File.xls is already open. Reopening will cause any changes you made to be discarded. Do you want to reopen File.xls?
Yes No "

In windows98 same excelsheet worked. Also if I don't use =today()-function no problem.


A:excel97, =today() and windows XP

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When I tried to start Win 7 RC today I could not get past the StartUp Screen. Yes I saw the post below with the exact same problem occurring today. What is going on?

My situation is a little different with the RC but not much.
I know its not the computer because I have a seperate detached hard drive with Win XP on it and it runs fine. When I manually switch over to the seperate Win 7 HD (as I've done many times in the past), no StartUp!

I tried hitting F8 to get into safemode but it will not take me there. It will allow me to try to boot from my RC DVD disk but that too stops at the startup screen. I've tried to do an Automatic Repair it but it can't . It won't fix because the OS is not listed in the fix menu that comes up, so it wants me to install some kind of system drivers or alternately compeletely reinstall win 7. I did get a message about disconnecting any plug-in drives that I may have added, but I did not add any. And, I removed all plugin drives in any event.

After numerous attempts I also saw one DHCP (or something like that) notation where I think the system may have been searching for my router/network card on startup, but my router/network works because I'm on this computer and router/network card right now writing this message from its seperate Win XP hard drive. Maybe it lost track of the network card driver that was installed by Win 7 on that hard drive ?? I think it may need this driver before Win 7 starts ?? When I tried to select the reinstall drive... Read more

A:Windows Will Not Start Today

Maybe it's a good opportunity to consider installing the RTM/retail version (which with the 3, 30 days rearms) can be run until ~ Feb 2010 without activating. Just a thought.

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I read somewhere Feb 27th MS was going to do another download of W7? am i wrong or no? lol

A:Windows 7 beta out today?

Not that I've heard. Apart from some announcements from Microsoft and the updates that came via Windows Update on Tuesday, there really isn't too much going on right now.

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updates for your pc are ready to download.................

A:microsoft windows updates today 07-12-05


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Just installed the lastest windows 7 official RTM build I ran windows update and a watermark appeared on the bottom right of the screen saying this copy of windows is not genuine. After rebooting I have a black screen and a prompt telling me I must activate windows today! What happened to the 30 day grace period?

Am I the only one with this problem?


A:You must actiavte today? Windows 7 RTM shutdown 1 day?

just do a system restore. Happens with me whenever i update.

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As the title says upon checking for Updates I am getting Codes 801901F7 or 80072EE2 or 80072EFD which I believe is a problem with connecting with the MS server.
Have ran the Troubleshooters, Reset, cleared the Cache, SFC and DISM, all reporting no problems. No connection problems either.

A:Anyone else having problems with Windows Update today

Just tested on mine and get similar
I get the 80072EFD error when checking for updates

last successful check was 6am (UK Time, 9hours ago)

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Hello, today i found that at idle my cpu was at 25%-27% whereas before it would be at a few %..

i checked the ressource monitor and it shows that svchost.exe (netsvc) takes 25%...

I tried to look up the services in task manger and it shows several like : Aelookupscv, Browser, EapHost ,gpscv, Lanmanserveriphlpsvc, Profsvc,SENS, ShellHWdetection, Themes, Winmgmt, wuauserv.
i tried to desactivate wuauserv (windows update) and the cpu went back to normal....
Today is the day i get new updates but this cpu thing never happened before and usually i can see that i have updates available later in the day just when i check windows update (Then, when i click to download the updates i chose, my cpu usage goes up, i wait like 1 hour or 10 minutes and the updates are downloaded and installed).

But it didn't seem windows update was busy when i checked it ( it said no updates available) and the cpu was still at 25%..
Windows update is configured to "let me check to download the updates".

so what should i do? let things like that and reactivate windows update later in the day? Is it dangerous to let windows update off like i did?
Did i screw up my windows update by disabling the service wuauserv ?

THank you for your time

edit : i just checked windows update and it just said that no updates were avalaible to me. The cpu went back up (without any sings of windows update working) so i turned off wuaserv again to get rid of this cpu usage...

Also i have a question : if... Read more

A:windows update takes 25% of the cpu since today :(

It is normal for wuauserv to take up 25-50-100 percent when searching for updates.

The problem is when it does this for hours and never stops, just keeps searching.

Is that your case? Was everything fine until yesterday? Did it search for updates and came up with results in few minutes?

If it was all good until recently and now it's stuck, you can try this:

Set Windows to Never check for updates.

Make sure wuauserv is not taking 25 percent of the cpu. If it does, just stop the service.

Download and install KB3168965.

Restart and set Windows to Check for updates but let me choose what to install.

Search for updates.

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Just in case you guys still don't know... it's out! (for selected low-end Windows Phones).

A:Windows 10 for Phones Rolled out Today - Feb 12

so sometime this year, hopefully, AT&T should actually get around to upgrading my OS

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I have two windows 7 licences.
One I used imaging software to backup one, and upgraded to it windows 10. Saved both images W7 and W10.

The other i am holding off my windows updates until tomorrow for good reason.
If I allow updates on the 30th, will windows 10 definitely not be downloaded?

I will maybe have a dual boot with windows 10 & 7. I am just using one windows 7 at the moment.

I do not want to waste the bandwidth and disk space.

Any useful info appreciated.

A:After today,no 'free' windows 10 I hope.

Hello Ian am not sure if these would help with the 7 boot Upgrade to Windows 10 Update - Enable or Disable in Windows 7 or 8.1 - Windows 10 Forums just run the batch file for disbale for the 7 reg and this for the 7 boot Ultimate Outsider - Software Downloads I used to keep it on my desktop and run it every now and then after the initial set up. see pic

As I said only include these in the 7 when it was booted and set your updates to let me choose see pic and also I did not have a dual boot

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Windows 7 64 bit SP1 (OEM installed as $50 downgrade from Lenovo)
Lenovo Thinkpad W540 (Laptop)
Age of machine 1 year, 1 month old
Original install of OS
Nvidia Quadro K1100M
Intel HD Graphics Family
Intel Core i7-4700MQ CPU @ 2.40 GHz
The system has been acting sluggish since the Microsoft update wanting to give you free Windows 10.  But I never had a BSOD before today.  Twice in a row with different stop codes.  Course 24 new MS updates came in today as well.  Ran a sfc /scannow and it fix some items but was not able to fix everything.
Attached are the files requested (hope I did it correctly).  Please help, I'm so frustrated to begin with as I've been trying to help a friend who has a refurb Dell machine and I'm getting nowhere with that and now MY laptop is crashing.
Thank you in advance.

A:BSOD twice after Windows Updates today

Not a whole bunch of info to go on here.  The system appears to be in good shape. I'd first suggest uninstalling SuperAntiSpyware,  MalwareBytes and Norton.Then use the Norton Removal Tool to make sure all remnants of Norton are removed.  You can find a link to it here (it's free): that's done, select a free antivirus to test with and see if the system is working better for you.Should you decide to also reinstall MalwareBytes, please be sure to NOT participate in the trial of the Pro version - as that's the component that might be conflicting with your other security software. Beyond this I have these 4 suggestions:1.  Get ALL available Windows Updates.  It may take several trips to get them all2.  Get ALL available, Win8.1 compatible updates from the manufacturer's website.3.  Start with these free hardware diagnostics:  If all of the hardware tests pass, then run Driver Verifier according to these instructions: following is for informational purposes only.[font=lucida console]**************************Wed Aug 12 22:54:00.006 2015 (UTC - 4:00)**************************
Loading Dump File [C:\Users\John\SysnativeBSODApps\081215-18579-01.dmp]
Windows 7 Kernel Version 7601 (Service Pack 1) MP (8 procs) Free x64
Built by: [B]7601[/B].18933.amd64fre.win7sp1_... Read more

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I have had 7 Updates for Windows Defender today - normal is only 2 or 3. Does anyone have an idea about what might be happening special today? I have looked around and searched for a possible answer, but found none. I know it's crazy, but strange things like this "bug" me - lol!

A:Windows Defender Updates Today

I only get one a day. I may have had 2 once or twice, but I'm not sure. How often are you checking for updates?

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Hi, first post!

Wife was surfing earlier today and 3 times she encountered the BSOD. I've done as many checks as you would expect from an aged pensioner!

System: Dell Inspiron ONE 64 bit AMD about 2 years old. Came with Windows 7 Home Premium all pre-installed to which I have added SP1. The system is otherwise pretty much as it arrived.

Both required files are too large to attach to this post and therefore, I have linked them as suggested.


System Health Report.html

I should be most grateful for any advice or suggestions as to how I can eliminate these occurrences in future.


A:Windows 7 64 bit - BSOD 3 times today!

Several issues
1-Most of these were related to whats called a BCC116 (video reset)

"It's not a true crash, in the sense that the bluescreen was initiated only because the combination of video driver and video hardware was being unresponsive, and not because of any synchronous processing exception".

Since Vista, the "Timeout Detection and Recovery" (TDR) components of the OS video subsystem have been capable of doing some truly impressive things to try to recover from issues which would have caused earlier OSs like XP to crash.

As a last resort, the TDR subsystem sends the video driver a "please restart yourself now!" command and waits a few seconds.

If there's no response, the OS concludes that the video driver/hardware combo has truly collapsed in a heap, and it fires off that stop 0x116 BSOD.

If playing with video driver versions hasn't helped, make sure the box is not overheating.

Try removing a side panel and aiming a big mains fan straight at the motherboard and GPU.

Run it like that for a few hours or days - long enough to ascertain whether cooler temperatures make a difference.

If so, it might be as simple as dust buildup and subsequently inadequate cooling.

I would download cpu-z and gpu-z (both free) and keep an eye on the video temps Let us know if you need help

STOP 0x116: VIDEO_TDR_ERROR troubleshooting
2-Reeally old drivers

facap.sys 9/24/2008 9:34:31 PM fffff880`0458... Read more

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Announcing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 11082

A:Hey Windows Insiders, would anyone like a new PC build today?

Just got it and I'm creating an ISO,.

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Hi guys hope you can help. I upgraded to W7 32bit from Vista in January with an upgrade disk i got from Acer. Recently my pc lost one of the hard drive partitions (120gb of a 250gb disk) and in an effort to retrieve the missing data of it i accidently done something wrong to how the pc boots. Acer recovery tools has restored my machine back to Vista currently and i have no way of putting it back to Windows 7 as i cannot find my install disc although i do have my licence key (i always digitally record all receipts, licence keys etc). Basically my question is how do i reinstall W7 without the original disk? Also is it possible to do a clean install and reformat my entire hard drive to get back the missing 120gb. Thanks in advance guys hope someone can help

PS My PC is an Acer 5920g, Intel core duo T5750 2.00ghz 4gb Ram, Hitachi 250gb (cant think of anything else relevant)

A:Windows 7 yesterday Vista today :-( HELP

If you can borrow a Win 7 dvd install with it and use your key no problem

ps yes when you install delete that partition and regain the whole disk

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I knew it was September - October 2001 that Windows XP was originally released, but I didn't know the exact date.

My ex-wife's birthday is 10-25. Is that going to be a bad omen for the SP3 upgrade?


A:Windows XP Is 5 Years Old Today(10-25-2001)

Golly Gee say Happy Birthday Windows XP.......................

WOW! Personally I think that this is great look at how busy it keeps us...................

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just received those two...

One related to Windows 10 Universal C RunTime (CRT) for earlier OS.

One to add RDS support for TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 in Windows 7.

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I have Windows 7 64 bit laptop - and suffered two crashes today, while it was generally idling. The only new thing today is that there were some Windows update last night and an Adobe Flash update this morning.

I have attached the minidump files - and would appreciate any advice.

Many thanks!

A:Multiple Windows 7 64 bit crashes today...

how long have you had it? Mine used to do that when I bought it lastyear, it hasn't happened in about 8 months. when you turn it back on does chkdsk run? I searched high and low for this, and there are many suggestions but no solutions... some suggested the hard drive.

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I just got a new laptop this week.

This is the exact laptop I have, Asus X54C 15.6 inch laptop (Intel Pentium B960 2.2GHz, 8Gb RAM, 500Gb HDD, DVDSMDL, LAN, WLAN, Webcam, Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit): Computers & Accessories

This morning when turning it off, it started to update with the usual screen saying not to turn it off or unplug. I went out to do some stuff, and when I came back my laptop was turned off so I assumed the installation had finished. However when I pressed the power on button the laptop turned on, it was still how I had left it installing updates. However it seemed to be making no progress whatsoever. It was still on 1 of 60 updates. I left it for a while, but I needed to take it home and seen as it wasn't doing anything I held the power on/off button to power down the laptop to take it home. When home the laptop would refuse to boot to windows, and the screen would just go black. I tried to start the laptop in safemode, but again it wouldn't load. I performed startup repair but it said the problem couldn't be fixed. I then performed a system restore, however it also said that could not be performed. However after clicking okay, windows loaded up and prompted me to log in. Upon which I am on the computer now with no problems, a contradictory message came up saying that the system restore had been succesful. I'm now worried that there still could be some problem that might arise when I close down my computer and need to start it up the... Read more

A:Windows Seven Crashed During Update today.

Welcome to SevenForums.

First use following to fill out your system specs:
Update your SevenForums System Specs
User CP (located on the top menu bar) |
Your Profile | Edit System Spec (left-hand column)

To gather info, use Speccy (my favorite) or SIW or System Info

Add the word laptop or desktop or netbook to the
“system manufacturer” block, for example,
Toshiba Satellite L305D notebook.

Provide full windows version info, for example:
MS Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 64-bit

Use the “Other Info” block for Optical Reader,
Mouse, touchpad, wifi adapter, speakers, monitor, etc

Scroll down and click on SAVE CHANGES.

That essay you wrote is much, too much for my simple mind.

Could you, very briefly, state your problem.

Please use the ENTER key to put spaces between the lines.

Long run-on paragraphs make difficult reading.

thanks for your understanding and cooperation,

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As others have mentioned below, for the first time this morning, after installing 3 new Windows updates as prompted, the yellow shield remained. After doing this twice, with no prompt to restart, I did go to shut down and the symbol was attached to let the installation proceed during shutdown. I did this, then restarted. The yellow shield was back. I went to the Control Center to see what was happening. The history of updates showed that the 3 new updates were installed successfully, twice. However, the express install program said that I still needed to install them.

I was directed to a Windows program called Fix-it and ran it. It stated I had several Updater problems and fixed them, supposedly. I then installed for a third time, including reboot. The yellow shield reappeared for the same 3 updates.

I checked with Belarc Advisor. It stated that I was up-to-date on all Windows updates but the 3 for today were not listed.
I reran the Fix-it program. It supposedly found several problems, which appeared to be the same ones it had just fixed.

I doubt this is my computer, which runs trouble-free. I have a feeling this is a problem with this particular update. I would like to know if anyone finds out anything further. Thanks!

Windows XP SP3, Avast, Zonalarm.

A:Windows updater problem today

Hello Firetooth,

I'm having the same problem on two XP machines. One is a laptop (XP MCE SP3) and the other is a virtual machine (XP Pro SP3). I think the only thing to do now is to sit back and wait for Microsoft to straighten out the mess:

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I have the following optional updates today. I have not yet downloaded & installed them. Has anyone had any problems with these?

A:Windows 8.1 updates offered today

I installed them last night(midnight my time) after getting home from late shift ,about 10 hours ago . I had no problems yet.

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This morning, Aug 21 sunday, windows 10 did a very large update.  Now after my laptop has been on for 20 minutes, or so......the screen just goes blank (or very dark blue).  Nothing brings it back.  I have to do a hard shutdown....hold in the power button until it goes off, and then start it back up. Was there something in this update that has caused the problem??  It ran fine before the update. thanks......Pete

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today was/is patch Tuesday. I got 15 Updates which icluded updates for Office, So far I have put them on 3 computers with no issues, but I have lots to go and was wondering if anyone had issues installing any of the updates and which ones please

A:Windows updates today- Any Issues on your Windows 7?

btw in this set of updates is the upgrade for Microsoft Security Essentials to version

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When I started the PC this morning I got the black background with the message Windows 7 Build 7601 This copy of Windows is not genuine appear in the bottom right corner of the screen. I tried to re-activate with no luck and I called the automatic phone number and it said it could not authenticate my version of windows. I upgraded this pc to Win 7 Pro from Win XP a long time ago, it worked fine for a long time, however this PC has not been used in about 8 months.

I installed MGADiag, here are the results;

Diagnostic Report (1.9.0027.0):
Windows Validation Data-->

Validation Code: 50
Cached Online Validation Code: 0x0
Windows Product Key: *****-*****-*****-*****-VRP4V
Windows Product Key Hash: DjuETUPRPC4WwWMQV8/y5PONSWk=
Windows Product ID: 55041-006-2732894-86084
Windows Product ID Type: 6
Windows License Type: Volume MAK
Windows OS version: 6.1.7601.2.00010100.1.0.048
ID: {135FF070-B475-49A8-B1CF-574CBA542780}(1)
Is Admin: Yes
TestCab: 0x0
LegitcheckControl ActiveX: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
Signed By: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
Product Name: Windows 7 Professional
Architecture: 0x00000000
Build lab: 7601.win7sp1_gdr.150202-1526
TTS Error:
Validation Diagnostic:
Resolution Status: N/A

Vista WgaER Data-->
ThreatID(s): N/A, hr = 0x80070002
Version: N/A, hr = 0x80070002

Windows XP Notifications Data-->
Cached Result: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
File Exists: No
Version: N/A, hr = 0x80070002 ... Read more

A:This copy of Windows is not genuine appeared today

as your running a volume licence key on a Dell computer, i dont think it will ever activate.

Where did you get the key.


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More info here:

A:Pre-order Windows 7 Discounts starting today

I got mine ordered!

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Regarding the : Security Update for Windows XP (KB921883), as described in the, Important Announcement I have a some questions;Updates were loaded by MS overnight, this update was not one of them.I have a little yellow shield in my notification window presently, I can not click on it to get any details as to what it may be.When I pass the curser over it I do get the; Downloading update: 10%, . . if this is the same shield that was there yesterday, than overnight it went from 9% to 10%, . . . yet, I am seeing two updates installed on 10/28/08, if one or both of these were loaded overnight,as indicated by message that my computer was re-started as when I opened the desk top this morning, whereby it came out of, what seemed like a standby mode then went into the welcome screen as if had just then restarted, (which is another question), but if the previous downloads were successful, then where is my Security Update for Windows XP (KB921883) ?I have located the update information via Firefox; Security Update for Windows XP (KB921883);displaylang=enand would like to know is there an alternative to D/L via I.E. since I have a problem getting I.E. to respond to any attempts at reaching the MS Update sight, which possibly be caused by the following circumstance as posted in BC yesterday ; did not specify content length, .Net Framework Version require... Read more

A:All users MUST install their Windows Updates today

I have this Network Diagnostics Report and would like to know if it is related to my I.E. Problem, in last post ? Please direct me to information and or tutorial on the fix for this.
11:06 AM 10/28/2008
Show Saved Files
Internet Service
Default Outlook Express Mail / FAILED

InBoundMailPort = 110
InBoundMailServer = (FAILED)

Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data:
Request timed out.
Request timed out.
Destination net unreachable.
Destination net unreachable.
Ping statistics for
Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 2, Lost = 2 (50% loss)
Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
Minimum = 0ms, Maximum = 0ms, Average = 0ms
InBoundMailType = POP3
Successfully connected to port 110
OutBoundMailPort = 25

OutBoundMailServer = (FAILED)
Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data:
Request timed out.
Request timed out.
Request timed out.
Request timed out.
Ping statistics for
Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 0, Lost = 4 (100% loss)
OutBoundMailType = SMTP
Successfully connected to port 25
Default Outlook Express News Not Configured
Internet Explorer Web Proxy Not Configured

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Windows 10 Anniversary Update Launches Today

Microsoft is getting ready to push the go-ahead button for the new Windows 10 Anniversary Update, which is the most important milestone since the release of Windows 10 in July 2015.

The Anniversary Update will come with a long list of improvements, and these include an enhanced Start menu with a hamburger icon and the focus on the apps, Windows Ink for better use of the OS with a pen, a revamped Action Center, updated Cortana, and completely new features such as browser extension support in Microsoft Edge.

The Anniversary Update is available for both PCs and smartphones and can be downloaded via the standard update system - Windows Update or with a standalone ISO that Microsoft will release later today via the Media Creation Tool.

In a June 29 blog post, Microsoft says that the Windows 10 Anniversary Update will bring improvements in six different areas and claims that security is one of the most important. Windows Hello for apps and websites and new features for Windows Defender will become available with the Anniversary Update.

For example, one of the new features allows users to perform automatic background scans with Windows Defender even if it?s not the default anti-virus solution running on a Windows 10 device, thus making sure that no malware reaches your data.

New gaming features in Anniversary Update
The gaming side of Windows 10 is also being improved significantly, and most of the new features bring together the ... Read more

A:Windows 10 Anniversary Update Launches Today

Installing it tonight as soon as I get home.

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So yesterday i left my PC alone for about 10 mins and when i came back it was on a blue screen and ever since it has not been able to boot windows, even from a CD drive. Today i went to see if it had fixed itself and it had only gotten worse because now nothing shows up on the monitor. I was planning to replace HDD, CPU, GPU and Motherboard will doing this fix the problems? someone pls help

CPU: AMD Phenom II X4
RAM: 2x4GB
PSU: Cooler Master 625
GPU: HIS HD 7700 Series
Motherboard: Asrock AM3+
HDD: Seagate 550GB

A:Windows won't boot at all and today nothing shows up on monitor

it was on a blue screenClick to expand...

When you see the BSOD, you always write down the info or take a picture with your phone, tablet or camera.

We can't guess what it said and the info on the screen would have been helpful.

Simplest solution is to try another monitor and video cable and see if something appears on the screen.

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This is not a request for help, this is a helpful suggestion if you have had our problem...

- Windows XP Pro SP2
- Outlook Pro/SBE 2003
- Open Outlook -> Repairing Personal Files -> looks like its working, finishes loading toolbars -> Windows Error Crash
- Crash details mention "ntdll.dll"

- Remove Cloudmark (3rd party anti-spam)

I realize this forum is more for requesting help, but considering it took us a while to figure this out, I thought I might post it incase it helps anyone~

A:Outlook Windows Error - TODAY: 2007-08-09

I was struggling with a problem in Outlook and happen to stumble across your post. I did what you suggested - removed Cloudmark - and that was the answer! Thank you.

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These are the ones that appeared on my Windows XP SP2 computers after running a scan at the Windows Updates site:

Internet Explorer 6.0 cumulative update(KB916281)

Windows Script update(KB917344)

Windows XP updates(KB917953, KB914389, KB918439, KB911280)

Malicious Software Removal Tool - June 2006(KB890830)


A:Several Windows XP Critical Updates Released Today

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I received my copy in the mail today. Including key.
I am very excited. Activation was successful.

A:Recieved Windows 7 ultimate in mail today.

That's some good news farminsteve. Welcome to Sevenforums.

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Above says after when.

Basically, i used to be able to use my fast forward, pause/play, stop, and volume control buttons to control my itunes and the volume.

now, the volume control does not show the bar on the screen that shows what level the volume is at when it's changing volume, and my pause/play, fast forward, rewind, and stop buttons only work when itunes is the main window.

it used to control itunes even when itunes was in the background :/

please help!

A:After today's windows updates, my hotkeys are not working

Run the restore point the update made. It does that so you can back off changes.
Press Winkey +Pause. Click System Protection. Press the System Restore Button.
Choose the restore point made by the update. If there is more than one restore point made just before the updates, choose the first restore point made by an update. That should back off all changes.

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Hi, I have 3 questions:

Update KB2976978 - Read additional info on this update which said that this update performs diagnostics for Windows systems that participate in the Windows Customer Experience Improvement Program.....for customers seeking to install the latest Windows Operating system.

How do I know if my system is participating in this program? Is Windows 10 the system they are referring to? I'm not planning on buying the new system (if it's free, I may update) so should I just ignore the update or install as long as it doesn't cause any problems with my computer system.

Update KB890830 - Malicious Software Removal - I have Norton 360 which, I believe, removes all malicious software when scanned. Should I download long as it doesn't cause any problems with Norton 360?

Update KB3048778 - this one is weird having to do with systems that use the Japanese or Korean IME, whatever that is! I don't know if I need this. It says it's fixing KB3033889 which was downloaded on my laptop on 3/11/15......don't know why. Also having the IE problem that it states it will fix, so I guess I should download.

Thanks so much,

A:Windows 8.1 Updates Received Today (3/25/15) Questions

Update KB890830 - Malicious Software Remove, doesn't matter if you have another AV, that's part of windows for long time now. No harm in installing it.
Update KB3048778, just hide it or install it, it will not change anything if you don't use those languages.

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The following Windows 2000 Automatic Updates were installed on my PC today:
KB9540760, KB890830, KB950759, KB951698
Since these were installed, I have lost all my email and Internet Explorer settings, including everthing in my inbox, settings and Internet Favorites.
I am guessing that the update messed with my Registry settings, but don't know where to start getting things back to where they were yesterday!

Anyone else having the same problem - any suggestions?

Cheers, 3kids1cat

A:Windows 2000 Automatic updates today

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Hello for some unknown reason i came home today and my laptop decided to shadow the letters on all the desktop icons.
I went to appearance the effects and unchecked the show shadows under menus but this had no effect.
Can you please tell me how to change it back?
thanks...this is my first post.

A:Windows xp pro today has shadows on the desktop icons

Under Control Panel - System - Advanced - Performance - Visual Effects -tick "Use drop shadows for Icon labels on the desktop"

Another thing to check:

Right click a blank space on desk top>arrange icons by> and uncheck "Lock Web Items on Desktop.

PS: Welcome to Tsg

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I encounter this error message when loading my windows live today. Before this, everything was fine and no error occurred. I figure probably it has something to do with windows vista os? I had attached a screenshot on the error message, and hope there will be a solution for this.

A:Windows Live Today Script Error

Hi. . .

I get that same message on some emails while in Windows Live Mail.

I typically just get rid of it, but it is bothersome at times.

Do you get it during the loading of Live or just in some emails like I do?

I have not as of yet looked into this, but when I do, I will post back.

Regards. . .



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One of the updates today set MS Edge as the default app for PDF files. I have Acrobat installed and after the update and reboot, Acrobat asked if if I wanted it to be the default program. I didn't realize it had changed. So when I said yes, I got an error that said Acrobat cannot be set as the default app, or something along those lines.

When I went into settings to try to change it there, Edge was shown as the PDF default app. When I tried to change it, Acrobat was listed but it wouldn't change when I clicked on it in the list.

Finally, I went into the Set Default Programs in Control Panel and I set Acrobat as default to open all file types it can open by default. Hopefully that is the correct choice.

If there is some other way to do this, please advise. But maybe this will also help someone else who had this happen.

A:Windows Update today Set MS Edge as Default PDF App

Reinstall would also help.

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here we go again and in the updates is ie 11
Comments Please

A:Windows Updates issued today- anyone have problems yet?

Hi Robin,

I was just writing for a new thread, but you beat me to it
So here is what I have for this round of updates

I updated a Win 7 x64 system with 16 updates for November updates.
No problems, but the download was painfully slow - over 30 minutes for 117 MB that normally takes a minute or two.
I assume it was bad timing for me and the MS servers were overloaded...everything else works fine for download time...
I downloaded/applied ALL updates at the same time.
I ran the Cleanup utility and it deleted ~200 MB of unneeded previous updates after these updates.
No problems so far...

No - I didn't get an update for IE 11

Attachment 293421

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Today my copy of Windows 8 x64 Pro on my Acer Aspire One 722 PC just started having a bunch of random BSOD (SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION), sometimes 15 minutes after startup, sometime after a couple of hours hour. I've been using Windows 8 since launch (I upgraded my PC to from W7 to W8) without any major issues, so this is kind of odd. The only changes that were made recently were the bunch of recent Windows Updates installed (which may be the reason but I'm not entirely sure.) Anyways, I've attached all my stuff and you guys always know best, so please help me out!!!!

A:Random Windows 8 BSODs Started Today

C: drive only has about 7% free space. Windows likes 15% free space in order to perform stuff "behind the scenes" without adversely affecting the system's performance. Please free up 15% on all hard drives (you can get away with 10% on larger drives and won't notice a large performance penalty)

This device is disabled. Is this deliberate? If so, why?

Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client Virtual Miniport Adapter for Windows x64 ROOT\NET\0001 This device is disabled.

Please either remove it from your system or enable it/update it/disable it again.

Daemon Tools (and Alcohol % software) are known to cause BSOD's on some Win7 systems (mostly due to the sptd.sys driver, although I have seen dtsoftbus01.sys blamed on several occasions). I strongly suspect that this hold true for Win8 systems also.

Please un-install the program, then use the following free tool to ensure that the troublesome sptd.sys driver is removed from your system (pick the 32 or 64 bit system depending on your system's configuration): [S] DuplexSecure - FAQ [/S] Link broken as of 21 Jul 2012
New link (15 Aug 2012): DuplexSecure - Downloads (pick the appropriate version for your system and select "Un-install" when you run it).
Alternate link:
Manual procedure here: Registry and SPTD problems | DAEMON Pro Help

LogMeIn and Team Viewer both date from 2007/8 - please uninstall them immediatel... Read more

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Hi, new to the forum...

I have had windows mail on my vista computer for over 2 years and has worked with no issues.. send/receive mail using dial up a good portion of the time, my cell phone for tethering (alltel), neighbors broadband, other cable service providers when our of state visiting relatives, etc., and have had not had to change anything in the account settings from my current and 15 year ISP mail provider (aceweb).

I use this alternative ISP provider to maintain a 15 year old email address for the webpage for customer to contact me even though I have used various other sources for getting on the web.. and have had no issues between the two sending and receiving mail til yesterday.

I just recently (3 months ago) obtained high speed internet from Frontier and for the past 3 months have been using their high speed access but still been using my alternative ISP provider name for the mail portion through Frontier with no issues like I said again til yesteday.

I spent more hours than I care to say today between my ISP provider (aceweb) and Frontier trying to find out why I can receive mail and not send mail. I think I have tapped these geeks capabilities with this and don't have anywhere else to turn.. both Frontier and Aceweb are pointing fingers at each other saying it's each other's problem.. but here I sit with no outbound mail and for a biz that hurts.

And I cannot make the change to Frontier mail since as I said, I have 15 years utilizing this aceweb... Read more

A:windows mail worked great yesterday but not today?

Hello misskittykats,
Welcome to the forum, since your email worked before the MS updates , try this for starters, do a system restore back to before the Windows updates. Use this please : System Restore - How to[11]=Backup%20Restore
Once this is done, check if your Email works as it should with the setup from your Email ISP as they should be set. Post back and we can go from there to further diagnose your issue .

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Here is the article from NVidia. There has been a lot of talk lately that Vista couldn't run on modern cards. That's not true. Here is the link.

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A:Announced - Build 10559 Windows Mobil - Today

This is fake news by an imposter.

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Today is the big day when Microsoft said it would no longer allow the blocking of Windows XP SP-2 for XP users through runnnig Windows Update or enabling Automatic Update. My questions for everyone are:

1.) What has changed from this day foward with regards to Windows Update, especially for XP users?

2.) Can you still choose the option to do Custom Install for Windows Update?

3.) Is there ANY opt out for Service Pack 2, if you go to Windows Update?

Anyone who wishes to provide the new steps or things that the user may see when they go to Windows Update, please post in this thread.

Is there anything that we should do BEFORE we go to the Windows Update page? The issues for this thread are:

a. What is new?

b. What has stayed the same?

Users, please post any issues that you experienced when you went to do your Windows Updates. Mods or Admins, you might want to pin up this thread.


A:As Of Today (April 12th,) What's Different About Windows Update For XP Users?

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I have had this pc just over 2 years running windows 7 with no problems. Build 7601 Service pack 1.

Then the pc began to crash repeatedly. I then cleaned the cpu fan. It was filthy.

The machine then ran without issues until yesterday. The day after a new windows update on the 19th June.

It crashed several times. So I cleaned the main power fan. It then ran without issues for 24 hours.

Yesterday the pc crashed and I got a dark blue screen.

I can only run in safe mode.

I will add the dump files when I buy ZIP....

A:Windows 7 Crashing Repeatedly Today BSOD Using Second Life

You don't need to buy ZIP. Windows comes with a built-in zip utility.
Just select the files that you want to zip up, right click on them, and select "Send to" - then select "Compressed (zipped) folder" - and it'll put them in a zip folder for you to upload

Just follow these directions:

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I patched my windows 8.1 x64 PC on Tuesday with all available updates. Today, July 10th, KB2919355 popped up "Windows 8.1 Update for x64-based systems" claiming I need the update to ensure I receive future updates. I'm pretty positive I've installed this two times previously...should I try applying this update again or wait a few days to see if it was a mistake and/or disappears from windows update? Anyone else see this today?


A:windows update kb2919355 appeared today - strange

It's a cummalitive update - containing various other related updates - that's why it will different sizes depending of what's aleady installed - this one probably contains an update for a previous one that is now superceded. No harm in installing it.

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So I got this computer delivered today. 
I tried going to the Store to upgrade to windows 8.1, but it told me that I needed to do all of the current updates first. So I checked for updates (on the "pretty" menu it just kept searching and didn't work, had to go through control panel... Haven't really had the best experience with 8 so far I tell ya!)
It's been stuck on installing update kb2938459 for literally hours now. I would like to get everything updated so that I can get to windows 8.1 and then update all my drivers and such. I've had this computer for all of 6 hours and I'm having such a horrible experience with this! I hope someone has some advice for me. 

A:New computer (unboxed today!) windows updates, STUCK

This person seems to have the same problem as I do, and also looks to have come to a conclusion about it... But how do I do a clean install of 8 so that I can attempt these updates before adding a microsoft account? Or is the damage done already? There were no discs or anything sent with the new computer, and if possible I'd like to avoid making any huge changes like that, but if it's what I have to do then I will... again, advice?

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Unable to send or receive messages for the Hotmail  ........(my email)....... account.
Server Error: 3219
Server: ''
Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x8DE00005
This started when my wife went to use our Hotmail account this worked fine yesterday. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
I googled it and got several different possible fixes, but the posts were old.....

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Windows update offered up an important update today KB915597 (Definition 1.149.884.0). I installed it. It did not require a restart but I needed to shut down for other reasons unrelated to the computer. Upon rebooting the computer wouldn't complete the startup procedure but hung at some point after the desktop appeared. The hourglass cursor was visible but the PC wouldn't respond to mouse clicks etc.

I rebooted several times to the same effect, so I started in safe mode and used the Windows Update restore point to remove this update. After doing that everything booted fine.

Are others running into problems installing this update or is it something specific to my system?

I'm running Windows 7 64 bit SP1

I'm attaching a file although the process encountered no issues and no Windows update errors were reported.

Thanks in advance,


A:PC won't start after installing windows update KB915597 today

Windows Defender updates (KB915597) are ALWAYS 'Optional' - but installed by default.

Your CBS folder upload is missing the most important file - the CBS.log file which probably contains the results of the SFC scan.

Please copy the CBS.log file to your desktop, and the upload the copy on its own.

I have never heard of a WD definitions update crashing Windows - and I suspect that either your system is infected already, or you have other problems.

What Anti-Virus software is currently installed? - What other AV systems have EVER been installed??

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Hi all,
I have a problem after running the recent Windows Updates (on a Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit).
The updates seemed to run OK, and prompted me to reboot the PC. But after reboot, I keep getting the following error message when I want to start any application (Outlook, File Explorer, ...) :
'Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item.'

I also noticed that it took several minutes before my antivirus (Vipre Antivirus) showed in the system tray, and my firewall (Online Armor) even never showed up. Also my Gadgets did not appear.
When I click on the Vipre icon, or try to open the Gadgets, I get the above error message.
When I open Task Manager, I see that only very few processes are running.

I do can open the Start Menu, but clicking any application results in the above error message.
I do can open the Control Panel, and some of the items there work, others don't. I managed to execute a System Restore, I did first to the Restore Point that was created before the Windows Update, but that did not improve the situation (I did get the icon 'Windows Updates available' in the system tray back, though). I tried to restore to an earlier Restore Point too, but still to no improvement.
This made me wonder if the Windows Updates are the real cause, I have to admit. Now my PC is luckily configured as a dual boot (Windows 7 and Vista), and booting in Vista works without any problem, so I guess it cannot be a h... Read more

A:Problem after Windows Update of today (July 10, 2012)

try a CHKDSK and SFC from either the original install disk, or from the 'Repair Your Computer' boot option.

Your best option in that case is to run the CHKDSK and SFC in offline mode from a Recovery Environment boot.

Reboot the computer, and tap the F8 key until you get the advanced boot menu up - one option should be 'Repair your computer'. Pick that one.

Log into your normal account.
You'll get a set of options - pick the Command Prompt one.
At the command prompt, type
- if we're lucky this will bring up a listing of your normal C: drive contents, including the Program Files folder(s) and the Windows folder.
If not, try E:\ (etc. until you get the right letter - if you've tried F: and failed, try C: )

then type the following command

CHKDSK <drive>: /R

and wait for it to complete - it could take a few hours, depending on the size of the drive.
Once complete, type

sfc /scannow /OFFBOOTDIR=<drive>:\ /OFFWINDIR=<drive>:\Windows

where <drive> is the letter you found above.
Wait for the command to complete. (make a note of the response!).
Once it has, type EXIT and the pick the option to reboot.

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I am needing help in how to start a program - as the Windows 10 update occurred on my laptop last night.
When I left mouse click on the small Windows icon in the bottom left of my computer screen nothing pops up. Previously the Apps option would come up and I could start my programs. I also lost all my pinned programs that I used to use.
Also, my "Ask me anything" search field does not work.

I am not great at computers......


A:How do I start my programs after the Windows 10 Tweek updated today?

Has your Windows 10 Start menu stopped working? Here are four ways to fix it - BT

I was able to get the Start Menu to work by:

Check and repair corrupt Windows files - My computer didn't have any corrupt files - that I could tell after running the process in powershell.

Then after that I ran the: Reinstall Windows apps and re-started my computer. Now the Start menu works, my pinned programs show back up, my task bar on the lower right shows back up, and my date and time show back up.

And the Cortana"Ask me anything" is working!

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