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Installing a new Video card on my Dell Dimension 5100 need confirmation

Q: Installing a new Video card on my Dell Dimension 5100 need confirmation

Well I plan to buy a "EVGA E-GEFORCE 7600 GT CO 256MB GDDR3 PCI-E" off ebay so I can replace the crappy Radeon 128mb x300 that came with my computer and run Gothic 3 and BioShock!

Now I'm not sure how Dells are built exactly, but I've heard that there are issues when installing new hardware.

Now my motherboard supports the follow card slots:

2 PCI, 1 PCI-E x16, and 1 PCI-E x 1

The card I am purchasing is a PCI Express x16 so I assume that my motherboard supports it and that there will be no issues with my installation.

I don't like returning things on e-Bay so I'm just trying to make sure that I won't have to because my the card won't be compatible with my computer.

Thanks for the putting a simpleton such as myself at ease.

Also, if you would recommend another card that I could get for about the same price I'd be happy to hear it. I just want to update my graphics card and not spend a fortune doing it.

Thanks again!

A: Installing a new Video card on my Dell Dimension 5100 need confirmation

How much are u paying for it? Chances are it may be cheaper somewhere else. And where exactly are u located? There are alternatives but until you give us the amount of money ur ready to spend on this card we can't tell u if a better card is available for the same price.
P.S. - To answer ur original question, It will be compatible with ur PC.

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Hey guy yesterday i bought a new e-GeForce 6200 - PCI for my Dell Dimension 3000 im having trouble using it....i have it inserted inside i downloaded all the driver i check the Display adapters on Computer Management and i have 2 display adapters my Old one [Intel(R) 82865G graphics controller] and the GeForce 6200 one i installed, so i start playing some games and its as slow as it was before it is still using my old graphics card even tho i removed it, i checked and it said i was still using the old graphics card....I searched some stuff in google.....about disabling my integrated video card? i do not know what this is and i dont know how to disable it, please any help would be great.

A:Dell Dimension 3000 Installing video card

Hey dudes here a pic of what it says on Systemrequirementslabs when i checked if i could play world of warcraft weird color on screen and gets more when i move mouse around, the pic was taken in safe mode, it only looks like this when i disable my Intel(R) 82865G graphics controller, pic of it here put http: infront of the links because i cant post them =\.

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My friend has a Dell Dimension 5100 and decided to purchase a new Graphics card (ATI Radeon HD *4550) for the computer so that it can run higher performance gaming and i was asked to fit it as my friend isn't that technically gifted.

I fitted the video card with no problems. I then put the computer back together, plug it all up and push the power button, the computer turns on and makes the normal booting sounds but the screen isn't being activated at all, it stays in standby.

At first i thought it was a power supply issue as maybe the DImenion's 305W PSU couldn't handle it so i fitted a 450W thermaltake after making sure that dell hadn't put in any propietary hardware inside the computer and still no screen output.

After that i removed the video card so i could access the BIOS (as the dell's bios didn't like having an add-in video controller but the user trying to output via the integrated graphics. I went into the bios and changed the video settings from auto to "integrated graphics/add in video controller" which means the integrated graphics would be disabled when a video card is installed. Put the card back in and still nothing.

I thought it might be that some cards rather output on the DVI port first over the VGA but still nothing.

I then went the next mile and updated the 5100's BIOS from A01 to A03 via the Dell support website as suggested as i believed maybe the BIOS' in built micro drivers might not support i... Read more

A:Dell Dimension 5100 & Radeon HD 5500, video issue

This may be a long shot, but.
We used to be a Dell house and one thing that I had problems with replacing video cards in Dell was voltage. The Optiplexs we used had a specific voltage for the video card that they needed 5v I believe.
I did see that this came with an integrated video card so that may not be the issue for this computer.
Is there somewhere in BIOS to disable the integrated video card?

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I have a dell Dimension 4600, My computer guy told me to install a new video card to my computer b/c no images would come up ( my computer screen still works). So I have this Nvidia geforce 6200 agp I'm trying to put in with a computer that has intergrated video on it. Need help please!!!!!!!!!

A:Newbe needs help installing video card to dell dimension 4600

Install the card in the empty AGP slot.

Your Service manual for that Model of Dell


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I have had to reinstall XP on my PC (Dell Dimension 5100) but the network card is not being detected, does anyone have or know where I can download the appropriate driver for this PC. I do not have any of the relevant discs that might have the driver on it.

I do not know the specific card by name, but it is the one integrated onto the motherboard; standard form Dell, so if anyone knows it would be much appreciated.

Bit vague I know, but hoping someone can help!!

A:Driver for Dell Dimension 5100 5100&os=WW1&osl=EN

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I own a rather old computer, a Dell Dimension 5100. I have received Windows 8 Pro from the MSN Academic Alliance web-site. I ripped the iso to a disc and tried to install. When I boot from disc, (currently have Windows 7) I get the error:
Your PC needs to restart
Error code: 0x0000005D
I did some research and the best I found was that my computer doesn't have NX, PAE. I tried to enter BIOS but saw no options for this. Since I don't know what to do now, does anybody know if my computer CAN support Windows 8 but I need to upgrade my BIOS?
Thank you much for your help.

A:Windows 8 on Dell Dimension 5100

Visit the following website and install the latest version of BIOS:
Note that this BIOS is specific for Dimension 5100, if you have different model you should search in Dell website.
After you install the BIOS look and see if you see if you have memory protection in BIOS, take a look at:
For CPU not compatible .
If there wasn't such setting , then contact Dell support and report this issue.

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I have been having problems with my Dell Dimension 5100 feezing up and running super slow when I have the fastest internet speed I can get threw my cable company.My daughter has a whole bunch of songs and pictures downloaded on here would that cause it to be running slower? But what do you think is causing it to freeze up??? I just had to restore it about a month ago because I think I had a virus Iam not sure if that was the problem but alot of people told me that is what was proably causing it to do all of the things it was doing before I restored it.Hope to hear from you soon!


A:Dell Dimension 5100/Freezing Up

The kind of slowness you describe could easily be caused by a virus or spyware infestation, especially if your daughter downloads a lot of music, etc.
My first recommendation is a full virus and spyware scan.
Widows includes a utility called Event Viewer in Control Panel/Admin tools.
Look for red entries under System and Application, and let us know what you find.

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xp sp2
in the uk, regional settings set to UK
but keyboard with ? above the '3' key shows as #
how to correct?

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New batteries only last a few days. Have purchased from 3 sources. This started recently after computer about 2-3 years old. I install new battery then soon must reset time and date each time computer turned on. Is this likely a leak or a not-recharging problem, and what should I inspect? Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks.

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I have a dell dimension 5100 that I need to reinstall windows xp pro. I currently have RAID 0 configured by default. I do not want RAID 0 at all so I removed RAID from both SATA drives in the BIOS prior to reinstalling.

Now the problem..... I started the reinstallation process for Windows XP pro on sata drive 0. The drive was formatted and once finshed windows would not boot up. The dell boot screen keeps coming up. Do I have to manually format sata drive 0 and 1 then try reinstalling? Or does RAID 0 have to be configured? Researching my machine it does not say anything about RAID cannot be removed.

Please help!

A:[SOLVED] Reinstalling Windows XP Pro On A Dell Dimension 5100

This issue is happening after you formatted drive, then selected the unallocated space to install windows on, then windows copied files and restarted to finish installation? Or did you format drive and then just try to boot?

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I have a trashed h/drive and have ordered a new sata 250 g drive. after I install it, what do I need to do? Format?? load XP? will the m/board recognize it?

Thanks for any help

A:Hard drive replacement Dell Dimension 5100

The system should recognize the drive once you connect it. Then you will need to reinstall Windows, the drivers, and any software you need on it. The Windows XP installation will take care of the partitioning and formatting for you.

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hello...I dont really know much about video cards to start out just recently got a Nvidia GeForce 6200 OC PCI video card to play the sims 3 and WoW. The sims 3 would give me the blue screen of death saying I was caught in an infinite loop or something...I could always play WoW with my onboard card but ever since upgrading/downgrading WoW crashes randomly...mostly in the city of dalaran..but anyways I was wondering what a good upgrade would be for my video card to end these problems.

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Looking for a raytheon video card to operate dual screen monitors. What do you I need to get?


A:Video Card for Dell Dimension E310

If you are using your system's onboard VGA solution, you can get a cheap PCI graphic card (if that system's board have that slot), because IMHO its bit of wastage of money if you put anything of significant cost in that rig.

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i was jus wondering what video card this Dell can hold? the Dell site * i think * is tellin me that it can only hold 128 MB but i jus want to make sure.

what do u guys kno about it?

A:Dell Dimension 4500, Video Card


Video controller

All AGP 8x cards are fully downward compatible. If a motherboard "only" has an AGP 4x interface, the cards will recognize this and behave like any normal AGP 4x card.

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Dell Support told me my Dimension DV051 (same as E310, I think) would not support a new graphics card, though I've seen many posts on these forums by individuals who've successfully done so. I had bought an Nvidia GeForce 9400 GT, 1 GB DDR2, thinking it would work in the single PCI slot I have available. I called Dell because I've been unable to get the new card to work, though the integrated graphics card has always worked fine, though slow. Here are some specs on the new card.

300 W power
18 Amps on +12 V rail
PCI 2.1 compliant
Windows XP

I configure the BIOS to Auto, which I believe is supposed to switch from the integrated card to the new one if it's installed. I then power off, put the card in, connect it to the monitor, and power back up. The Windows logo appears, and the progress bar does its thing for a few seconds, and then freezes indefinitely. Grrr.

Here are some specs on my PC, from MyComputer.

Dell Dimension DV051 (same as E310, I think)
Intel(R) 82915G/GV/910GL Express Chipset Family
Pentium 4, 3.20 GHz CPU
3.19 GHz, 2 GB RAM
1 TB disk

My power supply looks small, and that was my original question to Dell, if upgrading it would fix my problem.

230 W
14 Amps on +12 V rail

I'm new to this whole video card business, and thought an $80 card would be an easy way to get more life from my desktop PC before finally replacing it. Thanks for any help you can provide.

... Read more

A:Problems With Video Card On Dell Dimension

Minimum power supply for a 9400GT is 350W. It looks like the chokepoints on your system are older mobo, proc, and small PSU. But like you said, you could certainly squeeze more life out of it with a video card upgrade, but along with it NEEDS to come a psu upgrade.

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I need a new video card for my Dell Dimension 4100. Yes, I know it's an old machine. I'm a database developer. I have 6 PC's, some new, some old. This is necessary for my business. So my Dell Dimension 4100 needs a new video card because the old one (32MB NVidia TNT2 M64 AGP) has developed banding problems and is about to die. However, I'm not sure what to get to replace it. I think I can upgrade the video memory to 128 MB, and go for a PCI video card, but my power requirement is only 200 watts, so I need to keep that in mind.

I've been looking on eBay, and have narrowed my choices to "new", "128MB", and "up to $40", but there's still a lot to choose from.

Can anyone point me to one of these cards that might be good for my old beast?

1 ATI Radeon 9200 128 MB PCI 3D Video Card TV-Out VGA DVI $13.34
2 nVidia GeForce 2 MX400 AGP Video Card 128 MB $21.80
3 nVidia GeForce 2 MX400 AGP Video Card 128 MB $21.80
4 nVidia GeForce 2 MX400 VGA AGP Video card NEW 128MB $21.80
5 ATI Radeon X1300 Low Profile Video Card 128MB BRAND NEW $22.91
6 ATI Radeon 9200 128 MB PCI 3D Video Card TV-Out VGA DVI $27.80
7 ATI Radeon 9200 128 MB PCI 3D Video Card TV-Out VGA DVI $30.38
8 ATI Radeon 9200 128MB PCI 3D Video Card TV-Out VGA DVI $30.43
9 ATI Radeon 9200 128MB PCI 3D Video Card TV-Out VGA DVI $30.43
10 ATI Radeon 9200 128MB AGP Video Card OEM package $31.62
11 ATI Radeon 9200 128 MB PCI 3D Video Card TV-Out VGA DVI $32.65
12 ATI ... Read more

A:Video Card for Dell Dimension 4100

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ok so guys i just realised that to play games everything has to be low and i have to put it on direct x 7 its time for a change.

ok now i only have 70 dollars to spend and am looking to get a new graphics card heres what i had in mind

i have no idea if its compatible and if its not can you find me one that is?

i have a pentium 4 processor 1.25 gb of ram and an x300 graphics card ( terrible right)

thanks for the help


A:Dimension 5100 changing graphics card.

I found your Specs here:

And some info and specs for the card (link you posted) here:

To be very safe about all this, if I were you I'd contact Dell and ask them

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Hi. I'm looking to upgrade the video card for my aging Dell Dimension 8300 for $150 or less (preferably $50-100). I have a new computer on the way which I'll use for the heavy lifting, but I'd like to be able to use this one as well - for 3D animation/video editing and light duty gaming for my kids.

I have a Dell Dimension 8300,
Intel Pentium 4, 2.6 GHz
Socket 478 mPGA
Chipset i875P
Graphic interface supports AGP version 3.0; 8x

I can't open my computer right now to get at the power supply, but the system came with a 305 Watt supply with 1.5 V (as opposed to .8) for the video card.

I currently have an nVidia GeForce5200 FX with 128 MB RAM, and would like to upgrade if it's economical enough and would boost the performance of this machine as it gimps along.

Can the Dell 8300 handle a 512 MB card?
(I've heard it both ways; Dell sales support said yes but I wasn't sure how tech savvy the person was).

I've seen recommendations for the nVidia GeForce 7600, 8600GT and 7950GT.

I don't know much about video cards, so any advice would be appreciated.


A:Video card upgrade for Dell Dimension 8300

An added note - a Dell Tech representative just told me that he doesn't think the Dell 8300 motherboard will let you benefit from anything above a 128MB video card, because the motherboard only allocates 128 MB for Shared Memory.

Not sure if that's true. I've certainly seen plenty of 256MB cards recommended as upgrades for the Dimension 8300 (and the first sales person there was suggesting a 512MB card)

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System Specs:

Dell Dimension 8300
Pentium 4 CPU 3.40GHz
4 GB Memory (3.25 GB Visible)
Motherboard Model 0W2562

I want a card that can handle youtube videos with no lag, and be able to play minecraft with no lag. IE I want the best card currently available. The PSU is not a factor (I am upgrading it anyway), and price is not a factor. I just want the best card I can get for my system and wants. My CPU is basically upgraded to the best pentium 4 (socket 478).

My current videocard is not doing what I want (Youtube sometimes lags, and minecraft will lag).

This is my current videocard...

NVIDIA GeForce 6200 (AGP 8x)
Memory size - 256 MB
GPU Clock - 351 MHz
Memory Clock 532 MHz

Thankyou for your input.

A:Upgrading Dell Dimension 8300's video card

What is your Budget?

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I was told I needed to upgrade my video card for my new screnn and gaming purposes. I have been researching the past few days, so many to choose from and I'm not sure which ones will work with my system.

the new screen is DELL SP2008WFP
video card : geforce Fx 5200 , agp 8x 128mb
pc :dell dimension 8300
pentium 4 cpu 3.00ghz
2.99ghz 1.00 gb of ram

as i dont have any digital signal coming out of the card
and i was told i needed a 512mb card to run propely the screen and for the games .

Please help figure out what is capatible with my system. Any suggestion will help.

thank you

A:Need Help with Dell Dimension 8300 video card upgrade

You don't need a new card to run the screen. You do for modern games, but not the screen. In fact, your old card should be working just fine for everything but gaming.

I'd consider something like an nvidia 7600GT. What is your budget?

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Hello all,

I have a Dell Dimension 2300 which only has 4 PCI slots. The current video card is an integrated Intel Extreme graphics card. No AGP. Therfore I bought the ATI 9250 PCI card. First I disabled the Intel Extreme Graphics card under Device Manager. Then I restarted my computer and when the blue DELL screen came up pushed F2 to get into BIOS and was going to allow the PCI card and disable the on board Intel graphics, but there was no option for this. My BIOS looks like this:

Since I could'nt disable the on boad grahics I shut down and installed the new ATI in PCI slot 1 which was at the bottom of the computer. Then I booted up and installed the software. When I went into device manager The Intel graphics was disabled and I had 2 ATI 9250 options. I'm niot sure why I had two. Does it support 2 monitors?

Basically my question is my new card installed and how do I tell for sure?


A:Dell Dimension 2300 and ATI 9250 Video Card

Sounds like you are good to go. My device manager also shows two entries of the video card (one as a secondary device). I did research it once, and I believe it had something to do with the TV out, and is perfectly normal.

By the way, that link shows that you DO have an option for disabling onboard graphics under the advanced option. Sounds like your board has automatically done it for you though (which many boards do).

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I had an extremely frustrating event. My old computer died and I was given a Dell Dimension 2100 which is about 10 years old, but it works well but I love games and I wanted to get a 3d graphics card. Well I went on Dell Chat and she told me to get a Radeon 7K 64 MB DDR PCI Graphics Card and me not knowing much about cards, bought it. Well me and my landlord (a computer whiz) spent 4 hours trying to get it to work and it never did. Come to find out the rep at DEll had no idea which card would work because the service tag on my machine is old so they don't have any info they just wanted to make a sale. Luckily, I can get a refund on the card and it did not cost much $34.00 at Circuit City. I spoke to another rep and he said that based on the specs, it should have been a card compatible with this

Bus type PCI (version 2.2)
Bus speed 33 MHz
Card connectors supports four three-quarter-length PCI cards
Card connector size 120 pins
Card connector data width (maximum) 32 bits

Here are the rest of the specs
Intel Celeron? processor
1.10 GHz internally and 100 MHz externally

L1 cache 32-KB instruction and data cache
L2 cache
Pentium III processor
256-KB Advanced Transfer Cache that resides in the processor's core. The L2 cache runs at the processor's internal clock speed.
Celeron processor
Microprocessor mounting socket 370
System chip set Intel 810e or Intel 810 chip set
Data bus width 64 bits
Address ... Read more

A:Can anyone suggest a video card for old Dell Dimension 2100

Any PCI card should theoretically work since your motherboard has PCI slots. It's likely that the PSU is causing problems. 145W is a bit too low to run a system with a dedicated GPU (I think).

Anyhow, the Dimension 2100 is a very old system and adding a GPU will not make much of a difference as far as performance is concerned.

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I have a Dell Dimension 4700 PC with a P4, 3.0Ghz Processor and 1 GB of RAM. The graphics adapter, as per Windows Device Manager is the following:

Intel(R) 82915G/GV/910GL Express Chipset Family

Do you recommend me the same graphics card?? In the specs it has PCI and also PCI-Express slots.


A:Video card recomendation for a Dell Dimension 4700

Courtesy of the 305W power supply in it,


I wouldn't recommend anything more than something like this, - SAPPHIRE 100295HDMI Radeon HD 4670 512MB 128-bit GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card - Desktop Graphics / Video Cards

not the fastest, but still a very good budget card and won't require a PSU upgrade as well.

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Video Card Upgrade for Dell Dimension E310???

Ok, so I just got this new Dell Dimension E310 Series, Intel Pentium 4 Processor 521 (2.80GHz) and 1MB cache, 1GB DDR2 SDRAM at 533MHz
with built in Integrated Intel Graphics Media Accelator 900 (um.., yeah that's not going to cut it) for my wife mostly for her work, but I would like to do some gaming on it and would like to upgrade the video card.
To my understanding I can upgrade with a PCI card, but really don't know what to go with and what will be compatible?? I tried calling Dell Tech Reps., and let's just forget about that whole freaking exhausting process!!! I tried doing some searches on PCI cards, but did not see anything in particular to my system and came up confused??

Since so many of you seem much more knowlegable than these guyz, could someone please recommend a decent card for around $60.. I don't get too intense into gaming, but would like something I could play like Half-life, etc .. If there is nothing in that price category I'm open to any suggestions.


A:Video Card Upgrade for Dell Dimension E310

I tried to do a bit of checking on you particular model and Dell's site was not very helpful. Here are a couple of decent PCI cards:

this one is less expensive, but it only has a 64 bit memory interface:

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I have a dell dimension 4700 since..i donno when (i know, its pretty old now).
Recently I decided to upgrade some of its parts due to serious lags when gaming.
( I usually play sims 2 with all expansion packs )

Intel Pentium 4 CPU 3.2GHz
Intel 915G Express
512MB x 2 RAM ( = 1.00GB RAM)
ATI radeon X300SE
305W psu

Above is my original spec, and I want to upgrade my graphics to nVidia GeForce 8600GT 512MB PCI-Express x16 if its possible on my cpu and my psu.
And also, add two more of 512MB RAM,to make ram of 2GB in total.

Is this alright?
Should I add a higher psu?
I was thinking of [Antec Earthwatts 430W ATX 12V v2.2 PSU w/ Active PFC / 2x +12V Circuits / Low-Noise 80mm Fan / 80PLUS Certified / 1x 20+4pin ATX v2 / 1x 4pin ATX12V / 1x 6pin PCI-E / 4x SATA / 6x Molex / 1x FDD Connectors] <- does this fit my dell?

(Early years, my comp rebooted suddenly, and wouldnt boot itself after that, but sometimes boots completely fine. And just yesterday, did the same thing. When I can't turn on my dell, only the fan goes crazy and nothing would appear on the monitor, is this symptoms of power shortage? When I searched the net, other dimension 4700 users had this same problem also. Some said it was a psu problem, and some said its mobo)

Should I just get a new pc, rather than upgrading my dimension 4700?? (as you can see it has some problems..but does not occur too often)
I'm very on I prefer to have it upgraded rather than buying a new... Read more

A:Video card upgrade for dell dimension 4700

Your PSU can support an 8800GS easily, so the 8600GT will be quite easily supported. Also, more RAM will help performance.
As for the problems, if it's the mobo or PSU, then these might be dying and a new PC might be the best way to go, especially since computer parts are so cheap right now.

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Dell Dimension 8200 2.0 xp

I need to purchase a video card for this machine. I presently have only 256 in memory but I am going to increase that to 1g.

I did a search but the thread that matches this is a bit outdated.
Can some one please tell me what card to get for this machine.

I do not play games . I mainly surf the net and build websites . Play with lots of graphics......

A:Solved: Dell Dimension 8200 what video card to buy.

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I have finally decided to upgrade my ram and video card for my PC.

I own a Dell Dimension E310

I'm running a 128MB (Total Memory) Video card and would like to upgrade this to either a 512MB or 1GB. I found this one before coming to this forum
(sorry bout space in link)

The reason I like that one is because in the first reveiw it is stated it works with my PC model. It also is a 512MB, 64-bit.

Now when it comes to software and PC work once its turned on, i'm a whiz. But once you get to hardware: I just am simply left in the dark.
Anyways, I would like to have a 1GB, 128-bit, fanned card.

I get confused when it comes to ports on my computer. When I searched on Newegg I think I searched for something called PCI? I found this one other than the one that I "know" works with my model:
(again sorry)

I will happily upgrade the power supply as I need my computer and if a power supply will lessen a chance of anything happening then I will do it.

Can someone please inform me whether the 1GB card will work with my model and ports. Thanks.

On a side note im going from 512mb of ram to 2GB. (There isnt much of a choice for my model).

Again thank you so much

A:Dell Dimension E310 Video Card Upgrade

Looked up your model, it has pci express, which is a faster interface than "pci," I'd advise this

It has what you want and will perform everything you need, along with a 15 dollar mail in rebate.

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Help please!!!

Last night i went to upgrade my Dell Dimension 8200 video card with a GeCube ATI Radeon X1650 512mb DDR2 video card with no success. First I removed the old video driver for the orginal nvidia card. Shut the computer down removed the original video card and then instlled the new card. When I went to boot up the computer it would not fully boot and the monitor recieved no signal. I reseated the card a few times and still no boot or video feed coming through. I then proceeded to put the old video card back in and still no boot or video signal. All that turns on are the fans and the cd roms. My final attempt to make sure my computer was not toast I started it with no video card in the slot and it booted right up from what i can hear since i dont have any video / monitor hooked up. It goes through its usual sounds and boots up fine. Any thoughts?


A:Dell Dimension 8200 video card isues

Hello, mesposito, and welcome to Techspot :wave:

Please take a moment to read the following threads to make your experience here as enjoyable as possible

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Also remember to post any problems or questions that you have in the appropriate forums

With regards to your problem, does your motherboard have onboard graphics? If it does, try booting with your monitor plugged into it and then install the ATI drivers, then turn off the PC and put the new card in.

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Im trying to upgrade a dell dimension 2400's Graphics card, i went and got an AGP graphics card thinking it was it but.. it didnt fit, i then got a pci express.. didnt fit. It has standard PCI slots there are 3 PCI slots.

Anyway i was wondering if i bought a standard PCI graphics card for the dell would it have any issues with it and is there a special dell graphics card?


A:Upgrading a Dell Dimension 2400 Video Card

Oh and i want to buy the card tonight so i need to know soonish


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I upgraded my Dell Dimension 4100 from Millenium to XP and now the system is moving at a crawl in the Internet. The system has a 866mhz processor with 512 MB of RAM. I know people who have systems with less processor speed and RAM that are running well with XP and am now considering that maybe my video card doesn't have enough RAM (as I've defragged, cleaned the cache, run a virus scan and nothing seems to have helped. The system is stable but slow and the mouse cursor jumps to catch up to mouse movement making me suspect the system is low on resources.

My video card has 32 MB of Ram and is a 32MB NVIDIA TNT2 M64 AGP Graphics card. I believe it is 2.0 (4x).

I was wondering if anyone could advise if this video card can be upgraded for this system and if this is what could be slowing things to a crawl.

I know that companies like Crucial have software that looks into your system and suggests memory upgrades for your specific system. Does anyone do that for video cards?

A:upgrade video card Dell Dimension 4100

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Alright so I have a Dell Dimension 8300 that currently has in it a Nvidia Geforce 6200 video card. Recently, I discovered a PNY Verto GeForce 6800 that was in a box of old hardware I had. So I began searching the web, and found that it was supposedly compatible with the Dimension 8300. I then tried installing this card into said computer, it fit in just fine but whenever I turn the computer on with this new video card inside of it I am greeted with this god-awful beeping noise. Does anyone know what is wrong? Can it be fixed or am I stuck with the 6200 card? Please respond, ShadowSplicer.

A:Trouble with new video card in a Dell Dimension 8300

Did you connect the power supply to the external power connector on the graphics card?

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I have a DELL DIMENSION 3000 desktop. I would like to connect 2 LCDs to it but it is not possible. With the current video card (Intel(R) 82865G Graphics Controller [Display adapter]) only 1 monitor can be connected. I do not know which video cards my computer supports. Can anyone recommend me a reliable but cheap video card that is compatible with my desktop?



A:Recommend me a video card for DELL DIMENSION 3000!

What you have to do is read the specifications for the video cards when you're shopping for one.

Look for a video card that says it's "Dual-Link DVI Supported"

Other things you need to know, based on your specific computer model:
what type of interface do you need to buy? AGP, PCI, PCI-e etc.
how many PSU (power supply unit) watts do you have?
also make sure the video card supports your screen resolution.

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I have a Dell 8400 with a ATI X1600 PRO 512.

What is the best card I can realistically hope to place in this machine without adding more power.

is an x1900 a reach?



A:Best Video Card for a standard Dell Dimension 8400

It would be iffy I think.
You have the 350w psu (?) don't know
The 375w psu has 30amps
I have the 305w psu with 22amps

The 1900 calls for 30amps
I would think you have 26-28amps
Just thought I'd throw that info your way

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I was told I needed to upgrade my video card for gaming purposes. I have been researching the past few days, so many to choose from and I'm not sure which ones will work with my system.

Video card now:
NVIDIA GeForce MX 420

Please help figure out what is capatible with my system. Any suggestion will help.


A:Need Help w/Dell Dimension 8300 video card upgrade

If you want us to give you a card compatible with your system you should post the specs of your system.

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Iv'e just been given a new computer to be used as a gaming computer, but I need to replaced my Nvidia GeForce GT8800 GTX card. You may think "WOAAAAAAAAAAAH! That card's perfectly powerful as it is!" But I really just need to get a 1GB one instead of a 768mb one for stuff like Il-2 Cliffs of Dover. But i'm worried which card's will fit and i'm on a tight budget (£0-40). Im currently looking at a ATi Radeon 5450 but I don't know which will fit. Ill list some more that I can consider in my price range (already including the previously mentioned ones)
Evga NVIDIA GeForce GT 520
Palit GeForce 8400GS
ATI AMD Radeon HD 6450

Out of them please tell 1) Which could fit and 2) Which would be best (out of the ones that would fit if there's more than one)

A:Replacement Video card for Dell Dimension 9200

My name is Savinder and I work for the Social Media and Community Team at Dell.
You can use any of it but do not forget to check the hardware requirement for the video card before purchasing.
Because if you buy a video card which is not compatible with your system configuration then that may create more issues to it
Hope that answer your question
Dell - Savinder S

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Hello, I am looking to upgrade the video capability of my pc. It is a Dell Dimension 4600C, with a Pentium 4 , 2.80 GHz, 2.79GHz, 504Mb RAM. It currently uses the integrated video card but has a agp slot. Being limited by the narrow physical size of the case and a 160W p/s, I understand my options are limited.The card needs to be low profile. I'd really appreciate help in finding a low cost card that wouldn't require changing the power supply...
or is that inevitable?
Also, does a card with 256M require much more (if any) power to run vs. a card with 128M?

A:wanting to upgrade video card on dell dimension 4600c

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Okay, so I still have my old 8300 (along with my newer computers), I'm looking to upgrade my 512 MB of memory to the max 4GB. I also have a GeForce FX 5200 128MB Video Card (AGP) that I would like to update. Now I know this computer is old but I'm looking for some suggestions on what I can do with this computer concerning upgrades on the memory card & video card. I've been researching parts on Newegg but want to make sure I know what's compatible. Some folks say 4GB is to much memory and also the video card cannot be above 256 MB for this computer? This computer is used by my daughter for basic internet, facebook, and no serious gaming. The computer runs Windows XP SP3, memory speed 400 MHz, and help would be greatly appreciated :wave :

A:Upgrading Dell Dimension 8300 Video/Memory Card

4GB is too much if you plan on sticking with Windows XP... 2GB is plenty for the older OS (that's still four times the memory!) -especially since the computer is considered general purpose... There are a lot of video cards out there for low end usage, and if you really want to upgrade from the older card check out some deals on the latest AGP cards. The interface is aged now so you wont have to spend much for what you're looking for, and honestly if you just need the computer for internet i'd keep the 5200. Video memory doesn't matter but you don't need anything more than 256MB...

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Ok, this is my first post here, just made an account to post this.

I want to be able to play Second Life and I need a better graphics card. Here is the system requirements:
(would have the link, but its my first post)

I am on an XP, and I would like to get a compatible card from the recommended list.

I have looked at some other posts, and I am really confused. I understand the basics of computers, but I have no idea about this. I think I may need to upgrade my power supply? I have no idea what to post here, but I will try.
Here is what I have:
Pentium 4 CPU 2.80 GHz
2.79 GHz, 1.99 GB of RAM
Physical Address Extension

This is from dxdiag:
Intel 82519G/GV/910GL Express Chipset Family

My driver is already updated, and it still doesn't work.

A:Dell Dimension E310 Series Video Card Upgrade

Ok you said upgrade your video card? what video card do you have in there now?
Also you will have to either take the panel off your computer and get the brand and watts of your PSU (power supply) or look it up. So far your CPU and RAM look good.
Just get the other info and i will be able to help further

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I'd appreciate some advice on a video card upgrade that will be compatible with an old Dell Dimension 8400.
I recently attempted to swap in an MSI GEFORCE GT720 1GB card, on the naive assumption that since it was a low power consumption PCI-E card it would just work - however all I get is a black screen (card works ok on another PC).

Any advice on a compatible video card  that's an improvement on the original one that the PC shipped with would be great.


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Audio card for Dell Dimension 8300 compatible with Windows 7?

Hello everybody! Fresh member, and glad to be here !

Lemme start with a problem I am hoping somebody here can help me with :

Last weekend I upgraded my Dell Dimension 8300 to Windows 7. After some work, finally I am left with just one compatibility issue : it came with the SoundMax Integrated Digital Audio card, and I am unable to find drivers for it that work with Windows 7.

I searched online, and found a few others have hit this problem and even suggested solutions, which didn't work for me. I am guessing I will simply have to bite the bullet and buy a replacement audio card?

Problem is, how do I make sure that an Audio card is compatible with both the hardware (Dell Dimension 8300) and the software (Win 7)?

I am not a gamer, so am not looking for the best-of-the-best; just something that allow me to play songs and video.

And yes, the 'integrated' in the existing card's name - does it mean I cannot remove it? or it is integrated with something else (video card)? Will that be an issue?

- radhak

A:Video card for Dell Dimension 8300 compatible with Windows 7?


you can try DriverEasy and see if it finds any working drivers(?) it was recommended to me also here on TechSpot so now I pass it on for me it works really good, the only down side with the free version of the program is that the download is really slow (limited to 8-20kbps).

Do you mean you want to remove the integrated wound card? -basically everything that is "integrated" can be disabled (in the bios) but not removed. If you get an other sound card and install it then most likely the bios will automatically disable the integrated sound card.

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Did I somehow stump the experts on techspot? I've seen so many intelligent, informed, and thoughtful responses to other posts requesting similar information....but no answers yet to my question below for an AGP card that'll work well for 250 Watt PSU. C'mon guys, please help me out - - I'm a desparate Dad trying to make his kid happy for the holidays. Buying a new machine (or new PSU) not an option.... what do you think will work well with my existing setup as described in my original post:

My 11 year old son is getting into gaming and wants the game Spore for the holidays. When I ran a diagnostic from their website on my ancient but reliable Dell Dimension 4500 (purchased in 2002), it advised that my video card would not meet the game's minimum requirements. I've spent two frustrating weeks trying to find an AGP card that will work with the machine. The biggest problem area seems to be the power supply. Here are the details on the machine including from CPU-Z (thanks for the site, cfitzarl):

1. Budget for new AGP Card - - up to $140, but preferably less (of course)
2. CPU: Pentium 4 2.4 GHz / 1 core / 1 thread / socket 478 mPGA
3. Core speed: 2392.0 MHz
4. Multiplier x Bus speed 18.0 x 132.9 MHz
5. Rated Bus speed 531.6 MHz
6. Stock frequency 2400 MHz
7. Instruction sets MMX, SSE, SSE2
8. L1 Data cache (per processor) 8 KBytes, 4-way set associative, 64-byte line size
9. Trace cache (per processor) 12 Kuops, 8-way set... Read more

A:Need to upgrade AGP video card in Dell Dimension 4500 (2002) with 250 watt PSU

JIS said:

(2) Also, does the card have to be DDR2 for my setup? Or can it be DDR3 (the service tech from Dell said must be DDR2 but he said a lot of things to me that were not correct so I do not know whether he was right on the DDR2 vs DDR3 issue.) will be most welcome.
(3) And finally, if I am upgrading the video card, is it necessary or recommended that I also replace the P4 2.4GHZ chip with a faster processor?Click to expand...

I am at work, so I won't answer everything you asked right now (no time to look for a card, sorry), but here are the answers to questions 2 and 3:

(2) The memory of the video card has nothing to do with the system itself, you can install a GDDR3 video card in a system which runs SDRAM for the system memory, since it simply doesn't matter. Simple examples would be my rig running a GDDR5 card (The HD4870X2) and using DDR2 for the system memory, my laptop running DDR2 system memory but a discrete 8600M GT GPU with 256MB of DDR3 and my friend's Celeron Dual Core (E1200) which is running DDR2 for system memory and a GDDR4 video card (Powercolor HD2600XT 256MB GDDR4). In other words, any video card that will run on your AGP slot, regardless of its own memory type, will work.

(3) I have absolutely no idea about the minimum requirements for Spore, but a 2.4Ghz P4 is a weak processor by today's standards. The problem is that there aren't many upgrade options even if you wanted to upgrade. The fas... Read more

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I have a inspiron 5100. someone decided to spill something on the laptop. i was able to clean it up and get it working. after awhile the lcd screenwould not come on. i could hook it up to a monitor and it would work. i took it apart and blew it out with air. put it back together and it worked. then again it stopped working. so i decided to get a new video card. put that in and it worked fine for a couple of months. then the lcd stopped working. can still hook it up to eternal works fine. so i decide to replace the mother board and see what that would do. tried that and could not get the laptop tp boot up to even the external monitor. it would power on but nothing else. i tool the lcd off and tried it on another dell i have and it has worked fine on that one for about 2 weeks. i did not take the lcd from the other dell and try it on this one just because i don;t wnat to accidentally do somthing to that one. so i put the old mother board back in and can now boot up and use an external monitor if i want. I am at a loss now on what to try to get the lcd working again. I tried again to install the new motherboard i changed the memory in it and i was able to get the external motinor the work. So i got another video card but still no lcd display. I don't know what i did next because now i can not get the exernal monitor ro work again with either the new or old mother board.

any help would be appreciated thanks

A:No Video On A Dell 5100 Laptop

Sorry to hear that nixgod, sounds like your in a bit of a bother! You have pretty much covered what I would of suggested. Personally I would try and get at least one machine working, if thats not possible I would sell the parts and purchase another laptop. Otherwise you'll be throwing goog money after bad and spending more and more on a project that isn't going anywhere.

Sorry I couldn't of been more helpfull.

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I accidentally uninstalled my Dell 5100cn PCL6 printer from the Devices and Printers window and reinstalled it. But now it does not print, and hasn't even printed the test page.

I reinstalled it in the same window by right clicking and choosing add printer. I chose "Add local printer" since it is connected directly to my computer via printer cable. I selected "Use driver that's currently installed (recommended)".

I have used Windows Update to check for any driver updates for the printer but found none. Driver seems up to date.

I still see the "Test Page" Status: "printing" when looking at "See what's printing" after right clicking on the printer, but there is no activity or any kind coming from the printer.

Other people in my office have been able to print on it.

I have Windows 7.

Please help! I have no idea why it's not printing!

A:Solved: Dell 5100 Printer won't print at all after installing.

Delete the printer again. Uninstall any software/drivers listed in Add and Remove programs associated with the printer. Then reboot and reinstall following the manufacturers installation process.

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Bought a new 19" LCD monitor with dvi outputs and a Chaintech GeForce FX 5200 256 meg pci card for co-workers wife's christmas present. Worked on it before so i know it has integrated graphics with no agp port.Bought the card so i could hook it up via dvi.Wondering what the exact steps would be to install the pci card.Off the top of my head i figured i would have to disable the onboard graphics in the bios,go to device manager and disable the intel onboard then install the card in pci slot then load drivers.Is this correct? if i'm missing something please let me know.Want this project to be short and sweet.Thanks for any input.

A:Installing new pci video card in Dell 2400

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Hello to all,   I recently did a clean reinstall of Windows XP (Home) on my Dell Dimension 2350. All went fine. Now I need to install the correct drivers. I have the Dell Resource disc and this is where the problem starts.    As noted elsewhere, after the reinstall the screen display of the Resource disc is as it would be in "Safe Mode". I was aware of this. As such, the Resource disc Search Criteria screen was a bit larger than the monitor screen. I was able to size it to fit the screen but this is really not the problem it is the following: The Search Criteria options I have from the drop down menus (on screen) are as follows:System Model:   All, Dimension C521, DXC061, Dimension DXP0G1, Dimension E521, DM061, XPS710    (Which, if any, do I pick?)Operating System: (I think I got this one)   All, Windows XPTopic:   (Maybe this one too)   All, Applications, Dell Diagnostics, Diagnostics, Drivers, Utilities   For the life of me I cannot figure out the exact drivers I am to install*. Windows XP only appears in the Operating System menu. I pretty much know the install order but as I said, I'm a bit confused about selecting the correct drivers from the disc. This computer is not connected to the internet at the moment so I can't download and use any sort of driver detection program. Other searches have confused me further and have provided no specific answer to this problem.&nbs... Read more

A:Installing drivers after Windows XP reinstall on Dell Dimension 2350 using Dell Resource disc

You need, in installation order:

Chipset driver
Video driver (depends on which video card)
Audio driver
Network driver (depends on which you have)
Modem driver, if you use a dialup modem

Go to the Support page and put in your Service Tag. It should give you the drivers you need. You can download them on any PC and copy onto a USB stick for installation on the 2350.
You only need the applications, if you actually use them (eg, Roxio, Jasc Paintshop, etc).
Then install your antiviral software and get online to the Microsoft Update site for all the patches and updates.
Keep in mind that XP is no longer supported by Microsoft and they stopped releasing security fixes for XP and IE9, more than 1 year ago. So they're both full of security holes and put your personal data at risk.

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I have an old broken Inspiron 5100 that I'm trying to repair. I'm guessing either the motherboard or the video card is blown.

Here's what happens when I try to boot:

1) LED lights on the front come on, battery light is blinking (low battery). Both the CPU fan and the HDD start to rotate.

2) There are a few noises from the hard disk at first, but after a few seconds, it reverts to simply the constant whine of it rotating. It stays in this state until I power it off.

Any ideas on what could be the problem? I tried plugging it into an external monitor and also swapping the CPU with one I know works to no avail. There are also no beeps when I turn it on, so I'm tending to believe this is an issue with the motherboard and not the video card.

Thanks in advance for you opinions!

A:Inspiron 5100 won't boot (motherboard or video card issue?)

Have a look here: Tutorial: No POST (Power On System Test)

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Hello I'm trying to install a new radeon vid card from Dell, following the instructions with the card I unistalled ( which doesn't make much sense since I can still use the onboard display) the old graphics card. Installed the new card, plugged in power plugged in one of the monitors and got nothing when booting into windows. I take the card out and I can still use the computer as if nothing has happened. Am I missing an uninstall, install step here or what? I'm no longer sure how to even boot windows 10 into safe mode. But not that would matter if I get no signal/display from the new card. Should I install the drivers from the accompaning CD from visiontek to get it work properly?

A:installing a new (purchased from dell) radeon 6350 video card to support running two monitors.

what kind of computer?
did you connect the monitors to the graphics card?

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I'm working with a Dell Dimension C521 PC. It came with a PCI-Express video card which apparently has failed, yet the motherboard itself has on-board video. The system will boot using this video output (as opposed to the card which produced nothing) but when it finally gets to windows the auto-detect driver routine kicks in and begins to detect the video card, prompting the user to "Continue Anyway" to finish installing unsigned drivers. Unfortunately this event takes place in front of the installation of the USB keyboard and mouse (times like these I wish it had PS/2 ). Anyway, whether I boot up into Safe Mode or normal a prompt comes up about installing drivers for the on-board chipset. I can't interact with it because the driver install routine for the keyboard/mouse becomes interrupted.

A:Dell Dimension C521; USB key/mouse driver load interrupted by video card driver load

Bump. I've been thinking... the only way I think this can be fixed is if I boot from a Linux CD or something similar and delete a particular set of drivers for this video card. It can't prompt you to install any drivers if they don't exist, right? But I don't know where to go to delete such files and prevent them from automatically trying to install themselves. Any ideas?

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Hi, my friend wanted me to re-install xp on his Dell Dimension 1100, I tried Ctrl+F11 to access the recovery partition, but there isnt one on his drive. Anybody know of a way to get hold of the restore cd for this?

Thanks in advance.

A:Re-installing Xp on Dell Dimension 1100

What's the service tag number on that Dell Dimension 1100 desktop? It'll be on the sticker on the case.

Is there a 25-digit product code for Windows XP on a sticker on the case, and is it for XP Home, XP Pro, or XP MCE?

(Don't post the product code here. Just advise if it's present.)


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My problem is when I run install from CD the installer says it cannot find a hard drive installed. I ran the Dell hard drive test utility and it passed. I also looked at it in settings, it see;s it in there too.
Any advice out there please?

A:Looking for help installing Windows XP on a Dell XPS/Dimension XPS Gen 5

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I have a Dell Dimension 8250 which I would like to upgrade. I want to install a new motherboard+cpu+memory+video card. However I'm not sure what type of board will fit into the system and what I should be looking for. I opened up the case and measured the dimensions of the motherboard but not sure what else I need to start looking for a new motherboard. I'm not looking to spend much money .... The main reason that I'm doing this is that when I bought my system 4 years ago, I made the mistake of going with RDRAM. Upgrading from 512 MB of RDRAM to anything decent is going to cost more than I want to spend just on memory. Any help would be much apprreciated.


A:Installing new motherboard on dell dimension 8250

Based on the pictures here:
It looks like a full size ATX motherboard. So any ATX board will fit. Might want to do a little research on your PSU/motherboard connector. I think Dell used to use a propriatary connector that won't work with non Dell motherboards but I'm not entirely sure. You'll almost certainly be dealing with a motherboard that takes a 24 pin connector now, and even if the Dell's isn't wired differently there is still a good chance it is a 20 pin, they make adapters though.

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(ON DELL DIMENSION 4550)so i just reinstalled windows on a new hard drive and im at the point where i have to install/update drivers. On the device manger there are 3 devices with a ?and! : Ethernet Controller,Multimedia Audio controller, and PCI Input device. I have the resource cd but i don't know how to update the drivers. any help is appreciated

A:Installing drivers on Dell dimension 4550

Put the resource CD in and Device Manager Right click on the device and select update driver, when prompted select the CD drive as the target to search.

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The computer will not power up after a proper shut-down:

Front panel ON/OFF button/switch is not illuminated and does not initiate power ON 
NO diagnostic lights or beeps available 
Green light on MB is solid ON

Checked front panel I/O card:

ON/OFF switch actuates and makes contact all the way to the ribbon connector @ pin 11 (or 21 depending on counting scheme) relative to any ground/common pin [e.g. 17 (or 33)]


Pin 1

Pin 40


Pin 11



Pin 1

Pin 40


Pin 11


Checked voltages on MB 24-pin PSU connector:

Pin 9, VSB, at 5V
Pin 16, PS_ON, at ~4V - no change when pressing ON/OFF switch, or when shorting pin 11 of ribbon cable to gnd
Pin 8, Power_OK, at ~0v - no change when shorting PS_ON to gnd

Question before spending money - Is it PSU or MB?
Thanks in advance

A:Dimension 5100 won't power up

As the power button LED and none of the diagnostic lights are lite and there are no 'beeps', suspect power supply failure, try installing a different PSU, as a 'know' working power supply is needed to check the motherboard.
The 5100 does not use a Dell proprietary power supply, most standard ATX power supplies with either a 24-pin or 20+4-pin main motherboard power connector, with, or without, the on/off switch can be used, a power supply with two SATA power connectors is needed.
You should be able to buy a replacement power supply from a local or online computer store.
The instructions for replacing the power supply are HERE.

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Okay first off i tried installing Vista over Xp so I Put everything on a USB and restarted PC and went to boot options and it said USB so I hit enter and it read the USB for a while but nothing stayed there.. So i tried doing it with the Original DVD (vista) and it doesnt even have a boot option... What I would like to do is format it and install vista I currently have Xp in it.....This is a Dell Dimension XPS 400/9150... please help someone, i don't care about the files that are inside that hard disk.....

A:Solved: Need Help Installing Vista on Dell Dimension ....really desperate please help

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I have a Dell Dimension 4400 and I needed to know if there was a step by step guide somewhere showing exactly how to remove the old hard drive and install the new one?

I am useing an old system and I don't have any systems like adobe or anything like that to read instructions and because this system that I am using now is so old, I cannot download it either.

I thought I saw a website somewhere that gave step by step instructions including pictures but I don't remember what it was.

I have already installed new RAM but I have NO CLUE on where to begin when installing the hard drive and I don't want to mess anything up. The only thing that I remember is that I will need a phillips screwdriver

Any help would be appreciated!



A:Installing hard drive in Dell Dimension 4400

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My hard drive's windows files have become corrupt and I need the files on it, so I purchased a new hard drive. I can't seem to install Windows XP Home onto the new hard drive. Everything goes fine, but then I get an error message saying it can't install the product catalogs. Is this because I'm using a reinstall CD that was provided by Dell. Will I need to actually purchase windows Xp Home ALL over again? Or is this error from something else? I've been stumped for about 3 weeks now. I'l tried EVERYTHING pretty much and I can't reinstall Xp onto my old hard drive properly.

Thanks in advance.

A:Installing Windows Xp Home on a Dell Dimension 8400

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i am looking for the win 7 drivers for the 256MB ATI Hypermemory PCI-Express X16 (DVI/VGA/TV out) Radeon X600 SE and

ATI TVT1 EHome Wonder, v., A02

A:Dimension 5100 drivers for win7

There aren't any. I suggest replacing the card with something more modern.

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I have a new barracuda sata hard drive that i am trying to install in a dell dimension 4400. i needed the PCI sata host controller card which i have...installed the drive, turned it on and it won't boot. Is there something else I need?

A:Installing SATA Hard Drive in Dell Dimension 4400

OK, if I understand your post you installed a controller card and now the system will not boot.

What happens when you disconnect the drive and attempt to boot the system with just the controller card [no drive connected to the card]

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We have a Dell Dimension 3100 with onboard graphics. Wanted to upgrade so bought a Zotac Nvidia 5200 for PCI.

We have put the card in the computer but when we restart and try to install the drivers it starts to do this and then hangs on a blank screen with a cursor blinking.

We have read comments that we need to disable the onboard graphics, but cant see how to do this! we have pressed F2, and set the BIOS to auto, but this doesnt make any difference.

We found what we think is the onboard graphics card which is called: Intel(R) 82915G/GV/910GL Express Chipset Family under Advanced Display properties and then Adapter. There is an option to disable this but we are worried that we might disable the wrong thing!

Can you help?

A:Nvidia 5200 problems installing on Dell Dimension 3100

OK, finally figured this out after hours of frustration! Thought Id post this on here in case anyone else is having the same problem!
to make it work I had to go to Control Panel, then System, then Hardware, then Device Manager, then double click on Display Adapters. then right click on the intel etc etc (long name so cant be bothered to type it here but should be the only option under Display Adpaters) and choose disable. Then close the computer down. Put the graphics card in your PCI slot attach the lead from the graphics card to your monitor. Then restart the computer and install the drivers from the CD that came with the graphics card ( or download it from the Nvidia site). This should do the trick!

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Alright, ive had some problems getting all the info i need for you guys, but ..

Its a Dimension 9100
Manufacturer: Dell Inc.
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) D CPU 2.80GHz (2 CPUs), ~2.8GHz
Memory: 2046MB RAM
Hard Drive: 244 GB
Video Card: ATI Radeon X300/X550/X1050 Series
Monitor: Generic PnP Monitor
Sound Card: Speakers / Headphones (SigmaTel High Definition Audio CODEC)
Keyboard: USB Root Hub
Mouse: USB Root Hub
Mouse Surface:
Operating System: Windows Vista? Home Premium (6.0, Build 6000) (6000.vista_gdr.070828-1515)

And im pretty sure it has a PCI slot (i think), if anyone knows how to find out that would be great.

Im looking to get a better one (one thats at least decent, i heard mine atm is junky).
I would probably buy from, heard they are the best.

My powersupply isnt posted on the back of my computer like it says in the sticky above, if anything else is needed ask and ill try to find out :s.

A:New Vid Card-Dell Dimension 9100

I think it is a PCI-e video card

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Hello! My Dell Dimension 4600 Desktop is now over 5 years old (purchased October 2003). At times it can be really slow and takes about 15 minutes to boot up, but overall it is reliable and I don't do much to save some money I thought I would upgrade instead of replace it. I need some help on how exactly to do this since I have never done anything before.

Here are the basic specs:

2.4 GHZ Pentium 4, 533
256 MB RAM, 333 MHZ, NON-ECC, Dual In-Line Memory
64 MB Video Card, NiVidia 18, Dimension
2 Internal HDs: 40GB, 120GB

So the first obvious thing I thought to do is add some RAM. From what I read it seems like I will want to buy 2 separate identical modules. I was thinking of purchasing these:

Does anyone see a problem with these working in my machine? Will I want to leave the old RAM in as well or remove it completely? 1.0 GB RAM vs. 1.3 GB of RAM. I have also been looking at some RAM on EBay, but I have read about people having trouble with Lo vs. Hi Density RAM. How do you know which you can use with your PC?

The next thing I was considering upgrading was the video card, but as I said I don't do a lot of gaming. The biggest thing I would hope to gain by updating the video card is increased video streaming ability, such as watching TV shows on Hulu,, etc.

Will a better video card (64 MB vs. 256 MB) allow for better streaming vid... Read more

A:Dell Dimension 4600 Upgrade Help (RAM, Video, etc.)

Would it not be a better idea to just start from scratch?
I think stating fresh or building a machine would be batter for you.


That RAM should be fine. Baring in mind its only DDR so its not going to give fantastic improvements.
You will have to open your case to see if you can leave the old sticks in. If you can then you may as well leave them in.
Also i always try and deter people from buying RAM or other components from Ebay. It could be old and leave you with a BSOD when you turn on. This can then be blamed on your other hardware and thus would not require the user to give you a refund.

I think that graphics card should work with your PC. I doesn't need PCI-e so that's fine with your PC.

The best ting to do would be to download system info

Then tell us what it shows for RAM.Memory. Slots type currently installed etc and also for video adaptors.
Then you can better determine new parts but at the moment what you have would be fine, but i would say an upgrade would be better.

Also take a look at these two guides Ive written to address speed:

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Problem occurred overnight. Was working yesterday! This Dell Dimension
3000 has a pre-bios boot failure (evidently?). None of the diagnostic lights
are lit, and the front power light is solid amber. I can hear it power up and the fan runs.

I have disconnected everything and reconnected, reseated the memory modules etc. Tried a second power cable and video cable. Researching led me to believe there is something amiss on the motherboard.

Any troubleshooting advice would be appreciated.

A:dell dimension 3000 no video no bios

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On startup, the first screen displayed with the Windows XP flag logo has a matrix of blue squares (about 1/8" across) spaced about every half inch and superimposed over the entire screen. When the desktop is displayed, some of the program shortcut icons (including those in the system tray) have their icons partially blotted out. The mouse pointer also has a row of vertical hash marks (about 1/16" tall and 3/8" wide) above and below the pointer, that follow the pointer everywhere it is moved. Once I start a program, various graphics will have horizontal lines of various colors running through them.

These problems first appeared several days ago, when I started my computer and heard a sort of muffled rubbing sound, rather than the usual clean whirring sound on startup. I found that shutting off the computer and waiting about 30 seconds before starting it again made it start normally again, without the rubbing sound. Then this morning, I was plagued with the video problems described above, and they don't seem to go away, no matter what I do.

My PC is a Dell Dimension 4600 running Windows XP Home Edition with a 128MB DDR ATI Radeon 9800 Graphics Card. Does anyone have any diagnosis/advice for avoiding the total disaster situation I'm dreading: when I start up the computer and lose all video? Thanx.

A:Dell Dimension 4600 Video Problems

I would verify the fan on the video card is spinning sounds like you are overheating because the fan died.

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I have a Dell Dimension 8200 with Pentium 4 (2.0 GHz), 512 RAM, Nvidia 64MB DDR GeForce3 Ti200 graphics and an Intel 82850/82860 Processor to AGP controller. I like to play Battle for Middle Earth and even closing out every other resource on the computer the game was still slow and crashed often.

After looking around a guy at CompUSA (yeah, yeah...I know) recommended the ATI Radeon 9550 video card (256MB, AGP). In reading the installation manual the first step was to make sure your AGP drivers were current. I wasn't sure how to determine that so I used the Dell online tech support feature. Here's that conversation:

ME: I am about to install an ATI Radeon 9550 graphics card and want to make sure I have the correct AGP drivers for my motherboard/chipset (Intel 82850/82860). How can I tell whether I have the most recent drivers and if I don't where can I download the current drivers?
DELL: Is it 64MB card?
ME: no, 256
DELL: The ATI card compatible to the system is ATI 32MB RAGE 6
ME: so I can't install the Radeon 9550? I need a graphics card with at least 256mb and DirectX 9 capabilities. Is there a different board that you recommend?
DELL: The mother board is system specific.
ME: I don't understand
DELL: The system board is cannot be upgraded and is model specific.
ME: are you talking about the motherboard? Why can't I just replace the GeForce3 Ti200 graphics card that's in the system with the ATI card?
DELL: The cards compatible wi... Read more

A:Dell Dimension 8200 Video Upgrade

Hi Meltar,

I currently have a pc identical to yours and have ordered a Radeon Ati A9600XT 128MB. I hope it will fit! I have heard that our boards won't be able to take higher then 128MB though?! Does anyone know any better?

Anyway, I don't know what that Dell bloke was talking about because I've already upgraded to an nvidia geforce4 4200 Ti 128MB card on this board. (I wanna play battlefield 2 and its just not powerful enough) I didn't update any AGP drivers on the motherboard though? Just the nvidia drivers. Its run fine from day one so I guess I can but try the new card!

Let me know how you get on!


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I recently installed an nvidia geforce fx5500 video card, (which works great), in my dell dementia 2300. I have been thru the bios and thru hardware add/remove, to find the older video drivers, (on-board video), I want to remove them. Any idea where they are, or how to remove any older drivers, or do I need too? I am also running windows vista, I tried installing the original drivers but vista doesnt support them, hence the new video card. I want to be sure that there will be no conflicts, and that no system memory is used for the on-board video.

Thanks to all!!

A:Dell dimension onboard video driver

my son has a dimension 3000 so i don't know how old the 2300 is.

does it work with vista?

does device manager show two video cards? if yes remove the onboard.

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I have a Dell Dimension 8300 with the original ATI Radeon 9800 Pro video card. Recently we have been experiencing problems with the display - a number of vertical lines/bars, about one inch wide appear on the screen. I've attempted to troubleshoot the problem by trying a different monitor on this PC (with the same problem resulting), and have also tried the monitor from the problem PC on a different Dell and it works fine - so I believe I have ruled out the monitor as the problem.

Is there a way to run a diagnostics on the video card to see what the problem might be? And if so, how do I locate and read the results from the diagnostics, given my display problem which makes it very difficult to read the display?

I was going to jump in and buy a PNY GeForce FX 5200 256MB card as a replacement, but thought I should verify the problem is the card before purchasing the card from Amazon, for about $30 (after rebate). Any thoughts on this card as a replacement / upgrade for this PC?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

A:Dell Dimension 8300 Video Problem

Boot to Safe Mode. If the picture is fine, you have video card driver problem.
If Safe Mode gives you same problem, you need new video card.

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I installed a clean version of windows 7 ultimate and everything seemed to run fine for a few weeks, then I started getting messages saying that the display driver has crashed and recovered.

So I went to the nvidia site and downloaded the drivers for my graphic card, but now sometimes the computer completely freezes up, making me manually power down and restart the computer again.

I uninstalled the nvidia drivers from their site, but I still get the freeze up nearly every day.

I also have the yellow exclamation mark under other devices video controller in device manager, and can't find a driver for it.

Is this an compatibility issue with the windows 7 os?

For better performance, which os should i use, xp or 7?

system specs:
dell dimension 2400
2.66 ghz, 2gb ram, nvidia geforce 6200

A:dell dimension 2400 video controller

At a guess, the unknown graphics device is your onboard video, for the 845GV chipset. Intel has made no Win7 drivers for it:

Graphics &mdash; Older Intel? graphics controllers and Microsoft Windows 7* operating system

As regards your graphics card, it's on the supported products list for the latest drivers (275.33). I have no reason to believe that the drivers wouldn't support a PCI graphics card, which must be what you have, as the Dimension 2400 has no AGP or PCI Express graphics slot.

The machine is old (latest BIOS update in 2003), but it's above the minimum specs required to run Win7. I would have stayed with XP, if only to avoid spending money on a Win7 upgrade. (I have no access to student deals or other highly discoounted copies.)

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I just got a 7600GT and it doesnt fit perfectly in my Dimension 5100
The actual gold plated slot fits. But where you plug in your moniter and stuff its messed up

I took that metal shield thing off. Since its Rectangle, Circle, Rectangle. But 7600GT is Circle, Rectangle, Rectangle

The metal tab on the tongue of the plate is whats blocking it

My computer works fine but it comes loose sometimes and might eventually come off


A:GeForce 7600GT fitting in Dimension 5100

Okay. First things first- you can't run the card positioned like that- it will warp the PCB (circuit board) assuming you don't break something first.
On this page
Look at the image that has the card (there are 2 in this instance set up for SLI) set up on the motherboard,
I presume the problem is that the tongue of the plate (where the monitor connectors are)- the metal tab that extends below the motherboard- won't fit into any corresponding slot between your motherboard and the case. If this is correct you will need to modify either the case or the card backplate,
The easiest solution for a novice would be to remove the card from the computer and put the card into the anti-static bag it arrived in.
If you feel confident enough in your ability then either remove the faceplate or keep the card wrapped in the anti-static bag with just the faceplate showing, use a low-tack masking tape to seal the main part of the card in the bag and mask the DVI and S-Video connectors (where you plug the monitor cables in) and very carefully use -in order of preference:
Dremel/Rotary tool with cutting disc to cut the tab down/off
A fine tooth blade in a coping saw or similar.
The hard part of the operation is holding the card carefully but securely while doing this.
It may be worthwhile going to a light engineering workshop or similar and getting them to do it if you don't have the right tools to hand.
... Read more

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This computer is basically the same specs that came from Dell except it has 2 gigs of ram.Has anyone here installed Vista Home Premium on this type of computer?The Vista analyzer tells me my graphics card isn't powerful enough to run Premium.I'm completely in the dark when it comes to hardware upgrades.Thanks for any suggestions on this.

A:Dell dimension 3000 graphics card!

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The cards I'm looking at are: Visiontek Radeon X1300 (


Visiontek Radeon X1550 (

My system specs, (the ones I know of):
Processor: Intel Celeron 2.4 GHz processor, 400Mhz FSB (100MHzx4)
Chipset: Intel 845GV chipset
Videocard: Integrated Intel Extreme graphics
Sound: Integrated Soundmax Sound
Memory: 640MB PC-2700 DDR memory (one module)
Networking: Integrated 10/100 Ethernet
Hard Drive: Seagate Barracuda 40GB ATA/100 7200RPM hard drive
CDROM: Hitachi 48X CD-ROM drive
Monitor: 19" Dell brand M992 monitor (max 1600x1200 @ 75Hz, .24 Dot pitch)
Software Setup: WindowsXP Home Edition

Will these 2 video cards work?

Which is better?

A:Dell Dimension 2400--Lookin for a New PCI Card

The X1550 should be the best

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I bought a ATI Radeon 7000, installed it in my Dell Dimension 3000, and the PC won't boot. Any suggestions of what to do? Is the card not compatible?

A:Graphics card for Dell Dimension 3000

It has been a while since I had my hands in a Dimension 3000, but as I recall, that machine only will accept PCI graphics cards.
The ATI Radeon 7000 is/was an AGP card, designed for older MacIntosh AGP 4X boards.

Does your Dell have an AGP slot? Or is my memory fading.

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Hi, hopefully someone here can help me! I've recently bought a new monitor, dell S2309W, but unfortunately I can't get the resolution on my computer so I'm stuck with a super stretched screen. Pretty annoying. After looking through lots of forums and the dell site it seems I might just need a new graphics card as the inbuilt one possibly can't support the required resolution (1920x1080), I'm stuck on 1280x1024 which is the maximum. I've found out the computer, a dell dimension 3000, only has PCI slots, no PCI-E or AGP, so I'm quite limited on what graphics card I can get.

Does anyone have any recommendations on what will fix my monitor resolution problem?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


A:PCI graphics card for Dell Dimension 3000

Hi James,
as far as pci cards go im not sure if this is the top dog, but its up there
don't expect to much in the way of gaming

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I am fixing a friend's computer and am having trouble with one of the devices. There is a wireless card installed in the computer but I am not finding the right driver or installing it incorrectly.

In device manager shows up as PCI Input Device (I think this is the wireless card)

The machine is a Dell Dimension 8250. WinXP Pro SP2.

Has anyone had this issue before or know how I can locate and install the proper driver?

Thank you for your help

A:Driver for Wireless Card - Dell Dimension

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Hey guys. I have a dell dimension 3000 2.4 ghx celeron with 1 gb of ram... Unfortunetly the onboard graphic card is soooo slow it cant run anything!!! I dont know what the wat of my power supply is but was wondering what the best possible pci card i can get for this? Thanks

A:Dell dimension 3000, best PCI graphics card?

guys plz help me out here!! is the radeon x1550 the best pci card out there?

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I'm having trouble removing the graphics card from my computer. I was told to push down on a blue plastic device which will help remove the card. Nothing happens when I move the plastic device that looks like a 7.
Any ideas?
Thank you

A:removing graphics card from Dell Dimension XPS

If it is what I'm thinking it is, you have to not only push the clip thing, but at the same time, while pushing hard enough so that the clip is completely out of the way of the thing it hooks on to (careful, not too hard or it will break), pull up on the graphics card. Make sure you have already unscrewed the screws, etc. to attach it to the case. Also try to hold the card by non-circuit areas in case your hands are sweaty or if you have static electricity (don't wear rubber footwear on a carpet or polyester clothing while working with circuit boards), and make sure the power to the case is off.

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I have dell dimension 4600. I want this pc to connect my tv. my tv have s-video. so i bought Nvidia GeForce 4 MX440 64mb S-Video Card DVI AGP G0770. I fix the card in slot and start the system. now my monitor is not working. but i connected to tv.

when i remove the card from slot, now monitor working great.. I need both to work. because for watching movies only i go for tv. other works need to use monitor.

how to solve this issue.

please help me.

thanks in advance.


A:S-video installation problem in Dell Dimension 4600

Right-click on the desktop and select the Nvidia Control Panel. See if you can adjust the settings to allow you to watch TV and use the computer at the same time

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Product Model: Dimension 2400
Service Tag: 9BWV351

I'm having trouble figuring out which driver to use, the Dell support site lists 4 different possible drivers. I've tried 3 of them, 2 of them worked for a while, then video goes into a horrible mode and/or I get a device driver error message. I can leave it in default 640 mode and it works fine. Can anyone tell me which driver to use, and exactly how to install it?

I tried posting on Dell Support, they deleted my post because I listed the service tag.

A:Dell Dimension 2400 Video Driver Issue

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I've got this old Dell that I'm trying to fix up and run Ubuntu on but for some reason I cannot get any graphics card to work with it. Maybe it's a problem with the VGA slot but I don't know. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I just had to do a clean re-installation of Win XP Pro on my Dell Dimension 3000. I went to to download the correct Video driver but, once installed, the system boots to a black screen with the verbiage "Cannot Display This Video Mode". The Dell site tells me I have an Intel 82865G Graphics Controller that shipped with the unit. I am accessing the drivers from as I inputted my Service Tag # into their wizard - which pulls the actual drivers that shipped with the unit. I am the only owner of this device so I know a new video card has never been installed.
I have even tried downloading the same driver from the Intel site - once installed I get the same results.
The system, without a proper video driver installed, will boot into an 800 x 600 display mode but it is not correct.
What steps should I take to determine which driver(s) are truly needed to get this video problem resolved?

A:Can't Determine Video Adapter in Dell Dimension 3000

Are you using a Dell LCD monitor? If so, this link may be of interest:

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My 9 year old has a dell optiplex 755 SFF, he is asking me to upgrade his video card so he can play games like minecraft and some games on steam.
We are on a budget and found this Sapphire radeon 6450 on newegg for $39.99
Will this work in his computer and allow him to play minecraft? steam?;cm_re=6450-_-14-102-933-_-Product&RandomID=1698470702508220150427173530

Thanks in advance

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I apologize to the members of this Forum who replyed to my original Tread..... the system specifications are still the same as posted in my original Thread, but for 2 exceptions.....the power supply max. output is 230 Watts NOT 250Watts and in fact my mother board does have a PCI Express x16 connector(PEG).....I feel stupid and I am sorry about this mistake.
So again I respectfully still need help in finding a graphics card that will fit in that PCI Express x16 connector and if possible for this card not to use more than 35 Watts of power because my main power unit only puts out a max. of 230 Watts.
Thank You...again!

A:RE-Need a Graphics Card to fit PCI Expres x1 on Dell Dimension 5150

That makes more sense.

Dell recommends some upgrade cards:

(Radeon X1300, 2600 XT, 2600 Pro.) They're oldish cards, but Dell lists them as if they're still for sale. (At high prices.)

Here's a list of graphics card power consumption:

A Radeon 3450 would work. The most powerful card might be a Radeon 4650.

What's the object of the upgrade? At some point, it would make more sense to upgrade the while PC. (I see that the latest BIOS update for it was from January of 2007. No official Win7 support from Dell.)

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Hey all,

My first post, and a total newbie, so be nice!

I know this question has been asked before, but it was about 5 months ago and I know there have been a few cards that have come out since.

I'm running a Dell Dimension 4700 with the following information from CPU-Z:

Processor: Intel Pentium 4 540 3.20 GHz
Clock Core Speed: 3192.3 MHz
Mainboard Manufacturer/Model: Dell Inc. OM3918
Memory Type: DDR2
Memory Size: 512MB (but soon to be upgraded to 2 or 3 gigs i hope!)
Memory Channels #: Dual
Graphic Interface: PCI-Express x16

I don't know the make of the power supply right now, I'm not actually near it at the mo, and can't get at the power supply box inside. But it's the one that came with it when I bought it, so I don't know if that helps.

Anyway, I was looking at the Geforce 8600gt, but as I say, total newbie! Has anyone any suggestions? I would like to play all the newest games, nothing hugely spectacular but decent enough!

Hoping to spend around ?150, maybe ?170 including shipping (so that's about $220-$250 in the US, or around £120 -£135 in the UK). I'm in Ireland btw!

Any help or advice would be very much appreciated!

A:Need advice on what card to buy to upgrade a Dell Dimension 4700

Ok update, I just looked inside the computer and the sticker on my power supply has this to say:

Output: +12VA 18.0A
+12VB 18.0A
-12V 0.5A

Then it says:

"Max combined output current on +12VA & +12VB outputs is 22A".

So, any ideas?

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Apologies if this question has already been asked but I searched and couldn't find it.

I have a Dell Dimension 5150 which runs XP Home and is 3 years old. I pre-ordered Windows 7 but the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor says my onboard graphics adapter won't support the Windows Aero User Interface. I don't play games on my PC but I would like all the fancy visual features of Windows 7. How do I go about choosing a graphics card that will do the job for me?

Thanks in advance...

A:Graphics card upgrade for Dell Dimension 5150

Marty welcome to the forums.

Before buying a new card, wait until you get Windows 7 and install it. There is a good possibility that it will work (the upgrade advisor for the most part is a piece of junk, I have seen it flag components as unsupported when I know full well that it is).

Once you get 7 installed this,

ATI Catalyst? Legacy Display Driver

will be about it for a driver. If it doesn't work and you still want to get a card let us know and we can recommend something. If nothing else according to the specs for your Dell,

Dimension 5150 Desktop Product Details

you have a PCI-E 16x slot, which is good. It only has a 305W power supply which isn't so good, but there are still lots of cards that will be OK on it.

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Dell Dimension 4600
Windows XP Home Edition
Intel Pentium 4
Intel 82865G Graphics Controller
Service Tag: DH7VV31 (Don't know if this helps)

This is a pretty stock computer that is used by my parents. It isn't used for much more than browsing the internet and watching/listening to multimedia. They recently purchased a new monitor that has a 1600x900 native resolution, but the max supported resolution by the system is 1280x768. After upgrading the drivers for the monitor and the graphics controller, nothing has changed. I am interested in getting a graphics card powerful enough that will increase the max supported resolution and provide enough graphics processing to handle multimedia tasks easily. I don't want a card that requires a new PSU in order to work. I have no idea as to how to go about selecting a compatible card. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

A:Graphics card upgrade [Dell dimension 4600]

I'm afraid your stuck if you don't want to change the power supply.
That 250 watt power supply is probably just enough for what it
is running now.
Other than that,it does have an 8X AGP graphics card slot for
an upgrade.

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Hi all. I currently have a dell dimension 4550 which I have upgraded several times (ram, hdd etc.). however, my geforce 4 mx 420 graphics card can no longer support even basic games like fifa08, hospital tycoon etc. i'm thinking of an AGP x1650XT, but my proprietary psu is only 250W -- not enough to support the card.

any suggestions on a decent gfx card that can run on my dell rig? thanks

A:upgrading graphics card on dell dimension 4550

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hi tech guy forums,

I have a standard Dell Dimension 3000 pc at home that i regularly use for gaming. At the moment I have a Nvidia GeForce FX 5500 graphics card installed to help with gaming. I am interested in purchasing a new graphics card and was wondering if, in particular if a Nvidia 9600 GT graphics card will fit and comply with my computer. I am also upgrading my RAM form 512MB to 2GB if this helps in any way. If you have any other recommended graphics cards that may work with my pc please let me know.


A:Dell Dimension 3000 graphics card update

Your Dimension 3000 only has PCI slots for a graphics card, correct?

(according to dell, and my own experience, likely yes)

Without a PCI-Express or AGP card slot, gaming can not improve very much.

I also have a Dimension 3000 : P4 2.8 GHz - 768mb RAM, with a Geforce 6200 [256mb ddr2] PCI card. When it comes to gaming, it is outperformed by my old 1.4 GHz Athlon XP - 512 RAM - Geforce Ti-4200 [64mb], simply because the older computer has an AGP video slot ... the PCI bus is a VERY limiting factor.

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I have a Dell Dimension E310 computer
It has a Intel 82915G/GV/910GL Express Chipset
Intel Pentium 4 CPU 2.80GHz

I would like to upgrade the graphics card to support the game Portal and the upcoming Spore.

According to the Spore website, for it I will need:
A 128 MB Video Card, with support for Pixel Shader 2.0

And according to Valve's Steam website, Portal requires:
DirectX® 8 level Graphics Card

The Portal one is slightly vague, but I know for sure that my normal graphics card does not work.

I looked up my computers specifications on the web, and it said that it has 1 PCI x1, and 2 PCI

My question is: Is it possible for me to upgrade my graphics card on this computer? And if so, what kind, and how much does it cost?

A:Dell Dimension E310 Graphics Card Upgrade

Hi I have a E310 as well I'm planning on upgrading it too

You should get this card its compatible with the E310..

You might need a new psu as well..But that card should play Portal perfectly..

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I have been searching the Internet for many leads but have come up, empty handed. I am new to these forums, so I am not sure whether or not this is the correct area to be posting this in.

I have been looking to upgrade my old computer an Dell Dimension E520 to a more powerful computer, so it is able to run 3d based programs without an hint of lag. I have looked into getting new computers, but I'd rather upgrade the computer I have, so I can use it for a few more years.

My system specifications are as follows:

Computer: Dell Dimension E520

OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x86 32 Bit

Bios: 2.04

Processor: Dual Core Intel Pentium D CPU 3.40GHz

Current Ram: 2Gb

Graphics Card: NIVIDIA GeForce 7300 LE (512mb)

Power Supply: 300 Watts

Bios Screen:

(I hope this is enough information)

and I would like to upgrade the ram to make use of the two extra slots so I can get 8Gb's and also upgrade the graphics card to an.

Although something I really want to know, is if the dell Dimension can handle the windows 7 64 Bit or do I have to go down to a lower OS?

Also has anyone done this before and does anyone have any advise for a suitable graphics card that will not overtax my power supply.

Thank you for reading, any help would be most appreciated.

Sean Hall.

A:Dell Dimension E520 - Possible upgrades (Ram, Graphics Card, OS)?

I had an E510 which is basically the same vintage. You are better off just buying a new PC rather than try to upgrade the hardware in the E520.

First, max memory, according to the Dell manual, is 4GB. If you upgrade the Video card you will need a new power supply. The Dell power supply is 300 watts and does not have a PCIe power connector. The motherboard is a BTX style and it has a Dell proprietary and undocumented front panel connector, thus you couldn't upgrade the motherboard (if you can even find a BTX style motherboard) and use the Dell case.

Better off to put whatever money you would spend on the limited upgrades into a new, modern technology, computer.

From the Dell manual:
MemoryType 533-MHz and 667-MHz dual DDR2 unbuffered SDRAM
Memory connectors four
Memory capacities 256 MB, 512 MB, or 1 GB non-ECC
Minimum memory 256 MBMaximum memory 4 GB

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I have a dell dimension 3000 pent 4 windows XP. The current graphics card appears to be "onboard" my son is having problems playing some games and I was told I could add a better graphics card. Not knowing a whole lot about computers, I purchased a BFG Tech Nvidia 6200OC graphics card. I put it in an available slot in the computer and attempted to install it, messages appear it is working properly but.... I think there is some conflict between the "onboard" one and the installed one I want to use. Is there a way to "disable" an onboard graphics card? and once I do disable if possiable THEN do I plug the monitor into the new card?
Thanks for your help, sons REALLY thank you....

A:Adding graphics card to Dell Dimension 3000

Your manual will tell you how to disable your onboard graphics. If you haven't got it then visit the dell website.

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Can anyone please help me? I am very new at computers and I am trying to install a new graphics card(Radeon 9250). I had my onboard graphics disabled but windows reinstalls it. I insterted the ATI disc, and I recieved the message,"try to set up with display adapter with standard VGA driver before running set up". Got me. I have a Dell Dimension 2400, 768MB RAM,and I am so unsure of anything else. Please help if you can!!!!!

A:Insalling graphics card on dell dimension 2400

Have you physically installed the new graphics card into you pc yet?

If not then you'd be best doing that first. Then Windows should pick up the fact you have a new card and instruct you to install the drivers etc etc which is the point where you install the drivers off the CD that (hopefully) came with the card.

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Hello everyone I bought NVIDIA GeForce Graphics Card (PCI 5200 256MB) but when I put it in all I got was a black scrren would not load up. So took it off an the pc load up just fine can anyone please help me I lost.

I have well read you guys talkin about it but not really sure here an I don't wanna do something that will mess up my p/c thanks everyone

P/C Specs

Operating System System Model
Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 3 (build 2600)
Install Language: English (United States)
System Locale: English (United States) Dell Computer Corporation Dimension 3000
System Service Tag: 98WCM71 (support for this PC)
Chassis Serial Number: 98WCM71
Enclosure Type: Mini-Tower
Processor a Main Circuit Board b
2.40 gigahertz Intel Celeron
16 kilobyte primary memory cache
256 kilobyte secondary memory cache
Not hyper-threaded Board: Dell Computer Corp. 0TC666
Serial Number: ..CN7082154KA2YF.
Bus Clock: 533 megahertz
BIOS: Dell Computer Corporation A02 11/08/2004
Drives Memory Modules c,d
36.04 Gigabytes Usable Hard Drive Capacity
18.65 Gigabytes Hard Drive Free Space


WDC WD400BB-75JHC0 [Hard drive] (40.00 GB) -- drive 0, SMART Status: Healthy 1022 Megabytes Usable Installed Memory

Slot 'DIMM_1' has 1024 MB
Slot 'DIMM_2' is Empty
Local Drive Volumes

c: (NTFS on drive 0) 36.04 GB 18.65 GB free

Network Drives
None de... Read more

A:Dell Dimension 3000: Help with new Graphics Card upgrade

You said you "put it in" I hate to ask a stupid question but did you run the installation CD/DVD that came with it?

-- Andy

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