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Device that let's me connect an old hard drive to use as backup device?

Q: Device that let's me connect an old hard drive to use as backup device?

Hi all,

I have an old hard drive for my pc that I would like to use as a backup device. Since it is not in my machine (and I don't want to put it back in), I am looking for a device that allows me to connect it via usb to use to backup my work.

I am sure I have seen these a while ago and they cost around 10-15, though I can't remember what they are called or what they look like, so I'm not sure what to be looking for.

Can anyone help?



A: Device that let's me connect an old hard drive to use as backup device?

external usb enclosure usb enclosure&bop=And&Order=RATING

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I purchased a used laptop with xp pro installed. No resource CD's. Wish to make a back up using XP backup wizard and store on my external hard drive. File transfer stopped and i received an error message stating that 4g was max allowed to Fat32. My external hard drive is 40g and approx 3-4 years old.
What are my lowest cost options to create backups?
Can I upload my data from ext hard drive to another pc, convert Fat32 to NTFS using XP Covert utility and xfr data back to ext HD? By doing this, will the XP wizard be successful in making a backup on the converted ext HD?

A:Error trying to backup xp on external Hard Drive storage device

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I have an old Western Digital drive that came with Dell Inspiron One 2305 and replaced it after 5 years. There are some files I need from it now and I'm trying to connect via usb to sata. The WD volume does not show up. I got to device manager and found it listed in in unknown devices and it needs a driver to install. Where do I go to find the driver. Western digital site basically said that I need to go to the manufactures webstie (dell) for the driver but once im on dell i see nothing that hints at a Western Digital Driver. Here is the Wester Digital info from there site
Here is Dell Website of the model I use drivers section[/B]

Dell Inspiron One 2305 Drivers Download for Windows 7, 8, XP, Vista


I think I found it, would it in fact be this driver . It is listed on the availale drivers for the model I have after entering my express service code. I assume it is but would feel better if someone could confirm this to be true.

Western Digital WD2500AALX/WD3200AALX/WD5000AALX/WD10EALX 3.5 7200 RPM SATA3.0 Firmware UpdateView details
R313263.exe | Hard-Drive (1 MB)

A:WD SES Device USB Device driver not found from old internal hard drive

could installing that drivers mess up my computer. I'm using another similar Hard drive.

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USB Hard Drive when I connect the drive I get a constant bell sound and watching Device Manager shows a yellow ! with "USB Device" constantly appearing / disappearing... it will do this forever. All Flash drives work fine (I have several).

No issues until after I installed SP3.
The drive works fine on my laptop with SP3 but it is my backup drive for my desktop!
After SP3 install updated all the drivers for the PC and it made no difference, same problem.
Formatted the drive using my laptop and tried it, same problem.


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My computer completely locked up while playing a game and I had to do a hard reboot. Now I continuously get the error:

"Reboot and select proper Boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key"

The only thing I can manage to pull up is the CMOS Setup Utility. Looking through the menu I found the Boot sequence menu; however, the only device listed is cd/dvd and I read that hard drive should be listed.

Any ideas on a possible problem?

I am thinking that my hard drive might be shot because I am almost positive it is not due to loose cables. On the other hand I was thinking that it could possibly be due to a virus because I had found a Trojan earlier with my virus scanner.

Appreciate any feedback I can get.

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Hi all,

i need your advise pls.

I have a Samsung series 7 laptop with 2 usb3 ports and 2 usb 2.0 ports. On the device manager i can see the installed driver Intel usb 3.0 root hub and intel usb 3.0 extensive host controller.

I also have purchased a Samsung 64GB sdxc card SDXC UHS (I), that according to manufacturer it can reach speeds "Transfer Speed: Up to 80 MB/s Read and up to 40 MB/s Write". I have enclosed this in a USPEED USB3 card reader, so that I use this as a 64Gb usb3 flash drive.

My problem is that everytime I connet this flash drive to my laptop's usb 3 ports, I get the message "This device can perform faster if you connect it to a superspeed usb 3 port" (!!) so I dont get it! What is wrong??

Actual writing speeds, when i copy large files (eg movie) this is done at 28 - 30 MB/s while speeds when copying many small files (folder with many smaller images) is done at 10 - 11.5 Mb/s.

I also have a usb 3.0 Seagate hard drive but I dont see this message everytime I connect it. Also, the exact same test (with the exact same files beeing transferred) are: Large files (eg movie) at 90 - 95 MB/s while smaller files (folder with many smaller images) is done at 34 - 37.5 Mb/s

I know that the Samsung SD card can't achieve the same speeds, but I am mostly curious why this message comes up "This device can perform faster if you connect it to a superspeed usb 3 port" . Is my flash drive operating at usb 3.0?

Thank you for your h... Read more

A:Your device can perform faster when you connect it to a usb3 device

Hi Dionisis , I have a couple of USB 3.0 flash sticks that give me the same message even though I have them in a USB 3.0 port.
In your case it may be due to the fact that an SDXC card isn't really a USB device, I'm not sure on this. someone else may have a better explanation.

You can run comparisons using the same files and copying in the 2.0 and the 3.0 ports to see any difference.

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Windows 7. O/S sees the speaker and installs drivers but will not allow me to connect. I also need to fix my utils.dll. Can someone help please? I have logged on as admin. I have also added another incoming port. Still device to connect is grayed out.

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hello all. i dont come around to this site very often but i desperately need you guys help.

im trying to get a gamebridge i purchased a few days ago to work. the first day i had everything going according to plan and had it installed on there and everything, but then i was having problems with it... it wouldnt show my game screen. so i decided to install to a new usb drive.

i took the device out and tried to reinstall to another drive but it didnt work... and now when i try to put it back into the original drive it gave me an error. so i went into device manager and unistall the device manually from the original drive.

but now i try to install it again to any drive it give me the code 28 error...
someone please help me i really need to fix this problem.

thanks in advance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A:USB drive not properly installing device(GAMEBRIDGE). (unknown device code 28)

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I upgraded to Windows 10 a while back. Every time I open the computer I get a pop-up notification telling me the USB device is unrecognized. I have no USB devices in any of my 3 USB ports.
I sent my computer in twice. No help. They just uninstalled everything and reinstalled everything and told me it should be fixed. It is not. I then went about updating every driver in my Device Manager. I uninstalled the Unknown USB Device and then updated
other drivers. Certain drivers (such as PCI Express Root Port #3 - 9C14) when updating would also reinstall the Unknown USB Device, which I would then uninstall and keep working down the list. At the end of updating EVERYTHING I scanned for hardware changes
and "found" the Unknown USB Device. 
From what I can tell, and I know very little about this stuff, my computer can't name one of my USB ports. Since it can't figure out what it's called it can't download the proper driver for it. Since it can't download the proper driver it can't work properly.
The practical result from this is that one of my three USB ports does nothing when I put in any USB item (connect my android phone, thumb drive, presentation clicker, etc).
I've looked on tons of forums. My current thought is that if I can tell my computer what the deice is or download the right driver and tell my computer to use that driver for this device it should solve my issue. But I don't know how to know what the name
of the USB port should be (I imagine it woul... Read more

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i have just installed the game kingpin on my comp but after the intro i get a message saying

hard drive device not found

i had this game installed a while ago (it play ok then) but uninstalled it to save sapce cos we were'nt playing it.

all i have done is update to IE6 recently

any ideas how to fix it??


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I have just installed a new hard drive and there are yellow question marks beside other devices. Listed under is - 2500 series, ethernet controller,Lexmark 2500 series, PCI device, and video controller (VGA compatible) . I cannot get sound and my printer is not recognized. I don't know how to fix this. Please, can anyone help me? Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 2, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.40GHz, x86 Family 15 Model 4 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 2039 Mb
Graphics Card:
Hard Drives: C: Total - 238464 MB, Free - 234149 MB;
Motherboard: Hewlett-Packard, 09F0h
Antivirus: None Please, can anyone help me?

A:New hard drive, no audio device ....

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Hello, I recently had a failed/bad hard drive in my computer that was just out of warrenty, so I took my computer to a computer repair man who said he could replace the old/bad hard drive with a new one.  This man didn't really hold up the end of his deal, and now I find myself in a dispute with him as he still has my HP PC and he gave me a lesser Dell as if to replace it.  Now, I've contacted the better busniness bureau to settle this dispute.  But now he's trying to claim that he gave me the HP's hard drive and RAM unit.  All this man gave me was a rectangular metal box telling me it was the old bad hard drive.  So what I need to know is are the hard drive and RAM in this model one piece?  I need proof that if the RAM is missing, he was the one who took it out and sold it.  I was only given the one component from the computer, and I would like to know if the RAM and hard drive are one or two sepearte pieces? Thanks

View Solution.

A:Is RAM and hard drive one device/unit?

Hi, RAM and hard drive (HDD) are two different things. Your machine has 6GB of RAM that means it has 2 sticks and it has 1TB of HDD (1 unit). Its specs: Regards.

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I keep getting " I/O Device Error" I have just built a new gaming set up. Everything works fine other than the slave drive. I have an SSD as the master to boot off of and a 2tb hdd. It detects the HDD in bios but not once I boot windows 7. It says it's offline and not initialized but when I try to intialize it I get the error.

A:I/O Device Error on new WD 2TB Hard Drive

I would boot from a diag CD like Seatools or ubcd and run a diag on the drive

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Hey, I have a 465 GB hard drive as a second hard drive that i use for important pictures. Sadly, i haven't backup any of these pictures. It is only 45% full and after I pasted about 20 pictures in a folder, I couldn't go back to the hard drive, it gave me all these I/O device error pop up sign. (I:\ is not accessible. The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error.) It was going really slow. It even got to the point were sometimes my computer couldn't recognize my hard drive; it was "gone" until i restarted my computer.

I haven't done anything to the drive since. I can't even right click on the hard drive icon on My Computer.

So i cannot go in to the hard drive, the folder or copy and paste any of the pictures inside the hard drive. My computer's software is Windows Vista, so i do not know if it has anything to do with that.

What solutions are there to fix this troublesome I/O Device Error? Any help would be very much appreciated. I really need to retrieve pictures this hard drive contains.

A:I/O device error Hard drive

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OK, the system is a Toshiba laptop running Windows Vista Home. It has a 200gb hard drive, and all of the system specs are as set up from Toshiba. It's about 2 years old. Previously I had partitioned off a 2nd drive from the main hard drive to function as a storage device, so the one 200gb hdd is separated into a 150gb main partition and a 50gb storage partition.

The PC is my Fiancee's, and she recently complained about her computer not working right, and said she thought she had a virus. Every scan I ran came back negative, but the PC was definitely exhibiting strange behavior...several unassociated programs randomly not working properly anymore, the laptop running half as fast as it used to, taking forever to boot, losing file associations...all sorts of weird stuff. So I backed up the data, and went to clear out the storage drive, join it to the primary, and just upgrade to Windows 7.

Here's when it gets My Computer, I still have full usable access to the C drive and the 2nd storage partition. Everything shows up and reacts just the way it should. The drives are recognized in the BIOS as well, obviously, since the system boots and all that. But when I go to Device Manager, I don't see a listing for Hard Drives at all. There are no unrecognized or unknown devices, and no devices with any errors, and a Add New Hardware search results in no changes. Worse yet, when I go to properties on a right-click of either HDD partition, and go to 'Dev... Read more

A:Hard drive not in device manager

hiya,try removing the HDD then replace and try,it could also be a rootkit virus on your machine.

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I transferred a few thousand pictures from a laptop to an external hard drive then to my desktop PC. The files were stored in one folder, probably not a great idea.

When I opened the folder on my PC which contained all the photos, I noticed many of the files I transferred seemed to be missing. There were only 3015 showing up. I created some new folders to reorganize the photos and started to move photos out of the original folder and into the new folders. I noticed when I moved files out of the original folder, the total number of files in the original folder would not change. For instance: 3015 files in original folder, move 50 files to one of the new folders, the original folder would still show 3015 files. (I was moving the files, not copying them).

I checked the original folder and the files were no longer there. I checked the new folder and the files were there.

Then I noticed that there were 50 new files in the original folder, 50 of the photos I thought I lost.

As I continued to move files from the original folder into the new folders I noticed the number of files located in original folder remained the same and some of the missing files were somehow appearing in the original folder.

I continued to relocate the files until there were about 430 remaining in the original folder. I moved 34 of them. When the folder refreshed, it said there were 0 files left in the original folder.

Now I cannot even open the original folder back up. I receive an error message that re... Read more

A:Hard Drive I/O Device Error

Sorry if the original post is confusing. I've never seen anything like this happen.

Bottom line is, my computer remains fully functional but I am unable to access that one folder to retrieve the 420 files. All other folders seem accessible.

Is there a danger to me running chkdsk /r?

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Put new hard drive in. Windows 98 can't find device driver for Compaq installed devices. Any info would be helpful.


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Hi there
I have connected my USB external hard drive to my machine and i get an error message that the device is malfunctioning. I have installed SP2. And run Virus programs but to no avail! The Hard drive does work on other Machines so its deffinately not the hard drive. The External drive has also been set to slave. Please help!

A:USB external hard drive comes up as unknown device

Howdy markhimself.. Try setting the External to master.. When you open your device manager are there any yellow question marks besides the Hard drive?

Also right click ym computer..Click manage..Then disk management..Does the HD show in there/

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I have an external Western Digital 250G HD. It ran fine for a about 10 minutes, then I started getting an error message when trying to copy files onto the HD:

Cannot copy <filename>: The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error

I've set it to be optomized for performance and to enable write caching on the disk.

When I close the message and try to get back into the HD, none of the files that are on there show up.

How can I fix this?!

A:External Hard Drive I/O Device Error

It's a process of eliminating one source at a time.

The following assumes you have experienced no prior problems using your USB ports.

The first thing I would do is remove the drive from the enclosure and connect it directly to a desktop computer where I would run CHKDSK /R. If that is negative, I would download the drive manufacturer's testing utility and check it for fitness. (Some second-rate companies offer no such testing utility.)

If all of that is negative, you have either a bad enclosure or some problem with your USB port.

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Ive got two optical drives, a CDROM and DVDROM, they are both on the same IDE channel.

I was having problems with the DVD ROM showing up under "My Computer" so I had a look around and checked everything was set up correctly, DVDROM is on the Master and the CDROM is on the Slave, the little connectors are on the correct things and everything is physically setup correct.

I was looking through device manager and noticed that the DVD ROM isnt showing up under "DVD/CD-ROM Drives" but I did have something else, under "Disk Drives" there is a third device with my two existing hard drives, this is labeled "SCSI Disk Device".

Looks like my DVDROM is showing up as a hard disk :/ Ive got no idea how to fix this. Hoped that some of you might

A:DVD-ROM showing as a hard drive in device manager...

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...It initially didn't show up in 'Computer' (or My Computer). Device manager said its working properly.
I put the Vista Disc in (had to get a pirate one from someone because my disc drive won't read the official one all of a sudden) and tried to install Vista on this one as a way of forcing it to show, only to get an error code 0x8007000cl. I then split the new 1.5 tb drive into 98 gb and about 1300 gb via the vista DVD's drive list that comes up, partitioned the 98 gb, and now that smaller one at least shows up under 'Computer' but it still wont allow me to format it.

Any ideas please? Thanks.

A:3rd hard drive shows in device manager but..

The fact that your system will not load your disk is worrisome, but I suspect you have a defective drive, or inadequate resources. Tell us more about your computer brand and model, or about the motherboard.
Is this a new SATA drive you are dealing with?

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A build I put together recently shut down on its own after a day or two of running fine. Obviously the first thing I did was try to power on, but I got a message that there wasn't a valid operating system on the device. So I did a little troubleshooting.
First I plugged in my flash drive to boot Backtrack, which it ran fine, to see if I could find anything wrong in the files or at least salvage some before reinstalling Windows, but it didn't even show the hard drive.
So I instead booted a partition manager on the same flash, with similar results.
Then I opened the flash drive and just selected "boot from first HD" it showed an error message that it could not define device parameters. I also tried running Super Grub 2 to detect the OS, but it couldn't find it either. I'm fairly sure the cables are all plugged in fine, so my question is is it fixable, if so how, or do I need to return it?

A:Cannot detect device parameters hard drive

Cables can go bad. Try a different cable.

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Hi All,

Can anyone tell me if there is such a device that allows you to connect a laptop hard drive up to a desktop or another laptop to retrieve data? The laptop hard drive in question is partitioned into C: and D: and the client has data on D: drive that he would like to save if possible (laptop won't boot up to recover the data). I have tried reimaging the laptop twice (C: drive only) but it's failed both times. Reimaging is not an option now so I'd like to try and recover the data another way. No matter how many times I tell these people to back up their data to the server, it never seems to sink in...

Hoping someone can help?

A:Laptop Hard Drive External Device?

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What is the legal device name for a hard drive at the DOS prompt (format/syntax)?I want to refer to a specific hard drive & partition by its legal device nameI assume it is something like [\\harddrive2\partition1], but I've tried various combinations that do NOT work:For instance, when running NFI I get the message [\\harddrive2\partition1] is not a legal device nameThanks, TraceyMicrosoft has the NFI utility to find out what file is at a specified sector: <nfi> <device> <sector.number>

A:Hard drive legal device name at DOS prompt

Just use the drive letter. E.g.nfi C: 12345P.S. If, for some reason, you really want to use the device names rather than the drive letter they are of the format\Device\Harddisk0\dr0or\Device\HarddiskVolume1You really need to use WinObj to discover the correct names on your system, but you could try a few guesses I supposemessage edited by ijack

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Hard drive has 5 parts to it in device manager could someone have a look at this picture as i only had one device when i clicked on small triangle in device manager for my old hard drive. In this new one i have 5.
thank you in advance

A:Hard drive has 5 parts to it in device manager

Unless I am wrong that is only showing that your mobo has 4 sata I guess sataII ports. If using only 1 drive that is chann 0.

You notice the numbers skip a few. That should mean other chips and or drivers run other ports on your mobo say for ide or sata 1.5 or sataIII ports? I would guess looking at it channels 2 and 3 are ran by another chip or controller and are a different speed or interface?

Normally different interfaces use different color sata connection ports on the mobo. They can be black blue gray and white maybe other colors but is so you can tell them apart and should be listed as so in your mobo manual.

The other ports may or not show until drivers are installed or a drive is plugged into the said other ports. Windows and or the mobo bios will default to the main sata ports which in number count should be more than other ports. If a sataII mobo you might have 4 or 6 or 8 normal drive ports and maybe 2 to 4 what ever other ports for say sataIII etc.

If you have the yellow triangle that means you need to install drivers- or w7 might install them for ya..

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I plugged my old IDE hard disk inside my computer and tried to install Windows 7. It was divided into two partitions but neither of them permits a Windows installation (which baffles me when I already formatted one partition in NTFS).. So I booted from another hard disk and tried to see if I can use the it as slave instead. It worked but the problem is, windows detects it as removable drive.

After booting, MyComputer doesn't show the drive first. I have to wait for minutes OR I have to refresh the device manager. And then Autoplay pops out! That's the only time I can use it. When I restart my system, the process repeats.

I even configured it at BIOS as Slave but nothing happens.

A:IDE Hard drive detected as Removable device

you do not set IDE HD to Cable Select, Primary, or Secondary in BIOS.

How to Build Your Own PC - Setting Hard Drive Jumpers

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Hey all, i screwed up big. I have a 120 GB Maxtor Drive (6Y120P0) as a second drive used just for storage. I let it get too full. I think it got to 90% full. A big No No i know. I deleted as much as i could that it would let me. It was giving me all sorts of I/O Device Errors and was running real slow. I scanned the drive and defragmented it.

i bought an External Drive to copy everything over but with a lot of files(including my entire family picture album of my twins) it gives me the following error when i try to copy or access a file...F:\(name of directory) is not accessible. The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error.

Is there any software i can run to fix this? Any help would be very much appreciated. I have a lot of things backed up on DVDs but not all of it.

A:Hard Drive giving me I/O Device Error

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can anyone please help me? I divided 1TB WB Element to 4 part but they're not showing up on 'my computer' but i can safely remove the hardware, still the partition doesn't show up as usual just 'eject elements 1042'. can it get repair without losing the files?

please help me. much appreciated

A:i/o device error external hard drive please help me anyone

I dont want to cause panic.. but.. I/o errors are normally always related to knackered hardware.. I.e your hard drive.

theres a few things you can try first.

The standard Microsoft protocol is to first check that windows is fully up to date incase youre missing a key upated system file.
Next you could try uninstalling your usb drivers in device manager and reboot. (youll loose control of any usb device plugged in before the reboot).
It might not seem the most logical thing to try but it was suggested to me once and it did the trick for my issue.

Failing that Microsoft q and a also suggests shrinking the partitions if possible using disc manager.

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I recently plugged in a Hard drive on an open port on one of my IDE cables to check it for a friend. It named the hard drive "G" I already had a hard drive named "G" so it messed up all my HDD drive names but I dont think thats the problem. When i uninstalled my friends drive and went back to my original config one of my 7 HDD's was missing in "My Computer" and in "Disk Management" However the drive DOES show up in the device manager - it shows up as a SCSI DEVICE all other drives show up as they should IE: Maxtor 4 G160J8 SCSI Disk Device etc... How do i get this drive to show back up in Windows. I have tried everything "Update driver" "Disable - Enable" "Uninstall - Reinstall" Is their anything i can do? I am running XP SP2 w/ ATA 133 IDE Promise card, ASUS P4PE board 2.66GHz P4... !.5GB DDR 1.

A:Hard Drive Showing up in Device Manager NO WHERE ELSE

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Hi, i have an external hard drive and it was running great. I then turned off my computer, took it out the usb so i could move the case. Put it back in the slot. turned on comp and got the following message..

"USB device not recognised.
One of the usb devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and windows does not recognize it."

I'm certain i didnt damage the hard drive and I've tried different usb sockets. all of them in fact. and they work with other things.

I am using windows vista ultimate.

Please help

A:USB device not recognised. External Hard Drive

Bump.... Please help i need those files back

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My WD Elements external hard drive was working great until one day it failed to be recognized in explorer. I've tried it on multiple PC's and it does the exact same thing. It shows up in device manager as properly working and also even shows up in devices and Printers and BIOS and Windows will allow me to eject it. I've tried using Recuva to recover my data but the disk still doesn't show up. I can't use CHKDSK because it doesn't have a drive letter. Is there anything I can do? and more importantly, is there any way I can recover my important data from this drive?

A:External hard drive not recognized on anything other than device mgr

Have you gone into the Disk Management tool to see if simply right clicking on the volume to change drive letter would initialze the drive again? The drive may be being seen as offline in the block on the left side of the item there you right click on to select the online option.

That would be a fast option included in Windows. Recuva wouldn't work without an active volume to begin with. When any Windows option won't work you then need an alternative option for data recovery such as a live Linux distro or other live from disk type. Note the 2009 thread for using a flash drive to make up a live data recovery disk. Using the "Other OS" For a USB Rescue Device?

The first thing however would be trying to see if you can get the drive initialized if it is showing up in the DM there. Often with removable drives and devices like flash drives or memory and memory cards SD cards on cell phones, digital cameras, etc. you need to keep a specific drive letter assigned to the drive or device to be instantly recognised each time you go to replug it in.

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Here's the situation:
Hard Drive: Western Digital
Is this a mounting problem?? If so.. how do I mount the drive?
Original problem is that the pc wont start on boot. I pulled out the drive and put it into an external enclosure and connected it to my other pc vis USB.
The drive powered up; began spinning; no strange noises etc.
The pc recognizes the connection of a USB device but it does not show on the computer other than the device manager. According to the device manager, the device is working properly and make and model is correct.
Yes, this is where you tell me to reformat but I need the data! Part of my thesis that didnt make it to the backup drive!!!!! I would appreciate any suggestions you have!

A:Hard drive not visible except only in device manager: Help!

How was this "bad" drive formatted? NTFS or FAT32?

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My HP Pavilion dv5 recently crashed and i was told by a cpu tech that it was a blown hard drive. I got a brand new one and have a hp recovery disk but i get a black screen saying no bootable device insert boot disk. What do I have to do to get this thing running again? I already went into startup options and requested to boot from DVD drive, but still nothing. Any ideas?

A:New Hard drive - No bootable device message

Go into the bios settings and check the boot order... DVD should be set as first device; hard drive to be second.Once you have it all up and running I suggest you leave the boot order DVD first then hard drive; as that way if/whenever you need to boot from a CD/DVD it will happen automatically when the CD/DVD disk is detected...Incidentally do you still have the olde drive? What happened when it "crashed"; what were the symptoms etc. and what was going on immediately prior?

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Just a quick post about my fix to this issue. After getting my PC rebuilt by a colleague I got this issue. I noticed that he had mapped storage volumes to G & H which are usually used when I plugin USB devices. So my fix was:

1) deactivate these storage volumes
2) shut down (overnight as it happens).

I did also have a quick poke at the hard drives but didn't change the configuration.

I appreciate this error is generic but thought I'd post as it may help someone else with this VAGUE PIE-IN-THE-SKY ERROR MESSAGE.

Am Newbie so please be kind.

A:USB external hard drive comes up as unknown device

I'm not sure what you mean by Deactivate a storage volume?
All you needed to do was go to Start/Run and type diskmgmt.msc and press enter. In the Disk Management window, Right click the drive and choose Change Drive Letter or Paths, choose a different drive letter that is not being usd.

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I have an old PC I've set up as a server for the home network, and it's being awkward by refusing to boot from anything but the hard drive. I've tried changing boot devices in the BIOS, and confirmed that the changes stick, but even so it reports the hard drive not detected (unless I have one in) and stops.

I have an Award Software International F2 BIOS, dated 05/30/2003 and a Gigabyte Technology GA-8SG800P motherboard.

Can anyone suggest a fix?

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Hello so this is the issue.

I have win vista x64,sp2.
Toshiba satellite
and a Seagate freeagent goflex 1tb external HD.

I had been using the external for a while. noticed some information wasnt really working properly. I thought I would do a chkdsk.

However, I used Tuneup utilities to perform the thorough chkdsk of my external HD, i figured it would find and fix any bad clusters. WRONG. after 20hrs of waiting. I restarted the PC, and now i cant access any information. The external shows up in "computer" I can open certain folders but after a few mins I cant access anything and i get the I/O device error...

ive tried running chkdsk /r just from the PC in a CMD window. It shows a list of 30-50 files that are "unreadable" and sticks on a certain file at around 6% complete every time.

Ive tried all of seagates suggestions and other then that everyone else just says to run chkdsk on other forums. I really do not want to loose this information at all costs...

any information would be fantastic.

thanks for your help in advance.

A:I/O device error with external hard drive

The Freeagent's power supply has probably failed

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I have 1 sata hard drive and 1 ide drive in my machine

The 160 gb sata is c drive and the 400gb ide is d drive where is store all my progs films etc

Usually when i re-install xp i have to disconnect d drive otherwise windows labels it c drive and we get into all kinds of mess.

So thats what i did when i tried to install windows 7 rc. Disconnected D drive and installed Win 7 on the 160 sata drive which was connected.

Come to reconnect the drive and win 7 crashed saying some hal.dll file was missing, disconnected the drive and win 7 works again.

So i thought ok i will try and install win 7 with the drive plugged in and connected.

Installation goes fine and win 7 goes on the sata drive as it should, but now i dont have a d drive.

When i look in device manager it is showing up as online and working, but nothing is showing up on my computer.

I plug my usb removable hdd in and it picks that up as e drive (seeing the dvd has taken d drive).

But for the life of my i cannot figure out how to get this drive showing in my computer.

Many thanx for your help in advance

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Hi, sorry if this has been posted before, but I searched so many threads and none of them seem to apply to my exact situation (they all have the usb showing somewhere).

My usb/external hard drive, isn't showing up anywhere. Not in my computer, disk management, device manager or by doing cmb > DISKPART> LIST DISK. The laptop does make a sound when i plug in the drive however but the autoplay doesnt come up, nor can I find it anywhere. I've also tried switching everything off, tried different ports, checked youtube videos, followed lots of different instructions from so many threads, but nothing is seeming to work.

The problem began when I ran a system restore this morning, I then noticed the usb problem and cancelled the restore (to set it back to before the restore was done) but this didn't work. The problem is also the same with the dvd drive. On device manager both the dvd drive 'link' and a usb 'link' both have yellow exclamation marks next to them. Please can someone help me, I would be so unbelievably appreciative and grateful. I have been searching for hours, trying loads of different things but I just can't figure this out. Thanks so much!!

A:USB/Eternal hard drive not showing anywhere (my com, device man, disk man, etc)

Hi horrocks001, and welcome to TSG.

Have you checked the properties of the devices with the yellow exclamation marks to see what Windows says is the nature of the warning?

Have you tried re-installing the drivers for those devices?

In order for anyone here to better assist you, it would help if you told us the brand and model number of the computer and the version of Windows running on it.

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I originally had been running windows XP on my desktop. About a month ago, I bought a new hard drive and installed Windows 7 Ultimate x64 on it. For the last month, I have been able to dual boot between Windows 7 and XP just fine.

When I tried to boot up my machine this morning, my computer no longer boots and have the following message on screen:

"Reboot and Select proper Boot Device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a key"

I checked my BIOS and found that only my new hard drive and CD ROM are detected. I imagined that my old hard drive with Windows XP on it finally died. So I disconnected the old drive, but I am still getting the same issue. I have tried changing the boot order. I also tried booting with the Windows 7 setup CD and tried the repair tools. None of them recognizes the Windows 7 installed on my new hard drive. I started command prompt and was still able to see the contents of the new hard drive, with its WINDOWS directory and all my data/installed programs, so I believe the new hard drive still works. Is there anyway for me to fix this without having to reinstall Windows 7 again and lose all the data/programs I have? Does this have something to do with my XP not being bootable anymore?

OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x64
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD3H
Harddrive: Seagate Barracuda 1TB 7200RPM 64MB SATA 6Gbps


A:No Boot Device detected, but hard drive still works

Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Boot

Partition - Mark as Active

Use method 2 of the 2nd tutorial to mark your windows partition active, then run startup repair up to 3x with your W7 disc. That should get you booting again.

Your boot files were on the XP drive, when it died it took your boot files with it.

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Hi, sorry if this has been posted before, but I searched so many threads and none of them seem to apply to my exact situation (they all have the usb showing somewhere).

My usb/external hard drive, isn't showing up anywhere. Not in my computer, disk management, device manager or by doing cmb > DISKPART> LIST DISK. The laptop does make a sound when i plug in the drive however but the autoplay doesnt come up, nor can I find it anywhere. I've also tried switching everything off, tried different ports, checked youtube videos, followed lots of different instructions from so many threads, but nothing is seeming to work.

The problem began when I ran a system restore this morning, I then noticed the usb problem and cancelled the restore (to set it back to before the restore was done) but this didn't work. The problem is also the same with the dvd drive. On device manager both the dvd drive 'link' and a usb 'link' both have yellow exclamation marks next to them. Please can someone help me, I would be so unbelievably appreciative and grateful. I have been searching for hours, trying loads of different things but I just can't figure this out. Thanks so much!!

A:USB/External hard drive not showing anywhere (my com, device man, disk man, etc)

Please do not start more than one thread for the same issue.

Closing duplicate.

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I've spent most of the night searching and cannot seem to find an answer to my problem so I registered with the hopes that someone here may be able to help.

I have a NAS set up with two 2TB Samsung Spinpoint hard drives. The hard drives in the NAS were partitioned to have 300GB in a RAID 1 and the remainder in a RAID 0. One seemed to be failing so I removed it hoping I could connect it externally to my laptop and recover the data. When I hooked it up to the laptop, it seemed to connect fine but did not show in My Computer. When I went to Computer Management - Disk Management, it shows the partitions as healthy (see image - Disk 1). However, when I right click on the partitions to assign a drive letter, the only options available are Delete Volume and Help. Same when right clicking the Disk 1, all that is available is Convert to Dynamic Disk, Properties, and Help.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

A:Hard Drive shows in device manager, not My Computer

Did you try accesing the drivers from device manager ? (right click 'open')

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Well, previously my Seagate 2TB External Portable Hard Drive was working very well on my windows 7 operationg system but a few days ago it went wrong and now it says unknown device!! it doesnt show up in disk management and when i uninstalled it from the list of USB hubs(where it says unknown device) and installed it again, it just said unsuccessful... what should i do?

A:Solved: Seagate 2TB Hard Drive is Unknown Device

try it on another computer...if it does the same...crack it open and get a caddy

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I have an external device that allows you to read IDE hard drives via a USB port.

I have five different hard drives that I've tried to read with this device.

Each time, the computer (running Windows XP) recognizes the USB device by plug and play, says "new device found: hard disk" and then says "your device is ready to use". And each time, the hard drive DOES show up in device management under disk drives, and says "the device is working properly." Try updating the driver, says the driver is up to date.

BUT it does NOT show up in windows explorer nor in disk management.

I've tried each hard drive on two different computers, and get the same problem each time.

I've tried restarting the computer, no luck.

I've done searches on the internet for this problem and apparently it's a known issue but nobody knows what to do.

Any ideas?

A:hard drive shows in device management, not in explorer

From the way you described it to me it sounds like it's probably going to be an issue with the device you are using to read the IDE drives. What is the brand and model number of it? I'm thinking that the device is either faulty, or like you suspected the drivers for it are poop.

Do a google search on the device brand name and model number to see if you can come up with new drivers for it.

When / where did you purchase the device?

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Hello, I don't know if anyone has post about this matter before but I already tried googling it a bit and didn't find any solution to my problem ><;

So, after upgrading to Windows 10 (from Windows 7) whenever I pause and play the video again it will freeze for a few minutes and the video will fast forward.

I thought it's because of the player, so I change to 5KPlayer (previously PotPlayer) but still no luck. Sometimes, whenever I open my hard drive ( H: ) it will freeze and stop responding.

I hope there is a solution to this problem . Thank you in advance and please excuse my poor grammar.

A:Regarding watching video from ACER Hard Drive USB Device.

Hello Nami Welcome to the Ten Forums!

One thing I have learned over the years is never expect to play any video file even a Youtube clip that could be downloaded from any secondary drive especially from any usb or drive in a usb enclosure since the sluggishness can be unbearable! The problem with playback become too apparent when you see dropoffs and freeze ups during playback due to this.

The best possible performance is at least seeing the file on the main C drive for playback if not planning to keep any files there as video files will tend to chew up hard drive space. But by having the files on the main drive especially here where video is captured live for temp storage on C and then backed up on a secondary storage drive for so long which includes surveillance footage from testing security systems as well as analog captures since digital is most easier to simply upload from a camera.

The end result however is what you are looking for there as far as smooth playback free of issues as well as getting the best viewing!

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I was normally using my computer, when I suddenly noticed one of my hard drives disappeared from My Computer. Checked the Device Manager, I get the following. Trying to initialize it throws up this error:
Seems to spin just fine. Trying different USB ports failed, switching cables as well.

Already tried a few programs. GetDataBack for NTFS throws up error 1117. R-Studio also fails, as does DMDE and MTY. My friend even borrowed me Microsoft DaRT (part of MDOP), but when I boot into it, it doesn't recognize the HDD at all, no matter how hard I try. Only my W7 installation does.

Anything I can do in this situation? I had a lot of important data on it, and it's not completely dead yet. Maybe I can still save it somehow, without haivng to pay one of those data recovery thieves...

A:1TB WD USB hard drive failure - is in Device Manager, not initialized

have you tried wd data lifeguard tools?

since I don't know which drive you have I can't post a direct link to it for your drive but here is a link to all of them.
WD Support / Downloads / Select Product

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I have a big problem. I booted my computer and I got a BSOD with no error or driver. So I used another hard drive to boot from, and my main hard drive doesnt show up under my computer. I looked in device manager, and it is there. Im using a program that will recover my data, and so far it found the partition, but I was wondering---

1- how do you read data from a raw hard drive
2- if i have a registry back up and i copy all of the files, then will the hard drive boot

Thanks! Happy Holidays

A:Hard drive not detected in my computer, but in device manager

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I have a Hitachi external usb Hard drive model H2160U This drive will recognize on xp. I have used it once on a vista machine and have files on the drive from said vista machine. However, now when i plug it in to either a vista machine or windows 7 machine it comes up as unknow device and not supported drivers. I dont have the drivers for the HDD any more. I have tried to find them online but can not. Is there anything that I can do to make this drive work?? I have tried to delete the USB unknown device in device manager and reconnect but still get the same error. Any tips would be helpful. Thanks

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Im installing a clean installation of vista on my Dell inspiron 530s because the HDD crashed. During the installation it asked me to " to install the device driver needed to access your hard drive, insert installation media containing the driver files and click OK". Does anyone know where I can get these drivers from?

thank you

A:device driver needed to access your hard drive

There are some on Dell's page here:

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I have a LaCie external hard drive which works fine on other pc's running Windows 7 Ultimate, but on this one it is an "unknown device". I have tried it in different ports but with the same result. I've checked with Windows Compatability and the exact model is listed there as being compatible. I've been to the manufacturer's website but there are no drivers available.
I have the same problem with any USB device I plug into any port. I have tried a complete Windows re-install from a different CD but it made no difference.
The only USB devices that work are the keyboard and mouse.
I have given the LaCie HD as an example because I am hoping that if I can get a specific device to work, I may be able to solve the problem with others.
I've done the upper and lower filter removal thing in Regedit, and have uninstalled and reinstalled the USB drivers numerous times but nothing works. I've also updated the BIOS.
Any ideas please?

A:External hard drive found as unknown device

NOT a pro ! but i think after what u have done the only thing faulty would be your ports <<<<

I had the same problem with my pc and after a hell lot of time waste i came to know that my ports are out ......

Am not sure whats the case with yours ........

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hi my friend asked me to have a look at a there external hard drive after she split coke on it, and it stop working, the power is still getting to it the hard drive is still spining but the driver appears to be missing.

there is no vissable water marks (no sign of damage within the casing) (also there is no arking, burn marks)

there is power to the board and driver (light on the front and the driver spinning)

mine and there laptop both recognise that there is something there (as a 'unknown device') but it doesn't recognise it as a storage device.

when it did work it installed drivers from the windows drivers. i manually tryed choosing these drivers without success. it came back error code 10.

so i am unsure what the problem to be except the driver is missing,

much abilaged if anyone can help

just to in form i am running on vista

A:Toshiba external hard drive unknown device

I think it likely that the usb interface in your external enclosure may be damaged.
The drive may still be undamaged, and transferring it to a new enclosure may be your best best.
Such enclosures are relatively cheap and easily available.
I would not suggest continuing to use the existing enclosure.
Depending on the damage done to the usb interface, that damaged device could cause damage to the usb port of your computer.
Hope this helps.

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Hi. I tryed to make a system back up but it keeps failing with error code0x80070002) (windows cant find a backup device) went into disk manager and found that my external hard drive that I had plugged in to make the backup on was present and working fine, the strange thing was that i couldnt see my internal hard drive, I did the command promt "devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1" this enabled me to see the disk in device maneger but windows was telling me that the disk was not connected to the system? system restore wont work and like a fool i deleated my previous backup image to make room for the new one. I also tryed startup repair and this failed to find any errors, I should point out though that windows explorer shows my internal hard drive, which is the drive my OS is running from but disk manager refuses to show it and i dont get a "show hidden devices" in the view tab either. I also have XP installed on a different partition to run some old stuff i like to use and the disk manager in xp is also hiding my hard drive. any ideas??

A:Hard drive hidden in disk/device manager

So which OS do you have Vista or 7? You cannot have both so you should not be in 2 forums.

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after installing a fresh copy of W7, my Laptop hard drive shows up as a removable device (see attached photo, actual screen image of MY desktop area), however if you click to remove it, it says its in use, blah blah blah, can't eject or what have you, i just wanna know how to make this message go away, i searched a lil bit but could not find any clear way to solve the issue except for one thing on google that brought up just ignore it if it isn't hurting anything.......well i don't like that answer

any help will be much appreciated, thanks in advance

i will also add that my computer has been like this for well over six months now.....and its just driving me insane......and i finally found a descent forum to get on and the time to more thoroughly investigate the situation

A:my laptop hard drive appears as a removable device...


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Here's the situation:
I have 2 hard disks. On the first disk I have all of my programs and the operating system. On the second disk, I have all of my data. I did this intentionally so that I could format the first disk and preserve all of my data on the second. This configuration has worked fine for approximately one year. Yesterday I formatted the first drive and reinstalled WinXP. Now I am unable to see the second hard drive in Windows Explorer.
The system bios recognizes the second drive. Likewise, when I look in device manager I am able to see the second drive. There are no problems there and it is reported as working correctly. I can also see the second hard drive in the Disk Management utility from XP. The second drive is reported as Healthy (Unknown Partition). However - this disk is not available to me from Windows Explorer. There's no drive letter. I have tried to manually assign a drive letter but it's "grayed out" and is not selectable as an option. The command line utility diskpart shows my drive as hidden but I am unable to unhide it.
Is there any way for me to get this drive back other than starting over and therefore losing my data? Any ideas/help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Rodney

A:Hard drive letter gone but ok in bios/device manager

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My laptop should still be under warranty, so this problem should be covered right? Right now when I try to start up my ACER laptop it makes this clicking sounds, presumably it's the hard drive. What options do I have? Is there any simple solution to fix this? I've only had this laptop for maybe 5 months and did experience random BSODs, one within a week of purchasing. However when I called ACER about it they said only an imminent failure would be covered.
Well, now this is imminent, I was playing some games on my laptop when my PC randomly froze. Then when I turned it on I got the no bootable device error.
Any thoughts on what I should do?

A:no bootable device out of the blue Possibly hard drive failure

Hi achen

If you hear clicking sounds coming from where the hard drive is . That's a sign to replace your drive . If possible remove it and add to a desktop has a slave drive and copy your files over . Files that are in C:\Users\[your account name] , my documents , favorites , my music , my video , and etc .

Yes ACER should replace the hard drive . It is still under warranty .

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Hi everyone,

Was just trying to format my drive to FAT32 using cmd, it got to 2% and then failed for whatever reason.

Now when I plug the drive in nothing happens, not sure how to get it formatted again so it is recognised? I refuse to believe the hard drive is fried!

Your help is greatly appreciated.


A:Solved: Hard Drive format fail - now won't recognise device

No matter - Fixed it!

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After 3 years for performing great my other Dell will now not boot as the "set-up" shows, "unknown device" for my hard drive. How do I try to fix that? Disconect ribbon cables and re-install them? I'm sorta at a loss. Any ideas?

A:system setup-shows unknown device for hard drive

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Hi everyone,

after deleting accidentally some files while installing windows 7 I'm trying to install it again, but this message appears:to install the device driver needed to access your hard drive, ,insert installation media containing the driver files and then click OK and this message too: the installation media can be a floppy disk, CD, DVD, or USB flash drive and the next message: No device were found. Make sure that the installation media contains the correct drivers and then click OK

My motherboard: H81M-K, Asus

I tried to copy drivers for this motherboard, but there are too many drivers and as well as I don't know which one I need, I can't achieve the installation of Widows 7. What can I do, can you suggest?

A:to install the device driver needed to access your hard drive..

I think that the best way is to create a new CD. Format while installing and it will work
Windows 7 Direct Download Links, Official Disk Images from Digital River
I think that you deleted files from the CD.
While installing disconnect everything except the internet, be online while installing.

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Hey, yesterday I installed my Gigabyte MA790X-UD4P Motherboard and a AMD Phenom II x4 3.0 Ghz Deneb Black Edition into my computer (Thanks BG-0 and CRJ!!). I've installed all drivers, (love my 5.1 Dolby (7.1 supported) on my Tritton AX5.11 Headset.)

I've reinstalled Vista 64 Ultimate Edition, and it's been saying

Safely Remove Hardware: SATA WDC WD1600AAJS-7 SCSI Disk Device

This isn't a major OMG problem, but It does get annoying at times.

Any help is appreciated. If it helps any, GA-MA790X-UD4P ATX AMD Motherboard - Retail

Is the picture of my motherboard, and I am using the purple SATA closest to where my Hard Drive is; to the far right.

A:Solved: Hard Drive reads as removable device/SATA

Those ports aren't ran by the southbridge, that could cause it to recognize a drive in them as an extrenal drive. I would use the yellow ports if in any case possible.

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Hello, I believe last week I had the similar problem with my Memory card but I could still gain access and now my External HDD is acting up. I am not sure if I downloaded a file which may have caused a virus and damaged it.

Basically I don't even know if it is possible for me to data recover my files as I tried with 2 different machines and still displaying I/0 device error

I forgot to mention the drive makes a ticking noise

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Hi all

I'm having trouble installing an Iomega 40GB usb portable hard drive. I'm using Windows XP professional.

I've plugged it it and it does find a "USB mass storage device" but it says no drivers are install. I try installing drivers but it ends up saying Code 10 device cannot start.

I tried this fix:

and this:

No luck.

Any ideas?


A:Code 10: Device cannot start: Iomega USB portable Hard Drive

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A few weeks ago, I had to redo my entire laptop. When everything was finished, I plugged in my external hard drive (Maxtor 3200) and it worked perfectly fine. A couple of days ago, I went to play some music (which is all on my external hard drive, along with some pictures) and the drive wasn't showing on 'My Computer'. Ive searched everywhere for suggestions and have done them all: let it sit unplugged overnight; uninstalled all the USB ports and installed them again; searched for the most recent driver for that piece of hardware...

When I plug it in, it makes the sound that Windows recognizes that the device has been plugged in. And same when I unplug it. But I always get the yellow exclaimation point with "The Device Cannot Start (Code 10)" message. Now I've run out of options. I updated Windows XP. I'm using a USB 2.0 port and cord. The thing I dont get is how it worked a few days ago, then just decided to crap out. ANY suggestions would be SOOOOO helpful!!

Thanks in advance!!

A:Solved: External Hard Drive: The Device Cannot Start (Code 10). HELP!!

Sounds like it's gone. Now you need to determine if it is the drive or the enclosure. You may be able to salvage the data by connecting it internally, but if it is the drive itself, you better just use your backups. Externals fail pretty often. Because they are external, they get knocked easily. And even a gentle blow can destroy the hard drive.

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Over a month ago I started getting No boot device available strike F1 to retry boot, F2 for setup utility. When I select F2 the Boot Sequence lists the onboard SATA Hard Drive as not present.  In fact, the only drive that is listed as present is the CD/DVD drive.  It starts up with the VISTA disk in the CD/DVD drive and appears to work just fine after the initial startup issues.
Computer: Dimension E520 (3.5 years old)O/S: Windows Vista Home Premium SP2Here is what I tried (not exactly in this order):1. Scanned for viruses - none found2. Scanned hard drive for errors - none found3. Ran memory diagnostic - nothing found4. Ran startup repair tool - nothing found5. Re-installed Windows Vista (formatted drive, installed all ~200 updates)6. Updated BIOS (version 2.4)7. Ran bootrec /fixmbr & /rebuildbcd (including backup and deleting old bcd first)8. Disconnected & reconnected hard drive - cables do not appear to be looseAs I said, once the computer starts it appears to work just fine.  This same error happened to me 2-3 times in the past but never with any consistency until last month.
I am completely out of idea.  Can anyone suggest anything else to check?  I'd really appreciate any ideas. Thank you!

A:No Boot Device Available - Onoard SATA Hard Drive Not Present

Two suggestions.
1. You should have more than 1 SATA port on the Motherboard.  Connect the hard drive to a different SATA port and see if that makes a difference.
2. Install the latest Intel motherboard chipset drivers from Dell   HERE is the latest version (or if you have this version, reinstall it).  Check the "Additional Information" section in the Download listing as there are special instructions on installing this.   The chipset drivers define the hardware devices on the motherboard and if the SATA ports were corrupted this should fix it, assuming there is no hardware problem on the motherboard.

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hi folks, i get the above error when trying to start my dell inpiron b130 with win xp.

i do not have an os cd or driver cd since they perhaps dont ship it seperately with it these days.

while troubleshooting with dell support they said the hardware is fine (through bios) but i would need to reinstall the os and thus loose all data. i do not have a data backup taken externally.

any way i can recover the data myself or do i HAVE to go and take the payed data recovery option from outside vendors? can one create some bootable cd and then access hard drive data w/o reinstall!

appreciate any pointers urgently! thanks

A:read failure on internal hard drive, no bootable device

That means your boot sector is damaged. If you can create a windows startup disk on floppy or cd on another pc that has the same version of windows, you may be able to sort it!!!

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I'm trying to help a roommate out... He's got a WD 2.5" external USB hard drive with a bad USB port... it powers on and spins but cannot be read by the computer (only a handful of times will the computer even pick it up and give a "USB device not recognized").

on either side of the built-in USB port, there are sets of pins: 1 set of 2 (jumpers?) and 1 set of 16... is the set of 16 pins SATA in pin form?

A:Wester Digi USB Hard Drive - No recognized, bad USB port on device

Trying to recover data from one of these drives is a real mess. You might want to read this thread and then check out the website mentioned in the thread.

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i have a Advent Atom N270 laptop which has encountered a problem.
When i boot my PC i get the following error: Reboot & Select a proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device & press any key".

I went into BIOS to see the Hard Drive status but i can't see any option where the HD is detected (so i assume it is not being detected).

I thought this issue meant the HD must be the problem. However, i took the HD out of the Advent & tried it on another laptop and it worked fine. Also, i used the working lapyops HD to test the Advent Atom laptop & i get the same error - even though the HD i tried is a perfectly working one.

I have checked to see if the hard drive has power going to it & i can hear it spinning.
I have tried the recovery CDs but they won't install (assuiming thatw ithout a drive, the recovery software can't install).
The hard drives in question are SATA drives

I'm completely confused as to what the issue can be. If it isn't the hard drive then what can it be?
Can anyone please help me with this issue?

regards, Shuja

A:Hard drive not detected in BIOS - reboot & select boot device msg

This is probably an issue with SATA drivers. One vital piece of information is missing from your post, what version of windows are you using and is it already installed on the hard drive?

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i had an old notebook with an overheating problem that I thought I had fixed, so I transferred all my music and picture files to it. then the problem recurred and the computer won't reboot. So I pulled the hard drive and put it in an enclosure I've used before, and am working through trying to get it recognized by my new notebook as an external hard drive.

Device Manager recognizes the drive and indicates that it is working properly, and it appears in Disk Management as well. However, in Disk Management, it shows as Disk 2; Unknown; Not Initialized. When I attempt to initialize it, I get the error "The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error."

I've tried to initialize it as MBR and GPT, with no luck, and I've checked the device drivers to make sure they're up to date (they are).

What else can I try? I will try anything, but if it's hopeless, I need to know that too. I just don't want to give up if there's a chance!


A:i/o device error when initializing external hard drive in disk management

How is it powered? It is possible that the enclosure does not supply enough power for that drive. Can you connect it internally?

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Hi there,
I've been having a hard time with my secondary hard drive showing up when I go into the "computer" option under my start menu. It does appear under Device Manager though.
I've reseated my cables numerous times, purchased and used new Sata cables, and I'm also running a new motherboard. I've also changed and disabled all my sleep options already.
I recently switched to using a Primary SSD for my programs to be installed on but ever since switching over to my SSD my HD no longer appears and I can't save anything to it.
Any advice? Thanks.

A:Secondary Hard Drive Disappears in 'Computer' Shows in Device Manager

You seem to need to assign the drive a path. Do this:
1. Open the windows search bar by pressing the windows logo in the bottom left corner of your screen
2. Search disk
3. Find the option labeled Create and Format Hard Disk Partitions
4. Select it
5. Find your hidden disk
6. Then assign your disk a path and it should appear in My Computer

Hope I helped!

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System Specs:
HP Pavilion dv7-1170us
Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit with Service Pack 1
2 GHz Intel Centrino - Intel Core 2 Duo Processor T5800
4mb RAM
320 GB WD Blue SATA 3 (5400 rpm)

A couple months ago my laptop got dropped and stopped working. After some inspection I decided that the hard drive died (made weird clicking noises), however, I had a desktop so saw no need to replace it. Fast forward to today, back in school and need the laptop again. Bought a new hard drive (Seagate, SATA 6Gb's, 320gb, 5400rpm), decided to upgrade the system to windows 7, since I needed to install anyway.

My school has a hook-up with Windows, operating systems are free and can be downloaded through Microsoft dreamspark. Downloaded windows 7 as a ISO file. Placed onto my external hard drive and tried to install on to the laptop that way. Received "ntldr is missing" error. Tried a couple different things with the external hard drive (with no success) before I gave up and went to try it with a dvd.

Unpacked the ISO onto the DVD, messed with the BIOS settings so that it would boot from DVD drive first, receive back the error: "no bootable device." I am at the limit of my ability here so I thought I would throw it all to you, what am I doing wrong?

A:Installing 7 on Blank Internal Hard Drive - No bootable device error

Quote: Originally Posted by Noremacs

System Specs:
HP Pavilion dv7-1170us
Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit with Service Pack 1
2 GHz Intel Centrino - Intel Core 2 Duo Processor T5800
4mb RAM
320 GB WD Blue SATA 3 (5400 rpm)

A couple months ago my laptop got dropped and stopped working. After some inspection I decided that the hard drive died (made weird clicking noises), however, I had a desktop so saw no need to replace it. Fast forward to today, back in school and need the laptop again. Bought a new hard drive (Seagate, SATA 6Gb's, 320gb, 5400rpm), decided to upgrade the system to windows 7, since I needed to install anyway.

My school has a hook-up with Windows, operating systems are free and can be downloaded through Microsoft dreamspark. Downloaded windows 7 as a ISO file. Placed onto my external hard drive and tried to install on to the laptop that way. Received "ntldr is missing" error. Tried a couple different things with the external hard drive (with no success) before I gave up and went to try it with a dvd.

Unpacked the ISO onto the DVD, messed with the BIOS settings so that it would boot from DVD drive first, receive back the error: "no bootable device." I am at the limit of my ability here so I thought I would throw it all to you, what am I doing wrong?

You cant actually just unpack the iso to the dvd.
Follow the instructions here:
Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool

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I have just installed a new hard drive. (Maxtor STM3160815AS 160GB Hard Drive SATAII 7200rpm 8MB Cache) The OS detected the new drive on start up but it wasn't displayed in My Computer. In Device Manager drive was displayed and it says that the drive is working correctly. I installed the drive in the second SATA port of four as the first already had a drive plugged into it.

I did notice that one of my optical drives also disappeared. I tried unplugging its power supply but this didn't help the hard drive problem.

Any idea what I should do? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
(Windows XP Pro SP2)

A:Solved: Installed hard drive not detected in My Computer but seen in Device manager.

Is it partitioned, formatted, have a drive letter?

Right-click Computer > Manage > Disk Management.

Is the CD-ROM in Device Manager and working properly?

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Well, i'm getting riiiigggghhhhh at the end of my tether here

I'm running a Toshiba Laptop 2.8ghz
512 mb of ram
BIOS: Toshiba version 1.8 (updated)
Windows XP professional SP2

Right, so i purchased a Western Digital 200gb hard drive and mounted it onto an external case with USB 2.0. This external case has a 12+ volt adapter with 1.5am (max 18W) . The hard drive is set on Master.

(note: i have anoter USB 2.0 80gb seagate drive that works like a charm, connected to same computer)

Here is the problem, i connect up the 200gb HD to one of my ports. THe computer happily runs that new USB mass storage device says hello. Then everything goes to hell. I opened up explorer expecting my lovely new HD to appear. Uh oh, this is goign to be one of those long days (week really).

I opened up disk management expecting to find it there and only needing a new drive letter assigned, but nope the new HD is not there, just the two i already have (internal, and external 80gb). Its as if my computer refuses to acknowledge it

Next i go to device manager and lo and behold there is a new entry under disk drives that says "Disk Drive" So here i'm thinking what the heck is going on?

I contact Western Digital demanding nicely for an explanation. We go through all the usual basics and crap ie viruses, spyware and drivers.
All drivers are up to spec USB 2.0, Xp SP2, and as far as i know there are no specific drivers for Western Digital hard disks, only the... Read more

A:200gb hard drive visible in Device manager, not disk management.

take it easy, there's nothing wrong with your computer. the hard drive case needs it's own drivers or you'll have to return it and get a different (and possibly better) one.

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I have a Western Digital 250 GB external HD that had been working perfectly until yesterday afternoon. It has been making this repetitive whirring noise *not the clicking noise of death* and it died before I had a chance to copy the data onto another external. When I plug in the USB it makes the connection noise, but autoplay does not come up and it does not show up in my computer anymore. I did look in device manager and disk management and it does show up but it had no drive letter and it says unreadable. (I've attached a screenshot of this)

Is there any way I can recover the data off of it? Should I just take it out of the enclosure and hook it up to a desktop pc?

A:External hard drive broken shows up in device manager but not My Computer

It sounds like the drive itself is dead rather than the enclosure. The repetitive 'whirring' noise likely is immediately following the click of death, just the click is pretty quiet on a lot of notebook drives. If yours is a full size (3.5") drive in that enclosure, then perhaps you are right and the click of death isn't occurring.

In either case, its not going to hurt to hook it up internally, because even if it doesn't work you aren't any worse off than you are now.

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My friend's laptop (Acer Aspire One 722 - Windows 7 x64) has been shut down after opening an email and Windows never started up again. When you attempt to start up the windows, it stays the black screen and says "No bootable Device Found"!

1- I inserted Windows Live Disk and loaded it (Windows XP Mini - Golden Edition). When I went to "My Computer", it did not show any local drive. I went to "Disk Management" and in there, there was also no unallocated or allocated space.

2- I even removed the HDD and plugged it back in. No thing happened. Then I removed the RAM card and inserted it back. Again, nothing happened! By the way, HDD had movements when laptop was on (I had removed the beneath panel).

3- I inserted Windows 7 Disk to install a fresh Windows 7. But when you get to the part where it asks you to choose the partition to install the operating Sustem, it shows one unallocated drive with 0 (Zero) capacity! The options to Delete and format are disable. Only the option "New" is active and it gives you (0) bite to partition!

What has happened? What should I check/do next?

A:Hard Drive Disk is not detected in laptop - No bootable Device Found

Sounds like the hard drive is dead. Do you guys have a spare HDD to test with?

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hi frnds i m new on this place as it is my first post..

i m compelled to post because i m facing a serious problem..that is
i m unable to access my new hitacihi portable drive..
as first i connected my drive...
pc showed that... found a new mass storage device..
--found a disk drive..etc etc..
and then showed a symbol to remove drive(or to stop removable drive) in right side of the task bar..
but this drive is not showed in my computer..(as should be like always )
means it is not accessed
i don't no why...
plz help can i access my portable disk
i have tried some more things to make it read like...checking driver property..or the driver cd came with drive(actually this cd contain drivers for win 98. and as for xp.. it says xp automatically recognize it's driver)

and the same thing is with my mobile..( for mobile there is a message dat..device may not working properly, this message comes only in the case of mobile)
i can access my mobile and PDD as storage device through other system but in my system i can't..

my pc's configuration is ...
256 mb ram
845 intel cipset
1.70 Ghz (celron)
OS win xp s2

so plz help me...i m in trouble..

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My Vista backup is no longer backing up. It fails because it says drive "L" cannot be found. Well, my external drive is labelled "J," and has been for the past year when I've successfully backed up my hard drive. When I attempt to change the settings to back up to drive "J," it just says "looking for backup devices," and just keeps going on forever, never finding "J." I can see J in windows explorer, and it seems to be functioning just fine. Any ideas on how to get it to find drive J again?

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I've just pulled a 160Gb hard drive from a second machine with various data on it, which I want to keep. I've stuck it in my primary machine as a slave, and the BIOS recognises it no problem. It is apparently there in system, device manager, but if you look for it in Explorer it isn't there.

Looking at local disk management, my primary hard disk (0) is classified as basic (rather than dynamic), but the second drive (1) is classed as dynamic and foreign. I appear to have two options, import foreign discs, or convert to basic disc. What is the difference between the two options? And which do I do if I don't wish to lose any data?

I'm running XP SP2 etc.

A:Solved: BIOS sees additional hard drive,s o does device manager but windows explorer does not

Well I think this should help you out.;EN-US;q314343

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I have a Dell XPS 15z laptop, spec. is i7-2640 processor, 8GB memory, 750GB hard drive. The problem is that it often freezes and when restarted it suggests no hard drive, "No boot device found". If I go into the BIOS there is no hard drive, if I boot into the diagnostics screen (F12) and run thr tests on the hard drive it comes up as passed, if I then restart the laptop it will boot into windows 7 Ultimate.
Evertime it freezes it won't boot after a restart unless I run diagnostics then it will start OK.
My thoughts are that it is hard drive, although all tests I have carried out on it suggest its OK, one of the times it booted into windows I ran the Seagate seatools and it was fine.
Anyone any suggestions as to the cause?

A:Laptop hard drive issue -- no boot device found/disk read error

Sorry, message at start is "A disk read error occurred", not sure if that makes any difference to your thoughts.
I reformatted and reloaded the software to see if that made any difference but the problem still persists.

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I recently purchased a 329G backup device by Hitachi called Simple Tough. My intention is to be able to transfer files, photos etc., from my old laptop running Windows XP to a new laptop that I plan to purchase with Vista. I've done a full backup on the device but the company says it won't allow me to transfer the files to a Vista OS. I downloaded Microsoft Easy Transfer and did another backup but the device "E" drive does not show any files under the title "old computer". Is anyone familiar with this type of backup device and explain to me if I'm on the right track how to restore these files on a Vista laptop? Or, is this the wrong device for what I want to do?

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Just had a major catastrophe with my PC and I'm looking for a new backup device that will have an option for me to schedule mu backups daily. I currently have a CD Burner but it's jus not cutting it.

I've looked into the new 750MB Iomega ZIP drive that comes with software which will allow me to schedule backups and I've also looked into some tape drives. These are my two economically viable options but I'd like to get an outside objective view on these two products as well as possibly some new ideas.

If anyone has any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated.

I'm also running 3 PC's on a newtork and I'd be backing up just data from all three so the size of the device media would not need to be that great. Just regular old word and excel files and such.


A:Looking for a Backup device

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Running Windows Vista Home Premium with Service Pack 1.


I am hearing the Device Connect, Device Disconnect, and Failed to Connect sounds at random times, sometimes 2 minutes to 10 hours apart. No error window pops up when this event occurs, nor do any event logs record anything out of the usual when these events occur. It does not appear to be connected to any specific program or application that I run.

I have scanned my computer with multiple virus scans and malware scans. I have observed firewall connectivity and it appears that whatever is causing it is not trying to connect to the internet. I have full confidence that it is not an infection. I have also reinstalled the OS and applied the updates, but the problem is still there. I have done a driver check on all the hardware and all drivers seem to be in order.

To me, this is truly a phantom problem that has driven me to wits end. I apologize if the information seems lacking, but to be honest it's pretty much all I konw about this problem. I would be greatful for any comments or suggestions.

A:Device Connect/Disconnect/Failed to Connect sounds

What do you have connected to your USB ports?
What are the settings in your Control Panel to control the activity of the USB ports (in particular, any settings that sleep/disable that device when it's not being used).

The easiest thing to do is to disconnect all your USB devices and only connect them when using them. Also, follow the Safely Eject Hardware protocol when removing them from the computer.

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I have never known any backup device to need to update. Recently, I bought a new one which is WD My Passport and it asks to do an update every month. So far, it has done two and, both times, removed its shortcut icons from my desk top. Now it wants to do a third update and I worry about what it might remove.

Why would a backup device need to update? Is it because it is called an "external hard drive"?

Or, one more possibility: Because my ESET antivirus program was taking far too long to scan, ESET people suggested I disconnect the backup device while the scan was going on. They said it didn't need scanning since it held only what ESET has already scanned inside the computer.

Please, can anyone fill me in on the need for a backup device to need updating? Thank you.

A:Updating Backup device?

Hello hazel m!

The way you're describing it, it shouldn't be something to worry about.
Like it is said in the WD My Passport pdf user manual, messages for available updates can pop up, for which you'd have to click Update Software and follow the on-screen instructions for downloading and installing the software update. This software could be the firmware, or WD software.
Some of these updates can be checked for automatically (hence the pop up), like the WD SmartWare, depending on the setting you set up.
Which WD My Passport do you have? And are the updates any different from what I am describing?
The disappearing shortcut should be because of the device being external (plug and play) and after the update it refreshes, hence need of new shortcut.
Is there any other troubling issue occurring?



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Most of you know that you don't really know if your backup device is really going to work until you lose everything and then you have to do the backup thing. Well, it happened to me a few weeks ago and I am here to report it to you. Something or somehow I corrupted my registry and could not get my win2k pro to boot - only a BSOD. It happened while my wife was on the computer and scanning data at the same time and she swears she did nothing - right famous last words. Well, anyways i had to call my computer guy to come look at this one because it would boot up to the windows screen and then crash. He was able to use my win2k disk, but after the repair - all the desktop was gone except what looked like a fresh install. So I installed my Retrospect software that comes with the Maxtor One Touch. Then I fired up the retrospect and it immediately detected the maxtor. Next, I selected the restore function and it started running. I left and when I came back, I rebooted and voila - everything was there. So the message is if you want a safe reliable easy way to save your data, then the Maxtor One Touch may be for you especially if you are not a technophile who has lots of time to restore things off of disks or floppies. I set my maxtor to backup every AM at 0300 because of what happened. Hope this helps someone out there from experiencing that sinking feeling when you have lost a lot of important data...doc

A:Great Backup Device

Glad to hear you had a successful backup experience. Perhaps your story will prompt others to re-evaluate their backup strategy, or lack of same.

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My wife runs the MS Backup app at work for her periodic document folder backups. Lately she's been getting a BACKUP DEVICE NOT RESPONDING (REF 07-002A-03-001E) after her system reads her 3.5" floppy for several seconds. Does this indicate a bad floppy or what? Help!

- Gerry

A:Backup Device Not Responding?

It is probably something very simple.
Make sure there is enough room left on the disk and it is not write protected.
Run Scandisk on the floppy to see if the media is ok.
Reformat the floppy and try again.
Also check that your CMOS settings show the correct type of floppy drive (1.44 MB or 720 KB for instance).


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Have two different external hard drives and wondering if either/both are suitable as Back Up and Restore Devices For Windows 7..

1) I have a Western Digital 750GB passport usb portable hard drive.
It is formatted HFS+ with MacDrive...

*1A) Possible/definite issues using as Back Up Device when need to restore/repair, ect on Windows 7?
1B) Will be installing windows 7 on second PC soon. Can HFS+ drive be used to Install windows 7 Image/clone (from Laptop) on new fresh Hard Drive?
2) Second external is a network device (not quite a NAS?, but connected to Ethernet LAN port on my router) it is a Segate GoFlex Network Version...

2A) Are there issues with using external network HDD as a back up device?
2B) Possible/Likely issues accessing network device if using to restore back up on crashed/damaged or fresh Windows 7 OS and/or program/user data
*** meaning will network attached drives not even be accessible if windows is screwed up or during install on fresh HDD?

Not priority, but if anyone knows off top of head...
Segate goflex network external drive has a usb connection port on back...
I know segate sells 'usb adapters/cable KIT' for some stupid cost.
*Can I connect the external drive to my pc with a normal USB cable?
If so, what type of ends exactly? (ie Male to micro/"B", whatever?)?

Thanks again everybody for support!

A:HFS+ USB HDD backup device indows 7

I'll try to answer part of your questions. Windows will not install from a HSF+. As far as I know it has to be FAT or NFTS. Mac can read NFTS but not write to it, but windows cannot read HSF+.
As far as the Network drive. ASFIK, it depends on which version of windows 7 you get. Home premium will not back up to a network. Professional and Ultimate will. Home Premium will back up to USB or eSATA. As far as the adapter for the Seagate GoFlex, check Amazon, they sell them much cheaper than Seagate.

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This problem has really got me stuck!


Dell D600 Laptop
XP Professional SP1


A user logs onto the pc (the owner). He connects the usb device to the laptop. The pc appears to recognise it (hard light flashes and hourglass appears for a bit).
If he looks under My Computer the device is not shown. Under Device manager the USB Mass storage device is shown and is working properly.

The user logs off and I log on.
The device is shown under My Computer!

I renamed the users profile to XXXXXX.old (x being his username). User logged on again and the pc created a new profile. Looked under My Computer and the device was there. Great! Copied all his data over from the old profile and ended up rebooting anyway. Check My Computer and the device was gone! ????
It seems the reboot "killed it" even though USB mass storage device is shown under Device Manager and working fine.

If I Logon I can see the device. If I reboot and logon I can still see it.

Man this is driving me nuts. I've tried several backup devices, all the same issue.
Any ideas?


A:Problems using any USB backup device!

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Hello. As part of my backup I simply copy those files I wish backed up to an external drive. Routinely I delete those files from the external drive and recopy and past them from the laptop to the external drive. This takes time.
Someone suggested I could use Synctoyt o speed up the process. Does this sound like a good idea?

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I have recently bought a new hard drive and now I want to remove the old one and just use the new one.
When I remove the old one, I try to start up the PC with the new only, but it stucks at booting, it says "select proper boot device..."

The old one was a 300 GB, WD SATA 2. And the new one is a Seagate SATA 3 1TB. I want to use the old one with an older PC for somebody else, but if I remove it I can't get into Windows.

Windows 7 is installed in the new HDD. The old one is empty, but I see there is still some "System Reserved" partition there which is being used. Here is how disk management looks like:
I want to remove Disk 0 and keep Disk 1 only. I also don't want to lose the data from Disk 1.

Help will be much apreciated. I try to rebuild my old computer for somebody else to use.

A:"Select propper boot device" after removing old hard drive and trying

System reserved partition is essential for Windows to work.Since you have it on your old hard drive and not the new one ,computer asks for it whenever you disconnect your old hdd.
Install Windows on new hard drive with system reserved partition on new hdd.

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A while ago, my desktop was having problems. It would BSOD persistently through restarts and eventually, it stopped working completely. When i turned it on, it would make all the startup sounds (hard drive spinning, fan starting, etc), the hard drive would click a few times, and it would all start over. Thinking it was a problem with the hard drive, I decided to buy a new hard drive.
Today, i bought a Hitachi 2TB internal hard drive to install on my broken desktop. Wanting to try to partition/format/install an OS before i put it into the desktop, i hooked it up to my laptop with a SATA/USB adapter, with an AC plug. I went to Computer Management->Disk Management, and saw, along with my laptop's HD, a new drive called Disk 1. Knowing that was the hitachi i just plugged in, i tried to initialize it. However, it gives me a message saying "Disk is not ready". I tried restarting both the hard drive and my computer, to no avail. But now even the "initialize disk" button is greyed out. What's wrong?

I recently bought a new hard drive, and am trying to format/partition/install OS with my laptop before putting it in my desktop (I'm using a SATA/USB adapter with an AC power plug). In DIsk management, i try to initialize the HD, but it tells me "Disk is not ready". After restarting my computer and the hard drive, now the "initialize disk" button is greyed out. What do i do?

A:Bought a new hard drive-"Device is not ready" when trying to initializ

Try removing the drive in Device Management then power down your computer and physically disconnent the drive cable from the motherboard.

Reboot and check Windows doesn't see a driver for the hard drive then power down again before reconnecting the drive. Reboot and with a bit of luck the drive will be recognised.

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I installed Windows 7 on a new (smaller) hard drive using recovery disk. After installation went successfully (according to the pop up the dialog box), the machine restarted and I got the error "No bootable device". The machine is Acer Aspire one netbook with Windows 7 Starter.

The computer detected the hard drive in BIOS. I also connected the hard drive to another machine externally and here's the partition info:

12GB Healthy (Recovery Partition)
102MB NTFS, System Reserved, Healthy (Active, Primary Partition)
97.67GB NTFS, Acer, Healthy (Logical Drive)

How do I get this laptop to boot up with the new hard drive?

A:"No Bootable Device" error after win 7 installation on new hard drive

did you check your bios and make sure the new harddrive is set to the first device to boot from?


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I have an older 80 gig WD external hard drive that has worked fine until this morning when I turned on my computer and it wasnt showing up when I looked in my computer. So I went into device manage and it says this "This device cannot start. (Code 10)"

I tried unistalling, and then plugging it back in. I tried looking for updates. Anything I could think of, but still not able to access anything. It has ALL my music on it and I really really want to be able to get to it.

If I cant get it to work is it possible to transfer data from this one to a new one??

A:External hard drive "This device cannot start. (Code 10)"

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I just tried to switch hard drives between my EMachine T6528 to my Dell Dimension 8400. I thought I did it correctly, but it is giving me the message "No Boot Device Available". Can you direct me in what to do?

A:"No boot device available" (Just installed new hard drive)

Make sure that the device to which you are trying to boot (the optical drive?) is recognized by the BIOS as bootable and enabled and is in the boot order list.

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Hello, my xps 8500 has been showing "no boot device available" on start up. I understand this to be hard drive failiar but am hoping for a temp quick fix just to access and transfer files to a memory stick.
When enitialy starting up, raid volumes status is displayed as "disabled" and bootable No
But when pressing F1 at the "no boot device available" screen and it restartes, the raid volumes status reads "normal" but bootable remains No.
Running windows 8 and have cheacked that boot mode is UEFI and secure boot is disabled and such. Have also run the diagnostics using f12 and got error code 2000-0142.
Would appreciate any help, what I could try thanks.
Also if I were to buy a new hard drive, how would I install windows again, as I never received a copy on disk from dell.

A:"No boot device available" failed hard drive help

Buy and install a new hard drive and download the Create Media Tool to make your own windows installation disk.

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