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Notebook memory 5300 vs 5400

Q: Notebook memory 5300 vs 5400

Hello Guys! I'm concerned about a question i was recently asked and couldn't find an answer, so here it is:

An HP Laptop needs to be upgraded from 512MB Ram to 2x1GB RAM, but the Laptop specs say it will only take PC2-5300 and the Laptop owner just purchased a PC2-5400 from OCZ and he is concerned about if it will be compatible or not with his Laptop. this one:**.node2?site=sr:SEARCH:MAIN_RSLT_PG


I did some research but I was unable to find out any useful information, could you help us understand where is the difference between this spec and if it will be compatible or not, I'm confused, pins are the same (200) speed the same (667Mhz) CL 5-5-5-15.

HP tech support were trying to sell their owns for 99 buck a GB saying its only 5300 compatible.

All input highly appreciate it, Thanks!

A: Notebook memory 5300 vs 5400

I don't believe there is such a thing as PC5400 ram, it was probably a typo on the site's behalf & he purchased PC5300 ram. If his laptop supports SO-DIMM modules (which is most likely), he won't have any problems with the ram he purchased.

I guess he'll know for sure when he tries it.

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What are the differences between these two? I see this PC2-<numer> thing on the DDRAM2, so I am wondering if there are any differences power/speed-wise.

A:Solved: PC2-5300 and PC2-5400

Bandwidth is the difference, but its very small. Approximately 100MB/s between the two if everything else is the same.

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I'm using a 1 year old Dell Dimension 9150 also known as an XPS 400. Since I'm going to make the leap to Windows Vista Ultimate (Clean install) I knew I had to jump to 2GB SDRAM DDR2 from a 1GB SDRAM DDR2.

I'm going to make my purchase in about 3 days time and I need help.

Dell told me my PC can support up to PC-5300 677mhz. I'm currently using a 2x512GB PC2-4300 533mhz. Ok the problem here is that I've rarely seen PC-5300 ram and its PC-5400 that is the most common. Dang, even some shops label PC-5300 and 5400 together as in PC-5300/5400. What is exactly the difference?

I did ask Dell if my computer supports 5400 and I got a firm No.

So the question is:

Should I strictly stick to 5300 even though the margin between 5300 and 5400 is nearly invisible?

What other things should I look out for when purchasing RAM?

One last thing, I want to enjoy dual channel, must I have all 4 slots stuck with the same kind of ram (1gb sticks each) of the same brand and model to enjoy it? Would having 2x1GB and another set of 2x512 work?

Do I have to buy 2 sticks in a kit? or can buying 1 stick each same brand and model work for dual channel?

Thanks in advance for viewing this post and giving me your much valued feedback.

A:Solved: RAM Issue: PC-5300 not 5400?

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Im about to buy a new notebook, and Im trying to get a quiet fast system for 3D drawing. How much difference could I expect with a 7200 rpm instead of 5400? Im talking about speed and reduce battery life. Is it worth the extra money and/or less capacity?
Btw any experiences on the Intel Turbo Memory? Thanks

A:5400 or 7200 rpm on new Notebook?

If it were me I'd get the 7200 rpm HDD. The speed is substantial, and the extra noise is minimal.

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My wifes compaq lte 5300 has a swapable cd and floppy. I forget how to release the cd so i can insert the floppy drive. I didn't want to force it too much to get it out and cause me more problems. I have done it in the past when we first got it but for the life of me I can't do it now Help!

Also if I uninstall windows 98 on this machine will it still run windows 95 the original system it came with???

A:compaq lte 5300 notebook

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Who knows how to change the Bios for a Medion MD5400 Notebook. My problem is that it has no settings to boot up from any other media then the Hard drive or the origial Recovery CD. I wanted to create a flash drive as a boot drive or an external Hard drive but nothing works. Any advise is appricated.

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Hello everyone, i am new. If anyone could supply any info. i would be really grateful.
I am sending HYNIX RAM pc2 5300(s) 555 latency to a friend in spain. SHe has pc2 5300. I do not know if the latency for her RAM is 444 or 555. However, am i correct in thinking, as many have said, the comp. simply works from the slowest RAm module. I have 2 identical modules of pc2 5300s, is it best just to put both in as they are identical. ANy info. warmly welcome.

A:Hynix PC2 5300 vs Hynix PC2 5300(s) 555 -- mixed latency

Mixing and matching memory can be tricky. Your friend may or may not have access to both dimms. It's usually best to buy a set of memory designed to work together, but if a mismatched set does work together then it's best to set the memory timings to the least tight settings. If she has 444 and you send her 555 then she'll have to make sure the timings are set to 555 if the BIOS doesn't do that automatically for her.

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Bought new notebook a month ago. Went to update windows 10 with ANNIVERSARY UPDATE and told by computer there is not enough memory to do it. There is nothing stored on computer to delete to gain memory!  What can I do to get more memory? Thank You

A:new notebook does not have enough memory

Hi, The following link shows specs of your computer: Probably you are talking about storage (ie HDD), not memory (ie RAM). It is a very basic computer, buy then forget, not upgradable in many ways. My suggestion: use the SD card to download files to it, then install from (not to) there. Regards.

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I have an HP ze4900 notebook and I want to up grade the ram mem.
Curently have 256mb and was wondering if two 512mb PC 3200 chips would work.

A:Notebook memory

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I have a Sony Vaio VGN-FS980. It has a one Gig PC2-4200 DDR2 533Mhz, which I want to increase to two Gigs --

my question: can I use other memory?

for instance:

(2) OCZ Dual Channel DDR2 PC2-5400 1GB each / SODIMM / 200 Pin ??

or: 1G DDR2 PC-5300 667

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Greetings to All:

I have a 5-year old notebook (Dell). It is still behaving well, but because it only has 64MB of RAM, there are some new applications that it will not run. Also, it takes forever to download some large files.

My questions are:

1) Is it even possible to add memory to a notebook PC?

2) If it is possible, would I see significant improvement, re running larger applications and/or faster downloads?

3) (Assuming that the answers to 1 & 2 are "yes"), How much memory should I add? 256? 512?

Thanking you very much in advance.


A:Add Memory to Notebook?

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I have just bought 4GB memory to add to my Hewlett Packard HP15 TS Notebook but I can't find a video showing exactly how to do it. The ones I've seen so far look as if you have practically take the laptop to bits to install, but they are not my model. Where can I find a video which will clearly show it? Is it just the back removal that's needed for my model. Thank you.

A:add memory to HP 15 TS Notebook

The bad news is the memory modules are next to the CPU so you are going to have to take the keyboard off to renew memory.

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I am not sure of the OS as its either one of the windows 8 versions (doing this for a friend) but I need to know the maximum amount of memory this laptop will accept 2 8's or 2 4's. As everyone knows it came with 1 4. I wish to max it out.Can anyone answer this?

A:HP-15 Notebook memory upgrade

MG. 32bit operating systems are all limited to 4GB memory max. REO

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Hey everyone! My paw says you guys sure know your stuff !!! I've got a Gateway MX8711 laptop with an FSB of 533mhz. I would like to upgrade the memory. Already has 1GB in two slots (2X512). I want to purchase a 1GB for one slot and holdover a 512mb already installed. Totalling 1.5GB.
The best I can make out, is that the memory already installed is DDR2 at 533MHz PC2-4200, 200p SODIMM. A local big box store has 1GB DDR II PC2-5300 (appears to be 667mhz) for $45.

I've got 2 question areas . First:

1. Can/Should I use the PC2-5300 in the laptop?
2. If so, can I/should I mix it with the PC2-4200?

I don't want to screw the computer up.

Can I install the modules myself of go pro?
Any help is really appreciated!!

Golferguy's Kid

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my laptop is not starting and caplock key is blinking 3times between a pause it means it has a memory failure. I'm using original memory, tell me how to reseat my device.

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I may sound silly and sorry for bad english, I will appreciate if anyone can help meI want to update Memory in my HP G62 107-SA Notebook PCRecenty i bought Kingston 8 GB RAM 1600MHZ PC3L - KVR16LS118   1.35V Non-ECC CL11 SODIMM, but It didn't work, after upgrade i wasn't even able to boot either in linux or in windows, I don't know what happened so I put back the memory came with my Notebook. The memory manufacturer said it is compatible with my HP G62 107-SA Notebook PC.Is this type of memory is really compatible with my Notebook? If not then which type of Memory I may require?

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I have an HP Notebook 15-ac163nr and would like to upgrade the ram from 6 to the highest it can take. What kind of ram should I get? And how high can I go? Thanks ahead for any help.

A:hp notebook 15-ac163nr memory

 Hi, Run: Crucial System Scanner Two non-customer-accessible/upgradable memory module slots (Intel Core processors) DDR3L-1600 dual channel  Supports up to 8 GB of system RAM in the following con?gurations? 8192-MB total system memory (81921) or (40962)? 6144-MB total system memory (40961) + (20481)? 4096-MB total system memory (40961) or (20482)? 2048-MB total system memory (20481)

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I'm now to the forum,and I find it quite cool also the site.
So to the question,
I have one old notebook : Acer Aspire 3613 and it has two memory sticks(2x256 DDR2 @ 667MHz).
I want to add more,and to replace the old ones.But i don't know what is the limit or is there any?I was thinking of 2x1 GB @ 667 MHz.
Is it possible , can this notebook have this amount of memory.

I would be very grateful for every answer.

A:Question about my notebook's memory

Acer Aspire 3613 or other 3610 series
# Chipset: Intel 915GM
# Memory: DDR2 PC2-5300
# Maximum Memory: 2048MB
# Standard Memory: 512MB removable
# USB Support: 2.x Compliant
# Slots: 2 (2 banks of 1)
Number of Slots: 2
Each memory slot can hold DDR2 PC2-5300 with a maximum of 1GB per slot.*

*Verifiable at the Acer Site

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I nought a HP notebook 15-ba002ds and it has 4gb of ram from the factory. I can't seem to find whether or not it is ungradable or how many slots are available to upgrade. If you can't then it would be a waste of my money. Please contact ASAP. Thank you .

A:HP notebook 15-ba002ds memory

Hi, The following link shows specs of your machine: Please use a table from page 2 of the following document to get information about RAM on your computer Regards.

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Hello to all,

I have HP4530s laptop with core i-5 CPU-2410M with 4 GB RAM and Radeon Graphics.

In basic System information I see this:
Installed RAM 4GB (2.69 Usable). Does this mean that some of the RAM memory is shared for VGA or not?

How to check whether RAM memory is used for VGA and how much memory is available for VGA??

Thank you

A:Checking VGA memory on notebook

I'm assuming you have a HP ProBook 4530s laptop that's running Windows 7.

Right-click an empty space on the screen, then click "Personalize", then click "Display" - or - go to Control Panel - Display.

Click "Adjust resolution" or "Change display settings, then click "Advanced settings".

Select the "Adapter" tab.

The amount of dedicated and shared RAM for the display device will be listed.


That model laptop supports up to 8 GB of DDR3 PC3-10600 RAM.

If it's running the 64-bit version of Windows 7, you might consider adding more RAM.

8 GB (4 GB X 2)


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Hey everyone,I just bought a new notebook a few days ago and it is running very slow, it can't handle more than a few Google Chrome tabs open at a time. Was gonna take it back to the shops for a refund but I've already installed everything on here. 'System and Compressed Memory' is holding up between 300-600mb of memory, this is 8GB however my laptop is still runnning slow. I haven't installed much software on this and there is 2TB of storage so I have no idea how it's running so slow. The CPU varies between 10-25% however the memory is 60%+ even with just Chrome open. Most bizarre. I've checked that there's not any virus scans or downloads running. I'm running dual screens so not sure if that slows things down. Can someone help me please.

A:My brand new HP Notebook has a very high CPU and memory use?

This would come handy:

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I bought a customized HP Pavilion notebook directly from HP. It came with an Intel T7500 2.2 GHz processor that runs a 800 MHz FSB. It also came with 2Gb RAM (which I believe is PC2 5300 DDR2 RAM in the form of two 1GB chips). The system has a maximum of 4Gb memory, so I want to match 4Gb Ram (in the form of two 2Gb chips) to the CPU.

Is there any reason why PC 6400 DDR2 800 Mhz 2 Gb chips would not work in this system? I bought two of these chips from (they were OCZ chips) and when I installed them I was unable to boot the machine. The PC runs fine with the slower DDR2 PC2 5300 chips that run at 667 MHz.

A:PC6400 memory for hp pavilion notebook

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Hello everybody. This seems like an excellent board, and I thank you for all your help.

I have an Acer Aspire 1681LCi with 512MB PC2700 (2x256) 200pin Sodimms. The CPU is the Centrino Pentium M 1.5Ghz supposedly with 400MHz FSB (4x100). I would like to add more RAM to it, but have three questions:

1. Should I just add more DDR333 or replace it all with DDR400?
2. Should there be a performance benefit to this?
3. Why would Acer install DDR333 into a 400MHz FSB?

Any suggestions would be helpful on this matter.

A:Please help me choose memory for my Acer notebook

no performance benefits at all since you can't overclock a notebook. Just get the speed you are supposed to get (DDR2700 probably since you're using that already) or whatever is closest...

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My dv6 has gotten severely slow. I am currently running Windows 10, and right now it takes 15-20 minutes to wake it up from sleep and log in. Ive done a lot of cleaning and optimizing, but nothing has gotten better on it. It get's very warm very quickly and the fan always seems to be on high. I am looking to try and upgrade the memory, and maybe the processor (to quad-core) at least if possible to see if the performance will get any better. I can barely do anything on it now because it takes way too long! I do have a 1 TB HDD installed a few years ago and that has been working well, but everyday web browsing, microsoft office products and light photo/video editing once in a while are nearly impossible! What memory and processors are compatible with my machine that I could look into upgrading? Any help is greatly appreciated! I am new to the memory upgrades and such so I was having a bit of an issue searching/understanding exactly what I would be looking for! I will post specs below! Thanks! Specs:OS Name Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
Version 10.0.10586 Build 10586System Manufacturer Hewlett-Packard
System Model HP Pavilion dv6 Notebook PC
System Type x64-based PC
System SKU XG740UA#ABA
Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU M 370 @ 2.40GHz, 2399 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s)
BIOS Version/Date Hewlett-Packard F.29, 11/7/2011
SMBIOS Version 2.6
Embedded Controller Version 101.56
BIOS Mode Legacy Installed Physical Memory (RAM) 4.00 GB
Total Physical M... Read more

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I have an HP Pavilion xf125 notebook, and would like to upgrade the memory. It has 384mb now. I don't know how much memory it will hold, or if it's even upgradable anymore since it's so old (2002 I think). The reason I want to upgrade is because it crashes pretty easy. I was thinking more memory would help solve this problem. Any advice would help... but no need to suggest I buy a new computer because I really don't use it all that much to justify the cost of a new one.

I also need a new battery for it, but don't really want to spend a lot... so looking for an inexpensive one. Not sure it's possible to find such a thing anymore. Yes, I have looked on HP's website and they don't have either memory or batteries for it.

Thanks for any helpful advice you can offer.

A:Solved: HP notebook memory upgrade?

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N8L09PA#ABG , can I upgrade the memory of this laptop to 8 gb, currently it is only 4, please help, thanks.

A:HP Notebook 15-af108au to upgrade memory to 8gb

 Hi, You can use the original RAM module from HP or Kingston equivalent: HP 8-GB 693374-005 Other option: Crucial System Scanner

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I have a HP 655 notebook that reboots every couple of days on it own. Running windows 7 pro. 8gb ram 1600 mhz. 1.7 processor. Has high cpu usage. scanned for viruses and malware has none. I have taken the msconfig down to about nothing.  The computer has rebooted from a bugcheck.  The bugcheck was: 0x00000116 (0xfffffa800bc27010, 0xfffff88003f849e0, 0x0000000000000000, 0x000000000000000d). A dump was saved in: C:\Windows\MEMORY.DMP. Report Id: 082916-27955-01. The computer has rebooted from a bugcheck.  The bugcheck was: 0x00000116 (0xfffffa800bb564e0, 0xfffff880045049e0, 0x0000000000000000, 0x000000000000000d). A dump was saved in: C:\Windows\MEMORY.DMP. Report Id: 083116-26254-01. The computer has rebooted from a bugcheck.  The bugcheck was: 0x00000116 (0xfffffa8009e881d0, 0xfffff88003e079e0, 0x0000000000000000, 0x000000000000000d). A dump was saved in: C:\Windows\MEMORY.DMP. Report Id: 082416-25116-01. I need some help in figuring out why is it crashing.Thanks, 

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Hi All! Last weekend I updated the memory RAM of my laptop HP ENVY Notebook - 15-k277ca. The machine has 1 module of 8GB by factory, so I've bought another module of 8GB (same Brand and same rate). But the problem is that the machine did not recognize this second module, neither in BIOS nor SO. Currently I'm running Windows 10 Enterprise x64. The weird part is that I've downloaded the CPU-Z, and this software recognizes the two modules. Any idea?  Here are the image of the CPU-Z software (where the memories are recognized)  

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I have the Acer 5570z and it came stock with 1GB of memory, and I did my research and the User Guide says it can take up to 4GB using two soDIMM modules (dual channel support) so I bought a 4GB pack (2 2GB sticks) of memory by corsair with matching specs and speed of memory that came stock with the PC (DDR2 PC2-5300). But when I installed both memory sticks, my PC turned on just fine, but did not load anything, the screen just stayed black. But when I removed one of the sticks of memory, the PC started up and booted the OS. I've tried everything I could to get 4GB out of this PC, but I'm thinking this PC can't handle 4GB of memory, but then why would the User Guide say it can?

A:Acer Notebook Not Accepting Memory...?

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I have Samsung 4Gb DDR3L 1600Mhz RAM (M471B5173DB0) installed in my laptop - HP 15-r063tu Notebook. I want to upgrade the same with a Corsair 4Gb DDR3L 1600Mhz RAM (CMSO4GX3M1A1600C11), as the exact Samsung RAM is not available and is also about 40% more expensive than the Corsair / Transcend ones. Will my laptop motherboard &/ BIOS accept the above Corsair RAM alongwith the current Samsung one, or do I need to necessarily buy the exact Samsung make & model of RAM ? As the tech specs of the above Samsung & Corsair RAMs match, I assume they should work fine together, but am told that sometimes the motherboard &/ BIOS doesn't allow RAMs of different makes to be installed, even if their specs match. Would help if someone can confirm on this, so I can buy accordingly. Thanks a lot. 

A:Memory Upgrade for my HP 15-r063tu Notebook

Creating this post on the very same subject is consider spamming in accordance with the rules of participation you agreed to when you joined the forum. The following link is to the rules of participation.

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how do I increase the memory of my hp 2 pavillion notebook

A:how do I increase the memory of my hp 2 pavillion notebook

HP 2 Pavilion notebook is not a model I recognize. The devil is in the details and we need the exact model number: Click for instructions

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I swapped out the OEM 1600Ghz memory modules ( 2 x 8GB) and installed new 2133 memory modules.  I had discussed this with an HP rep prior to undertaking this and was told this would not be a problem.  the BIOS, as well as other diagnostics, still show the original 1600Mhz memory as the installed memory (which I have in the box as I write).  How can I have the new memory recognized???

A:New memory not recognized in Envy m7 notebook

Hi, What are you trying to do here. Memory has been set at lower MHz because machine supports that MHz. Regards.

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I want to upgrade the memory on this notebook from 128 to 384 MB, which possible according to the supplier. Does anyone have (detailed) instructions and/or experience regarding the physical part of performing such an update, because to me it looks like a complex system to open it up.
Looking forward to any help.

A:Memory addon Asus L8400L Notebook

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Where can I find a video That I have a pdf guide me how to disassemble and change hdd and ram memory in the Notebook 15 model r239nl . Thanks

A:Change Hdd and Memory in Notebook 15 model r239nl?

Hello, here is is the video and steps

Regards;SmileyI am an HP employeePlease click the White Kudos star to say thanks for helping.Please mark Accept As Solution if my help has solved your problem.

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I add 1 GB of memory to the notebook, to notebook that already had 512 MB of memory. However, the notebook only see 1 GB of memory, not 1.5 GB of memory. I tried resetting the memory into modular, no luck.

A:Notebook Satellite L35-S2194 Physical Memory

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I am just wondering if anyone might happen to have any ideas as to why a Toshiba S4547 Notebook computer would have problems booting up with two 2 GB memory sticks. I bought both of them directly from Toshiba in 2008 and up until recently I have not had any problems with the memory at all. Now I am having a problem where it will only boot with one stick in, but not with both.

I thought that something was funny when my computer started locking up on me and my first thought was that it was something in Windows vista. I'm testing the memory sticks right now to see if I can find a problem with either of the sticks, but as of yet I don't have the results back as of yet.

I did have the motherboard replaced by Toshiba in 2008 and since then have not had any problems. I'm not really sure at the moment as to what could be causing this issue because when I take either chip and insert it into Dimm 0 it seems to work without a problem, but when I put the second one in on Dimm 1 it then doesn't seem to want to boot up to the screen showing the bios information at all and that is really making me wonder if there might be a problem with the motherboard.

I bought the computer brand new in May of 2007 and until I made a mistake with a memory card and screwed upt the motherboard that I had to pay for out of my own pocket I wasn't having any problems except for not having enough physical memory or hard drive space. Since the motherboard was replaced by Toshiba in 2... Read more

A:Toshiba S4547 Notebook Memory Problem

If your OS is Home Basic or Home Premium, Vista can recognize only one of your sticks. All Vistas support dual core, but not if there are more than one physical chips installed.

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I bought a new HP Pavilion dv6-3060si Entertainment Notebook, 3 days ago. The physical memeory usage is 50% plus even when I do not have any webpages or documents open.
I am clueless about PC lingo, but here are is some info:
Intel core i3-350m processor 226GHz
Windows 7 Home Premium
AVG 2011 and AVG PC tuneup 2011 (antivirus)
I have read other threads about high physical memory usage, but I need someone to take me step by step and explain what to do.
I downloaded that Hijack program and ran it. Here is the screen dump. Please help me. Thank you.
Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.4
Scan saved at 01:30:03 AM, on 2010/11/30
Platform: Windows 7 (WinNT 6.00.3504)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v8.00 (8.00.7600.16671)
Boot mode: Normal
Running processes:
C:\Program Files (x86)\DigitalPersona\Bin\DPAgent.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\LightScribe\LightScribeControlPanel.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Hp\Digital Imaging\bin\hpqtra08.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre6\bin\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Hp\HP Software Update\hpwuschd2.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\AVG\AVG10\avgtray.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\AVG\AVG10\Identity Protection\agent\bin\avgidsmonitor.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\HP\Digital Imaging\bin\hpqSTE08.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\HP\Digital Imaging\bin\hpqbam08.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\HP\Digital Imaging\bin\hpqgpc01.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Hewlett-Packard\HP Advisor\HPAdvisor.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Hp\Digital Imaging\smart web printing\... Read more

A:High physical memory usage on new HP notebook

One thing you could do is determine if you have a problem or not. When all the physical memory is used and swapping is needed you suffer a performance hit. When some physical memory is just gathering cobwebs you have no (immediate) problem. Windows 7 is pretty good at memory management. It will sometimes keep stuff in memory just because the space is available and maybe you will gain performance by not having to load whatever it is.

Another thing is to use Task Manager to see if there are any memory hogs.

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I wanted to upgrade my memory in my Compaq Presario 2100 Notebook. I had the original 256 mb but was sharing with video driver so only had 192. In the specs it indicated I could upgrade to 1 gb. The store I visited did not have a 1 gb so I purchased 2 512mb. It is only recognizing 1 of them. What I bought was 2 - KVR333SO/512R PC2700 CL2.5 200 pin SODIMM. The salesman at the store said adding a 2700 instead of a 2100 would be ok because it would drop down to what it was needed. Is this not true? Could this be the reason it will not recognize both cards for a total of 1024? Thanks,


A:Memory not recognized in presario 2100 notebook

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I have seen many answers to this question. Can my notebook be upgraded to 16G offers it but i  have seen posts that say only 8GHP Notebook - 15-af131dx  win 10 64b  AMD Quad-Core A6-5200

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Like many anchio reflected in my Notebook HP - 15-r239nl ENERGY high consumption of Ram, having 4 gb I find myself many times to have 80% of ram utilizata using a few programs. Now I read that it could be due to drivers, viruses, finally a bag of Windows 10. I have installed all the latest drivers with the best antivirus I scanned my PC even in safe mode but nothing no virus has been found I tried it turn off all programs to a clean start with only windows but nothing and also other solutions were invane. Who can tell me I help me figure out what I could do now, the Pc to 5 months is not a top of the pc but I got to study and so I is not so useful. Finally bought the Pc 12/09/2015 how is it that I'm no longer the warranty hp, but this guarantee does not last 24 months I have at least 12 months in March after three months hp support application that starts on the toolbar tells me it's expired after three months you can thanks

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HP Pavilion Notebook zv5000
Original Memory = 512mg (256MB in each of the two memory bays)
I just attempted to upgrade my memory with a 1GB module from Kingston.
Module = 1GB PC2700 333 MHz KVR333SC/1GR

The Notebook has 2 memory bays. 1 memory bay is accessible to the user. I replaced a 256MB module with the new 1GB module. I started the computer up and it booted just fine and pulled up my desktop screen. Then I received the blue screen with a message that Windows was shutting down. I removed the module and re-seated it and tried again. Now it only gets to the Windows screen and then goes to the blue screen. It looked so simple - HELP!!

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Currently my notebook has the standard 4GB of memory using the HP provided Hynix HMT451S6AFR8A SoDIMM, 12800 DDR3L-1600, 1.35V. I have been looking to replace it with either Kingston HyperX, HX316LS9IB2_8, DDR3L-1600 (2x4GB) kit or the Crucial Ballistix Sport CT6278900, DDR3L-1600 (2x4GB) kit. Both have 9-9-9 timings. My question is will the memory with lower timings and the density of the chips work on my HP 2000-2d37cl notebook with an AMD A6-5200 CPU? Also I was curious about postings in the forums where persons had lost the Admin or other passwords on theirHP 2000 notebooks or they purchased a used notebook that had a unknown password. They provide the codes from the error on screen and the reply's from techs allowed them to get past this and reset their systems. I hope I never have that problem, however where exactly are the techs getting the codes from? Is there some program or document available that has the code alogrithm? Thank You.

A:Memory upgrade for HP 2000-2d37cl Notebook

Hi, For RAM, please use Crucial part from the followinf link: It uses CL=11. Regards.

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I currently have an Acer Travelmate 529ATX Notebook, which uses an ATI Rage Mobility video chip, with 8MB of RAM.

Now, I know this isn't especially powerful when compared to newer chips - so here's my question:
Is there any way of enhancing the memory or performance of this chip to allow me to play certain games? Nothing fast, mind you - as a case in point, I wanted to play the game "Syberia", which gives as a requirement - "3D video card, minimum 16MB of RAM".

Am I stuck? The computer itself has 256MB of SDRAM.

Thanks very much for your help...

A:Upgrading notebook video card memory?

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Hello, For the model in Subject, it's possible upgrade the  RAM? If yes, what is the max? Is also possible change the HDD to  SSD? Thank you.

A:Notebook model: 13-u105nl Memory and hdd Upgrade

The memory is upgradeable to 16 gigs of DDR4-2133 in 2 slots or 2 x 8 gig.  It can take an M.2 mSSD drive, but only as an alternative to a regular 2.5 inch hard drive. There is a single bay and port and which drive you install depends on the adapter used.  HP has not yet posted a Manual for the 13-u100 series but the Manual for the 13-u000 series is available and shows access to the M.2 slot and memory. Manual  See pages 42 and 56. Memory upgrade is particularly challenging as it requires removal of the motherboard.  Post back with any questions.  If this is "the Answer" please click "Accept as Solution" to help others find it.         

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I bought this laptop earlier this year after checking that the memory was upgradeable.  The manual offers no information.  How can I do this?  Thanks.

View Solution.

A:Memory upgrade for Pavilion Notebook 15-ab283nr?

@wjm_medic? Page 55. REO

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Recently I was doing a research about a memory update for my G42-365LA Notebook, and in many websites, including the Netbook User?s Manual, I found that this Notebook could be upgraded up to 8 Gb of memory. So I bought two RAM memories of 4 Gb each one (SoDIMM DDR3 PC3-10600 @ 1333 MHz) according to researched specifications. But the thing is that when I installed them I couldn't enter into the OS, it sent me to the Windows Error Recovery window directly, and whichever option I choose it reboots and it keeps doing that. Well, I tried installing just one memory alone and the result is different, it came up with the BSOD giving me different errors each time I reboot the Netbook. These errors are:


I?ve tried to reinstall the OS with memories installed, but the result is the same

My Notebook is a HP G42-365LA; Windows 7 Home Premium x64 Service Pack 1; Intel Core i3 CPU M 370 @2.4 GHz

I don't know if I was cheated by the manufacturer website and/or the others websites, that's why I need your help.

P.S. When I installed just one memory module, I can see The Windows intro logo, but just for two seconds or so. And I tried to install "Ubuntu 12.04 desktop amd x64" with just one 4 Gb memory module inserted and everything was good, but it wasn't with the two cards installed.

A:Upgrading Memory Failure HP G42-365LA Notebook

One of the stick of ram maybe bad. Try them each one at a time.

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The machine has 8GB Ram as standard - Note I am Dual Booting Win10 and Win7.System informs me that I have 8GB of which only 2.11 is usable.I cannot find data indicating the upgrade possibilities for this machine.The Crucial tool indicates that they have no upgrades. Can anybody help ??

A:Memory Upgrade for....HP ENVY Notebook - 13-d008na

Hi, Which one is your main boot ? You are running 32 bit OS therefore it won't see anything over 4GB. Regards.

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Please.. what the correct driver file I need in my notebook for works bluetooth and card memory!! I downloaded several, but continue dont works.. =(

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A:HP Notebook - 15-f125wm (Touch) (ENERGY STAR) WITH 1 MEMORY ...

Yes that would be the maximum

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I have Gateway P6860 FX notebook with Vista Home Premiuim..It has worked perfectly for last three year with Sony Memory Stick PRO Duo, then all of sudden it would work off and on, now wont work at all, says can not reconize device. transfering pictures to a file

A:Notebook will not reconize Sony Memory Stick PRO Duo all of sudden

Have you tried another computer?

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I recently purchased and used a memory stick, which worked fine. After using it though, my disc drive and xD card reader do not work (these are the only "drives" I ever used prior to the memory stick).

When I put a disc in the disc drive it sounds like it's reading and the light on the disc drive door flickers as if it's reading, but nothing changes on the computer. I don't think there really is anything physically wrong with the disc drive because it sounds and acts like it always did when it worked. Prior to the memory stick I'd always used the disc drive for copying to DVDs and CDs, or for reading from them.

When I put an xD memory card in the xD memory drive/slot nothing happens. Prior to the memory stick I'd always used the xD drive/slot to read my camera's memory card.

I've tried rebooting and then also rebooting with the boot disc--at this point I'm willing to loose my data if I can get my disc drives working again. Obviously I'd be scared to use the memory stick again unless I can be advised on how to get everthing to work without one causing issues for the other as I believe is the case.

This is my thought (bear in mind I'm not a computer wiz): I think the memory stick somehow did an override on the drivers that run the other dirves.

Any help is greatly appreciated, a solution and lunch is on me!!!

A:Notebook Not Recognizing Disc And Xd Drives After Using A New Memory Stick

One thing you could try is to go into the Device Manager and delete the DVD drive and xD memory drive. Then reboot your computer and Windows should automatically recognise them as new hardware and install them.

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I bought a new notebook and upgraded from windows 8.1 standard to pro so I can rdp into it.
I use rdp because it's easier to connect this way and take advantage of my desktop screens and keyboard/mouse.
When I am connected via RDP, the logonui.exe process takes more and more memory until the machine is unusable. I kill the process (or process tree) and it re-starts climbing in memory consumption once again.
It only happens when connected via RDP from my windows 7 Pro desktop.

James Eggebeen

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Q: T 5400

I am trying to install widows 10 anniversary update, I am running windows 10 build 10240 but I can't update. I noticed the T 5400 wasn't tested, does it mean it can't run anniversary update?

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I have a compaq laptop that has just quit working. The system starts to power up and fails to initialize the bios. I can't get to the boot sequence to flash the bios either. I am thinking either the motherboard failed or the cmos battery is bad. Anybody got any ideas. Was running great. Thanks in advance.

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2 questions if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated,
1: before I knew the battery pack was bad I plugged my 5400 into the work station after a couple of hours the computer started messing up badly when I put my hand near the battery area it was extremey warm, the question is since the hard drive is right next to the battery could this have fried the hard drive.
2: the computer setup message says there is no hard drive when it is in the slot, how do I make the computer recognise the hard drive or will it if its toast

A:Compaq LTE 5400

I think its fried. Drives are pretty good with heat but being that it is a laptop and the battery is close to a very compact, lightweight drive it could be fried. You could get a cable that would allow you to connect it to a desktop computer to see if data can be recovered.

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i am getting a message uncorrectable memory previously detected in dimm 1 or 2

A:precision 5400 cpu

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I've got some drives that I'm working on what the best way to utilize them would be:
320 GB 5400 RPM (5)
250 GB 7200 RPM (4)
I plan on using two of the 250s as OSs for two computers. I thought about how I could best utilize the other two and it got me thinking about my laptop. It has an 80 GB drive that I can quickly loose space on if I'm not careful (no, I can't just go out and buy a new one because money is tight). So, I thought about whether or not I could utilize the USB ports to use the drive as an external. My question is is there any benefit to running a 7200 RPM drive over a USB 2 port compared with, let's say, one of the 5400s?

A:5400 vs 7200 RPM

Not really.

USB 2.0 seek/read/write will be a bottleneck before disk RPM factors.

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My Compaq LTE 5400 doesn't detect the floppy or hard drive.
It boots with the following message:


<F10> to enter Computer Setup"
-next screen-
"No boot disk in the system -- install a boot disk and restart"
If I enter Setup, both Hard Drive and MultiBay fields say 'none'
I would greatly appreciate any help with this.


A:LTE 5400 not detecting HD or FD

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got this printer and now theres a code 100-2106 which only comes up when you try and scan of the printer so i carnt send anything to the laptop i havent got the cd which came with the printer

A:5300 all in one printer

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So, I'm looking to put 1GB of PC2-5300 into a Dell Dimension E510.

I've found 1GB sticks at for $21.99. One is a G.Skill brand stick and the other Crucial.

I've had experience with both brands and both brands have worked well in the machines I've installed them in.

So, I wanted to know if YOU were to pick one of these, which brand would you choose and why?


A:Your opinion of this PC2-5300 RAM

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hi guys
can someone pls help,ive just got a new lexmark 5400 printer,but i just can not get it to print from my lap top,what am i doing wrong,anyone else had this problem

A:lexmark 5400 not printing

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I've been having problems with this CPU for ~2 years now.
It happens like this.

I bought a new PC. It was pretty good at that time. I was playing Crysis one day and the PC immediately shut down.
Turns out the CPU seems to be overheating. I use Core Temp to see the temperature. (I've tried many other programs, but they're the same.)

When I play games or do rendering and whatnot, the temperatures start to rise. When at ~100C, the PC would turn off.

I've reapplied the thermal paste multiple times. 90% of the time it just overheats. Altough there are some times when for periods of time i.e. ~2weeks - few months it just works.

My PC case - COMPUCASE MIDI BLACK ATX, but I've opened one side.

I have the stock CPU cooler. I guess that should be ok for normal everyday operations and games.
The voltage seems to be normal - 1.3000V and I haven't tried over-clocking or anything.
Any help? Could this be a faulty temp sensor or what?

A:AMD Athlon 64 X2 5400+ overheating

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hey so i got this new computer a few weeks ago, the specs are:

1tb memory
4gigs ram
nvidia 9800gt
AMD 5400 dual processors

Now, I play counter-strike 1.6, and every 4-5 mins the game will just completely freeze for at least 2-3 mins, and I have no idea why. I have turned that afinity for hl.exe to 1 processor and it still has the same problem while I have also ran the AMD optimizer off the site that is supposed to help with games. It is not my internet because it happens on my college and also at my home. Any ideas would be extremely appreciated.

A:AMD 5400 Dual processor

Well, it's an older game so I might look into running some different video settings. It shouldn't really matter what the affinity is set to... I don't see Half-Life, CSS, TFC or any other GldSrc engine games using more than one core anyways. What happens if you enable v-sync or run the game at a lower resolution? Also, what OS are you running?

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Pent 4 machine , 2 gig--I removed the celeron

The machine has a 5400 rpm in it now and I have an available 7200,,

Is it worth the swap?
It's a Emachine T2893 Series&model=T2893

A:Solved: 5400 vs 7200 RPM

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I have a question. I know a 7200 RPM SATA hard drive is supposedly faster than a 5400 RPM SATA hard drive. And an I5-430 is faster than a I3-330m.

But is an I5-430 with 5400 RPM hard drive worth $100 more than an I3-330 with a 7200 RPM? Or in other words, is the performance improvement of the I5 to the I3 negated if the Hard drive speed is slower? Just curious.

A:Difference between an I3 7200 RPM and I5 5400 RPM

Good question - unfortunately it's hard to say - yes the 5400rpm drive will slow you down a little with th i5 430, but personally I'd paid the extra $100 for a superior chip.

Besides, a laptop/netbook HDD is far easier to replace than a CPU.

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Have a Dimage Elite 5400 scanner.

XP Home SP3

Have admin rights - uninstalled virus/firewall software.

Installed the latest software from the Konica site. Software installs fine.

Plugged in scanner to USB port. XP finds and identifies it. Check "automatically install."

As XP is installing the driver usbscan to the the c:\windows\system32\drivers subdirectory - it errors out with

"Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)"
Konica no longer supports this discontinued scanner and sold the line to Sony. I was going to call Sony next week in case they had some ideas.

Tried letting Windows update driver and same issue.

I'm assuming the registry needs to be changed but not sure what key.

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Hey! I'm looking at two specs here, one with normal HDD with 7200 rpm and one HDD with SSD cache of 8 GB with 5400 rpm. WHich is better??

A:HDD with 7200 rpm or HDD + SSD 8 GB CACHE 5400 RPM

I would prefer SSD. SSD is more durable, faster, lighter, and quieter.
SSD use less power at peak load than hard drives, less than 2W vs. 6W for an HDD.
But of course, SSD is more expensive as you know.
So if money is not too tight, you can get a SSD.

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i want to replce my HD drivwe from 5400 rpm with a 7200 rpm

A:can i replce a HD 5400 rpm with a 7200 rpm

Hi, Yes you can. With same amount of cache, 7200RPM HDD's are faster than 5400RPM HDD's. Regards.

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I just bought a new computer with a Sound Blaster Live! 5.1 audio card. I also bought the Creative Inspire 5300 Speakers...
My question is how do i get the center speaker to work properly?
I have played around witht the connections and the setup i have now is the one that works best. If i try the AudioHQ program and test the speakers the center speaker works, but on other programs it does not. I tried downloading new drivers but all they do is prevent the AudioHQ program from running. Please Help.

A:Creative Inspire 5300

Sounds like it's working fine. If you want stereo/mono sounds to come out of the centre speaker then you have to enable CMSS in PlayCenter, otherwise it'll be limited to when DirectSound3D is being used (In games) or whenever you play AC-3 files/DVDs.
Basically if you get centre channel in the speaker test it is setup corectly & working fine.

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When i plugged-in my Nokia 5300 usb cable,my computer shown that usb device not recognized and malfunctioned. I had searched through google and tried many methods but still cannot solve it.The method that i had tried:

1)unplug all usb devices and uninstall all the usb root hub,then reboot.

2)unplug the power cable for whole day.

3)reinstall the driver.

And i had tried in safe mode but did not worked.I'm depressed, any help is really appreciated.

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Since 1 day i have some problems with speakers,and they worked perfectly before.

The problem is that i have to change my wires every time when i want to plug in my Headset and then all my settings get deleted.

So when i wanted to plug in my speakers again, only my rear speakers worked,

I have 3 ports on teh back, a pink,green and a blue one.
I do black wire in the green port,green in blue and pink in pink what SoundMax said, and worked before i plugged my headset in.

I also tested all my speakers if they were broken but they arent only my rear gives music/sound of games/movies

When all my speakers worked 6 or 4 speakers worked, My center, and 2 Front/Rear.

I also checked other topics but i couldnt find the match with the problem i have so can anyone help me please with this problem..

Thank you,

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I have been trying to find a solution which will allow xp
to recognise my ScanJet 5300C and noticed that rayfree
had a similar problem in 2010.

My computer crashed on the 28th December due to a faulty lead
on my video card, and although the scanner was always crashing before
that, it did at least work.

Now I get the error message 'You may have a scanner connected to your PC,
but HP Precision scan was unable to locate it.'

Can anyone help, I'm not very good with all this stuff. Thanks.

A:hp ScanJet 5300 and Windows xp

hiya,download and run Revo Uninstaller,its a free programme,set it to scan and remove all traces of your scanner,when finished reboot then reinstall scanner,(think you load drivers etc before connecting scanner)

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I am planning to get new speakers for my Audigy 2 sound cards. I have a small room, so I don't need the theater style sounds, just good enough for games and movies. I have a strict budget of $80, and was wondering which of these two would be good

Creative Labs Inspire 5.1 5300
Logitech Z-640 5.1

are there any other 5.1 or decent 4.1 systems within price ranges. if so please suggest them.

A:Inspire 5300 or Logitech Z-640

neither of those are going to do the Audigy2 justice. You'll need to go for a high end set of speakers to get the most of that soundcard.

If you didn't need super quality sound, you should have just gotten a Live! or Audigy soundcard.

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hello, i've got 2x1gig ddr2 5300 in my system its a basic crucial memory running at 667MHz (FSB of 333) so i dont want to rise my FSB anymore but i'd like to find out how much can i OC my CPU.

So i'm looking at getting OCZ Platinum Revision 2 XTC Series 6400

In case that my E2180 cpu wont go much over 3GHz as its running now (333 x 9) will it be waste of money getting new memmory or there would still be a reasonable performance increase? With multyplier of 10 with 333 windows wont boot. However with new ram i could go for higher FSB and lower multyplier.

Is it worth spending money?

I've got asus p5kc mobo.


A:ddr2 5300 vs 6400

FSB and memory speed are not necessarily related. In the BIOS you should find under ( probably) memory settings, an option to sync or not sync ( or as my board says, link) the memory speed to the FSB. Other BIOS systems may have other listings, but it should be there. With this, the memory will run at normalspeed, with probably the option to clock independently. Even without this, th eFSB should be settable without memory loss.
In terms of speed, the 6400 wildefintely imptove the system, although not to an extent that you will notice any real difference. That doesnt mean it wont be quicker, but its not like upping the CPU or a GPU card, where the benefits are more noticeable.
As a matter of interest, you would probably find that DDR 8500 memory ( 1066mhz) would be a better overall bet, given that your mobo appears to support it. Price wise, there is not a huge difference, and th ebenefit would definitely be more noticeable

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After some research based upon a common name, I found Acer Computers bought out Texas Instruments, which had earlier marketed under Tandy brand at Radio Shack. I came upon a Travel Mate 5000 series with Pentium 133 and 1.2 GB HDD, I assumed it might out perform my Toshiba 410 Series I got earlier in the year. I got both of these from the local Goodwill, a charity thrift store.

The Toshiba has a 700MB HDD, when compressed it didn't leave much, but my first laptop, the IBM PS/Note 425c (color) has only an 80 or 125MB HDD spec. With Win95 that's taking up virtually all the space avail! That quaint IBM from 1993 has a 25MHz 486 processor with 256 color spec. With the Toshiba's I was able to boost output to 600x800 with 8 bit color.

Anyway, the memory for the IBM was identical to that of an early Desktop HP Pavilion with a Socket 7 CPU! This allows me to get a good amount of memory but stuck with an age old LCD and processor, basically. With the TM5300, the memory has a slot to mate to the board, just below the floppy drive, it resembles the plastic strip on a HDD connector, seperated in the middle. The online manual provided currently from Acer's site mentions a disclaimer against 3rd party memory. I have no idea what type this is or how high it was ever offered. With a 133MHz Pentium, I think a memory boost will help for sure, I could be wrong. It has a 23MB chip and no other space for additions, however, it does have a flat, piggyback style slot akin t... Read more

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Ok, I have a dell laptop 1 year old E1505 model.

it came with 512 megs of ram and ran super slow with vista so i decided to buy 2gigs of kingston pc25300 667mhz DDR ram.

I just got the ram today and put it in the PC, it registers and shows i have 2038 megs of ram now. The problem is it shows it running at 533mhz????

I paid for 667mhz why is it not running at this speed? I also then ran cpu-z test to show the ram speed and it said pc25300 and 333mhz? WTF??

A:Pc2 5300 667 Ram for dell e1505


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For a start is there any difference between these RAM types, and also will they work together in a rock pegasus 665 laptop.
Thanks in advance,
apologies if this is in the wrong place, wasnt to sure where to put it on the forums.

A:Pc2-5300 and Pc2-5300s RAM types

please read the upgrading ram and troubleshooting guide in the guides forum - it will answer all your questions.

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my laptop has DDR2 PC2 6400, my father laptop has DDR2 PC2 5300, what is meant by these PC2 numbers

A:what is meant by PC2 6400 or 5300

Quote: Originally Posted by kf10

my laptop has DDR2 PC2 6400, my father laptop has DDR2 PC2 5300, what is meant by these PC2 numbers

The terms DDR2 and PC2 are used interchangeably and means the same thing.

Your's using DDR2-800 memory, and your dad is using DDR2-667. The numbers ar in relation to the clock speed of the memory modules, and is measured in MHz. The DDR2 of the name is the type of memory, which can be either SD-RAM, DDR, DDR2 or DDR3. Most machines still use DDR2 memory, because DDR3 is still out of the affordable price range for most people.

DDR2-6400 and DDR2-800 are the same speed. 6400 is the speed at which single bits are accessed in the memory (1 bit per clock cycle), and 800 is the speed at which a full byte (8 bits) are accessed (1 byte per clock cycle). Work it out 800 * 8 = 6400.

Hope this helps.

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Hi all...I'm not sure where else to go with this question...Gateway is not helping at all and I'm not the most technical person when it comes to computers...
I have a Gateway Solo 5300 laptop (from 2001 I believe). I recently pulled it out of storage and needed to restore it to its original settings. I followed the instructions using the System Restoration Kit: once disc 2 (version 98, rev.1.2) is in, I follow the prompts, but after the "install automatically" screen and Agreement to Terms is selected, the screen continues and flickers then goes black - the computer is still on (according to the power button), but nothing is happening (cd stops running). I have absolutely no idea what to do and the budget is extremely tight so taking it in is out of the question. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

A:Gateway Solo 5300 help!!!

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How do you think which is better for notebook in 80 GB 5400 rpm: Hitachi or Toshiba?

A:Hitachi vs Toshiba 5400 rpm 2.5" HDD

Never ever ever ever under any circumstance buy a Hitachi hard drive. Travelstar, especially.

So to answer your question, spring for Toshiba.

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cannot find it anywhere.. all other versions i've tried give me either "no (number)-series chipset installed".... or "unable to start AMD Overdrive. Run as Administrator"

please help me out with a link... thank you

A:5400+ Black Edition AMD Overdrive?

Try here:

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HP Pavillion 7915 computer 1.1 MGZ with 256 ram. The Hard Drive died, it was a Maxor 40GB with 5400 rpm speed. Sent for the XP operating disks for the 7915 from Hewlett Packard. ( dont come with the computer, had to pay $25 for them) Bought a seagate 80GB, 7200 rpm Hard drive to load the xp operating system. Loaded all seven (7) disks to creater XP. Only problem was on disk 3 I got error messages of:
C:\preload\base_G.inp not found
C:\preload\base_H.inp not found
C:\preload\base_I.inp not found
After loading all seven disks the computer says that XP didnt load properly and to start over.. I have done this 3 times. BIOS recognises the new Hard Drive.
Hewlett Packard support says the reason it wont load is because the new hard drive is TOO fast at 7200 RPMs....They wont give me a work around, other than to say buy a 5400 speed hard drive... I told them nobody makes them anymore.... HELP,,,can anyone give me a workaround to get this up and running? It is my kids computer..

A:5400 hd vs. 7200 hd HP XP operating system

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Does anyone have some good numbers to report with a SATA3 connection with a normal 3.5" 7200RPM hard drive? How about USB3 with a 5400RPM 2.5" USB3 enabled external hard drive connected via USB3?

I am wondering how much difference one will be able to get with SATA3 and USB3 not using SATA3 or USB3 enabled SSDs.

If you know of any good articles please let me know. I don't think it would be worth connecting a "normal 7200RPM or 5400 RPM drive to USB3 or SATA3. I think the HD would be a bottleneck. I am planning to do some testing now that I have a SATA3 / USB3 motherboard, but it's going to be expensive to get SSDs to test with. All my SSDs are being used for boot drives. I am planning to geta 5400RPM 2.5" external USB3 enabled drive to test the USB3 but I would love to know what you know about this.

The board I have for testing is a Gigabyte 880GMA-UD2H

GIGABYTE - Motherboard - Socket AM3 - GA-880GMA-UD2H (rev. 2.1)

So the SATA3 is provided by the AMD SB850 southbridge and the USB3 is via the NEC D720200F1 controller on the board. (There is also an eSATA port on the back that is SATA3 enabled via the southbridge)

Thanks for any info. Lots of smart people here!

A:USB 3.0 SATA 3 and 5400 or 7200RPM drives

You are correct, USB 3 and Sata III are backwards compatible there is no advantage hanging a USB 2.0 or Sata II drive off them and expecting more speed. But stay tuned as the flood gates are opening on Sata III drives and USB 3 drives so wait if you can or pick up the old styles for cheap and live with it!

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I want to buy a new external HDD to use as network storage via my Netgear DGND3300 router.

The connection to router is USB 2.0. should I buy a 7200 rpm HDD or is 5400 rpm fast enough to saturate USB 2.0 and the network (it is 100 Mbit)? I know 3.3" HDD are faster at given rpm. But again, does it matter when connected to USB 2.0?
would the USB port powerful enough to power a 2.5" HDD? Ideally I would not have another powersupply and cable. But if 7200 rpm/ 3.5" is recommended, I gladly get one with external PS.

(I don't want to go through the effort of buying a network storage, from all I read the cheap ones are not fast, HDD cooling is a problem etc. I also don't want to spend much money, and an external HDD can be useful otherwise as well. It is jsut to give my wife access to her data whne she uses the laptop and the desktop is off. I'll back up to the desktop frequently. I know those external HDDs are not made for running all day, but I turn my router off whne I'm not at home. the external HDd would give me what I need for $ 100 or so)

A:external HDD: 5400 rpm / 2.5" fast enough for USB 2.0?

Quote: Originally Posted by HerrKaLeun

I want to buy a new external HDD to use as network storage via my Netgear DGND3300 router.

The connection to router is USB 2.0. should I buy a 7200 rpm HDD or is 5400 rpm fast enough to saturate USB 2.0 and the network (it is 100 Mbit)? I know 3.3" HDD are faster at given rpm. But again, does it matter when connected to USB 2.0?
would the USB port powerful enough to power a 2.5" HDD? Ideally I would not have another powersupply and cable. But if 7200 rpm/ 3.5" is recommended, I gladly get one with external PS.

(I don't want to go through the effort of buying a network storage, from all I read the cheap ones are not fast, HDD cooling is a problem etc. I also don't want to spend much money, and an external HDD can be useful otherwise as well. It is jsut to give my wife access to her data whne she uses the laptop and the desktop is off. I'll back up to the desktop frequently. I know those external HDDs are not made for running all day, but I turn my router off whne I'm not at home. the external HDd would give me what I need for $ 100 or so)

Yes a 5400 rpm hdd will keep up to USB 2.0, no problems.

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Is there a noticable difference in performance/speed between a 5400 rpm and 7200 rpm hard drive? I rarely work with files larger than 500K.

Will it influence internet access speed?

Will it influence boot-up and shut-down times?

Are 7200 rpm drives more likely to have problems?


A:Hard drives: 5400 vs 7200

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i've been looking for AMD Overdrive for my 5400 black but amd only has it for a 7 series chip

if anyone could find a link it would be much appreciated

A:AMD Overdrive for 5400 Black Edition

Have you tried using Google? It is a powerful search tool if you word your inquiry properly

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I have a problem in that the Epson Stylus Cx5400 printer added to my new PC with windows 7 did not display the smart panel. I have managed to get this from the original disc but when I try to scan from the smart panel, it keeps asking for me to download the supported TWAIN driver. Where is this and where can I get it. The disc doesn't seem to have it as I have re-loaded it fully. Any help please



A:Epson CX 5400 Twain Driver

hi, the drivers on the cd are probably extremely old and not supported at all on windows 7.
Edit- Ok found your specific drivers and it looks like you are in luck. Grab what you need from here and it should work.

For your specific scanner issue you want the third file; Twain Drivers and Epson Scan Ultility v3.04A

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My Lexmark 5400 printer keeps jamming. It feeds the paper so that it is halfway into the printer and then proceeds as if it is printing the page, but the paper is not feeding into the printer as each line is printed. When it is done "printing" the page, it posts the jam and asks me to clear it and then hit the check mark. It then cancels the job and deletes it from the print queue. Occasionally a page or two does print successfully, but most of the time it jams after it is initially drawn into the printer as described above. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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I have Kodak 5300 and when I installed it.It worked fine but when I turn off the printer and computer the printer no longer responds running xp in a dell dimension 3000 I just don't under stand it.The printer is set default and there are no ghost printer I have removed the driver and all file that relate to the printer I was just hoping someone can tell me is it the software or the driver.Printer works with mac or windows I just don't know:-(

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Hi, this is my first post onto the new forums so any help would be appreciated!

Currently I have a Dell Xps M170 Laptop.

Recently I have had a problem with the monitor. Around 20minuetes max after I turn my laptop

on, the screen dies- It goes black, the computer dies, and all lights still remain.

My computer is still running but on a black screen which won't go back. Just for safety (even

though I know this isn't the cause) I ran all my spyware, antivirus scans- and detected nothing

out of the ordinary.

Due to this I have run dell diagnostic and found out the error code:

Error Code: 5300: 0119

The diagnostic was currently running a test into: Video Memory Test and failed. Before my

scans ran on the Video Memory, this prompt came up:


In the video subsytem in your computer supports video resolutions that the monitor does not,

some of the video test screens will flicker and appear to malfunction. This condition does not

affect the accuracy of the video subtests or indicate a hardware problem.

After this Prompt followed many errors similar to the one I will state below.

Error Code: 5300: 0119
Msg: Detected a failure while writing a reading video memory. Video mode: 4h (320x200x4)
Address B8080h, expected to read 0h but read

80008h instead.


Though all the words highlighted above changed numbers/letters into the below options:


(320x200x4),6h(640x200x2),dh(320x200x... Read more

A:Error Code 5300: 0119

After reading this link it seems to be a problem with the Nvidia video card Dell has installed. Solution at end might be the thing you're looking for.

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got the card, great picture, smooth playback on me'ol p3 733. 15% cpu usage and all that, problem is I've got a creative 5300 speakersystem that works fine for software decoding in powerdvd but not at all with the xcard.

I tried connecting the digital out from the xcard to the digital in ( the internal connectors) on my SB live but I get no sound anyway.

What to do?

A:Xcard + Inspire 5300 speakers?

Use the Xcard's Line out to the SB Live's Line in. You'll not get 5.1 though unless you have the Live drive to use (The internal digital in on the sb live only accepts PCM, not dolby digital).

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