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Computer wont start, power supply wont start, blinking led

Q: Computer wont start, power supply wont start, blinking led

So I turn my computer off one day only to find it wont start the next day. I open the case up and see the led is on. I flip the switch on the power supply off then on and quickly press the power button. My computer starts but the following time I shut down the computer it again wont start and now the led is blinking. I've never had any issues like this before, any help would be appreciated.

I don't routinely use many usb devices, only my mouse and keyboard and every now and then my ipod. I figure the issue is likely either the power supply or the motherboard. The ps is almost two years old while the motherboard is only about three months old.

A: Computer wont start, power supply wont start, blinking led

It sounds to me like your PSU is the problem, get a hold of another and plug it to your computer and see if that will make it start, if it doesn't it might be BOTH your motherboard and PSU. A bad PSU will burn a motherboard.

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My HP 255 just turned off while i was using it and wen i press the power button it blinks once, ive tried to remove the battry and start it on AC and it doesnt blink....left it on charger fo an hour an stil nothing buh instead u feel heat on the  battry.please help 

A:MY LAPTOP HP 255 wont start just blinking power button

Dear Customer, Shut down the notebook, unplug the AC Adapter and then remove the battery.  Hold  down the Power button for a full minute.  Plug in the AC Adapter ( leave the battery out for the moment ) and see if the notebook will start. Can you match the sequence of 'blinks' to those shown in the table below.     Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again  **Click the White Thumbs Up Button on the right to say Thanks**Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. Thank You,GBL84I am not an HP Employee

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So I just recently purchased a new desktop as my laptop fried. I bought this desktop with getting a new video card and power supply in mind. I purchased an ATI Radeon HD5750 which requires one of those 6 pin power cords. The new power supply had what I need.

When i switched out the old 250W for my new 500W, I received no results. The computer would turn on, all fans would run but I would get nothing on my monitor. The motherboard green light would also turn on. When i swapped back to the old power supply, everything still works great. Any troubleshooting tips? Im told that this might not be a great power supply either. Thanks in advance.

New computer -

New power supply -

A:Solved: New HP with new power supply wont start!

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I have a pc that's been sitting for about 2 years now, worked great before. Went to plug it back in and it won't start. I assumed the power supply was at fault at first. The green standby light is lit on the motherboard, but just to test I jumped the green and black cables on the 24 pin connector and everything worked great. Reset the CMOS, still no luck. Then I went to check the power switch by jumping the two PWR SW prongs with a screwdriver.

Now here's the weird part, it started up fine the first 2 times. Went to connect the monitor and start it back up with the screwdriver...nothing. I used a different tool to jump the switch, and strangely it worked just fine again. Now, its back to not working, tried several different metal tools and nothing. I have no idea why the switch is only working intermittently? I just tested everything again by jumping the 24 pin connector and that still works just fine.

A:PC wont start with pwr jumper, power supply fine


Even more weird, I've found if I jump the green and black wires on the 24 pin, pc starts, remove the jump, pc shuts down, then I'm able to jump the PWR switch and the pc starts as its supposed to. I've tested this 3 times and it never fails
Why would the switch only work after jumping then removing the jump on the 24 pin???

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I am running Windows 7 (64bit) and I did ran norton full system scan. Once completed it said I had a compadibility error and to run the Power Eraser. It finished sucessfully and told me to reboot and when I did it will not start up Windows normally and I can not get it to start in safe mode. When it starts it says there was an error to run the system tools, but they cannot fix it, not even the restore. Then when I try to boot normally, it goes to a blue screen and reboots. Please help I am needing my computer very bad. Thanks!

A:Computer wont start after running Norton Power Eraser

Let me ask a malware response team member to assist yougood luckMod Edit: Narenxp added to Unbootbles List - Hamluis.

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Hi everyone,
So my computer always performed like a beast (i7 4770k Maximus Hero VI sapphire tri-x 290 8 go GSkill 2400 Mhz PSU XFX 850 pro Modular) until today, everything was running fine then i heard a Boom, electricity went out of the sector, i got it back then my computer didnt wanna start again, so i guessed the PSU was fucked, then i could manage to get another PSU, a Corsaire 850, i managed to change them,then the pc started fine with the motherboard, the cpu and graphic card alimented by the PSU,but as soon as i try plugging a sata power to my PSU the computer just wont start, the lights goes on for a sec and the fan start turning then stops.
I tried every single port of the PSU, i changed the cables,everything but nothing, not to mention i once tried to plug it directely to the PSU while the computers running and one of the sata port started to smoke so i shut the computer down.
Any idea?help?Advice? Do i need to try a different PSU ?(i will need to buy one.....) is it a problem with the sata that prevents the computer to get power?
Please help, i am going nuts and this shit is my life :(
Thanks in advance

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After running norton power eraser computer wont start tried system restore, startup recovery (all option that were available) safe mode and will keep bouncing back to system recovery. It is a Windows 7 ultimate 32 bit OS

A:After running norton power eraser computer wont start

Hello retraceoj,Welcome to the forum.For x32 (x86) bit systems download Farbar Recovery Scan Tool and save it to a flash drive.For x64 bit systems download Farbar Recovery Scan Tool x64 and save it to a flash drive.Plug the flashdrive into the infected PC.Enter System Recovery Options. To enter System Recovery Options from the Advanced Boot Options:Restart the computer.As soon as the BIOS is loaded begin tapping the F8 key until Advanced Boot Options appears.Use the arrow keys to select the Repair your computer menu item.Choose your language settings, and then click Next.Select the operating system you want to repair, and then click Next.Select your user account and click Next.To enter System Recovery Options by using Windows installation disc:Insert the installation disc.Restart your computer.If prompted, press any key to start Windows from the installation disc. If your computer is not configured to start from a CD or DVD, check your BIOS settings.Click Repair your computer.Choose your language settings, and then click Next.Select the operating system you want to repair, and then click Next.Select your user account an click Next.On the System Recovery Options menu you will get the following options:Startup RepairSystem RestoreWindows Complete PC RestoreWindows Memory Diagnostic ToolCommand Prompt[*]Select Command Prompt[*]In the command window type in notepad and press Enter.[*]The notepad opens. Under File menu select Open.[*]Select "Computer" and find your flash... Read more

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Hi!My Lenovo E320 wont start, the only thing that happens when i connect the charger is that the fan start spinning and the red light on the ''Thinkpad logo'' starts blinking?Tried to hold the powerbutton down for 30 sec, nothing helps.Anyone got any ideas?

A:E320 Red light blinking, wont start?

Did you also removed the battery and disconnected the AC before pressing the button for 30 seconds?

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Hi!My Lenovo E320 wont start, the only thing that happens when i connect the charger is that the fan start spinning and the red light on the ''Thinkpad logo'' starts blinking?Tried to hold the powerbutton down for 30 sec, nothing helps.Anyone got any ideas?

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My daughter has an HP Pavilion DV6, that I have fixed the symptoms of a problem but would like to get to the bottom of the cause. The problem was that it wouldn't start, when you switch on you can hear the fan, the led on the caps lock bilnks continuously, and the led on the wifi key is orange. (It is normally white when working properly.

Having trawled numerous forums including HP I could not find a resolution, many suggestions such as reset the power, clean the memory and slots etc etc, followed by loads of entries from people trying all of these without succes

I eventually came across a post that said he had fixed it by simply wrapping the laptop in a blanket, switching on, leaving for 20 minutes then switching off and on again. This post was followed by dozens of people saying this worked for them.
So, rather sceptically, I tried it and amazingly it worked. The laptop now starts every time without a problem. So aparantly problem solved.

However I would like to get to the bottom of this before it happens again. I want to find the actual reason for the failure and if necessary replace any faulty componants. I am thinking of selling the laptop but don't want to sell it to someone knowing it may fail in the near future.

My guess is that this must be heat related as wrapping in a blanket stopped the laptop cooling and it was very hot when I removed the blanket.
The laptop now starts OK regardless of the temp, I left it overnight and restarted OK.

One final thing... Read more

A:HP Pavilion DV6 wont start, blinking caps lock led

I Googled and found a number of posts that speculated this is a bad solder problem and the heat re-flows the solder.
Some say this is only a temporary fix.
Here's one Post.
I hope this doesn't happen to my DV6

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I disassembled my dv7 to clean out the cooler and i got everything back together and now all i get when i press the power button is a black screen, working fan, flashing caps lock button, and an amber f12 key.I tried to hard reset (take out the battery, hold down the power button, etc) but that didnt work. I've tried to reseat the ram and reconfigure the modules in different combinations but to no avail. Ive tried to boot without a hdd but nothing different happened. Ive also tried to reseat the cpu but still nothing new happened. I also tried to reflow my motherboard with an oven (twice)! But again, to no availVideo of the blink code:

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Hi I made a thread yesterday regarding a minor PC problem I had while trying to install windows XP on my uncles PC the problem was solved thankfully.

I now have an even bigger problem of my own with my PC.
I turned my PC on in the evening and the monitor screen was blank and displayed a blinking orange light, the fan does come on. I doubled checked the wires to see if any were loose but everything is inserted correctly.

What’s weird is the PC that I was installing windows on yesterday was doing the same thing but once you turn it off and turn it back on it would be fine and load windows.
But my one is not even doing that, there is nothing wrong with the monitor has I have brought it recently and I also checked the PC using my brother’s monitor and the same thing happens.

Once I finished installing windows on my uncles PC I turned my PC on and watched highlights of a soccer game so it actually was working last night. But I have no clue as to what has happened?
Can someone please help me?

A:Monitor Blinking Orange Light, Windows/PC wont start up

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my computer wont boot and still it wont display.
i already changed a video card and stil it wont.
it have no beep at all and it will not display.

what should i do?

A:guys my computer wont start and wont have a display

does it beep any. if not this will indicate more major problems. (unless you dont have beep speaker installed) a mother board is programed with a set of beep to play if there is a problem like such as three beeps if the ram is not working, 1 long beep if the vid card is not working etc etc. I DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOUR BEEPs WILL BE. if you are not getting these then you need to find out why. see if you have a speaker inside your case. if you do and all of your fans spin but still no action from you pc then you may have a larger problem such as mother board or processor.

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I have an HP desktop. I accidentally hit the standby button on the keyboard. It started to put my computer into standby but seems to have completely powered it down. I couldn't turn it back on at all. I've tried hitting the power button and unplugging the computer. Nothing works. There is a green light near the power cord in the back blinking and that's it. I've tried unplugging all peripherals before plugging the power back in. I've also tried unplugging it and pressing the power button a few times before plugging it back in. I just can't get it to turn back on.

A:Computer wont turn on after standby - power light blinking

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No matter what option i pick in the safe mode list, the computer will not start. when i choose any of the safe modes, (safe mode, safe mode with networking etc) the computer displays a list of random commands (i dont understand any of it) and then restarts. If I try to Start Windows Normally, or use last settings that worked, it seems to start loading, and then restarts.

Any ideas?

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Nothing will load on my Compaq Presario 700 notebook. It wont even turn on in safe mode.
When I go to turn it on it sounds like the hard drive attempts to spin. I don't hear the fans, but all the lights come on. The battery is fairly new and everything is plugged in properly.
All this began when I was running Macromedia Dreamweaver MX and it locked up forcing me to shut down.
Any ideas?

A:XP wont load/Computer wont start

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i really have no idea, i believe its a problem with the actual start up button instead of the computer itself, ive pried the thing open, seeing the generator is on, everythings in place and there are lights on, showing there is power. any ideas?

A:powers in, but start button wont start computer

Does it boot?

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I posted this in the hardware section because i know its gotta be hardware related. On one of my older computers, which is a HP(bought in 2002), wont start at all. Not even the Compaq logo will display, which means BIOS wont start either. so i cant boot at all, or operate the computer in anyway. This happened right after i installed a gig of RAM, i was upgrading from 512 mb to 1 gig, they were 2 different cards, 512 each, and both had 189 pins. I installed them, booted up and nothing.

I really dint think there is a solution for this though, because after that, i put the 512 RAM back in and it still didnt work. Im thinking the motherboard was fried, by static electricity maybe. if thats the case than ill just get a new computer. which leads me to my next question.
How do i access my Harddrive? I have a lot of valuable data on there and an expensive music collection, as well as a bounch of backed up movies.
Any help is really appreciated guys, thanks in advance.

A:computer wont start, not even BIOS will start

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im using a Lenovo Laptop running Win 8
today i tried logging into  my other account from this laptop, and it displayed a screen that it is installing new files... the laptop lost power during the process... 
now the laptop starts, loads the lenovo logo and then shows the blue Restart screen and restarts..
as it restarts it shows the Lenovo logo and Preparing Automatic repairs below, and then blacks out, but still runs...
i keep trying to restart and hard restart, yet the same happens.... 
i even tried pressing Shift/F8/F11/F10/F12 but nothing happens
please Help as soon as u can

A:Laptop wont start after it ran out of power

Win 8 or Win 8.1?Do you have another laptop or PC with the same OS installed?

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Hi guys.

I am experiencing trouble with my server. There was an overnight power cut while the server was running.

I attempted to restart the server but there is no luck. A few things I have tried:

Disconnecting the hard disk and trying to boot the computer gives it power and the computer stays on, as opposed to when the hard disk is connected, the power of the machine comes on but immediately turns off (the LED's on the front panel blink very briefly.

It was running Windows Server 2000 and I am not sure what the next step is to take in restoring (if possible) the computer to its normal state.

Any help will be greatly appreciated and I thank you all for your assistance.

A:Power Cut On My Server, Wont Start

Considering there was a power interruption I would be looking at the power supply first. Try a new power supply.

As a question, do you ever see anything on the screen?

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Hi all,

I just bought a new Stealth-S 375w case...and I want to know, should the fan power up when I switch on the main power switch (at the back)?. I noticed FrontPanel cables and I dont know if this should power on the machine if they are connected.



A:Case power wont start...

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I have an hp pavilion dv5 w/vista, when I try to pwer it up it starts and I can hear the fan but after about 15 seconds it all stops. the lights on the keyboard stay on but nothing happens.

honestly I already gota new laptop I just want to get the music and files off that computer. luckily I already got my pictures off of there before it went down.

I do not have any disks etc... I found the paperwork it came with it said I should have downloaded them.. oops

I tried unplugging the battery and restarting but it still does the same thing

any ideas? thanks.

A:Solved: laptop wont start up but has power

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i got a message on my pc that it was going to restart. It went off nad never turned on again. I tried pushing the power button, changing the outlet, removing all of the devices connected to it, but i can not get it to boot up (not even a POST). There is power going to the back of the all in one indicated by a light next to where the power cord connects to the pc. I looked and looked and cannot find a number to contact HP support....why is it so freaking hard to contact them ???

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After un packing the brand new probook, and completeing the intial setup wizard i have placed it with out use for one week.When i tried to power on the computer wont start and the Battry or power light shows an amber light on that lights in constantly when power cable is pluged in and blinks together with power and wifi light when power button is pressed. Your kind assistance is very much appreciated.

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Hellooo all,
i am having a little problem i have rebuilt a pc new mb,RAM but the cpu is not new but it worked in my last pc o also new hard drive iv plugged it all in and double, triple checked it but nothing is in wrong place.
so here is my problem i switch it on everything starts spinning ect but i get nothin on the screen it just says cant find any connection or what ever.
so im getting frustrated so please help

A:rebuilt pc wont start, power but nothing on the screen help!!!!

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My parents pc is meant to bring the monitor out of stand by when it powers on, but since the other day it hasnt. I took the side off the other day meaning to test some components with it but didnt bother testing them so put side back on, and since then this problem has occoured.

I have tried the monitor with 2 laptops and they both work, powering it on out of standby when they start. Monitor has been a bit dodgy for a while now, it would have the screen tinted a red or blue/green colour (its just old I'm guessing, doesn't seem to be a loose connection) and it would be ok if you de-gaussed it a few times until you got the right colour, so its not perfect but it does work

I have tried 2 different motherboards in the PC, and 2 different video cards, both of which have worked in this PC in the past, its always the same.

If the monitor is on, but not connected to anything it will turn on and give a message on the screen "no signal, etc" but as soon as it's connected whether the pc is on or not it will go to standby.


A:Monitor wont power on with system start.

Different RAM with the different MBs? Do you have a spare Power supply?

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This is a problem I had since a few months, but back then it wasn't that irritating. Sometimes when I tried to start my computer it would start up mechanically, so to say; all the fans were working and so were the HDDs, but not the BIOS. Nothing would happen, and the monitor was ever idle. A simple cold reboot usually solved the problem.

Now, like I mentioned, the problem got serious. The computer won't start at all, i.e. nor the fans, nor the monitor, nor the HDDs will ever start up. It just keeps restarting itself every second without any enhancement. I also found a solution for this problem by setting the power supply to 0, and then back to 1 after a few hours(!). Restarting after just a few minutes doesn't work. What's the matter? Have you ever encountered such a problem?

A:Computer won't start, power-supply problem?

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my U400 shutted down without any reason and won't start any more.
My first idea was a CPU damage but even if the notebook is plug to power the power led does not light.

1) Do U400 notebook normaly work when the battery is removed but pluged to power? Because if not maybe only the battery is broken.
2) Any other ideas? :)

Warrenty is over 1 month ago :(

A:Satellite Pro U400 wont start - power problem?

The notebook should work when only AC power is plugged in. You dont need the battery inserted.

Does the DC IN LED light up when you insert the AC Adapter?

If it doesn't light up, then either the AC Adapter is faulty, or the Mainboard or another component needs replacing.

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soooooooooooooooooooo... im pretty much about to kill my self. i have had my xps laptop for about a year and had minimal problems with it, a missing file here, a failed prossess there, but this is annoying and no one at dell support can help me!!! i hope you can...
ok enough over reacting, whenever i turn on my laptop with the power cord in everything is just peachy, but when i try and go portable and unplug my laptop from the wall somthing happens with my display. it starts up fine shows the whole dell loding screen with the boot options, then the screen goes black and i here the same old ding da ding that all microsoft programs make on start up but i dont see the vista logo it just stays black. i tried leaving it there at nothing happens, so then i typed my password like i was going to log in and pressed enter, i heard myself log in and all my apps start up but my screen remains black. my fan dosent work, but my lcd lights still do. but like i said it works fine with the power cable.


A:[SOLVED] My Laptop Wont Start Without Power Cable!!!!

Check your power settings (while the 'puter is on AC, of course).

two other posibilities:
the battery contacts might not be in full contact - to fix: remove battery, clean contacts and make sure they still have a little spring or bounce to them. (if they don't bounce a little, they might not make full contact)
the battery may no longer be holding a charge - only fix for that is a new battery.

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computer for a few days you would press the start button on the tower and it wouldn't start right away but then after a few sec would come on. Yester day I tried it twice I pressed the start button on the tower and you could hear the power supply try to start but would die and the computer would not come on. so about the thired time press the button and nothing, would even try to start. I figured it was the power supply. I put a tester on the power supplyh and it said it was bad, so I bought a brand new one put it in and it still would n't do anything just dead.I tested the new one and my tester sasid it was bad, I changed it for another one and the store I bought the 1st one from tested the 1st one and there tester showed it was good, so my tester must not be working. Anyway I plugged the 2nd new power supply into just the motherboard and the harddrive and the little line that goes to the cpu and then plugged it in and still nothing , the computer just acts like it is dead, Can anyone help me with what else I could check? I checked the cords and the wallplug in etc is there anything else I can do or is it the mother board? the computer is only about 3 years old, its dell, can anyone help?????

I put another brand new power supply in it and pressed the power button on the tower 2 or 3 times it acted like it wanted to start then did. I am on line like nothing is wrong now. When it first started out when it started I caught a line that read the previous shutdown wa... Read more

A:Windows XP Home sp2--Computer won't start, new power supply did not help, can someone

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I can't get my computer to boot at all, not into CMOS, not anything. It doesn't power up. And the green LED light that comes with the power supply is constantly flashing.

This has happened before, normally when I wait a while before trying to boot, I can get the fan inside the power supply to spin just a little bit. The last time it happened, I fixed it by taking out one of the memory sticks.

I have no other power supply to test, so I don't know whether it's a problem with the motherboard, or the power supply. However, I notice that when the 24-count connector pin isn't connected to the motherboard, the light doesn't flash, it just stays lit green. When I plug it in, it starts flashing again. Maybe it's the motherboard, maybe the pins are bad, I'm not sure what that suggests.

Is there anything I can do to diagnose this clearer?

A:Computer won't start, power supply light flashing.

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Hi everyone- This is my first time here and I need help!! I'm a newbie and not real technically advanced, but here's my problem... A few days ago I was trying to connect my scanner to a USB port and I noticed my mouse got stuck. I hit the power button on the front of the computer to turn off. I rebooted and then I couldn't enter my windows password because my keyboard didn't work either! I then turned off the computer from the reset button in the back. Then I flipped it back and tried to power on my computer and it has never turned on again! I should mention that when I try to turn on the computer there are no sounds, no fans moving. It's just silent and dead. It doesn't try to do anything. Could it be the power supply or motherboard? I tried using different outlets, and changed out the computer cord that runs to the outlet. My friend helped me build my computer about 2 years ago. I have left it running mostly 24/7, which I guess isn't good. Could I have worn out my computer faster? I don't even remember what kind of mobo I have or really anything (I have to look and my friend ordered the parts 2 yrs ago). The only repair I've ever had to do on it was replace the fan about 8 months ago. My friend instructed me to open up the computer and see if the wiring from the power button to the motherboard looked ok and it looked fine. I just wonder if the keyboard/ mouse problem first gives any hint to what could've happened. There wer... Read more

A:Computer doesn't start Motherboard or Power Supply?

It sounds like there was a short in the USB port and it damaged the motherboard. There is electrical current running through the USB port.

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Here is my story,

First off all I am building computers for a couple of years now and I know what I am doing, but This problem arrived the other day after changing my case. 2 Days Ago I bought A new Case and a new Burner for my Computer.
I unintalled everything and installed it in my new Case. I plugged everything back up and was on my computer again without any problems.

I used the reset button, but it was behaving oddly, the computer was still running but the monitor turned itself off. So I though that maybe I had installed the reset Switch the wrong way. I couldn't stop it anymore so I closed it with the Power Supply Switch. So I opened my case to see if everything was ok, Everything was as it was supposed to be. I played with the connectors a little bit to make sure they were well connected. I tried running the computers again, but it wouldn't start. It didin't make a noise, no fan running, no BIOS, nothing. I was very afraid to have killed my Power Supply or MOBO by closing it the wrong way.

I though that maybe it was just the power button of my new case that was the problem, so I connected the Reset Switch connector in the Power Switch. I tried turning it on and it worked. I was very releaved that it was just that problem. So I left it opened all night and went to work, I also accesed my computer remotely from work almost all day. But Last night when I finally came home the computer was closed, I though it was weird but opened it again and wen... Read more

A:Computer won't start anymore after closing it with Power Supply Switch

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

If after trying your other psu it`s still dead, It`s got to be either the mobo or cpu.

I think for whatever reason, you`ve had a short circuit of some kind and it`s fried either the psu/mobo/cpu.

You`ve seem to have tried all the right things, so I can`t really suggest anything else.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:

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Today I noticed that I could not open my start menu with neither the windows button, ctrl + esc, or a click of the mouse. I've also had a problem the last couple of days saving/opening files in one of the programs I used to make music. I tried to go into safe mode to do system restore, but the safe mode didn't boot. It scrolled all the system files on the screen but then just stopped and nothing happened.

So, I tried the other option (forget what it's called) that lets you perform various other system restoration tasks. I brought up the system restore screen from there, but got an error that said something about corrupt files so it could not perform the restore. I checked again, and all my restore points had been deleted.

Lastly, when I click computer, all the drives are blank with no names beside them, only the icons. I can still click them and they seem to be functioning normally, so I don't know if there is a relation to this. I don't know if some registry files were deleted or if there is some other problem. I didn't notice the start menu/safe mode/blank icon issues until I just recently installed the latest windows update.

Sorry if this seemed a little long winded, but I would appreciate help from anyone.


A:Safe mode wont boot, Start menu wont appear and various other problems

Hi -

Try a repair/ install -

Regards. . .



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Last night I updated windows 8.1 from windows 8.
It got to the stage where it needs to restart so it done that started the configarations and once it reached 100% it restarted.

Since then what happens is when i press power on the samsung logo comes on the screen then the black screen with the windows picture then the bsod comes up for around half a second and it restarts. then it constantly does this.

The whole cycle only takes a few seconds.

Ive tried booting in safe mode but this isnt working so I downloaded kav rescue on another computer and saved it on a flash drive, But it wont boot off this either.

Any ideas?

A:Windows wont start after 8.1 update wont boot in safe mode

What does the BSOD state? Most times it is a driver issue with the Display drivers. Other times it is hardware.

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None of my internet browsers including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, mozilla or the new one that comes with Windows 10 will open or load. Also when I click on my Windows start button it does nothing as well as the dialogue next to it that says I'm Cortana ask me anything. I have run Malwarebytes anti-malware and it has identified 0 threats. I have adware antivirus but it won't run. Any help would be appreciated thank you!

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I got a new p4 3 gig with hyperthreading pc. For a while it was working like a charm, on overdrive. But only after a week of use, I started to have problems. While playing very visually demanding games (Battlefield 1942, Medal Of Honor) I would keep gettin those dreaded blue screen of death thingies. I would get one of 3 errors. One said, "IRQL_NOT_EQUAL_TO_OR_LESS_THAN" another said, "PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA" although im not quite sure about the NONPAGED part, i know it said non something. And the other one I think I only got once and cant remember exactly what it was, it had something to do with IRQ.

Now on all of them it said it was shutting down my pc to avoid hardware damage. Which it did, I had about 3 seconds to read the screen before my pc shut down. After a while, It got so bad that I would get an error while just browsing the internet with explorer. I tried taking out my vid card and using the on-board video, didnt work. I dont remember if xp stopped starting or not, but I decided I should format my hd to fix the problem. I only have the xp upgrade cd so I had to install win98 first. Win 98 installed fine, except that on the first startup after installation my pc resarted itself and I got the "failed startup, choose an option" thing, I chose normal start up and it worked fine. So then I tried to install xp again. I got to the part where it restarts to install xp from the files copied from cd. During that installtion phase, It said... Read more

A:BSOD errors, xp wont start, reformatted, xp wont install.

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I have a DELL XPS laptop that makes beeping sounds and the screen is still black after I pressed the power button.
It makes 5 beeping sounds per interval and goes on until it shuts itself down. What should I do and who should I contact to help me fix my laptop?

A:My Laptop Makes Beep sound when I press power button and it wont Start

Hi AhLong
Thanks for writing to us. 
5 beeps usually means CMOS failure, now it could be the battery failure or the motherboard failure. If your system is under warranty we can get it repaired or else you can check with a local Dell authorized repair center and get it checked. 
You can try another CMOS battery if available.
Do provide us your system tag#, email address and name via private message.


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My computer died over the weekend. It was working fine before I left for work when I turn it off but when I returned home and was about to go to bed I heard a ticking like noise from the speakers, almost like a heart beat (power surging through the system?). The little lights on the wireless nic card and old modem card (no metal plates to shut the hole, so I left it in) were blinking. I unplugged it and was going to remove the modem in the morning thinking that was the problem.

Next morning I tried turning it on but it wouldn't boot at all. The PC started making some noise then turned off. I opened the case and looked inside, tried starting it again. The fans were ticking like it was getting power, turned off from the back and tried again. System started up again, then quit. Several times the system would either: Act like it was starting up but nothing displayed on the moniter with the fans running at full speed or run for a few seconds and die. I have plugged the system directly into the wall as well, thinking it might of been the power strip but get the same results.

Now that I think about it, it could also be the fan on the processor but that spins normaly. It normally would be loud as a rice burner going down the street at load up then quite down. I had that replaced about a year ago, guy said it could possible not be reset to the correct speed but since it gets quite after the whole boot process I don't have to worry about it unless I wanted to ... Read more

A:Computer shut down - power supply problems? - fans start/shot off - not booting

Depends entirely on what the issue is. If the PSU is supplying power but not stably and the board isn't powering up because of that, you could be looking at just a PSU replacement, or various components.

What type of processor do you have? If it is an older model Athlon and the fan was not spinning fast enough, in theory it could have overheated and fried, though that is a rare occurence unless the fan outright stops spinning.

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Hi, today i took apart my HP dv6-7000 laptop to clean the fan out and after putting everything back together properly(i triple checked). My computer turns on but instantly goes to black screen and the caps lock starts blinking and wifi stays at steady amber. The caps lock doesn't blink in any pattern it just constantly blinks with 1 second gaps and seems like it wont ever stop blinking. Ive tried holding the power button on without the battery but that didn't work and ive tried to turn on using only power no battery but that didn't help. Im not sure what the issue is.

A:HP DV6-7000 Wont Power on Caps Blinking

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when turned on the windows xp screen comes on then it goes to a blue screen that says checking file system on 3 - ntfs and it wont go off or do anything else can anyone hepl please.

A:computer wont start up

Hello trojan

This is a check which XP runs if there is a problem.

Have you left it running for some hours? Sometimes it takes chkdsk quite a long time to fix errors. Leave it longer and see if it eventually completes

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Hello my mum bought a computer home from her work because they didnt want it and i turned it on and the computer beeps for about 3 seconds and nthing happenes. Nothing shows ont he screen. anyone know what the problem is?

A:Computer Wont Start

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I really need some help. My computer wont turn on, the light comes on and so does the cooling fan but nothing loads and it makes loud beeping noises. I had turned it off and installed additional ram if that makes a differance. After installing it the computer never turned back on just light up and seemed like it tried to start. Is there any way to fix this? Please help. Thanks

A:Computer wont start

Please be more specific. What type of Motherboard is it? What type of ram does it support. How many beeps do you get? Is the memory the right speed (IE: PC 100,133,1600,2100,2700,3200)? Is it less or equal to the Maximum size per bank?

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Hello and I'll start this off by apologizing if I'm asking my question in the wrong forum. I'm brand new on here and just registered and I have a major problem I need help with.
Just went on vacation and came home to a computer that won't start.
When I turn on the computer I get a screen saying the computer was not shut down properly and asks me if I want to start in safe mode, safe mode with networking, last known settings that worked, or start normally ? No matter which option I select the same things happens....It just restarts and gives me the same screen and options. I can't get past there at all. I don't get to Windows or anything just this same thing over and over again. I'm clueless to what this could be and if it's fixable, but I have all the pictures of my son on this computer since he was born and I need to be able to get it working or get them off somehow. Hope someone can help with this...I'm desperate.
I don't have a windows CD. I think with the model I have it doesn't come with one, you do system restore without it. Built in to the computer or something. Please help !

A:Computer wont start

try taking off the little battery on th mainboard (inside the case of your computer) for half an hour,then put it back and telle me if it works...
p.s. it MUST be without any power supply,like batteries (if laptop) and without power cable

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Yesterday my computer was fine. When I tried to boot it up today, nothing happened, except for half a second where the fans spin a little (All fans, cpu, gpu etc). The motherboard light is green, and everything seems to be in perfect shape. I assumed my PSU was broken, so I tried a different one. First boot and it works great, but when I boot it up the second time (I forgot to connect the dvd-player) nothing happens, except for half a second like before. A PC-shop tested the PSU, and the readings state that there's nothing wrong with the PSU itself. What can be the problem? I'm getting desperate.

ASUS P5N32-E SLI, E6850, 8800GTX, Corsair 620W, 4GB OCZ

A:Computer wont start

It is most likely an overload issue. Just because the PSU tests fine doesn't necessary mean that it is good. I would try a spare PSU and if the issue still persists I would replace the DVD drive.

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I was on the internet and got spyware in my computer and then it shut down and now it wont start up not even is safe mode.

A:computer wont start up

Hello and to the BC forums.

Please sit tight and be patient.

I have requested that an experienced helper who specialises in un-bootable computers respond to your topic.

Thank you.

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My comptuter has been working fine for almost a year now, and suddenly i dont use it for 2 days and it wont boot. It is a Thermaltake Tsunami Dream case, and when plugged in the little light with a lightbulb next to it flashes continuously, but when I press the power button nothing happens, nothing at all. No fans go on, the speakers dont react, nothing happens. I have tried looking through all my connections, and nothing seems to be out of place. Anyone have any idea what could have happened while the computer sat there for 2 days? (it wasnt touched)

Edit: I'm also now noticing what seems to be a soft clicking sound coming from the power supply, if that helps at all.

Memory: CORSAIR XMS 1GB (2 x 512MB) 184-Pin DDR SDRAM Unbuffered DDR 400 (PC 3200) Dual Channel Kit System Memory
Processor: AMD Athlon 64 3200+ 1GHz FSB Socket 939 Processor
Video Card: DIAMOND GX800XLPCIEWB Radeon X800XL 256MB 128-bit GDDR3 PCI Express x16 Video Card
Case: Thermaltake Tsunami VA3000SWA Silver Computer Case With Side Panel Window
Hard Drive: Maxtor DiamondMax 10 200GB 3.5" Serial ATA150 Hard Drive
Motherboard: MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum ATX AMD Motherboard
Power Supply: Antec SmartPower 2.0 SP-500 500W Power Supply
Optical Drive: PLEXTOR Black SATA DVD Burner Model PX-712SA/SW-BL

A:My computer wont start

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Hey all!

Just bought a new computer and I put it together last night.
I was extremly causious and used ESD gloves during the hole process so I know that it all went smoothly. Ive done this before so.
But when I tried to start it I dont get into BIOS. Everything starts and the screen detects a signal but it doesnt get further. No picture or bios or anything.
Dont even get those error beeps that are supposed to sound if something is wrong....

I cleared the CMOS by removing the battery as said in the manual.
Nothing happend...

Im no expert so I really dont know what to do now.
Here is the machine.

Case: Cooler Master Centurion 5 Miditower ATX Black/Silver without PSU/utan nätagg.

PSU: Chieftec CFT-500A-12S 500W ATX/DualX EPS-12V 120mm Fan 20/24-pin (AMD&P4 OK)

Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-MA790FX-DS5 AMD790FX 4DDR2-DIMM 2PCI 5PCIe SATA Raid Audio GB-LAN Firewire Socket AM2+ ATX

DVD: Samsung SH-S203D/BEBN DVD±RW Dual-Layer 20X BLACK Bulk SATA

Processor: AMD Athlon64 X2 Dual-Core 6400+ 3.2GHz 2x1MB Boxed (with cpu-cooler!) Socket AM2 ADX6400CZBOX

Harddrive: Samsung HD501LJ 500GB 7200rpm 16MB SATA2

Memmorycard reader 30in1 intern 3.5" Black USB 2.0

Soundcard: Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio Bulk (utan tillbehör)

\Monitor: Samsung 226BW 22" Wide TFT Svart Analog/DVI 2ms Widescreen

RAM: Corsair XMS2-6400 TWIN2X4096-6400C5 G 5-5-5-18 Xtreme 2x2048MB (tot. 4096MB) DDR2 PC2-6400 800MHz with Heatsink 4GBTWXD2800C5G
... Read more

A:New computer wont start...

problem solved!

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My friends computer wont boot up properly. The monitor screen stays black and the light stays on orange most of the time (I have changed the monitor to see if it is a monitor fault - no difference). Intermittantly, it may show a DOS screen that says "windows has successfully initialised this display adapter" - however, you can never get it to load windows (98). It just stays on the black screen. I have tried putting the boot disc in and it does not load. Can you please tell me what we must do to get the computer working again and what the problem is likely to be.

A:computer wont start

It may be the video card judging by the message you say appears sometimes. Have you got another video card to try?

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I have a IBM thinkpad T20 laptop computer and it wont turn on. When i press the power button lights flash and thats the end of it. The computer has turned on recently. Now nothing is happening. If anybody has any ideas plaese tell me. Please help and please say something.

Thank you.

A:Computer wont start up

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Hello there!

I was fiddling around on my computer this afternoon as I was trying to set up some visual styles. In order to do this, you have to patch some .dll files in System32 to get the visual styles to work. Upon patching them, I restart my computer and now it wont load past the Welcome Screen. A bunch of pop-ups come up, telling me that something is missing so I ended up turning my system off. I have a couple restore points on that computer that would be able to fix this problem but I can't figure out how to get it to run far enough so that I can get to the restore point settings.

Is there any work around or something for this? Maybe I can run the restore points from another computer (like the one I am on right now)?

Info wise, my computer is running on Rindows Vista 32bit with Service Pack 2 installed.

A:Computer wont start up...

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hi, can any one help.
computer started freezing after loading,now wont even start up,after switching on it goes to the grey packard bell screen and stops, have no idea what to do, i read that if the cpu gets full of dust it overheats and the dust stops the cooling fan,found dust at back covering the ventilation holes so hoovered & it seemed to help but not for long,i think it might be a problem with memlory as it is used by the whole family,however i dont know how much ram i have,can anyone please help ?

A:computer wont start

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Last night I decided to update my Nvidia drivers. I'm not exactly sure what happened, but when it prompted me to reboot my system, my system never came back up. After hitting the windows XP load screen it would just stay black (I let it stay there for four hours to make sure it wasn't just running slow)

So I then tried to re-install windows, which it allowed me to do, but once again when prompted to reboot after turning the system off and back on nothing but a black screen.

I decided to hook my main drive into my daughters computer to get data off of it before reformatting it completly. My daughters computer wouldn't even boot up with the thing plugged in, only telling me that there was a boot error. So I decided to give up on that drive, and just start from scratch with a clean 100GB drive I had laying around.

The first thing I noticed when I started my computer up was that the CPU fan was not running. The hard drives both seemed to be whirring away, and my video card fan was running fine. And in addition nothing would appear on my monitor.

So I unhooked all unnecesary components, and tried starting the thing up with just the motherboard, video card, and keyboard. Still nothing.

Any ideas?

A:Computer wont start up at all

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I have a Dell Demension 4700 series computer, windows xp professional service pack 2.
I have tried to start in safe mode and it just stays a black screen with safe mode on edge
then it says application failed to start because ole32.dll was not found.
what do i do?

A:computer wont start up

Welcome to TSF....

Give this a try and do the repair-install:

Dell - Procedures for Reinstalling or Upgrading to Windows XP

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hi im using windows xp and before the error i had my power go out (blackout) then it came back on but it will go to the loading windows xp screen then the computer will RESTART it will NOT let me go into safe mode, sfe mode with networking, safe mode with command promt , last known settings, normally.

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Ok i got a little 466 computer, im not to sure about anymore info, but it wont start up, i have no clue whats wrong with it, and one know what could be the prob?
I took out everything except the mobo, hd, and memory.

A:Computer wont start up!

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hello.dont know what to do with it anymore.its start just when it wants.i think i have problems at cooler/socket from processor.when i push on it computer starts,if i realease it,it restarts and dont start anymore.can smdy have some ideea to help me ? i got a new cooler/socket but same i order a source maybe i dont have enough power and thas why doesnt start?

A:hi.Computer wont start

Its always a good idea to post all hardware specs, this way we have
a better understanding of your system. The specs also include the
power supply wattage and brand.

Did you install the cpu cooler as per instructions? Is the cooler the
push pin type? If so are you sure all of the pins are securely fastened?
Those push pins can be tricky. What I do is turn the pins until there
in the open position, then press each one in, working diagonally.
Push them in until you hear a click. Then turn it to the full close

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Hey, I just got my PC repaired (failing motherboard) but now after about 30 minutes of it being on, I shut it down and when I came back to turn it on it wouldnt start up. The loading light flashed for a second then went blank. The green light on my mobo is on but the fans are not spinning.

I have an asus p5p800 mobo and a 450watt genuine psu.....

what could be the problem????

A:Computer wont start up! Help!!!

disconnect all peripherals except monitor, and of course keep power, then try boot.

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my friend has a new computer but kept her old monitor. The old monitor "blew up" ie she saw sparks and so she disconnected it and bought a new monitor. When she switches her computer on now it wont start. It seems to get part of the way as the monitor light comes on but then switches off. nothing else happens. What could it be?? What can I do to put it right for her???

A:computer wont start

Try a different video card in the PC, that probably got toasted as well when the monitor went.

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Not this computer, obviously. My mothers computer will not start past the second screen (saying Core-cell). Her computer runs on windows xp. This happened after I was removing files from the C drive, specifically multiple game files and placing them onto my flash drive. During this a pop-up came up with something about an important windows file being deleted, I was already finished so I cared too little about this ever so important message. I ignored it and continued to transfer the files onto my computer. Well needless to say, when my mom found her computer, it was already off, so when she attempted to start it it stopped after the second screen. I thought no big deal, ill just get out my handy windows xp- drivers and utilities (to repair it). And to my dismay nothing occurred. Nothing at all, restarted it multiple times (manually of course) with nothing but the same blue screen staring into the abysmal "Core-Cell." Not all is lost right? It is after all, just a repair disk! So I attempt to install vista, don't ask me why I thought a disk would work after the first one failed so miserably. Regardless, the same result. I attempted other things, furiously mashing the f8 key and for some apparent reason decided the f12 key had not been particularly good to me lately, so I mashed that too. With my limited knowledge, I even tried to enter the BIOS, knowing fully that if I managed to get into it, I would not know what to do from there. So all in all, I looked ... Read more

A:Computer wont start


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Hi, my computer has decided not to start up for some reason. There is power as it starts the fans etc when power button is pressed. It beeps twice/three times then switches itself off? Any ideas?

A:computer wont start up

What's the brand/model of the PC. If it's home built, please list all of the hardware. Beep codes usually indicate the reason for the boot failure. The users manual will generally list the information about what the beep codes mean.

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I'm having a problem getting a computer tower powered up.

This computer has been sitting in my basement, all plugged in, and
set up. The last time this computer has been on, was last summer.
This has always been a perfectly working computer. The moniter is
working, but says ' no signal'.

I might add, that is is quite cold in the basement.
Any ideas on what could be wrong, and how I can get it going?

A:Computer wont start

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My hp touch screen goes on but it stay only on hp and wont do anything else

A:Re: Computer wont start

My hp touch screen goes on but only stays on hp n does not boot

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Hi everyone, I have an Windows 7 64bit Machine that is currently having issues. I built it about 2 years ago, but cannot remember all of the info of the build. It has an AMD Phenom II Black processor though, and compatable AMD Motherboard. This is a long story, so get ready...

My computer wont start.

Earlier today I turned on my computer after it had been off over night. I got an unusual error message upon startup. I recognised the error screen as a Blue Screen from Windows, but it was gone too quickly for me to write down the error code. After that, the computer restarted and was working fine. When I was finished with it (After running virus scan and doing general diagnostics to find the problem, to no avail), I turned off the computer again and wen't to work. Upon coming home, I had the same problem.

The computer will start, boot normally with the BIOS screen, etc. But the moment it would normally go to the Windows logo while loading, it instead would go to a blue screen with error code, and after only a second or two, restart on its own. Again, I never had enough time to write down the error.

It did this a few times, with me trying to write down the code letter by letter. I stopped when I realized the code was different every time the computer booted.

Now the computer wont boot at all. It does not even get the BIOS screen. It boots up and beeps once. You can hear all the fans start running, and then suddenly the fans will slow down dramatically (but not turn off)... Read more

A:Computer Wont Start

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hi all. recently i have encountered problems with my computer. Sometimes when i boot it up, it shows the windows xp loading screen, but then the screen goes black, my harddrive seems to keep spinning and it makes a clicking sound, nothing else happens. The only way I can boot my computer is if i go to the selection "Last good configuration", but even when i do, the clicking happens every 2-3 boots. One time, however, when i selected "Last good configuration" I got the BSOD "Bad_pool_Header". I did some research and discovered it means some drivers are not up-to-date. It also explained that it could be fixed by disabling the indexing service. The problem is I already have indexing disabled, and i believe my drivers are up-to-date, but ill check.

My specs are:
P4 2.0 Ghz
Windows XP Home
512 RAM
Radeon 9800 pro
Emachines Manufacturer

ps. the only other changes i can think of that ive done are tweaks from

any help would be very appreciated!


!EDIT! right after posting this i found a thread that had people with the same manufacturer (Emachines) encounter the same problem. all seem to have discovered it fairly recently like me. This is really weird! Did emachines plan a date for their comps to go bad?? lol

A:Help! Computer wont start sometimes!

Hello civ

Have you installed any new software/critical updates recently?

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When I put my computer on a black screen comes up saying windows has no successfully done something .... ect I get things to do like. Start windows normal, safe mode, with network, with command prompt, start windows last working point ect ... Whenever I select one of them it restarts flashes a very quick blue screen of death and restarts to return to the screen so i'm stuck in a circle.

I tried hitting R to repair to OS when I put the disc in and it was examining the HDD for about 4 minuites is that to long? I restarted it ... because I wasnt to sure if that is how long it takes and I was worried about loosing data. Sorry for the really bad explaination, any ideas?

A:Computer wont start up

If you don't know what you are doing do some research FIRST!

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Hi, well before this happened I had defragmented my c folder and changed the virtual memory initial and maximum size, then went to play guild wars, as guild wars was on my computer instantly shut off, before this I have had problems while playing this game. there is nothing wrong with the wires or anything, when I replug the wire into the cpu it gets a charge big enough to turn 2 of the fans for a split second and then cuts off, to do this again I have to replug the coord. any suggestions on how to get it to turn on fully?

A:computer wont start

Sounds like a bad power supply but posting your system specs will help.

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When I started my computer up it started running Windows Repair and it took a really long time so I just rebooted again and started windows normally. Can someone check out this HiJack This Log and tell me if something looks wrong...

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.0 (BETA)
Scan saved at 4:18:24 PM, on 3/26/2007
Platform: Windows Vista (WinNT 6.00.1904)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MSASCui.exe
C:\Program Files\Synaptics\SynTP\SynTPEnh.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccApp.exe
C:\Program Files\HP\QuickPlay\QPService.exe
C:\Program Files\HP\HP Software Update\hpwuSchd2.exe
C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\HP Quick Launch Buttons\QLBCTRL.exe
C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\HP Wireless Assistant\WiFiMsg.exe
C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\HP Wireless Assistant\HPWAMain.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.6.0\bin\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files\QuickTime\qttask.exe
C:\Program Files\iTunes\iTunesHelper.exe
C:\Program Files\AIM6\aim6.exe
C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player\wmpnscfg.exe
C:\Program Files\HP Connections\6811507\Program\HP Connections.exe
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\ONENOTEM.EXE
C:\Program Files\AIM6\aolsoftware.exe
C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\ieuser.exe
C:\Program Fil... Read more

A:Computer Wont Start Up Normally


You have used a Beta version of HJT please delete it and use the one below

Download HijackThis to your desktop

Right click & Extract Files
Open the file and click on the Hijack.exe
It will open and use the default path
Check do you wish an Icon
Click on Icon and choose "scan system and save a logfile" usually in notepad
Copy and Paste the logfile in your next post
Using Ctrl+A to copy All and Ctrl+C to copy and Ctrl+V to paste.


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Hello Guys,

Firstly brilliant site!

My son has a pacrkard bell gamming computer i.power I thnk its called. I thinks its about 3 years old,and its worked fine until yesterday.

I think he tried to install somthing on it that had somthing piggy back on it as well,he tried unistalling and Re-Booted. The computer on reboot flagged up it was trying to repair itself he has Windows vista home on it. This lasted for about 8 minutes whilst it was applying the repairs, but shortly before it shut down the screen went totally white. I tried to restart thinking it shutdown ok but now its dead! no start up beeps no fans no nothing,it like I tried to start it without the power supply being on which I also checked of course.
I try to maintain the computer ie antivirus protection up to date scan system once a week? ( McAfee)
Spybot search and destroy updated and scanned and so on.

I think Im going to have to take it somwhere to get it sorted because Im in no way shape or form an expert, so any help you guys could give me on this would be great.
Many thanks in advance.

A:Computer wont start at all...

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Hi guys and girls. My old dell demention2350 turned off on me and when I try to restart it turns off after about twenty seconds. It sometimes gives a message it is shutting down to protect itself from some issue and gives me options on how to ptocede. I could start normaly, start in safe mode or one other that I don't remimber. I've tried all three and with all three it does the same thing, after twenty seconds it powers down. Any ideas on how to get this thing running? All I realy need to do is get all my pictures and stuff transfered to my newer computer. Thanks everyone!

A:Xp computer wont start

All I realy need to do is get all my pictures and stuff transfered to my newer computer.If your computer is not able to boot into Windows or simply not able to access the internet, you can use a LIVE Linux operating system run from a bootable CD or flashdrive instead of Windows, to access the internet, to access files on the HDD(s) and do other tasks. Using a working computer:If you wish to use a LIVE CD ...
Download the Linux version of your choice (usually an .ISO image file).
There are many options to use for a LIVE CD. I suggest that you try one of the following:
Puppy Linux (smallest download file size at 128 MB)Linux Mint 12 Lisa (versions for a CD, and larger versions that need to be burned to a DVD disk)[*]Burn the .ISO image to CD: If you do not already have a suitable burning program for writing .ISO images to disc ...Download and install ImgBurn.Ensure that you UN-check the box agreeing to install the Ask toolbar during the installation.Place a new (blank) CD disc in the drive tray.Choose Write image file to disc.
Under Source, click on the Browse button: Navigate to and select the .ISO file that you wish to burn.Place a check-mark in the box beside Verify.Click [*]When the CD has been burned and verified as successful, it will be bootable.[/list][*]OR ... if you wish to use a LIVE flashdrive ...Go to UNetbootin - Homepage and Downloads and at the top of the page, click on Download (for Windows) to download the application.Follow the instructions further down the... Read more

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AMD Athlon 2800+ CPU
1 Gig Ram (2 sticks of 512)
Geforce 3 Chipset Motherboard

I am a BIG fan of Everquest 2. Last night I was playing the games and the game began to slow down and get jumpy. So I decided to quit the game and restart my computer.

When I did restart from windows, it quit to a black screen with a cursor blinking up in the upper left hand corner. So I scratched my head a few times and held the power button in and powered it down and turned it back on. It came up to that black bios screen where it show your system spec stuff and froze at the first line that read AMD ATHLON 2800+, usually it then auto detects my hardware and goes to boot into windows.

SO, I pulled out a few of my head hairs, because this is also my business computer and has ALL my documents I need on it. I tried a couple things I remmebred from back in my tech days and still got no further then it freezing at the same spot. Here is a list of what I did:

Disconnected IDE cables, restarted nothing...
Disconnected IDE Cables, replaced ram from a good computer, nothing...
I removed CMOS battery and unplugged from wall to reset bios..nothing
I changed the jumper to reset the bios nothing

Now since I reset the bios it doesnt see the AGP card, and uses the onboard video. And it comes up with a big "E" on the screen like the manufacturers emblem and says press F2 to goto BIOS, hitting F2 does nothing but excersize my finger muscles....

I eliminated everyt... Read more

A:Computer wont start up

Hello! Welcome to TechSpot!

What is the make and model of MoBo?
What is the make, model & wattage of your PSU?
What changes have you made, recently or prior to this trouble?

Try a different PSU, but this sounds more like MoBo
trouble. You may need a bios update.


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my computer doesnt seem to work for some weird reason. the tower powers on but the hard drive doesnt spin or make any noise. all i hear are the fans working. i have two identical dell dimensions 2400 and was trying clean them out because of all the dust that formed on the inside. i one apart completely (removing motherboard, connections, memory, and psu) and for the other just removed the cables from their spots. i used a hair dryer to blow all the dust away and when i finished and reconnected all the wires and everything, both computers wont start up. it is completely non responsive. i tried using alternate psu and different monitors but no luck. please help me get atleast one to start working!

A:Computer wont start up

Did you put all the cables back in the right spots? And when you use a hair dryer, make sure the heat is off..

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Everytime i try to start my computer it stays at the windows loading screen, and doesnt change; i cant neccesarily call it freezing but thats basically what its doing. then i have to hold the button till the pc turns off, then restart it, then choose from the various safe modes, starting normally which never works or starting from last good configuration which doesnt work either. im in safe mode right now, and I just cant function on safe mode forever, it drives me nuts

im sooo quick to just back up everything and reinstall windows but im just so stressed at the moment i dont have the patience for it plus its 6:44 am!, can someone please help please

A:Computer Wont Start Normally

2 things you can do:

1) Check your Event Viewer for errors and post them here. Go to Start...Run... and type in "eventvwr.msc" (without the quotes) and press Enter. Then, click once on the word "System" in the left hand pane - then look for Errors (at about the time of the freezes). When you find them, right click on them and select "Properties". Then, let us know what it says and we'll work with that.

2) I'd try updating your video drivers (but this is just a pure shot in the dark!).

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Hi everyone and thank you for taking the time to read my problem.Last night i was playing chronicles of riddick and after i finished the game the computer shutted down.I was not able to power it up since then,when i press the power button nothing happens i hear no fans,no beeps no nothing.I think that the problem might be caused by my power supply,i know i have power since the red light on my remote control is on(the remote is plugged in my usb),but not enough to power my computer.Any help will be greatly appreciated.Thanks in advance.

My system specs
Intel pentium 3.00 Hyper Threading
80 gigs
516 ddr
All in wonder 9800 pro 128 ram

A:Computer wont start!!!!!

Hi and welcome. Unplug any external devices besides the keyboard, mouse and monitor, and try to restart.

If that doesn't work, you might try another power supply.

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Help anyone!!! My computer will not start, it is stating that the Windows/system32/config/system is corrupt!! I got this computer from another person and it did not have a recovery disk with it!! I have tried everything that I have found online. But when I try to boot from an Xp disk, it states that the file is not valid, when I run a Chkdsk, it says that there is a bad sector that can not be repaired. So I am at my wits end, and don't know what to do!!!

Since the computer is a newer version than I am used to working on, I can't add it as a slave and try to repair it that way! SOME ONE PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

A:My computer wont start!!!

"Windows/system32/config/system is corrupt"The only way I have every managed to fix that problem is by reinstalling XP & I've probably tried every fix found using Google & Ask." when I run a Chkdsk, it says that there is a bad sector that can not be repaired."Boot a XP disk, delete the XP Pratition & try formatting the drive.If it can be fixed the drive will format & XP will install.If the drive won't format it will have to be replaced.

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I have just bought a brand New 200 Dollar computer from Micro Center.
I've only had it for a week. I did not download ANY torrents, music or nothing...

When I turned it on this morning, I've experienced a continuous restart.

It takes me to windows start up options menu.

The options I receive are..

Start windows normally
Start windows in safe mode
Start windows in safe mode Networking Enabled
Start windows in safe mode command prompt

last known good configuration.

I tried all 5 of em. They did not do anything for me..
What should I do? Am I screwd out of 200 dollars? Or can I fix this??

Thanks for the help!


A:Help! Computer wont start

There are others here that may be able to help with your self repair questions. But to answer your question of weather your out 200 dollars is no , you can contact and ask about a replacement , a fix , or your money back.

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I have a dell latitude d610 and when I start it a message pops up saying I need to uninstall anti-virus and I have the blue screen of death. Any suggestions?

A:Please help, my computer wont start

How old is your Dell?

Did you contact Dell Support? (don't forget to have your Service Tag ready)

Did you register your AntiVirus when you got the Dell and keep your subscription up-to-date?

Do you have the recovery CD that came with your Dell?

Do you have a Setup CD for your OS? (WinXP)

IF you have the WinXP Setup CD:

Step-1) Try this:Boot to your WinXP Setup CD
At the 1st window with the Repair option on the bottom Statusbar, do that to open the Repair Console
When you get to the Repair Console's Command Prompt enter CHKDSK C: /R (the R is not a typo)
Let CHKDSK do its thing, then reboot
Also, running CHKDSK from the desktop (via Start menu, Accessories, Command Prompt) by entering CHKDSK C: /F (the F is not a typo), occasionally. This should be part of your general system maintenance routine. Note that this will require a reboot to actually run.

If Step-1 did NOT work...
Step-2 do a Repair Reinstall WinXP...
Do this:Boot to your WinXP Setup CD
At the 1st window with Repair listed in the bottom Statusbar, select to install (skip this Repair)
Setup should see you have Windows already installed and you'll get a window with a 2nd Repair listed in the bottom Statusbar, use this to start a Recovery Reinstall.
A Recovery, aka Repair, Reinstall will reinstall all the original system files but leave your present configuration and applications as is.

Note, you will have to redo ALL Win Updates. Highly suggest you only install 3 to 5 at a time:De-Sel... Read more

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hi all, i have a dell vostro 1000 running vista business.
i was doing a system restore and it was taking a while i thought it had froze so being impatient i held the power button and shut it down, now when i turn it on and i sign in with password, it gets to the screen with the loading bar at the bottom and stays there.
iv tried options after pressing f8, repair my computer, last known good configuration and even safe mode but it keeps getting stuck on the same screen.
im guessing switching it off has upset something.
i dont own any backup or vista discs.
can anyone help please?


A:help please computer wont start

Welcome John
A restoration is not always done with F8
How do you access Dell’s recovery partition?
Read the above, try the various keys by booting the computer and then during boot rapidly and contiually hit the appropriate key.

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I am a newbie and having a problem with my computer.When I start it(before loading of windows)it
displays following messages:
Verifying DMI Pool Data
boot from cd:
Press any key to boot from cd
-After that all it displays is a cursor.It has some other changes
Now it displays an orange mark stating 1/2 after secondary slave disk
Under PCI Device listing i see
1-an green mark for ide controller stating 'i' as bus #
2-an green mark for simple comm. beween device class & IRQ stating 'n'
As I am not very much computer literate i fail to understand what all this means.Will someone be
kind enough to explain to me the situation so that i can get my computer working if possible .If
more info is needed you can let me know.

A:computer wont start

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i need some major advise. i was trying to install a cd rom and a cdrw drives into my computer. i was getting an error message at the boot, figued it was the 3 1/2 so i turned off the puter and unpluged it to see if that was the problem. well turns out the same error message come up, so i figured it wasnt the 3 1/2 drive error. so while the computer was still on, silly the power source touched the 3 1/2 drive. a popping sound occured and the computer no longer worked. i know i messed up something, but can anyone give me some idea of where to look or what i migt have done? is it fixable? did i lose all my files on the hard drive? please someone tell me something. thanks

A:Computer wont start up HELP

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last night i smelled a burnt plastic smell...everything was fine. next morning, i turned on my computer and i started to smell the plastic smell again. i went to the bathroom and i came back and my computer was off. now it won't start again. when i turn it on, my ON LED flashes for a second and that's it. no noise or anything. i've come to the conclusion that it's either the CPU, PSU, or mobo. are there any diagnostic checks i can do to figure out which one it is (other than replacing each individual part)? thanks!

A:computer wont start up

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ok, when igot back i "woke up" my computer from sleep mode, it was working fine, i signed on AIM, then it just froze, so i turned it off. Then, when i try turning it back on it just wont work, i keep getting the blue screen error that says:
"A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer.


then it says like if problem happened for first time etc, etc,

then it says

Technical Information:

*** STOP: 0x000000ED (0x81B86778,0xc0000032,0x00000000,0x00000000)

also, it wont even start up in safemode...

A:other computer wont even start..

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Hello everybody reading this thread,
First of all i would like to thank you for taking the time to read this. I just got done building my new computer the specs are as follows.

motherboard- intel d915gevl
processor- intel pentium 4 530j 3.0ghz
memory-1 gig ddr2 533 ram
os- windows xp (if i can ever get the computer started lol)
hard drive- 80 gig maxtor diamondmax 10 sata drive
case- kingwin mutant x gaming case with a 420 watt psu
(i dont really know what other info you need)

well here it is in a nut shell, i've built computers before, never really went for the gaming case thing, i usually just stick to the average case but i wanted to do something different this time, everything is hooked up ,the little green led is lit where you hook the psu into the motherboard, i press power, nothing happens, i hold it in for 4 seconds then let go it makes a kind of hissing noise, it only lasts for a second not even. i unhooked everything and hooked it back up numerous times its still the same thing, there is one weird thing i have noticed for my fp header on the mother board i have the usual pwr sw, hdd led, reset sw, but instead of our usual pwr led, they turned it into a molex connector. i dont know if that is the problem, i've trouble shooted my **** off lol, i've tried to get a hold of kingwin because when i recieved the case there was no book paper work or nothing just a reciept. well i have e-mailed them so many times, the first time i waited a wee... Read more

A:my new computer wont start

Hi jeffdogg, sorry to hear you are having problems, I hate it when that happens. The first thing I would suspect, is the power supply. If you have an extra power supply, try that. Let us know how it goes.

Edit: jeffdogg, disconnect that power led wire, you don't really need it for now. I hope you are not talking about the square four-connector cable from the power supply? If it is, that you will need, if the MOBO is a P4 ATX MOBO.

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Hi have this problem recently formatted and reloaded my os everything went fine and turned off computer and removed power plug from the rear went to bed.
Next day went to turn on the computer the power light fires up and starts for a second at most then dies hoping someone might be able to help everything worked fine before I turned it off but now nothing does anyone have any ideas

thanks 1tobynet

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Well i took out my gfx card and cleaned it and put it back, by cleaning the dust not with anything wet, just blew some of the dust on it and put it back in, i think correctly.

Then i took off my fan and heatsink above the cpu and removed the cpu and added some thermal paste and put the cpu back in correctly, i think, and then put the cpu and heatsink back on.

I plug evreything back in and when i click the power button my screen and power button go orange, the fan starts spinning, quite fast, but my computer doesnt start after a while the fan turns off and so does the computer!

Whats happend!!

A:Computer wont start

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So recently I have been having the problem of my computer randomly not booting. Safe mode always works though, so I have simply been going into safe mode and using system restore (every week, if not more). After I do this it once again boots normally. Sometimes it hangs on the Windows loading screen, but will boot. Today, I just got back after a few day trip, and it wont boot at all. Safe mode still works, as does Safe mode with networking (which is how I'm posting this) but when you boot, it goes through the windows loading screen and turns black. After its been black for a few seconds, it does one of two things, either immediatly restarts itself, or flashes a blue screen with a bunch of numbers on it (as far as I can tell, the screen is up for much less than a second and I can't truly tell anything it says.) So I need this problem resolved ASAP since I do work on this computer, yet have no clue where to start. System restore doesnt do anything as I said, yet Safe mode works absolutely fine. Any suggestions? Help is greatly appreciated.
Edit: Oh by the way, I built this computer myself maybe a year and a half ago. This is the first problem I have had with it, and it seems to be program related and not hardware.


A:My computer wont start

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I just got this computer from a friend i have no idea what it is or anything about it. I took off the panels to paint and when i took off the front panel i unplugged everything i tryed to plug them back in everyway i can think of, but nothing has worked if you can help me thatd be awesome.

A:My computer wont start

Does it power up at all (ie are there any power lights)
Is there any message on screen (ie cannot find HardDrive)

I would remove all connections internally again
Also you want to remove any plugged in PCI cards
Reconnect all internal connections
Confirm that all connectors are securely connected (this is probably the problem)
Push the power cord in securely
Turn back on

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Ok so my computer stopped loading my user profile so i had to log into safe mode to try to fix it, but ended up restarting my computer and now my OS wont start and all i can do is diagnostics, BIOS and boot devices, i have an option for recovery but it doesn't work, when i select system recovery the screen goes blank, and i left it for 3 hrs like that to no avail. I have an HP Pavilion dv11730- us and Vista SP2 Home Premium.
Thanks in advance

A:Computer os wont start

Hi -

You need to boot up the system with your HP Vista recovery DVD. If you did not burn one, you can obtain replacements from HP for about $30 -

Regards. . .



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i got some serious problems. i try include as much detail as much as possible.

it first started with a trojan, i got one that keeps tryin to get through, but it keeps getting blocked by bitdeffender. now sometimes wen it starts up it gets very slow, and sometimes freezes so i restart and it will be fine. now i have had this for bout 3 months now cause i cnt find any way of getting rid of it, it was vundo trojan.

yesterday i tried to load it twice, first time it froze, so second time i tried to start it up it keep coming up with bitdeffender asking if i want to allow something, i didnt no what it was so i keep saying block, but it keep coming up again n again n again, i pressed allowed and it still keep coming up so i shut down the computer, cause i was in a rush.

come to start it today and it come up with screen if i want to start normally, safe mode etc, so i started it normally, it briefly tried to load, then crashed with blue screen but straight away shuts it self off, so i cnt read the blue screen. i cant start in safe mode, or go back to last known config or start normaly or start in safe mode with network or commands as it trys to load and crashes, when it starts in safe mode, the screen goes down and at bottom says press esc to stop loading something but it just goes and the screen turns off

i need some serious help as i have no idea what to do?

Novatech computer
intel pentium duel core
2x 2.2 Ghz
250 hardrive sata
2 gg DDR memory

A:Computer wont start

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Operating System - XP SP2, ZoneAlarm, AVG antivirus, Athlon XP 2.177, 1024 ddr sdram

Ok heres the situation, I have an Emachine T3092 and all I wanted to do was to tranfer all the internal parts(motherboard, hard drive, dvd/cd rom etc ) to a bigger case. I bought an Aspire xdreamer2 computer case at Newegg this week. Upon tranfering, all I did was unscrewed all the bolts from the motherboard, took off the IDE drives, dvd/cd rom, power supply etc etc. I made a diagram of the Power SW, HDD Led, and Power Led and used a needle nose to put to the slot. The Xdreamer case had a Reset SW but the Emachine motherboard(Fic AU31) had no connection for it so I let that be. After I did all this, I tried turning on the computer but it just wont start.

What else did I do? I swapped power supply, still wont start.
I swapped and used the Emachine front panel Power SW, HDD Led, and Power Led - still no go

When I say it just wont start, I mean nothing goes, no sound, no nothing

Any suggestions?

A:Computer wont start

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