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Compaq Laptop c700 need help

Q: Compaq Laptop c700 need help

I have a Compaq Laptop model c700 series running Vista Basic. The laptop is approximately 4 months old but I happen to have dropped it about 1 month ago from a distance of about 2.5 feet it chipped a piece of the front bezel but that I am not worried about a little super glue can fix that. The problem I am having is when i start it up it will run fine for about 20-35 min then it will freeze up requiring a reboot after the reboot it will run for about 35-45 min and freeze up. Then it will restart a thnird time and do the same thing ,but on the fourth restart it used to run completely normal no reboot,no freeze just perfectly fine this is plugged up or on battery power it does not matter. Now it freezes and requires reboot no matter how many times I restart it. Could someone please help me find a solution to this laptop before it becomes a pile of finely crushed parts. Thanks in advance for any assistance.

A: Compaq Laptop c700 need help

It should still be under warranty. I know that you dropped it but it sounds like a cooling fan or 2 broke and as soon as it heats up it freezes. You will most likely have to send it back to get fixed unless you are comfortable taking apart a laptop.

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Cant find the neccessary drivers for the internet have been here

None of the drivers for ethernet or my wireless card work ???

This is a friends latop they had a virus so i reformatted and now no internet via wirless or wired
any help appreciated.

The virus was a virut file infecter virus so i was afraid to save any of the drivers for fear of reinfection.


Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premium , 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) Dual CPU T2330 @ 1.60GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 13
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 1525 Mb
Graphics Card: Standard VGA Graphics Adapter, 5 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 102547 MB, Free - 89975 MB;
Motherboard: Hewlett-Packard, 30D9, 83.21, CND80437PP
Antivirus: None

If any more info is needed let me know!!!

A:Solved: Laptop Compaq Presario C700 (from HP Compaq)

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I have a Compaq Presario C700 which is giving me the following error:
No bootable device -- insert boot disk and press any key.

I'm a technical user and have been able to fix just about anything, until now. I've done some research, and I've found that this Compaq C700 is a terrible computer that just can't be fixed. They're probably right.

I've tried to boot off an external optical drive, but this failed to load the system. I've checked the boot order is correct and that the optical drive was enabled in the BIOS, but this still did not allow me to boot from the optical drive. I knew that it recognized a system there because it had an underscore, which meant it was trying to boot from the disk, but sadly, no luck.

As for the hard drive, I've replaced it with a spare, couldn't install Win7 on it directly from the laptop, so I installed it on my desktop system, then put it back in. Still, the message. No bootable device -- insert boot disk and press any key.

I've verified every available BIOS setting to the last detail. The only thing I could think of and haven't yet tried is to try to see if there's a CMOS battery anywhere and disconnect that, but I'm not sure where that could be on a laptop, and taking this thing apart is practically impossible.

I know the CPU and system board and everything else seems to be in working order, it's just that it can't seem to work off of a Windows 7 disc or installation. A red flag for me was when I went into the BIOS (InsydeH20)... Read more

A:Compaq C700 laptop: No bootable device

Try Load defaults os load factory settings in bios...

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My compaq C700 laptop is overheating in less than hour and turn off by itself in an hour. it is 1 and 1/2 year old laptop. Is it this model issue? Or all HP and Comaq has this kind of issue?
Does vent needs to clean up? or software issue?
What can be wrong?
How can I fix?
I appreciate help.
Thanks in advance.

A:Overheating compaq C700

Blow the dust out with compressed air. I just did that for a friend's laptop, he was complaining how hot it got. The fan was totally gummed up!

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Hey guys,

The other day I was on my laptop and pulled out the ac power cord, then the whole thing turned off. There was heaps of battery left so this shouldn't have happened. I thought it might be my cord since its old and frayed ALOT so brought a new one but the laptop won't turn on. It doesn't have the power light and doesn't do anything when I press the power button.

Any ideas?

Thanks! Anita

A:Compaq C700 died

The motherboard is probably bad...

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Hello Sir,
         My Name is Baldeep Singh, i have a problem with my Hp Compaq Presario C700. When i power on the laptop its display is dosen't respond anything but the laptop is running ok because all the led panels are blue and the HDD led also blinks. I tryed my level best but its of no use. i read all the instructions in internet and did as the same but of no use. Came you help me.

A:Compaq Presario C700

Have you tried using an external monitor to see if the problem is with the display?

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pressing f11 on startup is not working. this had vista on it but i've installed windows 7. so the f11 don't seem to work?

how do I do a factory restore on this? any ideas? thanks.

A:factory restore on compaq c700?

I'd guess you can't, since you moved from Vista to Win 7. The OEM restore partition may have been deleted or rendered useless.

Maybe you can order recovery disks from HP/Compaq? Probably for a fee, if at all.

Why not reinstall Win 7 rather than go back to Vista?

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i bought a compaq presario c700 laptop about a year ago. i decided to install windows xp onto the laptop i managed to work everything out but the WLAN doesn't seem to work. i have tried installing drivers but every time i do it shows the BSOD and then shuts down. the only way i get internet i via ethernet cable.

A:Compaq presario c700 (BSOD)

i think driver problem.... try to installed presario c710TU chipset driver...

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The following was sent to me as a PM. I have reposted it here so that others may be able to assist Betsy with her problem.

Originally Posted by bessiemickol

Please help, i have tried everything, my computer will not start up and when I put in recovery disk I recieve an error message on disk 7 0x4001100200001005, I have recovery and repair cd and it does nothing states I have no driver or any operating system on the computer and when I try to install it will not stating that i am missing driver. I have been looking for answers for days now and many hours but I see you do know what you are talking about a lot, please point me in the right direction! Thanks, Betsy

A:Vista and Compaq Presario C700

Here is the main support page for the C7xx series. Select your product from the list below*You entered "Presario c700" Note that there are 6 variations of the C700 model, so pick the correct one.

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I am running Vista, suddenly my keyboard has shut down and no keys at all will work, i can use the on screen keyboard to log on etc. Is this a software or hardware problem ? Has anyone heard of anything similar?
Many Thanks

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I have purchaed a new ac charger, battery, and changed the dc power cable and my laptop will not power on unless the battery is fully charged in which i have to charge elsewhere. When it does operate everything is normal it just wont charge the battery. Ant suggestions on what to do next??

A:Compaq c700 charging problem

That model has some reported problems with the power jack coming loose... does it appear to be firm?

Beyond that, 12 percent of new batteries arrive dead or go dead quickly...

Since you changed all those devices, can we assume you were having problems before you made those purchases?

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Has anyone had problems with a Presario C700 overheating, thought I had it licked putting it on a cooling pad. It ran overnite without problem, now its rebooting on startup sometimes other times it loads windows Vista for a few minutes then restarts.

A:Compaq Presario C700 Overheating

Might check this link for some info.

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My compaq laptop screen is not working properly. The problem is that i can not see full screen of my laptop. it appear two side one is fully black and another side window appear but in two horizontal part. What is wrong? And how do I fix it? Please help.
something like that

A:compaq presario c700 screen problem

hi hook it up to an external monitor does it show correctly on the external monitor?

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when trying to boot up, message 'OS not found' so no option to get into anything, made a copy on thumb drive 2 Mo. ago but no OS wont recognize. HELP

A:trying reset Compaq presario C700, says no OS found

The hard drive may be corrupted or just bad. Can you get into the BIOS (F10) and run the hard drive test?

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The screen on my Compaq Presario C700 has gone green and fractally.It looks a bit like its eaten someones' acid. Not ideal, and is a bit migraine inducing...

It comes back to life if I tilt the screen right back, which says to me its a loose connection somewhere. Its not the motherboard, as I have checked it on an external monitor and is fine...


I have disassembled and re-assembled and its still the same, and now have a query...

Behind the screen, along with the ZIF connector that connects at the top , there is a tiny white plug on a silver cable that isnt connected to anything, and I cannot see anywhere it should live. Is this for a camera maybe, or is this maybe my problem?

Please, any advise would be massively appreciated. The disassembly manual on HPs website was completely useless, it appears to be for a different model than the one I asked for...

I look forward to your reply


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Hi frnds

I have compaq presario c700 laptop which has windows vista as inbuild OS. Due to many dll issues and corrupted directories , I changed it to windows 7, 3 months back.But my system is very slow and takes too much time. I want to change it to windows xp pro sp3.I learned from the internet that i have to disable sata native support from the BIOS. I did that, but when i try to restart ,the system doesnt ask 'press any key to continue boot....' It just goes blank screen ...nothing happens for hours. I am totally confused ....little help will be very grateful


A:Install windows xp in compaq presario c700

In the BIOS . . does it have the option to boot from the CD?

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Hello I am having issues with my Compaq Presario C700 Laptop. During use (and no specific use either). It will randomly freeze up for about a minute, screen will go blank, when it comes back on (15 seconds later) the screens resolution is set to 640x480, with 16 bit color. Can't change the display settings. Checked the drivers and the monitor shows up with the proper installed drivers. Chipset drivers are still installed correctly, VGA drivers installed correctly. Nothing looks out of the ordinary.

CPU: Mobile DualCore Intel Pentium T2330, 1600mhz (12 x 133)
MoBo Chipset: Intel Crestline-GML GL960
Sys Memory: 1033 MB (DDR2-667 DDR2 SDRAM)
Bios: Insyde (01/03/08)

Video Adapter: Mobile Intel (R) 965 Express Chipset Family (256 MB)
3D Accelerator: Intel GMA x3100
Monitor: Samsung LTN154x3-L01 [15.4" LCD]

Audio: Conexant Cx20561 @ Intel 82801HBM ICH8M - High Def Audio

Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition (Service Pack 3)

A:Monitor Issues on Compaq Presario C700.


Try to change your refresh rate to 60Hz. Most of the LCD monitors are designed to operate at 60 Hz.

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I need to know if my laptop will be able to supprt a 5.1 surround sound system. It is a logitech g51 if you where wondering.

thanks for any help

A:Compaq presario c700 and surround sound

Hi jwatson and welcome to Vista Forums

Sorry, but your laptop only supports a standard stereo output - see:

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This is my System Information.

OS Name Microsoft? Windows Vista™ Home Basic
Version 6.0.6000 Build 6000
Other OS Description Not Available
OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation
System Name MATRIX
System Manufacturer Hewlett-Packard
System Model Compaq Presario C700 Notebook PC
System Type X86-based PC
Processor Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 550 @ 2.00GHz, 1995 Mhz, 1 Core(s), 1 Logical Processor(s)
BIOS Version/Date Hewlett-Packard F.32, 3/19/2008
SMBIOS Version 2.4
Windows Directory C:\Windows
System Directory C:\Windows\system32
Boot Device \Device\HarddiskVolume1
Locale Republic of the Philippines
Hardware Abstraction Layer Version = "6.0.6000.16407"
User Name Matrix\Jorge
Time Zone Malay Peninsula Standard Time
Total Physical Memory 1,013.41 MB
Available Physical Memory 92.98 MB
Total Virtual Memory 2.23 GB
Available Virtual Memory 1.13 GB
Page File Space 1.28 GB
Page File C:\pagefile.sys
Well, my problem started years ago (Yes i've been suffering for all this years using safemode with networking) when i start he laptop after going to desktop right about 10 - 20 mins. it freezes then after about 50 - 60 secs. the mouse stops too and i don't know the problem please help me i tried System Restore already and if you can help me identify the problem and fix this thanks.

A:Compaq Presario C700 Notebook PC Freezing.

BSOD Results:

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My compaq laptop screen is not working properly. The problem is that i can not see full screen of my laptop. it appear two side one is fully black and another side window appear but in two horizontal part. What is wrong? And how do I fix it? Please help.
something like that

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Dear Friends,
Hope all is well.
What is the exact replacement model and number AC Adapter for an Compaq Presario HP C700 notebook? There seems to be a larger and smaller pin configuration for this model. 
From the Start>computer>right click> properties> it states the notebook as a Compaq Presario HP C700.
Specs on the bottom:
s/n:[personal informatioin removed]
p/n: KC590UA#ABA
Service tag also lists C751NR

Also, the AC adapter is either "flaky"/defective or the input on the Notebook is "flaky?" This must of been a known issue with this model due to the tiny pin size. I've owned numnerous other HP notebooks and this is the only model that has had this "flaky" adapter issue.  
The issue is when you plug the adapter in sometimes it connects and the blue indicator light comes on..and sometimes if you happen to move the notebook from one place to another the light/connection is not solid. I'm assuming its the connector on the adapter and not the input in the notebook.
Any help or suggestions appreciated along with the "correct" AC adapter replacement number for this specific notebook. A source would be nice also outside of HP as an option.
Sincerely, Raphael

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I just restored this computer with the factory reset and I need help with the bios password the system diabled key is 59036668. Any help would be great.


View Solution.

A:Compaq Presario C700 bios password?

Hi, Please try:     46994268 Regards.

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I just restored this computer with the factory reset and I need help with the bios password the system disabled key is 59196419. Any help would be great.Thanks so much.Spoiler (Highlight to read)     

A:Compaq Presario C700 bios password?

Please try-46894439  Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again  **Click the White Thumbs Up Button on the right to say Thanks**Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. Thank You,GBL84I am not an HP Employee

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Hello All, I am Using Compaq C700 (Vista vesion) laptop , i want upgrade it to use Virtualization technology VT-X. my current processor is Core2Duo T5750BIOS Version     F.33Chip Set:             Intel GM965 Please suggest me VT-X Virtualization supportable processor.  Regards,Aneesh Ansari

View Solution.

A:Compaq C700 Processor T5750 upgrade

Amazingly I could still locate the Service manual online: Manual See p. 87. The BIOS has a VT on and off toggle so you should get hardware virtualization if you install an approriate processor.  The cheapest one you could get would likely be the T7100: Hard to beat $6 from one of the better eBay laptop parts sellers, shipping included: If this is "the Answer" please click "Accept as Solution" to help others find it. 

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Good morning

I dont know if anyone can help. I have recently upgraded my Compaq C700 from Vista Home Basic to Vista Business due to several issues with slow processing speed and issues with booting. Vista Businesss seems to be working fine and a vast improvement, however, unfortunately the wireless connection no longer works.

The button on the keyboard remains orange. I have looked under device manager and under networks it is showing two unknown devices. On wireless network search, it is showing on broadband LAN connections and no wireless options. If I click on wireless options, I get the message that the wireless adapter is not installed and configured.

I have downloaded a programme called Driver Robot which claims to note that the wireless adapter is missing and provides the driver. However, this does not seem to install on download.

Any assistance much appreciated.

A:Compaq C700 lost wireless adapter connection

Have a look here Compaq Presario C700 Notebook PC series*-* Download drivers and software - specify product name - HP Business Support Center

You have not stated if it is 32 or 64bit that you are using so I can not give you more help.

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After 3 passed attempts got key 84256773.Thanks so much. Friends son locked out.

View Solution.

A:reset BIOS passed Compaq c700 c769

@degahist? Enter   31134375

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My disc drive will load audio cds but it can't load games or sometimes dvds. It runs but can't pick them up. The windows media player will pick up audio cds. I don't know what the problem is. Can someone help?

A:HP Compaq presario c700 disc drive problems

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Hi, Please answer following  1. how to achieve maximum upgrades for componentsCPU/ SODIMM considering configuration of model Compaq Presario C797EE mentioned at the end.  2. Why there is BIOS ver F.35 for Presario C700 when the latest offered is bios ver F.34 on HP web. Whats the difference. Where can I find both to download with release notes. Does new BIOS on C797EE model enables support processors like Intel Core 2 Duo X9000 and SODIMM PC6400 for 8GB? 3. There is testimony of successful upgrade here. Only difference is its not Compaq Presario C797EE but C771US and was able to upgrade CPU Core 2 Duo T9300. Is there any way to upgrade C700 series (C797EE) to Intel C2d Extreme X9000 CPU's. If not what is max for the chip-set used in C797EE. 4. TDP are different for Intel T9300 and others by 35W to 44W or any other factors, will they effect the upgrade, if yes then please provide list possible latest compatible CPU's with my current chip-set Below benchmarking applications are showing different results. Please see Sandra chipset readings compare to CPU-Z results. I shall be grateful Thanks. Current System configuration:identified by different appsCPU-Z:Chipset: Mobile Intel(R) 965 Express Chipset FamilyCPU ? Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T5750 @ 2.00GHzSocket P (478) Memory ? DDR2Module format SO-DIMMSize 2048 MBytesMax bandwidth PC2-5300 (333 MHz)DMI BIOS vendor Hewlett-Packard  

... Read more

A:Compaq Presario C700 maximum upgrades. CPU/SODIMM

Hello, Just letting all  know that my upgrade worked. -ProcessorUpgraded  to intel T9300 as mention. probably could support x9000 but it was much expensive not worth -Memory:I was sceptical with going more than 4GB, however, currently its running 6GB (2 X 4 ). Havent foung any errors crashes due to modules. Works perfect. .After those upgrades i installed small SSD which added for booting which gave more boost to system. .Replaced DVD-Drive with Caddy thanks to visruth, installed with 1TB . Battery replaced with 12 cells Conclusion:This 8 year unit is demonstrating booting, processing and loading speeds which could be compared to couple of year old machines, 6 Gigs of working space memory which can hold heavy programs witout using pagefile (actually disabled) and about Tera byte storage to store every thing needed made it become mordern general use laptop. Only thing which doesnt cope with it is graphics card. Besides that all is fine, infact it is running more cooler than before. Thankyou for your advise

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Hi, I read through the posting and did not see a definitive answer for why my laptop boots to six screens. I am a missionary teacher in Roatan, Honduras and I took it to a tech shop who said it was the inverter but he did not test it and the color/brightness looks fine. I don't want to spend money on an inverter unless it is the problem.

Is there a solution? I tried safe mode on Vista but could not get to the screens indicated. Please help if you know a solution!


A:Compaq Presario C700 6-split screen Windows Vista

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I've been having several problems with this laptop recently. Firstly, its a Compaq Presario C700 with Windows Vista on it and 1gb of RAM. My first issue was with the DVD/CD room drive (which I still can't get fixed). Then, I restored the computer back to it's factory settings because the person my friend who owned this computer before me had a lot of adware and malware junk on it. After that, I was still having an issue with the D drive. For some reason, it was full but the computer was restored to factory settings. So, therefore, I decided to just reformat the drive because I figured that it was causing problems with the computer's performance. However, the computer still had performance problems such as the Windows Aveo Aero theme wouldn't load properly. That was all fine and dandy. As long as the computer was still running. I would get it all fixed as soon as I got the time and money. Now, all of a sudden, I can't even get the computer past the startup "Compaq" loading screen. This all happened today when firefox all of a sudden updated itself (which was weird to me) then when it loaded again a screen popped up asked me to download or cancel "system.exe". Before doing so, I researched and saw several claims up it being a virus. However, the every time I kept clicking cancel, it kept popping up. So I finally pressed "install" which was probably dumb. 5 minutes later the computer shutdown firefox again and all this windows kept popping up (whic... Read more

A:Compaq Presario C700 issue (pxe-e61 media test failure)

Boot into the BIOS (F10 at Compaq logo) and check to see if the hard drive is recognized.

While in the System Setup menu check the boot options and make sure hard drive is selected before Network boot.

You may have a failed hard drive that is not being detected in the boot order.

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So as the title says I have a Compaq Presario C700 Notebook PC that is blue screening when I connect to the internet I've seen other questions like this on here before but most of those have some not equal warning message on their blue screen but I'm not getting that but heres what happend I was updateing some stuff through windows update and when it restarted to finish the download or install whichever one the second I saw my wireless internet button turn blue meaning it connected to my wireless router it blue screened so the next time I turned it on I made sure it stayed off and went into my connection settings and turned off the automatic connect to my router that I had on and turned the wireless button back on and it didnt bluescreen but the second I tried to connect to my internet it blue screens I dont know what to do please help?

oh and the Technical Information I get when it blue screens is
*** STOP: 0x0000007E (0xFFFFFFFFC0000005, 0xFFFFF88004B6D695, 0xFFFFF88002F96708, 0xFFFFF88002F95F60)

*** athrx.sys - Address FFFFF88004B6D695 base at FFFFF88004A17000, DateStamp 4fd99f6d

A:Compaq Presario C700 Blue screens when connecting to internet


Take a look at the following thread and attach the requested reports. This will give us more information to assist you.

Uninstall and re-install the wireless driver for your laptop?

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I turned on my laptop this morning to find that the touch pad doesn't work. This wasn't really a problem as I generally use a plug-in mouse, however, upon restarting my computer again, my keyboard also doesn't work.

I'm running Vista 32 bit and I have no idea what to do.

Does this sound like a software problem or a hardware problem? Is it possible that I have a virus that is causing this?

Would my best solution be to re-install Vista?

I have everything backed up so I don't mind doing that, however, I don't know how. When I bought my laptop Vista was pre-installed so I don't have the CD.

I'd be very appreciative to any help you guys could offer!

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I am in the middle of printing 150 wedding invitations at home im broke and cant take my issue to kinkos.

I have a compaq presario c700- windows vista laptop and a hp psc 1209 all-in-one printer. I was printing and bumped the power cord and now my computer will not recognize printer.

I tried deleting the printer and restarting the computer and then plugging back in the usb but it still is not detecting it.

I checked my usb's they work fine the printer also seem like it is fine all the right lights are on.

The printer window doesnt give me any options for adding a new printer it says that it will automatically detect a usb printer.

AHHHHH im going crazy i need these done for tommarrow please help please please please!!!

A:EMERGENCY!!computer not recognizing printer Compaq pressario c700/ hp psc 1209

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I recently removed Win Vista from my Presario c700 and installed Win XP Pro. Now I cannot see the wireless card in the Device Manager. There are bunch of "yellowed" devices including one called unknown device. Of course, I cannot access the internet or my other computers from the laptop. However, if I hardwire the laptop to the router, it works fine.
I have Dlink wireless router and two PCs hardwired to it. My roommate has a laptop and it works fine with the wireless network. Any suggestions to fix my problems.

Thanks people.


A:Solved: Compaq Presario c700: Unable to see wireless card in device manager

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I have a Compaq Presario Notebook computer with a 137GB hard-drive. I would like to install a larger hard-drive in the computer, 500GB or larger. Does anyone know the best way to do this? Also, I was told that I need to put the operating system, Vista Home Premium, on the new hard-drive once I install it. If this is true, how can I make a copy of the operating system on a CD or thumb-drive? Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions.

A:Solved: How to install a new hard drive in a Compaq Presario C700 Notebook Computer?

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I'm doing a clean format to Compaq presario c700. It restarts after the "starting windows" appeared while installing windows 7 ultimate. before restarting a black screen and a mouse cursor appears briefly and it will restart...

What will I do to resolve my problem??? and the laptop has no OS, when I boot it normally " ntldr is missing " shows...

hope you'll help me... Thanks in advance...

A:Compaq presario c700 restarts after the "starting windows" appeared

Try a full clean & full format in command prompt.
SSD / HDD : Optimize for Windows Reinstallation

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I have an old Compaq Armada 3500 laptop that I bought years ago to help me through college. After that it kinda gathered dust a little until recently when I wanted to dig it back out and just use it to play a few games on and whathaveyou. It booted up fine when I first did it but it soon transpired that it was absolutely chocablock with viruses and spyware and it was running terribly.

So, on what now looks to have been a foolish move, I did a C: drive format in the hope of popping in a Win98SE installation disc and have it boot from that to re-install Windows.

However, now it won't boot up past the COMPAQ initial screen and a "602: Diskette Read Driver Error" or something keeps flashing up.

Is there any way to get into the BIOS settings to set the CD Drive as the first in the boot-up line-up, or are there recovery discs I can download that'll at least get me into DOS?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

A:Compaq Armada 3500 Laptop Won't Boot Up Past Compaq Screen...

Well you should be able to access the CMOS Bios by using either the delete, F1 or F2 keys (sometimes f10). Then under the Bios you should see the Boot Sequence and be able to change it from there. But either way, you should be able to get past the Compaq splash screen. Try setting your boot sequence and see if that helps.

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I am wanting to find out some information on RAM for my HP Presario Notebook C700. It looks like the maximum RAM that it accepts is 4GB (DDR 667 Mhz). If I install 2 times 2GB Modules does that mean that the system will only acknowledge 3BG and not 4GB. I only bought one 2GB module to put in to replace the 2 * 512GB Modules are currently in it. If I put the 2GB module in will that work fine by itself on one bank. I read somewhere that I should make both sides equal and install either 2 1GB Modules or 2 2GB Modules. I hope I am making sense. Advice would be helpful.

A:RAM For a HP Notebook Presario C700

If you have a 32bit OS then it can only read 3.25GB of RAM do to limitations of the OS. If you have a 64bit OS your system can read 8GB or more of RAM depending on the hardware.

The benifits of putting in 2 sticks or RAM as opposed to a single stick is that 2 sticks can run in dual channel mode which speeds up the RAM. Of course your computer and RAM have to be dual channel as well and 99% of hardware is.

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hello, this is a friends laptop,runs for 3 seconds and shuts off
i have checked the a/c adapter, removed the battery, reset memory and removed memory, hard reset, reset hard drive
blank screen, {no logo } power light on.
i have another c700 here and swapped hards drives and can boot to the drive.
at a loss, thinking mother board but not seeing any complaints about them, any ideas, thanks for looking

A:c700 no start vista

Are you using the same exact drive?

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can my c700 which runs win 7 ultimate 32bit be changes to 64bit

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I am looking at up grading my C700 vista 32 bit to windows 7 64 bitcomputer says it is 64 bit capable  how hard will it be up grade ?

A:can my presario c700 " C762NR " run windows 7 64 bit . i am ...

Hi: You can upgrade to a 64 bit operating system as your hardware can support it. However, I wouldn't do it if I were you as your PC can only take a maximum of 2 GB of memory. That must be a BIOS limitation as the chipset in your PC can recognize up to 8 GB of memory with a 64 bit OS.. A 64 bit OS needs more memory to run than a 32 bit OS does, so there would be no benefit to you installing a 64 bit OS with only 2 GB of memory. IMO, your performance would actually suffer a little over a 32 bit OS running 2 GB of memory. There would be no difficulty installing a 64 ibt OS as your PC's support page has 64 bit drivers available. Most if not all of the Vista 64 drivers will work with W7. My rule of thumb is to never install a 64 bit OS unless you have at least 4 GB of memory installed. Paul

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I'm having a problem with a laptop, the CD drive isn't being recognised. There is no section for CD / DVD drives in device manager.

The computer is running Vista & had viruses, which I (think) I removed with Malwarebytes & also cleaned up with CCleaner & Spybot

Since removing all these I gave my friend his laptop back, used the drive to play some games & now it won't detect it again.

I am unsure what to do? The model is HP / Compaq Presario C700 (C742EM)


A:CD drive not recognised - Presario C700

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Howdy Guys,
Been reading a lot of thing on your site about this topic and i follow most of it.
techy689 and Gswiss have great info on this topic.
My laptop is a Vista HP Presario C700.
1.7Ghz Celeron Intel(R)
I need to change it to XP and still have wi-fi.
I am in the process of downloading all the drivers from HP.(thanks to you guys)
Not sure about the wi-fi driver?
Which one?
I would appreciate any help on all levels.

A:Changing from Vista To XP- HP Presario C700

use the Atheros AR5006EG drivers. 6.X version. i use that one and it worked.

if anything send me a message. good luck bud!

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I need to know if I can swap HDD's between the  CQ56 laptop and the C700 laptop.  I have a bigger HDD in the C700.  I know the drives will physically fit and run ok. The question is, are the laptop drivers the same so I don't have to reformat both HDD's after the swap? Steve

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Hey guys i'm looking to upgrade the operating system on my Presario c700 notebook from Vista Home Basic to Windows 7. From what i've seen it's a lot lighter on resources and in the next couple of months i want to upgrade my RAM.

Would Windows 7 Ultimate, Home premium, Professional, etc. be more suitable? 32 bit or 64 bit?
How much RAM would i be able to upgrade to? I've heard 2GB and +4GB from different sources.

HP Compaq Presario c763TU
Intel Celeron 550 2.0 GHz
Mobile Intel 965 Express Chipset Family
Windows Vista Home Basic 6.0

Any help would be great

A:Solved: Presario c700 + Windows 7

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I once had an Olympus C700 Ultra Media Zoom 2.1 MP camera that worked well with XP. Now I have a new HP pavilion laptop with Windows Vista Home Premium and am thinking of finding a used C700. Has anyone tried the older (3-4 years old) digital cameras with Vista? Any interface problems? Thanks!

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pls give me the full product specification of
Compaq CQ40-310au
turion 64 x2 2.10 ghz

A:need help compaq laptop

what happened to your manual??
go HERE:
type in what you typed above,

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I have a Compaq laptop that i had bought about a year ago. and now basically its shot and gets to the windows loading screen and just restarts again, over and over and over and doesnt get past that screen. mine didnt come with ne kind of sys recovery software on it, so i just put a fresh copy of windows onto it...that all ran successfully until i got to the installation screen, where it gives u the est time til complete and random facts about wats new in XP...when it got to the copying files i started getting a box pop up with couldnt copy [xxx] file make sure the windows disc is in and that the location of where the file could be found is correct..well i did a browse and took me to the cd, which was in the drive, and went to the i### folder and the file was in there, but still said the same message as above, so i just canceled that one and asked me if i was sure, and just said yes to continue, well about 50 or so of those kept popping up with different files that it couldnt copy, and all said they were in that folder it was looking for, but still got the same message, well finally i got through them all just having to cancel, i knew from this point that it wasnt going to work properly, but see wat it will do...well it finished and windows came up, and all i got once it loaded was like big pixels and just the recycle bin and blue start bar, nothing...just the i want to see if i can do the whole process again and see if it will let me do those files ... Read more

A:compaq laptop...

Run chkdsk from the XP CD.

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I recently upgraded my laptop and added another 128 megs of ram in the second bay. Since then, when I am on internet explorer, after a while, the machine goes to a blue screen and reboots before I can read the screen.

Anyone have any thoughts? Yes, I have contacted the chip maker and replaced the ram with a new chip.

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HI, can someone tell me where I can find the RAM on a Compaq EVO Laptop. I looked in all the compartments, but cant find it. I dont have the manual anymore either.

A:Compaq Evo Laptop

You can go to the HP Support website and navigate to an upgrade guide for your model

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Hey, I just purchased two day's ago a compaq presario laptop from bestbuy. After two day's of having it i've noticed something about the screen the top half is darker than than the bottom. It is usually only noticeable when the background color is a light color like white or grey. The screen is a 13 inch HPA display. My question is... Is this normal? I know the screens they put in them isn't the best quality. Also I noticed when looking at the display units you could see a lot of them the screens had these weird lines in them. Should I take it back and pick up another one? I have 14 day's to exchange it. I paid 1100 bucks for it and I was thinking you shouldn't see anything like this in the display. What do you guys and gals think? Thanks, Jeff

A:My New Compaq Laptop

Take it back and put it up against another one to see if there is a differance.

The screen is the most expensive part on a laptop and you have to look at it every day.

I once bought a monitor that had a small flaw in it. I regretted not taking it back after seeing it for two years

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i recentyl changed the cd-rom drive on my compaq presario 1655
and am having some issues had to reinstall os anything i should know about

A:compaq laptop

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Hi My Compaq Laptop Keeps Freezing And Turning Its Self Off And Now It Wont Even Turn On.

Anyone Know About Problems With This Sort Of Thing


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I just opened the box......I find no clues as to what the three CDs enclosed are for. It is recommended to copy your beginning set I to use these for that? when I run the CDs, I get some drawings of file folders, etc but nothing happens when I click on them. WHERE are the instructions?

A:New Compaq laptop

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Hello there,

I have a Compaq Armada 4160T Laptop. It has a TV Out port on the back, so i decided to try and connect it to my tv. I plugged in a video lead (yellow plugs) into tv. So i went to press the button that changes the viewing mode (im not sure of the name of that button, the one that changed between the screen or and external device or both). So i found a button (F4) that has a sorta screen image on it, which was colored blue (Hold Fn for that command) So i tryed it and nothing happens... No matter what i think of nothing appears. I have tryed a couple of tv's and now im stuck.. Any help would be great.

Compaq Armada 4160T Laptop - Windows 95


A:Compaq Laptop TV Out Help!!

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I don't know if this is the right place to post this. I have a compaq evo 600c laptop. I turned it off last night, and now when I press the power button, it will not come on. One light blinks for about a secod, and I can hear the hard drive starting , But then nothing. Please, can someone help. Maybe a new power supply? Thanks.

A:Compaq Laptop

Laptops are a bit more complicated to troubleshoot than desktops because you can't easily swap parts. From your description it could be anything. Since you "hear" something, obviously the system has power. Connect a monitor to it and see what happens. Check what happens with the AC adapter disconnected and then take out the battery and plug it in and see what happens.

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Box popped up and says INFILTRATION ALERT:your computer is being attacked by an internet virus. it could ba a password-stealing attack, a trojan-dropper or similar.

Attack from:, port 14622
Attacked port: 14969
Threat: Win32/Nuqel.E

When you click on Malwarebytes a security warning comes and says that the application cannot be executed. the file and it gives different file everytime is infected. do you want to activate your antivirus software now?

After I ran the avast it says it didn't find anything but a bottom it says Internet Exployer Warning- visiting the web site may harm your computer!
Most likely causes:
1.the website contains exploits that can launch a malicious code on your computer
2.suspicious network activity detected
3.there might be an active spyware running your computer

Im out of town but need to get this rolling so I can fix tomorrow when I return home. Just instruct me on what to run and I will when I return home and post the logs. This laptop has windows XP professional on it with SP3. It has Malwarebytes which wont let it run. It has SuperAntiSpyware and it finds nothing and also has Avast Internet Security which says its clean but says the warning above.

When the laptop is turned on it automatically starts up internet Explorer. You can go to my documents and other things but says everthing is infected when you click on it. She said you could get on firefox but IE auto starts and tries to get you to purchase antivirus ... Read more

A:Laptop Compaq 610 appears that I have this. If anyone has any better suggestions that what that web page gives just let me know. Thanks!

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Hello all,

Yes I have keyboard driver issues, but i have managed to type this up!.. copied and pasted each character using a mouse!.. lol.

Just kidding, but I know the keyboard works, checked in DOS on startup. its fine. had Vista previously, but got peed off with it and decided to install W7, but in frenzy, i have formatted and installed W7, and for some strange reason, I cannot find the damn keyboard driver, checked HP site. no luck!.

Some general direction would be greatly appreciated.. Thanks all, ah, by the way, the mousepad on the lappy is not working either. I suspect it is linked to keyboard.. Cheers..

A:Problems of keyboard driver on HP Presario C700

Here's the manual for you to find the keyboard.

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I have a Presario C700 with Windows Vista Home Premium. I have 2 issues:
1 the touchpad often stops allowing me to scroll and I have to tap it multiple times to make it click on something

2 even more annoying is that when I'm typing the cursor will skip to a random place on the page and keys get typed that I know I didn't touch. At first I thought it was an overly sensitive keyboard, but then I had a friend watch me to see if I was touching other keys and I wasn't!

A:presario c700 keyboard randomly skips

p 18:
1. boot to safe mode by tapping the F8 key once a second during the boot process. Use the up / down arrow keys to high light / select "safe mode". Press "enter".
Does the problem exist?

2. Some of are touch pad challenged.

3. On my IBM laptop, the left click button has begun to inconsistently respond. I think it is wearing out. A similar issue could be occurring w/ your CPQ lappy.

4. Tiny gophers?
What, if anything, have you used to clean your keyboard & touch pad. Use ONLY that which is recommended by CPQ.


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Have a very old Laptop Compaq Presario C700, Lost the Power on Password and Have a System DisableKey:59085827 Thanks in Advance!! Note: I know its very old, just want to get some old pictures!!

View Solution.

A:Lost Presario C700 Power on Password!

Hi, Enter   46983209 Regards, DP-K

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have a compaq presario c700. Has worked well for most part but has annoying issue when you type on internet, it misses keystrokes so you have to type really....slow or fill in characters. Both really annoying. Tried re-installing from earlier date but does not help. Any ideas appreciated.

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I was updating the bios (flashing) computer shut off and now will not turn on, now when i turn on the only thing that comes on is the cooling fan, no screen, no beeps, nothing only fans. Tech said i damaged the bios and he said in need to re-soder new bios, what is going on.
Compaq Presario R3202
AMD 64
XP Home

A:Compaq Laptop Will Not Turn On!

Flashing the bios is a dangerous thing to do.

You may well have damaged the bios chip beyond repair, but try to reset the bios by removing the battery and shorting the proper pins as per the motherboard manufacturer's directions.

What brand and model computer do you have or if it is a custom computer what is the brand and model of the motherboard?

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Ive got a Compaq Presario CQ60. I want to downgrade it to XP. Ive set the boot settings to CD first and when I put my XP CD in, the screen comes up saying 'press any ket to boot from CD', so I press enter. However it seems to freeze on that screen, The disc spins but it doesnt load into the XP installation screen. But after a few minutes the blue screen of death comes up.

I have tested the XP CD in my PC and it loads perfectly.

What could be the problem?

A:Cant downgrade Compaq laptop to XP

Try formatting the Hard Drive with a 3rd party utility from a boot disc, like Hirens Boot Disc. And then put your Windows XP CD in and boot from that again.

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my laptop suddenly turning off every time i switch it on..
i think its not blue screen of death...what may cause this?is this over heat? becoz i left my laptop around 2 hours then its back to normal..

full scan of SUPERantispyware=clean
full scan of AVG =clean.

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I have a Compaq Presario 3045US that freezes on occasion for no apparent reason. Mouse, keyboard will not function, unable to shut down, have to pull power and reboot. Don't get any error message and no repeatable process although watching dvds does seem to cause it to happen more often. Anybody have any ideas?

A:Compaq Laptop Frozen

Not really sure but perhaps the CPU is overheating? I had a similar problem on a desktop a while back, seemed to just stop completely when watching DVD's or playing games.

Check the fans are all running and they are clear of ay obstructions. Apart from that im at a loss

Mike Bedford

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My compaq laptop is not booting from CD.
I've Windows XP and it seems corrupted and i need to format it using the CD boot.

When i select the option of "BOOT from CD" it is not detecting the CD drive.
Is it because of the rpoblem with the CD Drive.?

Pls Advise...

A:Compaq Laptop not booting from CD

Most likely your drive is bad, try the cd in another computer, you can get a cd cleaner and clean the lens on your drive (may help) can you access any other cd's with the drive?

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I recently took my computer apart to clean the fan. The computer notified my that the fan was malfunctioning and would turn off and not fixed. I found an online tutorial to show me step by step instructions to disassemble my computer in order to clean the fan. After all said and done computer back together. The computer wont turn on. Does nothing in response. Computer turned on fine before. Everything is plugged back in and screws in place.

A:Compaq laptop won't turn on

It won't do anything at all?

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Hi all,

My name's Todd and I've just got a quick question. How compatible is a Compaq Armada 3500 to a Compaq Armada M700? I don't have spec sheets for both so I can't compare them but if someone is familiar with both models, I'd be glad to get an answer.

My old Armada 3500 is slowly dying and in terms of hardware, are the 3500 and M700 compatible? For example, if I were to load the hard disk, RAM, keyboard, etc. into an M700, would I have physical compatibility issues such as parts not fitting, irregular plugs and ports, etc.? Because all I'm really trying to do is use a somewhat expendable laptop and then replace its core components for cheap prices.

Thanks for the help!


A:Compaq laptop compatibility

There laptops are from fundamentally different generations.

You can probably transfer the hard drive, since ATA is backwards and forward compatible. AC adapter and cable may work too. Optical drive and/or floppy, maybe. Anything else will probably not fit.

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I have tried to install windows xp on compaq presario. But this CD is not working on this machine. But if I install it on desktop machine with the same CD there is no problem. Is there any solution on this?

A:Install xp on compaq laptop

Is it a restore disc or a. Win XP CD?what message is it showing?

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Hey guys I'm new here so i'll fill you in with as much information as I can before I ask my question

O/S : Vista Home
Processor: Intel Pentium Dual CPU T2310 @ 1.46GHz
Ram: 1gig

Anyways if i've left anything else important out feel free to let me know. Now this is a recent problem that i've only had happen today and yesterday, I'll be on msn or surfing the web and the laptop will just freeze, but I can still move my mouse around and if i have a movie or music playing it doesn't stop it still plays like everythings fine. So first I was trying to narrow the problem down so after a hard reboot I started running certain programs on their own trying to find the source of the problem. That didn't work the freezes still happen and I haven't found any conflicting software to be a cause of the problem.

So my next theory was could it be overheating? But I suppose it doesn't make sense because I can still move my mouse and music is still playing, honestly it feels like the computer i just lagging horribly and the screen is on pause while things are going on behind it but I left it for 10 minutes to sort itself out and still nothing. One thing I did notice if I have the laptop on my lap it doesn't freeze or hasn't yet, its only untill i put it down on the coffee table that it does....So that makes me assume overheating.

I'm really stumped guys hope you can help and i've provided you with enough information, btw the comp... Read more

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My Presario reads press esp key for start up menu.  It reads Intel UNDI. PXE-2.1(build082)

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hi ,i ve just recently purchased a compaq presario wireless laptop,i rang sky broadband as they said they could activate the wireless on my laptop as at the moment i currently have the wireless router plugged into my laptop,i spoke to someone at sky and they said i had to find out of compaq some sort of code then ring them back any ideas anyone?

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ok got a 2596US Laptop its got its ram maxed, its got a new 7200 rpm 8mb cache drive, things are fine cept for one thing. Its got a celeron 2.6. Ive done some research and found its sister laptop (2598US), uses the exact same mobo (hp part number 355478-001), so what I was wondering the sister product uses a Pentium D 2.66. Would the Pentium D version work in the celeron place?

Heres where I got the info ..

2596US Parts Info

2598US Parts Info

I also Noticed that hp's price is like 4 times what the same processor is elsewhere .. ive never ordered straight from the manufact. and by the looks of it i never will .. whewww they certainly like profit.

A:Laptop Cpu Change - Compaq

if the associated parts with the cpu are similar it would be possible to upgrade. the problem with upgrading cpus in laptops ids cooling is designed for certian processors.

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In my hands I hold a Compaq cq60 laptop with windows vista.The problem is everything starts up fine but after you type in the password and the windows starts up, no more keyboard use. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

A:Compaq laptop keyboard

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Hi All, I have a prob with my laptop, when i press the start button the lights on the keyboard etc come on but the screen doesn't? i could try 20 to 30 time keep turning on and off then eventually it works and i have lift off!!! Ive tried malwarebytes scan, system restore, disc clean, disconnect battery to drain all power etc don't know what to do next any ideas???

A:Compaq laptop won't start

does it give beeps ???????????????
clean and re-insert ram

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My girlfriend has a Compaq presario V2000. It was giving her trouble, randomly turning off during use (not very often). I figured it was a heating problem and suggested she get one of those cradle fans to help with that (she wouldn't let me install any kind of temp. reader on there to verify this theory.)

It started happening to her more often, My next thought was maybe malware as she is not very savy or careful about that kinda stuff. When I went to look at it, It wouldn't even boot. Now I dont mean not just load windows but wouldn't even post.

At this point I was ready to tear it open and look for a blown transistor or burnt spot on the motherboard. I was actually able to get it to boot fine a few times by taking the battery off and running it on external power.

Well she has a warranty with bestbuy so took the laptop into geek squad. It started up fine for them but they sent it off to compaq.
Compaq returned it in about 1 week saying the issue as far as they could tell wasn't a hardware one.

After getting home she was able to get it to boot a few times then the problem returned and now is worse.
When booting off the battery the laptop does nothing (and the battery is charged). The power led on the button doesn't even blink. When booting with battery removed and power cord in the power led blinks a few times then the laptop doesn't boot at all.(again no post at all.)

Now Im stuck to what could be causing this, It most deffinatiley is a har... Read more

A:Wits end with compaq laptop

That definitely sounds like a hardware issue to me. I'd send it back to Compaq again, and if they still refuse to fix it, start taking some more assertive actions... you do have a legal right to use your warranty.

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Hello, I have a compaq 325 laptop.Since yesterday, when i try to start it, the fan just start spinning but stops immediately, the start button light remains bright, the screen doesn't show anything and the caps-lock button light flashes 5 times indicating there is a generic motherboard issue.Can anyone help me identifying the problem?

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I have had this computer for 1 yaer. I have never used the CD . The CD hardware plug doesn't match any of the visible sockets in back or on the sides. The Computer Renaissance store where i bought it is now out of business. Thank You. Any reply will be greatly appreciated.

A:1995 Compaq laptop CD

Hi, If you can find the model number of the laptop, it would help us to find info.
Does the CD drive have a model, underneath maybe on a label?
Would help also- what version of Windows are you using.
Do you have the System software on CD or two?
Or, are you using plain version of Windows....

Some Compaqs I have seen like this have interchangeable floppy and CD drives so you have to slide one out to put in the other. Some may have connector for an external CD drive, so you can use both at same time.

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Ok so I come home today from school only to try and start up my laptop when I notice it will NOT turn on I ask my brother if he knows what the problem is then h begins to say sorry because he got mad at a game and smashed the keyboard with a open palm like a slap he said and instanly the laptop turned off and he coudlnt get it started up again and now I'm stuck with a broken laptop on My desk if anyone knows any troubleshooting things i can do please let me know also now when I plug the charger in the light at the bottum of the laptop will not light up as if it's not plugged in is there any hope at all please help me out thank youu

A:My Compaq laptop will not turn on help please

Please make proper use of punctuation when making a post. I understand that you were worried, just that it can get difficult for others to read through something like that.

I think it would be wise for you to take it to a repair outlet and check if any part inside the laptop may have been damaged due to the impact. In all probability that is the case.

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The screen says that the laptop was not shut down properly, and gave me the options to start in safe mode,safe mode with networking,safe mode with command propmt,last known good config,or start windows normally.None of these worked I got to the windows logo screen,it tryed to boot and the compaq screen came up and i went into the bios ,set up default s hit exit and still went back to the original screen that said because windows was not shut down properly ect.

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I know this is a windows 7 forum but anyway, I'm trying to re-install xp on my compaq presario v6130us but whenever the computer restarts to continue with the installation, I get this Compaq PC Recovery window that pops up and makes me insert Recovery Disk 1 which I don't have. Is there any way I can just skip this step and continue with the XP installation?

A:XP installation on Compaq Laptop

Probably not, but I am not really familiar with XP - too old.

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My Compaq Presario 700 Laptop seems to only start up when it wants to. Ill go 2-3 weeks and have zero trouble and then just this morning it wouldn't start-up no matter what I did. I try it plugged in not plugged in, with the battery in and with the battery out and it just wont start-up and then for some reason it will fire right up. It doesnt really make alot of sense to me. This is my work laptop and I use it everyday and I need some help because I will be lost without it. I would appreciate any help and or ideas. Thank you in advance.


A:Compaq Laptop Only Starts-Up When It Wants To.

There are a few things that can cause this behaviour. The psu/battery power system cold be flakey both mechanicaly or electronicly, the mobo chipset wich senses the power button condition (is the button being pressed or not?) could be flakey, and the power switch itself could be bad too. I am sure I'm leaving things out as well. Is it under warranty? If so there ya go. If not, and this stuff goes on, at least you can always pop the drive out and run it in another system to get at your data.

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Have a Compaq Presario 1020 - laptop. Info is as follows -
Series 2900A
Model FBV1433VQL1J
Serial V644HZD50299

Need a maintenance manual. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

A:Compaq Presario LAPTOP

Google Compaq for a contact number - ask them to send you a manual..

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I recently was given a laptop and would like to put XP on it, but when I go to boot from my XP disk, it says something about HD stuff not being there.

I've seen the dual boot system up there, and I'd do that except that this is a laptop, and I don't know if that would even work.

In short, I just want XP on this laptop, and have no idea how to get it.

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Soo I absolutely know nothing about computers at all. I am phone hardcore all the way kinda person. I know as much about them as is similiar to phones now-a-days. And having a pure factory-new laptop (what we call stock in the phone dept. dont know if you do as well) unhacked and all, is like having a phone the same way. They always act like sh**. lol
I would love if anyone at all could walk me through the hack glorious filled way of a better device as is done with my cell phones. On my phone I have scripts I run, which involve grouping fixes and memory management, as well as overclocking and changes to the kernel on my last phone. Not to mention all the developer ROMs that were 10x faster than stock and the early released updates.
Help a guy out? I wana hack! >:)
My laptop is a Compaq Presario CQ62? by the way. I can get more details if necessary.

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My first post here, hello everyone

So I have an old top of the line business class Compaq Laptop. The Compaq Armada E500. I had to wipe the massive 10GB HDD and re-install Windows 98 on it, but now I have a graphics issue where it does not recognise the necessary drivers to get native resolution on the screen. The optical drive in this thing seems to have had it, they are easily swappable as with all the other components, but I don't want to have to order another. It installed 98 fine, so this issue must be recent.

Anyway, I tried installing multiple flavours of linux including Ubuntu, Xubuntu, gOS and Puppy Linux, with no luck. The cd drive made a similar grinding back and forward noise of an old printer and the load of the disk was dreadfully slow. It got to a point where it just froze because I think the laser could not cope.

I managed to locate the drivers for the graphics and sound cards on the Hp/Compaq website, and downloaded them. To my dismay, even one of them alone is larger than a floppy disk, so I had to use a CDR. The drive in the compaq was not up to the challenge of reading it, and the silly thing won't recognise any USB drives because it requires drivers. There is no way of getting it online, as there is no ethernet port. I have a USB to Ethernet adapter - but surprise surprise! That requires a driver too

I think I will have to get an external drive but I don't know what will be compatible with Windows 98, as they will all require drivers... Read more

A:Solved: Old Compaq Laptop

You need a way of getting stuff into that machine and the optical drive sounds the easiest to fix. Try cleaning the lens and take the drive covers off to remove any debris. I have often found that cleaning the worm drive that controls the position of the laser works wonders. Once it is working Puppy( perhaps gtk1.2 ) should detect all the other bits OK. (at least to test them).
How much RAM??

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I purchased a CP V5000 laptop in 2006 and registered it with you at that time. I now have a hard drive problem and I need to install a new one bu when I purchased this laptop it came with Windows XP already installed. I did not received any CDs. After I install the new hard drive, I will need to reinstall the Windows XP onto it. Is there anyway I can get a free copy of the CD or a download in order to do this. I do have my product key from the original purchase.

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A:Compaq V5000 Laptop

You can order the Recovery it from the following weblink that will help you to restore the system to factory settings: Unfortunately the image is not available for download.

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hello internet.

i have a compaq hp laptop. and i messed it up by trying to solve why the restore disk os on 1 of the 2 drives way in there was reinstalling my operating system back to how it used to be. the problem with it i tried to solve was why its slow.

so then i uninstalled the whole 2 whatyamacallit off this laptop. and then there was less than what ever it is that hp does to their computers be4 they sell them.

now i have win vista or 7. i dont know because its been a year or so. an now its wayyyyyyyyyyy slower than it ever used to be be4 i messed with it installing the OS to it as if it were a dell pc that gives the users on-screen instructions and stuff.

please help me so i dont have to pay anyone.

i dont even know what i did. what did i do?

A:i messed up my compaq hp laptop over a yr ago

Welcome to the forum if you can do all our scans and post the results so we can see the problem PCHF System Scans

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How do I enter into my BIOS? I have a Compaq 1260. Thanks

A:Laptop BIOS on a Compaq

at the compaq screen press F10.

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I have recently acquired an old compaq lte 25 laptop and as there was no power, I purchased an a/c adapter (£80.00!!)

All that happens now is the amber light on the front of the battery cell lights up for a few hours (indicating charging?) then goes out. Still no power, not even a beep from the speaker!

Have I just wasted £80.00? I believe there to be another battery inside the unit, about 1" in diameter, If I replace this also, could that be the problem?

Does anyone know should the unit power up from the a/c adapter irrespective of battery requirements?

awaiting any reply, thanks, and happy new year!

A:compaq lte 25 laptop won't power up

Are you sure the computer even works?

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Have A Presario 1277 Laptop that only displays half of the viewing screeen. Tried to connect an external monitor to it, when proceeding through the boot process it's fine until the windows logo displays, then the external monitor goes black. Is it the video card on motherboard on the laptop and can it be replaced?

A:Compaq Laptop Monitor

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