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IDE vs. F6 SATA driver install on WinXP Pro & Speed Improvements?

Q: IDE vs. F6 SATA driver install on WinXP Pro & Speed Improvements?

I am using an Asus P5W64-WS MB, XP Pro SP3, and an older 74GB WD Raptor. I've never really messed around with doing the "F6" installation of RAID drivers when installing XP. Instead I've always just selected the default in the BIOS where the SATA drive is treated like an IDE device and I did not have to install the drivers during OS installation. I currently see under a speed utility that my Raptor is giving transfer rates of 85MB per sec. maximum, 24 MB per sec minimum, and 73 MB per second average.

My question is this - what sort of improvements might I see if I did a clean install of XP Pro and configured the drive as an SATA drive using the F6 driver installation option during install?

Also, is it worth going to a RAID 0 configuration if I am going to do the SATA thing? I would be using the ICH7R controller for that.

Finally, what does the AHCI option allow, and is that used with the IDE or F6'd SATA driver installation?

Thanks for any help.

A: IDE vs. F6 SATA driver install on WinXP Pro & Speed Improvements?

The HardDrive is working off the same speed on PATA or Sata.
The F6 is usually used for Sata Drives that require extra drivers
The Raid 0 is not the safest idea, and in actual fact normally I would say, don't do Raid anything if you're unsure.
AHCI info found here:

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Hello, I'm seeking overall advice to get things done faster.

Last year I did my own Win 7 build and was very satisfied (after Christmas time I added 2 more of the same G.Skill 2GB for a total of 8). Today not so much. I'm not sure if the problem is with Windows, my build, my ISP, my network, or Chrome browser.

Simple example of problem is the letters are not appearing as fast as I type here (I'm not a fast typer - 30-60wpm).

Any advice to identify the problem would be greatly appreciated.

A:How to make speed improvements

Is the slowness you're seeing only when using a web browser? How do other applications respond on the system?

The best way to determine where the slowdown is coming from is start with the basics like how does the system perform with no applications running (simply accessing files), does it boot up like it used to, any new applications installed recently?

You could also use task manager and performance monitor to check system performance after a clean reboot and then after opening applications.

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Hi, as above really. Running XP sp2.

Hijackthis log as follows. Any help would be fantastic.

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 12:00:33, on 12/08/2007
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Belkin\F5D7051\WLService.exe
C:\Program Files\Belkin\F5D7051\WLanCfgG.exe
C:\Program Files\Sitecom\Bluetooth Software\bin\btwdins.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccEvtMgr.exe
C:\Program Files\Norton AntiVirus\navapsvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Norton Personal Firewall\NISUM.EXE
C:\Program Files\Spyware Doctor\sdhelp.exe
C:\Program Files\Webroot\Spy Sweeper\WRSSSDK.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccApp.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\j2re1.4.2\bin\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files\Ruling Technologies\GameDeviceDrivers\RFPIcon.exe
C:\Program Files\Ruling Technologies\GameDeviceDrivers\RegClean.exe
C:\Program File... Read more

A:Remove CiD files and general speed improvements

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I'm preparing to attempt a winxp tab ed sp2 clean install on a thinkpad x41t w/ a disc I'm making from a tutorial.

I'm not sure if I need to press F6 at the beginning of the install to install sata drivers. Does sp2 have sata drivers? I think I read somewhere it did.

The thinkpad actually has an ide drive, but per lenovo forums I understand that the ide drive attaches via an adapter to a sata interface on the mb. There is a SATA power management driver for the x41t.

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HI I'am new here to TSF after looking around this site seems amazingly helpful so i guess here goes. Ok so my problem is fairly simple, cant install win xp pro due to the fact my HD is a Sata drive now i have aquired from gate way the drivers to my machine my question is how do i get those drivers to work WITHOUT a bloody floppy lolz? Ok so heres what i did so far i read around and seen that i could do this with NLITE but.... here's the problem the driver gateway supply's me with doesn't have a .inf file for me add the driver to the install what do I do now?
I also noticed after reading the readme that i could install the drivers to a usb flash drive how do i go about doing this any one know how and if you could be particular to my situation that would be awesome ^^

Computer: GATEWAY MX6959
Serial # :T3A6B61001441

A:[SOLVED] Cant install WinXP PRO due to a sata HD

Bump? guess no one gots a clue? =/

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I'm trying to install WinXP SP3 onto a new 500Gb SATA2 drives using a MSI P6N SLI motherboard and when the PC boots, the BIOS sees two SATA hard drives (including the correct size), but when I run the WinXP install CD, I get stuck when the install CD claims it can find no hard drives to install WinXP on.

I have the install CD from MSI which has the ide SATA drivers on it and I've tried to use nlite to integrate the SATA drivers into the install CD, but the resulting iso file still cannot get past the "cannot find any hard drives" point. The MSI driver CD includes 7 ide_SATA files including an inf file which nlite adds to the i386\NLDRV\001 folder and strips all the last characters off each file, e.g. NVATA.INF becomes NVATA.IN_.

The only files on the MSI disk that contain a txtsetup.oem file are the RAID drivers, so I cannot make a floppy disk to insert via the F6 route, and as stated above, cannot get the nlite iso SATA drivers to be seen by the install CD.
I've been going around in circles with MSI tech support trying to have them provide a txtsetup.oem file for the non-RAID SATA drives, but either they don't understand or they are just avoiding the solution because they have no solution. They tell me to download the install driver file (same as on the MSI CD) from their website and load it - but I can't do that until Windows is installed, which I can't do. I can't seem to get through to them that to run the MSI driver CD, WinXP has to be ALREADY install... Read more

A:Can't get clean WinXP install on SATA Hard Drive

Hello jpegman

If you can`t slipstream the drivers all you can do is to go into the BIOS and change the SATA operation mode to RAID Auto/ATA.


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Has anyone successfully installed Win7 on a SATA drive? I have two SATA drives on my silicon image controller. When I run the installer it says that I cannot install to the partition because it's SATA and tells me to manually install the driver.

Well I've tried downloading the driver from the ASUS website and using DriverMAX. Each time I put the driver in a folder on another partition and ran the install. However, when I browse for the driver when prompted it always fails.

Here's the driver I tried: ASUS A8N-Deluxe - Vista - 32bit

Any suggestions?


A:SATA install Driver

I have the same problem on my desktop, i have the Asus p4p800-e Deluxe motherboard and 2 sata drives in raid 0 and i cant get windows 7 or vista to work on that computer, when i get to the point where i need to install the drivers it just whont work, i just get a message that no drivers where found
Seems like Asus dont have drivers that works with vista / 7 for older MB

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I have a Dell XPS 410 with a Sata drive. The computer came with Vista and I installed XP in a partition.

To install XP I had to go into the BIOS and put the hard drive into ATA mode. This works fine for XP but for Vista I have to go back into the BIOS and put it back to the default setting.

I'm hoping that installing Sata drivers in XP will allow me to use the same BIOS setting for both OS's. I downloaded the Intel Sata driver and when I install it there is a message that my computer doesn't meet the minimum requirements. I assume that is because the BIOS is in ATA mode. But if I use the other mode then XP won't boot.

A:Can't install Sata driver

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Alright, I give up. If you go into your Windows XP device manager and View > Show Hidden Devices, look under Network adapters. You'll see WAN Miniport drivers, probably several of them. Unfortunately, on one of my Windows XP Pro machines, I don't. They're not there. Now, they're just software drivers, so it should be quite easy... but how do I add them?

A:WinXP: Install WAN Miniport driver?

I think I've got it...

If anyone runs into this, here's how I fixed it, although not well tested yet:

I just exported related registry settings from a similar, but working computer. Specifically, those referring to the ndiswan and related drivers. It seems that the most important of those are in Local_Machine\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Enum\Root\MS_NDIS...

Then, I temporarily changed the permissions using regedt32 on the non-working computer so that I could modify the Root folder... And imported! With a restart, the missing devices are showing up.

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I tried to install video driver which have the following hardware id:

but after installing I noticed that the icons under display driver in device manager have an exclamation mark
when I tried to update the driver using windows wizard, I get the following message:
"The I/O operation has aborted because of either a thread exit or an application request"

please help me to solve this issue.

Thanks in advance

A:can not install video driver on winXP

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Hello, I installed Windows 7 and I'm in the process of installing drivers from my motherboard's manufacturing website. I have a P5QE mobo ( I already boot in AHCI mode.

I have already installed the following 4 items from the site:

Under the Audio Section: SoundMAX 2000B Audio Driver V6.10.2.6585 for Windows 64bit Windows 7.(WHQL)
Under the Chipset Section: Intel(R) Chipset Software Installation Utility V9.1.1.1019 for Windows 32/64bit XP & 32/64bit Vista & 32/64bit Windows 7.(WHQL)
Under the LAN section: Marvell Yukon Gigabit Ethernet Driver V11.10.5.3 for 32/64bit Windows 7.(WHQL)
Under the SATA section: Marvell 6121 SATA Driver V1.2.0.69 for 32/64bit Windows7.

I noticed that there is another download under the "SATA" section.
This download contains the items:
Intel(R) Matrix Storage Manager Driver V8.9.0.1023 for Windows 32/64bit XP & Windows 32/64bit Vista & 32/64bit Windows 7.(WHQL)
Intel(R) AHCI/RAID Driver Disk for Windows 32/64bit XP & Windows 32/64bit Vista & 32/64bit Windows 7.

Do I need this download? I do not run in RAID.
Also, I've heard that IMSM causes windows issues like disabling windows updates (

Also, are there any other drivers I should be installing (I've already installed my video card one, and all available windows updates). I also did not install my chipset driver first (it was the second dri... Read more

A:SATA driver needed for new OS install

It is always best to install the chipset or inf driver first. The subsequent drivers can then config themselves correctly. You might want to reinstall whatever driver you installed prior to the chipset driver.

As to the other drivers, I usually do not install the matrix storage driver. What I usually do is go to the intel [not asus] site and install the RST or rapid storage tech driver; you can download install whatever you are using ie raid, ahci. Again this is not necessary either; it just gives you a lot newer driver than what is available on the asus site.

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I try to install XP to a computer with 7 on it because of poor performance and it comes with the well known "No hard drive installed" message.I dont have the SATA drivers of the motherboard nor a floppy to put them into.How can I solve this problem?My motherboard is MSI Neo-v 649.Thank you.

A:Install windows XP to SATA driver

Installing XP on a SATA drive requires an additional step:

XP Help And Support: 108. How Do I Install Windows XP On A SATA Hard Drive

However, Most newer BIOS allow an Alternate method for SATA . . Go into the bios and check the "Sata Operation" setting,

change it to "Raid Autodetect/ATA if it is not already. Now try to install XP ( could be IDE Mode, Compatibility Mode or Legacy Mode - different BIOS use different terms )

some will say IDE instead of ATA)

If there are no such settings you'll need to slipstream the sata drivers on the XP CD, follow the instructions in this guide :


Resolving "Setup did not find any hard disk drives" during Windows XP Installation - How-To Geek

Have you checked the MSI site to be sure the other XP Drivers are available for that board?

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WinXP Pro
AMD Socket 939 (AMD X2 4200)
2.5GB ram

So I was having problems with connecting to the internet so I decided to reinstall my drivers for my LAN device. The installation didnt seem to have worked successfullly (nForce utilities were not working) so I tried reinstalling the driver again. After installation completed, instead of saying "You must restart your computer now or later" all that came up was "1155: [Okay]"
Then I restarted the computer and now it does not load XP after BIOS initiations. Just kind of stalls with a black screen, but the computer does not reset or shut down, just stalls.
It gets passed the BIOS stuff but does not show any of the XP boot screens.
I looked it up a little and found
that for data recovery, and potentially making the drive bootable again?
I'm not sure what to do, any way to get the computer to boot windows again without any loss of data? And a correct procedure of reinstalling the LAN driver would be nice, as it didnt work as I expected (unusual)
Any and all help is appreciated, hopefully I can get my rig back up and running in no time!

A:WinXP doesnt Boot after Driver Install

Once it gets past the POST screen, press F8 a few times and see if you can get into Safemode.

If you can, then you could use System Restore to roll the config back before the drama.

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I just built a new system:

Athlon 64 3200+ 939
Mobo : GA-K8NF-9
Seagate 120GB SATA 7200 RPM
GeForce 6600 GT 128MB PCIe

I got a CD with the mobo with drivers on it, but I don't know which ones to put on a floppy for use during the install of XP. I need the SATA drivers, but they are not on the Gigabyte web site for my mobo, and I don't know where to find them, Which do I need???

Thanks in advance

A:Gigabyte K8NF-9 driver for SATA install

You would have recieved a CD with your gigabyte MoBO, pop that little beastie into a working pc then explore it and go to the bootdrv folder, next click on menu and your option is E - the nvidia drivers,now it will extract to the floppy, then after you begin your install of xp or whatever it will prompt you to install scsi or raid drivers (f6 at prompt)
the only problem im having is that i completely install windows and then when i go to start windows it BSODs me and restarts, really anoying ... if someone cn help me with this ill be really happy :slurp:

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i have vista ultimate 32 bit.but i need to dual boot my system with xp also.
but the problem is-when i inserted the xp boot cd,it fail to read bcoz of SATA Drivers,
SATA drivers can only be instaled through floopy disks.
but i dont have floopy drives.
is there any way that i can istall SATA drivers through
flash drives,

A:install xp after vista (SATA driver problem)

i have office ultimate 2007 which is crashing with the dreamweaver 8,
how can i remove only groove from office 2007.

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I've just bought parts and collected a new PC system. My Motherboard is AsRock M3A785GXH/128 ASRock > Products > M3A785GXH/128M

and regarding to the manufacturer it should be Windows 7 hardware ready.

But I can't install Windows 7 pro 64 bit on my new system. The Windows 7 installation application can't see my harddrives and want a driver to them. I assume that should be a driver for the SATA controller on the motherboard. I've tryed to use the drivers on the motherboard cd-rom and tryed to use the drivers froms asrock homepage, but Windows 7 wont accept them.

I have contacted AsRock about this issue, but I'm wating for an answer and hoped that you guys might has seen this problem before, and will answer quicker than AsRock Support

I should say that I cant install Windows Vista Business 64bit without any problems at all.

Any suggetions would be appreciated!


A:Install Windows 7 SATA controller driver

Are you trying a clean or upgrade install? Are you booting from a DVD or USB?

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When I try to install windows 7 64 (fresh install) on my new Inspiron 3650, it says : "A required CD/DVD drive device driver is missing If you have a driver floppy disk, CD, DVD, or USB flash drive, please insert it now"

I went on dell's website and downloaded the Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver for Windows 7. I've successfully extracted the driver (64 bit) from it and tried to feed that driver to the Windows 7 installation, but it said that it was the wrong driver...

Here's the list of files for the driver I've used:
Any ideas on how I'll be able to find the right driver and install Windows 7 on that PC please?
update: I'm installing from the USB 3.0 port using a flash drive.

A:Need sata driver to install Windows 7 on Inspiron 3650

I did install using the DVD instead of USB. Everything went well. For those with no other choice than USB here's some clues :

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Hi, I've been reading tutorials on this site on how to load SATA drivers within setup but that assumes I have a driver on floppy disk or anywere else.

I don't have SATA driver, instead I wanna be able to load SATA driver which is shiped with win7 setup(located inside a setup)

win7 setup does have alot of drivers included, how do I access them and install manualy? paricualy SATA driver

thank you.

A:How to install SATA driver located in windows setup?

It shouldn't be necessary to install a SATA controller driver. Win7 installer should have almost all SATA drivers ready.

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Here is what has happened.

My computer was built last December, and has run like a clock, a very fast happy clock.
I went to download a new version of iTunes and encountered issues with iTunes not installing correctly. I then noticed I was missing my Open With... command, so I decided to do a re-install.

I downloaded every new driver from Gigabytes site, and just had horrible issues trying to get Intel Pre Install SATA driver & Intel Rapid Store installed.

I successfully got Intel Rapid Store installed, because I noticed that Gigabyte was not offering .NET 4.5 which Rapid Store needed. (Their download is .NET 4.0)

However, for past hour I have been struggling to get Intel Pre Install SATA in. (I think)
When I extract the file I am greeted by this-
A folder that says 64 Bit
Inside that folder is the following-

I know when I first built this system I always had setup, or some exe file and would just click that and items would install. What do I do with these files?
I even tried to go to device manager and click update drivers, but when I direct it to this location nothing happens. (Or at least I don't think anything does). How do I know if it installed? Everything else I install (Intel INF, Management, Marvell etc... I can see in Programs & Features.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

One quick non related question if I may-
The 100MB partition that Windows makes (sometimes) ... Read more

A:How Do I Install Intel Pre-SATA Driver on this build (& other issues)

The IRST Pre-Install driver is meant to be used with RAID. For example, if you set your storage configuration as RAID 0, Windows setup will ask to provide the Pre-install driver. When we do a regular install in AHCI mode, Windows will use it's own generic AHCI driver "msahci.sys" to access the SATA interface. After install completes and IRST installed, SATA driver will be updated to the latest version instead of generic one. In short, you don't need to manually install the F6 floppy version of IRST.

The 100 MB partition may came handy if you enable full disk encryption with "Bitlocker". Unless you need to create four primary partitions on the disk, there is no real benefit in excluding this partition.

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I installed a clean win xp professional OS on a new rig (quad processor), no issues. Then I did a Acronis recovery from a uniprocessor pc, and installed the correct mobo drivers. Still no issues. The I did a restart and a repair install to load the mobo sata and AHCI drivers. The pc restarts, but everytime I open a program from windows, for example Windows Explorer, or Software from the configuration screen, or Network Connections, I get a window with "Windows Installer", waiting for something to load.

The version of windows on my old pc is sp3, after the repair install (I used a win xp slipstreamed with sp2), I see sp2 on my info screen of computer properties.

What should/can I do to solve this Installer window?

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I'm trying to get my win7 setup going but during the RAID driver setup screen it goes wrong. I put the drivers on a USB disk from the motherbord support CD and the drivers are being detected by windows setup, but when i select them and click next, they seem to install(dont get any confirmation of succesfull install) but i do get a window that says "No new hardware found".

Even ik i put both RIAD controllers (Intell and Marvell) in IDE mode i still get the screen for selecting drivers when it should skip that(i cannot select the RAID drivers in the Win7 setup when in IDE mode)

Please advise on what i can try next. Hardware setup below

Asus 1155 SABERTOOTH P67 INTEL rev3.0
Western Digital 3.5" SATA3 2TB Caviar Green
Intel 1155 Core i7-2600K 3.4Ghz OC
Gainward nvidia GTX580 3GB CUDA PHANTOM
Corsair DDR3 8GB 1600 2x4GB Vengeance

A:Windows 7 setup - SATA III Driver install fails

You should not have to install a RAID controller driver in Windows 7 these drivers are native to Windows 7. In the setup does it recognize your HDD? Does your motherboard support SATA III?

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I have recently bought 2 1Tb Western Digital SATA III 6 Gb HDDs.
The idea being, that I would Install Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit via the onboard Marvell controller in Raid 0.
I have not even got past the Collecting Information part of install, because no matter what Driver I try to load, Windows refuses the drivers because it says they are unsigned.
It tells me to load 32bit and 64bit signed drivers but I've tried every Marvell Raid driver I can find including ones from ASUS site.
Says the same every time and I either need to be told what I'm doing wrong or a driver set that works or a way of getting round the problem.
I have tried loading from Floppy and flash drive.
Might it be possible to install without the Raid drivers and add them after install, probably a stupid question but I'm amazed what some people can do sometimes.
I have the latest BIOS so that I can run with my new Phenom II x 6.
The raid array shows up fine in BIOS and shows as Disk 0 Partition 2 1861.9 GB Primary during install.

A:Marvell Raid 0 Driver Problem on SATA III 6Gb on 64 bit install

There is a way to get around the un-signed drivers... It was in a thread a short while ago.

I will try to find it, but in the mean time, google "using unsigned drivers in windows 7" and you might get a result


Found it. You can disable driver verification enforcement via advanced boot options:

Advanced Boot Options

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I've been having problems installing a driver for HP890 driver for Win98, on a networked WinXP, as an alternate driver. Where can I find other files, or another method (the original CD files don't seem to work), that'll install the alternate driver in my WinXP Professional?

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I am installing a clean windows7 for my acer laptop. But i found that the driver provided include Intel iAMT , SATA AHCI and wimax Driver which i didn't use before. Do i have to install it ? Because my friend told me once only install those that you are using,for exp if 2 wifi driver provided.... only install the one I am using.


A:Do I need to Install Intel iAMT ,SATA AHCI and Wimax Driver

The first two are not a must, but if you dont install WiMax, your WiFi connection/Proset will not work.

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I just bought a new laptop for someone and it has Windows 7 on it. But I ask to have Window XP installed overtop it since he's not used to Windows 7 and the transition would be too much for him (they couldn't just have Windows XP by itself because the hardware doesn't support it).

I seem to be having a problem installing the driver for his printer now, and I think it has something to do with the dual layers of operating systems.

Let me explain:

While inside Windows XP, I try to install the driver (I've made absolutely sure it's the right one) and I get to a stage where it tells me:

Step 1: plug the USB cable into the computer and the printer.
Step 2: Turn on the printer.
Step 3: Wait for the installation to continue.

Step 3 never happens. It just sits idle forever. I know it's responding to the printer because every time I turn it on/off, I get that "ding-dong" sound from the computer (also whenever I plug/unplug the cable when the printer is on).

After a few trials without success, I tried installing it on Windows 7. It worked.

I figure probably what happened was that upon turning on the printer, it was able to inform Windows 7 of its presence (because Windows 7 is the de facto OS), but this information failed to be relayed to the virtual Windows XP running on top of it.

Here's my question: now that I have it installed on Windows 7, is there some way I can go into Windows XP and inform it of the new driver and/or where it ... Read more

A:Solved: running virtual WinXP on Win7 and can't install printer driver

I am going to assume you mean you installed XP Mode in Windows 7.

This document explains how to get the printer working in XP Mode.

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Ok I'm new to the forum but have loved having the resource here, so time to ask some questions and contribute myself. So, after extensive reading I decided to upgrade my trusty T530 to the W. Just a little background as to use case: I needed at least 32gb of RAM for the GIS work I do, but more so for the remote sensing aspect where I'll have several satellite images open at once and man do they eat RAM.I swapped out the motherboard, got a nice quad i7-3740, SSD main drive, 2TB ultrabay spinner, and mSATA ssd for other quick access data. Before I swapped the motherboard from the T530, I benched the mSATA card at SATA III speeds. I know that it is only supposed to be SATA II, and I am sure that I didnt mislabel the drives or anything. Below is the test. It is basically on par with the C drive SSD. Does anyone out there have any idea HOW that is posible? Now wiht the W530 motherboard it is reporting correct speeds seq read at around 280 MB/s. What happened??? In the real world there probably isnt THAT much difference but I do a lot of seq reads of large (1-6gb) image files. It's just kind of a slap in the face, "here you go, super fast speeds, oh wait, now you cant have them anymore"  Before T530 mobo upgrade, mSATA drive:Sequential Read (Q= 32,T= 1) : 2657.903 MB/sSequential Write (Q= 32,T= 1) : 2728.618 MB/sRandom Read 4KiB (Q= 32,T= 1) : 302.123 MB/s [ 73760.5 IOPS]Test : 50 MiB [X: 67.1% (156.3/232.9 GiB)] (x1) [Interval=5 sec]Date : 2016/04/05 15:52... Read more

A:W530 mSATA speed oddity, was SATA III speed!

Something is wrong with your numbers. SATA3 max speeds is 600MB/s or 6Gb/s. You have that T530 mSATA measurement at 2657.9 MB/s???? That puts it in NVMe territory not SATA3 territory (where that is absolutely not possible.)

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New build...installed XP Pro and used F6 to install proper drivers from Mobo CD...How can I tell if it's running at SATA 2 speed...3 Gig xfer rate...all device manager says is

A:How can I tell if my SATA drive is running at SATA 2 speed?

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Hello, I have a nForce 3 motherboard with built in SATA, i was wondering weather i could simply buy a SATA drive and install it within windows without having to start right from the begining with a fresh install.

I currently have a 20gb and 80gb on IDE and was wondering if i could simply just add a SATA drive to my system as storage (not OS drive).



A:Do you need to install sata during windows install? can i upgrade my pc with sata?

The simple answer-yes.The detailed answer- (ignore the bit a about drivers on floppies)

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how to install winxp pro on a stripe dynamic disk created by winxp pro also?
thanks in advance =)

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Hello. Does anyone know if USB drivers written for Windows XP will work with Windows XP Embedded?

A:WinXP / WinXP Embedded USB Driver Interoperability

XP Embedded is supposedly a componentized version of Window XP. It's intended for OEM's developing an embedded computer, usually for some industrial or large commercial application, rather than your run-of-the-mill PC.

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Hey guys, your help and expertise will be greatly appreciated... I'm desperately
in need of assistance here...

Recently my comp is totally wrecked up, programs doesn't run like they ought to and
startup is a total havoc. My comp is also stuffed with alot of useless info and programs
and I think it is in serious need of reformatting. However I'm a total comp *****
in this and will need your CLEAR and CONCISE step-by-step explaination... sigh

This guy set up my comp for me bout 2 years ago and when he installed WinXP Pro,
i kinda remebered he ****ed up something regarding partitions. Think he made another
partition and thus my comp has been running on 2 partitions but actually only in
fact i'm utilising one... cuz its showed i only have 1 harddrive (c

So right now, i'm pondering how to totally delete EVERYHING from my comp... is tat
reformat of harddrives? I wanna wipe everything out from my comp, like its totally
cleaned and then starting from scratch, reinstall my WinXP Pro again... how can i
do that? And also considering my problem about partitions mentioned above, I would
wanna merge them together and fully utilise the 2 partitions as 1 after i reformat.
How can i do that? I really have no idea at all... I've tried searching for similar
topics but learned little from those replied suggestions.

A:How to Reformat my Hard-drive and install WinXP Pro again? I am currently using WinXP

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

First go into Bios and find the boot menu make sure it is set to boot from Floppy first(if you have a floppy drive) then your cd rom then your Hard drive.

Put your windows Cd in your cd drive and save and exit from Bios.

1. Start your computer from the Windows XP CD-ROM. To do this, insert the Windows XP CD-ROM into your CD drive or DVD drive, and then restart your computer.
2. When you see the "Press any key to boot from CD" message, press any key to start the computer from the Windows XP CD-ROM.
3. At the Welcome to Setup screen, press ENTER to start Windows XP Setup.
4. Read the End-User License Agreement, and then press F8.
5. Follow the instructions on the screen to select and format a partition where you want to install Windows XP.
6. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete Windows XP Setup.

Please note that during setup your computer will reboot. When it does you will be asked to press any key to boot from cd DO NOT press anything otherwise it will just start the setup again from scratch.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:

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I Can't Install a sata hard disk with a PCI sata controller card.?
My mb is MSI KT4V with AMD athlon 1800.My bios is AMI.
There is no option in my mb for a sata hard disk so i brought the sata pci cotroller card.
In post it shows the raid in my pci slot but cant detect my hard disk. It is a Segate 7200 rpm 160 gb hard disk.My sata pci controller card come with a driver cd but i cant install its driver in dos mode. and i think its for the windows version.
How can i install the single sata drive in my comp.
please help me...

A:Can't Install Sata Hard disk With PCI SATA controller card

Probably some fakeraid BS..
You have to enter the RAID BIOS and configure the drive as a RAID0 array or something similar. If it doesn't detect the drive in the RAID BIOS either, look over all your cables. Make sure you have power to the hard drive and suchlike.

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re-building pc and the clean 200 gb maxtor sata drive is 'seen' by winxp as ~137 gb.

latest bios and drivers on a D865 intel mobo (bios sees correct size anyway).

forgot how to get full drive recognized


A:200 Gb sata seen as 137 GB by winxp

Sounds to me like it is normal.

Unfortunately, there's a difference between the actual capacity of an HDD and what the advertisers say it is, mostly in the definition of a GigaByte/GB. Then the creating of the partition/s and formatting them reduces the capacity, considerable amount on larger HDDs. A formatted 320GB does yield only 298GB, way mine is.

A 1TB/1000GB HDD has an actual formatted capacity of 931GB.

As you can see, the larger the HDD the larger the amount taken by partitioning and formatting.
This might help you understand whats going on.


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I just managed to bring home the mainboard and Hard Drive as below

Gigabyte 8I945PLGE-RH
Samsung 160Gb SATA II /Code HD160JJ

I tried to turn on SATA II mode in my Windows XP Professional. But even what I did my really hard work, the WinXP still only recognized my HDD speed at UDMA-5 (ATA100)

I also ran the HDD Speed Test and received 59.4 Mb/s

So can any one help me to force this crazy machine to run in SATA II Mode?

Thank you in advance!

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Ok, just got finished building my new compy and I am trying to get Xp OS to install. I get past the add additional drivers (Nvidia Raid Class Dr. and Nvidia NForce Storage Controller) and get them to install but when I get to install Xp now? "press enter" part it comes back saying that it cannot detect a hd and must quit set up. I am working on Gigabyte S-series Am2 mobo (GA-M57SLI-S4 ver. 1:1) and using two Hitachi Deskstar hds @ 250 Gbs ea. in a Raid 0 (3gbs-s SATA).
This is my first Raid and second Sata install. Now onto to what I have done...
I have followed the manual explicitly, ie. I followed the steps listed to first enter the system Bios and enabled the Raid controller, then saved and went into the Raid bios to create the Raid saved, and went back to system bios to select the Raid to a boot device and saved. Now as I said Xp is not recognizing the hds and refuses to finish installing.

I have also tried not undoing everything and just installing without the Raid using just the Nvidia Raid Class Driver that is supposedly required w/wo A Raid with the same results.
I have now redid the Raid array.

I noticed that when I went into my bios that it also does not seem to recognizing it. When I go into Advanced bios settings, under Hard Disk Priority, it lists the Raid;
1. SCSI-0 Nvidia Stripe 465.76Gbs.
2. Bootable addins cards

However, under Standard; it is not listed. see below,
IDE channel 0 M drive (dvd drive)
IDE channel 0 S drive (cd/rw)
Drive A: Floppy... Read more

A:xp install is not recognizing SATA Raid nor single SATA hd

hmm, strange - have you formatted your hard drives already? Do you have Win XP with SP2 - SP2 is needed to recognize large hard drives.
I don't know how complicated it would be but if all else fails maybe undo the raid configuration format your hard drives (if they are not already) then do the raid thing. I am a beginner so these thougths/ideas might be irrelevant.

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Intel DP35DP
WD Raptor 150
no floppy drive

I plugged in the HDD to one of the Sata ports and the BIOS recognizes the drive under the options RAID, AHCI or IDE. If I select RAID or AHCI then the Western Digital Diagnostic tool and WinXP SP2 (w/ iata75 intel drivers slipstreamed) say that no drive is found. But, if I select IDE in the BIOS then the drive is successfully tested w/ WD Tools but crashes whenever WinXP tries to actually write to it (altho it does see it). I don't quite understand how the mix-up between Sata and IDE is happening or how to resolve it.

A:Sata HDD in but winXP & WD Diagnostic see only IDE

reinstall sata drivers for MB
if it still hangs on writes maybe you got it write protected
other wise sounds like bad drive

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Ok, so i've spent a bunch of time looking in here through google. a lot of great info, but nobody ever tackled the 3+ SATA drive config for winxp pro sp2. i just installed a 3rd SATA drive and i couldnt get it to show up in "My Computer". it was showing in "Device Manager", but not "My Computer". after a quick visit to control panel > admin tools > click STORAGE > THEN disk management, it popped up in there. FROM HERE YOU SHOULD PUT IT AS A BASIC DRIVE, NOT DYNAMIC. then you can format right from there, and all should be well.

Love the site, very useful, hopefully this can help some ******* like me later on down the line.


EDIT: the dashes say S C H M U C K. why was that censored? weird.

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ive recently reformatted my computer which is running off a 40gb IDE drive and i have a second 80gb SATA. the sata drive wont show up in my computer. i dl'ed the sata raid drivers and still nothing. this has happened before but i cant seem to remember how i fixed the problem. i have an ECS pm800 m2 mobo w\ bios drivers v1.2e and i see the second hd in the bios. it has recently been formatted as well. thanks.

A:Sata hd not showing up in winxp

i got it by going into comp management and re partioning it. thanks tho

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I have just bought a WD SATA 200GB hdd and an ASUS K8N-E DELUXE mobo to go with it. This was part of an entirely new setup, and I excitedly put everything together and attempted to install WinXP. WinXP did the first part where it set up the drive you want to install the OS to and copied the install files to the HDD perfectly without a hitch. Then it restarted, and when it got to the WinXP boot screen, it just shuts off. I was like WTF!?!?! and i turned it back on and watched it do exactly the same thing again. I've tried installing RAID drivers for it, reformatted tons of times, and it still does the same thing. It gets to the first WinXP boot screen and just turns off.

Can anyone help me with this problem? I'm at a loss on what to do now...



A:Odd problem with SATA and WinXP

There doesn't seem to be an edit button, so i'll just post here. I just tested my new computer with the hdd that's in this machine, a standard IDE hdd, and it's doing the same thing. Still turning off when it gets to the windows XP boot screen... I've tried with windows 2003 server eval edition, and it does the same thing. Anybody that can help?

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in this link you can find the drivers for the sata hdd if you want to reinstall or install win xp.

this works for me in a hp pavillion dv6000.

A:sata drivers for winxp

we should really have a sticky thread here regarding XP and sata drivers since it is becoming a regular issue.

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WinXP Setup Cannot Access my SATA HDD.


I have noticed a lot of problems with getting Windows XP to recognise SATA drives. My problem is similar but slightly different.

I have an MSI 865 PE NEO2 FISR mobo with a Pentium 4 2600 processor and I am trying to setup a Maxtor 300GB SATA drive (6B300S0). My mobo has two onboard controllers: an Intel ICH5R and a Promise 378 both of which I have a driver disk for. I can get the drive recognised by BIOS and thus by Windows, I can even get the disk manager to create partitions and format them. However, I appear to be unable to install Windows XP onto the SATA drive.

I get to the bit where it asks for the drivers to be installed (and I have tried using both controllers), and press the "S" button, it finds the driver and continues to load lots of other drivers. Then it finally says it is starting windows and I press F8 to agree to the eula. Then a box appears and instead of listing the drive it just says "Setup cannot access this drive". If I press any of the buttons i then get a STOP: 0x0000008E.... (i have the rest).

I have tried a number of different BIOS settings (S-ATA only, S-ATA and P-ATA etc..) to no avail... Any clues anyone?

Martin .

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I know there is an option in WinXP to recover lost system files using the WinXP CD and choosing the upgrade option while installing. It has worked for me many a time. Is there a way to do it in a non booting WinXP....Here what I mean is an Xp which has got some files corrupted so badly that it wont boot.

Am just trying a new method for it. Will come up with it later. But for now can you people let me know if already there is a option to do that.

A:Repair install WinXP in a non Booting WinXP.

Did you try Disk Defragmenter?

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Chaps, need help with reinstalling XP to a SATA drive if you can please... Story so far;

- In the PC there?s a single SATA HD, (and IDE CD drives where I?m booting the XP CD from).
- BIOS sees the single SATA HD okay. Boot order is HD then CD.
- Boot from WinXP CD (I?ve tried 2 separate CD?s) and run setup.
- Setup sees drive, formats as NTFS to single partition. Great stuff.
- Setup finishes copying files to SATA drive okay and reboots. So far so good.
- ...Crunch? ?Error loading operating system?.

Erm, what am I doing wrong???


A:Installing WinXP to a SATA drive - is it possible?

Set your Boot order to CD first HD second

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Dear all,
Please help solve my dilemma with the above driver that windows 7 advisor says is incompatable.
I am running XP Home in 32 bit mode.
All the posts i have checked out in many forums don't give a clear answer..#
Do i need a new motherboard or are there drivers available so i can instal windows 7
Many Many thanks

A:Promise winXp sata (tm) IDE Controller

Via does not provide any Windows 7 SATA/RAID drivers for the VT8237. You could try using Vista drivers found here:

VIA Drivers Download - VIA Technologies, Inc.

Step 1 - Microsoft Windows
Step 2 - Windows Vista (32 or 64 bit, depending on which version of 7 you are installing)
Step 3 - IDE, RAID & SATA
Step 4 - VT8237 Integrated Serial ATA RAID controller

Make sure to follow the directions to create a driver disk. You'll probably need it when you attempt to install Windows 7, as your controller will probably not be discovered, which will prevent Windows from finding any hard drives.

I have no idea if this will work.

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I just bought a Western Digital 160GB SATA hard drive.

Once I hooked it up, I booted back into Windows (which is on a 80gig IDE drive) and installed the RAID controllers that came with my mobo (Asus P4P800 DLX). Once I rebooted back into Windows, none of those balloon popups came up so I assumed everything was installed properly.

I go into My Computer, but only my 80 gig (C: ) is listed. Where is my 160 gig?

I went into the Device Manager and it's listed under Disc Drives alongside of my 80gig. It says it's "working properly" and everything, but it's not showing up

What else do I need to do?

A:WinXP and new SATA Hard Drive

Has the drive been Partitioned and Formatted? Did you use the WD utilities disk?

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Ive jus bought some new bits for my new set up.

KV8 deluxe mbd
amd64 3400
barracuda 80gig sata hdd
1gb corsair mem

The problem is i cant get xp to load onto the harddrive.

Ive hooked it all up correctly, and everything seems fine
1. Power up and a msg says that the is no drive so bios cant be installed.

2. I start the xp install off the CD, it says there isnt a drive to install on do i want to install RAID or SCISI drivers (F6 at the beginning)

3. Restart and start again this time pressing F6, iv already prepared the VIA drivers from the mboard cd onto a floppy.

4. So when it asks do u have a 3rd party disk i selct yes and choose the winxp drivers for the hdd. it installs all the relevent drivers.

5. And windows begins set up. It getsto the first stage do u want to install windows or repair or quit. i select install.

6. It says at the bottom windows is starting up.

7. 'Then please wait...' this is where it stops, the xp disc stops doing anything and i dont think the hdd is doing anything, i left it for bout half hour with nothing.
Any suggestions?

A:installing winxp on SATA hdd problems

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What is needed to get WinXP to recognize a SATA drive when it comes up saying "no drives were found" during initial XP installation? I've run across this on two computers and have received explanations indicating that some mainboards require RAID/SATA drivers to be loaded *before* installation (with a floppy I assume). Currently, I have a Dell machine that is having this problem. I want to reformat and reinstall Windows but it simply won't recognize the SATA drive during installation. If there is a driver, where would it be and how do I install it? TIA much for any help!

A:WINXP won't recognize SATA drive

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Hi guys, was just wondering what kind of SATA I should buy for my comp.

I have a Abit KV8-MAX3 motherboard. I read in the manual that it supports SATA data transfer rates at 150 MB/s. (1.5G bps)

Does this mean that I cannot use the SATA 300 MB/s drives?
I was looking at some Western Digital drives and also browsing through some of the SATA II drives. Can I use these or do I need to buy a controller card?

I want to buy a quiet, fast drive, preferably cool aswell.


A:SATA speed?

You can use a SATA 300mb/s drive, it'll just run at 150mb/s in your system.

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I can't instal on the SATA HDD Win XP, the Win install program doesn't find any HDD's

The MB which is a Soltek SL-KT880E-RL has only 2 SATA slots and in BIOS it alows only Raid or Disable for SATA.

How can I install? I can't find any drivers online ... (

Can anybody help me?


A:Problems installing WinXP on a Soltek MB and a SATA HDD

Got it ... I found an old Floppy with some Sata drivers ... so I'm happy !!!

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Hi guys,

Need help with a HDD issue.

Building a PC for a client, installed everything, OS, drivers, software, etc...

It wasn't until yesterday I noticed when I went into "MY Computer" to perform a "Diskclean" that the computer was only reading my Samsung 80GB SATA HD as being only 32GB.

My HD model is P80 series 0812C & my MB model is Foxconn 865 series 865A01-G-6EKRS.

I called up Foxxconn tech support, guy told me to check the jumper settings on my HD, I tried every combo possible, but only one jumper setting works, as during the XP install the PC doesn't recognize the HD in the other settings, it only recognizes the HD under the original setting I had the jumper set to, but this is the same one where the 80GB is only recognized as 32GB.

I have the CDROM connected to the Secondary IDE controller on the MB, & the FD is connected to the FD connector.
I'm stuck, he said try flashing the BIOS, but he doubted this would help.

Any suggestions? never had this issue before.


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I've been struggling to do a fresh install of Windows XP Pro on my new SATA HD (western digital 120GB 7200RPM, 8MB). I have a failing IDE harddrive and I want to transfer file while I can still acces sit. I have an ASUS A7N8X-E Deluxe motherboard with Silicon Image Sil3112 SATARAID built-in controller. I've just updated my BIOS to the latest update (Rev 1103). The BIOS is not recognizing the SATA HD, but after POST, it will say something like "press F4 or ctrl + S to go into RAID utility screen". After waiting a few seconds, it will show my SATA hard drive information then proceed to its normal routine (seeking for boot CD and etc). If I even try to boot using my winXP cd, it will not recognize my SATA HD and will not go any further. Ive made a bootable floppy using the data lifeguard tools CD and then it will boot up and start loading drivers and all, then it will stop at making virtual CD rom drive (i think) and it wont go past that. The CD itself does the same thing, it stops at loading CD driver. I'm pretty much stuck here. Ive tried loading the driver into my floppy and hoping that pressing F6 in winXP setup screen would recognize it, but it didnt. Help me out, guys?

A:Installing WinXP w/ single SATA RAID

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I have seen many posts on many forums about this exact issue. Each one is a little different from each other. That is why I am posting this. I'm setting up a system for family member and I am using the P4 2.8 ghz Socket T Cpu, the ASUS P5S800-VM motherboard and Maxtor 6Y060M0 60 gb SATA HD. Like everyone else I am trying a clean install of WinXP Pro and since it does not reconize the SATA drive, I will need to hit F6 and install drivers for the SATA drive. Here is the problem, I have no idea what to install when it asks me for the floppy. I went to Maxtor's site they say hey get those drivers from your motherboard company. I go to ASUS and they do not have SATA drivers they have RAID drivers which would be my only logical option but I am not sure. I am not going to be running RAID but all the other drivers from ASUS for that board do not make sense. I was wondering if anyone has found like a universal wonder driver that lets XP reconize the SATA drive at the beginning of the install. I know SP1 supports SATA. I have a disc with SP1 on it, would it be possible to pull a driver for SATA off of the disc??????

Any advice at all would be really helpful......Thanks in advance.


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Hi! I'm new... and working on my first build.

When I install WinXP, it doesn't show my SATA drive in the list of HDD to choose from. I went online and researched it to see what I could do about it and learned that WinXP doesn't come with SATA drivers (am I getting this right?) and the solution is to hit F6, insert floppy w/drivers on cue, and install it on cue.

My problem is... when I hit "enter" it says "Please wait" and then it goes back to the screen saying to enter the floppy and hit enter. Doesn't even give me an error message.

(I don't know if it is related, but I couldn't make the floppy from the mobo cd, I was getting errors ("disk write protection error" when I tried to format floppy and "drive not ready" when I tried to make floppies... And, it really beats me, but it was saying insert into B:... I thought floppy would be A:

Other info:
Seagate Barracuda 7200.8 ST3250823AS 250GB
WindowsXP SP2
SONY Black Internal Floppy Drive Model MPF920

A:WinXP not reconizing SATA drive NOR floppy!

Oh, and the drive is detected in BIOS and post

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Our data file server (DFS) recently went belly-up on us. It was shutting down intermittently after being turned on (20sec-10min). We determined the power supply is healthy and observed no abnormal temperatures. Diagnosis: we needed a new motherboard.

The DFS was running XP (SP unknown) with 4 HD's in a RAID configuration through a PCI-X card. Here's what we bought to replace it
New Motherboard: MSI 890FXA-GD70 with on board SATA controller
New Processor: AMD FX 3.6GHz Quad Core
New Memory: Corsair DDR3 1333 2x4GB (overkill, I know)

With the new motherboard installed, I started getting all sorts of funny error messages about hard disk problems. As far as I can tell, this is because XP is not designed for SATA.

I changed the BIOS to first boot from CD, and placed a Windows XP OS disc in the drive. After waiting through a couple minutes of the Windows installation blue screen, I again got errors about the HD's. Again, I think this is because of SATA+XP issues.

So I read all about making a slipstream disc (I'm completely new to this). I downloaded nLite, and the RAID drivers from MSI. I built the slipstream disc on a DVD-RW, making sure I had SP2 on the disc.

Now, when I start the DFS computer and insert the disc, I get the error message
"A disk read error occurred. Pres Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart"

I've tried starting with the SATA settings in the BIOS set to IDE, RAID, and ACHI. Each time, I get the same error message.

I've tried a... Read more

A:[SOLVED] WinXP + New MOBO = SATA issues

Was xp already on the hard drive for the new motherboad?

if so you need to do a repair installation and install the new motherboard drivers.

ACHI should be the correct setting

Disk read error could mean the disk is damaged or dirt have you tried cleaning it or another disk?

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I have two questions:

1. Why do I have to set my BIOS to boot from the IDE hard drive first then the SATA hard drive to get windows to boot, when my winXP is installed on the SATA hard drive?

2. What the best way to recover data from my old IDE hard drive without having my computer try to boot from this drive when my operating system is on the SATA drive? It seems to prefer trying to boot from the IDE drives first.

I am currently running an ASUS 8AN SLI-Deluxe motherboard with one 500GB IDE hard drive and one 160GB SATA hard drive. I have windows xp installed on the SATA drive. I tried attaching an older computer's IDE hard drive to my slave IDE connection to retrieve my old files. It was recognized in the BIOS, but then when I tried to reboot the computer, it was trying to boot the windows 98 OS(that's corrupted) from the IDE. The BIOS is set to boot from the SATA first and then the IDE master on the hard drive priority list (not the list that prioritizes the boot devices, CDROM, floppy, etc...) I removed the old hard drive, and tried to restart the computer again. It wouldn't restart. I changed the boot hard drive boot priority to the SATA first and then the IDE hard drive. It still wouldn't boot without having the WIN XP disk in the CDROM. I couldn't get the WINXP to boot until I set the IDE as the first priority and then the SATA as second. I read about some similar but not exactly the same issues, maybe the answer to this may help.

I... Read more

A:WinXP won't boot from SATA if set as first priority in BIOS

I am not sure if this additional information matters, but both hard drives are manufactured by Seagate.

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I have been trying to do this the entire day with no results.

I have:

Chaintech S1689 ULi Socket 939 ATX Motherboard
AMD Athlon 64 Venice Processor
2 Maxtor DiamondMax 10 300GB 7200rpm 16MB SATA-150 OEM Hard Drives
2gig Corsair PC 3200 DDR Ram
Chaintech GeForce 6200 Video Card

I formatted the drives using the Maxtor MaxBlast4 boot CD, making them compatible for WinXP (without SP1).

When I attempted to load the drivers from the motherboard cd, I came up with a system boot failure. I copied the driver folder contents onto a floppy and tried again. No luck.

I booted from the WinXP cd and pressed "F6" to install drivers from manufactors disk. When prompted, I installed the SATA and ATA drivers that I was instructed to install from the manufactors read me notes.

It appeared as if all was well. Then it came up on "Windows XP Startup".

When I pressed the enter key, the following message displayed:

"Setup did not find any hard disc drives installed in your computer".

I checked and re-checked all of my cabling and connections. When the computer boots up, it shows the 2 drives on Channel 1 and 2.

I'm at a loss here.

Can anyone offer any assistance?


A:WinXP does not see new Maxtor 300gig SATA drives

check your bios
check with MB website or manual about this

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Hey all, I have a major problem. I recently bought a Western Digital 200GB SATA HD a few months ago. It seems to work fine, but every 2 or 3 weeks my system would go into this endless rebooting loop when it tries to start up Winxp. The reboot happens during the windows xp startup screen with the blue squares scrolling from left to right under the Windows XP logo. Iam sure I installed it properly since I used the Motherboard drivers and press F6 before the windows xp installation begins. Every 2 or 3 weeks all of sudden it stops loading winxp and starts rebooting. I also notice that everytime I boot up, Windows XP goes through a chkdsk for some reason all the time.

My PC was PERFECT before I switched to the SATA HD, so Iam pretty sure its the SATA HD doing this.... Iam also using NTFS, Iam not sure if thats the right one to use..

Most of the time when this happens I get pissed off, and end up deleting the partition and reformating/reinstalling winXP and then it happens again after 2 weeks or so. I just dont get whats wrong.


A:SATA HD problems - PC keeps rebooting after trying to boot WinXP


im new to this stuff this may work as soon as you put your pc on keep pressing f8 which will bring up a sub screen scroll to run windows normally that may work
good luck!

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This can be a bit tricky aspecially when there is no floppy drive ;)

So I have injected my winXP installer with the RAID drivers from my MB drivers CD as per attached JPG (and created my bootable iso). Now, that did not work! (no drive visible).

Was it because I have only included the folder in red? (i've ignored the rest). The files in this folders included a CAT, INF and a sys file (3)?

Shall I just include the whole structure (even the x64 drivers) and select all when injecting as per green highlighting? (nLite)

My specs can be found on the left, also the drive is 1tb Hitachi HDA721010CLA which is visible in bios and was visible when I used my other xp via IDE (no problems there).

Gonna give it another go now (smashed test disc no1 against the wall already) :P

Am I forgetting something? Thanks in advance for your support!

See ya in a mo!

A:[SOLVED] SATA support for winXP sp3 installer

HELP! this still does not work! Injecting the whole RAID (without x64 folders) drivers list and still nothing - getting desperate now!

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Hi all.
I recently bought a new system:
Jeg har fornyligt kÝbt ny computer hos shg:
Gigabyte GA-8KNXP, 875P, RAID, SATA /
2 x Seagate Barracuda 7200.7, 120GB, SATA150
2,8 Ghz intel P4 800 Mhz. Processor.

When I boot from the winXP cd I press F6 and install the SATA raid drivers. Then I format my harddrive and start installing.
After all the files has been copied to my harddrive the system reboots and the installation continues, now this is where the problem is.
Now winXP wont copy several files from the cd and thus the installation isnt complete.
I've tried with 2 different winXP cd's, different dvd/cd-rom drives.
And with only 1 Hdisk connected, but it's the same problem, winXP just wont copy the files over.
Im running out of ideas here, so if any one of you have just the slightest idea whats wrong I'd be thrilled.
Thanks in advance.

A:Problems with winXP installation and SATA disks

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Ghost 9

I have Dell Dimension E520 with CDRW/DVD and Hard Drive SATA.
I would like to restore backup from the network (Buffalo 500GB storage).
I successfully did backup but I have very hard time to restore from the network.
First of all Ghost 9 does not support network card from Dell MoBo (Intel ICH8R/DO/DH SATA RAID Controller). I used trick: I installed older 3Com NIC card and I can restore.
It is possible to restore from the network without using additional network card?
Is somebody who figured out how to accomplish this working with Ghost 9?
I am open to any suggestion.
I am not sure if in right place I am posting my question?

A:Ghost 9 + SATA + Network =WinXP not work

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I have seen many posts on many forums about this exact issue. Each one is a little different from each other. That is why I am posting this. I'm setting up a system for family member and I am using the P4 2.8 ghz Socket T Cpu, the ASUS P5S800-VM motherboard and Maxtor 6Y060M0 60 gb SATA HD. Like everyone else I am trying a clean install of WinXP Pro and since it does not reconize the SATA drive, I will need to hit F6 and install drivers for the SATA drive. Here is the problem, I have no idea what to install when it asks me for the floppy. I went to Maxtor's site they say hey get those drivers from your motherboard company. I go to ASUS and they do not have SATA drivers they have RAID drivers which would be my only logical option but I am not sure. I am not going to be running RAID but all the other drivers from ASUS for that board do not make sense. I was wondering if anyone has found like a universal wonder driver that lets XP reconize the SATA drive at the beginning of the install. I know SP1 supports SATA. I have a disc with SP1 on it, would it be possible to pull a driver for SATA off of the disc??????

Any advice at all would be really helpful......Thanks in advance.


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Hi all,

Does a sata 2 hard disk (jumper removed) configured as ide in the bios have 3.0 gbit transfer speed, or do I have to set up a raid to have that speed ?


A:Must have raid for Sata 2 speed ?

RAID is not necessary.

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I bought a new Sata II drive and it arrived today, looking through the reviews I found this message:

Something I have never seen anyone say is about the jumper on the hard drive, most hard drives come with a jumper which limits the data tranfer to Sata 1 (1.5Gb/s), so if you do want this to run as Sata 2 (3Gb/s) then make sure you remove the jumper first. But yeah this is a fantastic hard drive, so if you are looking for a new one, get this because it is second to none, top of the rangeClick to expand...
Does anyone have any info on this as I want the best performance out of my new drive.



A:Sata Speed Limiter Pin?

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Hi I purchased a new WD Caviar Blue WD5000AKX 500GB SATA 3 16MB cache drive to replace my burnt out seagate 320gb drive which was sata 1.

The seagate drive ran at 100mbps on hd tune.

I was looking on HD tune and the speeds are only 133mbps max 113 min (see attachments) This seems slow for a sata 3 (6GBps, (600MBps))

My motherboard (ga-ma78lmt-s2) has sata 2 (3GBps) ports capable of running at 300mbps.

The drives are both set up for AHCI. and i have the latest drivers for the ports.

am i doing something wrong? Im fairly sure SATA 2 can operate at much higher speeds?

IN a nutshell the SATA 2 ports can theoretically run at 300MBps read/write and with a SATA III drive the HDD and ports should reach that speed with ease!



A:New SATA III HDD speed slow!?!?!?!?!?!

It's a mechanical hard drive. I have a Seagate Barracuda that is SATA III and plugged into a SATA III port on my Asus Z77 Sabertooth motherboard and my hard drive seq read/write speeds are only 160 MB/s.......because it is a mechanical hard drive.

Those speeds are just a maximum theoretical "cap" meaning IF you have a drive capable of it, this is the fastest you can go. Mechanical hard drives will never reach the SATA II or III barrier. You need an SSD for that.

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I'm looking for the speed of the sata connection from a tecra S11.
I want to replace my ssd for bigger one and i am wondering if i could win somthing when i buy a sata-600 drive instead of the sata-300 that i am using right now.
i am using a OCZ vertex II now (120gb)
i would like to go for the OCZ vertex 3 (256gb) but this one has sata-600 connection.

will this work ? and does the sata-600 benefit my system?



A:SATA speed on Tecra S11

>i would like to go for the OCZ vertex 3 (256gb) but this one has sata-600 connection

SATA 600 means the SATA III standard which support the theoretical data transfer speed of 600 MB/s

SATA III is Backward compatible with SATA I and II.
So you could use the SSD 600 MB/s (Serial-ATA Revision 3.0 )in connection with SATA I and SATA II. But of course the speed would be limited to these standards.

As far as I know the Tecra S11 supports SATA Rev 2.5 (gen 2) which means that this is SATA II limited to 300MB/s

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I got a problem with installing windows on my SATA drive. The drive is detected perfect in BIOS, it gives the right capacity (250GB), also in DOS FDISK. But when I boot from windows installation cd, the installation detects a drive of 125GB instead of 250GB.

This is the only SATA drive i use, i use no IDE HD's. I set all the raid controllers on disabled in BIOS. I tried all the 4 connectors from the Nforce Sata connectors on the motherboard. but nothing helps. Does anyone know what to do about it?

The Sata Drive is a Maxtor DaimondMax 10 250GB SATA drive

Motherboard: Asus a8n-SLI deluxe
CPU: amd athlon 64 3500+
Memory: corsair 1024 MB DDR400

thx, Job

A:WINXP detects half the size of SATA drive

if you are running XP do you have Sp2 installed?

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I bought the drive OEM off of the internet so it just came in a box with no discs or instructions.

Do I need to download something from the manafacturers website first??

I managed to install Xp perfectly (how else would I be writing this) but I want the other 80GB or so of my drive!

Also have a secondary 250 IDE Seagate drive which will probably need the same treatment as the first?

Thanks for any help.

A:Just got 200GB SATA drive WINXP only detects half of it!

What motherboard do you have? Does the drive say that its 200 gig on the sticker? SATA shouldn't be running into any size problems that would need addressed in the BIOS, at least I don't think it would.

Have you checked in Disk Management (Control Panel -> Administrative Tools) to see if you've got some unpartitioned space there, or a partition that XP cannot read?

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The first version of winxp needed a specific driver to be added during the first steps of the installing process to make possible to install winxp on a bootable sata hard disk drive (system on a sata HDD).
I think now, and namely WinXP with SP3 does not longer need such a driver.

Someboby can confirm?

Many thanks


A:Are Sata hard drives natively managed by WinXP SP3?

The installation of SATA drivers for a Windows XP install...has nothing to do with SPs, it has to do with the motherboard.

If the motherboard has SATA controllers...and the board employs what is called "IDE emulation" as part of the BIOS package...drivers don't have to be installed. IDE emulation is a process where a SATA drive is viewed as a PATA drive for purposes of installing XP.

If a motherboard does not support IDE emulation...SATA drivers must be installed before Windows XP can recognize the drive as a device fit for install of XP.

Another way "around" this situation...create a slipstreamed XP install CD with the SATA drivers included as part of the resulting XP boot CD.


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Hi guys, has been a while since I last posted over here, but now Ive got a new job in a PC shop so have some time.

Weve got a problem we couldnt solve here.

A PC with the ASUS A7N8X Deluxe mobo and SATA with XP. 2 HDDs, 2 CD drives. The CD drives are recognized in the BIOS but windows XP does not see anything else than 1 C: drive ...

We tried all we could think about.

Thanx for yer help

A:Asus A7N8X Deluxe + WinXP + SATA problems

Stupid question, but are those HD's partitioned and/or formatted?

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My pc is working well after a clean install on a new sata seagate hd.
question is: i skipped the step ( Press F6 if you need to install a third party SCSI or RAID driver)
did i miss a crucial step in the install and possible endanger my pc in the future?

A:Solved: reinstall winxp on new sata hard drive

If the drivers for the SATA controller are included with XP, and it boots, then you should be fine.

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Hi, I just bought a new rig, need help to set up my SATA HDD.

At WinXP Setup, there is a F6 message to install the drivers. At this point in time, I will have just insert the floppy which comes with the SATA HHD. When I pressed F6, nothing happened. Setup continues with Press F2 for Automated System Recovery, and then continued loading the rest of the system cd-files.

However, after loading the files, it did not go in to the drivers installation screen, as should be normal. It went into the Press Enter to Install XP, press R to Repair and press F3 to leave the screen. At this point in time, whatever I pressed, nothing will happen aka looks like hang.

What happened? Is my WinXP cd to be blamed?

At times, when files are loading, there is a message--> Section Files.SCSI.iaStor of the INF file is invalid, and I cannot go further. Any help?

A:SATA installation help, resulting in WinXP setup problems

I have a simliar problem but it does not hang, it says that Windows XP does not recognize a HD and setup cannot continue.

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Hi Guys----------Just saw a post (Google) that states compatability issue with WinXP and Norton Speed Disk. Have been using it without obvious problems but would like to know for future use. Thanks Frank

A:WinXP Pro and Norton Speed Disk

Hello, I have been having problems on both my computers using norton speed disk. On one I was able to reload windows and solve the problem, on the other I tried the same, and nothing changed. I am running norton system works 2003 on win xp pro with a pentium III 500 meg proscesor 384 meg of ram with a 60 gig hard drive, on the comp that is giving me problems.
The other comp has a amd 2.2, win xp pro, 60 gig hd, norton 2003
reloading seemed to help that one.
Speed disk locks up and will not go above 0% moving files
Has anyone had simalar problems and what did you do to solve them.
I have been using the windows defrag option for now should i just continue to use this.
Thanks all

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Asus P5GD2 Premium, p4 3.0ghz, 1 GB Crucial ram, 160 GB Samsung SATA drive. This computer is slower than my p4 1.2 ghz with 256MB. One thing I noticed is the extremely slow HD performance -- my old machine boots into XP faster than this one. Using HD Tach 3.0, I get 64.3MB / sec burst speed. Any thoughts on how to tweak or what I am missing?? I have built several computers before this one, and while I no computer wizard, nor am I a total noob either. I am just totally baffled.


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My specs on my current PC are below in my signature, and I feel it's time to make the leap to SATA. My motherboard only supports speeds for SATA up to 150 MB/S, but newer SATA drives are faster. Will buying a SATA drive faster than the allowable speed rating on my mobo cause problems? I'll eventually pull out this dinosaur of a motherboard, so I want something that will upgrade itself once I upgrade the mobo.

A:SATA 3.0 gb speed on old motherboard...doable?

Once again, the hard drive interface speed is totally irrelevant - the seek time and sustained throughput are all that matters. The claim that newer hard drives are somehow "faster" than SATA150 is bollocks. No SATA hard drive can do more than 100 MB/s, which is well below the SATA150 limit.

You can use a SATA300 drive no problem and the performance loss will be nonexistent.

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I am having a problem (again) with a SATA drive: It is on a friends machine and has been running as a data drive for a few months with no problems.

Recently I tryed to install it as the master drive and loaded the operating system onto it, it initially appeared very slow and after a few hours it began to react strangely in that it would sometimes fail to boot, and also icons in my computer were slow to appear etc.

Now, admitadly, I did hook the old hard drive (OS still in tact) back up as secondary, and I disabled it in the bios - so when the computer boots it should not read from its boot sector, but in XP the drive is still recognised despite it being disabled in the bios (this used to work fine on a setup I used to have running xp and 2000). So maybe that is causing problems, I dont know.

To test the drive further I have installed it on my computer and loaded a clean instal of XP (using windows XPs dual boot facility). So far it hasnt given me any major problems, however it is still very slow to boot at about 1minute 25 seconds (from power on to the user logon screen)- and this is with only the minimum drivers loaded, and a firewall. Now that seems pretty slow to me, considering my SATA drive does it in about 58 seconds.

The only other problem I can see is that on the SATA drive, I have to have the "limit to 150MB/s" jumper connected - otherwise I cant get it to run at all, although I have read the motherboard manual, and Hi-speed sata is supp... Read more

A:Speed problems with SATA drive

I am having a similar problem with my WD Raptor. It runs at 10,000 rpm and it seems to be running slow. On the same system i previously had a WD 250GB and to be honest i cant notice much of a differencre at all between the two drives!!!

I limited the WD 250G to 150mbps to see whether there might have been a conflict between the Raptor at 150mbps and the 250GB at 300mbps. But still not much of a difference!!!

Recently i went into the BIOS and enabled 32bit Data Transfer and yeah I do see an improvement, but slight it is!!!

Maybe try enabling 32bit Data transfer for the SATA drive in the BIOS and see what happens???

How about running some Benchmarking software for the Hard Drive or Diagnostic software?

But yeah people i have a similar problem with my Raptor and another SATA Drive running slow.

SATA 150 or SATA 300 there isnt much difference at all. I did a similar question in another post and thats the advice i got. So i wouldnt sweat jumpering it to 150mbps. Also check out the motherboard manual and site and see whether your motherboard supports SATA 300 drives. Why not update the BIOS???

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Ok, I built a computer a while back andthough it's not cutting-edge, it should be fairly quick - but not. It will occasionally hang at random times and will have to be shut down via the power button. Yesterday I tried installing some software that should have only taken a few minutes and it took and hour. Well, I ran HD Tach and found that the HDs average read speed is only 3.5mb/s (my main pc is averaging 150mb/s). Anybody have any ideas on what could be causing the HDs to be so slow?

Here's the internals:

Board: MachSpeed X-Caliber PT88BS Pro Via Socket 775 ATX Motherboard (X-CALIBER PT88BSPRO)
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 641 3.20GHz - 2MB Cache - 800MHz FSB - Hyper-Threading
Mem: 2x A-Data Dual Channel 1024MB PC3200 DDR 400MHz
HD: 2x (In RAID 1 Configuration) WD Caviar 250GB SATA-3G HD 7200/16MB/SATA-3G
DVD Burner: Lite-on Super Allwrite LH-18A1P-186
OS: Microsoft Windows XP Home SP2
Video: PNY GeForce 7600 GS - 512MB GDDR2 - AGP 8x - DVI - VGA - HDTV

Thanks so much,

A:Problem: SATA read speed of 3.5mb/s

Your RAID 1 array needs to be recovered or reset

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well, i installed my western digital 7200 rpm supposedly "150" mb transfer "high speed" hard drive. its a western digital WD2000JD 200GIG. I'm unhappy with it so far. I've spent an entire week trying every different setting and driver I can find and still only gets a max of 78 MB/S burst speed. The sequential read speed is around 47 MB/S and seek time of 15ms. Not nearly as fast as advertised.

The test program used is HD tach. The same program tests my OLD maxtor ata100 drive at 92.5 MB/s. I am not impressed at all with the SATA 150 technology so far.

i have the asus p4c800 deluxe MB, updated with all the newest bios I could find from asus. windows XP PRO is updated with everything I could find as well.

Can anyone help with their experiences or advice...? thanks guys. I feel as though I wasted 200$ on this drive.

A:SATA 150 Burst speed problem

First question I would ask is if your tesing program is written to test SATA drives? SATA and IDE are different technoligies using different controlers and drivers.

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I have a 4 year old Toshiba L550 that is running fine but after a lot of Googles I cannot find at what SATA speed the SSD is being driven at. From my pic I am guessing it is only 3GBs??

A:Query re mobo SATA speed


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I have the sata drive installed but when trying to check for Sata 2 Speed I cannot find a way to verify I am getting the full 3 Gbit/s? I have used differant programs but none seem to give me a direct answer. Is there a way to verify the speed without disturbing the current data?

Thank You

A:Checking Sata Drive Speed

Hello Rockit,

You could use the program HD Tune as in the first post at the link below to see what you HDD's performance is. I would doubt that your HDD is actually using the full 3Gbit/s bandwidth of the SATA 2 port. That's just the maximum speed (bandwidth) that SATA 2 provides. You'll have to check the HDD's specs to see what it's read/write speeds actually are.

Show us your hard drive performance

Hope this helps,

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Hi, I have two Samsung SATA2 hard drives that are configured in raid 0, both drives are identical and are supposed to be 3 Gb/s in speed which translates into about 300 MB/s i think. using Passmark performance test it shows that the drive reads at 66 MB/s. i set the BIOS on my new giga-byte motherboard to raid and installed the raid drivers before installing the OS and everything is fine just concerned why its not showing at least closer to the 300 MB/s speed.

A:sata not reading at advertised speed

Never, ever believe any "speeds" or other numbers advertised to you. They are virtually always bull****. Research before you buy.

The pretty 300 MB/s number tells you the speed from the disk drive's internal buffer to the HD controller. It says nothing about the data rates between the disk's buffer and the platters, nor does it say anything about the data rates between the disk controller and RAM/CPU.

66 MB/s is perfectly normal sustained throughput for a modern hard drive.

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I had tp transfer my master Sata HD to my new computer as a slave, but as a lot of my files were saved under my user account folder (c:/documents and settings/[account name]), I can no longer access the folder. The HD works fine, but whenever I try to enter that folder, a pop-up appears saving "access denied...". I understand that this problem is due to the fact that I now have a new username etc on the new pc, as I am using a different master HD now. I have tried to rename my user account on this new pc to the same that was on the old computer, in the hope to be able to enter the folder. I still know my password etc for the old HD account if that makes any difference.

I use winXP SP2 and use SATA HD's...

Please help.


A:Transfer of old Sata HD to new comp - problem accessing files on winXP

This should help:

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I have a dell 8400 Dell with SATA HD. I decided to format the hard disk, and I received the error message : "Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your system". I read through the threads located in : .. Therefore, i was able to load the driver via floppy disk as suggested and succeeded to have my SATA detected and copied the xp files , but the problem is that once it reboots i got a black screen, means that i could not see any image (invite to complete the installation). the black screen flashes (comes and goes without having the time to see the screen).. What is the problem and what would be the solution .. thanks in advance..

A:Problem in installing winXp in my 8400 Dell with SATA drive

For that to work did you enable the SATA feature in the BIOS and I would burnt drivers for SATA to CD instead for FD. Check with DELL support to see if their is anything you need to get that DELL SATA HDD working again.

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I've recently installed a 3Com 3CCM556 PC Card modem in my laptop (to support v.90) and although Windows XP detected and installed it without difficulty, it reports the connection speed as 115.2kbps.

I realise this is the port speed not the line speed, but without a different XP driver is there any way to see the real speed of the modem or, indeed, fix this issue?

Any replies appreciated.


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Hie ,

wantted to know how to resolve slow speeds while a person is connected useing a dailup connection on a windows xp and windows me ..

A:Slow Connection Speed - Dailup - Winxp

There is not a lot you can do -though - You don't say what the speed is. If it is 35+k then you are in the ballpark with everyone else.

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I have just reinstalled my system (XP Pro SP2). Authenticated updated and all. I haven't changed any hardware and in fact I reinstalled less software than before.
Since reinstallation, I've noticed considerable deterioration on scroll speed (eg in Firefox and in Word & Excel. For firefox I've checked "smooth scrolling" it's off. Especially Word used to be up to 1page/sec while scrolling with arrow keys, now is down to 5-6 sec/page. Also: normally Word shows the page numbers (lower left corner) changing as you scroll - not anymore in my case. Page numbers remain change only after scrolling stops.
Any ideas?
I can't say whether overall performance is reduced with certainty.
My 2.66GHz machine is clean according to avast antivirus, spybot, adaware & adwatch, Netscape's own spyware scanner. Reg mechanic finds no problems. HD (40GB) is error free and cleaned-up and defragmented. Smooth scrolling options are off.
Thanks to anyone who could help.

A:Scroll speed reduced after reinstalling WinXP SP2

In the Control Panel, select Mouse and the Pointer Options tab. Uncheck ?Enhance pointer precision? and the problem may go away.

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I installed Win7 64 bit OS in my existing computer which had Win XP 32 bit. My Comcast download speed immediately increased by 45% (from 15.5mb to 22.5mb). Upload speed remained the same at 10mb.

I just put together a second computer with Win 7 (to replace my back up that had also had Win XP) and got the same exact result in increased speed.

All computers were connected by wire to the same router/modem so that is not playing a part in this .

Can anyone tell me why my upload speeds are so much higher with Win7 vs Win XP?

A:Win7 vs WinXP Download Speed Increased ?

Because the TCPIP stack got a refresh and got tweaked for performance on Win Vista/7/8.

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I would like to by SSD disk for my Toshiba Port?g? M700-116.

Which SATA dish speed can I buy?

SATA 1.0 (SATA 1.5 Gb/s)
SATA 2.0 (SATA 3 Gb/s)
SATA 3.0 (SATA 6 Gb/s)

Thank you

A:Portege M700 - SATA speed/standdard for new SSD


I?m not quite sure about the SATA specification but I think the Portege M700 supports an SATA II HDD controller.
However, you can install some hardware diagnostic tools like SANDRA Sisoft to get detailed controller specifications.

But SATA is backward compatible and this means that even if you would use an SATA III SSD drive, the SSD would be recognized but speed would be limited to SATA II performance.

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I am having an odd issue where the transfer speed from my HDDs slows to unusable after my computer has been on for a while.

I have my primary OS drive as a Samsung 850 1TB SSD, paired with 2 x 3TB Toshiba HDDs. When I first start my computer, everything works as it should. After a few hours however, the transfer speed from the 3TB drives slows to around 200kb/s (according to resource monitor). At this speed the drives are almost unuseable. I am not quite sure where to begin diagnosing this problem. I am using an Asus Maximums VIII Hero Alpha motherboard with Core i5 6600K Skylake processor, and 16GB. As far as I can tell the problem is limited to the HDDs, not the SSD. Looking at resource monitor, there is nothing lse using the drive that would explain the transfer speed, and there are no processes overusing the CPU. There are no programs installed on the HDDs, they are used for storage only. One stores my docs, music and video files, the other contains backups of the other drive created by EaseUS. I use Intel Rapid Storage Technology drivers.

If any other information would be useful, please ask. Any assistance would be appreciated.

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I have 2 IDE DVD drives (TEAC DV-W516D DVD/CD ReWriter, and TSSTcorp DVD-ROM SH-D162C DVD/CD Reader). Teac is capable of 16X DVD writting. My motherboard Gigabyte Z77-D3H has only SATA II/III slots. So I connected each IDE optical drive to motherboard's SATA II slot(s) using IDE to SATA I adapters (1 adapter per optical drive). Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit is running, and SATA AHCI is being used.

My question:

SATA I = 1.5Gbps = 187.5MB/s (adapter capability) is faster then DVD 16X writting = 177.28Mbps = 22.16MB/s.
TDK DVD+R disks tested OK (on other PC) for 16X capability.
Why is Nero reporting of only 2.4X and 4X writting speeds?

A:SATA AHCI Controller, IDE DVD RW slow speed

I believe ACHI mode is used for a RAID setup. You can only run in either mode not both. That might be a large part of your problem. Try switching back to SATA mode.

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I've a friend who would like to add an SSD and it appears this machine has no provisions for a second HDD. There is a replacement caddy for the ODD it seems but the intention might be (to be simple) use the SSD in the ODD caddy as the BOOT PRIMARY and leave maybe the 5400 spinning drive where it is. I've researched I thought pretty well and can't find the "speed of the ODD" connection to the system-board. I understand that an m.2 or maybe an mSATA can be used but the system-board needs removed and turned over to install it. I don't know that I'm interested in all of that disassembly. Anyone done the ODD caddy? How aout the true difficulty of the m.2 or mSATA install? Which is it? The m.2 or just mSATA. Is the acual "logical thought" here to use the SSD in the PRIMARY slot and move the spinner to the ODD caddy? I would have thought yes but I certainly don't know. I'd appreciate the help! This will get a W10 install also - is there any "quirks" that I should be on the look out for? It appears supported so ......................

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I have three optical drives, connected to sata 2 ports on my Z68X-UD3R mobo.

A LG DVD Drive GH22NS30, Firmware v2.00, added 2009
A LG Bluray writer BH10LS30 firmware v1.00, added 2010
A LiteOn Bluray writer iHBS212 2 firmware 5L09, added 2011

According to my Intel rapid storage technology application these are all running at 1.5gb/s.

Shouldn't these be running at 3.0gb/s, sata 2 speed?

If so, any ideas on how I could get them to run at sata 2?

Or is it typical of optical drives to run at 1.5gb/s


A:Optical drives operating at sata 1 speed 1.5gb/s

SATA is backwards compatible. I think these are SATA 1 devices, but would have to double check to be sure

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