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I need to enlarge the FONT for all printed items.

Q: I need to enlarge the FONT for all printed items.

I can't see the printed material that I send or what comes to me.

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I have Compaq vista laptop with HP deskjet3050A connected. As far as I can see the printer is not able to do copy enlarging, as my last printer did. I want to make a copy of a hard document with enlarged font size. Is there any "work-around" I could try to achieve this? Allan.

A:Solved: Copy and enlarge a printed document

It seems there are enlargement options. Have you see this link?

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I really like some of these apps but the font is too darn small. I already have my dpi at 150%, so I don't want to increase that anymore. Thanks.

A:Is there anyway to enlarge font in Apps?

I could be wrong, but I don't think so.
I've tried.
Nothing on Google.

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On the desktop background right click, click screen resolution, click make items smaller/larger. Some desktops allow you to use your touchpad.  put your two index fingers on the center of the touchpad and pull apart.  Hope this helps!

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Vista Mail. In many of my incoming mails the font size is so small I can not read it (1/16"). is there an easy way to enlarge the mail?

A:How to enlarge font size in Vista Mail

Vista Mail? I wonder if you mean "Windows Mail" or "Windows Live Mail". The size of received mail text is set by the sender. However, see this for Windows Live Mail: it can sometimes be temporarily enlarged for viewing by holding the Ctrl key and turning the mouse scroll wheel.There are ways to increase the system text size but I assume it is only email that you want to change.Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks

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How do I enlarge the font of W7 Pro? The system font, and thus (I hope) Live Mail, and other Live Essentials that have such tiny and fuzzy print as to be unreadable? Zooming in does not work for these applications/system.

Boy, am I sure sorry I got Professional, because it is not a problem in the cheaper versions from what I understand. I enlarged, and picked easy-to-read fonts, as much as I was given the choice through Custom Themes. I even tried resizing the screen, but it puts all buttons outside the visible fields. I guess MS does not care if we can actually read our mail.

I appreciate all imput, plus hope someday Windows will be more friendly for us older folk..

A:How do I enlarge the tiny font of W7 prof., Live Mail?

What steps did you take to change Fonts. Was it through the Advanced options panel? Standard font is sergio UI (Size 9, but that may vary in applications)
In defence of MS, I have no problem reading anything in Live Essentials.

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I would like to know if it is possible to enlarge the font or a picture on the internet, and
then print the page when it is enlarged. Thank you.

A:Enlarge font/picture and print enlarged page

In Firefox 3.x, pressing Ctrl and the plus (+) key zooms the whole page; I'm not sure if printing will reflect the zoomed size of the page or not, but you can always change the scaling of the printed page using your printer properties.



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I have been to the section of Win7 personalization where metrics are stored for text display.

If you look at the window options section for borders and such, and select a metric in ("Change Windows colors and metrics" will get you there in the search box) -- everything seems to be in there except the area called window text. Window text is in the illustrated screen area. I can make a screen shot if necessary.

Going to the selections that default at an item called Desktop then right click to open, Window text is not there. An Item called Window (single word) is.

The goal is to have my files and folders show larger in -- Explorer I guess-- and in the network file folders I have in an old style workgroup set up for the home.

I have tried all of the options at the metrics screen but have failed to get a simple folders and files list to display in a larger font.

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Recently the font size has doubled or tripled in size whenI print an email,I amusing OE and an HP 932C printer. I have look at all the settings andoptions of both and cannot find how to reset it. Any help out there? Thank you.

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When I print anything off a web page I almost need a microscope to read the print. This is a sudden development - although I haven't installed anything new or made any changes recently.
I can increase the font size on the screen OK, but whatever I print is still the same tiny sized printout on paper.
Appreciate some help and advice as to how to make my printout readable
Thanks !

Win XP Professional SP2
Dell Dimension 5000 (Pentium 4)
Epson Laser EPL-5800 and Epson StylusPhoto 870

A:Solved: How to increase printed font size ?

try this

file print preview and adjust the last button ...

mine is shrink to fit

You can choose a different layout

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Installed a bigger widescreen monitor but when I print emails (with WL Mail) the text is smaller than with old monitor. Don't understand it - went back to an email that I printed a week ago and printed again ... sure enough, the text size was smaller (the image contained, however, was the same size). Thought the font size (of text in an email) was 'fixed' when sent - so why is it different with a larger monitor.

Now, I did tell Windows 7 to display the text size larger (so could see it better on larger screen) ... but, if anything, I'd have expected printed size to be larger.

Any suggestions of what to do? (I know can copy email text to another file then go to NotePad ++ and change the size - then print ... but that shouldn't be necessary.)

{Not sure if this is right forum, so let me know immediately and I'll reopen in appropriate one}

A:New Widescreen Monitor - Smaller Font Printed With WL Mail

Hi Win7rap, I use WLM 2010. If no message is selected, text size can be adjusted on the 'View' tab.

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I have an Access database used on daily basis to enter and print the maintenance work order in a report format. I have assigned a command button to print the required record. On clicking the button in the Form, a parameter query will run asking the user to put the record number to proceed. Once the correct record number is entered in the parameter text box, the report is previewed and the user click on the print button to print the same.

My question is as follows:

Is there any method to find out the record i am going to print now was already printed before? A kind of record keeping for the printed records.

Also, a message box should warn the user saying incase if the record was already printed, “The record was previously printed, do you want to continue printing again?”

Please tell me a way to perform the above in my Form.

A:Record keeping of the printed records & warning user when printed more than one time

could't you just add a field in the record for printed?

Then if printeed true, show warning, else show printable form.

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I would like to be able to make the text for 'Selected Items' in W8.1 appear as bold. Unfortunately this appears to be missing from W8.1's very slimmed down options.

This is from Vista and shows the setting I would like to alter. Is it do-able ?

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Please explain in detail how to chaange the fonts on items like My Documents, My Computer (C. etc. Thank you.

A:Change font on general PC items

To open Display, click Start, click Control Panel, click Appearance and Themes, and then click Display.

On the Appearance tab, click Advanced.

In the Item list, click the element you want to change, such as Window, Menu, or Scrollbar, and then adjust the appropriate settings, such as color, font, or font size.

Click OK or Apply to save your changes.

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Hiya - I just upgraded to Office 2007 and I've run into something I just can't figure out:

How do you change the font for individual items on the daily calendar in the printed version of it?

I found the Page Setup -> Daily, and the fonts in there affect the right hand Notes section and the footer.

In View -> Customize Current View you can change the font for the individual items onscreen, but it does not carry over to the printed version. For the life of me I can't find a setting to change for that.

(to change the onscreen font see:

Can anyone shed any light on this? That small font is terrible on my old eyes I did download the Calendar Printing Assistant, so if anyone can point me to some good documentation for it - that might do the trick as well.

Thank you for your time.

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I have increased my DPI to 250% to be able to read stuff in Windows without getting headache. Is there a way of increasing font size of start menu items as well?

And what about text size of items when alt tabbing, text size of charms bar (win+C) and text size of settings (win+i).
It seems to me that instead of improving the good old features of the older versions, Microsoft suddenly decided to replace them with lots of crap instead, not taking into account that there are people out there who don't have the eagle eye vision.

A:bigger font size for start menu items

Hello Alegue,

If you like, you could use either method in the tutorials below to change the DPI size of modern UI screens as well that includes the Start screen.

"Make everything on your screen bigger" - Turn On or Off


DPI - Change for Modern UI in Windows 8
Windows 8 is the first step in the merging of the mobile (think smartphone) and desktop operating system. The final goal is one OS for both. The purpose of these new modern UI screens is to be easy to use with touch screens.

Hope this helps,

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Hi there, 
I have recently updated my Mac to the newer Microsoft 2016 and every time I hit the tab button to indent the format of the font, font size, and color change instead of indenting my paper. 
Please help this is a very annoying issue.


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Hey guys,
So I'm wondering If I could get help with getting a font to be used in the system. The font I want to use is this:
(traditional) AR Tianniu B5 - Free Chinese Font - Free Chinese Font

However the font name is in Chinese:
called '最新版心形中文甜妞体智能机专用科'

I'm trying to use this font as a system font on my English Home Premium Windows 7 64-bit.

I've tried changing the fonts the normal way via the 'change window colors and metrice' way in the control panel. However, the font I installed doesn't appear as an option because the font name is in chinese?
I tried to change the font name to English, however it makes the font invalid.
Any help?

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My wife shops for clothes on-line qiute a bit. At some sites when she clicks on the "enlarge image" square nothing happens. It;s Java-related I think. What do I need to do to get this function to work?

A:Can't enlarge

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I've been sent a file, with the extension *.cdr. I don't have Corel on my computer. But I just installed Xnview (or something that the file extension website said I should download to view it), but the thing is, the graphic is soooooooo small it's unreadable. I also checked on my Infranview(spell?), but it's still a 96x96 graphic. I've just converted the graphic to a JPEG file, because this forum doesnt support *.cdr.

Can you help me enlarge the graphic and readable?

A:can you help me enlarge this?

The trouble is once you have reduced an image, it is very difficult to increase the size without distortion

I tried Irfanview, but at 400% increase, it is impossible to decipher

Try using the resize on the original cdr file Image | Resize
Use the Set Size as Percentage of Original
Try in increments of 20% Starting at 120%

Make sure that Preserve Aspect Ratio is checked

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PooMan UK was very kind to make the below logo a while a go, it was for my mate but my mate would like it making bigger as he wants to use it as banners and on t-shirts and things like that.

Would it be possible for someone to enlarge this please, as big as possible i suppose??


A:Can you help enlarge this please

Jamie Pal I'm a bit confused ... why don't you just pm me ... since I created the original I would be only to happy to make it any size you want and in any format that would help you out ... but here's the font I used which may be helpful for your mate Base2 ttf the background and shading is pretty straight forward

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Very time I click on a photo to enlarge it on the web, it will not enlarge. Please help

A:Photo will not enlarge

Which type of browser are you using? Have you updated your Adobe Flash and Java?

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I have my slideshow screensaver set up fine. However, the photos are small and does not full up my 20inch screen. Is it possible to make the photos larger?

A:Enlarge Screensaver

You can take individual images and, using GIMP, Paint (resize), etc., increase each image size. If these are already low rez images, they will appear blurry.

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This may sound a little simple but can someone tell me how to enlarge a picture to use as a homepage on Firefox? I have several pictures that I would like to use but they are so small. Is there a correct size for a homepage?
There is one more thing, can an object be taken off a background (usually a square box) and be made into a gif. image? I have several images in Tif format but don't like the little box background.
Thank you for all help.

A:How To Enlarge Picture

You need an imaging editing program. The best free program in my opinion is Just make sure you realize that enlarging small pictures will result in loss of quality unless the original picture was saved at a very high resolution.


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Not sure if this is the right place to post, How do I increase

the fonts to make (file, edit, view, bookmarks) larger? I

looked under view and I have no text button. I am using the

latest mozilla firefox

A:How to enlarge fonts

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I use IE6 and Win98. When I send a picture as an attachment, using Outlook Express 6, the attachment works ok but also a very large picture is shown in the body area of the email (only a small part of the picture shows because it is so huge). Is there a way to eliminate the large picture and just send the attachment? I assume sending the large picture slows down the sending and receiving. Is there a setting adjustment to correct this? Will appreciate any help.

A:Pictures enlarge when sent by OE 6

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I cannot get my AOL to enlarge to fill out my monitor screen. I use Windows XP


A:Enlarge AOL to fit screen

Which AOL utility is causing the problem?

Does Windows utilities work properly?

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Hi Folks, I have 136GB unallocated space that i would like to add to one of my partitions, When i go to disc management it seems they only give the option to shrink a partition, I have partition wizard but it seems the option they give is to merge partition, The unallocated space is not next to the partition i would like to expand, Instructions would be appreciated, thanks.

A:How to enlarge partition

It can be done with Partition Wizard
Disk Managmeent has limited potential so that the user cannot screw it up.
You can do damage with this if not done properrly
Free Partition Magic alternative. Free Partition Manager Software for Windows 7/VISTA/XP/2000 and Windows Server 2003/2008/2000.

You should move the partition first.

All that being said, I suggest that you backup everything first. Merging partitions can be risky, data can be lost. Merging non consecutive partitions is even more risky. I would hate to see you return with big problems because of what you are attempting. Members has had booting problems as well as other difficulties attempting what you are trying.

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I like to use large icons and most programs have high res icons, but for those that don't is there a way to scale them? I don't care if they end up pixelated or blurry, I just want them all to be the same size. I don't want to make new icons or replace them, just scale old 48x48 icons to full size.


A:How do I enlarge low res icons?

Hi and welcome to SevenForums,
See if this helps ico files will open in gimp where you can add more files to it,

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I installed ie9 bata and like it so far. One thing I do want to change is the URL/search bar to the width of the window instead of size of a tab. If I drag it to lengthen it, the space for tabs got sequeeze.

A:How do I enlarge the URL/search bar on ie9?

Hi, and welcome to SF.
To put it simply, there is no such option. both the address bar and the tab bar are in one toolbar.

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OK. I give up. I need help to find a way to enlarge this animated gif. I like it very much but it is entirely too small. I tried three programs but none worked. I am a cat person and i think it is rather cute

A:How to enlarge this animated gif

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I upgraded from Win7 to Win10. I had dark green selected item color and it partially transferred to Windows 10. My colors of Taskbar etc are turned on. I chose dark gray color of Title Bars, Taskbar etc., through the Personalization menu. But I can't find where the color of selected items can be chosen? If I re-install Windows 10 clean, how will I customize it? Also, I'm not very satisfied now on the upgraded version, cause not all selected items are green, some are whitish-blue, and also when I hover over items they are blue too. This is how my Total Commander looks after the Windows upgrade:

I wanna get rid of blue tabs here, can I do it? I read this article Inactive Title Bar Color - Change in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums and was able to change my inactive title bars. I don't see any option there for selected and hovered items, can I create it?

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Hello all,

I'm trying to delete items in my "Sent Items" folder (861 items), but it's not displaying any of the items in the folder, Outlook Express says that the possible cause for not displaying the items is because of low disk space and/or low memory. How may I access the items and delete them? Or is there another way to delete the items without accessing the folder? Thank you in advance.

A:Otlook Express-unable to delet items in Sent Items Folder

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Hello Guys,

Got around to installing Windows 7 on my home desktop and laptop. Am rather impressed with everything compared to Vista (speed, etc) but have one big annoyance - the taskbar.

I have my taskbar set to traditional mode where each window gets its own taskbar item (ie if I have 4 Firefox windows open, I have 4 Firefox taskbar items show up). I also don't use the Pin functionality as I dislike it.

In <=Vista, every time a new window opened, it would open to the right of the taskbar. In 7, it likes to group applications of the same type (Firefox for example) together. Any way I can get it to revert to how <=Vista did it?

I also have the same problem with system tray icons.

Best Regards,
Craig Brass

A:Taskbar Items / System Tray Items - Open in Order

Hi Welcome to SF,

You could try this,

Right Click on Task Bar > Properties > Task-bar Buttons > From the Drop Down select Never Combine

Hope this helps

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My hard drive is divided into a primary partition and an extended partition sub-divided into two partitions. Windows 7 is installed in the first, primary partition (C: drive). Most of the software I run is installed in the first partition of the extended drive (D: drive). At the moment there is nothing installed in the second partition of the extended drive. As I do upgrades to Windows 7 I am running out of space in the C: drive where it is installed. Can I use a tool like Parted Magic to move the extended drive to the empty partition thus creating empty space between it and the C: (primary drive), and then enlarge my C: drive to use the space I've created? Or will I cream my installation?

A:Can I enlarge my Windows 7 partition?

Rather than all these words could you please post a picture of your disk management.

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I have been having this issue for some time now. When I am browsing in IE, any link I click enlarges the whole line of text and disfigures the entire page. I have looked into "view" "text size" from the toolbar, but it does not have any options that could be causing this. I'm at a loss...


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I am using windows XP, while viewing a web page that indicates
"click here to enlarge picture, nothing happens , What am I doing wrong ? This happens on all pages... w8iwj....

A:Click to enlarge view in win XP

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I have received a PDF with a lot of detail in it, on one page.

I need to enlarge it and print it out on several pages.

Can someone please talk me through what to do.



A:How to enlarge PDF and print several pages

Using Irfanview with Ghostscript
You can open the pdf in Irfanview as an Image .. Crop it to what you want to print .. And print the cropped area any size you want.

Or maybe Zoom in .. and take Screenshots ... then print the screenshots

It might be easier to send it to me .. I have other software (photoshop)

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I have a 250 GB hard drive. I put 30 GB for my C, and the rest in D. That's not enough room for C. I have about a GB left. I removed the partition for D, which is now, not in C, but "unallocated." Sheeet! That's not what I intended. I have both C and D already backed up, but surely there must be some way to increase the size of C.

How do I go about enlarging C? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

A:Solved: I want to enlarge C Drive

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in explorer i set thumbnails very big/large

is there a tweak to make them bigger?


A:can i enlarge the explorer thumbnails?

Hello Drugo,

Sorry, but the icons view will only go up to Extra Large Icons. However, you could turn on the Preview Pane, and adjust it's border and the window's border to change the size of supported images in the preview pane like below.

Hope this helps some,

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When I startup my computer(Win7Ult.) 64bit. I have a picture of my dog as the sign in/ password picture. She's a really cute Reverse Brendle Boxer. How can I enlarge my dog's picture to fill the screen at password sign in/startup of my computer -vs- the little picture's you have to choose?
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) II X2 240 Processor, AMD64 Family 16 Model 6 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3839 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE nForce 430, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 476837 MB, Free - 418237 MB; E: Total - 99 MB, Free - 69 MB;
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and Enabled

A:Enlarge Picture desktop?

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Look at the picture! What I want is simple, 100 mb is too small for EFI and I just want to make it 1GB. See that unallocated space in colored grey box, I want to move that near the EFI System Partition so that I could merge it. But now the problem is I can't because of Microsoft Reserved Partition which now left me with only
1) Move MSR by Cloning then delete or
2) Move EFI system partition by Cloning then delete

Which one do you think should I take? or perhaps there is another way of doing it?

A:How do I enlarge EFI System Partition?

What make you think that 100MB is too small ? Basically this partition only contains BCD to boot Windows, only 34MB used.
However, it is easier to use Macrium Reflect Free to get it done

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I recently used Windows Movie Maker to make a slideshow video. After I completed it, later I went to open some pictures in "My Pictures" and also on my desktop. When I try to double click them, nothing happens.

A:Solved: Pictures won't enlarge

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Is there Registry tweak or other solution?

A:How do I enlarge the windows of Flip 3D (Win+Tab)?

As far as I know, you can only change the number of windows in flip, as well as some basic composition elements.

Flip 3D - Change Number of Windows Displayed

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I have XP Home, IE-7,SP-3. After downloading SP3 when it first became available, I thought that there was a feature that allowed you to enlarge the page that you were viewing. In other words you could make the page take up all the room on your monitor temporarily making your tool bars disappear. It has been so long since I have used the feature I have forgotten how to do it.

I thought that all I had to do was press f-11 to enlarge and press f-12 to bring it back to normal.

I Googled IE-7 SP3 but I could not find any mention of it. Maybe I am dreaming but I thought for sure it could be done.
Any advice ?
Thanks for your time,


A:How To Enlarge Page size

You can try going to the View>Fullscreen menu option or perhaps using the Alt+Enter key combo. I thought it was F11 too.

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Dell E520 windows XP home edition
I had to reinstall my windows XP. The screen measures about 8 1/2 x 7 . My screen is 17". I have tried dragging the corners, but it doesn't move. How can I enlarge it to fit my screen?

A:Enlarge screen view

To adjust, use the buttons on the front of the monitor.

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I would like to know, if it's possible to customize the picture preview box.
Here is what I mean - I want to enlarge only the picture box, not the whole bottom toolbar. Perhaps there is another folder view that allows you to do that?
I have a lot of folders full of pictures, and it is really difficult to navigate, if I cannot see the preview of those pictures.
What I want to acomplish: Have the listview on, but also have a larger picture preview box, maintaining the rest of the toolbar the same size.

A:How to enlarge picture preview box?

Hello Atomix, welcome to the Seven Forums. You could use the preview pane:


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I am unable to enlarge my web page. I went to Control Panel, Appearance & Themes, Display and tried but it never enlarged. Please help. thanks, Orion

A:Solved: Enlarge my web page

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My C hardrive has just 924MB available and I cannot even defrag my computer. How can I (1) either change the partition so I can enlarge the C hardrive part by taking a larger share of the D hardrive part of the partition, or, (2) move some large programs from the C hardrive to the D hardrive part of the partition without losing any functionality or files?

A:Enlarge Hardrive Space

Perfect Solution! (Easeus Free)

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My screen minimized on its own. I wasn't playing a game or watching a video. It just started doing it yesterday. At first hitting F11 would help, but now not even that works. Almost half of my screen is taken up with the start menu, etc. Very frustrating. It's a Dell Dimension 2400 and Windows Xp

A:Screen minimized and won't enlarge

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How to enlarge preview pane box? I can't read my documents because the preview pane box is too small. Thanks.

A:How to enlarge picture preview box

This is what I get

Try a jpg file and see what that shows.
I get a "No Preview available" message for a .doc document. OK for all images , .rtf iles and .pdf.

EDIT: Have just found this "The preview handlers of office 2003 are not compatible with Windows 7." And I use Office 2003 so that explains the message!

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This is probably an easy one for you guys but as far as printing , resizing etc goes I don't have a clue.
I have a project on a piece of A4 paper , it has text and pictures on , I need to make the text and the picture slightly bigger and then print it.
I have irfanview , HP imaging director , microsoft office pro 2003 and an all in one printer , scanner , copier but every time I try to resize the document after scanning it , it seems fine on the print preview but it just prints it the same size as I already have it , Grrrrrrrrr !
I know this is probably very easy to do but it's got me bamboozled so please help me , thanks in advance !

A:Solved: Enlarge , then print !

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I have three images of the same photo. 595x842 gif 595x842 jpg and
22kb zip.
I tried dowloading each one in turn on to a website for selling second hand goods. Unfortunately, on the advert the picture appears tiny. On the advert it can be clicked to show full size. What can I do before re-downloading the picture to make the picture show slightly bigger? All the other ads have bigger pictures.

A:enlarge photo for advertising

What web site is it? What are the uploading instructions on the site as far as the size of a picture that is allowed? What are the size of the photos that are larger? Edit your photos to be the same size of the other pictures.

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Hi Tech People:

My problem is this: I have Canon Arc Soft photo software which came with my scanner. I'm sort of stuck with it until I can afford to buy a nice photo program. Anyway, I think this is an WinXP problem rather than a photo software problem. I run a five yr old Sony Vaio with 80 Gbs. I have put in lots of memory, over 1.25 GB. I have WIN XP Pro. I have never had a problem with my photo software before and have blown up pictures to 8' by 10"s with no problem. Yesterday I was trying to make a 3" by 5" into a 5" by 7" and I was repeatedly told that there wasn't enough memory. I wasn't running anything else. I have cleaned up my startup menu but I haven't gotten around to the proceses that are running in the background all the time. If anyone has a good place for me to go to learn which ones I can disable I'd appreciate it. I don't know if that could be causing this problem or not. I don't know much about virtual memory except I know how to get there and I can change the size if you think that would help. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

A:Trying to enlarge photos - says not enough memory

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yahoo music video won't enlarge is it my computer.

A:Yahoo Music Won't Enlarge

from me to me' i found by using the zoom control enlarges the video just fine .

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My email icons are too small wihile the other icons are of noramal (medium) size.How can I enlarge them.

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Not sure what ive done wrong but i believe i renamed my email adress account linked to my windows 10 login (which in turn has renamed the user folder name) now whenever i try to move a file or folder from example (Download folder) to my desktop i get this error popping up stopping me from doing so.

Also trying to edit any file or folder outside of desktop gives me this error

Any ideas or help would be useful please

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I have Steam, RDP, VLC, Notepad all pinned to start menu, they all have 'Recent' sub-menus. The items in the Recent sub-menus for Steam and RDP do nothing. I click on them, get the circle for half a second and that is it. VLC and Notepad "Recent' sub-menu items open without issue. I tried unpinning Steam and RDP, and still the 'recent' sub-menu items do not work. I can go to Start>All Programs>Steam and click on any game I want and it opens without issue. Just not from the 'Recent' Steam sub-menu. Stumped on how to resolve this.

A:Recent items under Start Menu items, not working

Quote: Originally Posted by JustWatching

I have Steam, RDP, VLC, Notepad all pinned to start menu, they all have 'Recent' sub-menus. The items in the Recent sub-menus for Steam and RDP do nothing. I click on them, get the circle for half a second and that is it. VLC and Notepad "Recent' sub-menu items open without issue. I tried unpinning Steam and RDP, and still the 'recent' sub-menu items do not work. I can go to Start>All Programs>Steam and click on any game I want and it opens without issue. Just not from the 'Recent' Steam sub-menu. Stumped on how to resolve this.

When did you notice the issue for the first time?

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I have recently had to have Windows 7 reinstalled. Since then my jump lists hardly contain any items. The max No. of items is set to 20, but they never get anywhere close.

Now I have discovered that my Recent Items folder

C:\Users\(User Name)\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Recent Items

is only keeping items from today and yesterday, and these items are the only ones that appear in my jump lists.

How can I set the Recent Items folder to keep items for longer?

A:Recent Items folder not keeping items more than 48 hours

Right click on the empty area of Start Menu, choose Properties, at bottom change the "Number of Recent Items to Display in Jump Lists" up to maximum 60.

On my installs I also set Downloads as a link, Computer and Control Panel as a Menu.

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i have vista and windows 7 on my computer but i did,nt make partition J big enough for windows 7.
vista is on drive C.(162gb free)
i presume partition D is recovery for vista ?(11.1gb of 19.9 free )
new volume f just hold a fewfilms.(786gb free)
J is now full.?(.5GB of 15.6 free)(just deleted some photos)
can you advise what to do to make partition J bigger ?

A:the partition with windows 7 is full. how to enlarge

You've got plenty room on Disk1 so why don't you reinstall win7 on that disk.
Repartition it, and make ie. 100gB primary partition for system and programs, then make two logical partitions, one for data and the other for backup. Just a thought...

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Hi , I hope this will be a simple problem. I have an older friend with windows XP and I have the same OS. I am trying to find a way to make her quick launch icons larger. I found a thread in here said to right click on a blank spot in quick launch and go to view. First I did that , could not find view. ( I have XP pro don't know if it is different there) then I right clicked went to open folder/ view .. am not sure that is what they meant but nothing there that would let me enlarge the icons, nothing about size. I have hunted high and low in there . Am I missing something ? This is not for me. I can see mine perfectly but this elderly lady can't.. so please someone help. PS She has an lcd monitor so she can't change her resolution . Thank you in advance.

A:how to enlarge quick launch icons..

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my screen is Narrow it never opens to a full screen.Sometimes it gets smaller and after I turn it off and turn on in a few hours it is back to the larger screen but never full screen.

A:I want to know how to enlarge my margins and move the icons

Is the desktop itself too narrow?Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks

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how do I enlarge a photo using the Epson 405 combo, Do I have to scan the photo into the computer first or is it possible to enlarge it from the scanner/printer, as I have a few photos to enlarge for a friend.

I would much appreciate some advice.

Thank you


A:how do I enlarge a photo using the epson 405 combo

You may need a photo editor software to do this. I am not sure if there may be a free version available but maybe someone else may confirm it.

UPDATE: I am not too sure if this site might work or not.

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I am trying to enlarge my partition containing my Windows 7 Home 64-bit OS.
I have unallocated space to use for my purposes. The SystemReserve 100 MB self created by the OS during installation, is in between the partition with the OS and the unallocated space. I know that to be able to resize the unallocated has to be contiguouis to the partition to be resized. How can I change so they become contiguous?

I had trouble using the Mini Partition Wizard.
So I emailed them caise their Video Tiutorial in their site was not working when I tried to Resize the OS partition on a Intel SSD.
They answered saying that their software was having isssues with SSD's and they will launch in brief a new software for SSD fo fix those issues.
Is that the one your tutorial was based on?

I would appreciate your comments.

Thank you kindly

A:Trying to enlarge my partition containing my Windows 7 Home 64-bit OS


Are you using Partition Wizard 4.2.2 from a boot disc? It's generally preferable to Partition Wizard from Windows.

Could you post a pic of your Disk Management screen.

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When a person visiting my website and are using XP they can enlarge pictures on my site by placing their pointer on the picture, right click and click view image. The picture will enlarge. When it comes to VISTA this will not work and I can?t find a way to enlarge pictures. Any help for this out there.

Thanks in advance, Mike

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I just reformatted my old Sony laptop, running XP. Now I have problem, which I have never seen, that the display size of the entire desktop is just about 9" out of the 14" screen. The rest is black. So I wonder if anyone knows what just happened and how to fix it? Thanks.

A:How to Enlarge Laptop's Screen View


It sounds like your resolution is not set to the recommended resolution for your laptop's LCD. You also may be missing your graphics card drivers. But, before jumping to that conclusion, try right clicking on your desktop and choosing "Properties". From there, select the "Settings" and raise your resolution bar to the resolution that is native for your display (it is typically the resolution to the far right). If that does not solve your problem or you don't have an option to change your resolution, you are missing your graphics card drivers. If that's the case, you'll need to download them again either via Sony's support website (recommended) or you can try to visit and select "Custom Update." Once it has searched, check to see if the drivers are listed under the "Hardware" tab on the left. If so, you are set, if not, refer to Sony's Driver Support website.

Hope that answers your question!

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Church lady asked if I could try to enlarge an image from 1 X 2.25 to about 6 inches for her. I have it scanned to .pdf.

She is pasting up a flyer for her church group and has never touched a computer. She likes scissors and glue. At 82 she isn't interested in learning something new. I'm not that well versed in computers, myself. Peter principle in action.

I don't have a clue how to do it.

Played around with Adobe 9 reader without success.

Searched the forum without success.

I don't normally have a need for this type task but I'd like to help the lady.

A:PDF file need to enlarge and print for a paste up

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I'm older, as are my eyes, and the type in HTML emails is difficult to read. I changed Outlook 2003 to display everything as Text so I can enlarge using my scroll wheel but the tons of hyperlinks detract.

My Windows menus and Firefox are 14 point for easy reading but I can't find an Outlook setting that applies to HTML messages.

Your help will be appreciated.



A:Enlarge type in HTML email

Have a read of this thread:
It states Outlook2007, but should be similar (if not the same)

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Do anyone knows how to enlarge the fonts of the taskbar buttons without altering the dpi?

I tried all the items listed in:
Personalization -> Windows Color and Appearance -> Advanced appearance settings

but none of them does the job


A:How to enlarge the fonts of the taskbar buttons

try this from microsoft (Google search): Make the text on your screen larger or smaller

at the bottom of the tutorial I think it alters the DPI, so if the top bit alters it, try changing it back, and hopefully the text stays

There is another program for vision/hearing/etc impared that could potentially help you, even if you aren't any of those. It sometimes lets you alter things you otherwise could not, I just forget the name of it in windows 7, I'll have to get back to you on what I'm talking about.

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I have a Canon MP250 printer. Does anyone know how to enlarge the fonts ? They print very small fonts & are difficult to read. Thanks

A:Solved: How to enlarge fonts when printing

The printer prints what is sent by the PC. Enlarge the fonts in the application that is opening the document.

Also, check the printer setup and/or the app sending the document to the printer and ensure "fit to page" is not set.

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Anyone know if one can enlarge the window for entering a password on the welcome screen?

Possibly due to my screen resolution settings, the login area for my password is quite small. Once the password is entered and the system finishes booting - everything is the size I like - which is on the larger side since I tend to sit relaxed and away from the 20" screen.

A:Enlarge Password window on welcome screen

It is either the default user or Admin account resolution. TweakUI had an option to copy the settings over. I can find almost every setting except resolution.

You could try activating the Administrator account, log on, set a low resolution, log out. Log in as yourself to test. And no matter the result, de-activate the Admin account.

Built-in Administrator Account - Enable or Disable

And please, do not even think about keeping the Admin account active. It is inactive for a reason.

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I know this is a simple thing to do, but I don't know how to do it.
My husband has low vision probs and could really benefit from having the pointer on our monitor enlarged so he can find it better. I did this once with some help from a friend and now need to do it again, and can't contact my friend. Can someone just walk me through the steps. I'll keep a record of the instructions so that next time I need to do it I'll have the instructions. Should have written them down the first time and didn't. Any help will be much appreciated.

A:[Resolved] need to enlarge mouse pointer

Try going into Control Panel, Mouse, Pointers. You can change the Scheme or individual pointers.

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A friend helped me build this system, using PM6.0 to partition 30 gig Hard drive into 5 equal sections. Whoops, he didn't think that 6gig was too small for the C drive. Anyway, now I'm stuck because PM won't allow me to enlarge it, even after I redistributed free space from the other (almost empty) drives, positioned it between the C and D drive, to no avail. When I
try to Resize, it gives me an error at reboot #732, which means I have resized beyond 1024 cylinder boundary. If I try to
Merge, it says there are no mergeable sections.
The C drive lists as NTFS, primary. The other 4 sections are NTFS, logical. There is 2 blocks of free unused space. Win2000 is on the Cdrive. I don't have the PM disk, it belonged to friend.
Any help would be appreciated!

A:Partition Magic 6.0 won't enlarge my Cdrive

First, Welcome to TSG.

Second. Do you actually need all those partitions. Really you should only have two or three. Having more can cause problems if something goes wrong with the hard drive.

If you can, delete some of the partitions so that only the one with 2k is left. After that you should be able to either resize it or make one partition to tkae up the rest of the hard drive.

Hope this helps.

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my friends can make his picture really really big
and he won;t tell me
so does anyone know how to make it big?????

A:how to enlarge the display picture for msn messenger ???

Well the only thing I know of is click on the arrow under your picture and it has a different size option. Let me know if this helps u

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Hello all, I'm looking for some help or suggestions of how to find out.

For quite sometime now, I've been looking for a way to customize the colors and font size, of the backgrounds within programs. For example, the web browser, is white, which really hurts my eyes. I understand I can increase the fonts and that is fine. I use the AVS products for converting VHS to DVD and I would like to change it's white background and small fonts. To be able to do this would make things nicer, as it stands now, it;s the cause of many headaches. Hopefully my attachment will make it more clear if I didn't explain well.

Thanks for the help

A:Darken background & enlarge fonts.

Right clik on the desktop, select personalization. Scroll down and choose the High Contrast Black theme, then clik on color and customize to your choice.

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I am to computers period and this may sound like a silly question, however I would likg to enlarge the character that was installed for me by Staples and it is very small.I don't even know how to access the generic choices that I had to choose from.That is my first question and the second question is how can I use one of my own pictures that I have in My pictures as my Wallpaper??? I think that is the right term so that it will be the background for my Desktop.Sorry for the mundatne questions, I am reading reference books and will take a beginner's course in the Fall and enjoy the sunny summer. In the meantime I google a lot, but did not know what the computer terminology is for this character that is on the startup, just to the left of where I type in my Password.I would be grateful for any advice and aplogize that I am "Greener" than the Green Green grass of home.Thankyou for your time!!!BTW, my os is XPsp2.

A:How To Enlarge Character At Windows Start


I'm not sure I understand what "character" you mean.

Is it the same as the little image at the top of your "start" menu just to the right of your name?

(Click "start" at the lower left corner of you screen.)
To change your background, "right click" on a blank area anywhere on your desktop, then

click on "properties",

in the window that appears, click on the "Desktop" tab,

then click on the button labelled "browse".

You'll now have a new window where you should be able to select your "My Pictures" folder, and then select an image in it.

Click once on the image, and then click the "open" button.

You should now be able to click "apply" or "OK" in that "Display Properties" window and the image should now be on your desktop as your background.

Notice that in that "Display Properties" window you have a small, "pull down" menu that allows you to select "stretch" (which will make the image fill your screen, but may distort it a little), "tile" (which keeps the image it's original size, but puts as many as it can on the screen), or "center" (which puts the image in the center of the screen, whether it fills the entire screen or not).

Hope that helps, at least with the background anyway.

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Coolpix 5900 or Canon Powershot SD300, need advise please

I am torn between Nikon Coolpix 5900 and Canon Powershot SD300. There are both nice compact digital cameras, prices are comparable. I care about the macro function as I am going to shoot a lot of close up pictures. Coolpix's macro is 1.6 inches, and Powershot SD300's macro is 1.2 inches, not too much differences.

So which one should I get? Anyone has any experiences and opinions?

Thanks a lot.

A:[FONT=Arial][B]Coolpix 5900 or Canon Powershot SD300, need advise please[/FONT][/B]

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When I try to send e-mail attachment I receive an error message (connection to your mail server was interrupted)
Using Outlook and Norton Antivirus Enterprise Edition 9.0
When I disable Email Virus Protection attachments go normally
This just started happening - it used to work fine and nothing has changed on the computer

A:[FONT=Arial]undefined[/FONT][U]Unable to Send Attachments[/U] [B]Norton[/B]

You probably have certain file extensions blocked in Norton or have attachments blocked period....Are you trying to send .exe files?

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Every time I begin a new message, the same font and size come on, unbidden. I do see how to reset them every time, but how can I can I reset them so that my own choices appear automatically?

A:In Windows Live Mail, how do I reset the default font and font size?

Go to tools>options>compose tab.

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Hello, Some application or something has changed my internet explorer 6 fonts. Now all of my web pages have some lame dull font for the text. Right now my settings are

Encoding: Auto Select / Western European (ISO)

Language Script: Latin based

Web Page Font: New Times Roman

Plain Text Font: Courier New

Im just looking to have and use the default font, ....I see with win xp for ie6 "out the box" so to speak, on 99% of any computers i have ever seen.

Thanks for any tips.

A:Default Font for Internet explorer 6? Help to restore original text font

I believe those are the stock fonts for IE6. Have you tried changing them using Tools/Options/Fonts settings?

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I've been struggling with an issue that I hope someone here can help resolve. A few weeks ago, I suddenly started seeing this ugly font (see images below) on many webpages.

I think this issue began right around the time I installed some other fonts, but I am not sure. Initially, I figured it was a Chrome thing but have since confirmed the issue extends to IE and Firefox, leading me to believe this is a Windows issue. By the time I tried to revert the changes via System Restore, it was too late (restore only went back a few days; maybe I need to adjust settings there?).

I tried to reset the default font but Windows does not seem to respond to that. When I click "Restore to default font settings" the button greys out but nothing else happens. No dialog box and no change in the issue.

Any ideas?


A:help! weird font on all browsers but can't reset win7 default font?

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I read on vmware's website about the virtual disk management program and how to expand the size of a virtual disk I have. I haven't been able to get the program to work.

I'd type "vmware-vdiskmanager -t 3 -x 7GB H:\vm\windows 98\windows 98.vmdk" and it will say "diskname or some other argument is missing"

How can I expand my windows 98 virtual disk?

The disk is already split up into:
Windows 98-000001.vmdk
Windows 98-000002.vmdk
Windows 98-flat.vmdk
Windows 98.vmdk

A:Solved: Enlarge a Virtual Disk? (VMWARE)

iXneonXi said:

I read on vmware's website about the virtual disk management program and how to expand the size of a virtual disk I have. I haven't been able to get the program to work.

I'd type "vmware-vdiskmanager -t 3 -x 7GB H:\vm\windows 98\windows 98.vmdk" and it will say "diskname or some other argument is missing"

How can I expand my windows 98 virtual disk?

The disk is already split up into:
Windows 98-000001.vmdk
Windows 98-000002.vmdk
Windows 98-flat.vmdk
Windows 98.vmdkClick to expand...

Hi neon,

I assume your virtual disks are preallocated. Is that correct? If so, did you first convert your preallocated disk to growable? If not here is an example:

Converting a Virtual Disk

To convert a virtual disk from preallocated to growable, use a command like the following:

vmware-vdiskmanager -r sourceDisk.vmdk -t 0 targetDisk.vmdk

This converts the disk from its original preallocated type to a growable virtual disk consisting of a single virtual disk file. The virtual disk space is no longer preallocated, and the virtual disk manager reclaims some disk space in the virtual disk so it is only as large as the data contained within it.

Expand the Size of an Existing Virtual Disk

To expand the size of a virtual disk, use a command like the following:

vmware-vdiskmanager -x 40GB myDisk.vmdk

Hope this helps,

-- Tom

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  I have a bunch of .pdf files that I would like to have printed out. My problem is this; the text size after it gets printed out is too small for my old eyes to read (heck it's too small to read even on my monitor screen). Is there a way to enlarge the text size before I have them printed out so that when I have them printed out the text comes out nice and large ? If so, how do I do that?
Thank you

A:How do I enlarge the text size on a .pdf file before printing it out?

I don't know of a way you can increase the size prior to printing without some major time consuming conversion steps. But most if not all .pdf viewers I have seen, have the ability to zoom within the document on screen.

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Does anyone know how to enlarge Adobe pdf file to margins of page for printing on a full sheet of paper? I am using the free reader version, & can get it to enlarge somewhat by using the zoom feature, but then what happens is that all the text/image shifts to the right side of the paper instead of enlarging the entire document as a whole.

Thought I could maybe open the file in another program to make it work, but no go...

Any ideas on how to do this? I need to print out small print manuals/schematics that are hard to read in their current size.


A:Enlarge Adobe pdf file to margins of page?

I love my PDF-XChange Viewer! It is a nice freeware app that is quite robust. The feature you are looking for is 'Fit Page' which is in the center of the upper tool bar.

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Anyone know a software to either enlarge the tray desktop clock display or replace it? I know I can hover the mouse on Settings to get the large panel display. But I'd rather just be able to read it. Of course I'm looking for freeware.

A:Enlarge Desktop Tray Clock Display?

This any good? Tray clock is Win 8 compatible

desktop tray clock 2.42 free download

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Hello, is my first post here, so excuse me if I don't posted well, although I looked interested me, but I don't have found.
So my problem, I have a 500GB hard drive, with 2 partitions, the first is Windows7 Enterprise x64 operating system, and on the 2nd partition I have pictures, movies, etc.
I would like if possible, tell me how to do to increase partition C with 25GB without losing data from partition D.
I put a screen shot to see how we partitions and free space remaining.
Thank you very much.

A:Enlarge existing partition without data loss

You may be able to do this through Disk Management in Windows.

Or you may have to use a program such as Partition Wizard.

Please post a screen shot of your Disk Management screen.

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How to enlarge the icons\text of interfaces of applications in windows 10,

The icon size and texts of applications installed in windows 10 are smaller than those of windows. In windows 8, the ?change the size of texts, apps, and other items? option used to solve the issue. In windows 10, setting the ?change the size of texts, apps, and other items? to be 125% has no effects on the icons\texts of applications

What might be the issue here?

Thank you



A:How to enlarge the icons\text of interfaces of application

This is all I found related on W10 forum

Icons Text Size - Change in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums

But since it is a W10 issue you may have more luck posting there
Windows 10 Forums

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I downloaded a document that has text so small that when I printed it out I can't read it (a pdf). How do I enlarge the document so that when I copy it I can read it? I can't find the answer anywhere in the printer's on-screen manual (it just says how to change the paper size you are copying it to). My printer is a Canon MG3122. Thank you.

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When I use Word, normally there is a white area
representing the paper where I type and a blue
background. The white "paper" usually is about
two thirds the width of the window. The other third
is the blue background split equally on each side
of the "paper". So in other words, one sixth blue,
two thirds white, one sixth blue. The height of the
"paper" is the whole window from top to bottom. In
fact, it goes beyond the screen. I have to scroll down
to see the lower portion.

Above is what I normally see when I open a Word document.
But now, when I opened a new document, the white area was
about half its normal size. It's only about one third the width of
the window and about three quarters the height of the window.

I don't know why this happened all of a sudden. How do I get
back the normal size document?


A:Solved: Why Is My Word Document So Tiny? How Do I Enlarge It?

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I use Windows XP with AOL 9.0SE. I have often used my scroll mouse with the Ctrl key on my keyboard to enlarge text of websites that have tiny text. All of a sudden it doesn't work! Anywhere. I can still scroll up and down but cannot enlarge or decrease text size with my scroll mouse. What could be wrong and what can I do about it?

A:Solved: Can't Enlarge Text With Scroll Mouse

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this is probably not where i should post this....but, family uploads photos on; how can i retrieve and enlarge these jpegs without losing the quality? thanks all!!

A:Solved: how to enlarge jpegs posted on

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