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Inspiron 15-5568 messed up after BIOS system update - HELP!!!!

Q: Inspiron 15-5568 messed up after BIOS system update - HELP!!!!

Wondering how I can fix this.... Did recommended BIOS update and now getting message "operating system loader has no signature. Incompatible with SecureBoot. All bootable devices failed Secure Boot verification".
Pls help!

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Can I buy an ALT key.  I know it just clicks on.

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Hi,I got a Dell Inspiron 15 5568 2-in-1 purchased one month ago and suddently its screen does not turn on neither after loading Windows nor before loading BIOS. I can only use my laptop by connecting an external HDMI screen.In the Windows Video Configuration I can only choose the external HDMI screen.
I have updated BIOS and video drivers to the latest versions, but the issue persists. All the hardware tests from Dell software are OK, but it is like the screen of the laptop dissapeared,
What else can I do?
Thanks a lot for you help..

A:Screen does not turn ON Inspiron 15 5568 2-in-1

Time to call Dell for a warranty replacement of the screen.

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Hi... Was told to check out this thread to try and resolve my boot issue.   This is what the screen says when booting "Operating system loader has no signature.  Incompatible with SecureBoot.  All bootable devices failed Secure Boot verification".  
Tried in BIOS to switch from Legacy to UEFI as the thread recommended however UEFI was already selected.  
Wondering what else can be done to fix this.... it's all new to me :)

A:Inspiron 5568 - boot issue - Please HELP!

Have you tried disabling secure boot in system setup (F2 at powerup to access)?

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I just bought an Inspiron 15-5568.  I put it into tablet mode and I'm trying to pull up an email in my Yahoo Inbox using IE.  I double-tap on one of the email messages in my inbox to pull it up.  Instead of pulling up the message, the double-tap zooms in the entire IE screen.  Another double-tap zooms it out again. I've tried a number of different operations to pull up an email message but nothing works.  I can get a context menu to appear next to a message but there's no option to Read or View the message.  If I was using a mouse, I would double-click the message and it would come up.
I reviewed the user guide but it's not of much help.
Can someone please tell me how to pull up an email message in Yahoo or Google Mail with an Inspiron 15-5568 in tablet mode?  It seems like this should be very simple but it's not.
Thanks in advance.

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Hi all, yesterday I tried to update my Dell XPS12 (9Q33 mid 2013) BIOS to the last version (A08). During the installation, the laptop remained stuck in "EC programming" at 50%..I waited two hours but nothing changed and my PC was unusable: completely blocked, no keyboard,no touch and even the windows clock was blocked. 
So, as I read in a lot of BIOS-related threads, I removed the AC adaptor and let it discharge completely..some users resolved with this workaround, and their PC's worked well after.
Unfortunately, my XPS12 doesn't want to power up anymore..I also tried to put the .hdr file of the BIOS in a USB stick and tried to power up with "end" button pressed. It powers up and the fans are working, but nothing happens then..Am I using the wrong procedure to repair the BIOS?

Thanks in advance,


A:Dell XPS12 messed up during BIOS update

Good day ,
To help me resolve this issue I would ask your assistance by performing these troubleshooting steps,
1)Remove all the peripheral components from the system .2)Disconnect the charger from the system ,battery from the system and perform the power drain test on the system .
3)Plug in the charger back and use F2 key to get into BIOS then use F9 key to reset the BIOS to default settings.
4)If you are unable to get to the BIOS page or if there are any concerns do reply to this post with the service tag of the system (sent via private message ) so that I can look into the specifications of the system to assist you better .
Awaiting your reply .
Have a great day ahead !
Kindest Regards ,

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 I am receiving this message when I run sp76205: The system BIOS update file (c:\SWSetup\SP76205\hpqflash\ROM.CAB) is missing or corrupt. The system BIOS will not be updated." SP76205 was just released in June 2016 and I noticed other user are experiencing the same issue with it. Please provide a fix BIOS update or explain how to run this current update...

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I recently purchased an AMD RX 480, and everything powers up fine.
The thing is I don't get any video for monitor. It looks like it doesn't boot to the bios.
Someone on Reddit suggested I should update to my BIOS.
I have moved all the parts from the original case to another case, and I have a new power supply (500W) that I'm going to put into my case soon today.

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I have an Inspiron 1720 running Vista Home Premium and I wish to upgrade to Windows 7.   The Microsoft Compatibility Test indicated there would be no problem.   However when I tried to install Windows 7 Home Premium it stalled saying I needed to update the BIOS version (A03).   Having checked Dell Support the latest version is A09.   When I try to download it all I get is a Download Manager which tells me there are no files to download.   I believe the file I need is 1702_A09.EXE.   How do I install this BIOS update?

A:BIOS Update Inspiron 1720

Please download the below BIOS file for your system.
Inspiron 1720 BIOS ZIP
Do let me know if you have any issues, the battery must be charged and connected to the AC adpt during the update.
All open applications have to be closed. Any interruptions during the installation could render the motherboard useless.

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I found the BIOS update for my Inspiron 15R SE 7520 on these pages.
I am using Windows 8.1 (orignally system was preloaded with Win 8) which is causing a few small problems like the touchpad notification light (enable or disable light-small orange LED) is not working, airplane mode has multiple entries like when Fn+F2 is pressed, airplane mode is enabled but system shows it as disabled.So does these problems is solved in this BIOS?
Is it safe to update to A11 or is this some kind of beta BIOS?
Please also may I know the overall issues fixed in this BIOS update?
Thank you.

A:Bios A11 update for Inspiron 7520.

I don't mean to hijack your post, but I've been struggling with this laptop and its capabilities."mainly dealing with the ATI graphics".
I came across another post, that directed me to your question."Google"
I also found the bios A11 on the dell website, but when i look up or enter in my tag, it only shows the A10 bios update.-Is the A11 bios, not recommended? Why do you think its no longer available when you pick or enter service tag?
I am wondering if you happen to have used the A11? Did you notice any difference? I notice it says
(((Enhanced ATI VBIOS for new Samsung VRAM.))))
Or maybe anybody reading this, has had the chance to use the bios A11?
Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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So after installing Windows 10 I decided to update my drivers and one of them was the "BIOS Update" after a while the update stopped at "sending the update image to FW for verification" and it's stuck on 3%. I'm not a computer wizard so your help is appreciated. Also if you're wondering , I'm using the Dell Inspiron 3847.

A:Dell Inspiron BIOS Update

Bios updates require special installation and must be done alone. It cannot be done with other drivers. Bios updates should be done before updating to win 10 not after. Use caution updating bios since it can brick your computer. 
You should not be updating the drivers yourself. Go to Dell Drivers and downloads and let the scanner tell you what windows 10 drivers you need-- 
Completely Shutdown the computer to get out of the hangup. Wait a minute and then turn it back on.

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Dear all,
I have here an Inspiron 20 3043 unit with an old A03 bios. I am trying to update it to the current latest A12 version, using the Dell official executable file for Windows. The Windows part goes all right, then it reboots (in fact it does not, as this unit never reboots - I believe because of the old Bios - it shuts down), so I have to wait until it shuts down, then I start it by pressing the power button, and then the InsydeH2O Secure Flash update shows up, but it says "Error : Decompress failed". Then my only choice is to press a key to reboot (again, it shuts down, currently being incapable of rebooting).
I have tried to use the A04 Bios file, that's the same issue.
My Bios files are located in Windows under My Document.
I have tried to unzip and then uncompress the BIN file to get an .fd file for the Bios, put it on a FAT32 usb stick, and then boot using WIN+B, but all I get is the diagnostic app from Dell.
Any idea on how I can get this Bios updated?

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My gpu isn't showing up in device manager, or in the bios. nvidia installers and geforce experience wont work because they say I don't have the required hardware. there have been no knocks or drops since updating the bios last night that might have caused this, and I've already done a factory reset, no luck, I'm stumped!

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tried to flash bios to A09 from Dell website. Flash program completed successfully and shut itself down. But now PC will not reboot. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

A:Inspiron 3646 will not boot after bios update

Power off and unplug
Press/hold power button for ~15 sec
Open case and remove motherboard battery. See manual for details
Press/hold power button for ~30 sec
Reinstall battery (right-side-up!)
Reboot with fingers x'd

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Hello,There's a bios update that has just been released for my laptop, i'm trying to install it but i get this error message : There isn't any ROM file in this directorythe bios version is A09the current one is A08So shall i install it throught USB flash or what shall i do exactly?thanks in advance

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I recently purchased a quadcore Inspiron 518.
I was really disappointed to find out that there is no virtualization support in the BIOS it came with, (should have done more research.)
Are there any plans for a release to update the BIOS that would include this feature?  Or any work arounds I can do in order to have virtualization support from the motherboard/processor?

A:BIOS update for Inspiron 518 that provides Virtualization support

I am also interested in any news on this.  I have Windows 7 Professional and was hoping to use the virtualization for Windows XP Mode.  As it stands right now, I cannot enable it in the BIOS as it is not visible anywhere.

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Last week I updated my machine to the latest BIOS from Dell, file name 7437A10.exe. The machine rebooted fine after the installation and worked fine for a day or two. But now my machine will not boot pass the DELL logo (the progress bar at the bottom keeps spinning). The hard disk light lights up and blinks, indicating that the system is accessing the hard disk.
I tried a few things to get the machine to boot, with no success. What I tried was:

press Start and wait for the machine to boot for about 5 minutes, Iooking at the logo
press and hold the start button for about 30seconds
detach the battery, press the start button for about 30seconds to release any remaining current, attach the battery and tried to boot
reset the bios settings to default

None of these options worked. Can you help me figure out what the problem is?
I'm running Windows 10.

Thank you in advance.

A:Inspiron 7437 WILL NOT REBOOT after BIOS Update

Why did you update the bios? Laptops rarely need bios updates and if you do update the bios it should be done before upgrading the operating system. Dell has all the drivers you needed for win 10 here-- 
Try booting to Safe Mode or to the repair disk you made. You might be able to run the diagnostics to test the hardware and do a custom test of the hard drive. Bios update failures usually do not "work for a few days." It might be a coincidence and something else is causing the problem. Use the links on the Support page to get more info.

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I posted a thread on the forums earlier, about my keyboard not working during boot, well, it was because the mouse (Razer Copperhead) was connected to my keyboard USB hub (Logitech G15), when I attached it to the back of my PC, I could use it again.

But now there's another problem, I can't connect my keyboard or mouse to another slot than the ones they are in now, when I connected the mouse to another USB port, it wouldn't work, then I put it back in my keyboard, and it worked again. Same for my keyboard that doesn't work when I plug it in another USB Slot.

Microsoft says it's because of update KB937287 which messes up the USB system, now it's impossible to uninstall that update because it was an update prior to SP1. (Didn't notice that the other slots don't work for keyboard and mouse for a month)

Does anyone else have this problem? And is there a solution for it?


A:USB System messed up because of update?

Hi Axon,
If I read this correctly sounds like yo did not try to plug in usb hub to a differnt usb port then plug in mouse/keyboard to usb hub? Not sure how to uninstall that update. Sorry

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I cannot get through a paragraph without a double space being inserted randomly. It occurs typing normal speed, or fast.
It seems many users (read a few threads) had this same bug occur on their XPS 13 devices, and in fact a BIOS update was released specifically to resolve this problem:
Will us Inspiron 5759 owners be so lucky, or is Dell unaware that the same issue is occurring on Inspiron laptops? (FWIW, I had stock BIOS [1.0.6 A07] and updated to the BIOS released 11 Dec 2015 [1.1.3 A09], but no joy.)
I have done all troubleshooting steps, and this does not occur with an external keyboard hooked up.
Please Dell, release a BIOS update to fix this, like you did for the XPS users who complained on this forum.

A:Inspiron 5759 suffers from same keyboard bug that XPS 13 had a BIOS update for

Thanks for nothing, Dell. Pretty clear why they are so eager to knock $150 off the price on the chat for this item, and why it's one third  the cost of the Apple.  Don't mind my double spaces, it's just the wonderful  made keyboard woohoo.

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OS: Windows 8.1 64-bit.
I am having battery problems.
I currently have BIOS version A05 (3-jan-13).
I have downloaded the update A14 but when i am installing it,
It gives error message 'allocate memory for security flash failed!'.
My drive where windows is installed i have only 4.7GB of free space.  Could it be because of this?

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Hi,I was performing a BIOS update on Dell Inspiron N5110 to Latest bios version,  when the laptop became inactive plus the fan started to run at full speed. i could not even switch off the machine by pressing the power button. At the end i had to pull out AC cord and battery.Now its dead(No activity at all). how can i restore bios???
dell inspiron N5110
service tag: <Admin Note: removed per privacy policy~RK>

A:dell inspiron n5110 bios update failure

Solution fo recovery bios Dell N51101. Download the latest firmware from the Dell support2. Save the exe and create a shortcut with the following parameter: " /writehdrfile"3. Start the created shortcut and it will create a n5110a11.hdr file rename the file to N5110.hdr4. Create a shortcut exe file with the following parameter: " /writeromfile"5. Start the created shortcut and it will create a n5110a11.rom file rename the file to DQ15A11.rom6. Copy both file "N5110.hdr" and "DQ15A11.rom" to a FAT formatted pendrive's root folder7. Remove the charger and Battery from the laptop8. Plug In the pendrive9. Press & hold END10. Connect the charger (still hold END)11. The notebook starts automatically and shows the recovery screen12. Press enter and wait until finish the flashing13. Press esc to restart14. Hopefully problem solved

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I recently updated my Inspiron 3451 bios from A00 to A05, and the update finished successfully, no errors or interruption during the update. But here is the problem, when the laptop was still in bios version A00, it load the windows quickly after i switched on the laptop, and after it updated to version A05, i have to stuck on the dell logo for about 8-10 seconds, waiting, without windows loading animation or any harddrive activity (from fn+h combination), but after that, the windows loading animation comes up and system start quickly.
i have tried everything, resetting the bios, updating the drivers and windows, and even reinstalling the windows, but still. It's truly annoying to wait for that long, although the laptop works well for daily use. Is there any workaround for this problem? i'm thinking about downgrading the bios to A00.

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i am having a battery problem so i am wanting to update my BIOS to troubleshoot it.
My current BIOS version is A05 (3-jan-13).  I want to update it to A14.
But i am getting ther error message 'allocate memory for security flash fail!'
The drive where windows is installed has only 5GB of free space.
Could it be becausr of this?

A:Dell Inspiron 15R 5521 BIOS update error.

No -- 5G is more than enough free space for a BIOS flash.  Is the system failing to recognize the AC adapter (F2 at powerup to check)?
If it is, the BIOS won't flash - this is a hardware problem a BIOS update won't fix -- either the adapter, the DC jack or the mainboard is bad.

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Model: Dell Inspiron 530
Processor: 2.53 Ghz Intel Core Duo
OS: Windows Vista 32-bit Home Premium Service Pack 1
BIOS: 1.0.15

Hello Tech Guys,
Our office bought several computers over the past few days and I've been given the responsibility of setting them up. I AM NOT A COMUTER TECHNICIAN!

Everything was going fine until I tried to update the BIOS on one of the machines.

I had updated the BIOs on other machines with no problems - this time the BIOS update has frozen at 13%.

Please let me know what I can do to safely power down the computer and reboot/retry updating the BIOS.

Any help would be much appreciated.


A:Solved: Dell Inspiron 530 FROZEN during BIOS Update

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I am trying to update my bios for my inspirion 531 to the latest bios as i am running 1.0.6, when i run the program on my desktop it creates a item named winflash.sys but wont do anything past that.  Is there any additional programs I need? I am really trying to avoid having to call outside of warranty tech support for this.

A:Inspiron 531 1.0.13 bios update problem, wont flash


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Has anyone else noticed that after the A09 bios update to your 11-3147 it takes way longer to boot up? It takes on average 15 seconds of staring at the Dell logo before Windows 10 starts to boot. I installed an SSD drive once It gets to the point of the OS booting it's lightning fast...just the bios post seems exceptionally slow. I'll try reinstalling the previous bios to confirm. I'm just wondering if anyone else has had this happen also. I also have an 11-3148 and there was a bios update for it on the same day. It didn't affect it's boot speed at all and in fact seemed to cure the "plugged in not charging" issue that it had.

A:Inspiron 11-3147 A09 bios update - slow post

I'm using a Samsung Evo 850 256Gb.
Here's an update to this strange story: Yesterday I reverted back to A07 bios. bios went in all fine but then can't boot into windows. It doesn't see my drive. it does in the bios but not during post apparently. All boot and drive settings look the same as they were before. Tried a repair install of 10 which actually worked for me this time (previously I've only had failures for some reason). It finishes and gives me a log file of the apps and such it killed in the process. Mostly just the Dell Apps which is no big deal. Rebooted and once again boot times are nice and speedy as I was hoping. And that's not all folks! To top it all off, it now sleeps properly instead of just shutting down like I was whining about in my last post. Bizarre to say the least. This was my last ditch effort. If this had failed I was going back to the dreaded 8.1. Used it all evening as I normally would and it's working flawlessly. Only thing I notice of any mention is the battery will not show 100% charge which is what the A09 bios update fixed. No biggie. It says 99% and I know it's fully charged. It really makes me wonder how much the guys at Dell check stuff out before it's released. Seems like every computer guy that's worked for my company is the same way....fix one bug but neglect to check if the fix affected anything else and walk away.

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Just updated the AVG and when I restarted as asked by AVG it would not boot. I ran System Repair and it would not fix it. I ended up have the choice of System Restore and went back 1 week. It is running now but I will have to fix AVG not to auto update so it doesn't do it again. My wife's PC had the same update come up and she was going to shut hers down and did. I will have to fix hers in the morning. Not sure why this happened. I guess I will start her PC up and see if it did the same, and will report back on this thread.

Same thing on her PC. I am running her System restore now. While I was away from mine it updated AVG again so I am right back where I started. I didn't stop the Auto update like I should have.

All I can say is wow. If you don't shut off AVG update fast it starts all over again. Got it shut off this time. Wonder what AVG did to mess up the system so bad!

Just reported this problem to AVG. But they are closed like any other business this time of night.

A:[SOLVED] AVG update messed up system

Remove AVG -

Reboot upon completion.

Install MSE -

Regards. . .



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Hi Dell fans,  just hoping for a bit of direction with this issue:
I have an inspiron 7535 laptop that has started powering off after about 30 minutes of use.  no warning, no graceful shutdown, just straight to power-off.  I've cleaned and serviced it, the normal dell heatsink paste was dry as a nuns hip flask, so that's been renewed and and it's cooling just fine, but i dont think that is the problem.  Mainly because you can turn it straight back on and continue working for another period of time without any need for a cool-down.

My gut instinct is saying BIOS issues.  It's currently at versions A05 31/Oct/2013 and the latest from the support is A13 Release date 15 Jun 2015 (Last Updated 02 Aug 2015) however i cannot get this to install.
If I install within windows (10 x64)  it runs the extractor and flashed up a command window too fast to read the error. and I cannot find any logs it might create.  the command line options dont do anything.  every version does the same thing back to A06.  I seem to see something about intel in the message but cannot really read it in full.
i've also tried booting off a freedos disk and trying all versions too.  this extracts okay and gives error 8743: unknown or unsupported platform, cannot locate hardware platform identification this program cannot be run on the current plaform BIOS version too old please use the latest BIOS to flash.
Any ideas? either on the random pow... Read more

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Anybody having similiar problem?

Updated BIOS to v1.1.8
And my system says that there is 1 minute left until fully charge and battery stays at 99%.
Any advice? BIOS downgrade? IS there any form to provide feedback about this issue directly to DELL?

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only on x32

A:BUG FOUNDED IN BIOS UPDATE A10 for inspiron 5458/5558/5758

Thank you for posting.  
Did you notice this problem using any other utilities, VMware etc.?
I did take the liberty on searching for "How to fix Virtualbox only showing 32bit option?" and found several hits.  
Did you install VirtualBox and you were trying to install 64-bit guest OS but there was only option to 32-bit? You can probably fix this issue fast and easy.

If VirtualBox is showing only 32-bit options in the list, make sure that these apply for your computer:

Host OS is 64-bit
Intel Virtualization Technology and VT-d are enabled in the BIOS
If using Windows check that Hyper-V is disabled
(optional) Check that you have newest version here

If some of those don’t apply or you are not sure about that, we have made guide to check them. After checking try again adding 64-bit guest OS.


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So as it says in the title i have a 4 years old Inspiron 7720, and for the larger portion of that period of time it worked like a charm.
However lately it started doing some quirky things.
About two weeks ago my GPU (GeForce GT 650M) just disappeared from my Device Manager. I tried updating my GPU drivers, updating Windows (10) but it didn't seem to change anything. So i did some digging and found this:
Apparently I'm not the only one who encounterd this problem and there is a solution.HOWEVER, whenever I try to flash my BIOS an error pops up which reads: "ERROR 105 - Command line error! Status = 105."
I searched and found more users that experienced this problem, but the only solution I managed to find was reinstalling the OS, which is quite a drastic measure.
Is there any other way to fix this error?Thank you

A:Dell Inspiron 7720 GPU not showing AND BIOS update Error 105

It appears your BIOS may need to be updated.  What is the current version you're using? You should update them in order without skipping to the highest first.  Here's some information that may be helpful.

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Is it safe? A09 killed my system's configuration. I had to DOS boot, re-flash and re-install the OS because it wouldn't boot no matter what I tried. I don't feel too bad, since I read others had the same exact issue.
Currently, I'm on A06 or A07.
Seeking risk-taker feedback. Did A10 kill your system or is it running smoothly? Is it worth the risk?
P.S. My suggestion to Dell is to pull A09. Read all the complaints about it via search.

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Hello all, this is my first time posting here so please forgive any mistakes/oversights. I've just updated my Samsung laptop's system BIOS via their software update program, and my Nvidia GPU (GT 650m DDR3) no longer seems to work. The Nvidia control panel is still there, and it still gives me the option to select which programs use the GPU, but there is no GPU actitivity showing up. Also,I've tried playing Skyrim (which auto-detects the PC's graphics cards) , and the game no longer seems to detect the Nvidia GPU (just the Intel integrated graphics).

My laptop model is NP550PC7, with 6 gig of ram, and an i7 quad core CPU, and the OS is Window 7 Home Premium 64bit.

I've tried looking in the BIOS but I can't seem to find anything related to the GPU or display options. Any help or avice is much appreciated.

A:Problems with Nvidia gpu post BIOS system BIOS update.


Have you updated your GPU with the latest drivers?

Please navigate to:

Start> Control panel> Swith to icon view> device manager.
Look under "Display Adapters"

Is the Nvidia GPU listed there? If so are there any yellow symbols etc?



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I recently experienced a permanent battery failure on my Dell Inspiron 5548 laptop, and it can now only work while plugged in. The advice I found after perusing online would be to update BIOS. I've gone to Dell Support, had the site detect my Service TAG, and downloaded the manual BIOS update file(s). However, when I try to click on the new program, it brings me to this thing called "Insyde", which A.) asks for an ID and version and B.) won't work at all anyways since it says my battery needs to be at at least 10% for BIOS to be flashed. Now, I can't charge my computer at all since the battery is fried, since I'm basically running on electricity.
Not only am I unsure if a BIOS update will even fix my battery failure issue, but I can't even test it.
My Version: 10.0.14393 Build 14393

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Hi everybody, and thank you in advance for the help.
I explain the problem: after the update of the BIOS to the version 1.2.2, the laptop rebooted and showed the following message:

Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller Series v1.36 (11/26/14)
PXE-E61: Media test failure, check cable
No Boot Device Found. Press any key to reboot the machine

I used ePSA diagnostic and the tests were all OK, then I tried to restore the default settings in the BIOS, but nothing changed.
Has somebody any advice to solve the problem??

Thank you again,

A:PXE-E61: media test failure after BIOS update on Dell Inspiron 5759

Here're two threads that might be helpful to you:
Posted by Buckly53e - Boot not possible after BIOS update:
Posted by MUSTARD647 -Dell Inspiron 5459/5559/5759 BIOS Update Error - WILL NOT REBOOT

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Hello. I have a Dell Inspiron 7559 and yesterday the Dell Update application notified me of a BIOS update. I didn't think it could be so much of a problem (unfortunately) so I run the update and followed the on screen instruction. I don't know if the update went through or not, but after that whenever I try to boot Windows I am greeted by a "MEMORY MANAGEMENT" BSOD.
I have tried flashing different BIOS versions (every single one found on the Dell support page for my machine) and while the update goes well it doesn't solve the problem. I have also tried to reinstall Windows and I am able to get it to boot if I choose the 32 bit installation but only 1.89GB out of 8GB are usable. If I choose the 64bit installation (the one I had originally) I can't even get to the desktop. Dell Diagnostic tool finds no error and neither Memtest86 (4 passes run, now I am trying with 10). Any idea how I could solve this problem? Thank you in advance

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With the update of the BIOS : Legacy Support cause "PAGE FAULT IN NON PAGED AREA" error with WINDOWS 8.1 and WINDOWS 10.
My System was installed with WIN10 and legacy support bios option.
After bios upgrade system won't boot.
Did a new install with a new disk, WINDOWS won't install same error.
New BIOS only support Linux (I did a successfull Ubuntu install with Legacy Support).
Only UEFI is supported with BIOS 01.05.A04 FOR WINDOWS.
To install windows : use a USB WINDOWS UEFI boot stick, and then windows can be installed.
Hope it will help. I spent time on it.

A:BUG REPORT ? : Dell Inspiron 7359 System BIOS : 01.05.00, A04

Thank you very much Vincent. Dell program update my BIOS to the last version and it was impossible to install Windows. i do what you explain and I installed windows 10 Perfect.
Thank you so much for this.
Question: I have Dell 7359 and randomly freeze, Do you have the same problem?
I try this things and nothing worked.
Install graphic card driver from intel and from dell page.
Upgrade the CHIPSET driver (I download from dell webpage)
Nothing worked.

Thank you in advance

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Resolution: Dell Inspiron 5459/5559/5759 BIOS Update - Will not boot after update
"No boot drive found", "PXE... Media test failure"
If you updated from 1.0.x to 1.1.5 (or other) and find yourself scratching your head in a panic that your system won't boot up, reboot and press and hold the F2 key when you see the Dell logo (shortly after restart). When the bios settings page opens, click restore settings to default, save, and then exit. Your system should boot to windows now :-)
If you don't care about default Keyboard LED brightness or Fn Lock key default status, disregard the following:
After your system restarts into windows, restart and repeat to enter bios. There are some minor settings that change -- They are minor and don't affect performance.  Under System Configuration, Keyboard brightness changes from dim to bright. Under Post Boot, Fn lock key changes to unlocked.
Have a nice day. Hopefully if you're reading this you already figured that out on your own.

A:Dell Inspiron 5459/5559/5759 BIOS Update Error - WILL NOT REBOOT

I am facing the exact issue for my 5559 laptop after updating bios from Dell update site. 
It had 1.1.5 if i remember correctly, and update was for 1.1.6 using Inspiron_5459_1.1.6.exe 
Only problem, reset to default settings does not solve it for me. Its still the same PXE E61 Media test failure and NO Bot device found error. 
Is there a way to boot from usb and flash it to original version ? 

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My newly bought laptop has various issues including:
1. Not waking from sleep mode
2. Unable to adjust brightness
3. BSOD on Windows 8.1 x64
All latest drivers and Windows updates have been installed. The BIOS file <<;> was downloaded from:
Please refer to the attached screenshots of the error.

A:VARIOUS Problems - Unable to Update BIOS on Inspiron 15 - 3542 - Dummy Model Error

Have there been any resolution of this problem? I downloaded all the availiable BIOSes for my Inspiron 3543 and I allways get the same error (DummyModel) when trying to update it. I've been trying to locate the source of some issues and the BIOS is the last thing to be updated! My PC is still on A01.

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Hi - I am at wits end because after dealing with several update/driver/virus problems in windows 8.1, my system went into total recovery mode with none of the options helping.  When I was limited to turning it on and ONLY getting a black screen with the blue password box, I had to set it aside for a bit before I lost my mind.  When I tried copying my files to a usb, I realized that all my passwords that I had saved on a document, did not copy.  Before I lost my mind, I had to set it aside for a while and figure out what to do.  Upon returning to it, I realized that I forgot that exact system password and could not retrieve it, as well as my email password with which I set up my account with (and I also changed phone numbers within this time)! Therefore, I went back to researching my latest issue with this system (that I can't believe has been the BIGGEST pain in the rear that I have ever had) and haven't found a solution.  I am usually self sufficient and have learned a lot about computers in the past year, but I just don't have any fight left in me for this.  Please let me know who I can send the information about my computer too and I pray that someone can help me get in there.  Thank you.

A:Inspiron 3521 system in recovery forgot bios password

If it's the Windows password, you can restore the system from  your recovery media without it -- if you didn't prepare a set, call Dell to purchase one.
If it's a system password (BIOS/UEFI power on password), you will need to call Dell support by voice phone.  Be prepared with your ownership details and, unless the system is in warranty, with a credit card -- the call will not be free unless the system is in warranty.

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So I was experiencing sound issues with the laptop when I first bought it. About a month ago I came across this post  
which helped me get the sound working on my laptop back to 100% functionality. It required me updating the bios, which I updated to version 01.10.00. This update was released on 08/02/2016 and I did it on that day. Since then my sound was perfect but the volume rockers on side my laptop are working in opposite. If I press increase sound goes down, and if I press decrease the sound goes up. It wasn't like this before the update. Its been about a month and that's the way its been since. Its a little bit annoying so I wanted to know if there is a way to fix it or do I have to wait for another Bios update to be release or something else. Any input is appreciated. Thanks

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I have, or had a laptop purchased 9 months ago, therefore under warranty. Yesterday the ThinkVantage System Update recommended a BIOS update. After the traditional recommendations about what should not shut down the computer, the laptop is reset and started with the update.

During execution, displayed on a screen command, a message "ERROR XXXX. Press any key to continue." After press the key the laptop was freezedy was completely blocked. After an hour without seeing response and no sign of life, I decided to turn it off to confirm the disaster. The laptop was dead.

The laptop began to beep and would not start. Before the panic generated by the situation, I searched the forums where I found several cases that refer to the same problem and the insinuation that makes LENOVO about the customer's responsibility to avoid recognizing the warranty.

I was not looking for a BIOS update, it was recommended by ThinkVantage System Update, the software executed it and damage the equipment.

Besides being a damage caused by the ThinkVantage System Update, the situation gets worse when the answer given by support insinuates that the customer turn off the computer, so it is a CID (Customer Induced Damage) and therefore the guarantee does not cover it. I do not understand how LENOVO may imply that the responsibility of the customer. Really disastrous.

In conclusion, if you are not needing to make a BIOS update, it is preferable to omit the BIOS update messages given to ThinkVantage System... Read more

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I receive an update failed error when trying to imstall the following update:HP Notebook System Bios System Update (Intel Processors) Failed to update Is there a way to succesfully update this? Is this a critical update? ThanksAnthony

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A:HP Notebook System Bios System Update (Intel Processors) Fai...

Hi @WildFan?, Thanks for getting back to me. Yes, I can give you the links to the downloads. HP Notebook System BIOS Update (Intel Processors)Intel Chipset Installation Utility and Driver  Hope the helps.

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Hi, Thanx to shuttles indescript site I have killed my AI61 motherboard, I thought I was getting an executable zip which was actually the flash program + rom and after opening BEEEEEP

Anyway I have a eeprom burner and this eeprom sst39sf020 is right in the list.

Can anyone email me the bios .bin file for this motherboard? (not the file from shuttles site but the old bios file ai61s017.bin so I can flash it using my eeprom burner)

Or at least tell me how to extract the .rom from the exe file shuttle sends

If I get the rom file I will be able to revive this nifty old 750!

PS it appears that shuttle quite sending *.bin bios updates a while ago but if anyone can find ai61s017.bin I would be gratefull


A:(solved) Shuttle AI61 messed up bios, where do I find a bios bin file?

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I have compaq cq60 laptop and using windows 7 ultimate 32bit. Well I have checked hp drivers & software support website and there is update available. Well now BIOS version F.32 and F.65 is now available. I want to know If I updates so wouldn't it harm or damage my windows file and personal. What will be changes made after this. Anxiously waiting for the response.


A:System BIOS update is available.

BEFORE you make any changes, you should look through the BIOS utilities and confirm there is a way to (1) save off the current working BIOS, and (2) restore from that saved BIOS if the update goes badly. Updating a BIOS is always risky -- as I found out when I did a routine update to my Gigabyte board and it crashed. Since I was able to restore it from the saved BIOS, I was OK.

The BIOS won't do anything to Windows or any of its files, but if it fails for some reason, you will not be able boot your PC at all. So, it's very important to check the stuff I mentioned above.

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Hello,yesterday i update BIOS (current version Insyde F.80) but now startup is slow, How is it possible?I would like to return to the restore point saved yesterday with hp recovery manager. I can proceed or you have other solutions to speed startup?

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I need help quickly on updating my system bios for installing a new Siemens 10/100 1019 ethernet card. I have a Gateway GP6-450 450 mhz PII mmx, 128 mb/ram, Windows 98 1st edition, cable modem.

Can someone please help me, I need to install my ethernet card drivers and it won't let me. Thanks

A:[Resolved] how do I update my system bios?

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 I have an HP Pavilion dv6 7080ee and i ran into an incident where the BIOS got corrupted. I have been trying to recover the BIOS for a while and HP has added a new BIOS Utility F.2D Rev.A but when the utility is launched, all the options are grayed out. And Is there any other way to recover the bios? Kindly advice.   

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If you get infamous error when updating HP Portables (laptops/notebooks/ netbooks) BIOS within Windows:"SYSTEM DOES NOT CONTAIN THE NECESSARY WMI SUPPORT FOR THIS VERSION OF HPQFLASH":-------- I am posting a solution found for own business laptop (HP 8540W & 8760W) so WebSearch engines index/register it in a few days - future sufferers come here and get a SOLUTION, finally.  Disreagrd previous "experts" advises, they don't work 100% & pity on TechSupport folks who get HP paychecks yet don't know products their co. designs/manufactures (on deep Technical level):Below is a SOLUTION (WORKING) ! Go into Services (Run "services.msc" or get there thru ControlPanel-->AdminTools-->), find following 2 services ==> make sure they're running, chances are they're NOT (as in my case I keep them disabled unless need running):1) "HP Software Framework"2) "HP Service" [no typo - a real plain name]If not running, set Properties-->Manual and click "Start", make sure both are running.Rerun BIOS updater, choose option for "Within Windows" or something to that effect (using HPQ/ROMpaq updater), rather than "create USB BootDisk on Key", this time it should work without the hassle of a BootDisk creation.Should work from within Windows environment. Notes:a) Likely only one (1) service is responsible - namely "HP Software Framework" for HPQ Updater to fail, but doesn't hurt to reenable/restart both services.I in fact am responding to other customers who el... Read more


Thank you for the post.  This helped me.  I would also like to add that if you decide to uninstall all the HP junk that's preloaded, you'll also run into this issue and will have to do BIOS updates via the DOS Flash utility.  So for all you IT houses dealing with HP, do a BIOS update FIRST before uninstalling all that stuff.  Lesson hard learned.

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I apologize in advance if I posted this in the wrong forum but, I?m at wits end. I recently put a new system together basically from the ground up. The initial start up was fine, installed windows and got to installing system drivers in windows no problem. Here is where I think I screwed up, I went and updated the BIOS, the system restarted, but no video. I got a amber light on the monitor, hard drive and the whole nine in the case are working/running. Try restarting multiple times, same thing. So, disconnect the power and took the BIOS/CMOS battery out and waited about an hour. I reinstalled the battery, started it back up, I get, ?CMOS CHECKSUM BAD? and gives two options, ?PRESS F-1 TO ENTER SET UP? or ?F-2 TO LOAD DEFAULTS AND COUTINUE?. You press F-1 and it opens the BIOS menu, when I get that far, I?ve tried ?USE DEFAULT? or ?OPTIMISE?, same outcome. I hit F-2 and it loads defaults but I have a 1 in 10 chance of getting to windows or even the safe mode screen. But after a bit, the screen goes black, and I?m back at no video. All my parts are fresh out of the box and to my knowledge there shouldn?t be conflicts. A friend of mine I work with is having a similar issue, and I?m 99% sure his set up is different from mine.

System specs:
MoBo: MSI K9N Diamond AM2 (NVIDIA n-Force 590 SLI)
CPU: AMD 64 X2 4200
Vid. Card: HIS Radeon x1650 512mb PCI Express
H/D: Hitachi Deskstar 7k160 160gb 7200rpm
Memory: Kingston 240 pin DDR2 ... Read more

A:New System, no Video after BIOS Update.

By the way, I'm using a 500 watt power supply.

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After numerous startup failures (see posts in Boot forum) I was advised to update drivers etc. Did that, using the HP assistant, one of the updates was the System BIOS. That is the last thing I did on that machine, I am now using a borrowed laptop. The BIOS update seemed to go okay, installed, then verified, the re-booted. But it didn't re-boot. "No operating system found......." Thank you very much HP. I specified Win 7 Pro when I ordered this machine instead of the pathetic Win 8, so I do not want to restore it to factory defaults. Now how do I get out of this hole? David

A:No operating system after BIOS update

3 things I would try in this situation- in the order I would do them if no success on first. 1-Immediately after powering on start tapping the F10 key to enter BIOS. (You may need to tap Esc key then choose F10 from menu options) Once in tap F9 to reset to Default settings. Then tap F10 to Save & Exit. 2-No joy? Try a hard reset.Disconnect all external devices first.1-remove power cord and battery2-press power button for 30 seconds3-reinstall only power cord for first startup.4-power on 3-Still no joy?try rolling back to previous BIOS. 1-Immediately after powering on hold/tap the Esc key. 2-When the menu appears, tap F2 for System Diagnostics. 3-In the list of items will be BIOS or Firmware Management.Use the arrow key to move down & highlight it.Press Enter key. 4-You should now have a Rollback BIOS option.Use arrow key again to highlight and press Enter key.  

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I am trying to change the boot device so I can install a clean version of Windows 10, but the bios resolution is off. On my screen I am only able to see the top half or so of the bios. My motherboard is an Asus P8Z68-V LE. Does anyone have any ideas?

A:Bios resolution messed up; can't navigate bios

If you have a PCI video card try removing it and using the onboard.

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I downloaded the F.43 bios update from the support page, but in Firmware management, my board ID is not listed. System ID is 2290, but the update folder only has 0227D, 02291, 0227A, 02299, and 02292. My current version is F.34.

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Hi, i purchased the HP Pavilion 15-ab150sa last weekend and have had lots of problems since getting it. Kept freezing and dropping WI-FI connection shortly after logging on. I found there were 6 updates needing running that wern't automatically showing until i scanned for them in HPSA. Its taken me 4 days to get most of the updates to actually complete and it seems to be working much better now however, I have one update for HP Notebook System NIOS Update (AND Processors) that keeps failing... Any ideas? Please keep it simple i'm not very good with technical info. :-) Greg 

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A:HP Notebook System BIOS Update (And Processors)

Hi Greg, Try the following. If the bios update is still running in HPSA, click the Stop button. Close HPSA, restart the notebook, then download the Bios Update from the link below and save it to your Downloads folder. When the download has completed, close any other open windows and programs, then open your Downloads folder and double-tap the installer to start the process.  The actual flash will occur when the machine restarts - do not interrupt this in any way, even if nothing appears to be happening for a while - when it has completed, the machine will load into Windows as usual. Note:  If the option to Update shows as being 'blocked on this device', you will need to Contact HP regarding this. Regards, DP-K

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I got this PC about 6 months ago as a refurb from It ran great and has only been used for emails/fantasy football for me and youtube/roblox for my son. I didnt change anything internal and its completely stock. Ive really enjoyed the HP updater thing because I remember on my old PC how much of a pain it was to search graphics card updates and stuff. Last Wednesday it gave me an exclamation point that there was a new update. It said it was for the bios and gave no additional instructions. It ended up freezing on this screen and eventually crashed. Since then nothing works. The power button does nothing. I have a light on the back of the power supply that it is receiving power but nothing happens when I hit the button. I was looking at this link which makes it appear that crashing during a bios update can happen but all the solutions involve getting it to boot to the bios and I cannot do that. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to fix? I am really hoping I do not have to replace the motherboard. Sorry so long and thank you for reading.

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Have a Dell desktop, XPS 8900.

A pop up presumably from Dell says it wants to "update" my System BIOS.

Sounds scary.

Isn't the BIOS the complete "guts" of the OS ?
Whys should an update be necessary ?

Should I do it ?


A:DELL Wants To Update My System BIOS: Questions On, Please ?

The BIOS (Basic Input Output System) is the chip that controls your system during boot up until it is "transferred" to the OS itself.
(That's a nutshell description, but should suffice here).

It is not the OS, but the SW "Guts" of your computer (Motherboard).

Whether or not to upgrade:

First, what does the update correct? They should list that info, or link to it.

In general, I'm the type to always update the BIOS if a new firmware is released, that said though, my mainboard has three separate BIOS's that I can switch to, so if one is borked by an update, or changes I make, I can go back to the original (I leave one on the original for that purpose).

If all is well on your system, you do not have to perform the update at all, and that may be the best advice I can give you, especially if you are questioning it to begin with, but if you are willing to do it, depending on what it may change for your system, it may be worthwhile.

I'll review it and post later, or others may chime in as they see fit.

UPDATE: I checked the Dell site for your system, but don't see an update for today, that's not to say anything malicious is going on, but can you give more details on the pop up?

What version it wants to update you to? Etc.
You could also boot into your BIOS and give us the version you are on, if you are several versions "behind" the most current one, it may also be beneficial to do it, again depending on what I outlined above.

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TheHP Notebook System Bios Update neve seem to stop installing thou I have it running for more than 12 hours. I saw someone replied to another user to close the HPSA than restart. What is HPSA? Or What is the best way to get it install?I am on Window 10

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Hi,  The BIOS update using HP Support Assistant fails.  When I try to install the update manually, it crashes, and killed my HDMI port. It appears that the Bios is locked, and the option to selsct that option is greyed out. As such, I can't iupdate the BIOS - and CPU performance has been an issue I was concerned about.  It'd be GREAT to install this update. Any ideas?   Thanks! - MT

A:HP Notebook System BIOS Update (F.35Ap1)

Hello @elixirrr, Thank you for posting on the HP Forums! I came across your post and want to help you update the BIOS for your HP Envy m7.  Before attempting the update again, try restoring the BIOS. HP Notebook PCs - Restoring the BIOS After the BIOS is restored perform Windows updates and then try the BIOS update through the HP Support Assistant as you were. Microsoft - Windows Update Troubleshooter Please post back with the results! If this information has helped you, click the thumbs up!

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I need a help to fix my lappy issue..

Lenovo Z570; WiFI was not detecting the router so i have downloaded drivers and updated from lenovo support store, still the problem was not fixed so i found some suggestion as to update the BIOS. I did the same from lenosupport store it self, after on lappy got crashed!! windows is loading but after that when logo display time its just going freeze for a while and blue screen displays for a second and getting re-started!!

tried all the available options through boot menu... like restore for previous state/safe mode boot/last good config/system recovery etc.. still its unsuccessful!!

Even try to format and re-install, after changing the priority of boot to hard disc its still going with the regular boot as from HDD!!

Please help me to resolve

A:BIOS update made system crash!!

Well first off, flashing the bios would have no affect on connecting to your router, the problem you had was within windows, or with the router. Next time just reboot the router, then reboot windows and it should fix the problem. But anyway, go into the bios and reset to defaults, reboot the pc and let us know what happens.

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Ok I have HP Pavilion HP Pavilion dv6-7204es which became faulty after BIOS update ..just noise after powering it up no screen .the problem is when I use "HP system BIOS update utility " to create bootable USB ,the option to do so is not avalibe !!I dont now why!LIke the photo below:I have tried many usb sticks with no luckI downloaded the tool from the following link  

A:HP system BIOS update utility not working

Hello @walidwithu?, Thank you for visiting the HP Forums! A great place where you can find solutions for your issues, with help from the community! I came across your post about the BIOS issue, and wanted to help! First, try reviewing the following document, and let me know how it goes:HP Notebook PCs - Restoring the BIOS Please let me know if this information helps you resolve the issue by marking this post as  "Accept as Solution" , this will help others easily find the information they may be looking for.  Also, clicking the Thumbs up below is a great way to say thanks! Have a great weekend!

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Hi was wired i did a system bios update as my old bios was severely outdated i went to dell site they had a new version it did a 2 step process of flashing to one bios then another to update itself as mine was pretty outdated. upon reboot i got 4 or 5 beeps and then shut down. i called dell who helped me fix that it was some setting that was off. it then rebooted to windows but hung and rebooted itself and i got a bug screen check. i clicked reboot and it load ok. here is the files you requested.

A:Windows BSOD after system bios update?

Your mini-dump is pointing to the driver: nvlddmkm.sys which is your nVidia Videocard Drivers: Driver Reference Table

Please un-install your nVidia drivers via the control panel/un-install and then download Driver Fusion to get rid of any remaining traces (nVidia Display). You may have to use Driver Fusion twice or more to remove all traces if you're using the trial version:

Driver Fusion - The Complete Driver Solution

The please re-install your nVidia drivers from here (auto-detect GPU):

Drivers | GeForce

I found some drivers/programs on your system which you should update or un-install/remove if they are un-needed:

PxHlpa64.sys - Sonic CD/DVD driver (used by many different CD/DVD programs): Driver Reference Table
ArcSec.sys - ArcSoft TotalMedia Theatre 5: Driver Reference Table
NTIOLib_X64.sys - MSI Afterburner: Driver Reference Table (Please un-install this, it's a known BSOD maker)
psi_mf.sys - Secunia PSI (Personal Software Inspector) driver: Driver Reference Table

You might want to also update drivers to the latest Windows 8 64bit versions from your PC manufacturers website:

Drivers & Downloads | Dell United States

Please also make sure you have all the Windows 8 updates if you have not done so already.


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hello ,
i maya new user for this forum and launching m 1st question on my 1st day it self. i had p4 -845 ASUS mother board(bios ver 1.0), i worngly upated he bios till that system was n't boot. i tryed all options for restore but not succed, kindly help in resoring my desktop to previous worikng condition.

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Hi all,

I've been having a couple problems with my PC recently relating to drivers etc, after some deliberation I was advised to update the BIOS.

I have a Dell XPS L421x and upon updating my BIOS from A04 to A14 my computer crashed and is now stuck in a boot cycle.

I have tried to system repair, which takes it to system restore - which I am almost certain cannot be done because of BitDefender anti-virus.

When trying to boot windows normally it comes up with 'starting windows', then flashes to a BSOD for a moment before restarting and doing the same thing over and over.

Has anybody got any suggestions as to what I can do?


A:BSOD after BIOS update - Can't boot/system repair

Will it boot up in Safe mode?

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some one help me plz. i haveHP Notebook - 15-r222ne my brother set up bios driver after that my notebook become dead . i try to reset my bios driver using usb flash memory but my reset stoped and give me a massage (the system bios update failed)

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Hello, I have to download the  Hp System Bios update on my notebok but even when the download is very fast the installation is taking forever. I had left the pc around  hrs and nothing happened.Could you please tell me how long do I have to wait for the installations or if I can download it from another source? Thanks

A:System bios update (intel processors) never installed

Hi, Are you trying to update the bios through HP Support Assistant?  If that's correct, can you post back with the sp number of the update ( this will be in the form spxxxxx ). Regards, DP-K

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I implemented a HP Support recommended BIOS update.  At the end of the update, I was informed that the computer would be restarted to complete the update.   My computer powered up but my screen remained black.  I waited an hour and finally did a hard reset.  Same result...power is on but nothing shows up on my screen.  I did combinations of AC and battery power and but got the same result. How do I resolve this issue?   

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Anytime I update my notebook from HP support center all updates go through but this one. Why is it doing this and how do I fix this. Thanks.

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I've installed the update twice now with no problems but hp support assistant still says i need to install the update. Should I just ignore it?

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Hi guys,

My motherboard is Asus P4S333/133 series.. I have updated wrongly my BIOS and the system doesn't boot anymore.

The previous BIOS version is Asus P4S333-VF/WOL ACPI BIOS..

Any advice from you guys to solve this problem? Thanks a lot in advance.


A:Wrong BIOS update and now the system doesn't boot! Plz help..

A great big OUCH!

You could try reflashing it with the correct one if it will get that far. But it probably wont even boot to floppy now... The only way I can think of is to remove the BIOS chip and reflaash it in a programmer

Thats exactly why I never flash a BIOS unless its absolutly needed.

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A:HP Notebook System BIOS Update for AMD Softpaq # SP77852 Ver...

Hi: The update 'Provides support for Windows 10 v1607.'

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ASUS Motherboard M4N82 Delux
ASUS Automatic Bios Update crashed system
It says there is no operating system on a clean system, so shoot, I will reload. Now on all hard drives it reads setup was unable to create a new system partition or locate an existing system parition. See setup log files for more information.

Not sure how you see logs if system can not operate. One of the drives was completely empty. Just had formated faster two drives in Raid before bios update a mistake I guess going to 5-2010 update sucks now. No computer any ideas and notice it use to ask to set up raid on startup by hitting F10 nothing similar now.

Am I screwed now, not sure if a start dvd would work or not as immediately after update it said I had no operating system which was just loaded. I did notice once I could get into DOS that instead of a C: Prompt there is a X: weired experience. Maybe figure out how to make a boot disc in win7 or maybe HP laptop not sure if that will help. Running repair from DOS but no luck

A:Windows 7 64 died after bios update no operating system?

Have you called ASUS Yet, and asked them?

PC Crashes while the BIOS is being updated can make a computer become a paperweight.

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I updated my BIOS version before (around a month ago) but I just discovered that the HP Notebook System Bios Update (Intel Processor) was skipped. I actually cancelled this update and when I tried to do it again it didn't allow me anymore. I contacted the HP Chat Support at that time and they said my laptop was fine. I got a blue screen of death once and that was it. That was the only issue I had with my laptop. After that I updated to the latest version of the w10 Anniversary Update a week ago. I do not have any problems with it, my laptop is running smoothly. I haven't encountered any problems. I just reccently purchased this 2 months ago.  Well recently, I got an update in the HP Support Assistant regarding an update for the Intel Serial 10 Driver. I contacted the HP Chat Support and they said my laptop didn't need the driver. That it was a general update and not targeted to any specific PC. Long story short he said I didn't need it, I don't need to update and that my laptop was fine. The Windows 10 Anniversary update... Well updates everything the tech said. I was just wondering:1. Is the HP Notebook System BIOS Update (Intel Processor) a CRITICAL update that I really  need to find a link or something to update it?2. Is it harmful that I didn't update it?3. Do I really need to update it?4. Is it the reason that the HP Support Assistant notified me about the Intel Serial 10 Driver? My Driver Version is: I hope I provide... Read more

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My computer is a HP 15 Notebook PC, and I use Microsoft Windows 8.1 (64-bit). I recently received notice of a important update regarding an HP Notebook System BIOS Update (AMD Processors). I tried doing the update, but it seems to behave strangely. Creating a restore point, checking available space, connecting to HP servers, and the downloading itself are all marked with a green check, but when it goes to installing, after a few seconds of it, a gray X box shows up beside installing, and all I can do is click 'next', and it leaves. What am I supposed to do? Is this update supremely necessary to keep using my computer as is? Model number: f100dx Product: J2X70UA//ABA

A:Failure with HP Notebook System BIOS Update (AMD Processors)

Hi @Nicmurg1? ,Thank you for visiting the HP Forums! A great place where you can find solutions for your issues with help from the community!I came across your post about the Notebook, and wanted to assist you! I have looked into your issue about your HP 15-f100dx Notebook and issues with the BIOS update.I recommend to restore the BIOS defaults.You could restore the BIOS with this document selecting the reloading the BIOS default settings. Here is a link to the HP Support Assistant if you need it. Just download and run the application and it will help with the software and drivers on your system that might need updating. This is the only way I would do updates as they are made for your HP Notebook. I hope this helps. Thanks.

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After starting the Lenovo Solution center V3.3.003 it doen't show the serial numbers etc. of the machine. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't.
Is there another way to find out these numbers, except form crawling on the ground in a dark area with a lamp and a magnifier to determine the small print on the labels attached to the machine?
Mod:  edited Subject line to add system type and clarify problem.  

ThinkCenter M900 (10FH) BIOS:FWKT09A Win 7 x64 pro SP1 downgrade from Win 10

A:M900: ID system info, file for BIOS update, LSC no...

Run 'System Information'.

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Hi,I'm trying to update BIOS using flash drive. I've downloaded the BIOS update and created the Recovery USB flash drive. Now when I boot into Flash drive and select the option "Select BIOS Image To Apply" it shows the list of Images. But none of them matches with my System board IDThe images I can see are: 080C1, 080C6, 080CD and 08135.Where as my System Board ID is 80C2. So I need image 080C2 in list.I am following instructions from this URLThanks

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Hi! Can I use the SSD  Samsung 950 PRO at full speed?

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I have a dell inspiron 5160 and i had a problem with it and shipped it to dell to fix it cuz it had a power problem and they fixed that. So they just mailed my lap top back and so i turned it on and it was working fine and beginning to load up but then the screen turned blue and had an error and it said that system32/drivers/ntfs.sys was courrupted. So then i quickly shut off my computer and treid to restart it but ikept getting teh same error message. So i looked online on how to fix this and they said to put in the XP cd and click repair. So i put the cd in and it began to load and it said loading debugging something and it just stays on that screen. I left it to load for over 14 hours and nothing changed. Now when i start my laptop it just shows that dell screen and loads that white bar then the screen turns black. I can't go into safe mode or chose most current configuration. i can't do ANYTHING. Hooww the heck do i fix this??? PLEASE HELPP:

A:My dell inspiron is messed up

Send it back to Dell... It should be under warranty

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Hello , I have a Dell Inspiron 530 running Windows Vista Home. I am trying to access the system BIOS and it has a red password log in screen. I tried to guess and enter several log in passwords including  the word DELL and none of them worked. I didn't want to enter too many wrong passwords because I didn't know if the system would lock me out. Can anyone help me by pass the BIOS log in password or some how disable it ? Thank You in advance.

A:Dell Inspiron 530 BIOS is locked with password requesting help to unlock BIOS

Thank you for writing to Dell Community Forum.
Request you to contact Dell team for the BIOS password either via DellTechCenter in Facebook or @DellCaresPRO on Twitter and they will be able to provide you a BIOS password once the ownership of the system is confirmed.
Do reach back for any query.
Regards,DELL-Akshatha MSocial Media and Community Professional#IWork4Dell

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My Hp is saying its failing to update HP system bios update (amd Processor) i dont know what to do please help

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I need to recover the bios on my elitebook. I've tried using the win+B key combo as outlined here but that doesn't seem to work (screen just stays dark, cpu fan is running). I now want to try the usb stick recovery method. So I downloaded the latest bios sp76205.exe and when I run it, I follow the instructions, but I never get the "HP System Bios Update Utility" to launch. After extraction of the files, nothing launches so I don't get any menu to choose to create a USB stick install. It is as-if the spXXXXX.exe is trying to install the bios locally to my workstation!... good thing it doesn't do that. How can I get a working HP System Update Utility or how can I launch the sp76205.exe is such a manner that I'll be presented with the menu to create a USB stick? Is there a commandline flag or something I need to launch it with?

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Notebook: hp probook 4320s (late 2010)System: w7pro32 original, updated with the last Microsoft pathesPrevious BIOS version: F.0F Yesterday "HP update manager" has downloaded and upgraded BIOS 68AHH F.20 and other updates. During the reboot, BIOS has been installed, after that there was no way to load Windows (after 5 minutes of "Windows Loading", the notebook goes in bluescreen). No errors was giveng during the BIOS upgrade task. Actions I tried to solve the problem:- Tried to start in Safe Mode, with same result- Changed SATA to IDE in the BIOS- Rollback from BIOS Manager (error on verification), with same result- Tried to install F.0F with USB boot, with same result- Installed again F.20 and worked, but the main problem is still there. thanks and brF

A:URGENT. the system wont to start after bios update: bluescre...

Hi,Welcome to the HP Forum! falbala73 wrote:Notebook: hp probook 4320s (late 2010)System: w7pro32 original, updated with the last Microsoft pathesPrevious BIOS version: F.0F Yesterday "HP update manager" has downloaded and upgraded BIOS 68AHH F.20 and other updates. During the reboot, BIOS has been installed, after that there was no way to load Windows (after 5 minutes of "Windows Loading", the notebook goes in bluescreen). No errors was giveng during the BIOS upgrade task. Actions I tried to solve the problem:- Tried to start in Safe Mode, with same result- Changed SATA to IDE in the BIOS- Rollback from BIOS Manager (error on verification), with same result- Tried to install F.0F with USB boot, with same result- Installed again F.20 and worked, but the main problem is still there. thanks and brFSince your notebook is a UEFI type:Push the power on switch while still holding down the Fn+B keyPlease post your resultKind regards,erico

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So after getting a notification that I needed to install the HP Notebook System BIOS Update (Intel Processors)I checked the box and clicked install. I waited and waited for it to install but it would never complete. I then attempted it a second time and it dI'd the same thing. After that I left it alone and all of a sudden the screen went blank and told me I needed to install an operating system on my computer. I didn't know what else to do, so I turned it off and then back on again to see if it would start up. It did start up and I tried one last time to install the uplate but it still says installing and has been for a very long time. I just barely bought this computer and school starts back up soon so any help is grearly appreciated!

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I am always getting this message "The system BIOS update file (c:\SWSetup\SP76205\hpqflash\ROM.CAB) is missing or corrupt. The system BIOS will not be updated. " each time for my Elitebook 8460p. HP Notebook System Bios Update (American Internationa). F.63 Rev A, June 2 2016. is used from the HP website. I have already installed the Bios Tool. Please advise. 

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Hi, my very new HP Spectre x360 convertible often need some updates from  HP SUPPORT ASSISTANT.I always accept and install the updates. The last update available :"HP NOTEBOOK SYSTEM BIOS UPDATE (intel processors)- Softpaq number: SP77784 - Version: F.43Ap1Doesn't work.It's saying: "Installation failed". without any others informations.What can i do? thank you.

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Vostro 3400
Service Tag: 2YCCQP1 | Express Service Code: 6430164517Dell Vostro 3400 System BIOS update failed
Before Bios Version : A10Update to : A12
Affter updated, Can't boot to bios, Blank sceen
Help me please.
Thank you.

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Myy laptop has darddisk issue two yars back and it was lying ideal without use.recently i replaced bad HDD with new PNY SDD and installed windows and all the driver except BIOS upgrade and its was working  fine. after i tried to upgrade from HP site HP Notebook System BIOS Update (Intel Processors) system just showing black screen.also when tried to create a BIOS USB using other laptop not seeing option to create a USB option. Please help in someone faced similar issue.

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I received a notification via Tempro that a BIOS upgrade was available. I downloaded the ZIP file (, extracted the package (BIOS360_EC140_WIN.exe) and ran it according to the instructions.

The package runs, gives the "Extracting files..." progress bar then displays a dialogue entitled "TOSHIBA BIOS Package Ver.4.1.2" that says: "This BIOS package does not support this operating system."

I am running Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit on a Satellite 830R-143 with the short part no. PT32LE

Does anyone know what the problem is?

Thanks in advance for your help...

A:Satellite R830-143 - BIOS update does not support this operating system


Do you have any problems with notebook?
If not then why you want to do the BIOS? Just because new BIOS was released?
I would not change anything if my notebook would run properly.

However, the BIOS update requires the VAP (value added package).
So be sure that this VAP is installed properly. If not, update this.

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I have an older Dell Inspiron 9200 notebook that has a serious graphics problem. I replaced the video card with a working one and the problem remains. As you can see in the photo there exists at least two wide vertical stripes and, mostly all black and white and a bunch of smaller vertical stripes. The problem is identical before and after the video card switch.
My question is this: Does this indicate that an entire LCD screen replacement is in order or can it be the much cheaper inverter board?
Edit: I also swapped out both ram modules and the problem remained.
Thanks for any suggestions folks.
Here is the screen pic:

A:Help! Dell Inspiron notebook LCD messed up

Looks like you need a new LCD panel. The inverter board operates the backlight and has nothing to do with what is shown on the display.

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Whenever I put in a DVD or CD into my laptop (inspiron 1505E)...its distorted sounding and skips (picture and sound). Although I can play MP3s just fine and sounds play just fine on my computer. I don't know what is wrong with my computer and I just bought it less than a year ago. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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I formatted my laptop acer aspire 5735 and I installed windows 7 pro. ( i had vista before)
apparently my laptop does not accept neither windows 7 or 8. It suddenly crushes and displays "operating system not found" so I though that I have to update the bios. So I did (acer website provides them). After the bios update I get BSOD and then operating system not found!
How to solve it? I cannot bring my laptop to factory settings either. Please advise

Thank you,

A:BSOD & Operating System not found after installing win7 & bios update

Hello and welcome to sevenforums,

There are no DMP Files here please follow the 2nd link following for more advice.

Before posting a BSOD thread, please read the instructions here: Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions

If you need to add new information like the dump files, please make a new post in your initial BSOD thread. Please do not make an extra new thread.

If your computer is not creating DMP Files please follow this link: Dump Files - Configure Windows to Create on BSOD

I look Forward to Helping you.

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I have searched and been unable to find the information.

Specs are HP G60-445DX
AMD Turion X2, 64 bit

Upgrading from Vista Home Premium that was reset to factory specs in hopes of repairing "local only" issue on network.

Here's what is happening, booted from Windows 7 Ultimate burned ISO image on DVD RW, followed the instructions on this site for a clean install. Performed clean all on disk 0, set a partition and followed the install instructions. Expansion of Windows remained at 0% for 2 hours, I understood there were known issues however I have retried to do another clean install but am unable to boot from DVD although everything is set to do so including resetting CMOS battery.

It has come to my attention that I am required to update my BIOS from f3c to f54 to install W7, unfortunatly I have no idea how to do so now that I have no operating system on this HDD.

When trying to boot from DVD I am now getting the status of: 0xc00000e9.
Prior to this, the system would boot and freeze when loading files, now the system either promts with this message or will inform me bootmgr is missing or worse, shut down.

I'm doing this all from my phone and am at a loss as to what the proper step would be to get on the right track or if I am SOL.

A:Windows 7 install requires BIOS update, no operating system to boot

You should be able to find a DOS version of your BIOS and flash it from a bootable thumbdrive or disc.

Never mind. I thought I'd help you out by linking to the DOS flash utility but apparently there isn't one...

Hopefully someone will have a better solution.

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