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System Image or System Restore (Restore Point) or Recovery Drive or Backup and Restore (Win7)?

Q: System Image or System Restore (Restore Point) or Recovery Drive or Backup and Restore (Win7)?

My laptop is currently running Windows 10 Anniversary Update and I have the Windows Disc from which I have installed this window but now I have installed bunch of Apps and installed Windows Updates. I want to backup all of my Apps, Settings and Updates. If I ever install Windows 10 again I just don't want to install all those updates and apps again (I might not even remember all of the apps I have now) so How can I create a backup now so in the future whenever I want I can just restore back to this point? Should I create a System Image or System Restore (Restore Point) or a Recovery Drive or Backup and Restore (Windows 7) ? I don't know which one is the right for me because I have never done any Backup, Restore or Recovery. Please Help.

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My questions are on Windows 7 System Restore, Restore Points and Backups; specifically, potentially using a Backup as a Permanent Restore Point.

Here is the situation...

About a month ago, I did a complete Factory Restore on my HP desktop and returned it to it's factory condition. After removing the bloatware and performing all the necessary Windows Updates, the Factory Restore process went off without any issues.

Today, however, I needed to use System Restore due to an issue I was having with multiple monitors that I just couldn't figure out. So, I went into System Restore and found a "Date andTime" of a restore point that was right around the same time I did the Factory Restore. That Restore Point was also the oldest and since I knew it was a known & good restore point, I decided to use it. That restore point "Description" was labeled "System Image Restore Point" and the "Type" was labeled "Backup." (See Image)

I don't recall setting up or doing any backups although, between Windows Backup, Norton Backup and HP's Backup utilities some type of backup obviously happened. FYI, I hate having all those options, as I'd rather use native Windows tools. In any case, today, I used the System Restore using the System Image Restore Point labeled as Backup and, after performing a few minor Windows Updates, everything went off without a hitch and my monitor problem was solved.

However, seeing that Restore point b... Read more

A:Windows 7 - System Restore, Saving a Backup & Permanant Restore Point

ad 1) restore points are in the shadowstorage

ad 2) yes they are overwritten when the shadowstorage is full. You can set the size of the shadowstorage with vssadmin

ad 3) for permanent backups I suggest imaging. There you control the images yourself.

Imaging with free Macrium

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My questions are on Windows 7 System Restore, Restore Points and Backups; specifically, potentially using a Backup as a Permanent Restore Point.

Here is the situation...

About a month ago, I did a complete Factory Restore on my HP desktop and returned it to it's factory condition. After removing the bloatware and performing all the necessary Windows Updates, the Factory Restore process went off without any issues.

Today, however, I needed to use System Restore due to an issue I was having with multiple monitors that I just couldn't figure out. So, I went into System Restore and found a "Date andTime" of a restore point that was right around the same time I did the Factory Restore. That Restore Point was also the oldest and since I knew it was a known & good restore point, I decided to use it. That restore point "Description" was labeled "System Image Restore Point" and the "Type" was labeled "Backup." (See Image)

I don't recall setting up or doing any backups although, between Windows Backup, Norton Backup and HP's Backup utilities some type of backup obviously happened. FYI, I hate having all those options, as I'd rather use native Windows tools. In any case, today, I used the System Restore using the System Image Restore Point labeled as Backup and, after performing a few minor Windows Updates, everything went off without a hitch and my monitor problem was solved.

However, seeing that Restore point b... Read more

A:Windows 7 - System Restore, Saving a Backup & Permanant Restore Point

ad 1) restore points are in the shadowstorage

ad 2) yes they are overwritten when the shadowstorage is full. You can set the size of the shadowstorage with vssadmin

ad 3) for permanent backups I suggest imaging. There you control the images yourself.

Imaging with free Macrium

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I noticed that when I made my first Backup image (per Win 7 OS and not third party software) that it created a system restore point. If I wanted to delete all system restore points will I still be able to use that recovery image should I need it? In other words, are the OS-created images and system restore somehow integrated and dependant upon one another? I think the answwer is no, but I want to make sure just in case.

FWIW, i installed Acronis True Image 2010 and would like to disable system restore altogether once I get the feel for this OS


A:Recovery Image and System Restore Point

They are separate. You can make on schedule,: Just image or just restore or just a copy of your files (back up and save)

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I want to restore my system to yesterday but the only restore point shown is 6-month old system image restore point. Are there any hidden restore points? And, how can I access them?

A:System Restore only shows an Image Restore Point

Generally system restore will show all the available restore points.
This kind of thing can usually be explained away by the use of a system optimizing or cleaner type program wiping system restore points as they are created. Generally you should have one for every windows update you've applied at the very least.
If they are not there system restore has been disabled on your system. Or something, or someone has been removing them.

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I recently did a system restore and it has created an extra hard drive RECOVERY (D:) Does anyone know how I can get rid of this, there does not seem to be any up to date info on it, only these,

Dell - Recovery - Temp - tmp and ResSys

I used to do a system image every night to my second hard drive - Hard Drive2 (B:) now when I go to back and restore settings this drive no longer appears and I am unable to do my system image. The drive appears everywhere else, my computer, windows explorer etc.

Please, can anyone one help me out,

many thanks,


A:System restore has created a new drive (recovery) plus, windows backup

Have you tried restoring any of your previous system images? If not, and you made a system repair disk, try booting your computer up with it and see if your system images on 2 HDD are availble to recover your computer. If you didn't make a system boot disk, then go into Backup and Restore in the Control Panel and open "Recover system sytem settings on your computer". Then open "Advanced recovery methods" and select "Use a system image you created earlier to recover your computer". Your computer should reboot then and take you to the Recovery Console.

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My Lenovo T60 crashed and was not able to be repaired. I do not know what caused my laptop to crash, but according to the PC Tech, the hard drive was reformatted. To be honest, I am here in the Philippines and did not bring my recovery disks with me & I am not so sure about the technical ability of the PC Tech.

That being said, he installed Windows XP Professional on my laptop and partitioned my hard drive. I have a 250 GB Western Digital HD. Before my laptop crashed, the drive was NOT partitioned. After the installation, I now have two drives, C, with 40 GB and D, with about 200 GB.

I lost a lot of photos and music, and other important documents. I decided to try to recover some of these files and used Recuva. The good news is that a lot of missing documents can be recovered. While listing the files and looking at them, I noticed that I had several System Restore points that I can recover.

My question is, can I use the most recent System Restore point that I recover and use that to reinstall all the missing software? I had MS Office 2007 Professional, MS Visio 2007, MS Project 2007, and other software that I do not have the installation disks with me.

From what I have read, System Restore will reinstall the system (registry, files, and software only) and not the My Documents folder.

If this can work, where do I put the system restore file? If need be, I can delete the new partition and resize the C partition, restore, and then repartition the hard drive afterwards.
... Read more

A:Can I use a recovered System Restore point file to restore missing sw crashed laptop?

Since you already lost everything, try the System restore but first backup everything Recuva found onto a USB key. If your version Windows was not the same what the tech installed, it might not work. Also, he should have first ask you what to do with your files before formatting.
Otherwise you will have to wait till you can re-install everything.

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I am having difficulties with this.
1. Does Win 7 limit the quantity of past restore points it shows upon user request?
2. If stored elsewhere where do I find them?
3. Is there a way to set it up to show at least the last 10 restore pointsd created, or is there a smaller limit.
Right now the one and only restore point that is available is the last one. So it is like a revolving door every time a new restore point gets created, the previous one gets dropped and does not show any longer.

Given my limited competence with computer knowledge please post answers in layman terms as in Step 1.. 2 3. type.

I would appreciate help over this.

Thank you kindly

A:System Restore how to set to show every past restore point inc/manual

I believe that if you go to Backup and Restore (Start button, type Backup in the search bar at the bottom of the start menu), then click Restore button, on the screen that pops up is a blue link that says "Choose a different Date".. This will then allow you to select which backup you would like to recover your data from..

Is that what you are looking for. Apologies If I have mis-understood you.

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It appears that I have created 2 files that system restore uses in creating restore points.
I found that by deleating on of them, system restore returns to functionalaity.
Unfortunately, I didnt make a record of the file name that gets duplicated (slightly different duplicate).

If someone knows the file created and maintaind by the system restore process, I would appreciate you letting me know what it is so I can delete one of them.

A:System Restore- Created Duplicate Restore Point Files

Wait what is your asking? System Restore creates restore points, which are hidden in a folder called "System Volume Information" on the root of your system drive. These restore points are actually folders inside System Volume Information, each folder contains versions of system files and data of changes to your system (such as software and hardware installs). If a problem occurs you can revert to a restore point.

If you are worried you have two restores are almost identical you can clear all the restore points leaving the most recent by going to Start (Orb on Vista)->All Programs->Accessories->System Tools->Disk Cleanup.

Vista - On Vista, dialog will open click "Files from all users on this computer", then on following dialog click "OK".
XP - On XP, click "OK" on the dialog that appears.

Now it will start scanning for files that can be cleaned up. When it's done scanning a new window will appear and on the top of that window there will be some tabs, click the tab labeled "More Options". Look for the section that talks about System Restore and click the Clean Up button. Then Click "OK" on the main window. This clears all the restore points except for the most recent and should resolve your duplicate restore point problem.

I do not recommend that you ever delete files or folders in the System Volume Information, as if you need that file and your system crashes you are pretty much screwed.


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I used to be able to get a System Restore point generated daily and accessible on a calendar. I understand that the Restore Point calendar has been done away with, can't imagine why?

Is it now possible to have a daily System Restore point automatically generated and easily accessible somewhere?

Thank you!

A:Can System Restore Automatically Generate Daily Restore Point?

Welcome to the Seven Forums

See if this tutorial will help.
System Restore Point : Create at System Startup


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I think I accidentally deleted some file on my c drive, and I am trying to restore the computer (Dell, microsoft 7) to its previous state but when i try to restore files it says that no restore points have been creaed.... open system protection. I can't open system protection. please help.

A:system restore does not work, cannot find a restore point

when I press ok nothing happens

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How to do a System restore and Mark Restore point using Win. Vista ?

Is it same way to do as Windows XP ?


A:System restore and Mark Restore point using Win. Vista

Hi -

Vista System Restore - whether restoring or creation of a restore point -
START | type rstrui into the 'Start Search' box

Regards. . .



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Hello everyone,

I need guidance regarding how to do system restore to a restore point 6 months or even older.

Os i have: xp sp3

Around about 2 weeks back i upgraded my system to sp3 for that i created system restore point.

But the problem is when i go to do system restore it doesn't show me the restoration point about 2 weeks old in the list rather it only shows and allows to new restore points created within 5-6 days and that does not include that restore point which i created b4 sp3 installation.

So.Is there a way to do system restore to a restore point 6 months or even older? does window allows it or any third party software which helps me retain older restore points?

Note-i tried doing it via safe mode also but didn't helped, also the space alloted for system restore is maxed out.

Thanks in advance

A:System Restore(How to restore to 6 months or more restoration point)

System Restore was never designed to reverse the major changes made by a a service pack update. For that reason all prior restore points will be deleted.

System Restore works best when used as soon as possible after a problem develops. On the few occasions I have used the feature it has always been with the most recent restore point. The further back you go the more likely the restore will fail or cause more problems than it solves. Going back 6 months is almost certain to fail. System Restore was never designed for that.

Why do you need to go back that far? There is almost certain to be a better way.

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In Windows 7, when does System Restore automatically create a Restore Point?

A:System Restore: When Does It Auto Create a Restore Point?

Basically it makes one weekly, during critical system events and before the installation of programs.

Read more here
System Restore: frequently asked questions - Windows Help

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Running XPHome, and trying to fix my Security Center (disabled in Services and can't be enabled) . . . there doesn't appear to be a way to fix that problem so System Restore came to mind. I can invoke SR OK, pick an earlier point (there are several back through March 29), and click "Next" to get to a "Confirm Restore Point Selection" screen. Once there, I can click next dozens of times, or once and wait . . . and nothing happens.

Trying to restore from Safe Mode is even less productive. On startup, when selecting "no" to enter System Restore, I get a message saying that System Restore cannot be used, and that I should reboot and try again. That hasn't worked (I've tried).

The System Restore Service is running, so something else is preventing SR from advancing. What are my options here? (Or, while we're at it, what can I do about my disabled Security Center Service?)

Thanks for any ideas -

A:System restore not restoring from existing restore point

The Security Center being shut down is a possible symptom of Conficker being on your computer. Go to the link below to check your system.

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Hi guys,

I'm a newbie on this forum and this is my first thread. I just tried to create a restore point and ended up with this error:

Any help would be much appreciated.

A:System Restore- restore point creation error

By chance did you have a virtual machine running when you tried to create the restore point? If yes, try creating restore point without VM.

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Ok I borke world recored for formating windows 7 , the last 2 months .
The problem is ;
Windows System restore keep freezing , I'm not trying to do system restore , but when I try to install/remove a software , windows try to create restore point , making the installation/removing prograss freeze , till the process fail , takes about an hour to. Installation/removing will continues after.

This windows is 6 days old , issue keep getting back after each format , sometimes after 2 weeks, sometimes after few days , once happened after installing graphic driver ( was first and only thing installed ) .

Sometimes it works fine after reboot , then refuse to work hour later .

I turned system protection off , the installing/removing works fine.
I tried tracking the issue , but it happens randomly .
Is this another windows 7 bug ?

What could trigger this issue ?
I did full scan , Kasper Sky , Avast ,and Nod32 , system is clean.
Removed Anti viruse .
Reinstalled , repaired windows through upgrade , issue still exist , not fixed.
System restore works fine in safe mode.

Any help , would be appreciated.

A:Windows 7 system restore point. Can't create / restore .

I solved this issue. Might someone els find this thread helpful.

Since it worked in safe mode and not in normal mode , there must be something perventing it from this.
in MSconfig , I unchecked all startup , and all services , except Microsoft services , System point was working fine then, I enabled few services and startup till I found the software causing this issue , it was graphic tweaking tool that comes with graphic card driver (Zotac fire storm ) I unistalled it , but it wasn't enough , I had to remove the startup entry manualy , now system working perfectly .

I hope this methode helps people that suffering from smiliar issue .
Note : If it fail to create restore point in safe mode , probably system file is damaged , and the above might not work.

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In the Windows & Task Scheduler, I have the default SR set up to run daily at 12:00am and on system startup. The Last Run Result is always "The operation completed successfully. (0x0)" and the History shows "Task completed" for each scheduled restore. However when I go into System Restore and view the restore points, none of the scheduled ones are listed. All the ones listed are Manual (which I can do through Windows Button -> Create a restore point ->Create), Critical Update (post Windows Update) and Install (post software installation).

I've increased the Disk Space Usage parameter to make sure there's plenty of space. I've also tried entering the command manually in cmd.exe:

"%windir%\system32\rundll32.exe /d srrstr.dll,ExecuteScheduledSPPCreation"

It appears to run (no error message), but it still doesn't produce any restore point and when I check in Task Manager I never actually see the rundll32.exe process run with that Command Line.

A:Scheduled System Restore not producing restore point

Hello Skeltong, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You might see if using METHOD TWO to create a task that will create a restore point may work better for you. You can adjust for when to create to what you like instead.

System Restore Point : Create at System Startup

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twice I've run system restore, and it always says failed. System restore started,goes threw loading registry and then reboots, after desktop loads the failed dialog box comes up.
I've read previous posts, and checked services running and made sure System Restore is on with available space.
At one time I'd run a program called Smart V 2.0 from the Windows Club. It had disabled a lot of services to speedup boot time. I've since reinstalled default settings for the services. Could that have maybe screwed up the restore points?
My computer had froze, and that is when I tried the restore. Computer is running OK now, but would really feel better if I knew System Restore would work. Thanks for your time.

A:system restore fails saying possible corrupted restore point

Welcome to our Forum Johnf.

This tutorial by Capt.Jack Sparrow should help.

System Restore General Troubleshooting to Fix Issues

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I Will Upload The Screenshots

I Tried This Method Too But No Help

Boot into Safe Mode without networking.
Open a elevated command prompt.
Type net stop winmgmt and hit Enter. This will stop the Windows Management Instrumentation Service.
In Windows Explorer, go to C:\Windows\System32\wbem and rename the Repository folder to Repositoryold.
Restart the computer to normal mode (not Safe Mode).
Open a elevated command prompt.
Type net stop winmgmt and hit Enter.
Type winmgmt /resetRepository and hit Enter.
Restart the computer to normal mode (not Safe Mode).

A:Can't Create a System Restore Point and Backup

Make sure that the VSS service isn't disabled

Changing the startup type of the VSS service and rebooting can often resolve issues.

Right click on 'My Computer'.
Select 'Manage'.
Select the 'Services' tree node.
Right click on 'Volume Shadow Copy'
Select Properties
Change the startup type to 'Automatic'

Sometimes re-registering VSS core components can fix errors. Copy the following commands to Notepad and save the file with a ‘.bat’ extension. Run the .bat file by opening a command prompt and entering the .bat file name.

cd /d %windir%\system32
net stop vss
net stop swprv
regsvr32 /s ole32.dll
regsvr32 /s oleaut32.dll
regsvr32 /s vss_ps.dll
vssvc /register
regsvr32 /s /i swprv.dll
regsvr32 /s /i eventcls.dll
regsvr32 /s es.dll
regsvr32 /s stdprov.dll
regsvr32 /s vssui.dll
regsvr32 /s msxml.dll
regsvr32 /s msxml3.dll
regsvr32 /s msxml4.dll
vssvc /register
net start swprv
net start vss

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If I edited the registry & subsequently found I had to undo the changes, could I use a restore point I created just prior to the changes instead of a system state backup/restore?

It is my understanding that a checkpoint takes a snapshot of the registry.

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Hey guys.
I have a System Image Restore Point in System Restore of the type "Backup" that has been on my system since January 2013. Other restore points come and go but this one is still there.
Is this a snapshot of my system from before the system image (like most restore points) or is that the system image itself? I'm thinking it must be the system image itself otherwise it should have gone away like other restore points.
I'm going to be creating a new system image soon.
Thanks for your time.
Windows 7 64-bit

A:System Image Restore Point question

System restore point backs up system settings and registry. Usually it is initiated and triggered by the system when programs are installed, Microsoft updates, anti virus software etc. Running System backup creates an image of the files you want to backup for a full recovery. You can backup your entire drive if you wanted to. However, don't get your new backup and the the laptops factory backup mixed up. Laptops usually tend to have a factory backup of 8 gigabytes in size on a secondary partition and you shouldn't mess with it. They come with a utility to create a set of boot discs from this image. The utility is located under a file named the same name as the laptop. If you have a DELL then there would be a DELL file under the Start button and in there is the utility.
Usually the image takes 2 cd's. Be aware this backup does not include all your new files. It is just a backup of the way the laptop was the first day you bought it. If you boot off the disc it will wipe all your data to the way it was when it was new. Everyone should create a cd set of this if you haven't done so already. Do it now! If the hard drive dies you have nothing, No Operating System or anything. If you create a new backup make it seperate from the factory. Your new backup should be stored on a seperate internal/external drive. It can be stored on the same drive but if the drive fails, again you have nothing. You should create a system repair boot disc as well, so you can access the backup you c... Read more

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I am showing a "System Image Restore Point" under "Restore"; how do I delete? Deleting restore points does not remove it.

A:Delete System Image Restore Point

Have you tried to delete all but the most recent restore point in C:\ Properties Disk Cleanup ?

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Not sure about the image backups. There are four. I would assume I can delete
the oldest three, but that's why I'm asking the question !!!
Thanks for your time !!!!!!!!!

A:Want To Delete Three Image Backups & A System Restore Point

Hello Bej,

Using OPTION THREE or OPTION FOUR in the tutorial below will help show you how to delete specific system restore points.System Protection Restore Points - Delete
If you created a Windows Backup, then OPTION THREE in the tutorial below will help show you how to delete a system image backup using it's "Manage Space" option.Backup User and System Files - Delete Backups
If you only created a system image backup, then you could open the WindowsImageBackup folder and "Continue", open the ComputerName-PC folder, then delete the Backup year/month/day time folder for the image backup that you wanted to delete. The blue NOTE box at the top of the tutorial below will help show you more about what to look for with this folder to help.Backup Complete Computer - Create an Image Backup
Hope this helps,

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I currently can't make a system image or restore point.

The error I receive for the system image attempt is:

The backup failed.

Windows Backup timed-out before the shared protection point was created. (0x80780021)

Additional Information:
The creation of a shadow copy has timed out. Try this operation again. (0x81000101)

When I attempt a restore point it gives me the (0x81000101) error.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

A:Unable to create system image or restore point

Quote: Originally Posted by fr0gger

I currently can't make a system image or restore point.

The error I receive for the system image attempt is:

The backup failed.

Windows Backup timed-out before the shared protection point was created. (0x80780021)

Additional Information:
The creation of a shadow copy has timed out. Try this operation again. (0x81000101)

When I attempt a restore point it gives me the (0x81000101) error.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

How large is your backup drive?

I have a 500gb hd and 50gb backup. You should have at least 40 gb or more.

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Hello, I've had this problem forever now.

Whenever I try to create a restore point, Windows keeps telling me that it cant, saying

"System Restore Is not able to create a restore point.
Please restart the computer and run System restore again."

I've done this and it doesn't work. I've also checked to see if the Service is running normally, and that is running perfect.

Does anyone know how I can fix this?

A:Cannot Create Restore Point in System Restore

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Around 09:15 I set a new Restore Point 7/5/2010 5:00AM.
It did its thing and here's the resulting message.

"System Restore completed successfully. The system has been restored to 7/9/2010 9:11:16 AM. Your documents have not been affected."

How can this happen?

A:System Restore gives wrong restore point.

System restore would have selected the most recent restore point. Restore points are created automatically every day, and just before significant system events, such as the installation of a program or device driver.

If you want to restore to a specific restore point, you need to click the "Choose a different restore point" option. See this.

System Restore

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Hi all,

So, this question sort of ties into this whole issue, but here's the basics. Currently my C drive, which has my Windows 7 install, can't/won't boot, but I have space on another partition (on another drive) where I could do a fresh Windows 7 install. If I were to do that, could I then somehow use System Restore from the new boot partition to tap into a Restore Point on the old one to put my PC back to the way it was before it got all screwed up? Or is that just wishful thinking on my part?


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I went into Task Scheduler and set System Restore to create a restore point every day at 12:01am. Under Conditions I cleared all the check boxes because I want SR to run regardless of whether computer is idle or not. I have been watching this for about 1 week and so far it's not created a single restore point. Under History there's no entry, and the tab itself actually say "History (disabled)", not sure what that's about. Suggestion?

A:System restore not creating restore point

Maybe something here will help: Change How Often System Restore Creates Restore Points in Windows 7 or Vista - How-To Geek

Says 7 and Vista but should apply to 8 as well.

I've not tried it yet though.

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Hi! I'm a bit paniced at this point and I'm VERY much hoping someone here can help me! I'll try to make my questions as clear as possible but please let me know if there's any details I leave out.

I'm running XP. I noticed my internet had gone down, so I rebooted. When I did so I got a flash of a blue error screen. Finally after going into safemode I was able to read what the error was:

Stop: c0000218 Registry File Failed. The registry cannot load the hive file \systemroot\system32\config\software or its log or alternative. It is corrupt abscent or not writable.

While I was in safe mode I also tried some other stuff like "last known good configuration" and "system restore". (I'm sure I didn't turn system restore off at any point)

When neither of those worked, I looked up the problem on google and followed these instructions (up through partway through step 2)

So I went into recovery console and copied and repaired and deleted everything....I think/hope hehe.

Then I continued following the instructions to go into safemode and into system volume information. Here's where I reached my problem/question.

It says to look for a restore point/snapshot NOT created at that time. My folder only showed 2 folders and they were both very recent. I do have one "snapshot" folder. question - is it safe to continue following those instructions... Read more

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hey , this a stupid question, i think. but i just can't understand what is the deference between a system restore image and a backup data image etc? i've heard that u can save both a system restore image and backup at the same time to an external hard drive : for example, f:drive\name of pc user\backupImageSet YYYY-MM-DD HHMMSS is this correct? how is this possible , thank you

A:backup/restore system image?

As Brink says, "There are no dumb questions, just the people who do not ask them."

A "plain backup" usually just backs up data files, while a system image backs up everything on your drive. A system image is a kind of backup. To confuse things, it depends on which backup/imaging program you use as to whether or not you can extract individual files. The native Windows 7 tool lets you create a "plain backup" of data files, or a full system image. But you cannot restore individual files from the system image.

Let's say you accidentally delete an important letter that had been in your Documents folder. Either a system image or a data backup could restore that letter. But if all you had was a Windows 7 system image, you'd have to restore the entire hard drive and not just the letter. That's why the native Windows 7 lets you select what kinds of backups you want to create: a data backup, a system image, or both. Other backup software (like Macrium, EaseUS Todo, Paragon, etc) offer more flexibility than the native Windows 7 imaging tool.

Hope this doesn't make it even more confusing.

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OK, so a couple of days ago, my HP desktop crashed and then went through the whole System Recovery loop(I couldn't login to Safe mode, wouldn't let me past the System Recovery Screen). Well I backed up the entire C drive using Backup your files in the menu. Then it shows you all the file types it will back up; i.e photos, videos, e-mails and bookmarks. So I did that to an external hard drive and it comes out to 143GB.

Then I did a factory restore to my desktop.

Now comes my problem. I've been able to copy everything from the external hard drive using RecoveryMgr.exe which opens the WIM files and saves them to my C: hard drive under System Recovery Files. However it does not seem to work when it comes to putting in my old Thunderbird e-mails, contacts and such or in Firefox to restore my bookmarks, saved passwords. Any help would be most appreciative. Thank you

A:System Backup & Restore will not restore bookmarks or e-mails

A default Firefox installation has all configuration info including bookmarks in C:\Users\your user name\appdata\roaming\ in a folder called Mozilla.

A default Thunderbird installation has all configuration info including email in C:\Users\your user name\appdata\roaming\ in a folder called Thunderbird.

If those folders got backed up, you should be able to drill down to them and restore.

I assume you used Windows Backup to do the back up. I have no idea if it will include those folders.

If those folders from your original installation still survive, you can restore by copying them to the same location on new Thunderbird/Firefox installations, over-writing the new folders created when you reinstall Thunderbird/Firefox.

It's a good practice to back up the Mozilla and Thunderbird folders periodically as a matter of course--just as you would any other data.

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I've made a restore point using system restore and saved the image onto my external HDD and later restored it to its factory state using Dell Local Backup.

However, now that I want to restore from the image on my external HDD, I can't find the entry in system restore since I've restored my system using Dell Local Backup and it probably deleted the entry.

Can anyone help me with this please?


A:Restore from an image without an entry present in System Restore

Restore Point
System Restore Point - Create
System image
Backup Complete Computer - Create an Image Backup

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When you restore a system image does it automatically restore track 0 and the MBR? I ask because I've recently completed a clean install of Win 7 Ult, created a System Image and now want to replace the MS MBR with Grub4DOS in preparation for dual booting with Win 8 and being able to boot bootable ISOs from the boot menu. Previously I've always used Acronis for imaging, and that gives you a choice when restoring of whether to restore the MBR along with the system partition. However with this new install I want to use Backup and Restore.

A:Windows Backup and Restore System Image

Seems the answer is no, it does not, and Win 7 Repair doesn't fix it either. After installing Grub4DOS as boot manager Win 7 booted normally, but when I then restored the System Image it failed to boot. In anticipation of possible boot problems I had also taken an Acronis image before any of these changes and that did restore track 0 and the MBR and all was well. However I would still like to have the capability to restore my System Image and make it bootable without having to resort to Acronis, so can anyone help with that? I have tried rebuilding the MBR in Partition Wizard but that didn't fix it.

EDIT - and what has happened to the Log Out button - can't see it anywhere?

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Hi there,

My windows 8 pro install messed up n i have almost 2.8tb of stuff on my drive on a 3tb hd. I have an identical hd as a backup which i have (an apparently successful) a backup of my system from a couple of weeks ago on. I had set the system to do scheduled backups of the system (set to backup a system image of efi partition and c. There were a few times where i was trying to get other things done and the systemwas running slow so i cancelled the backups when i noticed them running. The software stopped the backups (seemingly successfully).

As i say my system messed up - i came home to find out it was no longer downloading (as i had left it doing when i went to work) but was on a blue screen (bsod?) saying the system needs to be restarted. Since then it didnt work well at all and after dskchk reported that several sectors were damaged so it was moving data to spare sectors (or whatever it generally reports when this happens) there were a lot of files messed up or reported as deleted when doing a file recovery scan with recuvva.

So i decided to restore the backed up system image from the other hd. Incidentally i tried mounting the vhdx backup image from that hd via windows explorer which then reported "the disk needs formatting" and didnt get any success mounting via disk management either (it mounted in the app but didnt show up on windows explorer and if i tried to access info on it via disk management it reported the same"disk needs formatting prom... Read more

A:Win 8 system backup image restore error help

You could try mounting it with something else.

Not sure if partition guru free will do it. The paid version handles vhd.

Once mounted, partition guru can make it's own image of the mounted drive., which can be restored.

You might need the paid version for that - worth looking at the freebie in case it does.

Data recovery, partition management and disk utilities - PartitionGuru Free

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD A4-3300 APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics, AMD64 Family 18 Model 1 Stepping 0
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3575 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 6410D, 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 466936 MB, Free - 259482 MB; D: Total - 305242 MB, Free - 137596 MB;
Motherboard: Foxconn, A75M
Antivirus: Kaspersky Internet Security, Updated and Enabled

I recently did a Clean install of WIN 7 from scratch (after reloading the manufacturers settings), download Microsoft Updates and Kaspersky 2013.

However I am unable to restore from my backup Drive (D), Win accepts the command and identifies the File/s to be restored, yet on completion the files do not appear to have been restored after a restart.

Am I missing something other than knowhow


A:Unable to restore backup to NEW Win7 system

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I am planning to perform a system image restore using the system image contained on four DVD's. I have read Brink's excellent article "How to Do a System Image Recovery in Windows 7". After researching WIN7 Forums for this afternoon and into the evening, I have a question regarding the backup data files option when accessing system image recovery thru the control panel. This assumes that the win7 OS is functional. After many attempts using Mini Tool, Paragon and other software, I have not been able to repair the HDD so the OS will not boot. My only access to perform a system image restore is thru the repair console or repair disk. Does this mean I cannot use the backup option?

My goal is determine if any files lost from the HDD failure are contained in this system image without wiping the files I am attempting to recover. Is there another way to view or recover the files from a system image on DVD? I understand that since the vhd files are on four DVD's they cannot be viewed using WIN7 disk management. Any help will be appreciated.

A:System Image restore using WIN7 and DVD media

VHDs can be viewed with Disk Management provided you have a running system. In Disk Management under the Action button you can attach the VHD and then open it in Computer.

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Why does windows put two drives in the "Include a system image of drives" option ?
I only want to backup C:
What is causing this?
My F: disk is only storage no system files as i know of.

thanks in a advance

here is how it looks:

A:Backup and Restore multiple system image drives

Quote: Originally Posted by Daba


Why does windows put two drives in the "Include a system image of drives" option ?
I only want to backup C:
What is causing this?
My F: disk is only storage no system files as i know of.

thanks in a advance

here is how it looks:

There are system files on each volume. not massive qty's but volume information which is hidden, plus recycle bin etc.

I dont back tehm up. I dont use the built in back up so if there is another reason i might not know it.

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A few weeks ago I began to get an error message after waking up my Dell XPS L702X laptop. After start-up repair runs and finds no issues I was able to re-boot for a few weeks. Just after New Year’s, my laptop would not boot and I'm unable to launch in safe mode. I know there is a system image dated 12/24 and have attempted to restore the image. The process says it completes but the same issue of not being able to boot persists. I've replaced the HDD1 in my two HDD laptop (assumed it is the boot drive) and believe I've restored the system image to the new drive, but with no success, still cannot boot or launch safe mode. Is there any hope other than reinstalling from the recovery discs burned when I first got my system?

I've seen some posts that seem similar, but not sure it is the same issue

A:System stopped booting - can't restore from backup image

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I'd just done a new install of Windows 7 and have put my OS onto a new 64GB SSD. To begin with imaging and System restore worked but after I'd reconnected all my HDD (6TB in total) and installed all my apps (some alongside the OS, some on one of the HDDs alongside my user files) I went to do a Windows Backup image but discovered it wouldn't work, nor would Macrium Reflect, Paragon or System Restore.

The first errors I got were 'The read operation from the VolumeShadowCopy on the source failed (0x80780029)' and 'The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable (0x8007050)' I restored an early image and did a little more installing (MS Office 2010 as I recall). I attempted to make an image failing again with errors 'not enough space (0x80780119) and 'creation of shadow copy timed out (0x81000101).

Having researched the issue on this and other forums I came to the conclusion that the 100MB system reserved partition that Win7 had put on my C: drive wasn't big enough so I tried various methods to increase the size of this all of which failed leaving me little option but to start over with a clean install - which I'd actually only just very recently done!.

I didn't want to just repeat the same procedure which might well result in the same problem so after yet more research decided to follow advice here -
Hack to Remove 100 MB System Reserved Partition When Installing Windows 7 ? My Digital Life
- to do away with the 100MB partition altogether. I used method 3 in the guide ... Read more

A:Image Backup and System restore stopped working?


During a clean install, you can omit that 100 MB partition entirely by using Diskpart command early in the installation.

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My hard drive crashed, and I had to get a new hard drive. I am trying to restore the system image and files I backed up from the old HD. I can restore the files from the external backup drive, but I can't get the system image restored. Has anyone else had problems doing this? Any suggestions?

A:Windows 7 backup and restore system image not working

I didn't have any luck on a friends Win backup Image program, it looked like it might have restored the image but didn't in the end.

I ended up having to do another fresh install.... Now use a paid for 3rd party program that has worked great for me.

In all of my searching, I haven't found anything good about it's backup features or the transfer wizard.... sorry!!

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Hi, I had critical errors occur that kept me from logging onto my windows account (the only profile on my computer was the admin account) on my 32bit vista home premium install. This forced me to do a complete wipe and restore from the startup menu and I made a backup when prompted to in the process of the complete restore. I have this backup folder on my external hd but I can't seem to restore the files from it. I found some tutorials on the forums about restoring from a "backup set" but my backup can't be found using the backup and restore center. The folder on my hd is called "G:\MINWINPC\Backup Files 2010-11-18 182844" and I can't seem to figure out how to restore from it.

Issue solved.

A:System restore backup files won't restore

Hi convert,

Welcome to Vista Forums!

Here's an article on the restore procedure: Restore Backup Files

Just to make sure you're doing it right. It's a selective restore of a full or selective backup (not a complete restore of a complete backup) - but since you did a full backup it matches your process closer than a complete restore would.

Back up and restore: frequently asked questions

I also found the following (but don't know if it's true or not):

1. After starting "Backup and Restore Center"
2. I selected "Advanced Restore"
3. I wasn't asked for an Administrator password....maybe because my account is an administrator account.
4. Selected "Files from a backup made on a different computer"
5. In the Dialog stating "Select the location of the backup to restore", select "Hard disk, CD or DVD......"
6. Under the drop-down box, select your drive/partition and continue
7. If there are any backups on your drive, it will show a list of them.
8. In my case, it did show a backup but in backup location, it will show "Backup location is not available."
9. I was frustrated but then I somehow just selected that backup(yes....even though it said that the Backup location is not available"
10. and pressed "Next"
11. Guess what....not error!!!!!
12. A window showed up asking me whether I wanted to perform comp... Read more

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If I create a system image and then periodically create full backups of all drives would I be able to recover the system to the last backup? I am thinking I could recover from the system image and then recover using the backup.

A:Fully restore system using Backup & Restore

Yes. Also use the previous versions feature at any time to restore a file several versions back. This works even without setting up windows backup, as restore points also create backups of your files. But windows backup will offer even more on days the backup is created. I have mine set like this:

2 internal hard drives, one is main, other is backup. Windows backup runs to it every 2 weeks and does a system image and backs up all my files. An external hard drive works well too, but then is hard to have on a schedule since you need to remember to plug it in.

I still recommend having a backup external hard drive as well, with your users folder dragged onto it just in case.

Just like time machine on apple. Of course microsoft removed this feature in windows 8, because they like to screw up good things.

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I've been facing issues with backup / restore / system restore - Hope fulle someone may help me. I've attached screenshot as help. Kind regards

A:backup, restore, and system restore problems

Sorry, my Word program can't read your systemrestore.doc.
Could you try sending it as a jpeg file?

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When I try to back up and restore (my files) it does not complete. I get the message disk full. I tried to uncheck the (shut off and delte all files from system restore) but that does not help. When I check the amount of space available on the D drive, it shows as full, but system restore seems to work; any suggestions?

A:Backup and restore (Not System Restore) Not Working

What are you using to backup your system?

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I have been have some problems with my HP dv 8500 laptop. It has vista on it. I could not get any windows updates. So I backed up my files to a flashdrive and did a system recovery. I have files on the flash drive but cannot transfer them back to the laptop. I would love it if someone could guide me through the process.
Thanks in advance

A:System Restore - how to restore backup created

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Hi guys, I have a problem with my Win7 x64 installation. I have played with a Playstation3 HDD and I have really screwed my win7 partition table.

I have tried booting with the setup dvd and tried everything there (startup repair, bootfix from cmd, etc) but nothing seems to work.

I have next booted Hiren's Live XP and I can see my partitions (btw what is the small 100mb partition called system reserved?). I have found a folder called Recovery on my boot partition which contains a large file called winre.wim, can I use this to restore my boot from System Image Recovery ? If yes, how do I do that? (remember that win setup doesn't see my partitions) I have copied the whole recovery folder to an usb stick, but when I get to System Image recovery it doesn't find it...

Please help!

Thanks in advance.

LE: (thanks mod for proper edit of the post)

A:Can I use this to restore my boot from System Image Recovery ?

You can't boot into Windows? If so post a screen shot of your disk management window.

How to Post a Screenshot in Seven Forums - Windows 7 Forums

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Main OS installed on my SSD Win7 HP x64

HDD has Win7 Ultimate x64
Previously had vista x64 installed as secondary since I got the SSD, I made steps on system images every so many updates and programs installed if I wanted to revert to a image that was no issue at all.

I wiped the vista last week installed Ultimate on a drive with SSD unhooked, I have to use a PCIe controller card to bypass non AHCI system for SATA III. I was about to do a windows image I made before installing Avast but it will not let me unless I completely Format my SSD now there are 2 Win7 installs even with the HDD unplugged.

I am thinking the MBR is screwed some how but no system errors or anything, ran sfc /scannow and chkdsk all ok.

The way I do my system images in those steps is complete one which leaves you the folder WindowsImageBackup, then I change it to 1 - WindowsImageBackup and make a text file of what is on my OS and any changes or programs installed and so on 2-3-4-5.

These are stored on my WD 1TB Black drive in which I have 2 that are also hooked up to the SATA III card which is no issue ever there just saying how I do it.
I am totally confused now on how to get the image to complete and any help would be grateful. I do not wish to reinstall completely is why I am posting.

Any system specs you need should be in sig if not just ask.

Thanks lol

A:Dual Win7 installs SSD/HDD cannot use system image restore

I kind of got lost in your long message. Briefly could you describe the problem and post a Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image

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A:System restore with no restore point set

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Ok so i tried downloading a program i definitely shouldn't have tried to download about a week ago and the results of that attempt have led my computer performance completely jacked...mostly in two aspects. My gaming is choppy as hell and so is video playback. Anyways, i have tried doing a system restore but when i open it there is only one system restore point listed from when I updated my system about 2 days ago. I have tried safe mode as a solution as it was suggested on some microsoft support page but that didnt change a thing. How do i restore to a point a week ago? Im so damn confused and im getting extremely aggitated.

A:Only one restore point...I NEED TO DO A SYSTEM RESTORE!!!

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This is the kind of mess that would make any techie cry - ID10T errors and PEBKAC all over. But your help would be sincerely appreciated.

I did not realise it but I had disabled my windows protection which automatically creates system restore points. Recently I managed to infect my OS with a rally of malware - one particularly nasty was Antimalware Doctor. I installed Avira for antivirus, comodo for firewall and spybot for additional protection (perhaps a little paranoid but I was kicking myself for being to lax up to that point). I try to avoid AV programmes, as nothing ever seems to work properly once they've been installed (see below) and they just interfere with every single application you try to install and messing with their function too.

Avira and Comodo started messing with my HP printer/scanner/copier software - every time I booted a Windows Installer window popped up looking for the installation disc for a damaged image, and would not go away. I inserted the disk but it did not resolve the issue. So I deleted all the files, removed them from the registry and prepared to install it from scratch. I tried installing it twice and both times it failed, and would automatically uninstall with the following error details:

MSIInstall () failed. X:\HP_Standard Port_Monitor.msi failed
Error Situation Code 03539016
Exit code: 1618

However, the next reboot popped up a Microsoft. Net Framework error, exactly as the forum post by andrewpm04 Error Message with Microsoft ... Read more

A:How to restore without a system restore point?

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I used system recovery's backup tool to backup my personal files including my inbox for Windows Mail. When I tried to import the files into my new inbox after recovery, the file type for just plain old Windows Mail is not listed. Therefore the import tool doesn't see the files in the backed up Inbox. It shows Windows 7 and Windows Outlook, but not plain Jane Windows Mail. I did everything right and I have a complete backup, but now can not restore my messages because the Import tool doesn't have the correct file type. In the backed up folder all the files are .eml type. What can I do? I am running Windows Vista 64 bit.

A:Can't restore inbox files from system recovery backup

Can you take a screenshot of what you are seeing?

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I made a System Image to an external USB drive months ago and had a system crash.
I replaced the HD's and attempted a System Image Recovery by booting up using the System Recovery Disk I made and having the external USB drive connected.
When the System Image Recovery tries to scan for backup images it can not find them. I can browse the USB drive using the DOS prompt and the system sees the image backup files.
So I did a clean install on the system and attempted recovering the system image back again.
Still could not recover.
I then did a test System Image to the USB drive successfully and then attempted to recover, system can not find the backup files, but I do see the backup files in the \WindowsImageBackup folder on the USB drive.

A:Backup & Restore - Unable to Find Previous System Image

Just to confirm your test image after a clean install was made successfully to an external USB HDD called say G:
In G:\ you have a folder called WindowsImageBackup

Are you using Backup & Restore from the >Recover system settings or your computer>advanced recovery methods>Use a system image you created earlier>skip backup.......etc.

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I have seen solutions to this error when it occurs during creation of a System Image, but I receive it when running a restore of a system image.  Here are the parameters of the problem:
System: Getac rugged laptop with SSD fitted in place of an HDD.  It was running Windows 7 with SP1 before the failed restore.
The System boots using Windows repair disk, but the OS has been trashed by failed restore, so normal boot brings up a missing OS error.
The System image is held on 3 DVDs.
Invoking System restore prompts for DVD #3 to identify the restorable images.
Selecting image for restore prompts for DVD #1.
Approx. 20 mins and 20% into restore, the error message 'Windows backup error accessing remote shared folder 0x8078015B' displays and the restore bombs out.
This process is 100% repeatable and is not dependent on whether the 'reformat and repartition' check box is checked or clear.
There is only one image on the DVD set from which to select the image to restore.
As the BIOS had been updated to lock down (disable) Bluetooth and WiFi for use in a secure environment, the BIOS has been returned to factory defaults in case this was the cause of the problem.

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I have a 256Gb SSD partitioned into 121GB (Volume label left at default "Local Disk") (C:) and 116 GB Data (D:) (sizes select by default in initial access to Disk Management). I also have an internal SATA 6Gb 500Gb Backup (E:).

Apparently this label of my E: drive is both "meaningless" and "meaningful" for Win7:

When I wanted to make my first SystemImage, Win7 suggested that my destination choice was not a good idea. It makes perfect sense for me, but I can see that Win7 might prefer an external USB hdd.

But I went ahead and made the System Image on Backup (E:) and it appears to be in good order: I allowed Win7 to name it with its default folder "WindowsImageBackup" with the subfolder named from my system name, with add'l subfolders:

Backup 2012-01-03 (+ some 6 digit id #, I presume)

However, this System Image is not recognized in Control Panel\...\Backup and Restore and the "Select another backup to restore files from" dialog does not recognize the E: drive nor allow me any means to select it.

However, if I select "Setup backup" Win7 immediately selects Backup (E:), adding the comment [Recommended].

I can see the statement near the top of the dialog about recommending a backup on an external drive, but this is not what I consider an intelligent backup approach. I prefer to make both internal backups on my additional internal hdd and external usb hdd copies of backups. ... Read more

A:System Image is not recognized in Control Panel\...\Backup and Restore

in backup and restore there is a option to create a rescue disc. you will need this disc to access the system image should the system crash. You can backup an image to your external hdd and access it with the bootable rescue disc.

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i want to restore my buds laptop. he had restore turned on until about 3 weeks ago he shut it off.

question: if you shut off restore does it still keep the last restore points? and is there a way to restore in safe mode (cant boot in reg mode) if restore is shut of. when i try and turn on sys restore in safe mode it say "i cant".

any suggestions?

A:System restore question? Can i restore in safe mode i restore was turned off?

when you turn off restore you lose all the restore points...thats why you cant use them...If you can boot in safe mode and backup all the things you can't live without...then we will try to fix the booting problem

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Win7 pro x64. I can create images and restore them using bootable media [DVD], however if I attempt to restore an image using the Backup and Restore option in Control Panel, Specifically -

Recover system settings or your computer>Advanced recovery methods>use a system image you created earlier to recover your computer

when the system attempts to boot I get the follwing message:

Windows failed to start ....etc
Status: 0xc0000225
Info: The boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible

The system suggests I use the Win7 install disk, which I allow to perform repairs. They do not work.
The recovery disk burned by Windows sees there is a problem and offers to fix. That does not work.

Have restored MBR per
MBR - Restore Windows 7 Master Boot Record



A:Win7 System Image Restore does not boot from Windows - 0xc0000225

Boot from win7 install dvd and press shift+f10 Command Prompt at Startup
Or win7 system repair disc and enter command prompt:

bcdedit /enum {default}
Post output

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I did a full backup using vista backup and recovery centre onto a seagate 160gb usb drive.  The backup completed successfully so I rebuilt the machine.
On trying to rebuild, I run bakup and restore center and it cant even see the drive (it can see the C partition, the E (recovery) partition and nothing else.  It doesnt see the D (Data Partition) or the USB device.)
Tried copying it to the E partition and forcing it to use it but get  backup location not found which is mentioned elsewhere as an issue with mediaid.bin.
any ideas, i now have a shiny sparkly new machine with no data on it. 
The data is there in a compressed form but id much rather restore properly.
grateful for any help.

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I've recently purchased a 256GB Crucial MX100 to upgrade and troubleshoot an old 90GB OCZ Vertex SSD.
I made a 90GB Partition to create my system image on a 1TB WD Elements HDD.

I succeeded in the system image restore, but when I checked "My Computer" to view the drive it only recognized it as 90GB!

I then went to Computer Management and noticed that the remaining part of the drive was partitioned and wasn't formatted.

I formatted the volume but it won't allow me to extend it and combine it with the C: drive.

The ONLY thing I did differently during the system restore was exclude a secondary WD drive before doing the restore.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I would ideally like to not put so many write cycles on my new SSD trying to merge the partitions.

Hopefully a command in diskpart or something can resolve it. Thanks

A:System Image partitions C: drive after system restore

Fastest resolution ever!

Solution: If I didn't rush into Computer management and format the drive I would have simply been able to extend the volume.

I had to delete the volume and then the option to extend was available.

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My question is similar. I'm new to Win7-64. I want to back up the entire system but will System Image Restore allow me to identify and restore individual files? Win7's normal back up function does that, but it doesn't save the OS and programs.


A:System Image Recovery allow me to identify & restore individual files?

Hello Mark, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Sorry, but when doing a System Image Recovery, you will not be able to pick and choose individual files and folders. It's an all or none deal.

However, you could use the tutorial below to manaully extract individual files and folders from within the system image if you like.System Image - Extract Files Using Disk Management
Hope this helps,

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I have tried unsuccessfully to do a Factory Image Restore on my Dell Inspiron laptop with Windows 7 but that's not a choice on the Factory Image Restore welcome screen. So, I thought I would try using my System Recovery disks if possible. I'm not that computer literate but could you help with the proper steps to take? Thanks!

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Hi ,

I am using WIN 7, PRO, SP1
I have a couple of questions about the operation of the Windows ?System Restore Point? function.
1. Can the ?System Restore Point? created file be written or exported to external storage --- burn to CD, DVD or write to thumb drive?. Writing a ?recovery? file to your hard disk C:\ partition seems to defeat the possibility of ?recovery? when the computer will not boot or the C:\ drive cannot be accessed.
2. Assuming the System Restore Point file can be placed on external storage, are there program(s) that can be used to boot a non-functioning computer and read and replace the System Restore Point from the CD/DVD or thumb drive? You could think it as a ? System Restore Point Emergency Boot Disk?

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Not sure when this issue started, so not sure if this has anything to do with XP Pro SP3. System Restore appears to function normally until attempt to restore. Select restore point > confirmation screen, click next > result = stays on confirmation screen. No cpu activity. Disabled SR and tried to re-register dll's. Was only able to re-register srclient.dll. Other dll's report loaded but "DllServerRegister point not found. . ." Suggestions please.

A:System Restore runs, creates restore points, but can't restore

Hello & welcome to TSF,

To resolve this issue, restart the computer. If the error still occurs, search the hard drive for the presence of the Wininit.ini file, and then rename it. To do so, follow these steps:

1. Restart your computer in Safe or DOS Mode.
2. Click Start, point to Search, and then click For Files or Folders.
3. In the Named box, type wininit.ini.
4. In the Look in box, click Local hard drives, and then click Find Now.
5. Right-click the Wininit.ini file, click Rename, type, and then click OK.
6. Close the Find Files window, and then run System Restore again.
7. If the previous steps do not resolve the problem, run the following command to repair the damaged portions of your registry:
scanreg /fix

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I have a Win 7 Enterprise Pro x64 laptop. Most of the files in my recycler/recycle bin mysteriously disappeared a few days back (I am guessing some OS quirk since desktop.ini also seems to have been modified then, though everything is still running smoothly).

So I want to get those files back. In my weekly backup to an external HDD using Win 7's built-in Backup and Restore I thought I have the recycler backed up:
Control Panel > Backup and Restore > Options > Change Backup Settings > Select where you want to save your backup > Where do you want to back up?: Let me choose > What do you want to back up?: Computer, Local Disk (C:, $RecycleBin is checked (my HD is partitioned and I also have the D: $RecycleBin selected here)

But when I select
Control Panel > Backup and Restore > Restore my files > Browse for files (or Browse for folders)
I get a explorer like screen which lists in the title bar,
Backup on <location> > Backup of C:
and lists all other folders I checked off in the Backup in the last paragraph but not the $RecycleBin folder.

Note that I have "Show hidden files, folders, and drives" selected and "Hide protected operating system files" unchecked in folder options (so for example ProgramData is listed in the folders in the last paragraph). I also am able to restore other files from my backup so I am rather sure the backup is not corrupted.

Is there someway to find and restore the recycler files or is this... Read more

A:Backup and Restore: restore files in Recycler (Win7 Enterprise x64)

Sorry to bump this but hoping someone might have a suggestion on this (or even to tell me that it is not possible to restore files from the recycler)

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I had to replace my HD so created a system image using windows backup to my external USB hard drive.

the problem is that when I boot into windows repair mode and choose to restore from my image, the usb drive is not detected, so I cannot restore.

The drive is visible from within Windows, and shows in the bios as a boot device, just not visible from repair mode.

This is a USB 2.0 drive

how can I get windows repair mode to see my usb drive ?

A:cannot restore system image from usb drive

Hi there

The built in Windows system image is not a very good program and doesn't allow you to restore from an external device directly which IMO makes it a CACKHANDED and almost useless system.

What you CAN do

1) re-install Windows -- don't panic we only do this to get a working Windows. Don't bother with any applications or updates.

2) Now do the RESTORE - the installed windows should be able to access the external HDD. and overwrite your newly installed windows with your original backup.

Don't BTW activate on installation- Note W7 gives you 30 days before requiring activation - don't even bother with the updates -- you just want the OS up and running so you can restore your old image.

(cackhanded method I agree but is should work).

Now IN FUTURE - download something like FREE MACRIUM and create a bootable disc.
Backup and restore images using this is no problem.

I actually use a paid for piece of software -- Acronis -- since backup and data recovery is IMO worth MORE than the PC it's on (how much would it cost you in time and money to re-create Music / Video libraries again even if it were possible !!) the 45 USD or so is worth every penny I've spent on that software.


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Hello all.

I will apologise in advance if this question has been asked several times before and answered but I am unable to find an answer to solve my specific problem as the other answers seem to be generic solutions.

I am having a problem with my system restore point being restored. I am getting an error message that my restore point could not be completed.

I can create restore points and have several 'points' for the last two months. I deleted some software recently and found that i was not able to install a new version of the deleted software (Adobe). As i need it to run some videos I thought I would do a system restore, as I had created a restore point specifically for the deletion of the adobe software.

Anyway I cannot get my system to perform a successful restore using the System Restore feature of Windows XP SP2. It goes through all of the steps, reboots and I log back in, then I get a message that the system cannot be restored to the checkpoint I selected. I have tried several other check points within a couple of days of the one i specifically want. This happens regardless of the checkpoint I select.

I have spent a couple of days searching the internet via google and read the responses posted. No luck there with the suggestions posted.

I have gone into the Microsoft site - Troubleshooting steps for issues when you try to use the System Restore tool in Windows XP, and followed the information provided for the advanced user. I have booted up using S... Read more

A:System Restore Point not installing - "Incomplete Restore"


ran Avast! over my C:\ and found three virus's embedded in the restore point recently created and one with in the root of C:\. I removed (deleted) the identified virus files from the System Restore point and the file from the root of C:\

You can do the System Restore as Admin in Safe Mode and reboot into Safe Mode. If it completed the Restore, then boot normally. It sounds like Avast removed the virus and and in the process removed some of the Restore files as well. You are probably not going to be able to do a system restore. Which is just as well as you will just reinfect yourself. I would boot in normally and turn off system restore which will remove all restore points, then click on the link in my signature for Virus/Malware Help and make sure they give you a clean bill of health, then turn System Restore back on and do a Restore point for today if everything is working well.

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Hi All,
My hard drive recently died but before that I made a System Image on my Iomega external hard drive. (Windows 7)

I have just had a new hard drive installed with Windows 7. I located the System Image backup on my external hard drive but can't find a way to install it. On the hard drive there is no way apparent to start the recovery.

I tried Control Panel/Recovery/ Advanced etc but all that comes up is LizPC (which was an extra backup for my Docs and Pics) It does not list the System Image which has my Keepass Password Manager on (hopefully)
which I need to set up my Windows Live Email account.

If anyone can help I would be enormously grateful as I am completely lost and have no passwords.

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I've just spent a day taking System Image backup images of three different hard drives. Well ok I didn't just sit and watch the bar move across the screen although it did hold up my computer. Anyway, what a waste of a day from my PC because
when I try to restore using System Image backup from my USB drive, the USB drive cannot be found. I have followed the procedure on page 750 of Configuring Windows 7, 70-680 precisely.  I tried booting from an OS DVD and a Windows Repair
DVD, but no USB drive.  I tried using a blank usb stick and that can't be found either. The USB drive can be seen when I logon to Windows to get the images on it. Might this be more to do with hardware such as adjusting BIOS boot settings,
or updating BIOS firmware. There seems to be others with unresolved problems like this. Should I join them and buy Acronis instead?

A:System Image Restore can't see USB hard drive


Could you please check the following newsgroup posts for your answer. The posts lists different scenarios that might work for you.

Best Regards,
Kim Zhou

Please remember to click ?Mark as Answer? on the post that helps you, and to click ?Unmark as Answer? if a marked post does not actually answer your question. This can be beneficial to other community members reading the thread.

Thanks for sending me these links and I will check them out. I think I came across most of the answer on the following link although doubts are raised:
Basically, I should have had three files on the external drive as follows:
a.      A file named: MediaID.bin

b.      A file that has the same named as your computer name (this is where the .zip files are located).

c.      The 'System Image' folder named 'WindowsImageBackup'.
By moving my backups into a folder out of the way and... Read more

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Hi all,

I just bought a new 1TB Samsung F3 to use as my new D drive after clumsily destroying my old C drive (luckily I was formatting it at the time before installing Windows 7, so no lost data!), and have had some problems after restoring the image.

I created a system image of my C drive, which was on a 160GB HDD, and copied this to my new Samsung D drive. I then put a 250GB Western Digital drive in place of the C drive (freshly formatted to NTFS), put the repair disk in I had created and began the system restore.

Everything seemed to go smoothly, but when checking my C and D drive I noticed my C drive was still only 160GB, instead of the full 250GB. Somehow I've lost 90GB of my C drive.

Has anybody else experienced this? Is it easily remedied. I can't just reformat the disk as it's my C drive, and I did this before the system restore anyway, so I'm sure I'd get the same problem!

Cheers in advance!

ps I've got Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit. And the actual drive sizes vary slightly from the above, I've just used the figures they advertise!

A:C Drive is smaller after System Image restore

I just checked the Disk Managment Console and see that 80GB is unallocated. Is there anyway of bringing this into the rest of the C Drive without destroying the existing data on the 160GB 'partition'?

I've attached a screen print showing how the drives are set up.

Thanks once again!

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I have been reading articles online that indicate if the target hard drive size is smaller than the source hard drive you cannot perform a restore. I believe I did a restore on my computer running 8.1 pro 64bit where I went from 1 tb to a 250 gb ssd.

So on my other computer being on Windows 7 64bit. I have a restore on an external HD and the size of the drive as the source was 1tb and the target is 500gb. It comes back to inform me the target ssd size is too small.

Any suggestions to make the restore onto the new ssd?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

A:Restore system image to new hard drive

Quote: Originally Posted by David from Az

I have been reading articles online that indicate if the target hard drive size is smaller than the source hard drive you cannot perform a restore.

This is true for Windows inbuilt imaging. I suggest you try (free) Macrium Reflect or pay a small amount and buy Paragon Migrate. Paragon is a simple turnkey approach. Macrium requires a little more effort:
SSD - Install and Transfer the Operating System
I think with Macrium 5 the "drag & drop" transfer takes care of the smaller destination partition and the alignment.

If you can't make a new image and "must" use an old Windows image then you can try to attach/mount the old image vhd then use Macrium. This tutorial describes the basic process.
System Image - Recover a Broken Windows 7 System Image

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I want to keep the disk image for a possible future system restore, but if the restore point listed as Windows Backup is deleted, will I be able to restore Windows from that image? In other words, is the disk image reliant on that specific restore point in order to function properly? Thanks in advance.

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Not sure where to write this so I decided here under General Discussion.

I truly believe in backups of documents and image backup of HD. In the past I have used many different ones and prior to Win7 I was using TeraByte Unlimited Image for Windows V3 which was fast and reliable.

Well last week I decided to try the Win7 backup imaging software that comes in Ultimate but not sure if he other versions have it. Well I started the programm and saved my image or whatever Win7 now cals it to my backup HD. I have about 25 gb on C: and in less than 6 minutes was complete. The saved area was about 10 gb in size and has mutlimple directories with files in all of them. Will have to do some additional reading on actually what it is but it isn't one file like a true image.

Last night I used Win7 to restore my C: Drive and it went flawlessly in less than 6 minutes. Had anyone had any issues with this program?

I did another Win7 Backup this morning and it seems that it copied over the one I had stored. I'm sure next time I will change directory or file name so I can have more copies stored

Because I'm not sure yet if I trust the Win7 version I will continue to use both backup programs until I know more about the Win7.

Any thoughts?

A:Win7 Image Backup and Restore

Quote: Originally Posted by IggyAZ

Not sure where to write this so I decided here under General Discussion.

I truly believe in backups of documents and image backup of HD. In the past I have used many different ones and prior to Win7 I was using TeraByte Unlimited Image for Windows V3 which was fast and reliable.

Well last week I decided to try the Win7 backup imaging software that comes in Ultimate but not sure if he other versions have it. Well I started the programm and saved my image or whatever Win7 now cals it to my backup HD. I have about 25 gb on C: and in less than 6 minutes was complete. The saved area was about 10 gb in size and has mutlimple directories with files in all of them. Will have to do some additional reading on actually what it is but it isn't one file like a true image.

Last night I used Win7 to restore my C: Drive and it went flawlessly in less than 6 minutes. Had anyone had any issues with this program?

I did another Win7 Backup this morning and it seems that it copied over the one I had stored. I'm sure next time I will change directory or file name so I can have more copies stored

Because I'm not sure yet if I trust the Win7 version I will continue to use both backup programs until I know more about the Win7.

Any thoughts?

For me, the back up of Windows 7 is awesome. The two primary restore options, system restore and system image are incremental. The date that shows on the file represents t... Read more

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Hi All, I Cannot do a ‘System Restore’ OR Create a System Restore Point? Something must have Happened During the Last "Problem" I had when I tried to Uninstall “Comodo” Backup?
I only just realised that their has been no Restore Point Since that Date so I tred to Create a New one and No Go" so only Restore Point left is “Deleted Comodo”. It was when I Deleted Comodo’ that I got into Strife Last Time (see my Last Thread)
I have Included a Screen Shot of the Error Thanks In Ant - Regards Dazza

A:Can't do a ‘System Restore’ OR get System Restore Point?

With you computer offline, temporarily disable you antivirus and try to do a System Restore again.
If this doesn't work enable the antivirus and then do the following.
Warning:  Disabling items in Services or Startup may leave your anitivius disabled until the process is ended.  For this reason I would suggest that you perform this process off line.
Part A
(1)  Click on the Start orb, then type msconfig.exe in the Search programs and files box.  
(2)  When msconfig is seen in the pane above the search box and under Programs, right click on it, then click on Run as administrator.

If you are prompted for an administrator password or for confirmation, you should enter the password or provide confirmation. 
Part B
(1)  Click on the General tab.   
(2)  Click the Selective startup option. 
(3)  Remove the check mark in the Load startup items  check box. 

Part C
(1)  Click on the Services tab. 
(2)  Place a check mark in the Hide all Microsoft services check box, this will remove the Microsoft Services from the list but will still be running. 
(3)  Click Disable all, this will remove all of the check marks in the Services list, then click on Apply, then OK.  Click on Restart in the window that opens.
When the computer is restarted try doing a System Restore.
 ... Read more

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I used windows backup to create a backup of my system on an external seagate harddrive. It created an big backup of about 11GB. Now when I try to restore my system using windows backup and restore, it shows the following message "windows could not find a backup for this computer". On selecting "select another backup to restore files from", it is not able to find the backup on the external harddrive. There is no option to browse for the backup except from a network location. So, how do I use the backup?

A:Restore system from backup on external hard drive

Hi rishabhg

See if this will help

Restore Backup User and System Files

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When attempting backup operations, I receive the following error message:

The shadow copy provider had an unexpected error while trying to process the specified operation. (0x8004230F)

I ran sfc /scannow, with the following message:

Found corrupt files but could not repair them.

Looking through the CBS.log, the file "settings.ini" is identified as not being repaired, and there seems to have been a lot of other activity in the scan.

How do I make repairs?

A:Unable to do system or hard drive backup/restore

Hello, MildBill.

What antivirus (if any) do you have installed on your machine? I have run into problems with using System Restore with a couple of programs. They seemed to lock the necessary files.

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I did a windows system image back up on our windows 8 PC before we had to send our HP All-In-One to HP to replace a broken hard drive (we have only had the computer for less than 6 months, arghh!). They also told me to wipe the computer prior to sending it so no personal information was on the computer.

The computer was just returned to us and I am not able to find a command or windows program to Restore my computer from the USB System Image backup that I made. Also, when I plug my USB external HD into the computer, I see the file for the system image backup, but the drive and files columns say that it is empty.

Can someone please help?

A:System Image Restore from USB External Drive ??, Windows 8

-- FYI: I am using a Seagate 2.0 1TB HD.

Since posting this thread this am, I have been able to boot to the advanced options settings and got to the System Image restore wizard (from the windows 8 blue screen - weird format - Iam use to Windows XP).

Anyway, when I select restore pc from system image backup there are two options. I select the second option that states select system image from a different location. However, the pc is not reading my HD.

How do I make windows 8 see my hard drive with the system image backup on it in the advanced options system image restore wizard?


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Hi. I have 2 1.5 TB internal hard drives for a Windows 7, 64 bit Pro system.

My second hard drive keeps getting filled up by huge (200-400 GB) files that are apparently generated by System Restore and System Image.

I'd like to keep the System Restore functionality, but is there a way to limit the size of this to something reasonable? (say less than 50 GB)

Currently have a 400 GB System Image file with .vhd extension. Is it safe to simply delete that? And can I limit the size of these files as well or simply prevent them from being generated?


A:System restore and image filling hard drive

You can reduce disk space taken up by system restore and also clean up old points.

Make System Restore Use Less Drive Space in Windows 7 - How-To Geek

As for the backup image, just delete the folder WindowsImageBackup, it will deletes all existing images. Next time you create an image, it'll be recreated. You can also save images externally.

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System image restore on empty external drive I made a system backup of my C:
system partition with Windows 7
backup and restore facility on an
external disk.

Now I bought another external disk
and wanted to restore my backup to it to test the restoration on
an empty disk ( for the case of disk crash or when buying a new SSD and
adding it to the computer ).

When I boot from the Recovery CD
and try to restore the image I can exclude my current system disk and keep only the external target disk. But then I get an error message, which tells me that the
restoration misses a disk. I suppose the excluded C:-system disk.

So is there a way to restore the
image to a disk other than the current disk with the running C:-system ?

A:System image restore on empty external drive

Not to a External Drive.

System Image Recovery

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Hi I am running a new latitude e6510 64-bit and I am trying to create system image to a new hard drive I purchased when I bought the new computer for back up. The new drive is WD Blue Scorpio. I loaded win7 pro on the new drive and did create system image. When I tried to restore system image it says restore failed. I called WD and they said I had to remove win 7 pro and only do a format then create system image. I tried that and now it will do the system image but when I load it in to my computer it can not find (bootmgr is missing) and I have to shut down.
I am doing the system image through my USB port onto my new hard drive.
I have done this before with no problems, now I have been trying for over a week and it still won’t work. Can you tell me where I can find information on creating a system Image and Restore on a New hard drive?

A:create system image and restore New hard drive

Can you clarify
1) You have a PC with Windows 7 Pro installed?
2) You bought a new HDD as a "cold" standby / backup drive in case the normal drive fails?
3) You don't plan to have both HDDs installed together?
4) What is the size of existing and new HDDs?

5) What's the partition structure of your existing HDD
Partition descriptions, Sizes
screen shot from disk management would help but don't worry at this stage if you don't know how to do it.

Suggest you delete your personal email address from the post. Communicate through the forum.

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I have 640GB WD hard disk and i created system image of Drive C and system reserved drive. Backup successfully completed and afterward i disconnected my 640GB HDD and connect new one which is 320GB and now i want to restore my system image to 320GB WD HDD. I tried it but it gave me error saying "element not found". Please tell me how can i restore system image that was created from 640GB HDD to 320GB HDD?


A:Restore Windows 7 System Image to another hard drive!!!

What drive did you create the backup image on? Do you have the win7 install DVD ?

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I know there are posts about this, and I've tried using their suggestions, but i still can't get the system image restore to see my external hard drive or the image file. when i'm in windows itself, i can see the files, but when i try to restore the image,
neither is being recognized.  I don't want to lose what i have on there. is there anything anyone can do?

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I was having some issues with my Windows XP SP2 and when I did defender 5 in 1 cleaning all my restore points were deleted, and so I did a full C: drive recovery.Defender 5 in 1 says that there must have been some infected files in the system recovery points and that is why they were removed.
After that I wanted to check my system restore and all I get is a big white square box with the name system recovery at the top. Any ideas?

A:Lost System Restore after I did a full C: drive recovery

Not really sure what you are looking to do .. but once the recovery points are gone .. they are gone .. unless you had a backup clone of your drive you are now looking at a fresh new installed system ..with no way to get back ..

Learn by this lesson .. backup before you make changes .. backup when you're not making changes ... and backup frequently in case of disaster .. if you're prepared you'll probably never need the backups .. Murphy's Law!

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In my Windows 8.1 I have listed under System Protection, Available Dives:

D: (Protection Off - I have used this for a System Backup location which created an WindowsImageBackup folder)C: (Protection On)Recovery (? This has a yellow folder icon.  Protection had been Off but I have changed it to On and set it to 100% Max Usage 14.86 GB. )
I hope somebody will explain in simple terms what the "Recovery" drive represents and whether my setting it to "Protection On with max usage at 100%" is a good idea or not and what the consequences would be if I set it back to Off.

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Hi, and thank you for being here.

I did a system restore on my laptop after recklessly cleaning files off of my hard drive. Since then I can't access my d:/, so I can't reinstall anything, including my internet and Microsoft Office software.

If I look in the control panel I can see everything (I didn't lose any personal files), but D: always comes up as D:/RECOVERY, then fiendishly warns me not to look inside (which I haven't).

Please help.

A:System Restore locked my CDROM drive into D:/RECOVERY

Welcome to TSG....

Where is the recovery disk? Did you put it in the D:\ Drive? I suggest that you look inside the drive even though the computer says not too.

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estore system settings and previous versions of file is greyed out on my system, I may have disabled a required service for this, can anyone point me to the right direction for this?

As I'm about to try the X-Fi MB2 mod again as the last time I tried it my system was messed up that it wont even recognize my actual X-Fi card properly. So I'm thinking a system restore can help me with this experiment.

A:System Restore - Restore system settings and previous versions of file

I'd start with system restore. Make sure it's enabled.

System Restore - Enable or Disable

Other things to check are system restore configuration, making sure system protection is turned on, and some general troubleshooting steps for system restore.

System Restore Configuration - Enable or Disable

System Protection - Turn On or Off

System Restore General Troubleshooting to Fix Issues

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Please help if you can. Internet Explorer kept freezing with hourglass, So, I did a system restore to return the computer settings to the last date that it worked properly. I returned it successfully, but internet explorer will not load at all now. It keeps giving me the message that it has to close because of an error and directs me to press 'end now'. I tricked it into opening through my 2Wire gateway and went to microsoft update to try and re-install the missing components. Gave me error message that windows installer was not installed or was disabled because i was in safe mode (which I was not). Are there steps I can take to correct this. Other windows programs are also affected. Such as System Information, Search and Help.

XP Home Edition
Version 2002
Service Pack 2 (it was 3 before restore)
Pentium® 4 CPU
2.60GHz 2.59GHz
768mb of RAM

A:Did System Restore-didn't help. System Restore opens as blank page.

Not so sure it's an infectionLet;s try a quick few scansSome types of malware will disable Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and other security tools. If MBAM will not install, try renaming it first.Right-click on the mbam-setup.exe file file and rename it to mysetup.exe.Double-click on mysetup.exe to start the installation.If that did not work, then try renaming and changing the file extension. click this link if you do not see the file extensionRight-click on the mbam-setup.exe file, rename it to mysetup and change the .exe extension to .scr, .com, .pif, or .bat.Then double-click on mysetup.scr (or whatever extension you renamed it) to begin installation.If after installation, MBAM will not run, open the Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware folder in Program Files.Right-click on mbam.exe, rename it to myscan.exe.Double-click on myscan.exe to launch the program.If that did not work, then try renaming and change the .exe extension in the same way as noted above.Double-click on myscan.scr (or whatever extension you renamed it) to launch the program.If using Windows Vista, refer to How to Change a File Extension in Windows Vista.Be sure to update MBAM through the program's interface (preferable method) or manually download the definition updates and just double-click on mbam-rules.exe to install. Then perform a Quick Scan in normal mode and check all items found for removal. Don't forgot to reboot afterwards. Failure to reboot normally (not into safe mode) will prevent MBAM from removing al... Read more

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I'm trying to fix a windows issue via system restore in the recovery CD.

The recovery CD properly recognizes my windows installation (which comes up on the "D:" drive in when booting from the recovery CD.

I launch system restore and it sees all my restore points.

But, when I pick a restore point and try to restore, it tries to restore to the C drive (which is a small empty partition) instead of the D drive, and tells me I have to enable system protection on that drive.

How can I get system restore to target the right disk?

A:System Restore from Recovery CD mapping to wrong drive letter

Hello and welcome snathanb mate I don't quite know what you mean by it defaulting to ?D: drive the C: drive is the default for Windows when it is first installed any other letter drives are secondary to that drive unless I am missing something here.

To give us a clearer idea of what you have can you post a pic of the Disk Management please?

Plus some system specs would be good too
System Info - See Your System Specs

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I understand the need for system restore to be enabled on the C: drive. But should it be enabled on the d: drive/recovery partition?
Thank you

A:Should system restore be enabled on the recovery partition of the hard drive?

I have System Restore disabled on my recovery partition. I can't think of any reason why the recovery partition would have to be restored. The recovery partition is small and system recovery takes up valuable space.

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Is a system restore to an earlier point as clean as a restore done for the same point through a system image (I use Macrium Reflect) - or is there redundancy, overlaps, duplication etc. introduced during a system restore?

I am aware that a system image is of ALL the C drive - whereas a system restore is only for certain file extensions and locations (Actually, all my user folders, Downloads, My Documents, Pictures etc. are on a separate partition - except for App Data).

More specifically for the registry: does a system restore replace the registry to exactly as it was at the restore point - or are there overlaps, redundant entries and duplication. I suppose I am asking because I believe in Windows XP a system restore simply overlay the newer registry with the older restore one - so expanding and complicating the registry; at least this is what the developer of ERUNT said.

I would appreciate some feedback on this. Thank you.

A:System Restore vs System Image Restore

Here's a good article with a lot of info about Windows Seven Restore enhancements over previous versions. I didn't realize myself it had these options:

Exploring Windows 7 System Restore & Restore Previous Versions

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I have got a license for Acronis True Image Home 2010. To my surprise, I don't like it unlike many other folks who swear on this software.
Acronis creates a backup image in .tib or .zip format whereas Windows 7 Backup and Restore creates system image in an encrypted folder (with all files and folders NOT formatted). In either case, backup image becomes ready for "restore". So why keep Acronis?
Well, Acronis can backup custom files and folders unlike Win7 default program (and, Win7 does it, too), however, Acronis does "Create full path (includes drive letter)" which I simply dislike. Fbackup4 (free license), on the other hand, does not do it but does the job the way I want, i.e., creates files and folders the way they are organized (without including drive letter, and without zipping or making some unusual file format). So for data backup, Fbackup4 is better, IMO. I remember, WinXP creates crazy backup file format like Acronis does.
Paragon Migrate OS to SSD SE (I have license for this, too) is special in the sense that it can copy the entire OS drive/partition to a blank drive. Very good for drive upgrade.

So what do you think folks? Stick to Win7 program or look for alternatives like I mentioned?

A:how acronis true image home different from win7 backup and restore

Macrium is my choice (paid). Acronis ATI 2012 has some serious probs. At least I view them as probs. Read this thread for just a starter.

Leftover Drivers? | Knowledge Base

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I would like to know the differences between System Restore Point and System Checkpoint. What happens when someone restores his system using System Restore Point or using System Checkpoint? What are actually restored after both processes? How much memory is consumed by each Restore Point? I will be grateful if someone enlighten me with his knowledge. Sorry if my language seems halting to someone.

A:Difference between System Restore Point and System Checkpoint?

Restore point is a Windows 7 default ability.
As far as I know Windows 7 has no such thing as check point.

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