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Unknown Drive " Local Disk (Z:) " created on my Windows 10

Q: Unknown Drive " Local Disk (Z:) " created on my Windows 10

Unknown Drive " Local Disk (Z " created on my Windows 10 showing some 250MB memory. Is it a virus or malware? Please help to fix this problem. I could notice that my system performance is slower after this problem.

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Before installing windows 8 there was 4 hard disk partitions on my computer, but after installing windows 8 Local Disk (I:) came up automatically with 99 MB of size thought there's no file inside of that partition.

Can please anyone tell me how that happened and how to hide/remove that partition, because its annoying.

A:New Local Disk created after installing windows 8

Hello Borhan,

Could you post a screenshot showing your full disks layout in Disk Management (diskmgmt.msc) to see if that may help reveal a reason?

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So today I was browsing in my pc and I found that that in local disk C: there is a text document named : "csb" , when I openned it it says "finish!! " .
I scanned my pc and that document but no virus was found, it was created 15 days ago, not sure what it could be, can't find information anywhere. I run windows 8.1, antivirus and ccleaner, everything is updated. My other computer doesnt have this text document.
I thank any information.

A:csb.txt created in local disk C:

If you look at the file Properties, General tab, you see 3 dates: Created, Modified, Accessed. Are the Created and Modified dates the same?
And in the Security tab, Advanced button, you can see the owner of the file. Are you the owner?

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OUt of no where a local disk Z: is created..its of 100mb..I i am not able to acess it either..!

A:LOCAL DISK Z: of 100mb automatically created.

Ramya_Durai Not to worry ... this is a byproduct of recent Win10 Updates.  Just leave it alone. Good Luck========================================================================I am a volunteer and I do not work for, nor do I represent, HP.---------------------------------------------------------------If my posts helped you, please click the Thumbs-Up symbol on my post to say thanks.If my posts solved your problem please click "Accept As Solution".========================================================================

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I'm not sure if this forum supports Windows installed on a MacBook,
but I'd appreciate any help provided.

Regarding my laptop, it's a MacBook Pro bought around 2011,
witn Windows 7 x64 installed from my friend's disc.
(Sorry I cannot remember exactly what it was)
"Barely alive" condition.
Works fine, but suddenly shuts down at times, alert shows battery not inserted (UNDETACHABLE on this MacBook model), won't run without power adapter connected, immediately shuts down when inserting USB cable into 1 of the 2 USB ports, won't detect internet connection, and so on and so on......

That aside, it worked fine until last week.

I was running Windows Update when I accidentally insert USB cable into the wrong port and "forced shut down" the laptop.

When rebooted, I get a flash of BSOD and auto-restart, which leads to startup repair.

From there, I ran startup repair a few times, each time I get the successful result yet Windows still won't start.

Then I switched to Mac OS to use it for some urgent stuff.
While in Mac OS I did went around and did "repair disk" and stuff to the bootcamp.

Next I tried searching for solutions through my phone and did this and that on command prompt.
chkdsk bootrec etc etc tried all posted solutions to something similar to my case.

The next thing I realized was that I now cannot even choose "Windows" on boot and I got stuck.

Then I asked my neighbor and fortunately could borrow Window... Read more

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I'm not sure if this forum supports Windows installed on a MacBook,
but I'd appreciate any help provided.

Regarding my laptop, it's a MacBook Pro bought around 2011,
witn Windows 7 x64 installed from my friend's disc.
(Sorry I cannot remember exactly what it was)
"Barely alive" condition.
Works fine, but suddenly shuts down at times, alert shows battery not inserted (UNDETACHABLE on this MacBook model), won't run without power adapter connected, immediately shuts down when inserting USB cable into 1 of the 2 USB ports, won't detect internet connection, and so on and so on......

That aside, it worked fine until last week.

I was running Windows Update when I accidentally insert USB cable into the wrong port and "forced shut down" the laptop.

When rebooted, I get a flash of BSOD and auto-restart, which leads to startup repair.

From there, I ran startup repair a few times, each time I get the successful result yet Windows still won't start.

Then I switched to Mac OS to use it for some urgent stuff.
While in Mac OS I did went around and did "repair disk" and stuff to the bootcamp.

Next I tried searching for solutions through my phone and did this and that on command prompt.
chkdsk bootrec etc etc tried all posted solutions to something similar to my case.

The next thing I realized was that I now cannot even choose "Windows" on boot and I got stuck.

Then I asked my neighbor and fortunately could borrow Window... Read more

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I'm running Vista Ultimate 64 on a 500 Gig hard drive with 3 partitions.The problem is I marked one of the partitions,not Drive C, as "active" by mistake.I done a Command Prompt to make it "inactive", but when I started the system up again it wouldn't boot.I used the Vista disk for the recovery process, but I got a message "Operating system unknown on (unknown) local disk" i tried fixing the problem with a command prompt "bootrec/fix boot" ,but nothing happened.When I look at the info in Command Prompt it doesn't show the disk partitions, just Disk 0.Also I can't repair because no Disks are listed to be repaired. If I look at the drive in "My Computer" it is full with a file system marked as "Raw" and it wants me to format the drive.I used "Recover My Files" software and it shows some of the documents that are on the drive, but doesn't show any recovery.I looked at some internet post about the message I got and partition and boot problems like I have, but at this point I don't to try any else to make it worse.I would do a reinstall ,but on one of the drives I have some stuff that wasn't backed up.I never thought about backing it up because it wasn't on the C drive.Any help to solve this problem would be appreciated. ..........Kumpie

A:Operating system (unknown) on unknown local disk


Try marking the C partition as active again, using the Windows method in my post here.

Then run Startup Repair from the repair disc. Hopefully it will see your installation.


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I've seen this problem reported elsewhere, but I haven't found a solution. I'm reinstalling Windows 7 Professional SP1 from scratch on a Dell Precision M4600 laptop. Yesterday, I went through the entire process of installing the OS, the drivers and running system update. After that was completed, I ran Disk Cleanup, whereupon I noticed a random folder being created in AppData\Local\Temp, which is almost a duplicate of the DISM folder in Windows\System32. This folder got created when I selected the option to clean up system files.

To be certain it wasn't being caused by one of the drivers or system updates, I reinstalled the OS again from scratch and checked again. It was there immediately after the first boot, so I suppose it's being caused by an update in SP1. Any ideas how to fix it?

I attached dism.log and here is the contents of the folder:

A:DISM Folder being created in AppData\Local\Temp by Disk Cleanup

Anyone have an idea what's causing this?

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Help! This unknown "Local Disk Q" just showed up this morning, and my regular external drive was gone. I reconnected my external to another port, and that went fine, but this locall disk q remains, and can not be accessed, changed, removed, etc. I scanned for virus's, and all seems ok. How can I remove this, and where did it come from?

A:unknown local disk Q

Does it show up in Disk management?

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I already know about local disk Q (office 2010 beta installs this) but Windows Explorer also shows a local disk M.

Disk Management Utility shows Volume C and an un-named Volume, could this by the mysterious M? When I click it I get "location is not available" error.

How can I remove this or figure out what it is? thanks.


A:unknown Local Disk M: from Explorer

Do you have backup software installed?

Can you post a screen shot Disk management?
Screenshot tools.
Screenshot with Paint
Screenshot and Upload using MWSnap
Fscapture free download

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I just noticed all these files on my E:\ I am almost certain I can remove the EULA which I believe is "End User Licence Agreement" silly text file but I am uncertain about the rest. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thx in advance.

A:Local Disk Is Full Of Unknown Files!!!

Do you have 2 Recovery Partitions?

Can you post a screen shot Disk management?
Screenshot tools.
Screenshot with Paint
Screenshot and Upload using MWSnap
Fscapture free download

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how can i remove local disk z in windos 8.1

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Dear Team,
Recently everytime I turn on my laptop multiple local connections are created which are local connection number 2 till number 9 which causes the internet to be very slow. I have to disable them manually so the internet goes back to work in a normal fast
Please advice how I can get rid of this annoying problem. Note that I have minimal technical background. I have attached how it looks like to have a clear picture about my problem.

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I have a Samsung s2 1tb external hard drive.

Today when I hooked it up to my laptop it would not load. It will shows local F drive when it usually will say samsung Drive.

A pop up box will then appear stating "you need to format drive"

I know if I reformat it I will lose all my data which I will not do.

When I look in device manager it states that the external hard drive is installed.

I attempted to go through start menu and type cmd then F: and it states "The volume does not recognize this system file. Please make sure all required system drivers are loaded and the volume is not corrupted."


A:Samsung s2 external hard drive not loading showing local disk F drive

With the external drive connected, Go to Disk Management (Start > type: "computer" > click on Computer Management > click on Disk Management)

Determine which disk is the external drive.
If the external drive shows here as a healthy volume, Right click on the large box to the right of the "Disk 1" / "Disk 2" lable and choose: Change Drive Letter and Path.

If there is nothing but a grey box or "Unallocated Space" next to the disk number then Right click on the disk number (the box) and choose: Change Drive Letter and Path.

Change the drive letter to anything else > OK.

If you can't do any of the above post back. If you can post a screen shot of the Disk Management window that can help.
Do not initialize the disk or format it or you will lose your data.

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So I have a 64GB USB Flash Drive (Centon DataStick Sport). I had not used the drive in several months until the other day when I plugged it into my computer and it asked me to reformat it. I don't know why it asked me to reformat it, but it might have been due to water damage (I had carried it in my backpack and water may have hit it. I'm not quite sure).

I reformatted the drive using NTFS file system and everything is fine aside from one thing; when I plug it in, it shows up as a "Local Drive" under "Hard Drives" like my WD 1TB drive does. I would think that it should show up under 'Devices with removable storage" but it does not.

Does anyone know why this is?


A:USB Flash Drive showing up as "Local Disk" in Windows 7

Hi SlashEmUp Welcome to Seven Forums .. Right click on the Usb Drive propertys/hardware uninstall the Driver . Then unplug the Flash Drive .. Re-Install .. See if that works

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I've been trolling the forums here for a while. Lots of great info but now I actually have an issue where I need some assistance.

When I was booting one day last week I got a nasty BSOD when Windows was trying to load. Then on the next reboot Windows 7 said it couldn't load and needed to do the recovery OS option from the Windows 7 repair on the CD. Well, before trying that I did a cold reboot and it got back into the OS fine so I didn't think much of it. Now, I noticed Ghost shows the C: drive status as "Unavailable" and it can't back it up anymore. It does give me an option to restore from one of my old backups. I'm thinking the MBR got hosed up somehow or something like that. But I'm skeptical to run an MBR repair since I have that 100MB partition on my SSD where my OS resides.

Ghost Shot>

This was about a week ago my Windows 7 started acting up right before the big patch Tuesday. I've been running it for over a year now and it's been solid. When I first set it up I installed it on my SSD (Intel 510 120GB) drive. One of the qualms I had with the install is Windows created a separate boot sector on the disk drive where it stored my boot files. This is known the the "system reserved" operating system files 100MB partition. Apparently the way to avoid this is to use a third party partition tool before doing the windows install. That way it will keep the Boot sector files on the same partition which is how I would of liked it for doing resto... Read more

A:Windows Recovery disk shows operating system: Unknown on (Unknown)

Note, I just went into my Disk 3 where my SSD resides in DISKPART and did some commands if this helps. It shows both the 100MB and 111GB Partitions on the Intel SSD as "Active".

DISKPART> list partition

Partition ### Type Size Offset
------------- ---------------- ------- -------
* Partition 1 Primary 100 MB 1024 KB
Partition 2 Primary 111 GB 101 MB

DISKPART> detail partition

Partition 1
Type : 07
Hidden: No
Active: Yes
Offset in Bytes: 1048576

Volume ### Ltr Label Fs Type Size Status Info
---------- --- ----------- ----- ---------- ------- --------- --------
* Volume 5 System Rese NTFS Partition 100 MB Healthy System

DISKPART> select partition 2

Partition 2 is now the selected partition.

DISKPART> detail partition

Partition 2
Type : 07
Hidden: No
Active: Yes
Offset in Bytes: 105906176

Volume ### Ltr Label Fs Type Size Status Info
---------- --- ----------- ----- ---------- ------- --------- --------
* Volume 6 C NTFS Partition 111 GB Healthy Boot
Thx again for any/all help!

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My computer has been showing the unknown icon and I can't change it. This started after I upgraded from xp to 7.

A:My local disk is showing the "unknown" icon

Hello Jackson,

You might see if an option in the tutorial below may work to change the icon back.

Drive Icon - Change

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Ok so I was looking through my computer and found this

I'm pretty much sure I didn't intall a new HD so what going on here?

A:I found a New Local Disk Drive?

Can you access it? Is there anything on it?

Try clicking Start and right-click 'Computer' and select Manage. What shows up under 'Drive Management'?

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I keep getting a message that reads: "you are running low on disc space on local disk c. to free up space on this drive by deleting old or unneccessary files click here." The message comes up on the botton bar and has the drive c icon. When I click on it, it brings me to scan disk which I have run numerous times over the last few weeks and continue to get this message. I have uninstalled a bunch of stuff that is never used and still have this problem. I need a solution. Thank you Kevin C.

A:low disk space on local drive c

Hi kevcinma,How much disk space do you have left on your C drive? and do you have any other drives available?StartRight click My ComputerManageDisk DrivesThis will list your drives and partitions-or-StartMy ComputerRight click C drivePropertiesThis will show you available disc space on Cthanks,t

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I'm not very technology-savvy. I believe I have/had a virus that doesn't/didn't allow me to open my Local Disk by double-clicking. An error would appear saying "Windows cannot find 'resycled/". Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again. To search for a file, click the Start button, and then click Search."

I looked up my error online and followed the instruction of someone (probably shouldn't have), where I deleted the "" in my Registry Editor.

However, now, whenever I attempt to open my Local Disk by double-clicking, instead of getting the "Window cannot find...." error, I now get: "This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Create an association Folder Options control panel."

I have absolutely no clue what to do. Any help? Please?

A:Cannot open Local Disk drive?

tttony, Try the "Drive Association Fix" at the link below. Instructions are on the page.


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My Local Disk is out of space so i'd like to add additional space from my extra drive but I'm not able to this is what I have under my disk management
even when i turn new volume into unallocated space i still cant extend?
Edit: ive tried using ease use partition but i cant resize c drive please help im not very tech savvy with these kinds of things but ive been looking all over for a solution it might be right before my eyes and i dont realize

A:Can't extend Local Disk drive on 8.1

You can not do this as these are two different disks, you can extend a partition within a drive but not to another drive.

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I have an issue with my desktop PC.
I believe I have a corrupted system file since the HDD is no longer bootable; however I have been able to remove the infected drive and install it as a slave on my HTPC. This has allowed me to backup all my important files.

My question... I'd like to run a Repair on the existing Windows 7 install but I never created a rescue disk when the OS was operational. Can I create a repair disk using my Windows 7 OS off the HTPC and run it over my desktop PC? Or is the disk specific to the PC the OS belongs to.

I'd like to avoid a fresh reinstall if possible.

A:Can I run a Windows 7 repair disk that was created on a different PC?

As long as they are both x64 or both x86, which ever you have,

Have a look at the red box at the top of this tutorial,

System Repair Disc - Create

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I would like to know if there is a way to get Windows XP pro to think that a map network drive is a local hard disk. I'm trying to get my ftp Filezilla server to show a folder from another computer on my network but the software is not compatible with network drives, it really needs to be a local drive to work. Links don't work either.

I've tried the "subst" command in DOS but it only creates another map network drives.

Is there a software be like Deamon Tools (for virtual cd) but for network folder instead of iso file ?

Thank you!

A:Map network drive as local hard disk

Mapping a network drive makes a network share work like a local disk. A network drive is the closest you will get to a Local Disk without putting the other drive in your local pc.

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I need to gain some space on the local C drive I still have low space with a red line running through the bar on bottom the Icon of the C drive local disk.. I tried various things like indexing ,disk clean, shrink and volum check and repair , how ever the Red line is still there but my mail and IE 9 works pretty fast , so whats the fix to get rid of the Red line or just leave it ?

A:low disk space on local drive with Red line

The red line on your disk space usage is warning you that you're below the threshold of the disk defragmentation utility being fully effective. In general, you are best to have at least 10% of your disk space free. The other reason for the warning is that Vista can swell or shrink by a number of gigabytes as it downloads updates, creates restore points, and does other activities. When you're down to less than 10% free, that can have a negative impact on system performance.

To get yourself back above 10%, there are a number of things you can do. I suggest the following:

Uninstall bloatware from your computer (these are programs that came with your computer that you never use).Delete any files remaining in your Temp folder.Go to Piriform and download the well known and trusted CCleaner.With CCleaner installed, run the "Cleaner" icon to find and eliminate any junk or unused files. NOTE: Do not click on "Registry"--it's not recommended to use 3rd party tools to clear out registry entries.Run the "Tools" --> "System Restore" in CCleaner and delete older restore points, leaving the two most recent ones. Only do this if you know you won't need to roll back any earlier (meaning the 2nd most recent restore point is trustworthy).

I also recommend going through the "Speed Up Vista Performance" tutorial. These tips are located there, and many others that you might find useful.

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I plugged my WD "my passport" 5oogb hard drive into USB yesterday and it showed up as local disk on my computer with 0Gb used and 0Gb available. In disk manager it shows up as 500GB WD harddrive but in RAW format with 1 partition in use.I cannot carry out disk checkker as windows cannot access hard drive. I have tried using minitool data recovery and it shows as no disk recognised please insert disk. I carried out testdisk and it could not find any partitions on it. When i plug it into windows i hear the connection beep and the hard drive power light continually flashes, the hard drive is spinning as can feel it and no clicking on other noises heard. I have tried changing drive name on disk manager made no effect. When i try to run CHKDSK through DOS it says system cannot find the file specified. Please help as i have all my son pictures from birth to now which is 6 years on it and no other copies of them

A:WD USB hard drive showing as local disk

hopefully these will give some more info of problems

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Low gal on the totem pole at a new job so I have the oldest, slowest machine. And then another gal left....and left behind a nice, new, fast machine! I'd like to swap machines, but have no help at work other than someone carrying the unplugged machine.

I installed Norton Ghost v 9 on my machine thinking I could make/copy a disk image of my machine into my folder on the server...unplug/move machines and then restore the disk image to the new machine. Norton is asking me for "Domain" "User" "Password" info. I can browse to the path/location where I want to put the disk image. I don't use a password to log onto my machine and know the password for the server. I've tried filling in different info, but am getting an error message. (I'll write down the specific message next time I try this at work)

I'm familiar with individual pcs, home network and using this program to back up/make disk images of my own pcs, but am not that familiar with more "formal" networks.

Can anyone explain these terms to me? Or explain what info the program might be looking for? I just don't get why it's not working when I can browse to the location for the image.

THANKS...I appreciate your help

A:Disk Imaging Local Drive to the Server

Problem is, depending on the version of Windows you're using, the image from your old machine likely won't work on the new one. If it's Windows 2000 or XP, the two machines must have the same I/O chipset, or the image will bluescreen on the new hardware, and you'll need to at least do a repair install to get it working again (there are other workarounds that can be done before imaging, but they get somewhat involved). In the end, it's probably more trouble than it's worth.

If you're mostly worried about your work on the old machine, just take the drive from it and plug it into the new one as a secondary drive, so you can access and copy off your files.

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Hi guys,

noob here hope someone can help me..

i physically took out my hard drive from my desktop computer and connected it to a HDD dock to transfer data to my laptop.

when i put the hard drive back inside my desktop computer, C:\ and D:\ appears as a folder instead and cannot open when i double click. i have to right click and click open for it to work.

so i did a format on D:\ because there's no data in it originally and now it's back to the original D:\ hard disk icon and works fine when i double click it. but i have alot of valuable info in C:\ that's too large to transfer anywhere else to format.

does anyone know a way to restore the C:\ icon back to the original hard drive icon and double click works without wiping out the data?

A:Local disk drive C:\ appearing as a folder!

read this post there may

read this post there may be some similar problems / fixes for you.....don't forget to use the Micro soft USB disconnect tool before unplugging any devices

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Last evening I formatted a hd installed in a USB external case hooked to a laptop. During the process I noticed an option to name the laptop something other than, Local Disk (E, so I did.

Now my Question is; if the renaming option is available for Local Disk (C would the format process be selective and just change the disk name, or would the process be global and wipe the the drive while renaming it?


A:Solved: renaming Local disk drive (C:)

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this is my sata disk...why is like this,see picture? Local disk c:,Local disk d:,does this suggest i have 2 disks?i know i dont,but is this ok? is this normal naming partition?

A:local disk drive setting properly

Looks like say a 640 gig drive. Was it new? Had you used it before. It is 2 partitions.

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Here is the tale of my foolishness and hubris.

I have been trying to format a partition I created on my harddrive for my laptop. I booted from a disk into a program called GParted (live CD version). I used this to format the partition I created. Then, once I had finished attempting this task, my lack of expertise in computing took it's toll. I chose the option to create a disk label on the partition. I mistook this operation for something innocuous. It gave me a warning of some sort, which I ignored since I didn't think would be a problem since the recently formatted partition would be empty. This operation took a few seconds (30 or so) and once completed the drive map above said 685 GB unallocated space (or the size of my entire hard drive). I was very scared at this point so I restarted my comp and booted to hard drive and all I get is a blank screen and a mockingly blinking cursor.

Now I am trying to see what my factory recovery disk can do for me. Using the windows recovery console I have attempted to repair this. Looking at the details, it runs a few tests. then sees that there is no valid partition, and tries to repair the partition. I restart and nothing has changed. Reattempting the repair just does the same thing and doesn't have any visible affect.

Although it looked bad at this point there is some good news. In the recovery console I have attempted to load drivers from the other recovery disk. When the window opens to browse the disk I am able t... Read more

A:i created a disk label and now windows won't start

What happened to your copy of Windows? Did you damage/change/remove the recovery partiton from the drive that replaces the CD that used to come with computers?

If you install 7, you will erase most of what is on the hard drive.

See if any files are still visible on that drive using a bootable CD or USB key. If they are (and this CD/USB key also has a recovery program), save them right away so that you don't have to worry about them.

Then, you can remove all the partitions and reinstall 7.

Parted Magic disk partitoning tool (Bootable CD image)
If you prefer a bootable USB key, download and run Linux Live USB Creator. Choose the Parted Magic distro, and it will download it and automatically create a bootable USB key.

This CD (or key) contains many useful tools. You can partition, recover files, recover lost partitions, make disk images (by several different methods), transfer files between media, scan for viruses (It can serve as an Alternative Trusted Platform for search and elimination of rootkits and bootkits), examine and benchmark hardware, access the internet, and much more.

Right now, I would concentrate on recovering files before they are gone for good.

You should use Windows tools to partition and format drives that will be used by Windows. In addition, Gparted may not support the new partition type used by Vista and 7.

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System configured as RAID 1 (mirror) and works well until this day. From today DVD/RW Drive Shows Up As Hard Drive! Under conmputer mannagment all drives shows correctly. I tried everything - unninstall, tried diferent DVD/RW drive, tried assign a new letter etc. Nothing does not help to to solve. Maybe you have some ideas?

A:Computer recognize DVD/RW drive as Local disk on win 7 32bit

Hi, Welcome to SevenForums.

Not sure whether this will help resolve your problem but no harm in trying.

Rebuild your icon cache. That is what comes to my mind.

Create a manual System Restore point ( just in case you need to go back ) and then try this.

Icon Cache - Rebuild

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Hi, im not too computer savy, i was just wondering if there was a way to maybe password a 2nd drive on a system to keep important files etc from being acessed by friends/family. I share my computer alot, and i'd rather make my 2nd drive a sort of personal drive for myself that cannot be used by just anyone.

A:Passwording/locking secondary drive IE: Local Disk (F) etc.

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yesterday when i plug my external hard drive, it was located in the local disk part and not in the removable devices. how can i change it back to removable?

A:External hard drive is shown as local disk

What type of Hard Drive is it? Make, and Model.

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Just installed windows xp and I have an atapi zip drive that was assigned as c: and my hard drive was assigned as e:. Is there a way to change the drive letter of my hard drive to C: without reinstalling XP or damaging anything or is having the hard drive as E: harmless:

A:Solved: change drive letter for local disk

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Hello, i'm in desperate need of help...
Two days ago, I was checking on my Local Disk to clean away unnecessary
files using Disk Cleanup, i'm running a Windows Vista. then all of a
sudden, my free space keeps shrinking little by little. I used a Disk
Defrag option, and it worked once after 15 hours, but I had to cancel it
because It was taking so long. I was able to erase something that's
eating up my disk space using disk clean up after disk defrag, but it
continued to shrink after a few hours. I tried the same thing again, but
it's not working out. I don't know how or why that's happened and where
I have to go to get rid of those unknown files that's eating up my disk
space. I was at 25 gigs of free space, and now for some reason I am at 1
gig of free space and is continually shrinking. I have not downloaded
any heavy files. most of them I've downloaded on my external hard drive,
which only has 50 gigs of free space left.
I tried using a compress drive, but that hsn't worked either... UGH!
Someone have said that it's of some form of malware, yet the cause is still unknown...
Any kind of help at all on how to resolve this issue would be VERY appreciative.

A:Local Disk Drive Slowly Shrinking For SOME REASON.

You can use the following tool to see what is taking up space on your hard drive: .

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Can anyone help? I brought a seagate Expansion Drive less than a month ago to store all my music and pictures on. It worked fine until a few days ago when it started clicking and now under my computer it is showing as a local disk.

I'm not great with computers and have no idea what to do! I have tried running sea tools from the sea gate web site and all the tests come back fine! However, I still can't get the expansion drive to work or let me access any of my music etc. I just want to get my music back!!!!

Can anyone help???

A:SEAGATE 1.5TB expansion drive showing as local Disk

P.S. I'm running on windows vista service pack 2

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I have recently noticed that my c: drive is not labeled Local disk as it usually is. It is now labeled SQ004126P01. I have attached a screen shot. Why would this have changed? Should I be concerned? Is this a problem?

A:Solved: Why is the C: drive labeled SQ004126P01 and not Local Disk as usually it does?

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Either with my startup today, or sometime in the last day or two, all my drives/partitions in Windows Explorer (and XYplorer) have lost their labels and are now showing as "Local Disk." Looking in Windows 8 Computer Management and EaseUs Partition Manager, the labels are there, as shown in the screenshot. I ran all three main repair modules of Yamicsoft Windows 8 Manager and there have been a few reboots, but still the same. Any ideas what might be going on? Thanks,

A:All partition/drive labels show as Local Disk in Explorer

Sometimes they show your labels, sometimes they show "Local Disk" - My system does this too. Right now, they are all showing "Local Disk".

In every other place that matters, like in Sharing, the right names will show up. I've tried for the last 3 years to get them to show my labels, it did this in Windows 7 too. I eventually gave up. You can try "SFC /Scannow" and see if it helps.

When I am looking at the drives in my other workstations, they are all named with the Label. So I figure the labels are still there, just not being shown in Explorer.

If anyone knows a permanent solution for this, I'd like to know too.

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To anyone is willing to help:

I am running a Dell Dimension 8300 for about 6 years with Windows-XP installed for the last 4-5 years. I have 3 "removable storage drives" D, E, and F and an external hard drive H ... and of course my home hard drive "local disk(C:)".

Recently, I'm not sure exactly when because I just happen to notice it - there is another "local disk" listed under my hard drives section of the "my computer" window. It's called "Local Disk(G:) ... it says it's FAT32 formatted (not the format of my main hard drive NTFS). It says it has about 40MB of space 6 of which is used (my main hard drive is about 80gigs). When I open it the first thing inside is a Dell folder followed by a whole lot of files with random strange names many of which are .MDM files, some others too like .UP .MLM .MIM, etc.

Can anyone tell me where this hard drive came from? ... what it has to do with Dell? ... and why it appeared now when I've had my computer for so long? And what I should do with it?

Thank you very much for any insight or help .... I really appreciate it.

---middy55 (new user and close friend of the founder)

A:A Fat32 "local Disk(g:)" Recently Appeared As A Hard Drive

That could be either a recovery partition or a diagnostics partition don't mess with it, both should be hidden to the regular os

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When I plug in my WD "My Passport" 1TB hard drive, I can hear that a device has been connected, but when I open explorer the name's been changed to Local Disk (E and I can't perform ANY operation on it like open it, check properties or scan with an antivirus. I can't even eject it. Also the laptop slows down considerably and internet becomes too slow to open any page.
I tried running "chkdsk" and the data recovery software "PhotoRec" on it but it just keeps scanning for hardware and even after leaving it for 6 hours, it got nowhere. I tried opening "Disk Management" but even that keeps loading forever. A few times after the problem started, it told me to format the drive to be able to use it, but now even that message doesn't come and I'm not even able to format the drive(though I prefer getting all my data back, but it's better than spoiling the HDD).
The drive is physically fine as I kept it very carefully and I can hear the smooth rotation of the disk, plus there are no 'clicking' sounds coming out of it.

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I want to rearrange my disk letters. I have a cdrw and a DVDRW plus 4HDDS the first of which is partitioned. i am running xp pro. The dvdrw is set as master on secondary and its slave is the cdrw. when i go to rearrage the drive letters, the cdrw doesnt show up though it shows up when i click on "my computer" any help?

A:Solved: CDRW Drive doesnt appear in local disk management

Look a bit closer in Disk Management. Optical drives are only displayed in the graphical representation, and they don't have anything displayed on the right, just the drive letter and icon on the left. Right click on the drive icon and you can change it's drive letter.

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Recnetly I noticed I had a 4th hard disk drive instead of 3.
The strange thing is that I can't remember adding one..
I just got my 2 internal hard disk drives and 1 external hard disk. But now it shows 4.
Also, when I try to open this 4th hard disk it gives an acces denied error message.
When i look at it's properties it shows this:

Also, I'm unaible to scan the hard disk. For my other hard disks, when I right click, I got the option to scan for virus. This option isn't in the list when I right click this new station.
Here are the menu list by right clicking on the HDD's.

Where does this hard disk come from?
Is it a virus because of a virus?
Why can't I access it?
Is it because of a program I installed?
Do I have to remove it and how?
Please help.

A:Unknown new hard disk drive.

Do you have a media player plugged in by any chance? (iPod, Zen, Zune).

That would also show up as a removable drive, BUT, if it was a media player, you would be able to access it.
Mine has done that with my camera also. it would show 2 separate that I can't do anything with, and the other which is where the pictures are stored. If I remember, they are called "removable drive" and "fixed drive.

I guess my first guess would be an external media player. If you have one plugged in, I'd unplug it from the computer and see if that other drive disappears.

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I have run into a problem that has been causing me quite a bit of headache as of late. A week ago, my WD Elements External Hard Disk is not displaying under hard disk drives, but does display under Devices and Printers. This is what it shows under computer management:

I have tried to initialize the disk using MBR and GPT options but failed receiving I/O Disk Error.

Please help, thank you.

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Ok When I click in my computer it runs Installshield for Quark Express 5.0
other people use this pc so I dont know how it happened there is shortcut on desktop for quark express any help would be greatly appreciated

A:I have win XPwhen I click on local disk c: [Hard drive] It runs intallshield

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This problem is about Local Account. I had this problem since I'm using Windows 8.1 and until now in my Windows 10, the same problem happened. A Local Account created by itself. I even tried to remove it. But after my Laptop is restarted, the Local Account with the same name as before strikes again. Lol. Teach me how to fix it

A:Local Account created by itself

Hi and Welcome to TSF!

What antivirus are you currently running on the system?

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I just got a new Windows 8.1 PC and it works fine. As a recovery precaution I made a Windows 8.1 recovery disk on a brand new PNY USB 2.0 flash thumb drive (32GB drive) using the Windows 8.1 Control Panel Advanced Recovery tools "Create a Recovery drive" selection. I also indicated to copy the recovery partition from the PC when making this (but I don't delete this partition on the PC). So I thought I would test this recovery drive to see if I can boot from it. I insert the USB flash drive into a USB 2.0 port on the PC and restart the PC. I hit F12 during the PC boot process and select this disk as the temporary boot disk and hit return. The PC then gives me an error message screen basically saying
"Boot Manager
Windows failed to start. A recent hardware of software change might be the cause. To fix the problem:
1.Insert your Windows installation disc and restart the computer.
2.Choose your language settings, and then click "Next".
3.Click "Repair your computer." If you do not have this disc, contact your system administrator or computer manufacturer for assistance.

Status: 0xc000000f

Info: The Boot Configuration Data for your PC is missing or contains errors."

So I'm a little confused as to why the successfully just created recovery drive is giving me this error. I'll try another USB thumb drive to see if that makes a difference but I'm guessing it won't so thought I'd ask about this... Read more

A:Just created Windows 8.1 recovery disk (usb) gives Boot config data error

You are going to have to make the thumb drive bootable BEFORE you add any files to it... Try using these instructions:

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I ran BIOS diagnostics on a Dell OptiPlex 3010 yesterday and received an error code (2000-0142) - short self test unsuccessful. I pulled the drive and swapped a new SATA drive to get the user back up and running quickly. I'm trying to connect the drive with the error to my laptop using a StarTech USB 2.0 to IDE SATA Adapter. When I open Disk Management I see Disk 0 (my laptop drive) and Disk 1 (the connected drive). It says Unknown / Not Initialized. When I right click and try to initialize it says "The device is not ready." I've tried the more actions > refresh / rescan. Now when I right click the option to Initialize Disk is grayed out and I can only see Offline and Properties.

I browsed through a thread from about 2 years ago and couldn't find a helpful solution.

The drive: Western Digital 250GB SATA / 16MB Cache - WD2500AAKX

A:Disk Management - Unknown / Not Initialized Drive

Have you attempted to run Western Digital's Data Lifeguard diagnostic software? It has a short test and an extended test.

Are you trying to recover anything from this drive? Or just trying to find out if it's broken?

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Alright, I have a whole bunch of my music and videos on my external hard drive and I got a new Dell XPS 8300 yesterday. I had been using my external hard drive just fine for the past 1-2 yeas now with 2 different laptops, working fine. I plugged it yesterday to transfer all my music to my new computer and it seemed to be working fine. There was an error as the copy rate slowwed so I decided to delete and try again. I did that about 3 times and then decided to just copy the music album by album. Eventually, I don't know how it ended up happening, instead of the Hard Drive coming up as Seagate on the My Computer Tab, it started showing up as Local Disk: J on my Dell and Local Disk E on my laptop now. It doesn't matter where I plug it in. Not only that, it won't open when I try to open it. It will get 95% loaded and then just pause and stop responding. I'm completely lost.

My hard drive is Seagate 250 GB.

A:External hard drive stopped working, only shows up as Local Disk -- won't open

Hi, first I would run the Seagate diagnostics to check the hard drive is still healthy following this guide.

Identify the make of your hard drive and then use one of the links below to get the manufacturers diagnostic for ISO CD. Burn the image file to a CD, boot the PC with the disc in the drive and run the diagnostics. You first need to set the CD drive to 1st in the boot order in the Bios setup.

If you do not have an image burner use this free software to make the CD.




Seagate, Maxtor & Quantum:

Western Digital:


Toshiba Fujitsu:

If you have a Toshiba hard drive I would suggest the use of the diagnostics from the Seagate link as this will work on all makes of drive and on any OS.Click to expand...

It sounds likely that the circuitry in the drive enclosure is failing (or the drive), if the test won't run then remove the drive from the enclosure and purchase a USB Hard Drive adapter, or use the internal connections in a desktop PC to connect... Read more

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Puzzled by the discrepancy between the size of my C Drive and the total of actual folder sizes I ran WinDirStat which has listed the 'missing' disk space as 'Unknown' and is 4.8GB! Any idea what that could be, and where it is?

A:Solved: WinDirStat 'Unknown' disk usage on C Drive...

Hidden files, restore points, the MFT, MFT mirror, etc.


Disk Pie
Directory Size Calculator

If that small amount of space is concerning, better get a larger drive.

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My external (seagate) hard drive can be detected, but it won't show on My Computer. I tried few options however the device is still not being recognised.

It appears in my device manager. I have uninstalled it, plug my hard drive back. It gets detected, but it still won't appear in My Computer.

It also appears in disk management. It's shows as Disk 1 Unknown, Not Initialised and the right column is blank.

I downloaded the MiniTool Partition Wizard and attempted to recover my data. I completed all the steps expect the last step as I can't right click to give the drive a letter.

I have important unbacked information on this device. Any help would greatly be appreciated. Thanks

A:External Hard Drive Not Detecting. Disk 1 Unknown.

Hello Liyah,

Your screenshots are two small to be able to read.

For now in Disk Management, see if you area able to right click on the smaller Disk 1 box in the lower pane, and click on an Online or Initialize option in the context menu. Afterwards, make sure the disk has a drive letter.

Disk - Set as Offline or Online

Hope this helps for now,

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Guys please help me to fix my hard disk WD elements 1TB

I have tried so many ways to fix it.. but I got nothing in 4 days!!

I have tried from command prompt " chkdsk /f /r "
the first time I tried it works, but something error occured, and now I can't using that method..
when I tried to using that, just show " cann't open volume for direct access"

my hard disk didn't appear on my computer list, but I can reject it.

and anyway I have tried to using minitool partition wizard, but you all can see that my hdd didn't appear with the volume.. just show up disk 2 with 0.00 GB

Anyone can help me to solving this problem ?

btw, My english isn't good enough..but I hope all of you can understand what I mean

Thanks before.!

A:External hard drive disk unknown n not initialized!

Sorry to say your WD Elements is dead and you have tried everything.There is nothing left for me to do, honestly. I would have done the same thing before declaring it dead.. No DIY data recovery is possible. The only option open to you is to entrust it to Western Digital Data Recovery partners in your region. Check with them whether there is any hope of recovering data in good shape.Telephonic consultation is free.

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We have seen a couple of server with malware infections that have local user accounts created for 'admin', 'sys', and 'msuser'. These accounts were also added the the local administrators group.
Just checking to see if anyone else has seen this or may know what can cause these accounts to be create, as in any viruses that may do this.

A:Admin, msuser, sys local accounts created

Possibly related to this?

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I recently purchased a 32 GB San Disk Flash Drive. The security files pre-installed on the drive were junk, and I could not delete them so I formatted the drive to remove them. This cleaned the disk, and it holds data, but I'm not sure if this is part of my problem. I am trying to load my copy of windows 7 onto this disk, and using the Windows 7 USB/DVD Download tool, I can select my ISO file, but when I go to select my USB drive, my computer does not recognize the flash drive as a flash drive. Is there a way to change the Flash Drive so Windows will recognize my Flash Drive as removable media? Smaller USB drives still work on my computer, so its not the computer. Anyone have any suggestions?

A:Removable Flash Drive Recognized as a Local Disk and not a Flash Drive

Hello masonta. Welcome to the forum.

Let's start with this: can you post a screenshot of your Disk Management window, expanded so we can read everything, with the USB stick installed?

You also might check in Device Manager to see if the stick shows up as a USB device, or a hard disk.

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[Apologies if I have posed this in the wrong place; thanks for moving it if necessary!]
Good morning Folks!

I thought this would be simple: 1TB HDD with Two 500GB Partitions E: & Z:. Having available space in E: and needing more in Z: I performed a "Shrink" on E: of 75GB then "Expanded" Z: to the full amount available. I was warned it would change the disk to Dynamic (thus not being able to boot from it; I thought this would not be an issue as it is a secondary data disk). I ended up with 3 visible partitions with 2 named exactly the same and acting as one. e.g. "Properties" on one is identical to the other.
Attachment shows details.
Appreciation to all who read this and those who respond with my next advised move (if any).

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Hello. Through the power of google, I have come here to see If I can get any help recovering data. Essentially found this thread: disk 1 is unknown, not initialized, unallocated and just having really similar issues.

Issue is with my sisters External Hard drive, a WD My Passport Elite 070B.
Asked her a few questions on how she was using the drive/any issues and she explained that she had to pull the usb plug while still reading/writing because it would hang/freeze (/facepalm)

Downloaded PW Minitool Recovery and EasyRecovery Pro Trial, but haven't really run any lengthy tests yet. Just tried them out for 10 mins to see if anything would show up. Going to leave the computer on tonight and do a full scan though.

Some other things I have tried:
-Tried connecting it to other PC's/Laptops(XP/Vista/Windows 7/OSX). Same thing.
-Tried different USB cables

Any suggestions or things I should try?

A:Unaccessible External Hard Drive: Disk 1 Unknown, Not Initialized

I'm facing the same problem too....
Un-detection of my ext BUFFALO MiniStation HD-PCTU3 3.0

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I began having BSOD's around a month and a half ago, but assumed it was due to errors in Windows installation disk. Recently my CPU fan began to run constantly, either quietly or sometimes it runs very hard and loud. CPU frequently running at 100%. I have used TDSKill, and it cleaned a few files, run GMER but not sure what to do with results. It does show lots of ntoskernel entries. After one scan it did say scan showed rootkit infection but no disinfection advice. Ran Eset Online scan, no results found. Ran Malware bytes, it has never found anything for me, even in the worst of infected comupters and with .exe renamed. Does not find anything now. Ad Aware finds nothing but cookies. Ran Hijack This and it did not indicated anything particular to fix. But I know that I am infected with something. At one point I had betwen 6 and 11 Local Area Connections listed when I would do IPCONFIG. Did Daren's Boot and Nuke and reinstalled OS, and Catchme log info:

disk not found C:\

please note that you need administrator rights to perform deep scan
detected NTDLL code modification:
ZwEnumerateKey 0 != 116, ZwQueryKey 0 != 244, ZwOpenKey 0 != 182, ZwClose 0 != 50, ZwEnumerateValueKey 0 != 119, ZwQueryValueKey 0 != 266, ZwOpenFile 0 != 179, ZwQueryDirectoryFile 0 != 223, ZwQuerySystemInformation 0 != 261Initialization error

is from after new OS installation. Know there is a rootkit or trojan but cannot get out. Please help... Read more

A:Multiple Local Area Connections and Catchme log says: disk not found C:\ but C: drive is present, listed as D: in anothe...

Hello,Please follow the instructions in ==>This Guide<== starting at step 6. If you cannot complete a step, skip it and continue.Once the proper logs are created, then post them in a reply to this topic by using the Add Reply button.If you can produce at least some of the logs, then please create the post and explain what happens when you try to create the log(s) that you couldn't get. If you cannot produce any of the logs, then still post the reply and explain that you followed the Prep. Guide, were unable to create the logs, and describe what happens when you try to create the logs.Please note that I am not a member of the Malware Removal Team and will not be assisting you in removing the infection. I'm simply helping you to post the information they need in order to assist you.If HelpBot replies to your topic, PLEASE follow Step One so it will report your topic to the team members.Orange Blossom

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Hi - I have a new Dell laptop with Windows 8.1 - I work from home & connect to the internet via my home wifi network.
The problem I have been experiencing is that my laptop connects to the internet at boot up but then disconnects for several minutes & then re-connects again. This coincides with the Network & Sharing Centre showing a number of Local Area Connections (numbered 3,4,5,6 etc) being created under Unidentified Public Networks. I have tried disabling the LAC's but they re-enable whenever I re-boot & I have the same issues again. My networking knowledge is very limited so
I'd be very grateful for any advice on how to rectify this issue. Thanks.

A:Multiple Local Area Connections created at boot

Those are not LAN connections. Those are just Virtual drivers that are installed by Windows 8. I am guessing that you have Hyper-V turned on. You can go into Network Connections in Control Panel, to see that it is showing those connections as Virtual adapters.

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Hi All, Many of us recently had a ?local disk z? appear in our computer.  I initially was concerned that it is a Trojan horse, having spoken with MS, Norton and HP, the best I can determine is that it is something that MS updates puts in to help with recovery if a challenge occurs. Sad part is that folks were wanting me to spend money to get that information. I personally would have liked to have been told that will happen during a downloading of updates, rather than spend a lot of time figuring out what it is. Not that cool!

A:Local Disk Z windows 10

@dkusa?, welcome to the forum. I hear what you are saying.  It would be nice to know what is being added to our computers without having to research it.  However,  we may as well get use to this type of thing since we are losing more control of our computers all of the time.

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i upgraded to windows 10 yesterday it upgraded successfully but i see that there is one drie in my pc i.e z drive when i open it it says you dont have permission and access is denied it is about 256 mb drive so can you plese help

View Solution.

A:after upgrading to windows 10 z drive is created

Hey @hannanshaikh, I understand you have some questions about the drive labeled (Z on your notebook. I'd be happy to help. That new drive labeled (Z is the restore partition which is added to give you the option of restoring back to your previous version of windows. It is nothing to worry about, and should not be deleted. Hope this answer your question. If it does, hit that Thumbs Up, and Accept as Solution. Cheers,TechSurge.

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Hi Folks,I noticed recently that I have some unknown files in my Windows>Temp folder. These files (8 in total) are named like so......cteng_1_1_131267855225.datEach one has a date stamp with yesterdays date - 6th March 2010I did google to see if I could find out anything about them but came up only with 'Incredimail' - this is not a programme I had heard of or use!I'd be most grateful if someone could take a look at my logs and keep me right.btw - I'm not sure that GMER worked properly for me - most of the options were greyed out and I was unable to either select or de-select a number of them - however I attach what I fear may just be a blank gmer generated file!Thanks!......DDS (Ver_09-12-01.01) - NTFSX64 Run by Sinclair at 8:25:11.59 on 07/03/2010Internet Explorer: 8.0.6001.18882Microsoft? Windows Vista? Home Premium 6.0.6002.2.1252.44.1033.18.6133.4313 [GMT 0:00]SP: Windows Defender *enabled* (Updated) {D68DDC3A-831F-4FAE-9E44-DA132C1ACF46}============== Running Processes ===============C:\Windows\system32\wininit.exeC:\Windows\system32\lsm.exeC:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k DcomLaunchC:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k rpcssC:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k secsvcsC:\Windows\system32\atiesrxx.exeC:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k LocalServiceNetworkRestrictedC:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k LocalSystemNetworkRestri... Read more

A:Unknown files being created

Hello and welcome to Bleeping ComputerWe apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help. No one is ignored here.If you have since resolved the original problem you were having, we would appreciate you letting us know. If not please perform the following steps below so we can have a look at the current condition of your machine. Please include a clear description of the problems you're having, along with any steps you may have performed so far.Please refrain from running tools or applying updates other than those we suggest while we are cleaning up your computer. The reason for this is so we know what is going on with the machine at any time. Some programs can interfere with others and hamper the recovery process.Even if you have already provided information about your PC, we need a new log to see what has changed since you originally posted your problem.We need to create an OTL ReportPlease download OTL from one of the following mirrors:This is THE MirrorSave it to your desktop.Double click on the icon on your desktop.Click the "Scan All Users" checkbox.In the custom scan box paste the following:CODEnetsvcsmsconfigsafebootminimalsafebootnetworkactivexdrivers32%systemroot%�... Read more

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And can i install windows 7 sp1 on local disk D too?

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I am using Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 2. About a week ago, I had a Trojan-PSW.OnLine Games virus.

I think I got rid of the Trojan-PSW.OnLine Games virus. But, I am having the same problem as "thebest100" and "srinivassalle" here:

I tried:

1. Enter command prompt on WIN XP. HOW?
Click Start > Run > CMD
2. Navigate to drive C: HOW?
type cd\
3. Type Dir /a
To show all files in root drive. Then identify the autorun.inf file (you may find other autorun-named files there. You this same method to get them out)
4. Type attrib autorun.inf
This will help you get the file attributes on the autorun.inf. Depending on the outcome
(which can be ash, i.e. Archived, System file, Hidden), do the following:
5. Type attrib -a -s -h autorun.inf (assuming above result).
This will make the file a normal file
6. Type del autorun.inf

autorun.inf is gone, but, still, when I click on Local Disk C: in my computer window the OPEN WITH dialog box appears, asking me to choose a program that I would like to use to open LOCAL DISK C:

Can somebody please tell me how to solve this problem?

Thank you!


A:Cannot Open Local Disk C: in Windows XP

What is in your <system><hidden>boot.ini file? Should look something thing like this.
[boot loader]
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /noexecute=optin /fastdetect

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Good evening,
How can i fix windows xp, system folder called (Windows)
Why i got windows Folder
on both drives, That is local disk c and D.

im wasting my local disk d size, I want only local disk c got that folder,
How can i fix this, Thanks in advance

A:Two Windows folder on both Local disk

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I have a list of 5 users but no one created them they all have files one is the owner which has her name then there is one that says public and one that says default and then all. I need to organize all files with the workers that are here what can I do?

A:users on windows 8 under my pc : local disk c

What exactly are all five called? Most of them are folders created and required by Windows and you need to leave them. The only files in those users(profiles) are those required by Windows to create new profiles or by files that are used across all profiles. All Users, Default, Default User, Public are always there, although most are hidden by default. You'll also have at least one other account for the actual user. The username.Migrated folder gets created when you switch account types from local to Microsoft Account or vice versa, that you can cleanup if you want. You may also have an Administrator account if it was enabled and used.

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i have a problem my laptop says it has two hard drives though it only has one physical one my os hard drive is filled and my local disk has lots og free space can someone help me combine them?

A:Os hard drive and local disk hard drive how can i make them into one?

Quote: Originally Posted by CraziReaper

i have a problem my laptop says it has two hard drives though it only has one physical one my os hard drive is filled and my local disk has lots og free space can someone help me combine them?

First, if at all unsure backup

Parigon disk suite (free trial)

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Hello Forum,

I have a base image, where I have configured the default profile using the administrator account. I created user ids, but did not log into these ids. I used Local Group Policy to edit the policy of one non administrator ids I created. After sysprepping the computer, and successfully copying the profiles, the user is not configured with the group policy settings. Any idea why this is happening or how to get around this problem?

Same deal as this guy Sysprep deletes Local Group Policy but his question was never answered.


A:Local Group Policies created for user, but sysprep removes settings


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When I open Steam and then attempt to connect to a server I get a "Game is not available: Please Try Again Later" notice followed by systemantic telling me I have "Static." Originally there was nothing in alerts box only an icon above it saying Static, but now it pops up with ~5.tmp, ~3.tmp, and ~45.tmp. It says they are Trojans and that they were quarantined, but everytime I attempt to connect to a server it gives me the same message. I ran a system scan and it does not detect anything, but then when I try to connect to a server it goes off again.

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 7:10:43 PM, on 7/8/2007
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccSetMgr.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccEvtMgr.exe
C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\NvMixer\NVMixerTray.exe
C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\NetworkAccessManager\bin\nTrayFw.exe
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Hardware\Mouse\point32.exe
C:\Program Files\CyberLink\PowerDVD\PDVDServ.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Real\Update_OB\realsched.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccApp.... Read more

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This script was working fine until the other day and I don't know what caused it but could someone tell me how to fix it? I do have the ability to edit and creat tables but I don't know how!

A:Unknown column 'created' in 'where clause'

What script?

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Hi, can someone please list the default folders on a fresh install of windows 7 x64 Home Premium sp1 "C:/ folder" please. Just want to make sure everythings in there.

Thank You.

A:Windows 7 Local Disk Default Folders?

Program Files

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I am using Windows XP Media Center, Service Pack 2. When I click on Local Disk C: in my computer window the OPEN WITH dialog box appears, it is asking me to choose a program that I would like to use to open LOCAL DISK C: I am able to access my files by using the folders tree to the left, but can somebody please tell me how to solve this problem. I have attached an image of the problem.

Thank You very very much

A:Solved: cannot open local disk C: in windows XP

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Hi, can someone please list the default folders on a fresh install of windows 7 32bit ultimate edition "C:/ folder" please. Just want to make sure everythings in there


A:Windows 7 Local Disk Default Folders

Do you realize that we are talking about several thousand folders.

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My Local disk is corrupted and I cant fix with windows repair! PLZ HELP!!! I can't find anything anywhere.

A:My Local disk is corrupted and I cant fix with windows repair!

What kind of corruption is the drive/partition experiencing? Is it doing something it's not supposed to do? Or is it not doing something it should be doing? Which windows repair did you use? Did it bring up a screen like this:

If yes, did you access this System Recovery Options screen by using a system repair disk? A Windows 7 install disk? The more info you can provide the better the chances someone will be able to help.

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Thank you for this help forum. I am having a problem, on my Windows XP SP3 system, I trust someone can help me resolve.

The Problem
When i try to open the folder of local disk c: a window appears which says that "windows explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close." I can freely browse all the other folders on that drive, but not the base one.

After i close this error window, windows explorer freezes; there is a drwatson processes, and nothing happens. The only thing i can do is forcibly close explorer/watson processes.

Event Viewer
AppName: explorer.exe AppVer: 6.0.2900.5512 ModName: shlwapi.dll
ModVer: 6.0.2900.5912 Offset: 000084d9
And the c: folder never opens.

After that i close the error window and a new error appears. "DrWatson Postmortem Debugger has encountered a problem and needs to close."
More information says.
EventType : BEX P1 : drwtsn32.exe P2 : 5.1.2600.0 P3 : 3b7d84a2
P4 : dbghelp.dll P5 : 5.1.2600.5512 P6 : 4802a0b2 P7 : 0001295d
P8 : c0000409 P9 : 00000000

Solutions Tried, unsuccessfully
There are lots of solutions on google, so I have tried:
- Antivirus/Antimalware checks with malwarebytes and superantispyware fully updated: no virus/malware found
- Removal of autorun.inf files from C\: - there was one belonging to my USB Seagate Drive (now disconnected)
- reregistering Dll with command 'regsvr32 /i shell32.dll'; this was successful
- removing mountpoints2 entries from the registry
- ensuring... Read more

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Hello to all,I just want to ask a help for those who are skilled in Installing and Formatting Windows 7 Pro,My Computer is running in Windows 7 Professional 32BIT,after many months that I used my computer, I feel that my computer is in risk because some error/appcrash etc appear.Some .dll files can't be found when i open my PC.Even the antivirus is affected,my antivirus wont start in the startup when i open my PC,even if I try to scan my Hard Disc ,the antivirus wont run and it is not responding,even if I reinstall my antivirus or install new antivirus same problems are occuring. Because of this I decide to Format my PC and reinstall it again,My Hard Disk is a 500GB and it separated in two(Partition) The Local Disk C:and the Local Disk D:, The Windows 7 Pro installed in Local Disk C:,I decided just to format the Local Disc C: where the Windows 7 installed,I choose not to format Local Disk D:because my Important files are there.Well guyz, My big problem is on how to format the local disk C:and reinstall Windows 7 Again..That's All,Please Help me for those who can Help Advanced Thank You and God Bless,More Tutorials to come

A:How can I Format the Local Disk(c:) And Reinstall Windows Again?

Well i am gonna take a stab here. I am not shore what your asking, do you know how to format in bios? Cause you said you chose to format local disk c, but then you ask how to format local disk c after that, so i am litlle confused on what you want to know.If you want to know how to format in bios and never done it before look at step 1, otherwise skip it.

1. First make shore you have ALL the original disks you need for your pc drivers ex: Motherboard,gfx card,windows cd and so on. Secondly make shore you backed up any files or folders you want to keep or re-add later after format,and store them on an external hdd or a cd or so on. Allso keep in mind if you format for the first time, note that you will loose ALL your data on the formatted drive and will have to reinstall everything that used that drive. So if you have say a drawing programe installed on "d",but the pics and work and so on are saved to "c" you will loose them and in some cases the programs or files wont work on "d" after formatting c, beacuse the "path" was in "c" and is now missing. Hope this makes sence, i am no expert.

Now to format. When you start the pc and the black screen or your motherboard logo comes on press "delete" key on the keyboard, this will take you into the bios, depending on the bios this will look different on each motherboard,but look for a tab calle boot or boot settings at the top of the pannel, go to it and search for boot pri... Read more

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I need to make several system images for a new laptop I plan on buying (likely tomorrow), and I wanted to ask whether the windows system imaging tool ( as referred to here,26542.html, here and here ) can be placed with many on one external disk or if they each need a separate drive?
In the past I have placed them on 64 Gb USB sticks because Sandisk used to make a good 64gigabyte USB which was formatted in such a way that when you plugged it in it registered as a "local disk" not a "removable disk". But sandisk changed the specifications of these drives slightly so they no longer register as the right sort of drive for windows system images to be made on them, Hence I'll need to get an external hard drive or three. Can multiple images of this type be made on a single external hard drive (or any other storage device calling itself a removable disk), or must it be "one storage device for one image"?
If I put three images onto one external storage device will window be able to use them when it is plugged in for recovery of this ( ) type?
Also what about images made with macrium reflect?
Or with bundled recovery software which a manufacturer (HP or lenovo) might pu... Read more

A:Windows system images, many on one local disk?

Any thoughts?

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Hello sir/madam
i have windows 7 64 bit home premium dell laptop. Recently i am having some problem regarding the local disk F:/. I don't have any idea from where this drive originate and it's showing 0 bytes as disk space and whenever i am entering a CD no CD drive is coming and on autoplay following message is showing : F:/ drive access denied. I have reinstalled cd drivers from dell website but it's not helping. It would grateful of you if you will help me.

A:Windows 7 : Local disk F:/ access denied

Please try this go to start>control panel>administrative tasks>Computer management>Disk management

Right click CD drive and choose properties>driver tab click on uninstall, then go back to Disk management got to action menu choose re-scan disks it will re-add drive and see if your issue has gone.

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Hello everyone!
I've been lingering around this forum for some time picking up great tips that have already saved me a lot of pain. Thank you!

My question:

I'm using Windows XP Pro with SP2 and about a month or so ago I noticed that when I click on the Local Disk Manager (say to look at the hard drives) or even the Defragmenter I get the followin error: "You do not have access rights to Local Disk Manager on (name of my pc)"

1. My account has Administrator permissions
2. Even when using the standard inbuilt Administrator account in I can't have access to the module
3. I can only access the module in SAFE MODE and only in the inbuilt Administrator account.
5. Managed to access the module under normal Windows mode ONLY on a NEW test account I created.
4. I cannot use the Disk Defragmenter - It shows all the drives but doesn't execute any commands.
5. Can't even use the O&O Defragmenter, which I had no problem with previously.
6. I can't recall installing or uninstalling anything that could have such an impact on these modules.
7. I've run an Antivirus Scan with AVAST! and Trend Micro's Online scan and they are both giving me the green light.
8. When I go to the Properties of an individual Hard Drive and select the VOLUMES tab and click on Populate it gives me this error: "Volume Information For this Disk cannot be found. This may happen if the disk is a 1394 or a USB device on a Windows 2000 machine" . N... Read more

A:Solved: Local Disk Manager - Windows XP Pro

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Hi, can someone please list the default folders on a fresh install of windows 7 x64 Home Premium sp1 "C:/ folder" please. Just want to make sure everythings in there.

Thank You.

A:Windows 7 Local Disk Default Folders?

Program Files, ProgramData, Users, Windows

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In Windows Explorer, there's an extra local hard disk (E:\) which doesn't appear in Disk Management. It's about 500MB in size and 3/4 full. If I look at the properties, the name of the phantom disk is the same as the real physical disk (C:\). However, I don't know how to get rid of it, or remove the drive letter. I've attached a picture to help explain.

Thank you,

A:Phantom Local Disk in Windows Explorer

Your screen shot covered what I need to see in Disk Management. Post another screen shot with Disk Management only.

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Hi, Is it safe to use Local Disk (D as my backup storage? i don't have an extra HDD so i want to transfer my files from (C to (D instead but i'm worried Windows might delete them if i do the reinstallation.

A:Will my files on Local Disk (D:) get deleted if i reinstall Windows 10

as long as you re-install to partition C - you should be fine with the files on partition D
As long as you do not delete the current partition scheme

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I recently did a system restore and it has created an extra hard drive RECOVERY (D:) Does anyone know how I can get rid of this, there does not seem to be any up to date info on it, only these,

Dell - Recovery - Temp - tmp and ResSys

I used to do a system image every night to my second hard drive - Hard Drive2 (B:) now when I go to back and restore settings this drive no longer appears and I am unable to do my system image. The drive appears everywhere else, my computer, windows explorer etc.

Please, can anyone one help me out,

many thanks,


A:System restore has created a new drive (recovery) plus, windows backup

Have you tried restoring any of your previous system images? If not, and you made a system repair disk, try booting your computer up with it and see if your system images on 2 HDD are availble to recover your computer. If you didn't make a system boot disk, then go into Backup and Restore in the Control Panel and open "Recover system sytem settings on your computer". Then open "Advanced recovery methods" and select "Use a system image you created earlier to recover your computer". Your computer should reboot then and take you to the Recovery Console.

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I haven't been able to track down any issues similar to this, so I hope some of you guys can help.  When I shutdown my computer in the evening, a folder is created on one of my external hard drives (N:\). For example, last night the folder "notify1636799688" was created with a timestamp of when I shutdown my computer.  The folder has read-only set to true and the owner is "Administrators".   The folder is not always created when I shutdown so I can't reproduce it at will, but it usually happens every night.  Sometimes I've seen it like "notify-1636799688" (with a hyphen) but the numbers always change.  I have six drives hooked up:
C:\ -> Internal SSD w/ Windows 8.1 installed to it.
D:\ -> Internal SSD
E:\ & G:\ -> Internal HDDs
M:\ & N:\ -> External HDDs
I tried unplugging N:\ and that made the folders get created on the internal HDD G.  I tried using process monitor to look for any programs making changes to that directory but it only happens when the computer is shutdown after the "Shutting down" screen comes up so I can't see what's accessing the drive.  I just secure erased my SSDs and deleted and formatted new partitions on my internal HDDs and the issue persists after re-installing windows and some programs.  I'm kind of paranoid about it.
Here's a list of software I have installed:
Core Temp 1.0 RC6
Corsair Utility Engine for K70 keyboard
CrashPlan Automatic Backup
Di... Read more

A:Empty unknown "notify" folders are being created upon shutdown.

Did you find out what causes the creation of these empty notify folders? I have the same problem - on two drives. Well, one unpartitioned hard drive and on one of the partitions of another.
Based on your list of software, the ones we both have are CrashPlan and Google Chrome (which I seldom use). CrashPlan is set to backup the exact same drives where I'm getting the notify folders, and no others (I have six hard drives in total), so CrashPlan is my strongest suspect at the moment.

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   We have windows 2008 r2 domain controller and Windows 7 Pro clients. There is a requirement that user perform some run on software and software generate test file / result which are save on local D drive, now we need to assign permission that
domain users can read. write, modify, create new files/folder on d drive but do not rename or delete files/folders. For that i set following permission on d drive:
Full control for domain admin, local administrator, system
for domain users allow modify, deny delete and delete subfolder and files 
Owner of the d drive is domain administrator
After that user can read files but at the time of saving files the error is "you dont have suffieceint permission to modify files on this location" and o kb file created but if user try to save second time than the file will save on that same location
So  user need to save files two time and one file created with 0 kb. 
Please suggest a solution. Thank you.

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Hello All,

I just installed Windows 7 Home Pre x64 on my computer. When i was installing i mistakenly didnt format the hard drive befor reinstalling, neither did i parition the drive. Now in my Local Disk Drive (C there is a folder in it called "Local Disk". This folder contains all the computer files, user files, and program files. In the root directory of the Main C Drive, the tw program files folders appear, with the Windows folder also. There is also a folder that says Windows.old, What do i do?

A:Local Disk folder in Local Disk C

I would reinstall delete the old partition and create a new 1 unless you are wanting to save any of your old files. The windows.old are your old files. You have two operating systems on the same partition, I believe.

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Hey all, I recently upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 8 and I'm loving it, EXCEPT for this one problem I'm having.

Immediately after I upgraded, my external hard drive (WD Ext HDD 1021 3TB) was missing from "My Computer." I never had any problems with this HDD before I upgraded, and the file-system is NTFS.

The external drive is visible in Disk Management, however there is no letter assigned. Right clicking on the drive's partitions in Disk Management shows every option grayed out except for "Delete Volume."

Upon seeing this, I attempted to use diskpart to assign a new letter, however in diskpart the partition type is listed as "unknown" and when I attempt to assign a letter, diskpart says "there is no volume specified." Listing volumes in diskpart only seems to list the volumes on my internal drive, not the external one.

After reading some articles on similar problems, I tried using the program "MiniTool Partition Wizard" to assign a new drive letter, and it seemed to work! The drive showed up in "My Computer" with the correct name and letter, with all my data intact. In Disk Management, all the drive options were still grayed out, but because I could access my drive, I figured the problem was solved.

However, after a short amount of time, the drive became inaccessible. In "My Computer" the drive's name changed from "cmluepke 3tb external (F:)" to "Local Disk (F:)." Clickin... Read more

A:External Hard Drive inaccessible, becomes "Local Disk"

I had this exact same problem with a 16GB Toshiba thumb-drive a few days ago.
I'd been having heat-related shutdowns, and believe this to be what caused the issue in the first place.
Deleting the volume, then re-creating it allowed me to format and assign a drive-letter.
But yes, I did lose the (non-critical - a recorded TV show) data.
I'm not aware of any other 'fixes'.

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Unknown virus (not detected by Kaspersky Internet Security or Bitdefender Total Security 2014) entered my computer via Windows Mail in May, deleted all my contacts, and began sending bogus emails to me from Facebook contacts that were not in my Windows contacts.  Now it is putting "desktop.ini" files on my Desktop.  It has now created its own User name in the User Accounts and in file Properties I see they are creating and changing file authorizations.  This is beyond out of control.  I don't know what kind of virus it is.  I don't know what I can send you or show you to prove it is there when the 2 top rated virus protection programs cannot find it.   
Running:  Windows VISTA 32-bit, Service Pack 2 (cannot update Windows-process is being blocked by virus),  Malwarebytes, Bitdfender Total Security 2014, Carbonite Home Online Backup. (Deleted licensed copy of Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 today to download 30-day trial of Bitdefender-ran full scan-showed no virus) 
Attaching two files that "appeared" on my desktop yesterday 8/31/13.  I don't know what they mean.
Would gladly post any logs if someone would tell me what logs to provide.  Thank you for any help.

A:Unknown & Undetected Virus now created Authorized User Permissions

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I am not sure whether I should be posting this in the Windows forum or the PC Hardware because it involves both.

I have an external 320 GB Transcend Drive with a lot of important data.
Recently, I unplugged it from my PC and took to another to get some files.
One the other machine (Vista), it didn't show up as far as I can remember, thought that was strange so i brought it back to my Laptop (Win 7, Dual Boot with Ubuntu 10) and it only showed as Local Disk, I have tried to find useful information on the net but some is very vague and some is outright stupid and irrelevant.

The fact is that the HDD is not broken. When in Ubuntu I can view the contents fine and everything is there, no freeze ups or anything, but in windows the drive shows up as Local Disk, I don't think it is a drive letter conflict.

The Device shows up fine in the Device Manager.
I'm sure some of you have solved this problem as it seems many on the Internet have.
If so please tell me in a few steps how you resolved it.. I am not formatting as I do not deem this necessary since I can access my data fine in Ubuntu.

Kind Regards

A:External Hard Drive Works In Ubuntu / Shows as "Local Disk" in Win 7 and doesn't work

I suggest that while in Ubuntu you move the files to local HDD, then reformat external HDD, then copy the files back.

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Don’t know what happen to my windows 8 operating system as it is not displaying my local hard disk drives in my computer window, i am only able to see only local disk C ! please help me to solve this problem.....thanks..... Any help!!

A:Local disk drives icons are missing from my computer window in windows 8

Post a Screen Shot of My Computer, and also of Disk Management in Computer management, which is under Administrative tools.  You need to do all of this through the desktop, not through Metro.  Also what third party "Internet Security" software are you running?

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For a while my computer has refused to start Windows. It would get to the screen with the Windows logo and then no further.

I have not replaced any of the hardware since I bought it, and as far as I am aware this problem came on the back of nothing. (It didn't follow any installation of software or hardware.)

Since there is nothing of too much importance on it I decided to reinstall Windows, but after the setup had started it reached the screen from which I was to choose which drive to install Windows to and each was listed as "Unknown Disk." Pressing any button resulted in a blue screen.

If I even attempt to load without using the disk I just get a black screen prompting me to enter the setup disk.

I am currently at work and so cannot post the precise specifications of my computer, though I will as soon as I get home.

In the meantime I gather that I need to look in BIOS to see if my hard drive is being recognised?

I have Googled this problem but each response was slightly over my head, since I'm not sure what type of harddrive I have (though I will once I get home, I have all the documentation).

Though I do not consider myself too dense when it comes to computers, I am not confident enough to fiddle about in BIOS without instructions.

I would like to thank you in advance for any help that you can provide, it would be very much appreciated.

A:'Unknown Disk' in Windows XP setup

In the meantime I gather that I need to look in BIOS to see if my hard drive is being recognised?Its the first ways to check if the hard drive is still usable in reinstalling your operating system. Please check this and provide the error when it goes bluescreen on setup.

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Okay so this is my problem:

I have been having this problem for a couple of days now. I have a Western Digital Caviar 120GB IDE Drive connected to my computer, and Windows XP doesn't seem to recognize it, all 4 of the hard drives on the Windows XP install says "Unknown Disk - There is no disk in this drive" If I press enter, it gives me the BSOD. If I press D, it gives me the BSOD. If I press any key it gives me the freaking BSOD. So I checked my BIOS and it only recognizes my DVD-RW Drive and my CD Drive. I started getting confused. I didn't know what the problem was. I believe this is how much in depth I can go through with this, I really need some help fixing this.

A:Windows XP Install - Unknown Disk

Ok, what IDE channel do you have the 120 GB HDD plugged into, i.e. Primary Master/Slave or Secondary Master/Slave. Where is the DVD-RW and CD drive plugged into? Is the HDD and the Optical drives on separate cables or on the same IDE cable? How do you have the Jumper pins set? The way it should be setup is your HDD should have the jumper pin set to Master or CS (Cable Select), most new drives come set as CS by default, depending if you have one of the Optical Drives on the same cable. The HDD should be on the end of the IDE cable, any other drives should be sharing the Middle or not at all. The Primary slot/cable should be the one you are using for the HDD. If there is an optical drive on the same cable, it's jumper pin should either be Slave or CS. The Red stripe on the edge of the IDE cable should be pointing towards the Power Plug of the HDD Drive. And the other end should be facing the same direction as all the other IDE cables on the motherboard signifying Pin 1. Make sure the IDE cable is plugged in tight to the drive and to the Motherboard, and that the power plug is plugged in tight. Once you have the jumper pin set correctly, make sure the drive is showing up in the Bios. If it still fails, then if there is a drive sharing the same cable, remove it for the time being.

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