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Aspire s7-191-6447 LEDs both dark, charger voltage...

Q: Aspire s7-191-6447 LEDs both dark, charger voltage...

Hi, Used my Aspire s7-191-6447 (Windows 8.1) as recently as last night without problems. This morning, LEDs are dark, even when the charger is plugged in, and it doesn't start. My voltmeter shows the charger output as +42 V, which seems way high even without a load (nominal is +19 V / 3.42 A). This laptop has an external battery pack that is marked as nominal input +19V / 3.42 A and output +11.1 V / 484 mA. (So it appears the actual operating voltage going into the laptop itself is +11.1 V. I'm confused about why the voltage would be further stepped down, but whatever.) I removed the external battery pack from the laptop, hooked it up with the charger, and looked at its output (i.e., the second plug that goes into the laptop). Same +42 V. Has anyone seen such a high unloaded voltage coming out of their LiteOn charger? Is it likely to have fried the laptop? Thanks in advance,Doug

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Hi all,  I have a quick question. Recently I bought HP Folio 9470m from my friend. It came with HP original charger 18.5V | 3.5A 65W but when I looked under the battery on my laptop it says 19.5V | 2.31A  I google about replacement charger fo Folio 9470m and there is allot of it with 18.5V | 3.5A 65W.  My question is, how can I be sure tahat this is the right charger? If it is not, can this diference in Voltage damage my laptop?  


View Solution.

A:Right charger voltage and amperage for HP Folio 9470m

MaxLAB wrote:Hello banhien, thank You for Your fast reply. Product number is: D3Q03AWHi, Thanks. I can see part # from your photo. It is not a right part, no idea what is it:      but this one   is used for more than 200 products and I can't find yours on the list. Regards.

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I have Aspire S7-392 for almost three years. I charged the laptop for few hours and then switched off the power. After few hours tried to turn it on and the laptop won't start. I put the AC adapter to charge again but see that LEDs do not turn on with AC adapter. Checked the adapter and it seems to be giving correct power output. After searching other threads tried the following:battery reset for 4 secTightening all of the screws on the backbattery reset with power button for 10 sec None of these seem to work. Any suggestions? Will replacing battery help in this situation?

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As soon as plug in the charger my laptop screen goes really dark. It is so dark that you cannot see anything but the laptop and everything else is still working and on. as sooon as charger is removed everything gets back to normal. The issue only started a week back.  I have already changed the power and sleep settings to never turn off. but that doesnt help as the computer doesnt turn off with charger only the screen goes dark. Please Help!

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As soon as plug in the charger my laptop screen goes really dark. It is so dark that you cannot see anything but the laptop and everything else is still working and on. as sooon as charger is removed everything gets back to normal. The issue only started a week back.  I have already changed the power and sleep settings to never turn off. but that doesnt help as the computer doesnt turn off with charger only the screen goes dark. Please Help!

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My Dell Inspiron 17R 5720 doesn't recognize charger any more. And unfortunately my warranty expired 2 month ago.It was plugged in and working in the morning, but then in the afternoon I noticed that it was running on the battery only. It wont start without battery (just charger plugged in).
1. So here what I have done to debug. Me and my brother, we have purchased the same Dell laptops at the same time a year and a bit ago. This is why for a debugging purposes it was good.I took my charger and plugged in to his computer. And it works. Definitely not the charger issue I guess. And when I plug charger in to my computer, green light is still on the charger. And I have the original charger that came with the laptop.
2. Now, laptop works on the battery only, so this means that motherboard is working. I guess.
3. Next thing I did was unplugged charger and removed the battery from the laptop. Then I pushed and hold "Power" button for 45 seconds to discharge a flea charge. Plugged charger back in but laptop wont start.
4. Next I started laptop on the battery, went to BIOS and checked if the charger is recognized in the BIOS. No, it doesn't recognize charger. So, if it is not a charger then what else can it be?
5. Laptop doesn't have any strange smells so I'm not sure if anything happened with the motherboard, but I would assume mother board is ok because it works of the battery.
6. I was thinking updating the BIOS, but I can't, because it wont update whi... Read more

A:Dell Inspiron 17R 5720 doesn't work with charger. Charger is not recognized. Not charger problem.

Hi CJ777,
Thanks for reaching out with your query. You pretty much figured out all points of failure. Good job.
If the adapter is not detected in BIOS, it most likely is an issue with the mother board. In the BIOS set up, AC adapter should show up as 65w or 90w. If the adapter status is 'None' or 'Unknown Device Installed', it indicates that the mother board is not detecting the adapter for which the battery is not getting charged. Once the battery charge drains, I'm sure the adapter will not charge it again. Replacing the system board should resolve this issue.

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After a couple months of use, my charger stopped working. I got a new one online, which was slightly different but still worked for about 2 weeks. I would like to get one that I know for sure will work, and work for a decent amount of time. 

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A:What charger should I get for an Acer Aspire E5-57...

Hello, E.g. this one (100% compatible).

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After a couple months of use, my charger stopped working. I got a new one online, which was slightly different but still worked for about 2 weeks. I would like to get one that I know for sure will work, and work for a decent amount of time. 

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My Acer Aspire R14 laptop went completely blank a few weeks ago. When I unpluged the power cord, it started right up, but the moment I plugged the power cord back in it would shut down. The battery soon died this way, because it would not charge. I removed the battery then the it started up with the power cord. I thought it must be the battery, so I installed a new battery. that did nothing to change the problem. So, I ordered a new motherboard and after a few weeks, I recieved it today, installed it, and I still have the same thing. It works well with the power cord plugged in as long as the battery is disconnected. But the moment I connect the battery, everything shuts down, not to be revived unless I disconnect the battery.  I need help!! What could be the problem?

Go to Solution.

A:My Acer Aspire R14 will not boot with the charger ...

Glad I could help.

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My Acer Aspire R14 laptop went completely blank a few weeks ago. When I unpluged the power cord, it started right up, but the moment I plugged the power cord back in it would shut down. The battery soon died this way, because it would not charge. I removed the battery then the it started up with the power cord. I thought it must be the battery, so I installed a new battery. that did nothing to change the problem. So, I ordered a new motherboard and after a few weeks, I recieved it today, installed it, and I still have the same thing. It works well with the power cord plugged in as long as the battery is disconnected. But the moment I connect the battery, everything shuts down, not to be revived unless I disconnect the battery.  I need help!! What could be the problem?

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Hello! As the title says, I have an Aspire 7551 laptop--it's a bit old, so I realize that may be the problem, but I do want to troubleshoot before assuming it's just crapped itself.The other day, it stopped recognizing its charger. We at first assumed it was the battery, and bought a new one, but nope. Also tried 3 different chargers after that and still nothing. The new battery works, but but the laptop itself isn't acknowledging that there's a charger plugged in, and is running off of straight battery life. The physical laptop itself isn't particularly damaged, aside from general wear and tear from age, and the charger port seems undamaged.Any help would be appreciated!

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My computer charger broke. The Output is 19V 3.42A. I can't buy a new one or replace it. Give me some tips on how to fix it! The green light isn't lighting up and the blue light at the back of the computer isn't, and the orange/green light isn't on on the front of the computer... Please help!

A:Acer Aspire 5920 charger problem

I don't think you're gonna have any luck fixing the charger. I don't see why you can't buy a new charger, chargers are only about 10-15$


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Staples has a charger that has all the correct specs, 19v 3.42a 65w but no one can tell me if it will actually plug into my laptop. Denaq 19V 3.42A 3.0mm - 1.1mm AC Adapter. Their item number is 1924409 

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I'm troubleshooting a laptop for a friend that can't find his charger for a Aspire 5560. I thought I had a spare charger but I don't have a compatible charger that fits this model. My first question is, where can I find a compatible charger that fits this model and charges at 19.5V? Is there an all in one of interchangeable power pack I can purchase?  My second question is, can I power the battery another way? thanks!

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My mother is having problems with her laptop, she said she could shut it down last night so unplugged it and left it over night, and today when she started it up everything was fine apart from a dark screen.

I have been on teamviewer trying to get to the bottom of it. Fn and arrow keys apparently adjust the brightness temporarilly but it just defaults back. I ran some windows check for solutions and it threw up this warning which indicates to me it could be a video card issue.

It also said something about Skype, so I updated that. I ran CCleaner and the SF_diagnostic tool. I have attached the zipped file to this thread. can anyone offer any insight to the possible cause of this because I'm stumped?

She is using Vista.

A:Acer Aspire dark screen

hAVE YOU TRIED , oops, to update the drivers?

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Once I plug the laptop into the mains the screen goes very dark, if I unplug it its fine again, laptop only 3 monts old, seems it has only started happening since windows 10 has installed, any ideas anyone?

A:Hi,my acer aspire e15 laptop goes dark when I plug...

can you post your exact laptop model? which windows OS version is installed?

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I have a acer one aspire KAV60 notebook 10.1 inch screen which is a friends I am fixing.
I have just bought a new screen it is compatible. The old screen was defiantly dead screen wont show with torch. The new one I can only see with a torch, I sent it back they tested it said it was fine but still sent another. New one still the same can only see with a torch.
what else could be the problem? I have turned the brightness up I no it isn't that.

A:Aspire One KAV60 dark screen bought 2 new both same?

Ran into the same problem with an HP laptop several months ago, turned out that one of the wires supplying the inverter had worked loose from the plastic terminator.

So since you have verified that the screen itself is not the issue, it sounds like an inverter or backlight issue. This site helped me out with that laptop.

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Once I plug the laptop into the mains the screen goes very dark, if I unplug it its fine again, laptop only 3 monts old, seems it has only started happening since windows 10 has installed, any ideas anyone?

A:Hi,my acer aspire e15 laptop goes dark when I plug...

can you post your exact laptop model? which windows OS version is installed?

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I can't believe nobody has asked this question before sind I have googled it and it does not appear that uncommon. I downgraded from Win10 and somehow I can't get the BIOS to give me options. The screen does not get a signal and all I get is a blinking power button. Here is what I tried: I disconnected everything - HDD, DVD, Power and removed the battery from the motherboard and waited 5 minand combinations of the abover connecting something :-) I believe I should reset the motherboard BIOS and frankly on the motherboard I encounter just three locations where I could manipulate things with jumpers. Is there a manual for the MB somewhere? A way I can flash a new firmware from a USB stick? Any trick to get the Monitor to show something?

A:Reset BIOS of Aspire XC-115 ? I have a dark screen...

I have sent you a PM (private message) in regards to this, hopefully it helps you out.

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Hi again,

Just wanted to know if the two sorts of DDR3-1600 SDRAM RAMs (one is called low voltage memory) that are available on the market are compatible with my Portege R930 i7 Toshiba?


A:Portege R930: DDR3-1600 SDRAM Low voltage (1,35) or standard voltage 1,5

The detailed specs of compatible modules are:
+DDR3-1600 PC3-12800, 204p SODIMM, 1.5v+

As you see its standard voltage 1.5V

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When i connect charger to laptop the power button and charger light starts button white light blinking my laptop model inspiron n5010
I tried all the steps like removing the battery and unplugged the charger and holds the power button for 30 second and reconnect no change.

A:When i connect charger to laptop the power button and charger light starts blinking

Hi ZMR 1986,
Thank you for writing to Dell Community Forum.
* Are you able to boot into windows normally?
* Please try to boot into BIOS <F2> and check what is the status of the battery / adapter listed.
* Please update the BIOS to the latest available version from our Dell Support Site.
* Can we check with an alternate adapter?
Please private message us the service tag of the system along with your email id.
(Note: please don't mention the service tag or email id on the public forum as it contains your personal information).
Regards,DELL-Akshatha MSocial Media and Community Professional#IWork4Dell

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Hello guys,

i have one simple problem and would like if somebody can help me.
Yesterday i bought new grafic card geforce GT440 after my old 9800 GT stoped functioning normaly(memory failure).
So here is the problem, when I start any program or do anything the computer the computer is functioning normally, but when I turn to desktop(which has black wallpaper) the monitor goes so dark that I can't see almost nothing. I tryed to find some power saving options in windows(win 7 pro, 64 bit) and on envidia control panel but i cannot find any cause for that dark screen. Even if I load a black page on my mozilla the monitor goes dark. As it cannot represent dark colors normally. Thanks in andvance for Your help.

Greetings from Croatia,
Martin K?nig

A:Dark monitor geforce GT440(after going to desktop with dark wallpaper)

First update your driver by choosing the correct model HERE.....

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I am trying to find the correct charger for my Pavilion 17 Notebook, there are no stickers on it anymore, and I'm not sure what I am looking for on the charger itself. Any help would be appreciated

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Recently I bought a charger for my HP G61-110SA which was just a replacement adapter. Now yesterday it did something weird. Basically, there are two pictures of the two indicators there are to show whether it is charging, one is on the front and one is next to the port on the side. Basicaally the charger wasnt changing the indicator on the side or the one on screen but the one on the front was working when I turned it on. By default the laptop chages brightness when plgged in but now it sort of brightens a bit (not to the full level as should do) and then goes back to normal. Today the laptop is still doing the same but the front light now only turns on for a few seconds before turning off! I dont know whether it is charging. Is this the laptop or the charger. Any help would be useful, I have attatached the side indicator and the front one

UPDATE: I found a website which said you could turn it off and start without battery but with charger and then turn off and use both. However, I turned it off and removed the battery and it wouldnt charge. Then I put the battery in and it started charging-weird. Also the light on the front doesnt last very long so I am stuck. ANY HELP?

A:Charger icon not changing but charger is working

it could be that your battery is not working properly. how old is the laptop ?
I have read in places on the interwebs about people resetting their batteries by putting them in the freezer overnight.

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I don't use my computer for maybe a whole year.
Now, I wanted to use it but it's not working. My battery is addicted, basically, if I don't have a charger I won't be able to turn on the computer.
So when I plugged the charger on the wall, the light on the box charger was solid (it didn't blink); However when I plugged it in the computer the light blinked.
I don't know what's the problem and I would like to fix it, if possible.

A:When charger plugged in pc, the light on the charger box blinks

Hi and welcome to TSG.

What happens if the battery is removed and you only use the charger ?

What make and model laptop is it ?

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Hi,My laptop won't hold a charge. I have replaced the battery and charger. The only time it works is when the charger is inserted into the laptop but even though it's plugged in it won't charge and will shut down immediately after the charger is removed. Please help.

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Hi, I recently got two sticks of 8 GB 1600MHz PC3-12800 DDR3 Dual-Channel 204-pin SO-DIMMs operating at 1.5 volts. However, my CPU operates at 1.35 volts. But my laptop is a 250 G2 Notebook with Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit installed as a free upgrade to the Windows 7 Pro which was already previously installed prior to the upgrade. My question is as follows:

Will the RAM's higher voltage cause my cpu's operations to be degraded or my cpu to malfunction?

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Q: Leds

Does anybody know what the voltages usually are for the power and hard drive LEDs? I'm using an Asrock 775Dual Vsta motherboard inside an old Dell Precision tower and need to change the original green/yellow power led to a single color led. While I'm at it, I figured I'd also swap that red harddrive led to a more pleasing amber color (just my personal preference). But I'm not sure about those voltages. What are they? 1.7volts or something like that? Please let me know. I'm going to the shack tonight.

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Just looking for some advice from you any clever electronics bods!

I have some superbright blue LEDs, rated at a maximum of 5.5V. I was going to run about 4 of them by connecting them in parallel, across the ground and +5V terminals on a molex connector from the PSU (And also through a switch installed in the front of my case.)
Is this likely to cause any problems? Do I need something to limit the current on each circuit?
Would I be right in thinking I could also run a few in series across the 12V rail? Would that be any better?

A:Running LEDs from the PSU

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Front panel of PC, power button and LED stopped showing colour

A:LEDs not working

Hello, does it work other than the no lights ?

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I dont know is this is the right page to post this but...

How can I make leds blink with music ? I want to put 22 leds in my computer case, my sound card is a Creative Sound Blaster Fatality Edition (PCI), I have the leds, I have an on/off switch, got the cables, what else I need ?

A:Solved: Leds

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My case has two leds on each side of power switch and reset switch. They are connected all together with a power plug-in. Problem - one side went out first then all went out. Plug-in is live as it will activate a fan. Leds are glued into plexiglass case. I have read that leds rarely go dead so -- any ideas on how to test them? I like everything to work properly and I know that the computer will run fine without them but........and why would they all go out at same time. Surge doesn't seem possible as hooked up to UPS, no heat problems......


A:Case Leds'

Try rechecking your connection to the motherboard, then get yourself a volt meter and test for any power flow through the LEDs.

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When I go on the product page of my HP ENVY Phoenix 85O-050qe ( ), it shows that the LEDs are blue. On my system (that I bought back in June) the LEDs are only red and there is no apparent way to change them. How the heck are these LEDs different colors than mine?

A:LEDs on my Phoenix?

Check in the control panel for a lighting control panel. It might even be hidden in the systray.  I had an Omen 15 for last years product loan and there was a control panel that allowed me to change the keyboard lighting to just about any color. A couple of HP Experts had the same PC as yours and they mentioned being able to change the color of the LEDS.

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I have 2 red blinking hdd leds on the front of my tower that dont go off anymore. I just replaced my psu (as seen a few threads below) and did have the connections loose...(couldnt turn on the machine, power switch connection loose)
I'm 99.9% sure everythings in correctly..i have the hdd led plug, power switch plug and the reset switch plug, into the bottom right of my motherboard.
. : : : : is what it looks like, and I have it hooked up . | | | : empty, reset, power, hddled, empty. Hope that makes sense!
I've tried other combinations of the three, only to have the others not work. Everything works now except my hdd leds. Short in the wire? Is it upside down? (The writing is facing the same way on all plugs) LEDs blown? (pretty sure I cant get to them) I have a lot of other empty plugs that look the same on my motherboard, do these have to be plugged in here? Cant read the small writing on the motherboard to know what goes where or what the other plugs are for...Not a huge problem, just wondering whats wrong.

A:What happened to my HDD LEDs?

It should have an arrow on the back that indicates the positive pin. Have you tried reversing the HDD connector?

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Hello Community, I'm looking for the app which can be used to control the red LED lights on the outside of the ideacenter Y900. I just installed a blank Windows 10 without any Lenovo programs. I was able to find most of the Lenovo apps in the support section but not the program/app that can be used to control the red LEDs.  Moderator comment: Model added to subject for clarity.

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On my HP laptop both ethernet LEDs are constantly on and ethernet doesn't work, I don't care if ethernet doesn't work (I only use wifi) I just want the lights off, is there a way to disable it?

Thanks in advance

A:Both ethernet leds constantly on.

Try disabling the Ethernet adapter in Network devices. The lights may be dual purpose (wifi & ethernet), so they may never go out.

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I have a laptop with a light surrounding the mouse touch pad.
Is there any way to turn it off permanently, without opening up the laptop and cutting the power to the LED?

Everytime I turn it on I have to use the keyboard combination Fn + F7 to turn it off which his very annoying.

Is there a way in Windows 7 that I could execute that command at startup?

You can see a picture of the laptop here:

A:Turning off LEDs in Windows 7

This wouldn't be a Win7 function since this is custom hardware done by the laptop manufacturer.

The only thing I would suggest is poking around in the settings for the touch pad and see if there is a setting to disable the LED.

It's also possible that they hid the setting in another device too.

Unfortunately the only advice I can give you is to start poking around in the settings of the various devices.

As I was writing htis I also thought it might be in the BIOS of the machine. So, I'd check there too.

SOrry I couldn't give you a more detailed solution.

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Hi and thanks for everyones help again.

I'm in the process of building a pc and it is taking forever but I think its been going pretty well.

My problem is, I have no idea where to connect these 2-pin connectors. They are an LED, the reset button, and the power button. There seems to be a cluster of two pin connectors but they are attached together, they are each a different colour for each set, this seems like the logical thing to do, but I don't want to wreck anything.

Thank you, sorry if I'm being vague, I don't know what I'm talking about so if you ask me something I could answer.


A:Where do I connect the LEDS when building a PC?

look in your motherboard manual ( you will see instructions for where it will need to go.)

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I have a MSI 865PE NEO2 mobo, the northbridge fan has these really annoying flashing LEDs. I was jus wondering if there was any way at all to turn these off or change the pattern in some way.

Probably a long shot, but it aint half annoying!

A:MSI Mobo flashing LEDs

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Hello Community, I'm looking for the app which can be used to control the red LED lights on the outside of the ideacenter Y900. I just installed a blank Windows 10 without any Lenovo programs. I was able to find most of the Lenovo apps in the support section but not the program/app that can be used to control the red LEDs.  Moderator comment: Model added to subject for clarity.

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The HDD and Power LEDs on one of my computers have "died"
i.e. they no longer work. Both of them stopped working at the
same time. It's an old SOYO SY-6BA+III board. Everything else
seems to be working just fine..... any ideas?.... could something
have burned out / died to cause this?
Oh yes.... have checked the wires

A:My HDD and Power LEDs have died - help

Thanks Per Hansson.... yup, connected them to a 9v battery and
they are dead.... I'll raid some off an old case that I have laying
Thanks again.


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I saw this ad on craigslist for a free monitor.

The following description follows:

The model is a Dell UltraSharp 1702FP. I don't know exactly what's wrong with it; about two weeks ago in the middle of use, the screen suddenly went black and the LEDs started flashing in a pattern.
any ideas?

A:monitor went black with blinking LEDs

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sorry if this is the wrong place to post this

I have Desktop case that has many green lights on the front panel.

is there any way that I can turn it off while PC is on?

I mean like instead of shutting down windows and open case and remove the LED wires.

Is it possible to turn it off by program or something?

A:Turn off Desktop Case LEDs?

unplug the little wire that goes from the power switch or motherboard to the light sockets.

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I have a U.S Robotics Turbo wireless and LAN router. There are 7 lights, one for power, wan, and status, and the other 4 being LAN. Everyday the 4 LAN LEDs blink off reseting my internet, and i get the message network cable is unplugged. This happens frequently and interupts my gaming. I've checked the wires and organization of the router and it all appears to be fine. Any suggestions on how to fix this problem?

A:LAN LEDs blink off, causing me to disconnect

Have you checked the power to the router? How about any firmware upgrades for the router? Have you reset it to factory defaults and configured it again?

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I need to figure out a way to fix this issue at hand. The LEDs on this unit are extremely bright, in total darkness with just those lights on it lights up the room well enough to see pretty good. Especially the blue LED. That sucker is BRIGHT. Here is what I want to do.

1. Disable the light completely.
2. Dim the light so it's not as bright.
3. Change the color of the blue LED to a green LED that's not as bright.

If I'm lucky, we can do this with just a firmware flash/edit but I'm afraid I'm gonna have to take it apart. Any suggestions?

A:Annoying LEDs SB6141 Modem..

Electrical tape. (hockey tape is see through if you just want to take the brightness down a few notches)

Yes, seriously.

You can not modify the firmware on an active cable modem without the cable company getting SUPER suspicious, you'd need to keep up on spoofing the correct firmware to the cable company and it becomes a huge mess.

If you have soldering skills, that is your only other way.

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I hope that I am posting to proper forum topic here, but I just finished a new build with the following specs:

Asus P8Z77-V Mobo
Intel i5 3570K unlocked CPU
Xigmatek Durin D982 heatsink/fan for CPU
Asus video card - GeForce GT 640 (2GB DDR3)
16 GB RAM, Crucial Ballistix, DDR3 1600 (2x8GB)
CoolerMaster Silent Pro M 850w PSU
Toshiba 500 GB HDD 7200RPM SATA 6.0 gb/s
Asus DVD optical drive, SATA
2 case fans

In any case, my system is booting fine, and I just got Windows 8 64 bit installed, but my concern is that as soon as i flipped the switch on at the back of the power supply, it started up my fans, and both LEDS at front of case lit up. But I had not powered on system. So then i booted, and worked a little bit, and when I shut it down, the LEDS stayed lit, the fans still ran AND the fan in the PSU kept running - and did not stop until I flipped the switch at rear of PSU off again. The only fan that did not keep running was the CPU heatsink fan.

My case Fans are connected directly to the motherboards case fan connections. I have the PSU plugged in at both the 20+4 connection and the 12v 4+4 connection.

I don't know what other info you may need to be able to help me out, but does anyone know what I need to do to stop fans and turn off LEDs when I power my computer down? It is something I need to set in BIOS? I know there are a lot of power settings in there, but I figured I would ask first. Electrical issues are not ones I have any knowledge of....Any help would be great... Read more

A:PSU issue? Fans run, LEDS lit, when system is not on

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Hi rather simple problem for some tech dedu to answer but here it goes.

After reformatting my PC because of freezing on the screen to select last good configuration of safe mode etc, I managed to get windows reloaded. I suspected a hard drive fault. 12 hrs later after a restart nothing would appear on the screen. I noticed both LEDs on the front case where on constantly. I have read somewhere before that if the load LED flashed repeatedly there either is not any ram installed or it is faulty. So what does the following indicated.

Power and H/D load LED's on constantly mean?

H/D has been replaced and same fault appears. Motherboard RAM LED is on.

Thanks for anyhelp you genious's can provide. Cheers.


A:Power + Load LEDs on constantly

Welcome to TSG!

There is no "standard" fault diagnosis indicated on PC's by the power and HD activity light.
There may be some on specific brands of PC's but nothing universal.

The power light is on because the power is on (nothing more or less)

The HDD activity light is on because the HDD thinks it's active, eithier because it is, or because it's dead, or because the cable is incorrectly attached, or because there is a motherboard problem or.... etc.

Does the PC POST (Power On Self Test)? e.g. show the BIOS boot-up sequence and beep prior to this?

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moms computer...she turned it on and all the sudden it would come on but no did this a few times..then she said it finally posted and while doin the scandisk it stopped again..

all the leds come, cd rom light. but no video post...

i reseated the video card..took out the meomory sticks tryed just one of the 3...used em all in ever slot..

i cleared the CMOS...getting no beeps...i did get a beep though when i didnt seat one of the sticks all the way to check it.

i swear i smell something burnt...but would it be the processor or could it be the power supply?

the CD-rom will not open either even with the power on...

abit KT-7 raid mobo with a amd 1500...

its not the video card cause i took it out and it worked in my system..

A:No video...leds,fans all come on no beeps

well it is the PS ...unhooked all my stuff from my computer and plugged my ps into the other computer and bam..posted....

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I was just recently updating my soundMax audio drivers (as my sound stopped working mysteriously over the past 24hrs) on my Asus P5B motherboard. I left the room momentarily and when I came back, black screen and pulsing audio blips/front LEDs. I powered down the PC, removed the speaker wiring and same thing. The green power light on the bottom right of motherboard is solid green, outside case power and HDD light pulsing on/off. CPU/PSU fans run, but surge with pulsing.

I have since tried a different PSU, unplugged all periperals, removed/swapped etc ram sticks, removed/cleaned cpu fan, reapplied heatsink, checked all cables....and still the same issue?

Did my CPU or MB fry? Would simply updating a driver cause this?

Upgraded my box a couple months ago.. Added ThermalTake TR2 600W PSU, GeForce GTX 550Ti PNY video card, 500G HDD etc. It's been running fine until the sound issue. Any Ideas? (hopefully other than buy a new MB/CPU??)


A:Pulsing Power and front!

Definitely strange. Though wrong drivers can damage hardware, theoretically, it is very rare and not likely if you used the correct driver and the sound worked.

It may just be coincidence. But I'd vote power supply before CPU or board. Try a replacement if you have one.

Of course, check all internal connections, cards, and RAM.

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Power Spec 7360

While cleaning it i had to remove all cables. Most cables were glued in place which is a first for me and now i know why.

When approaching a 24 pin connector for the LEDs and power button and at the time of the act i thought it was one solid piece of connector and i could just pull it but when i pulled it the whole thing scattered. If i knew this was going to happen i would of grabbed some paper to map it. So now i don't know where anything goes and i don't wanna start guessing where everything goes.

Gigabyte GA-6WMMC7 REV 2.1 Mainboard where can i download info/manual? I can't find anything on Power Specs website.

Zeros are pins removed


A:PowerSpec pin confusion PWR, LEDs and RESET
its the manual

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(I'm writing this on a different pc so I cannot use TSG Info)

I woke my pc up from sleep state, as usual, and the blinking light on the case that is usually blinking when it's in sleep state was still blinking, like it wasn't all the way 'woken up'. Some regular lights that usually go on when it's awake went on but I could hear that the fans weren't totally spinning up. The monitor had not awoken either.

Then I noticed some red lights on on the video card, lights I believe are not usually on. So I'm thinking it's damaged or dead??

The pc had not been on and the temps were very low (in the 20s).

Since I cannot view anything on my pc, I'll give you the info I remember:

Radeon HD 4890
No overclocking
I believe I have the latest drivers
Windows Vista 64 bit, I think SP2 (whatever is most recent)
MB is Asus Crosshair 3 Formula AM3 790FX
Power: Thermaltake TR2 rx850 (
Viewsonic monitor (P810)
CPU: AMD Phenom 2 x4 955 3.2 GHz
HD 4890 LEDs


D1601: critical temperature fault

D1602: AUX Hot Plug/Unplug Fault (upper connector)

D1603: AUX Hot Plug/Unplug Fault (lower connector)

At BOOT/POST, the card's fan will spin @ 100% for a short while and 3 of the 4 LEDs will light up for a brief period and then go out ( D601 should remain unlit ). This is NORMAL behavior as the card is performing it's own typ... Read more

A:3 diagnostic leds on Radeon 4890

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Hi, I bought a refurbished Lenovo ThinkPad model Z61t from a well known vendor back in May and it worked fine for several months but then just recently I tried to power it on and nothing happened. I assumed the battery was dead so I pulled out the power cable and plugged it in but I noticed that the green power & battery LEDs didn't light up like normal and when I tried to power on the laptop again nothing happened. I tried using a different power cable but it didn't work either. Since this unit was refurbished it only came with a 90 day warranty. I don't know what else I can do to get this laptop working again. Any suggestions?

For people who undestand circuit boards I did a test with a power tester and the yellow power connector on the back of the laptop. When the yellow power connector is not connected to the laptop motherboard my power testing meter shows ~20 volts but when I plug the connector into the laptop motherboard like it's supposed to be my power testing meter shows ~0.5 volts. Is that normal. Why would the output of the power supply drop to such a low level?

My hypothesis is also my fear; that the motherboard is dead.

A:ThinkPad Z61t no LEDs and won't power on :(

Im guessing also that its a bad motherboard or a power supply problem of some sort.If where you bought it is reputable and even though the warranty is gone hopefully they can make it right for you.Motherboards can be very expensive to replace. You have to decide if the computer is worth fixing or not depending on its age.Ive bought many lenovo and dell refurbished laptops and in theory if they were refurbished from the mfr they shouldnt have problems already.If the vendor refurbished it they should of made sure all was well before selling it. But to be fair things can be fine one minute and not the next.

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Can the LEDs in Thermaltake Butterfly 480 PSU be disabled?
I am handy with a wirecutter and a soldering iron.
Thinking of getting one, but I dont like those LEDs.
Not many other PSUs available in my area.

A:Can you disable the LEDs in Thermaltake Butterfly 480 PSU?

No, i dont think you can disable the PSU led, but i think you can desolder the led, but keep looking at old post about that, thanks!


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Hi guys,

Got a Coolermaster HAF 922 and as is obvious, it's main light be red so I'd like some extra Red Cathode's because I'm sad like that

However, I can't find any that are reviewed positively as red They all say Pink, Orange etc.

This discounts the major brands I can find (Akasa, Sharkoon) and from what I've read they all suffer from this issue...

So it seems the solution are red LEDs! But again, I can't find any reviewed ones at all :-/

So I turn to your superior knowledge base



A:Red Cathode Lights - More like the Holy Grail? LEDS? :(

This looks red enough to me.

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Thanks ,..this laser printer DELL 1710n when I turn on , just all leds from panel stay blinking ,...any Idea ? ,..could you help me ? what can I do ?,....thanks

A:Printer Dell 1710n LEDs blinking

Remove the toner cartridge and check to see if any paper is jammed in the printer. Re-install the toner cartridge and see if the printer starts normally. If the lights still flash, the printer could have a power supply problem, and it needs servicing

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Hi, My Sony vaio VPCEB24EN was working good from last 5 yrs but few days back , when I was watching a tutorial video which was corrupted which forced to stop VLC and then Blue screen error showed up. My system has dual boot Win7 and 8.1 .but none of OS is loading and no Display at all..
On windows 7 it shows error : 0xc000000f.
A required device isn't connected or cane be accessed.
And on Windows 8.1 it shows
there is a strange thing ...after every 2-3 days the display works with lines and bars but OnLY for Once and if I turn off system or restart it again no display for 2-3 days. When display worked I used Command prompt to take backup and whole process done without any problem.But System doesn't boot even on Win7 and Win 8.1, I tried External output with HDMI but on external display it blinks, no idea whether its hdmi port or motherboard. When display doesn't shows up, fan works and so the HDD and wifi LEDs. Here no display means nothing at all, black like System is off.... but power light ,fan , all the LEDs are working. I tried swapping RAMs and press and hold power button method ,removed battery too, nothing worked. Plz reply if there is anyone who can help me here.

A:No display on laptop but fan and all LEDs are working fine

Follow the directions here:

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I used to download SSC Utility, but the my printer model doesn't support this and i used to download another software named Adjustment Program for my Epson Stylus T10, but I don't know how to use this for the alternate blinking of my printer, any response will very much appreciate, ^_^

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Sudden problem.

Left the laptop booted up.

Came back and nothing.

All I have now is the LEDs lighting up when I put the DC plug in but not boot. Once the plug is removed, the LEDs go out.
Any ideas?

A:Acer Travelmate 2350, LEDs on but no boot

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In my previous mobo, the ethernet port's green and orange LEDs would always be lit. Even if the computer was powered off.

But i noticed that this new mobo doesn't do this. I connected the network cable, but LEDs won't turn on.

Is there something wrong?

A:New Motherboard - Ethernet port LEDs don't turn on.

Disabled in the Bios? or perhaps in Power Saving mode?

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Hi, when I turn my new TP T460s into standby mode, the LEDs at the LAN port (both of them!) begin to glow, although there is no LAN-cable attached! Maybe there is a correlation between the powered LAN-device and the reports of several users that the TP T460s machine has poor battery durability? Regards Sbaitso

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My HP Pavilion DV7 notebook running Windows 7 went either to sleep or Hibernate and will not wake up. Hard shutdown and re-booted. All lights come on but get a black scree with the Cap lock and Num lock led blinking (pos BIOS). Blinking has no pattern simply blinking. Noticed the HD led not doing anything either. Trouble shoot attempted. 1. Unplugged all externals, removed Battery, unplugged power and held down start button for 1 min. No resolve. 2. removed HD and dim chips and re-seated then performed step 1. no resolve. 3. removed cmos battery for 10 min reinstalled and performed step 1. Still no resolve. Anyone have any other Ideas? Note; black screen so no access to any desktop ect. Also attempted attaching an external Monitor no signal noted.

A:boots w/black screen and cap & num lock leds blinking

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Hi, my dell E510 wont fully power up, when i turn it on the Dell screen pops up and loads up to about 90%, at which point it just freezes. My keyboard wont respond to anything. Ive trouble shooted it and after a while fiqured out that the front I/O board was bad (or at least thats what i thought). I just pluged in my usb wireless network card into one of the USB ports on the front and the computer powered up just fine. This worked a couple of times, but the problem came back. I decided to order a replacement front I/O board from dell, and when i received it i replaced it and it powered up fine the first time, but has not since.

I researched some more and tried to narrow the problem down and make sure it was the front I/O board. I did this by unplugging the computer, disconnecting the entire front I/O board, taking out the CMOS battery, and resetting the MB by using the CLR pins, reinserting the CMOS battery then plugging back in the power supply. The computer turned on by itself as it was supposed to, but the same problem existed (90% loaded on the DELL screen). This leads me to believe that the I/O board isnt bad, because if it was it should have powered up just fine, which doesnt make sense because when i mess with it sometimes it will work, but hasnt recently.

Everytime i try to power it up the front 1 and 4 led lights will turn green and stay green once the DELL load screen gets to 90%. Any Help is greatly appreciated.

A:Dell E510 1 and 4 LEDs stay green, NO POWER UP

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The amber ! (exclamation point) is lit on the front panel of my xSeries 350 Pent III Xeon. I couldn't find any info on the web for the LEDs on this server.
Does anyone know what this one is for?
And, the rest of them in case any of the others light up.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Hi. I recently bought ideacentre d400 without hard disk. I have formatted my disk and tried to install windows home server from recovery DVD. Everything seems doing fine, but when installation reboots server it stays in initial mode. Disk LEDs are purple same as system status LED. When I'm trying to install Connector it says that it can't download some files from server. When I connect via browser windows server page loads correclty. What can be causing this trouble?

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I have a HP Pavilion dv6324us laptop, and what Ive noticed since yesterday is that when I power it on, I see all the LEDs light up, then go off after about 2 seconds and there is no succesful boot. The OS is Windows vista Home premium. What can I do to fix the problem

A:hp pavilion dv6324us leds blink on and off when i start computer

See if you can change the CMOS battery for it might be weak and needs replacement. Any previous issues going to this problem?

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Computer turns on you can hear the fans running, but there is no display. LEDs blink one time which according to HP means CPU failure, I have replaced both motherboard and CPU before, still nothing. I have reshocked the motherboard and it worked for about 9 hours then failed to show a screen again. 

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Hello guys, my Laptop starts with a blank screen and both, Capslock-LED as well as the Numlock-LED, blink twice. I've tried to use the Windows+B Button with the Power-Button combination, but to no avail. I tried to create a USB Flash Drive, but the Software only runs on Win 7 while both my Desktop(from which I work on this issue) and my broken Laptop are Win 10. I don't know how to go on from here, what else can I do? Thanks in advance.

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IGNORE: Stupidity got the better of me; I didn't count how many fans I plugged in... turns out I hadn't plugged it in xD

I think my title suggests my dismay xD

After buying a coolermaster HAF 922 and spending some time getting the set up neat and tidy, checking and double checking all the connections (My first case swap/PSU install etc, went really well!) I powered it on

Obviously I watched the screen and the fans inside; on screen we got full systems a go, windows booting up, all the fans started turning and joy was had!

But I have no LED

I bought if from OCUK and obviously it had an LED, the reviews/specs and whatnot and the picture all say it does in the front panel. But I'm not seeing what I've plugged in wrong or not connected right? It's probably obvious but I'm not seeing it :-/

Lots of love for help!


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My laptop started showing signs of trouble last year. At first, it would go blue screen while I was using. I neglected that. Then, It started turning off if shaken. Now it turned of after I picked it up, and it's been dead nomather what I do.
I tried unplugging everything, including power supply, discharged flea power, but nothing happened...
When I press the on button, the LED light up as they should. The screen remains dead. After about 10 seconds, the battery LED and the CD LED start pulsing on and off (around 1Hz). The fan also follows the LEDs, accelerating and decelerating... No beep is heard.
What could it be? How can I test it?
Warranty is long gone.

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Is there a way to mod a case with LEDs and lights to like follow along with the music? I think that would be cool, I know you would need to program or install software, but is there some LEDs and lights someone could recommend or give a guide that tells what to do and stuff.

A:Modding a case with LEDs and lights to respond to audio output

a good place to start would be to search for a perticular kit which is capable of doing that or get hold of a kit which has software able to turn the lights on and off at a button press. Most likely outcome is you or someone else will have to write a program to control them in such a way.

It would be fairly cool to

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If you listen to environmentalists and home building experts, the future of lighting lies in LEDs (Sorry to break it to you, CFL bulbs). But could LEDs also hold the key to the future of wireless home networking? Yeah, it sounds weird, but scientists at the Fraunhofer Institute for Telecommunications in Berlin got the bright idea to try and create a WLAN using nothing more than standard LED bulbs and "a few additional components." And you know what? It worked, and it worked well.

Read more at: Maximum PC | German Scientists Create 800Mbps Wireless Network Using LEDs

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my laptop is a packard bell dot (same as the acer aspire one zg5) equipped with a hannstar j mv-4 94v, I disassembled it to fix a wireless module problem, then when I assembled it back and put on the battery the power and charge leds flash for a second and nothing happens when I try to power it on.
same reaction happens when I plug on the power supply or put on the battery.
even the battery doesn't seem to charge anymore (its indicator just flashes for a second as I said)

here's a video:

any help or suggestion?


A:Dead netbook except leds flash once when power supply plugged

One of the ribbon cables may not be securely connected. Them things are a pain to deal with.

If you hadn't previously worked on it, I was going to suggest the power supply may have gone bad. Since you worked on it and that is when the problem started, its been my experience the problem is nearly always workers error.

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Hi guys,

Yesterday i opened my computer (Toshiba Satellite U940-11T) to check the fan and to clean it.
Today when i try to turn on my computer it doesnt work as expected.

First, the motherboard fan launch then stop.
Second, the front LEDS (power and CPU) are white, no blinking.
My computer seems to be ON but screen doest work... i can hear the fan going slowly...

I tried to turn off, take out the battery and take out charger, then hold on power button 30s then turn ON again but i doesnt work....

i am going totally crazy, i was so proud of doing this quickly and on a good way... but loks am wrong.

What can i do ?
What does that mean this two whites LEDS no blinking ?

A:Satellite U940-11T - Doesn't turn on - white LEDS (no blinking)

Obviusly the troubleshooting assistant says there is no solution i need to repair (and buy warrantly extention, thank you Toshiba to help me, last time i buy computer from you ^^)

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I have an OptiPlex 3010 which has decided not to start up. When I power it on, the fans start, the green light on the back of the PSU lights up then the 3 & 4 LEDs on the front panel flash before the box turns itself off. By the way, when the power cable is attached there is a permanent orange light near the SATA connectors on the board - not sure if that's always the case or if it's a clue.
I read about these LEDs usually being the sign of memory problems so I've taken both slabs out but still it won't start. I have a monitor connected to it but it doesn't get as far as talking to that. I tried putting the RAM back in one-at-a-time as per the guide but still no joy.
Does anyone have any suggestions on what the error is or how I can home in on it?
Thanks in advance.

A:No POST on OptiPlex 3010, starts/stops LEDs 3 & 4 blink

What form factor, desktop, mini-tower, small form?
What color is power button, blue or amber, when it won't boot?
You can try clearing BIOS:

Power off, unplug
Press/hold power button for ~15 sec
Open case and remove motherboard battery
Press/hold power button for ~30 sec
(Reinstall all RAM modules, if not currently installed)
Reinstall motherboard battery. Use a fresh one if this one is old. CR2032, 3-volt lithium ion battery, ~$2 at discount stores
Close case and see if it boots with only mouse, monitor and keyboard connected

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If you listen to environmentalists and home building experts, the future of lighting lies in LEDs (Sorry to break it to you, CFL bulbs). But could LEDs also hold the key to the future of wireless home networking? Yeah, it sounds weird, but scientists at the Fraunhofer Institute for Telecommunications in Berlin got the bright idea to try and create a WLAN using nothing more than standard LED bulbs and "a few additional components." And you know what? It worked, and it worked well.

Read more at: Maximum PC | German Scientists Create 800Mbps Wireless Network Using LEDs

A:German Scientists Create 800Mbps Wireless Network Using LEDs

I see lazers in our future

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A friend's Satellite Pro L650 having worked fine until yesterday, suddenly powered itself off. Now on startup, it will power on as normal for about 10-15 secs before powering off abruptly. On power off, the white/blue DC In LED and the orange Power LED both flash on an off together at about one second intervals. This powering off happens whether I let it boot to Windows or press F2 to go into BIOS setup.

I'm assuming this flashing is intended to serve as some sort of diagnostic code, but I've yet to track down what it means. Can anyone help?

For the avoidance of doubt, powering up without the battery produces the same, abrupt power off experience, except the two LEDs remain solidly lit this time. With or without battery, trying to power up again immediately after a power off produces no response at all. Removing the power lead and immediately reconnecting it again and then powering on produces an abrupt power off, but within less than 5 seconds of being turned on. The longer I wait between power on attempts seems to give a slightly longer powered on state, but without fail, the machine will just power off suddenly. Surely with the short "power on" times we're talking about, it can't be any kind of thermal cut out?

I had an old Satellite L450D lying around which coincidentally uses the same PA-1750 AC adapter but using it made no difference. Its battery of course will not fit the L650 !

The only previous issues I'm aware of with this machine were intermit... Read more

A:Satellite Pro L650 powers off after startup; DC In and Power LEDs flash on an off


Is that an unmoderated forum?

Can anyone help with my problem?

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My laptop has 4GB RAM but HP ship it with Vista 32bit (Lame uh) so I installed Windows 7, everything seems to work except the LEDs at the touch bar aint change color. when you press the "mute sound" button it should turn red, but it stays at the same color, the sound get's muted. Anybody knows a fix?

A:HP PAVILION DV5-1214 touch bar LEDs dosent change color

Ummm, which laptop? I have the 2710p Tablet PC and it changes to orange on mine like clock work (the light is not lit at all with the sound unmuted)....

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So, to give some background, this is my first build, and it has been assembled and working for 4 months now with no problems. I was able to identify the original motherboard as defective the first time I was building it, and the new one has never given me any problems.

My parts are an i5 2500k, a Gigabyte 768 mobo, a Seasonic 750x PSU, a Gigabyte 6850, and 8GB of GSKILL RAM. And I have an aftermarket heatsink as well. CPU is not overclocked.

Essentially, I was running it overnight to patch a game, and this morning when I came to wake it up the monitor wasn't showing anything. Turned it on and off again, "no signal", etc. I tried turning on my sound and restarting the computer, and I didn't get the bootup sound, so I'm guessing my CPU is not booting at all.

I have run it overnight before with no problems, and as stated, I have an aftermarket heatsink and it's not overclocked. I would be very surprised if it overheated.

Also, normally when I boot up, the motherboard LEDs start up for a second and then turn off. Now they're just staying on- not blinking, just staying on. I don't think it's the PSU either, as it has more than enough wattage, but a failure is always possible I suppose.

I have not taken it apart yet- I'd like to avoid that if possible- but if you have any advice I'm willing to take it. Hopefully, if I can't resolve it, I can at least find out which part is the issue.

Thank you very much for your help... Read more

A:Computer suddenly stopped working- motherboard LEDs and fans on, no startup

and I didn't get the bootup sound, so I'm guessing my CPU is not booting at all.Click to expand...

No beeps at all

I would check every thing is seated correctly
then reduce to minimum configuration - Motherboard , PSU, Memory , Graphics and harddrive

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Hello I have quite a frustrating problem, last week on my last PC I was having problems with it slowing down in games even though it was more than fast enough to handle them, after trying to trouble shoot it, my screen randomly went black after I restarted it the front LEDs wouldn't turn on, my keyboard and mouse would not light up and the screen was black, though all fans would turn on, so I started to trouble shoot, I bought a new PSU, I tested my GPU in my roommates computer. And I replaced the ram with my roommates ram, I posted on other forums and they said it was likely my mobo or CPU, so I went ahead and used it as an excuse to upgrade, I bought a new core i5 4690k CPU and an MSI z87 mobo, put everything together and still the exact same problem. The only components I haven't replaced are the fans and my computer case / power button and audio/USB jacks. I don't know what to do now, could it be that there is something wrong with my power button coming from the case that is causing all this? (Note the front LEDs flash for a split second when I turn the PC on or off)

A:Solved: brand new PC won't turn on, fans start but no front LEDs or signal to monitor

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My Elitebook Folio 1040 G2 is failing to start up.  Currently the AC adaptor is plugged in but the Power Button and Caps Lock leds are flashing white and the Battery LED is flashing orange. The battery is totally drained and the laptop will not start. Immediately prior to this problem I was running a scan on the laptop which was taking several hours and I noticed that the battery was not charging even though the AC adaptor was plugged in.  The battery level was 4% for a couple of hours and then the laptop turned off (I assume because the battery was drained). Based upon previous instances of this problem reported  on the forum I have tried the following removing the  AC supply and holding the power button and mute button for> 30secs removing the  AC supply and holding the power button and esc button for> 30secs removing the  AC supply and holding the power button and wireless button for> 30secs removing the AC supply and disconnecting the internal battery and holding  power button and mutebutton for> 3osecsremoving the two screws from the middle back of the computer base and then hard restarting In each case the flashing lights and failure to start remain.  I  am assuming the ac adaptor is alright as the flashing lights only occur when this is plugged into the laptop. Doesanybody have any ideas as to how this can be resolved? Regards          Rap... Read more

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So i just cam back form Best Buy a few hours ago and set up my NEW Envy Phoenix, and i noticed the LEDs didnt turn on "oh well" i thought a few hours and a few restarts later the LEDs wont turn on and HP Phoenix Control is not doing anything Please Help other wise no other probs with the computer

A:HP Envy Phoenix 860-019 LEDs wont turn on and HP Phoenix Con...

Hi @JakeRaines, I have brought your issue to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post serial numbers and case details.If you are unfamiliar with how the Forum's private message capability works, this post has instructions.

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Im on my custom built computer and find that every so often when i power on the will give me the standard one beep POST......but then restart....citing a possible using windows XP and wanted to know if my voltages were ok (its an athlon xp1800+)

+12v reads 12.544
+5v reads 4.919
+3.3v reads 3.36
Vcore reads 1.632

this is all from asus probe 2

A:voltage help?

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Evening all, I just have a minor dilemma with the Sapphire Trixx software I have, or possibly even something else entirely. FYI, I've been using Crysis 2 as my main benchmark alongside 3DMark and Heaven DX11 since that game is quite power hungry with DX11 enabled.

Basically though, I have an HIS Radeon HD 7950 in my new system and for some reason the voltage being pumped into it seems to change by itself. I believe the stock voltage for this card is 1,087 under load, since hitting the reset button in Sapphire trixx always puts it back to this figure, and since anything lower causes Crysis 2 to crash within minutes on stock clocks when running it with DX11 & settings at full pace.

For some reason though even when I load a stock or overclock profile, apply and save it in Trixx, sometimes when I reboot my system the clocks stay the same but the voltage has randomly decreased to low 900's, which just isn't enough juice to power the card even at stock clocks.

I've been able to play Crysis 2 at the highest settings I can muster (1920 x 1200, DX11, High res and everything Ultra) on stock clocks with 1,087 voltage for several hours with no issues at all, and the same with my current overclock and voltage at 1,125.

It's worth me noting however, that this voltage decrease happens even when I leave the voltage at Trixx's "reset" value of 1,087 before shutting down for the night. I have disabled Catalyst Control Center since that caused a... Read more

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Hello there,
i was just doing a bit of a research and i came a cross PC Wizzard, and i was just wondering, if my voltage is running fine for games? because i have been experiencing quiet alot of FPS lag on all my games. i have just re-formatted my computer and put all the drivers on there. but still running BAD FPS LAG.

Here is my Stats for the voltage and ect:

PC Wizzard:
Hardware Monitoring : Winbond W83627DHG
Voltage CPU : 1.14 V
+3.3V Voltage : 3.31 V
+5V Voltage : 5.06 V
+12V Voltage : 11.19 V
Processor Fan : 860 rpm
Processor Temperature : 7 °C
Mainboard Temperature : 35 °C

Processor : Thermal Diode
Intel Pentium Dual-Core (Core 1) : 41 °C
Intel Pentium Dual-Core (Core 2) : 41 °C

NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT :
GPU Diode : 55 °C
GPU Fan : 100.00%

Hard Disk Monitoring : S.M.A.R.T
Hard Disk ST3250310AS (Assembly) : 34 °C
Hard Disk ST3250310AS (Airflow) : 34 °C

System Summary:
Mainboard : Asus P5KC
Chipset : Intel P31/P35
Processor : Intel Pentium Dual-Core E5200 @ 2500 MHz
Physical Memory : 4096 MB (2 x 2048 DDR2-SDRAM )
Video Card : NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT
Hard Disk : ST3250310AS (250 GB)
Monitor Type : V193W - 19 inches
Network Card : L1 Gigabit Ethernet 10/100/1000Base-T Controller
Operating System : Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition 5.01.2600 Service Pack 3
DirectX : Version 10.00

Can you please tell me if my voltage is fine? or is it bad? i need to know because i don't... Read more

A:Not enough voltage? on +12v

Hi waynosss,
what is generally accepted for a PSU in the way of tolerance is +/- %5 (12.6v - 11.4v) so if your 12v reading is being reported correctly, your 11.19v is indeed low and out of the acceptable tolerances.
i would try another program to back this up(assuming you do not have the equipment to test yourself) to confirm. your 5v and 3.3v readings look good.

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Is there any way to get the safe operating voltages for P4 478 pin, DDR PC3200 ram and graphic cards (agp X800XT in particular)? I think I need more voltage on my ram, but I don't dare go any higher....

A:Max (and maybe min) voltage?

Dunno, here?

Else, search for the P/N of the part and it should be in the specs.

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I have my Celeron Processor overclocked (see signature), and my BIOS gives me the option to change the cpu frequency so I could overclock higher. The option right now is set on "normal", and I wanted to crank the fsb to 160 (now at 155) to make 3.2 ghz, although the system becomes unstable. The voltage options list (besides normal): .01, .02, and .03. What should I do (if anything) to the voltage? Also, I have an option for changing the dram frequency (changeble in speeds of mhz). I have looked onling to see what the dram is, and I have figured out it has something to do with the ram of the computer, although the website I was on only gave ratios; what does this option do?

A:CPU Voltage Help

Can you post some more detailed specs?



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speedfan is telling me that the +5 volt line works at 6,85volt.if i measure the voltage on a molex with a voltmeter in the +5 volt position the result is +5,17.which one is wright ?do i need to replace the psu ?

A:PSU voltage

What are your other voltage readouts? I don't use speedfan so I can't comment on its accuracy but I do use a multimeter. If speedfan is correct then you definitely have a problem but if your multimeter is correct you are fine. Below or above 5% of the set voltage setting is when you need to become concerned

Test your other lines and do a comparison.

Interpreting your results
The general range of safe voltages is as follows (plus or minus 5%, according to the ATX standard)
+12v rail (11.40v - 12.60v)
+5v rail (4.75v - 5.25v)
+3.3v rail (3.13 - 3.47v)

Just because it's within that range does not mean it's doing its job.

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Hi Everyone

I have recently built a new PC for a friend made from the following:

Kandalf LCS Case (the one with built in liquid cooling)
Thermaltake 520W Power Station Modular PSU
XFX 768MB 8800GTX Graphics Card
2 GB (2 x 1GB) Corsair Dominator DDR2 6400
2 x SATA DVD-RW Drives
2 x SATA 320GB HDD's
1 x SATA 400GB HDD
ASUS P5N32-E SLi Motherboard
Intel E6600 DUal Core Processor

The problem is the machine kept shutting down. I looked in the bios and the 12v reads 0.0. I put a new PSU (Hiper 580W Modular) and the 12v worked for a few minutes and then returned to 0.0

I tested both PSU's in another PC and both worked fine (used Speedfan). Why would the new PC stop the PSU's working?

Any help much appreciated


A:PSU Voltage

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Hey i was just wondering because my comp keeps freezing or restarting randomly and i was thinking that it was my power supply which is a Solytech 460W. Anyways i got this info from the bios

from the 3.3V its drawing 3.31V

from the 5V its drawing 5.02

from the 12V its drawing 11.96

I was wondering does this have nething to do with my problems or is it something else?


Those voltages are fine, so, no, thats not the cause!!!

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should I increase the cpu voltage when i oc

A:my cpu voltage

As a general rule, no. Gradually bring up the frequency, and run a torture test (Google Prime95). As soon as you fail a test, try bringing up the voltage slightly.

Be careful. I know someone who fried his CPU/MB increasing the voltage too much.

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