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Alternative ways to charge nc6320 notebook

Q: Alternative ways to charge nc6320 notebook

My original charger plug & separate DC connected is broken,how else can I charge my device,can I use a USB port to charge ?

A: Alternative ways to charge nc6320 notebook

philsam51 If you had a brand new notebook with USB-C port, that MIGHT be possible -- but with the older standard USB ports, no.

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I cannot afford a dvdrw so can I use a cd or make a partition containing the install for vista?

A:Alternative ways to install vista?

send for the disk from ms for the cost of postage

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I have a canon PowerShot SD600 and i have the the wall charger that it came with in the box that has been working perfectly fine, but i've left it at friends houses sometimes and i have no way to charge my camera. I wanted to know if the computer can charge my camera through the USB cord when i plug it in, like when you plug an ipod into the computer how it begins to charge, does that happen with the camera automatically or is there any way i can make the computer charge the camera and know that it is being charged.

A:Ways to charge my canon camera

You have to use the supplied charger. The SD600 will not charge the battery in the camera through the USB.

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Hi there, I am one of those who actually should try to score a another tablet. But here I am with a tablet in EU. It was first bought in the states so I am looking for a charger with a EU plug, are those to be found anywhere. Also charging my keyboard doesnt really work well, are there any other ways to charge that without going thru the tablet? Best

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Ok, I've got an extremely old version of DOS that needs to launch a batch file that requires cmd.exe .

For this reason there are two things I can't do. I cannot simply launch the batch file by entering in the path\filename and i can't use "start Path\filename" because start is a relatively new addition to the DOS.

So what I'm looking for is something I can type into an OLD version of dos that will call up the CURRENT CMD command prompt, execute the batch file, and then close.

So far... I'm lost.

A:Alternative ways to launch a batch file from the command prompt?

How about double clicking or drag and drop?

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hi i tried earlier to access my laptop's hdd using hiren's boot cd but it would not recognize the hdd existence , further googling showed that i need to switch sata mode to ide than rather ahci in bios , despite that forums report this method to be effective it did not change anything in my case , i think its most probably poor compatibility of bios with ide mode , it is actually intel's phoenix bios and the laptop is lenovo and the hdd is hybrid (part ssd and part hdd) so probably it wont work on any lesser mode than ahci , so anybody know of any alternative to hiren's that can access disks of such nature ?

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I have found a site that sells stand alone battery chargers for laptops . I have had to come to this relization that a charger costs $69 a new motherboard $239 it really works so if anyone has come to the conclusion there motherbaord is the charging problem thisis one solution .
Stand alone dell battery chargers

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Of notebook battery doesn't charge so have to plug in if I use it. Bought from Argos this year but they say not their problem. Surely under warranty for repair / replacement ? Lap top in otherwise perfect condition

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Hello, I am in need of a bit of help. I have a old Gateway 7510GX notebook that wont charge, and will only run if plugged in to the wall. I am 99% sure that the charging circuit has gone bad, because the charge indicator icon stays at 66 percent for ever.

Do you think I should open up the laptop and check the board for burnt components, or what?
Also, External battery chargers for laptops go for big $$$. So would it be possible to remove the cells and hook them to a external charger. (I have a slow charger made for RC Li-Ion batteries that I think would be perfect).


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Any help would be appreciated!! Thank you

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My HP pavilion does not take charging after 80% and sometimes the charging light starts blinking. It shows plugged in , not charging.

A:My HP pavilion 15 notebook does not charge after 81%

Have you tried a battery diagnostic either in the UEFI diagnostics (F2 as you power on) or in the HP Support Assistant running from Windows? Stopping at 81% seems like it may be a dead power cell in the battery. Can we have the full model number of the laptop and an idea how old the battery is? Original?

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I attempted to contact HP is regard to the issue that I am experiencing, but cannot as my warranty expired on 6/22/16.  I'm hoping someone e here can provide insight.  When I turned my Stream on this afternoon, it wouldn't boot.  Odd, since it was fully charged last night, so I went ahead and plugged it in.  Upon doing so, I encountered a black screen stating my internal battery was nearly at capacity.  What precisely does that mean?  I am able to use the notebook as long as I keep it plugged in.  Also, while plugged in I receive a message stating that it's connected to a power source and the battery is not charging.  The moment I unplug it, it shuts down. I'm more than upset in regard to this new and unwanted development.  The notebook is only 15 months old.  Is there any way to salvage it or am I looking at buying a new one?  I've always used HP desktops,laptops, and notebooks; now I will never purchase one again. Has anyone else experienced this issue?

A:Stream Notebook Will Not Charge

When you hover the mouse cursor to the battery icon? What does it say? Plug in not charging? If yes then follow the steps here Cheers!

"Education costs money; so does Ignorance"If my post has helped you, click the Kudos Thumbs up!If it solved your issue, Click the "Accept as Solution" button so others can benefit from the question you asked!

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I got this Toshiba Satellite 32PFL3312/10 - But now there is some problems

The battery indicator says that the the charger is plugged in, and IS charging. but it doesnt charge the battery.. no charge is taking place :-/ Its says there is "0" battery left. I have triede everything.. i toke the battery out, made sure there wasnt any dust etc.. i have tried holdning the power key down in 30 sec and a lot more. everytime i unplug the charger the system instantly swiched off.. I have tried to change the power plan from balanced to saver.

Then i tried to delete the Microsoft ACPI Compliant control method battery from the decive manager, and made it search for it again. This step made the battery start to charge for about 10-15 sec, and then it stopped again.

Now im kind of frustrated... So i thought that maybe it was an windows update problem, so i tried to update - but i got several updates "hanging" but now it wont update.. ! Comes with update errors. tried microsoft fix it, it didnt help.

Then i thought, okay... then i will try to restore to the factory condition, But nothing happens, i have tried all the guides from the Toshiba forums, pressing "0" - I did nothing... Then i tried pressing "F8" it didnt nothing... Then i tried the "F12" still nothing.

Im going nuts now... Hope someone in here can help me....


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My notebook is not charging. I don't know if it's the charger that's not working or could it be the charging port on the notebook itself. I have been charging it for the past few days and it's doing pretty well until I plugged it on a socket and didn't charge anymore. Tried checking the charger, it smelled a little burnt on the blue end with the pin and also on the charging port. When I plugged it, there was no popping sound whatsoever that could lead to me assuming it had a short circuit. Checked the socket, it was compatible with the charger. What am I to do?

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Notebook dose power on or charge up. I assume that the AC adapter is bad. Is their a way to check the AC adapter, to see if it giving power to the Notebook?



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I have purchased HP 15-AF114AU Notebook about 2 months ago. For the past one week, the battery doesn't charge beyond 90%. Once the bettery reaches 90%, the indicator shows "plugged in, not charging".Initially, it used to charge upto 95%, then it dropped to 94% and now 90% in a span of just one week. I have tried recalibrating the battery by draining it completely and charging it again, run tests using HP Support Assistant and the component test from BIOS, all show the battery to be OK. But still the battery doesn't charge beyond 90%, no matter what I do. Please help.

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Hey everyone , i just got this hp notebook 250 g4 and it s all brand new works with windows 8.1 32bits. ( 2days ago)So i was charging my laptop and everything was ok suddenly when i noticed that the charging led is not working nor the laptop itself ( the battery was charged b4 ) i tried everything i found on the hp support website but nothing works the laptop doesnt turn on or charge , im so anxious right nowPlease help me

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After shutdown my laptop doesn't boot up but battery light is on while charging and my charging USB port is also working.

A:Hp notebook wont start, but charge light on

Hi @Yadavrishabh1,Welcome to the HP Support Forums! It is a great place to find the help you need, from other users, HP experts, and other support personnel. I understand you are having an issue with the computer not staring. I will be glad to help you. Please follow the steps from Computer Does Not Start (Windows 10). Please keep me informed of how things went. If you require further assistance, let me know and I will gladly do all I can to help you.Please let me know if this resolves the issue by marking this post as "Accept as Solution".To simply say thanks, click the Thumbs up below!  Thanks.

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Hi EightForum,

I really hope you can answer this simply request.

Nowadays is pretty common to have a new Ultrabook, laptop or notebook for general purposes. A very important feature is to have a healthy battery. We all know that Lithium-batts do a terrific job and are more resistant than never, but after many years of experience, I've learnt that having a software like "Eco charge, Battery care, Smart charge...etc " is a clever and vital feature already present in major brands BUT HP, believe or not. I've just received a new Ultrabook Spectra x360 with windows 8.1, and so far I cannot find any special battery function for this request, even worst nobody can answer in their forum either; I really can't understand this flaw in HP. So, I'd like to know is there any reliable battery software that can allow me to keep the battery charge to 80% and no more, even connected to AC power.

I've seen several that keep info about battery and how to optimize but none with the simple function that I need.

Any help will be highly appreciated.

A:How can I set maximum level of battery charge for notebook

I honestly don't think it is possible to change what is built into the hardware and ACPI that ships with the computer. Would take a program that can access and change the settings in ACPI and this most likely would have to come from the manufacturer.

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My company bought these notebooks for some of our products and we install Ubuntu 12.04LTS on them.  When we shut them down and try to charge them it doesn't work.   The light beside charging port is on (like it is charging), but cannot turn on computer after hours of "charging" because the batteries are drained.  It looks like it charges fine when the computers are turned on and charging, but not when we try to charge them without turning them on. We are wondering if this is some known issue and what would be correct procedure for charging these netbooks?

A:HP 210 G1 notebook with UBUNTU doesn't charge battery

Hey, Bit of a late answer, but I'll submit it in case anyone else has a similar issue. There is an issue with one of the BIOS version on the 210 G1, BIOS version F.03. If this is not updated to the most current version you'll find your batteries will drain quite quickly and will not charge properly. Also as your running Ubuntu, you may need to use the UEFI tool from HP to update the BIOS, here it's called the HP PC Hardware Diagnostics 3 in 1 USB Key: Best of luck.

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Hi, Recently the main fan on my notebook failed. Thus, I found a new cooling assembly part on ebay, ordered it, and installed it. The installation process required the complete disassembly of the notebook. I followed a video guide for this. I am well aware that disassembly voids any kind of warranty, this machine was already well out of warranty. After re-assembling the notebook, it doesn't boot or show any signs of life. I have tried all combinations of powering on with and without battery, with and without AC adapter, and with and without the hard drive. The computer's charging light doesn't light up when the adapter is plugged in, but right after I insert the plug to the computer, I hear a very faint clicking once or twice where it plugs in. I am curious if possibly during the disassembly/reassembly process I broke a power component to the computer or possibly shorted out something on the motherboard. I didn't use an antistatic wristband during the process however in hindsight I definitely should have. I'm curious as to which part could possibly need replacing according to the symptoms described above. I double checked that all plugs were properly inserted as well. Hopefully someone can point me towards whether the problem is with the DC-in power component within the computer or perhaps the entire motherboard. If it's just the little DC component, could that be easily replaced? Thanks,Matt

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Hi I recently purchased a Tiny universal adaptor after having left my H.P charger in a different location which meant I was going to be without it for a week or so.The Tiny charger did not pass on any power to the laptop.. I have since got back the H.P charger which came with the laptop, and tried powering it up. Still nothing.  My laptop is one of the B&O line with a non-removable battery. Do I need to claim on the warranty and replace or is there an easy fix? ThanksWill

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Hello to all, I'm new to this forum.
Start of with a topic what was published many times before, only not the same as in my situation. The crazy thing is, at every startup from Windows the battery icon runs the charge bar 5 times, and than it stops. At pointer it says: 0% available ( on main supply, battery is being charged) However, this does never change. Nomatter how long it charges.
BatteryBar does the same thing:
Procent 0,0 %
Capacity 0mWh of 43.568 mWh
Battery unknown (charging)
Charge 0 mW
Full time 1:17
Main supply connected
battery waist 18,2% of 53.280 mWh

Does anybody have the patience to shine a light on this drained topic. I feel, mines is different.
Would be highly apreciated.
Thanks in advance

A:Notebook battery don't charge while Win7 and BatteryBar say it does.

Hello 4thgo. Welcome to the Forum.

Please clarify:
The battery charges, but Windows & BB says it doesn't.
The battery does not charge, but Windows & BB says it does.

Is this the original battery and original power supply (charger)?

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weirdest error I've seen in some time. Client had this one a boat, it got infected, I told him to take it off network and give it to me next time they dock. Got it yesterday, definitely infected, went to nuke and pave and just do a fresh install, windows went through the usual stuff about add drivers, etc, got to the 'press enter to install windows, press r to repair, press esc to esc'. Press 'enter' and got a 'there is no hard drive on this system. PLease install a hard drive and try again' error message.

Scratched noodle a bit. Booted into safe mode, went mucking about the hd, made sure that c was the active partition, tested that I could retrieve data from the hard drive, basically verified that it worked fine. Tried again. Same error. Dban'd it. Same error. Went into bios, ran the bios error checker on the hd, turned up fine. Thinking about flashing the bios, but wondering how I can run an executable when I can't even get past bios.

Ideas, anyone?



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What is the largest size hard drive people have upgraded to?

I have read a few posts and some people have suggested that 4 times the original size is about as big as one should go.

Also what imaging or migration software did people use?



A:NC6320 - Upgrading my hard drive

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Hi All.

Hopefully someone can help with this problem I am having with this Laptop.

It will switch on and display the HP splash screen and display:

F9 for boot device selection
F10 for ROM Based Setup

I can choose F9 to select a boot device but it won't boot from the hard drive or the optical drive. If I select F10 the laptop freezes. Also if I select nothing and leave it to boot it also freezes.

I have removed the memory, optical drive, battery and swapped the hard disk with another in an attempt to find the cause but the problem remains.

I have also downloaded a bios update for this model from the HP website and attempted to execute this from USB floppy but this also freezes up.

Someone has suggested the Laptop is 'bricked' and needs a new motherboard but surely there must be something I can do!

I am going to remove the bios battery overnight and see i this makes any difference but I'm open to any other suggestions

Thanks in advance

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I can't find a forum for user manuals so I chose this one.I recently obtained a hp Compaq nc6320 laptop, the problem I have is finding a user manual, i have searched the hp site but just keep getting sent in circles.Where can I download a PDF User Manual for this laptop without getting dizzy by getting nowhere in ever decreasing circles?.

A:hp Compaq nc6320 User Manual

Hi: You can find all of the available manuals for your notebook at the link below...

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i have a HP Compaq NC6320 centrino core duo laptop Vista Ult 2Gb Processor Speed: 4 GHz
was wondering can i upgrade the graphics to a Single 256MB NVIDIA® GeForce® Go 8700m GT graphics card or can anyone recommed a card a good one at that.

A:HP Compaq NC6320 Centrino Core Duo

Double post to this one:
Please avoid double posting
The other thread has been replied to already

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In need of help! When turning on computer blue box appears asking for power on password I've taken out the cmos battery under keyboard an have with through the steps with that, however I am still being asked to enter password


Hi, If stringent security was enabled in the bios, there is no way around that - you will need to replace the system board. However, even though you mention you've already tried removing the rtc cell with no luck, make sure you've done it in the following way. Unplug the AC Adapter and remove the main battery. Remove the rtc cell again, then hold down the power button for 1 minute and leave the notebook like this for an hour. Replace the rtc cell, plug-in the AC Adapter but leave the main battery out. Start the notebook. Regards, DP-K

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I have a hp compaq nc6320, Intel core 2 1.66GHz with 4GB RAM running windows 7 ultimate 64bit. I've just done a fresh install and installed all updates and now it seems to take ages (around 5 minutes) to boot in to windows to a point where I can open a browser or program etc. Is this just because of all the updates, as before I applied them it was a much quicker process booting into windows? Anything I can do to speed things up a little?



A:Can I speed up boot time on hp compaq nc6320?

Several suggestions here that you can try, Tom. Not all will apply but you might see some improvement with the general maintenance chores like 7, 11, 12, 19, and 34 (to name just a few.)

Optimize Windows 7

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Brief Question : How to enable wireless connection  in HP Compaq nc6320 ?  *seems  activity is disabled but the wif card is enabled   Hi friends,I have an issue in my HP Compaq nc6320  laptop. I found it long time ago (without Wifi Card)Recently i got wifi facility. I wanted a wifi card for this & bought a comptible after testing 10-15 cards as the patop says those were incompatile. I fixed Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 3945ABG  wireless card & installed the drivers properly & successfully tested the wifi before leaving the sellers stall. But now it doesn't connect for wifi. when i pressed wifi button no led on. even no activity in wifi icon. The card is working fine (tested with other laptop) IS there any special method enable wireless avtivity in this model? i installed windows 7 twice , but no luck so far.  does my wifi card compatible for this model? if so whi it was working the first time as soon as fixed to the laptop ?can somebody tell me what i have to do for connecting with wifi please? I can make sure that  wifi driver installation is done correctly. Thanking you..Imalka

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Hello, I've got a hp probook 4530s. A few days ago my laptop didn't charge my battery anymore. So I tested the laptop without a battery and only with my AC adapter and it worked just fine. So I did order a new battery but still it won't charge at all. I'm sure my AC adapter works fine because without a battery it works. So my question does any one have an idea what to do next?

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Hello fellow techies,
I have a situation with my Compaq Evo N600c battery or something in that directions, so I need possible solutions. My laptop needs to be plugged in at all times, which makes it frustrating because its a portable laptop. If it becomes unplugged the laptop will turn off within 10 seconds flat. I fear that this will, if it hasnt already done so, mess up my electric circuits among other components. Can any of you suggest or recommend options I can use to diagnose the situation. I would like to find out what the problem is, whether I should buy a new battery or some component or prong that I need to replace? Thanks for the feed back!


A:Battery will not charge or hold charge?!?!

Yup, sounds like a battery problem.

First, make sure the battery has a charge. Most laptop batteries have a button on them somewhere you can push that will give you the power level. Alternativly, there should be a utility in windows or the BIOS that will allow you to check the power level.

If the battery has no charge and isn't charging, then replace it with a known good one and see if it will charge up when the laptop is plugged in.

If the good battery won't charge up, then there is a problem with your motherboard.

If the battery has charge but won't power the system, then there is a problem with your motherboard too.

If this is the case, then the best you can do is contact the laptop manufacturer and get them to replace the motherboard.

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Hello, I've got a hp probook 4530s. A few days ago my laptop didn't charge my battery anymore. So I tested the laptop without a battery and only with my AC adapter and it worked just fine. So I did order a new battery but still it won't charge at all. I'm sure my AC adapter works fine because without a battery it works. So my question does any one have an idea what to do next?

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Hey guys.
There is very probably someone monitoring my computer. I know for certain that there it was, but I dont know if this person is STILL monitoring. First it was by remote access, accessing my pc by homegroup or something like that, I found out that by seeing another PC with a shared offline folder, but now I believe this person has installed something on my computer that is sending pictures or logs of what I'm doing.
My anti-spywares doesnt seem to found anything, I reinstalled Windows but I'm still suspicious and have strong reasons to believe that this person is still monitoring.
What can I do?
I'm using Windows 7.

A:How many ways there is to know if im being monitored?

Look here

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so i was just curious if it is possible to boot xp off of a disc. not install it, actually boot the os from it. couldn't find any information on it.

also, has anyone had any success installing xp on a flash drive? i know it's possible but i haven't managed it.

A:ways of booting xp

Not legally it is against the EULA.

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Hey, I've had my G15 keyboard for my PC for ages now, but I've never taken advantage of the USB ports on the back of the keyboard. What I'm wondering is, can I plug the G15 into my PC, XBOX and PS3 all at once. To do this I could use 2 extra USB A to A connections.

Has anyone done this before, and would it work?

Sorry if it sounds like a stupid idea :P


A:Using G15 Keyboard 3 Ways

The main problem with USB ports on the G15 is that they are only USB 1.1 ports not 2.0.
They are very slow.
Plus they are not really connected to the keyboard. They just allow extra low speed USB connections from/to your compputer.

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So I have what i think is a simple question.

I have an external modem. Is it posible for the phone to answer the phone when i do as if it was listening in, when it hears a fax transmition, it takes the call and i can simply hang up, then when the fax has been received, it hangs up.

I know of the answer after 5 rings and the manual. But it's 2009, is it incorporated or is there a 3rd party software that can detect once i answer if my call is a fax and take it or see it's not a fax and disconnect?

Thanks in advance,

A:Ways to receive a FAX?

When a fax is being sent-the machine plays a tone if a fax machine answers and hears that tone it replies and the 2 fax machines connect.

If you answer the call, hear the tone, click on your fax software to answer now then hang up the handset it should work.

When fax machines were common there were switches that would pick up on the first ring, listen for the fax tone and switch the call to ring through to the phone or fax machine. Most stand alone fax machines have the capability built in. (I searched fax switch on eBay and a variety of choices came up.)

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Guys-- I thought I was on the right track but alas I'm not. There is some malware/trojans that keep coming back. I have run A-Squared both reg and Malware,Spybot Adaware and Smitfraud fix in safe mode, but upon restart all get in again. attached is a HJ log. Any and all suggestions are welcome. I have XP Media. bboomer46

A:Old Ways Don't Work

Download SDFix and save it to your Desktop.

Double click SDFix.exe and it will extract the files to %systemdrive%
(Drive that contains the Windows Directory, typically C:\SDFix)

Please then reboot your computer in Safe Mode by doing the following :
Restart your computer
After hearing your computer beep once during startup, but before the Windows icon appears, tap the F8 key continually;
Instead of Windows loading as normal, the Advanced Options Menu should appear;
Select the first option, to run Windows in Safe Mode, then press Enter.
Choose your usual account.

Open the extracted SDFix folder and double click RunThis.bat to start the script.
Type Y to begin the cleanup process.
It will remove any Trojan Services and Registry Entries that it finds then prompt you to press any key to Reboot.
Press any Key and it will restart the PC.
When the PC restarts the Fixtool will run again and complete the removal process then display Finished, press any key to end the script and load your desktop icons.
Once the desktop icons load the SDFix report will open on screen and also save into the SDFix folder as Report.txt
(Report.txt will also be copied to Clipboard ready for posting back on the forum).
Finally paste the contents of the Report.txt back on the forum with a new HijackThis log

then when it has rebooted

Download Combofix to your desktop:

* Double-click combofix.exe & follow the prompts.
* When finished, it shall produce a log for you. Post that log in your... Read more

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Seven Ways to Get Yourself Hacked (2 web pages).

As targeted scams become more common, it's vital to protect yourself.Click to expand...

N.B: This article includes ideas on protecting your computer/accounts on the 2nd web page.

-- Tom

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I can't log into my computer by normal mode,safe mode and safe mode with network.This started when i log into my computer and start a game and attempt to connect to my BroadBand connection.While connecting, my Local Area Network is undentified so i restart my computer and i can't log in till now.

Can anyone help me without reformating my Hard Disk?


A:[Help]I can't log into my computer in all ways!

It just stuck on the loading screen,where there was a loading bar.

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It appears that there are two completely separate ways to install Windows XP Pro

On our one computer WinXP starts out with a modern install screen similar to Win ME, but then after it reboots it reverts back to the old Windows 2000 style of installation.

One our other computer WinXP installs COMPLETELY in the new style install screen.

Both computers are new.

Why do they do this, and how can we force winXP to always use the newer style of installation?

A:Why is there two different ways to install XP Pro?

Could it be motherboard variations?? Or are they the same?

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Looking for some ideas to help XP run faster.

A:Best ways to speed up XP


What make/model PC? How much memory installed? How much hard drive space left?

Take a look at the following article and see if any of the steps will help.

Is your PC running slow...? | Tech Support Forum

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this is my first time posting here

just wondering, has anyone had any success installing xp on a thumb drive? i tried it and must have messed up one of the files i changed, because i got an error message.

also, couldn't find anything on this, but it it possible to actually boot xp from a dvd? not to install the os, but to actually boot from it?

A:Other ways of booting XP

Yes it is possible, but Xp will be very minimal on services, and basically is just not worth it.

A better option would be one of the Linux LiveCDs, here's a good one : Ubuntu
You can even make them look like the Xp gui.

And they're free

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Recently cleaned up files and installed Naomi an advanced internet filter by Radiant. Since then, it seems two things are happening: One, after clicking on a thread in TSG, or somewhere else, IE just goes away to the desktop; or two, error message appears appcompat.txt and it has had several files named: drwtsn - radhslib.dll (radiant). Do you think the installation of Naomi is the culprit. I sure hope not because I love this filter! It won't let you go to questionable sites. But is is WIN compatible. IF not, can it be configured so we can still use it?

This happens about two times an hour at least and is very annoying.
*It just happened again, this time radhslib.dll. It said NT, and we have XP Home.
I have Spybot, Hijack This, Killbox, etc.

A:IE crashes two ways

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i tried to reformat using the 6 boot disk but its not loading right so i wanted to know if there was another way of reformating on the screen before windows load up.

A:How many ways can you reformat?

You can use the XP CD to format the HD. Just enter the bios and select CDROM as your first boot device. Then boot to the CD and run the recovery console. You can then format, delete partitions...ect using that. Is the HD formated NTFS or FAT32. If just FAT32 you use a bootdisk from that has the format/fdisk commands on it and boot to it and run format.

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Hi there, I've done a lot of reading here but am somewhat confused.
I have a SSD C: drive that I want to restore to an earlier date. Used Macrium Reflect 5.2. Have made a Linux rescue disk with Reflect.
Should I format C: before restoring?
Should I restore by loading Reflect and choosing the restore file?
Or load the Rescue disk and chose the restore file?
Thanks for any help.
Regards, Paul.

A:2 ways to restore, which one?

You must restore with the restore disc. But I would not recommend to use the Linux disc.

Download the .iso for the WinPE disc from my Skydrive and burn that to CD. It is a lot better version for recovery.

You don't have to reformat the partition.

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I am having a problem with a DVD and it is driving me nuts. I can't figure out if it's the DVD or the different players.

1.) When I put it into the DVD Drive of my computer, the video is perfect but I get no sound. I started a game after that and the video and sound work fine.

2.) I checked the DVD by putting it into a Portable DVD Player and both the audio and the video work perfectly.

3.) Next, I tried putting it into the Sony DVD player that is connected to the television and this will not even allow it to play and ejects it. I put in another movie DVD and it is recognized and has good audio and video.

Basically this same DVD (a music concert) behaves differently in three different player drives.

Has anyone else ever had this problem and found a fix for it. I would appreciate hearing from you either in this post or through my e-mail.

A:DVD Problem 3 different ways

Might not be all that strange - depends on type of DVD. Is the DVD a commercial one or is it one you (or somebody else) have compiled/copied?
1) sounds like a codec issue - your comp may not have the correct codec installed for the sound to play. Try downloading and installing a codec pack such as K-Lite codec pack from:
NOTE: you will get the Media Player Classic with this - it is an excellent player and should play just about anything in conjunction with the codec pack.
2) this player has the codecs and ability to play the DVD type you have
3) the DVD could either be the wrong format (some older players will not play DVD+R or rewritable DVD's but will play DVD-R) OR won't play the DVD if it is region encoded for the wrong region OR some players won't play scratched discs.
Does any of this a) make sense? and b) apply to your DVD?

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A problem has recently developed with my Envy notebook.   About 2 weeks ago my entire wireless network began slowing down when on it.   Noticeable on all devices.    When my provider came out, checked and tweaked some issues it appeared to be ok.   I went on with my daughers HP laptop and was drawing 20-24 mbps all over the house. When I reconnected mine to the system I was only pulling 6, 3, 5, up and down.   It doesn't start right away but after a few minutes.   So I put my duaghers right next ot mine and low and behold, when I ran her's it pulled 3 - 6 also.   So I turned my wi-fi off and hers' popped right back up.   I have also tried this with an old XP mini, my i-pads etc.   As soon as mine gets on the network the speed crashes.    This also happens with no one else home and no other devies conncted. I have downloaded the latest up to date Intel driver for this network adapter and it hasn't changed anything. Any ideas?

A:ENVY Notebook - m7-k111dx w/intel 7260 - notebook sucks dow...

Bill_Ving Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!I read your post about wireless networking poor performance and wanted to help. My immediate guess is that you might have mixed-mode networking going on.  This happens when you have two different PCs networking in two different modes -- one using "G", the other using "N".  The wireless router (or access point) can optimize performance for either mode, but not for both.  So, the "G" mode drags down the performance of the "N" mode PC, but even worse, with the router set for mixed modes, it performs more slowly than with either PC connected by itself.Here are some other troubleshooting steps you can try: HP PCs - Troubleshooting Wireless Network and Internet (Windows 8) | HP® Customer SupportGood Luck========================================================================I am a volunteer and I do not work for, nor do I represent, HP.---------------------------------------------------------------Please click "Accept As Solution" on the post that solves your issue to help others find the solution.Please click the Thumbs-Up symbol on the left of the Reply button to say thanks fopr my help.========================================================================

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I have a new PC with Windows 10 Pro installed and I'm contemplating using Bitlocker for greater safety on the two hard drives installed. One is a 128 GB SSD and the other a 1 TB SATA.

I would like to know if it is possible to save the generated keys in more ways one one at the moment of creating them. I would like to have the key both on a USB and printed out in text as well. Is this possible or will I have to create two different keys for each hard drive with different choices of storing them?

Thanks in advance.

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A number of ways to save Windows 8 will M$ listen?

Five ways to save Windows 8 | ZDNet

A:Ways to save Windows 8.

He's not exactly a windows supporter - but that doesn't make his points invalid.

Windows 8, like Vista before it, is on its way to the trash heap of PC history unless Microsoft makes some big changes as soon as possible.

1. Dump Metro. Not very likely.

2. Bring back the Aero interface. Not hugely likely.

To quote IDC analyst Bob O'Donnell, "There were certain decisions that Microsoft made that were in retrospect flawed. Notably not allowing people to boot into desktop mode and taking away the start button. Those two things have come up consistently."

What does Bob mean , "in retrospect"? He is on the right track.

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I Am Dual Booting Windows Vista Home Premium And Windows XP Home Edition.
I Have An AMD 64 3500+ CPU With 1.5GB RAM.

The Programs That I Use Are

On Windows XP and Vista
-AVG Internet Security
-PC Tools -- Registy Mechanic
-- Spyware Doctor
-Ad-Aware 2007
-SUPER AntiSpyware
-Webroot -- Window Washer
--Spysweeper 5
-TuneUp Utilities.

I Do Disk Clean Up Every 2 Days, Virus Scan, SUPER Anti Spyware, Webroots Every Week, PC Tools, CCleaner, RegCure Every 2 Days.

I Run Disk Defragment Every Week.

What Else Can I Do To Speed Up My Computer?

A:Different Ways To Speed Up My Computer

Hi Jaymie !

Well, apart from the defrag and disk cleanup you haven't done much there to speed up your computer. All that antispyware stuff seems a bit overkill to me.

If you're the only user on that computer you don't need that much protection. Just make sure you don't click on every advertisement you see on the internet and you'll be fine with only your antivirus and XP firewall. Run adaware once a week to get rid of the tracking cookies and you'll be ok. The rule is "the less you have installed, the faster the computer will run".

If you do want more protection, then make periodical backups of your whole system using DriveImage. We have a good tutorial here :

If you have the opportunity to do so, a good partitioning layout can also improve the overall performances of your computer. Check this discussion :
Your dual boot setup will require a little more tweaking but the basics will stay the same : systems on the 2 first partitions of the first disk and swap files on another disk, and a dedicated partition for all your downloads so that the system partitions don't get fragmented too quickly.

Here are some other tricks to get rid of things that slow your computer down :

Don't install anything superfluous. Some useless part of xp can be easily removed if you don't use them : msn explorer, windows messenger (if you use another messaging client)... Read more

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I have a Surface 3 which claims to be a tablet. However, I find the wake up & start up time to be horrendous compared to any cheap tablet in the market. I've tried combination of sleep time & power setting but short of leaving the Surface on all the time is there any other tricks to have a faster boot up and wake up cycle?
I dont know why with a tablet you just hit the button and it immediately wakes up and Win 10 seem to take forever. No doubt there is a good reason but I sure wish they would make this a priority.
BTW I have fast start-up enabled

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I know about the password, the pin number (4 digits) and for special laptops the finger swipe recognition login. But what i'm interested in, is voice recognition logging in. Is there ANY way I could do this? Thanks.

A:Different ways of logging in? (Windows 8)

Not unless the system has support software to do it, I've seen a few laptops that did it, but they had specialised software that came with it.

This may be what you need:

Natural and Effortless Voice Verification

Check that out, let me know, I'm kind of interested too. The regular Speech SDK does NOT have any commands to log in, unless you can "speak" a password into the box.

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Hello guys. I'm trying to find ways to optimize my windows 8.1 as much as humanly possible. I got some questions...

1) Which services do I disable?

2) How do I best optimize the ram?

3) How do I minimize as much as possible the start up time?

A:What are the Best Ways to Optimize Windows 8.1?

See this tutorial from Brink

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Hi there
I'm having a bit of a problem with my wifi connection in my flat. The materials in the walls seem to be causing interference with the wifi signal because when I'm inside the room I get unstable, slow internet connection but as soon as I step out the connection is simply perfect.
I have tried using a Netgear WN3000RP, but that didn't help. I'm looking for suggestion to fix this problem, I know that an ethernet cable from the router to the room would fix this issue but I want to avoid that path as it would involve drilling and making a mess.
Look forward to hear what you guys think.

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i got a wired magazine recently and well there was different ways to watch tv. What services below are availible in Ireland? (if they are planned to be then say so thanks ) Roku Netflix Hulu Amazon video on demand Boxee Plex Xbox Media center

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Simply put im looking for help on all the ways someone would know you are using your computer without psychically seeing you use it (obviously) and how to prevent it? thanks.

A:Ways someone would know you are on your computer? and how to stop it?

quietman7 has posted some good methods for finding this.

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Is it possible to have both 24 hours and 12 format shown in the time window area?

A:Both Ways time formates

i dont think so ,ive never come across it, it may be you need to have a couple of gadgets clocks showing both formats.
the alarm clocks on this page are good and i think when you click the gadget twice in the gadgets window it will start two instances, then you can change one of them to 24 hr, choose different colors and you will be good to go

Gadgets for Windows Vista and Windows 7

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So I have an HP PC. Running a 2.5 processor, 512mb ram, and an 80GB Hard Drive. I cant say what caused all of this but my Pc has started to mess up. A quick list of the errors would be:
1) Windows Media Player opens for 2 seconds and then closes(Upgraded to WMP 10 in hopes of fixing prob but no luck)
2) When I put a CD in or when I start the PC the HP Printer always re-installs itself.
3) Internet Explorer wont start at all.
4) I have SBC Yahoo DSL and now I cant run it because I cant start the program to connect myself to the net. As we know, unlike cable, u have to connect to sbc before u can go online. So I cant connect(Im running the pc through a friends router by ethernet to connect right now)
5) I cant run many programs, things such as, system restore, the SBC program, IExplorer.
6) I cant install norton, when i did i got some errors 1/2 of the way in and had to cancel. I thought it might have been a faulty CD or something. Got a new one and tried to install again, but now i cant even start cause it says a previous installation has been made and i must restart before i can continue. I uninstalled norton, i even removed the files in the registry through the REGEDIT thing restarted the PC and still the same.
Thats just the things that come to mind at the moment. I have tried to fix it so many ways. Got MCafee Professional, it found nothing, installed symantec antivirus corporate edition, found 3 things but after deleting the files its the same. Used AdAware 6 pro ... Read more

A:PLZ!PLZ! Help..PC is messing up in all sorts of ways. :(

Try posting a hijack log in the security forum (links below in my signature) and a security specialist will analyze it for you and see if you have a spyware problem.

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Can anybody give me a list of things i can do to prevent choppy gameplay in games?

A:Ways to reduce game lag

Well turn the graphics down or upgrade....
no seriously there isn't much you can do past those two things, but if you are trying hard to get around this issue there is a small little program.

Its freeware, don't know if you will see much difference but the program ends all the background processes so just the game is the only thing your computer has to process.

Anyway you can download here

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The A+ course teaches you that you should never connect a Dell ATX power supply with a non-Dell motherboard, and vice versa. But are there any other mismatches (such as with other brands) that can damage the mother board and/ or power supply?

A:Ways to fry a motherboard w/ mismatched PS?

Dell is the only one I know of. I have seen other propriatary PSUs put they have always had non-standard connectors so you couldn't accidently hook them up to an incompatible board. The Dell issue only applies to older systems Dell does now use standard ATX PSU's. Any dell with a 24pin main connector is standard and some of the later 20 pin units are as well.

This page lists the 20 pin dells to use standard ATX PSUs

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After searching for a video clip of the Swedish wrestler throwing his bronze medal away at the Olympic games, I got infected with virtumonde spyware that showed up on my desktop background asking me to purchase the anti-spyware and also got the blue screen of death screensaver [harmless].

I deleted the blue screen of death screensaver by running SAS in safe mode first and got rid of the spyware desktop background with wallpaper hijack program.

After I thought everything was clear, now I am having major issues with Firefox.

1.) Every search I perform on google leads me to an advertisement page
2.) All downloads on firefox finish incomplete (ex. A 10 mb file will finish at only 512 kb downloaded.
3.) I am seeing the content loading error frequently whereas I never saw it before.

So far I've ran SAS, AVG, Spyware Doctor and have come to no avail. Please help me! Here is my Hijackthis logfile:

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 12:52:10 AM, on 8/30/2008
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Pr... Read more

A:Firefox getting hijacked in many different ways

bump please!

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Hey I got the internet herpes yesterday, and after much help from the tech support guy forums I seem to be better. So now the key questions: How do I keep that from happening again. I obviously know less about computers than I thought. Here is what I have: Windows Xp (Service Pack 2 now)

Norton Antivirus (as part of Norton Utilities)- I use Norton for a few reasons. They are a recognized and established company and have a decent base of operations and support, Their programs are fairly simple to use, and Norton was able to disable a virus that Mcafee was not able to defeat (this was a few years ago but they won me over from then).

Ad-aware- This is my only antispyware. I am looking for an active antispyware, but don't know which one is best. I don't mind paying a subscription fee, but I don't want to pay 2 or 3 for the same functions. Which antispyware is best?

Firewall-I do not have a firewall software.however at home and work I have a D-link router. I travel quite a bit and have to use dial up when I do travel. I would like to find one that can be turned on and off as needed and is easy to use. Which would be best?

Browser- I use the god forsaken Internet Explorer. Until Frodo gets the one ring into the mount doom, this one seems like the best one to use. I have tried a couple other browsers, but I kept running into active x and java console problems while I surfed. I have used Opera and Netscape and tried mozilla. Honestly I have not given any of these t... Read more

A:Looking For the Best ways to protect my machine

here are a couple of threads you can read to help you

here is some freeware i like you will see it in the above threads also
Spyware Guard


and also look into MS anti-spyware beta

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I am having some problems with prompts within templates I have created. Whenever I open a document that was created with a template, the header prompt always pops up; even though its already filled in...
any help?

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Top Ten Ways to Get Infected by Malaware.
1. Browsing the Web with javascript enabled by default

Today's attackers are more likely to host their malicious files on the web. They may even update those files constantly using automated tools that repackage the binary in an attempt to bypass signature-based scanners. Whether through social engineering or through website exploit, the choice of browser will be of little help. All browsers are equally susceptible to Web-based malware and this includes Firefox, Opera, and the much maligned Internet Explorer. Disabling Javascript on all but the most trusted sites will go a long ways towards safer web browsing.
2. Using Adobe Reader/Acrobat with default settings

Adobe Reader comes pre-installed on most computers. And even if you never use it, just the mere presence can leave your computer at risk. Vulnerabilities in Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat are the number one most common infection vector, bar none. Making sure you stay up-to-date with the latest version of Adobe products is imperative, but not foolproof. To use Adobe Reader (and Acrobat) safely, you need to make a few tweaks to its settings.

3. Clicking unsolicited links in email or IM

Malicious or fraudulent links in email and IM are a significant vector for both malware and social engineering attacks. Reading email in plain text can help identify potentially malicious or fraudulent links. Your best bet: avoid clicking any link in an email or IM that is received unexpectedl... Read more

A:10 Top Ways To Get Infected by Malware

Very nice! Thanks for posting, Rich!

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I am not sure where to post this, bu I think this place would be suitable.

Other than antivirus programs like MBAM, Superantispyware, what else can one do to protect the computer?

I ran antivirus like AVG and then its clean. I run online scanner too. But surely there must be other ways to look after your computer? What can I do to make it "clean"?

Also, What harm is there in not removing internet temporary files, history, etc.?

Thank you!

A:Ways to protect your computer

To be honest with you, I think the average end user really only needs some very basic protection. A decent AV product and MBAM plus firewall. Most infections are, it's my experience, user-initiated. In otherwords, it's something you clicked on. The best defense for the average person is to simply be careful what you do and where you go. Anything else, like adding ZoneAlarm or using the Spybot Tea Timer, tends to be more than the average user needs or wants. Now if you're securing your business, or something like that, there are LOTS of things you could/should do. But that's just my opinion.

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Five Ways Windows 7 Could Become Another Vista!

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How many ways can u install windows 7 ?, i need at least 3 methods

A:windows 7 ways to install

Hello superrisk, welcome to Seven Forums; why do you need these 3 methods?

USB Windows 7 Installation Key Drive - Create

How to Do a Clean Installation with Windows 7

Install Windows 7 FAST without a DVD or USB device

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I'm like 80% sure it's because it overheats,, but i'm not sure where to go from hereanywayThere are about 3 different "kinds" of crashes that this trash machine doesthe most common - computer gets stuck on the sound byte, repeating it constantly and does not stop - power button requiredSometimes the screen freezes, with the mouse movement freezing shortly after, and then there's two minutes and then screen flashes with "display driver crashed and has re-started", or something to that effectrecently I have been getting some crashes where the sound just stops and never comes back until i power buttonEvery time the power button is required a loud Pop is heard from my computer which is, like, Really Really disconcertinganyway i have a temp monitering program and it gets into like the 70s and 80sI feel like the most reasonable conclusion here is that it overheats but i have canned air and there's not really any visible dust.Advise?Also: Laptop is 5 months old, the problem has been a thing since day one

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Little ways into it turned to the Persian knows that movie was going all I get it this is it wrong story which should have continued guess what release10 seconds is watching the whole story unfold which is basically this Christian Grey whose soon masochistic fetish bondage can?t go durst Dakota Johnson used the relatively inexperienced young woman whose drawn into it and didn't consent R-rated 6 inspector she the things that struck me or clearly it?s very clean this Lipogen Rx is beautiful people times and money which guy beautiful scenes but the corner stores to be looked like she had some shorter big traumatic childhood which were told sketched in up until one he was an adolescent and missus Robinson older sicker stars having sex with them for a couple years and it's always looking back and forth was lipogen rx weight reducer the lucky guy because he got in touch with the older woman it's pretty clearly stated in the movie but in a subtle way the he was strong effected in deeply is very bothered by it is gonna let's touch down now he's trying to exercise counter control through the bondage domination and he says is on point in the movie fifty shades of yeah top so he's way very clear that dissolved by signs of trauma Indian she decaljohnson's hobs.

Lipogen Rx Garcinia Cambogia The Best Loss Supplement For weight loss,

For More Info Please Visit here >>>>>>>> Read more

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Hi guys, so my computer is ~2 years old now and it's still fast, but it doesn't perform the way when I first got it, now I know after 2 years a computer might slow down, but my dad said it's too slow for the specs it has.

I update Windows regularly and my antivirus, scan for viruses, defrag my hard drive, update video drivers, etc, I even used Norton Utilities and Microsoft Fix-it which didn't really help that much.

Specs are Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 @ Stock 2.4 GHz
nVidia 8600 GTS
Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit

Performance Information:

Processor: 5.9
Memory (RAM): 5.6
Graphics: 5.9
Gaming Graphics: 5.6
Primary Hard Disk 5.9

Base Score 5.6

Problems consist of slow load-up times when I turn on the PC, switching users, things like that, it's not a major issue it's just annoying, because I know it can be faster.

A:Any ways to improve PC speed

IMO the #1 thing that would help you speed it up is to dump norton (resource hog), and get a lighter weight anti virus program...

If you take the advise be sure to use the norton removal tool....

ps, whats your startup list look like in msconfig?

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I have been having trouble with my laptop for a couple of weeks. I have a Dell Inspiron, Windows7 64 bit. I had an infection awhile back and assumed it was gone. I was on a chat

with a Tech from Microsoft. I was told that I have a heavy form of Polymorpic infection. I had never heard of it, have any of you? I would appreciate any help you can give me.

Thank You,

A:Computer not working in several ways

Hello,Please follow the instructions in ==>This Guide<== starting at step 6. If you cannot complete a step, skip it and continue.Once the proper logs are created, then post them in a reply to this topic by using the Add Reply button.If you can produce at least some of the logs, then please create the post and explain what happens when you try to create the log(s) that you couldn't get. If you cannot produce any of the logs, then still post the reply and explain that you followed the Prep. Guide, were unable to create the logs, and describe what happens when you try to create the logs.Please note that I am not a member of the Malware Removal Team and will not be assisting you in removing the infection. I'm simply helping you to post the information they need in order to assist you.If HelpBot replies to your topic, PLEASE follow Step One so it will report your topic to the team members.

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Microsoft Windows 7 is already a much more responsive operating system than its predecessors, but there are tweaks and changes you can make to speed up Windows 7 even more. By reading this list and implementing some of the suggestions, you can increase performance in a very short period of time. If you have any further suggestions on how to improve the speed of a Windows 7 PC, please let us know in the comments section so that we can keep updating this list.

1. Boost your RAM

Windows 7 is very efficient at using your memory and adding another stick of RAM can give a big performance boost at very little cost. 4GB is plenty for most 64-bit users, and 3GB is a sensible limit for 32-bit users (mainly due to the memory limitations).

If you do more intensive work such as CAD or video editing then added even more than 4GB RAM may be a sensible idea. However it should be noted that simply adding lots of extra memory will not continue to improve overall performance, the bottleneck depends on other components (such as your CPU and hard drive).

2. Switch to SSD

Using a Solid State Drive is going to provide a performance boost in almost all Windows 7 applications, especially when it comes to boot times. SSD’s have no moving parts and therefore are silent and more energy efficient, with the benefit of much faster access times.

The current generation of mechanical hard drives will be obsolete in the coming years, but for the time being SSDs are quite expensive. If you hav... Read more

A:19 ways to speed up Windows 7

That's a nice list...I'm sure many of the members here would already know these steps, but it is a nice resource for those still learning their way around Win 7. +rep.

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Originally, I became aware of Genieo and Babylon double-teaming me to hijack my browsers. After some Malware Bytes and Hitman Pro and ADWCleaner scans, we've added a Conduit search hijacking element. Genieo and Conduit are still lodged in msconfig start menu and Genieo is on the task bar.
Sure could use some help...just don't know if I'm making things better or worse at this point.
Thanks in advance.

A:Hijacked Six Ways To Sunday!

Let's have a look..
  Install and run MBAM
Information about MBAM:
If this scan has been done, please post the log into your next reply.
    Running TDSSKiller to obtain log
Note: Don't cure or delete a threat, but choose skip for all instead.
Please download TDSSKiller from here and save it to your Desktop
Doubleclick on TDSSKiller.exe to run the application, then click on Change parameters

In the Additional options: Check Detect TDLFS file system
Click Start Scan and allow the scan process to run

Choose for all threats to Skip for all of them.
Click Continue
Please post the TDSSKiller.[Version]_[Date]_[Time]_log.txt found in your root directory (typically c:\)
  ESET Online Scanner
Note: If your AV is blocking Eset online scanner, please temporarily disable your AV.
I'd like us to scan your machine with ESET OnlineScan This process may may take several hours, that is normal.
Hold down Control and click on this link to open ESET OnlineScan in a new window.
Click the  button.
For alternate browsers only: (Microsoft Internet Explorer users can skip these steps)
Click on esetsmartinstaller_enu.exe to download the ESET S... Read more

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You may have purchased many songs from iTunes online store. It will be ok if you just play it on your computers with iTunes, or on your iPod. However, you may need to insert the music in a Power Point presentation, listen it on your mp3 player or set it as background music of your website or other legal personal usage, and you will find you are not allowed.
All the iTunes music files are m4p format, it?s restricted. Is there any way to remove this DRM protection and convert the iTunes songs to widely used mp3 files?
There are some ways that can achieve your goal.
(1) In iTunes, these DRM protected songs can?t be burned to mp3 CD disc, however, you can burn them to audio CD, and then use an audio ripper to rip the tracks from the CD. It may be a waste of CD discs when you have plenty of songs which need to be converted.
(2) Use the program named Noteburner. It has won the award of top DRM removing tool and the third place of audio converter by Top Ten Reviews, please refer to Noteburner will install a virtual CD burner on your computer, what you need to do is just to set it as default CD burner in iTunes. Open iTunes, operate by Edit --> Preference --> Advanced --> burning, and set Noteburn Virtual CD_RW as your CD burner. If you want to preserve the tags information, including artist, song title, album name, track number etc, you need to check the option ?include CD text?. Not only m4p files ca... Read more

A:Some ways to remove DRM protection

This thread sounds almost like spam, but I'll bite. The problem with all of the applications you've mentioned is that it's transcoding the file - not simply removing the DRM. What you're doing in this process is taking a lossy (usually already low quality ~128kbps or ~192kbps) file - decompressing that to a wave which sounds NO better than the original lossy file, then recompressing the wave to a second lossy format losing even more data about the audio. Best case scenario is start with lossless and transcode to another lossless format - both files should should identical. Second best is transcode from lossless to lossy - you only degrade quality once. Worst case is transcode from a lossy format to another lossy format.

Sorry, but I think even the hard of hearing can hear that a twice encoded lossy file doesn't quite sound right.

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i have a compaq cq60-615dx how can i tweak it up and make it fatster without doing a clean install

A:Top Ways to Speed Up My Laptop

Hello ed123!

Refer to the following tutorials:-

Optimize Windows 7

Clean Up Factory Bloatware

Hope that helps.

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I am pretty heavily involved in the 3D community (Poser, ZBrush, Carrara, etc...) that means having to download lots of files to check out, beta test or just for fun to play with in the various 3D programs I have. In XP when you had a folder full of exe's and zips the common icon was never an issue when the folder refreshed itself when new installation files were added to it. When Vista came along, I upgraded and this was a real issue. It seems that every frigging file was double checked or something when files were added to it.

Say I download 50 new exe's and 30 new zips.... I have 4 folders that I need to put those 80 files into. I drop them all in and then go into each folder to either install these files or to put them in EXE's and ZIP's install folders to get to later on. I wait about a minute, some times longer for the folder to be full updated with what ever it is that Vista and now Win 7 is doing in the background. The entire system slows down during this. I'm 100% sure it's a security measure but I find it really annoying and a waste of time considering I have each file I download checked out my my anti virus program before it's allowed into my system.

So I've tried various things to speed up things including removing the indexing for each folder, seems to do no good.

I really would like to understand why Microsoft is doing things this way and what I can do to override this complete and utter annoyance and waste of my valuable time!

Thanks ve... Read more

A:Still no change between Vista and Win 7 in some ways

Quote: Originally Posted by RAMWolff

I'm 100% sure it's a security measure

Security measure for what? Is it the anti virus scanning files while you copy them? I'm not sure I really understand the issue here.

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I have a 2 yr old HP Laptop that Came with Win 7 Home Premium.

Great. Good security, disability functions, etc.

I have looked everywhere for bootable ISO disks, but they didn't work.

The main problem is that I want to use Delphi 2.0 and other stuff that won't install on Win 7. I have created a partition/extended. The system, even with boot-disks, SEEMS not to allow it!

Is there good info. technical or otherwise that will let me.

1. Install my old Win ME on a seperate partition?
2. I have a boot manager, so not a problem.
3. If I install ME, will it overwrite Win7, and can this be avoided?
4. Free is great, but if I MUST PAY, what's the best software for this?

I have heard that it can be done.

A:Solved: Reverting to Old Ways is Possible?

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There is a healthier emotional outlook very important to hunting and experience young. Intellux Be satisfied. Consider Brain Booster Pills not neutral. Quit and consider a moment. What good could it be currently performing one to feel down about this or that? Why hold a grudge against someone? What would you achieve from this?

A:Ways To Brain Strength

Ways to brain strength...
Learn an instrument
read books (any books count)
learn another language
learn to code
exercise regularly & hydrate
Pills cannot do any of these things.

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hey, iv tried getting rid of these stupid spyware, and maybe viruses im not sure? i have used hijack this and got rid of a few things, and i have used combofix and that worked well. my computer was working fine yesterday, no pop up speedy browsing everything, now i have started my comp up 2day and i have pop-ups and slow use of my comp againcan someone please help me, any help i would be very greatful for.

There is a good chance it has something to do with win32/ my vet anti virus picks it up before i start getting pop ups and errors.
my hijackthis log is as follows:

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.0 (BETA)
Scan saved at 12:38:15 PM, on 10/11/2007
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware 2007\aawservice.exe
C:\Program Files\CA\eTrust Vet Antivirus\ISafe.exe
C:\Program Files\CA\eTrust Vet Antivirus\VetMsg.exe
C:\Program Files\CyberLink\PowerDVD\DVDLauncher.exe
C:\Program Files\Real\RealPlayer\RealPlay.exe
C:\Program Files\Dell\Media Experience\DMXLauncher.... Read more

A:Help!spyweare troubles, iv tried so many ways


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Hello, Sevenforums.

I recently purchased a new computer and to make a long story short: i have gotten like 10+ bluescreens already.

I have tried doing a following to fix it:
Reinstall (5 times...)
Update all drivers (even using some licensed driver software updaters).
Flash BIOS.
Memtest86+ (sent in the RAM sticks, bough a new as a meanwhile solution, still getting BSODs)
Tried switching the clocks in BIOS, I have a Intel Core i5 3570K 3,4Ghz Ivy Bridge which was turbo-clocked to 3,8Ghz and i found noone else who had this problem regarding the processor.

A:BSOD, 0x0000007f. Tried so many ways but still getting it.

Please post it following the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions.

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I appologise in advance for the inevitable rant and will try to keep it as short as possible.
About 2 months ago, having had to replace the HDD in my desktop, I had to reinstall my OS, XP Pro x32, but I only had a recovery disk so I used that to reinstall thinking I'd get Dad to email me the activation key for it later, only to discover I'd been using a disk for an ancient machine which has since been scrapped/dismantled/taken to the tip/is lounging in the computer graveyard of our attic. I had about 16 days left to activate it when it stopped letting me log in so I got a copy of a friend's VLK XP Pro and tried to recover my OS with that. Which sort of worked. After 3 attempts I booted up the computer to see whether it had actually done anything and I could log in but half my stuff, including all my virus, adware and malware checkers and firewall weren't working. At all. So now I have a ton of viruses I'm sure, I managed to get rid of two adware things but haven't seen anything else. Whilst messing around pulling HDDs in and out and booting off Windows/Ubuntu 10.10 live disk about 30 times during the course of yesterday trying to recover my boyfriend's Suse HDD something in Chrome broke and I had to uninstall it. Thought it would be super simple to rectify, download the installer onto another computer, copy it across and run it. Only I can't run any installers, they just don't work. Reactivaed IE, won't work, discovered I could use the internet through the search the i... Read more

A:My computer is broken in so many ways it won't fit in this box.

Unless I'm mistaken, you have not installed a LEGAL copy of Windows on your system. You are not permitted to install using a recovery disc from another computer or using someone else's copy. Assuming I'm correct, the best and only advice I can offer is that you purchase a full copy of Windows, format your hard drive, and install the new version.

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Hello I have a family member with a laptop and needs to know of 'alternative' ways to clean his LCD screen. The family member doesn't want to keep running to the store for the special cleaners.

For example, what household items may they use?

Thank you.

A:LCD Screen - How many ways are there to clean it? Help.

Check this thread out.......

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What are the ways to obtain an IP address in W2K?



A:What are the ways to obtain an IP address in W2K?

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The security of your computer and data is crucial for you and the success of your company. Lost or stolen information can reveal company secrets, or expose your confidential or personal information. The more you do to keep your computer secure, the safer your information will be. Use these 10 tips to learn ways you can help protect your computer, your data, and your company's network.


A:10 ways to work more securely

Hi there

the problem with this is that IMO "Users" are a lot more Savvy than typical I.T support guys in most big organisations.

For example the I.T computer support guys might be earning around 10 - 15 EUR an hour and are often experienced in hardware etc but can't really compete with other types of professionals - often highly skilled graduates earning 60 - 200 EUR an hour.

So Option 4 is not really a good idea -- sharing data across a LAN is a HIGH risk of Data compromise. Secure data should be SECURE and NOT be available via a LAN.

Even in my own case - I needed to share a file with a colleague who was in another building - and we wanted to bypass the email system (not because of a virus - but because the email system had a 5 MB attachment limit) --I could have "rar'ed" the file and sent it in a few chunks but couldn't be bothered.

So all I had to do was to enable "Share " on my DVD device and allow my colleague to access it on his workstation --it's all possible on a local LAN.

The I.T support guys swore blue in the face that "This was not possible " -- but there's none so blind as those that don't want to see" as the expression goes.

Most I.T support guys do a decent job and work hard - but sometimes they aren't as experienced as the guys working on the gear they are supposed to maintain.


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Recently I tried to print something, and it comes up 'save', so I have to save it before I can print. Before it used to just print it, but its gone back to what it used to do.
My iphone stopped uploading photos, so I fixed that for a while, and it now stops uploading photos again, its gone back to what it used to do.
It has its usual win7 problems, wont update, but uses the data for the update.
Any idea why it does this?

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Does anybody know if there's a way to press the Print Screen button and have a screenshot auto-save to, say, the Desktop or another location?

You'll have to forgive me, but I've been using Linux for a while, and I'm used to the functionality there where you press PRNTSCRN and a Save As... dialog pops up. Having to have an instance of Paint or PS open to paste screen shots into is cumbersome and seems like a silly way of doing things.

A:Ways to make a screenshot

Quick answer: Use the "Snipping Tool" and you can save it directly to the desktop.

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What can I do if my battery won't hold a charge or simply won't charge?

A:Battery won't Charge or Battery won't Hold a Charge

Best thing to do is to first understand some of our battery technology - check out this document: HP Notebook PCs - Understanding Lithium-Ion and Smart Battery Technology  Then to test your battery follow the instructions in this document: HP Notebook PCs - Testing and Calibrating the Battery (Windows 10)

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The hinge on my much-loved Notebook has become 'loose'. Can I find repair help locally? Baltimore,  MD area. What is the correct term(s) to use to describe the problem? 

A:TouchSmart Notebook TV notebook swivel hinge repair? You can tell them that the hinges are loose 

Regards;SmileyI am an HP employeePlease click the White Kudos star to say thanks for helping.Please mark Accept As Solution if my help has solved your problem.

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I made a Google notebook to keep the minutes of a meeting my business partners and I held last weekend. I made them all collaborators on the notebook so they could all make any changes or annotations they felt necessary. However, when they go to access this notebook they are prompted for a password.

There is nowhere (at least that I can find) to even choose to password protect the notebook let alone change the password. I'm pretty confused as to what password the notebook could be. The only thing I can think of is that it's asking for the password to my gmail account, which I don't really want to be handing out. Any ideas on this one gang?


A:Why do Google notebook collaborators need a password to access the notebook?

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