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A31P - Ultrabay swap CD/DVD with Floppy

Q: A31P - Ultrabay swap CD/DVD with Floppy

Any problems associated with CD/DVD combo drive swapped to the left hand side of the laptop? Overheating issues?


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A: A31P - Ultrabay swap CD/DVD with Floppy

Welcome to the forum! No issues whatsoever. One of my machines has a combo on the left side and DVD burner on the right side. Runs no hotter than any of the others. Hope this helps.

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I have found that the A31p's will not boot a Win7 Pro DVD from either a CD or DVD drive.No problem with bootable CD's, but DVD disks will not boot on 3 different machines.  I am working with DVD disks known to be bootable on Dell laptops.  Anyone familiar with this issue?  Thanks!

A:A31p Booting from DVD...

Welcome to the forum!
Given the age of A31p (10-11 years old at present) I'd be wondering whether the media drive is still 100% functional. Mine has no issues booting W7 from a burned DVD.
That being said, W7 is really not a good idea on these machines. GPU is not supported and the overall experience is best described as sluggish.
Stick to XP (or a Linux distro of your choice) and enjoy one of IBM's finest laptops ever.

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Hi,my A31p is equipped with P4M 1.8. I would like to upgrade it to 2.4, but I have seen on eaby that thewre are 2 code nos for such CPUs, i.e. SL6VC and SL6K5. My qestion is: do both CPUs fit in the A31p?George

A:CPU upgrade for A31p

I've had SL6VC in several A31p machines and it worked very well, great balance between performance and heat. Hope this helps.

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I am going to give my old A31p to my daughter.  While checking it over, I have discovered that the CD/DVD Drive will play but unless I physically hold the side of the laptop it makes a loud vibrating noise.  I tried put the drive into both bays--left and right--and the result is the same.  Is the drive worn out?  Or are the bays the problem?  Or is there a way to tighten up the drive or the connection somehow? I will appreciate any help.    

A:CD/DVD Drive for A31p very noisy

Welcome to the forum! Unless your A31p is missing a bunch of screws (which you can easily check) connecting the bottom of the machine to the palmrest/upper frame, your problem is the media drive. Hope this helps. 

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Hello All:       I have an A31P to which I have added both wireless and Blutooth options with amix of new, refurb and other parts, all works OK. IBM provided a utility software app that uses a FN F5 hotkey  to bring up a faceplate to control global setting on wireless devices/services. Try as I may, by re-installing a couple of times, from IBM/Lenovo support site, the app does not respond in the way it is described. Have any of you who have worked with the A31P a bit more had any better luck with all of the finer details of these software apps? Just wondering out loud if this is similar to how the machine bios has a preferred hardware list of sorts, of parts that will install without a bios error code or similar response.? Hve any others had similar findings with this machine? TNX iaTony.   

A:On Sreen Display App for A31P

Fn+F5 will get you nowhere on any A3x unit.

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Hello All:         I have an A31P with a dead main battery. The battery is FRU# 02k6793. Where is a good place to get a replacement as I am pretty sure IBM/Lenovo do not have a replacement for this one at this time.TNX iaTony

A:A31P main battery

Try finding a NOS one on feebay, they occasionally do pop up. I've had very bad experiences with most of generic ones.Good luck.

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Hi, does anybody know if my IBM TP A31p,  2653-RQG  is working with the new IBM/Lenovo Intel Wireless 2915 Mini PCI 802.11AB ?Because my Thinkpad has no wireless card modul included .... Greetings

MikeT400 (6474-B84) Core Duo P8600 2,40Ghz, 248GB SSD +1.750 TB HDD, 8GB RAM, Win X Pro 64bitW530 (2447-43G) i7-3820QM Quad 3.70 GHz, 160GB SSD + 1.750 TB HDD, 24 GB RAM, Win X Pro 64bitW700, Core Duo, 500 GB + 750 GB HDD, 8 GB RAM, Win X Pro 64bit

A:TP A31p 2653-RQG and new Wireless Modul

Welcome to the forum! No, that will not work, will trigger multiple BIOS errors. The only newer cards that will work without BIOS hacks are Intel 2200BG and Broadcom 4306/4309, and not in all cases. A31p is a difficult machine to add wireless to in this respect. Hope this helps.

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I have an A31p, type 2653-R3U, that recently got a bit of an upgrade.  I installed a brand new WD Scorpio Blue Hard Drive and a GB of PC3200 DDR RAM, bringing me up to a total of 2 GB.  Everything was fine, for about a week, when out of the blue, my thinkpad wouldn't boot.  I would get the IBM splash screen, and then nothing but a blinking cursor.  I reinstalled windows, and got the same problem a few  days later.  I figured it was either a bad hard drive, or a bad hard drive controller.  However, I was able to replicate the problem in another machine - the only common denominator being the hard drive.  So I sent the hard drive back to WD, and got a brand new one back - only to have the same problem two nights later.  Couldn't boot.  Reinstalling Windows though, always rectifies the problem, albeit temporarily. I'm not really sure why I have this problem.  There are only a few things that I seem like they could be a source of problem.  One is that because my XP disc is regular old vanilla XP circa 2001, I have to go and install SP2 after I install Windows, and then use partition magic to increase the hard drive to it's full 320 GB capacity.  The other thing I notice is that the probably always occurs after I install SP3.  I don't know why that would cause a problem...but the timing strikes me as fishy, though I've never had any problem going about installing Windows this way until now.  Also, when... Read more

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When installed, the fast switch page goes away and a drop down menu for shut-down, standby, ect appears instead.  Also a login screen now appears upon startup.  I believe their is an issue involving the wlancugina.dll and wirelessgina.dll.  These 2 .dll's appeared after the installation.  Encore tech says the ms.dll from IBM.  I said help!

A:A31p 2653 r3u - Encore wireless lan adapter

Welcome to the forum! What happens if you remove the wireless card? 

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Hello, I have an A31p with two 512mb cards  (one in each slot) but it only shows 512mb total memory.I've tried swapping the cards between slots 0 and 1, and also tried removing the slot 1 card, and always end up with 512mb.I've run the PC doctor utility that comes on the laptop, but I haven't found much more info there.I assume this means there is a hardware problem with slot 1.  Any ideas of how to fix this?If there is no way to fix this, can I use a 1gb card in slot 0? Thanks in advance...

A:A31p only detecting one memory slot - is 1gb card ...

Welcome to the forum! One RAM slot going bad is a faily common problem on ThinkPads of that generation, the most affected one being T30, but I've seen it on A31/p, X30 and T23 as, to the answers: a) You can install 1Gb DIMM in your A31p. Mine all have 2x1Gb and work great. b) You can also try putting additional pressure by applying a thin piece of paper between the DIMM and the slot itself, or putting a post-it or two between the cover and the slot. c) There are companies which do this type of motherboard repair, I  have heard good reviews about hammershead tech. Hope this helps. 

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Just did a fresh format of windows xp pro, on my ibm thinkpad a31p. I downloaded this it extracted it to the hard drive. I ran the setup.exe, and it went through the soundmax setup. Then my audio icon vanishes and reappears, it used to say Intelr integrated audio, and now it says Soundmax Audio, which is what I want. Then it asks me to reboot, so I reboot it...and i try playing a music file but there is no darn sounds?What did I do wrong? I had the sound working before..but I am selling this to someone and the audio needs to work...I need help.

A:Ibm thinkpad A31p Audio driver broken?

Hmm.. Check out if the sound driver is installed correctly. Click start, right click My Computer, then select Manage. On the left tab select Device Manager. There should be no errors if the drivers are installed correctly. If nothing seems to be out of the ordinary, I would uninstall the driver (since it may not be a proper match to your actual sound card) and do a manual reinstall from the Computer Manager since it should search the internet for the proper software. Hope this helps!..


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Picked up a T-61 for a song and love the beast, but I'm having a problem with the hard drive Ultrabay that came with the Laptop. The drive isn't being recognized.  I've tried several SATA drives of sizes between 50 gig to 1 Terabyte, and all fail to recognize in the OS. (I've tried Win 7 and 10) The drive shows up in the Bios, regardless of which of the actual physical drives I've installed, and passes the Bios diagnostic, and the Drive shows up in the Device manager, but the OS can't see it. Deeply confused, hoping for a silver bullet. The DVD Drive Ultrabay works just fine, but no HDD in the other bay can be found by the OS, any suggestions?

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As a newbie to this site, I am not sure exactly where to post this question, so Im guessing it is a hardware issue.

I recently acquired an IBM ThinkPad T20/T21. This unit contains what IBM calls an Ultrabay 2000 port on the side of the unit. This is the source of my question/problem. The Ultrabay port and software allows the hot swapping of the interchangeable FDD and a CD-ROM modules. Under the installed Win 95 OS, the Ultrabay worked fine.

In order to gain use of the USB port on the unit, I just completed an upgrade from Win 95 to Win 98 SE. I upgraded using an OEM disk and in the end wound up with both a Windows directory (for the Win 95 OS) and a Windows.000 (for the Win 98 OS) on the HDD. After a little re-mapping, Ive gotten the audio, video, modem and mouse/trackpoint to work fine. My problem is the Ultrabay. Even with the latest IBM drivers, the Ultrabay port/computer will not recognize the CD-ROM. If I boot up with the FDD installed, both Windows Explorer and the Ultrabay S/W recognize the module and everything works fine. If I then hot swap to the CD-ROM, the Ultrabay SW sees the drive but indicates it is inoperable by placing a large red X through its icon in the system tray. Windows Explorer does not see the CD-ROM at all and still reports an FDD. If I boot up with the CD-ROM in the port, Windows Explorer sees the CD-ROM and allows full use of it, the Ultrabay SW however continues to show the red X. If I try to hot swap back to the FDD the system loc... Read more

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I didn't know where to post this specifically. Hence I chose the General Support section.

I have a ThinkPad T530. The main disk is an SSD (on which Windows 8 is installed and is the primary boot device). In the ultrabay slot, I have a 500GB hard disk. There used to be an optical drive here. I replaced it with the stock hard disk since I needed storage more than optical drive.

Anyway, on startup (as well as resume from standby and hibernate), I don't need the disk to be recognized. I want it to be done manually. Is there a way to stop windows from recognizing the device every time it boots? Presently, I am doing a "Safely remove device" after every start up, which is kind of annoying.

Hope you got what I am trying to say.


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What is the best SSD to use in the Ultrabay caddy in a Thinkpad T420?

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I cant find an ultrabay FRU# for the M90z. I'd lke to replace the DVD/R with an SSD. Does anyone have a part #? Thanks,Mike

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 I recently installed an HGST 1TB HDD using Ultrabay caddy (see related question). I am using Windows 7 pro. On restart, I can see the HGST in device manager. However It does not show up as a drive. Need help to get it going. Thanks.

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Just as the title states. When the y400/500 were first announced and then released, I was so excited. Using the concept of removeable slots,, as found in business machines, to augment a gaming machine seemed like a brilliant idea. And it was, they sold like hotcakes. The y410/510p made some incremental improvements, like activating the iGPU with Optimus and increasing the resolution on the 14" model. As expected, they were popular as well. Then came the y40/50 and now the y700 series. Lenovo completely designed their gaming lineup, removing the ultrabay and cutting fuctionality. Why? I can have 2 full sized HDD/SSDs and a 42mm M.2 installed in my 14" y410p, but the 15" y50/700 only has 1 full sized bay. Just what. Then instead of 850/860M SLI we get a single 860M in the y50, which was updated to a 960M in the y700. Yes the 860M is a decent card, and beats the 755M handily, but it's practically on par with 755M SLI. I just find it strange that such a great concept on such popular machines was cut. I'm sure there were issues, but removing the ultrabay just makes Lenovo's newer laptops just another crop of mid ranged machines. They lost a lot of what made them special, and what I feel made the brand take off after the y580 generation. 

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I have the lenovo y510p (59370015). It has a disk drive in the Ultrabay. Does this mean that there is no Nvidia graphics card in the laptop? If this is the case, then why are there a bunch of Nvidia files on it? If this is not the case then how do I get the card working, I see it with a Error Code 43 in device manager.

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I recently bought an ultrabay adapter off ebay that was compatible with the T400/T400S.  The Lenovo part would be ThinkPad Serial Hard Drive Bay Adapter III, P/N 43N3412.  I took out the original 250GB HDD and put an Intel X25-V in the main HD bay.  Then I put the original drive in the Ultrabay Adapter.  When I power up the machine the Ultrabay drive spins up for a second and the light on the adapter comes on and then the drive turns off.  The Ultrabay drive is not found by the BIOS, I have 1.20-1.07 installed.  I called Lenovo tech support and was told that there is no Ultrabay adapter for the T410, and the website confirms this when I search for storage adapter accessories for it.  Is there some way to get a second HDD to work in the Ultrabay? [EDIT]The solution. Thanks to Dd16. To enable the DVD automatic power off feature, open the Advanced view in Power Manager, go to the Power Plan tab and expand the System Settings dropdown. Now set Automatic Optical Drive Power Off to Enabled on AC and battery. (You'll be able to see and set this setting Automatic Optical Drive Power Off only if your DVD drive is inside of your ultrabay.) After being idle for 5 or 10 minutes your DVD drive will be powered off. Then this new icon (Other E: Powered Off) will appear in My Computer.    Make a shortcut of that icon on your desktop because after you remove your DVD drive this icon will disapp... Read more

A:T410 Ultrabay HDD Question - SOLVED!

you got a knock off or the real one? 

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Got way too many ThinkPads around here and decided to retire my T61.  It had a 128gb Intel SSD I cloned it and installed a small hard drive so it can be reused/recycled.  I cloned my T400's HDD to the SSD.  Good for day to day use and I have gobs of cloud storage.  After 4 years or so the $00 gb HDD only took about half the 128 SSD.  My Ultrabay frame is supposed to be here tomorrow and I intend to install the 500 gb drive in it.  I'd like to use it for my primary storage.  I'm clueless as to the best way to do this.  I've never considered doing this before but realized that I hardly ever used the CD/DVD drive and unlike the MacBook, I can still swap them with out a set of tools and an hour or so to do it. 

T400,, 2.53ghz T9500,8gb ram Windows 7 Home PremiumT61,15.4 T7300, 2gb RAM, Windows 7 Home Premium14.1 T23, type 2647 9LU, 1.13 PIII, 1gb, XP Pro

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Hello, I'm new to Lenovo and I'm about to buy one of the Y510P (59373392) with single graphics and the 1TB version.The last question I've got is whether it is possible to install an additional SSD via the DVD slot-in. I don't need the DVD drive, so it would be wonderful to install a 128GB or 256GB SSD. I've read some topics and saw that the motherboard doesn't have a mSATA connection but it must have a NGFF connection if I'm right. Since I'm not very experienced with laptops, here are a few more questions 1) If it is possible to install an additional SSD, what products are available?2) Where do I get the UltraBay adapter?3) Would it then be possible to make the SSD the bootable drive? Thanks in advance!

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A:Y510P 59373392: SSD upgrade via UltraBay?

hi thewavelength,
Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums!
You can use a caddy for this.
But the SSD you can use here is a 2.5 SSD not the msata one.
  this kind :
ODD can be set as primary boot and should be able to boot windows from it.
    BIOS has to be set to legacy.
Hope this helps,

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I have the lenovo y510p (59370015). It has a disk drive in the Ultrabay. Does this mean that there is no Nvidia graphics card in the laptop? If this is the case, then why are there a bunch of Nvidia files on it? If this is not the case then how do I get the card working, I see it with a Error Code 43 in device manager.

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Hello everyone. I have recently got a new ThinkPad L540. Since I need to use Windows 7 (TrueCrypted company Installation on normal SSD) and Ubuntu I bought a HDD Caddy for the UltraBay together with a 1TB HDD. My problem is, that I can not select the second HDD (HDD1) in the BIOS to boot from. It does not show the name of the drive, just HDD1. HDD0 has a name that indicates that it is the Intel SSD. The new drive is visible and usable in Windows and when I use a USB-Drive to install Linux on that second Drive.Furthermore I switched the SSD and the HDD and the L540 boots sraight up into Ubuntu. When I switch back its boots Windows 7 again. During the Ubuntu installation I tried both, writing the GRUB2 bootloader to the root-partition or to the beginning of the HDD (schould be the same since the root-partition is the first on the drive). Gparted is also thelling me that the root-partition is bootable. I hope somebody has an idea!Thank you very much for your help in advance!!! 

A:L540 HDD in Ultrabay not recognised in BIOS

I have exactly the same problem . Bad solution is to change the AHCI to IDE mode in BIOS. Do you have an idea how to solve it?

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Hi Since I changed to Windows 10 (completely new installation), sometimes the HDD in the Ultrabay gets detached after wake up from sleep. First I can hear it turn on, then it goes off and a notification tells me that the HDD was removed. I've tried all sort of drivers (Lenovo, Microsoft, Intel RST 12.5-12.9) with no luck.It worked without any problems in Windows 7 (with Intel RST 12.5 driver). Is it a known problem?What can I do? RegardsVone

A:UltraBay HD missing on wake up with Windows 10, T5...

Good day.Please provide your system model name/number (don't post your serial number, though), otherwise it will be difficult for the community to assist you. We will also be able to confirm that your post is in the proper forum.Regards.

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Hi Since I changed to Windows 10 (completely new installation), sometimes the HDD in the Ultrabay gets detached after wake up from sleep. First I can hear it turn on, then it goes off and a notification tells me that the HDD was removed. I've tried all sort of drivers (Lenovo, Microsoft, Intel RST 12.5-12.9) with no luck.It worked without any problems in Win 7 (with Intel RST 12.5 driver). Is it a known problem?What can I do? RegardsVone

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Hello, I bought a y510p in december, and ever since getting SLI to work after the Win 8.1 upgrade, I've been completely dissapointed by the performance of the ultrabay GPU. It overheats and crashes the nvidia driver in minutes. While the on board GPU remains at acceptable temps, the ultrabay GPU will steadily rise in temperature untill the driver crashes, while playing somewhat demanding games like Bioshock Infinite, Witcher 2 or Wargame AirLand Battle. Ironically I get far batter performance in these games, if I disable SLI and only run the games on the on board GPU. In less intensive games like Red Orchestra 2, temps are not critical and SLI works fine - this is however a moot point, since I would be able to run these games just fine without an extra GPU. I paid a lot of money for that extra GPU, and seeing it being effectively useless is quite infuriating.  Inb4: Yes, I have the newest drivers. Yes, I've cleaned for dust. Yes, I've undervolted the CPU and underclocked the ultrabay GPU and drastically reduced the in game graphics quality - which brought me to the conclusion that I get better quality disabling SLI altogether.  Unless there is a solution to this, I will absolutely be taking the machine back, as in its current state, I feel that the ultrabay card is effectively useless. Futhermore I get the feeling that Lenovo just jammed it in there without any consideration as to whether it would actually work out practically.  Below i... Read more

A:Y510p Ultrabay GPU overheating extremely easily

Can anyone atleast confirm they are running Bioshock Inifite on y510p with SLI enabled, without these problems?

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I would like to replace the DVD drive in a ThinkPad P70 with a 2.5" hard disk, and I have trouble finding the right adapter. I have found several references here and on other sites to the part 00NY314. I have ordered it from IBM, and it's indeed the right shape, but it's only the plastic shell with a metal bottom, and there is no connector for the HDD. Here's a picture of the part that I have received. Note the absence of connectors. ?I have called Lenovo support, and they told me that the part 0B47315 might be the right one. I have ordered that one, too, and while it has all the necessary connectors, it doesn't have the right shape, so I believe it's not appropriate for the P70. Did anyone actually order the part 00NY314? Were you able to connect the HDD? Where did you order it from? Did IBM ship the wrong part? What's the correct part number for the adapter?

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I got a single card version of the new y500 750m, and  i was woundering form the research i have done on the fourms that, lenovo is still not selling the 750m ultrabay yet?, the one i can find here:,Y500 Removable Graphics GN36, it dosn't specifically say what model graphics card it is, but im assuming its the 650m and i read that, it does not work in SLI with my Y500 with built in 750, so is the 750 ultrabay option still not avalable for purchase?

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A:Y500 750m SLI Ultrabay sold seperatly?

My question exactly. Anyone ?

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I have Thinkpad Z61p and Advanced Dock 250310U. Will HDD Ultrabay model 40Y8725 be interchangeable in both the Thinkpad and Dock?Is it possible to boot from this?  Either in the dock or in the Thinkpad?

Current: Thinkpad Yoga S1 w/digitizerPast: T500 2056-4SU, Advanced Dock, Ultrabay HDD carrierZ61p 9452JRU. My first Lenovo/IBM stolen and in the hands of someone else now. Advanced Dock, Ultrabay HDD carrier

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I have a thinkpad t430s and I bought a new supposedly oem lenovo 43 ultrabay battery. When I insert the battery it is recognized that a battery was plugged in but it stays at 0%. I've tried all different combinations of reinserting it before and after reboots turning on and off the ultrabay in the bios. The CD / DVD ultrabay drive works fine, although since the connectors inside are totaly different I doubt that is relevant info.What is the best way for me to figure out if the problem is this battery or the laptop? Or could it be a software issue... any help would be hugely appreciated. One of the main reasons I acquired this laptop was the use of the ultrabay batteries.Thanks

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Hi everyone, If you don't want to read everything, just scroll down to the underlined part  For 3 years now, my Y500 (gt650m sli, second gpu in Ultrabay) had been working fine. But now, there is a problem. My primary gpu, i.e. the one attached to the motherboard, not the one connected via Ultrabay, appears to be broken.The Problem:Occasionally, the primary gpu has malfunctions. Therefore, I have to use the device manager to switch it off. Otherwise, my laptop tends to reboot out of an instant after running for some time. There are times when I can use the gpu for several hours without any problems, but there also are times when I cannot use it at all. When I switch it off in the, move my notebook, and switch it on again, there is a probability that the gpu might work. Hence, I assume a hardware issue.The Story:The problem first appeared after a really nasty circumstance; I took my notebook with me in its bag (a rather fluffy bag to prevent the notebook from blows) and suddenly, I realised that the bag became hot. The reason was a Windows update started out of standby... The notebook crashed with 34% of the updates installed. Afterwards, I had to reinstall Windows or nothing would work. (The crash at 34% seems to originate in the empty battery, but that's not for sure)After the reinstallation, said issue occured for the first time. Hence, I reinstalled the OS several times. Currently, I am using the OS from the OKR with the automatic (inescapable) updat... Read more

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Hello, Last week i received my Y510P from a reseller here in Lithuania, and ran into a *slight* problem.When playing more demanding games (though i wouldnt call borderlands 2 a very demanding game), the screen freezes and the sound hangs. Occasionally the display would turn pitch black (sometimes the drivers just reset with screen backlight still on). I checked memory, sshd, cpus and main gpus for errors, but none were found. I have no idea how to test the ultrabay though... Temps are pretty high, but definetly not critical. CPU runs below 85c under load, main gpu runs at around 75c, only ultrabay runs hotter, but i've seen people saying that theirs run above 95c and it still works fine. Mine usually crashes when it reaches 91-93c. It reaches those temps in about 30-60 minutes, steadily heating up.  I tried removing and re inserting, but it didnt have any effect. Im stumped. Sorry for rambling on so long. I hope somebody can help me pinpoint the problem, and maybe help fix it. Thanks. System specs:Win 8.1 proIntel core I7 4700MQ 2.4ghzNvidia GT 755m SLI8GB ram1TB+8gb SSHDAll drivers are up to date. 

A:Lenovo Y510P 755m SLI ultrabay crashes nvidia serv...

It seems that re-pasting the ultrabay, and increasing TdrDealy to 8 fixed the problem, but i believe it's something more serious than that...

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Hey guys,I used one of my friends pen drive on my pc and while browsing the pen drive,My avira picked up a trojan alert and i moved all the threats to quarantine and restarted my pc.After the reboot;Taskmanager,Mscofig,regedit,firefox,chrome are all not working/opening.Ctrl+alt+delete had been disabled and my floppy disk drive kept flickering continously.Internet explorer was the only browser that was working,But whenever i searched "regedit crashing" in google,IE too crashed!

When i restart the System in normal mode these are the problems that i have.

When ever i try to open firefox/chrome by double clicking the cursor loads for a second and then nothing happens.Some times it reports a error message about a 16-bit memory usage..I didn't read this error properly because it appeared only once.

My floppy disk drive light keeps flickering without a seconds pause and makes weird noises .


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Ok I have a self-built's a year old just a few days ago.

Win XP SP2 (I think)
Intel Quad-Core 2.4ghz [OCed to 3.2ghz)
RAM 4gb [2.5gb detected]
HDD- Western Digital 160GB and not sure which company could be Maxtor 500GB SATA
8800GT 512mb Video Card

I have an IDE drive on there too with an Apple OSX installed on it.


I've been hunting viruses and trojans [due to a backdoor trojan that] for the last few days and elimintated most of them including the backdoor. I was running a 'thourough' scan today while I was at school as well as downloading some things. MY anti-virus program is avast!

Thinking my comps quad-core 3.2ghz could handle the load I turned on Company of Heroes while all this was running....the comp froze...I restarted manually.

The first screen I got is the usual one except under SATA Channel listings it said Floppy disk(s) fail (40)....I don't have a floppy drive.

Then when I press F1 to continue it doesn't load up my main hardrive where Windows is installed. Like it doesn't detect only detects the IDE drive with Apple on it and can start it up.

Don't ask me how I have an Apple OS on my comp the answer might violate the forums rules...but that OS isn't the problem.

Somehow the anti-virus scan mixed with downloading and a video game crash messed things up. Even F8 doesn't work.

A:[SOLVED] Floppy Disk Fail(40)...but I have no floppy startup

The BIOS was reset to default values. Enter the BIOS at startup and change the boot order priority to the sata hdd first. Locate the screen with the setting for the floppy drive and set that drive to disabled or none. If there's a setting called halt on disk errors change it to "no errors but keyboard" or something like that. Once you're back within windows run chkdsk c: /R to correct errors in the file system caused by the hard restart (answer y when prompted to schedule the scan at next startup and restart the computer).

What's the brand, model and wattage of your power supply ? The freezing wasn't necessarily caused by the antivirus, could have been caused by an underpowered power supply. With an overclocked quad core and a 8800GT you need a quality 700W+ supply. Locate the hardware monitor screen in the BIOS and report your temps, fan speeds and voltages.


Don't ask me how I have an Apple OS on my comp the answer might violate the forums rules...but that OS isn't the problem.

Actually mentioning it already violates the forum rules. Please read them if you didn't already : Also read this. I'll pass this time cause it's your first post but I'll have to issue an official warning next time.

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I'm trying to build my first computer and I think I've got things setup right, but whenever I try to boot up I get the a message on the screen saying Floppy Disk(s) Fail (40). The Problem is that I don't have a floppy drive and my computer only gives me about one to five secs. (depending how long I wait between boot attempts) to get into the BIOS and try to do anything. the motherboard I am working with is a EVGA nForce 680i SLI motherboard and it uses Pheonix-Award BIOS. Thanks in advance for any help.

A:Floppy Disk(s) Fail (40) error but I don't have a floppy drive

You need to get into the BIOS and Disable Floppy drives. It should be on the same screen as the basic set-up.
Also take it out of the Boot sequence.

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I recently built a system with an Intel 955 Motherboard. All is well, except for one curious thing - the floppy drive activity light is always on, from the moment of startup, even before WinXP loads, and the system can't read a floppy. It just keeps requesting that I insert a floppy into my a: drive. It does not sound like the floppy spindle is running, and there are no solenoid-like clicks when I insert the floppy as though the system is trying to read it, just the mechanical "snap" of the eject spring.

Any thoughts? Did I miss something in BIOS? I tried 2 different, brand-new floppy drives and they both act the same way. I've never encountered this before.

A:Floppy Drive Power Light Always On, Can't Read Floppy

The chances are, you`ve not installed the floppy drive/cable correctly.

Look Here for floppy drive installation instructions.

Regards Howard

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Hi, I'm trying to install Windows XP Pro SP2 on my Compaq CQ62-423NR laptop.

I use this laptop for work. It came with Windows 7 Home Premium. During the past few days, a computer on our company's network was infected with a virus. It spread to our company's network drive (NAS) and infected many of the files. When I used my computer to access the network drive, the virus infected my computer, and for some reason, AVG wasn't able to detect the virus until it was too late. I.T. has restored the network drive from a backup, and all ordered everyone to restore from a clean backup or reinstall Windows. I have made backups before, but they were stored on the computer's hard drive and I.T. says the backups may be infected, so I can not use them.

It's been a long time since the warranty expired. HP doesn't want to let me order recovery media. Then I made a dumb move and deleted the Windows 7 partition, hoping to be able to install Windows XP. But there was a problem with that.

If I simply boot from the installation CD, a BSoD (STOP) appears. After some research, I found out this is because my laptop's hard drive has AHCI and there is no option in the BIOS (InsydeH20 Rev 3.5) to disable it.

I read somewhere that I can either use a floppy drive to load the AHCI drivers before installation, or slipstream the ISO/install CD and add the AHCI drivers to the list of drivers that come built-in.

Since I'm trying to install Windows XP on a lapt... Read more

A:Solved: URGENT! F6 floppy drivers without floppy drive?

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Hi All,

Here is the low down. I cant boot into any OS.

I formatted my PC and figured that after installing XP i'd dual boot Ubuntu (9.04).
So all went well, XP and Ubuntu installed as anticipated i could access both OS' for a couple of hours.

When i was in Ubuntu, i was trying to change my primary monitor (22") to have the toolbar instead of my 19".
I went on Ubuntu forums to see what had to be done, and i needed to reboot for the changes to take effect.

After i rebooted, it didnt list any of my 2 hard drives (150gb raptor, 1tb Samsung) or my Asus DVD/CD drive.

My motherboard (Nvidia 680I) stated 7F which only says in the manual as "Check POST error and display them and ask user intervention".
Well, the lovely post error comes up as:

floppy disk(s) fail (40) Click to expand...

floppy disk(s) fail (40)
Real helpful right? And considering i have NO floppy drive...(its a custom built PC)
And i have two options, F1 to continue and DEL for BIOS.

I checked BIOS first, reset to default, removed floppy drive from the boot menu, rebooted, same issue.

Hit F1 to continue now, and the only bootable option is the NVIDIA Boot Agent and comes up with this:


This goes on a continuous loop, failing every time. I've checked all cables and it all seems fine.
Now i cant even access my CD/DVD drive (completely disabled) which... Read more

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I am trying to get into one of my foppy disk as it has some files on it that I am trying to look at. everytime I put my disk into the floppy (A) drive and try to load the files on it I get a error message saying disk drive A is not formatted and when I click on yes to format the disk it says my information will be erased of the disk if I do so I didn't try it however I tried to load another disk with nothing on it and I tired to reformat it but it didn't reformat it(I forget what It said). how can I get my floppy disk to load my files to where I can pull up the Microsoft word documents that I have on them? what is wrong with my floppy drive?

A:floppy drive won't format floppy disk

The disks are probably corrupted. You can try and recover the files off of them using BadCopy Pro - Floppy Disk, CD, DVD and Digital Media Data Recovery Software

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I think I have an easy enough question. I recently got a used Sony Digital Mavica, MVC-FD73 (easily googled Amazon review available for detail at the following address: )

from a friend and see here that it saves to floppy discs. That's all fine and dandy, but my new computer has no floppy drive.

I am not well educated on the USB floppy connection materials... could someone please provide me with tips for buying an external floppy drive? I have no open bays left on my PC for an internal one.

Thank you for reading.

A:Solved: Floppy Required, but no floppy drive!

I have an Imation external USB floopy drive, it works great and I highly recommend it, here is one link to this type of drive:

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I want to copy files I have on floppy to a cd, problem is I don't have a floppy drive on my new laptop and no cd burner on old pc which is running 98se.

how do I connect these pc together to use my burner on one pc to copy off a drive from another, if at all possible.

A:make floppy copy with no floppy drive

Hook the PC with the flopy drive up to your internet connection and e-mail it to yourself...

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EDIT: Ok... So I need to create a SATA floppy, which I didn't know I need to create (yes, I am using a Sata 1 drive). So, how do you create this floppy drive (gladly I have a second machine with a floppy)? I just need the general idea of it (how to create the floppy itself so it "works"), I'll take care of finding the correct drivers themselves...

(Admins, is it possible that you rename my thread to something like "creating SATA drivers floppy"?)

Good morning all!

My parts are [supposed] to come today (well, the rest of them, that is). So I should be building my new system in a few days or so. But for the windows installation, do I need a floppy drive, too? So far I've bought only a DVD/CD ROM so I can install from any kind of CD/DVD (plus its very cheap if you aren't saving data on discs), so I should be able to get by. But I want to make sure that somewhere in the middle of the process of installing something it says "please make a floppy with [insert what here] and boot up from it to [insert action here]".

Thanks for your help in advance.

A:creating SATA drivers floppy (Do I need a floppy?)

In the beginning of the installation it says you should press F6 to load additional drivers. You don't know what these additional drivers are or you are already away making a sandwich in the kitchen, so the message disappears and the setup continues.

Later on, if you have a SATA hard drive, the WIndows installerwill say that it can't find any hard drives. And then, when you ask someone about this pecualiar message, you are told that you should have made a special floppy disk containing SATA drivers and pressed that F6 key

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So I keep getting this pop-up (Att 1), saying that I can't eject my HD b/c it's in use by other programs, close any applications, etc, etc. This is occurring frequently often but not in a consistent pattern.

[Edit: I'm not trying to eject the drive, and don't want to - it's my full-time data drive.]

I found the associated entries in Event Viewer (pasted below). Anyone got pointers on how to determine what is kicking this off?
- System

- Provider

[ Name] Microsoft-Windows-UserPnp
[ Guid] {96F4A050-7E31-453C-88BE-9634F4E02139}

EventID 20011

Version 0

Level 4

Task 7006

Opcode 0

Keywords 0x8000000000000000

- TimeCreated

[ SystemTime] 2013-08-03T22:47:42.924435000Z

EventRecordID 314529


- Execution

[ ProcessID] 152 [OP: svchost]
[ ThreadID] 7256

Channel System

Computer [OP: removed]

- Security

[ UserID] S-1-5-18

- UserData


VetoDevice IDE\[OP: snipped for brevity]\4&28d29191&0&0.1.0

VetoName STORAGE\Volume\[OP: snipped for brevity]

VetoType 6

A:Repeated attempts to "Eject" my ultrabay HD

What hard drive are you trying to disconnect. I know it can't be B or C.

Also please do this Tutorial.

By Brink.
System Info - See Your System Specs

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Hello Guys!!

Intel board has no floppy connector; I dont have a USB floppy drive. I have a Adaptec controller with 2x 80GB drives connected to it in RAID 1. When installing Windows 2003 server I press F6 for additional drives; but it want my dam floppy and I have no floppy. Any way I can trick the USB memory stick into thinking it is a USB floppy? How do I do that?

Thanks Very Much!!

A:No FDD, No Floppy conector on board, F6 wants the dam floppy!!!

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When I insert any floppy in the Floppy Drive of my system, the message that the disk is not formatted is displayed even when the floppy disk contains certain data on it and prompts to format the disk. On trying to format the disk, the formatting fails and the message that the windows was unable to complete the formatting comes. The same floppy works in the other drives. When I sought the help of an authorized service personnel, the same says that on testing as well as replacing the drive, no problem is found!!!
Then why doesn't the floppy work on my system???
Please help!!!

A:Its Floppy Or Floppy Drive (Problem)!

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I built my first system and when I boot up the system it gives me the Floppy Drive Error 40. The problem is, I dont have a floppy installed not do I plan on installing one. Everything else works great i just hate having to hit F1 to boot my system. Any help on how to disable this would be great!


System Info:
Intel Core2 E6750 2.66Ghz 1333FSB, Vista Ultimate, 3GB 800Mhz Ram, nVidia 680i SLI Motherboard, Dual nVidia 512MB 8600 GTS, Dual 160GB 10K RPM Westerrn Digital HDD, Raidmax DirkTooth Smilodon Case and A Dell 24" Ultrasharp Widescreen Display.

A:HELP. Floppy Error 40 but no Floppy Drive

Disable the floppy drive controller in the BIOS.

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I installed a Sony floppy disk drive into my Vista PC - and got this message: "A:\ is not accessible. The floppy disk controller reported an error that is not recognized by the floppy disk driver." The disk shows up as Drive A on My Computer, the green light comes on, etc - but will not read.
I tried uninstalling/reinstalling several times, but the same problem.
Can anyone help?

A:floppy disk controller/floppy disk drive problem in Vista

In your BIOS, do you have the proper floppy drive configured? Most BIOS settings will allow for several different kinds of floppy drives ("3.5", 5.25", etc). Make sure the right one is selected.

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Let me ask you guys something.....I'm thinking about upgrading to
win 10, but like win 7 so...

I have win 7 home on crucial ssd... if I download ms creation tool
shut pc off
swap out crucial win 7 ssd with new sandisk ssd
boot up using the iso or usb , do fresh install of win 10 on sandisk
update win 10..... ok so far so good I think

then activate win 10 with my win 7 key

shut pc off , swap ssd's , take the win 10 sandisk out of pc and put
it on shelf,
put original crucial ssd with win 7 back in as c drive , boot up
and keep on using win 7 ???????????

or will there be problems ??

A:win 10 ssd swap to old win 7 ssd ??

Rofl are you trying to have two OSs installed, on separate SSDs, and getting this in before the July 29th deadline?

In all seriousness, I'm not sure how the activation would work.

I'm planning to just do a Win10 clean install in a couple days myself...

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I've got 2 PCs, one running XP Home, and the other running XP MCE. I'm planning on swapping the roles of these PCs, and am wondering if I'm going to run into activation problems once I'm done formatting/reinstalling windows on each of these machines.

Think I'll end up having to contact MS? Will they let me do this without having to purchase new keys?

A:Swap OSs between PCs

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Hi all and a merry xmas to you

Q/ I have a giig-byte 7vaxp ultra mobo with a amd athlon 2000xp in it with bios upgrade to f7 which allows a xp3000+ to be used can i just put the new cpu in or do i have to format

i know a format would be ideal but its a time thing and setting up my wireless connection is a pain in the ***

any advice would be great

happy new year

syn xx

A:cpu swap

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Recently my friends computer had a some type of mobo failure on his windows xp machine from 2003/4, and as a result, he could not use the computer. He has some very important applications that he uses on his HDD, and it will take a long time before all the applications can be put onto a new HDD.

I happened to have an extra computer that i recently built at home running vista. Because the chipsets are different, the computer was unable to boot with the HDD running xp. Is there anyway I can use my current computer to utilize his xp-running HDD without losing his data (his applications are specific to xp and cannot be used in vista)?

I researched (albeit briefly) on sysprep, however i do not have XP on my current computer. Will i have install XP, create a sysprep.exe, and then HDD swap before I can use it? Or is there some easier way?

With Thanks,

A:HDD and OS Swap

All you have to do is do a repair installation of what ever software you have on the hdd with the important data.

e.g you have xp. you set the hdd as master and it wont boot.
insert xp disk and select second repair. It'll allow you to load windows to install drivers.

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Hi, people. I have the same problem. I have tried to clean it but i can't. Please, help my and my pc, thanks. Hijack have said :Logfile of HijackThis v1.97.7Scan saved at 17:35:48, on 19/11/2004Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)Running processes:C:\WINDOWS\System32\smss.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\winlogon.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\services.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\lsass.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\LEXBCES.EXEC:\WINDOWS\system32\spoolsv.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\LEXPPS.EXEC:\Archivos de programa\Panda Software\Panda Antivirus Titanium\Pavsrv51.exeC:\Archivos de programa\Panda Software\Panda Antivirus Titanium\AVENGINE.EXEC:\WINDOWS\Explorer.EXEC:\Archivos de programa\Panda Software\Panda Antivirus Titanium\APVXDWIN.EXEC:\WINDOWS\SOUNDMAN.EXEC:\Archivos de programa\MSN Apps\Updater\01.02.3000.1001\es\msnappau.exeC:\Documents and Settings\JUAN FRANCISCO\Datos de programa\aonr.exeC:\Archivos de programa\Microsoft Office\Office\FINDFAST.EXEC:\Archivos de programa\Microsoft Office\Office\OSA.EXEC:\Archivos de programa\Panda Software\Panda Antivirus Titanium�... Read more


You are using an outdated version of hijackthis. Please download the newer version.Download HijackThis from:HijackThis Download SiteThen post a new log

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With Christmas coming up I'm wondering if I should swap out my families XFX Ati Radeon HD 5770 with a new ASUS Ati Radeon HD 6950 (Click Link)..

A few people in my family game and my friend offered to pay me 60 for my current one, personally I think it's a good deal especially with the frame rate drop I've noticed with new DX11 games..

So vote/post comments if you could



A:Should I Swap Out My GPU?

It's really a personal choice.
If you want the direct x 11 functionallity and
a performance boost then go for it.
Make sure that card you linked will fit in your
case and your power supply can handle it.
That card is 3 slots wide and pretty long.

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Q: swap

Hi just a quick question I'll be using Fedora 4 and RedHatLinux Enterprise AS 4 as a dual boot can i use the same swap for both of these linux partitions or doesnt' it work that way?


As long as it is named swap yes u can! (it is just kinda temp memory) so u can use them!

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Hello, I've got two little 10GB hdd's left over.

Right now, I have a single 500GB SATA HDD I have three partitions, one for storage (irrelevant), one for windows, and one for Linux. I am currently using GRUB.

I am wondering if it is safe for me to remove the 500GB hdd, install a 10GB hdd with an os, and then switch them back later. I'd like to play around with my 10GB hdd, but I don't want to re-partition, nor do I really have a ton of space left. I think it would be nice to take my 500GB out, put the 10GB in, and play around with different Linux distros and stuff.

So will that cause problems?

A:Can I swap HDD's?

If the OS' are both on your 500GB Hard disk, then if you remove it you'll then have free run.

Nothing will be an issue on the condition you make no hardware changes after removing your 500GB disk, and everything is the same when you re-connect it.

You'll be free to play til the cows come home with you 10GB hard disks then.

This is all based on the assumption your just swapping physical disks, and not actually adding them together in the same system.

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Just a quick question. I picked up a Lenovo K450 at a market. it has a i5 Cpu, I also have another computer that needs work, that has an i7 CPU, can I swap the i7 with the i5?

A:Swap Cpu's

Depends whether they're from the same, or similar, series or not, what's the full ix xxxx code for both?

What hardware + PSU make/model is in the PC you'd like to upgrade?

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I bought a computer with Windows 8.1 on a 1TB HDD. I put in an SSD and transferred Windows onto it with Microsoft Office. The HDD, being used for data storage, then became unreliable within a few weeks. There was also a lot of fan noise. In order to get the HDD repaired under warranty, I replaced it in the computer as it was on purchase before sending to repair. The repair under warranty resulted in replacement of the broken HDD with a new HDD containing a new copy of Windows 8.1. The machine is now working fine again, and Microsoft Office reinstalled. I have not replaced the SSD because I want to see if the fan noise has gone away. I can still hear more noise than I would've liked.
The question is - whether the SSD, which still has the OS on it, and Microsoft Office 2013, can be replaced in the machine as before if the fan noise is resolved, and whether I can keep the duplicate OS and Office on the HDD (together with data storage) as a back up to return to if things go wrong again.
Excuse me if posting in the wrong forum - and glad to be re-directed or for any advice. Thanks in advance.

A:SSD/HD OS swap

Your safest bet is probably to clone the NEW hdd to your SSD and replace. Then yes you can have the new hdd as a backup.

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I tried to migrate the existing OS from my 40Gb to a brand new 80GB HDD. I installed the hardware, run Maxblast 3 (and then 4), partitioned the HDD, copied all the OS and data. The copying of the boot partition was done by MAXBLAST4, but 2 other partitions were copied in Windows.
Then swapped jumpers making the new HDD the boot drive, and I got the message "no OS installed".
Looked for the "SYS" command, like one would do in w95/98, but it does not exist in w2k. Checked the drive, the boot partition was active. Run fdisk /mbr on the new drive - nope.
Got the w2k install CD, created the 4 floppies, open the console, found fixmbr, nope again. So I let w2k "repair" the installation.
I then get the choice of OS (the one on the 80GB and the one on the 40Gb. The first choice did not work because pagefile.sys was missing (and it wasn't); then I got an error message about one dll (which had been replaced by the W2k repair job), replaced it back, but it still did not seem to work if I choose to boot from the new drive. At some stage it seemed to work, (looking at the disk management, where one allocates the drive letters, I was using the 80Gb for system and pagefile but it had the archive (?) on the 40Gb) so, thinking that I was home and dry, I swapped the HDD again (I had a 15Gb HDD with data which I wanted to transfer, so I moved it to the 40Gb which would run as standalone) but when I returned to the "proper" setup (ie 80gb master, 40Gb... Read more

A:HDD Swap

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I have a Compaq CQ50-215ca laptop and wanted to know if the video card can be swapped out?


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I have two laptops (both Toshiba's, 4yrs and 2yrs old). Running Windows 7 Pro x64 on older one and Vista Home Prem x64 on newer one.

I want to get rid of older one (for obvious reasons), but don't want to purchase a new license for Windows 7. How can I swap the HDD's before ditching the antiquated unit?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

A:HDD Swap

I'm assuming your oS's are OEM and came preinstalled on your machines, in which case, I believe your out of luck, unless you can get away with installing 7 on the new machine and sweet talk Microsoft into activation by begging hardware change. But strictly speaking those OS's are married to those individual machines and no others. Thats one of the reasons a full retail version is so much more expensive, you're paying for the privileged to install/uninstall as many times and on as many different machines as you'd like as long as it's only ever one at a time. Good luck!
fwiw I watched Craigslist and bought a retail version of 7 Ultimate for approx what an OEM Vers. costs (Some guy won it at a company raffle)so there are deals out there, just make sure the seals are unbroken.

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Hello, I need some help with a computer problem. My computer: Acer Aspire One D255 10.1 LED. HDD: Intel Atom N450 OS: Win7
The computer was left outside and lightly rained upon. After this it would not boot. The opinion of a reliable source is that the motherboard is damaged but the HDD is good. I need the information on this HDD. My idea is to buy another identical or similar, but used, Aspire One, remove the HDD of both computers and swap them, giving me a functional computer loaded with my original HDD (the info I need). My questions are thus:
1) Are there other models of Aspire One which use this same HDD as mine? (Atom N450). If so, which Acer models?
2) Is it especially difficult to remove/replace the HDD in this computer?
3) Is there an easy way to transfer the data from my HDD to the HDD in another computer without swapping HDDs?
4) Is replacing the bad motherboard a simple solution?
Any opinions/solutions to my problem are much appreciated. Thank you.

A:HDD swap

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I have a WD2001AWSS, firmware 01.00101, that I was able to hot swap a few times and now it will not hot swap. Two other drives will hot swap on the same equipment.
(esata attached Antec Varis external enclosure and Cable Unlimited docking station)

To mount this drive I must reboot with the drive attached and powered on. Then all is OK.

Tested with WD's wingding app and this 2TB drive passed.

Should I try a firmware update if I can find one?
Does anyone have experience with firmware updates on hard drives.?

A:No hot swap WD

I just got an answer from Western Digital support:

"We are very sorry for the inconvenience. Let me just inform you that the Caviar Black Hard disk drive does not support and not recommended to do Hot Swapping and hot plugging.Internal drives does not have any firmware update as you can see on the web site. Check the link below.Thank you
WD Support / Downloads / SATA & SAS / WD Caviar Black"

I replied with a more precise description of my problem. That I am using an Antec
external enclosure and/or a Cables Unlimited docking station. When the Caviar Black was mounted in one of these, esata connection made and then the power turned on to the external setup, the computer does not detect the drive. The only way I can get this drive detected is to reboot.

Two Seagate drives do not have this problem and are detected.

The Caviar black had been detected a few times earlier but now no more.
If detected a few times previously, why not detection all the time? I have cleaned the sata contacts with an eraser. Still not detected.

I have now asked WD support " Will Caviar Blacks work and be detected in Antec Veris enclosures or Cables Unlimited docking stations".

One question seems to be answered. There is no firmware flash for this drive.

Still waiting for suggestions or advice from the forum members. Anyone out there???

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I'm not attempting to do this, but just for my knowledge...why is it I can't put another harddrive into my computer in place of the one I have now, and boot it up?

A:Why Can't I Swap HDD's...

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Dear Friends

I'm trying to replace a Crucial SSD that is running out of space with a more capacious one. Anyone familiar with the step-by-step procedure? My Toshiba laptop has both a C (SSD) and D (HDD) drive along with the optical drive.

I'm running Windows 7 Professional

Regards to all from

John P. Owens

A:SSD Swap.

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Have a HD with Win 7 on it. Want to try to boot it up in another PC that's has a HD running XP. (remove the XP HD and install the Win 7 HD) Is it possible it will boot up? Biggest thing is I don't want to wreck anything if it won't boot up. I know drivers may not be compatible, etc. Thanks

A:Swap'n HD to another PC

It's not as simple as that.
You can't remove a hard drive containing Windows 7 from one computer and then install it in a completely different computer and expect it to boot up and work.
Windows 7 needs to be installed in the computer it's going to be used in.


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I have my OS and utilities on my C drive and my games are on my D drive.
I have ordered a new 1TB HDD and would like to move all of my games on my D drive onto my new HDD and use the old D drive to do a backup onto.

Do I just copy everything over and rename the new HDD D: or is it more complicated?

A:How do I swap my D: HDD?

Keep it simple.
I would,
1- Install new hard drive
2- Go into disc management and rename your "D" drive to another letter
3- format and name your new drive as "D"
4- copy files to new drive

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Hi I was wondering if anyone can give me a little info on whether or not I can swap my old CPU (an AMD Athlon XP 3200+ 2.2Ghz) for a new AMD Athlon X2 Dual Core 6000+ 3.0Ghz. I dont know much about this machines mobo... I am assuming though (unless AMD drastically changed something) that the CPU's can be easily swapped ^^ any thoughts

A:Cpu Swap Help

unless AMD drastically changed somethingClick to expand...

Uhm.. I think that going from 32 bits to 64 bits and adding another core do qualify as significant changes

Athlon XP uses Socket A whereas that X2 uses the AM2 socket, so you do need a new motherboard.

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Will a pentium 3 1GHz 370 pin processor work in a mobo with a Celeron 366MHz 370 pin processor. To also let you know this is for my youngest daughter so she won't mess mine up any more. Tring to build 1 out of 2 please help.

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Ok so odd question my lenovo g70-80 has 1 usb 3.0 port and 2 usb 2.0 ports. Is there a way to swap the 2.0 to 3.0? Would like to have more than 1 usb 3.0 port. ThanksRobert

A:Any way to swap usb 2.0 to 3.0?

No way to change the usb 2.0 to 3.0 but you can add a usb 3.0 powered hub and connect it to your 3.0 port.

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Should i put the swap on the HDD ? I have 1 SSD OCZ Vertex 2 and 2 x HDD WD 6400 AAKS.
What do you think, guys ?
PS I have 3 GBDDR3

A:Should i put the swap on the HDD ?

Quote: Originally Posted by stereo

Should i put the swap on the HDD ? I have 1 SSD OCZ Vertex 2 and 2 x HDD WD 6400 AAKS.
What do you think, guys ?
PS I have 3 GBDDR3

What do you think ??

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I'm curious
if i have a gateway laptop with a hdd and i want to swap it out say in a dell
will it work?

i mean like Compaq and hp are basically the same right

gateway and acer

if i swapped it out will it hurt the drive or just blue screen
I'm assuming the video driver are the culprit but I'm not sure

lots of times people try to sell hdd with a OS on it like its a big deal
but most likely it wont match

am i thinking correctly

A:Can i swap hdd

eyemfedup2 said:

if i swapped it out will it hurt the drive or just blue screen
I'm assuming the video driver are the culprit but I'm not sureClick to expand...

It won't hurt the Hard Drive hardware
But it will likely bluescreen, but not because of Video drivers, but because of different hardware chipset and installed drivers for the different chipsets (like Intel and AMD, and many others)

I hope this helps

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Has anybody tried something like this?

4-Drive Backplane - SAS | SATA | SSD | RAID compatible |

A:Hot Swap SSD

I have something similar in my server, but for 3.5" drives. I also have a single slot varient so I can take a drive out of the stack and put it in anothet computer without having to take it out of its housing.

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is it possible to use the same swap partition for both systems in a dual-boot configuration? Let's say W7 / swap / WinXP and the pagefile set to be located on the partition in the middle on both OSs. Would this create issues?

A:Same swap for XP and 7

It's possible. In fact, you can share the swap space between completely different operating systems, as long as you initialize the swap space when you boot. It used to be relatively common to share swap space between Linux and Windows, back when it represented a significant portion of your hard disk.

Two restrictions come to mind:

* The OSes cannot be running concurrently (which you might want to do with virtual machines).
* You can't hibernate one of the OSes while you run another.

I am not qualified to instruct you how to do so but I'm sure there are plenty of folks here who are.

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I am using Windows 7 Ultimate X64, where is my swap file located as i want to clean or encrypt it???

A:Swap File

pagefile.sys is by default in C:\
And really you don't want to encrypt it or clear it at shutdown.

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I guess I need a way to copy my current C drive to a new drive so that the new drive can replace the C drive. Or perhaps there’s some alternate way to replace the C drive with a newer and larger drive.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!


PS: I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium

A:How do I swap out my C drive?

You want to get some software and clone your drive. Some of the commercial apps like Acronis have this option. Another solution would be to image with something like Acronis or Macrium (free) and then lay the image back on the new drive and then go into the disk management console and expand the drive to fill up the remaining space.

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Hi, everyone -
A co-worker asked me to help him install a DVD burner. Well, O.K., that's within my limited realm of competency.
I found his motherboard capacitors were leaking crud. One thing lead to another, and he's in the initial steps of trying to RMA the board (it's a VIA).
Whether that works out or VIA leaves him stranded, it looks like we're going to be swapping out the motherboard. I've seen what happens when you try to carry a working HDD over to a different system - the BSOD "Inaccessible Boot Device". Even if VIA replaces the board, I'm guessing it won't be identical, so either way I think we're gonna be looking at that BSOD if I don't start asking questions now
I've heard there are ways to get around this. Something about asking Windows to re-install hardware (??) I don't know if that's true, and I don't wanna know what Mr. Gates would say. If anyone can point me to a link or tell me what I need to know, that would be fantastic.
Oh, yeah, to add another level of fun to this situation, the co-worker's wife bought this computer from the IT guy where she worked a coupla years ago. I don't think an XP CD came with the deal. So it wouldn't be a (relatively) simple matter of re-installing the OS and rebuilding their programs. I'll have to ask him if it's got a COA sticker on the case.

A:How to swap MB's underneath an XP HDD?

There was a thread on this earlier today.

And you're going to need the windows CD.

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i have a new computer and for a long story reason i am now trying to insert an esata hard drive into the hot swap bay on the computer - BUT i cannot work out how to fit it in the case....
ITs a westeerrn digital hard drive andthe case is for a gateway fx series tower computer.
any help much appreciated - thanks

A:hot swap drive

Attatching pictures for this would be helpful if possible
and model numbers for the hardware and computer.
esata is actually an external drive that has it's own case usually.
So if it is esata it doesn't go in the computer.
A hot swap bay usually has a drive carrier that the drive mounts
into and then it can inserted and removed by changing
the carriers.

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Here is the deal, hope anyone can help.

I gave my old rig to my brother but kept my HDD's.

The Motherboard is a A8N-SLI (chipset nforce4)

He wanted to keep his HD because of all data and XP.

The problem I'm having is when the Windows XP starting up screen appears, the one with the 3 moving block, I get a blue screen with related HDD error.

I can already tell that the XP installed on his HDD does not have the right Nvidia SATA Drivers for the the A8N board. his XP/HDD was installed on a MSI K8N neo2.

Is there any way to slipstream the nforce4 SATA drivers on his disk?

FYI his disk is properly detected if not selected as boot disk and with my HDD as boot. All file and folders are visible.

I appreciate anyone who read this.

A:HDD swap (pulled XP from old PC to new PC)

what type of xp disk, manufacturers, retail, upgrade, or oem?

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I have an Emachines T6520, which has a motherboard that runs on an ATI RS480 chipset. Would it be bad/dangerous to swap this motherboard that runs on an nVidia nForce 4 chipset, and then hook it up to all the components? Thanks in advance.

A:Motherboard Swap

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i own a computer w/ a DVD+R and my dvd player and dvds i bought are all -R, so i got a DVD-/+R from my friends computer. I believe i know how to install the drives, but do i need any drivers, or software to get the drive running once installed?


A:How to SWAP dvd writer?dvd-r to dvd +/- R.

You don't need any drivers. If you have Nero and it came with your old drive then it will not work with your new one. You may need the software that came with the other (+/-) drive.

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I have XP Pro SP 1 on my "old" Dell Dimension, which has an IDE hard drive.

My new Dell Dimension that arrived last week came with XP Home, but has a SATA hard drive, The IDE channel is used by optical devices.

I want to swap the O/S's to have XP Pro on the newer machine, reverting to XP Home on the older machine

Apart from the obvious, backup, boot from CD and install the correct O/S on the relevant machine, is there any easy / easier way to do this. I don't really want to spend a weekend installing everything back onto two computers.

I have two XP Pro licences, so could just install XP Pro on the newer machine and forget XP Home.

It just occured to me that there should be a simpler way to do this than partitioning and formating each machine and then install a new O/S on each machine.



A:Swap XP Home and XP Pro

just swap hard drives, and install all the hardware drivers for each computer? i did that once, wasnt too bad ........

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Hi Guys quick question....

I bought a Laptop that had Photoshop Elements 9 pre-installed on it, but as I mainly use a PC instead for everything is it possible to swap it over to PC and how?

I cant see a download link on Adobe for PSE. Hoped I could download it and use the laptop activation code. Have been told it can be used twice??

A:Swap PSE from Laptop to PC

There is no easy way to transfer a program from system to system. You would have to figure out all of the folders, files and registry entries that the original installation created & copy them. There was a link recently on another forum to D/L various Adobe products (older software but not trial versions, actual full versions for free I will try to find it)

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I have a Compaq 7110US. It is a really good computer and has lasted about 6 years. Unfortunately, the processor speed is getting to where it is not good enough anymore. I have been looking around for some processors to replace this one, and have found some good deals. My question is though, what can I swap the current one with. It is an AMD Athlon Thunderbird Socket A processor clocked at 1.33Ghz with a 133Mhz (DDR)/266Mhz FSB. Can I replace this processor with one of a different alias (such as "Thoroughbred")?


A:Processor Swap

Its hard to say how much it can be upgraded being a Compaq, you may be able to use a slightly faster processor but I think it'll still need to be a 266MHz FSB version. The stock unit came with 256MB of memory, if that hasn't been upgraded then it will do much more to go to 512MB or more of memory then bumping up to a slightly faster processor.

But a 6 year old Compaq has done its job, it might be time to put that money into a real upgrade and get something thats significantly faster and more modern with a greater range of features.

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ok so my laptop is running sweet for all day to day tasks and dj'ing now, i had some issues listed in another thread, however i am also learning to produce music too and my i3 starts to struggle when i run ableton live with a lot of tracks and effects. i have read that it MAY be possible to switch out the i3 in my hp g62 450sa for an i5 but i was wondering if you guys know of a compatible i5.

the i3 is a 350m if that helps.



A:laptop swap i3 for i5

It looks like the processor is replaceable (not soldered to the motherboard).

You would want to check for BIOS updates to be sure that the processor you are considering is supported.

There may be some other issues to consider. See these:

HP G62 Laptop - Upgrade CPU? - HP Support Forum

Can you upgrade the HP62 450sa processor? - HP Support Forum

Hope that helps.

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my dv9000 has a tl-62 s1g1 would like to swap it to a zm ultra same socket s1g2 socket
will this work i can change the ram to univeral frequency has win7 32bit

A:hp processor swap

Do you know which chipset it has specifically?

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My old Asus P5KC is dying. Going to replace it with a used P5QL-e motherboard where there be any problems with Windows 7 install ? (reinstall ?) CPU and other hardware is the same!
Do I need to remove any chipset drivers before swap ?

A:Motherboard swap

Take a look at this tutorial:
Windows 7 Installation - Transfer to a New Computer

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Is it possible for me to take the harddrive out of my presario 2500 laptop and put it into my fathers sony vio to do a windows xp install?

The cd rom drive on the presario is fried and it has no floppy, thats why i need to install it from my dads vio.

I know i can do the actual install part, but how do i get the hard drive to boot when put back into the presario? I believe it is a driver issue, but can i install all the drivers needed for my presario while the harddrive is still in the vio so it will be able to boot up?

A:Harddrive swap

It probably won't boot.

Instead of exchanging HD's, why not just use the other CD-ROM? If it installs the drivers for the Vaio, it won't boot in the Presario.

If you had Acronis Universal Restore, you could make an image of the installation. Then Acronis could restore it while stripping it of drivers so the new ones would install. But if you don't have that, you'll be wasting your time.

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A long time ago I posted a question about a noisy fan, I still haven't gotten over that, I was wondering if I can swap the processors from the computer with a noisy fan, and an OLD computer of mine. I want to do this because the mother board of the old computer has more slots for extra RAM, and a a slot for an AGP video card which makes room from one extra PCI slot. Here is where my questions are, (1) Would it be bad to switch to a mother board that is like 3 years older? (2) Is it possible to take the processor out to swap?

Sir Loin

A:Processor Swap

What processors are they? What are the models of motherboards?

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I only ask because apparently they can wear out quickly through use, one is not supposed to defragment them, so I was wondering if a swapfile is required for one of these drives as they are faster by far and away that a HDD.

A:Do I need a swap file on an SSD

Hello Fejinwales,

If you are referring to the page file, then yes it's recommended to have one since some programs may require one to run properly no matter how much RAM you have installed. This will not hurt a SSD.

Hope this helps,

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Hi all,

Due to a fault on my Asus Maximus Hero VI Motherboard that seems to be afflicting a lot of Asus boards at the moment (see rog.asus forum about a common problem where the BIOS clock freezes randomly) I am considering a swap out for another board of the exact same type in the hope that I get one that is not defective.

Question is, will this require an entire new Windows installation or, considering it will be an identical board, can I simply swap out the board, power up and be good to go? If this is possible, anything I should do before hand, such as unplugging USB devices, setting the BIOS to factory default, uninstalling drivers etc?

Thanks in advance.

A:Motherboard swap out

Many time if you use the exact model board nothing needs to be done.

Your drivers should be fine in any case and yes I'd disconnect everything, well you have to, to swap a board anyway.

The BIOS on the replacement will be default, all you should change is maybe your BOOT priorities and sett your RAM to stock specs and turn it on. In the worst case you'll get a non-genuine message and may have to do a robo-call to MS to reactivate.

However to guarantee success you can follow this to migrate to a new system and should activate as normal.
Windows 7 Installation - Transfer to a New Computer

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