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Boot Config Data error error code 0xc0000034

Q: Boot Config Data error error code 0xc0000034

My HP Envy sleekbook 4-1200eo came with windows 8.0 and was uppdated to 8.1 and later with windows 10 preview. All has been working ok until a month ago. Have been trying to boot again and managed to get as far as the final of installing windows 10. After that it says bcd error 0x0000034, need to contact supplier etc...Now I can only start and se the content of f1 and f2 keys ( ie computer installations and repectively diagnosticss test) but not enter the f9,f10 and f11 which contains the menues for rebooting. I cannot install w10 with a download from microsoft page, the computer just won´t recognize the memory stick. Nothing happens.Pls someone, help me out

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My  HP Envy sleekbook 4-1200eo came with windows 8.0 and was uppdated to 8.1 and later with windows 10 preview. All has been working ok until a month ago. Have been trying to boot again and managed to get as far as the final of installing windows 10. After that it says bcd error 0x0000034, need to contact supplier etc...Now I can only start and se the content of f1 and f2 keys ( ie computer installations and repectively diagnosticss test) but not enter the f9,f10 and f11 which contains the menues for rebooting. I cannot install w10 with a download from microsoft page, the computer just won´t recognize the memory stick. Nothing happens.Pls someone, help me out 

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Hi need help

I just opened my notebook and it has come up with the recovery screen with the above error.

Can anyone help me out

A:NB10t-A Error code 0xc0000034 Boot Config Data file missing

Are you able to perform a repair procedure?

Please check this Toshiba document:

To access the System Restore, Refresh and Reset options using the F12 option at startup, perform the following:

1. If not already, ensure the computer is completely shut down.
2. Now restart the computer by pressing the power button - IMMEDIATELY start tapping the F12 key on the keyboard until the "Boot Menu" screen appears.
3. Using the arrow keys, select <HDD Recovery> and press "Enter".
4. On the next screen you are asked to confirm if you want to contiue with recovery. Select "Yes".
5. The computer will bring you to the Advanced startup screen.
6. Select Troubleshoot. Under Troubleshoot you will see “Refresh” and “Reset”.
7. Select “Advanced options.” Located here is "System Restore."

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Windows 8, "File: \BCD Error Code: 0xc0000034"

Good Day Everyone,

Trying to resolve this error:

I have a Window 8 recovery USB and a Windows 8.1 recovery USB both from another laptop...

Mine are 32 bit machines, if the laptop i am working on is 64 bit will it boot on my USB recovery that is from a 32 bit machine? My buddy doesn't know if this troubled laptop is 32 or 64 bit

When I use the recovery usb and try a refresh or a comlete format it comes back telling me the drive is locked and stops in its tracks.

Also from a the dos command window (from the recover usb advanced option section) i have tried the following with NO success...

Bootrec /fixmbr - successful but didn't help
Bootrec Fixboot - successful but didn't help
Bootrec - RebuildBCD - Goes off searching, comes back with 1> C:windows, I type Y to add it but it comes back with an error "The requested system device can not be found"

I also tried BCDboot c:\windows\ /s c: /l en-us - said it was successful but still didnt fix the boot problem.

So i am not sure if I am running into a 32 bit vs 64 bit issue or if i need to find a way to unlock my drive so the refresh will work?? Or...?????

Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated!!

This is on an Acer Aspire V3-551

Darren Vaillant

A:Windows 8 -Boot Error -> File: \BCD Error code: 0xc0000034


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Just trying to enable a recovery mode to perform "bootrec /rebuildBCD" but the PC does not allow me to enter the recovery mode using any of the F# keys or Esc.
Note: the bootmenupolicy has been set as Legacy prior to deleting the bcd value.

A:Unable to boot File: \BCD Error Code: 0xc0000034

[CORRECTION] The error code is actually "0xc0000098"

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need boot disk to start win 8.1 to repair boot.

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Hi all! I have a Cambrio W101 V2 RCA 10 inch tablet. After installing webcam drivers from RCA customer service, a few reboots later I recieved a BSOD that included the message "Press Windows key for UEFI Firmware settings." And also, File:\EF\Microsoft\Boot\BCD Error Code 0xc0000034. I got this tablet from a friend and do not have any kind of installation media, and neither does the friend who gave the tablet to me. What options do I have? Can I download the installation files to a flash drive from Microsoft? Thanks in advance to any replies! Look forward to hearing from you guys/gals!

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Hello, I've been using my computer (Vista ultimate 64bit) for awhile without problems until a few days ago. I noticed the harddrive was running hard and there were 3 processes that usually arn't running (WMI Provider Host). So I figured it was doing an update or something important so I let it run, a few minutes later we had a blackout and my surge protector didn't work. Booted back up to find it saying the following:

File: \Boot\BCD
Status: 0xc000000F
Info: An error occured while attempting to read the boot configuration data.
It also says to use the install disk to use repair but it doesn't work. And on top of that the repair menu says "Operating system: Unknown on unknown local disk."
Is there any way to fix it without having to reinstalling windows?

P.S.- I'm pretty sure it also said something about a corrupt system registry but it's not showing that anymore.

A:Error attempting to read boot config Data

Update: I've read other threads about this and nothing they have done seem to work. I've tried running the following commands in the console and they don't work:
And they all are succesful except on rebuildBCD and it says the OS cannot be found even though in the list it shows C:/Windows as the first and only OS.

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Don't want to loose my data on my computer would erase if I have to but if I dont it would be appreciated

A:error code 0xc0000034

Without calling dell

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Hi guys,

I am receiving the following error code:

your Pc needs to be repaired

The Boot Configuration Data file is missing some required information

Error Code: 0xc0000034

You will need to use the recovery tools on your installation media. if you dont have any installation media (like a Dvd or Usb device) contact your system administrator or Pc manufacturer
Press ESC for UEFI Firmware Settings "

I bought an Acer Aspire E1-571 five weeks ago (Intel Core i7, 2.2 GHz, 8GB DDR3). It came pre-installed with Windows 8, so I dont have any installation media.

My questions:

1. Is this an Acer problem (needing Acer support) or a Windows 8 problem (needing Microsoft support)?
2. What should I do? I can only get to the UEFI Firmware Settings, but don't even really know what that is.

Thank you all for your help!

A:Error Code: 0xc0000034

The boot file on your hard drive is corrupted. Why? Who knows? It could be an indication of a failing hard drive. Now, under a Windows 8 boot-loader scenario, I could supply you with a set of commands to try and repair your issue; however, because you have a UEFI installation, I really don't know if those commands would apply because I've never encountered your situation before. In any event, I would go straight to Acer support if under warranty. Good luck.

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I run windows 8 64 bit on an Alienware 18X2 pc. I would give you all the specs but I cant use it right now. I did a refresh on it yesterday as it wasn't running correctly and when it restarted it went to the alienware logo then directly to this: RECOVERY
You'll need to use the recovery tools on your installation media. If you don't have any installation media (like a disc or USM devise), contact your system administrator or pc manufacturer.

Press ESC For UEFI Firmware settings

Now all this being said. I did everything it said.. I put in my windows 8 disc... got nothing the disc wont run... still the same screen.. I put in my restore disc.. nothing same blue screen.. I cant get passed that screen to do anything... PLEASE HELP....

A:Error Code 0xc0000034

check these

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To cut a long story short here the problem..The system started acting up after windows 10 upgrade. Tryed to create HP recovery media but for some season kept failing, burning bad discs all the time. tryed to recover system using HP recovery mode, failed that too.tried to do a clean boot of windwos 10. All went well until time to reboot. Thats when I started to get this: The Boot Configuration Data file is missing some required information.  File: \BCD  Error Code: 0xc0000034 Did some looking online and decided to buy the recovery discs from HP £35. As that looked like the best way to solve this problem. I put a brand new unused hard drive in the system and using the new system restore discs from HP started the reinstall of windows 8.1. All goes well untill the final part where it has to reboot the system using the internal hard drive. Then I get the same message as before. I have reset the bios to defaults I have tried with legacy support enabled. Always lead back to the same messageThe Boot Configuration Data file is missing some required information.  File: \BCD  Error Code: 0xc0000034  Laptop is only just out of warranty so HP dont want to help me. unless I pay them to extend it and then its only for software support. Any Help would be gratefully recieved.

A:BCD Error Code: 0xc0000034

Hey sonic, Try running an extensive system test in UEFI (F2 diagnostics). Instructions here: -wes

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I am getting error as  your PC/Device needs to be repaired."The Boot configuration data for your pc is missing or contain errors."file: \EFI\MICROSOFT\BOOT\BCDError code:0xc0000034 I do not have any recovery tool like disc or USB. please help me with solution. 

A:error code: 0xc0000034

Hi, Try the following. First of all, use another PC to create a bootable Windows 10 DVD or USB Flash Drive via the following link.  Under the section 'Need to create a USB, DVD or ISO', download the Media Creation Tool. Once you have this, run the tool, select 'Create installation media for another PC', then select the language, edition of Windows 10, and either 32bit or 64bit that is relevant to your notebook. Follow the rest of the prompts to create this and then click Finish when completed. Boot your notebook from your Windows 10 installation media as follows. Insert the Windows 10 Installation Media and Shutdown the notebook. Tap away at the esc key as soon as you press the power button to enter the Start-up Menu and then select the Boot Options Menu ( f9 ). Use the arrow keys to highlight the CDROM (uefi) or USB Flash Drive option, depending on which typre of media you created, then hit enter - if prompted to 'Press any key to continue....' - do so. Select the ?Repair your computer? option, select Troubleshoot and then select Advanced Option.  On the Advanced options screen, select the Command Prompt - See option 1 on This Link for a detailed guide on accessing the Command Prompt. Once you have launched the Command Prompt, do the following: Type Diskpart and hit enter. Assuming your installation is on disk 0 Type select disk 0 and... Read more

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Hello everyone, hope someone here can help me? My HP Envy Laptop has crashed following the recent Windows 10 anniversary update. The computer originally came installed with windows 8 and updated subsequently to Windows 10 and has been trouble free until this recent update.I have tried everything suggested on these forums regarding this issue and nothing I do can get me passed the blue screen message "RECOVERY, Your PC needs to be repaired. Esc, f9,f10 options all revert back to the blue screen. I have tried plugging in USB drive with Windows 8 Recovery media on it but again only goes as far as the blue screen. Also downloaded Windows 10 on USB but again just goes to the blue screen.The only option when pressing Esc is the System Diagnostics and BIOS Management which I have tried updating but does not make any difference when re-starting the PC.Any suggestions please would be appreciated.

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Four days ago I decided I needed to backup my computer so I downloaded easeus todo backup free and let it work. While it was backing up I did some general spring cleaning, ran disk cleanup, got rid of old downloads. Then randomly my computer crashed, restarted up to a blue screen saying:

Your PC/Device needs to be repaired
The Boot Configuration Data for your PC is missing or contains errors.
Error code: 0xc000014c

I can no longer boot into windows.

I didn't create a recovery tool but I used my bootcamped macbook and windows media creation tool to put a windows 10 installer on a usb. I've been trying to use the repair options within the installer but nothing has worked so far:

- Start up repair doesn't work, get the message "startup repair couldn't repair your PC"

- I've also tried a couple of things in command prompt, sfc /scannow, but it hasn't worked either, maybe I'm not doing it right I'm not sure.

I'm not sure what else I can do, some help would really be appreciated!

Also, I'm running windows 10, upgraded from windows 7, on a custom built computer.

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OK, so I've been bad. I bought a new computer about 8 weeks ago and didn't get around to creating a recovery disk. Also I just moved, and didn't get around to shifting my online backup from my old computer to the new one yet.

But what could go wrong, right?



ERROR CODE: 0xc0000034



So after hours on the phone to Costo and Dell they are sending me something so I can reformat/reinstall windows. Losing several thousand photographs (some I have orders for). That was their best suggustion.

No matter now many times I reboot (pounding F8, or Shift F8) all I get is the above screen.

I can get to a hardware test that runs with no errors found. And I can thumb my way through the bios, and make changes.

But there seems to be no way to get to a safe mode, or repair mode, or a Last Known Good Configuration mode.

I really don't want to write off several thousand pictures. Well, the hassle of reinstalling all the software and plugins sucks too, but I can survive that.

Serves me right for not being on the ball with disaster recovery plans...


You cann boot a linusx live cd and copy off your photos.

Suggest you try one with efi support.

Ubuntu13.04 64-Bit should do it.

Download Ubuntu Desktop | Ubuntu

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File: \BCD 
Error code: 0xc0000034
When I start my Samsung ultrabook it gives me this error code. It does not have a cd-rom to insert a CD and it did not come with any boot  software for a flash drive. not sure what to do. As soon as the computer powers on it goes straight to it.
Thank you, Brian
Also, this computer came with windows 8 installed, nothing has been changed recently to cause it.

A:Windows 8 Error code 0xc0000034

Repair the BCD store using the Startup Repair option
     Insert the Windows installation disc in your computer disc drive (use external CD-ROM (or) bootable PENDRIVE)
     Select all the details that you are prompted to enter and click Next
     Click Repair your computer and select the operating system you want to repair and click on it
     Click Startup Repair
     Restart your computer after you are done with the Startup Repair
after reboot get the updates and patches and make a system image and back up !!

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I just got a new Windows 8.1 PC and it works fine. As a recovery precaution I made a Windows 8.1 recovery disk on a brand new PNY USB 2.0 flash thumb drive (32GB drive) using the Windows 8.1 Control Panel Advanced Recovery tools "Create a Recovery drive" selection. I also indicated to copy the recovery partition from the PC when making this (but I don't delete this partition on the PC). So I thought I would test this recovery drive to see if I can boot from it. I insert the USB flash drive into a USB 2.0 port on the PC and restart the PC. I hit F12 during the PC boot process and select this disk as the temporary boot disk and hit return. The PC then gives me an error message screen basically saying
"Boot Manager
Windows failed to start. A recent hardware of software change might be the cause. To fix the problem:
1.Insert your Windows installation disc and restart the computer.
2.Choose your language settings, and then click "Next".
3.Click "Repair your computer." If you do not have this disc, contact your system administrator or computer manufacturer for assistance.

Status: 0xc000000f

Info: The Boot Configuration Data for your PC is missing or contains errors."

So I'm a little confused as to why the successfully just created recovery drive is giving me this error. I'll try another USB thumb drive to see if that makes a difference but I'm guessing it won't so thought I'd ask about this... Read more

A:Just created Windows 8.1 recovery disk (usb) gives Boot config data error

You are going to have to make the thumb drive bootable BEFORE you add any files to it... Try using these instructions:

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Hello guys/girls

I have a problem with my asus laptop pre installed with windows 8 and upgraded via father borrow it for printing and after that in the same day i turned on my laptop and the blue screen with a message welcomed me

Your PC needs to be repaired
The Boot Configuration Data File is missing some required information.
File: \BCD
Error code: 0xc0000034

You'll need to use the recovery tools on your installation media. If you don't have any installation
media (like a disc or usb device), contact your system administrator or pc manufacturer.

Press ESC for UEFI Fireware settings"

I googled about this problem and i learned that i need to have a recovery disk and i dont have that., but i managed to copy the recovery disk in my sister's windows 8 laptop(not updated to windows 8.1) and tried to put it in my laptop tried the step by step procedure that i read in the google but still it is not working..i just can only see the windows logo and after a few seconds my laptop restart and go back to the windows logo and it is just restart again many times...

A:Help: Recovery Problem Error Code 0xc0000034

This page might help---

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I've just installed Windows 8 (from usb) on my brand new HP laptop and everything worked fine. But I didn't partition hard drive as I wanted, so I decided to install it again.

During the 2nd installation, the keyboard wasn't working (don't know why). So, when I was supposed to make partitions again, I deleted every partition and tried to make new ones, but I couldn't 'cause of the keyboard. So I just exited from the installation and turned off the computer.

Then I tried to boot the system from usb again, but all I could see was a blue screen with a message that my computer is damaged and needs to be repaired. There was also an error code 0xc0000034. And now everytime I turn it on, there's only the blue screen with no other options.

Any suggestions what to do?
Thank you in advance.

A:Problem during installation - error code 0xc0000034

Welcome to EightForums.

Did you boot the USB Pen drive in UEFI mode?

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I am desparate for help, My Lenovo Z580 Ideapad pre installed with windows 8 was working fine, I updated to windows 8.1 a few days ago and tonight my laptop shut down. When I tried to turn it back on a blue screen came up with the following on the screen.
Your PC needs to be repaired
The Boot Configuration Data File is missing some required information.
File: \BCD
Error code: 0xc0000034

You'll need to use the recovery tools on your installation media. If you don't have any installation
media (like a disc or usb device), contact your system administrator or pc manufacturer.

Press ESC fpr UEFI Fireware settings
I need urgent help, I do not know how to fix this, I need an idiots guide, I did not back anything up and I have lots of personal photos and documents on that laptop. Please help Thank you

A:Need urgent help on windows 8 error code 0xc0000034

You could take it to a computer repair store.

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This laptop runs win7, after the logo screen I am getting the error code message so it won't boot to windows and pressing F8 to run a recovery is not working, I can go to the BIOS. I tried Knoppix and it loads fine but it won't let me reload the OS from a disc so I am guessing it's a hard drive issue? Is there anything I can try to access the HDD or to know 100% that it's a HDD issue before I should go buy another HDD?

A:Gateway NV57h58u error code 0xc0000034

Try this:
1.Insert your Installation Disk
2.Go to repair Windows
3.Command Prompt
4.type in this:
"BootRec.exe /rebuildbcd" and press enter, then type in "BootRec.exe /fixmbr" and press enter, and finally type in "BootRec.exe /fixboot" and press enter. Now restart the PC and try it.

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I am unable to open specific programmes (Windows Live Messenger, Windows Defender, Full Tilt Poker) and I recieve the error

"The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000034). Click on OK to terminate the application."

when I attempt to open any of these programmes. I have tried reinstalling them to no avail.

I ran Process Manager to see what the problem regarding the progammes was and this is what the reoccuring problem was for all of the programmes:

"Date & Time: 21/10/2008 23:56:37
Event Class: Registry
Operation: RegOpenKey
Path: HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\SideBySide\AssemblyStorageRoots
TID: 2064
Duration: 0.0000198
Desired Access: Enumerate Sub Keys"

I have no idea how to fix this! Can anyone help me out?


A:Can't open certain progarammes! Error code 0xc0000034

Google is your friend. From a simple search for SideBySide and AssemblyStorageRoots:

Good luck.

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I have a HP650 notebook (Windows 8.1) and have for about 20 months. I ran a battery check and it said to calibrate it so i did so by going into the HP diagnostic test or something by pressing F2/escape on start-up. I ran it fine and it went for about 2 hours and upn completion it said it worked. It then restarted the laptop and i got a BSOD. It read "Your PC needs to be repaired. The boot configuration data file is missing some required information. File /BCD . Error code:0xc0000034. You'll need to use the recovery tools on your installation media." After looking online for a couple of hours someone told me to run an elevated command prompt and type in the following in order: "Bootrec /fixmbr, Bootrec /fixboot, Bootrec /scanos. Bootrec /rebuildbcd". After doing so it worked and i backed up everything on my laptop. My question is why did this happen. It must of had to been something to do with the battery configuration. Anyway,  how can i stop this from happening in the future? Will it happen again or is it fixed as i typed those specific commands above and it worked or are the commands just a temporary fix or something? Also can i run the battery check again just to double check it worked or do you think i will get the BSOD error message again?

A:HP 650 notebook BSOD error code : 0xc0000034

You rebuilt the BCD (Boot Configuration Data), so that should be fine now.
As for what happened, all I can suggest is that some how a file became corrupted.  This happens with Windows, this is why they have System File Checker (sfc /scannow).

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I am unable to open specific programmes (Windows Live Messenger, Windows Defender, Full Tilt Poker) and I recieve the error

"The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000034). Click on OK to terminate the application."

when I attempt to open any of these programmes. I have tried reinstalling them to no avail.

I ran Process Manager to see what the problem regarding the progammes was and this is what the reoccuring problem was for all of the programmes:

"Date & Time: 21/10/2008 23:56:37
Event Class: Registry
Operation: RegOpenKey
Path: HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\SideBySide\AssemblyStorageRoots
TID: 2064
Duration: 0.0000198
Desired Access: Enumerate Sub Keys"

I have no idea how to fix this! Can anyone help me out?


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After shutting down because of nonresponding applications, I started to the computer again to find the computer would not fail on automatic fix, after going through this several times I was presented with a BSOD on BSOD on File:\ BCD error code 0xc0000034, I do not have an installation cd, the computer was preinstalled with Win8, Lenovo G580, I wouldn't like to lose my files, tweaks, and preferences, I am writing this from a separate computer, I cannot use my computer so I can't use the diagnostic tool.

A:BSOD on File:\ BCD error code 0xc0000034

For starters:

At work we start all repairs with a set of diagnostics. Often they find problems that weren't even expected. It's a waste of time to try to fix software on a system that has hardware problems.
Please try these free diagnostics for starters: Initial Hardware Diagnostics
Also, please ensure that you have ALL available Windows Updates (it may take several trips to get them all).

Looks like a BCD error that can probably be fixed by using Startup Repair.
Did you create the system recovery disks that the system asks for when you first started it?

If not, do you have access to another Win8 computer?
If so, do this:

2) Create a Repair disc:
Win8 - Press "WIN" and "R" to open the Run dialog...type "RECDISC" (without the quotes) and press ENTER

You can boot from the Startup Repair disc and have it attempt to repair the BCD (more info here: System Repair Disc - Create in Windows 8 )

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Hi, so earlier today i launched arma 2 and then all of a sudden my computer went to a blue screen with a big sad face saying an error occurred and we are collecting error data or something along those lines. I have had my computer for over 5 months with no problems it is a dell inspiron 17R. and now every time i turn my computer on this comes up:

Your PC needs to be repaired
The boot configuration Data file is missing some required information.

File: /BCD
Error code: 0xc0000034

Youll need to use the recovery tools on your installation media. if you dont have any installation media(like a disc or USB device), contact your system administrator or PC manufacturer.
I have done everything i can think of to try and fix this. I put in the recovery media disc and that didnt work. I followed the directions on several other threads similar to this one and i still come to this blue screen every time i turn the computer on.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Playing Arma 2, File /BCD Error code:0xc0000034

Error code: 0xc0000034 is "Object name not found" - in other words, it's pointing to something (such as a file) that isn't where it's supposed to be. This can be due to a software error or a hardware error.

If you're unable to get into Windows, start with these bootable diagnostics: Initial Hardware Diagnostics

If you're able to get into Windows, we'll need this info: Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions Please use Option 1 as it provides Event Viewer logs.

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So I'm in the middle of my exams and this decided to happen. I've tried numerous fixes online to no avail. Any help is greatly appreciated




ERROR CODE: 0xc0000034



A:On startup FILE \BCD, ERROR CODE: 0xc0000034 URGENT!

Boot the Windows 8.1 DVD/USB disk & do a Automatic Repair.
How to do a Automatic Repair:
Automatic Repair - Run in Windows 8
Note: You may need to do startup repair 3 to 4 times.
Startup Repair - Run 3 Separate Times - Windows 7 Help Forums

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HI Everyone
Please can someone help.  Have a vista pc, was  trying to install service pack one.  The computer has gotten stuck on the  error code above
Cannot boot into safe mode
Tried Restore points,they  have been erased
System repair, runs then lead to the same error code, (this appears with white writing on black screen.
Tried an install disc and repair option,  system launches System Repair option, then leads to the same error as above.
Going round in circles, there is a partition the drive, that  I can use to put the computer back to factory settings, its a hp system, but will this make matters worse.
Any help appreciated,
Thanking you in advance

A:Vista sp1 will not install error code 0xc0000034 system stuck in loop

Don't panic, You are not alone.
It's a few extra steps but you can do it!

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This is the error message that my computer had:
Your PC/Device needs to be repaired
The Boot Configuration Data for your PC is missing or contains errors
Error code: 0xc0000185
You'll need to use recovery tools. If you dont have any installation media (like a disc or USB device), contact your PC administrator or PC/Device manufacturer.
Press Esc for UEFI Firmware Settings"
I made a recovery drive and set the UEFI to a USB boot, and when I tried to boot it with a blank USB it didnt recognize it, but when I used the recovery usb it recognized it. I did that to check and see if it actually recognized the recovery data.
Now when I boot it just has the Lenovo screen and the swirling dots. it's been doing this for about a half hour. Is this normal or is there an issued with the hatdware?

A:Boot Configuration Data is missing, Error Code 0xc0000185

The Error code: 0xc0000185 is an I/O error.
This can be a hardware problem or a software problem.
So the first thing to do is to run diagnostics on the hard drive ( )

If you have difficulties booting to the disk/drive, post back and we'll see about changing some settings in the UEFI to allow the boot.
I'm working on a drive that will do this for you, but it's still in the testing phase (and it's a 700+ mB download).
If the drive is dead/dying, you may have problems trying to recover your data.
Do you have a recent backup?  If not, post back for suggestions on how to best backup your information.
FYI - if it is dying, then it's best not to use the drive at all until you've done the backup.
If the drive does die fully, then data recovery gets very expensive (up to $2000 (US)) if it's even possible.

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So I recently updated to Windows 8.1, was having troubles with my SLI so I downgraded my driver to this. Laptop was working and was playing Guild Wars 2. Decided to switch characters so I logged out, all of a sudden everything goes gray. I thought it was just the game so I hit alt+tab to switch out, doesn't work. Try alt+tab+delete, doesn't work.

Turn off computer via power button and start it back up. Get blue screen with error.

Call lenovo and they say my limited warranty doesn't cover software errors and wants to charge $89. I want to see if I can fix the error so I don't have to send it in.

I have looked up the error and don't really have much tech experience but I saw something with if you have another Windows 8 computer but the only computers I have are Vista and 7. My laptop is the Lenovo Y500 and it has no optical bay (swap able bay but got one with grahpics card so I would have to buy the optical bay in order to put discs in).

I took pictures of my BIOS and the error for help, thanks for the future replies and help!

Also another question, if I can't fix the error would it be best to take it to a local repair place or lenovo's $89 offer? I've had this laptop less than a year (Hitting 6 month mark in a day or 2).

A:Boot Error 0xc0000034

Did you make your factory recovery discs and are they available? Do you have that Lenovo One Key Recovery button on this model? If so, I would try either one of those option before sending it to Lenovo because the only thing they are going to do is restore it to factory shipment status. Good luck.

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Hi there. My laptop wouldn't shut down last night so I knew something was wrong. This morning all I see on the screen is this message: Recovery. Your PC/Device needs to be repaired. The Boot Configuration Data for your PC is missing or contains errors. File: \EFI\Microsoft\Boot\BCD Error code: 0xc0000034 You'll need to use recovery tools. If you don't have any installation media (like a disc or USB device) contact your PC administrator or PC/Device manufacturer. Press Esc for UEFI Firmware Settings. ------------------- By pressing Esc I can access the startup menu. F1 System Information; F2 System Diagnostics; F9 Boot Device Options; F10 BIOS setup; F11 System Recovery. I'm a bit hesitant to try any of these as I don't want to make the problem worse. I've done some searching online and it seems that I need to launch a recovery application. I downloaded one from WikiFixes and put it on a USB drive but I can't figure out how (or if it's possible) to launch this via the Startup Menu. I did not get a CD with the laptop (it was a gift and came ready-to-use). Is there any way I can fix this now? Or do I need to order a recovery CD? Thanks for any advice.

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Hey there all,

Earlier, about an hour ago, I left to go job searching, and left my computer in hibernate mode so I could bring it back up as soon as I got back. When I tapped keys on the keyboard, the computer powered up as usual, but it brought up the BSoD, stating it was missing files.

Prior to receiving this error, everything was working fine. I even set it to hibernate mode during the night, and it powered on this morning without any problems. I dunno if it's the multimedia keyboard I'm using or what that caused it.

I don't have an installation disc (since I bought it from Fry's Electronics about a year ago with 8 pre-installed), and neither do I have a recovery disc (since I didn't know how to make one.)

Computer info: Windows 8 x64
Manufacturer: ASUS

I'm just wondering mainly how to fix this, i.e: how to fix the missing boot files, and how to do it without causing any data loss from either of my hard drives.

A:BSoD Boot Error 0xc0000034: missing boot files

When you rebooted the computer did things go back to normal or you cannot boot in the system now?

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Unable to get beyond BIOS - need bootable recovery CD that can re-initialize Boot Record and/or reimage drive
Gateway HDMI, AMD A6 processor 4 mb Ram

A:Win 8.1 Pro 64Bit boot bcd error 0xc0000034 CANNOT Boot System Need Recovery

Hi -
Does your system have a HDD Recovery partition?
Take a look at this from Gateway -
If no-go with HDD Recovery partition, you'll need to contact Gateway and order replacement recovery discs -
Regards. . .

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When my Dell Inspiron 1501 locked up, I restarted it. It looked ok during the startup process untill it came to the Dell screen with the bars running across the bottom of the screen. There, it brought up the Blue Screen with the error "0x00000024 (0x00190203, 0x8aa211f8, 0xc0000102, 0x00000000)" When I restarted it, it brought up another blue screen with "0x00000024 (0x00190203, 0x8a950890, 0xc0000102, 0x00000000)"

I restarted it again and pressed the f12 key. I ran an express test on the computer, and it brought up these errors: "Error Code 0F00:1344 Msgisk_0-Block 5320033: Uncorrectable Data Error or Media is Write Protected" and "Error Code 0F00:065D MsgISK_0 - the self-test failed the read portion of the test"

What do these errors mean and what can I do to repair the computer? Is there a Hard Drive issue?

Thank you for your help

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Hi Everyone,

First post here, allow me to thank you in advance for your good help - people like me who have limited information on diagnostics and repair owe a deep debt of gratitude for your service.

I own an Acer Aspire V5-571P-6815, which has put up the Recovery blue screen of death, citing Boot Configuration Data file is missing some required information. It also cites File:\BCD, Error Code 0xc0000034. It says I'll need to use the recovery tools ion my installation media or boot cd/USB device.

Thank you so much for any help you may be able to give me. I am ready to carry out instruction. I have my cell phone, iPad, and temporarily, another laptop with CD burner.

EDIT: I also have access to UEFI Firmware Settings with menu options. Thanks.



A:BSOD, error code 0xc0000034, Acer Aspire V5, "Recovery"

Wow, I didn't know topics were posted so quickly - I thought I had lost my post, but it turns out that it already ended up on the 2nd page...

So, I'm sorry to be bumping this, but I was just wondering if someone could get me started in the right direction? I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you,


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I have tried to start up my PC recently and I get the message

that my boot system has failed due to the fact it's missing the file "\BCD".
I have contacted the microsoft company to report this issue no one can help me without my product code, or a disc/USB with the windows 8 system on it.
I have none of these and yet my issue still remains. My PC has worked perfectly the day before I shut it down.
I'm trying very hard to restore my system but all I can find of the ways to restore it is by clicking control panel, etc...

I cannot access my laptop's desktop all I get is this error message and options to enter the setup utilities, firmware and boot options.

In all I'm asking for is, is there a way to restore my system from any of these options or is this another toss away laptop because windows 8 has failed to find this missing file?
I cannot get a replacement because I do not have the key with me that was used to install the operating system. This is all very frustrating and not to mention my job relies on this computer so it's putting everything to risk with my situation right now.

Thank you very much for your support with this matter I look forward to your options.

A:Windows 8, "Missing File: \BCD Error Code: 0xc0000034"

You may borrow a Windows 8 disk from a friend and boot from this disk
Select the correct time and Keyboard type.
Click Repair your computer in the lower left corner.
Select Troubleshoot from Choose an option screen.
Click Advanced options in Troubleshoot screen.
Click on command Prompt.
Type these following commands and hit enter after each line of command:
Bootrec /fixmbr
Bootrec /fixboot
Bootrec /scanos
Bootrec /rebuildbcd

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My wife was installing new software and when she started up the computer again it has an error message. The computer is 5 years old and the tech support has expired. I am wondering if anyone can guide me through fixing the computer. I ran an analysis and it came up with uncontrollable data error or media block. The computer gets to the windows XP screen and then a blue box comes up saying among other things to disable BIOS and cache and restart using safe mode-advanced startup options (F8). I cannot seem to get beyond the "call dell prompt".
Thank you all......

A:Error code (uncorrectable data error) [BSOD]

I assume the blue box is full screen?
It is called a BSOD(Blue Screen of Death) or just Blue screen... you may find that renaming your thread to state that its a blue screen you will probably get an answer. Best thing to start with though, would be to log in in safe mode (by tapping F8 when booting up your pc and choosing to start up in safe mode) then to uninstall the program because it is obviously the cause, what piece of software is it? generally BSODs will be to do with hardware/drivers/things that windows cannot fix on the fly.
There are other users which can give you a definitive answer with this because i am not experienced enough to know how to analyse it...

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While trying to load a program I get this message: "C: \Windows\SYSTEM 32\CONFIG.NT. Error Code 0x0 You do not have sufficient privilege to access this file."
My system:
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premium , Service Pack 2, 32 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4000+, x64 Family 15 Model 107 Stepping 1
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 1981 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 6150 LE, 64 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 294963 MB, Free - 62506 MB; D: Total - 10239 MB, Free - 6403 MB; J: Total - 953634 MB, Free - 934837 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc, 0YY821, A00, ..CN7082174QF034.
Antivirus: ThreatFire, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled
Any ideas?

A:C: \Windows\SYSTEM 32\CONFIG.NT. Error Code 0x0

What program or type of program? No program should need or access that file.

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Hi Folks,

Im hoping you guys might be able to help me. Id really appreciate some advice.

I have a Dell Studio XPS16 downgraded to XP Pro SP3, im using the machine to run pro audio programs such as cubase and pro tools. I recently inserted an expresscard firewire card with a TI chipset into the expresscard slot. When i realised the card was working randomly, i took it out.

From here on - every time i restart or turn on the machine, i get a beep from the bios before the windows load screen comes on with an error message -

"ERROR - System configuration data write error" Press F1 to resume, Press F2 to enter setup"

I cannot get rid of this - there has been no change to the performance, however i would like to get rid of this.

I have done a system restore to last week and its not made any difference.

Appreciate any feedback!


A:System config data write error

you took the expresscard firewire card physically out.....was there a software utility or other program that was loaded to work with this card??? if so did you go to add/remove programs and remove it or them? must be something running at startup that looking for this Card. you might also try to fix this by going to Start.>Run> type in msconfig and hit Enter click on the Startup Tab now and look for any program in the list that loads at Startup associated with this Firewire Card. and uncheck it.....

also via internet explorer go to and click on the startup tab to see an explanation of everything listed in your Startup list with a check mark by them. uncheck all that are not necessary to load at startup. then hit apply button and select close and restart. see if this fixes this error from occurrring at Startup

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After a system update my system will no longer boot but instead gives a black screen with the single row of "! !0xc0000034 ! !251/66346 (0000000000000000.cdf-ms)" at the top. It then just sticks and wont allow me into windows at all.

Any clues?

A:Vista wont boot - error "! !0xc0000034 ! !251/66346 (0000000000000000.cdf-ms)"

Its a BCD error probably... this one particular update(with cd-ms extension) is not installed....Newayz, does it boot in any of the safe mode?? If yes, uninstall the recent updates, then try system restore...

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My dad keeps getting an error when installing Windows XP on a computer. It gets installed fine, then after a couple of reboots, it errors out saying the config.sys file is bad.

I cna't find anything on google about this, so I decided to post it here. Any help is greatly appreciated.

A:[XP] Error on First Boot - Config.sys

I had that problem so I checked my config in 'sysedit' in safemode and found it was my AVG scanner was enabled at startup. I think it was missing the 'rem' part of the line. I just deleted the whole line and it worked fine.

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I tried booting in safe mode in order to run virus check. Message at boot says "windows did not start successfully"-Triedmany times but no luck.
I was told to go to msconfig and change to "boot insafe mode". I did this and now no matter what I do it says Windows did not start successfully.
Safe mode, safe mode w/ network, safe mode w/ command, Last known good config, and start normally-----all fail and restarts at same screen windows did not start successfully

Is there any way to get back to msconfig in order to change back to normal mode. Any help is greatly appreciated!!!

A:boot error ms config

Welcome to TSG!

You'll have to manually edit the boot.ini file.
See post 3 in this thread and either use the Vista/Win7 RE Disk method, or the XP Recovery Console method, not both:
XP Safe mode loop (MSCONFIG)

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Hi, first time actually needing to post here. Usually i find a topic with a problem i am facing and do no have the need to ask my ?'s here.

Here is the problem i am facing..
When i turn on a friends cpu it boots up normally, shows the window xp loading screen, screen flashes (friend say's it has always done that since he hooked up duel monitors) the windows XP blue screen pops up with the logo. Then stops. Does not give the options to choose which account to log into and then proceed with loading up the desktop. i have tried loading it in Safe mode and last known good config. But, it does the same thing over and over. Any suggestions..

Windows XP Home Edition SP2 (maybe SP1)

P.S. I would like to know if there is a way to reset the config without having to reformat his HD.. Since it boots with no problems and all that seems to be the problem is that it stops loading right before the account logins show i am guessing its a single file corruption. Also when i do boot from "last known good config" it displays a pop-up window saying the recovery from config was a success, however still does not display the accounts to log into. Thanks a bunch for all the help in advance...

P.S.S Also, if i have some how missed a topic that relates to this issue, please feel free to post the direct link to it, i would love to read more about this with others who have had simular problems.... Thanks...

A:HELP - Possible Boot Config Corruption Error

Hello XsiM

Try the easiest thing first

Try to do a System Restore from the Safe Mode Options Screen. Choose
'Safe mode with command prompt'

At the command prompt type

Hopefully this will open System Restore

If that does not work, do you have an XP installation CD?

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With code in the Form_Error event, I am able to capture and control the error if the user uses the navigation buttons. Also if the user clicks a command button where I have the VB code of docmd.quit, I am able to display my message followed by an access message, followed by the message of "can't save record do you want to leave database anyway" which is an acceptable way for me to handle the error - the user can click no, and the form with the bad data is still in the active window state. Now if on the click event to go to another form, I run a macro with warnings set to no, echo off, close existing form and open new form, I will get my message, the access message, and then if the user clicks the "no" on the exit database question, the "Action Failed" box from the macro pops up (and from what I have read, there is no way to prevent that) - and the user must click the "halt" button to return to the form with the bad data. However, if I try to put the code from the Macro into Visual Basic - docmd.close followed by docmd.openform, no error messages appear, the form just closes and the other form opens.

I would like to avoid getting the Macro Action Failed/Halt Message Box, be able to control the error from visual basic so that the user is returned to the form with the bad data and has the option to either correct the data or escape out of adding the new record. Can't figure out why it works on the docmd.quit but not on the docmd... Read more

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I have the flash drive made properly, but whenever I try to boot it, I get a 0xC000000D (Unreadable Boot Config) error.

The system is a brand new ASUS F55C with 8GB ram and a 120GB Samsung 840 SSD.

I get the same error when I try on other F55C's I have...

I don't usually need to downgrade, but my client will not use 8 so I'm stuck.

I've tried everything I can think of and my Googleing has returned nothing. This is the first time I've been stumped by a computer in years...

A:0xC000000D (Unreadable Boot Config) error

Welcome to EighForums.

Have you tried using the Windows x64 DVD. - ASUS F55C-TH31 Intel Core i3 2328M&#40;2.20GHz&#41; 4GB Memory 500GB HDD 15.6&#34; Notebook

• Intel Core i3 2328M(2.20GHz)
• 4GB Memory 500GB HDD
• Intel HD Graphics 3000
• 1366 x 768

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Hi All,

I have a Dell D410 about 2 yrs old and I recently got a Blue Screen and need help getting my data out. Reading through many articles on google regarding this error, it seems like I am out of luck. But I still want to know if I can still recover my data before I chuck this HD away. I was reading somewhere that I should literally freeze my HD. I did however did the Dell Dianostic test by pressing FN + Power and it gave me this error:

Start DST SHort Test
Test Results : Fail
Error COde : 1000-0146
Msg : Unit 0: DST Log contains previous error(s).

Basic facts:
System= Latitude D410
BIOS Version: A02 (02/03/2005)
Processor = Pen M
HD = 60 GB HDD

Please walk me through to either retrieve my files or at least allow me to get into windows long enough to extra as much data as I can. Is there a place where I can take my HD to have the data extracted?

Please help!

A:[SOLVED] Error Code : 1000-0146 Need help to at least recover my data

Hi and welcome to TSF.
Provided your HD is not totally dead, the best way would be to slave it to another machine, preferably a desktop. You will need an adaptor for the IDE cable as the socket is smaller on the 2? inch drive. Provided you can then read it you should be able to copy your data. To slave it to another laptop you will need a special enclosure with a USB connection.

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Thanks for reading and thank you in advance for any help. So my older Toshiba Satellite won't boot up. I get the blue screen that says: systemroot\system32\config\software. I can't boot into any safe modes or last known good config.

I have spent hours searching for a solution, but all I can find on this site (and others) are instructions for using the XP Installation CD and Recovery Console. I don't have this cd, and it will be difficult for me to borrow one. I do have a Toshiba Recovery and Applications/Drivers cd, but when I tried booting with it the only option was to reset to factory settings (which I assume means wipe all data?)

I am not a pc expert, but based on my research I was hoping to find a way to boot with an earlier version of my registry (computer was working fine earlier today).

I burned a Ultimate Boot CD (version 5.1.1) and was able to get the computer to boot up with it, but now I have no idea what to do, or what is possible. Fortunately I have most of the data on my machine backed up but there are some files on the desktop I would like to grab. And I would really love to avoid having to start over from scratch with this laptop. Thanks for any advice!

A:systemroot\system32\config\software boot error, NO XP INSTALLATION CD, help!

All the Ultimate Boot options are listed at: UBCD for Windows by choosing "List of Tools".

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Computer: Dell Inspiron 1525, 320 GB HD with about 2 GB of free space left, 4 MB memory, running Vista Home Premium 32-Bit, SP1, updates current. Just lately, booting from off, Windows will not load, but instead gives me a \Boot\BCD error (0xc00000f)--an error occurred while attempting to read the boot configuration data. I have repaired this error with my Dell-supplied OS disc repeatedly, and each time I turn off the computer it has the same error at startup. I have read that I may have to rebuild the BCD, but I don't know how to do that. Before I check with Dell, who I suspect will just tell me to reload Windows, I need to know how approach fixing my boot configuration data. The computer has had no new software installations, just routine Windows and Trend Micro Internet Security updates, I checked the disc for errors, and a few files were missing or incorrect, and defragmentation has also been performed routinely. Dell PC checkup finds no issues. How should I proceed?

A:Boot\BCD error reading boot configuration data when starting from cold boot

Try this hard drive diagnostic procedure:

Repeated errors on a hard drive usually indicate an impending failure. I'd backup your stuff as soon as possible.

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A few hours ago I downloaded & installed all the windows 8 updates and after rebooting I get this blue screen.
I tried to repair it with a boot disk but it doesn't start up at all.

Thanks in advance

A:Error 0xc0000034


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I went to my computer this morning and found this damn blue screen up. I tried doing a little research on this subject and have not gotten anywhere. I'm running a Dell Dimension 2350 with XP home Edition. So far I have used f8 to get to the various utility screens. I have gone through every option on the utility menu (safe modes, Enable VGA, Debug, Last known good Config, etc. the whole list) and the screen keeps coming up before anything can take action.
Today I was going to submit my bands cd art to a disc distributor for production. Unfortunately, the art is on the hard drive of the broken computer. (Im using my laptop to use this forum). I dont realy even care if I cant get it working well today, but I do need these files off my hard drive. Can someone please help me?

P.s - I dont have a restore disk

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After a system update my system will no longer boot but instead gives a black screen with the single row of "! !0xc0000034 ! !251/66346 (0000000000000000.cdf-ms)" at the top. It then just sticks and wont allow me into windows at all.
How can I resove it ?

A:Error 0xc0000034

NTSTATUS code 0xC0000034 = object name not found.

Boot into recovery using your Vista DVD or the HDD recovery partition and select "Windows System Restore"

Regards. . .



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After system update (Vista SP1)my system will not boot
gives a black screen with a single row of (!! 0xc0000034 !! 260/95816(program_files_windows_sidbar_gadgets_265d...)
How can I solve this problem ? OS Vista Ultimate

A:Error 0xc0000034

Maybe THIS can help. Or THIS.

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Hi I am getting the error code 0xc0000034 on my laptop and not sure the best way to fix this. I am currently studying abroad so don't have my recovery disc with me. I can access the UEFI firmware settings and the boot manager but that's all. I don't have a great deal of technical knowledge so any help at all would be much appreciated. Thank you

A:BCD Error 0xc0000034

You may review this thread:
Windows 8, "Missing File: \BCD Error Code: 0xc0000034"

If unable to fix, do a Factory Restore with the recovery partition from within the BIOS, visit the manufacturer's website how to perform.

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Ok - I'm trying to fix my friends' computer - Toshiba Satellite L455-S5975 running Windows 7 32-bit

Windows firewall is off and I need to "Update Firewall Settings". When I click use recommended settings, I get a message that says it "can't change some of your settings. Error code 0x80070424" I get the same thing when I click on "Turn Windows Firewall on or off" and "Restore Defaults"

When I click on "Advanced Settings" I get "There was an error opening the Windows Firewall with Advanced Security snap-in" followed by it "failed to load. Restart the Windows Firewall service on the computer you are managing. Error code 0x6D9."

I scanned the computer using both Avast and Microsoft Safety Scanner (full scan and took over 2 hours) - no infections or issues found

I installed all Microsoft updates and followed suggested restarts.

I ran Microsoft Fix It and I get a message that the firewall isn't running or stopped and it can't be fixed.

I have gone into services as an administrator to try and start Windows isn't there - not in the list of services (local)

I also used SlimDrivers to update all the drivers on the computer.

What I am not seeing is how to uninstall and reinstall Windows Firewall...any other program or hardware issue, that would seem to be the easiest solution - but I have yet to see how to do that with Windows Firewall.

I even started the computer in safe mode... Read more

A:Win7 Firewall won't turn on error code 0x6D9 and error code 0x80070424

What other Anti-virus was on the computer before Avast?

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Got the Error code: 4201 when attempting to start the Windows Event Log.I am almost certain that it has something to do with me changing ownership in the C:\ directory so that I could access C:\Documents\User\SendTo folder.

A:Error code: 4201 - The instance name passed was not recognized as valid by a WMI data provider.

I figured it out.I didn't have the Permissions or the Auditing set correctly.

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Mini PC running 8.1 Pro (which was pre-loaded) for 2 months until today with no problems.
Restarted computer this morning to implement change of computer name but it would not re-boot - instead it goes directly to screen which reads:

Your PC needs to be repaired
File: \ Boot\BCD
Error code 0xc0000034

I have a USB stick which came with the computer which has Product Key plus folders including 'boot' (which contains bootsect.exe and bcd) and 'efi' (which contains cdboot.efi and bootx64.efi) plus files including 'bootmgr', 'bootmgr.efi' and 'setup.exe'

I have tried re-booting with USB stick inserted while pressing F1 and F12 but it still goes directly to the Recovery screen mentioned above. I have also tried booting from a CD which contains copies of the folders and files mentioned above but with the same result although it sounds as if it is trying to boot from the external CD drive.

I have read all the forums on this topic but haven't found anything which gets me over this problem. Any suggestions gratefully received

A:Cannot restart error 0xc0000034

Take a look at this post: Windows 8, "Missing File: \BCD Error Code: 0xc0000034"

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Any help needed, my aunt sent me her laptop for recovery, she said it used to work fine until she upgraded to windows 10, then she couldn't start up to the welcome screen anymore.

I took a look at it and i still don't understand what is causing the error, must have been wiped of its OS.

Anyway, back to what i know.

The laptop runs originally on a windows 8, there is no way to rollback though.

The error is titled 0xc0000034 and it seems to be the file(or map) \BCD missing from the drive.

I checked on some forums about how i could recover it and most of them implied using CMD, but i can't even get into CMD, neither any recovery options on the laptop.

I tried going into BIOS but the same screen would come up when i pressed F10.

I also tried mounting with windows 8.1 on my USB(by using rufus), but still it takes me to the same error, a good thing is that it is at least reading the USB it seems.

None of F9,F10,F11 works, they just redirect me back to the error.

After about 20seconds the screen turns off.

Here i start up the laptop.

This is after i press ESC, Won't take me to bios, but instead return to the error screen again.

This is when i launch with a USB

Thanks for any help.

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Could anyone please help me in getting rid of this?? It appears in its own box right after my xp starts up... it changes names (ie) photoshop.exe error, AdobeBridge.exe error, any game I try to open.exe error, all followed with the application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000034).... I am desperately seeking help with this!!!! and GRATEFUL for any advice...



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I can not install or run new programs on XP Media Center Edition, Version 2002, Service Pack 3..I keep getting the error message 0xc0000034. System Restore does not fix.I can access the internet, use email, run media files. I can't find a way to fix this problem.

A:Error message 0xc0000034

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I really hope one of you fine people can help me out.

Last night I was browsing facebook and my computer froze up. I tried to reboot it and it wouldn't load pass the windows logo.

It will however let me get into Safe mode.

Here is what I have tried:

- Restore to earlier date: I do not have one created as I recently restored my computer to factory setting (about a week ago)
- Malware scan with Malwarebytes: nothing found
- Memory Check - looks good
- Chckdsk - all went well
- Startup repair - Gave me errors and couldn't fix the problem. here is what the log showed:

Any help would be super appreciated.. i am very frustrated with this right now :(


A:PC wont boot pass Windows logo. Will boot in safe mode. Error code given. Please help

Which CHKDSK did you perform? /F or /R?

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The URL of a shared folder on the LAN,  copied into Windows Explorer address bar produces the Network Error in the above title.
Network Error: WIndows cannot access
\\\MySharedFolder   Error Code: 0x8004005 - Unspecified error.
But from a Dos terminal, Windows Explorer can open the same location just fine.  From DOS terminal:

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Computer model: Panasonic Toughbook CF-31
OS: Windows 7 SP1
Processor: Intel Core i5-2540M CPU @ 2.60GHz 2.60GHz
RAM: 4 GB (3.89 GB usable)
System type: 64-bit

CBS Log - Google Drive

I ran the SURT tool Windows6.1-KB947821-v34-x64.msu.
Ran fine, no problem.

Ran sfc /scannow
"Verification 100%"
"Windows Resource Protection could not perform the requested operation."

Also ran

I still get the "Windows Update Error, Error Code 80070643, Code 9C57"

A:Windows Update Error, Error Code 80070643, Code 9C57

Hi Qpuser,
lookin at your logs
couple of questions
Are you dual booting or have the OS on your D drive/partition.
can you also run, in following order
and sfc /scannow

copy/paste the results please.


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So my friend gave me his laptop to fix this weekend, And i am stumped to say the least.

You see his laptop is in a constant rebooting session it keeps trying to reboot and reboot and reboot. And gives me that error message above. I CANT NOT, I REPEAT CANNOT GET TO THE OS SYSTEM meaning that i cant get to the start menu or anything like that. Also when i tried to select automatic repair it tries to load it then gives me the same error above. The Computer my friend has is a HP Spectre XT running windows 8 64 bit. Also the only thing, I could get to is the boot menu which has the OS boot manager which keeps rebooting and stuff. Then select a EFI file from the hard disk drive.

A:Computer error File /BCD 0xc0000034

Press and hold "Esc" while starting (try it several times)\
This should get you to the HP UEFI boot menu.

I believe F2 will bring up the diagnostics, and F11 will get you to the recovery
F9 is the boot menu.

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my pc dell isnpiron 660s is giving me a blue screen with an error 0xc0000034 and bcd file mssing...
I didnt create a recovery disc and none of my friends has it. My device came with a preinstalled Win 8 so I dont even have the key . need help please can any one put the recovery files on the drop box? Your help will be appreciated.(I dont know much about bios and stuff so a bit of a for beginners answer please).

A:error 0xc0000034 BCD file missing.

Hi Karan16 & Welcome to the forums ^_^,

I am extremely sorry for the delay caused as we are very busy and at times we do get overwhelmed

It seems like your BCD (Boot Configuration Data) is corrupted. See if the below guide helps you out -

How To Rebuild the BCD in Windows [10 to 20 Minutes]

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Please Help! I Get This Error Everytime I Try To Open Windows Movie Maker.
The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000034)
Help Please Please Please

A:moviemk.exe -application error (0xc0000034)

Alina 317......... I too get that same sl.exe (0xc0000034) application error but I get it as soon as my windows xp opens.... or if i try to use any of my adobe programs, games, or anything else EXCEPT opening email..... did you get any solutions for this problem??? I have called Adobe and was told it was MICROSOFT problem, who then told me it was a MFG. problem..... I think it is malware problem.... I COULD USE ANY HELP!!!! THANKS!!

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Hey guys I am new here obviously and I'm hoping you all can help me figure this problem out. 2 days ago my computer reset it self and got stuck as if no hard drive was available. I turned it off and waited 5 min to turn it back on. Windows loaded up as normal but as all programs were loading I had 4 errors brought to my attention by windows pop up boxes at start up. It seems that Msnmsgr.exe along with, setpoint.exe, msascui.exe and reader_sl.exe all suffer from the same error code (0xc0000034). Now I assumed the worst and ran all spyware and my antivirus programs. Nothing has helped cure the problem. I've googled it and i can't seem to find a clear cut answer. I'm assuming its some nasty little virus/malware in my system doing its thing. Now my msn messenger, windows defender, logitech setpoint and I'm adobe reader reader_sl.exe are all not working. I've tried to repair the files through the control panel but no dice. Hopefully I can get the help soon because I'm running out of ideas. I already ran, spybot SD, AdAware, panda online scan, kaspersky online scan, nod32 antivirus, Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware, registry mechanic, CCleaner, microsoft onecare scan and microsoft malicious software removal tool. All have found tracking cookies and little known spyware. Thanks in advance and sorry for the long post.
Win XP Pro SP2
AMD Athlon 64 3000+ 2.00Ghz
1.50GB of Ram

Here is my Hijackthis Log.

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Sc... Read more

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Hey all,

I hope someone can help me here.

I got a new blue screen of death I haven't experienced before; "File:\BCD 0xc0000034" error where I was told Windows couldn't boot up and needed a repair disc/new boot file. Luckily I had a laptop I could use and tried to find a solution. The only thing I could find was to insert the install disc if I didn't have a Repair disc. Which I didn't. I didn't have the install disc either since I bought my computer with preinstalled Windows 8 and for some reason my supplier didn't supply a Windows disc :(

Luckily, I thought, my work place had lots of Windows 8 disc lying around and I just took one of those. The solution I found said that when I booted from that disc, I would get the option to repair my install. I inserted the disc, got it to boot from the disc, but I didn't get an option to repair my Windows boot file. So I thought, okay, I will try to just click next and see what happens.
Long story made short; I now have two installations of Windows 8 on my computer.

The old installation is on my SSD and my new installation is on a normal harddisk. From what I can see, the new installation is completely clean; ie. no drivers, no bookmarks, no applications, all my setups gone for every program.
I can see almost every program I've installed when browsing my folders, but Windows searcher can't find them.

This is naturally frustrating and I feel silly for trying what I did.

But how can I fix my computer to get my old insta... Read more

A:0xc0000034 error + attempt to fix it = wat happened?

Can you boot to the SSD and have Windows 7 up and running? Or does it BSOD?

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After my son tried to load a game called "Star Bound" on his ASUS R503U laptop it restarted and came up with this BSOD.
Your PC needs to be repaired
The Boot Configuration Data file is missing some required info
Error code 0xc0000034
You need to use recovery tools..........
I don't have any back up disks.
Can I download something online and make a disk, or flash drive to try and fix his laptop?
Searching the web for this error it seems people have had mixed results recovering form this BSOD.
Do you think I can be fixed without loosing all his stuff and reloading Windows?

A:BSOD BCD file error 0xc0000034

How much RAM installed?

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Hello friends i'm new in this forum. I downloaded the last version of Windows 7 in microsoft page, burned a dvd and when tryed install using boot and appears this message: Cannot boot from CD - Code error: 5

Need help,

Thx anyway.

A:Boot error code: 5

Hi refacho and welcome to Windows Seven Forums,

You might want to take a look at these videos on how to install.
Windows 7 Forums - How to Intall the Winows 7 Beta [HD]
Windows 7 Forums - How to dual-boot Windows 7 BETA on a Vista computer

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On one of my PC's I get the blue screen of death with an OE exception 0167:BFF729BB.
Does anyone know what causes this, I can reboot and then everything is fine. Is there any corrections that I need to make.

Thank you,

A:OE error code on boot up


When does this happen, startup, shutdown, what are you doing when this happens? are there any other error messages involved. Such as Vxd errors etc. ect. ect. What operating system are you using.

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Hey Guys,

had this error come up couple days ago. i replaced my processor, motherboard and ram. the error continued to occur. i wrote zeros on my hard drive - error continued, i disconnected hard drive completely - error continues, i used mates dvd drive and his sata cable to boot cd again- error continued. strangely other discs such a a ubuntu install works and runs perfectly through my dvd drive. im at a loss. and have no clue where to head from here. your help would be greatly appreciated.


A:Cannot Boot from CD Code 5 error

Try the disc on another computer. If it fails then you know it's the disc. If other discs boot the computer but the Windows disc doesn't, then the disc is probably at fault. Try a different Windows Disc.

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It all started when I tried to install KAS internet security 2012 which I bought, I couldn´t do a full scan with it without the scan freezing the computer after about half an hour so I was told by kaspersky support to install SP2, so I tried to from the microsoft website and I got an error similar to the one mentioned in title (Error at start !! 0xc0000034 !! 145/61825 (_0000000000000000.cdf-ms) ) and had to do startup repair to get past it and so I tried again from the microsoft automatic updates a few times and then I got a similar error but it would not go past that, I tried startup repair, kaspersky rescue disk (to do a full virus scan) and even set it into deepest scan, memory diagnostics, safe mode,safe mode in every form, more or less everything that comes up when you press f8 at start, tried to restore it to an earlier date in time when windows last worked fine and the same old thing, I did disk check in every different way you can when using command prompt to do it and then it changed to the above mentioned error. I know the simplest thing to do is reformat but as I have LOADS of work documents on this computer I cant risk losing them, I had to do a rescue thing a few years ago on a older computer but it renamed all my documents and files into numbers and im still re organizing them so I cant do that again.

someone reccomended this ; To boot to the desktop sucessfully, try these follow steps in the WinRE - Command Prompt

cd windows\system32\config
ren default def... Read more

A:Error at start !! 0xc0000034 !! 145/61825 (_0000000000000000.cdf-ms)

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Started on Monday, when I try to open any Office product I get and application error, "The application failed to initialize properly.

Plz help!

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 4:10:49 PM, on 9/1/2007
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Intel\Wireless\Bin\EvtEng.exe
C:\Program Files\Intel\Wireless\Bin\S24EvMon.exe
C:\Program Files\Intel\Wireless\Bin\WLKeeper.exe
C:\Program Files\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware 2007\aawservice.exe
C:\Program Files\Intel\Wireless\Bin\ZcfgSvc.exe
C:\Program Files\a-squared Anti-Malware\a2service.exe
C:\Program Files\Symantec\LiveUpdate\ALUSchedulerSvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Synaptics\SynTP\SynTPEnh.exe
C:\Program Files\Intel\Wireless\Bin\ifrmewrk.exe
C:\Program Files\Microsoft IntelliPoint\point32.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccApp.exe
C:\Program Files\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware 2007\AAWTray.exe
C:\Program Files\a-squared Anti-Malware\a2guard.exe
C:\Program Files\Com... Read more

A:Office products causing error 0xc0000034 can't fix

Your log appears clean. This would seem to be an issue best taken up in the Windows XP or MS Office sections of TSF.

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This error started to occur after trying to install service pack 1 for vista 64-bit

error !!0xc0000034!! 291/155535 (_0000000000000000.cdf-ms) vista 64-bit

i turn on my computer and after it passes the first windows load screen it gos straight to the above error no log in no normal windows nothing when going to manually shut off the power !! 0c0190003 !! 291/55535 (_0000000000000000.cdf-ms) is displayed for about a second and a half before the computer powers ive done a bunch of research on this error and it seems no one has an answer i have tried booting in all diffrent safe modes. I have tried running last good configuration. I also have tried inserting the orignal copy of my windows vista 64-bit and used the repair application that is on the cd but it tells me it was unable to resolve my problem. what should i do? please any assitance would be greatly apperciated i have conntacted places such as geek squad and microsoft but they told me it would run me anywhere from $220 and up to have someone come out and fix my dillma is i just spent $900 building this computer had it for a month and then i go to install a service pack and my computer takes a poop because of a service pack error that isnt my fault i say why the **** should i pay and extra $220+ for something i didnt even do?

Thanks Travis

Ps: if there are any questions you might have such as information that i may not have provided please ask and ill do everything in my powere to p... Read more

A:error !!0xc0000034!! 291/155535 (_0000000000000000.cdf-ms) vista 64-bit

I have the same error message, and the computer is blocked during the starting process. No une action change the situation: safety mode, last good confguration, etc.....
That problem appeared after trying to updated Windows Vista with the Sp2.

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I have an Acer Aspire S7-391
Win 8.1 x64

I've been reading everything I can find and feel like I need to take my machine into someone, I hope not.

I get the blue screen of death when I turn it on.
The first time it happened I was able to press esc and get into the Boot Menu.
Unfortunately, I didn't know what to do and shut the computer back down.
I can no longer press ESC from the BSD and get into the Boot Menu.

I've tried F8, F10, F12 while manufactures logo is up - no luck
I created a recovery SD (from my 2nd machine) and inserted it in the laptop.
The laptop doesn't seem to see it when I start it up.
I've tried several times, nothing but BSD and then it shuts itself down.


I figured out how to get into the Boot menu. It's F2 for Acer Laptops for anyone who does not know.

I changed my boot order so that USB HDD is now listed first.
Still landing on BSOD.
I tried this process multiple times with the boot disk in my SD slot and in the USB slot.
I tried multiple different boot orders as well.
End result is always BSOD.

Does anyone have any experience with this? I've been waiting since 4/11/15 for a response.

A:File:\BCD Error: 0xc0000034 Acer S7. Esc, F8,F12, no work

Hi soleil & welcome to the forums ^_^,

Sorry for the late response. Are you able to get into Safe Mode? If you are able to get into the Safe Mode, could you please follow the below instructions?
Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions

If not, then could you please post a screenshot (Camera Shot) of the Blue Screen which you are getting?

Also, from the startup options, are you able to open up Command Prompt by any chance?

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Help my laptop is one year old and is saying the boot configuration data file is missing some required information file:\BCD error code 0xc0000034. All help will be appreciated. I do not have a recovery disk or anything

A:Recovery for acer aspire m error 0xc0000034

Hi ALTJP100,

Please follow these instructions and attach the DUMP files in your next post so that we could analyze them.

Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions

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Ok, I know there are a ton of these errors on this forum and I've read through a lot of them, especially the ones marked "solved". I've looked everywhere, many different forums, and not found a fix for my particular issue. Thank you in advance for any assistance you may give or even just for taking the time to read my post.

I have a Toshiba Satellite P875-S7310. I got the all too familiar and dreaded BSOD after it was in hibernation. I can get to BIOS via the "press esc for UEFI firmware settings" in bottom left of error screen. I set it to boot from disk and tried the repair disk. It spins, I can hear it trying to work, but ultimately, nothing happens. So then I put my repair disk onto bootable usb. Told the computer to boot from usb. It tries, I can see the usb light up but nothing happens. I've tried holding down the power button for 5 seconds to try and "wake it". I can't figure out how to get to command promt so I can't fix the MBR. When I first try to boot it up I can hear the HDD spin, it wants to boot up, so I don't think the disk is dead or anything.

I am at a loss. And yes, like everyone else, I would like not to lose my data but at the moment I have a very expensive paper weight. I'm wondering if there is any hope of bringing it back or if I have to replace the HDD.

Thank you again.

A:Toshiba Satellite hibernation BCD Error: 0xc0000034


I am extremely sorry that this thread was not attended to. There are not many people in this field.

In case you still require help, kindly respond to this thread and I will be notified via email and you should expect a response from me in 48 hours.


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I have recently tried to boot Windows 7 Ultimate on my machine but while trying to boot it, it gives me an error Saying. Boot error Code : 5. I have no idea why this happens? could somebody explain to me, and what information about my system would i have to provide so that you may know the reason.

Thanks in Advance

A:Windows 7 Boot error Code : 5

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I am having a problem with the install of Windows 7 on a 32 bit AMD system. I DL'd the file and copied it to DVD however after I set the setup to boot from CD 1st it looks for the boot files and then tells me that it cannot find the files and gives an error 5. I have loaded a beta version of Vista with out a problem on this same computer. I also used the Win 7 disk to load files into my regular system and it appeared to load without a problemAny information on this will be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance.

A:Code 5 error on boot with Windows 7

Hi, liliwaste, and welcome to the forums.

I suspect you did not burn the .ISO file to disc correctly. Can you boot into a working install and then insert the DVD and use Windows Explore to look at the DVD and tell me what files you see?

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I have recently come across a new error code when booting up a networked PC. The error code is '183' and the message is something like 'System Security - Administrators Password Required'. Then tries to access the BIOS but hangs. Previously The floppy drive LED stayed permanently on (This is no longer happening) Can anyone help, as I have not been able to find anything

A:Boot Error Code Meaning

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Whenever I turn my computer on, I get a pop up box referencing an "error occurred."

Screenshot here.

The error says:

File: Window.cpp
Line: 44
Error Code 3F0
Message: An attempt was made to reference a token that does not exist

Does anyone know what could have caused this error, and how to make it go away?

A:Error Code: 3F0 appearing on boot

Download and run ProcessExplorer. It does not need to be installed.

Drag-and-drop target to find an image. If you're not sure which application corresponds to which image in Process Explorer, click and drag the little gun sight icon on the Process Explorer toolbar, and drop it on any visible window to find out what process/image it is.

Once the error message is on the screen, start ProcessExplorer and drag the target icon and drop it on the error message window. It will show the process that generated that window highlighted in blue in the PE window.

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When I boot my machine comes up error code 106 and goes to cmos any ideas i googled error 106 but nothing. I think maybe hard drive is going out but not sure.Help

A:xp wont boot error code 106

What is the manufacturers name for the hard drive?

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So I got my Rikomagic MK36 to connect up the the tv for the Mrs to use. Awesome little thing for the 5 minutes I had it working! It dual boots windows 8 and Android.
It was running WIndows 8 perfectly. So I had to go and install Windows 10 which doesn't run so well on it.
So using the recovery USB I made while doing the Windows 10 upgrade I tried to rollback to Win 8. After a couple of restarts I got to a screen saying:
Your pc ran into a problem and needs to restart. process1_initialization_failed.
It then restarts and goes to:
Your Pc couldn't start properly. A requried device isn't connected or couldn't be found Error code 0xc0000225 You'll need to use the recovery tools on your installation media.
I must have seen those blue screens about 1000 times in the last couple of days. I could still see it when I went to bed!
So I am stuck in a loop and can't even load Android on it.
So I've tried booting from a USB drive by changing the boot order. The USB drive show up in BIOS boot it will not boot from it at all. It just goes back to the blue screen loop.
Photos of the blue screens and BIOS settings.
This is the product. I managed to use the coupon on it so it was pretty cheap. Rikomagic RKM MK 36 Intel Z3736F Dual Boot (updated) -
My wife is giving me plenty of grief for this. She seems to think that I break every bit of technology I have. Of course I deny this to her but I do seem to be rather unlucky most... Read more

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ASUS P5S800-VM motherboard with 512MB DDR2 RAM running WinXP Pro

On bootup I get an error message "Intel CPU Ucode Loading error"

I read all the posts and they say updating the BIOS solves it. I tried that and still have the same problem.

In the BIOS it correctly identifies the CPU as an Intel Celeron 3.06

There is no place to disable CPUID in the BIOS.


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First, let me tell the whole history.

I have a Samsung notebook series 7, bought last year. I had 2 partitions, C: and D:
About a two weeks ago, I tried to install ubuntu with my windows 8. First, i used the computer management (through command line), to get 100gb from D: to install ubuntu. I think it created a dynamic partition on D:, with the 100gb unallocated, and the rest.
When i installed ubuntu, it would't let me use that 100gb, so i created a new partition from the installation itself. It worked, i installed a bunch of things, and then went back to windows 8. Since i had created a 100gb and didnt use it, i tried to extend my D: partition to get it back. When i did it, my ubuntu screwed.
Well, i thought the problem was the dynamic partition, so at windows, i deleted some of the extra partition inside my dynamic partition (D, to have only one. After deleting, i tried to install ubuntu again, but the installation crashed. When it restarted, my windows 8 stopped booting.

The error that appears it's a blue screen, saying:


Your PC needs to be repaired.
An unexpected error has occurred.
Error code: 0xc000225
You'll need to use the recovery tools on your installation media. If you don't have any installation media (like a disc or USB device), contact your system administrator or PC manufacturer.

Press Enter to try again
Press F8 for Startup Settings
Press ESC for UEFI Firmware Settings.'

Reading this, i searched how to have a recovery tool. I ended up i... Read more

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ASUS P5S800-VM motherboard with 512MB DDR2 RAM running WinXP Pro

On bootup I get an error message "Intel CPU Ucode Loading error"

I read all the posts and they say updating the BIOS solves it. I tried that and still have the same problem.

In the BIOS it correctly identifies the CPU as an Intel Celeron 3.06

There is no place to disable CPUID in the BIOS.


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When I went to boot up my PC can not find C drive.

When I put the Partition Magic boot disks in, it comes up with error 701 - can't seem to access or boot from primary C drive.

D drive with all my data is still viisble in PM - but C drive is there but can not fix it.

Up until now, been running well, haven't loaded any new programs or hardware, but did just get the home network operating. 2 PC's only.....

Tried CHKDSK.EXE - but it didn't repair it as it just eternally reboots up to the stage where it's starting XP then repeats rebooting again.

I don't use Drive Image.....

It's really annoying because I've just spent the last month getting this new system running properly & finally getting our home network operating - now this!

I have got BootIT NG but how do I use it to make the C:/ boot?

Any ideas, fixes or repair programs much appreciated.

A:XP wont boot - error code 701

Welcome to TSG....

STOP using Partition Magic this is the possible casue of your problems. If you want to use a partitioning software that works use gparted

GParted - Gnome Partition Editor

But this is after this solution is done.

I hope you have the windows install software for this computer, If you do not then DO NOT do this following procedure.....

You might have to remove the hard drive from this computer and install it in another computer as a slave drive and after it is able to be accessed by Windows on that computer you will have to manually backup all of your important data that you have to another media like CD-R's, DVD or external hard drive. Then when this is done return it to the original computer as a master drive on the primary IDE cable and do the following:

REGISTRY WARNING: The details that follow require an above-average understanding of the technical topics involved. If you do not understand the Registry material presented here, either find a technically knowledgeable friend or do not attempt to repair your system Registry yourself. Improper changes in the System Registry can render all data on your hard disk inaccessible.
I hope you have the Windows software for this machine. Please give this a try and print it out for reference
How to perform a repair installation of Windows XP if Internet Explorer 7 is installed Read more

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I am using Windows 7 Home Edition 64-bit.

Hi there,

I installed MS Office Home and Student 2007 and it installed correctly with no errors.

After installing, I tried opening it in Start>All Programs>Microsoft Office>MS Word (and the other program shortcuts in the same list) and an installer window popped up and then I got this:

Solutions I have tried: I did a registry scan with CCleaner and Registry Mechanic to try to fix some corrupted .dll files, thought maybe it would help, but it didn't.

I also went to the MS Office folder in Program Files and opened the .exe files and that also would not work. (It told me I did not have enough memory to run this program, but I have 2x 1 TB HDD and 12 GB of RAM.)

- I am lost as to why it will not work...

A:MS Office 2007 Install Error - Error 25004 Config.Xml not specified A valid...(etc


Originally Posted by Endlessly

I am using Windows 7 Home Edition 64-bit.

Hi there,

Solutions I have tried: I did a registry scan with CCleaner and Registry Mechanic to try to fix some corrupted .dll files, thought maybe it would help, but it didn't.

First of all this forum does not support Registry cleaners of any flavor as in this link for your information. Not even the registry option in CCleaner is wise in my opinion.

Are you sure you mean 12GB RAM on this system?Right click My Computer on your desktop
Please post back the information showing thanks....

I would suggest you run sfc/scannow, reboot and if no improvement, my only suggestion is to uninstall and reinstall MS Office Home and Student 2007.

You can use Revo uninstaller to do the above if you choose to do so, as I think it is a better utility than Add and Remove/Programs and Features in Windows 7.

My comment is I hope running those registry options has not damaged your OS.....

Let us know thanks..

kind regards,

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