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Yoga 2 Pro Juice spill

Q: Yoga 2 Pro Juice spill

I spilt juice on my yoga 2 pro. I'm using it right now and I have cleaned it to the best of my extent. The keys are a bit sticky and the right USB port seems jammed and won't work. Please help.

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does anybody know of a free program that will close all unneeded processes that i can run before i play a game?

A:need some cpu juice

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I am looking for a PSU with enough juice to power this...

Any help would be great

A:PSU with enough juice?

ask at your power plant maybe they pull an additional wire directly to your system

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I've been using a Nvidia Geforce 6800GT in my pc, ever since they were cutting-edge and when I installed it, even though I hooked it up to my psu, I knew the card was only just getting enough power (recommended power is 350w, my psu is only 305w). As a result, it's always run pretty hot, but it never gave me any serious problems. Until a few weeks ago. I started getting artifacts on my bootup screens and sometimes power to the monitor would cut, and I'd have to use the reset button. This became more and more frequent unitl now it's nearly a given that it'll happen when I (try to) start up my pc. Finally, after what I think was a random loss of total power, my pc rebooted with a message from the graphics card which went something along the lines of
"The nvidia card is not getting enough power and has rebooted with lower settings to reduce power consumption" or something to that effect.
My question is: why now? Has my power input suddenly been reduced even further, or do you think the graphics card may have been slowly damaged by use and abuse?
Is there any point in trying to fix this as is or do you think replacements are necessary?
I should probably add that I opened up the pc, took out the graphics card, de-dusted it, checked all the connections and put it back in. It booted up for me this time....
Any suggestions?

A:Needs More Juice

It's your're killing it...I'm suprised it lasted this long! For $30-40 go buy a decent Thermaltake or Antec. Your 6800 is probably just fine.

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My PSU has run out of plugs and, well frankly I need more. Im going to be buying things that require power and ive got no plugs.

Should I..

A) Buy a bigger psu (is it hard to install?)
B) Buy splitters (where?)
C) Do something else?

A:Scotty, we need more juice!

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i got me 6 (2 led) case fans and on tornado fan on my cpu (sounds like power saw). also got two hard drives and three dvd/cdr drives, grapgics card, sound card. planning on gettin a 9800 so thats another power sucker. my comp has 400 watt power supply. is that enough or should i take out a few things.

A:how much juice does a comp need?


That depends on what KIND of PSU it is.... If it is some cheap thing that came with your case than it could be an issue. Basically you get what you pay for when it comes to a PSU. For example go into your local pc store and pic up a $30 psu and then pic up a $100 psu, your going to notice that the $100 PSU is twice as heavy. Along with that look at the power ratings, particularly the 12v output. Your going to notice that the more expensive PSU is going to put out a more efficient current.

If you think your PSU is decent and you cant afford a newer better one. Try it. Worse comes to worse it will burn out and you will have to get a new one anyway.

But I think 400 watts might be cutting it a little thin with the amount of devices you are running/going to be running. But I could be wrong so anyone feel free to correct me. Put it this way I have 7 case fans, 1 HS FAN that runs directly to the psu, 2-rom drives, 3 hard drives, video card that requires power and 2 cool cathode neon lights. And I have a decent 500 watt PSU wich does fine. Would I run a 400 ? Probably not. With numberous devices on your system that require power, the bigger the better in a PSU.

And as I said before you get what you pay for in a PSU but dont pay too much. If you see a 500 watt PSU selling for $125 look at one for 500 watt $65-100 and compair the power ratings. Most of the time you are paying a extreme amount due to a name. Antec, Enermax, Thermaltake. Anything within 475-500watt ove... Read more

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Here is one for you technicians?????????????I have a Compaq Presario laptop Model V 5101 us. Purchased in 2006.

This morning I spilled about 1/2 glass of orange juice on my keyboard. I immediately wiped it off---turned computer upside down- and went for vacumn cleaner an vacumned for several minutes. It was running at the time........and is:

still running ok. I have searched on internet , sent and received emails, etc. No problem I know of.

I still would like to know where in the heck that orange juice is and is there a way I could clean it out with q tips or something?

I am not a beginner but I am not a technician either. But I think I could take it apart somewhat if I knew exactly what to do.

Or should I just leave well enough alone. One other thing. The orange juice had metamucil in it so the computer got an enema plus some nutrician.

Sure waiting for some opinions other than telling me to keep orange juice off the computer desk. From Nebraska but in AZ now.

A:Orange Juice

Orange Juice, Metamucil or not, will become sticky when it does dry our finally causing problems with your keyboard. Such as and not limited to Stuck Keysand Corrosion from the Acid in the Orange juice. Opening the Laptop and cleaning the juice away is really the only thing to do. Here is the Maintenance and Service manul for your computer. It covers Keyboard removal and reinstallation as well as other things.

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my son recently spilt his juice in my laptop.
it still works up to a point.

apart from:
- inbuilt mouse and keybrd
- internal battery

but the two main problems are:

1) it now takes around 7 minutes to boot (before it was under 30 secs) and sometimes fails completely just hanging with blank screen.

2) internet connection is erratic. Sometimes won't connect at all and if it does it usually gives no more than 2 minutes use before automatically disconnecting.

.. so what have I tried:

- reinstalled XP
- upgraded to XP sp2
- checked modem settings

I'd appreciate any suggestions (short of buy a new one..)

PC Spec : Dell Latitude C610, PIII, 866MHz, XP home v.2 SP2

many thanks


A:...crying over spilt juice

try calling Dell Tech support - perhaps some of the dregs from the spill are causing 'shorts' within the system. Now.... if only there was a way to clean it out..........hmmmmm............

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I had Juice podcast receiver on windows Vista and worked fiine..

I can't seem to get it to work on windows 7 any ideas how to fix it?

i have tried Windows 7 - How to get Juice 2.2 working - Spiceworks Community

but it doesn't seem to have the file in there.. i did the first part where you run it with xp..

but can't find the file to change it.. i found ipodder.xrc and went into that and couldn't find my documents part..

any ideas would be great!

when you go to open juice it comes up with

errors occurred.

see the logfile 'file desintation'

you open up the file destination and this is what is in it.

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 4, in ?
File "iPodderGui.pyc", line 3621, in main
File "iPodderGui.pyc", line 707, in __init__
File "wx\_core.pyc", line 5301, in __init__
File "wx\_core.pyc", line 4980, in _BootstrapApp
File "iPodderGui.pyc", line 1472, in OnInit
File "iPodderGui.pyc", line 934, in SetLanguages
AttributeError: 'iPodderGui' object has no attribute 'menu'


A:Juice Podcast Receiver

Hello! does Juice podcast receiver support Windows 7?

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Hey Guys,

I'm seriously running out of space on my PC, and want to invest in a 160gig hard drive to run with my existing two.


AMD XP3000+
1 gig DDR ram
DFI Infinity NFII Ultra
2 HD: 80gig each - 1 partitioned into 2 - 50 & 30gig - total 3 Drives: C,D & E
Chaintech GeForce 6800 GT 256
Audigy 2 ZS Platnum Pro + mixer
Creative Inspire P580 5.1 speakers
XP Home - SP2
PSU: Tagan 380watt

If I buy a 160 gig HD, Can I simply add it without any worry of power etc?
I've a 30gig Creative Jukebox / Digital camera that I use every so often via USB. Not to mention a touch of overclocking with the GeForce 6800GT.

Would an external HD be an alternative idea?!

Thanks in Advance


A:Enough Juice for 3rd Hard Drive?!

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Hey everyone i m new to all the overclockign and i was wondering wats the most juice(optimal Perfomance) i can get out of my system
Following are the specs (none is overclocked or modded in anyway)

1.6GHz P4
256MB pc133
40GIG Seagate Baracuda

ATI Radeon 9200SE video Card(<--how can i overclock this)
Hercules MUSE 5.1DVD sound card

If you guys can tell me how to get the most outta this system that wud b gr8 thanks alot :giddy:

A:Wats the most juice i can get out of my system


Hey man, looking at your specs im guesing you would not get much out of ur RAM seeing as it is 133MHz and prob unbranded, the cpu however has got potential, i have never owned a P4 so i dunno much bout them but i have seen people get an increase o about 400/500Mhz with 1.4ghz P4's so there is hope! I had a 9200 once an i couldn't get much out of it, got bout 30mhz core increase and 40 mhz ram increase before i started getting artifacts all over the screen!

Tips - If overclocking the CPU invest in a high quality cooler to let you get the most out of it.

To be honest you could do with a complete upgrade but if thats all you got then happy overclocking! let us know how u get on!

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My wife wants to run her hair straightener (flat iron) in the car during long trips.
Can this item pull too much juice and harm the car or battery?

A:DC to AC car adapter, can you pull too much juice?

It would depend on the power rating (wattage) of the straightener - if you pull more than about 130 - 150W through the average car wiring, either the fuse blows or the insulation starts melting/burning! (also I would suggest not running anything mightier than 100W for more than 10 minutes per session, then cooling it off a bit).
I trust that your wife won't be driving? ;-)

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You?re out and about, and your smartphone?s battery is about to die. Maybe you?re at an airport, hotel, or shopping mall. You don?t have the power cable needed to charge the device, but you do have a USB cord that can supply the needed juice. Then you spot an oasis: A free charging kiosk. Do you hesitate before connecting your phone to this unknown device that could be configured to read most of the data on your phone, and perhaps even upload malware?

The answer, for most folks, is probably not. The few people I?ve asked while researching this story said they use these charging kiosks all the time (usually while on travel), but then said they?d think twice next time after I mentioned the possible security ramifications of doing so. Everyone I asked was a security professional.

Granted, a charging kiosk at an airport may be less suspect than, say, a slightly sketchy-looking tower of power stationed at DefCon, a massive hacker conference held each year in Las Vegas. At a conference where attendees are warned to stay off the wireless networks and avoid using the local ATMs, one might expect that security experts and enthusiasts would avoid using random power stations.

But some people will brave nearly any risk to power up their mobiles. In the three and a half days of this year?s DefCon, at least 360 attendees plugged their smartphones into the charging kiosk built by the same guys who run the infamous Wall of Sheep, a public shaming exercise at DefCon aimed at ... Read more

A:Beware of Juice Jacking

When I used Android Studio, it was necessary to enable the debug mode for transferring my project on the phone and in our case, if this mode is active, it is worse.
In fact, an Android smartphone with debug mode enable, it is able to receive various types of administration commands via USB and, in this way, it is possible to install malicious applications. Each smartphone connected to a computer (in this case, probably hidden in the charging kiosk) actually works like any other removable device (like a USB stick for example), and any computer can send a malware to your phone.

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All of a sudden my pc started lagging while i was playing a game, so i paused the game and checked out of my pc started it's automatic scan (sometimes it tends to slow my pc)

then i went to the task manager and i saw explorer.exe taking 200,000 kb

and the cpu was 60-80%

to be honest it still is , im currently scanning with avg and malware bytes but no results, what should i post to help you, help me?

A:explorer.exe takes the Juice out of my PC

I din get an ark text

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With me being a moron, I accidentally spilled apple juice on my laptop. I would explain more but im typing this with the on screen keyboard. After spilling I soaked it up with a towel. It was fine for a half hour or so when o started coming up in a continuous stream like "ooooooooooooooooo" followed by "iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii". I turned the laptop off and shook it to knock out the juice. I fetched my roommates hairdryer and blew it it on the laptop from a distance. i removed the back panel (its a dell studio 1537) and had it turned upside down to dry overnight. The next day It would boot up and the 3 volume control pads above the keyboard would flash but the num lock would work. I disconnected the keyboard and it would boot but not all keys would work. Help? PS: I had partially removed the plastic on the back of the keyboard and gently washed off apple juice residue with a damp cloth. Big no-no, im now aware of this. This all happened on Tuesday December 8th. Please help?

A:Apple Juice + Laptop = Bad

First off, the hair dryer is also big no no. It can melt stuff (important stuff) and is just not a good idea. Second, when my cell phone went through the washer, I took a bag of rice, removed the battery, and put the phone in the bag, making sure that rice got inside it (better rice than water). unfortunately some keys didn't work at first, but as the day went on, the more times I pressed the buttons, the more they work. If worse come to worse you might have to buy a new keyboard.

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I am new here and need help urgently. My memory stick which contains a lot of important files and information got soaked in juice last night. Now neither laptop nor desktop reads it. Is there a way I can retrieve the information? I know this question sounds silly however I do not, maybe there is someone knows the answer.
Thank you all for the help in advance.

A:Memory Stick soaked in juice, Please help!

Um, I'm thinking you're screwed if you still want that info.

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I think I may have an underpowered USB problem (see my IOgear post). I know you can buy powered hubs but I don't want one in this application.

Does anyone know of a USB cable Type A Male to Type A female (simple extension) that also has either an add on AC adapter plug OR a plug that plugs into your existing Power Supply would work as well. I would like for this extension cable to be short if possible as I don't need any true length I just need more power... God why do I think of Star Trek when I say I need more power...
Basically here is the situation I need - Type A Male from KVM - short almost non existant extension Type A Female to Type A Male with some kind of external power source - Type A female socket in MB.

Also take a look at my post on the other thread and tell me if you think that "adapter" that plugs into 2 PC side USB ports might do the trick without having to get any extra power plugs or anything.

A:Add extra juice (power) to a USB 2.0 connection.

Many small 2.5" external disks come with a dual headed USB cable, the second is just to draw an extra 0.5A of +5V to power the disks. There are also PS/2 connector to power cables that used to come with those disks. If you get desperate, you can even make your own USB to power connector cable from a USB cable, I've also done that.

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Juice is a receiver that I use every night. Juce transfered to my Inspiration1420 and re-dowloading it has not gotten it working. I've noticed that Juice and Limewire only have downloads for XP.

What can I do to get those cool downloads, that I love, through my Windows Vista operating system?

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the computer is a compaq presario 2700 and the part of the plug on the laptop that receives the power cord is very loose and i have to hold it to keep things going. will i run into problems by opening the case and tightening the plug? i am knowledgable enough to know that if a connection is broken, i cannot fix it. but a simple tightening i can do. there seems to be something covering the plug when i investigated. can i just pop that thing out, tighten the connection and re-insert the thing?

thanks for all your help.

A:Solved: Juice Plug Loose

No this plug is soldered to the MB. There is a number of places that do the repair. Or you can try and perform a fix yourself like the one listed here.

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If this sounds bizarre, it's probably because it is. I moved to a different city a few months ago and left my laptop with my family by accident. I've only just visited them and seen the state of my laptop. (Lenovo y50-70)
I decently know my way around it as I've replaced screens before. The issue is, my little brother "spilt" apple juice all down the side of my laptop. The screen barely works but the internals seem fine, so I ordered a replacement.
I guess it's been there for a couple months with no intervention as two screws are stuck with VERY sticky apple juice.
My main question is this: How can I get the screws unstuck? The screwdriver I'm using worked like a dream on the first 2, then came the apple juice..
Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

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I recently bought a new 512Mb MMC for my Nokia 6230 and I've just transferred some small clips to the phone. The largest is about 1.3Mb (.3gp file) and when I play them I notice it chews the battery something chronic. Is this normal or am I due for a new battery? Also, I have recently put about 75 MP3's (converted to AAC's) on the phone for a roadtrip and I'm wondering how many of those I'll get through before the phone dies?

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Not a lot of juice spilled but apparently enough to hurt my laptop. It spilled on the top right corner of the keyboard and I immediately wiped it all up and the laptop seemed to be fine. I turned it off and when I came back to use it, it would not turn on. It also made a sizzling noise on the top right side. Help!

View Solution.

A:Spilled juice on laptop and worked fine until I turned it of...

The sizzling sound was likely the sound of your motherboard shorting out (dying). The juice probably gradually seeped down inside and when you applied power again- zap. For what it is worth now-any time liquid is spilled on a laptop it should immediately be powered off, battery & power cord removed and the laptop placed upside down for at least 24 hrs to drain any tiny bit of liquid.

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just built a system with this mobo, and the case has 2 usb ports on front that are plugged into a usb header on the mobo, and I have a card reader plugged into another usb header on the mobo as well. this card reader also has one usb port. mobo has 4 usb ports on the back. usb mice and kb, as well as usb network adapter plugged into the mobo, all working. small thumb drives will work in all ports, the hitachi 320GB external wont work in ANY. I tried going through the bios and seeing if I could find something. I also set the jumpers from 5V to 5VSTB figuring it wouldnt change anything and it didnt.

I had to use this old rockband powered USB hub for the external and now it works fine. the external even came with a usb cord with 2 male ends to give it additional power if one port wasnt enough. I figured maybe somehow one header didnt have enough power, and after both plugged into the case didnt work, I plugged one into the case and one into the card reader and same problem. the drive just makes a sound similar to what a 1.44 floppy sounds like, like it keeps attempting to spin up and then restarts over and over.

I should note this drive doesnt so this on a HP DV6208 laptop or acer aspire one 533 netbook.

my sister has this same drive style (250GB though) and had identical problems on her older macbook, but it worked fine on a gateway laptop, my old compaq cq-51 laptop, and their 27" imac...

is there anything I can try/do to boost the power to the onboard usb po... Read more

A:Biostar TA880GB+ USB problems, work but not enough juice for external?

The iMac is totally different, it has main's power continiously, like a PC does.

I take it the drive doesn't have a dedicated power source then? What is the problem with running through a powered hub if that works?

Personally I've always used powered external hard disks, purely because of the power draw from USB.

Are you using other devices plugged in via USB at the same time?

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I spilled a few drops of water on my keyboard a few weeks back. I'v waited and the keyboard still doesn't want to work. I also cannot scroll down on pages at all. It worked today for an hour until I pressed the volume button and it stopped working again. What should I do?

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I recently spilled a little water on the back of my laptop (Acer aspire 5755) absent-mindedly......
I removed the battery immediately and kept it upside-down for 2 days and it worked.
does the water-spill actually affect the performance of laptop???

A:Water spill

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To make a long story short...I spilled a cup of coffee on my dresser were my laptop sits. It went underneath and a tiny bit on the keyboard. I cleaned it off the best I could and continued using my pc. After about half an hour it just shut off, when i finally got it to reboot and try to put my password in, sometimes it logs 2-4 of the same letters even though I only press the button once. Other times it tried logging in while I'm still typing. Any suggestions on what I could do to try and fix this? ...Hairdry it, take it apart? My friend said I should clean the keyboard by disassembling the laptop but I'm not quite sure how to do that...any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

A:Coffee spill

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I spilled something on my laptop (Dell Inspiron 5160). At first it would only turn on for half a second now the computer turns on (green lights on and fan is on), but there is no display and no sound (such as a beep or the windows chime).


A:Spill on laptop

Take it to a repair shop and let them give you a price estimate. The diagnosis work will probably be sth like $100-$200

Assuming that miracles don't happen.. At minimum you will need to have the motherboard replaced. In additon, keyboard, power supply, hard drive, battery, pretty much anything that could have been shorted out or corroded. You are probably looking at a repair cost of $500-$1000

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Ok.. today has been one of my worst days.. (Skip this long first paragraph if u wanna just go on to my question)

This morning I spilled water on my keyboard... which went psycho, but became ok after i opened it up and blow dried and nature dried it for hours. Right about the time my keyboard got to work again, I spilled my water on my computer. My pc case has fan on top for better airflow, meaning it has a vent there.. and i happened to spill water there.
Being a dumb person I am, I just went to sleep thinking water will dry itself (computer was off at the time of water spill) instead of cleaning inside. About 4 hours later.. i woke up and turned on the computer. It booted fine.. but when Windows screen came up, I saw weird marks on the screen all over. I quickly turned off the computer and opened it up. I felt my way around and felt that... my graphic card had little bit of water on top of it. (Leadtek 7900GT). I quickly used paper towl to dry it and blow dried it with a cool air. I inserted it back in and booted computer again. Everything ran fine. Having being shocked, I constantly monitored temperatures using CPUFAN and graphic card driver... things seemed fine... until i got the BSOD saying something wrong with win32k.sys

After the BSOD, every time my comp boots, it beeps and doesnt start. I drove to Fry's immediately (which is at least 40 min away) to buy a new graphic card..but it was closed (I arrived at 9:50).

Now I just got back and am thinking about... Read more

A:Water Spill!! help me

Quick Update, I just changed RAM and computer boots. I guess it was the RAM. I just hope it doesn't crush on me with BSOD anytime soon

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I spilled sugarfree Dr. Pepper (moron!) on my laptop and now the Control and function keys are malfunctioning (as if they are always "on" and the F10 key sometimes displays the "on" light and also seems to stick). I got it cleaned and I adjusted my filter keys settings to "no repeat rate" on my keypad, so that my control function does not work (and I also can not hold a key down to repeat keystrokes anymore), but that is fine b/c it's not a major handicap for me--cheaper than buying a whole new laptop. However, is there anything else I can do to fix this problem software wise? Would it be beneficial to me to buy a new keyboard? I appreciate any responses!! Kind thanks!

A:Another spill story, but a bit different...

ouch on a laptop?

The only good way to clean that is to take the laptop apart...the membrane behind the plastic keys is probably nicely gummed up with a mixture of dust and dr pepper...

...I'd see about getting the keyboard on it replaced, or at the very least cleaned by a professional.

Unless you've done it many times before you don't want to take apart a laptop ... they can be a PITA to get back together...and it voids your warranty if you do it.

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A friend gave me her HP Pavilion dv6-6c35dx Entertainment PC after she happened to spill a small amount of coffee on the keyboard. I'm not sure what steps she took but it will not display anything on the screen now.

Since it was only 6 months old she sent it to HP and they notified her that liquid spills were not covered so she asked them to return it.

When you power up, the lights come on the keypad, the power light is showing, the hard drive light is lit and you can hear it loading windows (at least I think). I've taken everything out, and put back together but there is still nothing displaying on the screen.

My question is how do I know if it's a keyboard issue, video card issue, motherboard issue, combination or more?

A:Another coffee spill.......what next?

When you spill something in a computer a lot of damage can be caused.Even a small amount of liquid can damage the motherboard.I think it should be taken somewhere to see what was damaged and how bad and if its even worth fixing.

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I'm kind of embarressed to ask this, but yesterday I spilled some chocolatesauce on my touchpad. Panicing, I held it upside down a bit while wipeing it off and used a toothpick to get the residu from between the buttons at the bottom of the touchpad. it wasn't that bad of a spill and it was only the right key, but since then nothing really happened, except that my right key doesn't 'click' as good anymore. but since it's this like a day and nothing happened, should I still worry that it might somehow affect my computer? I'm asking because I'm a bit paranoid so any news that would calm me down is appreciated

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To make a long story short...I spilled a cup of coffee on my dresser were my laptop sits. It went underneath and a tiny bit on the keyboard. I cleaned it off the best I could and continued using my pc. After about half an hour it just shut off, when i finally got it to reboot and try to put my password in, sometimes it logs 2-4 of the same letters even though I only press the button once. Other times it tried logging in while I'm still typing. Any suggestions on what I could do to try and fix this? ...Hairdry it, take it apart? My friend said I should clean the keyboard by disassembling the laptop but I'm not quite sure how to do that...any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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Hello, after a water spill (about 2 days ago) most of my key's aren't working. also having problems starting up my laptop. it turns on after a while, but always insists going through system recovery. I ordered a new keyboard, but I'm worried about my laptop still

please excuse the bad grammar/punctuation. I'm using an on-screen keyboard.

A:Water Spill

Well honestly if the laptop itself is still functioning then that is an accomplishment. With the keyboard being bad yea that is going to have to be replaced. If the computer itself constantly wants to go to system recovery, try reverting the system back to an earlier date through system restore to see if that fixes your problems. If not, you may have an issue regarding the motherboard.

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Yesterday I spilled about a cup of coffee with milk (no sugar) on my Pavilion DV6. The spill was directly on the keyboard. My laptop I'm guessing short circuited by itself too quickly for me to turn it off first. I'm not very good with hardware and whatnot so I'm not sure if my laptop short circuited but about two seconds after the spill the screen and all lights died so for now I'm assuming that was a short circuit.

I immediately removed the battery and tried my best to tilt my laptop in a way that would get as much of the excess liquid out as I could. After, I used a hair dryer's cold setting on the laptop for a few minutes.

I then (now I realize, stupidly) tried putting the battery back in and immediately pulled it out again upon hearing ominous soft popping noises from below the keyboard.

I left the laptop to dry with a fan overnight and took it apart this morning. I took off the back "ProtectSmart" cover, the keyboard, and the CD drive to clean under them with rubbing alcohol as best as I could.

After leaving it to dry for a few minute I tried putting the battery back in. This time I heard no noises and am unsure whether that's a good thing or a bad thing...when I plug in the charger the battery light flickers for a half second then dies out and after I pull the charger out the light comes back on for about two seconds then dies out. My laptop did not boot up so I tried the holding the power button down with the battery out tri... Read more

A:Coffee spill on laptop...

Likely not. If it's a newer model, you can try taking/sending it in for service.

Otherwise, I'd pull the HDD (to save your data), and buy a replacement.

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Hello everyone, i have a laptop that sucked up some water through the bottom. Not sure how much got up in there, but now there is no power. No power with just battery or just AC. Push the power button and nothing happens. I removed the Ram Hard drive and battery and let sit for a few days and still nothing. Did the motherboard just fry or possibly the CPU? Its a HP Omnibook xe4600. Thank You.

A:Water Spill with Laptop

not even the bios came on. nothing. flatline. to me that says, fried mobo. that thing is dead mate. if i were you, i'd get a new mobo and see if the other parts are still working. and if you can't determine that, or do it easily, then ask a professional to test the processor and the graphics chip and other parts. if they still work, you can save some money and just get a new mobo hopefully.'re kinda screwed.

by the way...if you can, try to avoid hp. they are seriously going down in terms of quality and warranty support. gateway, lenovo, acer, and a few other brands are now the way to go.

but that's a side note...yeah...get a new motherboard first. sorry about that...not exactly a very pleasant thing to have happen to you, let alone to have someone tell you what you feared most....i wish you the best.

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I own an Asus eee PC 1000HA netbook. I spilled crystal light on my keyboard (it's a sugar-free lemonade flavored drink). I took out the battery, blotted it with a paper towel, and used a blow dryer (set on cool) to try to blow out the moisture. Then, I partially dismantled it and took out the hard drive. After about 15- 20 minutes, I put the netbook back together and turned it on. It successfully booted, but I found that the mouse pad did not work. I then left it idle, and when the computer went to sleep (which it usually does when I leave it idle), I was unable to turn it back on. So I dismantled it again. After about an hour, i reassembled the computer and was able to boot it up again. However, I found that the mouse pad still did not work, and my keyboard did not work either. Right now - I've taken out the hard drive again and have not turned it on since. Is my keyboard fried or is there a chance it will regain function if left to dry for a day - week? Or is there anything I can do right now to give my laptop a better chance?

A:spill on netbook keyboard

It's possible that you keyboard and mouse pad were damaged from the fluids.
(even plain water can damage the electrical components within a computer)

Let it dry for a day and if the problem persists, the keyboard and mouse may be fried, unfortunately.

Always remember, never have fluids in close proximity of your computer! I'm guilty of this from time to time and I have to catch happens.

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Earlier this morning dr.pepper spilled all over my laptop. AT first it was fine ( should have turned it off immediately) but then the screen went black and eventually the power went off. Since then I have taken everything out, dried all parts, and tried to turn it back on. The power is now on but the screen is completely black. I noticed when i took the keyboard apart there was a wire coming out from the screen thats not connected to anything. Not sure if thats a problem, but im just putting it out there. Please give solutions on how to fix it! Obviously if it can go on its not completely fried

A:Laptop and Dr.Pepper spill

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Sorry if this is in the wrong section, I wasn't sure what section to put it in.
I've just recently spilled water on my laptop keyboard. It wasn't a lot and I instantly got paper towels to help clear it up after I quickly turned the power off.
I made sure to keep cleaning with the towel and pressing on the keys gently to put more water out for it to be absorbed.
It's turned on fine, and so far I've not noticed any keyboard issues.
Will my laptop be fine, or should I do something else just to make sure?
The water mostly spilled on part of the speaker, the power button, and a few of the keys. There's no water anymore and everything feels dry, and like I said it was a small amount of water.

A:Laptop water spill

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I have a y70-70 touch laptop that I just purchased this past August of 2015 (not even a year old). Around midnight on Friday I accidentally spilled less than half a glass of water on the left half of my keyboard. It took a few seconds to register what happened, then I immediately hit the power button, unplugged my mouse and charger, and grabbed a large bath towel to wipe the water away. I flipped the laptop upside down to try draining any water that may have gotten inside and waited about 20-30 minutes before hitting power button to see if it worked (which I probably should NOT have done). A blue screen appeared, in which Windows gave me options about troubleshooting before the system shut itself down (not the blue screen of death but a regular Windows kind of screen). After that, I left it alone until the next day when I attempted to see if it would work yet again, only this time, the computer didn't even boot up. The only thing that turned on was the fans inside the laptop, which only stayed on until I release the power button. No lights blinking, no other normal humming or whurring a laptop would typically make, just the fans. I was confused and thought maybe it was just trying to dry itself out still so I let it sit yet another night. I tried turning it on this morning (Sunday) and it did the same thing with the fans. I've researched many different articles and based on what I've read, I've either goofed up my laptop so bad with turning it on that it won't work anymo... Read more

A:Accidental Water Spill

If you have accidental damage protection, send it in.  They will replace whatever was damaged or got wet.  Even if it dries out and works, you are likely to have problems next week or next month or whenever.  Wet electronics get corroded.

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All of a sudden, I'm no longer able to use any kind of sites with Java, regardless of whether I'm using IE or Firefox. I always get the error "Applet (whatever) notinit" and then "Loading Java Applet Failed..."

This is a sudden problem, never had this problem before. I've uninstalled/reinstalled Java twice, to no avail. Java's website says that I have Java installed fine, and that if I want to install it, I need to uninstall Java and then reinstall it.

I have Java logs from it happens, if they're of any help.

A:Solved: Java took a spill!

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Hi!I spilled juice on my desk and the juice traveled to the bottom left of my laptop where the vents are. I powered it off immediately and unplugged it. The battery was not attached to the laptop at that time. After wiping away the liquid on the case with tissue and a bit of isopropyl alcohol, I opened up the bottom and inspected to see if there was any leakage. There was no liquid found inside the laptop. To be sure, It's now drying in front of a fan. Any recommendations or advice to possibly salvage my laptop?

A:Liquid spill under laptop

Katara93 Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!I read your post about liquid spilled on your laptop and wanted to help. Best thing to do right now is NOT turn on the laptop.Here are some steps you should take:  You Just Spilled Water Or Coffee On Your Laptop - Here's What You Should DoGood Luck========================================================================I am a volunteer and I do not work for, nor do I represent, HP.---------------------------------------------------------------If my posts helped you, please click the Thumbs-Up symbol on my post to say thanks.If my posts solved your problem please click "Accept As Solution".========================================================================

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Hi all

Hope you can help.

I spilt a fair bit of water on my laptop about a week ago. I turned it off, turned it upside down, put the battery in rice and left it for 48 hours.

When I turned it back on if came on but the keys wouldn't work. I managed to use the onscreen keyboard and it worked fine for 2 days. When I next tried to turn it on it boots up but the screen is completely black.

Is there a fix for this at all or is it fried from the liquid?

I have tried removing the battery and using just the power cord but nothing happened, still booted up and black screen.

Really grateful for any advice.

A:Black screen after spill

Any electrically conductive liquids in live electronic equipment allows electrical currents to travel across unintended paths, which can immediately short-circuit (KILL) any or all of the electronic components the liquid comes into contact with.

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hi folks,

I've got a GQ ZX-5361A notebook model#536S from fry's. It's been a pretty good machine, and my current problem is entirely self-inflicted.

What happened:
Here's a cliche, I accidentally spilled coffee on my keyboard, and the following keys became non-functional: 1,2,3,q,w,e,a,d,z,x,c (the spill was on the left hand side of the machine). everything else seems okay.

What I've done:
* I waited for things to dry, but that didn't help
* I tried to rinse the affected keys with a hard stream of water from a spray bottle (with the machine inverted to prevent it from getting inside), toweled it off fast and let it dry, but (ofcourse) that made the problem worse. Now all of the keys seem to be dead. Fingerpad still seems okay (that's how I was able to shutdown the machine).

What I think I still need to try:
* I was going to try to use a USB keyboard to make sure that the problem is local to the keyboard itself
* I am trying to open the machine to see if I can get a closer look at the keyboard, but after unscrewing what seemed like the millionth screw, I started to worry that there might be some that I shouldn't.

What I need:
* is there anything I should try before continuing the surgery (popping keycaps off to try to clean exposed contacts -- if there are any), etc?
* is there a set of disassembly instructions available for the machine?
* is there anything that I should definitely consider offlimits for the screwdriver?
* if I d... Read more

A:Fry's GQ Notebook keyboard spill problem

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I have a problem. I spilled wine all over my roommates Toshiba keyboard. Its an A100 and since I broke it, I bought it and she got a Dell. Now, I own this damaged laptop and I am finding the only problem with it is the keyboard doesn't work. I can surf the net, download anything I want, make music on fruity loops, listen to mp3's and even watch dvds. The only thing I can't do is type using the keyboard.

Does anyone know if there is a way to take the keyboard off and clean out the (now probably dried up) wine under it?

Or is there a certain model of keyboard I can buy to plug into the laptop through one of its usb ports or something?

I am fairly knowledgeable on regular computers, but I know nothing about!!

A:Toshiba A100 Keyboard Spill

You can have a shop replace the keyboard in it, or you can buy a new one from the manufacturer and have a brand new laptop!

other than that I suppose you can buy a USB keyboard, but Im the kinda person who would replace that one with an origional and keep the mobility of the laptop alive!

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My grandson spilled a glass of milk on the keyboard of his laptop. I had him turn it upside down and remove the battery. He left it sitting this way for a couple weeks. That was about a month ago and so far, it seems to be working fine. I'm wondering if there is anything I should do to try to clean out any dried milk?

Thanks for any advice.


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Well,as I have decided not to kill myself, yet, here is what happened. I accidentally spilled hot chocolate milk on my laptop keyboard. Toshiba satellite A505 S6981

I didn't know at that time, one week ago,that I had to take the battery out..I just took the ac power off...instead I did it like 4 hours after, in the meantime I put the laptop on a side in order to let the most quantity of liquid outside the laptop.

Then I dissasembled and clean it with isopropilic alcohol, and let it dry open for several hours. After that I reassembled, it boots but sometimes said :battery disconected, a few minutes after, battery showed 100 percent full, and then battery disconected again.
So I turn it down, and try to boot...and never went on again. It shows two system icon lights (outside) the power light and the battery light, both on and white. But it wont boot.

When I disassembled it I looked for the cmos battery and I realized it is one of those soldered ones.....urggg

What I wanted to do was to change the cmos and see if it by doing that the pc boot again. I don't know. I am lost, and have no money to take it to a repair center.

What would you do? Should I consider it dead or do I have some hope?.......thanks

A:Laptop died after milk spill...please help...

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Hi all.. embarassing moment but I spilled coffee all over the keyboard/trackpad of my x250 this morning. I tried drying out the liquid and it seems to function fine except for the trackpad. The trackpad still scrolls but the buttons, both top and lower, don't function. All five mouse buttons (three upper, two lower) act as the middle mouse button. I tried reinstalling the Synaptics drivers but it didn't solve anything unfortunately. Unfortunately I am out of warranty, so any DIY suggestions would be very appreciated. Thank you!

A:X250 Trackpad Not Working After Spill

The Hardware Maintenance Manual will show you what is involved in repairing your laptop. So far as I can tell, the trackpad buttons are part of the keyboard bezel, which will involve all the disassembly shown in the keyboard replacement procedure, plus transferring any other parts mounted to the keyboard bezel which are not part of the new bezel assembly (if any). Other than leaving the lid / display panel assembly as one piece, you've pretty much got to take everything apart. Whilst the computer is apart, I would replace the keyboard for the relatively small additional parts cost. Most of the investment here will be in paying for engineer time (or in summoning up courage for a DIY repair).

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Can I get a tool that plugs into a USB port for sound?

A:Liquid spill on laptop now sound is gone

Hi, There are many USB-Sound adapters around, such as: Regards.

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Hi community! Yesterday, I accidentally spilled coffee (no sugar and only a little bit of milk) in my ThinkPad was plugged in the charger, and as soon as I spilled coffee the computer shut down (the coffee reached the bottom of the screen)I took off the battery and the keyboard, cleaned a bit and now the computer is drying.when I opened there was coffee around but apparently it didn't reach the mother board. I am almost sure it won't turn on again due to the fact it instantly shut down when the coffee touched the keyboard.However, I Hope you can give me more positive views on my computer's situation? Is there any chance to save it?  ThanksNymsai 

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Scareware spreaders have started to use Skype to spread their cash-sapping crud.

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Yesterday, I spill coffee on my laptop(Sony Vaio PCG-K13). Fortunately,everything works well EXCEPT
1)When I turn on the computer now,it makes this loud beeping noise before a screen comes up asking me to select Profile1. Didn't have this problem before the spill.

2)All the keys + touchpad mouse works fine EXCEPT the spacebar,which doesn't function at all. Currently,I using the on-screen keyboard to insert spaces.

Can anyone offer any suggestions for addressing one or both problems?


A:Keyboard Liquid Spill Problem

ugh. ugly situation. At worst you may have shorted some component and ruined the motherboard (requires replacement). At best, it is a minor short and the keyboard may only require cleaning or replacement.
Cleaning will require dissassembly of the laptop and electronics cleaning solvent.
I do not recommend this for an average user. Laptops are very tricky to put back together. You would be better off getting a professional.

If the motherboard is ruined, you can buy a salvage model and use the hard drive, RAM, etc, that is in yours to make either the salvage model work, or use the salvage model for a motherboard part.

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One of my co-workers spilled some soy sauce on her flash drive and after washed it out in water and let it dry after a period of time, it still didnt work. I wanted to know if there was anyway to get the flash drive up and working I recomended using rubbing alchol.
Data traveler
View attachment 35062

Any sugestions?

A:Soy Sauce Spill On Flash Drive

Soy sauce has a high amount of salt and as such can damage electrical components easilly.

On the other hand, that flash isn't worth a thing if it won't clean up and work, so a flush with lukewarm water and a clear-rinse dish soap then a thorough lukewarm water flush should wash away all salts. Then dry with the connector donwards for a couple days.

The isopropyl probably isn't necessary.


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So I was using a usb keyboard and my cat spilled water on it while I was away. This seemed to render the the keyboard useless. It also caused the computer to start to react strangely to mouse inputs, though I am positive no water seeped into the case. When I tried to shut down the computer, it hanged for a good two hours at the part when all the icons and toolbar had disappeared from the screen and only the background was displayed. I then hard shut down the computer and when I restarted it, I was prompted if I would like to restore some sort of default bios on the motherboard. I unwittingly chose to do so. Now it seems I cannot boot into any of my primary drives, only slave drives that I have included from my old computer. When I do boot into this drive, my graphics processor is not used (looks like windows safe mode). Whenever I do try to boot into one of the other drives, I get the mobo splash screen and then the computer hangs halfway through the "starting windows" animation and then goes black and restarts. When I try to do a start-up repair, it says it fails for an unknown error and when I do a system restore, it fails because it cant replace a file in google chrome, or something (it was open when the incident happened).

What I suspect is happening is the default settings caused the mother board to start "talking" to my hard drive from my old computer and not my new one, but I have no idea how to get it to "talk" to my ne... Read more

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Hi! I spilled a half glass of wine on my HP G60 keyboard last week. I shut the laptop off and removed the keyboard and I cleaned off as much of the sticky stuff as I could. I did not see a lot of white marks on the circuit boards. I cleaned the keyboard in water and dried it overnight and tried it but no good. I replaced the keyboard and now some keys work while others do not. When I press the a key, I get az1, when I press the s key, I get sx2. Two questions:
1) Would trying a USB keyboard indicate whether the probem is confined to the keyboard and cable and not the motherboard? If it works, keyboard problem only?
2) If the test is no good, can I simply remove as many components as possible (CD, Keyboard, Hard disk, memory, wireless card, display, etc.) and can then soak the computer in warm, distilled water for a while to see if that works.
Regards, Joe

A:Wine spill, HP G60-519wm keyboard

Sounds like you still have some residue of the wine causing an electrcical fault in the keyboard. I am fairly confident that if you connect an external keyboard it will work fine, but please do this to prove it.

If you want to try and flush out the wine from the existing keyboard remove the board form the PC and then there is no possibility of harming anything else. Whatever you do to try and clean it just make sure you leave it for a long time to dry out in a warm place. Your safest bet would be to get a new keyboard.

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Good Day, I need assisstanc with fixing my keyboard. I accidently spilled sugary coffee on the keyboard, thereafter a drained all the liquid out of the keyboard and computer. the computer is now working but the keyboard is not working as the keys are sticky.  How do i remove the sugary substatance from the keys without damaging the keyboard. Thank you.

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Scareware spreaders have started to use Skype to spread their cash-sapping crud.
The VoIP channel has joined malicious manipulated search results, malicious online advertisements, Facebook messages and iFrame contaminated sites as a means to spread rogue "anti-virus" software scans.

Sean-Paul Correll, a security researcher a Panda Security, explains that under its latest guise, scareware scams appear as spam messages sent to personal Skype accounts.

More -
Scareware scams spill onto Skype ? The Register

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I accidentally spilled water on my laptop with Windows 7. Is it salvageable?

A:Windows 7 laptop - water spill

Turn it upside down, take out the battery, disconnect any peripherals and/or cables, and open it up.

Leave it this way for 48 hours.

After the 48 hours, plug in the charger cable and try to boot the machine up.

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Hi, A small amount of water was spilt over the keyboard. It was promptly soaked up and computer worked fine for two hours. Some of the keys are no longer working (space, b, n and arrows). The computer is working fine and external keyboard is fine.Any ideas of how to get them working again? They have been removed and all looks dry. Thanks

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Hello there, This is my first time posting. Basically, I spilled some water on my laptop keyboard 2 days ago, I wiped off the water and left it overnight. Then when I turned it on the keyboard is completely dead. The laptop itself turns on fine, the screen as well as the touchpad work fine, but the keyboard is not repsonsive at all. I am typing this question on the laptop now using a temporary external usb keyboard. Ive checked all the drivers and they do not indicate any problem. I think I may have to purchase a new one.  Model Number: HP 15-d051sa.Windows 10 64-bit. Kind regards,Farooq93

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Hi,     I have lenovo T450 laptop , by mistake spilled some water on ite keyboard. As per T450 product specifiaction , its keyoard is spill-resistant. Is this true? The water spill was very less but still I am scared that water might have gone inside laptop and might crash motherbord inside.My laptop is still On and working after 1 hour of spill. Please suggest. Thanks.

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My wife spilled half a glass of water on the laptop Toshiba 7020ct.
she cleaned it up.

after this incident the keys are typing the wrong letters for eg. if i
type H i get G and some times two or more letters for the same key.

She says she has pressed the keys vigorously during the cleaning i was
wondering if she activated some key or compressed some key which is
causing the problem.

i cleaned the keys by removing the keys but it did not help

I noticed some thing else when i switch on the computer it gives me a
message saying update EC / KBC . Where can i find this and how do i

I can use external keyboard and mouse with out any problem.

I am a computer illiterate please help

thanks in advance


email address

[email protected]

A:Water spill on laptop - keyboard problem

Go here and see if this will help ya out.

Good luck.

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Sorry if I didn't post on the right section.

So basically I spilled liquid on my laptop keyboard and now it doesn't work anymore.
I turned it upside down for a while, I blow dried it and yeah at first it worked but after like... 2 minutes it stopped working forever! Guess the liquid short circuited the keyboard.

Should I just send my laptop in to some store and get it fixed?
Or should I remove the keys (which sounds really complicate and a delicate work)
Maybe I should uninstall the keyboard driver and re install in?

For more info I'm using a COMPAQ Presario v6000

***P.S: The weirdest thing is that when I open my laptop, it makes a loud beeping noise and then I kinda freezes on the startup screen (shows COMPAQ, and tells you to press ESC for config)
So I press ESC hoping it works and yeah it does. I press ESC again and windows starts up.
-> Does it mean that only the ESC button on my keyboard work?

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Hi,     I have lenovo T450 laptop , by mistake spilled some water on ite keyboard. As per T450 product specifiaction , its keyoard is spill-resistant. Is this true? The water spill was very less but still I am scared that water might have gone inside laptop and might crash motherbord inside.My laptop is still On and working after 1 hour of spill. Please suggest. Thanks.

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My younger brother spilled water on my Dell Inspiron 3520. The water spilled all over the keyboard. It has been left to dry for a while now, bit it doesnt turn on. I left it plugged in for half an hour and it just gets hot, but doesn't turn on or anything. Should I risk changing the keyboard? Or did is it something else?

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A few days ago, my significant other accidentally knocked over a small cup of iced tea onto my laptop. I was quick to dry the device off, but the device turned off on its own (with the fan running for about 3-5 minutes while the screen was black). I then quickly took off the bottom shell and disconnected the battery. From that point on, I waited 2 days before trying to use the laptop again. When I reinstalled the battery, the battery "light" keeps blinking (as opposed to its usual solid state or its graduate fade that it does when it is in rest mode). I've disconnected it and reconnected it several times, tried to plug it in and unplug it, etc. Still, the system will not turn back on. Does this sound like a battery issue, or is this indicative of a bigger issue?

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I spilled about half a cup of water on my laptop keyboard. Immediately unplugged, soaked up visible water with towel, propped laptop upside down to let the water drain out. At first, in my frantic state of mind, I thought I should leave the battery in to keep the fans running and blow evaporated moisture out. Read an article that said I should take out the battery, turned around, and saw that the screen had gone black. I took the battery out. I now have it propped upside-down with fans blowing on it from above and below.

I've read some articles, but they just tell me what to do right away. What I really want to know is, assuming I get it all dried out, what are the odds that the laptop will be okay? I mean, it's just water, not coffee or soda or anything.

UPDATE: Just checked the ingredients on another bottle of the same water. Purified water, calcium chloride, and sodium bicarbonate. Hopefully residual calcium chloride and sodium bicarbonate will not destroy my computer over time.

A:Chances of a Laptop Recovering from Water Spill?

I think the odds are pretty good. Just let it dry naturally for a few days.

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Yesterday, at ~8PM I opened a bottle of mineral water, unfortunately for me it burst and spilled all over my laptop. As I had no idea what to do I just stood there for like 5 seconds, then I realized I should disconnect the plug. After that I tried to dry it using towel and paper towels. Because I had no idea what else to do I just decided to give myself a treat and just go to sleep early, so I left the laptop there as it is (in normal position)

The next morning (roughly 8 hours after the spill) I decided to try whether it is working or not, well, it's quite hot in my room so the water should be gone now, the water spilled on the ground did disappear as I was too lazy to swab it (lol)...

well, the laptop is working just fine so far, except the keyboard is typing weird stuff

Q - q`1a
A - qa
D - 'd
F - vf

etc, not all keys are doing this, most of them are working just fine...

what should I do now? I know I can use the external keyboard, but is there a way to fix this? I have Asus G750JM and somewhere I read that the newer laptops have some feature that prevents the water from going to the laptop HW from the keyboard, not sure if mine has something like that but as I said, it works just fine except for the keyboard

I also tried to dry it some more today using paper towels, turn it facing down on the paper towel to see whether there still was some water (nope, the water towels were dry), I also decided just to clean it from dust using canned air, well, my laptop i... Read more

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So I spilled about a half glass of water on my laptop. Its an Alienware 17X. I've been thinking of replacing it since its a bit old and not working so great anymore. However I still need it for a little while longer! It was late and I was just about to go to sleep, and I wasn't really thinking. I've never had this happen to a computer before, since I'm usually quite careful. Here's what I did which I now see is the worst possible thing you could do:

I dried the keyboard as much as I could, but left the laptop on. Then I went to sleep, and actually left the laptop on all night. The following day, I found that multiple keys on the key board weren't functioning, though the rest of the computer seemed to work fine. I shut down the computer but then restarted it. Some of the keys that hadn't worked now seemed to work again, but most the keyboard still wasn't functioning. Also whenever I clicked in a place to type, the j key would just type out an infinite amount without me pressing it. I shut the computer off again but I didn't do anything about it. Today, I tried to restart my laptop again but it went to the reboot options screen, and since the keyboard doesn't work I can't boot up my computer. I finally looked up what to do if you spill water on your keyboard, and I realize how stupid I've been.

It doesn't seem like there would be any water left in the computer by now, but I've shut it off, turned it upside ... Read more

A:Keyboard stopped working after water spill

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Hi everyone, I think I'm out of luck here. Let me explain what happened in detail.

I have a laptop which model is pretty similar to the MSI GT80 Titan, except it's sold and built by CyberPower PC. And no, they aren't the problem. I was playing a game two days ago and I spilled Kool-aid over my keyboard. It mainly hit the leftmost side, so naturally I didn't really panic because I thought that the keyboard (because it's mechanical) wouldn't be able to get into the components. I kept playing after the spill but then I decided I should do something, so I wiped it off and took it apart.

I cleaned it all up, and nothing managed to get into the core components. I wait a day, boot, and the keyboard is a bit broken. I grab a blow dryer and I revive it apart from sticky keys. So, I use the straw method to fix them, but in the process I may have shorted out the red LED strip above the keyboard. No big deal, right? I guess not. Another day passes, today, and I notice the escape key is still sticky so I perform the straw method again. I dry it via blow dryer, take off the back cover, blow dry that for a while, and then proceed to unscrew the whole bottom cover to expose some of the keyboard to check for more damage. In the process I pull up near the battery, it moves up, but that's no surprise, because it sits on a metal frame that holds it up. So I inspect the keyboard, it looks fine, and I screw everything back together.

I press the power button a... Read more

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Hi all,
Having a bit of a crisis here. Last night I had a drink spill into a well vented computer case causing it to power down. After panicly and quickly removing the cords and removing all hardware besides the cpu (which was missed and rather dry after the inspection) and the power source (which I figured was completely dead at that point and could be easily replaced). I took all the components out and left them to dry next to a fan the entire night after a quick wipe, worrying all the way.

So the early morning after I reinsert the gpu, ram and connect the cords and give it a go. To my surprise, it works. Power supply runs, moba isn't trashed and the gpu works (success confirmed by the screen lighting up and telling me to locate the hard drive that isn't plugged in). Obviously ecstatic about this, I plug in more things (hard drive, mouse, keyboard, internet) and I try again. It powers on but the screen no longer lights up so I can't confirm whether or not the computer can properly boot to desktop or the like and after removing the parts I get the same thing.

I've been trying to correct this, see if any damaged parts might be the cause of this. Replacing the gpu gives me the same thing and replacing cords and parts here and there to see if anything changes. Nothing so far and I'm running out of ideas. So I turn to you guys for ideas. What can I do? What might the problem be?

A:What does a tea spill, computer damage and blank screens have in common?

Remove everything, just the bare motherboard /cpu and the power supply. Boot and see what happens. You should get BIOS BEEP/ERROR codes for missing RAM. If not, it's a faulty MB or power supply.

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I've got a whole wealth of problems, but I'll stick to the computer related ones! Let me run down the story of what happened and what I (stupidly) tried to do to fix it. I am reasonably certain that I turned a mess into a complete disaster and am at the point where I pretty much expect to buy a new computer. But I'll get there in a moment...

It all started a few nights ago when my three-year old knocked over a beer onto my laptop, a Samsung QX-410. At first a few keys didn't work but then the entire keyboard malfunctioned. This is where I made matters worse. I have swapped keyboards in the past on a Dell and Compaq laptop, but never with the "island-style" keyboard. I opened the back and, lo and behold, discovered that the keyboard was located below the fan, CPU, and entire motherboard. Even worse, it seemed to be fastened in with non-screw pegs that I had no idea how to open. I thought, hmm, maybe I should go in through the top? I then tried to pry off the aluminum face which was glued on, damaging it - the entire edge between the keyboard and bevel is bent upward (I tried gluing it back down with 5-minute epoxy but it didn't work).

In the process of opening the back, I had to disconnect the hard-drive and optical drive. Since I did that, I've been getting "Blue Screen of Death" crashes with the title "Bad Pool Header." At first I could access files, and I thankfully copied my most important Word documents onto a ... Read more

A:Post-beer spill salvage - bad pool header, etc

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I have the Acer Aspire E15, and recently I spilled milk over the keyboard and some keys don't work, including the powerbutton, aka the only power button on the whole laptop, is there a way to turn it on without it, or atleast a quick way to fix it, or long way either is fine I just want to turn it on.

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i spilled a glass of wine on my dell xps. i seemed to have done all of the right steps by shutting it off, removing battery, cleaning keyboard externally but then i noticed some keys were still sticking so i took it apart, with manual carefully, and there was only a wee bit of spots on the keyboard internally so cleaned with alcohol. all seemed well but when i reassembled the monitor isn't working. i can hear that it is starting up and working properly but the monitor is black. i was very careful with the cables, i didn't remove them or anything...does anyone know what could be happening?


A:Saved laptop from spill but after taking apart monitor not working?

The LCD requires two cables, one for power, and the other the display connector.

It is likely the display cable which is probably ribbbon style, has come out of the back of the LCD's circuit connector block.

Either that, or one of the inverter leads has been slightly pulled out of the connector block and isn't making proper contact.

My advice would be to strip the display surround off, and remove the plastic trim running across the top of the keyboard and then check all the connections and with it in pieces, run it up again.

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Hello All, I have an issue with my YOGA 700 laptop when logged in multiple accounts simultaneously. Whenever an account is left logged on and the user is switched as opposed to logging off, the cpu usage ramps up very high with several RUNDLL32 processes being the culprit. I have checked the RUNDLL32 processes with Process Explorer and the command line are as follows:C:\Windows\system32\rundll32.exe C:\ProgramData\LenovoTransition\Server\x64\EnableAutoRotation.dll,RunCustomMonitor The directory is as follows: C:\ProgramData\LenovoTransition\Server\x64\ The only solution I have found is restarting the laptop. The problems comes back when again more than one user is logged in. Also, the rundll32 processes only run high cpu on one account at a time and there doesn't seem to be a preference for a specific account, all of them are plagued one at a time with the problem. Disabling the Yoga Mode Control service is a fix but that breaks the mode control which is essential in this laptop. I have tried installing all the available software on the Software page foor the YOGA 700. The rundll32 processes drain the battery very fast and I can't always log off other users when they have apps open!  I have posted a screenshot of process explorer showing 2 rundll32.exe processes using 25% cpu usage each. However, sometimes up to 4 rundll32.exe processes open up and they use combined 100% cpu usage, which makes the laptop run very hot and slow. In t... Read more

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I spill water on my laptop earlier it showes automatic repair preparing, and its restating again againwhat could be the problem can i do it myself or i need to go to shop?

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After water spill in premier keyboard of Dell XPS 12 9250 due to the incidence, the keyboard can not work: there is no power; the light is not lit; the touchpad is also unavailable. I want to repair it by myself. Where is the service manual? How should I repair it by myself?

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Hey guys, I'm a PreMed student who's life revolves around his laptop. I'm always on social media, watching some show, listening to music, doing an essay, taking notes, updating some website, or emailing some person on campus. Of course, my old laptop broke. It was a Dell Inspiron. Now, I have a campus job and have been saving money(so money is not factor necessarily). After researching my options, I've narrowed my choices down to the three previously listed laptops. I just want to know which do you guys suggest and why?

A:Surface Book vs Lenovo Yoga 900 vs ThinkPad X1 Yoga

By looking at your requirement, you prefer on-the-go PC that lets you do all that on a decent budget, SP4 is better than SB(if you want lightweight device and decent battery life), Lenovo's are pretty good too. X1 w/o OLED seems to be a better buy in terms of ultraportability and battery life. You could wait for others to chime in.

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I wanted to "give back" and try and help someone else after getting so much good advice from this forum.

Last Saturday night I was working on my Acer 7750 laptop that I got back in April, I was on Facebook and just waiting for a pizza to be delivered, I had a full solo cup filled with Diet Coke and a good amount of ice sitting a bit further back from my laptop, but next to it, when suddenly I thought I heard a car door slam, and knowing that I have to put my dog away before I answer the door, I jumped up quickly and my hand hit the glass of diet coke, and suddenly before my eyes diet coke was flooding the center of my keyboard, I grabbed my laptop up quick, unplugged the adapter, and flung the pop off my laptop, grabbed paper towels and started blotting up the evil liquid. I got it as dry as I could and then shut the lid of the laptop, and placed the laptop on a chair since the pizza man was knocking on the door, neglecting to take out the battery. I was very upset figuring I just killed it, there was enough pop on the keys to believe it plus several years ago I had killed my hubby's laptop with the same substance and it immediately died.

As soon as I paid the pizza guy, I grabbed the laptop and I tried to type something and it was working fine. I STILL did not remove the battery, just shut it off!! I wrongly thought I was out of the woods so I happily ate pizza. About a half hour later I went back to my laptop and to my horror my keyboard was now typing gib... Read more

A:Solved: My Acer 7750 Laptop SURVIVED a Diet Coke Spill

If you ever do it again take the battery out and quickly swill the keyboard with a little distilled water to wash the sticky coke away, Clean distilled water will not usually harm electronics providing there is no power until it has completely dried out.

Sticky drinks will leave stuff behind when they dry out so it is better to swill them out with (even) clean rainwater if you haven't got distilled water

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I spilled some water on the keyboard.. Drained it and let it dry for a while and now it works find. Except the trackpoint buttons (above the touchpad) now trigger clicks for both middle and left click (if i click left click, it's like clicking middle and left at the same time)

Also some buttons on the keyboard trigger button clicks.. What can i do to fix this?

A:Keyboard triggers bunch of mouse clicks after spill on it Lenovo T530

I would say that you might need a new keyboard. however take it somewhere and have it checked out to make sure nothing else got damaged from the water.

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After a clean install of Win 10 Home, I tried to reinstall the Yoga Mode Control driver from here: The install ends without error, but does not confirm success either. The app does not appear to install.  This same thing happens with Lenovo Utility.

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Two of my Yoga S1's rubber feet have been missing...
Do you know the reference of these ? So i can order them on the IBM shop.
Thanks !
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Go to Solution.

A:Yoga S1 - Yoga 2 - Rubber feet replacement

Hi, Did you get hold of new rubber feet? I am having the same problem with my Yoga 2  

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Hi allTo get the best internal speaker sound out of your ThinkPad Yoga 14 or Yoga 460, you could refer to the P40 Sound Enhancement Thread, as they share the same set of sound card and speakers.
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Give kudos to reward people for their assistance | Mark thread solved if the solution works | I am an active volunteer, not an Lenovo employee
List of Sound Enhancement Thread
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I have two staff members with different Yoga models, but with the same pen issue. Say, for instance, OneNote is open. The pen doesn't draw or write, but it can select and still be recognized. When I try using an old stylus from an HP Elitebook, it works TOTALLY fine - even the button on the pen functions properly. This suddenly started after months of the Lenovo pens working fine. I thought maybe it was a driver issue, but it can't be as the HP pen works.... I'm thinking it's the pen itself just getting worn down? It looks okay though but may be just a little loose... Any help / direction would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi everyone, Can anyone confirm if the same screen is used on the Yoga 3, 300 and 700 11" Versions? I need a spare to replace a broken screen, and looking at second hand models of the above models. Thank you in advance!

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Hello, we got 2x Try-and-Buy Lenovo Yoga Tablet Laptops (an X1 Yoga and a Yoga 260) to evaluate their suitability for our company, since we intend to upgrade several of our employees laptops. However, ever since we got the devices we noticed on both of them frequent issues with the display and waking from sleep. Very often the laptops won't wake up properly with the screen staying black. In those cases the display-backlight seems to turn on, and I assume the system is running somehow in the background. Putting the computer to sleep again (e.g. by closing the lid) makes the computer wake up properly on the second attempt. Different error in the same category is when a video is running and the laptop is connected to AC - plugging out the AC cord made the screen go black while the media content's sound kept playing. All drivers were updated to the newest version via Lenovo System Update 5.07.0029. Any ideas? I also tried to open a support ticket, but Lenovo wanted to send and install a new display (!). Apparently, that seems like a driver/software issue?! Best regards

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The MTM 59418309 is for a Yoga 2 Pro.  In support, it and my serial number are showing Yoga 2 13. The drivers for the Yoga 2 13 (like BIOS) are returned...  Is this a problem?  Should I be using the Yoga 2 Pro BIOS or the Yoga 2 13 BIOS which is coming up. The sticker on the bottom says Yoga 2 Pro.Model 20266MTM 59418309 

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 What are the differences, if any? Also, is there a Lenovo application that detects the installed drivers and prompts me to download newer versions if available? I can't seem to find anything similar to the Lenovo Updater that I had on my Y-50. Thanks

A:Difference between Yoga 900-13ISK and Yoga 900-13I...

Good day.
The major differences I see, looking at: are: the SK2 has Intel Iris HD 540 graphics, slightly different CPUs and PCIe SSDs.
Regarding driver updates, there's a feature in Lenovo Companion that assists with that.
Hope this helps clarify.

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Answer Match 38.64%

I've had a Yoga 2 Pro for two and a half years. I recently overheated it. I replaced it with a Yoga 900. After six days the screen cracked (working with Best Buy now to get an exchange but hopes are slim...). In the likely event that BB does not cooperate, is it possible to take the screen out of my Yoga 2 Pro and use it to replace the screen in the Yoga 900? Thanks for any insights.

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So three weeks ago, I was working on my Yoga 3 14" and popped to get a drink, I came back and the screen was blank, I assumed it had gone to sleep, so hit a key to wake it up. Nothing! The laptop was plugged in, so I know it hadn't run out of charge.After sheer panic, I contacted Lenovo, who told me that my warranty was out by a month, and that I could send it to them to diagnose, and they would tell me how much to fix, then it was up to me if they did or not.One I wouldn't be happy about not having my laptop for a couple of weeks minimum, but also it had all my private information on.I turned to good old google, and stumbled across this forum, and somebody with the same problem.Their solution was to unscrew the back case of the laptop (as mentioned above, my warranty was already out), remove the battery cable, hold down the power button for 30 seconds and reconnect the battery cable.I did this, and low and behold it worked. Fantastic!Only for it to happen twice more that week, and approx twice a week since. Then yesterday my brother contacts me saying his laptop has died, just won't turn on. His is the Yoga 2 Pro, I told him to bring it to mine, and I would try what I had to do to mine, to his, low and behold, the same solution worked. Seeing as I wasn't the first person to have this issue, and I'm guessing others have used the solution but not commented, this is obviously a fault with the Yoga range. I'm hoping that Lenovo can address this issue, as I fe... Read more

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