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Re: wifi light not turn orange to white

Q: Re: wifi light not turn orange to white

i have the same problem. I have re-installed drivers but drivers does not show up in device manager. after choosing show hidden devices it shows up but when checking its properties it shows device not connected (code 45). I am using
HP 15-r065tu Notebook PC, Model #:J8B81PA, Serial #:[personal information removed]

A: Re: wifi light not turn orange to white

Hi @anks_1, Welcome to the HP Forum! It is a fantastic site to find information, tips, and suggestions. For you to have the most rewarding experience please review the HP Forums Guide. First Time Here? Learn How to Post and More. Are you still running Windows 8.1? I grasp that WiFi light will not turn from orange to white. You have tried downloading and installing the driver but they fail to install. When you checked Device Manager and scanned for hardware changes , checked properties you saw code 45 not connected. Is this a recent occurrence? Have you made any changes to your system prior to this event? ( software update, installed a new app, or hardware) Have you done all your Windows updates? Have you run the HP Support Assistant to aid with HP updates? If you check the BIOS is the network card seen? If the network card is seen please run a hardware test on it. You will have that option under components. HP Notebook PCs - Testing for Hardware Failures (Windows 10, 8). If it is not seen, you could try reseating the network card. HP 15 Notebook PC HP 15 TouchSmart Notebook PC Compaq 15 Notebook PC Compaq 15 TouchSmart Notebook P.... Please review chapter 6, page 61, WLAN module for removal instructions. Please let me know the outcome. To express appreciation for my post please click the ?Thumbs Up Icon?. If my post resolves the issue you are experiencing, please click "Accept as Solution" to help others find what worked for you!

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i have hp pavilion g6 1300.last night when i push my wifi button its not turn orange light to white and wifi not on..please help me...

A:wifi light not turn orange to white

Today i am update my driver and my wifi light is on but not going to off..what can i do please help me.......and reply me 

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Wifi not connected and wifi button stay orange what I do tu resolve this problem... im so ............ plz help I try many mathods but they didn't work .........I need my wifi back....

A:wifi button light and wifi.not connected

And I have HP 1000 notebook PC......

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My battery light is flashing four times orange then once white.  It's showing "54% available (plugged in, not charging)".  When I remove the power supply the light keeps flashing and the computer enters power save mode like normal.
I thought my issue was with the batter so I bought a new one.  I switched them out and the battery light stays solid white and shows "63% available (plugged in, charging), but I left it for four hours and didn't charge at all.  And on this battery whenever I remove the power supply the computer immediately dies.
What is my issue and how do I fix it?

A:XPS L502X Battery light flashing orange/white

Thank you for writing to Dell Community Forum.
Please update the BIOS to the latest version from our Dell Support Site.
Check in BIOS if the adapter or battery is recognized.
Check if the light on the adapter stays on.
Please private message us the service tag of the system along with your email id.
(Note: please don't mention the service tag or email id on the public forum as it contains your personal information).

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I know this is a trivial matter, but it annoys me so here goes:I had to reinstall Win7 on my laptop. There are two lighted buttons in the top-right corner of the keyboard: one for wifi and one for audio. The wifi button turns orange when I turn it off and back to white when on, but the audio button won't switch colors, it stays white. It does work eg. I can mute or turn audio on with it. Any thoughts?

A:Speaker mute light won't turn orange

Dear Customer, Please install the below recommended softwares: Download the IDT Audio installer found on the link below and save it to your Downloads folder. When done, open windows Control Panel, open Device Manager and open up Sound, Video and Game Controllers.  Right click the IDT device and select Uninstall - you should also get a prompt to remove the current driver, tick the box to allow this and then proceed with the uninstall. When complete, download and reinstall the Chipset driver found on the following link. When the Chipset reinstallation has completes, restart the notebook and let Windows fully load - it will automatically load an audio driver, but just let this complete.  Then open your Downloads folder, right click on the IDT installer and select 'Run as Administrator' to start the installation.  When this has completed, restart the notebook again before checking the function of the mute button led. Also update the BIOS from the below link:   Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again  **Click the White Thumbs... Read more

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Hi, I have a Pavillion g6 - 1301TX running on windows 7, 64-bit. I cannot switch on my wifi and change the orange light. ive searched solutions for this, and most seem to be solved by installing drivers for the wifi card. and most seem to be solved by going into Device Manager / network adapters... and so on. but as i get to this stage my laptops device manager does not recognise a wifi card as being there!??? PLEASE HELP!?? I can only connect using ethernet. Kindly send me the drivers of wi fi for my notebook at my email id [email protected] Thanks  

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Nevermind the monitor works now. i tried switching it between computers and everything is fine. But the original computer with the issues is having a problem. When it turns on, everything is pink and in the middle it says over range. What should i do?

A:Monitor wont turn on and the light is flashing orange

Might be a silly question, but you didn't specify. Did you move the mouse or anything to try to wake the PC from sleep mode? Sorry, but you gotta start with the easy stuff and work your way into the more difficult problems when troubleshooting,

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Hello, I am here to ask about the HP Omen 15-ax033dx's charging lights. I am one of those unfortunate wives whose husbands thought they didn't need the guide, so I have no idea what is wrong with the computer when I see the orange light blinking when I plug it in, but it doesn't turn on. I would like to get it to turn on, but I have only tried to hold the power button down in an attempt to reset it. Can someone help? Summary: My laptop won't turn on, but an orange light pops up when the charger is plugged in.. Please help?

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Hello, I am here to ask about the HP Omen 15-ax033dx's charging lights. I am one of those unfortunate wives whose husbands thought they didn't need the guide, so I have no idea what is wrong with the computer when I see the orange light blinking when I plug it in, but it doesn't turn on. I would like to get it to turn on, but I have only tried to hold the power button down in an attempt to reset it. Can someone help? Summary: My laptop won't turn on, but an orange light pops up when the charger is plugged in.. Please help?

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My tablet yesterday was flashing an orange light on it's charger light.Now it won't turn on as well as the light still flashing orange.Any help will be very appreciated

A:Charger light flashing orange.Now laptop won't turn on

The percentage was also stuck at 68 while it was on.

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After I reparied my LCD screen my wifi is not detectable at all. I went here on HP and downloaded I believe the certain files needed which are both  Realtek files bgn wireless driver and Lan filemediatek driver and adapteras well Qualcomm Atheros So if there is anything else I should please feel free to let me know orange light is on wifi only works, with usb hotspot. When I go into my systems and go to networks realtek controller is the only thing listed 

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I have had 3 different people now tell me conflicting things about wiring cat 5 2 of which are qualified networking people, (I'm not, I'm just dabbliung and trying to sort out my home)

When wiring up a patch cable, 1 person said it has to be in the following order due to the green and greenwhite white being transmit wires or something..?
(not sure about the order of then greens and blues but it was roughly that)

The other person said he does it like this purely for convention, and the 2nd netwoking guy said it doesnt matter as long as they are the same at either end. and for crossover you just reverse the sequence.
I'd be enclined to o with the it doesnt matter which order, as they are only wires the colour of a wire doesnt meen jack surely. its just to help you get the order correct... no? its like people who say you shouldnt do 123456 in the lotto as thatll never come up... well newsflash its statistically the same as getting 6 randomly ordered numbers.

Anyways. i was interested to know what the consensus is?

A:orange white orange blue white green etc.

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Will not turn on.Power plug white light is on. Its getting power. On a HP ENVY 13-j002dx x2 Detachable PC

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Will not turn on.Power plug white light is on. Its getting power. On a HP ENVY 13-j002dx x2 Detachable PC

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my laptop charging light wont stop flashing white and laptop wont turn on and cant get to battery.

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Hi I've had the Dell XPS 8700 for over a year now and it's an excellent Desktop.
I've recently moved my tower to a new location and notice there is a solid orange light on all the time inside the PC, I believe it's on the motherboard... should I be worried this is on all the time? It's just I've never noticed it before.
Also on the back of the PC there is a solid green light, I'm guessing this is to just tell me the PC has Power.
I tried a google search but everyone with the orange light seems to have PC issues, my pc is working fine as far as I can tell.

A:Dell XPS 8700 Orange Light inside and Green Light on Back

LED on the motherboard will be on as long as the PC is plugged into a working outlet. It's perfectly normal and nothing to worry about.
If you unplug the PC from the wall and press/hold the power button for ~15 sec, that LED will go off. Again, perfectly normal...
Green LED says there's power to the PSU.

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My laptop is HP 650 and the problem is capslock light blinking,wireless light is orange and the charging light is automatically ON without putting charger

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When I turn on laptop power light comes with wifi light and caps lock light blinks but screen does not starts and still black.Model no.-HP Pav 15 n2 07TU

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J8A22UA don't turn on, caps light slow blinking and wifi light stays on, can anybody help me to send it to an hp authorized, center

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The wifi light on the computer I am fixing won't turn blue, I reinstalled the original pre installed driver for the wifi card but the card is still not showing up in the wireless assistant, plz help

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My new Dell XPS 15 won't turn on.  Last week I had a similar situation, and I had to press the button several times once to get it to turn on with similar behavior.  Now it won't turn on at all.  I can get the LED lights to start blinking, always showing the same pattern - 4 white blinks, 2 amber blinks, and I can get this to turn off by holding the power button down.  Any ideas?  It is only a month old...

A:Dell XPS won't turn on. LED light blinks 4 times white, 2 times yellow

This is a bad mainboard.  Call Dell to have the board replaced under warranty.

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so i have two hp probook laptops that almost have the same issue , i tried to put the adapter on and it doesnt work , for one it shows an orange light and the other shows a white blinking light  for the one with the blinking light; i tried removing the battery and pressing down the power button for 30 seconds or 60 sec then connect the adapter without an  extension and it didnt work... tried removing the ram ..changed the adapter cable.. nothing    help....

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I was online then the screen went black orange light stays on. The notebook power button does not turn the laptop on but the light stays orange, is this the fan light that is orange?

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ok, so i have a DELL DIMENSION E521. It will not boot up, however it sounds like it is as i can hear fans. The status light on the motherboard is orange, as is the light on the desktop casing. This is all that happens, the monitor,mouse,keyboard and speakers do not power up at all.

This started happening 5 months ago, however iv'e managed to get around it... id turn the power off/on constantly (rather frustrating) in hope that it'll power up and the light will turn green. This worked a few times, sometimes turning back on much sooner then expected. Needless to say, when it does happen to boot i leave it on as long as i can. ( 29 days at one point) Also, when it does happen to boot up, everything works perfect and i have no problems going about my computer-shinaniagans. You'd think there was no problem at all. Which confuses me, if something was wrong inside surely it would affect using the computer?

Following previous advice i replaced the PSU with an identical dell branded one. This solved nothing. Everything was just the same. I've also removed hardware trying to pin point the problem, again solving nothing. I even removed battery in vein.

So here i am. I must have attempted booting my PC up to 200 times yesterday! Whilst it could happen to turn on if i keep at it.... I'd rather try figure out the actual problem. I also would like to remain sane!

Thanks for reading, any help would be much appriciated x

A:PC won't boot, orange light..

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all i did was last night, i took the power supply out my Dell, 2 try on my other computer, and then i took it out and plugged it back in the Dell, i plugged it in, the green lights on the riser board and motherboard light up, but when i hit the power button on the fron of the computer, i dont get a green light i get a orangeish light? any reason why? i tryed reseating the Slot 1 CPU, and tryed replugging in the power supply 2 the motherboard, and still the same thing, any help would really be appreciated .

A:powers on, but orange light

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i have the optiplex gx620 mini tower and i opened it too clean the fan from dust did that and when assembled it back together it wouldnt turn on and the power and mother board turned orange can someone help me with a step by step process on how to fix it and if i cant how can i get the stuff i saved on there off the hard drive

A:orange power light

Hi HitDat,
Thanks for writing to us. Do you see green light on the PSU at the rear side? Ensure the power cable is plugged in properly as well as the PSU connector on the motherboard is tightly secured. Re-seat the memory modules one by one and try with one module at a time and check. Regarding the data on hard drive, we would suggest to take the drive to a local store and get it backed up, or you can try the HD on another machine if possible and if it recognizes, you can back up the same.
do provide us your system tag#, email address and name via private message.

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All right, I'm new here, but my HP desktop Pavilion A6560 is new, too, and today on being turned on, the tower had an orange light next to its usual blue "on" light, with "no signal" going on the monitor as it seemed to try three times to boot up successfuly. When it did, finally, the orange light flickered for awhile, slowly eased off. Is this an overheating issue? Vista's "Advisor" program meanwhile is saying it's "critical" I make some systems recovery disks--which it only lets one do once--but doesn't say how many CDs this would require; does anyone know? Seems a good idea, if the orange light is a danger sign. It has been hot around here today--90 degrees out, maybe 80 in the home-office room--but sounds from the people onboard here that that wouldn't be causing the problem. Please help; HP's tech people didn't seem to understand. I 'm hoping the orange light is not a motherboard-out signal like the red light on my previous HP, which died.

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My mother smashed my computer. When I turned it on it started to beep 5 time with an orange light flashing. Anything?  

A:Beeping with an orange light

Greetings, Your mother smashed your computer. Five beeps indicates critical component damage. I would say you have a hardware problem. Have a local tech check it out or contact HP for service. Cheers!

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I Have an acer Aspire 5610 Windows XP.
I am connected online with an ethernet cable. After my daughter fiddled with my computer occasionally the orange ethernet light stays on and i cannot connect. I run the 'diagnose connection problems' and it automatically restores connectivity. Why is this happening and can i prevent this from happening in future?

A:Orange ethernet light

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hi all

i have had a hp laserjet 6mp working in the office for years without issue but...

now it has just stopped and the orange light (the top light of the three on the left hand top) just stays on.

i have searched for the user manual to find out what the light means - but i cant find it anywhere so does anyone know what it means?

if i click the round button above it the light next to the "c" (on its side) flash 9 times and then it goes back to the solid orange light.

any help would be very welcome and happy christmas to you all!

as ever
keen to learn..

A:hp laserjet 6mp - orange light?

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I have an HP Pavilion DV6 1030US notebook with Vista/64 bit.  Every once in a while the orange mute light will come on all by itself. I then download the IDT High-Definition Audio CODEC Driver, which temporarily fixes it (for a couple weeks or so), but then out of nowhere the orange light comes back on.  I can keep re-downloading the aforementioned driver, but it?s kind of annoying having to do this every week or two.  Any advice? Thanks in advance for your help.

View Solution.

A:Orange Mute Light

OK every one i read some more and i think i found out how to fix the problem with no sound:1 go to Control Panel2 go to Device Manager3 go to Sound, video, and game controllers4 double click the IDT High Definition Audio CODEC5 go to Driver on the top of the IDT screen6 click Roll Back Driver...yes it takes away the most recent update but it worked for me7 after it is done rolling back go back to the IDT screen and go back to driver and click the Update Driver... button...don't interrupt it let it do a search and update if after those steps your audio still doesn't work properly then i cannot help any furtherhope your sound comes back

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I have a 2012 XPS 8500 and when I shut it down, after a couple of seconds of stopping, the power button turns to an orange light.  Sometimes when I go to restart the PC it is slow to respond or I have to press the button a couple of times.  The PC seems to run OK but a couple of times it did shut off suddenly.
I ran the diagnostics but every time it starts to go through the various tests the PC switches off immediately.  Please can someone tell me what the orange light is telling me and what I need to do.  The PC is no longer under warranty.

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Hello, I was not sure where to post this as I haven't got a clue as too the problem.. thats causing all this mess! My problem is with my Dell Optiplex 745 thats running the OS XP its about an 3 year old computer now. Ok so heres my problem I went to boot it up and all that I got was an solid orange/amber light, which is normally a green light .. it will stay on just long enough to get the disk drives green light to turn on and the fans to run. Also it don't power up long enough to get the monitor to wake up or go in the BIOS. Then it shuts down again.. it has been doing this over and over since yesterday.. I have had the problem in the past.. and to by pass the problem I would open the dish drive door and put in a disk that I use to boot up with in moments like this and it would boot up.. but since then the disk drive has quit reading disks so I cant rely on that like I used too... I contacted my father who I talk to for all my computer problems.. and with him on the phone walking me though the steps of unplugging everything from the back.. done that and nothing.. taking plugs out and then replacing them back in and still nothing... took out the memory cards and checked them one by one and still nothing.. unplugged the disk drive and wouldn't you know still nothing.. even went to as far as taking out the hard drive and making sure that it was running and as it turned out it is running. i even just removed and then replaced the battery and still nothing.. If anyone has any ad... Read more

A:The Orange light of death!! :/

Had a very similar problem recently. Mine was caused by a defective memory module.
Try plugging in only one stick at a time to find the bad one.

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Hi I have problem. I bought dell inspiron 1525 laptop in 2008 and now when I start No lights. I can hear voice of CPU fan and only see Orange light blinking (Battery) I am running it on DC but not working. Also there is a blue / orange blinking light near hard drive. Do I need to change board or anything else?

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The orange light on the touchpad has appeared, still the mouse is working fine. Though technically the mouse stops working when there is a light on the touchpad. May I know the reason of this reverse behaviour, and also a solution.

A:There is a orange light on my hp touchpad, still the mouse i...

Hello, Please try and tap on that light twice, if its still the same , get into bios and restore bios to defaults

Regards;SmileyI am an HP employeePlease click the White Kudos star to say thanks for helping.Please mark Accept As Solution if my help has solved your problem.

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i have dell demension 3000. i have tried the dell forums and they move so slow.
i jsut bought a ati x1550 pci video card and a 450 watt rosewell power supply. and when i try and turn the computer on in place of the power light there is a orange flashing light and the forums guy say it is a power supply faliure how could it be jsut got it. the motherbaord has the green light lit up so its fine idk wut is wrong though so werid any other suggestions

A:Orange flashing power light

Have you the option of re-installing the original powersupply to test (if still working)
Also confirm all powersupply and m/b connectors are securely plugged in

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Today my hp pavilion detachable was flashing orange. I knew it would switch off since it had no battery power as soon as I unplugged ac,I unplugged it and now it is not turning on even charging it with ac won't work. Is there any solution to this? (the battery was also stuck at 68 percent and didn't go up or down). I'm not really that concerned because it broke within the first days of warranty. Anyways is there any kind of solution?

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I have a LiteOn 811s with HSOK firmware, it just started flashing the orange light. It also does not read disc, etc.
It's 2 months old, I've burned 15 dvd+ TDK. I was not using it when this started. My system sees the drive and reports model#, etc. If I re-run the firmware hsok, it will flash green during the process, but returns to flashing orange afterwards. Is the drive dead?

Thanks in advance.

A:811s\ flashing orange light?

Have you run one of the manufacturer's diagnostics on the drive?

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I have Windows Vista (Dell Inspiron 1525) and recently the light that shows that my laptop is charging started blinking orange four times, then blue once. It says it's fully charged, but as soon as it's not connected to the wall outlet it acts as if it's completely empty. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

A:Blinking Orange Battery Light - Help!

how old is the laptop? when you say it acts compleatly empty do you mean it turns off or it tells you the battery is low?

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Hi guys,

Since the start of last week when using my PC desktop the monitor would turn off randomly. I would switch it back on and then five minutes later it would go off again. Now however when I switch the computer on the screen boots up with the user accounts then goes off instantly. I tested the monitor against my laptop and it seems fine. Would you be able to help? My computer knowledge is very limited.



A:Monitor light green to orange

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My mother smashed my computer. When I put it back the together I herd beeping along with an orange light flashing... When I opened the computer up I see this unplugged. 

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I have a G710 laptop. Tried to start up. Would not start. Orange light on front edge is blinking. Did this:" unplug the AC adapter and take out the battery. Then, push thepower button 10 times in a row at one second intervals. Next, push and hold the power button for 30 seconds. Then put the AC adapter (without battery) and push the power button, but not turn on." Was able to start and run fine with just the power cord attached. Battery is still out. I did not try to put the battery back in. Should I? Do I need a new battery?

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I just tryed intalling a GeForce4 Mx440 128mb into my computer and when i turn it on it just stays asleep. I have a GeForce2 Mx400 in right now and it works fine but when i put this in it dosnt turn on. I have checked all the cables etc. and i have tryed many drivers and none of that helps.I had this card in my old computer and when i put it in it went to windows xp and then went to sleep but i finally fixed that, but now it dosnt even come up with BIOS/Windows. I am totally lost and help would be nice, Thanks.

A:Blank screen-Orange Light

also I know the card works fine I tested it on my frineds computer and nothing is wrong with the card itself

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My Dimension 8200 turned off suddenly with no warning today. It just..died. Annoyed, I turned it back on--tried to at least. The fan still whirled, the CD-ROM drive still spun. The power button, though, glowed a hellish orange where green once shone. Then it sat there and nothing else happened. It didn't boot. The optical mouse light didn't flash. The keyboard lights didn't flash. Nothing.

This has happened before, so I wasn't too concerned. Last time, I panicked for a few minutes and it irrationally and suddenly came back to life as if nothing happened. That was about a year ago or so. This time, though, it's been two hours already and no miracle.

I've read through several threads about similar problems here and at Dell, but I don't want to believe that my motherboard or power supply is gone. Somehow, there MUST be another way. Sob. If anyone has some desperate advice for a desperate guy, please don't hesitate to grace me with a reply. Thank you so much.

A:Menacing orange power light

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My comps internet stopped working while i was away, theo thers still work but mine doesnt. I've updated all the drivers and such, and it hasnt had a problem for a year.

Virus scanned, updated chipset (using a8n-e and onboard network)

Any ideas? The green light is just orange. Tried switching network cords and slots with working ones as well. All I did was reboot while it was working, and now it's not.

A:LAN not working (A8N-E) Orange light flashing

Have you tried a different cable????

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Acer Switch SW5 (2-i-1) acting strange /INCONSISTENT...what is(are) the problem(s) to solve?Situation:1. Plugged in2. orange light does not come on  (it did earlier in the day then shut down.  When rebooted orange light came on then disappeared. Subsequent attempts when plugged in showed no orange light)3. laptop shows Zero% battery remaining , and does not show charging icon BUT4. laptop operates / has power from somewhere ....maybe from      (a)  last time it was charged, but since it shut off midway that power should be goneOR (b)  AC power cord , but then why doesn't the orange LED light up ?. Is my problem the power cord, mechanism controlling ability to charge, circuit board, ir all of these?FYIi.  I don;t have digital volt meter.ii.  the power port / jack on laptop is not so snug, but wan't so snug at purchase (laptop now 18 months used)iii.  did previously have a burned out capacitor which controls time/date and overall power ... had it repairediv.  battery charge length (duration) has been deteriorating

A:Acer SW5: plugged in but NO orange light..yet has ...

What does BatteryInfoView from Nirsoft or some other detailed power analysis tool say ?

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Just added new laptop to linksys and I'm getting one green light only at laptop. Cable (140') and connectors test good. It works fine with 4' factory cable. Is this just cheap connectors?

A:Solved: one green light ,no orange

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Hi guys, I have a dell xps 400 that I can't get started. It happened out of nowhere when one day I tried to turn it on and the power button blinked orange and the computer wouldn't boot up. Also, above the power button was a small lit up green "3".

First I tried disabling each hardware component in the computer. I started by unplugging the roms, then the harddrive, then the graphics card, then individually taking out the ram and the pci cards. None of this changed anything. The power still flashed orange. That narrowed things down quite a bit so I decided I would try putting in a new power supply, which I thought was the root of the problem in the first place.

Well I just put in a new PSU to no avail. The computer still won't turn on, HOWEVER, instead of a blinking orange power button, now I have a non blinking orange power button. Also the green "3" that was originally lit up isn't anymore. I switched back to the old PSU just to see if maybe the light would stay a solid orange. It don't. It goes right back to blinking with a green 3.

Anyone have some insight for me? Shot motherboard?

A:dell orange light problem

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My computer when I'd turn it on used to be a green light, but lately it's blinking very slowly and is a dull orange colour. Nothing is wrong with the computer itself though. I tried changing the PSU cable to see if that would do anything, but it didn't.
My motherboard is an AMD Asus F2A55-M LK2 and my processor is an AMD A4-5300 if that helps any.
I tried to Google the problem, but all I got up was info for a Dell PC and mine is custom built.
Does anyone have any ideas?

A:Tower light blinking orange.

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I have a belkin wireless router that has suddenly decided everynow and then it will display and orang light and disconnects my internet. Its been working fine for ages ive tried resetting restarting the router etc but no luck

A:orange light on wireless g router

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Hi, i turned my pc on and it was working fine i was on my computer as normal then the monitor decides to turn itself off and reset the machine.... everytime you turn the pc on now it's fine but the monitor goes to the green light then switches it'self to the orange light straight away it's not the monitor as i've tried it with 4 different monitors i took it to the tech guy and he said it's probably the CPU, i bought another CPU and fitted it myself however the same problem is occuring, please help i'll post some details about my pc below

Mainboard:- ASUS A7N8X-E Deluxe

Please help

A:Monitor on orange light even when computer is on

1 x AGP Pro/8X (1.5V only)Click to expand...

More likely Video card fault, or Bios requires resetting

One of the Bios updates says: A7N8X-E Deluxe BIOS 1011

Fix ATI 9700 failed to boot when aperture size is changed.Click to expand...

But the latest (but old) Bios is: A7N8X-E Deluxe BIOS 1013

Try having a look at: Tutorial: No POST (Power On Self Test)

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I have re-formatted a Windows XP PC & it was working fine until I tried to adjust the screen resolution. The resolution was 800x600 & when I tried to change it higher it said that it was out of range & then locked up. I then re-started the PC but it now it not show anything on the monitor - it stays with the orange light on.

A:Monitor light stays orange

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My computer has stopped working. when i push the switch to turn on my computer the light turns yellow orange. it is supposed to turn green. it does not even make any noise.
somebody plz help me out im begging

A:Computer not working---Light Orange

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Hi all, I bought a U41-70 only a few months ago. Just recently, while I plug in my laptop to charge, the battery indicator shows status charging. However, the LED indicator stays orange and slowly blinking (light is on for 3-4 sec then blinks and so on). And the battery percentage won't increase as well. I have looked into Lenovo settings but the Power Status tab says AC adapter is attached and the main battery condition is Good. Do you have any idea what is happening here or any suggestions?

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I was using my Dell XPS 14z today and the battery light started blinking orange 4 times then white once. It stated that my battery had crashed was no longer charging. I read here that that might be a bios problem so I updated my BIOS to the current one for my system and that was a A06 (according to this website). After flashing the new BIOS, the problem persisted. The Next recommendation was to remove, wait, then replace the battery, but there is no way to remove the battery from this unit. 

My battery health check says it is working normally. However, it is not charging and is still slowly draining even on the AC adapter. Any help?

A:Dell XPS 14z Flashing Orange Light

I had a very similar situation with my Dell XPS 14z. I've got installed A03 bios though.
On startup It said the message:
"This battery charging is temporarily disabled. Press F2 entering BIOS Setup Menu, Battery Status for details.
Strike the F1 key to continue, F2 to run setup the utility"
To fix it, I entered the BIOS Menu with F2 -> Advance -> Charger Behaviour -> Disabled
Hopefully the problem will go away in my case!

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Hi all my pc was working fine last night i went to switch it on as normal today and nothing came on screen, i have it connected to a HD tv an cheaked the HD cable was in correctly an even changed it from HDMI2 into HDMI1 and still nothing happend , theres a green and orange light stat stay on aswell, ino the green one should be on as its to indicate the power i guess? but the orange on im not shure what this means? iv read on other sites people changing there power suply unit but its not even a year old so could this still be the problem?
its running windows xp home everything on my pc is quite new as i upgraded it all at the same time and had no problem untill this.

i cannot do anything on my desktop as i cant see what im doing all that comes on my hd tv is no signle,i tryed pulling the graphics card connector off an puttin it back on to make shure it was on properly but still nothing so if anyone could help that be good thanks guys .

A:PC orange and green light stay on

Not even a year old.
So perhaps there is a warranty. Anything you do voids the warranty.
Beyond that, you have not offered the brand, model, and configuration, so the help we can offer is limited.

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Hi everyone, strangest thing happened this morning...

Ok so i was sitting down watching a video on my computer, and then i got hungry and i paused the video and made some cereal, i came back into my room to find my computer with an orange light glowing, and the monitor was black and not recieving any input...

I have a gateway that i got from an old friend, and so now i can't turn on or off the computer with the button, i plug in the cord to the power supply and the computer turns on automatically with an orange light, and it can't be shut off without pulling out the power supply cord...
i tried unplugging the supply from everything except the motherboard to see if maybe i was overloading it, but nope still same reaction.. so then i took an extra power supply i had, and it did the same exact thing, tried one more supply, same thing.. again!
i was plugging the supply into an extension, (6 outlets on one box thing) and so i thought maybe it wasn't recieving enough electricty, so i plugged it into the wall and it still did the same thing... but i know the video card still works because i tried it on another computer, and i know the ram is fine, and i can't figure what it is, because i tried 3 different power supplies and NONE of them worked! oh and i know my hard drives are in good condition, so i need some help!

Serial number of the gate way is:


A:orange light, computer won't start

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Today my neighbor asked me to go over to his house and fix his computer. When i got there he told me it was the power cable that was the problem ( since he doesn't know much about computers) Well the problem with the computer is that all it does is flash an orange light consecutively were the power button green light should be. He recently installed a new CD/DVD drive i so i thought hey that might be the problem but it wasn't. I unplugged the drive and the orange light continue flicker. I then tried to hold the button for a long period of time But it would not shut off. I then decided to unplug the computer directly from the power source in an attempt to stop the light and maybe have the computer boot but it didn't. If i haven't elaborated enough yet i will tell you that the computer will not boot at all no fans are moving nothing. You can see the motherboard have power cause i see the green light indicating the 5 volts but that is it nothing runs but the green light on the motherboard and the DAMNED flickering orange light. if anyone has any suggestions it would be a great help thank you for your time.

A:The Dreaded Orange flashing light

No one has any suggestions?

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k just formated before all of this with old hardware which is now gone. but i got a new mobo and cpu
is the new mobo
is the new cpu.
now before the new hardware the old dell monitor worked fine. now its constantly orange when powered on even if the pc is on and off. and when i unplug it , it the light goes green or w/e but says no source avail .

i got a new OS to install and thats why i was formating before .

i have one stick of ram DDR2 in the first slot just incase, i only have the install hd in just incase (sata), i have two cd drives i CAN use but only the newer one hooked up via sata as well and ofc keyboard and mouse.
know i really hope that cpu and mobo work good together lol. the psu is a 600w one ive had and all plugs are in. there is NO extra sound of video card it is all default motherboard stuff.

really need help. been off that pc for work for almst a week now. dunno what kinda error it is or how to fix it

ps yes ive googled for 3 hrs for this , some ideas but no go .

A:Orange Light With Monitor (More Inside)

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Today I upgraded my motherboard and when I booted it started up normally, showed the first second or so of the windows logo then went to an orange screen with white stripes, as in the picture below:

I have tried:
Booting into safemode
Replacing the GPU
checked the RAM
Rebuilt the MBR
Checked the partitions
Made Sure everything is plugged in

I have an SSD with windows on the C: and a HDD with a few programs on D: . I have ran the Windows recovery programs as well.

A:Orange With White Stripes

you would need to re-install windows and also the chipset drivers for the new motherboard - unless its identical to the old motherboard ?

is it an identical replacement ?

post back the make and model and revision of the old board - should be written on the actual board itself
and the same for the new motherboard

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i had tried to turn on my dell optiplex 380 to power on but failed.when im on my pc that had sound like shock "ted"inside the to fix this?are my power supply was dead?

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For last 1 week my Acer ES1-511-C1UU is not charging and start blinking the orange LED. I've followed the previous discussions and tried to do all the things. But even after reset the battery, open and check all the connections by voltmeter (including the charging port, battery connection in the motherboard & adapter). Now the problem is the adapter is showing a voltage of 19.19 volts (which seems the adapter is ok), but the battery connector in the motherboard is showing only 3 - 4 volts. Now kindly suggest me how to get rid of this problem.  I am from Bangladesh and here we don't have any Acer distributor to support me on this issue.  Waiting for prompt support please. 

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My slimline desk top goes on, however the orange light does not.  How can I replace the orange(startup) light.

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A few months ago I bought a Dell 4700 off of a friend for $30. It worked great up until a few weeks ago. Everything was normal, I turned it off, but then the next day it would not turn on. Instead of the two normal green lights in the front, there was one orange one. Not blinking. I tried removing cards, RAM, CD and DVD Drives, and even replacing the hard drive. Nothing worked. I now believe it is either the motherboard or power supply causing trouble, but as much as I would like to, I barely have enough money for one. So I really need to know what's wrong before I spend any money. Any ideas?

A:Dell 4700 won't power up, orange light

When you don't want to go out and just purchase a new Power Supply, to test
I've actually borrowed a Power Supply from a working computer and tested with that

Power Supply replacement guide here:

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I bought a Dell Dimension 8400 last year and it's great up to a point.
Occasionaly it will refuse to boot and will just display an orange flashing light on the box. I then have to hold the power button on to power off completely.
It does this when I haven't used it for a few days, when I've just used it for a few hours and other random times.
It also sometimes just dies when I am using it - sometimes after a few hours, sometimes after a longer time. It will then go into refuse to boot mode as above.
I try and boot again and after a seemingly random number of times, usually as I'm about to hurl it out of the window it will boot up quite happily. It does not perfom chkdsk or any other diagnostics at this time.
I have scanned with AVG virus scan - no viruses. I have used adaware and Spybot remover so the machine is clean of spyware.
I have used Dell's hardware diagnostic software and the machine appears to be clean.
Is there anything else I can try please??????

A:Dell Won't Boot - Orange Flashing Light

Here's a quote from another post of mine. Please follow the directions in it and let us know what error messages that you find.Next, please go to Start...Control Panel...Administrative Tools...Event Viewer. Once EventViewer opens there will be 3 categories listed in the left hand pane (Application, Security, andSystem). Please click on each one (in turn) and view the messages for that category in the righthand pane. Look for any error messages around the time of the last problem. Then right click onthe error and select "Properties". In the window that opens will be a text description of theerror - please copy it down and forward it to me. The error text should generally be in the format of 0x0000007a - with the last 2 letters'numberschanging depending upon the error. Also, usually another 4 sets of these numbers follows theerror message - they are important also. Finally, at times there is a file name mentioned withthe error message - please let me know what it is.If there are too many errors to choose from, please let me know and we can proceed a bitdifferently. Also, generally speaking, the usual location for this type of error will be in theSystem category - but there is a possibility that it may be in the other areas. Please do noterase your log files until we're finished troubleshooting this issue.

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Hi, I have a Pavilion DV6 and not to long ago, i put it to sleep to do some other stuff. When i did, I noticed the "HDD" light was orange.(see attached image) I've noticed this before but it only blinked. It was never permanently on. I then came back and shut down the laptop. The light was off. As I started back the laptop, the light came on and was permanently on during useage. I then slept the laptop and left it for an hour or so and came back. The light was still on. This happened when the laptop was both plugged in and unplugged from a power supply. All other lights (mousepad, wifi, mute, charging, powerbutton) work fine.  Has anyone experienced this problem/ have a solution? Thanks in advance.

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I have a HP pavilion a6614f with nvidia GeForce 6150 SE graphics. I press the power button and the orange light by power button comes on. The fans start up, but the computer goes right to stand by. The power supThe screen shows no signal input and goes to sleep. We replaced power supply one year ago.

A:HP pavilion doesn't start up, orange light on

Hello Cbcbecky,


When turning on the computer  it receives power but you get no physical image on the monitor, is that correct? I will try to help you with this issue.


Does the number lock and caps lock key lights glow on the keyboard? If you look under the mouse does the red LED light glow as well?


Please respond back at your earliest convenience.


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I first logged out of my computer and came back and I noticed an orange light on the power button. I shut it of and turn it back on about two times with the same results of an orange light. I then shut of the the extension that houses 10 plugs. When I turned on the extension I turned on the computer the power button didn't give off a blue light or orange light. The VGA cable, mouse, keyboard, Ethernet cable are all plugged in. I later removed all the connects to the computer gave it a minute and plugged it all back in. There is a solid green light on the back under the power cable. The fans turn on there is noise coming from inside the computer a soft humming and light fan from the back of the computer. But the power button will not turn on. The monitor light is orange and says "No Input signal Input 2,Go to Power Save." When I switch to input 1 it reads "Cable Disconnected Go to Power Save." What internal issue could this be?

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It started when I pretty much wanted the internet. Though I wanted it so badly, there was a complication. The modem was bogus. So I took the one out of the back of an old windows 95 computer and put it in the dell windows xp. I'm guessing that was a bad idea?
I mean I put a new CDRW drive in with no problem, but this realy didn't work. Also, I kinda forgot to turn it off. So when I put it in the monitor quickly flashed white and went to the plain black screen with the big white stripe in the middle. It does that when it has no connection with a computer. Also the light that the power button that was usually green was now orange. Also it's not recognising the keyboard and mouse. The lights from the keyboard aren't even lighting up telling me that it's not getting it's power. Ofcorse the speakers are because they are ploged in with an A/C adaptor.
I found out that when I hold the power buton bown the computer turns off. I tried so many things. I even tried taking the modem out and turning the computer on.
Please help me!!!! AHHHH!!!!

A:AHHH! Orange light! Computer not working

If you were plugging and unplugging things into the computer while the power was on then you could have blown any number of components.

** Before you continue unplug the power at the wall socket!! **

Test it by unplugging ALL drives, removing all but one stick of RAM and any other plug in cards you have (including the video card if the mobo has one built in). Plug in the keyboard only and power up. If the monitor comes up and you get a green light then you know it will be one of the components you pulled out that is faulty. Gradually re-connect everything testing the system after each new component is added. When it fails you will know which part is malfunctioning.

All that said, if you've blown the mobo (which is a BIG possibility) then you are out of luck. Time for a new mobo and quite possibly a new PSU.

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Have a Flex 2-15 running Windows 10.  Just picked it up and the power light was flashing orange and would not power on. It was plugged int the charger. With charger unplugged it still flashed and refused to power on.I had to disassemble the laptop and unplug the battery to stop it.  Plugged the battery back in and it powered up as normal. I can find on help on the Lenovo site any body got any ideas 

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I just recently added another hard drive (Laptop) to my computer in which you can view my post here:

The yellow/orange light is now staying all the time and before it would just blink when the Hard Drive is being used. I know that the yellow/orange light is for Hard drive activity but I don't know if there is a problem if it stays on all the time or not.

My computer is kinda old and its a Compaq Presario S4040SE with windows xp (SP3)

thanks for the help to all who reply.

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Hi guys. My brother has a Dell Inspiron 1100. He asked me to look into fixing it, but he is out of warranty, and I told him I would research his problem and see what you guys reccomended. I have the computer too in front of me for the time being, until it's repaired.

He said he turned it off and unplugged it one night. He often times I believe always left it plugged in. Not a good idea to Constantly do I know. He went to turn it on the next morning, and it wouldn't turn on. Plugged in to the wall, or not plugged in.

When you press the power button, the power light quickly blinks green, then the battery light blinks orange quite a few times but that is all that happens. Nothing comes on at all. Does that mean he just needs to buy a new battery? Or is it more severe?

A:Dell Inspiron 1100- Orange Light

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I have a Dell Dimension E521, it started a few days ago when it was running smooth, one day I turned it off. When I tried to turn it on a day later it wouldn't display an image on the monitor.

The computer power ups fine, the fans are blowing strong like usual on start up but do not stop blowing hard. Its like it gets stuck at the start up stage.

The power button flashes orange, while all components work in the computer, I have took out unnecessary parts such as CD ROMS etc.

I have checked all fans and every thing seems to be ok, but it wont display any image. (the monitor will not come out of standby)

Before I used to take out a random part and some how it would work after I plug it out and in again (switching power by mains off worked first, then taking the Ethernet cable out worked, then taking the ram out worked). This is quite random and I cannot think what it could be. I have taken everything out and pluged it all back in again, double checking all cables are correct and all devices are working correctly.

Please help me.

Dimension E521 is the model of my Dell Computer.


9600 GeForce Graphics Card

AMD Athlon 64 X2 Processor 3800 (2.00Ghz, 2x512K)

A:Dimension E521 - Orange Blinking Light

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i have an hp pavilion dv 9000 and the lan/ethernet light turns orange when i turn my laptop off. anysuggestions caused by this?

A:ethernet lan light stays on orange when laptop is off

It's a notebook/laptop - does it do as you describe when the powered via the mains adapter (i.e. that is "carrying volts"); or does it do it when on battery power only?Incidentally is this a new effect you are noticing; or has it "always" done this?And do you actually turn of/power down the laptop, or simply put it into standby or sleep mode?

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Hello all ,

I am not the most technical person in the world so please bare with me.
I have a pretty old packard bell desktop which i use as a backup to my laptop.
It has recently slowed down tremendously and the orange light below the green system light is now on constantly. I noticed before that this light only came on when processing and even then it only blinked. I really dont want to have to replace this computer as it has always been sufficient to complete whatever few jobs i might need it for. I would be most grateful if someone could assist me in sorting this problem.

My system runs
microsoft xp
pentium(r) 4 CPU 2.60 GHz

Thanking you in advance.

A:packard bell - orange light flashing

The first thing to do is to scan for any malware/viruses via whatever scanner you use. I prefer Spybot as my on-demand scanner and AVG as my resident shield.

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Hi,people ,can anybody help.
Got Maxdata o book 3,1800GHz,Centrino intel core 2 duo ,250HHD,2GB Ram,Vista Ultimate
Not use the laptop for 2 weeks,want to powering up,noting,dead.
Battery only,noting
AC adapter only,noting
Remove the battery and AC,hold 5 min,then again noting,but notice,when plag to charging orange ligth flash very fast,then all flash after,and on same time the green light on the AC adapter flashing low .
Anybody please,do you think is the battery,the AC adapter or the Motherboard,all ready got other battery but same problem,and one time power up for 10 seconds ,pass the bios starting Windows then shut down again
Please help

A:laptop not powering up,orange light flash

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This may not be the correct place to post - but it is a starting point. Please, by all means, point me in the right direction!

Problem: Screen goes black. The power light is orange on the monitor. Checking the CPU/Tower - the on/off button is ORANGE. Moving the mouse - Pressing keys - does nothing. To turn the computer OFF, I pressed and held the on/off button. On starting the computer back up - everything seemed to be fine. I then started running virus scans (ie: Norton, MS AntiSpyWare and many others). During ONE of the scans - while I was away, the computer again "turned off". It happened again when running Quickbooks - however, I had just entered data - and turned away - ie - sadly - not watching if anything was happening.

Dell support was interesting. While the computer is out of warranty - I was not expecting the following: The Dell rep HUNG up on me! I guess it was because I questioned removing the coin-battery as a solution. Was ok with "reseating" the hard drive cables - but why the battery?

Sadly, I've been at this computer for 30 minutes now, and it has not turned off. (Sadly?)

If you have any ideas, let me know.
Oh yes: I tried different power cords, plugged into a different UPS plug.

help !
[email protected]

A:black screen. cpu light is orange. frozen or what?

is it getting HOT - it could be overheating ???

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HiMy son has a HP Pavilion g6 laptop which operates Windows 8.1All been working fine until yesterday when the orange light on the f12 button came on and laptop won't connect to the internet.  we can't turn this light off.Any help would be most gratefulThanks!

View Solution.

A:f12 button orange light is on and can't connect to the inter...

Hi You have a couple of options as I see it please try these steps might help you to fix your issue. 1) Disconnect the Battery & Adapter then press & hold the power button on Notebook for 30 seconds then turn on the unit and check if the Wireless light turns on. 2) Go to Device manager then uninstall the wireless drivers from Network Adapter and restart the unit and check if the light turns on. 3) Please update the Bios & Wireless driver from HP website. 4) Click start in search type Recovery Manager then click on it select Yes on User access control then select I need immediate help then select Driver & application recovery select the wireless driver and install it then restart the unit. 5) If you are comfortable reseating the wireless card which will be on the back panel off your unit you could try this steps as well. If still you have the same issue then you need to call HP Technical support and get the part replaced.

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wireless f12 button just showing orange light ...tried removing the battery ...power button for 30 secs... reset the bios and all sorts updated the driver and so on...pls any proper information that might help me ?

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For some reason my computer just wont work. I just built it and installed all the drivers. All the parts are compatible and everything is up to date. When I try to install games it either says Empire Earth Catastrophic error, No other information is given. When I try to install Command and Conquer Generals it says that a file is corrupted. I havent tried my last game because im afraid of the results :). One thing my friend and I think is possible is that it is the CD driver. It is a benq x56. But then it why would it read the driver cds. Its not the game because they are major brands.

A:Can't install games + blinking orange light

hey ComputerBuilder,

try installing the games on another computer to see if you get the same results.

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Hi all. I have been reading this site for a while but I finally signed up because I've had a problem I can't seem to figure out.

It started a few weeks ago, I would be on the computer and all of a sudden my mouse would go to the upper right of the screen, a small box would appear there and then the computer would freeze. I would restart, and it took a few times, because it would lockup during the startup process, but it finally would start.

This was happening almost every day. Sometimes I would be on the PC and all of a sudden my screen would go black and the monitor light would go orange. Well this happened last night and now today I cannot get any video at all.

I start up the PC, and I know everything is working and happening but just no video. I tried several different monitors and all I get is an orange light and a black screen.

Anyone have any idea what this could be? Is my video card shot?

I have a 2.7ghz P4
128MB Raedon Pro
Win XP SP2

Any help is much appreciated, I know someone smart here will be able to give me some advice. Thanks in advance,


A:video trouble, monitor light is orange

Do you here any beeps, do the hard drives spin up, do the lights light up? How do you know its working?

If everything else works(assuming you hear teh single beep or the Windows startup sound), then you need to try another video card. If the fan on it quits a video card can overheat and fail, or fail because of other reasons.

It could be a number of things. It could be the video card but if you're not gettign any beeps its proabbly something else. In which case the main suspects would be the power supply and the motherboard. If you have another computer or access to another power supply I'd try that first.

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Hello all,

I know this is a common issue online but none of the things I'm trying seem to work!

When I hit the power button on my PC (dell optiplex 745 minitower) it refuses to turn on, and no fans or anything start up at all.

What I've tried?

-replacing CMOS battery
-grab a spare psu, installed it, still didn't work
-uninstalled the RAM and reinstalled it
-made sure the RAM was separated by one company at a time just in case, since there were 2 companies or makers of ram in at once. No luck.

-changed my power plug
-had cmos battery removed, started up pc without the battery, then reinstalled it, no luck
-put a new cmos battery in and did the same as above

All of these things lead to the orange light on the motherboard and nothing else.

Is my motherboard fried? I've just bought it on ebay as a fun little pc (not as a main one).

I'm out of ideas to try to fix this.

Thank you in advance for the help.

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I have a TV/Monitor ( magnavox ) . It doesnt power on. The power light just flashes greenish-orange. Does this mean I need a new power supply?

Thanks in advance.

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Yesterday, I was just sitting there watching TV at my computer desk, with the computer on, next thing I know- I look over and the computer was shutdown. I didn't know why, so then I go to turn it on, it will not turn on- and the power button, that should be green, starts blinking orange. I'm not sure what the problem is, I think something might be dead. I have been getting a message that says "Alert! System Battery Voltage Low" for about 2 years, I'm not sure if that would be it or not (Maybe that died? Would that do it? I don't know).

When I try to turn it on, I can see the fan and stuff turn on for about half a second, then everything just turns off except for the mobo light and the orange blinking light. I've tested my brothers working power supply in mine, so I know that mine still works because that didn't fix it. I've taken the graphics card out, that didn't do it either. I don't know what else I could do, please help somebody, I'm lost without my computer... Thank you.

A:Dell Won't Power On (Orange Blinking Light)

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Can I adapt a orange coaxial output (see pic if i have the wrong name for it) to red and white RCA connectors so our TV can output sound from all devices to headphones? I believe our TV is a magnavox e10839 and the only way for it to put out audio from all devices is that orange coaxial connector if i remember the manual correctly.

A:Orange coaxial audio to RCA red and white?

That is a digital audio output, I'm not sure that hooking headphones to it would work unless it also passes some type of analog stream.

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On the power button there is a orange flashing light not letting you turn on your machine.

Well Iv'e got a simple fix

Just do what I do:

First check your cables are connected securley

Secondly Press the power button.

Thirdly Remove the power cable.

Wait 10 seconds, Cross fingers.

*Important Part* While Inserting the power cable quickly press the power button.

The post should not come on.

Then simply power on your machine.


Your Welcome

A:*Fix* Dell Optiplex Gx280, orange flashing light

It is working
thanks a lot

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I have been fighting with these stupid HP dv6 & 9000, and v6000 Compaq model laptops for some time now. I've figured out how to bring the board back to life, but I have just not had much luck with the wireless orange light issue, until now.

I'm not sure if this fix is for everyone, obviously. However, if your wireless issue is hardware related and you know your wifi card is good; I suggest you try this method at least once and maybe save yourself a motherboard order.

What you need:
-Everest Ultimate, or any software that can stress your cpu
-That's it, this fix is all software controlled

What I did:
-Opened Everest
-Choose to stress CPU only with stability test in tools
-Covered vent in front of heatsink to inhibit heat transfer
-Waited till the CPU hit 75C, Wireless Works, and the Orange Light is now Blue again.

I hope this works for others. I know I have had about enough of these HP/Compaq Laptop MoBo problems.

-TechSpot is not responsible for any damage caused
-This fix has worked for 7 DV6000 & V6000 laptops
-Wireless may go back out after one or more system restarts, or never again go back out. If so, just repeat these steps; at your own risk.
-Length of stress test may be short and it may be 5 to 10 minutes... Read more

A:I fixed orange light HP/Compaq wireless problem

This sounds more like an internal power problem, from an ageing motherboard. Your findings and your "cure" may just be a coincidence. If you can bring the WiFi back to life even for a short time... this IS a good thing indeed .

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If I want to turn it on, the power light turns into an orange dot...

If its caused by the emty RTC Battery, Where can I order a new one (In Europe?)

A:Satellite Pro 2100 - Power light turns into an orange dot


Normally this has nothing to do with a empty RTC battery. In this case you would only get an error message about a low CMOS battery or something else but the notebook would boot properly.

In your case I assume it?s a hardware problem. Have you already tried removing the battery and AC/DC adaptor for some hours or over night? Sometimes this helps?

Otherwise it would be great to get professional help form an authorized service provider. They can diagnose the notebook and exchange the faulty hardware parts.

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hey guys
have a problem with my pc .. orange light on mopther board stay orange
cpu fan works
as does psu
blank screen
was thinking maybe onboard vga is gone , would this cause this ?

any ideas??
gigabyte motherboard ga -81845gv

A:having problem with pc .. wont boot .. orange light on motherboard ..

any replys would be appreciated , tried just about everything
only thing i can think of is the cpu is dead!!!!

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Power light is white, I have always seen white. Power is getting to the computer (runs normally). Battery does charge. When I remove the battery the power light goes to white. When I put the battery back in the power light goes to orange. Power supply problem? Battery problem? Do I need to bleed the power from the computer(forgot how)?

A:Newer Toshiba Laptop - Power Light is Orange

Take out charger, then battery, and hold down power button for 20 seconds, insert battery, then plug back in charger

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