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Secondary HDMI Monitor Flickers

Q: Secondary HDMI Monitor Flickers

I have an XPS 15 9550 with 4k Touch Screen. I use it at work and hook it up to a 1980x1020 monitor via the HDMI port. Pretty standard.
However, I've noticed that once in awhile the monitor will flicker to black for about a second and then pop back up. Annoying but not frustratingly annoying. This generally only happens a few times a day, but some days it will do it like 5 times in under two minutes which is frustratingly annoying.
And even worse, sometimes it will flicker to black and just stay black. The windows I had open on my monitor will jump over to the laptop screen and I have to unplug the HDMI cable from the laptop, wait a few seconds, and then plug it back in.
This shouldn't be happening. I've thought that maybe it is because I need a 4k monitor to pair it properly, but that doesn't seem right. Besides, I'm not wanting to spend $400 quite yet.
Any idea what's going on? Do I have a bad laptop? From what I know, I've updated everything (Bios, Graphics drivers, etc.). I've tried a different monitor and a different HDMI cable - no difference. Same issue on all.

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Monitor is plugged in vga. Toshiba tv us plugged in hdmi. When I turn my computer on it thinks the tv is the vga monitor. If I unplug the tv and have just the monitor it recognises it but if I then plug in my TV. It then switches to that screen and won't return to the monitor even if I unplug my tv. It won't play sound through my tv or recognise it as one. I can't use windows and P as it does nothing. I want the monitor to be primary and tv as secondary with sound. Help me please

A:How do I add hdmi tv as secondary monitor and vga monitor as primary m

sweksybaby welcome to the Seven Forums.

This should be what you are looking for,

Display - Change Main Display

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I have two laptops, both of which have HDMI ports. Is there any software that will use the HDMI cable to make one of my laptops act as a secondary monitor? I don't want any software that requires a network connection because I'm going to be in college.

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I have a problem that is driving me absolutely mental. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Basically I have a Monitor (Benq G2420HD) hooked up to my laptop (Sony Vaio AR71m - Running Windows 7) via HDMI. It worked absolutely perfectly before I went away for the summer. Since coming home and, to my knowledge, having made no major changes to my computer I encountered a problem.

The monitor is recognised on my computer - it shows up in display settings and Nvidia Control Panel fine. Windows also extends the desktop to the other monitor. The monitor shows the green power light but is completely unresponsive and shows only a blank screen as if it's not turned on - I can't change the channel, bring up the menu or do anything until I unplug the HDMI cable and then the monitor works again.

I have tested my computer on another monitor and it works and I have tested my monitor on another computer and that works. At one point I thought I had solved the problem after installing an older graphics driver and and my desktop actually showed on the monitor but two minutes later it disappeared again.

I've tried countless GPU drivers (GeForce 8400 GTm), different HDMI cables and I've even formatted my hardrive and reinstalled windows but to no avail.

I've completely run out of ideas of things to try. If anyone has any suggestions please feel free.


A:Frustrating blank screen on secondary monitor via HDMI.

Have you tried a different cable?

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Hi all, trying to setup up a secondary monitor (LG 24MP58) for my Lenovo Yoga 900 no avail. Everything seems to be assembled correctly, but absolutely no response from the LG. Doesn't even light up or appear to be "trying" to work. There are no physical buttons or controls of any kind, on the monitor. Win 10 generated a PnP monitor in Devices. HDMI is connected to Type-C USB port on tablet via Insignia adapter. Would eventually like to have a duplicate of my tablet screen on the LG.
Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated.


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I'd be willing to wager more first posts are pleas for help than not. Here's mine:

A month back, after the original and only HDD died, I replaced it with an SSD and a clean, fresh install of Windows. Everything worked great and installation went off without a hitch. Tonight I installed a new HDD as a secondary drive for a little extra space and things went less smoothly. A few key points:

The SSD is still the OS drive.
The computer boots. No Blue or Black Screen of Death.
My Num Lock light now comes on during startup and stays on after. It didn't before.
On startup, when my boot-up screen (don't know what to call it; black screen with basic white text and a list of hardware) appears it now shows my HDD (WD5003AZEX) as occupying a spot in the PC alongside my SSD (Samsung 840 Pro).
The glowy Windows animation appears and then my lock screen appears like normal. When I enter my password, the screen flickers a seemingly consistent number of times in quick succession (which it never did before) and the computer boots to the desktop. From there, everything works normally. My files are all there, my programs work, no more flickering or weirdness.
The HDD also appears in System Information, but when I navigate to Windows Explorer I don't see it listed. Only the C Drive (SSD) is there.
Last, I haven't yet messed around in BIOS or formatted the HDD. I thought it better to hold off and proceed slowly before I start pushing buttons

I'm thinking salvation lies in Disk Management and th... Read more

A:Installed Secondary HDD, Screen Now Flickers on Startup

Hello ItchyAlgae!

This problem could be caused by a few things.

I would suggest that you first try using a different port and SATA cable for the hard drive. Then turn on the PC and check in BIOS, your drive needs to be listed there. Then log into Windows and check in Disk Management. There you have to see your boot SSD with the C partition marked most probably as Basic Online Healthy (System) in NTFS. Under the SSD there needs to be the hard drive, most probably marked as Unknown Not Initialized and the space is in black and marked as Unallocated.

If this is showing then at least the system recognizes the drive and all you'll have to do is to initialize, partition and format it.

If not, if the drive doesn't show up either in Disk Management or BIOS as a whole, and you are sure you have connected the drive properly (SATA and power cable), then the problem lies somewhere else.

The fact that you are NOT receiving any errors or BSODs is great news! Also that everything works fine is great news.

The Num Lock just turns on and off the numeric keypad to the right and is probably something you pressed at some point.

The flickering on your boot Windows screen could be either from some sort of wave disturbance or the connected HDD is malfunctioning the system somehow.

This kind of points me to the direction that the drive might be DOA or faulty. If you have opportunity, try it on a different system/motherboard, see how it goes there. If the drive is healthy it will show up ... Read more

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Hey, I have two internal hard drives, a 500 GB Western Digital, and a 160 GB Seagate. The Western Digital has Windows XP SP2 installed on it, and works perfectly, but the Seagate, only has loads of games and stuff, no operating system. Sometimes when I start-up, the computer tells me there's been a Disk Boot Failure, and when it does start-up, it freezes, and hangs CONSTANTLY, rendering it unusable. Another thing that happens is, the screen flickers, really quickly, but noticeably, during the freezes. How can the hard drive be doing that??? If I disconnect the Seagate, all the problems disappear. As soon as it's reconnected, the problems are back too, so I think it's safe to say that's the problem....but, what do I do about it? I had a problem with my Seagate before, and since it was under warranty, they replaced it....apparently the replacement isn't much better, because it was replaced about 6 months ago.
Any help would be much appreciated

A:Secondary hard drive causing freezes and screen flickers

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I've searched through several forums and googled my life away for this problem to no avail, so now I'll see if any knowledgeable person here can help me.

I just bought an Acer Aspire AX1300 with Windows Vista Home Premium 32x and an Nvidia GE 8200 video card for storing data and, more importantly, to play shows and movies through my 1080p Mitsubishi HDTV. It is connected through native HDMI and the cable is high quality and works perfectly fine with my Gateway laptop to the same TV.

The video looks great as long as the screen is static, like on the desktop or surfing most websites. But as soon as any motion or video is displayed the screen starts to frequently flicker every couple seconds, and sometimes cuts out to black completely for 3-5 seconds, until the TV picks the signal up again.

I've downloaded all the updated drivers and even reverted to an older Nvidia driver through suggestions on their forums but nothing has solved what seems to me should be a simple problem. I also changed the refresh rate (with the new drivers I was only able to select 60Hz or 59Hz, neither helped. The older driver had even lower Hz, but when I tried to change to them the screen automatically reverted back to 60Hz) to no avail.

I'd be incredibly disappointed if I can't fix this as the main reason for the purchase was having a desktop set up to view Netflix on my HDTV. Thanks for any suggestions/help.

A:HDMI to TV video flickers

2 questions.

1) is the cable screws tightened, or is the cable just plugged in ?

2) what is the refresh speed on your hdtv ?

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Hello everybody,
I've bought  this new XPS 15 and updated all bios and drivers
when it resume from sleep the secondary monitor, connected via HDMI, has very high brightness
Tried to disconnect the cable, shut down the monitor and reconnect it but it remain the same
I've to restart the system to get the normal brightness and contrast
what should I try?

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This recently just happened today, but my monitor started flickering and it's gotten worse as the day went on. The monitor flickers between brightness. I've tried turning up the Refresh Rate and updating GPU driver, but to no avail. Any help would be appreciated.

GPU: ATI Radeon X800

Moniter: Samsung SyncMaster 915n

Resolution: 1280x1024

Refresh Rate: 75 Hertz

I know it's the monitor itself because when I used another monitor, it worked fine.

A:Monitor Flickers

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since I installed Sevice Pack 2 for Windows XP Pro, my monitor keeps flickering. I downloaded the updated drivers for my video card, but it did not help. What seems to be the problem?

A:monitor flickers

Your refresh rate may have changed.

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Hey everybody. Recently, about a month ago my monitor backlight began to flicker and would sometimes just stay dark for a long time. If you shine a light to the screen during one of these "episodes" you can faintly see a display. So I figured at the time that it was a monitor issue and since it was pretty old anyway I bought a new one off Amazon, but now this one is having the same exact problem! The backlight will either flicker continually, go black completely or go black for 2 seconds and come back. Sometimes it won't do this and work properly until I shut the computer off, but the problem will resume when I start it back up.

I've had the same problem with two different monitors and used two different cables. I checked the inside of the computer for loose cables and such. I seriously have no idea what's going on. Right now it's working fine, but this morning was flickering like crazy. Is this a graphics card problem? I do remember when this all started that I accidentally bumped against the tower with my knee, possibly making something loose inside.

It just seems weird to me that a graphics card would have anything to do with a monitor back light.

A:Monitor flickers due to GPU?

Have u tried plugging the screen into another computer?

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I have a new box running win xp.
The flat screen I bought at PC club is a Realsync 17 inch
It has just started to flicker slightly, and at first I thought we were having a small earth quake.
It has a set of buttons on the face that are for adjustments, but I can't seem to get rid of the slight flickering.
It it set at 60hz.

Any help is appreciated


A:Monitor flickers

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I have 17 inch Samsung 753s monitor. My monitor flickers sometime for a few minutes and stable after 3 or 4 min. I set a refresh rate of 60HZ maximum this is only shown there bcos i m running on maximum resolution supported 1280 x 1024. Please help me what's the problem. I have updated drivers for monitor and MSI geforce4 mx 440 agp card and properly installed.

A:Monitor Flickers

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hey my monitor for some time now flickers on its right side or my left (facing it). the other corner is fine just about 2/3 of the screen has some flicker or vibration. i figure its my NEC 75F monitor crapping out on me, but i might as well run it by you guys and see if anyone knows how to fix it. right now my refresh rates are hor - 48 ver - 60. my monitor doesnt support much (highest res is only 1024). come to think of it it only comes about when its been left on for long periods of time but i do have standby enabled and a screensaver - why isnt it saving my screen??!!! waaaah... anyhoot thanks for any ideas.

A:monitor flickers

Vertical of 60Hz is pretty bad. I can see flicker at that very very obviously. See if you can bump that to at least 72, and hopefully 75+. As far as it being only on 1 side I'm not sure, or why it happens later. But I assure you 60 will flicker to most people, so see if you can bump that up a bit.

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Hello all, I noticed lately my 2nd monitor flickers from times to time, im useing a 24"widescreen as my main monitor and at the moment my 2nd monitor is my Tv and thats roughly 37" and useing a hdmi-hdmi cable for the tv, now the flicker is not the whole screen its just a section in the middle and its like a flicker/jump/line.

Thanks in advance for any help.

A:2nd monitor flickers

What card / driver version are you using?

Did you update / change any drivers or settings prior to noticing the flickering, or has the flickering always been there on the 2nd display?

Does the TV flicker when used as TV?

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My monitor flickers on and off. It happens most often when I turn on my pc. It also does it when I'm surfing the net and reading my mail. It doesn't do it when my kids are playing games. Sometimes...when I first boot will flicker so much that the screen will come back distorted and freeze up. Sometimes it will also put the monitor into sleep mode if it stays off for more than a couple seconds. Then it suddenly flicks back on.
I have replaced the monitor with a spare...and it still did it. So it's not my monitor. I'm thinking it may be my power supply? I'm running Windows XP....and my pc is only 1 year old.
When my computer has been on for awhile....this problem seems to stop. For the last 3 days I haven't turned my pc off....and it hasn't flickered. But I know if I will.

Any ideas? Thank you

A:Monitor flickers on and off

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My computer's monitor is flickering or something. The monitor turns off for a split second while watching a movie on DivX, but I haven't had any problems with anything else yet. It gets some what irritating. Does this have to do with my video card or my power supply? I have a GeForce 3 Ti200 and a pretty big power supply. I can't tell you what it is right now. Any suggestions would be good because this is irritating the crap out of me. Plus this has never happened before..... Oh, yes I already tryed to redo my refresh rate and it still does it.

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I have a one year old ViewSonic VA1912wb lcd monitor. It's been working great but the last couple of days I've been getting some flickering now and then - especially while playing Scrabble. I looked into upping the refresh rate, but it's locked in at 60 Hertz and can't be changed - no options available. Screen resolution is 1440 x 900. Any ideas on what's going on?

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Hey, my monitor has recently started to flicker with white lines flashing across the screen and sometimes the whole screen just goes white for a minute or two, anyone know what may be causing this and how to fix it?

A:Monitor Flickers

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I've got this monitor -- LG 29UM65 Black 29" 5ms Dual HDMI UltraWide screen LED Backlight LCD Monitor IPS Panel 300 cd/m2 5000000:1 Built-in Speakers -

All of a sudden, my screen flickers and goes nuts.

I have to shut down the comp and reboot.

I heard a crackle the last time it happened coming from the monitor.

It's only a month old.

Bad monitor or something else?

Could the PSU be failing?



A:Monitor flickers

If you mean the Power Supply built into the monitor, that could possibly be it. The computer's PSU has nothing to do with the monitor itself. I've had monitors do what you describe and it was the monitor power brick (or internal power) which was usually the culprit. Being brand new, I'd look into an exchange. Before doing that I would hook it up to another computer. If it does the same thing you will be sure it's something to do with the monitor.

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I am using AMD Athlon processor 1.3 GHz, 256 MB RAM, Windows XP SP 2 desktop computer. The problem is if I scroll my web pages or watch full screen videos, there is a visible line moving at the centre of monitor and it reduces quality of video and slows web page scrolling. And lot of white small lines flickers when my pc boots, My mother board equipped with nvidia nforce videocard, when I reinstall my nvidia drivers the problem become worse, monitor turns itself off and on and sometimes not responding. So uninstalled nvidia drivers. I checked physical connections, everything seems fine, When I checked device manager, its not showing my monitor and video adapters. I need some help to resolve this, Thanks to everyone whoever gonna reply.

A:Monitor flickers

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After the BIOS Update yesterday my secondary monitor has not been working. The computer fails to detect it in Device Settings. Since this has happened, I have: Unplugged/Replugged Cables and made sure everything powers up (when plugging the HDMI from the monitor into the notebook the monitor cycles through Analog and HDMI a few times and goes to sleep so it's getting a connection)Have tried two HDMI cables, one brand new Attempted to update drivers, was told that they were updated Downloaded new drivers from HP Support Assistant and Installed, Rebooted Rolled back the BIOS to the previous version I tested the monitor on my MacBook and it works, so it's not the monitor and the notebook still does not pick up my monitor! PLEASE HELP! 

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I have just did a clean install of Windows 7 ultimate from XP and I am unable to get my dual monitors to work like they did in XP.

I have a DVI Radeon graphics card plugged into the agp slot, and a Nvidia geforce vga adapter plugged into a pci slot of my dell optiplex 755. When I am in the screen resolution settings the second monitor cannot be detected.

In bios I have 2 options under primary video adapter and they are auto, and onboard card. When set to auto the Nvidia card gets a signal but the Radeon does not. There are no conflicts in the device manager, and all of the drivers are up to date.

When I change the bios option to onboard card the Radeon adapter gets a signal but the other monitor cannot be detected and in device manager there is a yellow exclamation mark next to Standard VGA adapter and a code 10 error that states the device could not be started.

I have powered down, and unplugged every cable, I also tried to use the integrated VGA adapter to the Intel G31/G33/Q33/Q35 Graphics Controller but the computer will not even boot. I get
"System Halted
Attention Unsupported Video Configuration Detected"

I have two monitors, both work fine as standalones but Windows will not detect either as a secondary.

Please help me someone, I am so used to having my helpdesk email open in one monitor and all of my other work in the other monitor.

A:Dual monitor issue, secondary monitor is undetectable


Try updating your card drivers. Go into Device Manager and right-click on your display adapter.

I suspect that the cards are too old, though. We will see.


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I have a dual monitor setup, where the laptop is hooked to a 2nd monitor (TV) thru an HDMI . I primarily use the 2nd monitor. Can I blank screen the 1st (laptop screen) monitor, yet continue to use the 2nd monitor with the lid open for access to the keyboard?(I noticed with changed settings in Win7 control panel, I can close the lid without cutting off [sleep, hibernate or shut-off] the computer and had to reduce the 2nd monitor display to fit the visible screen. But to use the keyboard one has to open the laptop lid, which kicks in the 1st screen)Thank you

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I recently purchased another monitor so I can run dual-monitors on my newly upgraded-to Windows 8 desktop. I set the monitor up last night, and I haven't had any major issues so far... One issue that I've run into, though, is the secondary monitor (regardless whether it's the monitor I owned first or the one I just bought) flashes randomly. Last night, a restart fixed the issue, so I didn't think anything of it. Today when I started it up, it was fine again for about 5-10 minutes. Then it began to flash randomly. It's not a constant steady flash, it only happens once every 3-10 minutes, but it shouldn't be happening. Does anyone else have the same problem and/or have suggestions on how to fix it?

Add'l info:

Monitors (both connected via HDMI, primary to primary gfx card, secondary to secondary gfx card)
1x Asus VW246H 24"
1x Asus VE248H 24"

Both set to 1920x1080p resolution, left as primary, right as secondary.

2x EVGA Nvidia GTX 560 Ti's in SLI Configuration

Most recent stable Nvidia drivers are installed. I'll test the beta ones later and update this if anything changes.

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Everytime I Delete A File, My Monitor Flickers. It Looks Kinda Like When You Set The Resolution. But Nothing Is Changed. I Tried Setting The Correct Driver For The Monitor, But The Problem Consists. I'm Using An Nvidia GeForce4 MX4000 With A Komodo Monitor(Set At 1280x1024).

A:Solved: Monitor Flickers

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Hello everyone, my display has been flickering when there was interference like lorries and so on since the last month. But yesterday, while viewing my ATI( catalyst center, i changed my refresh rate from 75 HZ to 60 Hz as i remarked that my monitor could only support 60Hz. Since that change, my display flickered..... and got garbled. Even restart didn't resolve that issue. And during start up and so on it remained garbled with 2 white lines on the screen. I even reinstalled my graphic card which is Radeon 9250. It got reinstalled leaving the screen garbled. Restoring windows didn't help. The computer was hibernated and resumed to work when i made the reresh rate changes. Reversing the changes didn't work. The problem is most likely with the monitor whose brand is PROLINK. As i plugged the monitor plug into a different socket. Only the monitor was on and it was still garbled. I even removed and replaced my graphics card. I added 256 MB ram like 6 weeks ago. Removing it also didn't isolate the garble. It doesn't go away even in safe mode. Monitors are expensive, i would be glad if this could be solved.

A:Monitor flickers& Garbled

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Dell XPS730x, 2 - Dell 2709 Monitors. 4870 Radeon X2, Vista x64

Power Settings set to Performance. Never turn off Drives. Monitors shut off after 20 minutes.

Windows Screen Saver. Also set to retun to login screen on wake.

Once the monitors shut down, woken back up, the screen flickers 4 times before I get the Login Screen.

I have also tried this without the Login Screen and both monitor flicker.

Everything else seems to be working fine. No error messages.

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So everyday when I wake up and turn on my monitor, the screen flickers like this for a good 5 minutes. It even makes a ticking sound when it does it, it is sort of old but very.

Any Ideas?

A:Monitor flickers when turned on

When you get the youtube brackets, paste just the part between the "=" and the "&" symbol if it is present. for your vid, you would put in 6kcQ6MEarrw

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I have a three year old XPS One 2720. Two years ago after updating some drivers it started to flicker on and off and I paid a local tech to come and fix it.  he didn't so I signed up for Dell Concierge.  They fixed it.  Then last month my system crashed and then failed a hard drive test. The hard drive is failing so I bought a new one and installed it, no problem.  But bnot the flicker is back.  And no one seems to be able to solve it, including Dell Concierge.  If I put the old drive back in, there is no flicker.   But the new hard drive, the flicker is back.  This makes using the machine a frustrating experience, to say the least. Does any one have ideas on how this can be fixed?

A:XPS One 2720 Monitor flickers on and off

Based on the troubleshooting, the fault lies with the operating system driver versions installed on the replacement HDD versus the old HDD. You can start by reinstalling all of the Dell chipset and video drivers. Reboot and retest. Then allow Windows update to check for newer driver versions. Install them one at a time retesting after each one until you find the faulty driver.

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Hi Guys,

Not sure if anyone can help me, when I boot my PC and it gets to the logon screen, the screen tends to flicker 3 or 4 times, and sometimes it seems to boot up and the colours are all screwed up, a reboot tends to fix the screwed up colour problem, my specs are:

OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate, Service Pack 1, 32 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5000+, x64 Family 15 Model 67 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 1919 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon X1200 Series, 128 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 305242 MB, Free - 75928 MB; D: Total - 78528 MB, Free - 38587 MB;
Antivirus: avast! Antivirus, Updated and Enabled

Iíve looked in device manager and everything is fine/up to date driver wise, Iím not sure if the OS not supporting the graphics card is the issue:

From ATI site

Note: AMDís DirectX 9 ATI Radeon graphics accelerators are not officially supported under Windows 7. If the user chooses to, they can install the ATI Catalyst Windows Vista graphics driver under Windows 7. Please be aware that none of the new Windows 7 graphics driver (WDDM 1.1) features are supported (as the Windows Vista level graphics driver is limited to WDDM 1.0 level support). Using the ATI Catalyst Windows Vista driver under Windows 7 is not officially supported by AMD, and as such AMD will not provide any form of customer support for users running in this configuration Click to expand...

If anyone could shed so... Read more

A:PC Monitor Randomly Flickers??

What the ATI site says is basically, they, AMD that made the ATI graphics card, will NOT give support, help, or fix the graphics card when you (the user) are running Windows 7 with the card.
So, apperently, they won't help you when you run their card with Windows 7.
That seems odd.
Now, about the flickering. If it flickers and then reboots, it may either be A.) the monitor B.) the card has problems or C.) the slot where the card connects to the Mother Board is no longer working properly.
Have you tried using or connecting to a different monitor?

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I have an Acer Acerview f51 monitor, and sometimes it flickers red, or stays tinted red, and even if i go to the monitor menu to change the RGB, and lower red, it still stays like this.

Auto-audjust works for a certain amount of time, but the red comes back.

What could the problem be?

i guess it could be a driver problem? but i doubt it.

I was thinking it could be a problem with the power supply - im not sure if the one it has is the original one, although it fits fine.


A:LCD monitor flickers red or is tinted red

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I have a video card with both a DVI and an HDMI output and a monitor with only an HDMI input. Should I connect my monitor to my PC with an HDMI cable or with a DVI - HDMI cable?

A:Should I use an HDMI or HDMI-DVI cable to connect to my monitor?


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I have an Asrock ION 330 HT BD with a Sony Bravia 720p attached (HDMI to HDMI). When I start up my PC, the screen remains black. Only after I plug in a second monitor, both screens work just fine. When I pull the second monitor out, the Bravia also stops getting a signal. Seems a bit weird.. How can I get it to work with just the Bravia attached?


A:HDMI to HDMI only working with second monitor attached

Hi and welcome to the forum.

Have you made sure your graphics card driver is up to date?

Have you tried starting your PC up in safe mode and seeing if the problem still persists?

Please ensure you have done both of these and then post back; it would also be helpful if we knew your system specifications which you can fill in under 'User CP'.

Also does the task bar appear on the primary monitor or secondary monitor?


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I've got a Dell Dimension 8200 Desktop I've had for about 4 years, but the monitor seems to flicker now and often goes black and I can't bring it back. Sometimes itll come back if I let it sit for an hour or so.

But, I got a new flat panel monitor - same problem except the monitor goes black without flickering

I also tried installing a new video card (AGP?) and same deal.

Any ideas / hints on how to fix this? Thanks so much guys.

A:Monitor flickers, but there is power input

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I have a Dell E171 FP (flat panel) monitor, which works fine, except when I want to play bridge (multi-player) on Yahoo games. The screen then flickers. I have reset the monitor to factory default, tried to update the driver for the NVIDIA GEforce4 MX420, but to no avail. My screen resolution is [email protected] The maximum supported by the monitor is 75 Hz, but that made no difference.

Following Microsoft instructions for troubleshooting, I went to control panel/display/troubleshooting/hardware acceleration, and by trial and error, succeeded in eliminating the flicker by disabling the Direct X and Direct 3D acceleration. This, however, means that my 3D screen saver is not working. This is not a major problem, but would it disable any other programmes? I have downloaded DirectX 9.0c, but that has not helped either. Many thanks.

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Hi all!

I have no idea what happened, but my external display started flickering. It gets dark for about a second or two and it displays contents for a fraction of a second, going dark again. Also, the display is covered with dancing static-like colourful dots when it stabilises for a few seconds (rare). Sometimes it even enters the power saving mode. The monitor is completely useless. Playing around, I discovered that the effect disappears when I'm using 800x600 or 1024x768 resolution. With such low res, display works fine, but since it's a 1920x1080 screen... it's hardly any point in keeping it on the low.

I have a macbook running win7-64, connection is VGA with minidisplay port adapter. Since low res works, it can't be the cables nor the adapter.

No system restore point. Latest drivers, etc... what might be wrong and how could I fix it?

Edit: Plugging the laptop power cord doesn't help.

A:External monitor blinks/flickers

You might have to wait a little that some that got Boot Camp with W7 on Mac can give you a reliable answer.

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Hello everyone,

My monitor flickers and shakes so bad that I have to upgrade my already thick glasses if nobody here helps me.

Now heres what I've done:

Changed monitors, changed VGA cards, and no diffirence,
Now I have a good vga card and good monitor, so they are not the problem.

I have removed the NIC card and put it in the last slot as far away from the vga card as possible, still no diffirence.

Than I changed the place of my whole computer and all of a sudden all the flickering stopped and the screen was rock solid, so now I know that its not my computer but the enviroment.

Now my question is, how can I fix this, since I really cant change the place of my computer because I'm inside a real small cubical office.

I have a small wooden desk, my monitor is on top and everything else is inside the wooden desk, which is closed all around accept the front where my feet goes.

The extension cord with four plugs from the computer, printer and some misc... things rests on top of the computer case (but thats not a flicker problem, because I tried moving that to two or three meters away and the flickering was still there)

Right beside my case is a panasonic dot matrix printer KXP1131.

so whats causing this and what can I do, I'm not beside some heavy power source, shall I cut a big hole on the left hand side of my desk for ventilation(40 cm by 40 cm) will that help?

shall I surrond my case with some sort of shelding material?

Shall I put in a voltage stabil... Read more

A:Monitor Flickers real BADDDD !!!!

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Hi everyone.

New to posting on these forums.

I'm an IT professional, one of my friends is having an issue that so far I have not been able to solve.

Every time he presses his ctrl key on his keyboard, his monitor will flicker instantaneously with the keystroke. I have had him remove his keyboard, and using the onscreen keyboard, the same exact issue happens.

This makes me think it must be something software related, but I don't know what... if his registry is somehow corrupt, issue with graphics drivers, some sort of software.

Right now I am reinstalling his graphics drivers to see if these resolves anything.

Also, I'll add this is a brand new computer that I had built and shipped to him. He says its happened ever since he's got it, the past few weeks.

Any sorts of ideas would be great. Thank you

A:Monitor flickers when pushing ctrl key

Forgot to add, this only happens when he is in a game application.

I just reinstalled his drivers remotely and it looks like it has resolved the issue.

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I had to format my HDD, and everything was installed properly except the graphics card and monitor. That's my guess because of these problems:

1. When I scroll up/down websites with images/photo - it's seems to like flciker - NOt exactly but kind of it's not SMOOTH scrolling.
2. I clicked on CPanel to updated my monitor drivers - I does not let me. the button is unselected so I can't click and nothing happens.
3. When I play files in WINDOWS media player - it works fine on 100% but the moment I goto 200% it slows down and I need to keep the mouse in the play screen. If I move it out from the video display area, the MOVIE will snail.

And yes if this helps - Everythime I computers boots - it tells me that the SM Bus Controller is not installed. I don't know which CD would have the right software but I tried to auto-install. didn't happen.

I have a Pentium 4 1.7 GHZ intel motherboard. 810 AP or something like that ...

Let me know what's missing Thanks for you help.

A:Can't add monitor, screen flickers when scrolling

You need to install your motherboard chipset drivers.

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Does anyone know how to stop this. When viewing my desktop, the icons flicker. When I run NetBeans, that program flickers. I don't know if these two things correlate. I dont think my PC is too weak. I have a P4 2.8 GHZ, 80 GB HD, 256 MB DDR.

Need any additional information to help me?


A:Monitor flickers since downloading NetBeans IDE 3.6

Sounds like your refresh rate has gotten screwed up somehow. Try setting it as high as your monitor can handle. Right click on the desktop, click properties, click settings, click advanced, click the monitor tab and see if you can set the refresh higher, like 75hz/85hz/90hz.

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Hi guys

Spec - Dell Inspiron 531, AMD 64 Dual processor 5000, 2 gig ram, 32 bit vista home, Nvidia GForce 6150SE nForce 430, IIyama Prolite E380S.

Over the last couple of weeks my monitor has started to flicker for a second or so everytime a program launches. I've checked my drivers etc and they all seem upto date and I've checked all my hardware is ok.

I can live with it but my wife has been nagging me to death about it !

Any ideas??

A:Monitor flickers when programs launch

Contact your dealer or iiyama service center for the backlight replacement when the
screen is dark, flickering or not lighting up.

Back Lighting on LCD screens should not "flicker" Could be a voltage/PSU, GPU, bad monitor issue.

LCD screens have an array of pixels constantly lit by a
backlight. The constancy of the light removes the type of
flicker found in CRT screens (phosphors pulsing with each
refresh cycle). Instead, an LCD pixel has upper and lower
plates with grooves cut perpendicular to each other.
These grooves align the crystals to form channels
for the backlight to pass through to the front of the panel.
The amount of light emitted depends upon the orientation of
the liquid crystals and is proportional to the applied voltage.

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I'm using a Dell laptop with an AMD Turion64x2 and an ATI Radeon Xpress graphics card. I've been using a second monitor since I got it, and I haven't had any problems with it until recently. I've had to reinstall Vista thanks to an unsuccessful bout with Linux (will try Linux again later). Now I'm having a problem (and I suspect it's my graphics card, but I could be wrong about that) with my monitors. When I'm at home using my second monitor, it's fine, but when I unplug the monitor the screen flickers and won't stop. I used to have no problem unplugging it without restarting or anything, which is good when I take it to school and put it in hibernate. This isn't the first time I've reinstalled Vista, but it's the first time it's started doing this. I'm kind of worried that this might be a symptom of a deeper problem, too. The ATI page just brings me to the AMD page, and the AMD page doesn't have any updated drivers for it.

Does anybody know how to fix this?

A:Screen flickers when unplug second monitor

Oh, I forgot to mention, I already tried updating Vista.

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Hi guys,

My computers started doing this odd thing with the monitor, it stops sending data to the monitor at regular intervals of a few seconds, no idea what's going on :P I've replaced the monitor itself, so I know it's not that, and it does the same thing using the onboard graphics and with an AGP graphics card, the monitor works fine on other PC's and I'm pretty sure it's not a software issue, all the correct drivers are installed and I've even rolled back to a three month old system restore...

The PC is an old Fujitsu Siemens Scenic E600 with 1GB RAM (DDR2 I think) and a P4 processor, only things I've added to the PC is extra RAM and graphics/wireless cards. It appears the old monitor was fried by a spate of fuse box trips, so I'm trying to work out if that has killed something in the PC and if so, what exactly is broken...

Any help would be very appreciated :) I'm starting to go a bit mad as i work on my computer :P


A:Monitor flickers off at regular intervals

Tiny little bump? :(

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I have an older monitor and after being on for quite sometime it will either go blank (all blue - no display) or have striations across the screen. I turn it off and immediately on again and it comes back to life. I haven't been able to switch to another computer yet to test as to whether it is the monitor or onboard video. If the onboard video is going out rather than the monitor can one add a video card and run the monitor from it? Thank you in advance.


A:Monitor suddenly goes blank or flickers

Yes. You may have to disable the onboard video.

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Hi Guys!

I recently clean installed WIN XP on my comp (earlier OS WIN ME). I have Celeron 700 Meg processor and 128 MB SDRAM PC100. Everything seems OK except for the fact that when ever i try to log off or swich between use my monitor flickers and sometimes it restarts....There is no virus on my comp

Any suggestions/Troubleshooting steps???


A:Monitor flickers when i log off or switch users

you need to at least double your ram for xp recommend going to 512m,but don't know if this is the cause of your problem,if you mean the comp. reboots it probably is.
turn off the auto reboot if this is the case and post the blue screen of death error message in full
to turn off
control panel/system/advanced/startup and recovery settings
and untick auto reboot

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HI everyone,
I'm having an issue with my displaying settings and I'm hoping someone here can help me to solve this.

I recently had an older HP Pavilion Media Center m7760n Desktop PC rebuilt. The old power supply fried the motherboard so I need to get a new power supply and motherboard. Here are my current specs.

Mainboard : Asus P5QPL-VM EPU
Chipset : Intel G41
Processor : Intel Core 2 Duo E6420 @ 2133 MHz
Physical Memory : 2048 MB (2 x 1024 DDR2-SDRAM )
Video Card : Intel(R) G41 Express Chipset (Microsoft Corporation - WDDM 1.1)
Hard Disk : WDC (1000 GB)
Hard Disk : WDC (250 GB)
DVD-Rom Drive : TSSTcorp CD/DVDW TS-H653L ATA Device
Monitor Type : Hewlett Packard HP w22 - 22 inches
Monitor Type : Samsung SyncMaster - 15 inches
Network Card : AR8121/AR8113/AR8114 PCIe Ethernet Controller
Network Card : AR5006X 802.11a/b/g Wireless Network Adapter
Operating System : Windows 7 Ultimate Professional 6.01.7600
DirectX : Version 11.00
Windows Performance Index : 2.9
As you can see from above, the "video card" is actually integrated into the motherboard.

The computer works perfectly except for one major problem. I have 2 monitors, one is 22" with 1680 x 1050 resolution and the other is a 15" monitor with 1024 x 768 resolution. At the back of my computer I have a VGA port and a DVI port. The 15" is connected to the VGA port and the 22" is connected to the DVI port.

When first starting the compu... Read more

A:Primary Monitor switches to secondary monitor

I am having the exact same issue. Did you ever fix this?
I just posted a similar question in this thread:

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My computer desk sits next to my entertainment system, and I have it connected to two monitors: the primary 22? Viewsonic LCD (DVI) and my 42? Toshiba TV (HDMI hooked in via my receiver). When I just want to browse the ?net or email, I use the primary monitor. For gaming and movies, I use the TV. For a couple of years now, I?ve had display options to always display the TV (monitor 1). If the TV was off, it would default to the Viewsonic, per the Windows feature to always default to the current monitor if only one was on. If the TV was on, it would stop feeding the Viewsonic and default to the TV, so that any games or movies would display on the TV and not cause any issues fullscreen. This way the TV being on or off determined whether the PC would feed to it or not, and I?d only turn on the power hungry TV for entertainment.

About a month ago, my monitors started behaving oddly. The PC would power up normally and load Windows to the Viewsonic, and during the load up screen the Viewsonic would power down. The only way to see the screen was to turn on the TV. This is on Windows 7 64 bit Home Premium (up to date).
Things I?ve tried:Set the Viewsonic to be the primary monitor and settings to only display on the Viewsonic. Result: If the TV is off, there?s no video to the Viewsonic. If the TV is on, it is black (as expected since I've set the monitor to receive the feed) and the feed goes to the Viewsonic.
Set the monitors to extend across both the Viewsonic and T... Read more

A:No feed to primary monitor when secondary monitor is off.

Was anything done to this system just before the problem started?

Have you swapped out the cables and/or tried a different connection to the monitors?

This sounds like a failure either at the video card or the viewsonic monitor electronics, so I would try swapping out the video card and monitor if possible to confirm or eliminate them as the culprit, this can include the cabling.

I had something similar happen when one of my monitors went bad.

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I installed my old ASUS EAH 4670 video card in my new desktop so that I could use dual monitors. My second monitor (VGA) flickers whenever I use my mouse. The problem is solved and the monitor works fine if I let the CPU go to sleep and then wake it up. I have tried twitching monitors and always the VGA flickers. Both monitors are Dell.

A:Second monitor flickers, but works fine after sleep

it sounds to me like there could be a internal hardware glitch of some sort causing the flickering. however; there is one thing short of trashing the monitor that you can try first; try seeing if you can adjust the resolution for the monitor in windows settings. Sometimes adjusting the refresh rate and or changing the resolution can fix the issue. Give that a shot and see if it does anything for ya to resolve the issue. If not report back and we can try and go from there.

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I have a strange problem with my second monitor. I use my laptop to do all my work, I have a second monitor (Gateway FHX2300) that connects to my laptop using a HDMI cable.

Whenever there is enough of a specific shade of blue displayed on the second monitor, part of or the entire second monitor would flicker, and look a bit static-y. The shade of blue that seems to make my second monitor go into fritz is the same dark blue used on the top of this page (that is why I am typing this on my primary monitor). It's also the same blue as the Windows 7 login screen so *sometimes* when I open my laptop, the screen would either look extremely distorted or be completely black with few seconds of the top or middle of bottom of the login screen showing but still looking distorted and static-y.

If my second monitor becomes all distorted I can Print Screen and paste it on Paint but the static and distortion won't show up if viewed on my primary monitor. I tried print screening this page with the dark blue above while the screen looked static-y. When viewed from my primary monitor it looks fine but whenever I drag Paint to my second monitor with the dark blue of this page in it, the flicker would come back. If I drag Paint back to my primary monitor, the static would stop again. I can literally do this back and fourth to repeat the static.

Is this a problem with my HDMI or my second monitor? Is there a way to fix this by myself?

A:Second monitor flickers when there is a specific shade of blue

have you tried to adjust the screen resolution or the refresh rate for the screen(s)? If not I would try doing that first and see if changing it does anything for ya. If not; you probably have some sorta issue where the graphics capabilities of the graphics chip just dont dont have what is needed to provide full color on the screen and monitor.

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I have a similar problem on my brand new Tecra S11-11G. The only difference is that the problem is only present when I have my laptop plugged-in and the WiFi radio turned on.

If I turn the Wifi radio off and keep the laptop connected to the mains power source, the external display stops flickering. If I keep the WiFi radio on and disconnect the mains power source the flickering also stops.

I reported this problem to the Toshiba customer care in Portugal (where I bought it) and they gave me the ticket Case#710008193. They said they wouldn't replace the defective unit and that I had to leave it for repair. This is absolutely unbelievable since the laptop is brand new. A customer always expects to have a well working product when it takes it out of the box without having to call the repair man. I think it is their obligation to replace the damaged unit. Moreover this laptop is part of a fleet of a company that only buys Toshiba laptops and we are talking about a Tecra and not a Satellite. We deserved more respect from Toshiba.

In a year or so I will have a brand new laptop (company policy) and it surely won't be a Toshiba.

A:Tecra S11-11G - external monitor flickers when Wifi is ON

> They said they wouldn't replace the defective unit and that I had to leave it for repair. This is absolutely unbelievable since the laptop is brand new

Why this is unbelievable? An hardware malfunction can happen always and this does not happen only in the computer/notebook world. Therefore the manufacturers provide a service to a customer and malfunction can be fixed and covered by warranty.

>A customer always expects to have a well working product when it takes it out of the box without having to call the repair man. I think it is their obligation to replace the damaged unit

Of course and you are right but in the real world such things happens.
My PS3 was dead after a short time. It was fixed and replaced under warranty conditions? but this is not a reason for me to say; I would not buy PS3 anymore because of this issue.
My BMW has had some engine problems? it was fixed by warranty and I would buy this car again because this car is great and in my opinion other car manufacturers are not better and I think this would happen to other manufacturers too?

That?s my opinion personal opinion?


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The monitor is a Hyundai W241D, not quite three years old. I'm a student, so it gets transported between home and University regularly (three months at Uni, then a month at home, three months at home during the Summer), but, after three years and a total of eighteen journeys, the monitor has only just started displaying the problems. It's also recently that I've noticed a lot of heat coming from the monitor - much more than normal (I have a second, identical monitor which is only a year old that runs a lot cooler).

The problem: after a while (maybe half an hour, forty-five minutes), the image will start to jitter at the top of bottom of the monitor. The moment I open a window (anything will do it), the image flickers violently, often overlapping on itself and sometimes even flipping itself entirely, so the bottom of the window appears at the top of the screen, and vice versa.

Usually, the monitor is connected via DVI, but I've tried it on VGA and HDMI and the problem is the same. I've ruled out the cables and the graphics card (I've tried the cables with my second monitor over periods of hours, with no problems, and I've swapped ports on the graphics card, so that my second monitor was connected to the port the flickering monitor originally occupied. Again, no problems).

A video of the problem: (I'm using Aero Peek on the taskbar, which is on my second monitor, to bring the window into focus... Read more

A:Monitor Problems - Image flickers violently


Are there any ideas at all out there?

Hell, I'll even settle (for the moment) for instructions on how to take the casing off the monitor so I can get in and see if it's simply a lot of dust causing it to overheat. I tried before posting the thread, but even after removing all of the screws, nothing wanted to move.

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I have a Satellite Pro U400-13G which connects external monitors with VGA port.

I'm running Vista Ultimate 64-bit with the latest graphics drivers from intel, i've also tried the drivers from Toshiba's download site.

Anyway... i've tried connecting 3 diffrent external monitors an LG with resolution 1280x1024, an acer beamer with resolution 1024x768 and finally a Samsung SyncMaster 226BW running 1680x1050.

All of these monitors simply flickers... higher resolution = more flickering. It seems be worst with grey background.

I've tried out the Windows 7 RC1 system, same problem.

When i unplug my power supply, the flickering seems to be reduced... a bit, there's still alot of flickering.

Anyone knows how to solve this?

A:External Monitor always flickers on Satellite Pro U400-13G


I think it could be grounding issue?in such case it would be advisable to use a 2 cords AC adaptor.

I found also this thread about U400:

The user use the HDMI to DVI cable and the external picture is even clearest than the laptop LCD

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Well, I'm using a flat-screen (not flat panel, so its CRT, I believe), Compaq FS7600 and simply put, it just flickers occasionally with a noise. This is kind of annoying...anyone know what to do?

I unplugged all its wires and it still does the flickering.

A:Solved: Flat-screen monitor flickers

Internal monitor problem, either a component on its way out or a bad connection internally.

These can be all but impossible to find, and remeber that there is about 25,000 volts inside the monitor...

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I have a hp 27es monitor connected via hdmi.  every now and then i have flickering when scrolling on facebook.  i updated drivers last time it happened and it stopped it started again today updated driver but still flickering. i have a nviida 950gx card and this is only problem i have with it and monitor.  i did not have this problem with my older monitor which was a viewsonic.

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i have a CRT sony trinitron monitor right now because im waiting to find another LCD monitor on sale since my old one died on me.

well every now and again i get a flickering of the screen and a clicking sound,scares me stiff because i think its going to blow up or something. can anyone help?

A:Solved: my monitor clicks and the screen flickers,heeeellllp!

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When I'm charging my Thinkpad E550 and I connect it to any external monitor with a VGA cable, the external monitor flickers constantly such that the external monitor cannot be used for any meaningful work. However, when I remove the charger, the constant flickering stops and the external monitor could be used though the screen still flickers/blinks for only about 4 seconds every 50 minutes or so. Disappointingly, using the laptop on battery all the time is not healthy for the laptop's battery but that's the choice I have if I need to use an external monitor. I have tried to use a 2-pronged adapter to plug the monitors into the mains but I still experience the flickering until I remove the charger. Does anyone have a solution? Thank you.  

Go to Solution.

A:Thinkpad E550: External monitor flickers constantl...

My external display does the same thing, but if I unplug the charger and the flashing constantly, momentarily displays the desktop and then 3 seconds off. I tried to reinstall Intel HD driver, but the same result, ATI driver i have latest.Any idea?

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Running Windows XP Professional. Monitor flickers randomly after startup, mouse displays in triplicate (sometimes), task bar clock has a line through it, then the machine restarts. Attempt system restore to an earlier time fails. Malwarebytes, AVG, Avast and SuperAntiSpyware find no malware or virus. Machine has no issues in safe mode with networking. Any idea if I am dealing with an infected machine or video issue? Never seen anything like this. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

A:Monitor flickers after startup - Works in Safe Mode

Hello and welcome to TSF.

We want all our members to perform the steps outlined in the link given below, before posting for assistance. There's a sticky at the top of this forum, and a

Having problems with spyware and pop-ups? First Steps

link at the top of each page.

Please follow our pre-posting process outlined here:

After running through all the steps, you shall have a proper set of logs. Please post them in a new topic, as this one shall be closed.

If you have trouble with one of the steps, simply move on to the next one, and make note of it in your reply.

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Running Windows XP Professional. Monitor flickers randomly after startup, mouse displays in triplicate (sometimes), task bar clock has a line through it, then the machine restarts. Attempt system restore to an earlier time fails. Malwarebytes, AVG, Avast and SuperAntiSpyware find no malware or virus. Machine has no issues in safe mode with networking. Any idea if I am dealing with an infected machine or video issue? Never seen anything like this. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

A:Monitor flickers after startup - Works in Safe Mode

Video Card Issue.

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Hello. For the last few days now (never had this happen before), my monitor on my desktop has been flickering. When I say flickering, I mean that it flickers once quickly. The color of the flicker that I can pick up with my naked eye is just slow enough so it looks black in color. The flicker is about a half a second. This occurs very random now. It was occurring about every hour or two. Just last night is was happening about 5, 10 or even 15 minutes apart. Always just one flicker with 1/2 second in duration. Nothing happens to my programs that are running after this happens. System appears okay.

Now, during last night's flickering, the desktop area of Windows XP (everything above the taskbar) was all solid black for less than a second; at the same time the taskbar's border lines ("Start", the buttons for open applications, and the system tray) were highlighted in a wide light gray boarder with a black area inside each area. After that brief second, it all came back to normal after flickering back to normal as if the images on my screen were generating back to normal. Now today, it is just back to that super fast flicker again every hour or so.

I'll add that if I am reading a long article online and I have not changed the screen for a couple of minutes (no scrolling, mouse, or even keyboard contact), it seems to happen a little more frequent like last night.

I know it could be to a lot of things, but I am sure some of you experts are quick... Read more

A:My desktop computer monitor flickers once quickly every 1 to 2 hours, the cause?

video flickering

Right click on the desktop click properties on the display properties click on settings and click on advance and click on catalyst control center then click on the catalyst(r) control center on the middle of the window then click on the powerplay put the sliders on 1.plugged in on optimal performance 2. High battery balance and low battery balance. try to uncheck the enable power play and click apply and ok.

That will stop the flickering of the video


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When I visit some MS sites, my desktop monitor image shakes, flickers, jumps, etc. It does it only on the MS sites, especially Windows Sky Drive. Dell Inspiron All in One, 2320, Win 7 Home Premium, 64 bit, 23 inch Dell LCD monitor, 1920 X 1080 resolution (recommended), refresh rate 60Hz (none other offered). I have a Dell 1720 laptop, Win 7, 32 bit, 17 inch monitor, and the monitor image is stable at all MS sites, including Windows Sky Drive. Does anyone else have this problem, or does anyone have an opinion about this behavior? Since my laptop is stable at the sites, it obviously is not a site problem. UPDATE: Just so other users will know, I now have Firefox 27.0.1 and IE 11. The shaking, flickering, and jumping has returned on all MS sites while using Firefox, but is still stable with IE 11. If anyone has solved this problem, I'd like to know, although I assume the only cure will have to come from Mozilla.

A:Monitor Image Flickers, Shakes, and Jumps at Some MS Sites

Quote: Originally Posted by bobhist

When I visit some MS sites, my desktop monitor image shakes, flickers, jumps, etc. It does it only on the MS sites, especially Windows Sky Drive. Dell Inspiron All in One, 2320, Win 7 Home Premium, 64 bit, 23 inch Dell LCD monitor, 1920 X 1080 resolution (recommended), refresh rate 60Hz (none other offered). I have a Dell 1720 laptop, Win 7, 32 bit, 17 inch monitor, and the monitor image is stable at all MS sites, including Windows Sky Drive. Does anyone else have this problem, or does anyone have an opinion about this behavior? Since my laptop is stable at the sites, it obviously is not a site problem.

Hi bobhist,

Welcome to Seven forums.

Please let us know if you have checked it in a different browser as well on the system. If it was working earlier you could perform a system restore:

System Restore

If this doesn't work then kindly check the system under safe mode with networking and let us know the results of the same:

Safe Mode

Keep us posted with the results so we can advise you further.

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I wonder if someone in the forum can help me with an intermittent problem I'm experiencing with my Windows 7 / Linux Mint machine. This is been going on for approximately 4 to 6 weeks I can't relate it to the installation of any updates from Microsoft, or any new software installations, because there haven't been any new programs added. I have most of the MS Hotfixes but most of the ones pertaining to Win 10 I have removed or blocked with GRC "Never 10"

The problem starts with the monitor flickering momentarily, it then goes to a black screen with the message "no signal found." Initially I thought this was coming from the operating system but in fact that message is being generated by the ViewSonic monitor. Without doing anything else,letting the machine continue to run, I plug in a spare monitor into one of the two available graphic ports I get the same result, a black screen. If I reboot the machine of course I get a message saying that Windows wasn't shut down properly, which makes sense because I can't see the screen. Plugging in the spare monitor eliminates the monitor being the problem and the DVI cable since it's a different cable.

Inside the box, all seven of the cooling fans are clean and operating. I've taken out the Nvidia 8800 GTS graphics card, cleaned out the PCI slot that it occupies as well as the power input cable from the power supply. Initially I thought I had solved the problem but yesterday without warning, the monitor flic... Read more

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I have owned this monitor from brand new for a number of years
It has recently started flickering

any thoughts?

A:Princeton VL193 flat screen monitor flickers

Try the monitor on another system see if it still flickers.

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So eagerly i tought to buy this cool looking laptop for a huge $2000 i needed it to output to a hdmi monitor ot TV so sometimes i could see movies as well, now i had to buy the special DA200 dell adaptor and in the past 3 weeks it`s been a complete nightmare, i WAS NEVER ABLE to make it work permanently. The chat support was no help at all usually simply resuming to try and replace the part but i do think the part is good and i didn't feel like waiting 2 weeks for it to ship from china.

The ethernet and usb work on the DA200 adaptor , EXCEPT HDMI.  SOMETIMES it would work briefly until next restart, i had tried everything ever available on the internet. The laptop is running Windows 10 (as it`s restricted to that version, i tried to install other versions with lots of issues and compatibility issues) so  i have installed reinstalled and installed different versions of the video driver for all possible windowses and none worked. what did work was very brief until next restart and that usually happened when i had a fresh windows install, after the first restart i will get a non working hdmi again.  

I have tried several hdmi cables so i know it`s not the hdmi cable or the tv ot the monitor. and nobody seems to be able to help!!

A:dell xps 13 9450 (2015 new version) does not output HDMI to tv or monitor via special dell DA200 Hdmi adaptor

Oops I see my first post got sent, even if the website failed...
Anyay.. I talked to Dell Support and they told me to update the firmware for:
Intel (R) Thunderbolt 3 Firmware Update
(version 02.05.04,A00)
downloaded forn
Enter your service tag and you will find it under Chipset on the driver download page.
That fixed it for me!
It was a known issue for the guy i talked to.

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A:Monitor randomly flickers to sleep mode and back while im working...

Some system details like the make/model of the monitor, the video card, and the version and patch level of Windows in use would be real useful here.

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Okay so this only happens every so often and I'm not sure what the trigger is, except for the fact that it's definitely during a flash video.
No particular site does it, it's happened while watching video on both Firefox and Internet Explorer.
It definitely doesn't happen all the time, it's random. I watch tons of flash videos and it just comes out of nowhere.
So suddenly the monitor will go black and displays "No Signal" then "VGA" and then slowly flashes in the screen I was on, but the screen only bleeds in slowly and sometimes not fully, I can't really move my mouse or do anything. It's acts like the CPU is clocked at 100%...then the monitor shuts off again, until I move my mouse around or CTRL-ALT-DLT to bring up option to Task Manager and slowly bleeds back in again like before but then goes black again.
When I do bring up Task manager, I have been able to check and it says 0-1% of the CPU is being clocked, but it sure doesn't act like it. I can't do anything but force shut the computer off and reboot.
I have a Gateway, Intel Core i3, Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit machine.

A:Computer hangs up/monitor flickers randomly while streaming videos online

What model is your Gateway?
Integrated graphics (Intel) or something else?

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Hello, does anybody when clicking the bookmark arrow or a folder with bookmarks in chrome gets a small (i mean very fast!) black flickering???

Also in Windows 7 Jumplist sometimes when opening it will show aero glass before populating with icons (also very fast)

Can someone check this out to see if it behaves the same as my pc??

It's not annoying but just wanted to know if it happens to someone else


A:Windows 7 Jumplist flickers and Chrome menu flickers

No one?

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I have the 2nd setup through a vga to hdmi cable but it just sits there black with "check signal cable."

2nd monitor is an lg2241


- multiple re-boots
- downloaded a driver from LG but don't see that it did any kind of install. Double clicking it's zip file opened it and clicking on the three files did nothing but open gibberish code.
- at screen resolution I see multiple displays and I have it set on extended.
- Clicked detect and identify
- #2 says display device on vga
- tried unplugging and reconnecting the cable (hdmi to vga)

I'm lost. SOS!



A:Dual monitor setup hdmi to vga on 2nd monitor shows nothing

Dave welcome to the Seven Forums.

That cable won't work unless the VGA port on the computer/laptop supports digital (highly unlikely), as VGA is an analogue signal and HDMI is digital. To get it to work you would need some kind of converter not an adapter, which that cable essentially is.

Assuming this is your monitor,

LG E2241V-BN: 22" Full HD LED LCD Monitor | LG USA

is says it has a VGA port on it. If it does then just use a plain old VGA cable.

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I purchased a new flatscreen monitor to add a second screen to my laptop for the occasions when I need two at home. It is installed as "extended desktop" and seems fine but apart from the Windows MCE screen logo it's blank.

When I open a program on the laptop it stays on the laptop screen - my question is:
How do I tell the computer to open the programs on the monitor screen on the occasions I want that to happen, whilst still keeping them on the laptop desktop for the times i am out and about with only the laptop?

Idiot proof instructions would be much appreciated if anyone can help


A:Secondary Monitor Help Pls!

Well not knowing about the laptop make and model I would say if you take a look at the manual that you received with the laptop or the online manual at the manufacturers web site that should explain everything you need to know. Actually if I knew the make and model of the computer I would have to do the exact same thing.

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Recently I bought a slightly larger monitor and planned to use the older one as a secondary monitor. I went in via 'Display Settings' but have managed to screw things up and I've ended up making this smaller monitor the primary one.
How might I reverse this and thus make the larger monitor the primary one?

A:Secondary monitor

Originally Posted by Struggler79

Recently I bought a slightly larger monitor and planned to use the older one as a secondary monitor. I went in via 'Display Settings' but have managed to screw things up and I've ended up making this smaller monitor the primary one.
How might I reverse this and thus make the larger monitor the primary one?

Hi @Struggler79, welcome to!

Go to Settings/System/Display, pick(highlight) the monitor you want as Primary, check 'Make this my main display', click 'Apply'.

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I had to reformat recently and since then i have not been able to get my secondary monitor to work in Windows XP. My Radeon driver mistakes the secondary monitor for a YPbPr big screen TV device, whatever that is, and will not recognize it as a monitor. This has worked before, the secondary monitor is an AOC Spectrum 7Glr 17" connected through a VGA-DVI port. Before my reformat, all i had to do is plug it in and had the luxury of dual monitors. Now, I can't get it to work at all and everything i try screws it up so bad it requres a safe-mode system restore. I've tried different driver combinations and what-not, including different monitor drivers and the Omega drivers for my ATI card. How can I get this secondary monitor working?

A:Will Somebody Please Help Me Get This Secondary Monitor Set Up!!!

Welcome to TechSpot forums

Originally posted by beedubaya
My Radeon driver mistakes the secondary monitor for a YPbPr big screen TV device, whatever that is, and will not recognize it as a monitor.Click to expand...

That is component output. If there is an option to disable component output, try it.

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I have just installed a secondary monitor my pc - the monitor is showing as fuctioning properly - but when choose option to expand my desktop on to secondary monitor - it reverts back to just 1st monitor. There is a power light on second monitor - but no picture at all.
Any ideas pls ?


A:Secondary Monitor

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Hi there,
so here's a problem I'm having and wondering if someone could share some advice on this. Late last year I dropped my laptop which ruined the screen, all the pixels are messed up. The rest of the laptop is fine and it works properly, just with a broken screen, there's only a small portion of the screen where you can just barely see the desktop.

Anyway, I've pulled out an old monitor and I managed to get the Properties open on the laptop screen in the only bit of the screen that's visible so I could extend the desktop onto this secondary monitor.

What I am trying to do is to get the laptop to just output to the secondary monitor as if it's the primary monitor, the external monitor has a couple of times just changed itself to the primary monitor (start menu, main desktop etc) but then it just after a few minutes jumps back to being the secondary monitor with the (broken) laptop screen being the primary.

Any advice on this would be very much appreciated,


A:Secondary monitor

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Im trying to use my LCD HDTV as a secondary monitor, but when I plug it in to the HDMI port on my laptop it automatically makes the TV my main monitor and wont let me switch it in the display settings. The box for "Make this my main monitor" for the laptop screen is greyed out and I can not click on it. I can however extend the screen to the laptop screen.

If you need any other info just let me know but this is killing me.


A:Help with adding a secondary monitor.

I don't understand what you are trying to do, but to change settings like that (at least with windows 7, not sure about vista) press the windows key and X and it brings up windows mobility center and then click connect display and it gives a lot of choices.

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Hi there,  At work we have an extra HP Slate 21. I would like to use this computer as just a secondary monitor. Is this possible? If so, would someone be able to help me on the configuration to do this? Thank you!~Natalie 

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I just got a brand new custom built pc computer (windows Vista ultimate 64bit). I am using it to play high quality audio and view video through a projector. I tried connecting the secondary monitor but it doesn't have that option in the Nvidia properties, in the settings it only has the primary display. Need to show important powerpoint presentation and the computer is setting me up to fail . Help

Appreciate any responses

A:HELP Can't Connect Secondary Monitor

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I am currently using a laptop connected to my tv. The tv monitor is my primary display and the laptop screen is my secondary, they are extended to each other.

I am planning to add a third monitor and was thinking of making it touch screen. Would this work? Everything I have read says that if you use a touch screen it has to be the primary display.

Even better would be if I could not have to extend all 3 monitors together and keep my first 2 extended to each other and have the third(touch screen) just run the 1 program I want to use it for.

Sorry if that didnt make alot of sense, Im having trouble trying to word what im trying to ask.

A:Use touchscreen as secondary monitor?

First things first, does your laptop video card support 3 monitors? Just because it has 3 monitor connectors doesn't mean it can actually run three monitors. You didn't give any system info or fill in your system specs in your profile so its hard to give accurate advise.

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I have a theater room with a projector as my main display. I have recently bought an old Mimo UM-740 7" touchscreen. I have it working as a secondary display, problem is, the touch screen is moving the mouse on the main display.

Is there a way to have just the touchscreen have touch features and not act as a track pad for the main display??

Ideally, I will have a media player on the main screen, and be able to select videos/music to play from the 7" touchscreen.

Please help. Thanks.

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PC secondary monitor won't turn off when holding in the on/off button(turns on ok). When trying to turn of the power light goes from green to orange but won't turn off, unless I remove the main power plug. Could there be a sensor at fault to prevent the monitor from switching ?

A:PC secondary monitor won't turn off

Brand/Model of monitor is really needed for this.

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Want to use my Dell Inspiron /B130 laptop as a secondary monitor for my HP Pavilion can I do this?  They both are on Windows XP

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I have a Dell Inspiron 1300 and I have XP. Last week I bought a new LCD TV so I bought a VGA cable and hooked up the laptop to the TV. Initially everything was fine, I was using the extended monitor function and both my notebook and LCD monitors were working.
Yesterday morning I used the extended monitor function and it was running smoothly. I turned the extended function off and just used my notebook monitor as I didnt require the 2 montors. Later on I switched back onto the extended monitor but this time, my LCD TV was flickering.
The only activity I had done in between extended monitor sessions was install Photoshop CS2.
I know flickering monitor is a common problem so I carried out troubleshooting, and did everything required such as update BIOS, drivers, chenge screen resolutions etc. If the monitor never worked in the first place i could understand, but it has just stopped working.

Any help would be appreciated

A:Secondary Monitor Troubles

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i used to run an S-video patch cord OUT from my laptop to my lcd tv in order to watch movies with my daughter without having to watch it on a 15" screen...

i didnt do it very often so its always pretty much by guess and by golly to do so...

i THINK, just before the last time i had my computer cleaned up, was when i used it this setup successfully. when i plug everything in, set my tv to video or component, all i get on the tv is the PICTURE im using for my desktop (no icons or mouse pointer) and no video playback...

could i have inadvertently deleted a driver or something? its a real drag not being able to use my 'big screen' to watch movies...

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Hello, here's the problem: the display of my secondary monitor suddenly started turning off 1 second after the monitor is turned on. I think the cause was that my new employee physically pressed every button on the monitor repeatedly when she was trying to turn it on (the menu button, the auto button and the sharpness & contrast buttons). Again, everything works perfectly for 1 second, and then the display goes black
Here are the specs:
-secondary monitor: Envision LCD monitor EN-8100e (plug & play monitor)
-CPU: compaq presario SR1910 NX, AMD Sempro
-Windows XP
-Display adapter: NVIDIA GEforce 7300 SE/7200 GS, location: PCI Slot 7 (PCI bus 2, device 0, function 0)

I tried troubleshooting (display/properties/settings/advanced/troubleshooting) but it says everything's working correctly and nothing was solved.
I tried turning everything off and on and rebooting, and I plugged the power on and off...nothing.


A:Secondary Monitor turns off after 1 second

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hi need help with my secondary external monitor im using a samsung r440 laptop windows 7 ultimate intel i3 2.40GHz
4gb ram 32 bit ati mobility radeon HD 4500 series now i have an external monitor which used to work perfectly fine i went on a vacation for 1 week when i got back my secondary monitor is detected but the display is black when my screen on my laptop works fine when i take a screen shot it shows that my desktop is ok on the secondary screen i tried to swap monitors but the same problem happend's i updated all my drivers dont know where to go from here please help asap

A:Secondary monitor black out

connect your external monitor. click start and type display. on the search box.

from the search results click connect to an external display
you should be able to choose your external monitor.

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I've already tried asking for help on two other forums, but no luck so far, so I'm just going to cut and paste the problem here and hope you folks know the answer. Thanks in advance.

My secondary monitor gets stuck in standby mode (orange light) whenever I try to connect it to my laptop. It works fine for other purposes, such as using an Xbox 360, but whenever I connect it to my laptop (Dell Vostro 1700, Windows XP, nVidia 8600M GT) and configure it to run as an extension of the desktop, it just switches itself into standby mode. I've been using this dual monitor setup for quite a while and it had been working just fine up until recently - I can't imagine having done anything to mess it up, and no one else uses the laptop besides me. Strangely, on device manager it lists "default monitor" three times, and also "plug and play monitor", and these four show up even when the second monitor isn't plugged in (I don't know whether this is relevant though). Does anyone know how I can fix this?

So far I've tried:

- Messing around with the monitor and display settings on device manager,

- Lowering the resolution, refresh rate and color depth,

- Reinstalling, upgrading and downgrading the drivers for my video card,

- Using the nVidia software to get the monitor working,

- Using another monitor instead (the same problem occurs),

- Using a different VGA cable to hook the monitor up,

- Formatting my hard driv... Read more

A:My secondary monitor isn't working

C'mon folks, someone must have a suggestion... I need help.

Anyway, I tried using the Fn key + F8 to toggle between laptop display, external display, and display on both, but it doesn't work as the external monitor never displays a thing. Please help folks, I'm desperate.

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Because of limited desk space, I have to use one of my monitors in portrait mode.....however, due to the widescreen aspect ratio, my horizontal resolution is slightly too narrow for an internet browser.

What I would like to adjust somehow, either through Windows 7 or through the Nvidia display control panel is to either reduce the pixels the image or window takes up, or if I have to, change the resolution. Does Windows 7 allow for such a modification to its windows. The browser is Firefox if that makes a difference.

I modified the resolution to give me a better fit-

from 1440x900
to 1280x1024

Unfortunately, that is as far as it will let me go. Another 100-200 pixels would be ideal, but this is more workable. Open to suggestions.

A:Resize secondary monitor

the best would be to just resize the browser to fit the screen.

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To start: I know this makes no sense.

I have an hp dv5215us that I have been running off a power cable with no battery for quite some time now, hooked up to a secondary display, a Dell E151FPp. Every now and then I will unhook the secondary display and take the laptop with me to work without issues. Last night I popped my Win 7 install disk while running XP to install, clicked what I needed to, and let the install disk run. Now that Win 7 is installed, I am running into the following two issues:

1) When the secondary monitor is unplugged, the computer will not power on, let alone boot. No blue lights, nothing.

2) When the computer is on and I unplug the secondary display (I learned the hard way), the laptop powers off instantly, as if I unplugged it from the power source.

I looked in device manager under monitors and it only shows one. I am getting mirror screens now, and under the display options, the resolution options available to me look like those for the secondary monitor, not for the laptop monitor. I installed Windows 7 with the secondary plugged in.

I bought a new battery for the laptop online last night. I know it sounds like a hardware issue rather than an OS issue, but the laptop and secondary display didn't move anywhere since it was running without issues in XP, so unless there was some kind of short or something while the installation was taking place, I can't think of why this would be happening.

Any suggestions?

A:PC powers down without secondary monitor

figured it out. please delete, i guess. sorry!

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Hey there! I am trying to Install 2 double monitors to my PC and I can't get one too work. One says no signal, or a blank black screen when I swap them around, and the other one I am using here works fine.

When I go to Control Panel >> Display Properties >> Settings, I don't see this, it looks like it does if I have not installed another monitor:

The back of my computer has two Monitor ports. One is VGA, the other doesn't say.

The two ports are not one space on the back of my computer, it is two ports seperated. For example, one port is at the Top-Back of my pc, the other is at Top-Bottom.

I know everything is plugged in and connected correctly, because both monitors get power, that isn't an issue.

My secondary monitor is a blank black screen. When I swap my primary monitor to be my second, it says no signal.
If none of this fixes my issue, and google cant, I will upload pictures. And if all that fails, I will just have to give up dual monitors...

A:No Secondary Monitor Icons. Help Please!

If the ports are not next to each other at the back of the computer, then they're not both on the graphics card. It sounds like you're trying to use the card and the onboard graphics at the same time.

The Radeon 9600 has 2 graphics ports (VGA and DVI). Plug both monitors into these ports, using a VGA-DVI adpapter if necessary.

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I have seen a couple dual monitor problems on this forum, but no solutions for my issue. I have Win7 32 with dual 4850 cards and CCC installed with Crossfire configured. I am using 2 20" LCD monitors, my primary works fine. Windows detects my second 20" monitor and I have set the resolution and that it should extend my desktop but there is no display.
When windows is loading both monitors display the Win7 splash page so I know the signal is getting there. Also I have tried resetting the drivers, uninstalling them, etc. At no point have I been able to get windows to display on both monitors. Any ideas?


A:Secondary monitor not displaying

Make sure the settings are applied correctly in CCC and in Windows. The two could be contradicting each other.

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Hi guys,

I decided to purchase a Samsung LED monitor and have connected it up to my pc using a HDMI cable. I recieve the picture on the screen but no audio, been spending the majority of today trying to solve the issue but have landed short.

My set up is a AMD A10-5800K APU, 8 GB ram and using windows 7 64 bit. The monitor I purchased is a Samsung LED monitor T32E310EX.

Currently the speaker symbol has an x next to it, when I click it it tries to fix the problem. When I right click it and go to playback device it shows Digital Audio HDMI (High Definition Audio Device) as my default device but no sound bars next to it. If anyone could help me out that would be great thanks

A:New monitor, HDMI connection between Pc and monitor but no sound

Have you configured your speaker setup to use Monitor Speakers rather than external speakers?

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