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turn off mcafee and turn on defender in windows 10

Q: turn off mcafee and turn on defender in windows 10

I want to discontinue use of McAfee (which came with the initial install) of my Windows 10 computer, and turn on Windows Defender. I don't know where to start.

A: turn off mcafee and turn on defender in windows 10

Open the start menu. Select "Control Panel". Select "Programs and Features". Find and select the McAfee program in the list then click "uninstall" at the top of the list. When it has finished uninstalling Windows Defender will activate itself.Go back to Control Panel again and select "Security and Maintenance" . In the security drop down list it should say Windows Defender is turned on.

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Windows Vista Home Premium, How can I turn off group policy, If I try to run defender or change startup programs, it will not allow me. Message to contact your system administrator to turn off group policy.  Please help

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Hi All

Oops .. I got it ..

Have to turn it from Action center .

Windows Defender - Turn On or Off in Windows 8

Thanks .

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Hi guys!

I'm new to the forums (first post) so please be kind, haha!

I have recently built a PC myself and had no issues whatsoever, until the other day when an Action Centre notification popped up. For some reason, Spyware and Virus protection have both turned off automatically and when I am prompted to turn them back on, I get an error saying "Action Centre can't turn on Windows Defender. Please try again later."

I have tried the services.msc method and tried to activate WinDefend that way, but encounter another error "Windows could not start the WinDefend service on Local Computer. Error 2: The system cannot find the file specified."

I have looked up this issue with no resolution yet - as most of the solutions are for people that have installed third party Protection Programs like AVG, Norton etc.

I haven't installed any programs like that, and have also checked in the Control Panel to make sure one didn't install itself automatically with an install of another program.

If anyone could help me out with some tips, that would be greatly appreciated.

A:Cannot turn on Windows Defender

Hey mate,

This is not a solution to your problem, but hear me out. Consider another AV for a moment. I used to use Defender exclusively until I met Avast!, which runs faster than Defender and is better at catching malware, as numerous tests show. So I would recommend installing both Avast! and another program called Mbam from Use both of their full scans to check your computer for infection (because defender was somehow disabled).

Then, either we can try to fix defender, or you can stick with Avast! The choice, is yours.

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I'm running 8.1.

When I try to run Windows Defender through services (since it is set to manual and turned off), I get the following message:

Windows could not start the Windows Defender Service service on Local Computer.

Error 577: Windows cannot verify the digital signature for this file. A recent hardware or software change might have installed a file that is signed incorrectly or damanged, or that might be malicious software from an unknown device.

I can't get Windows Defender to start through the Action Center. When I turn it on, it just brings me to the system32 folder.

Any ideas? Do I need to do a clean install? I used to have avast installed, but have uninstalled it. If I can't get windows defender to work should I install something else?

EDIT: I am running malwarebytes anti-malware. Do you think there's a conflict there?


A:Windows Defender Won't Turn On

Hi there. Yes, there's definitely a conflict. Defender by default will automatically turn off when another AV is installed.

Is there a reason why you want to use Defender?

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I have recently bought a new laptop and the free months trial of mcafee is due to end in 2 days time I have been told to turn on windows defender but if I click on it it just says defender is turned off everywhere I have looked for help just says to click on it and click settings but there is nothing which says that all it says is close can someone please help because I don't know what to do and if you can help can you please use basic simple instructions because I am really struggling many thanks if you can.x

A:how do turn windows defender on.x

Windows Defender is turned off by default when a third party anti virus program is installed. When you remove McAfee, it will become active once again.

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Windows Defender unable to turn On.
I recently had Avast antivirus installed. But removed it properly using Revo Uninstaller.
I ran Services.msc and found that Windows Defender is set to manual (but is unable to be set to automatic, location is greyed).
When I run Action Center, in order to Turn ON Windows Defender it simply opens Windows/System32.
Please help.