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Laptop graphics card AMD Radeon undetected on laptop Envy m6...

Q: Laptop graphics card AMD Radeon undetected on laptop Envy m6...

My laptop (envy m6 1162la) was not using the graphics card (AMD Radeon 7640M). I tried reinstalling the software AMD Catalyst but it wasn't detecting it either. I checked the windows device manager and the graphics card was greyed out (had to turn the option to show hidden devices because it wasn't showing). I tried updating drivers but it kept showing an error message (Code 45). Then I followed the steps in this guide and tried uninstalling the device, rebooting and reinstalling. Now it's not even showing in the manager, and I can't find the driver download page in the HP website. I also checked the AMD legacy software (catalyst) because it said it included the old drivers, but no luck so far. I'd appreciate any help in this matter. Thanks in advance.

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I have an HP Envy 17t 3000 CTO Notebook PC Product# LW900AV Every so often I would get the message "Display driver stopped responding and has recovered" for quite a while but was never able to fix the problem. Then I started to get the blue screen of death which said something about a memory dump and a memory driver. Usually I would hold down the power button and restart it.

Then while in regular windows mode the screen got all staticy, upon restarting I got to the windows logo, then I'd see a black screen with static in it and it never fully started. I can go into safe mode with no problems, graphics or otherwise.

Going into Device Manager I deleted the AMD Radeon HD 7690 M XT Graphics driver, then restarted, and it would start and run fine with the other driver (Intel driver) until Windows loaded another driver for the Radeon driver (I couldn't stop it) after loading the screen would go blank again. Nothing found online so far has fixed the problem.

I then went into Recovery and went back to factory settings. Which worked for a few hours, everything worked fine. Then I started to get the static again, to the point I'm right back to where I started.

Can anyone tell me exactly what the problem is? Hardware or Driver? Why did it work temporarily? Is it possible to totally disable the Radeon driver for good, where it doesn't reload when restarted? My computer has two graphics drivers (not sure why) Is there a way to use the other driver instead (the Inte... Read more

A:Problem with AMD Radeon graphics card on my HP Envy Laptop

I can't tell you how to turn off the Radeon card for good, as that information isn't in the HP Envy manuals that I was able to find, but I can tell you a few things.

1. It sounds like a hardware problem. The Radeon card may be failing. The other possibility is that the Radeon driver is becoming corrupted somehow (how I don't know, and it's a bit of a mystery as to how it could become corrupted)

2. The computer has two graphics cards in it. One for low power general use (the Intel) and one for more demanding graphics duties (the Radeon). In your laptop, whichever card is used is supposed to be switchable.

3. It works properly in Safe Mode because the laptop only loads the Intel drivers in Safe Mode, not the ATI/Radeon driver. Therefore the Radeon card is not being used in Safe Mode, so it will always appear to work properly.

Since it's out of warranty, you might want to have it evaluated by a trained technician. The graphics card may have to be replaced (if it even can be - some cant be). Get a quote first on how much the evaluation will cost, and how much a graphics card will cost if that turns out to be the trouble. If its a significant chunk of a new laptop's cost, you might want to reconsider fixing that one, and just buy another.

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I have a laptop HP Pavilion 15-p110nr: AMD A10-5745M with AMD Radeon HD 8610G 768MB integrated graphics cardAMD Radeon R7 M260 2GB (dedicated graphics card)6GB RAMWindows 8.1 64 bit The problem is that the laptop refuses to make any use of the R7 m260... for video games and everything, it's always using the integrated HD 8610G. The laptop detects the R7 card, as it is shown in the device manager, as well as a 'linked card' on the CCC and on other programs like AMD System Monitor. But the card simply doesn't do it's job, it doesn't start working. I've used the AMD System Monitor to check if it had any activity, and it's always 0. I have read many other posts on the internet about people with the same problem, and I've tried every solution that people suggested, without any luck: - I have used the Catalyst Control Center to control the Switchable Graphics and set my games to high performance. This should make the R7 be the main graphics card for that videogame, but it doesn't work. There's also a switchable graphics monitor in the CCC, I activate it to see what card is being used when playing a game, but even the monitor doesn't work! it doesn't show the game's .exe (I've tried different games like GTA V, Skyrim or TDU2). - I've read you can just disable the integrated graphics card on the BIOS, but I don't have that option on my BIOS... And if I disable it on the Windows Device Manager, the R7 still doesn't start working, but instead, th... Read more

A:Laptop won't use dedicated graphics card (Radeon R7 m260)

Any help please?

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I recently did several updates from HP. Shortly after I notice when I hover over a desktop icon the text line that appears is partially blacked out. I was hovering over the Firefox icon. And this is an example from a drop down menu in my picture editing program.  I can click on the top drop down and the black lines dissapear until I scroll on the drop down with the cursor. I'm trying to find out if this is bad video and I need to sent the computer in for warranty. I am considering reloading the computer. I often do this with my laptops once a year or so. But first I would like an opinion on what this might be. This only affects drop down and pop up text as far as I can tell, so it still could be software related, I hope.

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Hi all,

I just bought a HP Pavilion G7 laptop from Future Shop. It has Radeon graphics (1GB) but when I try and run it tells me I have intel. I also went to device manager and it tells me I have both Intel and Radeon graphics.

Why is this?


A:Laptop with both Intel graphics and Radeon?

whats the exact model
they seem to have both
see here

reading the service manual
it has Switchable discrete graphics: page 3

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while playing games I have noticed my brother's laptop screen freezes, showing physical dumping reports.
it happened before but not as much as its happening today.

I cannot run my laptop in normal window mode. It only starts in "safe mode".
The message appears is as:

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 1033

Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: 116
BCP2: FFFFF88005507910
BCP3: 0000000000000000
BCP4: 0000000000000002
OS Version: 6_1_7601
Service Pack: 1_0
Product: 768_1

Files that help describe the problem:

Read our privacy statement online:
Windows 7 Privacy Statement - Microsoft Windows

If the online privacy statement is not available, please read our privacy statement offline:
I've collected all the necessary information as instructed in this forum. I dont have much technical knowledge. Please help me solve my problem.

A:BSOD in Toshiba Laptop with AMD Radeon Graphics

Well, I used to play a lot games all together. Today I was trying Splinter Cell Blacklist. Unfortunately I could not even play for 5 mins and the bad thing just happened!
By the way I am using Windows 7 64 bit Home+AMD Radeon HD 7670M+6GB RAM+500GB HDD. In my laptop there are many installed games like Assassin's Creed III, Far Cry III, Call of Duty etc. Also I am using Clone Drive and software like AutoCAD 2013 (which I just uninstalled), MAtLAB etc.
Does it have anything to do with these? Or do I need to repair my OS?
I am really confused?

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So I just purchased this new Acer laptop.
It has a Radeon HD 6650M, and an i7-2360QM with HD Graphics 3000. The Graphics processor within the i7 is the primary VGA and I cant get the computer to utilize the Radeon. Its supposed to be switchable with the catalyst drivers to run off the i7 for increased battery life, and the Radeon when pluged into an outlet. I've downloaded the Drivers off of asus' website and that did nothing. And when I open The Catalyst Control Center, it gives me the option to use "High Performance Graphics" this of course does nothing. The computer still runs off of the i7.

I contacted Asus technical support via online chat, and they had no idea what they were talking about, sying something along the lines of "You need to take out your new AMD card and put in another and see if that works." I told them several times that I had a laptop and no option of switching graphics cards. so I'm hoping someone here can at least guide me in the right direction.

Since I still might RMA this laptop, I don't want to do anything too crazy to get access to the Radeon. But I will accept crap battery life if that means I get to at least use the Radeon.
The Catalyst Driver version is 8.813.1.0

A:Acer Laptop: Switchable Graphics using i7 & AMD Radeon

First, I suggest that you restore your original driver setup from when you first got this laptop while you perform tests of this new graphics system. In recent years the graphics drivers for both video chips had to be installed together as a package, and installing the stand-alone driver for the AMD or nVidia chip screwed things up for some folks.

That said, please be aware that I just started reading about these new graphics chips this week. I am hardly up to speed and certainly no expert.

But it is my impression, based upon this article here (nVidia Optimus, I know - but AMD and nVidia tend to mirror each other in technology):
Nvidia Unveils Optimus Switchable Graphics Technology | PCWorld
it sounds to me like the more powerful graphics chip does not "kick in" until you are actually doing something that requires more graphics power.

Here is the AMD article:
AMD Switchable Graphics Technology
While it is not clear, it could be assumed that they are doing the same thing.

Not having complete control over my computers settings would drive me right out of my mind! If these new graphics chips only run on automatic that is a real negative for me.

Let's see if others with more experience with these chips will chime in. I think this thread would be better in the Graphics Cards section for best exposure to the people who might know. I'll see what I can do about that.

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A graphics driver update installation was prompted today, which I accepted.  Upon completion of the download, my laptop went blank.  It now appears to be a brick. So, how do I get this fixed?  I can't reboot the laptop.  It has power to it, the circular "cursor" that would indicate some kind of installation was taking place, sat there forever, stopped and is now at a blank screen.  I get no further options to do anything else. I don't have a restore disk as there is no optical drive in this laptop.  How do I get my laptop functional again without a screen and operating system with which I can work?  There is no safe mode - there is NO "mode" at all. I wish I could provide more details, but I cannot get device specific information as the laptop is a brick as I said previously. I have information with this new laptop that says I can call HP within the first 90 days for free assistance.  When I do that, it tells me to go online.  Fortunately, the laptop is not my only pc (I am on a desktop pc now for clafication) or I wouldn't be able to do that.  I've tried a few links on the support page which tell me they are not functioning(?). How am I supposed to fix this laptop without tech support that was promised by HP within the first 90 days? Help please.  Thank you.

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Hi to all dear members

I have read this topic : (all of 29 pages ! )

Acer Laptop: Switchable Graphics using i7 & AMD Radeon

I have the same problem too

But my laptop is dell - inspiron 5520

My system specification is :

Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3612QM CPU @ 2.10GHz --- Ivy Bridge

8.00 GB Dual-Channel DDR3

Graphics :
AMD Radeon HD 7670M
Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000

Brand Dell Inc.
Version A07
Date 05/17/2012

But the big problem is there is no Video Configuration in my bios

and there is no updated bios software in dell site :

Drivers and Downloads | Dell [United States]

From the above topice about aser , I have noticed that the only way to solve the

problem is using the modded bios. if i am wrong , let me know

I searched this site but there is no modded bios available to my laptop

Bios Mods Tools; - []

please help me.

thanks alot.

A:Windows 7 - Dell Laptop: Switchable Graphics using i7 & AMD Radeon

From what I can tell from the Dell documentation, you can only use one or the other and if the optional video, such as you have, is installed that is the default.

The Dell BIOS is protected and any attempt to modify the Dell BIOS will most likely cause it to Corrupt. There is no recovery from a corrupted BIOS on a Dell, the ONLY option is to replace the motherboard.

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My CPU runs cool enough it seems. But I notice Flash Player and just about everything else uses a lot of it. Also when I toggle the Firefox browser to "use hw accel when available" I can detect no difference. I suspect this GPU is not capable of it. Anyone know for sure? Here's what Speccy shows:

ATI AMD Radeon HD 7310 Graphics
Manufacturer ATI
Model AMD Radeon HD 7310 Graphics
GPU Wrestler
Device ID 1002-9809
Subvendor Toshiba (1179)
Current Performance Level Level 0
Voltage 0.863 V
Die Size 59 mm?
Transistors 59 M
Release Date Jun 2012
DirectX Support 11.0
GPU Clock 500.0 MHz
Temperature 48 ?C
Core Voltage 0.863 V
Driver version
ROPs 4
Shaders 80 unified
Memory Type DDR3
Memory 384 MB
Bus Width System
Pixel Fillrate 2.0 GPixels/s
Texture Fillrate 4.0 GTexels/s
Bandwidth 8.5 GB/s
Count of performance levels : 2
Level 1 - "Perf Level 0"
GPU Clock 280 MHz
Memory Clock 533 MHz
Level 2 - "Perf Level 1"
GPU Clock 500 MHz
Memory Clock 533 MHz

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Which gpu has better graphics performance. I have the choice between those two (Geforce 630m or Radeon 7670m). I'm looking to buy a new laptop soon and that is the two I have choices from. I'd like to know which would be better. It would be for gaming some, Photoshop (graphics design and image editing), Skype, and so forth. They're both around the same price range, so I'd like to get the best for the money. They'll both be equipped with a Intel Core i5. The Geforce is priced a little higher than the Radeon, but not too much. As I said, they're around the same price. I've always liked Geforce, but I'd like an opinion.

A:Laptop graphics comparison (Geforce 630m vs Radeon 7670m)

I figured someone could shed some light on this. It's not that difficult of a question.

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I am looking to buy a EVGA GeForce GTX 750 TI 2 GB GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 Graphics card, i don't know if I have enough room inside of my case or if my CPU can handle it, thanks.  Graphics card link - Specs link -

View Solution.

A:HP Envy Graphics card Upgrade- HP Envy 700-74

Hi, You should have enough room inside your PC but you should do some measuring just in case.  Review this posted document.  Review these HP how-to articles. HP Secure Boot Windows 8 Topics   Computer Does not Start After Installing a Video Card (Windows 8)

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I recently upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 on my rather old and aging laptop. Doing so, I've developed a frequent but random problem where if my web browser loads or closes a tab that has a video embedded into it, it will freeze the entire computer-- no BSOD, just nothing moves, including the mouse. If sound was playing, it stays at a steady buzz. Once the system is frozen, the only solution is to hold down the power button on the laptop and hard reboot it.

This doesn't happen for every video, longer videos are more likely to freeze my system, but even long videos SOMETIMES work.

This never happened with Windows 7, and I highly suspect that it is the fault of the video drivers for my legacy ATI Radeon HD 3870 x2 cards. My driver version is 8.970.100.9001, which is the most recent driver available on the ATI webpage.

I've tried completely uninstalling my graphics drivers using Display Driver Uninstaller from safe mode, selecting the option to not allow the same driver to be reinstalled automatically upon reboot, however, on reboot, my system showed the exact same driver version, so I guess windows reinstalled the driver anyway.

Freezes are getting more common. Just browsing facebook is a minefield now, since if any videos are on my wall, just scrolling down might cause the entire system to freeze.

Does anyone have any suggestions for other things I could try? Is there some other legacy driver for my card that might work?

A:Old Laptop w/ Radeon HD 3870 x2 card, Freezes computer randomly

Hello Iunnrais Welcome to the Ten Forums!

Sounds like it's time! Time for a full clean install that is! First you will want to look for at least 8.1 updates for the model you have there! When not finding any 10 drivers in general available the 8.1 are the closest to 10 compatibility wise and should work without problems.

Since you saw the upgrade from 7 to 10 turn out buggy as all too often being seen when jumping three versions newer the Clean Install after considering a total wipe of the old drive there if that is not seeing problems by the way would tend to insure the best working results.

On a HP laptop that came with the 32bit 7 Home Premium back in 2012 being upgraded to 10 there wasn't any hesitation on seeing the batched up upgrade immediately replaced by a second clean install! Following the second 32bit clean install that once the OEM stuff was nuked off entirely saw the 64bit 10 Home install go on! Unfortunately the drive and no longer seeing anything come up when powering it up on the display resulted in seeing a replacement Toshiba laptop with 10 already on ordered in January! Being only 3yrs. old and finding the drive was stuffed once it was later placed in an external usb enclosure is why a look at the drive would be recommended as well as seeing a nice clean install take place.

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Inherited Acer Aspire 5553g from my dad, a few years old but still good specs. AMD Phenom II X4, 6gB of RAM and and ATI Mobility Radeon 5650 GPU.

Yesterday bought Planetary Annihilation. All within laptop specs. Run first time but crashes because video driver is out of date.

Download the correct patch from AMD website and run their clean-up utility.

Then run the patch (14-4-mobility-win7-win8-win8.1-64-dd-ccc-whql.exe). After apparently successful installation and restart there is no evidence that the GPU has been installed correctly and my resolution is still way off.

Check the device settings in My computer and says that a 5000 series ATI card is installed as well as a 4200 card (????). I decide to uninstall it but as soon as I'm done, windows notifies me that it is installing the driver for a 4200 card. However, the resolution still won't go above 1024x768 in the settings and steam can't detect a graphics card installed at all. Ontop of this, planetary annihalation still won't work.

Has anyone got any ideas? Could it just be something to do with what Acer have done with laptop? What's the deal with the 4200 card; as far as I'm aware I should only have a 5650 in here.

A:Bizarre goings on updating Radeon 5650 card in Acer Laptop

A few things to note here:

First and foremost, the only recommended source for laptop drivers is from the laptop manufacturer. Any other source you are trying your luck as the drivers have not been configured for your exact hardware.

Second, many laptops with a "highend" chipset, also have a low end chipset for normal everyday use which uses less power. So it's possible there are two chipsets in that model as well. As for drivers, note above.
I will also point out that in regards to gaming, that laptop specs have to exceed the recommendations to actually work well. This is because laptop hardware and desktop hardware (even the same chipset) are not equal. So if you look up the benchmarks for a desktop 5650 gpu and the laptop (ie: mobile) 5650, you will see the laptop benchmarks are slower.

Having said all of that, your current issue appears to be video driver related.

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Thanks for taking the time to read.

So I was in school today, talking to a friend about CoD5:WaW. And He was telling me his laptop was too slow. And I was saying mine was also lagging when playing it. And he was telling me he was getting a "laptop PCi graphics card" to make it run better. I had no idea what a PCi card is.

So my first question is, What is a PCi slot/port/thing? On my laptop on the side there is this small little button and then a press it in, it extends out and a little slot beside it is then open. <<< Is that the PCi port?

Secondly, Can I get a new graphics card? I wanna play games on my Laptop without having to buy a new computer. :/

And If I could do this, could anyone reccommend a good, cheap PCi graphics card?
For Media and gaming.

Thhaankks for reading

(oh and sorry if this is in the wrong section)

Btw. Im using a Toshiba Satellite L355 with windows vista home premium.

A:Laptop PCi Graphics card? :/

its actually a pcmcia slot, i wish it was that easy to upgrade a video card in a laptop but it cant really be done unless the video memory is shared. you can adjust how much memory is allocated for the video card in the bios, hope that will help.

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Mates I'm using Windows 8 and I have NVidia GeForce GT550M as graphics driver but my laptop does not see my card although I have installed graphics driver. Is it fixible or not ? If yes, how can I fix it.

I think, It must be written that "GeForce GT 550M" not Intel Graphics Driver and;

in here, the green thing have to be connected with GeForce 550M part, doesn't have ?

A:My Laptop Does Not See My Graphics Card

Does not anyone know this ? Please help me.

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Can you install an upgraded graphics card on a laptop or is it not practical?

A:Laptop Graphics Card

Only if the graphics card in the laptop is upgradeable in the first place. Some higher-end (mostly gaming) laptops, but only some. Most laptops come with onboard graphics and are not upgradeable at all.

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I've got an HP Pavilion laptop. Is there any way to install a better 3D card? Externally somehow? Thanks.

A:graphics card for my laptop?

I'm not a laptop expert but I don't think it's possiblt to upgrade VGA cards on such a computer. I might be wrong. Check out the HP site & see what you can find out there.

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I recently bought my girlfriend an ACER Aspire 6920G laptop from PC world, yea i know first mistake,
But i was wondering if its possible to change the ATI HD 3650 512mb graphics card to a nividia one???

Any help woiuld be greatly appreciated,



A:Laptop Graphics Card?

It depends on whether or not the graphics card is on board or a seperate unit, if I understand the situation correctly.

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im thinking about buying a new laptop for when i go to university but it needs to be able to run maya 3d animation software.On mayas system requirements page they recommend a Qualified hardware-accelerated OpenGL® graphics card but i have absolutely no idea what that is.

(full maya system requirements link.)

what i want to know is what should i be looking to for when i buy a laptop please keep in mind that im trying to keep within a budget of £400.

could a Nvidia Geforce 8200 card run maya? or is it too low spec

the laptops im looking at are like these...,35750,90633&webid=399077&affixedcode=WW+,35750,90633&webid=397209&affixedcode=WW+

any good?....any recommendations?

all replies are apprieciated

A:laptop/graphics card help

The one at £347.41 will run the it but how well I not sure......

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Hi,GuysMy Question Is That Can I Add A Graphics Card To My Laptop Pavilion G6 Core i5....I already Have Upgraded My Ram To 8 Gb......I Hope You All Will Get On This Very Soon...And Give My Instant And Accurate Results.......

A:Can I Add Graphics Card To My Laptop?

Abd17 Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!Unlike desktop PCs, laptops do not use video "cards"; instead, they use video chips that are permanently attached to either video modules, or to the laptop system board.  These are not customer-replaceable parts.

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Im looking to buy a new graphics card for my laptop but I am unsure what graphics cards are compatible with my motherboard model.

Could someone please enlighten me as to what type of graphics card would be best suited to my motherboard, my budget is around $300 but i would be willing to spend more if required.

My laptop model is a Hewlett Packard Pavilion ZV5200

Other information.
Athlon 3000+
1024 DDR RAM
Nvidia GeForce4 420 Go

Thanks in advance.

A:New Laptop Graphics Card

I think we have had at least half a dozen of this same thread already. Please! Don't think that you are somehow original! With 99% probability someone has asked your question before and you can find the answer by using the amazing "search" feature.

As a rule you cannot replace the graphics on laptops. Only some very special models have replaceable cards or PCI(-E) slots. Some docking stations have PCI(-E) slots too. I really doubt that your consumer laptop fits into any of these categories.

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My Problem is that I am going to buy a laptop (A Toshiba Satellite A105-S2081) from TigerDircet. The site says it has an ATI Radeon® Xpress 200M graphics card.

My question is. Is this a good card for movies and games?

Like could it play Guild Wars, Oblivion, AOE 3, BF2, and the big MF *FEAR*

I dont know anything about laptop graphics cards or what its equvalent to in nVidia cards. ATI is like another language to me

Thanks for the help.

A:Graphics card for a new laptop.

The 200M is the chipset. It has onboard graphics that are derived from the ATI X300. The X300 is not much of a graphics card. Not sure where this performance falls compared to an X300. Chances are it's lower or about the same.

Here's some more info on the chipset:

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i Was wondering if i could add a graphics card to this lap top in the future i know most laptops can not but this one has some evidence that you may be able to Thank you for your help

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Just wondering, as I have a good processor and am going to upgrade the memory on my laptop, as to whether you can upgrade the graphics card on a laptop? I have a Samsung V20 2Ghz Pentium 4 with 248MB Ram (at the moment) and Intel Graphics card, which is rubbish and why I want to change it.

I just wondered, seeing as a good bog standard (better than Intel shite) card is quite cheap, whether you could put it in a laptop or not.


A:New Graphics card in laptop...?

Nope, 99% of all laptops have the video integrated into the motherboard. There usde to be options for docking stations where you could add an external video or other card to. Might be worth a look on samsung's web site.

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Just joined this forum and I need some advice and hope someone can assist me?
I have an Advent 7003 pentium 4 windows xp home edition 2000mhz processor with 40gb hard drive
It has a S3 Graphics ProSavageDDR installed and having just bought a new game I find it will not work (Lara Croft - Angel of Darkness)
I have been advised that I will need a graphics card?
If so :-
1. Is it possible to fit a graphics card to my Advent 7003?
2. If so which would be the best one to get?
Any help gratefully accepted

A:Graphics card for laptop

Most laptops are not meant to be used for gaming and thus have no capacity to upgrade anything other than memory or a hard drive. I would bet your graphics card is built into the motherboard and cannot be upgraded. I have however seen docking stations that allow you to add an external video card or other peripheral but I would hazard a guess Advent has no such thing.

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hi all

I have a toshiba laptop
Mobile Intel 945GM
128 Mb

i cann't run many games on it

Win Xp_pro_SP2


can I change this Graphic Card
or add another one..

or overlaod it

what can i do?

need help please

A:New graphics card for laptop?

It's a laptop, you can only upgrade ram and hard drive, nothing else.

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Alright guys, this looks like one of the best places to post this question and couldnt find much using the search.

I was wondering what you would recomend as the best graphics card within ?50 - ?120

My system specs:

Vista Home Premium x64 Service Pack 1
Acer Aspire 5735
Intel(R) Core(TM) 2 Duo CPU @ 2GHz


Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family
1.28GB Adapter RAM
Hope that gives you enough to go on. I have no idea about graphics cards but Ive just got into PC games and want to be able to play them all quite well.

Thank you in advance

A:Best Graphics Card for my laptop?

Hi Jacob and welcome to Vista Forums

Sorry, but you cannot upgrade the graphics capability of a laptop as the GPU is part of the motherboard.

What you could do is to upgrade the memory of your laptop so that you have the maximum amount installed that is supported.

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Hi i just recently bought the GTX 1080X founders editon and i was wondering if i could install it into this laptop please no hate comments this is serious! i cant seem to make it fit into this laptop so i need so help, please someone help me. i really want to play Battefield 1 and minecraft here is the model number and specs14-ak013dxProcessor BrandIntelProcessor Speed2.16 gigahertzProcessor ModelIntel Celeron

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I have a Dell 6000D laptop with radeon X300 on board graphics module. I am currently running Win 7 home premium.
I ran a test to see if it would run Win 10, the results failed because of the X300. I checked and it has the current driver.
Is it possible to use a USB graphics card to make it run Win 10?

A:external graphics card for laptop to run win 10

That thing is ancient. While I suppose it would be possible to use a usb to vga adapter to hook up an external graphics card, Idk how well they work. For the best experience you would want a usb 3.0 port which I know that thing does not have. There is also no guarantee it would pass the test, until I looked just now I didn't even know you could do usb to vga/dvi/hdmi. I am unsure if the test would take a usb graphics card and if it did that doesn't remove the x300 from the computer, you MIGHT be able to uninstall it and get lucky. But the honest to god truth is you should get a new laptop. Even if it were possible it isn't worth it :P

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System: Dell Inspiron 9400/E1705
Graphics card: nVidia GeForce Go 7900 GS
Integrated graphics on mobo?: I think so; yes, or else disabling the above video card would've blacked everything out, right?

My laptop gets to the black Microsoft Windows XP boot screen (the one with a progress bar below the logo that has blue dots scrolling across it in threes), then the screen dies out just before it reaches the login screen.

I restarted, booted into Safe Mode, disabled my GeForce, restarted again and got all the way to home base; albeit with ****-ugly graphics, as mine's a 17" widescreen and 800x600 does it absolutely no justice.

Enabling the card from there killed the screen dead, so I'm pretty sure by now my GeForce is busted, but can anyone confirm this for me; just so I can be sure?

Also, is there anything I can do about the current crappy graphics, like installing video drivers for the integrated mobo graphics? Or did Dell rip everything "extra" out when I chose the high-end graphics card?

A:Is my Laptop Graphics Card Dead?


your card is outputting a refresh rate or monitor size that the screen cant handle, you need to start in safe mode and apply the lowest setting such as 640 x 480 or 800 x 600 and check the refresh rate is set to 70 hz,

then reboot and change the size back to a normal setting.

The other easier way is to start in safe mode and remove the card in device manager, then reboot and let windows reinstall it.

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I have a Dell Inspiron 1420 Laptop, (Core 2 Duo, T7700 2.4 GHz, 4 MB Cache, 2 GB Ram) with Nvidia 8400M graphics card.

I do not play games at my laptop, but recently the Graphics card chip overheated and it silently went out of order. (Yes it overheated with just normal operation of Windows), making the laptop out of display at all ! The laptop ages more than two years and there is no Dell certified service center here. However, I have options to replace the burnt chip from a local service center. But as I don't play games with the laptop, I would like to have Intel integrated graphics now, instead of a heat prone NVidia one. But is it possible with a laptop to replace the graphics chip?

I mean, for my desktop, I can easily get off my 3D graphics card and turn the onboard integrated intel graphics on. But in case of my Dell 1420 laptop which came with 8400M graphics chip, is the intel integrated graphics chip still there? And can I just disable the burnt chip, open the laptop cover and plug the display cable to the "apparently_present_there" Intel Chip ??

I am not acquainted with laptop motherboards actually. By the way, if any intel graphics chip is not present there, can I have a Intel Chip (may be GMA3000 or something like that) on it instead of a new heat prone 8400M ?? In fact one local service center offered me to replace the burnt chip for a new one for around $100. But I do not find the real price of a 8400M chip anywhere Could anyone give some hints ?
... Read more

A:Laptop Graphics Card Replacement

There's a lot of information on your system at

If I understand the specs correctly, you have an Intel 965PM chipset, without integrated graphics. (Another version uses the 965GM chipset, with integrated graphics, but that's not what you have.)

I doubt that it's practical to convert to the chispet with built-in graphics, but you could ask your repair shop. The performance of the nVidia graphics is probably much superior, but you appear to not benefit from that.

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about a year ago i bought a laptop i have the game rainbow six vegas 2 i need a higher graphics card that will work with this game i have a dell inspiron 1721 and was wondering if it was possible and how much for a new one

A:Laptop graphics card upgrade

"Integrated ATI Radeon Xpress 1270 with HyperMemoryTM (64MB dedicated local frame buffer)"...

That's what you got, and the key word is "Integrated". No replaceable video card. You would have to replace the motherboard. All you can do is increase the system memory to the max and hope you can allot more system memory to be used by the graphics chip

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I have a HP dv6 laptop and when I extended to an external monitor the picture was terrible. I find that it's not using it's Radeon HD 6770M card as output. It shows in the Device Manager ok, but the desktop options are for the Intel card.
How do I activate the Radeon card for output?

A:Selecting the graphics card on my laptop

I tried to install Catalytic Converter but it won't download due to incompatable hardware/software, version of graphics adapter not supported, contact manufacturer.
I've run the driver detect utility on the HP website and it thinks my graphics driver is up to date.

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Can I change the graphics card in a laptopThe old graphics card NVIDIA Quadro 2000This newAMD fire pro m4000Note that a computer 8650w Workstation?Is the operating system compatible with this card and does not cause problems 

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So I was wondering, is it possible to change my laptops graphics card to a better one?

And then I also was wondering what I can do to make it faster? -I'm going to change the hdd to a 96Gb Kingston SSD HDD and I'm also going to get 2Gb more ram but what else can I do?

"My laptop"
thx 4 any advice!

A:Is it possible to change my laptop's graphics card?

Well I doubt you can get a mobile gpu off the shelf(I have never heard of it).
BTW you might as well consider buying a new laptop....

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i am on a gateway solo 9550 running windows xp, the graphics card is a geforce2 go. whenever i try runnin games after a few minutes or so the driver will fail and i'll need to reboot. i believe i need updated drivers but the gateway website only has a driver from around 2003. is there a driver from nvidia that would be compatible with my card?

A:problem with graphics card in my laptop

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Does External graphics card laptop increase the gaming performance ?

A:External graphics Card For laptop

Yes to an extent, but for the price you might as well buy a gaming laptop to begin with.

The price of the systems can be moderately low now if you use the basic GPU Dock station that can help but they lower the performance of said card and usually can only be used easily from home.

But to answer your question, yes it will.

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I recently bought a Toshiba equium laptop. The spec is 3.2ghz, 512 RAM, 60gb hdd and a cdrw and a dvdwr. It has a ATI MOBILITY RADEON 7000 OR 7200. It dosent fulfil my gaming needs and i wish to upgrade to something higher spec in the mobility range for laptops. And im just wondering if i can upgrade my graphics card inside my laptop.

*Many thanks to people who reply *

A:can i upgrade my laptop graphics card?

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Well basically, my laptop is a Toshiba Satellite L500-19z
My graphics card is a crappy Mobile Intel series 4 family chipset.

I originally bought the laptop at Christmas (2009) for everything: Social Networking, coursework, a little gaming etc. But at the time I didn't think it was rubbish for big games (such as Dragon Age: Origins).
So anyway, I was wondering if it is actually possible to replace my graphics card?
I'm looking at the PNY NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS PCI-E Graphics Card, but is that even compatible with laptops?

My game is quite laggy, it's OK 50% of the time but it gets quite annoying when you're trying to battle and it takes about 5/10 seconds for an ability to actually work (if it even does!)

Are there any graphics cards out there that I can use? Or can I even replace my graphics card, or increase the performance of my game?

Thanks in advance


A:Replacing the graphics card in my laptop? :/

Sorry,laptops with integrated graphics can't be upgraded.
Even laptops with dedicated graphics cards can usually
only be swapped with the same card due to proprietary design.

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 HelloI'm sorry to disturbI am using Google TranslatorBurned my laptop graphics cardModel hp dv7 3067clModel graphics cardATI Mobility Radeon ? HD 4650 (M96) with up to 2815MB totalavailable graphics memory with 1024MB dedicatedA few questions Datm1: This laptop graphics cards were interchangeable or are not interchangeable2: If you were interchangeable graphics cardsTell me were the following link for my video card hp ++ 3067cl + ATI + Mobility + Radeon + HD + 4650

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I have a Toshiba A200 Satellite 1.73 GH, 1G RAM Laptop running Vista home basic with a Mobile Intel(R) 945GM Express Chipset Family. I am having problems running game programmes on the computer because i don't seem to have the correct type of graphics card installed. I wanted to know is it possible to have a new graphics card installed on the mother board? Is this a difficult thing to do? $$$. Or is there anything i can do to enhance my existing system? I have seen that ASUS has an external graphics card but have not been able to locate one. Is this a possible option. Any advice would be welcome.

A:can i install new graphics card/laptop

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I got Fujitsu Siemens ESPRIMO Mobile V5545 with ATI Mobility Radeon HD 2400 - 128 MB. I want to know if it is possible to upgrade it to a better one.

Thank You

A:Upgrading the Graphics Card of a Laptop

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I have a Toshiba A200 Laptop 1.73 Gh, 1G Ram, Mobile Intel(R) 945GM Express Chipset Family. I am having problems running game programmes because it says that i don't have supported devices required. Is it possible to install a new graphics card on the mother board? Is this a difficult thing to do? $$$. Is there anything i can do with my existing system that might help. ASUS has an external graphics card available but I have been unable to locate one on the net. Is this an option? Any advice on what i can do to would be appreciated

A:Can I Install A New Graphics Card/laptop

Hi and welcome. I've moved this to hardware for better assistance.

I've also closed your duplicate thread in multi media. Please post only once.

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Hi, I've had a Sony Vaio SVE14AA11M and it has been giving me a multitude of problems. I'll be creating other threads on other forums for the other problems, but this one regards a problem I'm having with the graphics card.

When I bought this computer, it said that it had 2 graphics card, some ATI Radeon I'm not sure which, because sony does not tell you anything and an intel integrated graohics card. Everything worked fine for a few months, I even beat Far Cry 3 with the ATI card, but then the option to switch cards vanished and it automatically uses the intel card. This is obviously a big problem because every game becomes unplayable.
I've tried installing drivers and I've also installed catalyst center, but still nothing. when I run dxdiag.exe, the computer does not recognize the ATI card.

A:Laptop not recognizing graphics card

Quote: Originally Posted by SliKz

Hi, I've had a Sony Vaio SVE14AA11M and it has been giving me a multitude of problems. I'll be creating other threads on other forums for the other problems, but this one regards a problem I'm having with the graphics card.

When I bought this computer, it said that it had 2 graphics card, some ATI Radeon I'm not sure which, because sony does not tell you anything and an intel integrated graohics card. Everything worked fine for a few months, I even beat Far Cry 3 with the ATI card, but then the option to switch cards vanished and it automatically uses the intel card. This is obviously a big problem because every game becomes unplayable.
I've tried installing drivers and I've also installed catalyst center, but still nothing. when I run dxdiag.exe, the computer does not recognize the ATI card.

What does CCC tell you under Information > Hardware?

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can i get a external graphics card for my laptop
I can use usb 2.0 or lan connectors Ive looked for one for a while and don't even know If it can be done.
my laptop is nice but could use a graphics upgrade I have a ati 256mb onboard 600mb and something browed ram. but the clock is slow and it gets very freezy when you play any thing better than battle field 2 (I get 120 fps with 20 bots and high graphics) it also hates lots of dust, rain,and gun smoke
also can I get a mobo processer thats 3.0+ghz to change with my 2.2ghz 64 moble turion have seen better (2.6+ghz) processers but only for mobo athlon class motherboards

my system is
2.218 ghz 512kb l2 64kb l1 cache AMD Turion 64 Mobile MK-38
2Gb 633 ddr2 ram
dvd 8x write speed 56x read speed
120GB hard drive
256mb atiRadion express 1100 with hypermemory(600+MB)
Wlan lan modem
3 usb 2.0

specks found on dxdiag, windows system info, and the Ati control center.(at least dxDiag and ATI have the correct info)

ACER Aspire 5050-4570 +with upgrades

A:can you get a external graphics card for a laptop

No there is no such thing....

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Can I change the graphics card in a laptopThe old graphics card NVIDIA Quadro 2000This newNVIDIA Quadro K2100MNote that a computer 8650w Workstation?Is the operating system compatible with this card and does not cause problems  

A:Can I change the graphics card in a laptop

Hi, The list shows compatible cards: AMD FirePro M5950 with 1GB dedicated GDDR5 video memory (Microsoft DirectX 11 (Shader Model 5.0) and OpenGL 4.0 capable)AMD Eyefinity Technology supports up to five independent displays (requires discrete graphics configuration) when using an HP Advanced Docking station.NVIDIA Quadro 1000M with 2GB dedicated DDR3 video memory (Microsoft DirectX 11 (Shader Model 5.0) and OpenGL 4.0 capable)NVIDIA Quadro 2000M with 2GB dedicated DDR3 video memory (Microsoft DirectX 11 (Shader Model 5.0) and OpenGL 4.0 capable)Source: Both NVIDIA Quadro 2000M and  NVIDIA Quadro K2100M require 55W I think should be ok BUT BIOS may not support this. Regards.

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Hello.I've had this issue for about a year now, but since it was never really that important, i just let it go. BUt now, I would really need a fix. Basically what happened is that I had an issue with my cooling fan, it was ful of dust. So i had it cleaned out by a company, but when i got my laptop back, my dedicated amd graphics no longer worked. But not only that, it was literally gone from every scan. Cant find it under device manager, not in the dxdiag, not anywhere. SO my guess is that it must have been somehow disconnected. My question is, how can i reconnect it. Where on the motherboard do i find the connection between the graphics card and the motherboard. I dont know if these 2 are connected, but my cd/dvd rom also no longer works.

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2 weeks ago i bought an XPS M1710 laptop off Ebay with a faulty gfx card quite cheaply with the intention of swapping out the card in my I9400 . The card is a GF 7900GTX with 512mb ram ,now the 7 series of laptop cards are notorious for failing due to heat , so after a little research on the matter it appearred there was a little trick you could perform to get these cards working
Well i thought i had got nothing to lose so why not give it ago, heres how

1: remove card from laptop
2: remove the heatsink and backing plate by undoing the retaining screws and gently prising apart
3: remove all traces of thermal paste from gfx and ram chips using 99% rubbing alcohol
4: Place in a pre heated (150 degrees C) oven , on a stiff piece of card for 3 mins only per side ( 6 mins total)
5: turn oven off and leave oven door half open (or half closed) for 30 mins
6: refit heatsink, backing plate and thermal paste, i used as5 and replace in laptop

7: the test , i used prime95 to stress the card + a few swear words thrown in to make it more stressed and it passed

So i was sceptical at first thinking what a stupid thing to do, but it works
The laptop has been running now for 78 hrs continuos with no probs, the temp is 43 degrees C using I8Kgui fan controller
so if anyone wants to try this method, i say give it ago you have nothing to lose

A:repairing a laptop graphics card

Remove the card? Do both laptops have an mxm? I'm curious about this. Most laptops tend to have the darn thing soldered in or part of the mobo. Also, why are you sticking it in an oven >_>

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Sooo, my HP G42-476TX's dedicated graphics (Radeon HD 6370M) is broken, kept getting no displays and fuzzy screen and random hangs. Its out of warranty and a friend of mine told me he knows a guy who can either fix it or replace it if it cant be repaired anymore for about 100 to 115 USD. Anyway, my question iss, would it be worth it to get it fixed or replaced? And is that even possible? Lastly, is it even safe? Thanks guys.

A:Laptop Graphics Card Question

Really its up to you whether what's worth it or not. It depends on how much the laptop is, how much do you care, and are you willing to spend the 100-115 to repairs the video card. If you think its time for an upgrade get a new laptop or desktop of you feel you can still get a few more years out of this laptop repair it. If this was me I would just grab a new laptop

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I use Vista Home Basic 32bit
I want to upgrade Graphics card in my laptop
My Laptop is Presario A900

Can Someone Help me please, Do send me the emails at REMOVED

Himanshu Dave

A:Graphics Card Upgrade in LAPTOP

First get rid of that email. If you dont, you will have so much spam, you will be able to get rich selling it by the pound.

That being said

How to Find Drivers
search Google for the name of the driver
- compare the Google results with what's installed on your system to figure out which device/program it belongs to
- visit the web site of the manufacturer of the hardware/program to get the latest drivers (DON'T use Windows Update or the Update driver function of Device Manager).
- if there are difficulties in locating them, post back with questions and someone - will help you search Google for the name of the driver
- compare the Google results with what's installed on your system to figure out which device/program it belongs to
- - if there are difficulties in locating them, post back with questions and someone will try and help you locate the appropriate program.
- - The most common drivers are listed on this page: Driver Reference
- - Driver manufacturer links are on this page: Drivers and Downloads
To remove any left over driver remnants, especially from graphics cards, use driver sweeper Guru3D - Driver Sweeper

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Is it possible to upgrade an Intel graphics card in my Toshiba Satellite a100 PSAA8C-0FH00E laptop? It's because I can't run Halo 2 or NFS: Carbon, so I want a 512 MB instead of my current 128 MB. My friend said it's impossible since The Intel video card is integrated into the motherboard or something. Sorry, I'm a total noob with hardware. Thanks!

A:Intel graphics card for a laptop

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I really want to have high framerate on high settings with i play League of Legends or any type of PC Game.

Im currently running Windows 7 and 8 on separate.


HP Pavillion g6 Notebook PC
AMD Phenom(tm) II P960 Quad-Core Processor (4 CPU's), ~1.8 GHz
6 GB of Ram
ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4200 Series

A:How do i change my Laptop Graphics Card?

Generally you can't change the graphics card, as it's actually a chip soldered onto your motherboard.

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Hello,I wanted to ask if the graphics card from my laptop HP Pavilion dv6-2009eo could be changed with one from HP Pavilion dv6-3121sl  (it is better,and can support Dx11,unlike the one i have,i don't change the laptop cause the motherboard is byebye)so i want to change:from: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4530 Series Graphicsto: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470 Graphics

A:Can i change the graphics card from my laptop?

No there is no video card. In both cases the video is soldered to and part of the motherboard so if the motherboard is dead on the dv6-3121sl there is no video card to salvage and swap over to the older laptop. Sorry. 

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Can i upgrade my graphics card on my laptop ? L2W56EA#ABU

A:Can i upgrade my graphics card on my laptop?

No sorry. The video chip is a part of the motherboard, soldered in and there is just no means to remove it and replace it with something else. This is true of 99.5% of laptops. 

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Here are the specs:

I can't figure out how to get the keyboard off and I don't want to break anything.

I'm trying to change my video card so I can connect it to my analog TV - Hitachi Rear Projection 48" 1993. The current video card won't do it. Is there any other way I can accomplish this? I've heard there are adapters but I don't know what to get.

A:How Do I Change the Graphics Card in my Laptop?

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These are my specs:

OS Name Microsoft Windows XP Professional
Version 5.1.2600 Service Pack 2 Build 2600
OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation
System Name ***
System Manufacturer Hewlett-Packard
System Model Presario C300 (RM443EA#ABU)
System Type X86-based PC
Processor x86 Family 6 Model 14 Stepping 8 GenuineIntel ~1596 Mhz
Processor x86 Family 6 Model 14 Stepping 8 GenuineIntel ~1595 Mhz
BIOS Version/Date Hewlett-Packard F.05, 14/08/2006
SMBIOS Version 2.4
Windows Directory C:\WINDOWS
System Directory C:\WINDOWS\system32
Boot Device \Device\HarddiskVolume1
Locale United Kingdom
Hardware Abstraction Layer Version = "5.1.2600.2765 (xpsp.050928-1517)"
User Name TOM\Thomas Daley
Time Zone GMT Standard Time
Total Physical Memory 1,024.00 MB
Available Physical Memory 512.95 MB
Total Virtual Memory 2.00 GB
Available Virtual Memory 1.96 GB
Page File Space 2.38 GB
Page File C:\pagefile.sys

And my display specs:

Name Mobile Intel(R) 945GM/GU Express Chipset Family
PNP Device ID PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_27A2&SUBSYS_30A5103C&REV_03\3&B1BFB68&0&10
Adapter Type Intel(R) GMA 950, Intel Corporation compatible
Adapter Description Mobile Intel(R) 945GM/GU Express Chipset Family
Adapter RAM 128.00 MB (134,217,728 bytes)
Installed Drivers igxprd32.dll
Driver Version
INF File oem33.inf (i945GM0 section)
Color Planes 1
Color Table Entries 4294967296
Resolution 1280 x 800 x 60 hertz
Bits/Pixel 32
Memory Address 0xD0200000-0xD027FFFF
I/O ... Read more

A:Graphics card laptop upgrade or not?

what i really need to know is if my graphics card is removable and upgradable?

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I've already read through a few tech support forums before registering here, so i know the general consensus is "NO! YOU CAN'T UPGRADE GRAPHICS CARDS IN LAPTOPS"

But I've read a few forums where they say *some* computer models and newer laptops DO have upgradable graphics cards, and I have not found any specific information on whether it's possible in MY laptop or not. So here goes....

I bought a Toshiba Satellite A215-S4747 about a month and a half ago. It's got Windows Vista and the ATI Radeon X1200 graphics card.

Problem is, EA Games says that the Sims 2 is simply not compatible with this graphics card for whatever reason, and it causes all sorts of trippy graphics glitches during gameplay. Everything's fine for about 15 minutes and then I get angular graphic shadows that obscure the screen, Sims' heads in other rooms away from their bodies, etc.

I'll admit it, I'm not incredibly computer savvy when it comes to tech specifications, and I figured the X1200 graphics card would work (EA says the X800 and X900 would work, so logically....?) Now I have a new laptop that I like for everything else, but I can't play my favorite game.

Aside from "go buy a new laptop with a better card" LOL....does anyone have any ideas? Am I incredibly lucky and this happens to be one of the laptops I can upgrade? Are there any external graphics cards (dunno if such a thing exists) or something I could plug into a... Read more

A:Graphics card upgrade in a laptop....?

You cannot upgrade the graphics card in that system. Laptops with upgradable video cards are usually expensive and it is a feature advertised prominently on the box and on the laptop, itself (stickers and such).

If it had video upgrade capability and you purchased it new, it would have been a sort of in-your-face brag you couldn't miss if you read the box and the stickers on the unit.

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My laptop just doesn't seem to perform as well as it should. I wonder sometimes if it's always using the graphics card correctly, or at all.

Here are the specs:

Samsung NP880Z5E
2.4 GHz Intel Core i7
AMD Radeon HD 8700M series

For a case in point, I can't even run Heroes of the Storm on the lowest graphics settings without serious chop. That just can't be right.

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I have a SAMSUNG ATIV BOOK 2 which was working fine until i got a BSOD about some kernel and the next morning the thing won't boot up saying 'all boot options have been tried'. I just decided to reformat it but then i found out C: drive was missing. Not found on BIOS, and on disk part. The only unusual thing i did was install .net 3.5 via dism , it said it was installed but some programs demands for it still.

Can someone help me? Or am i doomed because its an HDD prob? But SENTINEL says its 100% healthy. And yes I tried reseating the hard drive

A:Laptop hdd undetected even in BIOS

If me, I would pull the hard drive and install it into an enclosure attached to another computer, or install it in another as a secondary drive (not boot drive), then see if you can, first, retrieve any data you don't want lost. Then run diagnostics on the drive.

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First, is it even possible to upgrade a laptop?

Second, my specs of my laptop are:

HP Pavilion dv7 Notebook PC
Vista Home Premium 64-bit
AMD Turion(tm) X2 Dual-Core Mobile RM-70
4.00 GB RAM
ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics

Third, the graphics card i want to put in here is a NVIDIA GeForce Go 9600M-GT 512MB.

Fourth, do i also need to upgrade my processor/s?

Fifth, where could i buy the above components?
Thanks in advance.

A:Solved: Upgrading my Graphics Card in a laptop

First, yes, to an extent.
Second, uh-huh, okay..
Third, okay... Not gonna happen...
Fourth, you could do that, but if you want to game, a new processor is not going to really help.
Fifth, no idea.

Only possible way to add a good graphics card to that would be external graphics "card" solution. If you want a gaming laptop, you will need to buy one. (1500+$)

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Hi there,
I would be extremely grateful if anyone familiar with the Samsung X15 plus model knows the type of graphics card that is in this laptop. i.e. is it a built in job (integrated) and part of the motherboard or is it one that is replaceable (Discrete).

I think it has a intel 855gm chipset (which i thought has built in graphics - the extreme one). But i am also pretty sure that it has the Nvidia 64mb GeForce FX Go 5200 card.

I ask because i recently aquired this laptop from my uncle and he said that he was using it one day and the machine just cut out. When he rebooted it the laptop had thick, flashing black vertical lines on it. You can see the windows log on page and desktop behind them. He took it to a shop and they did not look at it but suggested it could be graphics card.

It has been connected to an external crt monitor and it still has the same problem. I am going to have a go at removing/reinstalling chipset and graphics driver but just wondered if anyone knew the graphic card situation.

Also if it does turn out to be the graphics card that is buggered and its integrated, i wondered what my options can be. Try and get a new motherboard? Anyone know rough price?. Laptop is about 18months old and so i would like to keep and use it.

Many thanks. Kevin

A:Samsung X15 plus laptop - Graphics card probs?

Hi, i have taken 3 pics of the problem (not good quality though-with mobile). Just to give you an idea of the nightmare problem (just click the links below):
1. Pic 1 = This shows the start up screen:

2. Pic 2 = This shows the welcome screen:

3. Pic 3= This shows the desktop:

As you can see from the pics, there are thick vertical lines throughout, from start up until desktop. They flash as well which is quite irritating and even more so when you move the pointer.

So, anyway, i would be grateful if anyone could tell me if they think it is the graphics card that is not working and whether the Samsung X15 plus has an integrated or seperate graphics card (if this is the problem). If integrated then what are my options? and if seperate, can i simply get hold of another one and replace it.

If no one can get back to me, or knows then i may try another forum and if i get a response i'l post it on here.
Many thanks. Kevin

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Hi there,

I have a Dell Inspiron N5110 15R laptop. It has Intel Core i3 processor (2.30GHz). I wanted to know if there is a graphic card I can put into it to increase the video memory. I really want to upgrade my Graphics performance by installing an additional video card. So, you guys please help me know if I can do that and what graphics card having how much memory are supported for my system?

The specifications of my Dell Laptop are given below, (I am waiting for your replies, please reply on your earliest).

CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2350M CPU @ 2.30GHz
Motherboard: Dell Inc. 034W60
BIOS: BIOS Date: 03/22/12 18:29:49 Ver: 04.06.04
Total Memory: 4.00 GB Usable: 3.91 GB
HDD: ST500LM012 HN-M500MBB
Sound Card: (1) IDT High Definition Audio CODEC (2) Intel(R) Display Audio
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics Family
OS: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit 7601 Multiprocessor Free Service Pack 1


Manufacturer: Dell Inc.
Name: Base Board
Product: 034W60
Version: A10
Removable: False
Replaceable: True


Device ID: VideoController1
Name: Intel(R) HD Graphics Family
Video Processor: Intel(R) HD Graphics Family
Current Resolution: 1366 x 768 x 32 bits (4294967296 colors) @ 60 Hz
Video Mode Desc.: 1366 x 768 x 4294967296 colors
Refresh Rate: Min: 60 Hz Max: 60 Hz

Hope this information helps! I am waiting for your replies! Thanks for reading and for your time!

A:Supported graphics card for my Dell Laptop

You can not upgrade a laptops graphics card.

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Hi guys, I'm a noob here, and was just wondering if there was any way to change my onboard graphics card in my laptop? My laptop is a Acer Aspire 5520, with the default Nvidia Geforce 7000m.

I'm usually alright with it, but I'm trying to start playing serious games (Arkham Asylum ), and I get this error "1x32 fb render target issue".

I really hope this is more of a software issue than anything.


A:Changing Onboard Graphics Card in Laptop

Quote: Originally Posted by smartman

Hi guys, I'm a noob here, and was just wondering if there was any way to change my onboard graphics card in my laptop? My laptop is a Acer Aspire 5520, with the default Nvidia Geforce 7000m.

I'm usually alright with it, but I'm trying to start playing serious games (Arkham Asylum ), and I get this error "1x32 fb render target issue".

I really hope this is more of a software issue than anything.


Have you looked to see if your current graphics chipset is capable of running your games. That error IS usually a software issue and you may not have to change at all
IF you have to change, it isnt the kind of change that most laptop owners (unless pretty handy and unless you dont mind voiding your warranty) can or should do.


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I am not really good with computers, I know something is wrong but not really sure how to fix it

I use Windows 7 Ultimate with a dedicated graphics card 2GB GDDR5 AMD Radeon HD 7970M and a intergrated graphics card Intel HD Graphics 4000 installed in my laptop

I used to be able to play Total War Shogun 2 (and other games) with my AMD Radeon Graphics Card, but for some reason my laptop decides to run on my Intel HD Graphics 4000 instead now.

With my little knowledge that I have, when I go to device manager -> display adaptors, I can see both AMD Radeon 7970M and Intel HD Graphics 4000 there and my laptop shows that both graphics card are functioning properly (and up to date).

But when I go to DxDiag, it only shows the Intel HD Graphics 4000, and when I disable my Intel HD Graphics 4000, my laptop cannot detect any graphics card.

Not really sure what to do anymore, any help would be appreciated, thanks
*I am really bad with computers, I'll need step by step solution

edit: I am so desperate that I reinstalled windows 7, still no help

A:Laptop Graphics Card not functioning properly?

I don't have much experience with ATI/AMD, but is there an option in the AMD software to select default display adapter?

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Hey everyone, my name is Andrew and I currently own a Dell Laptop Studio XPS 1640.

These are my specs:

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo CPU P8600 @ 2.40 GHz
Memory: 4.00 GB
System Type: Windows Vista 64-bit OS
Manufacturer: Dell
BIOS: Phoenix ROM BIOS PLUS Version 1.10 A07
Graphics card: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3670
Graphics Card Memory: 2295 MB
Current Display Mode: 1366 x 768 (32 bit) (60 Hz)
Driver Version: 8.17.0010.1041

So, my situation is that I am currently an undergraduate college student and I just bought Starcraft 2 from bestbuy. I read through the Graphics Card Performance and Classification thread and found that my graphics card was Class 2 but even with that, Starcraft 2 starts to get laggy after an hour or so which is really bothersome when I am trying to have a nice long gaming session with a couple friends. I run the settings on medium to low and turn off lighting and some other things that seem to consume FPS, but I usually average 40 when I first start off and then it decreases to 20 and then below 10.

I cleaned the fans and everything, optimized registry, defragged the computer, have a great wireless connection ( no disconnects and good speed), and I think the processor should be able to handle it quite well. I downloaded the RealTempGT application and my core temperature is always below 70 degrees Celsius which is at least 35 degrees away from the TjMax temperature.

I want to know what are my chances on upgrading my graphics card and how should I go... Read more

A:Graphics Card Situation on Dell Laptop

While at 3670 isn't great, its not horrible... Saddly you have no upgrade options really. 90% of laptops have the gpu built/soddered on to the mainboard.

Have you monitored you gpu temperature? I like using hwmonitor to watch things as it shows everything at once.

I've had this issue with my 9600m gt, that after abit of use, it'll start to lag bad.. A thorough cleaning helped alot.

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I want to upgrade my graphics card, but i don't know if I'm able to upgrade it or not.

A:Can I upgrade my graphics card of my HP 15-g029wm laptop?

Vangboi209 Your laptop does not use graphics "cards"; instead, it has a graphics chip soldered to the same system board as the processor. While these boards can be replaced, that is done at an HP Service Center and since the entire laptop has to be disassembled, the old board removed, a new board ordered and inserted, and the laptop the reassembled, you're looking a at cost that will exceed the cost of a new laptop. So basically, it is not practical to upgrade the graphics in a laptop. If you want to check for yourself, here is information on the Service Centers:  HP Notebook PCs - Using a Certified HP Service Center to Repair a Notebook PC | HP® Customer Support ========================================================================I am a volunteer and I do not work for, nor do I represent, HP.---------------------------------------------------------------If my posts helped you, please click the Thumbs-Up symbol on the left of the Reply button to say thanks.If my posts solved your problem please click "Accept As Solution" -- to help others find the solution.========================================================================

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grpahics card is nvidia GeForce 9800m GS

A:Is it possible to get a new graphics card for a g50v ASUS laptop?

Yes. Try the ASUS site, or do a search of standard computer parts suppliers such as,, etc... or take it to your local trusted repair shop.

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Is overheating a common problem with hp laptops? Is it also common that it causes a "separation" from the video/graphics card?

A:Solved: hp laptop graphics card problem

If you do a Google search for HP laptop graphics reflow, you will find many pages on repairing HP Laptops with graphics problems. Repeated heating and cooling of the graphics processor IC causes failed solder joints between the IC and motherboard. Reflow resoldering usually solved the problem.

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Good day everyone,

I'm new here and I'm a noob on tech stuffs. So please explain something by spoon-feeding me if possible.

Here is my problem:

2 days ago, I was playing DotA 2 on Steam for roughly 3-4 hours when suddenly while I was in-game, the game froze, I waited for about 2 minutes then the display had an "artifact"(where the display gets jumbled in color). Few seconds after that, I got the BSoD.

The system auto restarted and I saw it was atikmpag.sys if I'm not mistaken. So I reformatted the system, installed the drivers from the CD which came with the laptop and it was working fine for about 12 hours or so(not playing any games, just watching some stored movies from my backup drive). Then when I opened YouTube, I had the BSoD again. I did a reformat again and after installing the drivers I get BSoDs right after the windows logo.

So I again, reformatted the system, this time I did not install the ATI driver. So now I am able to open my laptop but with terrible graphics. (I keep reformatting, because I can't uninstall the ATI driver even in safe mode)

Things I did:
~Opened the laptop under-hood and cleaned the fan connected with the heat sink.
~Removed the HDD and RAM for blowing off dust(there aren't many). I let it sit for a few minutes to cool down(I'm also open to something got overheated which caused the BSoD)
~Did a MemTest for 10 hours. No errors.
~Hard Disk Sentinel states = 100% Performance, 99% Health, Max Temp measured 48c, Min... Read more

A:BSoD after installing ATI Graphics Card on laptop

I am also facing the same problem. I was playing online game, suddenly the screen was blank for 5mins and then BSOD. I reinstalled windows. When i install display drivers, i am getting BSOD for atikmpag.sys.

Then booted into safe mode and updated display drivers with "Standard VGA display drivers".

Observation: If I install ATI drivers the monitor drivers are missing automatically in device manager.

Dell Studio 1558
i3 process, 4GB RAM
Windows7 64bit.

Any kind of help will be greatly appreciated,

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My laptop shows wrong graphics card name after updating it. I downloaded official drivers for graphics in but it shows the name of another graphics. Instead of "Radoen HD 7690m xt" it shows "Radeon 6700m series" and most of programs are not opening and keeps showing an error while trying to open it. what should I do?

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So, I want to find a cheap laptop, and I'm on a tight budget. Is it possible I can get a new cheap laptop and just throw a great graphics card in it?

A:Cheap laptop with a great graphics card

Nope, with laptops you pretty much get what you buy. And there's a reason laptops with good graphics cards cost more; the graphics cards cost a lot, the laptops need more cooling, and need to provide more room.

What kind of graphics cards needs do you have?

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I bought a laptop this time 2 years ago. Suddenly wile watching a hd film in bed my laptop over heated and then crashed. So I waited then booted up again and now my good graphics card is not working
It is not being detected in device manager at all. Does anyone know how to fix this?

some details on laptop and graphics card. cost me a good bita dosh so would like to get it fixed
Chassis & Display Vortex Series: 17.3" Matte Full HD LED Widescreen (1920x1080)
Processor (CPU) Intel® Core?i7 Quad Core Mobile Processor i7-3840QM (2.80GHz) 8MB
Graphics Card AMD® Radeon® HD 7970M - 2GB DDR5 Video RAM - DirectX® 11

A:Laptop Graphics card suddenly not detected

Ouch if the laptop over heats and shuts down and not recognized again it could actually be physical damage to the video card. Another way to test if the video card has completely failed is by plugging an external monitor into the display port on the laptop. It could connect via hdmi, vga, or possibly display port. If a picture appears on the monitor then it could possibly be software related if you dont see a picture the video card has failed for sure. If it has failed you will more than likely have to replace the motherboard. In rare chance the video card may not be intergrated to motherboard but I doubt it. If you know someone that could whats called (re-flow) the video card

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I have a Toshiba P25-S526 laptop, a couple years old. Running Windows XP, all updates downloaded, so it has the most recent service pack and everything.

I just had a very bad virus in it but I restored it. It's been running fine since the restore, up til now.

We had a few problems problems while it was running. Every once in a while the screen would flash back, stay like that for around 20 seconds, revert back to windows, and then go back to black. It would do this til shutdown. I *think* it was changing the resolution. It was about the same wait as it took to change that. And when it did revert back to windows, everything was functional. I googled the problem, found something similar. It recommended I get rid of a start up application via msconfig. That solved that problem for good. Ran fine again for a few weeks.

Now it won't boot. Here's the steps it goes through:
1) Toshiba screen
2) Screen filled with all 0s...I have no clue what this is.
3) Windows XP loading screen
4) Screen flashes yellow, VERY brief. Then it goes to a black screen. And stays there. Until you shut it down.

The laptop DOES boot in safe mode.

I suspect the graphics card might be bad, but that's only because I have NO other explanation. Does anyone have an idea? Sorry for the long explanation.

Thanks in advance for any help!

A:Laptop not booting, possible graphics card issue?

Try Last Known Configuration. If that doesn't work then boot into Safe Mode and uninstall the Display driver and restart. Windows will load the Default VGA driver. Then you can download an updated driver for the display.

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Hi, I am running a laptop with nvidia optimus, using an intergrated card and a 310m geforce. I was using my computer as usual, when it blue screened on me, then rebooted. Afterwards, my resolution was messed up, and the computer no longer dectected the 310m! I have tried reinstalling some drivers, but they do not detect the card. I know the card is there, as I have used it previously.

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Hi, I have a Toshiba l650-11f laptop and I've just formated it to Windows 7 64 bits.

The problem is that now it doesn't recognize the ATI graphics card, so I can't run CCC and I get the ATI ATOMBIOS (witch can't give me more then 1024x768).

I've tried to reformat to another windows version and still the same.

Atached is the dxdiag report.

Thanks in advance =)

A:Solved: Laptop not recognizing graphics card

Did you install the drivers for the laptop from the Toshiba website?

Here's the link:

The "short model no" will be on a sticker on the bottom.

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Hi guys,
I got an Acer Aspire 5742G and it has 2 graphics cards - one Intel HD Graphics and an Nvidia GeForce GT 520M. Is there a way that I can make the NVIDIA one the default graphics card, meaning I don't want to use Intel HD Graphics at all. There are options for the NVIDIA that allow me to set it as the default card for certain programs, but I just want all graphics to go through it. I tried disabling the Intel, but that just got me a black screen.
Sorry if there is a same thread on the forum.
Thanks in advance for your help!

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Hi there,

I have a Dell Inspiron N5110 15R laptop. It has Intel Core i3 processor (2.30GHz). I wanted to know if there is a graphic card I can put into it to increase the video memory. I really want to upgrade my Graphics performance by installing an additional video card. So, you guys please help me know if I can do that and what graphics card having how much memory are supported for my system?

The specifications of my Dell Laptop are given below, (I am waiting for your replies, please reply on your earliest).

CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2350M CPU @ 2.30GHz
Motherboard: Dell Inc. 034W60
BIOS: BIOS Date: 03/22/12 18:29:49 Ver: 04.06.04
Total Memory: 4.00 GB Usable: 3.91 GB
HDD: ST500LM012 HN-M500MBB
Sound Card: (1) IDT High Definition Audio CODEC (2) Intel(R) Display Audio
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics Family
OS: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit 7601 Multiprocessor Free Service Pack 1


Manufacturer: Dell Inc.
Name: Base Board
Product: 034W60
Version: A10
Removable: False
Replaceable: True


Device ID: VideoController1
Name: Intel(R) HD Graphics Family
Video Processor: Intel(R) HD Graphics Family
Current Resolution: 1366 x 768 x 32 bits (4294967296 colors) @ 60 Hz
Video Mode Desc.: 1366 x 768 x 4294967296 colors
Refresh Rate: Min: 60 Hz Max: 60 Hz
Hope this information helps! I am waiting for your replies! Thanks for reading and for your time!

A:Supported graphics card for my Dell Laptop

uhm, I'm pretty sure I have bad news.
Had a look at the service manual, and your machine does not support any other graphic card (mainly because it has no "card", everything is integrated in the motherboard).

Laptops of your model can be ordered with an optional though, an AMD Radeon HD 6470M discrete graphics with 512MB of dedicated memory. Did you ask for this when you bought it? Otherwise it is a standard model with simple graphics.

If you want to upgrade graphics performance, you must buy a computer with a better card. It is actually the norm for laptops.

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I have a 3yr old Samsung NP550C laptop. Yesterday, it slipped from my hands and had its screen broken. Now, i replaced the screen with a genuine LED, and monitor is working fine now. Thing is, its not detecting the integrated graphics card now. It was still detecting while it was cracked, means the fall did not damage the card. I reinstalled the driver, even slightly wiggled the card, but it didn't help. Any suggestions!!
Samsung NP550C
Card: GT-650m

A:Laptop integrated graphics card malfunctioned

If it's working Ok off an external monitor then you graphics chip is OK.
If screen not coming on then

bad screen
bad connection to screen (ribbon able)
backlights (leds ) not connected

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ok did a search and didnt come up with anything...

have uninstalled and installed the "updated" driver from intel but it shows on the intel driver that it is version but when installed it is still any ideas as to why the installed version is different than the posted version (yeh i know intel isnt worth a you know what but it is all i got atm lol)

A:Intel 82852 graphics card for laptop

They probably updated the driver,but didn't change the
version number in the installer.

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is graphic card and video card the same size?

is it possible to change a video card in a laptop into a graphic card?

A:Laptop graphics card upgrade question

Not always same size.

is it possible to change a video card in a laptop into a graphic card?Click to expand...

Normally no.
As the graphics card is usually incorporated into the mobo
But some laptops can be updated, you are best to contact your laptop manufacture, to find out if yours can or not

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HI, I have a Pavilion 15-ab113na, The specs are:AMD A8 7410 APU with R5 Graphics Discrete AMD R7 M360 8GB Ram Adata Premier SP550 120GB SSD500GB HGST Hard Drive  Now my problem is, everytime I play CSGO, it is using the Integrated, I found out when I installed MSI Afterburner. I put everything in Max Performance and even disabled ULPS. I also installled latest drivers from both HP and AMD.I can't even play CSGO because it always have FPS drops (like 80fps to 50fps). Is there a way to use the discrete graphics instead of the integrated. I also looked for a setting in the BIOS but my BIOS just have simple settings.  

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I have many undetected hardrive collecting from old laptop. Ive tried to format the HD using disk managment but it didnot reconized or the HD cannot be found or showing in the list. Any better idea? Or I just trough it out into bins.

Sent from my GT-N7100 using Tapatalk

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Please can someone help me.

A friend of mine has sent me a photo of his laptop (as attached). Does anyone know if this is the screen that is broken or could it be something else maybe, like the Graphics Card.

The only information that he has been able to give me is, that his daughter was using Google and then this happened.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you


A:Laptop Screen Broken or Graphics Card Fault?

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I have a DELL D410 ultra portable laptop with a the famous Intel 915GM video adapter. W7 recognize it and I am able to install the driver that I found in the INF folder. But after a restart I have 2 unrecognized VGA adapters.

It's really amazing because after driver installation, everything seems working, except may be aero that it is not supported by this adapter. But in device manager I have remarked that the driver is marked for uninstall which I never requested. Why Windows 7 wants to uninstall a device by its own while this one is working correctly?

I will post a picture later.

A:D410 laptop graphics card partially recognized

Just installed win 7 on D410 with 915. The driver installed properly. It works fine.

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Hi there,

First time poster here , hope y'all are having a nice festive season ^^

I'm currently using the Lenovo Ideapad Z500 (Model Number 20202) which I bought over a year ago (so expired warranty). When I bought it, I was told that it would come with a NVIDIA? GeForce? GT 635M 1-2GB graphics card (or something similar) along with Intel 4000HD integrated graphics. However, I can see no trace of the card in the system apart from in the manuals provided.

In Device Manager, only Intel 4000HD is present and there are no errors (apart from in the Bluetooth Audio). Dxdiag and programs like Speccy say I've only got that as well. I can't run the Nvidia compatibility scanner as it's not compatible with Win8 or 8.1 and attempting to install a Lenovo specific Nvidia driver comes up with an error saying I have no compatible hardware. I've tried going into the insydeH20 BIOS thingy but I have no idea how to get into the advanced settings to check display settings.

Everything points to it not existing but the service center I've called and visited insists it's in there and working (which it clearly isn't as I can't even access the Nvidia control panel).

Does anyone have any ideas as to how to check if it's actually present (without opening it up) and how to switch it to the Nvidia card if it is indeed in there somewhere?

Many thanks!

A:Can't activate/locate Nvidia Graphics card in laptop

Welcome to the forum!

How about show hidden devices in Device Manager, anything show up there? Other than that, very hard to tell if you can't get into any advanced bios settings for graphics. Have updated BIOS to the latest?

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Hi all,
I have an Alienware m17 laptop that's a few years old (2.40 GHZ, 6MB, 750GB) and was looking to upgrade my graphics card for more gaming but my technical knowledge is really limited.
My current card is a 2GB AMD Radeon 6990m - is this any good? I've noticed a slight decline in the past few years. Does anyone have any recommendations? Can I get any card or are some not compatible? Lastly if I was to get one how difficult will it be to install myself?
Thanks in advance

A:Alienware laptop graphics card upgrade - help needed!

That card is now relatively low-end.  Upgrades for MXM3 cards do exist - the largest manufacturer is Clevo, which is the source for many gaming systems (Sager, Xotic PC, Falcon Northwest, Eurocom, etc.).  Expect around or over $1K for a gaming-level nVidia or AMD card -- they're not exactly cheap.

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my son formatted my laptop last night because been having problems due to being slow etc.. He has put me on windows 7 ultimate . However i tried to alter the screen resoulution size because it was to big and looked stretched and found i couldn't. So i updated the graphics card driver via the properties tab on the display settings (forgive me if i going on but wanted to explain what i done i know not a l;ot about computers) then it came up laptop needed to restart to implement the settings .
When it restarted it came on the windows is starting then went to a blank screen and would not start.
So eventually after switching off i started in safe mode with networking and went to system restore , it now works but my screen problem is same (stretched and can only go up to 1080 by 860)
My son is now on his way to tenerife lol leaving me with a laptop doing my head in .
Can someone tell me in ways i can understand to try and resolve this?
many thanks for anyone reading this and try to help me .


A:Update graphics card driver laptop problem

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I am looking to upgrade the gaming graphics on my laptop because it simply sucks for gaming. I have a Compaq Presario V6000 (not the greatest laptop i know) and cant afford a new one so i thought i would just upgrade. Unfortunatly i have not got a clue when it comes to the inside of computers so any help would be much appreciated.


A:Graphics Card for Compaq Presario V6000 Laptop

It is highly likely that your laptop has imbedded video on the motherboard and it cannot be upgraded. All you can do is max out the SYSTEM RAM and install a larger faster hard drive

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Hey all,
Been awhile since I posted but this place has never let me down.

Emachines laptop, AMD 64 3000+, 512MB RAM, 60GB HD, Ati Mobility Radeon 9600 64mb (300/200 stock). Running Windows XP Pro.

Last night we used my laptop to output S-Video to my 32" TV to watch a movie. The movie was 2 hours long and I left the laptop running (and connected) to the TV for another 4-5 hours as we watched TV. The DVD wasn't playing, but my graphics card was still outputting an extended desktop through S-Video to the TV. Resolution to the TV was 800x600 (and perfect looking) so not an enormous workload.

I unplugged the S-Video around 4am and turned off my laptop. About 12 hours later I turned on my laptop. Got to the Windows login screen...loaded my desktop, froze and BSOD'D. Repeated this about 5 times, each the same. One time I got Start menu open, clicked it, froze for about 15 minutes before I did a hard shut down.

I waited an hour or so and the laptop booted up fine, except in 800x600 with 4 bit color. Adjusted the displays after a while, and while sluggish, it seemed to be normal. Except that the screen is really dark. I've played with the gamma/contrast and brightness settings in the ATI control panel but it is still not near as bright as it was before the whole crashing deal.

I turned of PowerPlay options to make sure that wasn't darkening it for some reason. My videocard was *not* overclocked during the S-Video experience, nor has it been in a... Read more

A:Graphics card failure + Screen darkened (laptop)

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