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Dell XPS 15 9550: Basic hard / SSD drive parts missing - diagram and part numbers

Q: Dell XPS 15 9550: Basic hard / SSD drive parts missing - diagram and part numbers

If you ordered a Dell XPS 15 (9550) without a standard SATA hard or SSD drive: When you open the case to install a new one, you will find that the basic cable, connector and drive 'bumpers' are missing. If you order a SSD or hard drive from Dell to upgrade your XPS 15, you will also find that the cable, connector and bumpers are not included!
This is exactly what I discovered when I opened the case of my new XPS 15 to install a 1 Gb SSD drive. Here is a photo of the empty drive cage. A diagram with the part numbers is included below:

I Googled this problem and discovered that many XPS 15 owners ran into the same roadblock. On the Dell Support Forum, owners reported that Dell sales and support offered varying part numbers, which were often not available. So I contacted Dell Support. A very helpful CSR confirmed the correct part numbers (shown below with a diagram), but told me it would be two weeks (minimum) before they could be delivered to me. I offered to pay for Next Day Air. Nope. Two weeks.
Frankly, this is incredible. Dell should include these basic parts when they ship every XPS 15, and the missing parts should be available for immediate shipment to affected customers. I had to find a vendor on Amazon and pay $80 ($12 from Dell), plus pay for rush shipment.
Here are the part descriptions and numbers, plus a diagram showing where they attach to the drive and motherboard:
XDYGX - Cable, Hard Drive, SATA 7MM
3XYT5 - Grommet, Hard Drive, Rubber

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I just received my XPS 15 9550 and it is exactly as I was expected.
However, it seems that I do not have the basic software suites, especially the Dell Premier Color software that I really wanted to try.
Is there something I forgot to do during the laptop configuration?
Thank you!

A:Dell XPS 15 9550 Missing basic Dell softwares(Color Premier, ...)

If you ordered the software for your computer it can be downloaded from MyDellDownloads. The link is listed below. You will need to sign into the site with computer information.
My Dell Downloads
For me to better assist in troubleshooting, please click my DELL-Jesse L and send me a Private Message with the Dell Service Tag number and your Dell Order number.

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I have a Dell XPS 15 9550 with the 32 GB M.2 PCIe for caching and a 1 TB HDD with my OS on it configuration and I'm looking to upgrade to faster SSD speeds. 

Am I better off just changing the HDD to a SSD or can I get even better speeds keeping the 1 TB HDD for storage and swapping the 32 GB M.2 PCIe (currently used for caching) to a bigger M.2 PCIe and putting my OS on that?

I was thinking of using a Samsung EVO 850 Pro if I swapped the 1TB HHD or a Samsung 950 pro if I swapped 32 GB M.2 PCIe.

I take it I would also need to alter the BIOS setting from RAID to ACHI when upgrading if I'm not mistaken. 

Any advice is welcome.

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To all Dell XPS 15 (9550) customers:  
Dell product management / production made a major error with XPS 15 9550.  Believe it or not, if you ordered one without a built-in hard or SSD drive (because an SSD card is included), the standard drive cable, connector and drive bumpers / rails are missing. Here are the Dell part numbers:
    XDYGX - Cable, Hard Drive, SATA 7MM
    3XYT5 - Grommet, Hard Drive, Rubber
This gets better.  If you then order a hard drive or SSD upgrade directly from Dell, the missing cable, connector and bumpers ARE ALSO MISSING!
Here is what the drive parts look like, from Dell's service manual:
I discovered this screw-up today when my new XPS 15 arrived, Next Day Air, for a major project.  I opened the case to install more RAM and an SSD drive -- and discovered the missing parts.  So I contacted Dell Support.  A very helpful CSR told me that the earliest Dell could deliver the parts was two weeks out.  I offered to pay for Next Day Air.  Nope, still two weeks.  I ended up ordering the parts via Amazon for $80, not including Rush shipping.
I Googled this issue and found lots of unhappy Dell XPS 15 customers in the same boat.  This failure was definitely bad for them, and for Dell's reputation.  Dell should clearly step-up and (a) solve this problem on all new XPS 15 systems, (b) offer quick parts delivery to desperate customers, and (c) i... Read more

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I have an OptiPlex 990 Tower and want to install a Flex Bay Card Reader.  I have the following P/Ns:
0g7v21 Card Reader
0N95F Bracket
01YMGT Cable Assy
DS-8A8SH  DVD Writer
SATA cable
I need the cable assy number for the card reader to motherboard.  Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Bob

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Hello everyone, this is Marcus. I bought a hard drive a long time ago and it didn't work, I never returned it and I don't remember why. Anyway, I have another hard drive by the same creator (Western Digital) and same size and it works fine. I noticed one difference in them. The one that works has something on the bottom in the middle that looks like a battery. The one that doesn't work, doesn't have one, it's just an empty space. Can you guys tell me what it is, do I need it, and can I fix it?

Here are some pictures:

On this one, the one on the right is the one that is not working.
This is a closeup of the working one.
This is a closeup of the non-working one.
If you need any more info just let me know.


A:Solved: Hard Drive not Working... Part Missing? Images Included

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So I have a 1.5 terabite external hard drive and I want to be able to have it work with my Playstation 3. I also want it to work with my Toshiba Laptop which has Vista. Can anyone tell my how to format the partition so that it is Fat32 and the other is NTFS? on a side note if I instal UBuntu onto my PS3 do I need to use the fat32 for that also or will NTFS work with it? Thanks alot.

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I would like to be able to add a media card reader to my 3010MT Optiplex Dell PC system. I noticed some machines were equipped with one 5.25" bay sharing a slim optical drive and media card reader in one bay.

What options do I have, do I have to change out my current optical drive or can I buy a media card reader that will fit with correct caddy etc in my current available 5.25" space below my optical drive.?

Basically wanted part numbers for 19 in 1 mcr for my 3010MT. Also, would a generic 5.25 device work?


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the part where the heads dispenses ink was mechanically disassembled...i have 2 pieces of that assembly which is a small white plastic and it`s spring just don`t know where to return those pieces...any help would be greatly appreciated.thanks

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Is this the correct picture?  Google is showing me a simpler adapter without the USB portion (i.e. passive adapter).  I wish to be able to use this to connect my dual-link DVI only monitor that is 2560x1440 to my laptop (radeon 8750m) which only has VGA or display port.  Is this the correct adapter?  The description does mention 2560x1600, but I'm a little skeptical due to the differring picture results from my Google search.

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I just ordered a XPS 15 9550 with a Core i5, 8GB RAM, 1TB+32GD SSD and Gefore GTX 960 2GB. As I would want to use it for gaming as well as work, here are the upgrades I had in mind:
RAM: add another 8GB (from Dell store it's ~$75)
SSD: upgrade to 256GB (from Amazon ~ $125)
Graphics Card: either 970 or 1060 (from Amazon ~$350-500)

I"ve never done parts upgrading before, so my question is what do I need to consider when making these purchases (like not every RAM 8GB I find can be used in a laptop, etc.) . Are there specific things I need to look out for when buying these as far as dimensions and compatibility?
The sales agent assured me I can upgrade these, but honestly I can't really trust their knowledge on these things.
Please let me know your thoughts, I can still cancel the order if I can't make these upgrades which are important to me. Thanks!

A:XPS 15 9550 Upgrading Parts

The 8G you have now is probably 2X4  -- so to upgrade you'll get 12G if you replace one 4 with an 8.
You're probably not going to find any PCIe M.2 SSDs worth buying for $125 -- it'll be more on the order of $175-200 for a decent (Samsung, Intel, Crucial, Sandisk) M.2 PCIe SSD.

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Just got the new xps 15.
Inside the machine, there is a space for a 2.5 inch hard drive and a cage right there.
But the hard-drive interposer is missing. I can't install my hard drive without the interposer.
There is a picture about it on page 19 of this manual.
Please tell me the part number or where to buy the interposer online.
Thanks for helping.

A:XPS 15 9550 hard drive interposer??

I have the same question. I need this part. When I ordered the laptop I was told there was a slot for the drive and I should be able to just drop in my drive and use it with no issues. I expect the interposer free of charge...

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I have a xps 15 9550 with a 1TB harddrive yesterday morning when I powered it up the dell diagnostic tool loaded and gave me a 'no hard drive error'.
After some google I found that a possible solution is to reset your hard drive by pulling it out. I did that and a bios update and all worked fine for 1 day.
Today the pc frozen with IO error, I had to restarted it the led flashed orange and white for a wile and then when it booted the same issue again, no 'hard drive found'.
I've tried removing and putting the drive back in, that did not solved the issue.
When I unplugged the battery and plugged it back in after ~30s it worked, I've dono this twice now at it seems to make it work for about 8 hours.
What could be  the reason for such odd behavior?

A:XPS 15 9550 random hard drive not found

Thank you for writing to Dell Community Forum.
Was the BIOS updated to latest version available from our Dell support site.
Can we run the on-board Dell diagnostics <F12> and capture any error code or message you receive.
Please private message us the service tag of the system along with your email id.
(Note: please don't mention the service tag or email id on the public forum as it contains your personal information).
Regards,DELL-Akshatha MSocial Media and Community Professional#IWork4Dell

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Can anyone explain the math that used with ext hard drives makes no sense to me; am I getting robbed?
I get an ext HD which is 2 TB but after I hook it up all it says is 1.81 TB; now that's a huge cut right off that bat and I don t see how its getting wasted; so what with that ?
So only have a 280 g hd on my laptop here so transferring some of the desktop to the ext Hd.
As of now I have these numbers and numbers and nothing matchs so what am I missing ? ?
Used space - 551,616,761,856 / 513 gigs
Free space - 1,448,676,237,321 / 1.31 gigs

Do you see that huge difference - 551 / 513 and 144 / 1.31; whets with that where are all these gigs going and can I recover them ? ?
Lastly if I add or subtract say a 5 gig file from the ext hard drive shouldn't the free space or used space keep moving up or down or something somewhere be moving ? Think I am looking at the wrong set of numbers; so what do I need to keep my eyes on ?
Not user friendly the numbers; thanks need a math teacher hehe . .

A:Ext Hard Drive numbers

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I'm new here, and did a quick search and could not find this out, so point me at the post that I'm sure must be out there...

I have a new machine with an ASUS motherboard with 6 sata ports. I have the DVD in sata port 1, a Seagate 1Tb in port 2, and a WD 2Tb in port 3. In the Bios, I see them as I've described.

I loaded Win7 on the Seagate drive, and have left the WD drive unallocated. I'm trying to get Win7 like I want it, and then load FreeNAS and FreeBSD on the WD later, as all the gurus suggest. It is mentioned in many forums that Win is happiest when it's in the first drive.

Here's the rub... When I go to disk manager, it lists the WD unallocated drive as Disk 0, and the Seagate (where Win7 lives) as Disk 1. How do I get Win7 to reverse this order, before I attempt to load the WD disk? I want to get the Seagate drive recognized as Disk 0 by Win7, to minimize any potential issues (based on what I've read).

I've thought about switching the cables, but that makes no sense, and as I understand it, *nix OS's will map to the native physical locations.

I believe that this ASUS mother board (P7P55D-E PRO) actually has two sata drivers on it - one running ports 1&2, and the other running ports 3-6. I don't know this for sure, but maybe this is part of the issue?

I plan on adding additional HDDs, but should I move the Seagate to port 1, the WD to port 2, and the DVD to port 6??

Thanks in advance for any advice...

A:How do you reorder hard drive numbers?

TBH, I do not think it really matters. But I am picky about drive letters and disc position so ...

My prefered method is as follows:

The drive that Windows is installed on (be it SSD or HD) is plugged into SATA port 0 (the very first one)

My DVD/BD drive gets plugged into the very last SATA port.

I then Install Windows.

Once in Windows, Ill change the CD/DVD drive letter, before doing anything and restart. (In most cases it will be listed as drive D, with the windows drive being Disc 0 - Drive Letter C)

(NOTE: changing the CD/DVD drive letter is just a preference. I just like it listed after all HDs. It may also break some programs if you already have them installed, and they expect the current drive letter)

Then I shut down, and connect all other HDs that I use for storage, in the SATA slots in between. In order I want to use them.

For example, My HD that hosts all Game installation I want as the second drive so its next in the order.

If re-installing Windows is something you do not want to do, you may try this.

Unlpug all Drives that are storage only drives.
Move the OS Drive to the 1st SATA port, and the CD/DVD drive to the last.

Boot up and check if it resets everything as you want it too.

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Our school currently has 800+ Probook 640 G2s and I've been repairing them but starting to come across a trend. The device won't come on AT ALL. I've replaced motherboard, power button board, tried different battery both in and out, reseated ram and tried the other location, different SSD and power supplies. I've almost built a new one a few times. We sent one off for them to repair at Depot so I could figure out what I'm doing wrong and the repair sheet came back with 3 parts. 845847-601 System Board (I know what this is obviously even if that part number doesn't match anything for the laptop). 846867-001 Hardware, HDD Bracket / Screw / ODD Bracket / Smart846868-001 Hardware, HDD Bracket / Screw / ODD Bracket / Smart The two above parts however I don't know what they are. Our machines have SSDs in them and there's no bracket. It plugs straight into the MB and 1 screw holds it down. I've tried the part searcher and it finds nothing (not even for the system board number). If anyone has any ideas it would be MUCH appreciated.

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Question: With the understanding that one hard drive is currently installed, after installing a second, will the computer automatically partition it or will you need to run a bootdisk, cd-rom software, or format it under my computer?

A:Hard Drive Part.

if you purchase a retail drive it should come withthe drive manufacturers set up utility. usually on CD. You can run this to set the drive which is what I usually do. It will partition and form the drive for you. or you can install the drive start the computer then got to Disk management in administrative tools, partition and format the drive there. Windows will not just automatically partition and format a drive for you. You have to tell it to do so. Be advised that the drive will not show up in My Computer or Windows explorer untill you partition and format it. So dont let that throw you off. If it is Phisically installed correctly it will show up under disk management.

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Sorry about the first one I posted, I accidently hit the enter key while typing and that was that.

Hey I'm building my father a PC, and was just going to use most of the parts from my old machine and build him a new one. The proc is going to be AMD 2500 barton, of that I am sure. But I am having trouble choosing the MOBO and video card. So here is the parts I was looking at.
MSI Geforce FX 5200 128MB Model FX5200-VTD128 8X VGA. Right now I have a Geforce 3 TI 500 64mb card and was wondering if the FX would be an UP or DOWN grade, the TI 500 has a memory bandwidth of 8gigs I think. I heard that the FX 5200 can have up to 10.4 gig bandwidth.
One of the main reasons I was thinking of this card was, that it comes bundled with full versions of Ghost Recon and Morrowind TES3. Sooo should I keep the card I got and buy a cheaper card for my father, or is the FX worth upgrading to? Also I found the parts at the video card is $97 and the MOBO(which I will tell about in a sec, is like $66 with a MIR) So if you could suggest a better part for less or a bit more money, that would be fine too.

Ok on to the MOBO. Its a Biostar Motherboard Model# M7NCD PRO.
The MOBO I have now won't work with the new PROC but my question on this is. Is this board an ok MOBO? I will probably OC a little. So I dont want it to crack if I OC it more then 200mghz. Again if you can find a better board for less or a bit more money it would be great.
Another thought. I have 512mb of 210... Read more

A:Which parts to buy? Part 2

although I am a fan of ASUS, and really don't too much about BIOSTAR mobo's... here is a suggestion:

Soltek Motherboard for AMD Processors, NVIDIA nForce2 (IGP + MCP2), Model SL-75MRN-L Retail - $96
Supported CPU: AMD Athlon XP / Athlon / Duron processor
Chipset: NVIDIA nForce2 (IGP + MCP2)
FSB: 333/266/200 MHz, Dual Channel DDR SDRAM @ *400/333/266 MHz
RAM: 3 x 184-pin DDR DIMM, 6 banks up to 3GB DRAMs for Unbuffered DDR SDRAM Module
IDE: 2 x PCI Bus Master UATA 133/100/66 IDE ports (up to 4 ATAPI Devices)
Slots: 1 x AGP 8X/4X Slot, 5 x 32-bit PCI Bus Master Slots
Ports: 1 x Serial, 1 x Parallel, 2 x PS2, 1 x VGA, 1 x Audio/Game, 1 x RJ45 LAN

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Hard drive has 5 parts to it in device manager could someone have a look at this picture as i only had one device when i clicked on small triangle in device manager for my old hard drive. In this new one i have 5.
thank you in advance

A:Hard drive has 5 parts to it in device manager

Unless I am wrong that is only showing that your mobo has 4 sata I guess sataII ports. If using only 1 drive that is chann 0.

You notice the numbers skip a few. That should mean other chips and or drivers run other ports on your mobo say for ide or sata 1.5 or sataIII ports? I would guess looking at it channels 2 and 3 are ran by another chip or controller and are a different speed or interface?

Normally different interfaces use different color sata connection ports on the mobo. They can be black blue gray and white maybe other colors but is so you can tell them apart and should be listed as so in your mobo manual.

The other ports may or not show until drivers are installed or a drive is plugged into the said other ports. Windows and or the mobo bios will default to the main sata ports which in number count should be more than other ports. If a sataII mobo you might have 4 or 6 or 8 normal drive ports and maybe 2 to 4 what ever other ports for say sataIII etc.

If you have the yellow triangle that means you need to install drivers- or w7 might install them for ya..

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how do i permantly clean parts of my hard drive i would like to get rid of?

A:permantly clean parts of hard drive

Run disk cleanup (check all of the boxes) - uninstall any programs you no longer want - delete any files you no longer need - and run a good registry cleaner. Then defrag the HD.

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i have i eee pc i have noticed that my C: drive is only 99.9 gb and the Recovery D: is 122gb and empty i know this is not right but how doi fix it i am running out of space on my C: in disk manigment it says 232.88 gb with 4 diferent partitions only 2 named how can i fix this with no reinstall or loss of files


A:EEE pc windows 7 starter to many hard drive parts

Before this ends in tears, post a screen capture image of your Disk Management screen, so we can get a better picture of the story.

Why do you say your recovery partition is empty?


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Any web sites where I can get a picture of the inside of a Dell model 4600?

A:Dell Diagram

Have a browse around this one.

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I'm in the lookout for a cheap way to improve my HDD speeds until SSD prices drop. The hard drive I have is the death reputated Seagate barracuda 7200.11, 1tb. I want to buy a drive that's the same and I've found a cheap deal on it.
However; due to their reputation of dying, I'd like some reassurance that I can safely backup data without having to buy a third drive. When I thought of that, an old memory sprang to mind that one can run raid on just parts of the hard drive. That's saying that I run 500gb on one hard drive and 500 on the second in RAID 0. The rest of the space is available as a normal partition where I can store data of higher importance. Could it even be possible to run raid 0 on part of it and raid5 on the rest? Please note that my goal is to get programs to load faster (read), not necessarily the installation process etc (write). Of course, if I can get both improved read and write in a way where I still have a partition to securely save stuff that's even better.

I hope this makes any sense. To make it clear, these are the hard drive configurations I want to know whether they work;
*Raid 0 on parts of two hard drives and having the rest of the space as normal partitions
*Raid 0 on parts of two hard drives and having the rest in raid 5 mode
*How will the speed be affected?

Still a bit vague, but any input you can provide will suffice

And, finally, do you think this is a good idea at all?
The price I'm going ... Read more

A:Run raid 0 on part of the hard drive?

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Wow so I send in for seagate to send me a new drive after my old one is supposedley dead and now the compter still doesnt recognize the new one even in BIOS. What is goin wrong guys I really need some help on this. I have no idea whats up.

A:Hard Drive Not Being Recognized Part 2

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My wife's computer (running W2K) wouldn't power up yesterday. I put her hard drive in my computer (XP home) as a slave. I got permissions for the files she needed so that she could continue her work. She also needs her email messages and addresses from Outlook Express on the slave drive. I am right to believe that I can't run the program on the slave with a different OS? Is there any way I can access her stored emails and the addresses, and copy them onto my (master) drive?
Regards, John

A:Part 2 of 'add 2nd hard drive with installed os'

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I was in the process of reinstalling win 7 on a computer with the widows 7 installation disc. I got to the part where i chose custom install, and I deleted the partition with windows 7 in it to reinstall windows 7 without the old install there.
Now the hard drive wont recognize most of the Gigs on the hard drive.
How can I recover this space?

A:Cant read part of Hard drive

What do you see in disk management??

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[FONT-Arial]xxx[/FONT]xxx Rumba352
22 October 2005
1545 Hrs.

Both towers use Windows XP (with SP#2) operating system.

SUBJECT: Which software package should I choice?
There are six candidates.

Having bought a new tower to replace my old computer.

I need to "migrate" my old (software, programs, registry settings,
and preferences) to the new tower.

I need to purchase a migration software package.

After doing some research, I have six candidates. They are ...

1. Move Me version 2.5 personal edition, $ 40.00,\products,html

2. Laplink PCmover, $ 50.00,\products\PCmover

3. StepUp migration tool, $ 25.00,\stepup

4. Desktop DNA Migrator version 4.7, $ 60.00,

5. PC Relocator Ulta Control, $ ????,

6. Detto Intellimover PC Replacement Suite, $ 70.00, item# D144-2000

Question: Which one of these software packages should I purchase?

Question: Or, at least which one of these software packages should I aviod?

Thank You.

Awaiting your response.


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Dear all, I unfortunately spilled water on the keyboard of my 2nd gen X1 carbon and several of the keys no longer work. As it is out of warranty, I was hoping to buy the parts from Lenovo and fix it myself. Can somebody point me in the right direction as far as which parts I'll need to replace and what the part numbers are? Thanks!

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Can somebody please advise on the correct part number for the surface dock to use on a Surface Pro 4?
I've seen:
PF3-00012 for ?132
PF3-00006 for ?144
PD9-00004 for ?170
The Microsoft Store doesn't mention the part number.

A:Surface dock part numbers

Originally Posted by Windows Central Question Can somebody please advise on the correct part number for the surface dock to use on a Surface Pro 4?
I've seen:
PF3-00012 for ?132
PF3-00006 for ?144
PD9-00004 for ?170
The Microsoft Store doesn't mention the part number. I couldn't see what the difference was - perhaps you can contact your local ms store? It could just be batch numbers though
If you need additional help or have more questions or details to share, please join the site so you can reply in this thread. See this link for instructions on how to join Windows Central.

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I just installed a new hard drive (Maxtor) to be used as a new boot drive and partioned it into 2 parts. I still have my old hard drive as the slave. I installed all of the contents of my original drive into the new drive. I can see the part of the new drive with all of my files, DRV_Vol1 (C. However, I cannot seem to access the other half of the hard drive.

I went into computer management and storage. I can see the half with my files, but the other part is listed as unallocated and does not show up under 'My Computer".

How can I make this part of my hard drive accessable?


A:Partitioned Hard drive - can only see part of drive

Create an extended partition in the unallocated space.
Then create a logical drive in the new partition and format with ntfs.
Once finished you should be able to use the partition.

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We have a WD800JB-00CRAI1 hard disk, partitoned into 4 primaries and 4 further logical partions, running under WinXP pro. The first 3 primaries contain separate installations of WinXP - we pretend we have 3 separate computers for 3 people.

Question: My son has a 30 GB data partition on the drive. He deleted several large files (burning images and such) and expected to see about 7.5 GB free space. Instead, he got 500MB free space and about 7. GB disappeared.

Win XP reserves a max of 3.6 GB for restoral acc to the control panel. He couldn't find the missing space in Norton Utilities, either, ie the space was occupied, but no files were listed.

Western Digitals "Data Lifeguard" returns that the hard disk has no errors. We wiped the partition with Norton Wipe Info. Now the 30 GB partion shows a 29.3 GB capacity and 3.43 GB used, but no files are to be seen. Norton shows 24.7 KB worth of Recycler and System Volume informatin, but no info on the rest of the 3.43 GB. We reduced the Norton Unerase Protection to 600 Mb on that partiton, but there was no change in the 3.43 used. With the NTFS file system we shouldn't have cluster waste. So what gives? Any ideas?


A:Missing HD space on 30GB part. a) 3.43 dGB when drive empty, b) 7 GB after file delet

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Hard drive is acting up. At first it wouldn't load up the usb boot to install windows then after i waited awhile it loaded then after i clicked the options and it ran it stopped working and froze. I tried to run it again and it wouldn't load. Anyone know why it might be doing this and how i can fix it. Also i have a connector to connect hard dirves through the usb port and when i plug it in it shows the drive but if i click on it the screen freezes and any partition software i use crashes

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I have two 120gb WD hard-drives (IDE), both are hooked up as Raid, The main one is dead. I've tried using the second one only, but bios doesn't detect it even after disabling raid. Do I have to have two hard-drives in order for my pc to work? My pc is older and I'm running an Asus P4T533/R motherboard running windows XP. It's setup as Striped Raid array, Raid 0.

A:main hard drive bad part of Raid

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I'm trying to create a storage pool for parity with 4 3TB drives and use 3TB of a 4TB drive that also has my OS.
When I go to create the pool the 4 3TB drives show up but the unallocated space on the 4TB with my OS doesn't show up.

I have done some research and heard that this might be possible but it seems to be a case-by-case situation.

I'm running Windows 10 Home.

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I have a Dell Dimension E510 with a dead hard drive, running XP
Can I replace the hard drive from a HP running Vista.
If so what are the necessary steps that I need to do.
Any Help will be appreciated


A:Solved: Replace Hard Drive with used part

Cojo said:

I have a Dell Dimension E510 with a dead hard drive, running XPClick to expand...

If the hard drive is dead, then technically it's not running anything!

Can I replace the hard drive from a HP running Vista.
If so what are the necessary steps that I need to do.Click to expand...

Depends what you want to do.
1. you can install the HP drive in your Dell system, wipe it and then install XP from a product recovery or operating system disk.
2. you can install the HP drive in the Dell system without wiping and then do a repair install of Vista (only possible if you have the Vista install disk).



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Hello my screen digiziter broken but it work , i looking for repelcement part , the seller ask me part number for the touch screen not for my laptop . i want the link  put my laptop serial number or PID give me the part number for  my all laptop parts WITHOUT OPENINNG LAPTOP.  can you please help me link give me aparts numbers for my laptop?and where exacutly buy correct part for my laptop. thank you in advance 

A:part number for all laptop parts

@nOOne1? Take a look at the following:HP Pavilion Gaming Notebook Service and Maintenance Guide Reference:HP Pavilion Gaming Notebook - 15-ak100ne (Touch) When you see a Post that helps you,Inspires you, provides fresh insight,Or teaches you something new,Click the "Thumbs Up" on that Post. Click my Answer Accept as Solution to help others find Answers.

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My sonlugged the wrong supply into his Comaq IJ300 printer when he moved it. I need the aprt number for the diodes on the board.
The board part number is BJ2400M02001 ver A5

D9 diode

D10 zener diode

If I knew what part numbers the zener was it would fix it or if I knew what voltage was on the zener it would tell me what size zener to put in it.



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Hey guiys. I know my other post was a little whiny and I'm sorry about that.

Well as for this one, I wanted to create a partition to test Windows 7 on. At the time, I didn't know Partition Magic didn't play very nice with Vista... or 7 for that matter, so I went ahead and ran it... BAD idea. I suddenly started getting these odd invalid partition table errors and it kept saying it couldn't make the partition. I then restarted the computer which was an even worse idea because then it took me to the grey screen that talked about repairing the OS. I didn't wanna do that. So instead I just booted into a tiny version of XP from a CD and pulled the files off that I wanted and started to reformat the drive. I then got an error saying it couldn't reformat it. It did erase all the files though.

I tried just installing windows 7, but the disc can't see the partition that I wanted to pick. This is because this is the one Partition Magic messed up. This wouldn't be a big deal except for that the partition is like 300 gigs and therefore most of my drive. The only other ones are a 14 gig one and a 30 meg one. I've tried a bunch of different programs such as KillDisk and HDDerases to erase the entire drive or format the partition, but nothing seems to work. The XP install disc won't run because it knows something is wrong with the drive. I just can't figure out what.

Now I can't really even use the computer (which I just got like a week ago by the way) because I can't install anything on... Read more

A:Partitoin Magic messed up my hard drive... or part of it.

If you have the recovery discs from your system you can do a complete recovery. If not that, it sounds like you have plenty of operating sytem install discs. If you are satisfied for now to just put W7 on the entire disk then get a partition program and delete all your partitions. The W7 install should be able to create a partition from the free space and install to it. If that doesn't work, use a partition program that supports Vista NTFS, create a partition of type NTFS and mark it Active. Then install to it.

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I am having a problem with my Hard Disk Drive & it seems to be very hard to be fixed as I have tried using Windows Disk Check "CHKDSK Command & "Check Now" button under "Error checking" section under "Tools" Tab, Tune Up Disk Doctor, and Total Format (Not "Quick Format").

Steps I have taken with Windows Disk Check :

Step 1 :
Right Click "Propreties" => "Tools" Tab => "Error-Checking" section => "Check Now" button.

Step 2 :
Checked both the boxes (i.e. "Automatically fix file system errors" & "Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors")

Step 3 :
Started scan & it went on for a long while finised without giving a report.


Steps I have taken with Tune Up Disk Doctor :

Step 1 :
Started "Tune Up Disk Doctor" => selected the drive.

Step 2 :
Selected "Thorough analysis" and started the scan.

Step 3 :
Clicked "Finish" button after it turned out to say "No Errors were found".

Steps I have taken with Windows Format :

Step 1 :
Right clicked the volume or the partition through "My Computer" and clicked "Format".

Step 2 :
Kept the "Quick Format" check box unchecked & pressed "Start" button.
And it ended up with some error.

Thanking TSGF and those who are willing to Help me,
&n... Read more

A:Error in part of a Sector of a Hard Disk Drive.

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Hi all.

I've had my partitions over several drives set for many months. Suddenly on boot this morning, one of the partitions isn't recognized by Windows (7 64-bit). My partition software (EaseUS Partition Manager Pro) does "see" it and shows the correct division of used and unused space. This is an NTFS partition with 11.86 GB capacity and 2.50 GB used. The status is None and the type is logical.

The error message box title is "Location is not available". The message is:
H:\ is not accessible.
The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable.

I've had no activity in this partition for several days. The partitions on either side are fine (fingers crossed they stay that way!). They same the same characteristics (although obviously different capacities) as the missing partition.

I'd really like to get those files; not positive my backup is the very latest.

Help will be much appreciated. As always.


A:Partition on part of hard drive no longer recognized

Well I've got my partition back. First I tried restoring to two days before the problem started. That didn't work; my partition still wasn't "seen". Then I went into my partition software (EaseUS Pro) and asked it to check the partition. It checked the partition properties, ran chkdsk and did a surface test. It didn't find errors but it did correct the problem.

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I am replacing the motherboard in a Dell Dimension E520 Tower, and of course it has a proprietary front panel connector in the form of a 40 pin ribbon cable.

Does anyone happen to know what the pin configuration is on the original motherboard?
I am only worried about connecting the Power switch and front USB ports, but all would be nice as well.
Thanks for any help.

A:Pin Diagram for Dell E520 Mobo

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I am having trouble with a computer program that I use for my job. It's called SmartMusic. I tell my students "It's SmartMusic, not GeniusMusic..." when we have problems with it. Since their last update, that has been more often than not. StupidMusic is more like it these days.Background on the program: I can open the actual program on my computer to access all parts of the program. I can access some parts of the program through Firefox/IE.All parts of the program are working, both through the program and Firefox/IE, except the Assignment Library. When I try to open the Assignment Library in either the program or Firefox/IE, it stalls and then says it's not connected. I called SmartMusic Tech Support and told them this. They said that it is a problem with my security settings blocking the program. Below is everything after the phone call, starting with the email they sent me on how to fix the security settings.From SmartMusic Tech SupportPlease see the link below for information on SmartMusic requirements in a school network:Answer Title: SmartMusic requirements in a school networkAnswer Link: see the link below for information on setting up the local computer settings for use with SmartMusic:Answer Title: Managing home Internet security for use with SmartMusicAnswer Link: feel free to respond to this case if you ha... Read more

A:Part of program does not connect to internet, other parts do

Could there be a firewall blocking it somehow?

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A Dell machine I have is having power issues, I came across this thread:

Further down in that thread, I saw this post which explains I need to replace a piece:

I Google'd around for that part # but could not find it to buy. Any ideas?

A:Dell sold defective part, where can I buy the part?

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I notice some hard drives with larger buffers or really big capacities have slower RPM (e.g. 5400). Is the RPM not important or something?

BTW since there's lots of people with actual problems posting on this forum, is there anything I should put in the title to make clear my questions aren't urgent?

A:Curious about which part of hard drive has bigger impact on performance

I would say: for low boot-up times, RPM matter a lot since the buffer needs to be loaded from scratch. But after that, the buffer matters a lot. Of course, what also matters is the data-transfer speed depending on the type of connection and the read/write properties of the hard drive.

So well, the RPM is in fact important, but hardly noticeable "on the short run." Those extra seconds spent booting and loading files etc will eventually become minutes and maybe hours of your life spent just waiting for something to happen.

Lowering the RPM is thus an excellent way of reducing the price of big-storage drives of big-buffer drives.

And what matters the most on the long run, is probably the capacity of the drive. Filling it up too soon is never good for anyone

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@Bill_F? was kind enough to send me some factory hard drive screws for use and testing. Many thanks to Bill.  These do thread into the soft aluminum of a hard drive, but re-thread it.  Then actual 6-32 screws will not work.The hard drive cage accepts the newer one inch thick hard drives.   I found replacement screws.   Fastenal part number 0170770, description SS FILSLMS6-32x1/4 defined as:#6-32 x 1/4" slottdrive Fillister  Grade 18-8 Stainless Steel Machine ScrewPrice per 25 pc (minimum) is $2.55, total price to local vendor is $3.95 The screws sent were:head diameter 0.26, these were tolerance spec 0.208 - 0.226head height 0.12, these were tolerance spec 0.086 -0.09

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When I go to system recovery, it says  that a backup was never installed however drive D is where my files are.

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I found a manual for this Dell Dimension 3000 board.

Here's the board that's for sale:

Does anyone know where I can find a pin-out diagram for the following:
Control Panel Connector (J7J2)
Front Panel I/O Connector (J9G1)


A:Need a diagram showing pon-outs for this Dell board.

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Please help, I was having trouble with the middle row of the keyboard not working properly, and when I went to log back in, part of my password (letters on keybord) not working, so I cannot get in.
I have no clue what to do, I cannot get in the computer, I am currently on another computer, is there anything I can do besides starting from scratch, please can anyone help?

A:Parts of keyboard not working, letter A part of my password and I cannot get in

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After 2 days of reading forums, the web and trying things it's time to post!

System Laptop Amilo Xa 1526: Vista 32bit. CPU: AMD Turion™ 64 X2 TL-56 (1.8 GHz). RAM: 2GB. Chipset: NVIDIA® C51D+MCP51. 2 internal hard drives C: D: on one 160GB WD HD (all fine) K: (Issues) Hitachi HT5542520k9SA 200GB. Full specs:

In a nutshell what I have come down to is that parts of the drive are really slow to read off. I suddenly started experienced serious system slowdowns 2 days ago. Hadn't installed or updated everything. After much playing the only thing now seems to be an issue is my 2nd hard drive.
I also used a restore point to take the computer back to before I had any issues.
I have disabled windows defrag, prefetch, indexing and remote differential compression after following advise on other sites.
Both drives are in DMA mode not PIO.

Drive Testing:
*DiskCheckup throws up an error upon startup: "There were errors trying to gather the SMART info".
*EVEREST home edition shows nothing under storage --> ATA or SMART when I run it.
*DSKCHK gets stuck on part 4 of it. I left it running overnight and it got to file 324 / 31000 (it would take 31 days at that rate) so I canceled it.
*Hitachi's own diagnosis software fails when it gets to the analysing mechanics bit. In the quick test when it gets to the analysing mechanics bit the drive just runs and nothing happens (it says the whole test takes less... Read more

A:Slow Read Speed on Parts of Hard Drive - Strange HDTach Graph

This is a long shot have u made sure you have defragmented it.

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I have recently bought a Precision 7910 with three 2Tb hard drives.  I originally ordered it with a MegaRAID SAS 9341-8i RAID card to set up RAID5.  The RAID card was missing, but has now been delivered. 
Our IT guys could attached two of the HDs to the RAID card (via a double headed mini SATA cable... see attached photo), but the third drive was connected to the mother board.  They need to know what the model number for the cable is to connect the third drive to the RAID card.  I am considering getting an other HD, so I guess another double headed cable is required.  Anyone know what this cable could be?

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I'm getting my grandmother a PC for xmas so she can acess the net and I have decided what to get...

Mouse + Keyboard

All the other componants i already have. It will be for internet and MS word, ect only so no need for power!

Could anyone tell me if that CPU is compat with the mobo and if that RAM is compat with the mobo and CPU.

Thanks in advance.

A:Need help choosing parts for a basic PC...

Ehh ehhh erehh arghhhhhhhhhhhhh :grinthumb

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When I powered up my new dell xps 15 9550 this morning, (bought less than 1 week ago) I had a message from Dell in the bottom right hand corner of the screen saying there was a firmware update notification. I clicked on this and proceeded to update the firmware.
since this, I have been suffering from the screen going blank and the only way to get it back on again is to switch off the laptop completely!
I have restored the bios to factory settings (F2) and have also tried disabling the nvdia video card but still have the same problem of the intermittent screen going black.
At the same time, if I am listening to music, the music also switches off, so it doesn't appear to be just a video card problem.
It all appears to point to this firmware update?!
any help would be much appreciated.


A:Dell XPS 15 9550 screen going black intermittently after Dell firmware install this morning help!

I have the same problem:

I initially reported that my XPS 15 locks-up displaying an all white display, however, I have since noticed it locking-up with a black display or gray display. Recycling power is the only way to get the computer working again. Prior to an automated firmware update, my XPS had been working fine. If you find a solution, please post it. I will do the same.

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We're encountering scrolling issues with Excel 2013 (and 2016).
What we mean by that is graphic distortions (blocks of black) appearing on the worksheet during the scroll action.
It happens almost exclusively on the externally attached monitor.
Even after the scrolling action is finished the blocks of blacks will persist and will obscure the data in the cells. Generally only opening the worksheet anew will correct the issue (until scrolling is once again initiated)
This is on a new Dell XPS 15 (9550) running Windows 10.The monitor is a Dell U2717D connected via the HDMI.
We've done quite a bit of troubleshooting but before describing in detail we wanted to know if anybody had seen something similar?

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I am picking up the XPS 15 this week and currently have two P2815Q monitors I am using with the Microsoft Surface Book.  Currently these are connected to the Surface Book via a single mini-display port cable with the 2rd 4K connected to the first via mini-display port.
So my question is how do I connect these monitors to the XPS 15.  I understand the XPS has Thunderbolt and a single HDMI 1.4 port.  While HDMI 1.4 is not capable of driving 4K at 60hz, I'm also wondering what the new Dell Dock is going to bring to the game here.
Would love some help, so thanks in advance.

A:Dell XPS 15 9550 and Dual Dell 4K P2815Q Monitor Hookup Question

Did you find out the answer to this? I'm killing myself trying to find a solution.

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I recently purchased the Dell USB-C to VGA/HDMI/USB/Ethernet Adapter (Dell 470-ABQN) to use as a dock with my XPS 15 9550. Unfortunately while using this adapter the fans run at a very high speed, approximately 80%, and are therefore loud and disturbing during meetings and desk work. I have it connected to only an HDMI monitor and a USB mouse receiver. The fans also run constantly when using the built-in USB and HDMI ports, but at a tolerable level. I will have to return this item without a fix, so could someone at Dell please advise if there is a solution or if this is a known issue that will be reviewed? I have updated both the Thunderbolt firmware and software and applied all Windows Updates. Thanks

A:Dell XPS 15 (9550) Fan Speed w/ Dell USB-C to VGA/HDMI/USB/Ethernet Adapter

I have the same problem here. I connect a usb-c ethernet adapter in my case. The fan keeps running when the adapter is connected. 

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New kid on the block.

I have a U100 Part Number: PLU10E-00U023EN and would like to upgrade to a 60GB HD.
I am looking for a part number for this replacement hard disk.
Also can anyone tell me where I may purchase this in the UK. Retail shop would help. If not, a direct mail address would be appreciated.
I have seen one from OFFTEK for £43.0 Plus VAT, Part Number: KTT3311/1GB.

Then I saw the same part number from Toshiba and it cost over ?100.
Maybe someone can tell me where I could get the upgrade done near Leicester.

I have found the site very helpful.

A:Libretto U100: 30GB Hard Drive Upgrade to 60GB - need part number

I think you should take a look into this thread:

It?s the first one about the same theme which you have posted here in the forum!

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I am trying to install a HD, which used to be an external, into my main desktop PC as a slave. A problem happened when I put the wrong power adapter into the external which caused it to malfunction. I was given advice to take the HD out and put it in the machine and test it. Now for some reason everytime I go to put it in the machine and power it up the power will not work. When I take it off by unplugging it the power comes on like normal.

I have looked here:

For the correct way to set the jumpers but I have had no luck. Im curious to know if this is the final sign that the harddrive is broken beyond repair or am I not configuring it correctly.

I figured despite the configuration you would still be able to boot up. I booted up using anther HD and it came on but to set it up as slave seems a little different.

Any help would be appreciated.

A:Basic Hard Drive Installation problem

Sounds like the jumpers aren't right.
You will also need to set the jumpers on the Master drive.
For example, if the Maxtor is slave, make sure the master is set as master and not Cable select, or set both drives for cable selest if your drives both support CS, and your mother board needs to support cable select also.

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My motherboard crashed on my old computer so I put my old hard drive in a new computer. At first I couldn't get the new computer (Dell running Vista) too see the hardrive. I thought I may have some sort of bios problem. The bios was not detecting Sata 2 or Sata 3. I switched the DVD and hard drive cables and sure enough, hard drive works fine but no DVD. Do I need to somehow enable Sata 2 and Sata 3? Is there some sort of setting I need to change? I have a feeling this is very simple and I just don't know the answer.

Any takers?

A:Basic Hard Drive Installation Question

Try going into the BIOS during power-on and look around. See if there are any settings to enable the 2 and 3 sata ports.

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I have the MAxtor Basic 1TB hard drive with data of about 500gb. I was in the process of backing up on McAfee Online Back when all of a sudden the hard drive started squeaking and now cannot be recognised by any of my computers.

I have changed cables, changed computers but no avail It is not seen by any of the data recovery software as well.

On the Disk Management it shows aS DISK 5 Unknown and when right click it tells me to initialise it and when I say yest it says...I/O Device Error.

When I go into the Device Managerit is listed under Disk Drives and says Device Working Properly.

Any help as to how I can get it up and running or have I lost all my information...omg?

Please help.

Many Thanks.

A:Maxtor basic hard drive cannot be seen by my computer

From personal experience I have had a hdd (hard disk drive) do the same thing. After trying it in multiple PCs and two different Macs, it was hosed. Keep in mind... "the failure rate of hard drives is 100%, it's not a matter of IF your hard drive will fail, but when..." My advise: if the data on that hdd is that important, send it away for data recovery. It's not cheap, but can you put a price on the value of your data?!

Here is a list of data recovery companies that either I, or my customers have had success with. Sorry for the problem with the drive, but hopefully this will help. Take care!

CBL Data Recovery Technologies, Inc.
New York, New York
CBL Data Recovery Technologies
200 Business Park Drive
Armonk, NY USA 10504
toll free: 1-800-551-3917

DriveSavers Data Recovery, Inc.
400 Bel Marin Keys Boulevard
Novato, California, USA 94949-5650
Toll Free: 800.440.1904
Bay Area: 415.382.2000
Fax: 415.883.0780

SalvageData Recovery Lab Inc.
76 Progress Drive
Corporate Park
Stamford, CT 06902
Toll Free: 800-970-7188

OnTrack Data Recovery
Kroll Ontrack
9023 Columbine Rd.
Eden Prairie, MN 55347
Toll Free: 800-872-2599
Phone: 952-937-5161


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I am trying to take an old Dell of mine apart. I want to take the MOBO which is ties to my copy of Server2003 and put it in a new case. I have a dremel if it doesnt line up right. The only problem is the front panel headers. I need to find out what is what. Has anyone solved this yet? Ive seen some other Dell models done this way. The Intel MObo in it is an E210882.

Thank you in advance

A:Solved: Pin Diagram for Intel E210882(Dell Dimension 4550)

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i need to format output result to 2 decimal places and I want it to be accurate to .05, for example, if the result is 64.643223451 I want it formatted to 64.60, or if I get 392.945677723 I want it to end up as 392.95.

I tried this:
label1.caption = Format(result, "##.##")

that worked in the terms of 2 decimals, but how do I make it round up to .05?

A:Solved: formatting numbers in visual basic

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Hello, I just got a new Dell Dimension E521 with Vista as the operating system. Vista Stinks! For most programs, including video and audio from XP Service Pack 2 Vista doesn't recognize drivers that were fine with XP Service Pack 2.
Even Sonic and Roxio, which are installed on the damn thing give these same problems.

My internet connection is also no better at all and was outright disabled with a message "something has caused Microsoft Internet to stop working" after I tried
to install basic version of Zone Alarm.
Then on reboot it says "unauthorized change made to your license, you must verify your software online". This message come up before the desktop appears and this screen is frozen whether you choose the "verify" or "cancel" option.

Couldn't shut down by any means either, including Control Alt Delete, it wouldn't bring up that window. Had to literally pull the plug and reboot into Safe Mode where I uninstalled Zone Alarm and a couple of other functions that worked perfectly in XP2.

Then I was able to re-boot normally, the message did not come up again.

I hate Vista. Not interested in any "fixes", not worth the trouble. The only fix for Vista is a sledgehammer to the drive!

My hope is this: can I get the hard drive removed and replace it with a clean hard drive that has XP sp2 on it, or am I stuck with this P.O.S. Operating System?

The computer in question is a brand new Dell Dimension E521, 2.0 GH... Read more

A:Solved: Can Dell hard drive with Vista be replaced with Hard Drive XP?

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So basically - as the subject says - 
Having a brand new Dell XPS 15 9550
with most recent Dell Wireless 1830 802.11ac drivers
cmd command "netsh wlan show drivers"
shows that current driver does not support hosted network,
meaning, that i am unable, for example, to share my ethernet internet connection Over wifi to other devices - i am unable to make my laptop a hotspot.
Which is ridiculous in 2016 and for a laptop of this level and is basically a prerequisite to be Windows 10 approved.
So my question is DELL, what the ***? When do we get normal drivers?
Anybody has the same issue - knows the workaround? Thanks.
I could not have expected that 2000$ laptop would not be able to do that. this is soul crushing.

A:Dell XPS 15 9550 - Dell Wireless 1830 802.11ac - Hosted network supported : No - cannot share Ethernet connection over WiFi

same here. :( XPS 13 9350..

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I am having a serious problem with my pc.Windows disk is showing me these following errorsBoot sector of the hard drive disk is damagedBad sectors on hard drive or damaged file allocation tableRead time of hard drive clusters less the 500 msHard drive doesnt respond to system commands40% of hdd space is unreadableWhat does this mean and can I fix itI cannot access my documents folder or other programs Any Help would be greatI tried the defrag thing but it didnt workEdit: Moved topic from XP to the more appropriate forum, at the recommendation of forum staff. ~ Animal

A:Critical Error Hard Drive not found. Missing hard Drive

When you say "Windows disk". Can you give a little better description of just what\where the warning message is coming from?

You "tried the defrag thing but it did`t work".

Where did you go to access the defrag? What does "it did`t work" mean?

The reason I am asking these questions is not to give you a hard time. There is a virus going around that is very similar in it`s behavior.

I am just trying to find out exactly what it is we are dealing with.

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I am needing to plug my Dell MMS 5650 speakers into a new soundcard.  Being a non-Dell soundcard it does not have the input jacks color coded (yellow, black, green).  So I just need to know what portion of the 5.1 surround speaker system (front surround speakers, rear surround speakers, center/subwoofer) the colored wires (yellow, black, green) support.
Dell support could not help me much with this one.  The third party hardware threw them off.  I don't think they understood the question.

A:Wiring diagram needed for Dell MMS 5650 mini input jacks

There is no Dell manual listed for that model speaker. 
However, on most, Green is the "speaker", Black is surround and Yellow is Center/Low Frequency. 
What sound card do you have that doesn't follow the "standard" color coding?

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Could someone tell me some compatible part numbers for a power supply for an Optiplex 3010?
We have the desktop model. We have about 30 of these, They did work well for 4 years, now we've had 5 power supplies go out.
I want to buy a few replacement power supplies. One part number is Mpx3v for our power supply.
Someone is selling a power supply on Amazon and says that all of these part numbers are compatible. Is this true? Are all these compatible?
It would make it easier to buy a power supply if I could buy any of these part numbers.
What are compatible power supply part numbers for 3010, such as Mpx3v?
Are all these compatible?: Several computers probably use the same power supply, but I don't know which models are similar.

Compaitble Model Numbers: PS- 5251-5, L250NS-00 , PS-5251-08D, H250AD-00, D250A1005L, D250ED-00, DPS-250AB-67 A, F250ED-00, D-0250ADU00-101, D250ND-00, REF, DPS-250AB-73A, AC250NS-00, PCA038, TFX0250D5WB, D250AD-01 D250ED-01, DPS-250AB-68 A, D250AD-00, F250AD-00, D-0250ADU00-201, PC7068, HP-D2506R0, PS-5251-5, DPS-250AB-36, TFX0250D5WB, H250ED-00, D250E006L, PS-5251-06
Compatible Part Numbers: WX9P8, CYY97, 7GC81, 6MVJH, YJ1JT, 3MV8H, 3WFNF, 5FFR5, 76VCK, HY6D2, MPX3V, PWJ55, T498G, W208D, W209D, W210D, X3KJ8, XFWXR

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I'm making a form that includes and quantity text box. What code could i use to make sure that only numbers are entered into this field?

A:Solved: Visual Basic - Limiting Textbox to numbers only

Hi cc64,

There's a solution on the following link :

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I'm trying to sort 6 numbers in descending order from best to worst and store them into new variables using VB. I can't seem to be able to do it and need any help you can give me as soon as possible.

I have attached the code (in zip) and I have all the comments in there relating to what I want to do.

A:Solved: visual basic problems sorting numbers

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I've hp laptop windows 7 home basic with 3 drives :

C: 445 GB
D: Recovery 15.6 GB
E: HP_Tools 3.95

i wanna divide the 'C' , used shrink i got "212987" MB then used the "New simple volume wizard " after pressing finish i got the msg
The operation you selected will convert the selected basic disk to dynamic disk. if you convert the disk t dynamic , you will not be able to start installed operating systems from any volume on the disk (except the current boot volume). are you sure ?

when i press yes i got error msg
" Dynamic disk are not supported by this operating system or server configuration . dynamic disk are not supported on clusters.

can you help plz i dont wanna format plz advise me

A:partition hard drive in Windows 7 home basic Without Formatting

Thank your lucky stars that it did not convert to dynamic.

Dynamic disks are a pain and to be avoided except in unusual circumstances.

You need to make an extended partition from that shrunken space without going to dynamic.

Post a picture of Windows Disk Management so we can see what is going on with your partitions.

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I have a Dell Dimension 4700C manufactured December 2004. It has an 80GB SATA hard drive that has many bad sectors and would not boot up. I was able to get all data off using HDD Regenerator program to repair ALL the numerous bad sectors and than I rewrote partition info using TestDisk and finally was able to get access to drive to scan and recover with NTFS GetDataBack

I was able to make Ghost images of the 47 MB Dell Utility partition and the 3500MB Dell Restore partition. The main Windows partition would not image with Ghost--it gave numerous structure errors/warnings and would close after clicking through about 4 messages

I tried creating 3 partitions on the new 320GB WD drive with Partititon Magic 8 roughly the same size and formatting as old 80 GB drive (except Windows partition which is approx. 225 GB in size)

Than I restored the 2 complete Ghost images back to those respective newly created partitions. When I tried booting the computer up with new hard drive and hit CTRL F11, I could not start Dell Recovery. I was able to temporarily set Dell Utility partition to active using Partition Magic, reboot and run Dell Diagnostics

I think where I went wrong was that when I restored the Ghost image of Dell Restore partition it showed up as FAT32 instead of the CP/M, Concurrent DOS, CTOS formatting that displayed in Partition Magic. So I ran TestDisk and changed the partition type to DE CP/M and tried rebooting and CTRL F11 to start Dell Recovery and it did not work. I als... Read more

A:Recreating Dell Utility and Dell Recovery Partitions On New Hard Drive

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I have a very frustrating problem and hope someone can shed some light on the situation for me.

I purchased a Maxtor Basics 500GB external Hard Drive STM305003EHD301-RK a while back and after having some niggling issues with it for the first couple of weeks it had been working perfectly, no problems at all. I had formatted it and the drive was recognised everytime it was plugged in. I'm running it on my Acer T650, P4, Win XP Media Centre Edition SP3.

This weekend I was visiting some family and wanted to take my drive with me so we could watch some films and listen to some music etc. Nothing out of the ordinary.

So the drive would have been unplugged for the duration of the journey. (It is not the first time the drive has been unplugged.) It was wrapped in a towel and in my rucsack so it was protected from knocks/impact etc.

After getting to our destination I unwrapped it and immediately plugged it in ready to go. The green light came on as usual. After plugging it in to my brother in-law's laptop (he was running Vista) it loaded up, only to say that we needed admin access rights when trying to go into the music folder?!?!

Ok, so we tried the movies folder. It let us in but wouldn't play any of the movies! But it let us copy one of them over to his laptop which then played perfectly.

After removing it safely I thought it might be an XP/Vista compatability problem and tried it on the home desktop they had.

This time, nothing happened at all. No green lig... Read more

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Hi Flavalee gave me a website to do the clean and reinstall but for some reason I am having a hard time to get it to do what it is doing on the instructions on the website.

Can someone please help me do it step by step.


A:Solved: Help havine a hard time cleaning har drive and reinsatting vista basic!

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I have recently bought the 2016 Dell XPS 15 (9550) and for some reason it does not connect to enterprise networks, specifically 802.11k and 802.11r. I cant find a fix and neither can Dell support or the "IT guys at school". Im just wondering if anyone has any bright ideas. Thanks

I have all the latest drivers, BIOS and everything.

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I bought a Dell XPS 15 9550 less than two months ago and already have to send it in because it won't charge and the battery says it need to be replaced and of course it's past the 21 day return policy. Poor QC! It looks like others are having the same issues. A $1500 machine should not have these issues in such a short time. Last time I line Michael Dell's pockets.

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Today I installed the BIOS and number of drivers updates - I didn't experienced before the screen flickering at low brightness but now it's non stop if I'm on power or if on battery. Something that apparently this BIOS have fixed - any suggestions?

A:Dell XPS 15 9550 01.02.10 BIOS

have the exact same problem after the new bios update - screen is flickering. any way to roll bios back to previous version?

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I have been looking everywhere and Dell have made it extremely hard to find out how to email them. Today I accidentally damaged my screen with a minor scratch and I was wondering if it was possible to get it fixed. Would there be any solution that I could do personally or can dell fix it for me? I have a warranty. thanks.

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Currently, one can only toggle between Fn keys being media keys or F1-F12 keys. On my old Dell XPS 13, when Fn keys are set as media keys, Alt + F4 would still close the window. On this Dell XPS 15, one has to press Alt + Fn + F4 to do the same when Fn keys are set as media keys.
Can we have a BIOS update that automatically changes the Fn keys to be F1-F12 when a modifier key, such as Alt, is pressed?
I know I can toggle between media/F1-F12 via Fn + Esc but it's a stupid hassle to have to toggle each time I just want to close a window. I want Fn keys to be media keys EXCEPT when a modifier key, such as Alt, is pressed.

A:Dell XPS 15 9550 Fn key options

Finally someone post about this please look at this man.

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I just bought a new XPS 15 and I believe I'm having a video driver issue with an application that runs in Silverlight.  The main application works fine but whenever I click an option that is supposed to create a window, the window never appears and it locks up the app.  The only way to get it back is to refresh the page.  I know the app works because on other computers it works fine.  I've tried firefox and the same behavior is present. 
Now my question is, is there a way to force my laptop to use a specific video card?  I have an intel and Nvidia card in the laptop.  All drivers are up to date.

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Hello, I've recently bought a dell xps 15 9550 and have two questions in regards to charging it.
The first is, Should i charge it out of the box before use, mine came with 96% charge so i didnt think i needed to.
Second is, what are the led indicators for the laptop being fully charged, i noticed the light on the changing cable is always white. Thanks in advance.

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Hi. I just want to know if anyone has used the dell xps 15 9530 skin from skinit and applied it onto the new 9550 model? Will it fit fine? I don't like any of the skins for 9550.

Thank you!

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I know this has been mentioned on here multiple times but the fan noise from my laptop when its plugged in is unbearable. When i play a game or watch a video on battery power the laptop stays nearly silent and is a joy to use, as soon as i plug in to charge the battery the fans go crazy.
I can't even play a on graphics hungry game like FM 2017 without the fans running at over 80% power at low temps.
Do i need to return the laptop or is there a fix for this?

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The FHD screen has a bit of a color issue. When I am on a white page, much like this one, I can see that the left half of the screen is a darker tinge of red. Why is this, I know it isn't a driver issue and I can't seem to troubleshoot the problem. I have only seen one other poster who claimed they had this issue on another website. Now this color change is hardly noticable when in a video but it is quite bothersome when I am browsing the internet. Anyone know a fix or why this is happening?

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I would like to request a Dell Ubuntu image for my XPS 15 9550. It would be great if we can use the XPS 15 like the XPS 13 developer edition. How come that there is no image yet?

+1 if you also want this!

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Hi guys,
I've been looking at the Dell XPS 15 9550, and I'm trying to figure out if it's possible to upgrade the storage that comes with a FHD (the one i'm looking at comes with a 1TB Hard Drive) into 1TB SSD. Has anyone tried it, and/or is it possible to replace the hard drive with a 1TB solid state drive? 
Side note: I'm trying to get the FHD because I don't want to pay extra for a 4K display (something I don't want). 
Laptop i'm looking at:

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I have Dell XPS 9550 with configuration SSD 32GB + HDD 500 GB. I would like to upgrade SSD for more space avaliablity. 
But I don't know what type of SSD I will need to buy. Also I read XPS 15 Service Manual. There is two chapter for removing and replacing of SSD in the service manual. Firts chapter is for SSD half-length, second chapter is for SSD full-length.
What type of SSD is mounted in my laptop? Half-length or full-length?
How can I identificate SSD needed for me in shops (dimensions, label, etc)? 
What interface for SSD do I need?  PCIE or SATA?
What is formfactor? M2.2280 or PCI-E AIC (add-in-card)?
Thanks in advance!

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Windows 8 is the default and only OS on this laptop. Please do not suggest restore or backups - they do not exist.

I am trying to reinstall a fresh Windows 7 back into this laptop for dual boot purposes. I have a Win7 ISO all ready to go on a flash drive. The problem is... I cannot get the 20GB "Windows Seven (S " drive to convert from dynamic to basic. THere is no data to backup, Im tryiong to do a fresh install. Ive been trying for two weeks.

Why am I trying to do this? Because I just want to get a copy of Win7 back on here to fall back upon when Redmond pulls the auth key for Win8 Dev

This is the status of my drives. Theres one.. its 465GB System has 200MB and Win8 is on C with 465GB. THIS is a Dynamic Drive. I know C cannot be made basic. I know Windows wontr install on anything but Basic.

How do I either 1. Fix this so I can install Windows 7 onto a new partition of 20-25GB OR 2. create a new drive for this?

I know how to create and shrink and delete all that Ive tried all this Data Partition - Windows 7 Forums and its other tuts but I cant get around the Dynamic. I dont want to pay 30 bucks for a tool either -- there must be a way to do this and I put my hopes in the Windows community to bail me out (if you have android troubles, i may be able to help )

I want to keep Win 8 as default, I know my way around this machine its just this dynamic drive is troublesome.

I am cross posting this in Win7 forum as well, not sure which place is more appro... Read more

A:Trouble creating basic drive for Windows 7 reinstall Dynamic to Basic

Check out this post by Jaidyn and see if it'll help you:

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Windows 8 is the default and only OS on this laptop. Please do not suggest restore or backups - they do not exist.

I am trying to reinstall a fresh Windows 7 back into this laptop for dual boot purposes. I have a Win7 ISO all ready to go on a flash drive. The problem is... I cannot get the 20GB "Windows Seven (S " drive to convert from dynamic to basic. THere is no data to backup, Im tryiong to do a fresh install. Ive been trying for two weeks.

Why am I trying to do this? Because I just want to get a copy of Win7 back on here to fall back upon when Redmond pulls the auth key for Win8 Dev

This is the status of my drives. Theres one.. its 465GB System has 200MB and Win8 is on C with 465GB. THIS is a Dynamic Drive. I know C cannot be made basic. I know Windows wontr install on anything but Basic.

How do I either 1. Fix this so I can install Windows 7 onto a new partition of 20-25GB OR 2. create a new drive for this?

I know how to create and shrink and delete all that Ive tried all this Data Partition - Windows 7 Forums and its other tuts but I cant get around the Dynamic. I dont want to pay 30 bucks for a tool either -- there must be a way to do this and I put my hopes in the Windows community to bail me out (if you have android troubles, i may be able to help )

I want to keep Win 8 as default, I know my way around this machine its just this dynamic drive is troublesome.

I am cross posting this in Win8 forum as well, not sure which place is more a... Read more

A:Trouble creating basic drive for Windows 7 reinstall Dynamic to Basic

Use free Partition Wizard bootable CD version 4.2 which still has non-destructive Dynamic>Basic conversion as a free feature: ISO - Windows Live

Backup a WIn8 System image and your files, Boot CD, Rightclick on the HD to convert. Create/Resize your partitions as you wish.

Adapt these tips for getting a perfect Win7 reinstall: Reinstalling Windows 7

Win7 should configure a Dual Boot menu, if not use EasyBCD to add Win7 after install. Earlier versions of Easy are still free.

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I had an 80GB Seagate IDE hard drive in my Dell Dimension 2400 that was clearly dying. I have been using a boot CD to connect to the Internet for days now. I have replaced the old hard drive with an unused 250GB WD IDE drive and with difficulty gotten the computer to recognize it. I intended to boot to flash drive and use the boot CD to execute the transfer of an image of the old Seagate drive from its location on my external hard drive to the new internal hard drive. But the computer will only boot to flash drive when the new internal hard drive is removed. When the drive is in and I click Enter on "6. USB Flash Drive", I get the ""Strike the F1 key to continue, F2 to run the setup utility" message over and over.

When I take the hard drive out, I can boot into flash drive again. I have A05 BIOS, and it appears to me from the Dell website that is as far as I can go.

How can I start booting into flash drive with my new hard drive in place, just as I did with my old hard drive in place?

Computer: Dell Dimension 2400 Desktop
CPU: Intel Pentium 4-2667 (Northwood, D1)
2666 MHz (20.00x133.3) @ 2657 MHz (20.00x132.9)
Motherboard: DELL 0G1548
Chipset: Intel 845GEV (Brookdale-GEV) + ICH4
Memory: 2048 MBytes @ 166 MHz, 2.5-3-3-7
- 1024 MB PC3200 DDR-SDRAM - Kingston K
Graphics: Intel 82845G/GL/GV Graphics Controller [DELL]
Intel i845G(L) Integrated, 64 MB
Old Drive: ST380011A, 78.1 GB, E-IDE (ATA-6)
New Drive: Western Digital Caviar SE (WD2500JB) 250GB 8MB... Read more

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seen that the TB3 dock is not available at the moment, is there a solution to to link my monitor 4k to the XPS15 9550 not by hdmi port because i need it for a tv decoder?

A:help: missing of Displayport on XPS 15 9550

You can try this ( when it becomes available. They claim it will be available next month but its release has been delayed for many months.

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I used to have a cd rom and a cd burner master/slaved to my motherboard. a while ago that ide slot died, so i master/slaved my hard drive and my burner to the working ide slot.

a few days ago the computer crashed. i dont remember the exacy error but it no longer recognized the hard drive. when i tried to restart it brought me to the strike f1 to reboot/strike f2 for options screen. i assumed this meant that the hard drive was toast, but upon further inspection when trying to change the boot sequence in the BIOS it recognized the floppy drive but the the hard drive nor the cd drive were recognized. this lead me to believe that the second ide slot had now gone bad as well.

my brother has another dell dimension so i opened his up, removed his hard drive and replaced it with the questionable hard drive. i booted it and got Boot Failure : System Halted.

is this enough evidence of a hard drive failure? ive come to terms with it being time for a new computer but im still hoping everything on the hard drive can be recovered.

any opinions/suggestions?

A:Dell Dimension Hard Drive and CD Drive not recognized

Did you check that the Master/Slave jumpers were set correctly?
Moving a HD to another PC normally does NOT work, unless both PCs are identical in hardware. Put your 'old' HD as a slave in your brother's PC, boot up and see if you can access your old drive. Save whatever you can and burn onto CD/DVD.
Then go buy another PC, anything but Dell or eMachines!
Or better, if you have the know-how, build your own from components.

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I suggested a friend's old P3 Dell Inspiron may be quicker running Ubunto. I repartioned and formatted the hard drive before realising there was no CD player. How do I now reinstall an OS? The hard drive connection is not the same as my Dell Lattitude so I can't swop drives. I've tried USB supporting boot disks but still can't access USB devices. Is there any other way to install Ubunto or other OS?
I've tried Duse boot and an Iomega version. USB is assigned a drive letter but when I run DOSUSB.COM (part of the booting routine) the system hangs.
How do I restore the machine?

A:Dell Inspiron has no CD drive and I have formatted hard drive

Ubuntu is an excellent free operating system
But you removed the Partition? How did you remove it? With a floppy disk? because that would seem very strange

Obviously No.1 is to get a working CD or DVD Drive installed (he'll probably need it for other stuff too )
And then >> chat with Dell to see if you can get the Windows Recovery Disc from them (although "P3" is very doubtful that it exists)

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