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Dell OptiPlex 990 Tower Looking for Flex Bay Card Reader Part Numbers

Q: Dell OptiPlex 990 Tower Looking for Flex Bay Card Reader Part Numbers

I have an OptiPlex 990 Tower and want to install a Flex Bay Card Reader. I have the following P/Ns:
0g7v21 Card Reader
0N95F Bracket
01YMGT Cable Assy
DS-8A8SH DVD Writer
SATA cable
I need the cable assy number for the card reader to motherboard. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Bob

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I would like to be able to add a media card reader to my 3010MT Optiplex Dell PC system. I noticed some machines were equipped with one 5.25" bay sharing a slim optical drive and media card reader in one bay.

What options do I have, do I have to change out my current optical drive or can I buy a media card reader that will fit with correct caddy etc in my current available 5.25" space below my optical drive.?

Basically wanted part numbers for 19 in 1 mcr for my 3010MT. Also, would a generic 5.25 device work?


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Ok so I just recently got a Dell optiplex GX 755 PC that has- 
*Intel core 2 quad processor 2.4 GHz
*8GB ram
*320GB hard drive (kinda small i know, i'm looking to upgrade that as well)
I'm posting this here to see if anyone knows mainly what graphics card i could get that would make my PC gaming friendly. It doesn't have to be the most amazing stellar quality card out there since iv had (some) people tell me that you cant upgrade these PCs much. But just some good quality advice on the subject and maybe a recommendation on what card brand to get as well as the specs for it. Also a recommendation for a video card would be greatly appreciated as well. Sorry for my ignorance on on the subject, i am new to the PC world. I ended up having to get this computer in a pinch because I am a small time graphics design artist and my laptop died, and I had orders coming in. I'm not looking for a quick fix to the problem so even if anyone has a solution that may take a bit or quite a few steps to get underway, the help is still greatly welcomed! I am hoping if its at all possible to make a good situation out of this and maybe build this PC to fit my needs. Thank you to anyone who can help :)

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Ok so I just recently got a Dell optiplex GX 755 PC that has- 
*Intel core 2 quad processor 2.4 GHz
*8GB ram
*320GB hard drive (kinda small i know, i'm looking to upgrade that as well)
I'm posting this here to see if anyone knows mainly what graphics card i could get that would make my PC gaming friendly. It doesn't have to be the most amazing stellar quality card out there since iv had (some) people tell me that you cant upgrade these PCs much. But just some good quality advice on the subject and maybe a recommendation on what card brand to get as well as the specs for it. Also a recommendation for a video card would be greatly appreciated as well. Sorry for my ignorance on on the subject, i am new to the PC world. I ended up having to get this computer in a pinch because I am a small time graphics design artist and my laptop died, and I had orders coming in. I'm not looking for a quick fix to the problem so even if anyone has a solution that may take a bit or quite a few steps to get underway, the help is still greatly welcomed! I am hoping if its at all possible to make a good situation out of this and maybe build this PC to fit my needs. Thank you to anyone who can help!

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I'm considering buying a used Dell OptiPlex GX790 MT computer, and I'm wondering what the maximum video card length can be without having to remove the hard drive cage.

A:Used Dell OptiPlex GX790 Mini tower video card

The hard drive cage isn't the only problem.  The power supply is not standard.
So a short GTX750 TI non SC would be the max.

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Hi TechSpot Forums!

I own a Dell Optiplex GX280 Mini-Tower PC, and am seriously considering buying a graphics card for it.

My question to you is, which would best be compatible with my specs?

System Specs:

Dell Inc. OptiPlex GX280
Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3
3.00 gigahertz Intel Pentium 4
2552 Megabytes Usable Installed Memory
500.10 GB HDD

Current Video Card:

Name: Intel(R) 82915G/GV/910GL Express Chipset Family
Manufacturer: Intel Corporation
DAC Type: Internal
Approx. Total Memory: 128.00 MB
Current Display Mode: 1400 x 1050 (32 bit) (60GHz)

Does installing a graphics card mean you can achieve higher resolutions on your LCD monitor? That is partly the reason I will be purchasing one.

Thanks for any info or suggestions,

~ TomHax

A:Graphics card for Dell Optiplex GX280 Mini-Tower?

Does installing a graphics card mean you can achieve higher resolutions on your LCD monitor?Click to expand...

That depends on the maximum resolution supported by your monitor.

What's your main reason to purchase the card? What's your budget?

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Dell Optiplex 3010 Mini Tower
intel core i3 3220 3.30 Ghz
265 watt PSU
24 pin connector

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So I bought a mini tower. It did not come with a card reader. I was looking at some at a few places, then I get the credit from dell rewards and tried to find the card reader on Many Vostro 3900 come with one, so I know dell makes them. But I tried and tried but can not find them. Does anyone know what to search for? Thank you!

A:Vostro 3900 Mini Tower Multimedia card reader on

Hello Mathcat
Thanks for writing to us. 
If you are looking for an internal card reader, then we would request you to talk to part sales team on 1-866-440-3355 . 
Have a good one. 

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Hi, I might be able to buy a second hand Optiplex mini tower and I would like to install the motherboard etc. of my Optiplex 755 SFF.

Wilt thi fit?

The idea is that with the Mini Tower I can buy a better GPU.


A:Does motherboard of Optiplex 755 SFF fit in a Dell optiplex 745 dualcore mini tower?

No it wont fit.   The board layout, number of slots etc is different.

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Could someone tell me some compatible part numbers for a power supply for an Optiplex 3010?
We have the desktop model. We have about 30 of these, They did work well for 4 years, now we've had 5 power supplies go out.
I want to buy a few replacement power supplies. One part number is Mpx3v for our power supply.
Someone is selling a power supply on Amazon and says that all of these part numbers are compatible. Is this true? Are all these compatible?
It would make it easier to buy a power supply if I could buy any of these part numbers.
What are compatible power supply part numbers for 3010, such as Mpx3v?
Are all these compatible?: Several computers probably use the same power supply, but I don't know which models are similar.

Compaitble Model Numbers: PS- 5251-5, L250NS-00 , PS-5251-08D, H250AD-00, D250A1005L, D250ED-00, DPS-250AB-67 A, F250ED-00, D-0250ADU00-101, D250ND-00, REF, DPS-250AB-73A, AC250NS-00, PCA038, TFX0250D5WB, D250AD-01 D250ED-01, DPS-250AB-68 A, D250AD-00, F250AD-00, D-0250ADU00-201, PC7068, HP-D2506R0, PS-5251-5, DPS-250AB-36, TFX0250D5WB, H250ED-00, D250E006L, PS-5251-06
Compatible Part Numbers: WX9P8, CYY97, 7GC81, 6MVJH, YJ1JT, 3MV8H, 3WFNF, 5FFR5, 76VCK, HY6D2, MPX3V, PWJ55, T498G, W208D, W209D, W210D, X3KJ8, XFWXR

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Hello experts,
I am really frustrated with my dell optiplex 745. I have been endeavoring to get on when I replaced the power supply but with no success. I have also changed the motherboard and again nothing to be happening. The dell powers up just fine and then the cooling fan goes noisy. There is a green light in the front panel show showing the numbers; 1, 3,  and 4.  I would be grateful if you can help me with this issue.

A:Dell optiplex 745 tower won't boot

Beep code

1-3-1 through 2-4-4
Memory not being properly identified or used
Power button Solid Amber is Bad CPU/Motherboard.
Power button blinking Amber is Bad Power supply.

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I Have Dell optiplex 745 With 3.4 Ghz Pentium D Processor with 4MB cache Memory .... Recently I wanted To Upgrade my p.c to dual core 2.6Ghz  E5300.. when i put Dual core processor into my board and truned on p.c the all lights was green and fan was running too fast and mY lcd Does Not dsplay anything .... And also My bios version is 2.6.3 .. what is the main fault in it.... kindly anyone tell me.... what should i do ???

A:Dell Optiplex 745 Mini Tower Upgrade

Hi Asfand_Munib,
Before installing a new processor, please update the BIOS to latest version from Here.
Note : Please save and close all running programs and documents and disconnect all external peripherals (printer, flash drives, external hard drives, etc) and connect the computer to a surge protector before updating the bios.
If all the lights are green and you are not receiving any beep codes from the system then it means that the processor has been installed correctly. Please check if the keyboard lights (Capslock, Numlock, etc) respond when you press the corresponding keys. Please verify the connections on rear of the system and check if they are connected firmly. Also, check if you are able to hear any windows jingle sounds after some time when you power on the system. Please share the exact model of Optiplex 745 you are using as it comes in 4 form factors viz Ultra Small Form Factor (USFF), Desktop (DT), Small Form Factor (SFF), and Mini-Tower (MT). A picture is attached below.

Please reply with the information. Will take it further from there.

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We currently have Dell Optiplex 7010 tower in our office. It's using a single Acer G6 G276HL monitor via DVI-I port on the video card. We were thinking to buy a second monitor and I want to know if it's going to work?
The video card inside this Dell is AMD Radeon HD 7470:
I was thinking to get the same screen: issue is connecting it to the display port on the Radeon card. So I was thinking to get this adapter:

A:Trying to set up second screen for Dell Optiplex 7010 tower

I presume you're using a DVI-D cable since the current monitor doesn't support DVI-I which the video card supports.
Why not get a second monitor that supports DisplayPort and go directly from DP on the video card to DP on the second monitor without complicating things with that DP>DVI-D adapter?

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Nvidia P356 Quadro FX4600 graphics card - 768MB GDDR3 PCI-Express x16 dual DVI out thank you all

A:Wondering if this will work in my Dell Optiplex GX 280 tower-style PC

As long as you have a PCI express socket on the motherboard, that card will work. You may need a power cable adapter to be able to connect the card to the power supply

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I intend to purchase optiplex 7040 MT for gaming purpose. So I would like to know:
1. Does the motherboard have standard CPU and motherboard power connectors or proprietary ones?
2.  Is it possible to replace the stock PSU with a cooler master extreme power plus 600W? If no, then what size /kind of PSU will fit there?
3. Is it possible to fit a gtx 1080 in there?

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i am using dell optiplex 780-Mini Tower. last week my pc didn't startup windows and stuck load on dell logo screen with flash light showing 1 - 4 and off LED light. also  didn't access/load boot menu, bios. i tried power on with all external devise unplugged but show same problem.
can you pls help me out. thanks in advance. 

A:dell optiplex 780-Mini Tower. flashing 1 and 4 with off power light

You ram is bad.  F2 Bios setup requires working ram.

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Hi everyone:

I was curious if anyone else experienced this issue? I have a Dell OptiPlex 7010 desktop/mini tower that I bought off the official Dell site. I configured that mini tower to have an SSD drive as the main drive, which I like very much, except one very annoying issue. Sometimes out of the blue Windows 7 will hang up, I can't click anything and the mouse starts spinning in a circle. This continues on for about half a minute and then it always comes back to life. Suddenly I start getting all my previous clicks moving windows, opening things, etc, all at once. This happened at least a dozen of times by now and I started to notice that when this happens the HDD/SSD LED on the case glows solid, which made me suspect that there's something going on with the drive itself.

Does anyone know what's going on and how to fix this?

PS. I tried contacting Dell support about this issue but they are pretty useless. I spent several hours in a chat with a guy once that eventually simply hung up on me. Then I emailed someone at Dell, for which the guy replied with instructions to run their hard drive diagnostic tool, which I did, that did not show any errors. (Note that I don't have a hard drive, it's a solid state drive.) I replied to the guy only to never hear from him again.... So I think I'm pretty much done with the Dell support

A:Dell's Optiplex 7010 mini tower SSD hang-up issue


Have you tried updated the firmware on the SSD?

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I have a Dell OptiPlex GX280 mini-tower (smallest one thereis), and the original 160W power supply died a few months ago without warning. I ordered a new power supply, but accidentally ordered the wrong size (210W for one of the larger towers). I used it in the meantime until I could get the proper size (although the 210W supply wouldn’t fit in the mini case – I left it out of the case and ran the wires through the power plug hole). The computer booted up just fine with this 210W power supply. I finally got around to ordering the 160W smaller correct size, but that power supply would not boot up the computer (just got an amber flashing light). Thinking it was just faulty, I sent it back and requested a replacement. The replacement did not work either. I ordered a third replacement, and the third did not work either! So now I am back to using the 210W power supply (No. HP-U2106F3) which does not fit in the computer housing. I know these Dell OptiPlex machines are notorious for having power supply and capacitor issues. But the question is, why will the computer power on using the 210W power supply? I contacted Dell and they were of no help whatsoever. The guy told me that 160W wasn’t enough to power my machine and to order a 210W power supply correctly sized for my chassis. Gee, thanks! First of all, they don’t make 210W that fit in the mini towers, and second of all, why did it used to work just fine??? Oh, and no I have not upgraded anything (i.e., video card, etc.) which... Read more

A:Dell OptiPlex GX280 mini-tower power supply problem

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I have a card reader from a Dell Dimension 5100c system​ which has a 10-pin flex bay card reader cable. I would like to change the cable to a sata one. Is this possible and if so which cable would suit?


A:10-pin flex bay card reader cable

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Just purchased an EliteDesk 800 G2 Tower and I'm looking for the part number and where to purchase the single slot SD Card Reader for this tower desktop.  It's a single SD slot, so it's not the 3.5" multi card reader typically used.  The slot is just above the 4 USB ports on the front.  I tried the 15 in 1,  3.5" media card read but in order to use it, I would have to unplug the two front USB 3.0 connections from the motherboard.  I hate to eliminate the two front USB 3.0 in order to use an SD card reader when there is a slot and board connection dedicated to the SD card read for this model.  Below the motherboards front USB 3.0 connection is an empty connection labeld "P152 SD RDR".  I cannot find any purchasing inofmration on the model that will work with this desktop. Thanks in advance.  Any help appreciated.

A:Elitedesk 800 G2 Tower SD Card Reader

Same to me. Is there realy no solution?

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If you ordered a Dell XPS 15 (9550) without a standard SATA hard or SSD drive:   When you open the case to install a new one, you will find that the basic cable, connector and drive 'bumpers' are missing.  If you order a SSD or hard drive from Dell to upgrade your XPS 15, you will also find that the cable, connector and bumpers are not included!
This is exactly what I discovered when I opened the case of my new XPS 15 to install a 1 Gb SSD drive.  Here is a photo of the empty drive cage.  A diagram with the part numbers is included below:

I Googled this problem and discovered that many XPS 15 owners ran into the same roadblock.  On the Dell Support Forum, owners reported that Dell sales and support offered varying part numbers, which were often not available.  So I contacted Dell Support.  A very helpful CSR confirmed the correct part numbers (shown below with a diagram), but told me it would be two weeks (minimum) before they could be delivered to me.  I offered to pay for Next Day Air.  Nope.  Two weeks.
Frankly, this is incredible.  Dell should include these basic parts when they ship every XPS 15, and the missing parts should be available for immediate shipment to affected customers.  I had to find a vendor on Amazon and pay $80 ($12 from Dell), plus pay for rush shipment.
Here are the part descriptions and numbers, plus a diagram showing where they attach to the drive and motherboard:
XDYGX - Cable... Read more

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I have an Optiplex 760 running Windows 7 Home Premium with an Intel Pentium Dual Core processor, 4 GB RAM. I installed a working TEAC CA-200  card reader that I pulled from another system. Now, the card reader will not work. It isn't even found by the computer. Also, in Device Manager, there is a yellow question mark by PCI Serial Port and PCI Simple Communications Controller. Any help would really be appreciated, thanks!

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What is an "add-in" graphics card (definition) on an Optiplex 990 tower? What does that mean?

I can't find a definition on the internet.


A:What is an "add-in" graphics card (definition) on an Optiplex 990 tower?

A card going into a PCI-E SLOT AKA PEG.

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Is this the correct picture?  Google is showing me a simpler adapter without the USB portion (i.e. passive adapter).  I wish to be able to use this to connect my dual-link DVI only monitor that is 2560x1440 to my laptop (radeon 8750m) which only has VGA or display port.  Is this the correct adapter?  The description does mention 2560x1600, but I'm a little skeptical due to the differring picture results from my Google search.

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Hi. This 24pix MINI atx power connector is basically the same as normal ATX connector (bur smaller of course)? At the pin settings is different? Where I can buy 24pix ATX to 24 pin MINI atx adapter that will work with those boards? Thanks.

A:Dell OptiPlex 760 (GX760) SFF and Dell OptiPlex 780 (GX780) SFF mainboard power connector?

Moddiy makes this.
Dell 980 960 780 760 PSU 24-Pin to Mini 24-Pin Adapter Cable (10cm)

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I need help looking for a Graphic Card for a DELL Vostro 230 Slim Tower to replace the integrated Intel GMA X4500. The manual says it can take the NVIDIA GeForce G310-512MB, but i can't find it anywhere to buy as it is an OEM graphic card.

I've read that the NVIDIA GeForce G310 is identical to the GeForce G210. So i go and purchase it to find that it is to big and DOE'S NOT FIT !!!

Has anybody got any other suggestions ???

Here are my Tech Specs...

A:Graphic Card for DELL Vostro 230 (Slim Tower)...

The reason you can't find the G310 to buy is that Nvidia made it only available to what is known the OEM channel, basically means it can only be bought from system builders (Dell, HP, etc). Spec and build-wise the G210 and G310 are identical, so in what way does it not fit? If it is the back plate bracket that is too long the card should have come with a second shorter one (2 of them actually) like the ones shown here,

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Hi out there to Vistax64. I am a recent XP to Vista user. I have a Vostro 200 mini tower (specs below) that has been running XP pro for the last few years - couldn't stand the GUI anymore lol - so I installed Vista HP and am very happy with the new interface and features. After tweaking some, the desktop appears from cold start in 30 seconds or so and almost everthing runs as snappy as it did before with XP. But the task manager is showing an average use in physical memory of 1.17 gigs, CPU usage is higher, and some, not all, internet pages scroll slowly e.g. Yahoo news pages, Hearts of Space etc. where as they were fine before. Everthing else on the internet, including this site, works well - though a few installs like Starry Night Enthusiast and a John Deere farm game are slower.

My question is this: Would installing a seperate video card give me better all-around performance or would another gig of ram do the trick? And what brand/type of video card do you folks recommend?

Intel Core2 Duo E4500 @ 2.3ghz
2 Gig of Kingston RAM
Intell G33 Express Chipset (on motherboard)
80 Gig WD SATA Hard Drive
Seasonic 350w PSU

Thanks for the opportunity to have my questions answered and I'm looking forward to cruising the site here!

A:Video Card For Dell Vostro 200 Mini Tower

Windows will allot 50% of your ram by default, for when you need them programs. Remember, rams fastr than hard drive, and why have all that ram and not use it.

For your power supply, a nvidia 430/440 or an ati/amd 6450, maybe get away with a 6550... Seasonics are quality.

The slowdown is probably because Vista is a bit more of a beast than xp, and graphics can be a bit more hefty.

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i searched in a lot of forums to see if a gtx 750 ti is compatible with the dell 660 mini tower and i cant find a reliable source and i need help to see if its worth it to get it if it is compatible.


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i have a Dell Vostro Mini Tower with the following specs:Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3470 CPU @ 3.20GHz
4GB RAMIntel(R) HD GraphicsI have ran a System Requirements check and it says I have 2048MB of Video RAM.  i would like to upgrade this to 4GB if possible.  would anyone be able to recommend a card that is compatible with my computer?I understand the wattage of my power supply matters also, would anyone know what this is?Thanks in advance

A:Upgrading Video Card on Dell Vostro 270 Mini Tower

The 2GB you are referring to is how much system ram is being given to the onboard Intel GPU video to use. You cannot increase that to 4GB. But you can add a discrete PCIe x16 video card. The Vostro 470 has a 300w power supply. So that will limit you as to which video card you can use. The two video cards that we shipped on this model were =
YG17P Nvidia GeForce 640GT 1GB67V2J Nvidia GeForce 620GT 1GB
Or you could remove our power supply and install a higher wattage power supply and then get a better video card.

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Hi All
I have an Optiplex 755 SFF with 275W PSU and PCI-E low-profile video slot.  The on-board graphics on this series are awful - can't playback DVD video without stutters.  I've spent a few hours trolling about the web trying to ascertain what video card will work in this 755.  The general consensus of the card "guaranteed to work" is the Radeon HD 2400 PRO.  So, I managed to track one done (after trying a 5570 & it not even letting the PC start up), got it shipped here, and installed it.  Only to find that it too won't let the PC boot.  So typical of Dell to make PCs that are unbelievably limited.  What's the point of having a PC capable of running Win 7 (will take 8GB DDR2 RAM, currently has 2GB, plus currently has a Dual-core E6550 2.3Ghz CPU) when it can't take an even modestly-spec'd card?  This is the last time I buy Dell. 
Anyway, getting past the rant (ah, much better, thanks) - why the won't this junky 755 take the supposed "guaranteed" HD 2400 PRO?  When I try to boot it up, it does that stupid pre-boot ramp up / down of the fans, then goes off, then tries again, then goes off, then on the 3rd go all the fans just go hard out & stay like that for as long as I care to leave it.  If I take the HD 2400 PRO out & put back that silly DVI adapter card in the PCI-E slot, it's all good. 
No modifications have been made to the 755 - it&#... Read more

A:PCI-E Graphics Card for Dell Optiplex 755 SFF

You can edit. Click the green pencil. But I already did it to remove the two profane words.
The 755 came in four different chassis sizes. You chose the smallest one with the smallest power supply so you limited yourself. The following are Dell validated Low Profile PCI-e 16X video cards for this chassis -DR280 ATI Radeon X1300, 128MB, DVI, TV OutJW592 ATI Radeon X1300, 128MB, DVI, TV OutKT154 ATI Radeon X1300 Pro, 256MB, DMS-59JJ461 ATI Radeon X1300 Pro, 256MB, DMS-59XX347 ATI Radeon HD2400 Pro, 256MB, DVI-I, TV Out YP477 ATI Radeon HD2400 Pro, 256MB, DVI-I, TV OutCP309 ATI Radeon HD2400 XT, 256MB, DMS-59, TV Out XX355 ATI Radeon HD2400 XT, 256MB, DMS-59, TV Out
Call Dell Spare Parts 1-800-357-3355 and ask for the part number.

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I am currently in the hunt for a good graphic card and its near impossible for me to find!
Help me out please. I have a Dell OptiPlex 755 DT version (slim)
4gb ram
2.33 ghz
windows 10

and will this one work ->MSI N610-2GD3H / LP - Graphics Card |

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i have a dell optiplex gx240 2.0 pentium4 512mb ram
my question is how can i upgrade my video card it has 1 agp slot with a old 128mb ati rage but it is way smaller than todays cards and most new cards wont phisically fit in my computer case. i went on ati website and it recommended a radeon x1300 pro but that is way too tall to fit into the verticall agp slot (compter lid wont shut) has 2 horizontal pci slots that i could use but i really dont know much about pci cards any ideas other than running my computer with no lid- by the way my set up now i can play battlefield 1942 on medium settings i want to max out the settings on that game

A:what graphics card will fit in my Dell optiplex

chaz7R said:

i have a dell optiplex gx240 2.0 pentium4 512mb ram
my question is how can i upgrade my video card it has 1 agp slot with a old 128mb ati rage but it is way smaller than todays cards and most new cards wont phisically fit in my computer case. i went on ati website and it recommended a radeon x1300 pro but that is way too tall to fit into the verticall agp slot (compter lid wont shut) has 2 horizontal pci slots that i could use but i really dont know much about pci cards any ideas other than running my computer with no lid- by the way my set up now i can play battlefield 1942 on medium settings i want to max out the settings on that gameClick to expand...

you need a low profile card here are some links

Newegg has several other low profile AGP cards but those are the only ones I could find that include the smaller bracket (some of the others may offer it as an accessory from the manufacture for an extra charge but I am not sure of that or which ones would) that you need for the card to fit your case. There is one extra step in installation. You must remove the fullsized bracket and install the low profile one (this is simple and involves removeing and replaceing the two screws holding the bracket to the card). Other than that it's just like installing any other AGP card.

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I have a Dell Optiplex 745 desk top form.ik it isnt THE best comp, but im wanting to upgrade the graphics card and power supply if I have to. just dont know where to start QQ inoob... any help would be appreciated ty

Operating System: Windows 7 Professional 32-bit (6.1, Build 7601) Service Pack 1
Language: English (Regional Setting: English)
System Manufacturer: Dell Inc.
System Model: OptiPlex 745
BIOS: Phoenix ROM BIOS PLUS Version 1.10 2.6.4
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) D CPU 3.40GHz (2 CPUs), ~3.4

A:Graphics card(s) for Dell Optiplex 745

Current power supply wattage and budget?

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I am looking for a graphics card for a Dell Optiplex 755 that I have upgraded to run Windows 10. I cannot find drivers for the built in card and it is preventing the machine from sleeping (hibernate works, though).
So really I guess I have two questions:

Does anyone know of Win 10 drivers for the built in card that will
allow sleep?
If not, can anyone please recommend a basic graphics card that supports Win 10 (including sleep) and will fit the Dell Optiplex 755
desktop chassis?

The machine has two slots available - both low profile. One is marked Slot 2, while the other is PCIe x16 (16 x 1) 25W.
I am using a LCD monitor that supports VGA (current) and DVI-D. Current resolution with the VGA cable is 1600 x 1200 and I'd like to get this or better on the new card.
The machine is only used for email, documents, spreadsheets etc. (no games) so I do not need a fast graphics card and would like to keep the cost down as much as possible, please.
Any suggestions or ideas welcome.

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I have Dell 755, and I bought a GeForce INNO 3D  low profile card but after insertion nothing happens. My Dell 21.5" monitor shows black.
The card has a 16 pin and USB. I'm assuming the 16 pin is for an external PSU connection? But what is the USB for?
My specs:
Operating System Windows 7 Professional 64-bit SP1 CPU Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 @ 3.00GHz 46 °C Wolfdale 45nm Technology RAM 8.00GB Dual-Channel DDR2 @ 398MHz (6-6-6-18) Motherboard Dell Inc. 0PU052 (CPU) Graphics DELL SE2216H ([email protected]) Intel Q35 Express Chipset Family (Dell) Intel Q35 Express Chipset Family (Dell) Storage 931GB Hitachi HUA721010KLA330 ATA Device (SATA) 43 °C 14GB SanDisk Cruzer Glide USB Device (USB) 29GB SanDisk Cruzer Glide USB Device (USB) 15GB PNY USB 2.0 FD USB Device (USB) Optical Drives TSSTcorp DVD+-RW TS-L633A ATA Device Audio High Definition Audio Device

Can anyone please help me as to what I need to make this card work? I understand this is NOT the greatest PC but it's what I have for now so anything is better than the integrated graphics it already has.
Thank you!

A:Dell Optiplex 755 graphics card issue

The card might be incompatible. For integrated graphics upgrades, I've had great results with the budget Sapphire 6450.

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I am trying to buy a graphics card for my dell, its about 4 years old, trying to not rebuy for another year. I have a Sony external dvd cd burner and am trying to burn dvd of my digital photos, upgraded to My DVD 6 and thats when my problems started. Everything is ok until I try to preview the dvd, then the photos turn upside down, The software manufactured help line said I need a 32 bit video card. Bought one a Best Buy, of couse it does not fit.
The slot is there, but I have a slim case, Dell can fix my up for $119, but hate to spend that much for an older computer, anyone with ideas.
Thank you

A:Graphics card for Dell Optiplex Gx150

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Hi.I've a Dell Optiplex 755 MT(the big one)
There are my pc specs: Windows 7 Professional 64-bit SP1 CPU Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 @ 3.00GHz Tecnologia Wolfdale 45nm RAM 4GB 800 MHz PSU 305W Motherboard Dell Inc. 0GM819 (CPU) Graphics ASUS VW221 ([email protected]) Intel Q35 Express Chipset Family (Dell) Intel Q35 Express Chipset Family (Dell) Memorizzazione 149GB Seagate ST3160318AS (SATA) Drive Ottici HL-DT-ST CDRW/DVD GCCH30N Audio Dispositivo High Definition Audio Model computer: Mini tower
I want upgrade the video card with this:
a 1gb
BUT I don't know ifthis card fit in my pc and if the PSU of only 305W does its job.
Can you tell me what video card will fit in my pc?
I prefer don't change PSU of 305W.
list some video card models ,please.
The resolution is 1680 x 1050.
thanks in advance.

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I've just installed a Nvdia FX5200 graphics card into my Dell Optiplex gx60 but can only get any display on the monitor when I start in VGA mode.

The monitor is Dell E173FP 17" (17" V.I.S.) Analogue Flat Panel Display.
The PC is a Dell Optiplexgx60 Celeron 2.4(R) 768MB

When I start the pc up normally with the monitor plugged into he card I get the startup screen but then it goes blank. I can plug the monitor into the PC's integrated vga plug and see the display fine on screen.

If I start the PC in VGA mode I can see the desktop but if I go to the control panel and change the screen resolution to a higher one it just goes blank.

Does anyone have any ideads? Thanks, Mark

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Dell 760 Optiplex
E8400 intel dual core(core 2 duo)
processor speed 3.0
FSB 1333
small form factor
4 gigs of ram
Windows 7
expansion slots: 1 low-profile PCIe x16 and 1 low-profile PCI
power supply 235 watts
my budget(hope to stay $100 or less)

full specs for this PC here----->

Hello. A few years ago I purchased a Radeon HD 4550 graphics card for an old Dell that I have. It has worked great. Here is the item I got before that I have been happy with, FYI. It went into a Dell Small form factor as well(Dell Optiplex GX 280)

I would like to purchase something similar(but better) for a Dell system that I just purchased(specs above).

Here are the things that I want
- HDMI output
- DVI output
- ability to play high bit rate files(such as blu ray) in picture perfect quality
- ability to do editing on video files recorded in high definition

The power supply for this Dell 760 is weak(235 watts). And it is a small form factor. So I think that I will need something with a low power draw and also something that can fit inside this thing.

I am not looking to push this thing to the limit. I do not play computer games. I have no need for gaming whatsoever. I would like to get something which is approximately 75% of the maximum that this system could handle.

I went to the local electronics store to look at the Radeon cards. I checked out the 5000 series ... Read more

A:Need help selecting a video card for my Dell Optiplex 760

There's next to nothing that is designed to run a 235 watt power supply. But some of the Dell PSU's are under rated so you can squeeze a bit more out of it.
This would likely work: - it uses 29 watts.
So should this: - it uses about 33 watts.

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Hello everyone, I'm new here and I really need your help :) I have a Dell Optiplex 755 Desktop and incredible as it seems that I didn't know the desktop had no graphic card (video card?) lol x) The desktop has been offered at Christmas, I wonder if you could indicate an ideal video card for my desktop which is not too expensive, I'm using Windows 7 Pro, I don't know much about computers components but I found this graphic card what do you think? Will work or nah? I really need your help guys. 

A:Dell Optiplex 755 Desktop HELP Video Card

Actually thats bad advice because the card in question won't necessarily fit into any case EXCEPT TOWER due to the single slot configuration.  FAT WIDE heatsinks will not physically go into the Desktop SFF models and USFF has no slots so no card is an option.
That card's heatsink sticks out more than 1 slot wide.

This is why I always recommend specific ASUS Radeon HD5450 or 6450 cards.
Asus EAH6450

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Hi Folks, For the last month I have googled every company and forum T find a Video Card for my Computer!
I just want a medium range LP PCI-e Card that pulls no more than 75 watts. I already know what I CANT have because of all the forums and sites I have been to. Can someone please make a valid recommendation?? Thank you for your time and patience. My SysInfo is below. If you need it..I will provide a complete Lavalys Everest Report!!

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) D CPU 3.40GHz, x86 Family 15 Model 6 Stepping 5
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3061 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) Q965/Q963 Express Chipset Family, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 381551 MB, Free - 280177 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0WK833
Antivirus: Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

A:Solved: Dell Optiplex 745 SFF Video Card

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Hello All,

I recently purchased a Dell Optiplex 745 SFF. I currently am using a Dell 4100 and it just wasn't cutting it so I decided to do a bit of an upgrade. I'm having difficulty locating a video card for an upgrade. The PSU is only capable of 275 watts (as advertised). I've read a couple of places that this is rating is underestimated of the actual capabilities? Regardless, I still am having a difficult time of locating a video card, mainly because most sites don't advertise the minimum PSU wattage. If someone can point me in the right direction, I'd like to have at least a 256mb video card.

For reference the card needs to be the following:

PCI-E x16
Low Profile
Maximum of 275w...

Thanks all!

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In the boot sequence the SD Card reader is third -- after the SSD and the CD/DVD.  It is third in BIOS and third after pressing F12 during POST.  With a card in the SD Card Reader boot fails with what I call a green screen.  When I ran the repair CD with the SD card in the slot, the message was that the boot sector was corrupt.  Why is BIOS trying to read the SD Card instead of the SSD?  The SD card is SanDisk Ultra II SD 4 15 MB/s 2GB.  Please let me know when a new version of BIOS is available. 

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As stated in the topic, I have a Dell Optiplex GX270. It came with onboard Intel Extreme Graphics 2 with 96 MB VRAM. I looked in the case and saw 2 different types of slots, so I'm thinking mabye one of those is for a graphics card?

A now old verison of cpu-z didn't have any information on my graphics card capabilties like whether it would support AGP 4X/8X, etc. Aida32 wouldn't tell me anything either. I'm getting an updated version of cpu-z now and will see if that tells me anything more.

Anyway, let me throw you some of my specs. Maybe that will help.

Dell Optiplex GX270
BIOS Version A07
Date 06/26/2006

CPU Speed Normal/Compatible
Bus Speed 533 MHZ
Processor OID F34
Clock Speed 2.80 GHz
L2 Cache Size 1024 KB

Mainboard (CPU-Z)
Dell Computer Corp.
Model OFG015
Chipset Intel i865P/PE/G/i848P Rev A2
Southbridge Intel 82801EB (ICH5)

Processor (CPU-Z)
Intel Pentium 4
Code NMe Prescott
Package Socket 478 mPGA
Technology 90 nm
Well that's alot of info, but I thought it might help.

I can post a full listing of specs from a log file I generated using CPU-Z if that helps.
It's a 2.8 GHZ, 1 GB ram computer processing power wise.

I looked up the specs for the GX270 on Dell's site but it didn't say whether or not I can instal a graphics card.

Oh, and I bought this compuer refurbished from, so I dont have a computer manual for it.

A:I have a Dell Optiplex GX270. Can it support a graphics card?

It has an 8x AGP slot, but doesn't most propably have enough good a power supply to support any decent cards, like these: or
Neither do Dells have good cooling so the 3850 would run pretty hot in it.

The Optiplex basically takes a standard ATX PSU, but you might need to cut some metal to expose the new PSU's power switch or something like that. Safest way would be to get a Dell specific PSU, like this: but if you're feeling lucky, you can save a bit and get this:

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Hello everyone

I need this driver for windows 7 x86

Intel 82801g( ich7 family) I/O controller hub ac'97 audio for windows 7

for Dell Optiplex Gx520 computer

A:(Need) Dell Optiplex Gx520 Sound Card Drivers for Win 7 x86

Hello, you should be able to find all drivers for your PC at the link below:

Product Support | Dell US

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This is my first post ever, so thank you in advance for helping us people that don't have a clue. I recently bought 2 Nancy Drew games and tried to install them. I was prompted with an error message, that I needed Windows XP with Service Pack 2. So I upgraded my system to the correct version of XP. The games installed, but when I try to play them I got this error message:

Error Code ND-12121
The video card in this computer does not meet the minimum requirements to run the game. Outdated video cards may need to be replaced with new hardware. Nancy Drew: Legend of the Crystal Skull requires a 32MB video card that is DirectX 9.0 and 32-bit color compatible. To resolve this issue, please contact your computer or video card manufacturer to download new drivers or update the video card. For additional assistance, please contact technical support at [email protected]

My drivers are all updated and my current card says it's 32 mb. Maybe it just isn't Directx 9.0 compatible? I have tried to find a card for my Optiplex 150, but am having trouble. I bought one card off Ebay, that is too small and will not fit. Is there a card out there for my old computer?

Here is the DxDiag info that I ran, for info on my current graphics card:

Display Devices
Card name: Intel(R) 82815 Graphics Controller (Microsoft Corporation)
Manufacturer: Intel Corpo... Read more

A:Dell Optiplex GX150 video card issue


why not run DxDiag and post ALL of its results rather then selective

Run -> Start -> DxDiag

Wait for the progress bar in lower left to finish and disappear

Click Save All Information to create a txt file on your desktop containing all resutls.

Then attach the file to TechSpot post.

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Ok, so to start off here is the type of computer I have.,or.r_cp.&bvm=bv.91665533,d.b2w&tch=1&ech=1&psi=AuE6VaPGPMTysAX__oH4CA.1429922060776.5&prds=paur:ClkAsKraX8aZDIEMd1n43BXygIllXw0Kgkt4fmaAOzpPKGcQhZStkTabJgiJxZSYldOEKJqa5kiXCKALkF9utEAJuzrEVdnPyE3ettbHVD3cbmcp3s0FWalALRIZAFPVH72RsAXbuER8eu6HC31oihHxhq-ZUA
It is a Windows 7, Dell Optiplex 760.
It has 4 GB of Ram, and an Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q8200 2.33 Ghz
I am looking for a graphics card that I can install in this computer that will be powerful enough to allow me to play Skyrim on highest graphics settings.
Unfortunately, I have been unable to find a graphics card that would fit in my computers casing. Also I've found that some graphics cards need to to plug in with PCIE express cables.
I'm not exactly super techie so tell me if I stated something incorrectly.
But anyhow, my question is;
What is the best sff graphics card that I can get to fit this computer? And is this computer exactly sff?
I ask because it wouldn't fit a normal card, but I'm not sure if that means it's sff...

A:Dell Optiplex 760, video card upgrade = Problems

you have a dell sff (small form factor) pc....this pc was not designed to play video games
if u were to buy a decent "half height" video card that fit the dell............ then u would have to buy a more powerfull power supply to power it
then there would be airflow issues and overheating
starting to get the picture??? it is just not worth it!!!
sell the dell and lokk into buying a GAMING pc that will play your video games (sorry for the bad news)

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I have a Flex 2-14 and I need a part. It attatches to the motherboard via ribbon cable and it's the circuit board with the power button on it. I cannot or don't know what part number to look up, any help would be appreciated. 
Mod's Edit: System model added to front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.

A:Flex 2-14 - Need a Part for my computer

Hi smbainter , 
Welcome to the Community Forums. 
It's best if you have the machine number from the sticker or check it from the parts lookup page, where you can also get the particular Power board part number and power board cable. 
As example I used Machine Type - Model 59418273  LenovoFlex2-14GPGRTXI54210U8G1288MUS from partslookuppage  giving me :
Part number : 5C50F76769 Power Board W Flex2-15 CARDS MISC INTERNAL 
Then checking on the FRU list of the hardware manual, shows Item number 5 page 71 on the dissection figure . 
To verify herewith is the service training guide for video referencing the part you are describing as power board. 
Update us how it goes for you. 

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Hi Yall,
So I have successfully (I think) installed my new Radeon R7 250 "low profile" graphics card on my Dell Optiplex 9020.  I plugged it in the motherboard, started up the computer then went to Device Manager to update the drivers--which I did.  Side note: Ever since plugging the graphics card into the motherboard, some tasks like starting programs or starting windows take 2-10X as long as they used to.  Anyhow, it then asked for a restart, which I did.  The computer still took extra long to start any program, and when I plugged the monitor into the graphics card all I got was a black screen. 
Take two:  I then read that I should have uninstalled my current graphics driver (Intel integrated HD graphics) before I installed my new graphics card, but failing this, I could uninstall my old graphics card and change the default graphics card in the bios.  I uninstalled the old card and went to the bios, but could not change the default...can't remember exactly what it called it, graphics controller or something.  I could see that intel HD graphics was still the default (this is after uninstalling intel HD graphics and then restarting) but could find no way to change this.  Supposedly dell will make the switcheroo on its own...but it doesn't seem to have. 
Take three:  Next I physically removed the graphics card, restarted the computer, then physically inserted the graphics card again, then started the comp... Read more

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My 9 year old has a dell optiplex 755 SFF, he is asking me to upgrade his video card so he can play games like minecraft and some games on steam.
We are on a budget and found this Sapphire radeon 6450 on newegg for $39.99
Will this work in his computer and allow him to play minecraft? steam?;cm_re=6450-_-14-102-933-_-Product&RandomID=1698470702508220150427173530

Thanks in advance

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Graphics card upgrade dell optiplex 9020 small  8189G32 17488602542Hi I'm looking for information is possible to upgrade graphics card. Current card is not fast I need something min 2 GB .My worries is a size of case is something that can fit to this case and other is there other pci sloot? Also I read something that is there power problem, power supply is not strong anuff.Looking forvwrd to here from you experts. Sales Department ignoring me they newer back to me with quotation or information is not possible so I like to dubble check with You Experts.Thank you Lukasz

A:graphics card upgrade dell optiplex 9020 small

The power supplies in the SFF are so small and the case is soo small that there are few to none upgrades.  USFF systems have no slots whatsoever.
The 19W ASUS EAH5450 would be the ONLY one I know works.
The Silent ASUS card fits all models Except the USFF.  Optiplex Tower is a better choice because you can use much better cards.
USFF isn't upgrade-able due to no slots.

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I jave just installed windows 7 professional on my dell optiplex gx280 system and came to know that there is no driver available for the built in graphics card (Intel 82915G/GV/910GL Express Chipset Family) that can work with windows 7. Now I am thinking about buyiong a new graphics card. So, please tell me which one would be an optimal compromise between price and performance? I am not going to play heavy games or do any advanced video editing on my PC. I will be only running graphics editing software like adobe photoshop and illustrator and ofcourse, I want to get windows aero interface to work, too.

Or, is there any way to get my current graphics card work in windows seven???

Thanks in advance for giving any advice.

A:Minimum Graphics Card that will work with Dell Optiplex GX 280 + WIn7?

The 440GT and HD5670 are good choices - SAPPHIRE 100287L Radeon HD 5670 (Redwood) 512MB 128-bit DDR5 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card w/ATI Eyefinity - MSI N440GT-MD1GD3/LP GeForce GT 440 (Fermi) PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready Video

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I'm an almost total Noob
Have a desktop Optiplex GX620 computer I use only at work. No gaming. The power supply for this computer is 280W.
It uses an Integrated Intel Graphics Media Accelator 950. I don't know if it is low-profile card or not.
This integrated graphics card sucks--even for just text.
I am seeking an under $50 one that is compatible with the computer.
Can anyone recommend something or send me to a website that might help me find something compatible?

A:Solved: Compatible graphics card for dell Optiplex GX620

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A:Optiplex GX1 Tower


You need to use Thread Tools in the ORIGINAL Post to flag you Q as solved. Creating an unrelated new Post is a compounded problem.

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I have a dell optiplex GX260 system with 1 GB RAM in it. I recently intslled Windows 7 on that system. The Grapics are not proper on the system, the videos I watch are bit cracked. I tried to intsll various drivers for VGA but was unsuccesful. Please either tell me an option to intsll VGA drivers on the sytem or advice me a really cheap Windows 7 Ultimate (x86) compatible graphic card that I can get in Ireland or online.
I have free PCI slot on my PC. I read something about AGP slot on internet for cards but I am not aware of them.


A:Cheap Windows 7 compatible graphic card for Dell Optiplex GX260

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I have a Dell 24" monitor with the built in card reader and was wondering how to get it to work in win. 7 If I remember correctly I have to enable a feature for it to work. Can anyone help me?

Thanks Jack

A:Dell Card Reader

Go to the dell site and download the drivers


You should have a servcie tag on the back of the monitor

It will show in device manager, I don't know if yours is a teac model but it will look like the pic below

I believe to use it the monitor has a usb connection to hook to your computer, which will probably load the drivers automatically. Found a pic for you, it uses a Black USB 2.0 A/B cable

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I own a Optiplex 760 Mini Tower. 
I found out that I have a 0G214D Motherboard. Unfortunately I still can not find out if this means I can upgrade to a Quad core. Can you please tell me if this is the case and which CPU is the most powerful Quadcore I can use? And if not wich of the Dual cores I should use. BTW, i use an Nvidia  GTX750ti using 60W.
Thank you and all the best

A:Optiplex 760 Mini Tower Quadcore
Q9650 is max.  Bios update should be done BEFORE trying to change cpu.

 750 TI only fits in the TOWER and Only After Cutting the Bracket off and ONLY with Short cards with 1 fan aka 8.4 inches max.

There are no single slot cards.   If one was put in they hacked the bracket in half or removed bracket altogether.  If you remove the bracket on EVGA models you can use tin snips to CUT OFF half the bracket.  The cooling vents are blocked so you might also have to drill holes in the case to let air out.  Long Cards with 2 fans DO NOT FIT and WILL NOT EVER FIT into the Tower or any other size.

Only Short cards with Short fans Fit.

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Hi,I am looking into upgrading the gpu of this 745 that I currently don't have yet. I have my eye on an Asus NVIDIA GT 710, but was wondering if it will fit in terms of height. I read online someone expressing concerns about it needing two slots space, but that was never clarified or refute in the discussion. Would this one fit?If not, what other options do I have in a similar price range? I would prefer to go for a 2GB card, but will settle for 1GB if I have to. Thanks for your time.Regards

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I tried to add a PCIe 16x video card to this machine and plugged a monitor into the card as well as the on board VGA in an effort to setup dual monitors. When I booted after that, I was given an error message after POST that said that is in incompataible configuration. I checked with Dell and they said it was too. I've done this exact thing with a PCI card on an older Dell machine and it worked instantly. Are there any work arounds or BIOS settings that I can change? The add-on card is a Dell ATI Radeon X600.

Thanks in advance.

A:Dual Monitors Optiplex 760 Tower

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Dell XPS 410 running Windows 7 32 Bit (upgrade from Vista).

Desktop came with a built in Card Reader.

If I recall, the card reader will only take SD cards up to 2GB. Does this sound right?

I think that someone brought over a digital camera with a 4GB card (with only a few pictures on it) and the Dell XPS 410 built in card reader would not recognize the 4GB card. Card Reader does recognize all SD cards 2GB and less.

Anyway, to read a Secure Digital/SD card above 2GB - do I need a new and different card reader or is there something else that I can do to get the desktop to read above 2GB?

If I buy a new external USB SD card reader - will my XPS 410 be able to read anything abover 2GB?

I guess my question is - is it the card reader or the desktop that limits the ability to read an SD card above 2GB in size?

A:Dell XPS 410 32 Bit - Card Reader Issue

I've never heard of a card reader only reading a specific sized card.

It could be a driver issuer from the upgrade of Vista to 7. Go into device manager and uninstall the driver and then reboot. This will reinstall the 7 generic driver for the card reader and then check the card reader. If that doesn't work then go to the PC manufacturer site and check there for a windows 7 driver for the card reader.

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Anyone know if I can add a media card reader to a Dell Inspiron E2180. I have a Dimension E510 that I ordered from Dell 2 yrs ago and it came with the media card reader. I am looking at the E2180 for daughter and found one in the Best Buy flyer. It does not come with the reader but the price is nice.

Appreciate any advice or suggestions..thanks

A:media card reader for Dell?

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I need an advice for buying a dedicated video card, for my Dell Optiplex 7010 SFF. Curently I have the Intel HD (Intel i3 3240), but I want something more.
Ive found the AMD Radeon HD7470 at a good price, but also the Nvidia Quatro 600 (low profile).
My question: Will Nvidia Quatro 600 work on my system?
The Dell Optiplex SFF has an 240 W power supply. The PCIex16 Slot (BLUE) (Voltage supported 3.3V/12V) has the maximum wattage = 50 W, and the Nvidia Quatro 600 (low profile) has the maximum power consumption = 40 W.
And, if I want to upgrade my CPU to i7 3770 in the future, will the power be enough?
Maximum Power Consumption
Maximum Power Consumption
Maximum Power Consumption

A:Dell Optiplex 7010 SFF video card advice (nvidia quatro 600 vs Radeon HD7470)

I've started this thread almost a year ago, looking for some answers. No one answered. I have meanwhile upgraded some components, taking the chance ... 
- 250 Gb SSD (Samsung 850 EVO) 
- 32 Gb DDR3 1600 (4 x 8 Gb Crucial CT102464BA160B)
- PNY Nvidia Quadro K620 
The next things I have in mind: a new CPU (i5 or i7) & another SSD drive (850 PRO this time). 

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i have searched the forum but have not been able to find anything that says it is ok to use a regular atx power supply in an optiplex 960 mini tower.  I have an 620 mini tower and it uses a regular atx but no info on the 960.  Anyone know if it is ok , or have to use dell only power supply

A:atx power supply with optiplex 960 mini tower

Optiplex 960 MT power supply upgrades

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I have a Intel core2 duo E8400 3.00 GHz and 4 sticks of 2 GB ram sticks = 8 GB
Please tell me what i can upgrade to max for best performance i dont know that much.

A:Max processor and ram for the Mini-tower optiplex 755 (BIOS A17)

You are maxed out at 8GB.

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I'm wanting to get myself the Q6600, and I own the Optiplex 760 Mini Tower. My motherboard is 0M858N.
I've had problems finding answers for this, some say it can, some say it cannot.
Does anyone have an idea?

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I have an Optiplex 790 Mini-Tower with an i5-2400 and integrated Intel HD 2000 video.
The case has both a VGA and Display Port connector, I am presently using the VGA port. I am investigating going for a Dual Monitor setup and am confused whether I can do so without having to purchase a discrete video card. I am reading conflicting reports that some say yes and others no. Can some kind soul please confirm one way or the other ?
I do not use the PC for gaming, it is work only with the occasional video and web browsing. Mainly I need dual monitor for multiple file editing, scripting, database programming etc.
Many thanks, Fin.

A:Optiplex 790 Mini-Tower Dual Monitor ?

Hi Fin,
OptiPlex 790's onboard video solution supports both VGA and DisplayPort at the same time. You can connect two monitors to the computer without adding a discrete card.
Please let me know if you need further information.

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I want to slap a couple pieces into a Dell Optiplex 745 desktop model to make it a bit more functional. Since it has no memory card reader and I've taken out the floppy drive, I wanted to use that floppy bay to put in a multi-card reader. How do I determine what will fit and work with the motherboard? I've seen a certain internal connector on many such readers which I don't think this motherboard can take.

Second, I want to swap out the DVD-ROM/CD-RW drive it has with a full DVD-RW drive. I know Dell PCs tend to lean towards proprietary parts though, does that extend to the optical drives? My eye is on the same brand Asus drive I put in my Gateway earlier this year which I've been very pleased with. For the record, this Dell takes SATA type drives so my guess is any modern SATA optical DVD drive should work, but I don't want to get burned on Dell's proprietary parts needs if it affects the optical drive too.

A:ungrading an older Dell- DVD-ROM and card reader

You could buy an external card reader with USB connector and you'll have no problems.

With the DVD/RW swap, you shouldn't have any problem, as well. Just make sure the jumpers match. If the old one is set to Master, the new one should be the same. The ribbon will be printed with the words Master and slave.

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Was updated to Windows 10 (without requesting it). All seemed OK until, after a few weeks, tried SD card reader. System doesn't see (a good) card inserted. Dell advise on their support site that they are not developing drivers for Windows 10 for this laptop. (Also have same problem using the SD card via a card reader in a USB slot). Is there a way forward from this? Thanks in anticipation. Frustrated of Leicester.

A:Dell Inspiron - Widows 10 - SD Card Reader

which model dell laptop?

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Hi guys, my dad just got a laptop and the card reader isn't reading any sd cards. The laptop is a Dell latitude e6500 and when I go to devices it says that the card reader is a broadcom ush model 5880. Its weird because it shows on my bottom right panel icon that it is usb connected and that it can be ejected but its inside, not an external card reader.

I thought maybe the driver is outdated and when I checked the devices properties it says that the drivers aren't even installed. I checked online but I can't find the driver either. I'd really appreciate the help guys. Thanks

A:Dell Laptop Card Reader Problem

Look at Device manager and from the properties find the &VEN and &DEV ids. From those you can get the drivers, although you should have them as part of the driver set supplied by Dell.
You can get them from Dell if you sign in to the Dell support site which is free but needs registration. Once there it will allow you to get all drivers and manuals using the service tag on the Dell. It will either get it from the connected machine or you can type it from any other.

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I have Dell Optiplex GX620, P4 3.4ghz tower. I'd like to install an internal USB card reader in the unused 3.5" drive bay. The problem I'm having is locating the USB port on the motherboard to connect the USB drive to. Has anyone done this or has a similar machine that has a factory card reader installed. I already have a multi card reader with the pin connectors.

Any help would greatly be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


A:3.5" USB internal card reader for a Dell

There are only so many places for it to hide on the motherboard and if you can't find it, it isn't there. Actually, I looked up the manual and it doesn't appear to have an internal USB header. You'll have to install a PCI USB card with an internal header.

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Hi, I am doubting wether my Optiplex 755 is a Mini Tower or SFF model.

I found the following tagd:

Service Tag: 
<ADMIN NOTE: Service tag removed per privacy policy>
Express Service Code: 
<ADMIN NOTE: Express service code removed per privacy policy>

I cannot find the explanation on the website.

Does anybody know where I can find the info?

A:Finding out Model 755 Optiplex service tag Mini Tower or what?

Match the appearance of the case with the photo in the pdf below (from L to R, mini tower, desktop, SFF, and ultra SFF.

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I cannot get an OptiPlex 755 Mini Tower to power on. It had been running fairly continuously in an office environment on a APC battery backup/surge protector until it failed Monday morning. Then there was some orange light that was flashing or continuous. When the computer was turned off, it would not come on again. Sorry for the vagueness, but this is second-hand information. I found a fair amount of dust inside, but I've seen far worse on computers
When I push the power button I get no change: no light in the power button, no diagnostic lights, no sounds, no fan movement. When I connect it to power the "AUX LED" light on the motherboard comes on a solid yellow/amber so the PSU is putting out something.
Is this likely to be a PSU problem? Is there some way to pin it down other than buying a replacement PSU?
Thanks for any help,
Joe M

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There is a design problem with the OptiPlex 7040 Mini Tower case that leads to excessive noise. The plastic grid panel on the front of the case rattles loudly, especially when the system is operating under a heavy computational workload. I'm not certain if the vibration originates from a fan or from the hard drive, but it's clearly causing resonance in that plastic front grid panel. I'm certain that the front panel is what's making the noise. The noise goes away completely if I press my finger against the front panel (and resumes immediately when I remove my finger). My current workaround to the problem is to prop up the front of the case with a piece of bubble wrap. Dell's engineers should consider altering this case design to address the vibration problems.

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Hello, my Optiplex 7040 just arrived this week.  I bought a Kingston 120mb SATA ssd in a 2280 stick, so I'm trying to see if I can use this for my main boot drive (Windows 10) and then move the 500gb 3.5 Sata drive over to a storage drive.When I install the 120gb 2280 stick into the M.2 slot, and load the bios...   *It shows up under General / System Information / PCI information / Slot5_M.2 & also under Device Information / SATA-4   *When I look under System Configuration / Drives, it also shows up under SATA-4 here as well.  However, it's showing up as a 0gb Drive under 'type'!
So when I boot from a USB drive to try and reinstall Windows on this M.2 stick, it's not showing up at all.
When I connect the M2 SATA drive and load Windows on the existing 3.5 SATA drive that came with the 7040, the M2 2280 stick shows up in 'device manager' under the hard drives.  The serial # there corresponds to a Toshiba-form hdd; unfortunately, I can't do anything with it in Windows 10.
SATA operation is set to AHCI, and I am booting into legacy with the USB.Any thoughts?  I'm wondering if maybe I have a dead memory stick.  There's no real way I can test it on another computer to see what happens.

A:Optiplex 7040 Mini Tower M.2 slot upgrade....

For Windows 10 you should have a UEFI Boot with SecureBoot Enabled. The USB should be made using the GPT partition scheme for UEFI BIOS. I hope you mean 120 GB and not 120 MB....
See here for details: 

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Hi everyone, I'm new on this forum. I bought 2 years ago a dell optiplex 3010 mini tower, suddenly it stopped working, I have no screen, no video or any kind of sound, the only thing it does is to light up the number 3 & 4 lights on the front panel. What can I do ?


A:Optiplex 3010 mini tower diagnostic lights 3 & 4

Hi ,
Thank you for writing to us ! 
To understand the cause of this issue I would ask you to try these steps and advise the result ,
*Disconnect the system from wall socket ,then press and hold the power button for about 15 - 20 secs .Then connect the system to wall socket and try to turn on the system .Here we are trying to release static charge from the system .
*Then disconnect all the peripheral components from the system and try to turn on the system .
*If the above step fails then remove all the memory modules from the system and try to turn on the system with only 1 memory module at a time .
If there are any more queries do reply to this post with system service tag sent via private message .
Hoping to hear from you soon .
Kind Regards,

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I would like to share my experiences how to fix noisy audio output on Dell Optiplex 755 under linux. I did try changing power supply, better video card, adding separate sound card (front panel audio output doesn't work then) updating drivers and even changing the whole computer. I was first sure that the reason for the noise must be old capacitors somewhere in the system board or in the power supply. It took me months to find the solution.
The symptoms are: static noise on audio even if there should be no sound at all. The noise doesn't depend on the audio volume. 
The solution: open terminal, start alsamixer. HDA Intel Analog Devices AD1984 should open. Use right cursor key to scroll the screen until Beep audio level adjust is selected. Lower the volume of Beep down. This should fix the noisy output.  I set the Beep volume to 6%.Apparently Beep sound output produces low level noise even if no beep sound is produced. If Beep volume is adjusted to high in alsamixer, this noise is amplified and added to the audio mix.

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I just inherited a Dell E6520 laptop that has had a fresh install of Win 7 Pro 64 bit put on it. All of the available updates through Microsoft Update have been done to date, and the drivers available for my service tag have been downloaded and installed from the Dell support site.

The only remaining problem I am having is with the on board SDHC card reader. I have a SanDisk 16GB SDHC card that the on board reader completely ignores. The reader works perfectly with a 4GB SDHC card. Both cards are formatted with a FAT32 file system.

The 16GB card works fine in an external USB reader, and it works fine in the on-board reader in my HP 6730B running Win 7 Pro 32 bit OS.

Any thoughts or ideas are welcome.


A:Dell E6520 SDHC reader can see 4GB card but not a 16GB

Dell has a memory card reader driver, listed with the various chipset drivers. Suggest you install the chipset drivers and the memory card reader and see if that helps.

However, some card readers on Dell's will not read high capacity memory cards, although this is new enough that it should.

Product Support | Dell US

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ok heres the thing:
I recently updated my laptop to win 7 x64 from win vista x32(which came preloaded)
everything seems to ne working fine except the SD card Reader..

i am sure it is from Ricoh but not sure which model..

i checked Dell drivers website for the latest drivers but they dont seem to be working..

can anyone help me?

thanks in advance!!

A:Dell Studio 1555 SD Card Reader not working!

Welcome to Windows Seven Forums.

I had the same problem with a Dell when I unloaded Win 7 32-bit and installed Win 7 64-bit and discovered the four card readers didn't show in Windows Explorer, but did in Device Manager using Windows generic drivers.

I later bought a Kodak card reader for my wife's laptop and tried the Kodak software on the Dell and lo and behold, all four card readers showed up in Windows Explorer.

So, there you have it, Dell don't supply card reader drivers for the 64-bit version, but a third-party provider may do.

As a matter of interest, have you tried a card to see if Dell's card readers work?

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I have purchased a new camera which uses sd or sdhc memory cards. I know the Dell reads sd but am not sure about the sdhc type. I see on Amazon a lot of people say that many pc's cannot read the high capacity card - the system is 2 yrs old - I can't find anything in the manual about this function. Anybody know??? Thanks.

A:Solved: Dell Inspiron One 2305 and SD card reader

Well according to the specs (pulled them from Amazon, Dells site kept suggesting other systems since this one is no longer available.

Multi-format memory card reader including compatibility with Secure Digital (SD), Hi-Capacity Secure Digital (SDHC), Hi-Density Secure Digital (SDHD), Multi Media Card (MMC), Memory Stick (MS), Memory Stick PRO (MS Pro), Click to expand...

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My SD card reader and USB ports have stopped working on my Dell Studio laptop running W8.1.

They still identify what's put into the ports and reader as the USB sticks light up and the computer goes bing when an SD card is put in, but they don't show up in Windows Explorer. If I put a cabled USB device into the ports, like the printer lead or a lead to the camera, these do work and show up in Windows Explorer.

Any ideas on how to fix this please?

Many thanks!

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I ordered the new Optiplex 7040 minitower and its a horrible design.  I tried to open the case and they have a plastic tab that snapped off.  the spring and slide assembly inside. You can't reach the expansion bays and the case design is horrible.  It reminds me of the old style Acer PC's that ended up being throw aways.  Sending this one back right away.  Biggest flop I've seen in a new Optiplex!

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Can somebody please advise on the correct part number for the surface dock to use on a Surface Pro 4?
I've seen:
PF3-00012 for ?132
PF3-00006 for ?144
PD9-00004 for ?170
The Microsoft Store doesn't mention the part number.

A:Surface dock part numbers

Originally Posted by Windows Central Question Can somebody please advise on the correct part number for the surface dock to use on a Surface Pro 4?
I've seen:
PF3-00012 for ?132
PF3-00006 for ?144
PD9-00004 for ?170
The Microsoft Store doesn't mention the part number. I couldn't see what the difference was - perhaps you can contact your local ms store? It could just be batch numbers though
If you need additional help or have more questions or details to share, please join the site so you can reply in this thread. See this link for instructions on how to join Windows Central.

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Dear all, I unfortunately spilled water on the keyboard of my 2nd gen X1 carbon and several of the keys no longer work. As it is out of warranty, I was hoping to buy the parts from Lenovo and fix it myself. Can somebody point me in the right direction as far as which parts I'll need to replace and what the part numbers are? Thanks!

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I have just done a clean install of Windows 10 on my Dell Inspiron 15R-7520 and the USB card reader was not working. When i checked Device Manager it showed a device listed as USB2.0-CRW was not installed. Windows was unable to find a suitable driver so i installed "Dell SupportAssist for PCs and Tablets" from
I then ran Dell SupportAssist and on its startup window/home page the Drivers and Downloads tile showed an update was available for Realtek USB Card Reader so i installed it and the USB card reader is now working.
NB. when you start Dell SupportAssist it does a scan of your system so you have to wait a minute or 2 before all items/info are available on its startup page.

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I uninstalled the Card Reader and let Windows install the new driver. That didn't work, so I downloaded the latest driver direct from the Realtek site and tried to install it. That didn't work either so I looked at the Event Viewer and noticed: "Device not migrated". My OS is Win 10. See the screenshot below:
I pasted a screenshot, but it didn't publish. It read: Device Deleted, Device Install Requested, Device Not Migrated, Device Service Added (RTSUER), and Devise Installed (rtsuerext.inf)

I look forward to hearing from anyone who can give me some help on this.

A:Dell Inspiron 660 Card Reader (Realtec 2.0) stopped working

Did you install both Intel chipset drivers after loading Win 10, here and then here?
Look in Device Manager for the card reader. If it's listed, right-click and Uninstall it. Then install Dell's Win 10 driver for the Realtek Card Reader in the  660 and reboot.

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I was planning on buying either a Dell Optiplex 780 SFF or an Dell Optiplex 980 SFF but I would like to know which one will work with Windows XP 64 Bit.

A:Will Windows XP 64 Bit work on a Dell Optiplex 780 SFF or Optiplex 980 SFF?

For Windows XP 64 Bit its best to use the somewhat hidden (old ftp website):
This has the old drivers listed of multiple versions including the XP x64 drivers not mentioned on Drivers and Downloads. The new ftp website is slightly broken at present.

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My sonlugged the wrong supply into his Comaq IJ300 printer when he moved it. I need the aprt number for the diodes on the board.
The board part number is BJ2400M02001 ver A5

D9 diode

D10 zener diode

If I knew what part numbers the zener was it would fix it or if I knew what voltage was on the zener it would tell me what size zener to put in it.



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I need a HD caddy for an Optiplex 960 DT. It is identical to the configuration pictured here:
 So far, from Dell support the only number I get is P/N UJ528.
This doesn't appear to be the correct part as it is different from the one pictured in the article mentioned earlier.
The caddy I need mounts parallel to the motherboard just under/behind the optical drive. UJ528 appears to be the one that mount perpendicular to the motherboard in a cage.
Can anyone out there shed some light on this so I can get the correct P/N for ordering purposes.

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I have a Dell Inspiron 1420 that I upgraded to Windows 10 -64bit a few months ago.  Has anyone succeeded in getting all hardware work under Win10 on this machine.  I know this laptop is pretty old and Dell does not provide drivers for Win7 and Win10 for this model (which I think is not really cool on their part).  
Most of my hardware pieces work except the MultiCard reader (the slot that reads SD cards, etc).  The machine sees the hardware in Device Manager, reports it as working fine, but when I insert the card, the file manager does not detect a new drive at all.  
Anyone succeeded getting Multi-Care Reader to work under Win10?  Perhaps drivers from other laptop models might be suitable?  

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A Dell machine I have is having power issues, I came across this thread:

Further down in that thread, I saw this post which explains I need to replace a piece:

I Google'd around for that part # but could not find it to buy. Any ideas?

A:Dell sold defective part, where can I buy the part?

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Hi, all!I'm owner Dell Optiplex 9020 Micro without WiFi.Anybody know part number of WiFi card and wire antenns to buy?Maybe you look into your chasis right number who have WiFi?
Thank you in advance!

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