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Connect 2 routers via Ethernet Switch

Q: Connect 2 routers via Ethernet Switch

I've set up two routers (one a primary router and the second as an access point to extend my wifi). They are currently in the same room connected together a by 1 metre cable and everything is working fine.
However, I need to move the second router upstairs and trying to replicate the connection between the two routers. The house is wired with network points and cables which all feed into a 24 Port Planet 10/100Mbps Ethernet Switch.
I've located the wall socket/ethernet port number (No. 6) from which the primary room is located and connected and similar the second router in the upstairs room (No. 2).
As its going into an ethernet switch, I thought that should automatic connect routers on the network. However, when I try to access the second router (via WIFI), its not connecting to the internet which is likely because the two routers are no longer connected.
I tested the two sockets (No. 6 and No. 2) with one of those cable testers and I did get a signal on both ends, so not sure what is going on. To my mind, the routers should be connected.
Can anyone help?

A: Connect 2 routers via Ethernet Switch

From your description it should work.
Go back to step one with two routers connected by the 1M cable and double check you get a wifi connection to the internet.
Plug Primary router into wall socket and secondary router into other end of cable, before the switch - check connection.
Recconect switch and plug secondary router to switch with 1M cable - check connection.
Reconnect switch and try secondary router in desired location - check connection.
A bit of hassle but will identify where the connection is failing.

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I have this major issue with my MSN messenger (on my PC) whenever I connect it to a ethernet switch so I could use it (my PC) with my Laptop, so together both have internet connection.. my MSN messenger works fine and it could sign in easily, but when I disconnect my ethernet switch and connect to just my modem, my MSN messenger says it could not connect to the internet or that there's no internet connection where there is! (I forgot which error code but its well known, I've searched before and it said it could be the anti-virus etc but I have no problems with my anti-virus and programs it monitors). Anyone know how to stop this stupid silly error with Live Messenger?

A:Live Messenger works when I connect it to a Ethernet switch?

Can you ping once you use the modem? You might not be authenticating to the WWW properly and Msn is blinded with connectivity by the modem being unable to do so.

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I have an ethernet cable run in my house. What I need to figure out is if there is such thing an ethernet switch that does not require a power source. (or something that can get this situation resolved)

Here is my situation:
I have a cable ran to my basement, and have a bedroom directly above the basement that needs an ethernet run. It is not possible for me to run a completely new cable from the original starting point, so I was somehow hoping to use the cable going to the basement, put a head on it, put it into a switch/hub/splitter and run a cable out of it to the room directly above, and use the other cable coming out to stay in the basement.

Is there something that can do this for me? Is there a better way to do so? What would you suggest? Thanks!

UPDATE: Please refer to post #4 for more details.

A:Solved: Such thing as an Ethernet switch that doesn't need power? Question about ethernet run

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My internet connection comes into my home and connects to a linksys 10/100 switch. I have two linksys routers connected to the switch. (a WRT54G and a BEFSR11). Both routers have their own public ip's.

-Is there anyway to be able for one pc to browse the network behind the second router?
-Is there a way to remove one of the routers from my config but still be able to use both public ip's?



A:1 isp, 1 switch, 2 routers, 2 public ips

you modem incoming line should go to one of the routers, and that router should be set to gateway mode. the other router should be set to router mode. use the ||<>X switch on the back of both routers to allow pcs on the network to share files/interact.

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sorry kinda new here if this isn't the right thread for my post please will you kindly relocate it. thanks. well here it goes.

can 2 routers. "the first one is an wireless internet connection". and the other one is a "DSL connection". is it possible if i connect the two routers in 1 switch if both of them have different ip address?what will happened? cause i want to avail a DSL connection w/ 1mbps but I already have a wireless internet connnection w/ 364kbps? but i want them to be both used at the same time so my wireless connection won't go to waste.

A:2 Routers w/ different internet con and 1 switch is it possible?

No you can not do this


isp#1 --- switch --- isp#2
+---- system with 2x bandwidth

You can create dual access, but it will not give 2x bandwidth!

isp#1---- system --- isp#2
the system needs TWO adapters ( (2) Nics or (2) WifI or (1) each and the Wifi needs a wireless router for EACH)

The issue will be the default routing will FORCE most access to be via one of the
isp's and only those IP addresses you add for explicit routing to the other adapter
will use the second path.

Internally, Once a connection is made from your system to a website, only that
connection will be used for transport -- the other ISP is ignorant of the traffic.

You're into the reason for Torents which have special coding to open multiple
connections to increase the download time, but even then, all of the connections
will still be lopsided and ignore the second ISP.

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I've just configured one of my routers as a switch by disabling dhcp and connecting the second router to the first by lan ports. I can now connect to the internet using pc's on the router I'm using as a switch, all the pc's are showing on the network map, but when I try to connect to them either using either browsing the network or trying to map a network drive, the pc's aren't visible to each other.

Hope this makes sense and any help greatly appreciated.


A:Solved: Using 2 routers, one as a switch and cant see other pc's on lan

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Hi I currently have a wireless linksys router hooked up to a linksys switch. i now want to hook up another router to it. how can i do this. i was told that i first have to go into the second(new) router and change the ip address to and then disable dchp and then hit save. this is all done at the set up page. my question is here. i have a linksys wireless router WKPC54G hooked up to a linksys switch ezxs55w, i now want to connect the linksys switch to a linksys router befsr41. i have port three of the wireless router connected to port 1 of the switch. here is the question. can i take a cable from port 2 of the switch and connect it to port 1 of the second router (the sr41) and then use the remaining ports of that router to go to other computers. i was told i should take a cable from the uplink port on the switch to the internet port on the second router and then i can use the other router ports for computers. and i was also told i can go from any available ports 1,2...etc form the swithch to any ports1,2,etc to the second router. i have two computers on the first router and one computer and one printer on the switch. i want to be able to print from all the computers even the new ones i plan to hook up to the second router. i was told the best way was to use an available switch port to any of the numbered ports of the new router. and not use the uplink port of the sitch or the internet port of the second router. please lt me know the best way.... Read more

A:help hooking up linksys routers and switch

Why do you want to add another router... A switch plugged into the current switch is the better choice.

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i have a router directly attached by the wan port to my dsl modem. all the pcs attatched to it work beautifully. I have another router that i would like to attach to the existing one as a HUB/SWITCH WITH NO FIREWALL PROTECTION. basically i would like to use the wan port on my extra router as an "UPLINK" to a LAN port on the existing router how would i go about doing it? they are both DLINK

i want to be able to have all my computers share files. Also, if what i am talking about is not possible, let me know and i will just use the lan port instead.

A:Solved: connecting two routers (one as a switch)

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I know routers give out out IP addresses ,forward the packets and can block the packets . Well a switch just forward the packets. My questions is how does one router know how to talk to other router? I read that the routing table control this and how it is hooked up . But I'm confused here.

What is subnet mask? Is subnet mask just a way of having other networks? Having two or move routers with same IP address of the connecting computer will lead to major problems ? Only way to have the same IP address on the connecting computers is to use other subnet mask?

A:Trying to understand routers vs switch and subnet mask.

Not all routers are setup to act as a DHCP server to give out IP addresses. And some layer 2 switches have a DHCP server to give out IP addresses.

A switch actually forwards frames not packets. This is a common mistake in terminology which even seasoned network professionals make. It's common enough where when someone talks about packets and switches, its already an implied reference to frames.

A router is a layer 3 device which forwards packets on to another destination when it receives a packet to process. How the router knows how to forward a packet is through its route table. The route table is either self configured through known IP addresses from local interfaces on the router, through manual configuration called static routes in the router's configuration, or through learning of routes with what's called dynamic routing protocols (RIP, OSPF, EIGRP, and BGP).

In the first scenario where the networks are known through the local interfaces, this is what the route table would look like when we have a simple two interface router where Int1 has an IP of and Int2 has an IP of So the router knows that if it receives a packet from a host on the network destined for a host with an IP of on Int1. The router knows that the packet needs to be forwarded to Int2 as it has an interface on the network. The same thing would happen in the reverse direction. But if a packet originating on the 192.168.0.x network ... Read more

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Hi, i need a solution for this problem:

I have two networks. Each with different Broadband ISP connection(DSL). And I need them to interconnect with each other.

ISP A->Modem A->Router A->Switch A->Client PCs

ISP B->Modem B->Router B->Switch B->Client PCs

Router A is configured as a DHCP server

what router configuration should i choose for router B?

what IP addresses should i use for the entire network and where to set it?

If needed which divices should i connect my cables with to ensure the two networks would meet.

Im using DLink 4 port Ethernet Broadband Routers and DLink 24 port Switches.

Thank you in advance for those who can help.

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I'm going to be getting a router soon and was wondering if I'll have any problems since I have a usb ethernet adapter at the moment? It connects to my cable modems ethernet jack though, not sure if that helps anything.

A:Question about routers and usb ethernet adapter

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Can any one advised me

I want to implement network on 6 Floor , 12-12 Port on each portion in one floor, total 24 ports on each floor keeping in mind distance between the each floors how do i connect them with fiber cable (which fiber cable i required) so speed remain constant for all floors.

How is my Idea to implement...right from server room in 1 floor where all internet connection providing to each floor. Cascading from 1 to 2 , 2 to 3, 3 to 4, 4 to 5, 5 to 6. UPon this i get into a low speed bandwith comparing to 1 floor Network. Does Network Gets slow by connecting through Cat5 UTP cable in cascading example.

Please adviced me.

-Thank Q>

A:How Can i Connect Gigabyte Switch to Gitabyte Switch

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i have this sr224 switch and i like to connect it to my giga network sr2024 switch.
now, i plug a utp belden cat5e to port 1 of sr224 and the other end to port 1 of sr2024.
what i got is the whole panel lights of sr224 will blink very fast.
is this normal? or sr224 and sr2024 cannot be paired?

thanks in advance guys

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Hi, guys. I have connected Huawei switch S5700-24TP-SI-AC with Cisco switch 2960 using one single fiber with LX SFP. The port is up on one side (Blinking on Huawei side) and down on Cisco side...Please help.

A:Huawei switch vs Cisco switch, How to connect

What kind of 2960 switch do you have? Have you checked the interface to verify the switch recognizes the optic and all the stats report back as normal? Are you using a Cisco branded optic? Do you see light being shot out from the optic in the 2960?

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Can someone give me some advice on how to set up a basic network using two 2600 routers and a 2900 Cisco switch ? Not as far as commands but do I need to use NAT ? I have Comcast as my ISP. Please help me !

A:Setting up a basic home network with 2 Cisco 2600 Routers and switch

we always need nat.

Most of the time the connections look like

modem----router --- other devices and/or switchs --- still more devices
There are a FEW cases where the modem needs to be set to BRIDGE mode, but
don't go there unless it all fails.

Keep it simple to start with [ modem---router---one system]

see this for testing your ISP connection

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We have several computers on a network attached to a router. My son uses his PC and plays games on line using the Xbox. Everytime he wants to switch from one to the other, he has to pull the Ethernet cable out and put it in the other unit. He isn't close to the router so its impossible to set up two separate connections. Is there anything out there that would serve as an A-B switch where he can hook up the Ethernet line to the switch, then run another two shorter wires out to the PC and Xbox. It would be nice for him to be able to go back and fourth without having to crawl behind the Xbox and attach.

A:A-B Switch for Ethernet

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Another thought for changing my network for printer only sharing.

All things being equal, which hardware item will be better for printer sharing - Hub or Switch. I don't want to have to redo my cabling.

I understand a hub or switch will change the direction internally, so I don't have to buy any cross-over patch cables, but just plug each computer in to the hub or switch - right?

The other alternative is to buy a second cheap printer, but that entails cartridge additions at a later date.

Comments please. . .

A:Ethernet - Hub OR Switch!

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Got an odd one for you, but someone might have run across it.

In addition to software security devices when accessing the Internet, I use hardware security as well. Since being disconnected from the Internet is the best possible security, I use an RJ-45 coupler in the Ethernet cable between my computer and the cable modem, keeping one or other side of the cable disconnected except when I'm actually using the Internet (downloading mail, etc.)

This is quite convenient, but the Ethernet connectors invariably break after 100 or so connect/disconnect cycles, and the cable segment has to be replaced.

The best solution, if anyone has ever seen or heard of one, would be an on/off switch designed to link two RJ-45 Ethernet cables. Not as good would be a little two-port Ethernet "hubby", such as used to be available for a while 10 or 12 years ago, with its own power supply; I could then use an ordinary 120V AC on/off switch to control the Internet connection by powering the hubby up and down. But I can no longer find any of these hubbies.

Any info on either of these devices, or suggestions of better alternative methods, would be much appreciated. Thanks.

A:Ethernet On/Off Switch

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Ok so i am trying to get on xbox live at uni but it failed at ip adress so i bought a wireless router and tryed connecting that way and it worked for abit and then didnt

So i have took the router back i was just wondering if i buy a ethernet switch and plug the two ethernet cables in the one from my laptop and the one from my xbox and bridge the connections would the test still fail at ip adress or would it be ok?

Just thought i would ask on here before spending the money and having to take it back again

Thanks Ross

A:Ethernet Switch

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Can someone tell me: can I add an ethernet switch to an ethernet switch?

I've just bought a 4 port model.
I've qucikly realised I need more ports!

Can I just buy another ethernet switch and extend?


A:Can I add an ethernet switch to an ethernet switch?

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ok. here's the deal. i have 2 notebooks. and a dsl internet connection. i recently bought a switch so as to connect both laptops to the internet simultaneously. but it doesn't seem to work. i checked the other threads and the comments posted for similiar problems that others have.but the solutions don't seem to work for me.
i can only connect one notebook at a time. if i connect the other, usually a "ip conflict" balloon pops up. so HELP!

A:ip conflict with ethernet switch

Because you have residential service which will only give you one single public IP. By putting in a switch, you are causing both laptops to request an IP via DHCP. Frankly, I'm surprised you're even getting both laptops to get an IP from the DHCP server. You need a router which does NATing to allow simultaneous network connectivity for both laptops not a switch.

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Will be using two desktop PC's in house for the first time now.

Have always had a hard wired Ethernet cable between Router output and the one desktop pc.

New PC coming with, apparently, some "wireless" capability.

a. Can one of the PC's be connected to the Router wirelessly (and the other thru the Ethernet cable) ?

If so, where are the Settings to do it, and how would I go about it ?

b. Or, is it better to try and set up a GigaBit "Switch", and have both PC's use it ?
Would this be better than one PC wireless, and one PC thru the Ethernet cable ?
Why ? Any caveats or gotchas doing it this way ?


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I am designing a test system that has three 8-bit ethernet microcontrollers connected through FPGAs to some non-standard serial buses transmitting and receiving 16-bit serial data at 1Mbps clock, at some data rate (maybe up to 500 messages/sec each). A PC connected to the ethernet switch will send commands to the three microcontrollers, and will process the data they send. The PC is a Core 2 Duo at tbd speed with tbd RAM, and software to talk via ethernet will be an .exe compiled from C++ source code. Based on years of experience I think the PC can keep up, but I don't know about the ethernet switch.

I don't think a $50 5-port Linksys or D-Link home switch is going to handle this, it needs to buffer data so messages don't get lost. I don't need a router or DHCP server, just a decent switch.

Any ideas? This is for work so money is no object (but would like to keep it under $2000).

A:Ethernet Switch Recommendation?

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As a security device I have an RJ45 coupler in the cable between my computer and internet modem, and I only couple the two cable segments when I need to be online. Needless to say eventually the cable connector breaks and I have to replace the cable segment. I could really use a simple inexpensive inline on/off switch to replace the coupler between the two cable segments, but can't find such a thing. Can anyone help? Thks.

A:Need Ethernet Inline Switch

For inexpensive you could disable the ethernet connection (in Network Connections) or use a firewall.

Next time you buy a modem look for one with a Standby button; all Motorola cable modems seem to have one.

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I like to think I have never been beaten (reformat the system will fix it but thats to easy)DesktopVista Home EditionGigabyte series Mother BoardI have a user who has cleaned out his system rebooted and ever since then the system wont connect to the internet. Ethernet symbol bottom right hand corner with red cross.Steps I have taken to resolve this.Ran repair and diagnose, error "either driver or Hardware issue"Uninstalled driver and reinstalled lastest driver.Device Manager, uninstalled ethernet card reinstalled, disabled re-enabled. when disabled ethernet symbol should disappear but doesnt.Installed another ethernet switch still nothing.Ran Combo fix, malware bytes (found websearch) nothing major.Went through Hi Jack This filesChecked my internet connection lolAm wondering if there maybe something in BIOS however?Has anyone come across this before? I dont think it's the mother board.

A:Ethernet switch not working

I have a user who has cleaned out his system What does that mean?

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Hello. Do I need an Ethernet hub, switch, or even a router to have my Ethernet VOIP telephony box to be hardwired "separately" from my cable modem and NOT be part of my hardwired wireless router's ports???

My Objective/My Plan:

This is for home/residential networking. To have two (2) hardwired networking hardware items: 1. (1) VOIP box... ...and... 2. (1) wireless integrated router BOTH hardwired off of the same cable modem of my cable ISP. I need either a hub, a switch, or even a router to connect both networking hardware items to the cable modem. Also, I MUST BE ABLE to connect to the Internet at the same time for both the VOIP box and the wireless integrated router (the Internet) if necessary. My current wireless integrated router will serve as my wired/wireless networking device for a desktop computer, a laptop, an Internet streaming radio, and a Wi-Fi Smartphone; but the wireless router *WILL NOT* serve my VOIP telephony service. Why? See: "Reason".

For your information, the VOIP box offers an incoming Internet connectivity, an outgoing traditional telephone jack, and a power port for a power adapter. No Internet bypass Ethernet port on the VOIP box.

Also, be aware that my cable ISP company is NOT the same as my VOIP company. This does not make much different on the networking hardware setup. The cable modem itself has ONLY one (1) Ethernet connection too.

[*NOTE: I have learned that a two-way Ethernet "splitter"... Read more

A:Do I need an Ethernet hub, switch, or even a router to have my...?

Quote: Originally Posted by montecarlo1987

Questions to answer please:

1. What do you think I need? Do I need an Ethernet hub, switch, or even a router to have my Ethernet VOIP telephony box to be hardwired "separately" from my cable modem and NOT be part of my hardwired wireless router's ports?

2. Will an Ethernet hub or switch support more than one networking hardware to connect onto the Internet simultaneously or at the same time or not? (I am not familiar with Ethernet hubs' and switches' properties.)

3. Another router a "fair" idea or do you not agree at all for an integrated router to serve as a hub or switch? Will I have networking issues if I incorporate another router into this setup? Can it be "tamed" to not cause issues?

4. Do you have any suggestions, different ideas, or thoughts here?

Thank you!

1. You could complete this in two different ways however it is dependent on what the current router is for your main internet connection to client computers. One way is to connect a separate router to one of your main routers LAN ports. for example connecting the internet port to the LAN port. Then all you need to do is add the VoIP clients to the added router and it will be completely separate from your computers due to a technology called NAT.

Second option which could be cheaper is to get a managed switch (NEVER GET A HUB THEY EQUAL NETWORK DEATH) and then setup som... Read more

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Hi All,

I have a laptop (Lenovo Thinkpad) that is mounted in a docking station. In my house I have wifi, the docking station is connected to the router via hard LAN.

I have prioritized my connections to give preference to LAN over wifi (as I obviously prefer the fastest connection).

The Network sharing center now tells me I am connected to both LAN and Wifi, but the system tray tells me Wifi. How do I know through which I am now connected and how to I prioritize LAN? Please don't tell me to manually enable / disable ;-)

Thanks a lot!


A:How to switch between wifi and ethernet

Try ipconfig and see what your lan ip is
and then try
and if it goes threw you lan card ip first you will know it's working the way you want

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hey guys i have a quick question bout a situation i have going on. the computer i am now on is hooked up into the internet via a wall ethernet jack, which is hooked into an ethernet switch (or hub i think) in another room where the cable modem is located. the tv that i play my xbox 360 on is a good 10 feet away or so, and i want to get connected onto xbox live from there.

i have an ethernet cable that is long enough to run from the xbox itself to the wall ethernet jack that the computer is hooked into.

what my question is is that if i buy another ethernet switch and hook it into the wall jack, and then from that switch run another ethernet line into the computer which is literally right on top of the jack and then another line from that switch into the xbox 10 feet away, if this will work since the wall jack itself is hooked into another ethernet switch in another room.

i can kinda guess that was kinda annoying to follow but i just wanted to explain everything to avoid confusion. help would be really appreciated . thanks guys

A:ethernet switch question

im not sure if theres a difference between a hub and a switch, but i do know that the wall jack is hooked into an 8 port linksys ethernet switch. if that helps at all

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I have a Hp pavilion a1130n running on windows xp. I have been trying to switch to ethernet from usb for the internet. I am using charter internet and I called them but they were no help. I can't get it to work can somebody help me?

A:switch from usb to ethernet problem

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For some time now I have had the set-up outlined below (sorry for the granularity but as I don't know what the problem is I
thought it best to highlight all my connected devices).

Back room
- cable broadband router (operating in modem only mode)
- own wireless router connected to modem
- NAS connected to router wireless router
- Desktop connected to wireless router
- 500Mb passthrough Homeplug adaptor connected to router
- 5 port Gigabit ethernet switch( Tenda G1005D) connected to router
- Printer connected to switch
- Virgin Media TiVo connected to switch

- 500Mb passthrough Homeplug adaptor
- 8 port Gigabit ethernet switch (D-link go-sw-8g) connected to Homeplug adaptor
- HTPC (for XBMC) connected to switch
- TV connected to switch
- AV reciever connected to switch
- VM Tivo connected to switch

This set-up has worked fine with me receiving good wired and wireless connections throughout the house
However yesterday my wired downstream speed dropped dramatically in the lounge to the point where streaming video to my
XBMC box was impossible and even performing a LAN speed test proved difficult.

This morning I have ran several tests on the connection in the lounge and I have determined,buy plugging the cable from the
adaptor straight into my laptop, that the connection from the Homeplug adaptor in the lounge is good in that both a LAN
test and an internet speed test show the connection is capable of at least 90Mb...s... Read more

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Can we connect Power over Ethernet (PoE) Adapter just like this one D-Link Power over Ethernet (PoE) Adapter Kit with any Ethernet switch ? I have a Belkin 5-port 10/100 switch can it be powered by PoE ?

How it will be setup.

A:Can I use Power over Ethernet (PoE) with any switch ?

If you are asking if you can connect this device to a NON-PoE switch and then have PoE on the switch the answer is no. If you are asking if you can connect this device to a switch and make one port PoE on the switch the answers is no. The D-Link device is PoE only on the D-Link device. I hope that helps.

If you need PoE on a switch you need to buy a PoE switch the electronics inside the switch are different. However, you can plug NON-PoE devices into a PoE switch without problems. -WS

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Could use a little bit of help on this one...the guy at BB talked circles around my head when i asked how to set this up.....i have a DLink EBR2310 router that is currently all used up by 3 PCs and the XBox....i wanted to add the one lone printer to it so the kids can use it off of their pcs.....everything is hard wired to the router.....Question ...How do i hook up this Dynex 5 Port Ethernet Switch to the Router and where do all the cables go in what order???? again the guy at Best Buy talked circles around me.....Thanks all

A:Adding Ethernet Switch

You would disconnect one ot the PCs from the router. Then connect an ethernet patch cable between the disconnected port on the router to a port on the Dynex switch. Then plug the PC into the switch. If the printer is a networked printer, also plug it into the switch.

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I have a curious issue, so I figured I'd see if someone can fix a problem for me for a change.

I recently upgraded to a 35/35 Internet connection. When I connect my computer directly to the router, I get the full bandwidth on a test at However, whenever I use any of my gigabit switches between the computer and the Actiontec MI424WR router, I get much more leisurely upstream connections.

This seems to be some sort of issue with the cheap SOHO switch being throttled by the 100mbit port on the router. Obviously, the gigabit port on my computer seems to be smarter than the gigabit switch ports.

It seems clear that I probably have to replace the switch with a better model, but I don't want to buy a more expensive switch without knowing that it's really going to solve the handshake issue.

Any suggestions or ideas on how to beat this into submission would be appreciated.

Here's the results I'm seeing.
Using SOHO gigabit switch between computer and router (D-Link and Trendnet models tested with identical results);

Direct connection to router.

A:Solved: Ethernet Switch Issue

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Hi. Does anybody explain to me the correct way to ground a 8p metal ethernet switch that is powered with a bipolar AC adapter?

A:grounding a metal ethernet switch

How old is this equipment that it does not have internal grounding on the IEC jack?

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Hi All,

This is driving me crazy at the minute, so I thought I would throw it out to the experts to try and get my sanity back! Here goes...

I have Sky BB (dlink router) and I have been successfully using 4 comtrend homeplugs to share my connection to a spiderbox, sky HD box and HP officejet network printer. I recently had my electricity supplier changing a meter and after he went I found that 2 of the homeplugs had fried - I know they're temperamental so I took it on the chin.

Anyway I have now decided to go a different route and I purchased a Vonets wifi bridge, which works well. My question is this - I have an old Netgear DG834G router and I would like to use this as a network switch so that I can plug my bridge into one of the ethernet ports and draw off from 2 of the other 3 ports to feed my printer and Sky HD box.

I plugged the vonets into port 1 and then a cable to both my printer and my sky box and nothing - then I went into my netgears homepage and disabled DHCP, and hey presto I got a connection on my sky box. I assumed that was that until I tried to print and the printer was not available. I have tried loads of things since - static IP on the printer (I usually have it static anyway as my work laptop doesn't like it otherwise), manually configuring the network on my sky box, changing some of the settings in my netgear router but I cannot get it working. I tried changing the IP adresses on both my printer and sky box to the same as the vonets, ... Read more

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Hi there,

I currently have a powerline extender/adapter in my lounge which supports two ethernet cables (one into my Sky box and the other into my TV), it's been working fine but now I have an additional device (my pc) which I want to run from this adapter.

I've been told an ethernet switch is the way to go, I've also been told that a splitter is an option. I've read some negative comments on the latter and wanted to gain some informed opinion. As I understand it I could buy a switch and connect this from one of the ports in the adapter, then run the three ethernets from this. Would this work ok?


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I am having a problem with an ethernet switch that is locking up, trying to find the root cause.

The switch is a 16 port, 10/100Mbps, Linksys model EZXS16W. I have three computers connected to it:
Computer "A" is a Windows XP Pro machine running a FTPD server (Guild FTPD).
Computers "B" and "C" are CPU boards in an avionics box, both running VxWorks.

When the avionics box powers up, computers "B" and "C" attempt to communicate with computer "A", both using port 5000. After a few seconds computer "A" reports an error that it is unable to communicate with computer "B".

At this point I tried to ping computers "B" and "C" using computer "A" (ping fails), And tried pinging all three using a fourth computer connected to the switch (also fails). I concluded the switch is locked up. Power cycling the switch restores operation until it locks up again.

I tried two other identical EZSX16W switches (same revision, same firmware) with multiple avionics boxes:
Two of the three switches always lock up when used with the first avionics box.
None of the switches lock up when used with other avionics boxes.
Two D-Link switches do not lock up when used with any avionics box.
None of the switches lock up since I updated software in the first avionics box.
All of the above results are the same if I use another computer "A".

OK, so I solved the problem (updated software in t... Read more

A:Solved: Ethernet Switch Lockup

I'm not familiar with that switch. But if the customer wants to know why, you would have to do some more exhaustive troubleshooting. The first step is to look at the switch port the problem avionics box is plugged in to. You need a switch that can give you detailed information on what is happening on that switch port. Whether the connection is dropping out of full duplex, if there are collisions, runts, giants, CRC errors, etc, etc. To get that type of information you're looking at fully managed switch. If those don't give you any clues, you'll then have to either connect a hub in line or port mirror that port so you can do packet captures with a sniffer.

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I wonder if someone can answer a question for me,I have a TV downstairs connected to a homeplug which in turn connects to my router located upstairs via another homeplug. What I would like to do is get another ethernet connection (in other words have 2 or more ethernet sockets available)from the downstairs home plug,would a hub or switch (not sure which?) be the answer or would the only way be to add another homeplug downstairs? Hope this make sense, many thanks in advance RG

A:Solved: Hub or switch to split ethernet?

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I run an Ethernet cable to my modem for my Windows 10 PC. But unfortunately I have a lot of drop outs where the internet just stops (something I am taking up with my provider) and I have a pocket wifi to use as a back up.

My PC can find the wifi and connect but the only way I can get it to connect is by pulling out the blue Ethernet cable from the actual pc. (When I say connect, I mean it is "connected" already but not in use, the small box appears for the ethernet cable rather than the wifi icon)

I would like to know if there is a way to either run the wifi simultaneously with the Ethernet cable plugged in or if there is a way to "turn off" the Ethernet connection from my pc when it goes down, so that I dont have to keep unplugging it.

I am not very technically minded and am worried if I go into advanced network settings etc that I might not be able to get the Ethernet working again once it is plugged in and back up and running.

Any advice would be appreciated, thanks.

A:How can I switch to WIFI from Ethernet instantly??

You can have both plugged in and still work. Each NIC is assigned a metric and the NIC with the lowest metric will be used. If in your are the wired NIC is still seen as available but in fact it's having problems the computer will still try and use it unless you unplug the cable. If your computer supports a feature called LAN/WLAN switching that may work in your case that may work or may suffer from the same problem in which the wired NIC is still detected as connected and it won't switch. If you are only having an issue with the wired connection why not just stay on wireless?

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I have a long ethernet cable running to my bedroom from the router? can I put a switch on the end of this and then run 2 ethernet cables from the switch to my sky box and android box?

A:can I use a switch to spilt ethernet connection?


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hi, Iím goi9ng to get a blu ray player for my room and in order to use the blu ray live part of it i need to connect it to the internet. currently in my room i have a pc and an xbox 360 and just change over the Ethernet lead when i want to use one or the other, but now i would like a more permanent solution so that i donít have to change over the lead if i want to watch a blu ray disc, go on my xbox 360 or pc. my question is will something like this do the trick?

if so does anyone know if this will decrease the signal strength that the Ethernet cable carries, as i would still need to be able to play games over xbox live.

thanks for the help


A:Solved: Ethernet Network Switch?

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hi, can anyone tell me the easiest way to create a network between multiple pcs using switch. We have 3 pcs . Currently i m using vista x32 ultimate. Other one also uses vista ultimate x32 and third one is laptop using xp sp1.

plz tell me how to connect them all into network enabling them all to share files and internet access making my vista computer a server.

I have a internet connection in 1 computer (the one that I am using) and I also have a Ethernet switch. I have all the cable ready too. I had to connect them before also but got no success.

I hope some one here might help.

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i'm trying to connect my two computers to each other using the ethernet switch i already have to connect them to the internet. i've looked all over but i can't find a relevant guide/tutorial.

A:two computer network with ethernet switch

Is it a switch, or a router?

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Currently I have internet connection via cable modem and usb connection to the modem.

I am trying to connect by using ethernet from modem to computer but although the adapter is enabled, I have a red cross through its symbol (xp) and an windows tells me that the network cable is unplugged although I can see that physically it is not.

Help welcomed.

A:switch to ethernet internet connection

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I use a cable internet connection. My previous modem had a "standby" switch, so whenever I left the computer I would set the modem to standby, to prevent hackers from having access.

I just got a new modem (internet and telephone) that has to remain on at all times in order for the phones to work. For now, I've activated my EZ firewall, which I haven't used in the past because it would cause some problems with some apps. But I'd rather just be able to turn the internet access on and off as needed.

Does anyone know if there's such a thing as a manual on/off switch for an RJ45 cable? Seems to me like a rather simple concept.

Thanks to all who reply.

A:Is there a MANUAL SWITCH for an ethernet cable?

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Say I need to shut off internet access in my home to prevent my teen from having the temptation to play multiplayer games at all hours. I'm thinking that I could insert a timer switch in the ethernet cable that would disable one or two of the wires in the CAT-5 cable, rendering internet access inoperable. At 6 AM, when we need the internet up, the switch would restore the connection with no fuss (i.e. rebooting of routers, laptops, wi-fi routers, etc.). I need it to operate without daily intervention on my part; the internet goes off at midnight, comes back at 6AM. Ideally, it would deal with DST on its own too. Is there anything out there like that? If not, can you tell me which wire, or wires, in the CAT-5 cable will kill all data throughput if it is cut, and resume throughput seamlessly if it is restored?

A:Ethernet on/off curfew timed switch help

i suspect that could be easily overcome or am i missing something

Whats the make and model of the router - some have QoS which may also enable you to turn off internet access at set times to certain PCs or ALL
that would also be part of the router and if you set the password - can not be logged into , unless reset and you maybe able to set that up to

A teen would be able to overcome quite a few things with a little help from the net

is this on a games consule or on a PC - you maybe able to install parental controls onto the PC

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I'm a new Plusnet customer and I cannot connect to the internet using wifi I just get a page saying the broadband is down. So I tried using an ethernet cable and after manually setting this up I can use the internet. I accidentally disconnected the cable yesterday but the internet didn't fault, it's now working wirelessly. I can connect to the wifi using my mobile and iPad but I cannot connect to the internet. A new router has been sent and the problem still persists, a bt engineer has also visited but cannot find a solution.

Can anybody please help me?

A:I can't connect to wifi but connect with an Ethernet cable works, even when it isn't plugged in

It gets confusing as to which device is being used so as a guideline
disable one or the other (wifi vs wired) and don't allow both to be active at the same time. Technically, which ever device gets an IP address from your router will become the gateway to your ISP - - ignoring the connectivity of the second device to access your router.

With a laptop, we just toggle the keyboard to enable/disable wifi and the wired is easy - - just pull the cable out.

create a desktop shortcut to \windows\system32\devmgmt.msc
to control the devices (needs admin access)
expand [+] network adapters and you'll see the list
mine are

Dell Wireless 1502 ....
Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller
Just right-click->disable and you can always right-click->enable

The png posted shows both are enabled and the wired has the gateway.
If the cable is disconnected, this is quite impossible.

SO, first control which device is to be used and then make the connection.

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This is a recent problem. My computer doesn't want to connect to the internet via ethernet, however it will connect via wireless to the same network. Other computers on this network connect to the internet just fine. Any help on this is sincerely appreciated.

A:Internet doesn't connect via Ethernet but does connect wireless Win7

Other computers on this network connect to the internet just fine. Click to expand...

Connected by etherent ?
Have you also tried the same cable and port with a different PC

It maybe a security suite blocking - do you have Norton , McAfee etc

post a ipconfig /all and ping tests when connected by ethernet cable only
{ipconfig /all}
If you cannot access the internet with this PC, then you will need to paste the results into something like notepad and then copy onto a machine that can access the internet and post results here
We would like to see the results from ipconfig /all post back the results here
-> Start
-> (XP - enter the following in the RUN box)
cmd /k ipconfig /all
-> (Vista or Windows 7 - enter the following in the Search box)
cmd /k ipconfig /all

A black box will appear on the screen -
rightclick in the box
select all
control key + C key - to copy

then reply here and
control key + V to paste
{Ping Tests}
If you cannot access the internet with this PC, then you will need to paste the results into something like notepad and then copy onto a machine that can access the internet and post results here

Start> Run {search bar in Vista}> CMD to open a DOS window and type:

Type the following command
Ping {plus the number thats shown against the default gateway shown in above ipconfig /all}
P... Read more

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Hi, I have a similar problem. I have a Netgear MR814V.2 Wireless/Cable/4-Port Router and a 645Series ADSL Modem. How would I set this up. They are both routers and I'm trying to config them both.
The reason I need to is because I keep on getting connection drops. Either trying to log-in to E-Mail or... just streaming music. Please... help.

I read the above but the way you put it is confusing me a bit.

Here's a screenshot of my current Config on the Netgear Router:

Router Status

LAN IP setup

Modem DSL config page

Hope this helps...

A:Connect Two Routers

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I have a spare Linksys Wireless G router with speedbooster. I live in a 3 story
house and have a router on the lower floor. We will be moving to the 3rd floor
but want to keep our network setup as is. Can I connect another router which will be
on the 3rd floor? Will this cause a conflict with the lower floor router?

The router signal on the lower floor is not very strong when on the 3rd floor, the reason
I would want another Linksys device.

A:Can I connect two routers?

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hello guys,

I have a Netgear wnr2000 router in my house up and running.. I have a new xbox 360 slim but is to far from the router and doesnt have enought signal "to stream hd movies"

I have a router "lynksys"wrt160n

I would like to learn how to connect lynksys router as "repeater" to netgear router.

can you show me the way im not good with computers but i can follow instructions i look in both manuals can figure it out

Please help me???

A:how to connect 2 routers

If the Linksys WRT160n does not support Repeater or Range Extender mode you can use DD-WRT firmware unless it is version 2.0.

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Hi guys
I have a router connected with internet but it's does not
Cover my home so I have another router with wireless N and USB charing
So I want to connect both router together and let the router with
Wireless N to work as a repeater and re distribute the signal again

So how to do that???

A:how to connect two routers together?

Here is a tutorial on how to do it. Post back if it works or if you have any other questions.

How to Connect Two Routers on One Home Network |

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JohnWill said:

You would want to bridge the 2WIRE router to eliminate it's routing function and use it as a plain modem. This will allow you to configure any port forwarding and QoS in the D-Link router.Click to expand...

Ihave the same problem. how do you do this?
my setup
first: modem/router cable motorola. i just want to use the modem function.
second: tomato flashed router. I want all functions of router to run through this one.

currently I have dhcp enabled on first and disabled on second. I want dhcp, port forwarding, etc to all be run from the second. internet is working wired/wireless through second.

On the first, do i disble dhcp and nat?

A:Connect two routers.

Even though it appears you're having the same problem, please start a new thread when you have a new issue. It's very difficult to keep two problems straight and who's working on what in a single thread.

I've created a new thread for your issue here.

Note: You will need to post complete details of your configuration and your specific issue in this new thread for us to help you.

Thanks for your cooperation.

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Ahoy guys,
I have a network question...

I have 2 Linksys routers (WRT or something). Router A is in Room A along with the modem. Router B(collecting dust) is in Room B (upstairs) and Room B has most of my computers. The only "functional" computer in Room B is my laptop, but that's because it's Wi-Fi enabled. I would like to connect Router A to Router B, which would give computers around Router B an internet connection. I have some cat-5 cables laying around, which might help.
Any Help?

A:Connect 2 routers together?

hi Metamencs, and welcome to sevenforums

this tutorial may help

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I want to have a little LAN party for 6 people. But I have a problem. I have two different routers one is newer than the other. Both are Linksys routers. The newer one has a WAN, 4 ports, and Uplink in the back. The other older version has an Internet and 4 ports. How would I set this up so 6 computers can connect to each other and play video games?

A:How to connect two different routers?

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Hey! So, i want to connect a DIR-625 Wireless N ( to a DI-524 Wireless G I want the DIR-625 Wireless N to be the one exposed to the internet with the DI-524 Wireless G connected to the DIR-625. The reason i want to do this is because I want to have both wireless N + G running at the same time. Is that possible?

Here is the steps i have so far on how to do it. I got them from a previous post in the forum about a linksys and have adapted them to the D-Link and i want to know if they will work with the D-Link's.

1) Plug the DI-524 into a computer. Make Sure the internet is NOT connected to the DI-524.

2) Log into the router and change the Router's IP to and disable DHCP

3) Unplug the DI-524, plug the internet into the DIR-625, and connect the DIR-625 to the same computer.

4) Set up my PPPoE settings and set up my wireless security settings.

5) Connect the DI-524 to the DIR-625 by connecting them with standard Ethernet cable. Make sure to connect them by LAN ports.

6) Plug the rest of the computers into the DIR-625 and set them up normally.
Will these adapted steps work? Can i run Wireless G + N at the same time?

Thanks in advance Everyone!
Also, for reference here is the thread i got these steps from (

Also Sorry I can't post links so you have to add www. to the front of them

A:Connect Two Routers Together

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I have a Netgear connecting wired and wireless to internet. I want to use a BT home hub (same as Speedtouch 7g) as USB Print server. My printer is a Brother DCP 110C. My Netgear IP's are in the range 192.168.0.x but the home hub will only accept the printer on USB if IP is
therefore, I want to get the home hub to connect to my netgear, but dont want to change the netgear IP's as I have 2 PC, laptop and xbox already conncting through it.
All I want to do is share the printer on the network (at present, it goes through 1X PC, but means that Pc has to be switched on).
the hub firmware is 6.2.6H
any help please?

A:connect two routers

If the two existing PCs and the XBox are all set for DHCP, as most systems are, there is no reason you cannot change the router's subnet to Just reboot the PCs and they should pick up the new IP address after making the changes on the router.

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I have just bought and installed a new wireless router. The problem is that I have two other computers, one of them gets the signal from the new router better, while the other computer recognize the old router's better. Is there anyway I can connect two routers together to make the two computers working at their best?

A:Connect two routers?

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Just to start off, I am COMPLETELY clueless and have no tech savvy whatsoever, so simple language would be appreciated

I've owned this laptop for a little over a year, and all this time I've been able to connect to Wifi without a problem. This morning the icon at the bottom left of the screen told me there was no Internet connection available. when I troubleshot it, it suggested using the Ethernet cord to connect. The Ethernet cord connects them fine, and the internet connection becomes available, but I'm still unable to use the Wifi.

This is an issue with my laptop, because all the other devices in my house are able to connect to the Wifi, and the modem is showing all the appropriate lights and such. I've tried turning it off and on again, but alas, this once that method has failed :/ I've also tried resetting the modem, and it made no difference.

Last night I was uninstalling various programs that I didn't need, and that's the only thing I've done differently to my usual computing habits. I don't think I removed anything unless I knew what it was, but it's possible I accidently removed something important. I don't know if that has any relevance or not, but it's all I can think of as the reason for this.

My laptop is a Toshiba Qosmio, and the system I use is Windows 7.

My modem is Telstra Bigpond.

Please help! D:

A:My Laptop won't connect to Wifi, but will connect with an Ethernet cord

How far from the router are you? I experience the same thing occasionally on my laptop.
I usually have to switch the wifi switch off on the laptop & on then I reboot & I'm back online. My laptop & tower are both about 50' away & on the lower floor where the router is. Good luck.

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I'm having a problem connecting my Nashutec printer / photcopier to my computer. All was well until I changed to Talk Talk and went wireless for my internet connection.
Previously I connected to the internet via an adsl modem card in my pc but I took this card out and have a wireless connection to a Dlink wireless router. This works OK.
However to install the modem on the pc I had to use an ethernet cable to connect first time. I have only one ethernet plug in the pc connecting to the Intel Pro/100 connection. After the router was set up and I plugged the cable back in for the printer I couldn't connect to it. I get a message saying limited or no connectivity. When I click repair it says it can't because it can't find the IP address.
I'm running XP SP2 Pentium R 240GHz processor with 540MB ram
The autoconfig IP adress I get for the network connection is
The lights are on the Ethernet switch box and the cables seem to be OK as the lights flash at both ends.
has anybody got any suggestions as to how I can get my connection back?

A:Problem connecting printer via ethernet switch

Which modem did you get?
Talk Talk's help page is here:

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Hi, Im having a ACT Broadband internet connection, he provides internet connection through a wire which runs into my room that can be directly connected to the my computers NIC. Whenever i switch on my computer and opens the browser it first redirects to the page -, where it asks for Username & Password, our ISP gives us a IP Address which displays on the web page after logging in. I want the internet connection to be shared with my roommates so i bought a 8 port Ethernet switch (, which is having a uplink port also. I have connected the wire given by the ISP to the up link port of the switch & i connected my PC to one port of the switch with another network cable. I also connected my friends PC to second port of switch with another network cable, my problem is that when i sign into my ISP web page and start using the internet & my friend also wants internet in his PC & when he opens the browser the ISP's webpage is appearing and when he sign's in internet is disconnecting in my Pc. I tried to change the IP but as a default IP is given by the ISP if change the IP internet is not working. Please provide me a solution.
Here r my Ethernet Switch pictures -

A:How to share Internet connection using ethernet switch ?

I dont think you need to open your ISPs webpage on your second PC, just configure the network settings and put the gateway IP. If that doesn't work, use Windows ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) and configure it using the Network Configuration wizard. See how it goes. What is the windows version you are using ?

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i have a router/ modem that has been able to share my internet connection between 4 computers. but i want to increase this number so i got an Netcomm np2005 switch. but now the networks dont seem to interact and the internet does not work on the computers connected to the switch. is it possible to do this or do i need something else to extend my internet sharing>?

A:Router And Ethernet Switch Internet SHaring

ok then yea i seem to meet all the requirements except it cannot detect an ip address on the pcs connected through the switch. and the net still doesnt work when i configure the ip manually? does anyone know what i could do?

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I have an RJ45 cable run from my router to my component cabinet in the living room. The modem hooks into the router and then I have the four connections on it going out to two computers, a wireless router and of course the one connection to the component cabinet. I had a networked DVD player hooked to that RJ45 to access my computer's hard drive, but now I need to put an IR receiver in their so I can control my computer with my Universal Remote:

The question is do I need a router or will just a switch like this

work? I was thnking the switch is all I need since the router is necessary only for sharing an Internet connection, correct? What's the difference?

A:Do I need a router or Ethernet Switch to expand Network

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hi there! firstly i want to thank you for accesing my thread. i hope you can help. secondly here's my problem: i have 2 routers connected wiredly - a Dlink dir-300 and a Dlink dir-615 (both of them are wireless routers). until some time ago my internet connection was basically this one: the ISP internet cable went in the internet port of an Asus normal (not wireless) router and from one of its lan ports went a cable in the in the internet port of the Dlink dir-300 which is in my room. now the Asus broke down so i bought the Dlink dir-615 to replace it. the connection is exactly the same except the Asus router which now is the dir-615. the problem is that now the dir-300 (the last router in the connection) doesn't detect the internet signal coming from the dir-615 threw the wire between them and the laptop connected to the dir-300 detects an ip conflict error. the dir-615 router (connected directly to the ISP cable) works just fine. i am open to any suggestions and thank you for showing your interest

A:please help me connect 2 Dlink routers

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I am not able to connect my new Kindle Wi-Fi to my Linksys WRT160Nv3 802.11b/g/n or my Dell TrueMobile 1184 802.11b routers. I use WPA2 Personal security on the Linksys. I tried using N mode and mixed mode without success. I prefer not to set my router exclusively to g mode. I will *not* turn off security on the Linksys for obvious reasons.

With the Dell, I tried using both WEP and no security. No success.

With both routers I tried manually configuring the network using both DHCP and static, being careful to set the router, mask ( and DNS ( or to values that work with our laptops.

Someone posted a similar issue with a Linksys WPN160N saying that after waiting *long* times on hold for tech support and no solution that they drove over to a hot spot, connected successfully, then was able to come back home and successfully connnect to their home network. I tried the same. Was able to connect at the McDonalds hot spot OK. Came back home and was not able to connect to either the Dell with no security or the Linksys with WPA2 Personal.

I'm considering returning the Kindle. Thought about getting the 3G, but I hate the idea of having to pay the extra $50 only because my Christmas gift did not work. I figure why reward Amazon for their Wi-Fi model not working by buying a 3G Wi-Fi? But that's just me.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

A:Kindle Wi-Fi cannot connect to routers

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i'm new in this forum, and kind of new in networking.
i will highly appreciate any help for my question.
i have 2 pc's in my office that are connected together via a router (i'll call it 1) which is connected to another router (i'll call it 2) then to a firewall then a modem to internet.
All other computers are connected to the router #2. i want to be able to connect and share files with them but i don't know how to do it.
my operating system is WinXP professional.
Thanks in advance for your help.

A:connect to a comuter behind 2 routers

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I have a problem very similar to this but slightly different. I have moved into a new flat and share an internet connection with my flatmate - which ever room we put the router in though one of us ends up with a terrible signal.

I have my own router to use as a secondary range extender from my previous flat but it isn't practical for us to have our routers connected together physically. Can they be connected together wirelessly and then have the signal rebroadcast so we can both receive a strong signal?

I realise this would probably slow down my connection speed but I don't have a lot of money & if I could use my router instead of buying a new bridge I could sacrifice some connection speed.

A:Wirelessly connect routers

Even though it appears you're having the same problem, please start a new thread when you have a new issue. It's very difficult to keep two problems straight and who's working on what in a single thread.

I've created a new thread for your issue here.

Note: You will need to post complete details of your configuration and your specific issue in this new thread for us to help you.

Thanks for your cooperation.

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I can get it to connect to the internet through a direct link to the modem, but I've tried several routers and it has the same issue every time. I see "connected" but can't get online, and each time I try to ping the gateway it times out. The routers are brand new, so I can only think that the computer just doesn't want to work with them. What might be causing the issue?

A:Computer will not connect with any routers

and welcome to the Forum

Did you powercycle when you changed from connecting to the Modem to the Router?

Lets take a peek at your network environment:


Power Cycle everything . . Turn off the Modem, router and all pc's . . turn on the Modem and wait a few minutes for the lights to stabilize . . then turn on the router, then one pc at a time. See if you connect to the internet.


Remove all the stored wireless network profiles and search for the network again.

How to Remove Stored Wireless Network Profiles for XP, Vista, and Windows 7

Then: check your browser's settings, remove any proxy settings if found here's how.


with the pc connected to the router, Click on Start . . Run . . type CMD

At the > prompt type type the following command: IPCONFIG /ALL and press enter

Note that there is a space before the /ALL, but there is NOT a space after the / in the following command.

Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter. Come back here and Paste the results in a message.

If you are on a machine with no network connection, use a floppy, USB drive, or a CD-R disk to transfer a text file with the information to allow pasting it here.

then please Download and run this Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector, click the Networks link on the upper left and paste a screen shot of that screen here. Note that this application requires NET Framework to run. If you get an error about a... Read more

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My desktop XP is temporarily off-line. It was connected to the Internet via a DSL router, using ethernet cabling. My portable Toshiba Satellite A20, with XP, is currently connected to the Internet through a Netgear router to a satellite internet provider via a dish. this works fine, except when we have snow or ice, which happens often in Canada.

I would like to connect both the DSL router and the satellite router to the A20, so that I can share printers and other devices with my iPad (on the DSL LAN). i want to avoid any major changes to my configuration parameters, so that I can return to the status quo ante, when my desktop is returned soon.

Advice would be appreciated.

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I have Vonage phone service and they sent me a router. I conntected it up and everything is fine. I connected my wireless router to one of the 4 ports. I can get to the internet over the wireless router but I can not get to the other pc's on my network. the second router is 192.168.1.XXX/ and the router that is connected to my cable modem is 192.168.15.XXX/

I used to use vnc to control the pc's but it cannot see pc's on the other router. what is wrong?

A:connect two routers in series

You should probably only use one router, or disable DHCP on the second router (Whichever one that is plugged into the internet through the other)

It'd be more helpful if you could tell us the models of the two routers, maybe we could tell you step-by-step how to disable DHCP. But I still think that using only one router is a better idea. And I'm fairly certain that Vonage will work on any router, having set it up before on a Linksys purchased at Wal-Mart for a friend.

So, if you need wireless, then try plugging the Vonage phone and your computers into the same router, not using the one that Vonage sent you. If this works, then just keep the one they sent you as a backup in case yours breaks.

Tell me if this works, if it doesn't, then we'll just try a bit harder.

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I have a townhouse and i have a new neighbor who setup his wireless router and now my wireless router will not connect and my other neighbor is having the same issues. motorola wireless router and also purchased a dlink wireless router and i still cannot see my ssid. I can see it when i unplug and plug back in for about 2 minutes but it will not connect I have tried open wireless then wpa and mac address no luck please help I have taken the routers to my friends house and with out changing anything they connect to 3 different laptops Thanks

A:2 new wireless routers and still cannot connect

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I have been struggeling a little to connect 2 Routers wireless and share the internet connection Hopefully someone here might help me.

The setup i have nad wish to use is:

1X Cable router connected to a Linksys Wireless router with cable ( This is working fine as i can connect wireless and get internet and everything). Problem appears when i want to connect 2 desktops from another room and these dont have Wlan adapters - So here i connect them wired to a third Wireless Router "Billion" i had in hope that i can make the Billion and Linksys to talk together wireless and then be able to get the 2 Desktops on the internet as well.

Anyone have a clue how to set this up ?


A:How to connect 2 Routers Wireless?

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Sorry. Figured it out.

A:Solved: Connect 2 routers together?

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I have a question which hopefully you can answer.

Router/Modem one is attached to the internet and transmits a wireless signal. My computer is connected to the internet via a wireless adapter, when I want to connect to my network TV HDD, printer , and home server (possibly a windows home server in the future) I just disconnect from Router one and connect to Router two. I want to know if it is possible to run a wired Ethernet cable in-between my computer and router two so I can connect to both networks. Wired to router two with the HDD and printer, and wireless to router one for internet.
Now here are the rules!!!

-I can NOT run a wire in-between router one and router two (by order of wife!)
-I can disable the wireless and/or DHCP on router two or even replace it with a switch.

If you have any good answers I would really appreciate them.
Thanks a lot,

A:Connect one computer to two routers

Yes. (I only saw one question.)

On the second (ethernet) connection if you use a router assign a static IP and mask and leave the Gateway and DNS server blank.

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I'm trying to figure out how to setup 3+ routers in sequence, and the settings required for each router, so I can run them down a long corridor.

The Router connected to the internet is a Draytek Vigor 2800.
1 IP
DHCP IP range: -

I purchased 2x TP-Link TL-MR3420
I've set IP's on both of these to
2 IP:
3 IP:
Subnets are also the same
A: Am I right to Disable DHCP for routers 2, and 3 as IP addresses for each computer connecting to the network will be assigned by router 1?

B: I want to connect them in sequence 1-> 2-> 3, Is it correct to connect them via the Lan ports, so
Router 1, Lan Port 1
Router 2, Lan Port 1
Router 2, Lan Port 2
Router 3, Lan Port 1

Is That correct

C: Does it matter what I call the networks, or do they all need to have the same name?

D: is there any other setting I've missed out on?


A:Connect 3+ routers in Sequence

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I have my main PC which I have moved within the house and the speed etc is all fine

My 2nd PC is downstairs and is connected wirelessly - however after moving the main PC the connection is pretty slow and frequently drops.

I have a spare router can this be plugged into either the main router to boost performance or to the 2nd PC rather than use the WIFI card

A:Can you connect two routers to one network

You should be able to plug in the 2nd router to the main one and set it up as an access point, im not sure if you could use it as a receiver.

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Hi all
My Nephew has a very long house and a computer cannot get a signal from the wireless router which is at the other end of the house. He doesn't want to run RJ45 cables.
Could he use 2 routers so the second one connects wireless to the first one which is connected to his adsl phone socket by a ethernet cable. if so how would i go about setting them up, settings wise. in easy steps please.

If so would the computer also be able to talk to each other to be able to transfer files etc to each other.. (enable workgroup & sharing drives/folders) i know how to setup this bit.

A:Connect 2 Routers together Wirelessly

Quote: Originally Posted by nadogr4

Hi all
My Nephew has a very long house and a computer cannot get a signal from the wireless router which is at the other end of the house. He doesn't want to run RJ45 cables.
Could he use 2 routers so the second one connects wireless to the first one which is connected to his adsl phone socket by a ethernet cable. if so how would i go about setting them up, settings wise. in easy steps please.

If so would the computer also be able to talk to each other to be able to transfer files etc to each other.. (enable workgroup & sharing drives/folders) i know how to setup this bit.

It is possible.. what are the make and model of his routers... some routers are able to become APs

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I have 2 routers on different locations with static IP addresess and I want to connect LAN`s for file sharing over internet..The routers are Netgear WGR614 and Edimax BR-6204WG..Can anyone have idea how can I do that??

A:Connect two routers over internet

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I currently have a 3com router/modem which is connected to the internet. I have a D-Link that I am not using but want to use it to extend my wireless range. I also want to connect them with a wire, not wirelessly. How can I do this?


A:Solved: Connect Two Routers

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Hi, i have two routers, a Dlink and a linksys. i have 2 computers upstairs, one of which connects wirelessly to the dlink, and the other wired. the dlink is connected to my cable modem. all this works, and has the internet.

my problem is i have 2 computers downstairs that dont have wireless cards, but i have a linksys router lying around. the linksys has wireless. im wondering if its possible to make the linksys connect to the dlink's network so that my two computers can have the internet. basically, they'd be wired to the linksys, and it would be networked with the dlink which is sharing the internet connection. is this possible or should i just buy wireless cards?

thanks in advance!

A:Trying to connect two routers wirelessly

Some wireless router will operate in bridge or AP mode, but many will only operate in gateway mode. If you don't have a bridge or AP mode in the wireless setup of the secondary router, you won't be able to bridge them wirelessly.

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I have a linksys 54g wireless broadband router and a belkin 54g wireless broadband router.

I wish to connect 2 x pcs upstairs, to one router, then have that wirelessly connect to second router.

The second router would be my dhcp server, firewall and internet connection.
The first router would just be a glorified access point.

The problem I have is that if I use the first router in 'access point' mode, it wont see the second router, my pcs lose their dhcp addresses and the whole thing falls over.

I have both routers in the same IP range, same network name, same wireless channel - and even the same room for testing purposes!
BOTH will act as routers and connect me to the net on their own - wired or wireless - but NEITHER can see each other when I try to go from one to the other to get to the net.

Do I need to make an entry into my routing table?
Do I need the internet hosting router to be the gateway and the other to just be a 'router'.............

A:Connect to the net via 2 x wireless routers?

No can do, routers only connect in gateway mode, and two routers will never talk to each other.

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HI guys, I reset my router (WBR-T2) a fews days ago and now I cannot connect to internet (although I can connect to the router - local only). Any solutions please? Thanks guys . Oli.

A:Reset routers now can't connect to net

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I have an issue that I cannot resolve...I'm relatively novice to networking - so if possible it would be helpful if the answer is easy to understand and step by step

Here is what I'm trying to do:
I have a Belkin F5D8235 N+ Wireless router that is my primary router and is connected to my cable modem. I have this hooked up to a D-Link DHP-302 Powerline HD setup that runs my internet through the electric lines. Downstairs at the TV I have an old Linksys wrtsl54gs wireless router that I want to hook up to the Powerline setup to provide internet access to my DirecTV and PS3. Also, I would like the Linksys router to serve as an extender of my main wireless network so I can get a better signal downstairs.

I'm trying to figure out how to configure the Linksys router to hook into my current network rather than wanting to establish its own and act as a server, etc... I'm just not that advanced with network settings - I've tried to make several settings changes to the Linksys router, but it does not seem to accept my changes.

I uploaded some screen shots of the configuration utilities for each router.

Thanks so much!!

A:Trying to connect two Wireless Routers Together, please help!

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Good afternoon,

I have a networking question.

Can I plug a 5 port Ethernet switch to my DSL modem, connect 2 PCs to the switch, run a cable from the switch to the far end of my house, connect a Wireless n router for WIFI access for my laptop/iPhone and connect another PC, one BluRay player and a couple DirectTV DVRs to the wireless router? Please see attached diagram.

Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,


A:Solved: Ethernet Switch/WiFi Router Connectivity

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I recently purchased a NAS Drive which works ok. However I have also found out that my Sky Hub only supports <100Mbps.

The problems I have is when copying to the NAS drive I only get write speeds of around 10-12MBps which sounds about right being around 1/8 of the 100Mbps. Also when I stream I get a lot of buffering/cut out with any HD content streaming to my Xbox 360.

I just wanted to know if unplugging everything from the router and into a gigabit Ethernet switch then connecting that to the router will speed everything up? Or would I be better off going all out on a pricey router?

Basically am I right in thinking the switch will bypass the router for anything not using the internet?

A:Solved: Will adding an Ethernet switch speed up my network?

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Because of the way my house is set up i have to have an Ethernet switch by my cable modem and then my wireless router is run off of that via a 50 foot ethernet cable. My printer is plugged into the ethernet switch along with my desktop (these are in the basement the router is in the center of the house). My desktop has no problem using the network to print but my laptop will not recognize the printer because it cant find the ip address through the switch. Is there a way to set this up or is my setup not going to work?

A:Sharing files and printers through ethernet switch and router


How is your network setup, Homegroup or Workgroup networking? If you have assigned a static IP to the printer you may manually assigned this IP address when adding the printer from your laptop.
This Tutorial has different options on adding a network printer from your computer.

Please let us know if it works or not.

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i recently built a third computer for my network, added a cable modem, and got what i thought was an unbelievable deal on a linksys ethernet switch (ezxs44 4 port)..... free.
now for the problem: i have an ericsson pipe rider cable modem, 3 linksys lne100tx nic cards, and the ethernet switch. i've treid to connect my machines and the modem through the switch the same way i connected the 2 computers before(pc to pc with cat 5 cable), it didnt work and it locked my system.
basiclly i am asking for somone to tell/show me how to hook everything up so it functions correctly, i've tried to no avail (ive reset all the configurations for the nic card in my main machine and am only running it with the modem (the original windows/roadrunner software configuration). do i have to change the cat 5 wiring diagram?, what seetings should i use on the nic cards?, and what do i do with the cable modem settings.

let me know what you come up with(i'm getting desperate, girlfreind...........MY computer)
thanks again

A:linksys ezxs44 ethernet switch with cable modem

I would think one of your cables is wrong.

check the ends of the cables, make sure the same wire colors are going to the same pins, sounds like you have a crossover cable going from modem to switch.

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Hi all,

I was wondering how an Ethernet switch forwards packets of network information. Does it send the packets to all outputs? If so, is it like a hub? Does it know where computers are and only send the packets to the right place? If so how would it know where the computers are?

I've been wondering about this for some time but haven't been able to find the answer.

A:Question: How intelligently does an Ethernet switch forward packets?

A switch manages a database of MAC addresses it uses for routing packets.

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Hello everybody, I am in some distress, and would greatly appreciate your help

Here is my set up
Alright so my laptop and PCs (a) and (b) have the access to the internet. however my router sees only these three devices connected, as if my ethernet switch was not connected to the router. My problem is that the switch seems to work sometimes. Vonage is apparently having issues with the network setup so it doesn't work, same with my PS3, however the PC hooked up to the switch as well, sometime has internet and sometimes it doesn't. When it does have internet, Windows Xp pops out saying that there is an IP conflict with another PC on the network and then the connection is out. Any ideas of what is screwing up on my network? Any help would be greatly appriciated.

PS the ethernet switch is made by company Airlink
the modem is made by RCA
and the router is made by Linksys if that helps

A:Solved: ethernet switch possibly not recognized by my router

The exact make/model of the modem, router, and switch would be real useful here.

What you seem to be describing is a flaky switch or cable, not much can affect a simple switch in that manner.

As far as the duplicate IP addresses on the network, that could well be a different issue.

Turn off everything on the network, ALL the machines and any other network device like network printers and NAS drives.
Turn off the router and modem.
Turn on the modem, wait for a steady data light.
Turn on the router, wait two minutes.
Turn on the network devices and computers, one at a time.

This issue is usually caused by resetting a router without resetting all the network connected devices.

Another issue that will cause duplicate IP addresses is assigning static IP addresses to devices that conflict with the router's DHCP address range. If you require static IP addressed devices on the network, they should be configured to be in the same subnet but outside the address range defined for the DHCP server.

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Hey, all. For a couple years now, I have been using a 5 -port Linksys Etherfast switch to hook a Panasonic blu ray player & DishNetwork Box to the internet via my home network. I had the switch plugged into a gaming adapter. Worked fine, until I had to replace my router. Was using a Linksys WRT54G router and the switch & router communicated flawlessly.. didn't even have to set it up manually when I first added the switch. Did all this to avoid dropping more wires into my back bedroom.

I upgraded to Cisco (Linksys) E3000 Gigabit router, and the switch will not "talk" to the new router. DHCP's enabled, and both the bluray player & Dish box tried to autoconnect using DHCP.. no dice. Tried several hard resets on all devices mentioned above, even firmware update on the new router. No dice.

So here's my question : do you think it's just an incompatibility question? If I buy an Gigabit ethernet switch, do you think that will fix the communication problem?

I was thinking if you go gibabit to gigabit.. It might be more compatible. I wanted some expert opinions though, before I go dropping another $30-40 on a new switch.

I read about creating ethernet bridges using DD-WRT firmware, but it seems daunting. I am not a complete noob, but it seemed beyond what I wanted to bite off.

Thanks in advance you guys & gals!

A:Solved: Question about using Using an Ethernet Switch with my new Gigabit Router

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Anyone know of a good 16 port gigabit switch? Il'd perfer managed but I can live with unmanaged. I want to know pros and cons of any one that is stated and why? We're upgrading a few of our sites and we have old 10/100's unmanaged that are coming out I was thiking about replacing with the same netgear brand were removing but I wanted to do a little homework before deciding.

A:Whats your htought - Gigabit ethernet switch 16 port.

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