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Windows 'Background' Photos - Where can I view them

Q: Windows 'Background' Photos - Where can I view them

Each day, as I 'power-up' my computer, I am greeted by a new 'background' photo. Wonderful images.
Is there a place where I can go to look at those 'past' photos that I no longer see on my screen?
Am I able to download one to use as my permanent 'background' photo?

A: Windows 'Background' Photos - Where can I view them

These are the are the pictures you get if you choose 'Windows spotlight' as the background for your lockscreen, This thread tells you where to find them.
Windows Spotlight Background Images - Find and Save in Windows 10

Type 'spotlight' in the search box above to find more threads on the subject.

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Hey everyone, I hope this is the right area to post this.

I recently just upgraded to a new computer that's running Windows 8.1 and had all my media files (mostly photos and text documents) from the old XP computer saved on an external hard drive. I plug the external HD to my new computer and can access the drive itself, but I can't view nearly 90% of the content! Videos and music files seem to work fine, but none of the photos or document/text files will open, which are the most important to me.

The document files say "access is denied" and can't be opened and when I try to view the photos it says "Windows photo viewer can't open this picture because you don't have the correct permission to access the file location". Even when I try to move or copy&paste the files out of the external HD, it denies me.

How can I fix this problem? How do I get permission to my own files? I tried to "take ownership" of the drive...but I'm not so confident that I'm doing it right because I haven't been able to find any instructions on doing it with Windows 8.1 ... and what I'm doing still hasn't helped.

ANY help or suggestions that anyone can give me on how to get permission to view all my photos/documents again on my new computer would be awesome. I'm a photographer so I'm pretty horrified at the idea of not being able to access my photos. The drive itself works fine and all the files were acce... Read more

A:Help! Can't view photos/documents on External HD? (Windows 8.1)

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Could anyone tell me how to remove the background in my photos. Or what software does this? I sell clothing online and have seen the pictures like this on the manufacturers websites and they look really nice.


A:background on photos

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hello ppl,

iv got a camcorder wiv a digital camera incorporated,

i can print the photos by transfering the photos via usb,

the problem is i cant seeee them!

what is good software which can let me see the photos and perhaps edit?

A:how to view photos on pc?

Try this one, Irfanview:

It's a free one, that I use and works really well for editing and viewing all sorts of photos. Get the plugins that come with it.

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i have uploaded recent pictures to my computer. When i go into "my pictures" folder i can see the full picture in the thumbnail version however when i double click into a specific picture it cuts parts of the photo off?? this is not happening for all photos just for some of them...any ideas??

A:Cant view Photos?

Many images will still display when the files are damaged but with a part cut off past the damaged area.

Try opening them with a different image viewer, too, just in case.

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I moved photos from my SD card to PC, viewed the photos and they were fine so I deleted them from the SD card. The next day I started up the computer to view photos again and cannot open the files with anything, windows photo viewer just keeps saying the file format is not supprorted but it is a JPEG of normail size. I tried moving them back to the SD card but cant view it on there or on the camera! HELP!!!


???? anyone have any idea?

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Hello, would you please help me!,

I once had an earlier version of NetZero internet service and had absolutley no problems with it. I moved out of the country for a few years and put the computer, along with the rest of my things, in storage.

When I returned to the States I was informed by NetZero to install their latest version, which I did. Soon after installing it, I started having problems with photos. They wouldn't appear; all I would get was black with a faint outline of the picture, usually purplish dots. By the way, I've tried turning off the "TuroCharge" function that alters how pictures load. It is completely "off."

Then, my computer began having problems shutting down fully. It would not reach the "It's Safe To Turn Off Your Computer" message. On re-starting it, as it would go through the scandisc program, it would always go through the NetZero program's files hesitatingly slow. This is another reason why I think the NetZero program has wreaked havoc with my computer.

I began calling NetZero about these problems and all they could recommend was to re-install the program. I've done this about six times now.

I've now reached the point where when I pull up "Yahoo!" the search box is completely black, and images like photos don't come in. If I go to the New York Times on-line, not only do photos not come up, but if I try to view an article, the screen is deep purple. Now if you can imagine ... Read more

A:I can't view photos or much of anything else lately.

is there any way you can get rid of netzero and go with something else? i know aol is crappy but its free and has never ruined any of my computers. hope this helps you.

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Recently i am useing this software but i face some problem. i can not edit photos properly then my friend tell me use ?KrojamSoftPhotoViewerPro?.

A:Best photos view

@Patrikphaina?, welcome to the forum. I am sorry, but I am not certain which program is causing you problems.  If it is Photo Viewer Pro, you should contact KrojamSoft's Tech Support for help.  They are the experts on their software. For future reference, when requesting help you should always include the make/model (i.e. p6-xxxx) of the computer and/or monitor. This information is necessary for us to review the specifications of them. Please click the Thumbs up + button if I have helped you and click Accept as Solution if your problem is solved.  

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I Have A Rw Disk With Photos In Jpg Format. When I Open Disk It Only Shows Three Nero Files . When You Try To Open Files It Tells Me I Need Incd Reader. I Downloaded Incd Reader Although It Said It Was Included With My Nero Disk. I Still Cannot Open Photos. I Have Open This Same Disk Many Times Before. It Was
Photos Taken Sometime Back And I Have Viewed Them And Even Copied Some To My Pictures Before. What Could Be Wrong?
Thank You
Betty Crocker

A:can't view photos

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I'm trying to view my pictures (Start / My Pictures) that is stored in folder called "Wallpapers". As they start to appear something happens and I get the message (in the attached photo)

What can I do?

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i recently joined a web site that features photos of people that i chat with. It worked fine and then all of a sudden i could no longer view the photos.

what do i do to fix this annoying problem.

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this file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. create an association in the folder options control panel.
i have photo attachments i can't view. i get this message. don''t know what to do. help! thanks

A:can't view photos

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Hello. Right, he's my problem. I've been using my parents computer for the last few months and decided to make my own user/log-in the other day. After doing so, I cut/pasted my photos folder into my new user directory (or whatever, I'm not very techie..). I have thousands of photos, my BF is a photographer, and I can view most of them. However, in one particular folder 90% of them aren't viewable! Says I don't have permission... When I log back into parents windows, I can see the photos in my directory (as they are no longer located in theirs) but there are little gold padlocks on the ones I cannot see on my log-in. I've tried changing permissions, ownership, you name it.. I've looked for help on line and tried everything. The only thing that seems to work is if I right click on each individual photo and change things that way.. but I do have a life and this will take AGES.. Can anyone help me?

If you need more information, please ask.


A:Padlocks on photos on old login, new login cannot view photos at all.

Have you tried forcing inheritance on the folder with the locked files?

WARNING! Make a backup HDD image BEFORE trying this.

You might want to get your parents permission too.

See if this post helps.
User profile - Owner and Rights

Permissions - Allow or Deny Users and Groups
Take Ownership of file - Vista Forums

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All right! A pair of geniuses showed me how to change the Start Page background. About a month ago, I pasted a picture on my Photos background (Commander Riker is standing there with a horrified look, explaining "It all started with Windows 8!" But the picture is blurry, and I can't figure out how to get rid of it.

Any geniuses available?

A:Change Photos Background

Are you talking about the picture metro app (tile)?

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I purchased a new Dell computer a year ago and installed Trend Micro AV on it... a few months ago I started having a problem that I need help with..When I try to view a photo (in an attachment) it will download and when it should display the pic, I get a box that says. "cant display _____jpeg because it is corrupted".

I have recently upgraded my Trend Micro AV and that is all that has been installed since the computer was bought..

Another thing I need to tell you : When I received an e-mail recently with 7 photos , it let me view the first one and then I started getting the same message box when I tried to view the remaining ones.

Also when I scan photos to save to the computer (from digital photos of my own), after they scan I get the same "corrupted" message.....

Help please!!!

A:unable to view photos

That is a file association problem I think.
The system reports files as corrupt when there is no program associated.
Rightmouse click, open with, and try to open your files with whatever you have as viewer for jpg's
Let's see if that works

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hey guys, can anyone tell me how i can view animated gifs in 'photos'? i looked, but can't figure it out. the GIFs only appear as 'still photos'.

thanks for any help.

A:How to view GIFs in 'Photos'?

you could open the gifs in internet explorer to see them work

remember animated gifs are a series of photos - so you need to look at each photo
here are some free editors GIF Animator

and on some applications , like photoshop and gimp , they are seen as layers

what exactly do you need to do with the Gif ?

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as soon the cd is inserted their comes a pop up stating please insert disk in drive F and the cd is thrown out..please help..

A:unable to view photos from cd

See if this helps: let us know what sort of media is on the disk and if you get the same issue with all CD's.Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks

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Anyone remember the old way Windows would show photos in folders, a ton of thumbnails?

How do I get that back so I don't have to hit preview 500 times to find a photo?

A:How do you view photos in a folder

First thing I would do is to right-click on the folder that contains the pictures and then select Properties. On the dialog that comes up, select the Customize tab. There is a dropdown box there that you can select to tell Windows what kinds of files are in that folder, in your case select Pictures.In addition, in any folder, you can change the view and select how you want to see the files listed. In the Upper right hand area of the Explorer window there is an icon that looks like boxes with lines next to them. If you hover over that icon it will show "Change your view". If you click on the icon, each click will cycle thru the available views. On the side of the icon is a down arrow. If you click on the arrow, it will bring up a list of the various views you can select from.

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I haven't used site for a while but rememb er seeing a posting to correct this problem.
Please refresh for me. Cheers, Angelfish.

A:RED X in photos. unable to view.

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Can you helpful folks tell me if it is possible to view my photos through picasa on 2 computers on our network?
How do I set it up?

A:Picasa - view photos on 2 computers?

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When I try to view or edit photos in a specific folder, I get this error message: 'couldn't display "Sammi.jpg" because a suitable graphics importer could not be found'. It used to be OK, what happened?

A:Why can't I view or edit my photos anymore?

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When I go on certain websites I cant view pictures or photos all I get is a red box and i dont mean the white box with the red x I mean a red box

A:I cant view photos or pictures on certain websites

Hi michellepoolton, welcome to TSF..

does the same happen if you use a different browser such as Firefox or Opera?

Also, some anti-virus, ad-blocking software is capable of blocking certain web based features so it may be an idea to temporarily disable those to see if the same still happens.

Could you provide an example of a website where the problem occurs please?

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For some reason the photos on our pc view too dark. It's done that since we got it. It also prints the images too dark. The images/photos are fine if viewed/printed through the photoediting software that came free with the pc (Photo Impression). If I get a photo attached with an email it views too dark also.
I'm wondering if it's Vista as we didn't have this problem (with the same photos) on our old pc which was Windows XP and I've added some to our new laptop which is Windows 7 and they view normally there too.

We've just got Photoshop Elements and whether I transfer photos from the original file on the computer or upload them from the camera to PSE they view too dark there too. However that problem I think is besides the main point - I think if I can somehow sort the original problem then PSE will be ok too.

Has anyone else experienced this? Does anyone have any answers? PLEASE!

A:Photos view too dark - is it Vista?

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I bought a 7 pin cable and hooked this to my Toshiba laptop and put the other end in my flat screen tv, hoping to view my pictures from picassa on my lg screen. Did not work, What am I doing wrong?

A:view photos from labtop to tv monitor

You probably didn't enable external monitor support on your laptop.

Right-click your desktop (in any empty space...don't click on any icons), and choose "Properties" or "Personalize". Go to Display Settings, and click on the large black box with the number 2 in it. Check the box that says "Extend Windows onto this monitor", and as long as your TV is set to the correct input, your desktop should come up on your TV.

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I recently installed IE7 and since then have been unable to view entire web pages, i.e. pictures/photos. On some web pages all I can see is a white box with a red X in the corner. Can someone assist me with this problem? Thanks.

A:Unable To View Photos On Certain Pages

Check this Link

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When I try to click on photos in my "My Pictures" file I get an error message that says: "Windows cannot find PSTARTER.EXE this program is needed for opening files of type PhotoSuite Image." What do I do? It has been working fine for years and now all of the sudden it won't work.

A:PSTARTER.EXE error - cannot view photos

A google search says pstarter.exe could be Primax Scanner drivers. Look here and see if anything helps. Right click and use another program to open the photos if you have one and see if it still does that. Maybe reinstall photosuite?

google search

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Win XP SP3, Thunderbird, Firefox

I've been sent an email which on opening shows a number of thumbnails of photos which are apparently stored on OneDrive.

The screen shows two options:- 'View Slideshow' and 'Download All'.
Selecting either of these sends me to a Launch Application screen which says 'This link needs to be opened with an application. Send to:'

I am then asked to choose what application to use, but I don't know what to select.
I tried Firefox.exe, but for some reason it placed the following in the search box on eBay!! ie wlmailhtml:{3976B306-1F8B-4E4C-96CF-A...................

I read somewhere that OneDrive can't be installed in XP.

Any offers, please?

A:How do I view photos on OneDrive sent by email?

Hi silverman166,

Have you tried using windows photo viewer? Try this, download the photos to a location on your hard drive. Then try viewing them with windows photo viewer and see if that works. Hope everything works out well and do not hesitate to ask more questions.

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I have a laptop which ive been using for a few months without any problems.
It isnt connected to the internet.
The details is as follows.
Front label FS VGN-FS115B
Rear label Model PCG 791M
I noticed that if i double click on an image it does not show,same if i click the image then preview ?
A few of my icons on the desktop when i click on them they now dont do anything other than pop up a message saying "Application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000034)
Ive looked in device manager but i dont see Display Adapter.
I am now at a loss on how to proceed.
Looking on another post in this form they mention Everest,so ive installed a run it.
I have attached the report it has produced.

Many thanks if you can assist with this.

Have a nice day.

A:XP unable to view image/photos

You are running Windows XP SP2. You can start by installing Service Pack 3. Download Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 3 - MajorGeeks Then do all Windows Updates, even the Optional ones.
If you still have problems, go to Start/Run and type SFC /scannow and press enter. Put the XP CD in and it will replace any missing System Files.

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I used to be able to see my photos in a thumbnail view inside their folders. I would open the folder and click on View and select either Small, Medium, Large or Extra Large Icons and I would see the actual photo. Now, all is see is a cartoon type icon of two spruce trees for every photo. Is There any way to be able to view actual thumbnails of the photos? Input is greatly appreciated.

A:Solved: Thumbnail View For Photos

What program have you installed that has this icon?
It has set your image default program to this program.

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I've tried 3 different methods of adding photos to disks and none will play on DVD player.
I recall doing it once before, but cant remember how I did it.
I have blank CD-Rs and Blank DVD+Rs to work with.

A:Solved: How? I want to view photos on DVD player. HOW?

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I used to be able to view my photos stored in various photos by clicking on View -- small, medium, large or extra large icon. Now, all I can see is the same icon for every photo which is an animated picture of two spruce trees with a blue sky background. Is there any way to be able to see the actual photos in a thumbnail view? Thanks for any input.

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I would like to make some CD's of family pictures with music playing in the background, some .jpg's, some .gif's, a mix of things..... Will probably be using Paint SHop Pro to get the graphics the way I want them. My question is - what is the best software to use for creating such a thing.

I have NERO - it says I can use it for such purpose, using "Create a Multi-Media CD", but I have not been able to get it to work....the music plays first, and then the pictures go....can't get them to display with the music playing at the same time.
ANy opinions would be appreciated.


A:Best Software for creating CD's - photos with music in background?

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I have accidently changed the background image of the windows 8 photos app and can't find a way to restore the default image...which I prefer.
Can anyone help me with this please...



A:How do I restore default background image in photos app

How did you change it ?

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I have recently purchased a refurbished Satellite Z830 and I am trying to load my own photographs into the display background: I am attempting to load them to Windows/Web/Wallpaper/Toshiba, but I am barred from access. i have created a new file under the Wallpaper file, but i cannot access that either.

Where do i go and to where can I upload my own background photos?
Richard B

A:Cannot upload background photos on my Satellite Z830

I presume you want to load some pictures and use them as slide show for the desktop background, right?

If yes open windows explorer and copy all pictures to Libraries > Pictures.
Click with right mouse button on the desktop and choose option Personalize > Desktop background.
As Picture location choose ?Picture Library?. Select your favourite photos, define picture position and changing time. After doing this confirm with ?Save changings?.

That?s all. Please test it.

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What is the best method to view photographs in full screen

A:photos in pictures view in full screen W7?

Download and install InfanView. Run it and select the file you want. Select View Full Screen. If the image is in a folder with other images use the left and right arrow keys to scroll through them.

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I mistakenly deleted the wrong photos but i started to recover my photos soon so that the clusters dont overwrite them i had 300 photos from which i was able to recover about 250 with recuva while recovering the files are Recoverable and in good condition according to the program but when i recovered them almost 50 of them cant be viewed by windows viewer , irfan view , Photoshop etc i tried every JPEG repair etc programs but no luck , after a research in internet i found that with hex editor it might be possible to fix them , but i don't have any idea about hex editor and how to use it..
please help me with this problem..
thx ( sorry for my bad english )

A:Solved: Not able to view my Photos (JPEGS) with any viewer!

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Suddenly, I cant view photos in a slideshow that always been available in Hotmail forever. My silverlight plug is fine and is not being blocked - i even uninstalled and reinstalled it to be sure - yet when i click on the photo thumbnails to open up the slideshow, it only gives me the option to "add to onedrive" or "download". im an artist and need to view images every day that are e-mailed to me so it is vital that i find out whats wrong.
thank you so much in advance!

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Hi. I work at a school and we need a way of viewing pictures from theatre productions on a public computer.
There are lots of specifications for what we need, but I don't need to bore you all with them here!
But if anyone thinks they might be able to give advice/build a system etc, I'd be happy to start a private chat.
We're in Surrey, UK by the way.
Many thanks, Miles

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Hello! I'm new here so I will make this short. I installed Windows 10 (10130 build) and I love it. The only problem that I'm having with it is this Photo Background app that eats my cpu(30-40%)! When I start up windows I need to kill it in task manager everytime. But even after I kill it if I leave my laptop in idle it still comes back. I want to understand what this Photos Background Task Host is doing, his functionality... I want to understand it. I searched in google and all solutions pointed to the camera of the laptop... yes I have a camera, I also deactivated it but the problem still persists. I just want to know what it does in detail. Why should I let it use my CPU??? Thanks!

This solved my problem: Apps - Re-register in Windows 8 and 10

A:Photos Background Task Host - High CPU usage!

Do you have lots of photos on your machine or on onedrive?

Photo App is the default photo viewer in win 10, so it will be importing all your photos and auto enhancing them (unless this is now an optional feature)

what happens if you let it run after boot instead of killing it, does it eventually settle down?

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i cannot select multiple desktop background.... once i navigate in the personalisation to select the desktop background at the bottom and then browse to the desired location then as i click on ok i get the only one ie the first photo of the entire folder selected,,,,
anyone please help
and i am not getting the option to change the desktop backkground 'next desktop background' on right clicking on the desktop

A:problem in selecting multiple photos in desktop background

Hello Ace,

Double check using the tutorial below to help make sure that you have the desktop slideshow setup properly by checking the box of more than one image you wanted to select.

Desktop Slideshow

If you do have it like in the tutorial above and still do not have Next desktop background in the Desktop context menu, then see if the tutorial below may be able to help restore it.

Next Desktop Background - Add or Remove from Desktop Context Menu

If none of the above helps, then please post back with screenshots of anything that is different for you than what's in the tutorials.

Hope this helps,

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Hello! I'm new here so I will make this short. I installed Windows 10 (10130 build) and I love it. The only problem that I'm having with it is this Photo Background app that eats my cpu(30-40%)! When I start up windows I need to kill it in task manager everytime. But even after I kill it if I leave my laptop in idle it still comes back. I want to understand what this Photos Background Task Host is doing, his functionality... I want to understand it. I searched in google and all solutions pointed to the camera of the laptop... yes I have a camera, I also deactivated it but the problem still persists. I just want to know what it does in detail. Why should I let it use my CPU??? Thanks!

This solved my problem: Apps - Re-register in Windows 8 and 10

A:Photos Background Task Host - High CPU usage!

Do you have lots of photos on your machine or on onedrive?

Photo App is the default photo viewer in win 10, so it will be importing all your photos and auto enhancing them (unless this is now an optional feature)

what happens if you let it run after boot instead of killing it, does it eventually settle down?

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Hello Group,

This might be an easy one, but I cannot find the right approach:

The details:
source = .tif photos of objects shot on white background
Photoshop CS
Quark XPress 6.0

The goal:
Show the objects as cut outs in a Quark page with color background, i.e., lose the white so that it appears as if the object were placed onto the color background.

The problem:
Tried saving the .tif as Photoshop eps but still from Quark the white background shows.
Tried using Quark Item>Runaround>Type and various sequences of Same as Clipping or Type>Non-white areas and Type>auto-image ... but no luck.

The user: beginner on Quark, intermediate on Photoshop, PC XP

Note: the objects are not necessarily solid, such as a tennis racket with string grid, and in some cases there may be light shadows

Thanks for looking in.


A:Photos of objects shot on white background - how to make appear as cut out?

you need to make the background transparent
I do not know Quark at all - so ignore if not relevant
in photoshop - cut out the background and make sure its transparent - grey/chequres then save as a gif image which should preserve the transparancy
tiff tends to fill with white

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I just loaded over 200 pictures to a file and the tile view shows all with a flower icon. Is there a way to set this view so that actual photo tiles are displayed?

A:Can actual photos be viewed in tile view of files?

In my system, Windows 7 Ultimate x64, pictures show as pictures in Tile view.
All my settings are the defaults.

File and Folder Arrangement - Change in Windows Explorer Window

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I have had issues viewing photos since upgrading to Windows 7. The message I was getting in Photoviewer was:cannot view photos in photo viewer because you do not have correct permissions. I followed the instructions in a 2007 string from TheOutcaste and ran the command: icacls *.* /reset /T /C in the folder where my photos was stored. This made it possible for me to see approximately 80 to 90 % of my photos which is GREAT. However, I still have a fairly large number of photos which are not accessible unless I go through the tedious manual task of assigning myself as the owner. I've run the command again and can see that on those photos which cannot be seen that there is a notation that access was denied. Any additional ideas on what I might be able to do in order to "release" these photos in mass...and not manually one at at time?? Thank you in advance. skyglover

A:cannot view photos in photo viewer because you do not have correct permissions

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I've never had an issue connecting my canon camera and uploading pictures until recently. I took a bunch of new pictures and i can upload them just fine, But when it comes to viewing them or uploading them to the internet i can't do anything unless I'm in the canon application. And even then i cannot upload my photos. Even worst it's not just the recent photos, Now it's all of the photos ive ever uploaded to my computer. When i try to view them it says the element is not found. They aren't corrupt seeing as how i can see them just fine on the computer as well as in the app for the canon. What is going on, These are my memories here!!!

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It's not my settings. What can it be? can I reinstall it? I have windows xp

A:Can't view photos or click links in outlook express 6

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After I installed Vista Home Premium my photos and icons all appear stretched wider horzontally, photos make everyone appear short and fat. Tech support for my laptop company Averatec charges $60 for half hour of toll support they say can fix it but it seems to high a price for tech support. My Pixals are 1024 x 768 32bit

Any tips of how I can adjust the video viewing or whatever it takes to make view normal as it it did when I had Windows XP in it would be appreciated.


A:Vista made my icons & photos view oblong Help!

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Why is it when I bring up picture folders in XP, some folders allow me to use the scroll wheel to move photos from left to right in filmstrip view and others won't. I usually have 25 or more pix in the folders?
I can use the mouse to move them side to side but would prefer to use the scroll wheel.
It's not a major problem, I just don't know why some folders allow the scroll wheel and some don't.

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Windows 10 customization has been a bit of a moving target. The latest casualty was the ability to have Windows cycle through my top rated photos as the background slideshow. Now, I only have the option to point to a folder for a slide show.

This was a really cool feature b/c it meant I could cycle through my favorite pictures without having to move (and likely duplicate) them. Does anyone know how to recover this feature without having to move my pictures?

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I use Windows XP SP2 and have been fighting to get the Trojan W32licksky off my system for 3 days. I got that taken care of and now ontop of my desktop background is a white google home page. I cannot left click or right click on it or Get it off even with resetting the all the display options. I tried going in and running Ad-Aware again but my system is clean. Also, there is an icon of a computer monitor with a screw driver and a wrentch over the usual icons on the desktop. Have tried to change icons but to no success.

A:Cannot view background

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well at the moment i have a black wallpaper which i cannot change to a pictures etc. heres a pic of the desktop properties:
just want to have my desktop back

A:cannot view a desktop background

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I've customized the look of File Explorer (thanks to the tutorial). Now, how do I remove iCloud Photos from the Devices and Drives view in file Explorer?

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We bought a new system that runs Vista. Lucky us. We are trying to copy year’s worth of photos onto new system. Photos are ruined as Vista displays them in thumbnail view. Make sure you have a back-up because once your photos are loaded onto Vista they are ruined. All photos are jpg files taken with several different cameras. ​
Here are several samples using the Vista Photo Gallery Viewer​

I have been on the telephone with Microsoft technical support for hours trying to resolve this issue. We have run a system scan and it came out clean. We do not have a virus. Does anyone else have this problem? Is there a solution?? HELP

A:Vista Photo Gallery Viewer Destroying Photos in Thumbnail View

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I recently copied photos from my DVD to my computer which runs XP SP2 . When I open the folder in File Explorer it shows the photos in all views ( it shows the photo clearly as it is in thumb nail view). But when I double click (Open using default editor) the photo, it does not display the photo but shows a small icon 'X" in the screen.
Can someone help. Not sure what the problem is.

some other issues
1) First time when i open after copying the photos it shows all the photos but later when i open it shows a few of them and others are shown with X icon.
2) is there any impact if I use a file wiper tool such as Glarys utilities or CCleaner? does it corrupt the photos?

A:saved photos showing in thumbnail view but not in photoeditor (picture manager etc)

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Hi all,

Please help me choose tools - service provider(s) and/or application(s) - for my goals.

I'd like to start sharing privately videos and photos in some private cloud drive with a group of close people. It would be sort of electronic photo/video album. Most computers are 8" Tablet PCs, OS is Windows 8.1.

There is a question how can I view these photos/videos when one (or more) of these people is offline. The best thing would be an application which automatically caches the photos/videos which are viewed most often or "starred" or "liked" most or "rated" as best. The application would cache (for offline viewing too when there is no internet connection) those mostly viewed/starred/liked/rated photos/videos on each computer, depending on which photos/videos were watched on that particular computer.

What I plan is just keep putting all the photos/videos (probably from all the same computers) to some cloud drive, and - the best thing would be - just let the mostly watched photos/videos to sort naturally in each cache. Or maybe there is some feature to rate photos/videos (somewhat like in windows media player).

Is there a way to auto-cache some amount (let's say up to 2GB or 5GB) of the most often viewed files (for offline viewing) instead of having all of them on those devices? I'm asking this because those tablet PCs have a rather limited storage capacity (and are also limited on internet connection quite often too).

Here are some tag... Read more

A:How to share, auto-sort, cache videos/photos offline view?

Any news regarding these questions, please?.. *bump*

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I'm trying to correct a problem on my wife's laptop. My daughter borrowed it and when it was returned, the desktop background was black instead of the picture that was previously there. My daughter doesn't know what happened to cause the change in the background.

I cannot set the background to anything other than a solid color. No images show up in the window when you try to personalize the background with the sample pictures. When you "Browse", the sample picture filenames show up but the icons associated with the files all show the default windows icon. When you select any of the files, the background doesn't change.

I saw various posts on the internet that associate desktop background problems with wallpaper policy settings in the registry, but this doesn't seem to be the case here. I think that the software that decodes the image files is not working, because also when I attempt to view the picture files with Windows Photo Gallery I get the message "Photo Gallery can't open this picture or video. This file format is not supported, or you don't have the latest updates to Photo Gallery". The picture file files do open and display properly with Microsoft Office Picture Manager, with Paint, and with Firefox.

Any suggestions, clues, etc...?

A:Can't set desktop background or view pictures

Hi edknc,

Welcome to Vista Forums!

Do you know when this problem began (presumably when it was borrowed)? Try a System Restore to a point in time BEFORE the problem began (before she borrowed it). Here's the procedure: Be sure to check the box to show more than 5 days of restore points. If the first attempt fails, then try an earlier point or two. NOTE: You will have to re-install any software and updates you installed between now and the restore point, but you can use Windows Update for the updates.

I hope this helps.

Good luck!

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If my desktop background image is a slideshow from my picture folders, is there a way to open the folder holding the particular picture from the desktop? I ask because sometimes a picture will pop up, and I'm not sure what folder it came from. It seems like in older windows versions you could right click on the desktop and select "open folder" or something and be taken to the folder holding the picture. Is that still possible?

A:How to view folder containing desktop background image?

Hi dani07 and welcome to Eight Forums,
It depends on how the theme settings are just right click in the desktop then click "Personalise" then highlight the theme you are using then click on "Desktop Backgrounds" in the upper down then you can see where the pictures are stored.
Hope that helps.

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Hi All,

My system was infected and I had the following issues:
1. Flashing screen on my desktop about my machine being infected
2. ALERT VIRUS near the clock on the taskbar
3. Regedit and Taskbar disabled
4. pop-ups redirected to purchasing anti-virus programs
5. IE urls/keys changed, etc

After a combination of using:
1. Malwarebyte's Anti-Malware
2. SUPERAntiSpyware
3. Registry editing
4. Deleting files
5. using Gpedit.msc i've managed to fix almost everything except one:

==> My desktop background still has like a 'blank' screen. I'm able to go to Display property and see that my background/wallpaper is still set properly. Moreover, when the system boots's up or log-in for a brief period I can still see the back ground. After that, its like a white screen on the wall paper.

Some things I haven't tried yet:
1. ComboFix
2. SmitFraudFix.exe

I'm sorry, I'm not able to give the specifics since I didn't note/log the details of the files infected/cleaned or the virus messages.

Appreciate your help.

Thanks in advance

Warm Regards

A:Unable To View Desktop Background Even After (?) Cleaning Virus/malware

Go to Start > Control Panel > Display. Click on the "Desktop" tab, then the "Customize Desktop..." button. Click on the "Web" tab, then under Web Pages, uncheck and delete everything you find (except "My Current Home page").These are some common malware related entries you may see:Security InfoWarning MessageSecurity DesktopWarning HomepagePrivacy ProtectionDesktop UninstallIf present, select each entry and click the Delete button. Also, make sure the Lock desktop items box is unchecked. Click "Ok", then "Apply" and "Ok".When done, go back into your Desktop Settings and you should be able to change the color/theme to whatever you want.

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I have a folder where I keep my Windows desktop wallpaper. This folder has over 500 images. Every time I want to change my wallpaper I navigate to this folder and set the view to large icons so that I can preview the images before setting them as my desktop background.

The first issue I have is whenever I set the view to large icons it takes forever for the images to preview. (I guess Windows is parsing each image to generate thumbnails.) If I scroll down to like the bottom of the page and wait until the thumbnail previews are generated (which takes like 5-10 seconds), then I scroll back up to the top it seems like the thumbnails are re-generated thereby causing me to have to wait again. As I move up and down in this folder the issue repeats causing many delays. If the folder only contains a few images this is not an issue but with my folder, which contains 500+ images (each ~2 Mb) it really slows things down.

Is there a way to configure Windows such that generating thumbnail previews happens faster and doesn't repeat so much?

The main reason why I am asking this question is due to another issue with Windows and setting background images...

Lets say I scroll to the bottom of the folder and right-click and image to set it as my desktop background. As soon as I do this the window scrolls all the way back up to the top again! I then have to scroll back down to where I was. If I am going through each image one by one this causes me to loose my... Read more

A:Setting Image As Background - Slow + Folder View Resetting

Generating thumbnails does take time, especially if they are high resolution images for large screen backgrounds. Why not segregate them into subfolders by type or style then it should display the top folder faster. Then choose which subfolder you want. It should display them fast.

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I'm using Vista 32 Home Premium. While trying to select different backgrounds in the Control Panels/Personalization/Desktop Background dialog box, I select Windows Wallpaper from the drop down list. Every pictures available for selection show as the same generic graphic and not the actual pictures themselves.

The only way I can actually visually see what each individual picture is, is to select it and then view it as the desktop background. I cannot figure out how to view all available images as true thumbnails while they are still in the selection dialog box.

Can you please help me?

Thanks in advance.

A:Solved: Vista Desktop Background - cannot view individual pictures

To change the visual effects, follow these steps:

Click Start, click Run, type sysdm.cpl in the Open box, and then press ENTER.
Click the Advanced tab, and then under Performance click Settings.
Click the Visual Effects tab, and then use one of the following methods:
Click Adjust for best appearance to have Windows automatically adjust the settings for best appearance.
Click OK to apply changes and to close the dialog box

By default its already check but in case if its not check make sure all the options are check.

If you found that its already check and still the problem persist. Update your Graphic adapter.

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On my Windows 8.1 PC, upon switching to fullscreen view on YouTube or playing any video in Zune or Windows Media Player, a strange green backdrop appears on top of 75% of the video playing and only 25% of the video is viewable. Full screen in YouTube and playing videos used to work fine but I don't remember when this started happening. Applications such as VLC Media Player and QuickTime work fine, so I'm stuck using those for now. I attached two pictures with examples of the problem I'm referring to.

Any help for this issue is appreciated and if you need additional details let me know and maybe I can help. Thanks.

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Currently in my photos app, the photos are sorted 1,10,11 and so on. Is there a way to sort them 1,2,3 and so on?

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I have a free upgrade from win7 to win 10. There is an icon on the desktop for photos. When I open it there are strange photos coming from somewhere and I can't delete them. How do I delete them and stop them from loading?

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I have a folder with about 20 images and 20 folders (with avi's, images, and txt files inside).

When I initially check the disk size (while the folder is being viewed in Icons View), the disk size reads 28,415,404,695 bytes.

When I change it to Thumbnail View, the disk size increases to 28,415,444,631 bytes.

I know it's only a 39,936 byte difference but I'm just wondering where this is coming from? When I change it back to Icons View, it still reads 28,415,444,631 bytes. How do you get it back to the original 28,415,404,695 bytes?


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Hi, any help will be appreciated..
When I open my C:\WINDOWS window on My Computer, I get this weird picture of a manga-ish samurai (which I'm positive I've never intentionally downloaded) as the window background. Other folders window background are unaffected. I've tried changing Window schemes, etc but no change. My PC still works fine, everything functions (except for iTunes & quicktime, but I think its unrelated) so it's merely annoyance really, but I'm worried if it is a virus, it might spread. I've tried scanning with Ad-Aware and Avast but no virus were found. Wanted to try the online Panda scanner but took too long (I'm connecting from Indonesia)
Here's my DSS main.txt:
Deckard's System Scanner v20070807.62
Run by Admin on 2007-08-09 at 10:54:29
Computer is in Normal Mode.

-- System Restore --------------------------------------------------------------

Successfully created a Deckard's System Scanner Restore Point.

-- Last 5 Restore Point(s) --
27: 2007-08-09 03:54:35 UTC - RP28 - Deckard's System Scanner Restore Point
26: 2007-08-09 02:58:43 UTC - RP27 - Installed Nokia Multimedia Factory
25: 2007-08-09 02:54:41 UTC - RP26 - Installed Nokia PC Suite
24: 2007-08-09 02:43:19 UTC - RP25 - Installed iTunes
23: 2007-08-09 02:42:05 UTC - RP24 - Removed Apple Mobile Device Support

-- First Restore Point --
1: 2007-07-23 06:05:47 UTC - RP2 - System Checkpoint

... Read more

A:Possible virus -- changed windows background (not desktop background)


Please copy this page to Notepad and save to your desktop for reference as you will not have any browsers open while you are carrying out portions of these instructions.

It's IMPORTANT to carry out the instructions in the sequence listed below.


Download SDFix and save it to your Desktop. Double click SDFix.exe and it will extract the files to %systemdrive% -(Drive that contains the Windows Directory, typically C:\SDFix)


Download Combofix and save it to your desktop.

**Note: It is important that it is saved directly to your desktop**


Close any open browsers.


Close/disable all anti virus and anti malware programs so they do not interfere with the running of ComboFix.

Double click on combofix.exe & follow the prompts. When finished, it will produce a report for you.
I'll need the C:\ComboFix.txt in your next reply.

Do not mouseclick combofix's window while it's running. That may cause it to stall


Please reboot your computer in Safe Mode by doing the following:
1) Restart your computer
2) After hearing your computer beep once during startup, but before the Windows icon appears, ... Read more

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I don't know what I did, but all the background images on all websites (including this one) are gone...if I right click on the web page, the selection "View Background image" is greyed out, disabled. Does anyone know how to reset the background images on websites so they appear again...I would really really appreciate it.

I just got a new computer with Windows 8, I use Firefox. If I open these websites with IE, the background images are there. So what did I do to my Firefox settings?

I have spent over 4 hours searching through the control panel, tools, Firefox itself, and I can't find a solution.

A:"View background image" is disabled on all websites

This link may help:

not all images are being displayed in firefox but work in other browsers | Firefox Support Forum | Mozilla Support

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One of the most annoying "features" of Windows that I have ever experienced is the fact that when a background application needs attention it is brought into the foreground irrespective of what the user is doing. It would seem to me that the more user friendly behavior would be to flash the taskbar icon showing the application needs attention so that the user can make the decision to switch to it.

I cannot count the number of time I have left something running in the background to complete a task while I do something else only to have it bring up a window with a button that is positioned DIRECTLY below my mouse arrow such that if I happen to be clicking on something in the foreground application at the same time then the background application which has just been thrust forward will receive that click instead. The often causes an undesirable action to occur as I have just click a button for a message that I didn't have opportunity to read.

The exact same issue occurs when typing, should I happen to hit "enter" at approximately the same moment.

It is also a security issue when a background application comes to the forefront with a textbox that has focus when I was in the middle of typing a password into another application. This reveals my sensitive information to any onlooker if the offending textbox isn't bulleted as well.

Does anyone know if any way I can stop this from happening on a global level for pretty much every application I have ... Read more

A:Keeping background windows in background

Hmm, this hasn't happened to me before. Some programs and windows have the option of always "being on top" of all other items. If popup windows are that bad for you then I'd suggest a good system spyware/adware/virus scan.

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My laptop has only the app view whenever i open it and i want desktop view. i am only able to access the desktop from the folder. i have windows 8. please help

A:How can I have a desktop view and not app view on Windows 8?

Hi and welcome to WindowsCentral. If you update to 8.1, you'll have boot to desktop as an option.

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I have Vista Home Premium with Microsoft Photo Gallery on my Dell Inspriron 1721 laptop. I?m using a machine to transfer slides to a SD card then uploading them to Photo Gallery. Photos transfer Ok except the order of the photo gets scrambled somehow during upload. In other words, the photos on the SD card are in chronologically order but after uploading, when I view them in Photo Galley, the order is all mixed up. I know you can manual move them around but it?s hard to be sure of the original order and it is very time consuming when you have hundreds of photos. I would appreciate any suggestions on how to fix them. FYI I would call myself a novice user of Photo Gallery.

A:Uploading photos from a SD memory card into Photo Gallery scrambles order of photos

Will the Photo Gallery sort by name? You could prefix the photo names with numerical sequence. A utility like
Introduction - Bulk Rename Utility will do it easily. It's free.

Edit: if that looks too busy, the multi-renamer in FreeCommander is a bit simpler to use. [c] before the name prepends a number starting at what you select and incrementing by what you choose. Just press F2 when in the folder.

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I have 1000 photos in a folder (and subfolders) and I have a list of 300 photos I want to extract (or copy) to another folder
I tried to use the windows search file method (by using a comma (example: I tried to search for 100439,100536,100713,100795,100857,101008,101176,101184,101613,101842,102141,102221,102267,102301,102512,102579,102588,102695,103195,103209,103241,103328,103408,103470,103640,103942,104132,104248,104280,104337,104477,104485,104981,105066,105112,105465,105511,105589,105635,105791,105910,105937,106054,106100,106178,106183,106216,106364,106380,106410,) but it will only find up to 34 files
Do you know of a program or a way to do this?

Any help will be very much appreciated

A:Find Multiple Photos, extrat photos listed in databese

AcDsee 7 will do as you ask,


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My sister has photos of me in my bridesmaid dress that she took with her camera. I saved them on my computer.
I am going out of town to see our family, and cannot take the computer, but want to show the pictures. I will have my camera.

I tried transferring the photos to my camera's memory card by changing their file names to the same type of name as the photos that were taken with my camera. They are displayed as DSCN0610, so I renamed the photos as DSCN0700 and so on. Then I put my memory card in the driver, (G drive) opened up the drive, opened the folder where the pictures from my camera were, and dragged the newly renamed photos into that folder.

I put the memory card back in my camera and hit the display button, and the message I am getting for the spots where those files are is "File contains no image data."

What did I do wrong? What do I do?

Information - My camera is a Nikon Coolpix.

A:Can I transfer photos from my saved photos on my computer onto my digital camera?

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Microsoft Photos app gets updated ? save still photos from videos and more

Microsoft has released a new update to the Windows 10 Photos app, and the new version appears to have started rolling out to some users. The app has been bumped to version 16.412.13342.0 and brings some new features along with the usual bug fixes, please find the detailed changelog below:

 ◾Save still photos from videos and living images
◾Slow-motion videos taken with a Windows phone can now be edited on your PC
◾When importing photos to a PC, quickly clear and select all
◾View your OneDrive storage usage in Settings
◾Adjust the lighting in photos taken with a Windows phone using rich HDR
◾New OneDrive pictures appear more quickly in Collection
◾Items now stay selected until you cancel or take action on them
◾Bug fixes

Read more at Source
Microsoft Photos app gets updated - save still photos from videos and more

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Wondering if it's a problem with the new version of Firefox (32.0.1). Since I've had the new version when I upload photos to an antique website, I see the broken image icon. In Facebook, the photos just never show up. I also can't attach photos to emails, they just don't upload. I haven't changed any plug-ins and I don't have any extensions. This doesn't happen in IE. Any advice or suggestions?

A:Can't see uploaded photos or attach photos in emails with new Firefox

Just a thought: suggest starting Firefox in Safe Mode to see if it's caused by an extension.
Hope this helps.

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I have some problems with my iPod and I don't know if it started after I installed something or not, but this is what's wrong:
- The camera of my iPod starts and then crashes, OR sometimes if I start it it can take one picture and then the black screen with the white turning thing (which you also get when you turn off the iPod) and then it returns to the home screen
- The images app also doesn't start up. If I tap it, it opens but before the text ''camera roll'' and that stuff is loaded, it crashes.
- When my iPod is cabled (i know thats not a word) to my pc, a windows window appears for importing the photos on the ipod to the computer with windows. when I click import, the blue screen appears on my pc and luckily it can start up again. it happens every time. now that's not a very big problem.
- in itunes when i connect my ipod, a bar with some different colors appears, right? to show how much space apps, photo's, books, music and stuff you are using on your ipod. the problem is that there are no photos and i swear i had like 1 gig of photos on my ipod. i hope theyre not gone.

i couldn't find the email support on apple's website so i ask you.
how do i solve these things?

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I have a laptop running Vista which came with some Google Gadgets. Initially the Photos gadget was working fine. As I decided to get my new computer organized (a mildly OCD thing to do ) I rearranged the folders that my photos were kept in. I noticed that NONE of my photos were appearing in the sidebar any longer so I clicked the link to 'add photos' and remapped to the My Pictures folder. This didn't help so I remapped to a deeper folder in order to get it closer to the photos. This didn't work so I remapped it down to a specific folder that doesn't have any folders in it. It only contains photos. Lo and behold... It didn't work. So... I searched the internet and found one question like mine with no answer following it. Needless to say, what looks like it should be a fairly straight forward adjustment has not been so. Please, what button am I not pushing to fix this?...

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On a new install of 7 I have dual monitors and the built-in photos screensaver is displaying photos in the middle of the field which usually means that the photo is shown in the secondary monitor but if it is too big for the secondary monitor it is partially split on both monitors. Is this a bug in the built-in screensaver or do I have it set up wrong? If it is a bug in photos screensaver is there a thrid party screensaver that does a better job at using photos as a screensaver? I have a 21" builtin monitor that is my primary display. It has a screen resolution of 1920x1080 and a 19" with a 1440x900 resolution set as a secondary display. While I am at it is there a thrid party program that will allow setting different backgrounds on each display?

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I am having problems with my Surface Pro not pulling all my pics from facebook. It keeps saying something went wrong try again later. I have disconnected my Facebook account and started all over but it didn't help. Just noticed this today so I don't know when it started.

A:Photos app facebook photos sync - something went wrong

Hi, Im having the exact same issue with my Surface Pro. It looks like it synced cover photos from most albums, not all then gave up. Just the error message "something went wrong". I spent 2 hours working with MS Tech Support today, to no avail. Just tuning in hoping to find a solution. Have you had any luck getting yours to sync?

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I have accidently imported my photos from my phone to the hp photo section on my notebook. I didn't want them to be on the computer but i wanted them on my external harddrive. I have been into the folder and highlighted all photos, copied them but when i try to paste them it wont allow me to paste them anywhere but in the photo's gallery where they already are. Any ideas how to remove them from the computer and put them onto my external hardrive?

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Rotating arrows never stop in the photos app.
Camera is using a continuous 30% of my battery usage, but says nothing is being used in the background (all is being used whilst being "managed by windows"), whatever that means.

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since 4 days photos which are camera rolled are deleted after some time they are not shown in one drive why it happens, is it any settings related to that

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My sister recently got engaged, I took loads of photos of the big night, stuck them on the PC and cleared the memory card. Upon actually looking at them, they are all corrupted - they appear to have mixed with other pictures.

The thumbnails are fine but obivously this is a different part of the file.

A lot of the software I have come across is designed to recoved lost files rather than repair corrupt images - can someone please help!?!

I have uploaded an example here: http:[email protected]/3997977288/

A:Important photos are corrupt/mixed with other photos

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Hi everyone,

I have an Android phone and a Windows 8 PC I built. I took a picture on my phone and went on my computer and the photo showed up in my Photos tile. I have no idea where the picture came from because my PC and my phone aren't linked up and the photo only shows on the tile not in the app itself. I had a similar problem with my iPhone and Android because of Google+ but there seems to be no reason for this.

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My Photos app on Startscreen is still showing Facebook photos that were deleted from FB. How can I get rid of them? Where are they stored?
Switching Facebook off and on in Settings didn't make any difference.

A:How to Remove Facebook Photos in Photos app?

Ah the cache strikes again......

"Try this: go to %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.windowsphoto_[random characters]\LocalState\

Once there you'll find cached copies LargeTile?.jpg and SmallTile?.jpg
Delete the images you don't want (or replace them with ones you do want) then go to the start screen, turn off the live tile then turn it back on again. Hope that helps."

(Thanks to Mathew Wong for these instructions)


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I have several pictures folders in both my pictures and public pictures I also have individual photos at the roots of each directory. Windows 8 Photos app just comes up with a message "Can't find any pictures in here, make sure your pictures are in the picture library". They are!!!!! Any ideas Please?

A:Photos App says it cand find any photos in here

pictures should be in desktop/libraries/pictures

mine come up fine

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I need help. up to about several week ago I was always been able to download my photos from my cameras removable disk into the portal of my computer. Now it won't

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Hi -

Does anyone know how, or if, I can set or control the timing of a slide show in windows 8 photos app?


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Hi there,
My in laws recently mailed mailed me a CD (they live out of state) that has a lot of important photos on it from my wedding. The problem is that they have a MAC and I have Windows XP. Unfortunatly, it won't allow me to view the photos because of this. How can I view the photos or upload them to my PC? I don't know anyone that has a MAC, and my in laws live out of state. Thanks for the help!

A:Getting photos from mac to Windows

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Hi every one, I'm looking a better photo viewer for my new window 8.1. I was using the photo viewer that came with essentials.


A:Windows Photos under 8.1 pro

You need to tell us what you don't like about your current viewer and what you reqiure of an alternative viewer because "better" is relative to the person using that word. I am quite happy with the basic Windows Photo Viewer that is available in Windows 8.1:

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Can someone please tell me if it is posible to change the potos that come up on the covers of each photo ?lbum in the Photos App. I dont know if you understand what I mean but i would like to be able to choose the photos of the cover of each folder in my photos App.

A:Problem with Windows 8 Photos App

my photo app doesn't show folders just the pictures within , as far as i know ,i have yet to be looking when a folder has shown

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Hey All,

I have some questions about Printing photos in Windows 10 with the built in photo viewer?

1.) In all the previous versions of Windows that I can recall using from Windows 98 to Windows 8.1, when you went to print from the viewer you could have the photo cover the whole printing area with a check-box enabled by default, is that gone now in Windows 10? Awful if it is!

2.) Is the Windows Photo Gallery software free and does it allow the picture to be stretched to fill the whole page?


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Alright heres the deal. My laptop has been unused for 2years. Originally bought in 2013 by a buddy. After 2years of no activity i scrubbed the hard drive, encrypted it, installed a copy of windows 10 i found online, used a mac address changer, used a completely different wifi that i dont own, and encrypted my system. I go to open a photo someone sent and the windows photos shows photos i had back in 2006!!!!! Wtf!! How in the hell did it ever grab my photos without me being aware of it and how in the hell after all that trouble did it miraculously know im me and put all my photos from 2006 in my computer? I mean im not upset because i lost all my photos and its nice to be able to reclaim old photos of me when i was ten years younger but how in the hell could it figure it who i was, from photos back in 2006 that i didnt even know it stored, on a laptop that was bought in 2013 wity all the changes i mentioned? Someone must know...

A:Windows photos question

Oh and forgot to mention i was using an anonymous proxy. So how in the hell did windows know who it was? Could they have at one time recorded an internal serial number and at one point connected that with me from 2006?

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