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G580 Graphic card issue

Q: G580 Graphic card issue

Hello ;i'm new here i don't know from where i should start .. i'll try to explain my problem ..i installed windows 7 & 10 & 8.1 but my graphic card only detect only one graphic which is HD 4000 the problem it's contien only 64mo on Vram ; which makes me crazy ; i know & i'm sure there is an nvidia graphic card because the cd i have with the laptop they put nvidia inside of a folder but sadly the driver instalation dont want to work on my pc ; i don't know why ..
any solution please guys
my laptop is Lenovo G580

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I'm really confussed about this issue, but I'll explain whats happened and if anyone has any tips please pass them on.

I have a machine by, running win 98se, 500mhz celeron, intel on baord graphics and audio.

I purchased a prophet 3d 4000xt 64mb pci graphics card and followed installation procedure and install card success fully and have been using it with no problems.

3 weeks ago I got given a 700mhz P3 prosessor and replaced it with my tied celeron, and the machine works a dream (considering it's spec!!) again no issues.

I then decided to upgrade my OS to Win XP (Pro). I booted Win98 and started to upgrade, everything started fine until the computer had to rest.

After searching for the MBR the cumputer would 'Hang' on a black screen with a white flashing cusor in the top left corner.

It took me ages to figure out that it was my graphics card that was the problem and after uninstalling it the system booted with no probs and completed the upgrade.

So no I start the install process of card and the same black screen on start up appears.

I've downloaded up to date drivers for XP from Hurcules website but nothing seems to be working.


A:PCI Graphic Card Issue

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Hello guys, I have a problem with my Nvidea Geforce 210 DDR 3 1GB Card. Actually My Card was working fine before but somehow my old motherboard got cracked up therefore I changed my MotherBoard. and when I Connected My Card and does not show up on Device manager . here is the Pic its show "Stander VGA Graphic Adapter"

and If I install Driver for my Graphic card then my PC got stucked on window startup LOGO

but If I boot in with 'Safe Mode' my Graphic Card shows up in Device Manager, like this
What to do now ? My Graphic Card is not working on Normal mode, and in Safe mode its useless

My pc Spec.

Intel Dual Core 2.0
Ram: 2GB
Window: Window 7 Ultimate 32 bit
On board Graphic: Intel Mobile Intel 4 Series Express Chipset Family (Intel)

BIOS: American Megatrends Inc.
Version 080016
Date 6/25/2013

A:Graphic card issue

Have you tried removing both Intel and NVIDIA graphics driver then install NIVIDA driver?

Please refer to this guide:
System Info - See Your System Specs

So we can fully see your system specifications.

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Compaq Presario
AMD Athlon
1.00 GHz 280 MB ram
Windows XP
prof version 2002
service pack 2

Ge Force 5200

When I installed the graphic card and booted up the monitor will not come on.

A:Graphic card issue.........please help.

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hello, i am using the ati radeon HD 5700, a week ago my computer was on sleep and got accidently turned off at the wall, once turned back on it crashed once, and since then it seems to crash or somthing at times.

the screen has coloured hozizontal lines go on it, but i was still able to hear what was going on.

any ideas? thanks

A:Maybe Graphic card issue?

try booting into safe mode
start the PC and keep tapping F8 a menu should appear - choose safe mode
if that opens ok
a couple of things to try
1) Do a system restore to before it went into hibination & turned off
system tools>
system restore?
choose a date before problem
2) update the graphics / video driver - whats the make and model of PC - what version of windows are you running - the driver should be available on the PC manufacturers website - support section

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I installed the VisionTek ATI Radeon x1650PRO and everything seemed to work out right. But when I opened Left 4 Dead. The program immediately does not respond and window vista problem solving comes out. Also I cannot view my computer stats, like this

And for the problem thing

A:Issue on graphic card

Originally Posted by Deltaxd

I installed the VisionTek ATI Radeon x1650PRO and everything seemed to work out right. But when I opened Left 4 Dead. The program immediately does not respond and window vista problem solving comes out. Also I cannot view my computer stats, like this

And for the problem thing

The ATI Radeon x1650PRO does not have a high power requirement so it is unlikely to be related the PSU. There are two possible problems,

the first to look at is did you install the card correctly?

the second is, do you have the correct drivers for the card. ie 64bit


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Hello TSF.

First off, I think I should start by saying my PC specs:
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 1, .Net Framework 1.1 and 2.0, 32 bit
Processor: AMD Sempron, 2600+, 1.6GB GHZ
RAM: 512mb + 1GB tablet
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon x550, 256MB (I know, old)
Hard Drives: C: Total - 30GB, Free - 8GB; D: Total - 45GB MB, Free - 44GB;
I've been having some trouble since last friday.

I thought of adding all what I did, but it'd be long and unnecesesary. I'll just post what I did after formating.
I was getting some blue screens saying that ati2dvag.dll was stanked on a infinite loop. After a lot of unsuccessful fixes, I formatted my Hard Drives (which explains why I have so much free space).

Now after I installed the ATI latest driver, my computer keeps crashing. It doesn't crash on secure mode though. I don't see any blue screen now though, the computer just freezes, screen goes black for a second, and when the image comes back, the graphic card is not working right anymore (I know this because the image refreshes much slower). Or it just freezes permanently.

I tried older display drivers, like 8.1 and 9.1, HECK, even 5.2. None of them made a difference.

I'm so tired... I've spent hours and hours on this... I also lost everything I had when I formatted...

Please, help me...

A:ATI Graphic Card issue.

Welcome to TSF.

Sorry, but I have to ask this . . . . Why are you still running WinXP SP1 (or even SP2 as it indicates under your username)?? If this PC is connected to the internet, you subjecting it to a lot of vulnerabilities. You really should install SP3.

You can download it here:

Both the download and the install will take a chunk of time, but it'll be worth it in the long run. Also, I'd strongly suggest leaving your PC running overnight for a couple of nights so that it picks up all of the updates released since SP3.

Anyother suggestion: Exhaust all least destructive troubleshooting methods before doing something such as formatting your HDD. Although that is occasionally necessary, it should be a last resort.

It could very well be that the graphic card is going bad. The only way to tell for sure would be to install it in another PC and see if you have the same problems. You can get a similar card on eBay pretty cheap or you can upgrade.

Since you've gone as far as formatting your HDD, reinstalling the OS, drivers, etc., I'd say that you have pretty well knocked out any chance of it being a software issue.

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How is that a same geforce card costs so different ? eg : visiontech geforce3 and chaintech geforce3

Also what is the difference between a graphic card ,video card,graphic chip and video chip.

A:graphic card issue

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Hello. Recently I bought Gigabyte HD 4650 1gb agp 8x card. I unistalled drivers for my old card, removed the old card, put this new card, and plugged in everything. I turned on my pc, installed drivers and directx from cd, and restarted. But i then i noticed some problems.
First, Aero looks weird(picture:, so i turned it off. Second, in game scenes and game itself works perfectly, but intros, and other prerendered scenes are really slow and laggy(1 fps!).
Third, when i start playing some game, it lags a bit but after a few seconds it stops and works perfect.
Fourth, some games don't show graphics correctly. Examples:
Assassins creed 2(first scene):
NFS Carbon(if i set visual treatment on high, otherwise it works normally):
Also, I noticed that Catalyst Control Center doesn't show SmartGart and VPU recover tab, and I think they should be there.
I installed new drivers, installed newer version of directx, didn't helped. I removed drivers, same thing, i played with some options in Catalyst and ingame options, nothing. I changed some compatibilty stuff in windows, same thing. Please help, I really don't understand why it doesn't works properly. I meet all the requirements for this card, and this problems really frustrates me. Thanks in advance

A:HELP! Graphic card issue

Hi, welcome to the forums

Firstly, when you say "new drivers" are you referring to the one's provided on the install CD/DVD? If not then download the latest and see if that helps.

Secondly, for uninstalling drivers I'd recommend using Driver Sweeper to completely eradicate any trace of the previous driver and see if that helps.

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Hello TSG.

First off, I think I should start by saying my PC specs:
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 2, .Net Framework 1.1 and 2.0 (about to reboot and install the rest), 32 bit
Processor: AMD Sempron, 2600+, 1.6GB GHZ
RAM: 512mb + 1GB tablet
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon x550, 256MB (I know, old)
Hard Drives: C: Total - 30GB, Free - 8GB; D: Total - 45GB, Free - 44GB;
I've been having some trouble since last friday.

I thought of adding all what I did, but it'd be long and unnecesesary. I'll just post what I did after formating.
I was getting some blue screens saying that ati2dvag.dll was stanked on a infinite loop. After a lot of unsuccessful fixes, I formatted my Hard Drives (which explains why I have so much free space).

Now after I installed the ATI latest driver, my computer keeps crashing. It doesn't crash on secure mode though. I don't see any blue screen now though, the computer just freezes, screen goes black for a second, and when the image comes back, the graphic card is not working right anymore (I know this because the image refreshes much slower). Or it just freezes permanently.

I tried older display drivers, like 8.1 and 9.1, HECK, even 5.2. None of them made a difference.

I'm so tired... I've spent hours and hours on this... I also lost everything I had when I formatted...

Please, help me...

EDIT: I don't know if this is in the right section or not o.o
If not, please excuse me.

A:ATI Graphic Card issue.

Is the graphics card a Sapphire ATI radeon x550 if so did you go to the Sapphire site to get the drivers? Or did you get those drivers from AMD/ATI site? If you went to AMD/ATI then you will have different drivers as Sapphire have their own drivers for their graphics card

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intel 2 quad core q6600
3 gig of ram
nvidia geforce gts 450
storm 650 watt psu got msi afterburner clocking the gpu fan 65% been playing sniper elite v2 and the graphics card keeps crashing with a pixelated screen then it returns to the desktop and i get a little yellow icon in the task bar saying graphic card stopped responding has recovered any help would be appreciated

A:graphic card issue

Is you Windows install fully patched and up to date?
What version of Windows are you using?
Are all your drivers fully up to date?
What are you system temperature and voltages like, use HWMonitor to check.

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Hello TSG.

First off, I think I should start by saying my PC specs:
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 2, .Net Framework 1.1 and 2.0, 32 bit
Processor: AMD Sempron, 2600+, 1.6GB GHZ
RAM: 512mb + 1GB tablet
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon x550, 256MB (I know, old)
Hard Drives: C: Total - 30GB, Free - 8GB; D: Total - 45GB, Free - 44GB;
I've been having some trouble since last friday.

I thought of adding all what I did, but it'd be long and unnecesesary. I'll just post what I did after formating.
I was getting some blue screens saying that ati2dvag.dll was stanked on a infinite loop. After a lot of unsuccessful fixes, I formatted my Hard Drives (which explains why I have so much free space).

Now after I installed the ATI latest driver, my computer keeps crashing. It doesn't crash on secure mode though. I don't see any blue screen now though, the computer just freezes, screen goes black for a second, and when the image comes back, the graphic card is not working right anymore (I know this because the image refreshes much slower). Or it just freezes permanently.

I tried older display drivers, like 8.1 and 9.1, HECK, even 5.2. None of them made a difference.

I'm so tired... I've spent hours and hours on this... I also lost everything I had when I formatted...

Please, help me...

EDIT: Did I put this in the right section? I'm new so I'm not really sure o.o

A:ATI Graphic Card issue.

ANY ideas? Please..

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Any advice on this?

A:Windows 10 or Graphic card issue

If you can get into Device Manager try updating your driver. If no driver is available try rolling back or using the generic driver and see if your problem goes away.

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Hi guys,

I need your help, there is something wrong with my brother's graphic card. When he turn the computer on, he is getting some funny colors of the text in the bios screen and there is flickering on the screen.

Here is the screenshot:

I don't have a problem with my own graphic card on my computer as it is perfect clear on the screen, but my brother is getting flicking and some funny colors on the screen that you could not read the words on the screen. When I put mine graphic card on his computer, everything works fine as there is no flicks or funny colors but if I put his graphic card on my computer I believe i would get flicks and funny colors.

Does anyone know how to fix the problem?

Do I have to go on the bios to change on the settings?

Any advice would be much appreciated.

thanks in advance

A:Weird graphic card issue

Try his card in your computer. If you get the same problem on both computers it's the graphics card, it's faulty, you will have to replace it.

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Hello ,Sorry for my english .- I have a question , I'm using H50-55 - - AMD A10-7800 APU Quad-Core 3.5 GHz / 3.9 GHz - So , does GTX 1060 or 970 work on this pc ?

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I have sony laptop model: PVCF132Fx, win 7 Home prem x64
There seems to be driver issue on video card. As soon as you fresh install, it works great for few hours, may be few days. After that, it crashed with blue screen.

If I go into safe mode and uninstall the display driver, sometimes it works other times, it doesn't

Any idea? is my laptop running too hot? how do I check the temp?

A:Graphic Card Driver issue

Give speccy a look to check your temps


Also check your laptop manufacturer site for their video driver

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hi ,

i also have windows 7 . i have installed sims 2 , and it says there is no graphic card...or its not compatible. i have searched thousands of sites, and still i have not found any solution.

anyone could tell me please what should i do ? is it working with windows xp or vista? cause im so sick of this issue. and i like playing this game. me and my sister.


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Over the past week I have had my graphics card crash several times while gaming.I get the message Display driver stopped responding and has recovered". I'm running windows 10 and when I open precision x 16 I noticed that my GPU Clock is always at 979MHZ which doesn't seem right when i'm just on the internet, but it does go up while gaming. Everything is up to date, maybe the driver is going bad? Here's a link to the picture showing precision x.

A:Graphic card issue Nvidia GTX 660 ti

The hardware/gaming experts here can help you better if you provide a description(brand name, model number, wattage, speed, etc.) of the following:
Power supply

If that's a factory-brand computer and not a custom/home-built one, also provide its brand name and model name and model number.


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HELLO THERE, i have lenovo g 50-70 with core i7 processor, 8 gb ram and amd radeon 2 gb graphic card.from couple months i m trying to play some games on this laptop, i thought i have big grahic card so i can play nice games but now i cant even play gts 5 on this one.. i installed all the driverrs i found.. latest bios updates too..still result is zero.. i cant even find any option to switch on board graphics  to amd.and right now in display adaptor it shows i got 256mb video memory..i have attached few pics here.. can anyone help me with this pleaase.. just right i downloaded amd auto detect drivers tool and i downloaded what the said.. still i cant find my dedicated graphic card.. need some help..?????

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 Hello , Sorry for my english , I'm french ! So, I've an IdeaCentre K410 since some years. I want to upgrade the Graphic Card and I bought a R9 380 When I install the GraphicCard, and I boot the PC, nothing happens .... my screen stays black, no signal. The fans of the CPU turn, those of the GC too ... but nothing .. no bip, no sound, no display .... I had a similar problem recently with a GTX 970 I sent back to the vendor. But it seems that the same problem happens here ! So ... what can I do ? Is it possible to change the Graphic Card ofr LenovoK410 can't be modified because of a BIOS that has no Update since the beginning ????? Is there another reason ??? I think i did well ... the GC is well fixed, the PCI-e power supplies are on the CG , my PSU is a Corsair 550W ... So ? Please help me or I will have to buy another PC ... ThanksFabrice 

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I'm hoping that I've put this in the right forum

A couple of months back, I bought Tomb Raider: Anniversary for my computer and kept having random crashes while playing it. After this annoyance got out of hand, I had my computer checked and the problem appeared to be a faulty hard-drive. With no apparent way to rescue it, the offending item was duly removed, and the problems ceased.

Until now.

Within the last month or so, I've acquired a number of new games, these being ShadowRun, Halo 2 and Assassins Creed (all for PC, obviously). All these games have caused my computer to freeze intermittently and eventually crash (Blue Screen of Death!), which I can assure you is irritating as anything. Especially when it wipes your game data.

As you can imagine, these games have high requirements for play, and I'm wondering whether its my graphics card that's behind this series of annoyances? I have a Radeon X1950 Pro, which is initially accepted by all the games (I do have the minimum requirements for all of the aforementioned titles).

So, can anyone suggest what my problem might be? And, even better, might you be able to suggest a solution? Altair and MasterChief need you!

Many thanks

P.S - If I've omitted any major details, please hasten to tell me, so that I can amend them forthwith!

A:Potential Graphic Card Issue?

My computer is a Dell Dimension 9200 if thats any use.

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I bought a geforce 7600 graphics card about 6 months ago and ever since using it the computer froze while playing certain games, especially those with high graphical demands like BioShock or Brothers in Arms etc.. Sometimes on the title screen other times shortly after starting a game. It seemed to be ok on older games like Thief 3 or Enemy Territory but I've recently moved and bought a new TFT monitor and now even Thief 3 freezes at the title screen! I had a CRT monitor before and this didn't happen with Thief 3 (except maybe once or twice in game).

When it freezes, the mouse can't be moved, no keyboard buttons function (even the caps lock light) and the music that happens to be playing in the background goes into a 1 second loop of sound, I have to do a hard reset every time. This has also happened occasionally while using music production software, and even once or twice it happened while the computer had no applications loaded, at the desktop screen. But it will *always* happen while trying to play a game.

I have checked the CPU temp straight after reboot and it hovers around 46 - 49 degrees so I don't think it's the CPU overheating. Just wondering if it could be the graphic card overheating, or some fault in the actual product or maybe the power supply (which I bought 6 months ago too). Is there anyway I can check these out without spending more money? I mean if I buy another card and it turns out to do the same thing, then I'll know it&... Read more

A:Computer Freezes - Graphic card issue?

Windows XP
P4 2.4 Ghz
4GB Ram
Geforce 7600 Graphics Card PCI-E
Soundblaster Live Card

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I have an important technical issue with my computer that I bought little more than 2 years ago. Below is the information for the computer.
Model: Allienware x51 R2

OS: Windows 8.1 64 bit English
After I bought computer on April 2014, I did not have any issue for 2 years. On April 2016, while I was working on my computer screen went black and I was not able to start system again. I was able to reach the system by startup win 8.1 usb disk. But, screen was flickering and only allow to choose 800X600 resolution and only one graphic adapter were visible which was Generic Graphic Adapter. There was no any sign of my graphic card info which was AMD R9 270x (came with the system). I installed graphic card drivers again using the support disk came with the computer after I removed all old graphic drivers. It did not help.
I format the computer, installed clean Windows 8.1 and did not recognize card again. I upgraded the Win 10 and installed latest graphic card drivers from its web site and I had flickering, frozen screen again. I believed that AMD R9 270x was broken.
I bought a new graphic card (PNY GeForce GTX960 XLR8 1178MHZ 2GB GDDR5) and installed it. It worked very well without any issue for about 2 months. Just 2 weeks ago after Win. 10 did an automatic update I had exactly similar issues as I had before with AMD card, flickering screen and there was no sign of graphic card installed into my system, 800X600 resolution and only one graphic adapter were visible which ... Read more

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I have the above mentioned graphic card.

I have a VGA monitor connected to the VGA connector on the board, and that works great.
Then I wanted to have another monitor connected to the DVI port via a DVI to VGA adapter.
This doesn't work.
I'm unsure how to get the new monitor activated.

Any suggestions ?


A:Issue with Radeon HD 5450 graphic card

Does it work if it's the only monitor connected?

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Pavilion HP A705W Desk Top
Celeron(R) 2.9 Proc
HP vx74 17" CRT
Intel(R) 82845G Graphic controller.

This is a new PC. I purchased a Stealth PCI S80 card.
In CMOS I set it to PCI, it was set to that as default.
I disabled onboard graphic controller in device mgr.
I shut down pc, installed card, made sure it was seated. Connected monitor to card. Fired up the PC and monitor will not come out of standby mode.
I removed card and left onboard graphic controller disabled. PC fired up and worked fine, no graphic support. I looked in device manager and there was not monitor anywhere. I called HP support and explained. First thing tech person stated that he had the same problem with this card on a EMACHINE.
He had no fix. I contacted Stealth via email, no responce, went to their site and it stated Best Data now owns the rights. Best data no help as of now.
Card is about 3 days old now and have 12 days left to return.
Any help would be appreciated.


A:Diamond Stealth PCI S80 Graphic card issue


Return it and look for another brand of Video Card. Too much turmoil in the Stealth support line for me.

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I have one Toshiba Satellite A500-149 and in the last week my display was ace stripes.

The grapichs card is ATI Mobility Radeon? HD 4650 .

I send the computer to Toshiba yesterday but i need a feedback because a repair . If the problem even graphical as might cost to repair?

Someone know ?

A:Satellite A500 -149 - graphic card issue

I think nobody here can help you. Either is graphic card defective or maybe display only.
Anyway, if GPU is defective it will be pretty expensive.

I think you should contact Toshiba service and ask what is the result of the diagnostic and how much you must pay for repair.

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I am running windows Vista. I have just reformated and then I literally started getting graphic card errors *Note was working perfectly fine before hand!!!!*, so I don't think it's the graphics card. After installing Vista *At this time I am running on onboard graphics*, I installed the installation disc that came with the card, and then the most recent drivers. But when I restart to ocmplete driver installation, I get BIOS beeps *2 short, 1 long* which indicates a video error *can someone give me more information on this*. Since it didn't work I decided to reformat again this time installing a later version of the graphic drivers 186, *which I know are stable from when I know I used before I reformated*, and still no luck. The thing again, which I must emphasize, is it was working 100% *no troubles at all* before I reformatted which was yesterday, and my display is connected and coming from my graphics card. I go to device manager and I get error code 43 can someone also get me more in-depth information on this as well as the BIOS beeps.

Much appreciated, and I hope to god it isn't my graphics card

A:Graphic Card/BIOS/Driver Issue PLz help

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Every time when I fully charged my P50 and put it in sleep mode. The fan keeps working like a turbo and it drains out the battery very fast and keepsthe laptop extremely hot. I have been using a Macbook for five years, and I usually just close the laptop and the fan immidiatly stop working and battery won't go down while it is in sleep mode. I am not sure why my P50 has this issue, and I am wondering if anyone has same issue. And the graphics card driver stop responding very often. Anyone knows how to solve these issues?

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Hey i really do need help as i m in a fix here
I purchased my new laptop dell inspiron 7559 a month ago.since then i m getting constant bsod (Dxkrgn_fatal_error) With the file beign responsible beign shown as watchdog.sys.
I tried everything tried installing the drivers provided by dell as well as by installing the drivers from the nvidia website itself but it always results in error after 2-3 days of usage .I tried contacting dell director services ,They provided me with the new windows 10 live usb but it didnt solved my problem watesover. I just got another bsod an hour ago just after i reinstalled my nvidia drivers from the manufacturer website and now my windows is even refusing to acknowledge the prescence of graphic card.
I am really pulling my hair out as i have tried resetting windows 4 times and now have got as most as 16 bsod till date
It really looks more like a hardware issue to me and i m really considering it getting replaced.Can it be possible they might have sent me the refurburished ones instead of original

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Hello guyzz
i have Vaio VGN FZ190.
former os : Vista ultimate 32bit
i am having issue with graphics card( see attached pics for graphics card details)

1) originally my laptop is with FULLHD 1080 support, but when i play fullhd 1080 video screen lags and then graphic card stops working.

2) also can't play games on high graphics mode even though it fulfills the requirements. even played few old games like grid 2.. which was used work properly on vista, now it lags.

3) after changing monitor's screen refresh rate from 59 to 60. it automatically again change it to 59...

right now i have install original vista driver by changing compatibility settings. sony has not update the driver for Windows 7.


A:Graphic card 8400m gt issue on Vaio FZ190

Hi chirag11, welcome to the forums , Have a look at this thread NVIDA Driver Install - Start To Finish... If you have overlooked anything in the istallation process this will help you , there are also additional links in the thread for you to follow up on

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Few days before New Year i bought new "fancy" and "strong" computer.
Motherboard: GIGABYTE PP55-UD3P
Processor: Intel i5-750
Graphic card: GIGABYTE ATI RADEON 5870 1GB DDR5
Memory: Kingston 2x2GB DDR3 1600MHz (1333MHz is default i didnt overcloacked)
Hard disk: 1TB Samsung 7200rpm 32MB cash
Monitor: SONY LCD TV 32" Bravia

I installed windows 7 x64... and my nightmare begins.

First I got some BSODs during installation of drivers that came in card package. I am not sure if it was graphic card or motherbord drivers. I downloaded and installed newest 9.12 Catalist from ATI site, drivers for 5800 serie for windows 7 x64.

Then I proudly installed DIRT 2 that came with ATI RADEON 5870. I got couple of crashes during DIRT intro as many other ati card owners complaint about on forums. I think I eliminated that problem when i set GPU and memory frenquency to be 850MHz and 1200MHz for all windows energy saving states (there are 3 of those in ati profile file). Before I did that I had quite a few graphic card crashes with stripes on screen and had to hard reset the computer (problem that is also well known to ati card users according to forums).

And finally when i thought i had solved all issues (no crashes for a few days) i got two BSODs in last three days. I leave computer to download something and after few hours ... crash.
I have plugged this computer and my work laptop both to SONY TV (PC is connected via HDMI cable and lapt... Read more

A:BSODs in Windows 7 x64. Graphic card or memory issue?

The debugger can't access symbols for your copy of Windows 7.
Please let us know where you got your copy of Win7 from.
If it was on a disk, what did the disk say?

There's really nothing that's identified by the BSOD's.

First, please uninstall your copy of Acronis True Image - it's an older version that may have some issues with Win7 (even if it's listed as "compatible"). You can reinstall it after we've finished troubleshooting.

Please run Driver Verifier according to these instructions to see if it can get us any extra information:

Using Driver Verifier is an iffy proposition. Most times it'll crash and it'll tell you what the driver is. But sometimes it'll crash and won't tell you the driver. Other times it'll crash before you can log in to Windows. If you can't get to Safe Mode, then you'll have to resort to offline editing of the registry to disable Driver Verifier.

So, I'd suggest that you first backup your stuff and then make sure you've got access to another computer so you can contact us if problems arise. Then make a System Restore point (so you can restore the system using the Vista/Win7 Startup Repair feature).

Then, here's the procedure:
- Go to Start and type in "verifier" (without the quotes) and press Enter
- Select "Create custom settings (for code developers)" and click "Next"
- Select "Select individual settings from a full list" and click "Next"
- Select everythi... Read more

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first, i'm apologizing for being a computer idiot, but I've never actually messed with / installed a sound card myself. I had it installed by someone who knew what he was doing. :\

okay, so:
i just did a clean install of Windows 7.
a few months ago, i had a new graphics card installed to allow me to play The Sims 3. everything worked fine for months, just exactly like it is now, until I installed Windows 7.

Now, in my device manager, I show two graphics cards:
- Radeon X1300/X1550 Series (Microsoft Corporation WDDM)
- Standard VGA Graphics Adapter.

Both show up as fully updated with working drivers, and claim to be working properly, but in my display settings, it shows up as "Generic PnP Monitor on Standard VGA Graphics Adapter." I've disabled the VGA Graphics adapter in Device Manager, but when I restart the computer, it says "Default Monitor on," with no adapter listed.

Even though I always hooked my monitor into the motherboard, I tried plugging it directly into the graphics card, but the monitor shows nothing except for the "Monitor is working, test red, test blue, etc."

I also tried to enter BIOS and disable my onboard video card; but I didn't see an option to do that (I have Phoenix BIOS on an Emachine T2615, btw).

I actually uninstalled the OnBoard video through device manager, but it automatically installed when I restarted my computer.

I would just wait and take it to the guy who installed it (i won't go to best buy or an... Read more

A:Graphic Card Issue after clean install of Windows 7

hi smash1012, welcome to the forums , here is a link to the drivers for your card ATI Catalyst 10.6 Win 7 | Vista 32-bit download from ,you will have to go into the bios and disable the onboard graphics from there if you have any more probs don't hesitate to post back , someone is always on hand to help

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My PC Get Slowed I use my pc 2 years nothing happened any slows etc.. it was very fast and clean computer but until now I play games like LoL(League of Legends) Pes 2013 I format my Computer and download LoL(League of Legends) nothing happened I played about 4-5 months something and when im bored I decieded to download Pes 2013 after 2-3 days im played pes 2013 when im opening pes 2013 my pc get slowed like a hell I cant even watching youtube cause its skipping frames, freezing when im watching and also its effect the LoL(League of Legends) too, I cant even play LoL cause my graphic card and visuallity gets worse my champions in the game cant even move when im click somewhere in the game its moving after 5 seconds like a slow motion when I typing something in the game its appear after 5 seconds, if u ask me ur internet speed limit reached or slow NO! my internet speed is fast and I check I didnt reached my internet speed and also this happened Pes 2013 too and without internet, and also when im searching something in the internet(I use Google Chrome) when im typing something its appear after 5 seconds too slow cant even search something. And I have ESET NOD32 ANTIVIRUS 4 I bought it Licensed version, Not cracked or downloaded from somewhere, I bought it and its licensed valid until 2014.When im restart my computer its going to normal but when im going to YouTube or play games again my pc starting to slow, freezing, skipping frames and responding late on visuallity, I think my... Read more

A:My PC Get Slow and also Graphic Card Issue when Im play games.

Where did you buy your copy of ESET NOD32 ANTIVIRUS 4 ?

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A few days ago, while browsing on google maps, my PC did strange. Stripes over the screen etc, so i thought my graphics card is dead. Restarting doesn't help, still stripes.
When i remove the drivers of the graphics card (in safe modus) and restart so the card gets installed again, it works normal again for some time.
Mostly on the first start up of the day, after a little browsing i get 'display driver stopped responding and has recovered.' But after some time it gets slow again, and i get a blue screen(bcc116) . So i remove the divers in safe modus, let windows install the drivers again and it works again...

Now is my question, do i need a new card, or can it be a software problem?

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1024MB XFX ATI HD4890 GDDR5, 4800 series that my graphic card
When i start up my pc, it runs fine and after about 30-60 mins, it suddenly goes black or some other colors. And restarting and shows this.

But the weird thing is that, then it wont happen again, until i shut down my pc for alot of hours and when i start it up again it happen again, but its only once everytime i start it up. start it up, boom, restarting and after that it never happen again. Help please.

A:My ATI radeon HD 4800 series graphic card issue. Help please

try reinstalling the driver if you can, or get e newer version if there is one. if you can't get it off of that pc, burn the driver onto a disc from another computer, and put in the problematic one and quickly install driver

or you could set the screen to default settings while you install driver e.g. (My laptop) Intel Series 4 Express Chipset Standard Monitor. Or Standard VGA Resolution.
hope this helps,

Lil' Domii

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Hey all, I have had this issue for a few days now and I think its the graphic card causing it.

Currently im using a Nvidia 560 Ti and last few days when I try to play some semi graphic intensive games I keep getting the "graphic driver stopped responding and has recovered" every single time, and if I continue playing after I get that warning, after a few minutes the entire computer freezes and I need to do a hard reboot. I have tried different games and I have this issue on games like Skyrim, Far Cry 3, Assassins Creed 4. However other games that is less graphic intensive such as Starbound, Eve Online, all works fine, I can watch 1080p movies all fine aswell. Note that this started just a few days ago, I have been able to play all those games above without a problem for a long time.

I have tried various things like checking temperature (which is fine, howers around 50 degrees in games), I have tried updating drivers to latest beta drivers and other various settings in the nvidia control panel, without success.

So my question is, is there other things I could try, and is my graphic card really the issue? I have ment to upgrade it, and maybe it is time, if yes any suggestions? Im a fan of Nvidia and I have been thinking about the GFX 770 one.

Thank you in advance

Edit: I did not try downgrading, im downloading version 331.65 at the moment to give it a try.

A:Computer freezes in games, graphic card the issue?

Try completely uninstalling the graphics driver. Run CCleaner to fix any registry errors. Also try reseating the card.

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Currently i was usin default GeForce 9600 then i have bought a radeon HD 4870 (512mb).

when i put in the disc to install, it install half way then it come out this error message >

windows cant verify the publisher of this driver software. then i click continue. after finish.

i went to control panel then display setting.

it gave me another message > invalid display setting.

The currently selected graphics display driver can not be used. It was written for a previous version of windows and is no longer compatible with this version of windows.

The syetem has been started using the default VGA driver, please contact your hardware manufacturer to get an upgraded driver of select one of the microsoft provide driver..

can anyone help me out on this?

A:Solved: Graphic card issue with Windows Vista service pack 1 32 bit

can anyone help on this please?

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I performed a quick reformat of WD 1Tb green hard drive and reloaded W 7 Home 64 bit.
I have a home screen at least for a few seconds and then monitor cycles between between Dsub, DVId, S Video, and Composite. Then goes blank for awhile only to repeat. Monitor does not do this when connected to laptop. Can see the screen only on Dsub setting and only for a few secs.
It does not let me control the setting manually.

I managed to copy all of the drivers for that machine onto a folder on the desktop.
Is this likely a driver issue? or a sign of hardware failure?
Very little experience here, hoping for assistance.


A:did quick reformat, reloaded 7 Home, probable graphic card issue

First try "Last Known Good Configuration" from F8 menu (Advanced Boot Options) Advanced Boot Options
If doesn't work, then try Safe Mode. Safe Mode

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First of all:
I don't know too much about computers, so use easy language please.

I have sent in my computer to get repaired and got it back yestersay. Since then i've been trying to get it to work properly again.
I can't play any of the games I used to play before I sent it in to get repaired (for example, Battlefield 3). I can start dota2 but it looks pretty messed up. I can run minecraft though ^^

Anyway, after a lot of questions asked, trying out different stuff and after getting further and further to the end of this problem I've come to this:

My computer shows me that I have an nvidia geforce 7025 nforce 630a graphic card.
Although it says in the computer description that it SHOULD have a AMD HD 6870 1GB GDDR 5.
My screen isn't plugged in the graphic card, since it doesn't recieve anything from there. It is plugged directly to the motherboard.
So, from what I understand the nvidia card is the integrated graphic card or am I totally wrong?

Anyway, the device manager can only find the nvidia card and I cannot run any game smoothly on this computer.
Before I realized this possibility I've tried to download newer drivers for the nvidia card, but it didn't help.

Please help me to get my ADM HD 6870 1GB GDDR 5 to run!
I'm trying to google for solutions, but I'll give this site a shot.

A:Graphic card isn't found. Only finds my integrated graphic card. Help!

first check they havent stolen you GPU
then check that the 4/8pin pci power supply is plugged into the top left of the motherboard.
then check the gpu has power cable(s) plugged in.

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HelloI have a Lenovo G580 laptop with windows 7.I used it for about 2 years and 1 month ago my laptop diesthe laptop does not work and does not have any sign of electric. it does not work with the AC adaptor or with the battery, so the issue was in the motherboard, i bought a new motherboard and replaced the old one with the new (used), then the laptop back to  life againbut the problem is the laptop does not function with the battery, when I plugging the AC adaptor the charging lamp Lighting up and when I run the windows the battery indicator show (92% in charge) for hours and when i unplug the ac adaptor computer shuts down instantly.Please advise .Thank you !

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While charging my lenovo g580, for first couple of minutes it gets charged but after that it stars to toggle bw charging and not charging msg continuously. link shows the problem

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Hello All, My laptop details:Lenova G580, Machine type model 2189, Intel I5, 2.50Ghz, 8GB Ram, 500GB HDD My current wifi card supports only 2.4Ghz Wifi. Therefore I want to update my wifi card which supports 2.4 Ghz wifi and 5Ghz wifi so is it possible to do this and also will this make any issues to my hardware in future?  My current wifi card is a Atheros AR9285 I am thinking to update to Wireless AR5BHB92 AR9280 PCI-E Half Mini Card Dual-band 2.4/5.0GHz 300 Mbps 802.11a/b/g/n Card  Please let me know if is it possible to do this. 

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Hi, i'm running window 7 32-bit OS.
My graphic card is (ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics)
My problem is that after i went to, downloaded,uninstall the old catalyst and installed a new catalyst which matches my OS and yet i got this message whenever i tried to run that catalyst.
"No AMD graphics driver is installed, or the AMD driver is not functioning properly.
Please install the AMD driver appropriate for you AMD hardware"
can anyone help me solve this problem?

I've downloaded the catalyst alot of times and kept install and uninstall but i'm still having the same problem.
I really appreciate any suggestions..

A:graphic driver can't detect graphic card

Try downloading the driver from HP; select your model from this list Compaq Presario CQ40-100 Notebook PC series*-* Download drivers and software - specify product name - HP Business Support Center

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I start having hardware problems with my graphic card (NVidia GT 750) and I am looking for a replacement.  We don't need a gaming card, but we are doing high end graphic design with Photoshop CC 2015, Illustrator, InDesign and so on...Thanks for your help!

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Hey, I recently put together a PC and I've been having problems with it since. When I initially built it, the specs were:

i7 920 2.67GHz
Asus p6t Motherboard
8gb RAM
500gb Sata II HD
ATI Radeon HD 3870x2 (the card with with 2 GPU's)
500W unbranded PSU
1 added 120m coolermaster fan

Shortly after I started using my PC there was a power surge that knocked the power supply out. I recently got a new power supply. A 650W Silverstone PSU that I thought was more than enough for this. The problem that would occur now is that the computer would restart during games and sometimes while processing/rendering videos in adobe premiere.

When I would enable the 'crossfire' option on my card (to enable both GPU's to work) the computer would no longer just 'restart' the entire screen would hang or the colours would go out of sync shortly after which I'd have to restart the computer. This having happened I assumed the problem was with the graphics card, not the new 650W silverstone I got. I upgraded to a newer card; Asus Nvidia Geforce GTX460 768mb. The specs are now as follows:

i7 920 2.67GHz
Asus p6t Motherboard
8gb RAM
500gb Sata II HD
Asus Nvidia Geforce GTX460 768mb
650W silverstone PSU
1 added 120m coolermaster fan

After upgrading, games like modern warfare 2 will restart in missions that has a lot of smoke, during a standard windows assessment process the computer will also restart.

There is no overheating issue, the te... Read more

A:PC restart during graphic-intensive tasks. PSU issue? GPU issue? Mobo issue?

You've got Asus motherboard, hence the first thing I'll look at considering the issues you are having, is at RAM settings/voltage in the board's BIOS, these should be exactly the same as on RAM packaging, but even that doesn't guarantee that it may not be the issue, so basically you'll need to fiddle around a bit with settings/voltage in case default specs doesn't work.

You may also consider stress testing your graphic card using OCCT (including vRam). Regards

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Is there existing external graphic card or video card for integrated laptops

?? or other suggetions ^^
it would be a great help for me hihi

A:Is there existing external graphic card or video card for laptaps

Well they have these but they just give you a port to use.

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Hello. Few days ago i bought a new laptop. HP Notebook 15-ay057nw. Everything was okey but not the graphic card and performance. I can't play games !!! ;/ Laptop uses only Intel HD Graphics. I have the newest drivers in both graphic cards. In BIOS i can not find the option to change graphic card. I set all to "max performance" but still the dedicated card doesn't work ;/Dedicated card in any apps, games are 0%. I try everything and i can not find the solution. Guys please help me i really need a helpI'm giving a prof to this the AMD Graphic card is 0%. In dxdiag the first graphic card is Intel HD Graphics. In the advanced options of resolution the graphic card is Intel. Sorry for my english, i'm polish so my english not the best. Thanks for any help-Best wishes, Luke

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15 days ago My laptop was unable to boot , when i have formatted it and after installing graphic card driver it is unable to boot again , i tried more than 5 times and even i tried windows 7 ultimate , proffessional and even 32 bit and 64 bit but its not working the momment i instal video driver after installing it requires boot and after boot its unabe to start please help my laptop is not in warranty . serial - [Personal Information Removed]  product number - LZ801PA#ACJ  micro poccessor - Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2410M CPU @ 2.30GHz

A:video card/graphic card reboot problem

boynamedanurag Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!I read your post about booting and video card problems and wanted to help. So, if I understand what you're saying, you reinstalled Win7 and the PC boots OK, right? But when you then install a video driver and reboot, it does not boot, right? My guess is that you have one of the old DV6 laptops that has two video chipsets, something called Switchable Graphics.  And the problem with that is that only the HP OEM video drivers will work on that laptop.  IF you install other ones, such as the ones you get from AMD or Nvidia, they will NOT work -- which sounds like what is happening to you. What DOES work is restoring your PC using HP Recovery Media because that will contain the HP OEM drivers.  Media. This is a set of DVDs and a CD, or USB stick, that will erase the hard drive (removing all data, settings, and applications, reinstall the original OS, drivers, and some HP Utilities. In some cases, you may be able to order a USB stick instead of disks.  You have to order these from HP; they can not be downloaded.You can look online for Recovery Media starting with the linked paged: there, input your Product name or number. On your Software and Drivers Download page, select your Operating System and and Version. Click "Update".  If HP Recovery Media is available for your machine, down near the bottom of the page, you will see an entry... Read more

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Can you change a laptop video card/graphic card?

I looked in a shop and they said "a laptop graphic card can not be changed."

Can a laptop graphic card be changed??
(Nvidia geforce go 6150)

Please help
With many thanks,

A:Can you change a laptop video card/graphic card?

Unless the laptop has onboard graphics, there is no reason why the card can't be changed.

Of course, I am not very knowledgeable with GFX cards, so I can't necessarily tell whether is has onboard graphics or not.

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Product Name: HP Pavilion dv7 Notebook PCOperating System: Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit) Hello, Can I upgrade my motherboard with a graphic card. Is it possible?

A:improvement of graphic card (video card)

serzh_shumkov Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!I read your post about wanting to upgrade the graphics on your laptop and wanted to help. Sorry for the bad news, but you are operating under a misunderstanding.  Unlike desktop PCs, laptops do not use video "cards"; instead, they use video chips that are permanently attached to either video modules, or to the laptop system board.  These are not customer-replaceable parts. 

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I have ProLiant ML110 G6  I've bought Sapphire Radeon R7 250 2GB GDDR5 card. Before I buy, I've checked compatibility of my PCIe v2 x16 slot with PCIe v3 x16 card. I'ts compatible backwards so I can use v3 card in my v2 slot i MB. But When I was trying to install it I've noticed that on MB is inprinted PCIe x16 45W (I attached photo below).  So can I use this card - in specification is given that consumption of this card is 70W. Can undervoltage break my G card? Maybe I should ure Riser with extra molex pin? x16 slot gives 45W and molex can give 35W = total 80W. What you think     

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I'm having problems with video streams stopping and games stopping. I was told that I don't have a video card/ graphic card. Which should I get or both. My PC has 736 RAM. I'm thinking of gettin 2G or 1G stick. Would this help or do I need it to run a video card/ graphic card?

Thank You for your responses


A:What is the diffret in a video card / graphic card?

A video card and a graphic(s) card are the same thing. What you have now is an integrated graphics card. Integrated graphics cards have terrible performance. Now, we need to know whether your motherboard has a PCI-E or AGP slot. Download CPU-Z , take screenshots of the tabs called "CPU" and "Mainboard" and post them here.

They should look something like this (the information and logo will be different):


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My Laptop is Lenovo G580 i5 2.5GZ without graphic card

There is showing dedecated video memory is 64mp

One of my fav. game is not playing, I'm not sure what is the problem

Please confirm me If I can get graphic card or video card for the laptop

A:I don't have graphic card & video card

Hi sunilgupta91,
Are you sure your Lenovo G580 i5 2.5GZ does have a Graphic Card called GeForce® GT 635M ? My friend use to own one but with graphic card. please check it again.
Why you didn't ask before you buy it? BTW, what kind of game are you play?

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Are these the same thing? I have an old Dell (as you can see), but I like it. I was told that I could improve its performance by adding a video card. When I look them up, I see pictures of odd-looking devices that in no way resemble a "card." I can only find 2 that will work with this computer. Does that seem right?

A:Video card vs graphic card?

"Video Card" and "Graphics Card" are the same thing.

There are 4 different versions of the 745. A "minitower", a desktop, a Small Form Factor and an ultra small form factor. Which one do you have? It makes a difference for a video (graphics) card.

The minitower will take a PCIe type video card. With the small power supply that can limit you (if this is the model you have). The others versions are even further restrictive as they will require "low profile" type cards.

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Hello, I recently installed win7 hoping that it will make mytrading software work better. Problem I?m having is that the area on the chartthat shows volume is blinking. The brightness is simple going from normal tomore bright (if that makes sense). I?ve pretty much tried everything. I have 2 GTX 285 GPUs I triedswapping them, I?ve tried using current, beta and even older drivers andnothing has helped. The one oddity is when this issue occurs and I go into the nvidiadrivers setting the mouse pointer seems to blink frequently when I go over theblue setting selections that are in their driver settings software. I have notnoticed other problems in any other software (COD works fine). I had their techguy on and he was of no help (what a shocker) they logged into my comp andbasically he said he saw it on his end as well. I was wondering if you guys mayhave any ideas.


P.S. it should show here as I put it in on reg, but mycpu is an i7 920 and I have corsair 1600 mhz mem and an asus P6T (the avg one)MOBO. I have tried update dating everything in site so all of my drivers are upto date and like I stated above the GPU drivers are beta.

A:Really need help w/graphic issue

You are welcome to leave your question here and check back for any response. You best hope for success, however, is to post in our Seven Forums
Windows 7 Forums

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Hello, I really need someones help here!

For the last few weeks I have been attempting to diagnose an issue with my PC! It used to run more or less any game without fail, I could even often play on the highest settings... But recently? Everything seems to either flash, flicker or stretch out the textures!

Here are some videos of the games with their respective issues:

Skyrim: Skyrim choppy/flicker issue - YouTube (Beware: If watched non-sober you may puke!)
Star Wars: Force Unleashed II: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II Graphic Issue - YouTube
The Sims 3: The Sims 3 graphical issue - YouTube

As you can see, they all have their own issues... I decided to try some old games and the first two I tried were GTA Vice City and San Andreas.

Vice City was very normal, and not much to mention, but San Andreas had the same issue as the Sims 3 and Skyrim just to a lesser extent!

Here is San Andreas: GTA San Andreas slight flicker? - YouTube

After it first happened I assumed it was that the graphics card had needed a driver update, so I done that and restarted the game... and it had the same issue! Tried pretty much everything to fix it up to the point where I gave up and done a full destructive restore to factory settings, after hours of screwing around doing that I put in a game and... exactly same as it was before the restore!

Finally, I was talking to a friend of mine about the issue, and he is very into PC's and even builds and repairs them on his spare time, he lives t... Read more

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This is what happened and i couldn't download the update from the microsoft website. This is what they told me, 'We’re sorry, but there is no Web page that matches your entry. It is possible you typed the address incorrectly, or the page may no longer exist. You may wish to try another entry or choose from the links below, which we hope will help you find what you’re looking for.' Anyway, this is what i have to download. KB940105

Is there any alternative to solve this problem? I got my Hellgate London and i couldn't play it now.

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Hi! I hope you can help me because I“ve used google for 2 days now looking for a solution... Using an acoustic tool called Soundvision the programme shuts down with an unexpected error. Software support says that it will be an openGL - problem. Any drivers available? Any other hints? Win7 32bit intel driver built 1930 Best regards, Thomas

Go to Solution.

A:X61 T graphic issue (openGL?)

I would like to share with you that AcousticTools is a powerful suite of software tools for detailed analysis of audio data stored in standard Windows wave files. Please check the specification of this software.However, I would suggest you to please install the latest java update,also install latest version of the graphics driver from the below mentioned web link.  After that, please uninstall and reinstall the AcousticTools sofware and check if the issue resolved.
Thanks & Regards,

Did someone help you today? Press the star on the left to thank them with a Kudo!If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution".! This will help the rest of the Community with similar issues identify the verified solution and benefit from it.Follow @LenovoForums on Twitter!

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Device PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1616&SUBSYS_382017AA&REV_09\3&11583659&0&10 requires further installation.
Graphic driver is up-to-date, so I don't know what's causing the issue.

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hello every one  i am facing an display driver problem issue with my device its showing radeon setting: host application has stopped workingi have uninstalled and installed again but i am facing the same issuei don't know how to resolve it As my device has intel and amd  but my device is running on intel hd graphic 5500but i am not able to run any kind of high graphical games in it (which really sucks)plz help me to solve this issue... 

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hi there
could any one guide me what should i do exactly
im using xp pro sp3 right now and planed to upgrade to win 7 but its advisor shows that my curent graphic adapter won't support the win aero interface. i have Intel(R) 82915G/GV/910GL Express Chipset Family. the intel website shows that it is alright and latest.
plz plz guige me im too goof about all that stuf
what should i do?

A:graphic adapter issue

Well, my advice would be to buy a graphics card. There are some cheap ones out there that still support Aero.

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So my pc specs ara

Core i3 windows 8 64bit
2gb ram
HD graphics (1st generation)

So my problem is my graphic's version is is latest driver from then i went to intel & searched for the drivers.they gave me latest and i download exe it shows that it did install correctly.but version still the same.after that i download the zip version.when i trying to install it said "does'nt meet minimum requirments".what should i do?

A:Intel HD graphic issue

Do you have a problem with the HD graphics?

If not, then leave the drivers alone.

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Does anyone know what is going wrong with my Windows 7 Ultimate x64 (see screenshot).

It is a new install and the issue appear on several windows and program installations.


A:Windows 7 Graphic Issue.

I'd check the installation disk for errors or corrupted data. don't know off the top of my head how to check though.

After that, reinstall your graphics drivers?

I doubt it's a font problem, as the window itself is corrupted.

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Hi,I have encountered an annoying issue with my Yoga 900.the display is frequently glitching... or can be said turning off & on for less than a second.can anyone here help me how can I fix it?I tried installing the graphic driver again. but it said it is impossible! (have downloaded the driver from Lenovo support site).should I first uninstall my current driver?and is it the right solution? Thanks in advance 

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hi guys,

I just bought a 6600GT today and i am currently experiencing a few probs..
My PC will random auto shut-down (not auto reboot) and this happened a few times question is does this graphic card have any PSU-power requirement? currently my PSU is a 300W one....
Secondly, sometimes my comp refuses to do POST even after multiple restarts..lights are blinking on the tower but the monitor is unable to detect my graphic card... what is causing these probs?


A:Help regarding graphic card

Check your requirements at this site:,aid,119585,pg,2,00.asp

See if you have enough wattage. 300Watts is not very big for a current spec'ed PC.

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hi - i need to update my graphic card to be able to play at second life ..but dont know which card i have now, or the type and feel like a twit when talking to the guy at the can i tell? tia

A:graphic card?

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Hi, I got a gateway MX6025H laptop and I just instaled Medal of honnor: pacifiq assault. I got the same graphic card as my friend on his laptop and he can run it. But me, when i open it, it says my graphicd card is not compatible with directX 8.1 while I have 9.0 fully compatible.. is there a way I can run it without the game to look at my card and says its not compatible?

A:Help with graphic card!!

What are the rest of your system specs?

What is the name of the video card? Do you have its latest drivers?

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I have found 2 laptops which cost nearly the same and differs only by the graphic card. I just want to know which of these graphic cards performs the best?

- ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 256MB GDDR3 RAM
- nVidia Geforce Go 7600 512MB


A:Which graphic card is best?

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Yestady i tried to connect my PC to a TV so I could watch movie on a big screen However it didnt work ,after I wannted to connect my PC screen back to my PC it started to make some wierd noise, nothing came up on the screen.
Today everythnig seems to be working fine however my start menu and everythnig to do with graphic seems to be going wierd.
The issue only come up when I have colours set on higest (32 bit). But after i played around with setting it started to work normaly on both 16bit and 32bit but when i go into games this happeneds.

Could someone tell what the issue might be and ho to fix it?

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I just installed Windows 7 Home Premium on a new 500GIG drive and it does not recognize my graphics adapters. I have tried 4 different cards and all i get is the standard vga adapter.

See attachment for sys info.

What can I do to get this system to recognize the adapters.

A:Graphic Card

You need to install the drivers for your video card from the manufacturers site.

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I want to upgrade my graphic card. I have a XFX 9500 GT 1GB now

I would like to upgrade it to a GTX 260 or a HD 5770. Please suggest me as to which one would be better?

and also I have a motherboard XFX nforce 630i (PCIE 1.0 slot). Can I install any of the 2.0 cards on it?

Please suggest ASAP

A:Best Graphic Card

Quote: Originally Posted by irfan88

Can I install any of the 2.0 cards on it?

PCIe 2.0 motherboard slots are fully backward compatible with PCIe v1.x cards. PCIe 2.0 cards are also generally backward compatible with PCIe 1.x motherboards, using the available bandwidth of PCI Express 1.1. Overall, graphic cards or motherboards designed for v 2.0 will be able to work with the other being v 1.1 or v 1.0.

PCI Express

5770 or GTX 260 - I think I know the answer

If not,
google 'GTX 260 vs. 5770' and you'll have plenty to take in.

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Once again Hi guys This is ravi.
I am planning to change my graphics card
SPARKLE Ge force 210 to [Any best cheap graphics card for gaming]
Please suggest me some graphics card.
And suggest me is it good to change to windows 7 64-bit from windows 7 32-Bit...My Mother board Can support Dual Core processor.i just want to utilize my full 4gb ram instead of 3.25 Ram in 32 Bit and wanted to run Adobe After effects CS5 which is my favorite.
Thanks !

A:Best Graphic Card.

hi ravi. didn't u just ask this in another post?

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Hey, So sense you guys were trying to help Before =D i figured, i may as well ask another question =P

Whats one of the best Video cards, i can buy (for gaming) Max 350 Dollars

A:Graphic Card help

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is the graphics card im using the best for my mother board ???? any help would be good thankyou.

A:graphic card

What kind of things do you do on a computer/ gaming /graphics or normal stuff?
What Graphics Card?
Read the following and get back to us.

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ok well there was this strange buzzing comeing from my PC bout a month ago, it stopped but now its back and it will not go away, and i t is coming from the fan on my graphics card...

any idea if its fixable
i have a Nvidia GeForce Fx 5500 256
its in a PCI slot.....

any help will be appreciated

A:About the Fan on MY Graphic Card

It can possibly be fixed but it's fiddley and may not last!!

Replacement is the best option!!!!

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the instructions state i need to change my BIOS from primary Display Adapter to PCIi can not find out how to do that?running vista on an HP computer

A:new PNY graphic card, GT 620

To access the BIOS settings on an HP computer, turn off your PC.Now turn on the computer and immediately press the F10 key repeatedly until the BIOS Setup screen opens.If that doesn't work, restart the PC but this this time press the F1 key repeatedly.

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I'm getting 5 new computers for my school & am limited to these 2 choices
& want to know about graphics cards to do
professional digital imaging with scanners, digital cameras as well as working with Adobe & Corel software.
Here is my question!
What is a better graphics card for what I want to use the computers for:
1). an integrated 3D Graphics card with 4 MB display cache
2.)a 16 MB AGP Graphics card.

-Dave Zippi

A:Which graphic card is better?

16 mb AGP....if you upgrade there will be less hassle....

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I'm planning to upgrade my graphic card soon when I have the money and would like which one is better for cost vs effectiveness. A ATI Radeon HD 4870 or a Nvidia GeForce GTS 450?

A:Which graphic card is better?

The 4870 has roughly 20% better performance. With the prices you got there, their performance/cost ratios are pretty similar.

Of course, if you can find a benchmark comparison on stuff you use the card for, that'd give a better estimate.

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Manufacturer: HP Pavilion 061
Processor: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 2.40GHz
Memory: 760MB RAM
Hard Drive: 34 GB
Video Card: Intel(R) 82845G/GL/GE/PE/GV Graphics Cotroller
Monitor: hp m703 Color Monitor
Sound Card: Realtek AC97

There Should Some Graphic Cards Thats Sortable For My PC I Dont Need A Massive Reply With 100's Of Graphic Cards To Buy I Only Want Two Or Three Possabiltys To Buy Budget Is £80-£150

Perhaps A New Sound Card Also.

A:Help With Right Graphic Card For My Pc.

Your hard drive is actually 40GB... The system restore files (on another partition) take up 6GB. Do you have an AGP slot on the motherboard or just PCI slots?

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I plan on getting Sims 2 Double Deluxe along with the University Expansion pack. I already know my computer can't run Sims 2 Double Deluxe because I need a better video card. I can run the university alone but I'm not sure about the whole expansion pack because on that site can you run it? doesn't have University expansion. I need to know what type of video card is compatiable with my pc. Also if I'll need anything else.

CPU Minimum: 1.0 GHz processor You Have: Intel(R) Pentium(R) D CPU 2.80GHz PASS CPU Speed Minimum: 1 GHz You Have: 2.80 GHz Performance Rated at: 3.36 GHz PASS RAM Minimum: 256 MB You Have: 1014.8 MB PASS OS Minimum: Windows 7, Vista, XP, ME, 2000, 98 You Have: Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium Edition (build 6000), 32-bit PASS Video Card Minimum: A T&L-capable video card with at least 32 MB of video RAM. ATI Radeon series 8500 or better, NVIDIA GeForce series GeForce2 GTS and better You Have: Intel(R) 82945G Express Chipset FamilyE325-11?FC??0???2B??18ame961? Upgrade Suggested: Unfortunately, your Video Card does not meet this requirement. Click here to see some recommendations. Features: Minimum attributes of your Video Card Required You Have Video RAM 32 MB 69.0 MB 3D Yes Yes Hardware T&L Yes No DirectX version Minimum: 9.0c You Have: 10.0 PASS Sound Card Minimum: Yes You Have: Realtek High Definition Audio PASS Free Disk Space Minimum: 5 GB total for all three games. You Have: 119.4 GB
Operating System:... Read more

A:Graphic Card???

What kind of motherboard do you have? Compatible graphics cards will depend mainly on your motherboard, and your CPU seems powerful enough to handle a mid-range graphics card.

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I need some help with graphic cards and I'm new to this computer stuff. I bought my computer last year and I want to change my graphic card because I think it sucks. =/
Can you guys help me with which graphic card I should get. I think I need to give you some info about this computer but I don't know how to show. o Please help me Thanks

A:Help with graphic card

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I need help with graphic card.I have a P-4 3.0 Ghz,512 MB DDR RAM,intel D915 GAVL board.I want to play games like FEAR,BF2,Elder Scroll 4 but 7900 GT is bit above my budget.I'm incline dtowards 7600 GT but i've been told that 6800 512 MB Xtreme is a better choice as it has 256 bit bus as compared to 128 bit.Now i don't know much abt this bit buses so i need an advice on this one.

Also i have a 350W power supply,will this be ok for 7600 GT.

A:New Graphic card

Number 1 - For a card like that, you need a good quality 500watt PSU.

Number 2 - Are we talking PCI-Express slot or AGP slot?

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Hi all, been on this forum for quite a while now and it have come to that I need some help. I want to put a new fan on my graphic card but I am not sure what fans that fit with my card and dont feel like buying a fan to find out that it dont fit or cant connect the fans power cable, I am using this card: ASUS GEFORCE GTX 260 GLACIATOR

asus_geforce_gtx_260_with_dual-slot_glaciator_plus-2 | Gadget Folder Free Gadget Review
link to a picture on how it looks, but I cant remember it "plus" when I bought mine

I bought this fan type but it did not fit with the power connector on the card
Arctic Cooling Accelero Xtreme GTX Pro Reviews

Any help is appreciated

Also want to mention that the card is running at 80-87 celsius when I play starcraft II, and I dont know much about graphic cards but aint that really high?

A:New Fan To My Graphic Card

Asus and Gigabyte have a habit of making non reference cards i.e it is hard to find a after market cooling solution for them, as most after market cooling solutions are for reference cards. In short, what your asking may not be possible.

Price for Cards like the GTX 460's e.g are dropping rapidly due to new models having been released so maybe you could consider an upgrade.

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Well since my stock graphics card is pretty bad I'm looking to update to a better one. Now I'm just learning about computers and looking in my manual it says :

One APG 1.5V 8x/4x slot
Three 32 bit PCI bus slots(support 3.3v/5v PCI bus interface)

So basically I'm wondering does this mean I can support both a APG and a PCI graphics card or are they the same thing?

Also I see 256 MB, 128 MB etc what're the differences in them really?

Finally I'm looking at these two graphics cards and I'm trying to learn if my computer is compatable for either.

Anything you guys would recommend would be cool too but my price range isn't too high as I'm only buying this to play CS:Source + a few other shooters. Say 50-200$?

Finally for a second time my computer specs:

AMD Athlon(tm) XP 3000+, MMX, 3DNow, 2.2GHz
752 DDR Ram
VIA/S3G Unichrome IGP
16.0 MB memory approx

As I side note my computer runs CS horribly basiclly being so choppy and I can't play.

Thanks to anyone who replys and if there's anymore info you need just ask.

A:Graphic card help

Those cards you're looking at are PCI-Express. You're motherboard only supports AGP and PCI(competely different interface from PCI-E). A few good cards in you're price range that would run Source flawlessly. $169.99 $114.99

Value Card, with good performance for what you're looking for. $84.99

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i have a mobile intel (r)965 express chipset family graphic card/driver. is it possible to upgrade to nvidia? can any1 help me update my graphic card to nvidia step by step?

A:need help with my graphic card

Need your laptop make and model.

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Would you confirm the graphic card is U/S ?

Uploaded with

A:Graphic card US?

er, doesn't look good.

what is it meant to look like? windows desktop?

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How do you know the model of your Nvidia Graphic Card?

A:Graphic Card


and it will give you all the information you need.

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Do i install external graphic card to my laptop

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Hey guys im going to buy a desktop and have been after a 15 processor but found the ATI Radeon HD 5450 with 512mb Is that good Enough to get good fps in games like minecraft ??
and if you know how much roughly

A:Graphic Card Help??

With an average cpu it runs pretty well and gains about 50-80 fps! Most of the time it runs about 69 fps.

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When should the cooling fan on my graphics card be spinning?

It's a Geforce 3 Ti500?

1) Should it start spinning from pc start up?


A:When should Graphic Card Fan Run?


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Hey everyone...
i got a really old rig.
its P4 3.07GHz, Intel D101GGCL, 1GB DDR RAM [yes DDR1, i know it sucks, you are welcome to abuse me]], Onboard ATI Radeon Xpress 200 - 256MB
and a 250W PSU.

The motherboard has 1 PCI Express x16 and 1 PCI Express x1 connectors.

1] I want to purchase a graphic card that will fit inside these. Please suggest me the best without adding anything more to the PC.

2] Will that card ADD TO MY 256MB of the onboard graphic card memory?

3] I would prefer a 1GB card.

4] I want to play most of the modern games... if not the extreme ones.

PLEASE suggest me a graphic card I can add. I do not want to modify anything else.
I need this.

A:Graphic card for old PC?

guys please help me out...
i need to buy one soon before its out of dealers completely...


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