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What is the maximum power adapter recognized in BIOS by VOSTRO 3750 ?

Q: What is the maximum power adapter recognized in BIOS by VOSTRO 3750 ?

What AC Adapter can I use 130W 150W 240W or 330W ac adapter with this laptop?

I have:
90W ac adapter - this one is recognized as 90W
and new genuine 330W ac adapter - this one is recognized as 74W...

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Hi I recently found my laptop's cpu fan behaving abnormally.
In normal situation, the fan would run at lower rpm speed most of the time (even after opening several programs & web browser tabs) & the noise was negligible.
Lately, the fan consistently runs on full high rpm speed & the noise is very annoying. I have not installed any new programs & my computer activities (see above) remained unchanged but this fan just keep running at full noisy speed.
I have tried to remove the dust using those can air dusters and even tried SpeedFan software to try to control the fan speed but to no avail.
Can anyone teach me how to control the fan speed to run mostly at lower rpm?
Thank you.

A:Dell Vostro 3750 cpu fan always running on maximum rpm speed!

Hi sotong,
I would suggest you to update the BIOS on the computer so that the hardware settings are reset and the fan may run on the normal RPM. Please enter your service tag # on the link below, then download the BIOS required onto the system and install it.

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Hi, I have question. Do I need a ssd adapter, or something if I wanna add 7 mm ssd, to 9,5 mm hdd place? Also I wanna ask do I need to install firmware update, or something: . What to do if my laptop not boot? I'm planing to buy 850 evo, or something from crucial. Which is better? Heard some people say that mlc memory is more reliable than tlc (evo 850, mx300) so maybe go for mx200 with older mlc memory?

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Hi Guys,

I have a clients Vostro 3750. 
If I leave the ram in it and turn on - the buttons over top right opposite power button light up in sequence, I get 1 beep then the system dies.
However if I take out the Ram and turn on -  the buttons over top right opposite power button light up in sequence, I get 2 beeps ( No RAM?? )  .. BUT the system stays on, nothing on the screen however.
I have heard that 1 beep might indicate motherboard borked BUT with no Ram the machine does stay on. I would have thought if the board was dead the system wouldnt stay on.
Any thoughts??

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Hi, I would like to turn on my Vostro 3750 touchpad but can't find how to.
I have searched extensively to how to do this but cannot find.
I'm using windows 7
In control panel there is NO Hardware & Sound option.

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I recently upgraded my Vostro 3750 laptop to Win10, and found that the screen sometimes goes very fuzzy, black and white, with parts overlaid by other parts. This usually only lasts about 5-10 minutes, before it goes back to normal.
According to Dell's support pages, they aren't  testing or developing Windows 10 drivers for this product. Great, thanks a bunch Dell.
Has anyone managed to find a video driver that works?

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Is there a display driver for the Vostro 3750 and windows 10?  My display goes to black and white with vertical lines through it periodically since upgrading to Windows 10.

A:Vostro 3750 upgrade causes display issues

So your laptop was never tested with Windows 10 by Dell so in terms of offical support you are out of luck, however there may be some tricks you can do to fix everything.  First off you can go to the support page for your computer here:  And download the windows 8 drivers.  I've heard that most windows 8 drivers are compatible with windows 10 and may work for your case.  Also if you are having problems with your Nvidia card (if equipped), you can go to and download the latest geforce driver for your computer.  If the issue is an intel driver problem that is where it might get a little tricky as downloading the latest video drivers from intel doesn't work all the time... or maybe that's the chipset drivers i forget.  Anyway give that a try. 

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hi guys,
I have a Dell Vostro 220 desktop that's been running fine. Unfortunately something seems to have gone wrong when I updated the BIOS via the Dell website a few minutes ago.

Once Windows XP starts, it LOOKS like it's in safe mode (huge icons, etc.), even though it's not.

What's more, my USB mouse NO LONGER works. It's not even powered on.

Once the PC restarts, or I go into the set-up (before Windows loads), the mouse is ON again -- but not when Windows starts.

Is there a way to "reset" the bios so I can get things working again?? PLEASE HELP ME.


A:USB Mouse Not Recognized, Bios Bad on Dell Vostro

Did you update everything else when you flashed the BIOS?

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I try to connect my HP ZR24w with hdmi/dvi connection because i have some "flickers" with VGA cable.
The very first driver installed on my Vostro 3750 worked fine but only 1920*1080 and my monitor is 1920 X 1200 capable ; with VGA no problem.
I tried to install (via automatic search) new HP monitor driver and graphic card driver (with automatic research for both). The result was HDMI connection did not display anything !
Then I tried to search by myself the drivers on nvidia site and the HDMI connection restarted but only with a 1024 X 768 definition....
I tried multiple drivers with the same result.
Any help will be appreciate !

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I bought a Vostro 1540 laptop on EBay and it came with a Model LA90PS0-00, PA-10 family, DF266 power adapter. It powers the laptop o.k. but does not charge the battery.  Is this the correct power supply for this laptop?

A:Vostro 1540 AC Power Adapter

Thanks for writing to us. 
DF266 is a 90 w adapter, but the vostro 1540 goes only with 65 w adapter. 
Its an incorrect adapter. 

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I have a Dell vostro 1400 laptop. I am running Windows Vista.

When I plug my power adapter into my computer, I get the error message:

The AC power adapter type cannot be determined. Your system will operate slower and the battery will not charge. Please connect a Dell 65W AC adapter or higher for best system operation.

I am using the adapter that came with the laptop when I purchased it about 15 months ago. The laptop still runs off of the charger and so it functions when it is plugged in, but the battery itself is dead. My battery health is good and nothing is broken off of my charger. Please help me!

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My laptop is 18 months old & has been powered up a total of less than 100 hours, mostly with the power adapter plugged in. It has been carefully handled.
Recently on startup I get the following message :
"The AC power adapter wattage & type cannot be determined. The battery may not charge. The system will adjust the performance to match power available. Please connect a Dell 65W-AC adapter or greater for best system performance. To resolve this issue try to reset the power adapter."
This message shows up every time on a re-boot. Have to hit F1 to continue. Power meter shows 100%.

Is this an indication that the Model HA65NS1-00 rev: A01 adapter supplied by Dell is about to fail? What might be generating the error message?

A:Dell Vostro 1500 power adapter

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Dear All,
I have a problem related power issue to Dell vostro 3550 whose power button led stays on after shutdown. Need to press power button for 10 second to shutdown completely.
I have tried to change power settings in control panel, also tried to change power setting related to
network adapters in device manager, also upgrading latest BIOS driver still having same issue.
Even i noticed if i am in BIOS setting & push power button laptop shuts window but power button led remains on. also tried laptop with blank hard drive still facing same.

Please help me to solve this issue.

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The power adapter on my HP Zbook 15u G3 is not recognized. I tried an alternate power adapter, but that is not recognized either. The charge on the battery is almost empty. I've been waiting on hold for 30 minutes with HP tech support. The notebook is only 4 months old.

A:Power adapter not recognized

Support was able to fix the issue. Holding down the power button & mute button for 30 seconds fixed the problem. Thank you 

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I have a Dell Latitude 800 laptop. I need to dock it (because of a broken power adapter connector) but when I boot up I just get the message "your computer is docked but power adapter type not recognized. Press F1 to shut down" There is no other option but to shut down.

I am using a genuine Dell power adapter (PA-10) will full wattage (90W). I also just purchased a new adapter because the old one might have been damaged. There is no change in the message and I cannot boot the computer or charge the battery. Any way to get around this message--again I am using all genuine Dell equipment but the computer is not recognizing this.


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Hello,We own a pavilion p7-1074be desktop.We had set the power-on (BIOS) password to be empty.On turning on the computer however it says the password is incorrect.After three attempts, it shows a star symbol *, but does not give any code.Rebooting the computer re-allows three attempts. We tried the following:Previous passwords, with and without caps lock, num lock, ...Resetting the BIOS using the CMOS jumper.Resetting the BIOS by removing, waiting, and replacing the CMOS battery.but none of this works, the computer still asks for a power-on password and still refuses the one we had set.Is there another way to bypass this problem?Thank you for your help.

A:BIOS power on password not recognized

Hi: Please read the info at the link below under Clearing the Password Settings...Last item listed. There is a password jumper and a cmos jumper.  You need to move the password jumper.

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I have a new Inspiron 3552 and all was well until prompted to install a new bios
now on boot up I get a message

Dell AC power adapter type cannot be determined” or "The AC power adapter wattage and type cannot be determined

I am using the adapter that came with laptop
anyone know how to fix

A:bios ac power adapter message

If new means less than 21 days from shipment, best would be to call Dell and have the system replaced under the 21-day satisfaction guarantee.
If it's more than 21 days since the system shipped, call Dell to start the warranty repair process.

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I recently updated my Dell m4800 to BIOS A8 with Windows 7 64. I had been using a collection of older power adapters from my previous Dell m4400 without any issues. After the update, wow. A huge performance hit if I do not have the 19.5 volt and 9.23 amp adapter connected.
The m4400 power adapter is 19.5 volt and 6.7 amp. Pretty close right? Not any more.
I do have it connected to a Dell docking station almost all the time. Just checked. They are both 6.7 amp.
Anyone know what changed in BIOS A8 and what the deal is with the performance? Looks like I need to request a new docking station, but I'm not sure IT will believe my story.

A:Slow Performance without proper Power Adapter after BIOS A8 update on M4800?

I'd like an explanation from Dell as well.
If I'm correct, the crippling started with A07. I have the i7-4900MQ CPU with "Max Qualified Speed" at 2.80 GHz (multiplier 28) and "Max Turbo Boost" speed at 3.79 GHz (x38 ratio). Independent of the BIOS version (A06, 07, 08 or 09), when on the 180W AC power adapter, the CPU runs at x36 ratio i.e 3.59GHz. Even without any processing load. The same goes for battery power, whatever the BIOS version, the CPU speed is at x 34 ratio i.e 3.39 GHz. Again, without any load. On battery power the CPU is at a higher speed than the "Max Qualified Speed" without any need for the Turbo Boost.
Now the problem arose with the version A07 and exists in all of the following versions. When you plug in an adapter which is less than 180W, I have several of the 130W ones, the CPU multiplier drops to 8 which is the absolute minimum and makes up 800MHz. Ridiculous! Right after you remove the power supply you get an immense 3.39 GHz, over 4 times the speed when on AC.
As I need to use the laptop on a dock which has the 130W power supply weekly, I've reverted to BIOS A06 first. The computer is unusable at 800 MHz, it's like going 15 years back in time. The most noticable feature of the newer BIOSes that I like is that they somehow optimize the fans and make them quieter.
Does anyone if there is a limit on how many times the BIOS chip can be flashed?
I'd like Dell to explain why they have made such a move. And ... Read more

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Soooo., called in and was put through a lengthy troubleshooting call at which point the Dell person sold me a new MOBO.  After installing it in a correct manner I attempt to start the system.  The fans spin for about a second and then nothing happens.  No front light at switch.  The power supply has a constant lit green led.  the small MOBO flea is lit solid amber/orange. I believe it has AUX Power printed above it.   Any help would be greatly appreciated.
This system was recently upgraded to windows 10.  I only have the original system Windows 7 disk.  ugh.., and ugh.,

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Hi all,
I have a Vostro V131 with BIOS version A05 (released in 2012-03-02). I access Dell site to check if has new version for V131 model and saw that A05 do not exist more . At Dell site only have a version A04 with release in 2014-07-14.
What is wrong with A05 that is not more available? Is A04 more recently that A05?
Best regards!

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I  have a Vostro 270 MT (tower), which I want to change the power supply in (to a much higher power rating). Can I replace it with any ATX 24-pin power supply? (ie - is the Vostro 270 MT power supply a non-standard dell-specific wiring?)
Many thanks,

A:Vostro 270 MT Power Supply

Yes, standard ATX power supply units, with either a 24-pin or 20+4-pin main motherboard power connector, with or without the on/off switch, would be compatible with the Vostro 270 MT.You should be able to buy a compatible power supply from either a local or online computer store.Note: For the Vostro 270  Mini Tower, a power supply with four SATA power connectors is required.Bev.

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I would like to update the BIOS on a Vostro 430 desktop of my clients', however, when I go to run the file for the update (SYEO-240.EXE), I end up with with the attached error. Could somebody please shed some light on why? Thank you/

A:Unable to update BIOS on Vostro 430

Hi DrPepper86,
Did the BIOS file downloaded completely? If not, use this link to download the file. You may find the steps in the below mentioned video useful:
Update your Dell PC's BIOS in 99 Seconds
If the above two steps (viz. downloading and installing) have been performed correctly and still the error appears, are your installing the BIOS file as an Administrator? If not, please ask your client to login as Administrator and then attempt to install the file.

Do reply with results.

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Hey guys, I have a Vostro 410 that I recently tried to upgrade to BIOS version 1.03, because it rumored support for 8GB of ram, while the specifications state that the maximum ram supported on the board was 4GB. I ran the updater provided by dell in windows. The updater I used is

The updater appeared normal, told me I was on 1.0 and it was going to update to 1.03, I went ahead and pressed the update button and it erased the main block, then brought up an error message while trying to write the new version. I decided to shutdown because ultimately I couldn't leave it running forever. The BIOS is Phoenix and supposedly Phoenix has support for recovering BIOS by using win+b or fn+b, but I am having trouble getting these to work as I have a wireless keyboard and most things I've read say you have to use ps2, which isn't even included on this system. I have a usb floppy drive, as well as a conventional floppy drive and a usb flash drive. I've tried to use wincrisis with minidos.sys but haven't got any luck this far. I've already pulled the battery and let it sit for over 10 hours and that had no effect, I'm pretty sure this isn't a settings problem.

Any ideas would be appreciated! Thanks in advanced.

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I have some weird problem. When i try to boot - BIOS began to beep. From manual i found that 2 beeps mean problem with the RAM. I replaced it with new RAM but the problem still exist. So i try to disconnect other parts of laptop. And find that with disconnected touchpad laptop starts fine and BIOS doesn't beep anymore.So i try to plug-in touchpad during Windows booting - and it WORK!!! Yes - in Windows it work pretty fine.
So I have no idea what problem. May be someone have any suggestion?

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I think my bios has become corrupted, I was half way through updating it and the utility just crashed. after half an hour of waiting i turned computer off and now when i turn it on again it just beeps with the fan going.

what should i do now? it doesnt have a floppy drive, which many guides require, so i'm not sure what to do..

also i dont have much money

A:Bios in Dell Vostro 200 dead, what now?

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could u please tell me how do u upgrade the BIOS of my DELL vostro A860
i would be very much thank full for the reply
thanks in advance

A:How do u upgrade the BIOS of my DELL vostro A860?

If everything works normally, I wouldn't do BIOS upgrade but if you must:
Drivers & Downloads
EDIT: When you do flashing under windows environment,make sure Internet disconnected, disable all background services like AV programs, windows defender and do not interrupt the process.

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Hi there, I can't figure out why my old bios 1.0.0 will not update to the new bios 2.4.0.  I downloaded it and it says it is complete and wants to reboot, but every time I reboot and check the bios version it stays at the old one. I am using windows 10 and it says the bios update is compatible with windows 8. I do not know if that is the issue, but if it is is there somewhere I can get a version for windows 10? I can not roll back my windows version without losing a bunch of programs. Any suggestions? Thank you.

A:Vostro 430 bios update will not work in Windows 10

The Vostro 430 was not tested/validated for Windows 10?There is not a bios that will work in the unsupported Windows 10. What specific issue are you trying to fix by installing a bios update?

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     Hi dear all,
  Recently my little son changed my old laptop BIOS password so i can't login to it.
  i already copied my data from hard drive inserting to another pc .So main problem is resolved(huh).
 But I just want to use my laptop too.
  Pls help me
 Thank you in advance.

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My company has a Vostro 3550 that was functioning perfectly until yesterday. We were upgrading all of the office computers to Windows 10, and the Vostro 3550 upgraded successfully (booted into Windows 10) when a monitor was plugged into the VGA port. Some research revealed that this is a BIOS problem and that I needed to update the BIOS.
I then ran the Dell BIOS flash utility from within Windows, and it blue-screened halfway through. Since then, the Vostro 3550 won't power up (at all). It's stone cold dead. The LED on the adapter works fine, but nothing happens at all when hitting the power button. I've tried removing the battery and the AC adapter and clearing any residual power by hitting the power button, then plugging only the AC adapter back in, but to no avail. No lights illuminate on the laptop itself when plugged in.
Any suggestions? It was working perfectly yesterday.

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Vostro 460 Mid Tower system, circa May 2012, Core i5-2400, Windows 7 Pro 64 bit
I noticed that recently the light in the power button is completely out. No blue, no amber, no steady, no blinking light - nothing.
Other than that, the PC works just fine. Turns on, runs, everything else is fine.
It's just a little disconcerting, because when it goes into powersave, there's no visual indication that the computer is on.
Any thoughts about what this might be? Loose connection to the motherboard? Are power button LED's in the Vostro 460 known to burn out?

A:Vostro 460 - No light in power button

Led is burn out. You can grab a similar LED bulb and replace the old one. This will be a simple soldering exercise.

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We have a Dell Vostro 220 which is having problems powering up.  It began intermittently but now it very rarely powers up.
The green light on the back where the power cable goes in is lit.
When I push the power switch, it blinks amber once. Then both fans start, but stop after a second. Then they both start again, for less than one second. The power switch blinks amber once more. Then nothing. In the past we could try again and it would start, then it got worse and we would need to repeat 10 or 20 times to get it to work.  Now it seems we could try all day and it would never start.
I opened it up. Disconnected and re-connected everything and tried again - it worked fine. But next day it wouldn't power up again.  So I opened up and again, and this time I changed the CMOS battery. I power it up 3 times in a row and it worked fine, and the user used it for the rest of the day.
However, this morning, it refused to start up again. Same problem as before.
Is there anything else I could try ?
Thanks very much,

A:Dell Vostro 220 power up issues

Power supply...?

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I have an old PC (Compaq Presario Desktop 7470 ) that i purchased from a yard sale. I removed the old HD and replaced it with a quantum 30gb at Lct 20 HD that had Windows ME OS on it. I booted the pc and it booted fine except windows booted up in 16 bit color. I shut down and booted again. same thing. i shut down a third time and checked BIOS settings, then set them to default. Now BIOS doesn't recognize the HD or the CD-ROM drive. I have checked all connection, reset BIOS, removed the CMOS battery, I literally have tried everything I can think of to get things going on this old PC, but I am at the end of my rope. I will say that scandisk will recognize the HD and says it is OK. I have also taken the HD out and hooked it up to another PC and it boots up Windows ME just fine. I have also tried every jumper setting on the HD and Cd-rom to no avail and the only drive that shows up in BIOS is the 3.5 floppy drive which will boot up a Windows ME Boot Disk. I don't have a problem installing a fresh OS but want and need the PC to recognize the drives before i can do that correct?
I am ready to pull my hair out!! Can anyone please help me?!!!?

A:HD recognized by scandisk but HD not recognized by BIOS

probably the booting sequence is wrong due to the fact that you told the BIOS to load the preferred defaults. If you have a standard BIOS:

*go to advanced BIOS settings.... your going to see a big list of options .

<< check this picture for visual example>>
*take a look at the first , second and third boot device and change them to:

1- HDD - 0
2- HDD - 1
3- HDD - 2

Alternate them accordingly.

**probably the reason why your pc booted up at 16 bit the first time , may be
because you haven't installed the drivers for your video card yet.

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Hello. I inherited a computer with a Biostar M5ALA motherboard with an AMD K6 Socket 7 processor (350 mhz). How can I find out the fastest processor the motherboard will support? Thanks a lot.

A:Maximum Power Processor for Older MoBo

You are at your limit with the capabilities of that particular motherboard. If you want to use any of the current generation CPU's you need a new mothernboard, CPU and memory.

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Downloaded Dell Vostro 3700_A12 to update BIOS. Ran from Win10 GUI, but shortly faded to black and has been dead since. I've attempted to reload the A10 BIOS from USB Drive after removing battery and holding down "End" key until after inserting AC power plug. Still only keyboard indicators flash in succession and HD flickers, but nothing following.

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I took a video of the symptoms.
I have replaced the CMOS battery and reseated the RAM module and HDD. What next should I do?

A:Vostro 3560 not booting, no bios screen, beep every 3 sec,

The link you have provided has an error. 
Kindly upload the video on YouTube and provide a link if required.
What is the exact # of beeps in a cycle? This will help isolate the source of the issue.
If it is 1 beep - the motherboard is at fault and needs to be replaced.
If the system is under warranty, Please click my DELL-username and write me a private conversation with the service tag and your contact details(Name, Phone#, Address and Email). If there is no warranty, then you could contact our team to get a quote for a paid service call -
Let us know if you have any other queries.

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Hi,We just purchased a Vostro 230 Mini-Tower. The CPU and memory specs as ordered are:317-9864    Core 2 Duo E8400/3.0GHz,6M,1333FSB,Vostro317-9872    3GB, Non-ECC,1333MHz DDR3,1GB+2GB,VostroBut when I go into the BIOS, the memory speed on the System Information page is reported as 1066MHz, not 1333MHz as expected.I pulled the memory and looked at the label. Unfortunately it's Kingston memory. Kingston, for some strange reason, does not print the memory speed on the label. Size, yes. Speed, no.Does anyone know why the speed isn't being reported correctly in the BIOS, and how to verify whether it's a BIOS error or we just didn't get what we paid for? I'm looking into CPU-Z and Memtest86. Thanks in advance....

A:Vostro 230 Memory speed not reported correctly in BIOS?

BX80570E8400 (SLAPL, SLB9J)BXC80570E8400 (SLAPL, SLB9J)BX80570E8400A (SLAPL)
Bus frequency is 333 MHz.
Because the processor uses Quad Data Rate bus the effective bus speed is 1333 MHz
CPU-Z rarely gives the correct answer now.
Enhanced Intel SpeedStep technology EIST and C1E allows the system to dynamically adjust processor voltage
and core frequency CPU-Z does not handle this well if at all and gives bad numbers.

cpu z wrong core speed
cpu z dram frequency
cpu z memory frequency
cpu z wrong multiplier

Intel® Processor Identification Utility — Intel® Processor ...

Detailed Description

This version of the Intel® Processor Identification Utility will
properly identify Intel® Core™ i7 Extreme, Intel® Core™ i7, Intel® Core™
i5, Intel® Core™ i3, Intel® Core™ i7 Mobile Processor Extreme Edition,
Intel® Core™ i7 Mobile Processor, Intel® Core™ i5 Mobile Processor,
Intel® Core™ i3 Mobile Processor, Intel® Core™2 Quad Mobile Processor,
Core™2 Quad, Intel® Core™2 Duo, Intel® Core™2 Duo Mobile, Intel® Core™2
Extreme, Intel® Core™ Duo, Intel® Core™ Solo, Intel® Atom™, Pentium®
Dual-Core, Pentium® Dual-Core mobile, Pentium® D, Pentium® Processor
Extreme Edition, Pentium® 4 Processor Extreme Edition, Pentium® 4,
Pentium® M, Celeron® Dua... Read more

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HI! i use linux and windows OS for my IT labs, i need to downgrade BIOS and disable computrace.
can you explain me how to?

A:Vostro 3350 BIOS downgrade or computrace disable

I am thinking same like you where is the Deactivate Computrace Beside ? am new Dell 7559 user.

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For several years, I have a Vostro 430.It has always been reliable. However, in recent months I have a problem at startup just worse.I specify now I've done every test that came to mind and I found on the forums.So, for some time, I had to unplug all USB on my frontage so that the PC starts. Those behind were still connected. It was never start the first time, but after three or four presses of the button. Failure to find a solution, I accepted the situation. But this time I must remove all usb without exception. Even the mouse receiver, completely prevented from starting. However if there is anything, it starts from the first press of the button. For now, I brought all my connectors on a usb hub that I disconnected before starting.
Some details on the non-starting. Press button gives no sign of life. No noise, nothing on the screen etc. So as if the push boutton was broken ... but this is not the case. But if I plug my usb hub and pushes the button, the LEDs's on the hub illuminate(and stay on). LEDs are off initially if I disconnected and reconnected power
What it is not:+ The bios. The boot is only on a DD. Nothing points to the USB;+ A defective device. The problem occurs as soon as there is one (any peripheral) that is plugged into any USB input.+ I do not remember having updated the bios. At least not recently.
I make a hypothesis can be absurd ... but I did not see anything on the internet about this: As the problem worsens with time, I wonder if this might... Read more

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i am new to this.i have a dell vostro it won't power on without a good charged battery.with ac power(plugged in),it won't come on and no lights.with an uncharged battery,it won't come on when plugged in.however,with a good charged battery,it comes on and works. WHAT IS GOING ON! thanks for any response

A:dell vostro 1000 not powering up on ac power

This is a non-tech forum so I will move this to the hardware forum where it will get better attention.

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I have a Dell Vostro 3550 with Windows 10. To power up the laptop I need to press two times the power button. The first time I press it, it tries to boot but after a few seconds it powers dows. Then, I'll have to press the power button again, and this time it will boot up normally.
I'm wondering if this is a known issue and do you have any ideas?

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Please can anyone confirm that a Dell Vostro 410 will take a standard power supply. I just need to confirm that this model does not use the Dell proprietary power supply found on some older models.

Thanks in advance for any replies

Sorry for the double post.............Just noticed the other post below

A:Dell Vostro 410 standard power supply?

From eyeballing the back of the system the PSU looks standard to me.

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Hi, I recently picked up this computer second hand. 

Every so often, sometimes after 6 hours sometimes after 36, the computer will act as though it has lost power. The power button is unresponsive and has no indicator light showing, the status LEDs on the power supply and the ethernet port are solid (I did not note what colours they were, I shall update next time it happens).
To get the machine to reboot I have to remove the power cable and then hold the power button until the PSU and network light go out (They turn off suddenly rather than dim). After this I can reattach the power cable and the computer will boot and act normally for another period of time.

Any ideas?

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Please can anyone confirm that a Dell Vostro 410 can accept a standard replacement power supply. I just wanted to make sure that this model does not use the Dell proprietary power supply that is fitted on some older models, before replacing.

Thanks in advance for any replies


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Given a Dell Vostro 3558 Notebook Windows 8.1 Pro x64 operating system in domain.
When the notebook is switched, operating system started, user log on the system.
I plugged in the charger then the operating system shutdown.
This happens even when I pull the charger off and back on
What can cause this?

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Vostro 3400
Service Tag: 2YCCQP1 | Express Service Code: 6430164517Dell Vostro 3400 System BIOS update failed
Before Bios Version : A10Update to : A12
Affter updated, Can't boot to bios, Blank sceen
Help me please.
Thank you.

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Over the years, I've upgraded many Vostro 200 systems including CPU (E8400) and memory (up to 4x2GB DDR2-800). And upgraded several to Windows 10 without any problem.But one Vostro 200 (shipped with a Celeron 440, BIOS version 1.0.15) has bizarre problems.Motherboard: GM3302, Rev. A00 (silkscreened on board) Rev. A01 (sticker beside D P/N 0CU409).Swapped Celeron 440 with an E8400.Attempting to install Windows 10 fails with the claim that CompareExchange128 is not supported. I have a half dozen Vostro 200/E8400/Windows 10 systems that suggest otherwise.Running Windows 7 with all updates, on resuming from sleep the fan runs full speed until the system is shutdown. Even a restart does not slow the fan. Only sleep or shutdown will slow the fan.Clearing CMOS, by removing the battery and moving the jumper does not change these behaviours.Attempting to update the BIOS (to 1.0.16) also fails with an error.In Windows, with the Dell BIOS updater, Winflash reports: "OnBoard BIOS Not Award BIOS."In DOS, the flashing problem reports that there is a file size mismatch with the BIOS file.Aside from the fan speed issue, Windows 7 works fine and the BIOS appears normal.
Q: Any ideas what is causing the ComparExchange128 problem? Could I have an early board (ship date 1/24/2008)? Could some BIOS setting that would apply to a Celeron 440 but not an E8400 be refusing to be reset?Since I've upgraded so many similar systems, I feel like it must be somewhere (eg. a ... Read more

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I am using my Dell Vostro 1500 laptop for the past 4 years and recently changed the laptop keyboard at Sim Lim square.
Now Power-on- button is not working. But I had another "Home" button but when I press it it takes me to "Dell Media Direct" page in which I can play only music and watching movies. I am unable to boot my WINDOWS VISTA OS due to this.

How much cost will take in order to change my Power-on- button for my Dell Vostro 1500 laptop?
Where can I change it?


A:Dell Vostro 1500 power on button not working

Cost can vary by region and what is actually wrong. As for who can change it, you should find a Dell authorized repair center.

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Power is not going through to the battery or the laptop. The battery and charger are just fine as I have got them checked plus the laptop just works fine with the current battery. The problem is that I cannot charge the battery or run the laptop by directly plugging in the power cord.

How I messed up:

I was trying to fix my old original dell charger but I accidentally connected the outside two silver wires with the plug but not the middle white wire and plugged it in the charging port. Result: It didn't charge so I tried my other working charger but even that was not supplying the power to the battery or the laptop now.


Have I burnt something? If yes, what exactly is it and how it can be changed? I am assuming one of the fuses or something of the motherboard is burnt because the laptop and its battery are just working fine. The only problem is the power not going through the charging port to the motherboard. The technician in my area said it cannot be the charging port as it ''looks'' fine from the outside. Something is just burnt inside and that is why the power is not going through. He didn't open the laptop or anything because I did not want to pay. This was just his speculative suggestion. All I need to know is what needs to replaced on the motherboard to make the power go to the motherboard and the battery. Thank you.

P.S. Laptop is not under warranty

A:Dell Vostro 1500 - Power not going through to the motherboard or battery

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I was using Dell Vostro 3800 PC, somehow my cabinet got damaged due to short circuit but the motherboard is running perfectly. I need help identifying HDD LED,Power LED & Reset SW connectors. Thanks in anticipation. 

A:Identifying Dell Vostro 3800 HDD LED,Power LED & Reset SW

I was using Dell Vostro 3800 PC, somehow my cabinet got damaged due to short circuit but the motherboard is running perfectly. I need help identifying HDD LED,Power LED & Reset SW connectors. Thanks in anticipation. 
The Vostro 3800 Slim-Tower Owner's manual is Here:
If you are referring to the pin-outs of the HDD LED,Power LED & Reset SW connectors, unfortunately these have never been published by Dell.

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Ok ive scoured forums and websites but havent found my exact answer to this issue. I got a vostro 1015 free with a bit of a cracked screen(nothing to bad i cant work around till i order new one) but i installed win 7 ultamite and updated fully. Started setting it up for use with other 3rd party apps(mainly trying to setup android x86 through virtual box manager) when at first started blinking on charger led next day and wouldnt power up. Well finally got it to power but then sense it has been auto cutting stright off. And now it wants to boot to no screen sometimes others it boots up but post takes forever most times. Then other times it takes about 2 min before it even reacts to hitting the power button on.But almost every time it ether goes blank screen then powers off a couple min later or just shuts off entirely. Lcd test passed, cant complete diagnostics couse it cuts off right at end of mem testing so far. Ive systematicly taken ram,hdd,wifi,cd/dvd drive out and tried each time to boot. No success. Rarly can get a few sec in. WIndows before kill. Also i am aware i do have faulty battery(will replace) but i have also done these tasks of troubleshooting with and without battery and with a seprete charger. Any advice or idea i havent tried is much welcome....atm i have it dissassembled and checking all connectors. Also the power button broke off ribbin but got a spare to replace it.

A:Dell vostro 1015 power\graphics issue?

Sounds like it has some serious issues, you probably have a motherboard issue and it is taking a long time to pass post or isn't passing because there is something wrong and it can't pass so it won't move on.  Sounds like you are going to have to replace it.  All the stuff that you are mentioning that has happened sounds like a failing component on the motherboard that finally just totally failed and now Intermittently works but doesn't stay working very long.  Everything that is removable you have tried to boot with it not connected and still having the issue, then there is something on the board itself.

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Thank you all in advance for any help you can provide. I am new to this forum and I just do not know where else to turn or at least point me to the correct forums to post.

I just got my new Windows 7 Home Edition Premium 64 bit Lenovo T420 and I cannot enjoy it for the following reason. Under power options, I created a custom balanced profile and set my Processory Power Managment settings to

-100% for Maximum processor state on battery and plugged in.... and

-5% for Minimum processor state on battery and plugged in.

Everytime i put my computer to sleep, hibernate, restart, shutdown, etc the maximum processor state always resets to 5% on on both plugged in/battery,

This means I cannot enjoy my new PC at full 100% processor state ever. Is there a startup program that affects this? I am running NVidia 4200 and Intel chips.

I have troublkeshooted every setting on both to still get the same result.

Is anyone aware of have any input onto this?

Thank you so much in advance. I am really desparate. Lenovo support has not experienced this problem prior when I called prioirty support.


A:Serious Power Option reset of Maximum Processor State every sleep/hib

Have you updated the BIOS on that machine to the latest version available (if it hasn't been already)? I remember issues with their thinkpad line last year where resume from sleep would cause the CPU to throttle itself and not come back from throttle, even under A/C power, until a cold power down and reboot (and thus the IBM tools would set OS values incorrectly at times). A BIOS update mid to late last year fixed this problem, so make sure your BIOS is the latest if you can, and it should be very recent too.

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I had a working Vostro 3500 laptop and was doing maintenance to bring it up to date.
I downloaded and installed the recommended BIOS update for this laptop...

Dell Vostro 3500 System BIOS
3500A12.EXE | Windows/DOS (3 MB) BIOS Release date 7/21/2014 Last Updated 7/21/2014 Recommended

The BIOS update failed and left the computer with no working BIOS. F2 is dead. It will not boot.
I am pretty sure that there is a backup or primitive BIOS still in there, as when I start the machine with no battery and just AC power using the End key it continuously tries to read data from a 2GB flash drive. I assume that it would like to reload the BIOS from a file.

I know how to get the ROM contents from the above file using the /writeromfile parameter.

The big question is, what kind of file does the 3500 want to read, and what is the file name that it is looking for? Does the flash drive need to be bootable? Is this an AMI or Phoenix BIOS?

Can someone please help?


A:Vostro 3500 BIOS Update Failed - Recovery Procedure Needed

Here is how to recover from a failed BIOS flash update of a Vostro 3500 laptop...
1.  Download the Dell BIOS update .exe file to a USB flash drive.
2.  Run the .exe file with /writehdrfile parameter
3.  Run the .exe file with /writeromfile parameter
4.  Copy the .hdr file to winery50.hdr
5.  Remove the battery and AC power from the dead computer
6.  Insert the flash drive into the dead computer's USB port
7.  Hold down the End key and then connect the AC power
8.  Dead computer reads USB flash and asks if update should be done
9.  Allow the update to finish and then reboot.
10.  Computer is now working normally.
Helpful web site:

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I had a working Vostro 3300 laptop and was doing maintenance to bring it up to date. I downloaded and installed the recommended BIOS update for this laptop... Dell Vostro 3300 System BIOS 3300A12.EXE | Windows/DOS (2 MB) BIOS Release date 17 JUL 2014. Last Updated 17 JUL 2014 Recommended The BIOS update failed and left the computer with no working BIOS.
I find some solution for vostro 3500 like :
1.  Download the Dell BIOS update .exe file to a USB flash drive.2.  Run the .exe file with /writehdrfile parameter3.  Run the .exe file with /writeromfile parameter4.  Copy the .hdr file to winery50.hdr5.  Remove the battery and AC power from the dead computer6.  Insert the flash drive into the dead computer's USB port7.  Hold down the End key and then connect the AC power8.  Dead computer reads USB flash and asks if update should be done9.  Allow the update to finish and then reboot.10.  Computer is now working normally.
But it doesnt work for me.
Can someone please help ?

A:Vostro 3300 BIOS Update Failed - Recovery Procedure Needed

Two options at this point:
Have a shop un-solder the BIOS chip, flash it externally and re-solder it, or
Replace the mainboard.

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I had a working Vostro 3350 laptop and was doing maintenance to bring it up to date. I downloaded and installed the recommended BIOS update for this laptop... Dell Vostro 3350 System BIOS 3350A10.EXE.The BIOS update failed and left the computer with no working BIOS. F2 is dead. It will not boot.
I read similar topic:
there is a guide:
1.  Download the Dell BIOS update .exe file to a USB flash drive.
2.  Run the .exe file with /writehdrfile parameter
3.  Run the .exe file with /writeromfile parameter
4.  Copy the .hdr file to winery50.hdr
5.  Remove the battery and AC power from the dead computer
6.  Insert the flash drive into the dead computer's USB port
7.  Hold down the End key and then connect the AC power
8.  Dead computer reads USB flash and asks if update should be done
9.  Allow the update to finish and then reboot.
10.  Computer is now working normally.
But I do not know which key to press me (End or another)? And need use flash card or sd card?
And I do not know how need called my file: winery50.hdr or winery30.hdr maybe....
Can someone please help? Thanks, Alex

A:Vostro 3350 BIOS Update Failed - Recovery Procedure Needed

Who can help me????

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Yesterday i was trying to install windows on to my dell vostro 5470 but later i want to make some changes so i exited the installer since then my laptop wont boot up not even power led blink
When I tried to press power on only battery led blinks once no other indications even i have connected the supply
Please help what to do futher?

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Hi All,
I am brand new at your forum, and I would lie to share with you with my poor experience. Now I am having 2 Dell notebook, having the same problem, I took to all technician around and no luck to solve the issue.
The problem is when you switch on the power it does`t work, it just give red flash and then dead.
The model as stated on the topic above is Dell Latitude D610 and Dell Vostro 1400. Any one can help me out to solve the issue.

Pls Help to solve it!!!

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I just buy a new laptop brand and i install clean windows 8.1 install work fine after finish still work fine no problem at all, but when i shutdown the windows. i push a power button on.
After that my dell show windows logo and stuck with blank screen after 3 minute appear error screen capture?
Someone Please help me, i am stress 2 days fresh install windows 8.1 or windows 10 still appear the same problem? the problem appear when i power button on. and wait 3 minute. error appear screen capture.
Is this hardware bug or what??

Best Regards

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Hi All, 
I have a issue with the Vostro 3558. As soon as I connect the power supply to the laptop, the laptop goes to sleep mode and takes me to the log in screen. Same happens when I disconnect the power from the laptop. This happens sometimes and not always. 
Recently I had a motherboard failure and Dell replaced it for me. This issue was there before and even now with the new motherboard. So I am thinking this could be a driver / software problem.
Let me know what you think. Thanks in advance.  

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have this USB 2.0 Hi-Speed IDE Adapter that was working really great for the first couple of HDD that I would check, but now it's not being recognized by either my laptop or 3 other computers that I have tried it on... I tried to update the driver for it but because it's not recognized by the computer I am not sure how to update the driver or even if this is the problem... I have a Flash drive that works great and other USB devices work just not this one.... I'm sorry that there isnt' much information to give you but this is all that I have...

I have checked the CD to see how to update the driver but that doesn't give me any information either...

Any help would be appreciated... Thanks in advance

A:IDE to USB 2.0 Adapter is not being recognized

No drivers are required for USB mass storage for 2K/XP, so updating the driver isn't the solution.

The fact that multiple computers don't recognize this unit suggests it's dead. I presume you have tried a new USB cable?

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I've had this issue for a couple weeks now and haven't been able to fix it. I don't think it could be the battery considering I just bought my Dell Inspiron a couple months ago, I think it's caused by water damage to the charger but am not 100% sure and before going to get another charger I figured I'd come on here to look on how to fix it. I saw that some people have used the BIOS Update and it fixed it, so I went to try to do that but I cannot since it says the AC Adapter needs to be plugged in. Anyone have any tips that can help? 

A:AC Adapter Not Recognized??

In order, the troubleshooting/replacement process:
1.  Try a new OEM Dell AC adapter.  If that doesn't solve the problem,
2.  If the system has a replaceable DC jack (most newer systems do), that's next.  If the DC  jack isn't replaceable, or replacing it doesn't solve the problem,
3.  The mainboard is bad.  
If you need more specific information, we'll need to know what system model you have (i.e., Inspiron N5110, 5523, etc.)

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I have Windows 8 computer-Cable Wifi. When i first boot up the TP-Link adapter is not recognized and when i pull the plug out of it and reinsert i get connection. Sometimes this happens on restart but mostly on boot up first thing in the morning.
I expect that connection would be made straight away. Any clues please?

A:Adapter not recognized

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My laptop will no longer turn on.  When the AC adapter is plugged in, the LED light is white indicating power is arriving at the laptop. However, nothing happens when I push the power button. Troubleshooting steps I have completed already include: Hard reset (several times including after each step below)Tried starting without the batteryRemoved all removable components and reseated themRemoved all removable components as well as bottom cover. Cleaned with compressed air. Put everything back.Nothing appears wrong and nothing happened between the last time it turned on and this time that I am aware of. The laptop is out of warranty, and I am pretty handy with computers. Is there anything that can be suggested short of a hardware replacement that would help get this resolved? TIA

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The tips I got with this Kensington 33197 power adapter have numbers stenciled on them like N3, N5, N19, etc. The tips sold on their web site make no mention of the "N" numbers and have numbers like K20059, K20050, etc. and there is no cross reference.

You can also see a complete reference for "N" numbers to all the laptops they support at the above link. Again, no mention of the numbers Kensington uses on their site.

I need a cross reference for these kinds of numbers.

Kensington referred me to their telephone tech support; but, there is a language or cultural barrier that prevents their understanding what I need.

Does anyone know of such a reference?

A:Need power tips reference for Kensington laptop power adapter

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Q: 3750

I need to configure a couple of cisco 3750 switches for my organisation. I need to run voice and data with prioritisation for the traffic in here. Could I have some insight how could I configure QOS for the traffic and essential configuration


If these are Cisco phones the easiest way to do this is: mls qos trust device cisco-phone

Cisco phones will setup DSCP and communicate with the switchport. Switch will setup queue for phones.

You probably want to read this:

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i own a vostro 3560 Notebook, i7, 8GB, 32GB msata and i replaced the HD by a Samsung 850 Pro SSD / 256Gb. Both ssds have been formated - i did not want to use the Intel rapid storage / start technology. The problem now is the following:
When i install Win 7 / 64 bit, this  only works in the "Intel rapid storage" mode (bios-option). If i try it with ata or ahci, the instalation hangs up after the first reboot at that point, the four windows- colours come together. There appears no bluescreen - the system only stopps.
I tried to renew the bios or changed it to version 13 and then back to V17 - but no sucess.
After i installed win 7 in this mode, I tried the regestry trick with the 0 instead of the 3 to load the ahci driver. I renewed the ahci-Driver manualy , and after that, i played with the ata driver in the same way. There always is the same result: the system freezes while booting when the colours come together. Now with  a blue-screen ;-).
The system only works, when in bios the irs-Option (instead ahci) is set.

Any ideas ... and sorry for my english ;-)


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This Vostro has random BSODs with the Driver power state failure noted in the top portion of the BSOD.

It is running the latest BIOS (A12) and has the latest drivers to the best of my knowledge.

See attached file.

A:Dell Vostro 3700 win7 pro x64 BSOD driver power state failure

Hi speedlever.

Do you use the webcam?

Can you disable the webcam and let us know if the BSOD is occurring anymore or not?

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The windows 2000 PRO do not recognized the wireless-G , PCI Adapter.
But it was recognized before.
Thank you for your help!

A:Wirellss-g , Pci Adapter Not Recognized

If possible try using windows system restore to put the PC back to a date when the hardware worked properly.

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Had a virus and system kept trying to restart. I rebooted xp operating system. Now when i tried to hook my router back up it says my ethernet adapter is not recognized or not working.

A:ethernet adapter not recognized

What do you mean by I rebooted xp operating system? Did you reinstall XP?


Go into the Device Manager and advise what's listed in Network Adapters.


What's the model name and model number of that eMachines, and is it a desktop or a laptop?


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4 days ago my wireless connection, running on my home router, abruptly quit working.

The computer is a Dell Inspiron 9300, and the wireless adapter is an inttel proset wireless 2915.

When I click on the intel wireless program, I get a message stating "no supported wireless adapters available in the system".

I have tried several restore points, and nothing has worked.

I have attempted to reinstall drivers from Dell etc to no avail.

Funny thing, the day after I lost wireless at home, when I started my computer at work the icon stating that they were no wireless networks in range showed up, which suggested to me that it was working again.
But when I went home (where I have a wireless router) - nothing. I figured I needed to reinstall my router software, reset, etc.
I did so but nothing.
The following day, it no longer shows it is trying to connect even at work.

I had been running the zone alarm personal firewall, but removed it after this problem.
I also removed spybot.

Very confusing and frustrating.
Any ideas?

A:Wireless Adapter Not Recognized

I would not remove the firewall. You can easily see if the firewall is blocking the connection by looking in the log it creates (and it should alert you giving you the chance to enable the connection if it was being blocked anyway).

In any case - look in network connections in your control panel - see if you see the connection for the wireless card there.
If not, click wireless connection wizard in the control panel and see if that installs the wireless connection.

Lastly, look in your device manager and see if there are any yellow or red warning icons on any device. If there are, double click the device and use the troubleshooter that opens.

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OK, I have been dealing with this for two weeks now. Recently, I had my friend install windows NT on my Sony Vaio PCG-F560. NT didn't recognize my NeoMagic 256 XL+ display adapter. After running out of patience trying to get it to work, I purchased Windows 98SE, which was the original OS (I don't have the original OS disks). Now, Windows 98 still does not recognize my display adapter and it is not listed in the Windows list of diplay adapters. I have downloaded some drivers but they have not worked. At present, my computer with only display 16 colors at 640 x 480. PLEASE, PLEASE HELP. The display adapter recognized is a VGA display adapter. Also, my internal modem is no longer detected.

A:Display Adapter is not recognized

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wow im kind of worried this time around. i think i've had this problem once beofre but have no clue what i did.

i came home today to find that the green square on my taskbar tray thing was grey instead of its normal green for my linksys wg...something adapter.
some background: i only use an adapter to connect to the internet via my neighbores unsecure connection because i dont have a router yet(need to replace broken linksys router).

so i unplug the adapter and plug it back in. i unplug the ubs of the adapter from ther computer and plug it back in, both times it says theres an unknown USB connected and its not recognized. i honestly have no clue what to do.
i tried to reinstal the disc that came with the adapter thinking it might reinstal a driver of sorts or something. i was told i cant becuase i already have that version of the driver installed. so i go to add/remove programs as well as the linksys folder's uninstall to try to uninstall it. i get some error saying a file is missing and i cant uninstall. killbox also failed here.

im on my parents upstairs computer now typing this and really have no idea what to do. i think i may need to trigger something in my device manager but im not sure what. im not that techy. and worse is if i need to DL a driver or something....i cant because i cant connect to the internet.
if you guys have any advice i'd really be glad to hear it.


A:unexpected, USB adapter not recognized

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So I have a Dell PC I bought a little over 1.5 yrs ago that came with an integrated ethernet adapter on mobo.
worked fine uptill november last year when it started giving me problems where the comp would not recognize the adapter on start-up, a reboot would solve the problem and I'd be able to go online. recently even that stopped and I can not go online, neither would it recognize the adapter on the system device list at all.

Thinking that the port has gone bad, I bought a new PCI Express X1 card and installed that on the computer.
It showed up on the device manager list only the very first time I started the machine, on every subsequent start-up, the device manager list does not show either of the adapters and I have not been able to go online on that machine for more than three weeks now.

any help on this would be great if somebody has gone thru similar predicament.

A:Ethernet Adapter not recognized

Welcome tdcv,

Is there any way you can tell us the make & model of the Dell & a service tag number ?

Also make & model of the PCI card ? Did it come with a driver Disc ?

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I have a LINKSYS wusb54gs with Speed Booster .I was connected to the internet when I suddenly lost connection. Device Manager showed a problem (! mark). Troubleshooting suggested that I uninstall and reinstall driver this did not work. I uninstalled and reinstalled the software. I tried to update drivers but it would not update saying there was a name or service with that name. Linkskys sent a registry cleaner as they said that was the problem.

When I tried to reinstall after using the cleaning program, Windows did not recognize the device. The error message read A problem occurred during hardware installation. Your new hardware may not work properly. I tried it on another computer which recognized it!

I brought it in to the computer shop. They confirmed that there is nothing wrong with the hardware and think that it might be a software/port problem. They said they have never run into this problem before and they might have to reinstall my XPPro. :-(

Does anyone have any suggestion that they might try. I would hate going through the reinstalling process. :-(

Thank you!!!

A:Network adapter not recognized

goto device manager
is the adater still listed

if it is
then uninstall the adapter complety from device manager

reboot and let windows redetect it

then point windows at the latest driver which you need to download first onto your PC if you can or - write to a CD to load

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I have some issues here. I run win 7 64-bit ( I hate 8 and 10) clean install. Every thing OK except for the wifi driver. I used the ones in drive section of ACER product suppot and it didn't work. Can you guide to a solution. Thanks. here is some info. you might need Acer Aspire VN7-V971G-79ZNCPU: Intel i-4720HQRAM: 8GB Hardware Ids:PCI\VEN_168C&DEV_003E&SUBSYS_E08E105B&REV_20PCI\VEN_168C&DEV_003E&SUBSYS_E08E105BPCI\VEN_168C&DEV_003E&CC_028000PCI\VEN_168C&DEV_003E&CC_0280 Compitible ids:PCI\VEN_168C&DEV_003E&REV_20PCI\VEN_168C&DEV_003EPCI\VEN_168C&CC_028000PCI\VEN_168C&CC_0280PCI\VEN_168CPCI\CC_028000&DT_0PCI\CC_028000PCI\CC_0280&DT_0PCI\CC_0280

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I have a Dell Studio 1747. I have recently had to reinstall Windows 7 on my laptop, along with several drivers. However, my wireless does not work. When I go to the device manager there does not appear to be a wireless card present. I have tried to download the appropriate drivers from Dell and install them, but none of them have installed correctly and the wireless adapter still is not visible. When I scan for hardware changes it tries to install drivers but comes back with an error message that drivers have not correctly been installed.
Can anyone help..? Thanks, Emma!

A:Wireless Adapter not Recognized

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So, XP 32bit sp3 isn't detecting / showing a HD attached via a USB connector.

Device Manager shows the 'device status' as "This device is working properly."
Safely Remove Hardware shows the brand name/etc under a USB Mass Storage entry.

I tried removing UpperFilters and LowerFilters as per:

Because I couldn't find:

I restarted, and got told that windows had found my ****, but needed to restart, so it automatically restarted me a second time.

That didn't help me display a drive.


Eventually I found out how to do this:

My Computer -> right click -> Manage -> Storage / Disk Management

Which started up a wizard, which allowed me to partition and format the new drive. Cool. Looked like I could use my drive, as the partitions were showing up in My Computer (needing to be formatted, but that's cool).


Then I had to restart the computer (once or twice) before I got the free time/chance to put anything on the drive. (formatting sucked up about 6 hours of my free time)


Device Manager shows the 'device status' as "This device is working properly."
However, Safely Remove isn't showing the brand name of the HD anymore.
Disk Management doesn't show the drive either.
And obviously, My Computer isn't mapping the drives/displaying them.

Bt... Read more

A:New HD, external USB adapter - not recognized

So I went and bought a new external case for the drive, and plugged it in (via USB).

Plug and play recognized it, and said new hardware found.

Safely Remove shows the brand name of the drive.
Computer Manager/Device Manager shows the brand name of the drive.

However, Computer Manager/Disk Management does not see it.
And obviously, it doesn't show up in My Computer

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I had troubles connecting my 3rd IDE hard drive (Seagate 80GB) to my new motherboard (Asus P5K). I bought a SATA->IDE adapter since the motherboard has only two IDE slots. That adapter was a cheap one. It didn't work. Strangely, once out of dozens of tries it did work, but only for one bootup (no idea why, tried everything).

Then I bought a new adapter, similar, but a bit more expensive and with some more leds on it for status reporting. It is also a basic attach-to-the-IDE-drive-model. The new adapter does actually work. This time, it fails to be recognized at every 10th boot or so though. The BIOS SATA recognition times out and the drive is not recognized. It will be recognized if I just reboot again (soft reset is ok).

What could cause this strange "random" behaviour? I have two main suspicions myself: the motherboard is faulty or the power supply is just at the limit. The latter is kind of not valid though in the sense that I think it doesn't matter if I add or remove peripherals, the behaviour will stay the same.

I don't think the drive is faulty since it worked fine with the previous system (different motherboard and power supply, no SATA to IDE adapter).

Now I also encountered a new problem: I get "Delayed Write Failed" in WinXP when installing a game. The drive will vanish from My Computer after that failure. I found many solutions to that and I have to try them one by one. But I was wondering if someone could connect the dots... Read more

A:SATA to IDE adapter not always recognized

I'd go with your assessment of an underpowered power supply. Do try disconnecting extra drives for a test.

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I just formatted my drive and reinstalled Win98SE. I have a 10/100 PCI Ethernet Adapter. The Device Manager is not listing it. I'm pretty sure the driver is missing. I went to the manufacturer's website and downloaded what they listed as the driver for it. When I unzipped it, I got, netrts5.inf and Rt8139.sys. Shouldn't there be a .drv file there somewhere? More importantly, where the heck do I put these files? I don't have a clue.

Thanks for any help you can give.

A:Ethernet Adapter not recognized

If the PC isn't recognizing it at boot up then there might be a problem. Is it showing up in device manager? When installing the drivers you downloaded it will look for the .inf file as a reference to where the fles are and where they will be installed and any registry settings. Put them on a diskette or a folder on your hard drive.

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Hey guys, I have a very frustrating problem here.

I tried to install Ubuntu on my computer, but I couldn't so I gave up.

Now, when I boot into windows, it doesn't recognize my network adapter any more, and I can't connect to the internet.

I attached my system report made with everest if you need it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Is the 330m removable or replaceable? If so where can i buy one or can I upgrade to a more powerful discreet gpu? If it is on the motherboard why wouldn't mine be showing up? Thanks!

A:I'm not seeing my Nvidia Geforce 330m listed in my Vostro 3700 Bios or Windows Display Adapters Menus

It isn't a separate card.  The system was sold with Intel-only boards (most of them) or optional nVidia GPUs (high end models/upgrade at purchase).
If your system is Intel-only and you want the upgrade, you'll need at least two things:
1.  A replacement system board with the nVidia GPU
2.  A new heatsink assembly (the Intel heatsink won't work with the nVidia GPU and vice-versa).
You will also need to check your power adapter - if it's 65W, you'll need to replace it with a 90W or higher capacity power adapter.
Note that these systems used the generation of nVidia GPU that were known for premature failure - you may be able to find a survivor but they'll be thin on the ground at this point and may not be a wise investment given the high rate of failure.

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So, my issue that ive looked everywhere for a solution to is this.  I was about to give this laptop to someone and I reformatted the hard drive to clean it up before doing so.  After this I went to dells site and loaded up the drivers for this machine.  All is fine up till this point.  Then I updated the bios to the newest version a12, and all went fine.

Well, later that day I needed to unplug the laptop and go to a different room and It just turned off after I unplugged it.  It wouldnt turn on with battery power either.  Plugged it back in and it loads fine but the battery is stuck on 36 percent charge and says not charging.  Now im getting a message saying the battery needs to be replaced as well, which is *** because I know that the battery was working just fine before this day.  Not only that why wont a battery with 36 percent charge turn on the laptop?  Its got the flashing red battery symbol when powered on with the ac adapter but without the computer on, but still plugged in, the battery doesnt charge or have any lights. 

I have already tried the uninstalling of the acpi trick, as well as the taking the battery out while its running, or taking it out purging the power and reseating.  Ive tried all the common tricks to no avail.  Not sure whats going on but I know this battery was good, and it still says 36 percent but wont charge and wont power the laptop on.  Hope someone can help.

Thanks Gary

A:DELL VOSTRO 3500 BATTERY ISSUE (not charging and wont power on computer with charge) HELP!

First check:  make sure the BIOS (F2 at powerup) recognizes the AC adapter.  If it does not, the battery will not charge. 
If the AC adapter is not recognized, try another Dell OEM adapter.  If that doesn't solve the problem, replace the DC jack:
And if that doesn't solve the problem, replace the mainboard.
If the AC adapter IS recognized, but the battery will not charge, unplug the system, remove the battery and hold the power button for 30 sec.  Try again -- if the battery still won't charge, odds are the battery itself is bad.
If the battery is original to the system, it's about four years old - well past its expected lifespan.

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Hi. My USB wifi adapter is not recognized by my desktop PC. I already tried some troubleshooting methods like reinstalling the latest driver, restarting the system, installed to other OS like Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 32 and 64 bit but problem still exists. I tried installing it to my friend's laptop but somehow it worked. Is there a possibility that the defect is on my Motherboard's USB ports? Can somebody help me on this?

Thanks in advance.

Below is the specs of my PC.

OS: Windows 8.1 64-bit
Mobo: Gigabyte Z97X Gaming 5
Processor: Intel Core i3 3.6ghz
RAM: 2 x 2gb Corsair Vengeance
PSU: Corsair CX500M
HDD: WD Caviar 500GB

A:Wireless USB Network Adapter not recognized

Have you tried using a different USB device to see if it is detected (ie thumb drive).

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Hi TG! My Dell laptop decided to NOT accept or recognize the internet adapter. Have tried evertything I know [recycle, restart - not much!]. Am not able to access netwk-adptr page on 2nd laptop [which uses a different internet provider].
Please advise.
Thank you!!

A:Network Adapter Not Recognized or Accepted

Hi _ welcome to TSG

a little more info on your setup as you talk about two ISPs and two machines - so we are clear what we are trying to assist with on what

My Dell laptop decided to NOT accept or recognize the internet adapter. Click to expand...

Exact model of the Dell machine
also post back an image of device manager for the Dell Machine

{Device Manager}
Post back the results in device manager
If you cannot access the internet with this PC, then you will need to copy the program across to the faulty PC
Start > control Panel {Vista set to classic view}> system > {Vista, device manager on left hand side} {XP hardware Tab, device manager button} >
windows 7
start > control panel> System and Security> Device Manager

network adaptors, click on the + > post back the devices listed there
are there any ! ? or X
post a screen shot of the device manager - network adapters

To post a screen shot of the active window, hold the Alt key and press the PrtScn key. Open the Windows PAINT application and Paste the screen shot. You can then use PAINT to trim to suit, and save it as a JPG format file.
To upload it to the forum, open the full reply window and use the Manage Attachments button to upload it here

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I just bought an ASUS PCE-N53 PCI-E adapter for my PC that I built several months ago. Previously, I was just using ethernet. Put the card in my PCI-E 1 slot, and installed the drivers from the installation disc, but nothing shows up in Device Manager and I have no wireless option in my Network Connections settings. Any idea why it's not showing up, minus it being dead out of the box? I can't try it in my PCI-E 2 slot because my graphics card is in the way. Thanks in advance!

A:PCIe Wireless adapter is not being recognized

This sounds like the motherboard is not detecting you have the card installed. Make sure it is fully inserted, also, I wonder if you have a setting in the BIOS that needs to be applied to activate the PCI-E slot.

If the board is detected there should be some evidence of it in Device Manager, do you see anything in Other Devices with a yellow question mark?

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Yesterday I bouth motherboard M2N-MX, AMD Athlon64 3800+, video card EN8600GT. The motherboard and the video card are PCI-Express x16. I've installed the processor and plugged the video card. My monitor doesn't have DVI so I used DVI to VGA bridge supplied to connect it. I've installed Windows XP (32 bit version), motherboard chipsed (from the CD supplied with the motherboard) and I tried to install the video card driver from the CD supplied with the EN8600GT. The wizard was running well before it tries to install the driver, then it come up with "The system could not recodnize driver for your hardware...". I'm not able to install that video card driver. I've checked the motherboard bios and I didn't find anything that can help me deciding my problem. I'll appreciate any response on that topic.


A:Video adapter EN8600GT not recognized

Have you tried using the Video card CD to do the install instead of the Wizard?

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Hi Guys,
Laptop - Acer Aspire 5749
OS - Win 7 Home Basic
Laptop is not recognizing my Micro SD Card Adapter.
Same Memory card and Adapter works fine on other Laptops.
I tried downloading Alcor Cardreader driver from Acer support site, but no use.
Pls pls pls help me....

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I've been dealing with this issue off and on for a while so I'm hoping somebody knows how to fix this! I have a Lenovo Ideapad Z575. I recently installed a clean copy of Win7 Home premium 64 bit and was able to update all drivers except for the wireless lan one which I downloaded from the Lenovo site. There are no warning/caution symbols in the device manager except for bluetooth.

The problem I have is twofold. First I have been experiencing intermittent connectivity with the wireless connection itself. In some cases it shows no networks available even though I have a phone, other computer, roku, etc that are all connected to the network no problem. Disabling and re-enabling the device through adapter properties will usually "fix" it so that I can connect but it's really annoying. I had disabled the power saving option and that didn't seem to help any.

The more pressing issue now is that I can't even update the driver because I get an error that says "Driver install/uninstall need your Wireless Adapter to be inserted into your PC. Please make sure your Wireless Adapter is in your PC." It's an internal wireless card so I have no idea what the issue is. The available networks icon with the yellow star in the system tray will flash that there is a network available for a few seconds but then it has been changing back to no networks found before I can even connect. The card properties show its a Ralink TEchnology 802.11n wireless card in pci sl... Read more

A:Internal network adapter not recognized

Quick update -

After searching around online it sounds like this is a common problem with this laptop/wireless card. I'm not the most knowledgable guy about this stuff, but would upgrading the wireless card fix the problem? I'd have to mod the bios too since Lenovo has the black/white list for wireless card but that might be the easiest solution?

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I just updated my laptop to Win10 and my bluetooth stopped working. I looked in the Device Manager and there was no bluetooth driver installed, so I thought that I just had to install it. I ran Windows Update to see if it would automatically find and download it for me, it didn't. So then I went to my manufacturer's page and downloaded the driver from there. The installation went fine and it said that it downloaded and installed successfully. After a quick reboot Device manager still said I didn't have any Bluetooth drivers installed. My manufacturer's site had different bluetooth adapters for my laptop so I thought I downloaded the wrong one. After installing the rest of them and rebooting Device manager still said that I had none installed, this leads me to assume that somehow the operating system isn't recognizing that I have any bluetooth hardware at all. So now I'm out of Ideas and thought I'd throw away my pride as a tech-savvy person and ask for help.

I am using a Dell Inspiron 15 (5547 model) running Windows10 (recently upgraded from 8.1)

The manufacturer's site I got the drivers from is here Product Support | Dell US

*Edit* Forgot to mention that it was a clean install.

A:Internal Bluetooth adapter not recognized

Hi and Welcome to TSF!

Set the OS to Windows 10, first, then download the Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260 Bluetooth Driver.

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I have just installed a D-Link AirPlus G DWL-G120 USB adapter to communicate with my wireless router Netgear WGR614 v6. For the most part, it works okay, but from time to time (about once a day), the connection is lost, and "card not found" is displayed in the task bar. Short of re-installing through the D-Link CD or deleting (through the device manager, where it shows a yellow icon, instead of green when it works okay), and then reapplying the WEP password, I can not reconnect. In the control panel/network connections, I am already up to "wireless network connection 5" after having removed "5" previously.

Grateful for any advice. Many thanks.

A:Solved: Wireless adapter not always recognized

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I seem to have fallen into a problem that lots of users are having in this forum, My Belkin F5D7050 Usb adapter was working fine until a few days ago where it stopped being recognized by Windows 7 Ultimate. I have tried many things recommended here from uninstalling the USB ports to installing Version 3.xx drivers(Mine is a 4.xx) but nothing seems to work. Also the Belkin adapter doesnt even appear in the Device manager in Network adapters but is labeled as Unknown device in the USB section.

During the installation, it refuses to recognize the adapter when it asks for it and I get the same message the USB device isnt recognized. The installation completes without it recognizing the adapter but the Belkin Utitlity doesn't even open up. When I try to manually select the driver from the location, it says that Unknown Device is the best driver already installed for the device

Please help, I am currently posting from another computer on which the adapter works easily. This one is running Windows XP if that makes any difference.

A:Belkin F5D7050 Adapter Not Recognized

Hi Psykes and welcome to the forums , Have you tried the V5 version? Belkin : Support F5D7050 Wireless G USB Network Adapter - Drivers

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A few days after buying my computer I purchased the USB WLAN Adapter in the title.
It worked perfectly for at least a year. After that, I started having the occasional "device not recognized" message. Unplugging and plugging again solved the problem.

Later it got worse. I had to unplugg and plugg several times for it to work (my record was 113 times). The strange thing is, it only malfunctioned after I turned the computer on. If I made it to work (using the unplugg and plugg routine), and left my PC on, I'd have no trouble. I could even switch USB ports at will, it would always work after that first time. If I had to turn off the computer, I'd go back to square one (restarting was no problem, though).

Now, I just can't make it work. No matter how many times I unplugg/plugg, I always get the "device not recognized" message.

I tryied the adapter in another computer (with Vista Home), and it gets detected with no problem whatsoever.

The computer where this issue happens, has other USB devices, and they all work without a single problem.

I'd really appreciate some help with this, I don't want to waste money on another adapter just to find the exact same problem happening.

Sincerely, Tatoon.

Edit: The computer where this issue is happening is using Windows 7 Ultimate x64.

A:SMC EZ Connect g USB WLAN Adapter, not recognized.

Welcome to Seven Forums Tatoon.
Does the WLAN device malfunction in all USB ports after turning it off? You may try to find a new driver for it from the maker's website. It could be a USB issue too, have a look here to see if anything may apply to you.
USB Driver - General Fix for Problems

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