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Vista Not Updating...Reinstalled Original OS. manually installed SP1, SP2

Q: Vista Not Updating...Reinstalled Original OS. manually installed SP1, SP2

Co-worker wanted me to look at her computer to fix some problems. I found virus(es) had hijacked ie. I tried malwarebytes, etc. and switched to firefox and tried to run windows update but endless search yielded no updates.

I reinstalled the OS from original disk -- Vista Home Basic 32-bit.

I manually installed SP1. I then manually installed SP2. Tried updates again. Forever looking and no updates.

Could someone outline my next moves to be done to head towards a fix for this updating problem? I would appreciate it. I see that there posts with similar problems and I am not sure which ones I should try or do I need to do something else before I start manually downloading updates?


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I am getting ready to upgrade to Win 10 on my Dell Studio 1535 laptop. I have been reviewing the forum to see what issues I may encounter and I have not encountered a solution (that may mean I did not understand) . First, I do have a legal copy (3) of win 7 home premium. I bought an upgrade for 3 PC?s sometime back. I upgraded from vista to 7. Over the course of the last 5 or so years I have had to re-install the 7 OS on both the laptop and desktop. I got to the point that MS says my key is invalid.
I call support and they tell me I can only upgrade from vista. I explain to them that this is a reinstall due to some hardware failure. They login into my machine then give me a 15 quartet key to enter. And alas all is well.

My question is if I enter my original key (7 key) will I get the same problem. Being it is an upgrade to 10 will there be an issue activating ten? I hate to get to end of the install and find out I need to go back to square one or call support to correct the issue and explain all the ramifications.

One thought is if I enter the original they may just say OK. But then I remember ?nature sides with the hidden flaw?!

Thanks for your suggestions.


A:Updating to 10 using original key from vista to 7.

quote :
Over the course of the last 5 or so years I have had to re-install the 7 OS on both the laptop and desktop. I got to the point that MS says my key is invalid.
I call support and they tell me I can only upgrade from vista. I explain to them that this is a reinstall due to some hardware failure. They login into my machine then give me a 15 quartet key to enter. And alas all is well.
.................................................................................................... ...........................................................................
In that case, you can do In-place Upgrade to Windows 10 and you do NOT need to enter the product key. Activation will be automatic.
Use one of the 2 links below to download the iso file.............

Media Creation Tool (MCT)

Tech Bench

Using MCT as example................
Download the Tool and run it.
Then select Create installation media for another PC
That will begin downloading the ISO file to your computer.
When download is completed, RIGHT click at the ISO > click Mount > click Setup.exe.
That will begin installing Windows 10.
You have the choice of keeping settings, files and apps, or keeping nothing.
No product key is required.
Activation will be automatic.

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Can some one help me to sort out a problem with setting up drivers for the Windows XP harddrive I have just put in my sons Vista Advent laptop. Reason being is that his Windows Vista harddrive is none usable and I had an old Advent Windows XP laptop and I placed that harddrive into his laptop and it started up great but cannot access internet because of drivers not being same..

I have found the folder I386 which I assume will contain the XP CD-ROM image on the hard disk. I have gone on system properties-device manager and it is highlighting in yellow a question mark on all devices and Ports (COM & LPT)

I dont want to uninstall the drivers and port and then restart laptop to hopefully allow Windows to detect them just incase it knackers up anything...So I want professional advice as to what to do.....So can anyone advise me as soon as possible so my son can have his laptop back working. I do not have the original xp installation disc.


A:updating drivers to Windows XP from original Vista

There is a tool (Drivermax) that will make your your work easy in backing up and restoring/updating drivers at ease. With it you can transfer drivers from one machine to another with a single click. Just try to google and download it to see if it can help in your situation.

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Hey Guys,

I recently purchased an HP HDX 9000T with Windows Vista Basic on it. My business requires XP so I installed it and was able to get everything on it except for the audio function. The factory HD audio is called SigmaTel STAC9271D5TAyy, but I can't find any drivers for it online. I wanted to know if someone could help me fix it with a possible audio modder or really anything else. Your help would be priceless!

A:No Audio on XP OS installed on HP HDX with original Vista OS

Hi, P3S. Welcome to TSF!

You're missing either codecs or drivers, but it's most likely drivers. Go to your manufacturer site and get them.

Since you're aware it's a driver problem, there's nothing we can do except help you search, so here ya go: ?

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I've had my Alienware PC for around 6 years. It came with Vista which was installed onto the Samsung SSD I ordered the PC with.

This weekend I purchased a new OCZ SSD and also a licensed copy of Win7.
After much trouble trying to do a clean install onto the OCZ, I gave gave up and instead did the install from Vista, onto the new OCZ SSD.

As a result, I now have 2 OS from which to choose at startup.
My idea is to have the OCZ SSD for only my OS, the Samsung SSD only for Programmes and my WD 500Gb 5200rpm only for data.

So, I want to format my Samsung SSD and start fresh. Win7 will not allow this. It also will not let me change the drive letter of the OCZ SSD to "C".

Also, I've tried unplugging the Samsung SSD and starting up but nothing happens, which leads me to believe that the PC is booting up from the Samsung SSD even though the OS is on the OCZ SSD.

Any advice on how I can fix this tricky problem??

A:Installed Win7 but cannot format SSD with original Vista on!!

SORRY everyone, I just saw that Gradam posted the exact same issue back in 2012. Still, I'd appreciate any new advice

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I put a replacement HDD into my friends computer after hers died. I reinstalled Vista with the disk that came with her computer and the driver disk and in Device manager it says that the display adapter and network controller, sm bus controller, and video controller dont have a driver installed. Dell Tech support told me that I must have installed them in the wrong order. I told them all I did was run the executable file on the drivers disk they sent with the computer. So I told them "I" didn't install the drivers in the wrong order, them and their disk did if that is whats wrong. At any rate... didnt get very far with them. I cant connect to wireless on this POS so getting on the internet is a non-starter but I can use my laptop and download something if I need to and then put it on here via my external HDD. Already tried going to Dells site and putting in service tag and getting driver information. It downloaded last night... should be on here somewhere if they are right but, the "search" computer for software didnt find it... Any suggestions? Thanks a ton!! Kim

A:Solved: Reinstalled Vista - Wireless Network Controller etc Drivers not installed

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Hi guys,

I hope you might be able to help?

I recently had to reinstall Windows XP Pro after my PC crashed.

I can see my original profile folder (the profile I used before the crash) under 'C:\Documents and Settings' but every time I try to access it, I receive the error 'Access is Denied'. This was my primary profile & I'm very keen to get at the data contained in it's 'My Documents' folder.

I can access other folders I had created before the reinstall without problem, including that of another profile I created.

However, I cannot access that of what was my primary Admin account.

Any help would be very much appreciated. I really do need to get at the data because, like a complete idiot, I'd forgotten to backup for 3 months prior to the crash.

Thanks very much for any help,


A:Reinstalled Windows - Can See but Not Access Original Profile Folder

Because you've re-installed Windows you are now using a different account (even if it may have the same name as the old account), so Windows now thinks your old profile belongs to someone else, hence "Access Denied" to protect that person's privacy (Windows has no way of knowing you are that same person). What you need to do is take ownership of that folder by editing the security permissions:

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Secunia could not update some programs so I was doing them manually. I got a pop up saying my drivers and flash were out of date. I thought to myself, one program at a time and apparently one of them was a trojan/fake/spyware. Firefox is nearly impossible so am currently using Chrome.  I have Privatefirewall 7.0 and avast. Currently secunia says all programs are up to date but I'd like to be able to use Firefox as I wish. I have Windows 8.1 Thanks so much.

A:I was manually updating some programs and got hit

G'day bargainholic, and Welcome to BC
Run these for me, in the order listed if you would please
Download MiniToolBox, save it to your desktop and run it.
    Checkmark the following checkboxes:
    Flush DNS
    Report IE Proxy Settings
    Reset IE Proxy Settings
    Report FF Proxy Settings
    Reset FF Proxy Settings
    List content of Hosts
    List IP configuration
    List Winsock Entries
    List last 10 Event Viewer log
    List Installed Programs
    List Users, Partitions and Memory size.
    Click Go and post the result (Result.txt). A copy of Result.txt will be saved in the same directory the tool is run.
    Note: When using "Reset FF Proxy Settings" option Firefox should be closed.
Please download and run RKill by Grinler.
 A black DOS box will appear for a short time and then disappear.
 This is normal and indicates the tool ran successfully.
 At most the tool will usually run for about 2 minutes
 Please Copy / Paste the small log back here.
 iExplore.exe (renamed rKill.exe):   RKill Download Link... Read more

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I noticed that there is a new definition for W8 Defender. My laptop last automatic update was 3 days ago. (01/12/14)
I tried to update it manually but the green updating bar stops about 1/3 way flashing to say that it is updating. I left for an hour
but it had not got any further. I rebooted and tried again but the same happened. As this should on automatic update, is there
any concern ? Should I leave it to see if it kicks in later ?
I have no other antivirus running.

A:Solved: W8 Defender not manually updating

have you checked your internet? it might be that is slow so is taking sometimes to update but yes you're right it should be an automatic update from windows. I will try a more strong and secure anti virus that windows defender but that been said I will keep on trying or wait for the upcoming one maybe it might solve the glitch.(since Microsoft is known for that)

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Hello. I'm new to the site, and browsed the XP stickies and readfirsts, but I could not quickly find fixes for my troubles, nor do I have time to browse the whole forum history and archive. Please help me in any way you can (be it a response or thread link). Thank you in advance. I can produce any logs if needed.

I am currently running Windows XP (5.1.2600) Professional Media Center Edition with Service Pack 2 (at least, now I am) on a Dell Inspiron E1705.

I recently had a problem, where Windows did not start up correctly besides in Safe Mode. I would get a blue screen, and I diagnosed it as at least one corrupted or missing essential system file(s). I had a completely updated SP3 version installed at the time. I decided to use the XP installation disk to reinstall XP, but keeping all my installations, settings, etc., trying to get it back to the way it was (since System Restore wouldn't solve this kind of problem).

The XP installation gave trouble (freezing at 34%), but I found a way to fix it through this site (Debugging Mode). I know that Microsoft has come out with fixes for certain buggy updates, but they are hard to keep up with. So now I have a non-updated XP with SP2, I know my drivers are out of date, and several annoying problems have sprung up. Please help me in any way you can, or direct me to help. It's much appreciated. (Use numbers if you like).

(1)Since reinstalling, I have tried to update about a dozen times, and now my free hard disk space has ... Read more

A:(Reinstalled XP) trouble updating and other problems!

Welcome to TSF

You have a total mess on your hands. The best thing to do is back up you data and format and reinstall the OS. With the Repair install already performed ther is nothing else that could help other than a wipe.

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In a recent post I asked about Windows update error code 0x80070005.
After repeated attempts,was unable to install. Microsoft tech also could not
successfully install using Windows update system.
Told me she would have to install manually,not using Windows update,which she was
able to do. I was unable to understand her(language barrier problem) when i asked
what she had done.
Does anyone know the procedure or software needed to do this?


A:Solved: Manually updating failed windows update

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I have Windows 7 SP1. From 161108 my Windows Update cannot find any new updates, it just searches for days and days. There are many posts on this subject, but I have not been able to solve the problem.
1. Is there a simple way to download and install updates manually (not using Windows Update)?
2. Would it be a very bad idea to stop updating Windows 7 from now on?

Best regards
Sven Ingvar J?nsson

A:Downloading Windows Updates manually or stop updating


Question #2:
Yes, it would be a VERY BAD idea to stop taking at least critical and important security updates from now on. MS now issues them all together in a monthly "roll-up", rather than individual updates. But there is a way to take only the "security" patches, instead of the combined security+performance patches.
Let's get your WU working first...

Question #1:
If WU is stuck on "checking for updates", you need to temporarily shut down that process/service in order to manually install the 2 most important patches that should fix it (3020369 and 3172605).

Let's try this:
IF NOT ALREADY DONE: Download and save, but do not run yet, the standalone installers for KB3020369 and KB3172605 for your architecture (32-bit or 64-bit).
Disconnect from the internet.
Disable the Windows Update service in both the applet itself ("never check for updates") AND from services.msc (change it to "manual" and STOP the service, then click "OK").
Run 3020369 and reboot.
Run 3172605 and reboot.
Go into services.msc and change WU back to "Automatic-delayed start" and start the service.
Reconnect to internet.
Change WU to "notify me, but let me choose".
Run a manual check for updates.
The concept is that you are going to install them from the standalone installers that you have downloaded locally to your computer, NOT via Windows Update.
So, if Windows Update is partially or fully enabled when yo... Read more

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My original question was in regards to Windows Antivirus Pro fraudware removal, as I had read the instructions on how to remove it at this site, but there were little problems (if you want any information/feel like reading about it, you can read here: Original question).I went through the task manager, and couldn't find the program running, so that apparently wasn't the problem. Upon further searching through google, I found on Yahoo answers how to get rid of this problem and was linked to here. I went through some of the steps before hitting problems. At the bottom, it says "Note: If you are using Windows XP and you enable "System Restore" , you need to disable "System Restore" in "Safe Mode" before using the instructions above," but I haven't been able to disable system restore. I may need some help disabling system restore/finishing the process. Thanks for any help.

A:I'm completely updating my original question...

Helllo ,, before we disable System Restore .. Let's run a scan for that malware. i am closing the other MBAM (MalwareBytes):NOTE: Before saving MBAM please rename it to save it to your desktop.Please download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and save it to your desktop.alternate download link 2MBAM may "make changes to your registry" as part of its disinfection routine. If using other security programs that detect registry changes (ie Spybot's Teatimer), they may interfere or alert you. Temporarily disable such programs or permit them to allow the changes.Make sure you are connected to the Internet.Double-click on mbam-setup.exe to install the application.When the installation begins, follow the prompts and do not make any changes to default settings.When installation has finished, make sure you leave both of these checked:Update Malwarebytes' Anti-MalwareLaunch Malwarebytes' Anti-MalwareThen click Finish.MBAM will automatically start and you will be asked to update the program before performing a scan.If an update is found, the program will automatically update itself. Press the OK button to close that box and continue.If you encounter any problems while downloading the definition updates, manually download them from here and just double-click on mbam-rules.exe to install.On the Scanner tab:Make sure the "Perform Quick Scan" option is selected.Then click on the Scan button.If asked to select the drives to scan, leave all the drives selected and click on t... Read more

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Hey guys,

I recently installed Windows 7 on a "not-supported" sony vaio model VGN-CR29XN. As expected almost all drivers where installed automatically - also the driver for the internal webcam. But unfortunately the webcam is not working.

I did a lot of research and came across some threads pointing to drivers from ricoh who apparently are manufacturers of the sony inbuild motion eye webcams of those vaio models. I downloaded the drivers pointed out and tried to update them manually.
Unfortunately my system refuses to update to a driver that I want and keeps insisting that there is no better driver than the one previously installed from the system. If I uninstall the driver and search for new hardware it automatically installs the same driver immediately and tells me my hardware should be working fine now...

The driver installed from the system is: usbvideo.sys from microsoft dated 21.06.2006 version 6.1.7600.16385
The driver from ricoh I am trying to install is r5u870 video device driver for mc501cb version 6.1005.301.00 from December 2006
Regarding the ricoh homepage (and if my previous information about this model being the one build into the notebook is correct) this model is being discontinued.

I still believe that if I somehow can convince my system to use the ricoh driver instead of the microsoft one I might be able to get my cam to work - but I cannot work out how to override the automatic installation routine of windows 7.

Any help with this iss... Read more

A:Problems updating driver manually (webcam sony vaio)

I was working with this link Help getting all drivers on Sony CR4000 and there plenty of sucessful sony viao's installers and webcam - read the whole thread if necessary, the last posts are mainly concerned with the webcam - you might need to use compatibiilty mode or install thru device manager, or the correct installation order.

If you unpack the driver (unzip) and sort thru the folders till you find a info file you can bypass the installer and install it thru device manager - go here for complete instructions - You cannot install a device driver by using its installation program in Windows Vista

Ftp site with all sony drivers :

Your driver page : Vaio : Sony Europe

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Our hospital has an outreach vaccination program. For vaccination read 'immunization'
The data on the vaccinations resides on the "home computer access database".
This database is copied on to a thumb drive which is given to the team
which, with their portable laptop, sets off to a remote area to give vaccinations.
During the vaccination clinic the laptop database copy gets new entries, new appointments are made
and details about the patients an their injections are recorded.
There may be 2 or 3 teams working remotely at once,with their thumbdrive copies.
The teams return to base and hand in the edited database on the thnumbdrive.
How do we update the main access database from an edited copy.
Could you please detaikl the proceedure needed. Thanks. Luki.

A:editing a database copy - then updating original

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Is there a way to keep the information or images from changing on a webpage? I set the no images option, but often I need to see the original images and need an option of "no images after the first".

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Hey guys (girls),

New user here. I'm trying to find a bypass as to how to manually update McAfee Internet Security 2009. I have several computers at home that do not have internet access on the regular. Does anyone have any tips? I have the current definitions from McAfee that I can burn onto a disc, but every option I've exhausted doesn't work.

-Manually removed the previous .dat version, tried swapping in the new .dat from McAfee
-Tried using the super.dat install package you can use with the Corporate version
-Tried patching in the new w/ the current .dat file also, but no luck

Thanks in advance for the help!

A:Manually Updating Mcafee Virus Definitions 2009 Internet Security Suite

With the following system requirements: System RequirementsMicrosoft Windows 2000 (32-bit) with Service Pack 4 (SP4) or higher,Windows XP (32-bit) with Service Pack 1 (SP1) or higher,Windows Vista (32 or 64-bit)800 X 600 or higher resolution256 MB RAM150 MB of available free drive spaceInternet connectionMicrosoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or later.Optional: Mozilla Firefox 1.5 or laterAnd nothing in the user manual even remotely mentioning the ability. It appears that it's not possible. And I would have to say discussion of how to potentially accomplish an update offline given the preceding comments have a likelihood of violating one of the forum rules which state. No subject matter will be allowed whose purpose is to defeat existing copyright or security measures. If a user persists and/or the activity is obviously illegal the staff reserves the right to remove such content and/or ban the user. This would also mean encouraging the use or continued use of pirated software is not permitted, and subject to the same consequences.Unless someone can confirm that McAfee supports offline updating with documentation. I do understand your dilema without Internet access however the information presented could be used to defeat copyright or security measures. Hopefully someone can find a McAfee supported answer.

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Greets Everyone.
Thank you for the incredibly helpful forum!!

I have a weird issue that has cropped up with my Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit. I decided to upgrade the version of my Scite and there were no options for installing it. I simply unzipped the archive and copied it to a new folder in my Program Files (x86) folder. I then renamed my old winscite to bust the links, keeping it in case something went wrong, and created new desktop, startmenu, and taskbar links to the new version.

The application opens up just fine, and works just fine. But when I want to use it to open specific file types/extensions, I cannot use it. I tried right clicking on a file, say a PHP file, and then chose Open with.../Choose default program from the right click context menu in Windows Explorer, and of course, Scite is not listed in the recommended programs options. I expand "OTHER" and still do not see it, of course. So I clicked BROWSE, navigate to the new scite, and double click it. This is where the weird stuff starts. The browse dialog box closes, yet scite is not an option still. Nothing changes actually.

Scite is not listed as a default program, and I cannot add the new scite as one. I have no idea how I can tell Windows that I want to open the new scite with ANY file type.

Is there a registry modification I need to perform? How do I remove ALL options/recommended apps associated with a file type? Then maybe when I double click that file type, I can tell Windows where to find s... Read more

A:Manually Add an Application that was Not Installed

So I clicked BROWSE, navigate to the new scite, and double click it. This is where the weird stuff starts. The browse dialog box closes, yet scite is not an option still. Nothing changes actually.

You have to double click on the .exe of that program.

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Downloaded and ran System Update Readiness Tool (KB947821)
Readiness tool indicated a (KB947821) Hotfix ran.
- Installation: Successful -
Ran Windows Update - Window7 SP1 not offered.
<< Went to service pack center >>
Service Pack Center - Microsoft Windows
Selected "Download SP1 from the Download Center (Advanced)
Download: Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 (KB976932) - Microsoft Download Center - Download Details
Norton Antivirus "Disabled"
Downloaded "Windows6.1-KB976932-x64.exe"
"Installation was not successful"
Searcing for a fix to ERROR note:
SP1 setup fails "ERROR_SXS_ASSEMBLY_MISSING(0x80073701)" - Win7 x64
Have run MS Fixit many times. it always tells me "Windows Update componets must be repaired", but when I run Uniblue RegistryBooster 2011, it always remove the same fix MSFix made
"The default value in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT/CLSID/{5F327514-6C5E-4d60-8F16-D07FA08A78ED}/InProcServer32points to the missing file C:/Windows/system32/wuaucpl.cpl"

My system started out as a Windows Visita Ultimate with an upgrade provided by HP to Windows 7 Ultimate.
Also don't know if these failed installations are related the my failed SP1 installation;

A:Can not get SP1 to be offered or installed manually

Quote: Originally Posted by VincentM

Have run MS Fixit many times. it always tells me "Windows Update componets must be repaired", but when I run Uniblue RegistryBooster 2011.....

...and thereby is your problem.
ALL registry Cleaners come under the heading of 'Dangerous:Snake-Oil'.

Ditch it before it manages to completely trash your system (AFTER undoing whatever it's already managed to break)

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So a couple of weeks ago or so I installed ie10 manually. All fine and good and works well. Today ofc ie 10 comes in windows update so I figure its an update or something and install it. When I reboot its again in windows update even though I installed it already. Also in 'Installed updates' 2 entrances show with ie10. I dont really foresee a huge problem with this but Im still wondering if you have any ideas on how to fix it?

A:Ie 10 installed manually, still shows up in WU and wont go away

Hi Conditioned, uninstall it then let WU replace it or try it manually again like this:- Attachment 259099

Attachment 259098

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I Have Manually Installed this programme (San Andreas) An there is a special programme that mods san andreas and when it starts up it says:
I have put the folder in this location:C:\Program Files (x86)\Rockstar Games\San Andreas
So any help to register this programme.

A:Need Help Registring A Manually Installed Programme

did you buy it?

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too frustrating for me to handle alone. I messed up my computer, so I got the old original disk and reinstalled that. It is Windows XP Home Edition. Okay, so now my computer is newly bare. I am trying to set up a wireless connection. I ran the disk for Linksys N Ultra RangePlus and I got a message that said it won't run with this version of Windows. I called my internet provider and they told me that it's because this system is Service Pack 1 (2002) and that Linksys won't connect to it. I was told to go buy something that would be compatible or to get a technician in.

I'd like to try to do this. Do I need an older wireless system?

p.s. I do have another computer in the other room (occupied by my boys) and that uses Belkin N+ wireless system. Both boxes for these systems say it's compatible with Windows XP.

Any help would be big time appreciated.

A:Reinstalled original windows xp disk and now can't run wireless disk

Why not go to Windows Update and down load SP,?

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I bought an Asus N550LF-CM115H two months ago and replaced the HDD with as SSD in order to maximize performance.

The laptop has incredible start-up times, showing that the SSD is most definitely the drive on which the system is running, and can open programs pretty quickly. However the general performance of the computer is buggy. For example, while typing this, the letters are noticably coming up several split seconds after typing them. It has great trouble running web browers (I've tried Chrome, Firefox and Explorer) without eventually having a script fail or the browser become unresponsive.

It's usable, and occasionaly the performance is very good, but there is definitely something wrong somewhere. Any tests I can run to check where? Any ideas on what the problem might be? Any ideas on how I could go about fixing this?

Thanks a lot.

A:New laptop running on a manually-installed SSD is buggy

That could be anything and may have nothing to do with the SSD. For starters I would run a sfc /scannow

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I had reinstalled the windows XP system back on a computer at the library I work at and had updated everything including downloading Steady State to set our public profiles when the next time I went to boot it back up all I get is a blinking dash at the top of the screen after the splash window, and nothing more. What could I have done that changed this system? Is there anything in steady state that would cause something to go wrong with bootup. That's the last thing I did, but I have used it before on several other machines with no problem. Now, I did reinstall everything because there was a virus that had effected a lot on the whole system not allowing me to open the public profiles among other things. Could it be that this was not erased with the reinstall.

A:Reinstalled XP, & no reboot after updates installed

It is possible, since some malware reside in memory. Can you get into safe mode?

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So i reinstalled windows 10 on my GPD Win and it seeps that the speaker/controller/built in mouse/wifi/bluetooth/touchscreen, and just about every other driver isnt installed, not even the battery percentage shows up in the task bar. The hardware doesn't show up in settings but i know it works properly due to it working in the UEFI menu. What drivers and what do i need to do to get them working properly again? It seems that the computer can't detect the hardware although it is displaying correctly. Although i cant use a driver detect-and-install utility because the computer isn't showing the ability to connect to wifi, although it did before and i havn't changed any of the hardware.

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I have a friend's laptop which WinXP appears to have failed on. I've copied her files using Knoppix, but now wondering if it's possible to install XP using my CD and her key, as she doesn't have a key?

I'll copy the drivers onto a USB stick before I start. I already have SP3 on a stick.

Many thanks.

A:Can WinXP be installed if have key but not original CD

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For some reason, I can't get the games to play that originally came installed on my Compaq Presario 5070. I was hoping someone could give me suggestions as to what is wrong and/or how to fix this problem. Thanks. Bren

A:Original games that came installed

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After repeated problems with the update failing I did a clean install and installed kb3200970 manually from the windows catalogue and it shows as an installed update. Windows automatic updates wants to download and install it again. Is this really necessary? Any way to make it stop???

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BIOS setting: SATA AhcI
partition 1: xp
partition 2: 7
both boot,. but I want to use virtualbox to boot xp within 7
both are installed with SATA Ahci drivers, but the XP drivers do not work within Virtualbox (presuambly because the SATA chips are a bit different than what virtualbox emulates.
XP boots directly, but crashes on startup within virtualbox

I know I need this driver, but
A) it refuses to install because when booted my chipset is different
b) I cannot figure out how to extract the files
c) I don't know how to manually install them


A:Manually install SATA drivers in XP partition, already installed?

SATA Drivers - Slipstream into Windows XP CD

This is a good place to start.

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I am using Win7 in my laptop n i installed XP2 in Vmware.

now i installed pc suite in 7 (primary OS) , can i use this same application in XP2?

if possible please, explain?

A:How can i use an application in Vmware that was already installed in original OS?

You are going to have to import the installation files onto the Virtual Machine and install them through that OS in order to get the application to work on it. You can mount a .ISO on your primary OS that can be accessed through the virtual machine. A Virtual Machine usually does not have the ability to directly access the hard drive files on the machine it is being run on.

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I've purchased my hp laptop with Windows 10 home installed on it. For some reasons, I've installed Windows 8.1 .Now, I want to get back to that factory reinstalled original windows 10 home version. I haven't made a backup. Also, I have not made a single change to recovery drive on my laptop's storage. Please help me..............

A:How to get back to original factory installed os??

If u have reinstalled the os then the recovery partition would have been deleted... In that case u cannot get the factory any how if u still have the partition...  please use F11 when powering up the system to access it... If not the other option would be to contact HP SUPPORT by phone to purchase a set of cd.... RegardsSatishp4Say thanks by clicking on kudos icon if I have answered your question

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I have several Type 1 fonts that I installed manually and now want to uninstall. When attempting to delete through the Control Panel route to Fonts, the error message is that the fonts are in use and cannot be deleted. No programs are open. When attempting to delete or change permissions through the CMD window, the error message is access denied. When attempting to change the read/write permissions on the Fonts folder, and clicking ignore on the many system fonts that Windows installs by default, I still cannot get access to these three fonts. Interestingly, this r/w permissions approached worked several days ago for several other Type 1 fonts that I installed manually.


Thanks in advance.

A:Access denied (to delete) Type 1 fonts installed manually

Try booting into safe mode, then uninstall them...

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I get this messege whenever I run WMP.
Windows Media Player is not properly installed and needs to be reinstalled...

When I download Windows Media Player 11 for Windows Vista, I get "There is a
more recent version of WMP (11.0.6001.7004) already installed on your
computer. It is not possible to use an older installation package
(11.0.5721.5146) to install files or to repair your current version of the

What do I do?

A:Windows Media Player is not properly installed and needs to be reinstalled...

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This isn't the first time I have reinstalled windows, and the same happened last time. Unfortunately, I can't seem to fix it this time.

I am using the packard bell imedia 1959 model

Windows XP home edition Service Pack 2
nvidia Geforce 7500LE graphics card
Rio (GA-8TRC410MNF-RH) Motherboard

I believe the sound card is built in, and the drivers being used are Realtek HD audio. I've installed the latest version
Realtek HD Audio 2.11 Driver

I have looked at many solutions concerning the UAA driver, which was also already installed and tried uninstalling both
then reinstalling the UAA driver first but that didn't make any difference.

Look forward to any advice given and thanks in advance!

Hope I gave you all the required information the first time round

A:Reinstalled Windows and installed all drivers, no sound anymore

Hi simsyman,

I think you should repost this in the audio/video forum. I'll ask if it can be moved.


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please help most of the softwares are not running

A:I deleted my original win10 and installed pirated win 7.How ...

Guys can you reply fast please

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Greetings All
I cloned a new WD2500AAJB EIDE master drive that boots and operates well by itself as drive C. But bootup fails when pre-existing 80 Gb slave drive is installed. Boot failure states NTLDR missing.
I formatted the new drive with WD Data Life Guard 11.0 (new version is 11.2) and then I cloned with True Image 8 (that I used successfully 2 yrs ago). Jumpers were tested on master/slave and cable select. Both drives listed as enabled, both drives have 1 partition.
How can I get this slave drive installed?
System = XPSP2 PRO.

Appreciate the help

A:New cloned hd boots alone but not with original slave installed

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My comp keeps crashing on me. I've tried all of the trouble shooting i've found here from these forums and am still having problems. I've done about 30 fresh installs of windows in the past 6 months trying to get it to work properly. Doesn't matter if i'm running of my onboard video or my added vid cards. Doesn't matter if I run one or both RAM sticks. Doesn't matter if I run one or both vid cards. The pop up I get in the corner is what I've gone with for looking into trouble shooting. It refers to the graphics drivers crashing and then recovering. Doesn't matter if nothing is happening or not. Can sit fine for days, can turn it on and get 10 seconds out of it before it crashes. If i had any codes that it would give me I would help more on the situation. But when it crashes and doesn't recover I get no video; on either monitor. I'm getting very frustrated, this is the first time I've ever had this happen. This is the 4th computer I've built. First to involve any windows newer then XP. XP doesn't run my comp the way I would like it to. Some of the programs I use don't work with the 64-bit XP OS.

A:graphics card crashing, drivers installed and reinstalled windows same

As an addition to my first post I would also like to add that I am using correct CrossFire configurations when I have it all hooked up with multiple GPU's on the motherboard.

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If you didn't guess, the OS here is Windows 8. The internet is full of threads on this topic, but every single one is answered in one or more of the following ways: The first type of answer is something the OP has obviously tried already like "Press F11 to get to the recovery partition". The people writing this don't realise that a clean install of Windows on C: also erases the old UEFI and replaces it with a useless one that isn't linked to the recovery partition.

The next type of answer is "why?". There are at least two painfully obvious reasons why someone would want to restore their laptop to factory condition, but asking which one is entirely off-topic. Until admins ban the question we're all going to have to learn to ignore it.

The rarer type of answer is the one that you can have some respect for. Probably something about active partitions, boot flags or even diskpart if the person knew how to fix this in Windows 7. Bravo to those people.

Some people don't even read the OP, but reply anyway, which is why I've put some things in bold and left the words "recovery partition" to the end of the title. Hopefully they won't see it.
But with Windows 8 and EFI none of that old stuff works anymore. In fact nothing that I'm familiar with seems to work at all anymore, it's all new. It's like being 20 again and not really knowing what's gonna happen when you hit enter.

Maybe you can answer one of the Internet's burning questions: with a newly insta... Read more

A:With a newly installed C: & UEFI, run the original recovery partition?

I've got this far:

Boot into the new UEFI and start command prompt by Trouble Shooting > Advanced > Command Prompt.

Use Diskpart to do the following (n is the number of your recovery partition)

list volume
select volume n
assign letter = r

After that cd your way to the recovery .exe. On my system it's called AutorunUI.exe and is in \sources\autorun

However, it doesn't run. It doesn't do anything.

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I use the latest stable release of Avast Free Antivirus for Windows 10, sometimes when I perform a manual virus definition update it shows, for example, see screenshot below:

STEP 26723/1
C:\Program Files\... or some NVidia location​

Any idea what this means, or it's unintentional?

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After having trouble with the Win32 heur or W32.sality virus I lost my patient and Completly reinstalled Windows XP Media center edition...

I had bought my PC from packard bell and had support, cd-backup + instructions and everything registered to packard bell, My PC Was A Packard Bell.
Then later my motherboard got trouble and crashed alot... So I eventually bought a new one.

When my pc got the virus I wanted to use the CD-backup I had taken from the pc before the motherboard was changed and also had the support of packard bell.
But the CD did not boot because "information was not valid" and I couldn't use it to reformat and reinstall my Windows XP MC edition.

So I used my student version of the CD, my other cd that would install windows media center edition and also the key for that cd.
I formated everything and left no partition so that superdangerous-virus would die.

After the installation I have no more internet connection and missing drivers installed. I can't update windows because it requires internet which I don't have on that PC. I also no longer seem to have packard bell support.

How can I get those drivers installed on my pc? I have no clue what about the names :( :( :(

I was really tired when I wrote this, hope you understand.

Every post and advice will be greatly appreciated.

A:[SOLVED] Reinstalled Windows XP - No internet connection + missing installed drivers

go into device manager and write down the details of any red "!" or yellow "?" and go on another computer that has internet and go to the manufature web site and download the drivers for the stuff missing and burn to cd or flash drive and copy them to your computer and install the drivers then setup a network conection.

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Update not applicable to my computer, ive tried going to windows download website, belarc said i have 24 missing microsoft security updates.
I have Dell Inc XPS 630i windows 7. Computer properties says 32 bit but belarc says 64-bit ready so i'm not too sure what that means.

i need
Q2604115 - Critical
Q2621440 - Critical
Q2633171 - Important
Q2653956 - Critical
Q2654428 - Critical
Q2655992 - Important
Q2656373 - Critical
Q2656411 - Low
Q2658846 - Important
Q2659262 - Important
Q2660649 - Important
Q2667402 - Critical
Q2676562 - Critical
Q2685939 - Critical
Q2686831 - Critical
Q2688338 - Important
Q2690533 - Important
Q2691442 - Important
Q2698365 - Critical
Q2705219 - Moderate
Q2712808 - Moderate
Q2719985 - Critical
Q2722913 - Critical
Q2731847 - Important

2.40 gigahertz Intel Core2 Quad
64 kilobyte primary memory cache
4096 kilobyte secondary memory cache

I had a problem with it last year that one of my drives failed and it had to be removed so now i only use my E: drive not the C: cuz it only has 74.4gb compared to my e: 698gb i don't know if that has anything to do with my problem. Some updates download and others dont.

Any help i would really appreciate, my computer hasn't been able to update for nearly 8 months.

A:Tried updating manually and used belarc but "update not applicable.."

Please open Windows Update, and do a Check for Updates.
If you get an error message at that point, tell us exactly what it is.
What happens if you attempt to install updates? - what EXACT error message do you get?

How much free space is there on your system drive?

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my OS can't detect the driver of LAN, it says "shutdown computer, then plug in realtek device". how can i find the corect driver? pls help

A:[SOLVED] Reinstalled Windows XPSP3 - No internet connection + missing installed drive

What make/model PC? If custom built post the specs.

Check Device Manager for any drivers errors and post.

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i cannot print as when I installed a new original HP black 60 cartridge for this 2660 HP Desk Jet printer still says "empty" the light on the printer is still flashing the orange blinking light at me--what to do ---I/do not know (:< i do feel like banging my head against a wall after trying for well over an hour to re-install, etc. to no avail?

A:2660 HP printer/ i installed New factory original cartridge/still snays empty

You could try another cartridge. If another cartridge fails perhaps the printer has a faulty sensor. Wal Mart has similar printers at a very reasonable price. If it is still under warranty hp should replace it.

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I am having trouble decrypting some files even though I have the correct EFS certificate/private keys installed.
My original system crashed (hard drive failure). Thankfully, I had backed-up my files and the original EFS certificate that was used to encypt the files. I re-installed Windows 7 (clean install) on the new hard drive, and restored the encrypted files from
a backup. I then imported the original EFS certificate that was used to encrypt the files, and used certmgr to verify that the certificate was properly installed in Personal/Certificates. I also verified that the EFS certificate has the correct private key.
Additionally, I verified that the Thumbprint of the EFS certificate matches the "Certificate thumbprint" specified in file properties of the encrypted file.
So with the original EFS certificate/private key corresponding to my encrypted files installed, I attempted to decrypt the files using several methods... first just by simply un-checking the "Encrypt" option in file properties, and then by using "cipher"
in the command prompt. Every time the decryption failed with an error message "Access is denied." I thought it might have been a file permissions problem, so I tried to seize ownership of the file to get the correct read/write/modify privileges... same problem.
Any ideas?

A:Windows re-installed / original EFS certificate+private key imported, thumbprint matches / EFS Access denied on decrypt

I had thought that it might be a problem with the new User account not matching the original User the Certificate was issued to...  but then what would be the point of backing up the Certificate + key, if it couldn't be used to decrypt the files? Would
be totally pointless!
But I figured it out. The problem was that the EFS Certificate + key I installed were not marked as Trusted. So even though they were installed in the "Personal" directory where EFS certificates are kept, Windows refused to use them. (You can see this if
you examine the certificate properties in certmgr.) The solution is to install another copy of the certificate in "Trusted Root Certificates," then uninstall/reinstall the Certificate + key in "Personal." Then, voila, I was able to decrypt all my old encrypted
files using EFS!!
I am not in a domain environment, it's a standalone machine. I don't know if this procedure works for domain environments... I suspect that EFS might require that the User account match the User the certificate was issued to on a domain. However, this was
not a problem on my machine. It turns out that (on a standalone machine, at least) the encrypted file is not tied to a specific User account--it only cares about the Certificates that are installed.

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My laptop's a Vaio VGNCS35GN. The laptop came with preinstalled Vista. But i later switched to Win 7 Prof 32 bit. It's a licensed version my institute subscribes to. i bought my laptop almost three years back. The hard drive had been replaced about a year back as i had a BSOD problem back then also. (You can check that thread here:

I recently installed DAP, the download accelerator program and updated my Firefox to 12, later 13. But i'm back to using FF 12 as i found FF 13 to be a bit unstable. These are the only changes that i have recently made.

There has been a problem with one of my USB ports. It sometimes doesn't detect my external HD, and whenever i resume my laptop from sleep or hibernation i get an error saying that "One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognize it."

Diagnostic Report (1.9.0027.0):

Windows Validation Data-->

Validation Code: 0
Cached Online Validation Code: 0x0
Windows Product Key: *****-*****-*****-*****-M8TCM
Windows Product Key Hash: sJ7oUhOJ4Kd2A7z8xg+jP46n5SA=
Windows Product ID: 55041-011-1856294-86138
Windows Product ID Type: 6
Windows License Type: Volume MAK
Windows OS version: 6.1.7601.2.00010100.1.0.048
ID: {37632C79-EB72-42AB-9C3C-AF727E6C60DC}(1)
Is Admin: Yes
TestCab: 0x0
LegitcheckControl ActiveX: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
Signed By: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
Product Nam... Read more

A:Recent BSOD, probably after updating to FF 12 or having installed DAP

Problem Device:
Unknown Device USB\VID_0000&PID_0000\5&24826C9F&0&1 43
Do you know what the above is?
Crashes were likely caused by yk62x86.sys which is your Marvell Yukon networking driver. Yours is old and should be updated from your manufacturer's support site. I note that your LAN drivers are also old. You should update those, as well.

If VAIO does not supply updates to the devices:

Marvell - Support - Marvell Yukon 88E8040 PCI-E Fast Ethernet Controller - Intel(R) WiFi Link 5100 AGN

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hey guys
some people know that i posted a thread last week saying about reinstalling vista without me losing my files. then after a while i didnt care about losing files i just wanted vista back. i had lost my installation cd for my acer laptop and had to use my sister's dell inspiron reinstallation cd. that worked out fine (although it thinks the laptop is dell but that is a minor issue). the only is, i lost all the drivers for the screen and wi-fi but found those two easily on the acer website. trouble is, using Driver Updater, it scanned and found 9 out of date drivers and i need help finding the missing drivers! they are

Intel ICH9 Family PCI Express Root Port 1 - 2940 Root Port 2 - 2942 Root Port 3 - 2944 Root Port 4 - 2946 and Root Port 5 - 2946

Intel ICH9 Family SMBus Controller - 2930

Intel ICH9M LPC Interface Controller - 2919

And Realtek USB 2.0 Card Reader

lots of thanks to anyone who finds ONE driver that works on my lappy

A:reinstalled vista from the rc

Quote: Originally Posted by domii123

hey guys
some people know that i posted a thread last week saying about reinstalling vista without me losing my files. then after a while i didnt care about losing files i just wanted vista back. i had lost my installation cd for my acer laptop and had to use my sister's dell inspiron reinstallation cd. that worked out fine (although it thinks the laptop is dell but that is a minor issue). the only is, i lost all the drivers for the screen and wi-fi but found those two easily on the acer website. trouble is, using Driver Updater, it scanned and found 9 out of date drivers and i need help finding the missing drivers! they are

Intel ICH9 Family PCI Express Root Port 1 - 2940 Root Port 2 - 2942 Root Port 3 - 2944 Root Port 4 - 2946 and Root Port 5 - 2946

Intel ICH9 Family SMBus Controller - 2930

Intel ICH9M LPC Interface Controller - 2919

And Realtek USB 2.0 Card Reader

lots of thanks to anyone who finds ONE driver that works on my lappy


Why not let the intel driver utility find the updates for you ? its here Intel? Driver Update Utility for graphics drivers - Check for the latest driver.


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I had a functioning Vista installation with two physical HDDs. I tended to use the first (C:) for all the System and User files, and installed applications on the second (D:).

I reinstalled Vista to solve some stability problems, and the new installation appears unaware that the second HDD exists at all. The new install relettered the drives so that my BD-ROM is now D:, and the second physical HDD doesn't appear in the device manager. I'm down to just one HDD.

However, the BIOS can see the second drive, so presumably it does still work.

How do I tell Vista that there's a second HDD in the case?

These are two identical SATA drives, if that matters.

A:Reinstalled Vista can't see second HDD

I take it you were not using raid prior to the reinstall of the O/S?
If so, go into disk management, and allocate the drive. You should
also be able to change drive letters there as well.
Would not hurt to install mobo drivers as well..Should always do that
after a install of the os.

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Hi all,
like the title says, I did a reinstall of the operating system because after trying everything that I could think of, I didn't know what else to do. I'll do a run down on what happened over the last 2 weeks, yes it's been going on for that long.

I'll attempt to put down the events and what I tried as they occurred, so if it reads a little dry, that's why.

Just for information's sake, this computer has always ran great. It is a homemade computer with 2G of RAM, an AMD Athlon 64 X 2 Dual Core Processor 3800+ 2 Ghz. and is using the Vista Home Basic 32 Bit Operating system with an SP1 and it was up to SP2 before this trouble started.

What started this was a popup came onto my screen saying there was an update to Firefox, never having a problem before, I downloaded it, and when I went to reboot the computer, it wouldn't boot properly.I did some checking and felt it might have been an issue with the AVG software that I use and I learned they have a "fix" for it. Before I tried to get the "fix", I thought, why don't I use the handy item, "system restore", which by the way wouldn't work. Did some more checking and found that I can use "last good configuration", well that didn't work either. I went ahead and uninstalled the Firefox 4. Next I attempted to boot up in the "safe mode" and ran "chkdsk" and it found some problems in the file system. It said to run the ... Read more

A:Reinstalled Vista.....still won't run right??

In case it's a hard drive failing, if there's any files on that drive that you want, I'd get them off of there immediately.

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The machine seems to be ok with weirdnesses.

The Pg up/dwn, Hm, End, and arrow keys alternately work and don't work. Scrolling with the arrow keys is intermittant.
I'd also like any suggestions for how to make this install run well. I'm the kind of user who uses the thing, anything, and doesn't bother with it until something doesn't do what I want it too. I don't fiddle with things much otherwise.

It's up to date with SP2 and all updates except IE9.
I use IE mainly. I had FF on the machine before the reinstall because there is an AOL site for tv listings that makes IE freeze and shutdown (possibly my ISP blocking the competition) and I like to use it for some tv shows as IE doesn't seem to work and other site require FF. I have not yet downloaded it again.

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this has been bothering me for a while, microsoft and many other companies offer every once in a while updates to their programs, adobe office, explorers etc... if i have an active antivirus program, how important is it to always update, for instance if the update is a security update.

case in point, if i have a computer that i do not surf the net, only work on, but i transfer files to another computer back and forth with a usb chip.
or another example, if i connect the above computer only through outlook to get emails, do i have to worry about always updating microsoft office or adobe programs.

of course my anti virus is always updated.

(i hope i put the question in the right section)

A:updating programs with an active antivirus installed

You should always ensure that your computer is as up to date as possible. This includes not only your anti-virus (AV) program, but also other applications such as MS Office and Adobe as well. We need to remember that, so long as your machine is connected to the Internet, it is continually being bombarded with traffic, some of which you have solicited (requested when asking for a web page), and some which you haven't. In most cases, the unsolicited traffic will be blocked, and you won't be aware of its existence. However, no anti-malware program is totally foolproof, so you still need to ensure that your defences are as secure as possible. Even if your AV is up to date, malware is being written all the time and it is quite possible that it is designed to target particular applications, such as Adobe Reader, etc, and if your AV doesn't yet have the definitions to detect it, then it will just pass through and infect the target program through code exploits and other techniques. By ensuring that applications are kept up to date, these code loopholes are kept to an absolute minimum.

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I have tried in vain to uninstall a trial version of a program and it has caused such a mess on my computer. First when I tried to uninstall it using the program's uninstaller I got the following error message:

"File C:\Program Files\DVD Cloner\unins000.dat does not exist. Cannot uninstall"

I went into the Control Panel's Programs and tried to uninstall it there and I got the same result. So I figured maybe if I download the latest version of the software it will fill in this missing file and then I would be able to uninstall it. Not such a good idea because now I have TWO versions on this BLEEPIN' program and BOTH throw the same error message when trying to uninstall. Now I have found an article that teaches how to manually uninstall it by deleting everything from the registry but the one I found is for XP. Does anybody know of one specifically for Vista or whether or not it even matters?

All help is greatly appreciated.



A:Manually Uninstalling a Program in Vista

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yeah. I have a new compaq laptop running vista home.

I am trying to setup and connect to my wireless network manually.

I go into network + internet, network and sharing center, and click "set up a connection or network"

in other versions of vista there is usually a "Manually connect to a wireless network" option.


No wonder why people say vista sucks.

How can I select Manually connect to a wireless network + enter my SSID so I can connect?



A:how to manually input SSID in VISTA.

Why are you trying to setup the network manually?

If you're hiding the SSID on the router, it's an anemic security measure, and as you have discovered, it makes the network harder to use.

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I'm on Vista 64. I am using an 8gb flash drive with ReadyBoost (naturally, only using 4gb) and on the remaining space of the drive I have RoboForm Portable. I want this program to load upon system startup, but there is no manual option in the program that allows this. How can I do this?

A:Manually Edit Vista Startup

Can you drag a shortcut to robo into the StartUp folder?

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I?ve had problems with my Windows Vista Ultimate computer when attempting to turn on the Guest account. It?s gotten to the point where I cannot create any standard user account. Which leads me to the question: How do you manually create a new user in Vista? (Since it has been failing to create a new user through User Accounts).

Thank you,

A:Manually creating a new user in Vista

Hello sreyes27 and Welcome to Vista Forums.
These Tutorials may provide the information that you need now & in the future.
Let us know how you go.

User Account - Create

User Account Name

User Account Type

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I'm getting trouble in configuring the IPv4 in Vista Home Premium 64bit.
It's on my new Toshiba laptop, and it has 64bit on it, instead 32bit installed on my old laptop. On 32bit, I got no prob in setting IPv4.
I've figured the trouble when I tried to transfer file via wireless ad hoc. I've set my 32bit's IPv4 configuration first, example 192.168.1.xx and etc...Then when I want to do that on 64bit, by Net Sharing Center->Wireless Network Connection Status->Properties, and I found that when I clicked on IPv4, the Properties button was turned light grey and I could only choose Install button on it.
I make them even, by looking my 64bit network detail and I set only my 32bit to have same configuration as my 64bit, and then they can connect and accessing their public folder. There is no problem on drivers and network device of my 64bit.

I don't know what to do, if I have to install some "whatever" it is called.
Does somebody know how to solve my problem so I can manually set IPv4 configuration?
Thanks before...


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So glad I found this forum. I have been fighting my mothers computer for her all day and have got virtually no where after trying all the windows help links. I reinstalled the Vista cd that came with her dell computer. Now I cant get it to connect to the internet wired or wireless. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm not very tech savvy but follow instruction well. Thanks

A:Reinstalled Vista, Now cant connect to Net

Most likely an incorrect, corrupt or missing driver. Go to search by the start button, type the words device manager. In device manager look for any small, yellow markers. If found, in device manger, find the necessary information to determine the driver manufactuer. Go to that website (with another computer) download the driver to a finger drive (USB Drive) and then install in the problem computer.

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It says i have no sound installed, anyone know how to get it back cheers, my model number is PQD5002

A:No sound just reinstalled Vista

Hi samuel3,

What brand is that computer model? Did you get a cd with drivers on it for your computer?

Do you have any red x's or yellow exclamation marks in your device manager for your audio?

To access Device Manager, go to Start | Control Panel | System and Maintenance | System | Device Manager

Do you have a seperate card for the audio, not attached to the motherboard? If so you can look at the card and get the make and model of the audio card and go to it's site and get the driver for the card.

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Hi all I apologize if I'm in the wrong forum I had a problem with vista so I
transferred all my programs, pics my remote hard drive (my book) after
reinstalling everything is working fine except a program called "Nero 9" when
I go to their site they don't seem to have any answers to this problem and
they don't have an email that I can relay my problem to..I have had other
products where this has happened to me and as long as I have my serial #
they usually send me a new program to download....can anyone help? thks

A:reinstalled windows vista

hi try here to download nero9 trial and insert your serial

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Computer: Dell XPS 410, 2.13GHz 6420 CPU, 2GB, 320Gb HD
OS: Vista Home Premium 32bit
Knowledge: Just enough to get in trouble

Had a virus problem a month ago that prevented anything Windows or Microsoft from running (corrupted rundll.exe ?). E-mail and Google still worked. After trying several things I reinstalled the OS with the disc that came with the computer. I also reinstalled all aplications that I had discs for. I tried to install Office 2010 and it said I needed Vista Service Pack 1. I downloaded this but it wouldn't install. Today, I looked in the Microsoft file and found the SP1 3.5file, found set up and, after about a halfhour my computer said it was successfully installed - but I needed a MS update - one file 52 MB worth. After about an hour of downloading (I'm on satellite) I installed the update. Here's where I really get the problem. During restart, It begins listing files, one-at-a-time from my system(???). It gets to one that says

!!0xc01a001d11 37441/98334 (\Registry\machine\components\deriveddata...

and it hangs up there for about an hour and a half. One quick loss of power and and computer can't start Windows or automatically repair it. Investigation by the repair program says I have a corrupted registry that it can't fix. What do I do?

Can I reinstall the OS again? and then go back to the restore point which was made just before the SP1 3.5 set up?

Is there a counter that prevents you from reinstalling the OS too many times? This would b... Read more

A:How many times can Vista OS be reinstalled

You can reinstall as many times as you like, using these rules:
If the DVD came with computer that had Vista already installed, you can reinstall as many times as you like on that one computer
If the DVD is a regular retail or upagrade DVD from Microsoft, you can reinstall as many times as you like and on as many computers as you like, but it can be installed only on one computer at a time.

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Hey i did a fresh install of windows vista, and everything is fine, except that it is missing some drivers for the network. I have tried to go to toshiba for them, but i cant find them any where. Everyone tells me to go online and get them, and i remind them, that is what i want to do, but the computer wont let me because it doesnt have the drivers... please help. I do have a friends computer, which is a dell, to get online...

A:reinstalled vista and now cant get online hlp me!!

Download the driver to the Dell computer. Save it to USB flash drive or any other removable media and plug into your Toshiba computer. Install the driver.

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it seems after i reinstalled vista, i cant flip the programs with aero. i cant seem to run games either, i get so goofy error message. should i update my drivers? i dont know what to do this is what i got ATI RADEON Xpress1270 256MB HyperMemory. if someone could tell me what to do id appreciate it.
i made a partition for xp pro and after i installed it it was real slow and the drivers i downloaded from dell didnt seem to do anything, so i did a clean reinstall of vista to overwrite xp pro. now i have 2 volumes with vista on it. could that cause problems?

A:Reinstalled Vista Premium

it doesnt recognize my radeon. it just says standard vga adatper

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Ok, so I had some persistent BSOD's and after trying to troubleshoot them here decided to reinstall vista. did that and everything went fine, or so I thought. I have just discovered that I now have no MS Office software. What gives?

A:reinstalled vista now no MS OFFICE

When you reinstall, programs are lost. You must reinstall it. You will need the key number too

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I have had many issues with my Vista and this was the 4th time I have had to start fresh by reinstalling. This time the problem came after I tried to update ITunes to the newest version. When it finished I shut it down and restarted. Every time I clicked on IE8 it would pop up and shut down, and then it started saying "recovered tabs". And I was able to connect to the browser through Vista's welcome Center and I installed Google Chrome and IE9. Then still could not run any browsers. I went to safe mode and could connect just fine to teh the browsers though. But when I returned to normal mode it would not let me run the browsers. I tried to reinstall drivers, tried all the Vista back ups from previous versions but there were none there more than a day old. So I did a back up to a zip drive and restored after reinstalling Vista. Now I cannot find many of the documents and pictures that I had before.

I wonder if the back up did not back up "ALL files" as it was supposed to, or if the back up was unable to restore them for some reason??

A:VISTA 4th time Reinstalled!!

You might want to consider using disc imaging software, creating images on a regular basis to a separate hd. It will save you the need of continually reinstalling the OS from scratch.

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Please help me I'm tottally lost.
I have a dell inspiron 1750 laptop which was on vista but I upgraded to windows 7. But it started to crash and I couldn't even turn it on long enough to do anything before it crashed so I reinstalled my windows vista disk that I got with my laptop as the windows 7 disc wouldnt work. I managed to really install it but now I cannot connect to the internet it says I need network adapters and I also have no blue tooth I can't find it anywhere in the laptop. I went on the dell website and found a list of drivers but how do I know which ones I need. There are 38 for my service tag.

I'm using my phone to type this as this is my only internet access at the moment. I can get on another computer at my mums house.

Please help
thanks x

A:reinstalled vista - now have no drivers help please

Hello taraheath and welcome to the forums

Before I can provide links, we need to make sure it's for the right thing. In order to do this, I will need you to fill out your System Specs. Use Speccy if you don't know any of them:

Speccy - System Information - Free Download


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Couldn't remember the password for a friend. Did a F8 repair factory refresh to Dells factory default image. Started computer, when to update and....crash. Every time i try, after maybe 15-20 mins, it crashes. Tried using the windows 7 to Windows 10 update, still crashes at 99%. If I don't touch anything and just leave it alone at startup, it doesn't crash anymore. I've left it on for 24 hours without a problem. Go and try to update again and it goes back to shutting off.

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I would like to manually restore my windows mail directory from my Vista x64 DVD.

Can the files be manually extracted or are they part of a compressed file on the DVD?


A:manually restore mail files from Vista DVD?

Originally Posted by LBJGH

I would like to manually restore my windows mail directory from my Vista x64 DVD.

Can the files be manually extracted or are they part of a compressed file on the DVD?


Windows mail directory? Im not sure what you mean. you mean the structure of mail?

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I am in the process of making a permanent transition from XP to Vista. One of the motivating factors is that my XP installation is messed up and Vista is working fine.

When trying to import the Outlook Express settings into Vista's "Windows Mail", Mail cannot "see" the OE account on the other partition.

I was able to successully copy all the .DBX files to the Vista Desktop and import them into Mail, but still cannot find a way to get the Message Rules and Accounts into Mail, either by importing them from Vista or exporting them from XP.

When I try to export the information, XP gives me some odd error message that I can't remember right now, but it involves one of the Services not working. I tried to fix it but could not.

And when I try to import the information, Mail cannot see the account. I get "No other e-mail accounts could be found" but the message appears so quickly I can tell it's not really looking. I cannot browse Mail to find them either.

I did some research and learned that these settings are saved in specific places of the Registry, and one option is to boot back to XP (shudder) and try to export these registry settings. But then I wonder what would happen if/when I imported them to Vista.

Should I try this ? Or is there a better way ?

Another idea was I was wondering if it is possible to get RegEdit to open a Registry on another partition; another non-booted O/S's Registry.

Anyways, that's as much as my ... Read more

A:How to Manually Import Outlook Express into Vista ?

If you can, boot into XP, run OE, and from the "Accounts" section export the account settings (should create an IAF file). This should be recognized by Windows Mail.

As to the rules ... You may just want to redo them.

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Started last week, I went through my Programs and removed ones I don't use or were installed accidentally (i.e. this McAfee quick scan that was installed when I updated Flash). You know just a little spring cleaning I guess. Nothing out of the ordinary happened, but I believe that same night my computer froze twice. Each time I had to manually power off the computer, give it a minute, then power it back on.

The next day, I end up doing this every 20-30 minutes due to this computer freezing up. I'm not running a lot of programs, in fact the most I'm doing is browsing the internet (facebook, gmail, etc). Alt-ctrl-del doesn't do anything. The mouse will still move for a little while, but I cannot click on anything. FWIW, I have a laptop which has lights on the front edge that show the power, hard drive, wifi, battery and bluetooth. The hard drive busy light either flashes constantly (not normal I don't think) or is not on at all (especially when its frozen).

Another thing I noticed is that Windows Defender had been MIA for while (perhaps due to another AV I had been using?). After restarting one day it is suddenly in my tray and is trying to scan even though its not set to scan until 2am (which I then changed to 5am). When it started scanning, my computer would freeze, so in an effort to troubleshoot a little bit, I disabled WD and removed it from the startup folder/menu. I'm currently using Panda Cloud Antivirus which says there are no security problems.

I installed and tr... Read more

A:Vista stops responding & I have to manually power off/on

What you have described can be associated with over heating. Can you provide the system name and model number as well as serial number so we can have a better idea of the system we are messing with.

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I know Windows Vista is stopping from next year, but over the last 3 months Windows Updates keep starting & stoppping. About 3 months ago they stopped updating automatically & whe I searched for hidden updates, there was no updates available & then about a month later the updates automatic updates just started again for no reason. The updates run normally for about a month & now they`ve stopped again & they`re affecting Windows Defender, because Windows Defender can`t update definitions & I think it`s because I can`t update Windows. Please could someone one advise me what do to about this?

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All I know is that it was a trojan. I don't know what site my brother went to but he said the last thing he saw from avast was something "trojan". The next thing, windows explorer keeps restarting. And I figured it might as well be about time I fully reboot this laptop. Plus I got all my files backed up to an external hard drive. I managed to use the downloaded iso'ed recovery disk (x32 thing - sorry not techy-smart here).I got as far as restarting and booting the disk and choosing the OS. Then the available options. I've already tried the first 3. Start up repair, System Restore and complete restore is no good. The restores are no good mainly 'cause I did not turn on system restore, which is really sad. I remembered turning it off in trying to get rid of another virus before. Anyway, I'm using this site (by neosmart) as a guide to rebooting my vista. After telling you guys my attempted tries with the top 3, I had no choice but to go to "Step Three", manually rebooting- of that guide's page, which is commanding prompt mabob. I clicked on it and it had yaddiyada on top with "X:\Sources\". The site said to "Replace x: in the commands below with the letter to your CD drive as detected by the Windows Recovery environment". So my CD drive is "E" so I'd basically did:X:\Sources/bootrec.exe /fixmbrE:\boot\bootsect.exe /nt60 all /force Then it showed me different uses and functions that can be successfully ... Read more

A:Need help rebooting vista manually (command prompt)

Ok, welcome to BC. I know these problems are a pain so I will try and help you (I have been there a lot.) I have never used x32 but what you are doing is difficult. I have done it with another program, BartPE, but it is very difficult and everything is probably full of viruses if the trojan crippled your bootloader. I don't think it is worth it in your case and since you are backed up on external you should erase the hard drive and reinstall vista.

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Hey guys, some weeks ago I reinstalled vista on my laptop, due to some problems.
But now I cant find my ethernet internet! Ive been reading some on here and have seen some people writing about downloading drivers. My question is how can I fix this problem? And If I have to download this drivers. Where and whats the name of them?

Best Regards

A:Reinstalled Vista - Cant find ethernet

What is the make/model of your machine? I can help to find the appropriate drivers for you which you can download to a flash drive and copy other the machine with the issue then install it from there.


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i tried to see if a reinstall would help with a WLAN problem i'm having now microsoft won't except my validation? any help for that...but the main problem before was my broadcom wireless on my HP wouldn't for a day, then disappear. it said it was disabled, tried everything i could think of even manually removing the wireless mini card and reseating, that worked for bout 5 minutes. any help? thanks

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Thats right. I finally managed to reinstall windows vista onto my laptop.

The original concern was that after an IE8 update my laptop could no longer access web pages and chat clients, despite being connected to the internet and being able to PING websites like Google and MSN with the Command Prompt. However, somewhere in the install, my wireless went missing. I'm not sure exactly what that means, but it's just not there anymore.

I'm running a Toshbia Satellite A130/A135 series with Windows Vista Home Basic and on the very front of the laptop there's a little switch that enables and disables the wireless function. I've switched it on and off and I get nothing. No wireless signals detected. Then again, no wireless modem or router detected either. I'm not sure what's going on here, but the light is on, meaning the device should be able to track down our connection, but I'm getting nothing. HELP!?

A:Reinstalled Windows Vista, no wireless?

Hi have you checked in device manager for any error flags yellow ! or red Xs

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I reinstalled Vista. Left security default with UAC on. Vista can no longer see the workgroup. XP x64 can see all the shares on Vista x64 but has no access to the workgroup. Any suggestions?

A:Reinstalled workgroup access

If I type \\tape on the network bar, the workstation comes up and I can see the shares. Its only my workgroup being blocked.

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Hello. Just a warning, i am not at all good with computers.

Recently i was trying to help my brother try to find an activation key for Vista Home Premium 32bit (the same as mine), because he had lost it. So i tried to download one online, and suceeded, however, it 'formatted' my computer. Now whenever i turn it on, it says on a black screen "bootmgr compression fail" or something to that effect. So i found the Vista disk and in the bios (?) screen i chose to boot from cd. That all worked, and i reinstalled Vista to the instructions i found online.

But now all my files, programs, customised skins and themes have all disappeared.

We have tried system restore, but of course there's no restore point. I did try to back-up my entire hard drive but that failed. So i come asking if you know how i can get all of my files etc. back, and what is the best way to do so. Even if that is taking it to a shop and paying some outrageous amount.

Thanks very much.

A:Reinstalled Vista wiped harddrive

there is lots of software to retrieve files from a had drive but unless you know what your doing i would advise the shop for the files, you can always download the other stuff

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I was having problems w/ a virus on my computer, finally got so bad that it would only boot from CD, then wouldn't boot at all. No hard drive was found I did CHKDSK it found 4 errors and I was able to reinstall Vista to start over. Everything was fine, then the computer did an update and wouldn't boot again, when I went to reinstall Windows again no hard drive was found. No hard drive found in BIOS either.

I have a Gateway GM5664 desktop. What can I do? Thanks!

A:Reinstalled Vista now Hard Drive Is Gone ~ HELP

No hard drive found in BIOS eitherClick to expand...

sounds like the harddrive my be faulty if NOT found in the bios - can you hear it spin - probably difficult with fans etc

how old is the computer

what does it say in the bios

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I have a Toshiba Satellite A135 computer with Vista Home. I am in the process of preparing it to sell and therefore decided to relaod the operating system using the recovery discs provided by Toshiba. The relaod went just fine, but now when I power up the computer it gots to the initial Toshiba screen with the following flashing at the bottom of the screen on the gray bar:

Press [F2] for SETUP, Entering boot device selection menu...

The only way I can get past that screen is to go ahead and press F2 and then choose:

Built-in HDD1 TOSHIBA MK8037GSX-(S1) from the Boot Menu

I have already attempted to run the Start-up Repair off of the Recovery CD and that didn't help.
I also ran the Recover CD 1 more time and reinstalled Vista again, but that didn't fix it either.

If anyone could please help me to resolve this issue I would most appreciate it.

A:Reinstalled Vista- now must press F2 to start-up

It could be 2 things a) the hard drive is not set in the bios to boot first. Press F2 to go into the bios and check boot priority, boot options etc.

b) the cmos battery is dead. It should be one of those watch sized battery, it's on your motherboard. Go to walmart and get a replacement.

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My laptop died over the weekend, having managed to resurrect the hard drive (its only 7 months old) I got it to boot from the CD and I clicked on "install now" instead of the repair computer option.

Is there an easy way to get rid of the new install of Vista and then get the old version repaired, so that I don't have to set everything up again? Its saved windows, program files folders etc in a Windows.old folder. Would it just be a matter of copying these folders back out of the windows.old folder, or is there a better or more recommended way of doing it?

Its Vista Home Premium, on a Dell Inspiron 1545


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So I have been lurking around for a while and you guys saved me last time from a nasty virus.

So my issue is I had a virus there was no going back from. Everywhere I looked they said that you just had to reinstall your operating system and get on with life so I did that.

Long story short the old operating system and infected files are still there on a partion. For some reason when I installed vista again it didn't delete them like I though it would. So I want to reclaim the hard drive space but I can't. Every time I try to reformat that area it says unable complete format. Along with that deleting the partion seems to not be an option either.

Thanks in advance!

A:Reinstalled Vista can't get ride of old partion

and welcome to the Forum

Are you booting from the Instllation DVD?

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I just re-installed Windows vista with the cd. when i look at my c drive it shows that i have 385 gb of 465 remaining on the disc. all the files on the c drive is 10,7 gb all together. what is taking all that space? its like 80 gb

A:reinstalled vista. space problem

Hi -

Download Treesize -

Right-click on desktop icon, run as administrator. It will show you space usage by folder.

Check VSS - System Restore. VSS will typically utilize 12% - 15% of your hard drive for system restore points. Download the VSS zip file, extract the batch file to desktop, got to desktop, right-click on batch file, run as administrator. A notepad will open with the results. You can attach it to next post.

VSS zip -

Regards. . .



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After I updated from windows XP to windows 7 everything worked fine till I downloaded all the new drivers and when I had to reboot the notebook. I have lost all my usb ports,no sound and no network drivers on my Gateway Notebook LT20 Series . I tried several suggestion (i.e. power cycle by turning off notebook unplugging pwr cord and removing battery) still nothing.Any suggestions on getting my notebook back and running?? I can't even download drivers manually because my USB flash drive is not recognized from usb ports, Please help how I can fix this problem??????...

A:After updating to Windows 7-No internet connection + missing installed drive

See if you have a system restore point before the problem.

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Hi guys, I'm stuck and need your help, not sure what to do next... Short description of my issue: vista starting without explorer.exe, so have to run explorer.exe manually from the task manager to get start menu and everything running normally.... I am not sure of the right category, because this may be is related to virus, driver and system restore issues, please move in the right section, following is the system configuration and the history: also sorry for the long message, but I am really stuck here and if you could spare some time to look into this issue, I tried to provide as much history and details on the issue not just to help you understand my problem but also as a warning for other users who may run into this issue in the future.. it may be a known issue and I just happen to run into it still I would like to provide details and history of what happened, if you help me I will be in your dept for sure!! and you may ask my help anytime if you need something System configuration: my friend has a toshiba satellite latop, with vista premuim. it can preloaded on the laptop. I am not sure of the exact system model and processor but if it's relevant I can provide that info, but I suspect there is some ASUS components/drivers in the system, later I will explain why I think so, as I said I can provide system model or CPU or hardisk space but at this point I feel it's not relivant, cause it's an issue with explorer.exe right now but if you think it's required I will ask f... Read more

A:vista starting without explorer.exe, have to run manually from start menu, help!

Hi Mike

Try doing from your recovery partition or recovery DVD.

System Restore - How to

Long posts are hard to read.

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Note: I do not see a way to subscribe to this answer, so if you have a solution you can use my e-mail it's [email protected] or akram_husseini at yahoo dot com , but if there is a way to subscribe and get alerts when I recieve an answer that would be great but I do not see this option anywhere, it even did not ask me for my e-mail or anything when I created my profile even though I have a .NET windows live account..... anyway here is my issue:

vista starting without explorer.exe, have to run manually from start menu, help! Hi guys, I'm stuck and need your help, not sure what to do next... Short description of my issue: vista starting without explorer.exe, so have to run explorer.exe manually from the task manager to get start menu and everything running normally.... I am not sure of the right category, because this may be is related to virus, driver and system restore issues, please move in the right section, following is the system configuration and the history: also sorry for the long message, but I am really stuck here and if you could spare some time to look into this issue, I tried to provide as much history and details on the issue not just to help you understand my problem but also as a warning for other users who may run into this issue in the future.. it may be a known issue and I just happen to run into it still I would like to provide details and history of what happened, if you help me I will be in your dept for sure!! and you may ask my help anyti... Read more

A:vista starting without explorer.exe, have to run manually from start menu, help!

go to "my account".under subscriptions ."subscribed threads in folder"on bottom of page ie "selected drop down menu click on "instant email notifications".

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hi peoples

i have installed my media centre for the 3rd time in a month. Due to various issues. (1 being sleep) Now i have installed the same drivers as the first build for HDMI audio and video, which i had perfect dvd playback and tv on, however i am faced with errors about video drivers not properly installed.

Last time it was the HDMI driver which i have installed and reinstalled 3 times. It seems every time i follow the exact same process at rebuilding vista 64 i get a different result.

Is there a way you can reset media centre so it checks the drivers all over again. I am interested in resetting audio and video if possible

A:Vista x64 media centre video drivers not installed or installed incorrectly

Hi, audiophile, and welcome to the forums.

It would help to know your Graphics card and setup - I have installed Vista Ultimate x64 twice - once for testing, and then a format and reinstall as I changed the partition setup - since then (2 months now) I have not had a single issue with WiMP / WMC.

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Hey everyone! Saying Hello from a cold but sunny spring! I have a couple of old but cute laptops here: Lenovo T61p and X200.And I ain`t got no OS on them.Do you /may be/ know where I could get the original image? Windows Vista is for Lenovo T61p especially  Many thanks in advance! -Best regards,Alex Z.

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I relied on Windows Update to keep my Vista Home Premium up to date (?!) but have discovered that it never even offered either SP1 or SP2 - and didn't tell me - thanks Microsoft.

I really want to go to Windows 7 but can't even start now that SP1 support has gone because it needs SP2 which needs SP1.

I've found and run the 'System Readiness Tool for Windows Vista' which promised to fix Windows Update but didn't. I've also found and run the MS Fixit Centre which also can't find anything wrong with WU but WU still says that there are no important updates available when the system properties doesn't show any mention of any Service Packs.

I've also read that there have been various issues with SP1 (and SP2) so don't know if they might apply to me. I found the (5 language x86) standalone download site for SP1 which says 'don't use this version for only 1 computer - get a smaller version through Windows Update' - a great help.

Please can you advise me on how I can update eventually to Windows 7 without a full new clean installation and rebuild of all my applications?

D'you think MS might offer advice on this as it's their Update which has created the situation?

Many thanks.

A:Stuck with original Vista

You can download the Stand Alone version of the SP's
Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1) | Download, Deploy, Support
Windows Server 2008 SP2, Windows Vista SP2 | Download Service Pack | TechNet

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Hi all,

Really sorry to ask as I'm sure everyone has posted this several times.

i've just reinstalled vista (32bit) and have consequently lost my wireless drivers and my Nvidia graphics card drivers.
i'm using my phone!

I've tried going into device manager but they are not in there.
my computer is about 4-5 years old, built at PC
the only specs I know are as below:
intel core 2 duo t8300 @ 2.4 ghz
2g ram
32 bit operating system

please can anyone point me in the right direction? Would appreciate it so much!!!

A:Reinstalled Vista but now no wireless! (Using phone!)

Have you tried reinstalling the drivers? Where you experiencing this before the reinstall? The ethernet should work even without manufacturer's drivers.

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I have an HP a320n with 2GB ram and a AMD athlon 4200 2.2 GHZ chip. The system for the first couple years has been great and quite fast. I did a full restore about 3 months ago and all was well. It has already gotten slow again and I thus reinstalled Vista with all service packs, along with Windows Live Essentials just as before.

The internet speed is fine but the computer is REALLY slow. I ran Spybot and nothing. No viruses either.....

What can be going on here. I dont see anything in the processes that looks suspicious. The Hard Drive does seem busy most of the time though but that is nothing new. Checked the Hard Drive and it passed tests I ran last night too.....

A:HP a320N Vista - reinstalled windows - SLOW!

If your PC is supposed to be idle (nothing actively doing something), and yet your HD is still sounding like it's churning away, than some background service or process is operating that's making it happen, or it may even be thrashing for some reason.

For diagnostic purposes, you can do one of three things. Don't do them all at once, since running multiple profiling apps will make the results almost indecipherable and is counterproductive.

Run Process Explorer

Simply an advanced version of Task Manager, go ahead and grab it here. Run it and observe anything in graphs or columns that seem odd (note also any activity in DPC and Interrupts). You may double-click the graphs on top-right to open up a window displaying more graphs and more performance details.

Run Process Monitor

Monitors all Windows file and registry activity. Grab here. Do not use it yet. Instead, wait till you feel that the PC is being sluggish. When it does, close any active programs. Then run PM. As soon as it starts it's going to start monitoring. Do not do any activity (open programs, etc.). Let it sit for 15-30 seconds, then click the magnifying glass to stop capturing. Save the file (make sure all events is selected, doesn't matter file type) and send it over this way. You may need to compress it first cuz it can get pretty beefy (if you want, you may shorten capturing time to 5-10 seconds).

The third option, using Procdump, is a bit more advanced, so we'll save it for last shoul... Read more

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okay so basically i started out with a 64x version of vista cant remember what type if it was home premium or whatever but i had no end of problems with one of the updates it gave me which eventually led the system to starting up after running 3 particular updates and then being stuck at 0% and restarting in a loop. i had it professionally fixed up and then it worked for a while but the same update happened and it did it again. So i bought a vista 32bit disc instead and installed it, and only problem i had was installing internet which works now thanks to finding a driver. Now the latest problem, is that im having problems installing a Microsoft .NET Framework package. its Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 that is apparently needed to install certain programmes i use such as heidi eraser for shredding card details that ive entered etc but when it does the installer, it starts fine, then after trying to install, itll crash and say setup failed, uninstalling components. and then i get this error message

[05/21/12,14:28:50] Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0SP1 (CBS): [2] Error: Installation failed for component Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0SP1 (CBS). MSI returned error code 34
[05/21/12,22:27:52] Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0SP1 (CBS): [2] Error: Installation failed for component Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0SP1 (CBS). MSI returned error code 34
[05/21/12,22:28:20] WapUI: [2] DepCheck indicates Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0SP1 (CBS) is not installed.
[05/21/12,23:29:28] Microsoft .NET... Read more

A:Problems installing NET Framework on Reinstalled Vista

And my computer just apparently tried to install this and failed:

Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 and .NET Framework 3.5 Family Update (KB951847) x86

Download size: 17.1 MB - 55.6 MB

You may need to restart your computer for this update to take effect.

Update type: Important

I got this error code 80073712

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hello helpfull person!
here's what happened- i had my hard disk of my fujitsu-siemens esprimo-mobile laptop (75GB) split up into 2 30GB sections and one small section that i set aside 2 put ubuntu on (linux) which i was playing around with b4. i wanted 2 have one large section tho instead of 2 small ones, so i reinstalled vista (home basic), which let me reformat the HD, and now i have vista on a 65GB section, and no ubuntu (yet). i had made a backup of my picture music and document files with the backup wizard. now i want 2 restore from that backup, and so i choose "advanced restore" coz otherwise it will tell me "there are no backups availabe on this computer". in the next screen the only option is already highlighted- "files from a backup made on a different computer" so i go on with that, it then looks for backup locations and i select the external hard disk where i put it. i then see 2 backups i made at different dates- i choose one, and then it says in the "backup location" column that "backup location is not available"- i still have the option 2 choose "next" tho, so i do, and then i can choose individual files (can't get that 2 work, and don't want 2 either coz i actualy want all the files 2 b restore) or restore everything in the back up, so i check that box, and go on and tell the wizard 2 put it in a file on the C disk seeing as the original location dissapeared when i reinstalled vista... (and that op... Read more

A:restore from backup made before i reinstalled vista

It sounds like the original backup did not complete successfully and it looks like that may have been because the external disk became full. Possibly the backup routine was asking you to mount the next disk and you either didn't notice or could not do so because you didn't have another disk. In any case, I would start by restoring a single file then make sure you can unzip it. If that works ok, I would use the individual file option and that probably allows you to select a whole group of files. When they are all restored (or as much as you can), your unzip function will (i think) allow you to use a wild card unzip to unzip all files with a single command.

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Answer Match 47.04%

Hi Tech Guys,

My first post so I'd like to start with a thank you for any help and information you can provide. I am trying to repair my friends computer as a cheap fix because we are both broke and cannot afford official repair.

His computer is a ACER model Aspire M5201.

It was suffering from BSODs and during a windows update phase 3 there was a powercut and Windows would not run properly afterwards. We voted on a reformat and reinstall. I used my computer to format the hard drive but when trying to install Windows on his computer it would BSOD just as the progress bar completed after the BIOS CD/DVD... files loading screen. Note the screen was not centered and most of it was off the monitor. The BSOD was usually a "PAGE FAULT IN NONPAGED AREA".

I connected his hard drive (640gb SATA) to my computer and the Windows install was successful allowing me to login, see the desktop, install drivers, search for updates and download, but upon returning it to his machine it would let me login to Windows and then crash within 1-3 minutes. A variety of BSOD messages would be displayed, one regarding memory, another regarding USB driver something, INTERRUPT EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED, possibly others.

Thinking this could be because Vista had loaded presets for my computer I did another reformat of the drive on my external hub, but this time after stage 1 of the install on my computer I stopped it after the automatic reboot and swapped it back to his computer. Installation... Read more

A:Reinstalled Vista 64bit HP, constant BSODing

what windows software are you using - the same recovery CDs for both
or the recovery CDs provided with or created with the PCs

on the CoA label on your friends PC - what is the windows licensed software (NOT the code ID) just the software type

sounds like a hardware issue

BUT you can only use the licensed software on the PC - OR you need to purchase a full version and re-install

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