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Is it possible to upgrade my HP 635 Notebook to a Dual Core ...

Q: Is it possible to upgrade my HP 635 Notebook to a Dual Core ...

My notebook currently has a AMD E-300 APU w/ Radeon HD graphics 1.30 GHz. I've never done this before, so I have no experience in upgrading/installing a new processor.

A: Is it possible to upgrade my HP 635 Notebook to a Dual Core ...

Hi, It is not possible because the AMD E-300 processor is welded on the motherboard.

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I have got a Supermicro X5DA8 mainboard with two Xeon 2.8 GHz processors.
Would two of those processors
Intel Xeon CPU Processor 3.2 GHz 533 MHz
1MB 604 SL72Y as offered on ebay
Intel Xeon CPU Processor 3 2 GHz 533 MHz 1MB 604 SL72Y | eBay
work with my
Super Micro Computer, Inc. - Products | Motherboards | Xeon Boards | X5DA8

A:Xeon Dual Core 2.8GHz, can I easily upgrade to Dual Core 3.2GHz ?

Super Micro has no CPU support list that I could find for this board, nor in the manual. It may take a call or email to them to find out for sure.
I would be careful buying such used item from an eBay seller, check their return policies and reviews first.

Overall, from what little info I could find, it seems the 3,2GHz Xeons will work, but just a guess.

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Already saw differents answer but never by the one guy that say.. "Yes, i already upgrade my dual core cpu to quad core in my elitebook 8470p"I saw documents with info from hp with "3610qm 3630qm 3720qm and 3740qm" support for 8470p and 8570p models in this forum.There in JUNE 2012, The product overview: only 3610qm and 3720qm are compatible with the 8470p.But recently document i saw from hp (and i think is the reference guide more actual, january 2013 ) to 8470p and 8470w models like this: is not clear, even this document show that only 8470w support quadcore and for 8470p show only dual core i need confirmation before buy quad core model, anybody can confirm if its possible??Thanks a lot

A:HP Elitebook 8470P Dual Core to Quad Core upgrade, it suppor...

Hi, HP Elitebook 8470P is a series of many models/products of laptops and can spread over few years. Very hard to answer because we don't know which year is for your machine. Lately HP gives G1, G2, G3 ..... for some series that give us more information. The document in front of me now dated June 2013 gives another side of the picture PROCESSOR3rd Generation Intel® Core? i7-3740QM (2.70 GHz, 6 MB L3 cache, 45W, 4 cores)*Up to 3.70 GHz with Intel Turbo Boost Technology3rd Generation Intel® Core? i7-3720QM (2.60 GHz, 6 MB L3 cache, 45W, 4 cores)*Up to 3.60 GHz with Intel Turbo Boost Technology3rd Generation Intel® Core? i7-3630QM (2.40 GHz, 6 MB L3 cache, 45W, 4 cores)*?Up to 3.40 GHz with Intel Turbo Boost Technology3rd Generation Intel® Core? i7-3610QM (2.30 GHz, 6 MB L3 cache, 45W, 4 cores)*?Up to 3.30 GHz with Intel Turbo Boost Technology3rd Generation Intel® Core? i7-3540M (3.0 GHz, 4 MB L3 cache, 35W, 2 cores)*Up to 3.70 GHz with Intel Turbo Boost Technology3rd Generation Intel® Core? i7-3520M (2.90 GHz, 4 MB L3 cache, 35W, 2 cores)*Up to 3.60 GHz with Intel Turbo Boost Technology3rd Generation Intel® Core? i5-3380M (2.90 GHz, 3 MB L3 cache, 35W, 2 cores)*Up to 3.60 GHz with Intel Turbo Boost Technology3rd Generation Intel® Core? i5-3360M (2.80 GHz, 3 MB L3 cache, 35W, 2 cores)*Up to 3.50 GHz with Intel Turbo Boost Technology3rd Generation Intel® Core? i5-3340M (2.70 GHz, 3 MB L3 cache, 35W, 2 cores)*Up to 3.40 GHz with I... Read more

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which model pentium 4 has socket LGA775 was implemented.
I mean which model brand hp or compaq or HCL or ibm ? year & model required.
I prefer to buy that model so that i can upgrade to latest processors.

Another question:
Will Pentium 4 with Socket LGA 775 supports any chipset model for upgradation to
1.Core 2 Duo
2.Dual core processors ?
If not pls give me the Chipset models support for the upgradation.

My plan is buy used pentium 4 LGA 775 & upgrade to new processor(only processor using same motherboard of the old one) which eliminates/reduces cost for upgradation.

Is this right plan or is there any complication in upgradation.

A:Pentium 4 lga775 upgrade to Dual core or Core 2 Duo

pathardware first please read this:

The list of processors using LGA 775 are listed on that page. As for your question, YES some P4 motherboards might support Dual Core and Core 2 Duo.

My Current motherboard is an ASUS P5B-MX/WiFi AP and I'm running a P4 Prescott on it. The CPU support list on the ASUS website lists Dual Core, Core 2 Duo and Quad Core support (With BIOS upgrade). My P4 actually was part of a Compaq system purchased way back in 2005. After that the rest of the system (barring monitor and processor) has had major overhauls.

But, as for your plan, I would suggest you go about building an entry level new system by yourself.

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Is it possible to change the dual core processor I have for an i5 processor, is this type of motherboard capable of taking it? I have some screen captures from CPUID of my system specs, hopefully that will be enough info. If it can't take the i5 could it take any other quad-core processor?

I have a Compaq Pressario desktop PC, Windows 7 64 bit, 4GB DDR3 RAM.



A:Is it possible to upgrade my dual-core to i5, or other quad-core processors?

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First, some keywords to help searchers:

QX9650, quad core, task manager, cpu-z, cpu-id, shows showing only 2 two cores.

I recently upgraded an Intel E8500 to a QX9650 and had the problem of Windows 7 only showing 2 of the 4 cores.

It took a few frustrating hours to find the solution, but I got there in the end without the need for a Windows re-install. I hope that this little post may help others to resolve the problem quicker than I.

1st: You must have Windows 7 Professional. Home Premium does not support more than 2 cores. Upgrade to Pro.

2nd: If Task manager and CPU-Z are only showing 2 cores, you'll be feeling pretty confused, right?

Go to Start-->Run, type MSCONFIG.
Under the BOOT tab, click 'Advanced Options'.
In the top left corner it says "Number of Processors" (you'll have been here already and it says '2').

Uncheck this and do a reboot.

This solved my hours of confusion. Now I have 4 cores in Task Manager, CPU-Z and all is well.

If all this fails, then get yourself set up for an OS reinstall; that should get you where you want to be.

I hope this helps folks a little as I had a hard time resolving this quickly.

I'm no expert but my sketchy understanding is that if you tell Windows you have no processors, it re-evaluates this at boot and discovers that you've changed from a 2 core to a 4 core.

Well, it worked for me and I hope it helps others out there.


A:Upgrade from dual core to quad core

Any Ver of windows 7 will run any Quad core CPU .

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I've got a P4 520 LGA 775 processor and a motherboard using the Intel 915P Express chipset. Can someone tell me if I can change the processor to a Pentium D 805 processor (also LGA 775 socket)?

A:Upgrade to dual core

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Hi, I'm just about to upgrade my Mesh Matrix Premier (AMD Athlon? 64 3500+ with ASUS A8N-VM - Nforce 410 PCI-Express Mainboard) to a AMD Dual Core 64 4400 CPU.

Does the team think that Windows XP (SP3 installed) will cope with the change or should I plan to re-install XP?

And then! if I were to upgrade to Vista, would it be worth installing the 64 bit version?

or should I just burn my anorak?

A:Dual core upgrade

You probably can get away with a Windows XP repair. The current installation won't work as the memory map for the new board is not the same as the old one. A Windows XP repair will update the memor map accordingly. Also, it will update the chipset device drives too.

-- Andy

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I have P4 3.0 HT installed in MB Asus P5WD2 Premium, now i want to upgrade this processor to Pentium Dual Core 3.0, someone have experience with this upgrade ?
Just to know if i must re-install Windows XP or i can keep this installation


A:Upgrade from P4 HT to P4 Dual Core

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I am wanting to upgrade my current machine to a dual core Amd 6000+ and DDR2 Ram.
as the motherboard market is geared towards PCI-E these days I find myself needing to find a quality board that wont break me financially so that i might continue to use my AGP card.

I am not opposed to PCI-E but spent quite a bit on my 5950 ultra a couple of years back and it preforms remarkably well and i just cant bring myself to replace it.

would like to have a board with both EIDE and SATA controllers( I run Raid/0)
and supports at least 3 GB of DDR2 Ram.

I'm open to all suggestions and have presently only found a couple of ASrock boards with the specs I desire.I have no experience with ASrock products and am totally ignorant as to the quality of their products.

As it is probably apparent,cost is the issue here...I spent close to $500 US for that AGP card and I am stubborn and hard headed about wanting to replace it just to get superior performance from a dual core CPU.
Is DDR3 worth putting this upgrade off for?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

My thanks go out to all who read this

A:want to upgrade to dual core but want to keep my VGA card

Asrock boards aren't great. They're jointly manufactured by Asus (a quality brand) and Ecs (a not so quality brand). I think Asus just do the designing and Ecs do the rest. Personally i would go with pci-express. I know it's not what you want to hear but there really aren't too many boards supporting ddr-2 and agp. A few years is a long time for a vid card and while i'm sure it performs well agp boards are getting less and less available so for general upgradeability (which imo is always essential with computers) pci-express is the way to go.

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Hi there. I was just wondering if I can upgrade my processor to dual core on my Dell Dimension 4600, if it's possible. Because I went to a certain computer site, and it said that dual-core celeron Cpu's do actually work with the Dimension 4600. I do not think that this is really true because it is a Pentium 4 based motherboard. Is it not? But I bought a Pentium 4 3.06 Ghz processor for my computer. Because the Pentium 4 Cpu now in it is only about 2.80 Ghz, with a 800 Fsb rate.

But the one that I am getting is the 3.06 Ghz with a 533 Fsb rate to it. Now I believe that this is the fastest Pentium 4 that there is available. Is that so? I was just checking. Because I wanted to upgrade my Cpu, and take out the old one, and put in the new Cpu when it comes. I wanted to order a newer Cpu because I want to record VHS tapes to my computer. And for this, I have gotten a T.V. tuner card along with a Nvidia 128 MB graphics card. But that article that I read online said that my Dimension 4600 can take dual-core celeron Cpu's.

And also, it said even that it takes quad-core Cpu's too. But for this, I would probably have to buy a new motherboard for this, and take out my old one in my computer, and put the new one in, if that is even possible. Is it even? So just explain to me on what types of motherboards are compatible with my Dell Dimension 4600? Just let me know here. I saw some photos online of someone else have a Dimension 4600. And they upgraded the motherboard... Read more

A:I would like to know if I can upgrade my Cpu to a dual core Celeron

To update your CPU you will need to install a new Motherboard, and this new motherboard will require different RAM then the sticks you have. And your Power Supply Unit will need to be upgraded to work with the new motherboard. Other then the HDD and the CD drives, in essence, you need to buy a whole new computer. You can better spend your money on a New/Used computer from Ebay or Craigslist.

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What I have:
Acer Aspire SA80
e661fgm mobo
Socket vga775
Celeron D in it

I was wondering if I could swap that for an intel dual core also having socket 775.

If the answer is no, I'd appreciate the explaination, would it be because of specs being too low on the mobo? Which specs? I finally found specs for the mobo on the ecs site, only says stuff about "up to" whatever GhZ.

I wouldn't wanna have to buy a new mobo to use a dual core..

Any help would be amazing : )

A:Upgrade to a dual core, socket 775

You wouldn't be able to run the latest Core2Duos.

The motherboard doesn't have enough power phases to deal with them.

For true confirmation, why not call Acer and see what's the most powerful CPU you can pop in there?

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i have an emachine et1831-05 and i only have a single core celeron at 2.2 ghz. can i upgrade to a dual core. the mother board supports lg775.

A:Et1831-05 can I upgrade my processor to dual core

It depends on the chipset used in the motherboard, power requirements of the new cpu and the old motherboard's ability to provide that power, and if the BIOS has any limitations added by the manufacture that may supersede the chipset design.

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I read many posts about the opportunity to upgrade an Optiplex GX620 from a Pentium 4 to a pentium D. upgrading up to a D 930 or a D 960 seems good (according to the feedbacks).
Intel developed a lot of Dual Core processors. For example Pentium E 5500
When we look at the specs we can see that the socket is the same (LGA 775), and the FSB (800 mhz required) also. The voltage of the E5500 seems to match with the voltage of the D or 4 . I understand that E5500 has a smaller TDP (65 W) than a pentium D and should not give problem with heat..
My question is : can we upgrade an optiplex GX 620 from a Pentium 4 to a pentium E 5500 ? and, if it is, does it worth it?

A:Optiplex GX620 upgrade to dual core

Short Answer NO you cannot.
The E5500 will not work in the 620.
Bios MUST BE UPDATED Before changing CPU.
Max CPU is the Dual Core Smithfield D820 or D840 CPU  Pentium D 
Intel Pentium D 840 HH80551PG0882MN
(BX80551PG3200FN / BX80551PG3200FT)

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I am torn between buying one of two Acer laptops. Both have almost identical features--RAM, HD, webcam, 6-cell battery, memory card reader, and are the same price--$499.00 (on sale); but the processors seem to be the big difference, and I would like to know which one you folks feel I should go with.

I should also mention that the AMD laptop also has a Blue-Ray Disc drive (and read/writes normal CDs and DVDs).

The only other major difference when comparing specs is that the AMD laptop has an HD CineCrystal LED-backlit TFT widescreen display, ATI Radeon HD 4250 graphics with 256MB of dedicated system memory, supporting Unified Video Decoder 2 (UVD2), OpenEXR High Dynamic-Range (HDR) technology, Shader Model 4.0, Microsoft DirectX 10.1
.........While the Pentium laptop has CineCrystal LED-backlit display, Intel HD graphics with 128 MB of dedicated system memory, supporting Microsoft DirectX 10.

I've been driving myself crazy for the past 3 days trying to decide which one to go with and I need to decide quickly as I'm not sure how long they will be at this sale price--and I do have to stay at the $500.00 range. From the many laptops I checked out, these 2 seem to offer the most for the money. I would truly appreciate your advice!


A:AMD Turion X2 dual-core P520 2.3 GHz or Intel Pentium Dual-Core P6100 2.0 GHz?


I'm sorry to bother you folks again, but I noticed that my question had 55 views but no replies. Did I perhaps give incorrect or confusing information, or maybe posted my question in the wrong forum? I tried looking at some of the other similar questions asked, but none seemed to help with my question.

I guess I'm basically wondering that since the 2 Acer laptops are the same price, would you go with the Intel Pentium Dual-Core P6100, 2.0GHz, 3MB L3 cache, or the AMD Turion X2 dual-core P520, 2.3 GHz, 1066MHz Front Side Bus, 2MB L2 cache. This laptop also has a Blu-Ray Disc Drive, but I've read conflicting opinions on whether having this is necessary or not.

Although I consider myself to be an intermediate computer user, I am lost when it comes to processors, and also when it comes to 'dedicated amount of system memory.' I know that 'dedicated' memory is better, but does it make a difference how much there is in different brands? In other words, could the lesser amount of 128MB 'dedicated' in the Pentium still be better than the 256MB in the AMD? I'm leaning toward the AMD Turion laptop because of the higher numbers, but I've read enough to know that you can't always rely on that alone.

I'm sorry to ask my question again, but I've been given a lot of help here at CNET in the past, so I was surprised when I logged on today to see that no one expressed an opinion on which one of the two the... Read more

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Hello everyone, I recently got HP Laptop : 11-S003TUI wanted to know if I can upgrade the ram size to 4GB or 8GB. It came with 2GB Ram., and I am planning to upgrade 4GB or 8GB RAM. Let me know if we can updgrade. If yes, what model RAM will best suite this laptop. Thank you Regards,Meganadh

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Hey guys,

MOTHERBOARD: Crosshair II Formular - nVidia GeForce 8300
CPU: AMD Athlon 64 x2 Dual Core Processor 4800+
VIDEO: nVidia GeForce 780a SLi
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 64-bit

So about a week ago my WD Cravier blue 500GB internal HDD died on me, tried repairing bad sectors with chkdsk /r and it said no bad sectors found, but Dban and other software could not continue because of bad anyway I've brought a new WD Cravier Green 1TB HDD and thought why not do a few more much needed upgrades at the same time, so I upgraded my 2x 1GB DDR2 PC2-5300 ram to 4 x 2GB DDR2 PC2-8500 which in total only cost me £76 when compared to Crucial memory quoting me £159 for the 8GB bundle. However i'm just wandering if you experts have any other performance upgrade advice?

1) Is there a better processor that's compatible with my mobo?
2) Am I better off using the onboard GeForce 8300 HDMI port or my 780a Sli?
3) How easy is it to multiboot with Ubuntu or ChromeOS

oh and one more question that a friend asked me the other day (might save me some precious google searching time ) he has installed win7 ultimate 32-bit but has two internal HDD's hooked up (1 master, 1 slave) but when he boots he gets the choice between "Windows 7" or Earlier version of windows", i've told him that he probably still has an operating system on the slave drive and windows is presenting a multiboot screen, is this correct???

p.s - Hello Mr Leeky! (i'm s... Read more

A:Suggestions for AMD Athlon 64 x2 dual-core 4800+ upgrade

37 views and nobody has any suggestions to any of the questions? come on techspot brave!

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I upgraded to dual-core in laptop over a week ago and while it shows 2 processors in Device Manager and I do see benefits from dual-core my sidebar gadget shows both cores at work and i can set which core runs processes in Task Manager but ive been told I may have to change the HAL...

ive checked in Devmgmt and it says ACPI 86x Based-PC (in Vista) theres no mention of Multiprocessor PC ... I dunno if this is right or not..

Task manager shows both cores

what do I do???

A:Dual Core upgrade: do i need to re-install VISTA for correct HAL?

Who is what is telling you to change the HAL, the HAL for a Windows based PC just comes down to basically motherboard drivers.

From the sounds of it, nothing is wrong, or broken so could you elaborate please.

Thank you paulb100

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hey just wonderinf if anyone could help me choose out of these two processors.would be greatly appreciated

AMD Athlon Dual-Core QL-67 (2.2GHz, HyperTransport? 3: up to 4.0 (GT/sec), 2MB L2 Cache)

Intel® Pentium® processor T4300 (2.1GHz, 800MHz FSB, 1MB L2 Cache)
thank you

A:Comparing amd athlon dual core and intel pentium dual core

They are quite similar. Both have nearly the same clock speed. Both have a total of 1MB of L2cache but the intel's is shared and the AMD's is exclusive. The intel is 45nm and the AMD is 65nm which means the AMD will run hotter most likely. The AMD gets a boost from its on die memory controller and HyperTransport links on its motherboard. Both are capable of running full 64 operating systems.

The best difference between them would be as to what is on board their respective laptop. The AMD will have quite respectable performance from its video chip as I would hope it either a Radeon HD 3200 or better a 4200 with SidePort memory. These are about the best you can get for integrated video these days. The intel will undoubtedly have a GMA4500. These don't game very well nor do they do a very good job of playing high def video. The AMD chipset should have a fairly complete selection of connectors and functions. The interl may or may not, depending on the maker.

Both chips have a TDP of 35 Watts. The intel should offer slightly longer battery life for a given series of tasks, say about a half hour.

As you can see, these two CPUs are quite similar on and of themselves, the supporting cast of laptop parts makes or breaks the deal.

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Hi i have a similar story to this thread HERE

Basically i was running this

I saw THIS on ebay and brought it.

I swapped over the MB,pro and Ram from this into my previous spec system, as this is the main PC in the house and in the aerocool case and i have a 600 watt power suply.
I Didn't swap HD.
So i put the amd sck 939 specs into the EBAY case. Installed windows with no problems

I turned the newly updated dual core PC and went through all the hardware changes with no problems. Everything seemed abit faster but occasionally the PC would freeze for 4-5 secs but you can still hear the HD hard at work.
I then went to play my favourite game CoD2 online but to my surprise finding it slow and choppy even after the game detected the hardware changes.I googled and found THIS
tried the optimizer and amd driver but no difference.I thought maybe because i didn't format. So i formatted, reinstalled windows, updated windows, installed all drivers from disk.Tried my CoD2 game, still slow.
I have tried updating bios, MB, graphics card drivers. I have reinstalled the AMD optimizer and processor driver.
I still get the freezing of the PC, especially if i minimize a game.when my PC boots up and i click my computer the flashlight comes up for about 20secs before it finds anything.
I have checked my startup list and couldn't see anything i didn't recognize.

My friend with a similar system and exact same graphics card gets between 300-400FPS while playing CoD2 online. ... Read more

A:Dual core running slower than upgrade/drive problem

I found this on my MB main site
"Revolutionary PCI Express interface provides scalable bandwidth for multi-purpose usage. PCI-E x16 interface (The GA-M61VME-S2 supports up to PCI Express x1 mode"

So my system specs are indeed right? I just need to upgrade my motherboard for a pcie x16 that actually goes x16 ??? I just thought x16 was x16
can anyone recommend any MB's with the correct speed pcie x16 slot?

Also still having freezing issues from time to time, the mouse moves but nothing is clickable,, if you randomly click the page, a few seconds later what you clicked on will open.
When the PC boots up it takes 20 secs ish to see whats in "my computer" whereas my other PC is almost instantly.

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On the dell website for desktop PC 9150. it has the option of Intel ViiV 940 Pentium D with Dual Core and Intel Pentium D with Dual Core 940. Which one is better?
They are both the same price.

A:ViiV Dual Core or Pentium D 940 Dual Core?

No real difference I wouldn't have thought, except maybe the software package?

"Viiv" is pretty much just another platform marketing concept by Intel (like Centrino), this time based around media oriented PCs.
(Like most marketing) it's an entirely pointless exercise as far as I understand it.

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Hi guys. I've been looking at 2 laptops, they are basically identical but one has an Intel Core i3-4005U mobile processor and 4GB of RAM, and the other one has an AMD A4-5000 mobile processor and 6GB RAM. The guy at the store and a couple other people I know told me that the Core i3 is better than the A4 as the AMD "Quad Core" processors aren't very good, so even though the Intel i3 is only dual core it will be better than the quad core AMD. The other question is the RAM. Is 6GB that much better than 4GB or will 4GB be fine for basic use. (That's all this laptop is for. Basic use and touch apps since it will be touchscreen)

The AMD laptop is this one: Buy the HP Pavilion Notebook - AMD A4, 6GB, 15.6 at
And the Intel here: Buy the HP TouchSmart 15.6 Notebook PC - F5W37UA#ABL at

Last question, what the hell is DDR3L? All the new laptops have it nowadays... Is it backward compatible with normal DDR3 laptop RAM? Meaning can I take a normal laptop DDR3 4GB stick out of my dads laptop and put it into the 4GB (i3) laptop if thats the one i'm gonna get? Or does the DDR3 "L" part cause issues?

Edit: Sorry i'm not sure if this is the right place for this thread. If it isn't mods could you please move it? Thanks

A:AMD A4-5000 "Quad Core" vs Intel Core i3-4005U Dual Core

Hmm, I guess you should read some reviews. But just from the specs the AMD has 6 GB ram instead of 4. Has a DVD burner where the Intel shows no optical drive. It only has W8 8.0 where the Intel has 8.1. But some people may prefer 8.0.

Read reviews. See how each performs. If you don't wish to use it to burn DVD then the optical drive, or lack thereof may not matter to you.

Edit: Oh, and the AMD is about $80 cheaper.

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I don't know if this question has been answered here or not because the words are a little difficult to do specific searches for. I am thinking of making for myself a file server. It's going to be cheap because it's main purpose is the processing of files from a centralized location. As such, I know I want processing power; but, I know I don't need a Core. As such, I'm sticking with a Pentium. I got the choice narrowed down to a Pentium Dual-Core. But, as I was researching the Pentium, I found out that the Dual-Core was re-branded to just a Pentium with dual-core features. My main question is is there a difference between the Pentium Dual-Core and the Pentium with dual-core features? I'm choosing between an ASUS P5G41C-M LX and a P5KPL-AM EPU. I wouldn't have gotten confused except that I'm buying these off of NewEgg and one motherboard has the Dual-Core capitalized while the other has the dual-core in lower cased letters.

A:Solved: Difference between Pentium Dual-Core and Pentium with dual-core features

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Hi, Currently I'm using a dual core 6850 and I'm thinking about buying a quad core. I have a PSU of 500 W as spare.

Can i replace the CPU to a Quad Core without changing the cooling system?

A:replace dual core CPU by quad core what about heatsink? in Mini Tower 755 Optiplex

These are the specs of the spare PSU. Aren't they better than the original Dell PSU?
That power supply is ATX and not EPS12V
Better is not the issue.  Dell power supplys are 80 percent efficient not 70 percent ATX.  The -5v rail is an issue as well as this may cause a motherboard fire or damage your system.  Its a dead giveaway that this is a power supply from 1990 to 2000.
What current is on which rails is not trivial. There is a single 12V RAIL on that unit and its max is 17A
EPS 12V units have multiple rails of 12V @ 18 amps each.  MAX Power on the 12V rails is 264w not 204w
That unit has a lot more on the 5V and 3.3V rails at the expense of the 12V rails and CPU 4 pin connector. So no that spare unit is not likely to work well if at all.

Recommended update or replacement is EVGA 750B1

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I'm buying a new computer with Vista home premium (32 bit), and I can't decide whether I should get a 2.4 quad core or a faster dual core (since it's cheaper).

I've searched about this but all the results I've got were from 2007, so I'm not sure if things changed much now.

So what do you think? will I benefit from the additional cores? or shall I go with faster dual cores?
appreciate your help

A:Solved: Fast Dual Core or Slower Quad Core? (quick question)

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so which would be better:

dual core celeron 1.73ghz with 1mb l2 cache or single core intel pentium 4 2.4ghz 512kb l2 cache

A:dual core celeron 1.73ghz versus single core pentium 4 2.4ghz

I don't think there are any Celeron Processors which are dual core and so the Pentium 4 will definitely be faster. If you give me model numbers I might be of more help.

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Hello friends,
I m very eager to know that whats the actual difference between a Core 2 Duo processor and a Pentium Dual Core processor, other than their proceesing architecture?

According to most benchmarking sites including Tom's Hardware, Core 2 Duo E4300 or 6300 performs better than Pentium Dual Core 820 in almost all benchmarks.....whereas C2D E4300 or E6300(1.8 and 1.86 Ghz respectievely) are having MUCH lower clock speeds than Pentium D 820(2.8Ghz). Why like this???

I have 2 systems, one with C2D E4300 1.86 Ghz and another(from which I am writing this thread) is Pentium D 820 2.8Ghz. But I dont see any MUCH performance difference in reality, although in multi-tasking and gaming C2D system still performs better.

Can anybody please explain me in details.....
Thanks in advance.

A:Why Core 2 Duo outperforms Pentium Dual Core even when C2D has lower clock Speed??

The Core 2 Duo doesn't share the same architecture as the older NetBurst architecture of the Pentium D, which is also shared by the Pentium 4. The Pentium D is effectively a pair of Pentium 4 CPUs on one die. The Core 2 Duo architecture allows for a lot more processing to be done in one cycle, hence more information can be pushed in, say, 1 million cycles by the Core 2 Duo than the Pentium D. As for 'reality', there obviously won't be much difference when both systems are used for stuff like playing music etc. But the real differences will show up when you tax them, such as when playing an HD video without a video card supporting HD-decoding where the Core 2 Duo will be able to process information much more quicker than the Pentium D and so you will have a smoother image. Check on Wikipedia for more in-depth details.

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System specs:
Athlon 64 x2 6000+ Windsor (3ghz, 125W tdp)
Gigabyte GA-Ma770DS3 rev 1 (AMD770+SB600)
His radeon 4850 512MB (had 3870 before)
2x1GB Kingston DDR2 800mhz CL5
2xSeagate ST3500 418AS in RAID 0 on SB600
Chieftec 460W power supply.
LG DVD rewriter
Bunch of fans
Windows XP pro 32bit x2, windows 7 (temporary)

I'm having a strange problem from quite a long time. PC just reboots randomly when I use internet applications like p2p or browser. It's that I can click "favorities" in firefox and puff, reboot. Leave pc for a night - reeboot at 3 o'clock. I tried to find the cause, updated drivers, bios, reinstalled windows several times - still getting the random crashes. But, if I use the numproc=1 statement and run my PC as single core, it stays perfectly stable for week+. But sadly the low power mode doesn't work then, and CPU is getting hotter than in dual core mode, also uses more energy. However, I don't think the low power mode isn't the cause - ran a prime95 for half a day on processor tuned down to 1ghz and 1,1V (low power mode) without a crash. Ran memtest in dos mode for 8 hours - no problems.
Also I have secondary XP pro without NIC drivers installed (no web) just for gaming and I can play for 12 hours straight and never got any crash of this kind. On the the primary OS, open two windows, start unpacking archive and try to browse web and I get a crash in 3 minutes. But sometimes nothing happens for a week or so. Also I notic... Read more

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I am buying a new rig tomorrow, just wanted to see what you thought about it.

I have a choice between a $269 used pentium dual core vs a brand new 299 AMD Athlon? Single-Core Processor LE-1620?

Whats better and how faster is the AMD Athlon? Single-Core Processor LE-1620 vs my pentium III/600MHZ?

A:Pentium Dual core vs AMD Athlon Single-Core Processor LE-1620?

Depends on what the specs are with the Intel dual core and what specs you're getting with the AMD.

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Hey all,
I have some proprietary software that works great on a single-core processor. When I try to run it on a dual-core or above, the software loads, works once, and then messes up.

The software uses modems to dial out to our payphones. We found a work-around by turning off one processor in the bios, but then, what's the point of having a dual-core processor.

Please help. The software is doing this on Windows XP.


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Ok, I dont want to repost, just, go to this link. Here is the link

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I have two laptops made by the same manufacturer and same year, but one is a dual core laptop with an SSD harddrive and the other is a quad core laptop with a regular hard drive. Both laptops run Windows 8.

I would like to transfer my programs and files from the dual core to the quad core. However, obviously the quad core has different hardware.

I am wondering if I simply remove the SSD from the dual core and put it into the quad core (replacing the quad's primary hard drive with the SSD) and simply boot up the quad core, would that be sufficient? Will the quad core recognize the hardware mismatch and automatically correct the drivers, while keeping my programs and files?

Or is there some other, efficient way to make the transfer? I really want to avoid having to reinstall all my programs.

Thank you

A:Transfer programs and files from Dual Core to Quad Core

There are a lot of third party tools designed to move a Windows installation to new hardware. I prefer using native Windows tool Sysprep for this, mainly because the method is the one and only Microsoft supports and recommends but also because it has never failed me.

The method is described in this tutorial on our sister site the Seven Forums and works also with Windows 8: Windows 7 Installation - Transfer to a New Computer - Windows 7 Help Forums. Method One in tutorial would be ideal for you for moving the SSD to new computer.

Read the information and warnings in the beginning of the tutorial carefully, especially the warning about Windows needing to be reactivated is important. Come back if you have any questions.


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Hello friends, Which one of the processor is faster & better between Pentium P4 3.6 GHz 'Processor No. 660 Single core 2MB L2' and the other one is 'P4 3.4 GHz Processor No. 945 Dual Core 4MB L2 Cache'. So one is a 3.6 GHz single core and other one is 3.4 GHz dual core. Thanks in advance


A:Comparing Single core & dual core Pentium processors

Welcome to our forum...may I suggest before jumping on to a new forum and posting a question, especially on a heavily asked current topic, it would be a better idea and provide you faster response time if you first searched the topic....

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I was just interested in knowing if my intel celeron D 335 2.80GHz processor is dual core or single core because on intel's website, I see that they make a dual and single core version but I can't determine which one mine is?


A:Solved: Intel Celeron D 335: Dual core or Single core

It's a single core.

There are dual core Celerons, but yours isn't.

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Simply put- RED Blue Screens. I don't know what I need to call them. THEY ARE RED! And they just reference "An error reading the instruction set" There is no STOP Error. I upgraded the Processor from AMD Athlon x2 5000+ to an AMD Phenom x4 9650. I have not overclocked it. In fact, first thing I did after installing it was reset CMOS.

I've checked for minidumps relating to this issue but there are none. I am running Windows 7 x64 Home Premium.

I've tried doing research but my results are non-conclusive.

A:Strange Behaviour after Upgrading to AMD Quad-Core from Dual-Core

Hello Timmah,
Everything is running OK, you drop in the new CPU, then you start getting problems.
Have you double checked all the connections and power leads, plus all the data cables ?.
Is there a Bios update that will address the issue ?, it may be worth checking the MB manufacturers site.
Hope this helps, good luck and post your results.

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It is a Dell cheap laptop vostro 2520 fitted an i3 2.4 m ..I updated bios fitted another 2gb ram .
Should I do any other configering it takes a long time to fully boot up . That is to connect to internet . I think it was faster before
I did upgrade.

A:fitting a core i3 in place of a celeron dual core B802

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Just a quick question. I know daul core means two cores on one chip. But if you have a 2.0ghz daul core cpu dose it mean you are equal to or better than a 4.0ghz
cpu? People keep asking me this. They want to know if they have a peice of software that requires a 3.0ghz cpu and they have a 1.5ghz daul core if they can run the software.
I'm just not understanding single core to daul core thing completely and i am not sure if i am answering them correctly. I think so but just want to confirm.

A:Core 2 duo, dual core, and Athlon64 X2 Dual Core

No. It simply means you have more than 1 CPU on the die. A 4 core 2.0 CPU means you have four (4) 2.0ghz cores on the die.

At this point, just because a GHz is faster doesn't mean the system or the die is faster or slower than others. There are many things now that affect speed - ram (or lack thereof), the efficiency of the programs to multi-task, HD rpm, chipsets, and others. The trend to faster GHz CPUs with single cores ended a couple of years ago as CPU makers discovered they ran into a thermal barriers with smaller circuitry that they couldn't get around. So they decicded it would be better to put more than one CPU on the die. Thus we got multi core CPUs. Yes- even here they are trying to make each core faster, but there is still a thermal barrier.

For the most part, you really won't notice much of a difference in speed after a certain point. - You have to take the whole system together. Gamers need to pay special close attention to their graphics cards and RAM.

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I have a Pentium D dual Core 820 2,8 GHz on my Dell E510. 1 GB RAM and Radeon XT 1600 Video card. It constantly freezes during game play(Planetside) Four sessions with Tech support have me nowhere. Can I replace processor with a fast single core on the same motherboard?

A:Can I replace dual core processor with single core

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about 2 years ago I have upgraded my computer with a new motherboard, rams and a processor and since we moved in between I cannot find the boxes or bills from that time.

The problem:
I am 90 percent sure, that at the time I wanted a quad core processor and my computer properties say that I have Intel Core i5-3450.
I googled around and all retailers as well as Intel list this processor as quad, but I whenever I use aplications where cores are displayed (i.e. playclaw or some kind of benchmarking), it only ever shows core 0 and core 1.
When I go to task manager > processes > and go to select affinity on a random process, once again only 2 cores are aviable to choose from.

Any ideas what might be causing this? Because if I am not mistaken I have had my computer on a leash for 2 years...

A:Quad core processor acting as dual-core?

in windows 7 press the start key > type msconfig > click the boot tab > advanced options
in the top left there is a box that says number of processors. if it is checked you can uncheck it, or change the drop down box below it to 4.

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Today I took my Athlon 64 3200+ and replaced it with a dual core 3800+ (this is a socket 939 system). Everything went smoothly, system powered up, and cpu temperature is at 33c. My BIOS (which the latest and last for my mobo) is for dual core.

I logged on to the internet and at first no issues for about 3 minutes but then I noticed I couldn't access sites. It was like my internet connection just froze. Figuring it was one of those occasional needs to reset the router/modem I reset both by unplugging the power for 10 sec.

Nothing changed even after reset. I figured it was a dual core thing and so I installed the Windows hotfix for XP and dual cores. I also installed the AMD Dual Core Optimizer.

When I rebooted I was able to log on to the internet but accessing or even my mail is either really slow or froze. When I tried to log on here loading time was agonizingly slow to the point I had to disable the firewall in order to log on.

I have changed nothing with my system other than the CPU. I am at a loss. Could the firewall be the issue by the fact my hardware has changed? I doubt it but as I said I am at a loss. Thanks in advance.

Edit: Never mind. I was over at the Overclockers forums and happened to look in on their Internet & Networking forum and there at the top was the subject South Jersey Comcast. It seems others were having internet issues with the Comcast Evil Empire as well.

A:Single Core to Dual Core and now Internet Issues

Do you need a bios update? probably.

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Okay, here is the scenario.
There are 2 laptops.
One has a 3.0GHz single core.
The other has a 1.5GHz dual core.
The thing I'm asking is: When you buy a laptop that says it's 2.66 GHz triple core, does that mean there are 3 processors each clocked at 2.66 GHz? Or does it mean that there are 3 processors and in total they add up to 2.66 GHz?
Also, is it better to have a 3.0 GHz single core or a 1.5 GHz dual core if you want to run games?

A:Solved: Which is better-Dual core or single core processor?

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Just wondering what if any problems i will get installing the AMD DC optimizer into my AMD 4000 single core pc .. i hope to get a dual core CPU early next year , i found the optimizer program in the single core part of AMDs diver down loads as well as the dual core page so i thought maybe it might benefit my PC as well .( bet im wrong as always ) .


A:AMD dual core optimizer installed on a single core AMD pc

Single core proc's don't need it so don't bother installing it. If you installed it then simply uninstall it.

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I'm trying to decide between two different Acer Aspire Notebooks.
One has:
2.20 GHz AMD V Series V120 single-core processor with 512 KB L2 cache and 1066 MHz front-side bus
250 GB SATA hard drive (5400 RPM)
3 GB of installed DDR3 RAM (1066 MHz; expandable to 8 GB)
ATI Radeon HD 4250 graphics (with 256 MB of discrete video memory) It provides up to 1919 MB of total shared system memory

The other has:
AMD Athlon II X2 dual-core P320 processor
2.10GHz, 1066MHz Front Side Bus, 1MB L2 Cache
2GB DDR3 system memory
250GB SATA hard drive
ATI Radeon HD 4250 graphics with 256MB of dedicated system memory

Which would be better for simple computing, surfing, and streaming videos?

A:AMD v-series single core vs. AMD Athlon dual core

IMO the dual core, but it obviously takes more power, though you don't mention battery life or portability.

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I am just wondering about the CPU I just ordered from E-Bay new and how it will perform with Windows 7 64 Bit compaired to the one I have now this is the one I ordered:
AMD Phenom X4 Quad CPU 9500 AM2+ 2.2 GHz 3600MHz 4MB
This is the one I have now:
AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual core 3800+ 2GHz
I just want to know is there going to be any faster gain with the newer quad core over the dual core thanks for any help you can give me.

A:Wondering about upgrading from dual core to quad core CPU with Win 7

Yes, the machine will be faster all around and you will notice the speed difference.

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Since I couldn't get specs on the AMD Turion in terms of cache, etc. (the Intel one in the title is 2M Cache, 2.20 GHz, 800 MHz FSB) I couldn't figure out which is the better processor.

Does anyone know? Is there also a website I can reference that can compare them?

A:AMD Turion X2 Dual-Core RM-75 VS Intel Core 2 Duo T6600

both Intel and AMD have processor specifiction sheets on their websites, give them a try

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I would like to ask you guys if there is a wide difference between Intel Pentium Dual Core T4200 and Core 2 T6400 laptop processors.

My dad recently brought me a new Dell Studio 15 laptop as my high school grad gift. Its equipped with T4200, but as I read in Dell's website T6400 comes as an option. He selected T4200, and now before I set my hands on the new laptop I would like to find out if those processors make much difference in performance and power consumption.


A:Pentium Dual Core T4200 vs.Core 2 T6400

Core 2 Duo is better in my opinion other people might argue they opposite or that they are the same.

I have a dell with Pentium Dual Core and another with Core 2 Duo, same amount of RAM, pretty much the same computer all around. The Core 2 seems to run faster and cooler.

But thats just me

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So I have a game called Soldier of Fortune 2: Double Helix. Its a single core game, but at current it is running using both cores. I'm asuming making it run off one core will warrant a significant performance increase, but I am clueless as to what to do.

My CPU is a e6300

Any replies appreciated


A:Running a single core application on a dual core cpu?

No it is the same performance, plus it dosnt overstress one core

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just received new online purchase PC ordered with core2duo E5400 2.8Ghz and instead has pentiumdualcore E6500 2.93Ghz. Is this an improvement or perhaps E5400 not available and is one better than the other eg. speed and reliability? Thanx I'm a Newbie.

A:Pentium Dual Core E6500 vs Core 2 Duo E5400

Think you made out pretty well on this deal, in addition to the higher cpu clock you also have a faster front side bus.

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Since I couldn't get specs on the AMD Turion in terms of cache, etc. (the Intel one in the title is 2M Cache, 2.20 GHz, 800 MHz FSB) I couldn't figure out which is the better processor.

Does anyone know? Is there also a website I can reference that can compare them?

A:AMD Turion X2 Dual-Core RM-75 VS Intel Core 2 Duo T6600

check this chart out: PassMark CPU Lookup

since i personally prefer amd, id go with amd.

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16th May 2016.Dear Dell Forum Members & Support,We have an existing and very reliable Dell Precision 490 with a Single Intel Xeon 5060 (Dual Core, 3.2GHz,1066MHz) system.The system is currently running Bios Version A08 (04/25/08)
Can it be upgraded to Two (2) Intel Xeon Quad Core Processors, and if so, can a list of the compatiable processors be supplied ?
e.g. Xeon X5460 (Quad-Core, 3.16 GHz, 1333MHz) etc.

Thank you for your time & patience.With kindest regards.GEM CNC Systems.

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I just put a new computer together.I used an ecs 780gma ultra motherboard,550 w rocketfish psu,4 gb gskill pc2-6400.Two seagate barracuda 500gb hds.I havent done a lot of benchmarks yet but I was surprised to see dvd shrink taking twice as long as it did on my dual core to shrink the same dvd.When I look under task manager the cpu is always around 35%. To me,35% times 3 isnt as good as 100%x2,so obviously thats why its slower.Could it be my windows xp x64? I might try updating to windows 7 if I really have to.

A:triple core pc slower than my dual core

The 64bit version of xp has always had problems.

Next you do not post what cpus you are comparing so it is hard to really give you any ideas. If the new cpu has a lower clockspeed than the older dual core, then yes it will probably take longer.

Next did your old dual core use a quality mb; ie asus, gigabyte, etc? I see you used an ecs board for the new build. ECS is at or near the bottom for quality among mb makers.

I looked on the ecs site and I do not see any chipset drivers for xp 64bit. Did you install your chipset drivers?

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First and foremost thanks go out to anyone and everyone who can help me with this.

I've recently installed 7, clean install, not an upgrade. I have an Amd Athlon X2 3800+ installed and I installed 7 as a 64bit OS as well. I had this problem before 7 and could never solve it. The core doesn't show up in task manager and I've tried installing drivers from AMD, which say they are the incorrect version for the windows 7 Operating system so i installed them in compatibility mode which didn't seem to solve anything. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the processor and frankly I just don't know what to do! In Pc Wizard 2009, It tells me the number of cores is 2, but then only one core is enabled.

If anyone has any help for me that would be fantastic. Thank you! If you need any additional information please let me know.

A:Dual Core Processor, only 1 core active

SHow us your processor from device manager.

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Hi all! I am not computer illiterate. I have a question for you. I am switcing from an AMD dual core 2.4GHz to a Phenom 9750 Quad core. Changing out the heatsink and fan also. Can I just swap out the CPU's and restart Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit. Or do I have to do a complete reinstall of the same OS? I know that I changed MOBO's or something like that, I would have to reinstall. But I'm not sure about the processors. Any answers would be appreciated. Thanks a bunch in advance!

A:Upgrading from a dual core to a quad core!

I swapped out my friends Intel E6400 Conroe for a Q9550 last week and everything was fine and runs great.
I don't see why AMD wouldn't be the same.

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Firstly, in task manager, there is only one core recognised (one cpu graph). I have no option to select "one graph, multiple cpus".

Secondly, in device manager, there is only 1 core with no option to select 2 or box for detect HAL.

Lastly BIOS doesn't detect more then 1.

I have processor box unchecked and have uninstalled my CPU from device manager in hopes a restard would re-detect it. I have also updated my mobo & vid card drivers from the site and updated my bios to the latest.

I just bought COD: Black Ops for $60 and it requires a dual core processor to play it, anything else I can try short of re-installing windows?

A:Dual Core Processor detected as 1 core

just checking that you realise dual core will only show as single cpu?

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I currently own a single core AMD Athlon 64 processor (3200+), and a friend told me that if i upgrade to dual-core, I'd be able to multi-task on the computer.

But on the other hand, the articles I've found on the internet so far say that most applications these days don't take advantage of the power of dual-core processors.
Would I really notice a significant difference in performance if I upgraded to an AMD dual core 4200+ processor? (the price difference is like $140 US)

Also, my mother board is socket 939, shall I change it too? or simply use a socket 939 compatible dual processor?
Your help is much appreciated

A:AMD Athlon 64 single core vs. dual core: which is better?

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Because there are two cores on...for instance, my AMD Athlon X2, does that mean that since there are two cores, the normal FSB for one core which would be 2000mhz, would be x2 so i can put in 4 sticks of pc 6400 at 800mhz? or does the FSB not change when you add another core? Also is there somewhere i can learn more about how the cores work together? Im pretty new to the whole concept. Thanks!

A:Dual Core Front Side Bus x2?? or the same as 1 core?

You can only put in RAM that your motherboard supports, and only as much as it supports.

This should get you started in Front Side Bus architecture, and you can like off to other Wiki entries from there.

Also, poking around on will help you pick up a ton of good information, although most it is written assuming you know what all of that means. You should be able to infer lots of new info from their articles and reviews, though.

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i have a Intel E5400 Overclocked to 3.23GHz and was going to upgrade to a Q9400 quad and was wondering as i mainly use my PC for high end gaming is quad core as important as it is used more for multitasking and i was told dual would be better for gaming is this true?

A:What is better for PC gaming Dual Core or Quad Core?

It's a little confusing. I'd say in general, quad-core processors are more powerful than dual core; however, that doesn't necessarily mean faster.

Certain programs are written to take advantage of multi-core processors, like many games and power-hungry programs such as Photoshop.

However, not all are. Windows does its best to distribute the load evenly, but it's not the same.

Furthermore, many quad core processors are clocked at a lower rate than dual core. Your dual-core processor is clocked at 3.23GHz; the quad is clocked at 2.66.

Bottom line: if the programs you will be running can make use of all the cores, you will very likely see a performance increase. If they are not designed that way, there is a good chance your performance will actually decrease.

In your case, I suspect the programs you will be running can make use of the 4 cores well; many games do. But use your judgment!

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Hi all,

Is it possible at all to set a program to run on one core of a dual core processor?


Reason for info request: My DVB-T dongle is very jittery afetr upgrading processor from Athlon 64 3500+ to Athlon 64 x2 6000+ - worked flawlessly on 3500.

Surely there must be a way to resolve this?

A:Single core on dual core processor?

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Hi there, I was running Vuze and it became almost impossible to do other tasks so I checked the cpu using Everest and it said one core (no. 2) was running at 24% but the other core was running at 0%. There was no warning sign beside it so I presume nothing is wrong, I just don't get it. Is this normal behaviour? I had Firefox open at the same time so I thought the cores would share the workload?

Thanks for any advice

A:Everest says 1 core not utilized - AMD Dual Core

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let me ask this... if the cpu i have now is a single core 2.54ghz 775 socket in a machine that was made before dual core was out... can i just toss in a dual core 3.4ghz 775 or will that not work out with my motherboard?

A:dual core install on a single core??

What motherboard do you have?

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This post is a extension on my previous thread. I would like to hear from everyone who is interested. Which is the best for gaming: Quad core or dualcore cpu's. This is now a open discussion. I am not trying to double-post; I posted this thread to focus more on the question at hand.

Posted via Mobile Device

A:Quad core vs dual core for gaming

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Before I go spend a bunch of money on a CPU I wanted to get some opinions from people who have used them.

Is the Intel Core 2 Duo Really Better than the AMD dual core?

Obviously the AMD is much cheaper, But is the Intel really worth paying extra for? are the AMD as stable as the Intel? I am buying a new CPU for my gaming pc and I dont wanna spend $1000 on an intel CPU if I could get equal performance from something cheaper. I know its been pretty close, But I read somewhere that the Intel core 2, Right now anyways, Is in the lead. Is this true? Also I heard there arent alot of games or appz supporting dual core CPUs yet, Is it even worth upgrading now or should I wait till the technology becomes more mainstream..


A:Intel Dual Core Vs. AMD Dual Core

both are very good cpus, both are stable. Intel is better in terms of performance and speed, most won't notice it though and AMDs are priced to give a better value. Go to tomshardware website and read the tests and reviews.

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Is there a noticable performance difference between a computer with 2 single core processors and one with a dual-core processor?

A:Dual-core vs. 2 Single Core

Can be noticeable, but you need to include the power supply, cooling fans and other issues into the mix. There are good full reviews on Toms Hardware and Anandtech that give you a good picture of how they compare.

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I was looking around at processors today, and i found a AMD Athlon 64 4000+ for $xx. There is a AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ for just a little more. Which is better and why? Also i'm debating between amd or intel. if i go intel i will go Core 2 Duo, but they are a little pricey. Right now what is the advantage (for gaming) of dual core. Is a really fast single core good for gaming? i know dual core is good for multitasking, and all i multitask now is i run a webcam server and have to shut it down to play game on a single core. I know this would help but it's not that important. So... all you smart techie people who know more about processors than me, what would you suggest:
Athlon 64 4000+ single 2.4ghz
Athlon 64 X2 3800+ dual 2.0ghz
Pentium D Single 3.0ghz
Pentium Core 2 Duo Dual 1.86


A:AMD Dual Core vs Single Core

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Hey I am confused by the terminologies Dual Core and Core 2 Duo, can someone please tell me something (not so technical) about the two CPUs? Some sales person in a PC shop told me that Core 2 Duo has chips? cores while a dual core has 2 chips? Is this informations right? Someone please reply as I am planning to upgrade from my ancient Pentium 4 machine to a new one and would like to get as much bang for my cash. Thanks.

A:Confused - Dual Core and Core 2 Duo

From what I can make out they are both the same. Intel set out to confuse everyone by the Core 2 Duo thing while AMD just called it dual core. I have 2 computers. One running Core2Duo and the other an AMD dual core. A diagnostics program refers to each as having 2 CPU's

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I found a post by a user that claimed True 2 CPU systems we far superior to Core2 Duo systems.

This meaning that you run 2 processors on a Mobo each with a single core as compared to a mobo that supports 1 cpu unit with 2 cores.

I beleive the he could be right regarding this with the early dual core cpu unit technology. But is this still true?

What is the efficiency comparison between these 2 systems?

Lets say running 2 single core 1.5ghz compared to a single unit with 2cores each at 1.5ghz.
Keeping in mind that cache, bus speeds, architecture, brand etc would be the same in this hypothetical Question.

Is it worth looking into a mobo that is for dual quad core compatible?
meaning a mobo that supports 2 q6600 quad cores for example?

Do programs and games actually have the coding written into them to fully utilize this kind of setup to its max?

most of the articles and threads i find regarding this are pretty old and i am wondering how things look in the present day.

Is fine grain threading compared to multi threading simultaneous multi threading etc programming coding widespread now? or at least widespread enough in gaming etc to make it considerable when buying hardware or building a new system?

A:True dual core vs Core 2 Duo

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What's the difference in performance between a Pentium 4 with HT versus a Pentium Extreme Edition Dual Core at the same speed?

I know the dual core is good for running two ressource heavy processes but how much cpu capacity do i really use on a day to day basis?

A:Dual Core vs Single core

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can i use that fan? they are the same socket.. LGA775.. tnx..

A:Can I use fan of my Dual Core for my Core 2 Duo processor?

It will probably be OK but if the replacement CPU is a higher wattage keep a carefull watch on the temperatures. Make sure you apply new thermal paste when fitting it. Use this free software to watch the temperatures, set it up so it displays the temps in the task bar.

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This is probably a dumb question, but I'm not overly familiar with low-end hardware (look at my specs ). What was the difference between Intel's Core 2 Duo and their Pentium Dual core? They seemed like identical CPUs to me. For that matter, I think they used the same socket too...

A:Core 2 Duo vs Pentium Dual Core

The Core 2 Duo for the most part is better. Which CPU's specifically were you thinking of?

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with Intel having a price crash on the 22nd of july i am torn where to go to build a friends new rig!! they want a decent gaming rig in order to play crysis flat out but on a bit of a budget of £1200...

so would it be best for me to build using an intel quad core intel Q6600, which will cost the same as the top end dual core Intel Core 2 Duo E6850...(around £130-180 after the price crash)

then the question is ddr3 or stick with low latency ddr2

and which graphics card to go for thats around £200 mark...i was thinking the foxconn geforce 8800 gts...

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I have installed windows 8 x64 consumer preview. Under the task manager performance, Im only seeing one cpu graph, and it reports one physical processor and two `logical` processors.

Also under device manager, when I get the properties for `Computer` it says acpi x64 based pc, I think older windows already reported multi processor unless the wrong HAL was installed.

In device manager under processors, properties shows to separate entries of amd 550.

My concern is if the wrong HAL was installed.

Can someone help me with this?

A:dual core cpu and only one core working? or is it

Thank you mods for moving this and I apologize for posting it in the wrong place

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Which is better for playing games?
A 2.4Ghz Quad Core Processor
or a 3Ghz Dual Core Processor?

I opted for the quad core on the assumption that more cores was better, but this doesn''t seem to be the case.

To what extent should I regret my decision?

Thanks all,

A:Quad Core Vs. Dual Core

How long is a rope?

Seriously in order for anyone to give you an answer, you need to post the exact cpus you are referring to in the above post.

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Hi I am planning to buy a new laptop to do high school and college stuff, and require only Word, PPT and etc, web surfing are mainly what I require.
I was wondering is there a difference between using a dual core or single core processor for Vista? I heard from somewhere it is better to have dual core for stability to run Vista.

While I'm on it, what specs should I have to run basic stuff but also get good performance for speedy loading of pages and programs

Thank you

A:Dual Core or Single Core?

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Basically i'm not a computer expert I know the basic/intermediate knowledge of a computer and would like some tips. Im into my gaming, not very competitive gaming so none of the popular CoD games and such but games such as WoW, WarRock, RisingForceOnline and such others but I came across a dilemma. What would be better for gaming, a quad core processor, or a dual core processor. The processor's I speak of are the

AMD ATHLON II X4 635 AM3 Quad Core Processor 4 x 2.9Ghz

And the

AMD Athlon II X2 Dual Core 255 3.10GHz

I'm a bit unsure of how this all works out because the quad core has 4 x 2.9Ghz processors therfore a total of 11.6Ghz, and the Dual core would equal 6.2Ghz. Could some explain to me how all of this works and which would be better for my situation?



A:Quad core vs Dual core

First, the quad-core has 4 2.9GHz processors equal to 4 2.9GHz processors. They are not accumulative. Don't mistake this.

The average Windows program is written for one processor. That program will use one processor, regardless of how many you have in your system. Windows is not like Linux. The operating system doesn't control processor use, the individual programs do.

WoW has been optimized for use with multiple processors. But it hasn't been written from the ground up to support them.

In WoW's case, you will see better performance on the dual-core listed than the quad-core, provided you are not doing anything else on the computer at the time.

In short, multiple processors optimize using multiple programs (that actually use the processor in the first place). They don't optimize the speed of a single process. Don't add up processors for speed. It doesn't work that way.


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is dual core with 1.6GHz faster than a single core of 3.2GHz

or are they equal

and is it possible from within windows to switch off the single core in dual core or more cores

A:dual core vs single core

Hello kf10,

CPU Frequency is often perceived as the (only) factor in cpu comparison, this is naive and wrong. Megahertz myth - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
We can't tell right away without seeing the detailed specifications of each, as there are more factors affecting the overall quality of a CPU, aside from the number of cores and the CPU Frequency. If both are Intel CPUs, you can have a detailed side-by-side comparison here.

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dual core 1.8, or single core 3.6?
i have 3.6ghz but i was wondering which is better? i understand that dual core is more efficient and can multi task. but if i was playing farcry 3 which is really heavy on the cpu, and the ram and gpu wasnt effecting the performance, then which would be better? i think 3.6 because farcry would be the only programme running. and even though the dual core has two cpus, would it be able to share the load between them? or does it have a limit of 1.8.

So, is dual core better for running lot of little tasks, and a single core better for running tougher tasks?
any other information regarding cpu speeds will be appreciated.

A:dual core 1.8, or single core 3.6?

Are you looking to upgrade your current rig ?

You should really get a quad core in at least the 3.4 GHz range.

Find out exactly what your MB will support, then go from there.

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i have an intel celeron D prossesor, and i dont know if the D stands for dual core like the pentium D. ive heard that it is dual core and that it isnt. so is it or not????

A:dual core or single core

jellofellow said:

i have an intel celeron D prossesor, and i dont know if the D stands for dual core like the pentium D. ive heard that it is dual core and that it isnt. so is it or not????Click to expand...

NO, celeron D = celeron Desktop, Pentium D = Pentium Dual, I have never seen a dual core celeron. I think the only reason that it has the D, is to stop cunfusion with their mobile Celeron M.

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I wouldn't say I am an extreme multitasker, but for an extra $10 I can upgrade to a third core. I was gonna order a new PC from a website and from what I thought, each core was combined to make a total speed. So a dual core 2.8ghz would be two 1.4ghz cores, and a triple core 2.8ghz would be three 0.9ghz cores?

I am most likely confused, but that's why I can here. XD

A:Dual core or triple core?

A dual core 2.8ghz would be two 2.8ghz cores, and a triple core 2.8ghz would be three 2.8ghz cores. if you have the extra $10 go for it.

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I'm new to building my own PC. I've taken a really bland class on Computer Architecture, so I know the basics of the basics.

I just guess I have a question that I'm begging to be answered. :dead:

So does anyone know if there's conflicts with the idea of Dual Core Proc. in a Dual Proc. Motherboard?

And of course, is it worth it?

A:Dual Core Processors in a Dual Processor Motherboard

No there will not be any conflict. If the motherboard has a BIOS that supports dual-core processsors, it will use both cores present on each processor.

READ: Opteron 285 review

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I want to get the "Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 Processor - 2.13GHz (2048KB L2 Cache) 1066MHz FSB CORE2DUO"

It says 2.13ghz. Is that per core? 2 x 2.13ghz = 4.26ghz total CPU power?

Simple question, simple answer. Thanks


A:Dual cores, whats is a 2.13ghz dual core?

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We need to install 2 pieces of GTX1070 cards in a z840. They can not be securely tighten in the chassis, the PCI retaining clips can not be closed properly. Any solution?

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I would like to upgrade my T7600 (Dual Quad-core Xeon E5-2603) to a dual eight-core. I'm eyeing a pair of Xeon E5-2648. Looking at the Intel comparison tool both seem to be similar in all features (except cores-threads of course). Is there anything else in the computer that could prevent the switch from working properly? Thanks a lot

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I'm wondering if it is possible or pratical to upgrade the Core i5 processor processor in my Inspiron 17R 7720 to a Core i7? The processor in my computer is a Core i5 [email protected] 2.5GHz; I am seeing multiple Core i7 3630QM SR0UX processors on Ebay for $100 or so. I am not worried about the mechanics of changing the processor, I am confident in my ability to swap one out. I just want to make sure the new processor will fit and work with my existing motherboard. If I do this will the BIOS automatically detect the new processor or are there some software hoops to jump through as well?

A:Upgrade Core i5 to Core i7 in Inspiron 17R 7720?

While the CPU will work, you won't see $100 worth of performance boost from the CPU -- if the system is running  a conventional hard drive, the $100 spent on a solid state drive to replace it will be far more bang for the buck.

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My processor is AMD Athalon(tm) 64x2 dual core processor 4600+ I have the opyion on the sidebar for the cpu usage gages and I notice that one does a heck of alot moer work than the other.I know its not much of a processor for gaming at 2.4Ghz but it will have to do untill $$ improves.I am wondering can I somehow push them to capacity so I might get better performance out of my games.Mind you I am not to woried about taking chances within reason I just upgraded to vista home premium from xp any ideas

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I just registered on this board, after learning a bit about dual channel memory from posts here. Didn't learn enough though...

First off, thanks for the scoop on why dual channel doesn't work with Athlon XP. I once had it in an ASUS board that was supposed to run dual channel. I could not tell the difference in performance when it booted up in dual channel mode vs single channel. (The BIOS displayed which it thought it was running on boot-up.)

I am now building up a system with a Pentium D (805) in a ECS P4M800Pro-M mobo. This is claimed to support Dual Core operation.

A couple of general questions...

1) Regarding Dual Core and Dual Channel Memory operation, are they totally independent...? Will both features work together, or can you just get one or the other (or neither) on this combo...? I see NO mention of dual channel memory in the mobo manual.

2) I plan to run Win 2000 on this machine. Does that support Dual core, Dual Channel, or both. Or are these modes totally independent of the operating system software...?

3) My understanding of Dual Core operation is minimal. I guess it means you could have one core running MS Word while the other runs MS Excel, or plays a game... Is this correct? If so, is the operator in any way aware of the machine operating in this mode, or have to do anything to make it operate in the dual core mode? Or is the operator totally unaware of the dual core operation, except for, hopefully, bet... Read more

A:Dual Channel memory & Dual Core P-805

Faster memory will work at a slwer speed, you can use both at the same time, and I think your Mobo supports Dual-Channel, but im not sure. You will notice the differance either way with more memory.

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Hello, i have just purchased an HP Pavilion G7 Notebook Laptop PC that is fitted with an i3-Core 2330M 2.2Ghz Processor. I would like to replace this with an Intel Core i5-2540M Laptop CPU Processor 2.6GHz 3M Cache SR044 that i have spare. Can someone tell me if this is a possible Upgrade please. I am running Windows 10 Pro 64-bit. I have already upgrade the memory by 4Gb to give me 8Gb in total of DDR3 So-dimm Memory. I am also using a 240Gb SSD Hard drive. Many thanks, Kenny Shaw 

A:Upgrade from an i3-core to an i5-core Processor

@kenny57singer To better help you we would need the exact model number or product number of your laptop/desktop??? REO

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hey all i am going to build a new pc soon so when windows vista comes out i will be all prepared (n plus my old pc is really crap )

neway i am a music producer and i do a lot of recording which takes up a hell lot of cpu. So obviously i want a really really fast computer and i was thinking of going amd 64 bit.

Anyway the main question i want to ask is shall i just build a pc with one amd 64 x2 2200 (dual core) or fit two amd athlon xp 4400 processors.

I been doing some research on the net n some people say that the dual core performs faster than dual processors (
n people from other forums say that dual processors r better so i am really confused atm

when i start to build my pc i will prob go for 2 dual processors (like the powermac quad processor) since i kno that will be btter than two athlon xp 4400 processors unless this is not a good idea then dont be afraid to tell me why



A:dual core vs dual processor

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My Dell Inspiron E1505 has an Intel 1.66 Ghz/2 Mb/667 Mhz (T1300) solo core CPU. Last week my computer stopped booting (you can read my post about it under Mobile Computing) and I believe the problem is either the CPU or MoBo. I may end up replacing both. So my question is do I need to replace the CPU with a solo core with same specs or can I upgrade to a dual core CPU? It seems that it is not that easy locating an Intel CPU with same specs and solo core. Also, can I up my processor and/or bus speed and if so will a higher CFM fan be needed? Would it be better to try a new CPU and then MoBo (if CPU is not the problem), MoBo and then CPU, or just purchase a new MoBo with CPU included?

A:Replacing a "solo" core with dual core?

What version of Windows are you running? If you are using Windows XP, be advised that most likely you have a single-CPU kernel installed, and that while it will *work* with a dual-core CPU, it will not give you access to both cores. You'll need to replace the kernel or do a repair/reinstall to get access to both.

I am not sure if this is true for Windows Vista.

Also note that you'll probably want to call Dell and find out what CPUs your motherboard supports.

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whats the differance between pentuim dual
and wich is the faster ?

A:Dual core 2.6 and I3 core 2.2 or I5 core 2.2?

No contest, any i3 or i5 will pretty much eat a Pentium D's breakfast, lunch and dinner regardless of clock speed.

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The notebook froze, wouldn't shut down, so I closed it. now it won't power up.

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Hi ... Please, give me an information. What is Lenovo Notebook Series With Intel Core i5 or i7, that work with Windows 7 32 bit ?And make sure than the drivers is working on it. Thx

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