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installing OSX on XPS12?

Q: installing OSX on XPS12?

Hi, does anyone know if it is possible to install OSX on the XPS12? Maybe dual boot?
I would like to know if anyone has successfully done this before I purchase.

A: installing OSX on XPS12?

There is no legal way to do this. Any installation of OS-X on non-Apple hardware is a violation of the Apple license agreement -- and discussion of violating license agreements here is also a violation of the terms of service of the Dell forums -- which can get you a warning (or banned).

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Laptop is stuck in " preparing automatic repair" and never completes  process . Unable to access recovery partition. Purchased Recovery USB key from Dell and booted to USB recovery key. Got the " Loading Files"  message  and then the Windows logo and the rotating circle   . It stays in that mode for hours with no change., Could someone please help. Had a session with Dell technical support but they had to issue a refund  after they could not solve the issue. Diagnostics came up  good.

A:Dell XPS12 Q23

Thank you for writing to us!
Selective boot up in BIOS
cmd( command prompt)  to open and check
bootrec /fixMBR
bootrec /Fixboot
bootrec /rebuildBCD
and also
chkdsk /r c:
chkdsk /r d:
chkdsk /r e:
chkdsk /r f:
then let repair go through again and should be stopped
kindly let us know if this help ,

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XPS 12 stays in sleep and will not power up.
Any suggestions?

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I MAY HAVE TO reinstall Windows unfortunately as I can't reclaim ownership of my C drive, though can access files on it. (Screenshot)- trying to find workround.
If I can't recover ownership and have to reinstall Windows (don't think Dell came with a Win8 b\ up disc), would I then have to pay to upgrade back to Win 10, now we're out of free period??

A:Reinstalling WIn 10 to DELL XPS12, supplied with Win 8 OEM

Thanks for prompt reply; Yes it's just Win 10.

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I need help. I have searched everywhere and have tried several things but my XPS12 screen freezes for a short time (5 to 10 secs typically) every few minutes.
I have:
- upgraded my Cypress touchpad software to latest as per Dell (
- reinstalled my mouse software (running Windows 10 Microsoft mouse software)
- disabled the touchpad palm rejection
Nothing has worked. This problem began after a Microsoft auto update on Jan 29, 2016 (KB3124262).
System is
XPS 12 9Q23
Windows 10 64 bit - up to date with all auto-updates
Cypress trackpad

A:XPS12 9Q23 Freezing Up for few seconds

Hi Marjimbo, 
Thanks for writing to us. 
Have you observed if its the system that freezes or only the display? 
Can you run an audio file and observe if the file plays when the display freezes, we will have a clear picture whether its the machine or just the display that freezes. 
If its just the display, how about on an external monitor? 
Please check in safemode as well . 
Have you tried updating video drivers ??
Simultaneously you can uninstall the windows update article that is causing the trouble and observe. 


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Sent my Dell XPS12 away under warranty having been led to believe Dell would replace the screen.
The monitor still has image retention problems & it turns out Dell didn't replace the screen !! They are now saying I'll have to pay for this as I'm now out of warranty. 
I'm extremely disappointed in the way they have handled my case - any suggestions ?
See emails below.

On 15 Jun 2016, at 09:30, [email protected]> wrote:

Good day, no worries I will create the service request in the system. Please be reminded that all the data on the unit will be deleted, physical damage not covered in the warranty and please don't include the accessories during the collection. The repair usually takes 10-15 days, but we will do our best to expedite the process for you.You will receive a call from UPS to confirm the schedule of the unit collection. To track the status of the repair you can visit our website at . You can also send me an email if you have question.
 Thank you and have a great day.
 Thank You for choosing Dell, 

Dell | Technical Support SpecialistFor inquiries regarding the status of your Service Request, simply reply back to this email

--- Original Message ---

On 8 Jun 2016, at 11:46, <[email protected]> wrote:

Good day, I checked the warranty of your device and it is still active. My advise is to send the unit in ... Read more

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Hi all, yesterday I tried to update my Dell XPS12 (9Q33 mid 2013) BIOS to the last version (A08). During the installation, the laptop remained stuck in "EC programming" at 50%..I waited two hours but nothing changed and my PC was unusable: completely blocked, no keyboard,no touch and even the windows clock was blocked. 
So, as I read in a lot of BIOS-related threads, I removed the AC adaptor and let it discharge completely..some users resolved with this workaround, and their PC's worked well after.
Unfortunately, my XPS12 doesn't want to power up anymore..I also tried to put the .hdr file of the BIOS in a USB stick and tried to power up with "end" button pressed. It powers up and the fans are working, but nothing happens then..Am I using the wrong procedure to repair the BIOS?

Thanks in advance,


A:Dell XPS12 messed up during BIOS update

Good day ,
To help me resolve this issue I would ask your assistance by performing these troubleshooting steps,
1)Remove all the peripheral components from the system .2)Disconnect the charger from the system ,battery from the system and perform the power drain test on the system .
3)Plug in the charger back and use F2 key to get into BIOS then use F9 key to reset the BIOS to default settings.
4)If you are unable to get to the BIOS page or if there are any concerns do reply to this post with the service tag of the system (sent via private message ) so that I can look into the specifications of the system to assist you better .
Awaiting your reply .
Have a great day ahead !
Kindest Regards ,

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Hi all,

a couple of days ago I was working on my Dell XPS 12 using only battery and then suddenly it went black. No way to restart it. Arrived at home, plugged into the socket and it was all ok, but it is only working with socket connected.
I noticed that battery now is always at 79% and not moving at all. I thought that I need a new battery but the weird think is that USB 3.0 that I used for charging smartphone, is now working only when the computer is running: even if socket is connect, with computer off, is now not anymore charging.
I am in the doubt that the problem is not the battery but something more serious, obviously I do not want to buy a £85 new battery to test it.. Any help is appreciated. Thank you much.
Best regards,


A:Battery not charging above 79% Dell XPS12 9Q23

Thank you for writing to us!
Kindly try the following steps:
1- Run diagnostics on the system to check for hardware error(if any)
2- check AC adapter type in BIOS 
3- Update chipset and USB 3.0 drivers
4- Set the battery charging to standard
5- Battery health in BIOS 
Also check if you have know good adapter .
Kindly private message the service tag and email address.

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Does this pen 750-AAMI work with the Dell XPS12-9Q33?

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When accessing the Windows 8 Advanced Startup Options (ASO), I am expecting to see a menu option called Troubleshoot – see screenshot (from Microsoft).

..but when I access this screen on my brand new Windows 8 XPS12, the Troubleshoot menu item is not displayed – see screenshot.

This is contrary to standard Windows 8 functionality.
I would be grateful for any advice on getting access to the Troubleshoot menu of Windows 8 ASO. Thanks!

A:Troubleshoot option missing from Windows 8 Advanced Startup Options (ASO) on XPS12

Hi David,
I appreciate your efforts for providing the screenshots of Windows 8 Advanced Startup Options. Please follow the steps that I have provided below to start the computer again with Advanced Startup Options and check if the “Troubleshoot” icon appears:
1. On the Windows 8 Desktop, open the Charms Bar by moving the mouse pointer to the top right corner of the screen.2. Click on “Settings” and the click on the “Power” icon.3. Hold down the “Shift Key” and click “Restart”.4. Windows 8 will load the Advanced Startup Options.
Please let me know if the “Troubleshoot” icon appears.

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How do I installing something during the Windows Setup Menu's Installing features and Installing updates? John

A:Installing Updates and Installing features part of windows setup menu

Please correct your sentence. It is not readable.

How do you do what during that phase of install? You don't need to do anything except wait.

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I've had a few problems with my hard drive & it is being exchanged by the manufactuer. I have backed the hard drive using the back up facility in sytsem tools windows 2000. I have backed it up to another PC I have on a peer to peer network.
My question is this. After formating the new hard drive will I have to install the O/S or just restore the backed up file. I should mention that I did a "back up everything on my computer" back up & I'm unsure if that would back up the O/S as well.
Anyway do i just restore or load the O/S then restore.
Many thanks in anticipation.

A:advice needed for installing back up files after installing a new hard drive

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To give you some back story, I built my computer the end of August 2012. Ran Smoothly. I decided to get a 60 gig SSD to be the partition that stored Windows. I didnt have much stored on the Main HD so I deleted my original 2TB HD and tried installing on the SSD... found that the SSD was bad and sent it back. Decided just to stick with the 2TB HD. Had some issues installing windows back onto the HD as it would just hang up. Finally managed to get windows installed, had some "Not genuine" issues but that resolved after multiple restarts. That brings me to where I am at today and I feel as though the system has been getting worse. I would normally be fine with just a clean install but with all the issues I had with that initially I am very skeptical of trying it again. I have 5 important updates and 7 optional updates all of which do not install. The Installer just sits on Downloading updates and I have left it overnight with still no result. I am not sure if this is even my main issue but I am beyond the point of figuring it out myself so any help would be appreciated

I downloaded the System Readiness Tool and it Ran. I tried running the sfc /scannow in Admin cmd prompt mode and get a "Windows Resource Protection could not perform the requested operation" I attached my CBS file. Any help you could give or guidance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

A:Windows Updates Not Installing : Error Unknown (Sits on Installing)

Hello and welcome Faticus just as matter of interest why did you give up on the SSD? was not it under warranty?

That is heck of a drive to be installing on mate just how did you prepare it for the install?

You can run a chkdsk in Windows too > My Computer > right click on the drive > Properties > Tools > Check now - then follow the points in my pic.
You then reboot and it will start a chkdsk (in DOS).

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Ok I have the Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3 motherboard. I am trying to figure out how to put it in the case. I have the processor in and its ready to go in the case. I am just not sure how to put it in. In the directions it says “Remove the I/O plate from the back of the case and replace it with provided motherboard I/O plate.”. What does that mean? What’s an I/O plate? The problem I am running into is the case has like 50 holes in it to put those gold screw things that space the motherboard off the case. Well I am not sure what holes to use. There are like 10 different holes on the motherboard. Are they all for screws? I noticed there are two type of holes. Just normal holes then there are holes with 8 golden metal circles around them. I was not sure if they were for screws. Here is what I am talking about:

Also the manual for my motherboard said it has the ability to support dual channel technology. What is dual channel technology? It said it doubles the bandwidth of the memory speed or something like that. Anyway I have two gigs of Corsair XMX2 memory. The manual said I need to put the memory in the same color channels for the dual channel to work. So I put the two sticks of memory in the same colored slots not the slots grouped together right? Does it mater if I choose the red or yellow ones?

A:Need help installing mobo into case and installing RAM for dual channel config.

Attached is a picture and description of how to remove and install the I/O shield.

The screws that secure the motherboard to the chassis go through the holes with the metal circles around them.

The "gold screw things" you are speaking of are the motherboard standoffs. You install the standoffs in the case to align with the holes with the metal circles around them. MAKE SURE that you only have installed the number of standoffs for the holes on the motherboard. If you leave an extra standoff installed it can cause a short circuit in the motherboard.

For dual channel memory install one stick of memory in each of the YELLOW DIMMs.
Push the white clips on the DIMMs into the open position (in the photograph you attached they are in the closed position). Insert a stick of memory in the DIMM slot making sure it is aligned. Then with your thumbs push down firmly on each end of the memory stick until it is firmly seated and the white clips close by themselves to lock the memory in place. If the memory is installed correctly, you should not have to move the white locking clips manually. Again, they should "pop in" and lock themselves.

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Windows updates keeps installing/reinstalling the same update over and over again. I looked in my update history and it shows that they are installed successfully every time. What should I do and is this using space on my laptop by re-installing over and over again?

A:Solved: Windows updates keeps installing/re-installing the same update over and over

It is not using any space. Right-click the ones you already have and hide them so they don't come back.

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I have an HP 5500 series printer and ever since I installed Adobe Professional 7.0 the software keeps installing itself over and over and I can't get it to stop. I have tried uninstalling Adobe and reinstalling and it does the same thing. Anyone ever heard of this? Any advice is greatly appreciated, and I'm a newbie here so I hope I have posted correctly. Thanks!!!

A:HP Printer software keeps re-installing by itself after installing Adobe Prof. 7.0

Click Start - Run, type in MSCONFIG, then click OK - Startup(tab).

Look for entries that start with hpz, similar to what you see here.

Uncheck those entries, click Apply - OK, then reboot.

See if that helps.

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Yeah, I have a friend who just replaced her hard drive. She had a friend come over and he installed an XP cd he got from the university he works at. Anyway I guess he installed all the drivers and updates onto the computer. However when she tried to install her webcam driver it comes up with an error message saying error installing IKernel.exe. She can't get it past that error to install the driver. So I did some research on the net. Came across a page that said to delete the C:\Program Files\Common Files\InstallShield\engine. However when I showed her how to get to that InstallShield folder there wasn't one to be found. I found that very interesting. Why would XP have installed that with the cd the dude used? Weird. Anyway I heard her download and install an InstallShield version that I am not sure if it is the right version. Anyway it is on there. I had her try the webcam driver again. Still same error. I am guessing there is no IKernel.exe on her computer. Should I have her download the IkernelUpdate.exe that is also on that page? If not what else can I have her try? She doesn't have a Windows XP to extract files from. Thanks.

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Hello there,
I recently swapped out my HD 6450 for a GTX 460 and after about two days I noticed my windows had done a auto-update and rebooting itself and was at my login prompt and my USB keyboard and mouse suddenly were not working at all the keyboard had no lights on either. I then proceeded to reboot the computer when I did this I suddenly had no signal coming from my video card. The card was still running its fan and everything else on the motherboard was running as well but no video.

I then thought it might be a video card problem so I re-installed the HD 6450 and it seems to be doing the same thing.... I have been researching every thing I can possibly find on how to fix this issue however nothing seems to work and im almost thinking the PCI-E slot may be dead however the HD6450 runs its fan directly from the mobo through the slot and when I power the computer up with that card in it the fan spins like normal.

Things I have tried so far...

1. Ensured everything was seated properly and all cords were in the proper places.

2. Reseated / Cleaned any dust off my RAM , HDD , Proccessor , all PSU cords going to mobo as well as USB cords. As well as did a mobo test by removing the RAM and booting to see if it beeped and it did ( with the RAM in place its giving me 1 short beep but thats been like that for a long time ).

3. Reset my BIOS by removing the CMOS battery for abit as well as doing the jumper reset on my mobo.

4. Ensured the BIOS had not switched to onboard som... Read more

A:No signal to monitor after installing new video card or re-installing old one . . .

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EDIT: I just realized i posted this in the wrong category.. sorry :/


I hope you guys can give me a hand now cause i'm all out of ideas!

I re-formated my sisters computer yesterday, and after installing it i had no internet. As i hadn't installed any drivers yet, i understood that. But after heading over to dell's site, downloading all of the drivers for her computer and then installing them, i STILL do not have any internet.

I don't see any connections on the computer either, it's just blank!

Here's a screenshot.

Her computer model:
Dell OptiPlex 170L.

And the drivers for her computer can be found right here.

I installed all Chipset, Video, Audio and Network drivers. Have i missed out on anything important?

Any ideas what's wrong here?

Thanks in advance,

A:No internet after re-installing Windows XP and installing drivers?

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yesterday I got annoyed by win 8 on my Samsung NP900X3D and I started to instal windows as I normaly used to do on my older laptop...and here the problems started:
- as the ultrabook doesn`t have a optical unit I must use an bootable USB
- I delete and redo the partition with the previous windows 8
- at first i got an GPT installin error when I tried to install the win 7. afterwards I started to serch on internet about this error and what it means and then I found about UEFI installing mode issues
- now, I did disabled the Fast Boot from BIOS and also made the USB as a primary boot device and disabled the SSD as a bootable device
- next, I started to install the windows but something weird happened: the win booted normaly and then is the first step with "windows is loading files" and then the "windows is starting" and at that point the process freezed ....

I don`t know what to do next! I followed these UEFI Bootable USB Flash Drive - Create in Windows to make the USB bootable.

Please give me a bit of help.


A:installing error on SAMSUNG NP900X3D - USB installing

Welcome to EightForums.

1) did you do step 11 in
UEFI Bootable USB Flash Drive - Create in Windows

2) Are you booting the USB drive in UEFI mode?

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I have 7 Ultimate right now, I want to install XP through VirtualBox, which is all well and fine, I know how to do that. But my question is; can I install programs that will be using XP?

Say I give the virtual OS like 30gb of space, around 2gb of RAM, then while running XP in VirtualBox, can I then install programs that will be running with XP?


A:Installing XP with VirtualBox, Then Installing Programs to Virtual OS?

Absolutely! You install programs to the virtual machine the same way you would on a physical machine. The virtual machine will be able to access the DVD drive, USB drives, internet, network shares, etc... to be able to install software the same as with a physical machine.

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I have just ordered parts for a new PC.
Things I know that have drivers to install at some point:
OCZ Revodrive 3 (superfast ssd connected to a PCIe slot)
Asus P8Z68-V LX motherboard
Intel i5 2500K

I am sure that the ssd needs it's drivers installed when windows is being installed.

I'm not sure if the wireless mouse has drivers or not, its a Xenta.


A:Solved: What drivers need installing when windows 7 is installing?

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Hi all,
I had some trouble with my laptop and I had to install XP home again and format my computer. Everything went well until after the preparing installation bullet. While going to the installing windows bullet now, I get a message with serveral files cannot copy, so I click browse from my windows XP cd which is D:\ but nothing happens, I can cancel that file from being copied but window after window pops up in the same manner with the same message. Can anyone please inform me on how to fix this situation.

My thanks in advance to all.

A:Re-installing XP trouble during installing & coping.

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i installed FF prtable onto a flash drive, but now, whenever i try opening firefox on my desktop, it got this error saying another one had to finish installing, and that i should restarted. restarted 2 times, each time trying, each time getting new error. then i tryed uninstalling firefox and reinstalling, and when i reinstall i get this error:

Error opening file for writing: \r\n\r\nxpicleanup.exe/r/n/r/nClick Retry to try again, or\r\n cancel to stop instillation.

any ideas?

A:problem installing after installing FF portable


Which version is it?
Which platform? Vista Home Premium?

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When i tryed installing a new dvd rom on my computer, it installs drivers for a cd rom instead.
And when i try to play a dvd r it won't, it will only play cdr's.
Can anybody help?


A:Solved: When installing my dvd rom, the computer says installing cd rom Why?

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ok...after installing cs3 on laptop none of the applications will even open up..except for photoshop in which i just get a grey screen and while waiting for something to happen in that one it says "program not responding". so i am in the process of uninstalling(for over 5 hours now)in hopes that re-installing will solve it.
can anyone offer any hope here, how long should it take to uninstall and when i re-install it if it still doesn't work what steps should i take.
i know the basics but am not overly computer getting frustrated with not being able to use the program.
thanks ahead of time!

A:installing and re-installing cs3 on vista

Start by closing CS3 if it's already open. Locate the shortcut icon used to launch Adobe Illustrator CS3. Right-click on the shortcut icon and choose "Properties". Click on the "Compatibility" tab. Under the "Compatibility mode" section, enable the option called "Run this program in compatibility mode for:". From the drop-down menu choose Windows XP. Click on "OK" to save your settings and continue.

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i have installed from that setup previously

A:Avg 9 is not installing after installing windows xp

Hello buddy,

Wrong forums! But we will try to help you. Are you sure AVG 9 is compatible with XP?

I must inform you that there have been many recorded incidents where AVG causes problems. Even on my own machine, AVG 9 developed a massive memory leak. Could I recommend Microsoft Security Essentials instead?

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I purchased 2 compaq Deskpro EN P550's w/10GB drive CD ROM and ethernet card. The OS had been stripped from the systems. I was able to install XP Professional on the first without difficulty. On the 2nd, I removed the 10GB and put in a WD 120 GB drive and a Mad Dog CD RW DVD ROM drive. The computer recognizes the installation CD for the WD HD and formats it.

However, whenever I put XP install disk in or the Mad dog disk. Nothing happens. XP won't install nor are other CD's recognized.

How do I resolved this problem? By the way, I have no recovery disks as there was no OS at the time of purchase.

A:Trouble installing XP after installing WD 120 GB

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how would i go about this.
I have prepared:

A folder containing the SP3 Install Files
BIOS set to boot from USB

ive searched the net, and i find ones for SP2, and the method doesnt work the same for sp3

A:Installing SP3 From a USB


Why do you want to boot and install SP3? I believe you can just boot normally into windows and install SP3. Even better, just use Windows update and it'll do all the messy stuff for you.

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So I've decided I want to try reinstall Windows in 64 bit.
Now the problem is - my Windows 7 is an OEM disk, and it only contains the 32 bit version. Would I be able to download a 64 bit disk, and install that with my cd key?
(Which, if it matters, I had a Vista key, but I had the Windows 7 free upgrade promotion so I got a W7 upgrade key from that)

Additionally, the Windows 7 disk is an upgrade disk

(actually, my Vista disk was 32 bit OEM, and the W7 upgrade disk I think must've been shipped from Microsoft so I don't know if it counts as an OEM disk, but it looks like one and thus I'm pretty sure it only has 32 bit)

Also, should I dual boot the 64/32 bit or reinstall completely?

A:Installing 64 bit from 32 bit OEM

I would switch over completely, as for doing so, do not use it as an upgrade disc install windows 7 standalone, this can be done so long as you vista key is still available.
Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version

as to my knowledge assuming your system supports 64 bit instructions (dependent on cpu but most made since about 2005 do support 64 bit instructions) a key is good for either 32 or 64 bit.

I have been using full copies of windows 7 though so you may want to wait for someone with direct experience with the upgrade version to chime in before proceeding.
Either way I suggest the clean install method as using the upgrade method tends to lead to a less stable and slower system.

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Status QuoI have Win 7 installed and working (built from the Dell OEM DVD - Home Edtion 64 bit).
I have all the 80 + updates/patches downlaoded and installed
Everything is working good.
My main partition is Drive C (system/boot/active) and I have an image backup of it stored on another drive
My data partition is Drive D and I have file backups for it on another drive
IssuesALL IS GOOD EXCEPT on restarts , I get chkdsk / drive consistency problems.
I am currently trying the tips suggested here,
In the event I cannot clear out the errors, I may need to reformat
Question - Which, if any, of the two options should I go with.
1) Boot from Win 7 OEM DVD
2) Select Custom/Advanced/Format
3) Let Win 7 format the drive and install clean.
4) BUT THEN blow away the WIn 7 version and recover Win 7 SP1 from the image backup


1) Boot from WIn 7 OEM DVD (same as Option 1)
2) Select Custom/Advanced/Format (same as Option 1)
3) Let Win 7 format the drive and install clean. (same as Option 1)
4) AND THEN continue from there ,ie start all over again to reload all the windows updates.
Hope this make sense


A:Re-installing Win 7

Did you run the hard drive manufacturer's diagnostic tool?

Check the hard drive with the manufacturer's diagnostic tools.
Hard Drive Diagnostics Tools and Utilities (Storage) - TACKtech Corp.
HD Diagnostic

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I was about to install my new CD-RW now i open the case

but i have 2HD's 1-CDROM now can i install this CD-RW &

use 1 IDE CABLE say from CDROM to CD-RW you know like when

you use 2HD's the CD-RW will be the Slave now when i opened

the case my power box is installed to my 2HD's my CDROM &

Floppy but i do not see a power cable for my CD-RW or will

the one from the CDROM work for Both of them or is there

something i need to buy to get this to work

now i am on Win98 & the CD-RW is a QUE or QPS it's

24X/10X/40X Internal CD-RW Drive IDE/ATAPI


A:Installing CD-RW

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Help Please I Have A Compaq And I Bought A Mfc685cw All In One Brother I Am Having A Problem When It Reads New Software Found And It SearchES FOR THE USB An Error Message Says That Cannot Install Hardware There Might Be A PROBLEM With My Hardware. I Called Everyone And Searched But My Pc Did Not Come With A Disk And In Device Manager There Is A Yellow Question Mark By The USB Device. If I Cant Install ThIs Machine Can You Recommend One With The Handset At Around A $200.00 Range?

Thank You So Much For Your Help!!!!!

A:Installing Usb.inf

Open the Control Panel > Folder Options > View and check "show hidden files and folders".

Now the directory c:\windows\INF should be viewable.

You say you have a problem with "USB.inf"

See if it is present and accounted for in that folder.

Other USB files that should be in that directory are usbstor.inf, usbprint.inf

There is a copy of USB.inf in this attachment link, just download and unzip it and copy it to the INF folder if you need it.

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when i try to install winXP home edition i get this error after the 1st restart, 1768 d:\base\boot\setup\ardisp.c.

does anyone know what this means?

AMD 1.3Athlon, 256DDR, K7S5A (mother board).

A:installing XP

I had a major systems crash on my machine, it rebooted on its own accord then blue screens starting popping up on restarts etc etc. Anyway I repartionted and formatted my Hard drives.

Now I get the same error when i go to install XP. I have tried booting from the CD and using \I386\winnt method.

Did you ever find a solution?

P.S. I'd install 98 or ME but for some reason they wont copy the initial setup files, just put me back to a DOS prompt after running setups from a ME boot disk.

Error Msg: "An unexpected error (258363000) occured at line 1768 d:\xpclient\base\boot\setup\arcdisp.c."

I am running Asus A7M266, Athlon 1.33Ghz, 256 DDR PC2100 (1 Stick), Geforce 2 GTS 64mb, 2 Western Digital HD's (20&80GB).

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Have Dell dimension E521 have trouble insatlling, please advise. I am working from a laptop at this time.

A:Re installing XP

We could use a lot more information, then the sparse cryptic few words you have typed.
What are you having trouble installing? the Windows OS? Or some software? Why do you need to install? Do you have a Dell Restore Disc, a Recovery Partition, or do you have a Retail XP CD?
What error message are you seeing? What are the symptoms? Have you tried pressing F12 at bootup and running the Dell Diagnostics?
The more information you put in your question, the better the answer will be.

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Downgrade 7 to XP
Hello everybody,I have win7 sp1 but I'm not quite satisfied by it ,so I want to install Win XP .
But It keeps appearing this message:
It doesn't dected hard drive s to blah blah blah
And When I press f6 to install drivers,it does not do a thing...

A:Help installing Win XP...

You will need to find a SATA HDD controller driver for the XP first stage installer for your computer's specific motherboard. There is a very good chance that no such driver exists, and you will not be able to install XP.

Most computers made within the last 4-5 years simply do not have the necessary drivers to make Windows XP work. So your only real option is to go the other direction and upgrade to Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate where you gain access to the XP Mode feature which lets you run XP in a VM. It will not be the same sort of experience, but that is about the only option available to you.

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Is it possible to install Win Xp Pro onto an external hard drive ?? If so, please send me the instructions on how to do this.

Yes My XPS can boot form an external drive

A:Installing Win XP Pro

It might be possible, but it would be butt ugly slow . . which is why no one has tried it I'd bet.

On second thought, it's is not likely to be possible , , the installation would be "blind" to usb devices in the early stages of the installation

Why would you want to??

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On a Dell Vostro 1000 (actually 2 of them,) I am attempting to upgrade windows media player to ver11. I am running xp. The file is coming from Upon installing, I get the following error message: Error creating process <C:\DOCUME~1\DELL~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\IXP000.Tmp\Setup_wm.exe/P:C:\Documents and Settings\DELL#1\Desktop\wmp11-windowsxp-x64-enu.exe. Reason: the system cannot find the path specified.
Any suggestions are appreciated.

A:WMP-11 not installing

Might hold some answers

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I did a search for SSD and there was nothing. Anyway I have a 120GB Sandisk drive that I want to install on my Win7 PC. Since the drive is only 120GB I will not be able to store my data and all of my programs on it. I want to use the SSD as my boot system drive and for few programs and games. I want all of my data like documents, music, pictures, etc on my 1TB hard drive. I will be doing a fresh install of Win7. How can I make Win7 use the 1TB hard drive as the default drive for my data? I very much appreciate any assistance.

My system

CPU - Intel i5 2500K (OC'd to 4.5GHz)
Motherboard - ASUS P8P67 Pro
Graphic card - EVGA, GeFore 460 SE
Memory - ADATA XPG DDR3 1600 2x4GB
Hard drive - Seagate 1TB
External HD - Western Digital My Book 1TB
Optical drive - LG Blu-ray disc rewriter
Case - Antec 300
Power - Antec Truepower Trio 650w
Cooler - Cooler Master 212+
Windows 7 64 bit

A:Installing a SSD

Have a look at this tutorial: SSD - Install and Transfer the Operating System

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Been trying to re-install and system as been hanging at the below for a while,
is this norrmal??

"Searching for previous versions of Microsoft Windows"


A:Re-Installing XP SP2

Is the 'old' system still functioning?

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I have been wrestling with this beast for several weeks. Upgrading from ME to XP Home. First, I's the dreaded error 3e6H. I read MS's solution, the clean boot. Didn't help. The problem is inconsistant, though. I have run setup all the way through the analysing stage, but when it reboots,after an inordinately long time, the rboot fails, by which I mean that the system gets to the point where it says, "Checking DMI Pool" (or something much like), then hangs. At this point, I have to boot off a ME floppy, and sys the c drive. This allows me to boot, but setup never resumes.

My Specs...
MB=Abit BX-6; PII 450mz
512 mg ram
C: is 42 gbl D: is 12 Gb, both Maxtor
E: Teac CDRW; F: Ricoh DVD/CDRW
3D Prophet GeoForce 256 w/32 mg
Creative AWE 64
Avermedia TV Tuner
Ethernet Card (on Llinksys network router with cable connection. other peer is a Sony Vaio also running ME)

Stuff I've tried...Clean Boot using msconfig, with variations like loading or unloading the network servers to allow for dynamic update, Copying the !386 directory to c: and running WINNT. This almost works also, but same thing...won't boot, I have to sys the c: drive, then it boots into ME without continuing setup. Unloading Norton 2002 Systemworks and Antivirus, both through Norton itself and MS config. I even uninstalled it. Not the problem it seems. I have reinstalled ME, then tried the upgrade.I really want to run the upgrade instead of the full install to keep all my software and ... Read more

A:Installing XP; Why Can't I?

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I just bought 1 36.4 GB SATA 10k RPM HD, and a 74GB HD of same specs. I originally wanted to install them under a RAID 0 config, but I am not big on the fault issues and chance to lose data.

So, I was going to install my smaller HD as one for the OS and key files, and use the 2nd HD to install my most used programs (mostly games) and data.

First, with both of these HD's being new and clean, how should I go about installing them? I have installed single IDE HD's before. I just am not sure about using 2 HD's. My MB does have two SATA ports so I will not be piggy backing any connections on the MB. I know just enough about jumpers to do something stupid too.

On a side note, is it possible for me to have my OS on 1 HD, and put programs on the second HD? If so, is that a good idea for performance and stability? Or is it better to keep the programs and OS together on 1 HD?

Any help is greatly appreciated. And I do know more than I may make it sound-I am just trying to learn from the past when I have made mistakes and wished I had asked someone first.

Basically, if you had these 2 HD's, what setup would you do, and how would you go about installing them?

A:Installing 2 HD's

To install two hard drives on a system all you have to do is look on the top of the drives and see how the jumpers work. It will show you in a picture where to put the jumpers. Just set one to Master and one to Slave.

I would personally install the OS on one drive and then use the other drive to put programs on. To do this just install the OS like normal and when ever you install programs like tell it to install on drive E instead of C

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I want to install XP over 98 second edition. However, I bought the CD second hand. I am leary about the cd key, something about if it did not work and installing the XP. I want to test the key before i mess things up. does anyone know if this is possable? Will XP install, then ask me for the key, or do I need the key to make the XP start? (original CD, and key) He said that he used it already, but dont have it installed on his pc anymore.. Any kind of information on this would be extreamly helpfull.

Thanks Thomas'

A:installing XP

Well. it step #22 of 38 steps when you get asked for the Product ID so I would think you have pretty well hosed the old system beyond recovery.

It sounds like you'll be taking a leap of faith.

Here is a step by step with pictures so you'll know what to expect when running the install:

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I am a newbie here, I hope I put this post in the right place, I have a Dell Dimension 3000 and I am trying to install a 2nd HD, the 2nd drive has no OS on it, it just for extra space and for back-up, I have had a friend install a 2nd drive on other computer so I kindof know what to do, but not really sure. Any help would be great, thanks

A:Installing a 2nd HD

first check an see if your existing hard drive is using master or Cable Select. if master then set your 2nd drive as slave. once windows boots go to administrative tools\computer management\disk management ( assuming you are using XP) and there you can partition and format the drive.

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I need help with trying to re-format XP so I can start fresh. When I try to boot from the CD, it just starts normally. When I click in my computer to launch the CD, the Cd launches, I hit Install XP but it gives me an error that says 'There is a newer version of XP on your computer...If you
delete the files associated with this new version, you cannot recover them.' That's fine - No problem with that at all
- how do I uninstall what I have now?
- What file am I looking for?
- Have tried going into the BIOS and switching those around
- looked for folder /i386 but couldn't find anything
- Saw somewhere where to install without cd you go to /i386 folder and execute something like winnt.exe or win32.exe but couldn't find anything like that
Thank you

A:Help re-installing XP

Hi and Welcome to TSF!

Are you sure your booting from your CD? You need to press F8 as the computer is starting to change the boot order to the CD.

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I used the .edu promo to get a copy of windows 7 pro 64 bit

I have windows vista 32 bit atm, and I need to know how to install...

any pointers... I have the files -, and Win7-P-Retail-en-us-x64.exe

I'm totally stuck...

A:Need help installing win 7 pro 64 bit...

Hello Adgower, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You can use the tutorial below to create a ISO file from this to burn to a DVD, then use the DVD to install Windows 7 with.

Make bootable iso from student d/l

Hope this helps,

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Ok..iam new to this installing your own hardware stuff...always had a good buddy to help me out and i was spoiled. now they moved away so i am having to dive in. I'll start with the easy question first. I got a new Sony cd rom to replace my old it really as easy as pulling the old one and pluging the new one in like everyone keeps telling me? I purchased the new one at a computer show and there is no manual or installation disks or anything. Will it just plug and play? Ok...just give me some moral support to start.

A:installing new cd rom

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Hello guyz

I am using windows XP. I want to install windows 98 how can I do this.
I have installed 98 and XP at a time but first 98 and then XP. But this time I have windows XP and I want to install 98.

Please Help me Guyz.

A:Installing OS HELP

You need 98 to be on the first part (or partition) of the drive, so you must format the drive and re-crete the partitions, first installing 98, then XP for it to work.

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1. Will my bookmarks/favorites be save after I install and uninstall IE9?

2. I want to download the IE9 x64, will this x64 version of Flash player work: Download Flash Player "Square" Beta Preview Release - Adobe Labs ?

A:Before installing IE9.

I just d/l IE9
Favorites will be saved'
It is alwas good to save your favs on a finger drive, however. Go to file, and then export

You will automatcially get 32 bit and 64 bit. Use the 32 bit for everday its much better.

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I have an asus s500ca ultrabook it has a 24gb ssd which is being used as a cache drive and a 500gb HDD which has windows installed on it. If I wipe out the 500gb hdd and re-install windows 8.1 on it and leave the 24gb drive alone will it still act like a cache drive?


A:Installing 8.1 help.

Not by default.

Although you could. Why do you want to reinstall?

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Where to begin...I had a user call me yesterday about problems with loading a patch but she was confusing me so I SMS'd into her machine so I could see what was going on.

I logged on as myself since I have admin rights, pushed the message saying she had to load "TCNO blah blah blah" out of the way. The TCNO (a patch) was saying that she wouldn't be able to log onto the network untill she updated to IE 5.5. I checked her version and sure enough it said 5.0.

Well, we use 6.0 on our network; it is actually the only version we have on our shared drive to load (we are not allowed to load anything off of websites unless it's drivers for hardware). I went to load it and got an error saying that the program was already loading on the machine and to reboot and try again. I went to task manager and nothing was loading (why would it have been anyways). I rebooted, had the user log on and low and behold she got the same message.

Next step was to go to Add and Remove Programs and of course IE is not in there but we do have some updates for IE located there which I deleated. I rebooted and that did nothing. I could still surf sites even outside of her casch memory (went to random news sites, ect.). I still got the error when trying to load 6.0.

Then I tried deleating it from the registry. When I rebooted from that the folder was still there and nothing had changed. I think what the deal with that is that it is a folder in the registry that i... Read more

A:Un-Installing IE

Try to burn the IE 6 install program onto a CD. Then disconnect that secretary's PC from the network and see first if you can do a repair of the existing IE (thru Control panel/Add-remove Windows components). If that worked, install IE6 from CD.
Reconnect to your network.

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I installed a cd-rw to a gateway AMD Athlon series runnig windows ME. System will not boot.

A:installing cd-rw

Double check the jumpers, you can only have one master and one slave on each cable.

Make sure you have the red stripe on the cable to pin 1 of motherboard and drive.

Enter bios, enable ide channel that the drive has been connected too.

Sounds like you either have the cable or jumper wrong.

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Hi there,
My computer is running really slow because of all the junk that has been installed, then deleted, but not uninstalled. When I start up, it takes about 10 minutes before I can use the computer, because of all the background tasks. I am running windows xp, but have a lot of programs which I use, which have been installed after most of the junk, so a restore point is useless. I am thinking of reinstalling & starting from scratch, but don't want to buy the software on-line again, or have to setup all the other users passwords & Internet settings, etc... Does anyone know of the best way to clear all the junk, & speed up my computer?



First download Spybot and Adware, update both of those before using. Defrag your hardrive, go to the control panel and select performance and maitnenence and select free
up diskspace on drive. Also try to see if you can uninstall some of those programs by using add/remove programs. Also don't have so many things running in the background. If they are not necessary at the moment then don't have running at bootup. Also download Hijack This and post the results on here and somebody will check it out for you. Make sure that it is the version 1.98.



Hijack This

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3 month old system, came with windows XP home. Was OK, but been developing too many glitches, not solved permanently by system restore. All other efforts have failed - simple tweaks and software uninstalls.
Got a rescue disc with XP home on, gives a choice of upgrading or clean install.
Am I likely to cure my problems by reinstalling? If so, should I go for a clean install (and lose all personal files and info) or upgrade
(saving info and settings)?

Any help/advice/suggestions welcomed.

A:Re-installing xp?

Hi There and Welcome to TSG...

If you have an actual Operating System CD, try booting to it and it should give you an option to "Repair" the current installation.

If not, then backup what you can and run the full restore. Any version of Windows runs best if installed cleanly.

The way that you describe it, it sounds like your drive got a bad "NetSlam" when they imaged the drive.

Good luck!

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I am installin Xp and i get an error on the first restart, The XP loading screen comes up then a blue screen with this in


A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer


Theres some text here but I couldnt be bothered to write it all down, it said something about hardware and changing shadow and cache on bios settings

Tech info

*** STOP: 0X000000 (0x000003A. 0x0000002, 0x00000000, 0c00000000)

Ive tried a upgrade (prefered) and a clean install ive downloaded the update at the beggining and have done a install without it, and help would be appreciated

A:Installing XP

i hate it when ppl cant install windows and i have to tell em

here is goes:

1.restart your computer "del" to enter bios setup change it to boot from cd not floppy
3.restart again enter
5.celete the partition you want to install winxp onto enter
6.restart "del" change it back to boot from cd
9.install windows
10.install your mother board drivers
11.install your graphics card drivers
12.install other software
13.setup ur internet
14.update win messenger
15.your done

good luck

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I had installed Windows 7 on an old Hitachi 80GB HDD.

Now i need to put this HDD in an old computer which wnt support Win7, so i tried installing XP on it but after copying files the system reebots & either-
1 :-the setup either gets stuck at the 39 min screen
2 :-the system restarts and gets stuck in the same loop

I tried installing Win7 again and it works fine.

I Face the same problem with different XP CD's and i also tried installing XP on a fresh 500 GB Seagate Baracuda but I get the same error now i'm using Win7 on the 500 GB Disk.

Can it be the RAM Please help as i need to make the old computer working soon.

A:Xp not Installing

What is the make and model of the computer are you sure the disc is not damaged

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It's called RK Launcher. It comes as a .ZIP with a few files, and I have no idea how I would use this. Any assistance? I've looked all around the internet, and I couldn't find anything. Thanks

A:How would I go around installing this app?

I believe you simply run the .exe file.

When I ran it, a new "toolbar" popped up.

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Well, I have Vista on USB and I don't know how to format the computer and install this from USB how can I do this ?

A:Installing OS USB

How did you get Vista on USB?

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HI just need help for my computer... I have 32 bits sony vaio mini laptop.... last monday i reformat my laptop and install my new window 7 OS.. the set up is already starting.... then my friend accidentally pull the charger so my installation has been stop... when i turn on as normal my computer says i should restart my computer to start the set again ..then i clik ok after that my computer says the computer restartes unexpectedly... and i should restart it over and over again.. i tried the safe mode but i cannot continue my set up to safe mode.... i tried last know configuration but it not help me to fix... pls i need help what should i do????

A:installing OS

Hello aels, welcome to Seven Forums!

It would be best to do a complete wipe of the PC Hard Disk Drive and then start the installation process again, have a look at Step One of the Optimize tutorial below and be sure to post back with any further questions you may have and to keep us informed.

After you have copied out or made back-ups of the data you need to save to external media, then boot the Windows 7 installation media to use Step One of this tutorial at the first link below to do a wipe secure erase to the entire Hard Disk Drive / Solid State Drive.

Whether you use diskpart to run either the clean all command to completely wipe a HDD / SSD or just the clean command to remove the format configuration data and don't use diskpart to create at least a single partition to do the installation to, letting the Windows installer do the format you will end up with the new Windows 7 System Reserved partition, if you want to make your own decision whether this partition is added, study these two (2) options below. Then if you do not want to create the new Windows 7 "System Reserved" partition use the outline in Step Two #2 to create, format and mark Active a single 100GB partition to do the installation to.
If you do want to create the "System Reserved" partition use the outline in Step Two #3 to create, format and mark Active the System Reserved partition and then create and format the 100GB partition to do the installation to.
Either way, running th... Read more

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I got my first SSD and since I feel it's time for a reinstall of W7 anyways, the timing is perfect. Is there anything specific I need to know before I get started installing on a SSD? My computer certainly isn't cutting edge, it's been a number of years since I built it, but I think the SSD will be a nice overall upgrade. From what I've read Windows 7 works flawlessly with solid state drives, I just wanted to double check and see if theres any SSD-specific tweaks during or after install to maximize my gains.

A:Installing on SSD

Hello there.
Check out this tutorial: install or transfer operating system to ssd

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I own a custom built computer with an intel celeron 2.2g processer. Everest sez I have an Aopen A66 s661fxm motherboard. There are 2 ram slots occupied by a 256mb pc2700 ddr sdram modules by SimpleTech. My question is that I have (3) 128mb sdr dimm ram modules I salvaged from previous computer. If there are additonal ram expansion slots in my computer can I install the additional ram? Does ram require any sort of drivers or is it PuP?



A:Installing RAM

If the memory you salvaged is 168 pin SDRAM then its not physically compatible with your system that uses DDR SDRAM.

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Can someone please tell me how I can install XP from DOS???
I have a laptop that I have formatted the HD, but when I try to run XP setup I get a cannot run this command from DOS

I can load W2K with the manufacturer restore cd but it creates a 2GB FAT partition and the rest is formatted NTFS. I would prefer to have one partition on the laptop, that is why I am using a from scratch install.

A:INstalling XP from DOS

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I'm new about this dual boot thingy but I have heard about this before already. I am planning to install OpenSuSE as suggested to me by my colleague.I am wondering how would I install it without overwriting my old OS, Windows 7 Ultimate. Or is it automatically installed without having my old OS removed?I have searched about this, and found this link. Can you verify if this is actually the way to do dual-boot? I need to be very careful on doing this. P.S. I am not definitely sure if I placed this thread on the right section. If not, please move this in the proper section. Sorry and thank you!

A:Installing another OS

Here is another link with information about dual booting and the Linux GRUB Loader, and things to do to avoid problems. I think if you follow the instructions for dual booting windows on the tweakhound page exactly you'll be ok. I provided another link for comparison purposes and maybe answer other questions you might have that weren't answered on your link. Both links emphasize backing up before doing anything, if it goes bad you can always go back to where you started.

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Hi I have windows 2000 on an old computer that I would like to reinstall with XP. If I boot from disc, what option should I use? 1. To setup xp on selected item (partition 1) 2. To create a partition in the un partitoned area. Or 3. To delete the selected partition. There is nothing on the computer I need or want. I just want to do a clean install and get rid of 2000 all together. Thanks in advance for your help

A:Re-installing OS-XP

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I'm trying to install 7 and when I get to the "where do you want to install windows" page it says windows cannot be installed to disk 0 partition 1 (show details) and the details say "this computers hardware may not support booting to this disk ensure that the disks controller is enabled in the computers bios menu. Can someone please help I dont know what to do.

A:need help installing 7

I'm trying to install 7Click to expand...

On what? Brand and exact model of computer. What is currently on the computer.
What version of Windows is on the DVD? (also 32 or 64 bit).

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Is it possible to install xp or me or 98 on a hard disk, without cleaning all the files on that hard disk, if you have the xp / me / 98 cd? How do you do that?

A:installing xp

Check to see if there is an upgrade feature on the disk. If not, then you need to pick up an upgrade disk. I bought XP Home Edition for about $80 and it upgrades 98 SE and above without deleting any files.

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I reinstalled my legal copy of Windows XP Home Edition on my desktop and received automatic updates . SP3 was downloaded but would not install;
"Service Pack 3 setup error the file c:\windows\system32\ntdll.dll is open or in use by another program. Close active programs and retry". I closed active programs, antivirus, firewall, antispyware and still not installing. This is the 3rd re-install on same computer. HD 80 GB 70 GB remaining; 1 GB ram. AMD Thunderbird 750 mhz.

A:SP3 not installing

Try downloading the service pack 3 file here, then run the file to try and install it.

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i just bought windows xp home edition Sp2 and when i trying to install it my comp just shuts off with out warning, if anyone knows whats going wrong please help.

A:help installing xp

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My computer crashes everytime on the loadup so I want to delete EVERYTHING on my computer and start all over. I've heard people say to format your hard drive first but when I can't. The "Format" is gray for me and I can't click on it. I want to do it for my C drive. And when that is solved hopefully, what are the next steps after?


see here:
Clean Install Windows 7

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When trying to install XP onto a second scsi hard drive I get the message "Am unexpected error (768) recorded at line 5118 in d:\expclient\base\boot\setup\setup.c." Any help. Thanks Paul

A:Installing XP

Did you load the SCSI drivers right off when you started setup?

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Im trying to install XP Pro on a new computer (No OS ever on it), and about half way through the install, i get a pop up saying somthing like (sorry i cant remember off the top of my head), "Setup cannot find drivers for VGA", and i click ok, then another pop up for "cannot find drivers for Monitor." and goes trough 5 or 6 pop ups with mouse, printer, etc. The computer came with a CD that has drivers on it, but i do not know how i could go about installing it. I tried booting from that CD and it says no Boot Media found.


A:Help installing XP Pro

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Hi guys, I just wanna run a little thing by you.

I download F.E.A.R Gold of the sierra website the other day. After the file had downloaded, I ran the Setup file.

Firstly, it went through all the Licence agreements and such, and then it said I needed to download 2 files before I could carry on with the installation, 1 of those files is called 'FEARGold_dat.001'. It begins to download this.

Now here's the problem: While i'm downloading 'FearGold_dat.001', it only gets to about 5 bars progress in about 4 hours. This feels seriously wrong, can't be internet speed, i'm on 6mbps which is average.

Would buying the game in the store and installing it by disk make a difference? So far i've tried everything apart from that, including Re-Downloading the whole EXE file. Still no results. The weird thing was, the first time I started to install the 'FEARGold_dat.001' file, the progress bars got half way through in about 45 minutes! Which seems really quick to me XD

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


A:F.E.A.R Not Installing

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I am going to install a second SSD to use just for games.
I wanted to make sure i have this correct, after plugging in the new drive and booting up the PC.

I need to go to Disk Management look for the New SSD and right-click, then select "new simple volume," follow the wizard to format the drive.
I know i can name it and change it to which ever Drive letter is available that i want to use, most likely be D: .

Just wanted to know if this was the correct steps. My original OS SSD is using UEFI and GPT style, but i know i do not need to have this one GPT, otherwise i have to reinstall everything (OS), i read it can run legacy (MBR) style.

A:Installing second SSD

Solved i was correct, no further assistance needed. I know Drive letter is available as i left my optical with E:.

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I'm installing a new MSI K7N2 Delta2 Platninum M/B. Since it is equiped with nVidia2 as is my old ASUS A7N8X-E deluxe, do I have to reformat my HD and reinstall my O/S with the new drivers?

The second question is the MSI manual states to set a field of the MPS (Multi-Processor Specification) version for the O/S. The settings are [1.4], [1.1]. What do I set this to? Oh ya, I'm running Windows XP Professional w/SP2

Thank you and I do appreciate the help.

This Bud's for You!

A:Installing New MSI M/B

Ducky said:

I'm installing a new MSI K7N2 Delta2 Platninum M/B. Since it is equiped with nVidia2 as is my old ASUS A7N8X-E deluxe, do I have to reformat my HD and reinstall my O/S with the new drivers?Click to expand...

I recommend you reinstall.

(Windows Users Penal Code, Section 1: "Whoever foists a new mainboard on an existing Windows installation shall be punished by not less than five nights' troubleshooting. The attempt is punishable.")

Regards, Martin A

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- can I remove, or move the following partition on my HDD? Name - System (300MB); ID'ed as "Healthy, Active, Primary" It is shown 1st in the Disk Mgmt. graphic on Win 7. "C" is right after that and is ID'ed as "Boot, Primary" Next I created a new partition - "D" of 98G where I want to install Win 8 for a dual boot on this laptop.

When Win 8 installation starts it only looks at that 300MB System partition and of course says "not enough space to install Win 8"



A:Installing Win 8

You can move or delete the System partition, but then you'll have to repair the boot because you will have destroyed the Master Boot Record. I suggest to leave it alone.

I don't understand your installation problem. When I installed Windows 8 along with my Windows 7 system it installed in the partition I specified, and the small System partition is still intact.

Maybe if you attach a screen shot of the Disk Management window we can spot something that will help.

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Hi All

Having taken your good advise I tried to install win 7 32bit on my E:

I disconnected my c: rebooted with disk in and selected a clean install. every thing went well until installing key which it refused to do.

Read the message and it said some thing about matching to manufacturers code.

The e: hd is an old sata drive from an Acer machine now scrapped and I am wondering if that is where the problem lies.

I went into disk management and this is the partitions on the drive.

1. 6mb unallocated

2. 2gb healthy recovery partion

3. 5mb unallocated

4. 147gb NTFS healthy (page file)

Is it possible to remove all partitions? I have tried in the past without success, so on boot up I get a choice of my O/S on c: or the defunct and deleted vista on e:

A:Installing win 7

I don't see why you are trying to install Win 7 on the E: drive? The default installation drive is C:. Have you had any problems trying to install on C:?

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I am about to remove XP (Home) and install XP (Pro). I have backed up my files.

Do I simply right-click on my main drive under Computer Management and select 'Format' to remove XP (Home) and then install XP (Pro) using an installation disk, or is it easier to simply put the XP (Pro) Installation CD in the drive and install over XP (Home)?

One final question. I have a folder under my current XP (Home) called 'drivers'. Can I simply copy that onto a Flash drive and then, when XP (Pro) is installed, copy and paste that from my Flash drive into my new XP (Pro) installation?

Many thanks.

A:Installing XP

To install XP Pro you would boot from the install media. Early in the process you will be given an opportunity to select and format the desired partition. You cannot format the drive on which Windows is installed from within the OS itself. All applications and device drivers must be reinstalled. Simply copying a folder will not work.

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I updated from Windows98 se some few months ago. Everything is pretty much ok but on closer investigation the upgrade doesn't appear to have been a very 'clean' install...I think I might have installed to XP o/s on top of each/on same partition...anyway, I would like to do a complete do I do this....when I try to re-intsall the XP disc just offer to install yet another version on top of the other two....this might seem very simple to some, but I just need a simple list of things to do to format and intsall one clean version of XP. (bear in mind the XP disc I have says its an upgrade...if that matters??!)...I would appreciate simple and clear instructions to get a 'new computer' with XP on it...which I originally wanted and 'almost got'.....thanks.

A:Re-installing XP

here is a step by step directions for all versions of windows

windows reinstall new install

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In an attempt to speed up the install of Win 7, I am attempting to install the OS via a USB thumb drive.

I have formatted the thumb drive, used the USB/DVD tool provided by Windows to take the ISO and put it on the DVD

I am able to successfully boot the USB drive, get Windows to the which partition screen...then I get the error that Windows can not create the partition and did not find any partitions...etc etc

I have used diskpart to clean the drive, format the drive and make the drive active..and still I get the error message about can not find a partition.

I have also formatted the drive with the windows tools and then it says Windows can not be loaded onto this partiton b/c the file system used to format is incompatible or something along those lines
Really frustrated this seems to be a really easy thing to make happen, and actually is part of the MCTS exam....

Help is desired and much appreciated

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Hi all, I am currently running Windows 7 64bit dual with Ubuntu. I have a 1tb drive that I shrunk to 900gb for the windows drive then 100gb for Ubuntu. I want to install Windows 8.1 for myself (my fiance likes 7, I want 8.1, anything video card related in Vmware is not possible or easy). My question is should I shrink another partition for 8.1? Just want to make sure all boots well and that grub2 will read the OS.

Sorry if this isn't in the right section, wasn't sure where to put it....

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Alright so i have a AO533. And yes - it's a netbook, preinstalled with Windows 7 Starter.

So basically what i wanna do is remove windows 7 and install XP onto it because i quite frankly love XP since day 1.
and this is what i've come up with so far.

Since it doesn't have a CD drive. I've got my Win XP pro sp3 ISO. I've extracted it and i've installed it onto a USB flash drive - Made sure it was bootable.
Then i make the USB boot first and then the installation starts. I choose the C drive as the XP installation Directory and format the C drive so it deletes everything including the windows 7 boot files and OS
then the XP installation installs all it's files onto the C (Does this include the boot files?) and then i just continue from there.

what i'm trying to find out is. If i choose the default directory for the Installation to be on the C drive and format it. Will it install XP over 7 so i end up with an XP system only?

Is this the correct process to install XP OVER WINDOWS 7?

Please reply ASAP

A:Installing XP OVER 7

We always assume you have made your Recovery Disks using the OEM manufacturer's app the first day you had your new PC.
& made the Startup Repair CD.

Are you using the Acer Netboot USB Recovery Disk for Win XP?

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After re-installing windows for the first time,(after system crash) I can no longer open zipped files. Furthermore I cant Install windows updates, and my downloads seem to real slow.

Also downloaded kaspersky, and it wouldnt fully install(missing components)IE7 wont install either.

It seems like I left something out. I have no clue. Please help, any suggestions??

A:After Re-Installing

Microsoft's Windows XP Professional Repair Install step by step

Microsoft's Windows XP Home Repair Install step by step

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I'm having a problem I've never had before. I'm trying to install SP3 on an old computer running XP Home Premium and I run into this issue with installing SP3:

Everything goes fine until it asks for a .dll file that comes up missing. When you browse for it, it's there but as a .dl_ file and won't copy over. I have to abandon the install after a few tries.

I've downloaded and tried to install SP3 twice. same story. any suggestions?

A:XP SP3 not installing!

Download the Stand Alone version and not through Windows Update
Download: Windows XP Service Pack 3 Network Installation Package for IT Professionals and Developers - Microsoft Download Center - Download Details

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I am having trouble installing a replacing my old SSD with a new one. So far what I have done:

- Purchased recovery discs because I lost my originals and had reformatted the original hard drive that came with the system so they were no longer burnable.
- Performed a system recovery on the original hard drive, creating the restore partition
- Created a system image on a portable drive
- Unplugged original hard drive, plugged SATA and power cable into new SSD
- When I reboot and go into setup>advanced bios features, I can not set the "1st boot device" as the portable drive unless I also set "Hard Disk Drive Priority" to the external drive. I thought the "1st boot device" should be the device that has the system image on it and the "hard disk drive priority" should be the SSD I want to install windows 7 on.
- I have also changed the Onboard SATA Mode to AHCI
- When I save and exit it tells me: Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key

I am at a loss on how to get this thing working. I don't remember it being this hard when I installed the original SSD.

I can still plug everything in with the old SSD and original HD and it works fine. I would really like to get this new SSD installed because I need the space. Kicking myself for not splurging and just buying a larger SSD originally.

Any insight you can provide would be hugely appreciated.

A:Installing new SSD

I'm confused to all the steps you are taking....

If you want to move the operating system from the one drive to the other drive, you can simply clone it in one simple step using a program like Clonezilla or your SSD manufacturer may have their own utility to clone the old drive to the new one.

Or if you have Recovery Discs, then just use them with the new SSD.

Boot Device means which drive you want the computer to boot from, not what drive is the main drive. Hard Disk Priority is just an extension allowing you choose the Boot Device from the list of available disk drives.

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I’m trying to install XP-MCE on a new HD … In a computer previously made with Vista.
HP a6167c … specs ..

I have the M$ XP-MCE CD’s and it seems to install, but there’s no Internet Explorer or internet connection

The Vista HD is OK, so it's not a hardware problem.
Any Ideas ? … When I click on IE - this is what I see …

A:Installing XP MCE ???

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I have an old Compaq Armada notebook that I want to install XP onto. I updated the bios to the latest available. I purchased a new hard drive for it. My swappable CD drive only works intermittently and I cannot depend on it to install the OS.

So far, I created an bootable floppy on my desktop that I can boot the notebook with. I formatted the new hard drive. I used my desktop to copy the entire XP disk onto the hard drive. I installed the HD into the notebook and booted it up using the floppy. I changed the directory to the i386 folder and executed the command "winnt". It went through a series of blue screens to the point where it said to remove the floppy and restart the computer. When it restarted, it counts the memory and then it goes blank, only showing a blinking cursor on the screen. I can't figure out how to get this thing to boot beyond this point, without the floppy.

My dilemna is that I want to install XP, but my CD drive doesn't work. I went to Microsoft's website and it gave me directions to make floppy install disks. The problem is that once you go through those floppies, it still needs the CD to install. Because it's a notebook, the floppy drive is in the bay. If I swap out the floppy for the CD, it does not recognize it. I don't have an external CD drive that has a compatible port with the notebook and there is not one available at stores (they all have USB ports and the notebook does not).

Is there a way to run the winnt com... Read more

A:Installing XP without a CD

hello dmoore,

check your bios settings to see if the harddrive is being reconnized

since this is an older laptop you may have to go intot the bios and check to see if everything is set correctly for if it is not then this may be your problem

this is where i would start

then check to make sure that your cables are connected securely


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Hi all,Let's see if ne 1 can help me out ere.

I'm tring to install XP-pro, But I keep getting the message that my ACPI.sys file is bad.
I RE-try a few time but thats of no help and if I press skip i get this popping up.....

"acpi.sys to c:/$win_nt$.^bt\acpi.sys

Not realy sure whot the heck is going on ere.

Thanks for NE help you can give me

A:installING XP

Your installation CD might be damaged or dirty to the point it won't copy to the destination drive. Is this a retail CD or a copy??

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I recently formatted windows without having my recover disc. Big no no expecting windows to just reinstall itself...Now I'm trying to reinstall it through a bootable usb whcih I made sure to create through the Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool. Now I'm trying to install through the USB and there is no option in the UEFI to do so, and I can't install through an external drive as its not an option in the recovery environment I'm getting looped in.
Some please help?

A:Installing Through USB

Well now I've actually gotten the USB to load but it keeps saying reboot and select proper boot device or Insert boot media? I'm very confused now.

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Hi everyone,

I seem to be experiencing a very funny problem when trying to install SP2 onto my Windows XP installation.

Every time I try to install, everything starts of fine and installation is in progress until the file is being installed, and the error comes up:

(In the past I have successfully installed SP2 from onto this XP installation I have).

Expecting that the CD I was using may be defective, I downloaded tha fresh copy of the SP2 Installation (WindowsXP-KB835935-SP2-ENU) from the inernet and placed it directly on the hard drive and tried to install it from there - same problem!!!

Thinking it may be a problem on my hard drive or my current WinXP installation, I bought a new hard drive, did a fresh installation on WinXP and then tried to install SP2 - same problem!!!

The worst part is, that everytime I try to install SP2 and the installation does not complete successfully, my whole Windows XP installation gets corrupt and I have to re-install XP.

A:Installing SP2

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Hello i need some major help. Ok im running on WINDOWS 2000. And i need to get XP. I know its possible to have 2 O/S's but how exactly do u do this? is it safe? can i lose any data etc etc? How do i install XP so that I can go into XP or 2k anytime i want? I need to run XP so i can use the battlefield 2 Editor b/c it is not compatible with 2k, so how can i do this as to where i can use both (not at the same time) but where i can change to one or the other at anytime i want.

Please i need a good step by step instruction i guess on how to do this..


A:Installing XP

you can definitely do a multi-boot but you will need a separate partition for your hdd. for creating partitions, i recommend a program called partition magic.

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Im considering re-installing XP (which is a genuine copy) on one of my oldish machines but i have lost the cd.

is it possible to use a different copy of XP to reinstall if i have the liecence number thing (from system properties)
ie: xxxxx-oem-xxxxxxx-xxxxx

and if so, will the cd have to be the exact same xp version?
ie: "XP Home edition" with no Service packs (i think it was from before service packs)

A:Re installing XP no CD

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