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Graphics Card Issues with Lenovo M81 SFF - AMD 645...

Q: Graphics Card Issues with Lenovo M81 SFF - AMD 645...

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The title pretty much says it all. I am attempting to install an AMD 6450. I turn on the computer and get no video output. It's clear it's not not loading Windows behind the scenes because the power will turn off with a quick push of the power button (as opposed to holding it down). I've already flashed the bios to make sure it's up to date. Any idea how to get the card to work?

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The title pretty much says it all. I am attempting to install an AMD 6450. I turn on the computer and get no video output. It's clear it's not not loading Windows behind the scenes because the power will turn off with a quick push of the power button (as opposed to holding it down). I've already flashed the bios to make sure it's up to date. Any idea how to get the card to work?

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I recently purchased a Lenovo G510 laptop with Windows 8.1. I've had only one major issue with it, where I can't use the AMD Radeon graphics which should be on my computer. When I load up Speccy, only the Intel HD Graphics 4600 shows up; the same happens when I look for the AMD card in Device Manager. I want to be able to use my AMD Radeon Graphics though.

A:Lenovo G510 Graphics Card(s) issues

CCC Switchable Graphics

On computers with an Intel power-saving GPU and an ATI high-performance GPU, Dynamic Mode switchable graphics is configured using the Catalyst Control Center software.

To maximize the energy efficiency or if you typically use programs that have lower graphical requirements (such as word processing or spreadsheet programs), you do not need to make any changes to the settings in the Catalyst Control Center software. The computer uses the power-saving GPU by default for most applications. You can still run high-performance programs, videos, and games in default mode but you are likely to notice lower frame rates, dropped frames, and choppy animations and transitions.
Applications that have higher graphical requirements (such as 3D video games), work better using the high-performance GPU. Graphics intensive software, videos, and games run at their optimum settings using the high-performance GPU.
Using the high-performance GPU on battery power will shorten the battery's effective usage time. The high-performance GPU generates a noticeable amount of heat while running graphics intensive software and, to keep the computer from overheating, the fan noise increases with increased fan use.

To change the default switchable graphics settings in the Catalyst Control Center software, follow the steps below.

Click Start , type CCC in the Search field, and then select CCC from the search results list.

On the Welcome screen, click P... Read more

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I recently switched to Windows 10 from Windows 8. I have installed drivers dowloaded from lenovo support. While graphics intense applications are opened the AMD graphics is supposed to be switched on. But it is not switching from intel graphics. Also my headphone jack is not working. Is there anything to install for switching graphics and audio jack to work properly.?

A:Lenovo G50 70- Issues installing Graphics card (AM...

Dear ajidjz,
Welcome in lenovo community,
To switch between the graphics cards,
Please open the BIOS configuration page, and make sure that (Optimus GPU device) is switchable.
About the audio problem,
Open control panel >> hardware and sound >> Smart audio >> choose Audio Director >> click Multi-Stream

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I have a lenovo g50 70 with an i3 processor and i have a question: how can i find if i have the amd graphic card in my laptop? Is nowhere to be seen in device manager. I only have the intel graphics. On specs it says that i have a dexicated graphic. But after installing the drivers, nothing came out. I did install drivers in proper order. Is there any way to see if i have that graphics(amd)? Where is located on motherboard? Or do i have a slot for dedicated graphic card on the motherboard?
Mod's Edit: Additional information added to Subject line for clarity of issue.

A:Lenovo g50 70 - AMD Graphics card?

Hi Remus,
Welcome to the Lenovo Forums.
Using Device Manager
Open the Device Manager
Expand the Display Adapters entry.
Check the details if any other display adaptor is showing
Go to BIOS:
Check if any graphic device is present, as shown in the below image.

Also, please share the system serial number through private message to check graphics compatibility information. Click here to how to write private message.
Let us know how you get on.
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Hello , I have just got a  Lenovo g50-70 i3-4030u running on a Windows 8.1, I installed all the drivers from the DVD provided and my graphics card appears not to be working properly, for example I have tried installing Age of Empires 3 , and it says that my current graphics card has only 32 MB and the game will not run properly. GTA IV says the same, 32 MB appendure size. Any ideas?

A:Intel HD Graphics family issues on a Lenovo g50-70...

hi andrewcezar,
Welcome to the Forums.
Can you right click on the desktop, choose Graphics Properties and post a screenshot of the system information
  - Sample image
  - Sample image
From the list below, Ageof Empires III should be playable on the Intel Core i3-4030u which is powered by Intel HD Graphics 4400. As for GTA IV, I doubt this game will run as it doesn't meet the minimum system requirements
More info:
Playable Games List for Intel HD Graphics 4200/4400
List of games that run on Intel HD4400 Graphics
PC System Requirements for GTA IV

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 I have a Lenovo H50-55 (AMD) dekstop with a built into the motherboard graphics card.  I want to install a higher end graphics card into the PCI express slot.  I have upgraded the power supply to a 500 watt PSU and added 8GB of ram for a total of 16.  I have two graphics cards that I already have and I have tried:  a Galaxy Nvidia GeForce 210 1GB DDR2 card; and a Zotac 9400GT 1 GB 128 BIT DDR2 card.  In both cases after I install the card there is no video either through the unit's built-in ports or the new card's ports.  I have tried resetting the BIOS to AGD or PEG (the only available settings besides auto) with no result.  I do not see an option to bypass the motherboard's video ports in the setup.  Any advice on how to get a new video card working would be appreciated.  The two cards I am using are older so is it that I need a newer card?  Thank you

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Hi all, I have recently purchased the Lenovo AIO 700 23" which comes with an NVidia Geforce GT 930 graphics card, along with the intel integrated graphics card. (As seen here: ) I understand that the RAM and hardrive can be upgraded; can the graphics card be upgraded as well? Any help would be great, Thanks.

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A:Lenovo AIO 700 Graphics Card Upgrade

Hi Ferreros , 
Welcome to the Community Forums. 
For most all in one machine , just like laptops scondary VGA chip is embedded on the board and is non upgradable.  ( marked in yellow , page 52 on the hardware manual ) 

Hope this answered your query. 

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Hello there! I was wondering if it is possible to install, lets say a 450 - 500 W psu and upgrade the graphics card to something like a amd r7 260x or Nvidia gtx 750 ti in a lenovo h50-50. I think it said in the manual to only use parts from Lenovo, can this damage my computer or something? Sorry if something's wrong, i'm new on the forum

A:Upgrading PSU and graphics card on lenovo h50-50

hi fidde090,
Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums!
The System board Will support an r7 series electrically.
The thing with using Lenovo Parts only is that Some system board are only meant to work with the Parts allowed for it.
like for you system, this is the part list
Spoiler (Highlight to read)[email protected] [email protected]/A/DB/H Graphics [email protected] [email protected]/A/DB/H Graphics [email protected] [email protected]/A/DB/H LP Graphics [email protected] [email protected]/A/DB/H LP Graphics [email protected] [email protected]/A/DB/H Graphics [email protected] [email protected]/A/DB/H LP Graphics [email protected] GT [email protected]/A/DB/H Graphics [email protected] GT [email protected]/A/DB/H LP Graphics [email protected] GT [email protected]/A/DB/H Graphics [email protected] GT [email protected]/A/DB/H Graphics 11202743VIDEO_CARD [email protected] GT [email protected]/A/DB/H SV10G52014VIDEO_CARD [email protected] GT [email protected]/A/DB/H SV10G52015VIDEO_CARD [email protected] GT [email protected]/A/DB/H SV10G56197VIDEO_CARD [email protected] GT [email protected]/A/DB/H [email protected] GT [email protected]/A/DB/H LP Graphics [email protected] GT [email protected]/A/DB/H LP Graphics 11202745VIDEO_CARD [email protected] GT [email protected]/A/DB/H LP SV10G52019VIDEO_CARD [email protected] GT [email protected]/A/DB/H LP SV10G52020VIDEO_CARD [email protected] GT [email protected]/A/DB/H LP SV10G56199VIDEO_CARD [email protected] GT [email protected]/A/DB/H LP [email protected] [email protected]/A/DB/H Graphics [email protected] [email protected]/A/DB/H Graphics [email protected] [email protected]/A/DB/H LP Graphics [email protected] [email protected]/A/DB/H LP Graphics [email protected] [email protected]/A/DB/H Graphics [email protected] [email protected]/A/DB/H LP G... Read more

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 I have a Lenovo H50-55 (AMD) dekstop with a built into the motherboard graphics card.  I want to install a higher end graphics card into the PCI express slot.  I have upgraded the power supply to a 500 watt PSU and added 8GB of ram for a total of 16.  I have two graphics cards that I already have and I have tried:  a Galaxy Nvidia GeForce 210 1GB DDR2 card; and a Zotac 9400GT 1 GB 128 BIT DDR2 card.  In both cases after I install the card there is no video either through the unit's built-in ports or the new card's ports.  I have tried resetting the BIOS to AGD or PEG (the only available settings besides auto) with no result.  I do not see an option to bypass the motherboard's video ports in the setup.  Any advice on how to get a new video card working would be appreciated.  The two cards I am using are older so is it that I need a newer card?  Thank you

A:Lenovo H50-55 Upgrade Graphics card.

Hi Ptheoph  , 
Based on the hardware manual  (page 83) for recommended add on card for this model listed as follows: 
[email protected] [email protected]/A/DB/H Graphics part number :[email protected] [email protected]/A/DB/H Graphics part number : [email protected] [email protected]/A/DB/H Graphics part number : [email protected] [email protected]/A/DB/H Graphics part number : [email protected] GT [email protected]/A/DB/H Graphics part number : 11202746VIDEO_CARD [email protected] GT [email protected]/A/DB/H part number : SV10G56197VIDEO_CARD [email protected] GT [email protected]/A/DB/H part number : SV10G56198VIDEO_CARD [email protected] GT [email protected]/A/DB/H part number : SV10G52014VIDEO_CARD [email protected] GT [email protected]/A/DB/H part number : [email protected] GT [email protected]/A/DB/H Graphics part number : [email protected] GT [email protected]/A/DB/H Graphics part number : 11202743 
Listed are OEM reccomended upgrade tested on this model for compatibility and performance as the motherboard and BIOS would work best.
Hope this answered your query. 

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can any body tell me can i add nividia graphics card on lenovo thinkcentre m58 series  

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hi i have a lenovo y700 and i was wondering if its possible to upgrade the graphics card too it

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Hello, I've been having a problem where my graphics card is disabled for my computer and I don't know why. I've tried downloading different/older drivers, I've tried disabling and then reenabling the graphics card, I've looked around the internet and nobody seems to have the a solution for this problem. When I go to the device management menu on my computer it says that the device (the graphics card) is completely updated, enabled, and working properly. But when I go on the Crimson menu for AMD, it tells me that it is disabled. Whenever I try to play a video game on my computer and I go to the graphics options menu, the video game tells me that it is using the integrated graphics instead of the AMD graphics and I have no option to switch. I'm attaching several screen shots to this post so that you can better see my point. Is there any way this could be fixed without me having to send my computer back to lenovo? I am running Windows 10. Thank you very much for your time.  These are the pictures

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Hi all,   my son wants to upgrade his PC to a better graphics card.   I have looked online and the card he wants suggests that his PC needs a PCI express based PC  1 X16 lane graphics card slot on motherboard.      As you can probably tell - I am a complete duffer on this stuff,  so I wondered if I could pick the brains of you learned folk and see if someone can advise me? CheersDon

A:Lenovo H515 and 505, graphics card

Hi DonMaidment,
Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums!
You will need to look on two things
- Compatible Graphics
Here are some compatible graphics adapter from the Lenovo H515 Maintenance Manual
If you are going to purchase a Video card that's not on this list, I suggest you do a test First before purchasing it as I'm not too sure if other Graphics model will work.

- Power Supply
  Your Power Supply must match the Videocard Requirement,
or else you will need to upgrade the power supply as well.
Solid Cruver

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Hey, I recently bought an Asus GTX 750 ti OC graphics card for use in my Lenovo Ideacentre 700-25ISH. Unfortunately, the graphics card has a six-pin power connector that I cannot connect to anything. The old card took all its power from the mother board. What do I do to get the GPU the needed six-pin power connector?   

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I'm using the: LENOVO H330 Desktop PCI'm planning to get a graphics card for my computer since mines integrated and I want to start playing video games. I've read the manual and it says "AMD Radeon HD 6570M 1GB" is the best upgrade I can get. The problem I?m having is that when I search for this graphics card, I get different brands that come in different shapes and sizes, and the Lenovo H330 has a slim case that won?t fit a normal size graphics card.  My questions:1)     Is the "AMD Radeon HD 6570M 1GB" still the best to get for my computer?2)     How do I know what graphics card would fit into the slim case?3)     What dimensions should I use when buying a graphics card for my computer?

A:Lenovo H330 Graphics Card Upgrade

Also the Lenovo H330 Desktop computer runs at 250 watts.

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Hi Lenovo, I've recently been trying to upgrade my H30-50s graphics card. In fact, I've bought the wrong card twice from misguided advice. Ended up buying 2 cards that were 12cm instead of the needed 7cm or so. Believe me, that's been frustrating enough. Anyway, I've finally found a card that'll fit. It's MSI's low profile 750ti. Its got plenty of power. Looks great. Hopefully should fit. Here's the link: Wattage on Amazon says 400W. Wattage on Nvidia website says 300W. As far as I'm aware, the H30-50 has a 240W PSU? Is this graphics card an absolute no-go? I have the i3-4160 model. 12gb ram, upgraded with 8gb recently. 1TB HDD.  If this is not a possibility, is it possible to upgrade the PSU considering how slimline these pcs are? I'd much rather find a new PSU than have to try and find another, decent specification, low profile graphics card. Any ideas? Thanks.

A:Lenovo H30-50 Power Supply for Graphics Card

Good day and welcome to the community.
Have you seen the discussion in this solved thread?

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Hi, I have a problem with my Notebook G50-70.When I open a 3D applications, the graphics cards doesen't switch. I try to set manually the applicattions with AMD cards but only Intel 4400 work.??I need some help with this problem.Have a nice day thanks

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 I have a Lenovo H520s and i'm a complete noob at computers and after reading about my pc having an integrated graphics card but it can still have one more in another slot, can you guys tell me if this graphics card can fit in my pc?  Thanks,afx

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A:Lenovo H520s Graphics Card Question

Hi Afx,
Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums!
I?m glad to inform this GT 600 series is supported in your computer model, but below is the link with details for the compatible hardware in the computer. Please check the details before upgrading the Hardware.

Datasheet for Lenovo H520s Desktop

Do post us back for further queries.
Best Regards
Shiva Kumar

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Hello.  Certain games I play on my Lenovo Yoga 900 crash and the reason is that I think the graphics card is not powerful enough. The display driver often stops responding. I was wondering if I could upgrade the graphics card from the Intel HD Graphics 520 to the GeForce GTX 980 or something else. Thanks.

A:Upgrade graphics card Lenovo Yoga 900

Good day and welcome to the community.
There is no way to upgrade the graphics subsystem on your machine. The Intel HD 520 is integrated in the chipset package. Though some laptops have discrete graphics chips, almost none were socketed. They're soldered, instead.
Hope this helps to clarify.

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My laptop was working wonderful when I noticed a barely visible vertical line appear in the background off an on.  Within about a week, the entired screen developed both horizontal and vertical lines that cover the entire screen off and on.  The screen now mostly remains blurred with a few seconds of the regular screen off and on.  The screen still responds to touch and works fine when attached to another screen.  There is no damage to the laptop?  
Geek Squad believes the graphic card is bad.  I bought this comuter 02/19/2015 and this issue began 06/10/16.  Just a few months out of warranty.  I am waiting to see what Lenovo can do for me now if anything.  I was told that Lenovo computers are amongst the best and I may have purchased a lemon.  
This is the response from Lenovo regarding their customer service:  
Hello Mitchell,We have reviewed your case that is tied to machine with serial # *****. We are showing that this machine went out of warranty on 2/19/2016. Since this machine is more than a few months out of warranty there is nothing that Lenovo can do at this time. As we must have a definite time when machine can no longer be covered by warranty. So Lenovo shall not be taken any action at this time and this cas shall be closed out without further action.HalbertCase Manager,Lenovo Customer CareNorth Americaref:_00D30V2Wu._50014zDIRd:ref
The computer is less than 16 months purchased ... Read more

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I have been using this y410p to play games for almost three years now, and a small set of problems has slowly started to build.  As of now, most of my games will crash within 5-10 minutes of starting, commonly accompanied by the error "Display driver has stopped responding and recovered". Most of the time, the game will just freeze with the audio continuing and I am able to close it. Sometimes however, I get much more severe crashes, where the sound over 5 seconds becomes extremely distorted, and my mouse movement becomes increasingly laggy until the whole thing just freezes, with a monotone buzzing sound coming from the speakers.  I have noticed that the display driver crashes generally occur when my disk randomly spiked to 100%. Even a single second of it can cause my whole computer to crash. As of now, I can't play games that my computer has easily been able to run before. I've tried using IdeaFan to keep temperatures down, but I don't think it's temperatures causing it, seeing as I've seen it happen multiple times when the temperature is only around 50. If any of you have an idea of what could be causing this, please respond.  Also of note, I am running Windows 10, which I have heard can be problematic for the y410p. Could that be causing the issue? 

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A:Lenovo Y410P: Graphics Card/Driver crashing and fr...

Hi there, Gum -
Thank you for writing in to the Lenovo Forum - happy to have you here today.
Try this Driver mate:  Intel VGA Driver for Windows 10 (64-bit) - Notebook
It's the Windows 10 driver from the y400 page. The y400 is pratically identical to the y410p so it should work. 
Update us how it goes.     
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For the past week or two I have noticed random graphics issues in World of Warcraft -- screen freezes for several seconds then flickers and then leaves artifacts on the screen and then eventually things like water areas turn black and it gets too annoying to play.  Close the game and open it again and it starts out good again but within a short time (maybe 5-10 minutes?) it starts all over again.  First thought it was the game as obviously they are going through lots of patching with the new expansion but have not found any mention of others with this issue in the forums so far. So I found that Lenovo had thier LSC tools and installed and ran the hardware scan --- turns out my GTX860M is failing the memory tests.  But the tool does not say WHY or in WHAT WAY --- just gives a code to send in to support but my laptop is a few months out of warranty apparently so I thought I would try here.  Worth a shot right? So the Final Result Code it gives is W16FL644X-GAAZC8. I have the most current drivers from Nvidia --- first I thought that was the problem because Lenovo's site only offers the drivers from July which are several releases back so I tried their available version but same issues so I re-updated to current. I have tried to find anything that can help me determine more about what causes it to fail the memory tests and what the likely solutions might be (outside of replacing) but with no luck for anything since Win10 has been out -... Read more

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Hi , i have carried out several tests on my graphics card , and everytime it comes up with stress test warning. i have checked all the drivers are up to date etc but still same result.Is  this anything to worry about ?

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Hey guys,

So I've got a Lenovo laptop (don't have specs right now, not with my laptop), that I've had for about 2 1/2 years. I am currently using Comcast internet with a new xFinity router. I haven't had problems with internet until recently. The internet runs fine on other laptops and my phone (iPhone 6), but on my laptop the internet runs very very poorly. Loading a YouTube video is virtually impossible and surfing the internet is a drag. I ran a speedtest and my download speed spikes to around 11mbs, which is around what it should be, then it drops down to around .5 mbs, which is absolutely pathetic. All my drivers are up to date and I have ran virus scans with Malwarebytes Premium and Windows Defender (I'm running Windows 8.1) and no viruses were found. I haven't connected my laptop directly to ethernet yet, but I will when I get home. However, for the time being, does anyone have any idea what could be the issue?



A:Lenovo laptop internet issues (card going bad?)

How did you check for driver updates? Did you lookup the brand/model of the wifi card itself and go to their site (e.g. Intel, Atheros, etc.) and get the latest drivers directly from them?

Would suggest doing that if you haven't. And yeah, let us know what hooking up to ethernet does.

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I'm experiencing an issue with build 7000 and the wireless card. It won't connect to different wireless networks automatically after putting the machine into standby. example, use the corporate network at the office, close the lid, bring the laptop home open the lid (resume from standby) it attempts to reconnect to the corporate wireless and never recovers. i get the same experience when going into standby at the office and returning to the office.

Oh, driver is from Microsoft version date: 11/7/08, manufacture of card indicates: Atheros Communications Inc.

A:Atheros/Lenovo Wireless A/B/G card roaming issues

yeah i had that already covered here...
Wireless Connection Workaround for Standby or Hibernation
if you have any problems post back and ill see what i can do...

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I have recently purchased an ATI Radeon 9600 graphics card in wanting to upgrade from my Radeon 7000 card. As soon as i installed it and turned on my pc, there was coloured lines right across my screen and couldn't access anything including the BIOS. Seeing as i have the ATI Catalyst Centre installed i can't see it being a problem with the driver and i'm hoping i haven't been sent a faulty card. Any suggestions would be great

A:Graphics card issues

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I have a new system for a month now and I have a severe hardware issue. The problem always follows a similar pattern. When it goes to sleep after long inactivity (windows 7 home prem), and I reactivate my software will be stuck, I cant kill processes and I have to power down by holding the power button. But when I reboot no image is given by the graphics card, also no no-signal error, just black screen and my screen indicating its not getting anything. But when I connect to onboard graphics on motherboard it acts normal. Graphics card wont recover untill I just leave computer powered down for a while (minutes hours I dont know exactly, usually next morning when I try again).Its not an error with the monitor (checked multiple screens), I doubt its a software issue since i have latest drivers installed/multiple virus scans ran but cant ever be sure here. Brought it into store they first said it was graphics card then after they realised they didnt have one in stock they switched to 'its the motherboard'. After repair it worked fine for 2 weeks (bioshock infinite full ultra qual) and then yday it started again exact same way.

System specs: I5 3550k, asus GTX 660TI, Asus P8Z77-V LX2 and its OC'd by the shop itself (Biggest specialist computershop in Belgium).

Any idea where the problem might be and (what I find interesting myself) why changing motherboard fixed the problem for 2 weeks untill now?

A:Possible graphics card issues

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Hi there. Sorry to skip the introduction thread but I'm having some frustrating problems. I spent a considerable amount of time in the search facility reading articles. However, none of them seem to show all of my symptoms. Sorry if this has already been posted

Recently, I have been having some type of computer issue. It began 2 weeks ago, when my monitor didnt't wake up along with my computer. After moving the mouse to get out of hibernate or whatever, the monitor stayed black. Not knowing what to do, I took it to a local repair shop. The guy hooked his monitor up to my computer through the graphics card slot, and the same thing happened. He then hooked it up to the onboard graphics unit, and it worked. His conclusion was a faulty graphics card, and he recommended I pick up a new one.

So, I ordered a new graphics card, which just came in the mail today. I hooked up the new graphics card, and voila: the monitor reads "No Input Signal." Great. So now I have a new useless piece of hardware.

There is also a previous issue that may be relevant. About 9 months ago, the exact same issue happened. Thinking it was the monitor, I purchased a new one, and somehow it fixed the problem. This reinforced the issue stemming from a faulty monitor. However, my aunt took our old monitor and she says it works fine!

I would like to add that I have been using the computer with the onboard graphics unit for a little over a week with no problems, other than the comput... Read more

A:Graphics Card Issues?

From reading your specs one question comes up.
Do you two graphics cards installed ?
The Geforce 7600 and the 9500 ?
This may be the problem if in fact you do.. Try just one card (your newer one), attach it to your monitor via a DVI cable and use the RGB for your on board. This way you can quickly switch cards by simply changing the setting in the BIOS. (Which should work) and if does not then YES it may be some malfunction on your motherboard. You can load BIOS defaults to reset it (so to speak). Removing the battery will do nothing except get rid of passwords etc. You can also flash it to the newest version.

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Ok My computer will Randomly shut off completely an not restart when i run any games with a high graphic tolerance for example when i try to play counter strike source some times it will crash. In 1.6 with smokes and some times when i play warcraft 3 its random. And its not a over heating problem. I also dusted out my case an re seeded all my peripherals e.x. video card ram mobo an drives i updated my vid card drivers. My computer ran fine for about 8 months i started leaving my computer on over night for long periods of time for as long as a month or two with only restarting it once or twice if that helps. also when my computer does shut off ill go to turn it back on an it will turn on for a second an shut off then i press the button again same thing after 2/3 tries it will boot an crash its almost like i have to prime it like a lawnmower to get it going then some times when i get to windows login screen and will shut off again an then i restart one more time it will bring me to boot in safe mode last know good config etc.... it doesn't seem to matter which one i choose it will work after one or two times then after so long if it does work it will run check disk and not repair any files some times it might an restart it might crash again it might not seems to be random. Right now im thinking about buying a new video card just want some feedback on what you guys might think first.

Thanks in advance sexen-

A:Issues with graphics card

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Hey guys my device is hp compaq 6200 pro microtower pc
serial no. : SGH125P585
n product no. : XL504AV

I have inbuilt intel hd graphics n no installed a external one n plannin to upgrade gpu
I have 320 watts of psu n plannin to upgrade to 550 watts

I have a pci x16(2.0) pci slot
but dont know whether it is low profile or full height ???

my pci bracket is 4.2" long so it must be a full height na!!!!!!
I wana know how much long graphics card my device can support!!!!

I wanna use a mid -range
msi nvidia gtx 750 2 gb oc ddr5

leadtek gtx 750 2 gb oc ddr5
both d graphics card support my device?????

A:Graphics card issues

rockyrulz said:

I have 320 watts of psu n plannin to upgrade to 550 watts

I have a pci x16(2.0) pci slot
but dont know whether it is low profile or full height ???

my pci bracket is 4.2" long so it must be a full height na!!!!!!
I wana know how much long graphics card my device can support!!!!Click to expand...

I'd say yes you have a full height card. The half-height is only about 2 inches. If you upgrade your PSU to 550 like you said you would, I see no reasons why you couldn't run a 750. The 750's are not long cards and should fit in your case with ease.

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I recently reformatted an Averatec 7100 Series laptop and then installed the full list of drivers found on

Then I ran into this issue:

The system would not recognize the GeForce Go 6100 that was installed at manufacture. I tried several drivers from nvidia, but none of them would recognize the card.

I even took the time to reformat a second time, and installed the drivers one at a time to see if any were interfering with the nvidia card. a total noob...I disabled the onboard graphics (from device manager, no option in bios). Now the screen goes blank after the XP loading screen. I can still access the bios, but, like i said, no display options.

thinking i need to perform a third reinstall. (i have a suspicion that the card somehow became loosened, idk)

EDIT: I was able to revert back to a prior setting so now i am able to access the desktop. Still completely confused on what to do about the graphics card.

A:Graphics Card issues

Unfortunately, your laptop has a known issue with the onboard video card. Is your laptop covered under warranty?

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I've got a pair of GTX 580's which are both well under a year old and I've started seeing a real decrease in playability in games, games like Dirt 2 used to be perfect with full settings, as you'd expect, but now it stutters every now and again and every few races completely freezes.
this happens in most games but dirt is where it happens the most. I have a temp monitor running in the background and the cards never seem to get above 55 degrees, a fairly aggressive fan curve keeps them down.

I've tried re-seating the cards, removing all graphics drivers and reinstalling games but nothing seems to work
I even tried old AOE III to see whether happened on non-demanding games which showed the game slowing right down at certain points then speeding up to account for it.
Both cards are running at 880Mhz GPU, 4200Mhz Memory with the latest Nvidia drivers.

any idea's about what the best thing do do from here would be?


A:Possible graphics card issues

Hi, andymac26

How many hard drives are installed on your rig? On which drives are the games installed and how much space is left on that drive? What applications have you running in the background while you play? Also, what Nvidia drivers are you using now?

I'm almost certain you have already tried the things I am about to suggest, but I'll go ahead and run them by you, anyway. First thing I'd do is check for malware. If the scans are clear, then I would clean my hard drives of junk files and defrag them.

I would recommend that you post your full system specs as that might help the more tech savvy members arrive at a diagnosis.

Anyways, good luck and I do hope the issue you describe is resolved ASAP. Two 580s should make for a hefty, kickass graphics setup.

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Hello everyone, before hand I'd like to thank you for taking the time to read and help me out.

Alright, to make things as short as possible...basically my computer's hard drive was replaced by HP under its warranty because it died awhile ago and ever since then my computer's been working excellent.

Until last night when I decided I wanted to change my resolution to see if something would work, nothing big, just change my resolution and when I tried to change my resolution my computer freaked out and a warning message appeared:

The message translates to:

Graphic controller cannot be used for the selected screen. It is designed for an older version of Windows and it is no longer compatible with the new version.

The system has iniciated using a default VGA controller.

Please contact the fabricator of the hardware so that you may obtain an updated controller o select one of the controllers Microsoft offers.

This also showed up in the control panel that's offered by Intel's Integrated video card.

What I find weird about this is how all the configurations show up blank.

Things I have already tried doing!
I reverted to an older version of my video graphics card software (controller?) via HP's Driver's and Software support. It didn't help!

I made sure I was using the -latest- driver for my video card. Didn't work.

Tried changing my screens on the control panel (as you can see in the first screenshot) to "Intel Mobile... Read more

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I picked up a hard drive off the street cause mine was fried.

Just plugged in and went along till i decided i wanted to play WoW.

I installed it and it turns out my video card wasn't installed.

So i plugged the monitor into the APG port, and the computer turned on but the monitor didn't so i guess it didn't detect it, so i figured my card was fried.

Turns out i hadn't installed my motherboard drivers on this computer either. So i did so, and my onboard card is missing one thing to play WoW.

But, now that my motherboard is installed would my graphics card be detected when placed in the AGP port?

Also, can i play WoW if im just missing the Transform and HW video card thing? Because i've read somewhere it would just be extremly choppy.

Thanks in advance.

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Morning all,

Need help with a wee issue I experienced this morning.

PC was working fine last night, shut it down properly after a session of Warcraft (I know I should grow up a wee bit).

TUrned it on this morning before leaving for work to check my emails. Everything boots up fine. Everything working as it should be. We then get to the Windows XP loading screen with the wee blue bar just below the XP logo. Loads up fine.

BUT!!!....Just as the display should trip to the desktop proper we have "no signal". PC is still running away happily loading things up etc. but the graphic card just seems to pack in.

It's a GEForce something or other FX. It's a new PCI-E card anyway, about 768MB or thereabout.

I reckon it's something wrong with the drivers, however do you agree?

Also, how the hell do I reinstall the drivers without being able to see the screen????? I can't remember how to get into safe mode and will safe mode even let me install drivers???




A:Graphics Card Issues

Press F8 key straight after the bios/post messages finish, that will get you to the safe mode prompt.

Doesnt sound like a driver issue, if it boots into safe mode ok I'd suggest power supply or graphic card failure. Give us the details (Make and model number) of the graphics and power supply as well as age. And how long ago did you install the graphic card?

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So my computer is not really turning on anymore.

I'm not particularly great at putting my computer issues into words, but I will try my best to explain what happened.

So basically, I was playing Team Fortress 2, which has always run fine on my computer, until the graphics suddenly went crazy. It did that sort of psychadelic type of glitching where there's colours and shapes everywhere, but you cannot see anything. I thought it was just TF2 that was glitching, because that sort of thing does happen occasionally, but I couldn't alt tab, ctrl-alt-delete, etc. So I rebooted my computer in hopes that it wasn't a graphics card issue. Unfortunately, graphics were pretty messed up as soon as I got to the sign in screen, and then after I signed in, everything was still messed up, laggy, too broken to function basically. So I turned off my computer again and went on one of my dad's laptops to ask my brother what he thought, because his computer recently had a similar issue. I tried to turn my computer on again to show him on webcam so he could see, but my computer just blue-screened. I tried once more, and it blue-screened, so for now, I don't really see a point in turning it on. My brother suggested that maybe my computer was overheating- and that was causing hardware issues, but when I felt it, it did not even feel warm. My brother's issue was that his new computer's graphics card was simply garbage, and replacing it fixed it. But I don't feel like I know enough about my problem to... Read more

A:Graphics card issues(?)

Sorry in advance if I put this in the wrong forum section :S

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Hi, all.

I am new here, so please bear with me.

I have been using a Radeon 9600 graphics card, but it died on me recently (I think the fan just went kaput). I replaced it with a GeForce 7300GT Sonic card, but right now, I am having problems with it working properly. Whenever I install the driver from the CD, it plays fine until the next time I boot up. It boots up fine, but when I get to my Windows desktop, everything stops working (i.e., I can't click on anything). The mouse cursor will still move around for a couple of minutes, and then even that hangs.

I read the sticky, and so here are the information needed:
1. Motherboard - Unknown
2. Graphic interface - GE Force 7300GT Sonic
3. Memory - 1Gb (2x 512Mb DDR Ram, I think)
4. CPU - AMD Athalon XP 2800+
5. CPU Speed - 2.8 GHz
6. Power Supply Make/Model - ATX-450W/P4
7. Watt output/Amperage - 450W total: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

I hope this is enough information. If not, please ask me, and direct me to where to get the information off the PC itself. I moved house recently, and the documentation is in the storeroom somewhere waiting to be found...

A:New Graphics Card Issues

Hi and welcome to TS!!

Try uninstalling the current drivers, and install the newest ones from Nvidia. Also make sure you have the latest DirectX, and chipset drivers

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Hey guys, when I turned on my computer this morning, everything ran as usual, apart from my monitor was blank. The monitor was connected to a Nvidia 8600GT via DVI, and soon I realised that the video was instead being output through the onboard graphics card. I checked the BIOS to make sure that the PCI-E 8600GT was still set as default and it was. Having searched for a whole day I think it's time to hand over to you.

Any ideas why the graphics card will not work as the primary display adapter, and if the graphics card is faulty, should I just replace it?

Thanks, Alex

A:Graphics Card Issues

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this started like 5 days ago. my monitor screen kept on going black (the monitor light was still yellow). the screen freezes and then the monitr goes black for like 3 sconds and comes back. stays on for some 4-5 seconds (with sluggish speed) then the same thing repeats. i figured it was my graphics card. so i updated my driver but still the same thing happened. but when i disabled the graphics drivers , the screen didnt go black at all. if i enable the driver , the screen goes black again and the computer gets other words enabling the graphics cards driver is like watching a picture slide show in an ultra slow mo speed. i also got some random colored boxes during the startup ( xp loading screen and stuff before that) . this happens everytime even if the graphics driver is disabled. there are also this coloured dots mouse trails if i disable the driver.
any idea on how to fix this? plz help me T.T. i cant play any games
OS: windows xp sp3
graphics card: nvidia 6300

A:Issues with my graphics card

Replace the Nvidia 6300 as soon as you can...

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I have a vista and it is very slow atm and it's really annoying. I know there may be a thread somewhere around here about tips on speeding up your pc, and if there is i would appreciate it if you can redirect me to it. Anyways, what tips, or steps can i take? Thanks.

A:graphics card issues

Originally Posted by themoon9000

I have a vista and it is very slow atm and it's really annoying. I know there may be a thread somewhere around here about tips on speeding up your pc, and if there is i would appreciate it if you can redirect me to it. Anyways, what tips, or steps can i take? Thanks.

Hey there !

First, I'd like to ask why you'd like to update the driver for the chipset?

Is it not working properly or are you having problems that you didn't
describe in your opening post?

The only real reason to update is to have better compatibility with other
components inside the PC or to take advantage of better performance.

In your case, since the tool explicitly states that the driver which you
want to update is a custom made driver for the said components, (chipset)
I would heed it's advice.

Some manufacturer (Panasonic, Sony, Toshiba , Asus) will customize certain
drivers to work or better perform with their PCs or notebooks.

More often than not, GPU and chipset drivers will be customized to better
perform under all condition the component is meant for.

Do you have a specific problem??

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So i recently upgraded my motherboard, CPU and ram (yay for me) because i thought that the cpu was causing problems only to find out that the problems are now being caused by the GPU.
So i decided to run sisoft and got multiple errors (see blow)

***** Start of Report *****

<<< >>>

CPU 1 Temperature: 28468.4C (Min 28468.4C; Avg 28468.4C; Max
CPU 1 DC Line: 192.00V (Min 192.00V; Avg 192.00V; Max
CPU 2/Aux DC Line: 192.00V (Min 192.00V; Avg 192.00V; Max
+5V DC Line: 0.75V (Min 0.75V; Avg 0.75V; Max 0.75V)
+12V DC Line: 192.00V (Min 192.00V; Avg 192.00V; Max
-12V DC Line: 191.25V (Min 191.25V; Avg 191.25V; Max
Standby DC Line: 0.00V (Min 0.00V; Avg 0.00V; Max 0.00V)

<<< Video Rendering >>>

Error: Direct3D 11 Devices : AMD Radeon HD 7800
Series (SM5.0 1GHz, 2GB 2x1.2GHz, PCIe 2.00
x16) : Required Display format not available.
Try updating the video drivers.
Error: OpenGL Devices : AMD Radeon HD 7800 Series
(SM5.0 1GHz, 2GB 2x1.2GHz, PCIe 2.00 x16) :
Required Display format not available. Try
updating the video drivers.

<<< Video Memory Bandwidth >>>
-----------------------------------------------------------------------... Read more

A:Graphics card issues

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Every time I turn on or restart my computer, the graphics card (PNY XLR8 9800GTX) fan cycles from low to high. It runs on high for eight short bursts, then starts up.

I am running Vista Ultimate 64-bit.

How do I fix this?

A:Graphics Card Fan Issues

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I have been unable to find any information on this problem anywhere on the internet. I have a 2 GB graphics card that is more than capable of running many games (Skyrim included), but I constantly have severe game choppiness issues with almost any game I try. I have tried Dota 2, Heroes of Newerth, Skyrim, Dead Island. The strangest thing I have found so far is that my dedicated video memory is extremely little compared to my shared system video memory and I have been unsuccessful in finding out why this is happening.

More details about my computer:
Component Details Subscore Base score
Processor AMD Athlon(tm) II X4 620 Processor 7.2 4.3
Determined by lowest subscore

Memory (RAM) 4.00 GB 7.2
Graphics NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS 4.3
Gaming graphics 1919 MB Total available graphics memory 5.3
Primary hard disk 443GB Free (932GB Total) 5.9
Windows 7 Ultimate


Manufacturer System manufacturer
Model System Product Name
Total amount of system memory 4.00 GB RAM
System type 32-bit operating system
Number of processor cores 4
64-bit capable Yes


Total size of hard disk(s) 932 GB
Disk partition (C 443 GB Free (932 GB Total)
Media drive (D CD/DVD
Media drive (F CD/DVD


Display adapter type NVIDIA Ge... Read more

A:Having some issues with my graphics card

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Before I start I am a completely and utterly clueless noob when it comes to this kind of thing.. and am fully aware of this. So have tried to provide you with as much information as I can about my computer at the bottom of my post. I apologise if I have left anything out or am talking utter nonsense as this is highly likely..

I have attempted to install a new graphics card, primarily in order to play Sims 3, but also as my desktop computer is now fairly old and has been running slowly etc. My computer previously had an "ATI Radeon Xpress 300 Series" graphics card installed, and I purchased an "NVIDIA Geforce 8400 GS". I did a lot of reading up on this, and my computer appears to have the specs for it.

I followed various online step-by-step guides and uninstalled (or thought I had) my previous ATI card. I managed to physically install the card into the fastest x16 available slot, and have installed the drivers both from the cd which came with it, and the latest update from the NVIDIA website. When I look at my display adaptors, the card seems to have been installed, and the fan is running on the card, I thus assume the physical installation has gone to plan.

However, I receive an error message on booting up the computer - "The ATI control panel failed to initialize because no ATI driver is installed, or ATI driver is working properly. The ATI control panel will now close."

And after having tried running the Sims 3, there is no differenc... Read more

A:New Graphics Card Issues

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ok, so i got some new RAM about 3 weeks ago, when installing it i had to remove my graphics card. when everything was back inn place i booted up my computer and no display came up on my monitor. i then noticed that the fan on my card wasnt runnning. i fiddle around for a little while longer then came ot the conclusion that i must have shorted out my card when removing it to install the RAM. i called the manufacturer and got a free replacement. this arrived yesterday and i installed it right away. booot up, same problem. so now im thinkiong it may be somehting to do with my mother board, though everything else is working(from what i can tell).

any help would be appreciated
System Info
P4 3.0g processer 566 FSB, 1mb L2 cache
Pentium PERLx Mother board
Nvidia GeForce FX 5950 ultra 256mb (brand new)
1g Kingston RAM (brand new)

A:Graphics card issues....

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Graphics Card: Nvidia Geforce GT 240
Manufacturer: EVGA
Nividia Driver Version: 260.99
Operating System: Windows 7
Power Supply: 550W

I'm having Graphics Card problems. I believe it might be the card's RAM but I am not entirely sure.

After I installed the GT 240 I began to have problems. I noticed that games were not displayed correctly. I also noticed that small blue dots would appear over black colors.

When I opened the Nvidia Control Panel I selected "Adjust image settings with preview." I noticed that the preview also had display issues.

I decided to try overclocking my graphics card using the EVGA Precision Utility. After doing so the issues ceased to be. I didn't want to overclock my graphics card. But for the time being it worked.

I aslo performed a CPU RAM test using memtest86+ to pinpoint whether My computer was experiencing CPU RAM or GPU RAM issues. The CPU RAM test did not display any errors.

Currently I'm leaning towards my graphics card having RAM issues. But I would like a another opinion.


A:Graphics Card RAM Issues

Memtest won't test dedicated GPU memory. Try something like Prime95.

Sounds as though your graphics RAM is failing.

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Computer Specs

Processor - AMD ATHLON XP 2800+ (2.01 GHZ)
Mobo - Asus A7N8X-X
RAM - 2.0GB
1X 500GB HDD
1X 1.5 TB HDD

Okay, So my Previous Card was a XFX GEFORCE 6800XT 256MB DDR3, This card completely fried so i requested a new one (under lifetime warranty) From XFX.

They said it was defective so they sent me a new card, they sent me this time an ATI card XFX HD 4650 600M 1GB DDR2.

So this is where my problem starts, i went ahead and plugged in the Graphics Card and Everything was working perfectly fine until i went ahead and tried installing the drivers, so i did this super late and forgot to uninstall all of the NVIDIA drivers. So i installed the ATI drivers and to no Avail restarted and Nothing happened. So finally a couple of minutes later i used Driver Sweeper to Remove most of the drivers from both NVIDIA and ATI. but there is one ATI driver that will not let me uninstall it no matter what i do. ALso, I went into the Device Manager and saw that under Display Properties there was "Logmein-Display Adaptor) So i went ahead and Uninstalled it and ofcourse i shouldnt have done that because now i have no Display Drivers showing and...My Computer isnt Detecting my ATI card at all.

Help please

A:Graphics card issues, had Nvidia now have ATI

See if you can start in Safe Mode.

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one problem after another! i just recently purchased a new HD tv/monitor. the screen works perfectly with my ps3 and stuff however when i connect my ONBOARD VGA CARD (Nvidia Geforce 6100) to the screen it will work perfect until i pass the windows xp loading screen then the screen goes all funny and then it disconnects.

i then purchased a new graphics card geforce 9500gt to solve this issue (i also needed to upgrade!). i connected my card to the PCI-E slot but still i get a blank screen! the card dont load. i tried installing the drivers from the actual CD but i get prompt saying my chipset is to old!!!

the thing is ive borrowed the same graphics card before and it worked on my system perfectly!... i even installed the drivers from the nvidia website and still no hope! ive updated my motherboard (nforce xx) and still no hope

ive managed to get my onboard card working with my new monitor but the windows is to large and if i change the resolution then my monitor stops working and disconnects with my pc.

i have

Nvidia Geforce 6100 (Onboard which im using now)
Nvidia Geforce 9500GT (Dont Work)
Nforce 405/410 Motherboard
AMD 64+ 3.6GHZ
Ferguson FullHD Monitor

this is really bugging me! any one help !?

A:New Monitor New Graphics Card Issues!

I would suggest you try (while using the on-board card), connecting to the internet; going to the manufacturers website of your video card and downloading/installing the most recent drivers. Then, disable your on-board video in Device manager, and shutdown your computer. Attach the 9500GT and restart your computer; allowing Windows to detect and install it.

You may also want to go into your BIOS and disable on-board video prior to booting back into Windows with the 9500GT.

See if that helps.

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I'll try to make this as short as I can.
Recently bought a computer (used) Played sound,games everything was fine until I got a message saying I might be using a fraud version of windows..So I got a new windows CD (I use Windows XP) And reinstalled it..But now that I've reinstalled it sound doesn't work anymore..With that I go into control panel and says no audio component found,Friend recommended I try downloading Realtek. Nothing.

I can't play certain games Because I need Directx9.0c..I've read posts on-line on similar sites about graphics cards,Direct x etc.. Don't use computers often.. So computer terminology is waisted on me..Technologically challenged for sure. So I don't see why if its the same computer it no longer functions the same with the new windows CD. I've tried to download what I can and what has been recommended.
ex: downloading from Microsoft

Do I need to buy new hardware/software for the computer? (My apologies for using incorrect terminology)

A:Graphics card and audio issues

Sounds like you're just missing drivers! Have you updated windows completely? This is probably the easiest way to update drivers. If you have and it's still isn't working. we will have to take the longer method. This would involve finding the specific devices that need drivers and download them straight from the manufacturers website.

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I've just bought a DELL 2209WA, which I'm running on a Radeon 9250 128mb card and XP. I know the card is an antique, but I don't game and only need it for processing photos (I'm a professional photogrpaher).

I was under the impression the card should run this at full res, but I can only get 1280 out of it with the newest drivers installed. I've since tried the Omega v3.8.252 and this hasn't helped.

Any ideas? I'll get a new card if necessary, but would prefer to just get this sorted.

A:New monitor. Graphics Card Issues

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Hi, I just bought a Samsung EVO 840 250g SSD and made a clean windows 7 install to it. After the installation everything works at blazing speeds up until the point where I install my graphics card driver (Radeon HD 7850). Once the installation is complete and I reboot the PC everything runs really slow and I get 3-5 mins of black screen after the welcome message during boot as well as all the programs running so slow that they become non-responsive.

What I've tried:

Made exact same setup on HDD and everything is working fine.

Tried with only SSD hooked up and both SSD and HDD hooked up

Reinstalled windows 3 times on SSD

Tried multiple Driver versions

Can there be a compatibility issue? Or is it most likely to be a SSD defect even if it works till the driver is installed?

A:New SSD issues with graphics card driver

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a couple of day ago, i ws gonna update my Nvidia GTX 560 from driver version 332.21 to driver version 335.23... through the Nvidia experience program. suddenly sound stopped working on TV, and started working in my headphones. before I knew what was going on. Windows 7 fails to install all updates when restarting to configure the updates.

it always says Failed to Configure windows updates... reverting changes.

now it shows me my graphics card dont have any drivers along with the Nvidia sound drivers that arent there but are showing in Device Manager...

I tried intalling manually either through windows update, Nvidia Experience, Device manager of the Nvidia website and it always fails to intall both the graphics and sound drivers... oh and all directories (C:\, D:\, K:\, J:\, ect..) in my device manager show up as not working properly and trying to update... fails

i always get either code error 80070002 or 80070005 on windows update after trying to intalls updates... i've searched on google and tried many things related to this error but nothing...

DDS (Ver_2012-11-20.01) - NTFS_AMD64
Internet Explorer: 11.0.9600.17041 BrowserJavaVersion: 10.51.2
Run by Bourbonnais at 14:50:27 on 2014-04-14
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 6.1.7601.1.1252.1.1033.18.8169.6290 [GMT -4:00]
AV: Microsoft Security Essentials *Enabled/Updated* next / previous links 8
SP: Windows Defender *Disabled/Updated* next / previous links 7
SP: Microsoft Security Essentials *Enabled/Updated* next... Read more

A:Graphics card issues, along with win 7 and many other things...

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Please stay with me until given the 'all clear' even if symptoms seemingly abate.

Kindly follow my instructions and please do no fixing on your own or running of scanners unless requested by a helper.


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I see you have P2P software ( uTorrent ) installed on your machine. We are not here to pass judgment on file-sharing as a concept. However, we will warn you that en... Read more

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hi im pretty new to computers but im willing to learn. i have a dell dimension e520 the power supply is 305 wat im putting in a geforce 8600 gt oc it requires 325 wat, the problem is that I herd that dell isnt compatible with any other psu other than the ones you order from them, is this true? and if not what psu are compatible with the e520?

A:Psu issues with upgrading my graphics card

Im still learning like you, but im pretty sure you can buy a psu from most third party psu developers like antec, cosair, rosewill, etc. I upgraded my dimension e510(almost identical to your comp i had a 305watt psu) and bought a cosair psu and it fits just fine. I wouldn't worry too much about if they will fit or not. What you should focus on is if the certain psus you are looking at have enough amperage in their rail/rails and if the psu meets the total power output of your computer plus a 30% cushion to be safe.

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I just put a nVIDIA Geforce FX 5200 graphics card in and unistalled my Integrated Intel Extreme Graphics 2 and it works fine but when i start up the computer during the POST the monitor displays "No Signal" and then for a short period it says "Out of Range" then windows boots up and its fine and it also asks me to install the Intel Graphics everytime i start my computer.. should i have the intel graphics installed or not? and will they have any effect?

Edit: actually major problems... when i go to play agame it gets choppy then freezes up and i cant do anything but turn it off by the power button.. this doesnt seem to make much sense since this graphics card should b better than the Intel Extreme Graphics according to most people on here and the intel graphics worked with this game.

A:minor graphics card issues

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My problem:
Ati Radeon 5670 (had for about 3 years no problems until now)
Samsung 2333HD 1920x1080 (had for about 3 years no problems until now)
My 5670 has always displayed via HDMI (HDMI cables are not a factor in this issue, as I have tested it with 5 different cables) onto my 2333HD (at 1920 x 1080), however, without me changing or touching anything, yesterday I turn on my PC and the TV says "no signal", as apposed to "check signal cable", which indicates no connection. So the TV recognises that something is plugged into the HDMI slot, but that's it. Heres the strange part, two different cards (both Nvidia, not that I imagine that has much to do with this) work fine, displaying correctly through my TV AND when my PC is plugged into a different HD display, my graphics card works fine.
MY graphics card -> MY TV = doesn't work
DIFFERENT graphics card -> MY TV = does work
MY graphics card -> DIFFERENT TV does work

I have tried restoring the ATI catalyst settings to default, changing my graphics card to 720 on a different display then plugging it into mine, and I have tried 800x600...
I would really like to have this fixed and working how it used to, and even after a day this is causing me stress >:/ My graphics card has a DisplayPort output so I was thinking if theres no success, I could try using a DisplayPort to HDMI cable, would that work?

I greatly appreciate any help, I am able to troubleshoot most hours and I will try and reply... Read more

A:Graphics card to HDTV issues

Can anyone tell me if it is either the Tv or the card at fault? Also, help would be greatly apppreciated.

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I am trying to install a new graphics card and power supply. Below is system of original system:

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600S CPU @ 2.80GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 8174 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 6570, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 1418945 MB, Free - 606482 MB; D: Total - 11750 MB, Free - 1437 MB;
Antivirus: Norton Internet Security, Updated and Enabled
The new graphics card and power supply is listed below and summary of steps we have tried.

Graphics Card: Gigabyte GEFORCE GTX650
Power Supply: Capstone 450W Modular Version (original power supply was 300W)

Steps we did to install graphics card:
- Installed new power supply and graphics card in tower.
- Started computer, saw a black screen. Computer did not detect display. The GTX DVI port was connected to the monitor.
- Switched to integrated card by connecting integrated DVI port to the monitor.
- Started computer, booted up normally, integrated graphics card detected. Only card listed under devices. GTX not listed.
- Loaded the driver CD that came with graphics card. Message on screen said correct device not detected
- Noticed we did not connect power supply to the new graphics card. Corrected this.
- Reconnected the GTX DVI port to the monitor
- Rebooted computer. The initial HP blue power up screen appea... Read more

A:New Graphics Card install issues

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I recently purchased a BFG 7900 GT OC Graphics card and a 550 Watt Coolmax Power supply. I hooked them both up computer started up fine. Then I installed the drivers for the new video card. After installation A message came up saying it lowered graphics performance on my card to protect it, because somehow it wasnt receiving enough power. Can someone please help. I can still run my computer and play need for speed mw on full graphics, that the only game ive tried, but the message worries me, I want to get the most out of my video card.

Thanks ahead of time.

A:Graphics Card Power Issues

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Ok ... this is sort of a follow-up to my last post regarding a suggestion for a graphics card.

After deciding I didn't want to spend a lot of money on a graphics card to put on the cheap motherboard in my HP I went out and bought a PCI GeForce 128Mb FX5200 card. Not exactly the greatest card but I am not a huge gamer and it is still oodles better than the on-board Intel Extreme.

I managed to install the card and get it working (after a bit of fiddling). However every time I re-boot the computer it tries to reinstall the on-board graphics controller (Intel 82845G/GL/GE/PE/GV Graphics Controller). If I go into the device manager it has the little exclamation point next to the display adapter (see pic). If I uninstall it then it just comes back the next time.

The obvious question is "did I disable the on-board graphics in the system BIOS?". The answer to that question would be "yes .... I think". The graphics setting in the BIOS was already set to PCI before I started the install of the new card ... which I thought was sort of odd.

Any ideas why the Intel graphics keeps trying to come back to life? New card works fine by the way. I just have this annoying window popping up every time I reboot asking me if I want to reinstall.

Any help would be appreciated
Blue Dog

A:Graphics Card Installation Issues

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I'm replacing my old Graphics card with a new one, I'm going from a HD 4530 to a GT 430.

So first, I just shut my system down, took out my old card and put in the new one. I turned my system back on and system booted, but as it loaded windows (the part at the bottom loading bar) the screen went black and the system continued to boot.
I then put my old card back in and read online that I should uninstall my current drivers then repeat what did. So... i did it and again nothing. At this point I'm thinking well it maybe the card, so i put my old card BACK in the system and then it did the same thing. System booted, but when Windows started to load it went black but I could hear it continue to boot.

So I'm assuming Windows is not installing the most basic driver to display it self?

I had to do a restore on my system to get my old card to wok again.

It seems to be that Windows is not loading the card so i can get on and install via the CD.

Opinions thoughts? the card i bought should work on my system, it requires a 300W Power supply and dos NOT requie any type of extra power cable.
I only have one PCI Express slot....

A:Installing new graphics card issues.

Does the card support Windows XP. It seems to be a newer card. Newer hardware sometimes don't support Windows XP. Take the new card out put older one back in. Go get into bios and look for any settings that might say "Graphics" Onboard and PCI select pci. Select F10 to save changes. Reboot. Look to see if your card supports Windows xp or not.

300W PSU means minimum I would recommend getting a good quality 500w or better PSU.

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...and i'm pulling my hair out now at this point. I've tried two different video cards, same model (but the only type available) neither one works... and yes I had them both in nice and snug and fully plugged in. I don't know what to do now. Please help!

A:Still having monitor/graphics card issues.

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Hello all

First, to get it out of the way, this is the error message that is showing up:
"Device 0 cannot run this title. No supported video graphics card detected. Please check your system hardware"

Second, this is what I have tried:
A.) Updating drivers
B.) Going to "Can You Run It," and according to that: yes, I can in fact, run it.
C.) I've checked to make sure there isn't any funny business going on (like my computer thinking I have two graphics cards, or two monitors or two tails growing out of it... you never know)

Third, these are my stats:
Running Windows XP (Professional Edition)
Graphics card: ATI Radeon 2400 HD Series
The game was bought and installed via Origin (EA's new dashboard program?) and therefore I don't have a physical disk for it.
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 CPU 3.00GHz (2 CPUs)
Memory: 2048 MB
I currently have my computer plugged into a TV, and using that as the monitor. Could this be messing it up somehow? Or any other suggestions? I would really appreciate any feedback, thanks.

A:Issues with Sims 3 and my graphics card - Tried everything - Help?


First off, no I don't think having your PC plugged into a TV is causing that problem.
Based on the error message, it's your graphics card that might have been causing the error message to show up.
I would like to ask, did you update Sims 3 and this error occurred?
It might be because you upgraded to a newer version of Sims 3 which happen to be an update that does not support your graphics card because I believe 'Can You Run It' doesn't check whether your system is capable of running the latest version of the game, but instead, checks whether your system is capable of running the oldest version of the game.

Anyways, performing a re-install of The Sims 3 wouldn't hurt that much.. Just a lost of game data...but I'm not sure if you can re-install it since you don't have a disc.

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Just recently I built my own PC from scratch since my old one is very old. Ran into no problems while building and made sure I had no static electricity while touching components. Everything went smooth and it started up with no problem. Installed windows 7 and got on, and it was absolutely smooth. Installed all my drivers and updated them then installed a couple of games, Civilization 5 and WoW Cataclysm. First day playing there was not problem playing on ultra settings, it can handle it. After that my screen froze up then went to normal displaying "amd driver has stopped responding and has recovered". Currently graphics card was a radeon 7000 series. It would displays this off and on so i lowered the graphics on Civ and the messages stopped. However on WoW it would continue even on low settings and then began blue screening followed by a restart. I looked online and alot of people where saying after replacing the card it was fixed so i did the same. Again first day was great followed by the driver messages, blue screens, disconnections to my screen, and spontaneous restarts. These happen at random times, sometimes every 10min., or once every 3-4 hours. Temp. inside is cool and did a clean install of windows 7 as recommended by asus support.

I'm thinking of replacing the card again but going with a Geforce, I noticed that the both this and the last card were from amd and I'm hearing alot of problems about there faulty drivers. I want to know if ... Read more

A:Solved: Graphics Card Issues:

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OK i reformatted my laptop today, and right now im trying to re-install all the drivers that i lost

now im having issues after i installed the latest graphics driver for my grahics card whenever i run it, it shows up this error "The Catalyst Control Center is not supported by the driver version of your
enabled graphics adapter.Please upgrade your ATI Graphics driver or enable your ATI Adapter using The Displays Manager"

also I tried also installing the Intel Media Accelerator Driver but when i restarted it, it gives me a black screen at logon screen.
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate , 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU M 430 @ 2.27GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 37 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 3893 Mb
Graphics Card: Standard VGA Graphics Adapter, 3 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 588674 MB, Free - 571776 MB; D: Total - 21500 MB, Free - 3098 MB; E: Total - 99 MB, Free - 90 MB; G: Total - 610328 MB, Free - 101377 MB;
Motherboard: Hewlett-Packard, 144A, 65.2E, CNF0000000
Antivirus: None

A:Graphics Card Driver Issues

What is the exact make and model of the machine?

I would suggest initially getting the drivers from the PC manufacturer website to ensure everything is working correctly, then after that try upgrading if necessary. If you give the make and model of the machine we can probably point you in the right direction.

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I've been having issues with running COD4. I originally had an 8800gts 320mb which ran fine on med to high graphics with an fps up around 80 - 100.

After a while the card began getting worse and giving about 50 - 60 fps on the same settings and eventually it stopped working. I put it in for warranty hoping that when i get it back it will run fine but they sent out a different 8800gts 320mb (which had probably been 'fixed') and still runs on 50-60 fps.

Should i take the card back to MSY and ask for them to send it off for warranty again? Any help would be great.

Cheers, Brent

A:Replaced graphics card issues

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Hello techspot! I recently installed a new asus radeon R7 240 with 2GD3 and I started having issues with my pc , like blue screens , slowly working , and freezes , which forced me to reboot and get corrupted files.
I did a clean install of windows , still the same. I really don't know what to do anymore and before I want to go to a specialist I want to know what's wrong.
My specs: Intel GMA 3100 (chipset)
G31 M7 TE motherboard
Powerlink LPK2-30 PSU
Samsung HD502HI ATA hard disk

A:Issues with pc after installing new graphics card

With the graphics card removed does the system operate as it should? I.E no more bluescreenies when the card is not installed?

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Hmm; well this is a rather odd issue.

I had a 6yr old dell with 386mb SD ram and .8ghz (lol >.<), with a 256mbDDR2 radeon 9250 graphics card in it (PCI).

My younger brother has a newer Everex computer with 1024mb DDR2 ram, and 1.5ghz, but just onboard graphics.

I game and do low-level C++ programming (.. still learning), while he YouTube's and uses MSN.

Deciding to switch towers to give me the better pc for my use, I uninstalled the gfx card on my Dell and gave him the tower. Getting his tower, I opened it up and put in the gfx card. On boot, (moniter plugged into onboard first), nothing. The startup beep happened, but not even the splash screen came up, and after that first beep, the HDD didn't even spin up.

I pressed Power and shut it off, then plugged the monitor into the gfx card and powered back up. I got the splash screen for a few seconds, then a black screen, and again, the HDD didn't even spin up.

Then I powered off the computer and removed the gfx card. Powering back up, I uninstalled the phone modem thing that was in the pci slot before the card and tried again. Same issue.

Boot back up, and this time tried to install the Catalyst Drivers for the card, but apparently the card needs to be in the machine or the drivers won't install.

So this is where I'm stuck..

Maybe there's not enough power to boot the HDD and the card? It's a SATA drive.

*Goes and looks in the PC*

PSU is.. HIPRO 300w? But right above it says wil... Read more

A:Solved: Graphics card issues

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Boy, have I done it this time.

A few days ago I decided that I needed to update the drivers for my ATI X800 Video Card. So, I proceeded to the company's website and installed what I thought were the drivers for my card. Later, I noticed that I installed the wrong ones, so I rolled back and attempted to install the right ones.

Here in lies my problem. Whenever I attempt to install the correct drivers and reboot, I am unable to start up Windows successfully. After the Windows loading screen, the BSOD flashes quickly and my computer restarts itself again.

I'm able to start my computer up in Safe Mode, uninstall the drivers, then reboot normally with success, but this means that I have no drivers. I really do not want to reformat my machine seeing that I had to do that a few months ago and I've finally tweaked everything to my liking. Does anyone know what other options I can proceed with?

I appreciate any help/suggestions. Thanks!

A:Graphics Card Driver Issues

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HD monitor is is an HPwide2007. I installed its drivers. My Graphics card is an ATI Radeon 9200 (I think is the model) the other computer is an Nvidia graphics card./ The monitor is connected with a KVM to both computers.

I updated the graphics drivers, and the Nvidia seems to work, but I can not use the MY HP porgram to configure the basically I can not fine tune the monitor to my will run the HP tuning program, but the options to change the settings are greyed out.

on the ATI machine..basically, the settings reset everytime I turn on the computer. It is like they do not get memorized or something. Using this computer for music production, it causes isses with certain programs when i have to reset the resolution every time.

When the computer starts, the resolution is huge and bubble pops up saying the computer is not optimized...yadda yadda...Do i need better graphics cards? Maybe that is the issue..I am just not sure.

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I first noticed the hanging when I was listening to music- and the same line started repeating over and over and I noticed nothing was working in the back ground after 1 click (it started to open up programs and then nothing)
ok my computer started hanging the question isnt what hung its what didn't
it started off slow around 7am, it hung and the audio just kept repeating couldn't get a thing to work until rebooting (and would continue to lock up or 'hang' through out the day)
and it just got worse from there though oddly if I was in a chat IM
like MSN etc I could type in the hang but if i clicked out of the window down it goes so to speak
eventually I got so fed up I reinstalled windows as I couldn't even reinstall a single driver before it would just hang/lock on me (oddly most of the time the mouse would still be movable though sometimes not)
and now all drivers reinstalled my graphics card is giving me
Nvidia Geforce 9600 GT This device cannot start. (Code 10) new drivers wont work
the drivers off the manf. disk wont work
thats sort of the nutshell , as a side note my cpu temps are all normal to
43C or below , the drivers for my PCI Sound card (audigy 2 ZS) installed ok and sound is functionall and all my HDD 's seem to be functioning ok.

any views or opinions would be extremely appreciated

AMD Athlon 64 x2 dual core 4200+
@2.21 Ghz , 4gb (3.25) DDR2 Ram
running windows xp pro.

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Hey guys im new the the forums and decided to make my first post. Recently I bought a computer (Windows8 Pre Installed) so i decided to downgrade back to windows7 because honestly who wants windows 8 lol. Anyway i was able to play games like League Of Legends and Amnesia and others but after going to windows7 ive been getting driver errors and display errors. I stayed up all night downloaded all my drivers and display stuff and everything seemed to be working fine but for some reason i can't play the games i used to because of my graphics card. Now I have 0.0MB Of Video Memory and not sure why. here are some of my specs
Anyway i need help because im very upset that i cant play games i used to on windows8. I figured this had something to do with my graphics card but im not sure so very sorry if this was posted in the wrong section. Thanks

A:Graphics Card Issues After Downgrading To Windows 7?

Your Win8 PC might have had AMD drivers already installed. When you installed Win7, did you install any AMD drivers?

If you didn't install AMD drivers, you should go to their website and download the drivers needed for your AMD video chipset: Link

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Hi everyone. Recently, I've had a computer that has ran windows XP for years. Recently, I switched out my hard drive for a blank one with more space and installed Windows Vista Ultimate 32bit version. Everything installed fine but the screen resolution is too low (640x480). I've tried to change it but it won't allow me too. In addition it does not have any color settings outside of 16bit. I have a standard VGA graphics adapter with an up to date driver. I also completed a windows update for the whole system. What's up with my computer? Why was I able to have a higher resolution on my XP for years and now have such a low one on Vista?

My graphics chip type is Intel(r)845G/845GL/845GE/845GV

If it helps here are my machine's specs:

Operating System new server roles
System Model: Windows Vista Ultimate (build 6000)
Install Language: English (United States)
System Locale: English (United States)
Installed: 7/13/2011 12:25:18 AM
Dell Computer Corporation Dimension 2400
System Service Tag: 39X1631 (support for this PC)
Chassis Serial Number: 39X1631
Enclosure Type: Space-saving
Processor a Main Circuit Board b
2.20 gigahertz Intel Pentium 4
8 kilobyte primary memory cache
512 kilobyte secondary memory cache
Not hyper-threaded
Board: Dell Computer Corp. 0G1548 A00
Bus Clock: 400 megahertz
BIOS: Dell Computer Corporation A00 05/23/2003
new USB Storage Use in past 30 Days (mouse over last used for details) new Hosted Virtual Machines (mouse over name f... Read more

A:My graphics card and resolution/color bit issues

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I'm thinking about buying the lenovo y700 14, but I was wondering if the issues with the black screen and not starting among others has been fixed. The one I want to buy has the AMD Radeon r9 m275 graphics. If not, how do I fix them (because I will probably still buy it, even if it needs work).
Mod's Edit: System model added to front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.

A:Y700 - Have the Graphics Card issues been fixed fo...

Does anyone know? I need to know before I buy one so I can prepare. I also will be adding an m.2 SSD.

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Hey folks, I'll jump right into the issue.

A few months back my video card stopped working (see previous post) and I thought I could easily solve the problem by getting my hands on a new card. Well, I got a new card (Radeon X600pro 256 - old crap but it was free). I plugged it right in, and when I booted my computer up the screen was not responsive. I figured I should probably have installed the driver for the card first, so I rebooted my computer using the onboard graphics to do just that.

When I inserted the CD, I didn't get any response from the computer that I had put in a disk. I clicked on the drive in My Computer and it told me to insert a disk. I tried popping in a BF2 disk and the same thing happened. I checked to see if the drive was plugged in fully and it looks like it is to my knowledge. So what's wrong here?

In the meantime I'm downloading the ATI driver, but it would be nice to find out whats wrong with my CD drive.

Any ideas?

A:Disk drive/graphics card issues

Go to Start->Run-> Devmgmt.msc
And click the + sign on your CD\DVD drive
Then right click on the drive, and remove it (delete\uninstall whatever the name)
Then restart, and allow Windows to automatically find and install the drive again

Then try the disc again
Or try another manufacture disc, to test it
Reply back

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My Toshiba Satellite M60 164 developed a problem with the screen output a while ago as visible by clicking on the following link:
I brought it to a repair place and after a long time and a lot of faffing they informed me that there is a problem with the graphics card. They quoted me a price to repair which was not too bad considering the age of the laptop and the price to just replace it, so I told them to go ahead. They ordered a replacement graphics card, fitted it and tested it only to discover the same problem appeared during the testing. They claimed that this was due to their supplier sending a slightly different part and then quoted a much higher price to source the part from elsewhere, which was however not economical. I got the part no off them (Toshiba VGA BOARD M24C 128, K000027010) and have found somewhere else to buy it for cheaper. However due to poor service and communication by them I am not for them to fix it and before I bring it elsewhere I want to ensure it is the correct part for this laptop as they did not install any faith in me! When I contacted Topaz, Toshiba's spare parts dealer, the lady gave me a different part number and said the graphics board and motherboard are all one when the repair shop had told me they were separate.
Basically I am wondering if anyone can confirm to me what the part number is for the graphic board and if it is attached to the motherboard or not? Also if you have any idea from this limited i... Read more

A:Toshiba Satellite M60 164 Graphics Card Issues

Going by the dismantling guide here :-
And looking at the pic at step #23 :-
The graphics chip is the one with the white thermal compound on it and it's soldered onto the system board.
To be absolutely sure though I would follow that guide and have a look yourself.
But it looks like the Topaz woman was correct and the repair shop people are lying to you.

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I just got windows 7 64-bit ultimate edition for my laptop, and I notice that it does not read my graphics card. The graphics card I have is the nvidia 8800 gts for my sony vaio laptop (model vgn-fz283bn). My computer was working correctly with it when I had windows vista business 32- bit, but for some reason it is not showing on windows 7 64 bit version. When I look at the graphics card I have (in the hardware tab) it said I had the standard vga adapter, when I actually have the nvidia. Please help me with this issue so I can get my nvidia operating with the computer.

Thank You

A:graphics card issues with windows 7 ultimate 64-bit

You need to download and install the latest driver for your video card. Windows 7 couldn't detect what type of card it was or didn't have a compatible driver on the disk for it.

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I shut down my computer earlier today; rebooted it in the evening but it would not load. Instead it simply cycled through a series of constant reboots each anything from 2-10 seconds apart.

My monitor will not find an input from the sapphire hd4850 it is connected to and the sapphire hd4850 displayed a flickering red led of 'd1601: over-heat protect straight from startup and this will continue till the forced reboot and then start over.

I googled the issue, which seems to be very popular for the hd4850 range and tried some of the suggestions, which included:

- resetting cmos
- removing gfx card and re-attaching it.
- unplugging and unattaching everything apart from the graphics card and the power supply to both the graphics card and the cpu.

The last suggestion caused the reboots to stop (which initially makes me think it is a power issue - but I do run a 550w coolmaster psu, which is only 13 months old) and the flicking red led of 'd1601' to instead become a constant red led of 'd1601.' However, the monitor still does not work and the constant red led remains even when the monitor is not attached to the gfx card.

I run a Gigabye GA-DS45 motherboard, coolmaster 550w psu unit, sapphire hd4850 512mb, 4gb corsair ram and d2c processor.

I have had no problems with the computer for 13 months and definitely no heating problems (the inside has 4 fans including the gfx fan) and I do not overclock. BUT upon moving, 2 months ago I have noticed small probl... Read more

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I have an Alienware M11X
The graphics card is not being used though.
So far, i've tried 296.17, 306.97, 310.33 (Beta driver)
None of these work. All the time I get the following error message:
I've also tried uninstalling the mobile intel display, but it wont go. doesn't make a difference when I disable either. A restart brings it back.

I'm pretty sure that the display being used is the Mobile Intel rubbish they put on. I can't get it to use the NVidia GEForce GT335M that's also available:
Screen resolution also detects multiple monitors, but I've only got one! the Laptop display!!

does anyone have any advice? I can't play minecraft


A:Alienware M11X & Graphics card issues

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Hi Have HP Pavilion P6-2065UK, with 8 GB Ram, and have installed new Corsair CX430 Watt power supply. When I install new Nvidia Geforce GT 630  Grahics Card, blank screen is displayed, you can hear Windows 7  start up screen open but no display present. I have gone into Bios mode to confirm 16x slot is enabled and sometimes the PCI Express Card is shown. I have tried enabling and disabling on board Video in Bios, no joy. Unable to go into Safe Mode. I have also tried using Google Remote Desktop to connect the HP to another PC so that I can try and see desktop, but as soon as you power down, the unique 12 digit pin code needed is reset and I lose connection. I am still able to use onboard original video but not the Nvidia. Been ongoing for sometime now. Any help with this would really be appreciated. Thanks.


View Solution.

A:HP Pavilion P6-2065UK Graphics Card Issues

Hello Easyd, Welcome to the HP Forums, I hope you enjoy your experience! To help you get the most out of the HP Forums I would like to direct your attention to the HP Forums Guide First Time Here? Learn How to Post and More.I understand you installed a new graphics card and now cannot boot. I would like you to go back into your BIOS and disable Secure Boot and Enable Legacy Mode. Please re-post with what happens when you restart if you require additional support. Thank you for posting on the HP Forums. Have a great weekend!

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Whenever I turn on my PC, I get this error.
"at least one display adapter on the system has been disabled because its driver is not compatible with the driver for the vga adaptor."
And it runs in 800x600 with spazzy blue lines everywhere.
I've been told to disable onboard graphics, but there is no option in BIOS nor Device Manager to do so. I've also uninstalled and reinstalled drivers.
In Device Manager I get a Code 43 error.

I'd really like to get my graphics card back on line.
Also, it's an nVidia 8800GT (Feel free to laugh.)

A:Graphics Card Issues, details in thread

Hello Succinct,
I am left with no real details to assist you, as you did not post much, so, with that said. try this site for correct drivers, Drivers - Download NVIDIA Drivers
If that is the place you went to, and you installed those and you are still getting the error message. then your other choices would be a system restore before this issue. or to do a repair of the OS using your recovery console if you have one or a dvd from your manufacturer or one you have purchased for your OS . Post back what you did so we all can learn.

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I have a Travelmate P645-MG, with Intel HD Graphics as well as a Radeon 8750M. The graphics do not ever switch to the discrete card, no matter what programs I am running. I have even set all switchable graphics settings to "high performance", no luck. I have issues with running Photoshop and Illustrator due to this, and I can only run some games on basic settings, others don't really run at all. I have been told by Acer that there is no way to force the computer to default to the AMD card, which is unfortunate but shouldn't be necessary if the switchable graphics are working as intended.  I have tried multiple fixes for this. As mentioned above I have configured the switchable graphics to high performance. I have also updated the Bios to the latest version. I have tried to update to the latest drivers from the Acer website (drivers provided for my laptop model) - the AMD driver has no effect, and the Intel driver will not install, it says "this installation package is not supported by this processor type".  When I check to see what graphics are running, dxdiag says one of two things. Normally, it shows the Intel HD graphics only. If I disable the Intel HD graphics, which should cause the computer to revert to the AMD (even if everything does not function properly), it reverts to 'basic' graphics instead, so it only has 3 resolution options and no Windows Aero, etc. When I check the dxdiag in this state, it says that my display adapter is working ... Read more

A:Graphics Card Issues on Travelmate P645-MG

Try right clicking the PS icon and choose "run with graphics card" and go from there.

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Hi there all,
I recently purchased an installed an ATI 4670 card, updated to the latest drivers an everything. Though while playing video games I get artifacts, ill try an get a picture of them soon enough but they look like black lines making a pattern an flickering, now they aren't very large or extremely problematic, but I do want to get out what I payed for the card, so any1 have any ideas on what the issue is?? Or if anyone else has a problem with the new Radeon 4600 series, please let me know.

A:Issues with new Asus 4670 Graphics Card

Is XP Media Center upgraded to Service Pack 3?

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I don't exactly remember what happened but i was promoted via Steam to update my drivers for my AMD Radeon HD 7800 Series, and after restarting the computer No games would start. I have tried all and nothing loads. One in particular does load but only random letters and code are replaced where the graphics and textures should be. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling my drivers multiple times and out of few for going to an incorrect sight may have deleted something of importance. Now when I check what graphics card i'm running by going to Advanced settings in screen resolution all it says is Vgasave. I'm not very tech savvy and would appreciate any help on this matter greatly

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i just installed a geforce 8800 gt pcie on my athlon 64 5000+ x2 (dual core 2.6 GHz) and now my pci soundcard (e-mu 1616M 24 bit) seems to be suffering. Whenever i do anything video or cpu intensive (scroll, drag windows, open a new program), the sound crackles. when scrolling slowly, the sound becomes extremely distorted and slow. this is true of itunes, windows media player, and internet explorer audio.
i'm guessing its the pcie card eating all the bandwidth or cpu ?
anyone know a fix? i'd rather not drop any graphics quality, but if i have to i will.

A:sound issues after installing pcie graphics card

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Hi all,
I've read through a number of topics with seemingly similar problems to mine, but none of them quite match my own issue.

The issue is that the monitor frequently goes blank during start up. During the initial boot it is fine, and the problem starts when the XP login screen appears. From this point, right through until everything has seemingly stopped loading during start up, the screen will go blank after approximately 5 seconds. If I turn the monitor off and on again it will display the image again, before going blank. It doesn't seem to happen during every boot, though it will do it more often than not... it will also do the same after logging out and logging in to another account, and if the computer has been left idle for some time.

I'm running a custom build PC on Windows XP Home, SP2. The graphics card is a GeForce 7300 GT, and I installed new drivers yesterday in an attempt to solve this problem. It hasn't worked, and I'm apprehensive to go through with some of the suggestions in other topics with similar problems, in case they do damage. The monitor is an old Dell 15" LCD, I've no idea on the model but it's ~5 YO.

Any advice on how to approach this one would be great!

A:Monitor/Graphics Card Issues: Screen Goes Blank in XP


I know a friend who had the same issue was with a GeForce 7900 GT.......when he upgrade the video card the problem went away.......funny thing is I tried his Video card in my PC and it did the same thing...Blackout for a few seconds

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Ready for a mouthful and a challenge?

For my home built gaming PC, I had to purchase a new graphics card (Sapphire Radeon HD 7770 GHz Edition) to replace my old one (Geforce GTX 550 Ti) Obviously the difference between the two cards isn't TOO noticeable in my gaming rig, but the 550 has a driver problem that causes the driver to consistently crash, red dots during gameplay and glitches until you completely fresh reinstall the driver. The problem goes away shortly until it arises again, I had to use beta drivers that made the problem go away longer but it still would crash. Also when booting with this card, I have to physically push up on the left side of the card or else boot up screen doesn't appear. (Yes, I have reinstalled the card and used tighter screws to try to fix the problem but to no success.)

After much frustration, I decide to swap the card and much to my 'wonderful' luck, it won't boot up anything, even with the lifting trick. I do everything I can to make it work - drivers, bios, uninstalling the default card on the mobo - nothing works, there isn't even a sign of it being detected in Device Manager. There isn't any cases of a similar problem in other forums and eventually I discover that unlike the 550, the 7770 won't work without 4 GB of RAM.
"But I have 8 GB I say to myself!" This is true, but I didn't take into account Win7 32 bit only allows your computer to use under 4 GB. "Aha" I say to myself, and pony up an... Read more

A:Reformating from Win7 32 bit to 64 bit, Graphics Card issues and no sound, Oh my!

What does device manager show for the sound devices?

The only times I've seen video fail over time and start "glitching" during heavy use (ie game play) is when the card is getting too hot. The fact that you couldn't get it to boot or at least display without "pushing up on the left side of the card" indicates to me that there's also an issue with the pci-x slot or at least the alignment of the card within the slot. You'll never get stable performance if that's the case. A potential test is to remove the motherboard from the case, place it on a non-conductive surface, hook power and devices and then see if you get the same result. I've done this same trick and discovered that one riser within the case was causing motherboard flex preventing good seating of some cards. Once resolved, things worked properly.

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Hey all,

So I just replaced my two GTX 760's with one GTX 980 ti last week, and that's when I started having issues. I've had probably 15 BSOD's in the past week and I can't figure out why. It happens mostly when gaming, but not at any predictable time while gaming. Sometimes it's right when I start a game, and sometimes it happens after a couple of hours. It's also not necessarily while my computer is under load; many of the crashes have been while nothing graphically intense was happening.

The other symptom I'm having is that the computer takes a couple of tries to boot. I usually put it to sleep rather than fully shutting down, but it won't come out of hibernation when I try. It might start for a second and get to the mobo boot screen but that's it. Other times it won't start at all. I press the power button and nothing happens. The only way I can get it to boot then is to pull the power cable from the PSU and wait a couple of seconds -- it boots when I plug it back in.

When I installed the new graphics card I used a driver uninstaller and did a clean install of the latest drivers. I have also run memtest overnight, and it got through 5 passes no problem. I have also removed and reseated my RAM and the graphics card. The only other thing I did was switch from a balanced power plan to a high performance one in Windows' Power Options. That seemed to help a bit with the crashes during games, but it didn't solve anything. I have a feeling it's a power issue, but I d... Read more

A:Random BSOD's, Issues Booting. New Graphics Card

All of your dumps are pointing to your GPU.
BugCheck 50, {fffffb2409c6f300, 0, fffff880049803ec, 7}

*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for nvlddmkm.sys
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for nvlddmkm.sys

Could not read faulting driver name
Probably caused by : nvlddmkm.sys ( nvlddmkm+ef3ec )

Followup: MachineOwner

2: kd> lmvm nvlddmkm
start end module name
fffff880`04891000 fffff880`0535a000 nvlddmkm T (no symbols)
Loaded symbol image file: nvlddmkm.sys
Image path: \SystemRoot\system32\DRIVERS\nvlddmkm.sys
Image name: nvlddmkm.sys
Timestamp: Wed Jun 17 06:36:26 2015 (5581075A)
CheckSum: 00A850BE
ImageSize: 00AC9000
Translations: 0000.04b0 0000.04e4 0409.04b0 0409.04e4
Download the latest driver for your card from here and save it to your desktop or other convenient location. Then uninstall the card via Device Manager, power down and physically remove the card from the machine. Reseat the card ensuring it's fully seated and the power cables are fully connected.

Reboot and unstall the driver you downloaded, only install the graphics driver and the PhysX driver.

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I've run into constant issues when running 3D accelerated games from the AMD R7 M370 when the external power is connected (e.g. running from AC). Games like World of Tanks will constantly lock up my system if run with the external power connected (requiring a hard reset). However, if I run just from the battery, everything is 100% stable (after I modify my high performance power plan within Windows 10 to use the R7 M370 all the time). Is anyone else running into this issue? Just a long shot, but could this be related to the issues described in the following thread that I'm also experiencing? System ConfigThinkpad E560Windows 10 Proi7-6500U16GB RAMAMD  R7  M370 (Radeon Settings Version 16.4.1)

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I've seen a few threads on this site and toms hardware as well regarding the Dell XPS (8300 in specifics) having issues with graphics card upgrades.
I bought an R9 380 a few months ago. No signal, the card wasn't defective.
Thought it was my 460 PSU, upgraded that to a 550. No signal.
I sold it, and recently got a Gigabyte R9-270x 4gb windforce edition. No signal once again.
Now i'm at a loss, I really like my computer but the old GeForce 440 isn't really what I want to stick to.
If I were to replace the motherboard would this fix my problem with the graphics card? Or what could I do to get this card to work in my system. I don't want to have to return it.
Also, I have updated to the A06 Bios but without any luck. Thanks a ton.

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