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pavilion dv3 power switch connector problem

Q: pavilion dv3 power switch connector problem

pls help me if you can. my son tampered with my dv 3 in my absence. he cut off the ten pin power switch connector. my problem is that its a ten pin connector from the mother board but on the power switch main small board, it has only 9 pin. can somebody tell me how to position the connector to solder it back ?. I'd be grateful if anyone will help me out. thanks in advance

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I recently inherited a motherboard pulled from an IBM 300PL (Model 6565 with slot1 CPU) that I want to put into a generic case with all separate wires for power switch, reset switch, power LED, HDD LED.

The motherboard has a proprietary Power Switch/LED Connector (J27). Does anyone know the pin assignments so that I can hook this thing up right? Please let me know if anyone knows anything about this board.

Thank you!

A:IBM 300PL Power Switch/LED Connector (J27) Pin Assignment

I am confronted with exactly the same situation. Did u by any change already found out the scheme.


[email protected]

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I cannot find the power switch connecter on this mother board, it's not even listed in the manual, that I could find any way. Any help would be much appreciated!

A:ASUS P8Z77-M Motherboard Power Switch Connector?

Are you looking for the ASUS Q-Connector?

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Hi, the power jack for my hp pavilion is on it's way out. I took the laptop apart yesterday and noticed that the power jack is connected to it's own seperate board along with a usb port. I was just wondering if anyone knows if theres anywhere that sell's those seperate boards on their own or if im going to have to solder on a new connector? Thanks..

Regards, Dave.

A:hp pavilion dv6000 power connector


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I live in Germany and only want to order products from Germany. The original spare part 449454-001 is too expensive (45?) here for such an old notebook. Hence I search for compatible USB/power connector boards. My notebook was in repair during its warranty time. Obviously even HP did replace the power connector board with another one, because my current one has the model number: DDAT8APB2004507. 1. Could sth. happen to my hardware when using a spare part having the following characteristics?both connectors from the power board to the mainboard fitthe connector from the power supply to the power jack fitsthe power of 65W is correct 2.  Is the DC jack pin size of 1,65mm correct? 3.  I consider buying a part with the modell number DA0AT8TB8F2 (German). According to this page (English) many HP spare parts and model numbers should be compatible to each other or am I getting sth. wrong? HP PartSurfer does not show any compatible products. My current power connector board:     

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i recently built a new pc, the mb is a x58i xfx, along with a intel core i7 cpu and gts 250 geforce gc. a couple days ago i installed a 2nd video card, booted it up, worked wonderful, no problems what so ever, then today i went to boot it up and it would just turn on for a split second the shut down. i thought something might be grounded, so i messed around with a few things and same thing, so i took everything out of the tower and put it all back in, same thing, i finally had just the essentials hooked up and laid out on a table and narrowed it down to if i have the 8pin atx 12v power connector unplugged it boots, but then im getting no video, if i plug it back in it continues with the previous problem. if anyone has any suggestions i would greatly appreciate it, dont want to send a 2 month old mb back already

A:problem with 8pin atx 12v power connector

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On my Pc case and my GA-7VAXP power led, etc is really weird

Can you guys tell me hwat each of these pins are acccording to my F_PANEL on my mobo.

Reset SW-2 pin
Power SW-2 pin
Power Led- 3 Pin(weird ?)
H.D Led-2 pin
Speaker-4 Pin

MOBO: (2x10 pin connectors
MPD-2 pin connector (Message Led/Power/Sleep Led)
PW-2 pin connector (soft power)
RST- 2 pin connector (reset switch)
SPK-4 pin connector (speaker)
HD-2 pin connector (hard drive led)

I dont have enough connectors on the mobo for the MPD or Power led?


A:Case Power/Led Connector Problem

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Hello, I'm new to these forums. I think I'm in the right area, if not I'm really sorry.

My problem is my pc won't turn on. One early morning it was already running, just fine running the scheduled virus scanner. Around noon when I came back to check on it, there was no video and I had to force it to power down/reset by holding down the power switch. After that, it wouldn't show any sign of life.. none at all, no noise, no crackle, no smoke or fire, or smell.. until just recently.

I did a number of tests already. This is what (I think) I've found out.

It does not seem the PSU is the culprit.

I brought the PSU to a shop and asked them to check it for me.. they said it was fine.
It worked in my friend's computer, which is identical stock-wise (mine only has a different PSU and one more RAM card)
Taking the stock PSU from my friend's PC and inserting it in mine did not boot up my PC

The red and black wires on the power switch is okay on continuity. This is proven with the next thing.

The computer came to life! Or I thought it did. Unplugging ONLY the P4 molex connector allows the PSU to turn on, where it was not before. There is no video however, and it doesn't seem like anything else turns on. Testing that connector, I get 12V which seems right.

This connector, when disconnected, keeps my PSU from powering on.
I've reset the BIOS on my mobo and the canisters on it look alright. After this, I'm not sure what else ... Read more

A:Power problem (turns on w/o molex p4 connector, but won't turn on w/ it?)

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I bought my laptop in, I believe, late 2010. There is a small possibility it was late 2009, but I am inclined to think it was 2010. Anyway, my laptop recently went on the fritz. Two days ago, I left it on while I was out on errands. It kept running much, much hotter and louder than usual, but I thought nothing of it. Hours later, I discovered that it had shut off, which is unusual as I had left a few applications open that would keep it on. I tried to turn it on, nothing. I noticed that the ac power light (near the ac jack) was red; it should be white to show that the power cord was plugged in and charging the battery. I searched a solution online: turn off computer (check) unplug ac, take out battery, hold power button down for 30 seconds, plug battery and ac back in, turn on computer. It didn't work the first time, but I did it for 60 seconds and then it worked. Everything looked fine, and it was charging properly and the battery was working again. I thought it was just one of those things that happens occasionally, no big deal. Last night, it went out again. Ran out of power, shut down, ac power light is red, occasionally blinks white when it "recognizes that it is charging" again or whatever. Tried the procedure described above again, more than once, but no dice. I searched more solutions online. All the solutions I found involved the computer being on, such as doing a battery check. My computer WILL NOT turn on. I CAN'T do any solutions that require it to be on... Read more

A:HP Pavilion dv7-4180us power problem - no ac power, no batte...

My computer guy tells me this is a short caused by the motherboard. I am not sure why. He says the motherboard will have to be replaced.  My computer is almost three years old. It cost about $800 new. The motherboard will be about $150, "labor costs" almost another $100. So, in total, the fix would be 1/4th of the cost of laptop three years ago. The new question is whether that is worth it, and that's not even all that is wrong. The hinge is also displaced, a problem which apparently cannot be fixed. And I had to replace my hard drive about a year ago, because apparently it was "failing." In a two year old laptop. Thank you so much, employees of hp, for helping me with my problem. I hope my sarcasm is made clear enough. If and when I buy a new laptop, you can be sure it will not be an hp. I have had nothing but problems with every hp computer I've ever bought. I hate hp, and I say with all the power of my hatred, "Screw you."

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I've been seeking everywhere, including "howstuffworks" - for a clear, online dummies-type schematic diagram enabling me to understand:
Y-Connector plus AB-switch Combo.

Or whatever is necessary for my objective as follows:

I plan on having 2 computer monitors hooked up to my box.

I want one near the box (3 ft. cable) since short cables give clear displays
The other might be placed up to 8 ft. away - would display be fuzzy??
hence my wondering about assymetrical connector

I'd prefer that the primary-monitor (connected to 3 ft. cable) remain switched on throughout computer session.
On the other hand, I'd only wish to view the other monitor occasionally during computer sessions, whereupon I'd want to switch that monitor on very temporarily, then off again.

Does this involve a Y-Connector & AB switch? (is switch easily accessible?
Or maybe I should use the switch on the monitor itself, not the AB switch?
Or maybe just lower the brightness/contrast?
Objective: To conserve the longevity of the secondary monitor)

A:Assymetrical Y-Connector? AB switch?

I have used a Y connector for monitors before, and what I noticed was a decrease in the screen brightness of BOTH monitors.

I did this a long time ago, so perhaps with today's newer more powerful Video Cards, this would not be an issue?

I would suggest skipping the A/B switch, just use the Y cable, and turn OFF the 2nd monitor when not needed.

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We have the same problem with our dv7-3173nr.  We tried a new hp adapter and cord snd it is still not working.  We get the same white light near the plug but nothing else works.  No lights, fans, nothing.

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Hai..I have one uint HP Palilion TouchSmart 20 cannot Power ON. The indicator Led light at the Power Socket was light ON but when i press the power botton, the PC cannot boot up (no respond).. Should i submit a report case?? Please Help.. Model: HP Palilion TS 20-F218d AiO PC AllSerial Number: 3CR3290C6XPart Number: H5Y90AA Note: The warranty expierd Oct 2016 

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I've got a problem with my CPU

Whenever I switch on my computer,
I push the POWER ON button,
the CPU powers up,
the harddisk and cd drives all power up,
then everything comes to a standstill (all lights still on)
There's nothing on my monitor.
Monitor still in standby mode.

then i will have to press the RESET button,
then my bootup can continue.

anyone can help me with this problem??

A:Problem with CPU power switch

Hmm can you tell us more specific?

I mean this could happen if your monitor jacks are plugged out,
Graphics card damaged, heatsink installed wrongly, Some other components are plugged out. Even the mainboard battery is exhausted. btw the problem should not be the switch, otherwise nothing will happen if switch is spoilt...

try to write more about your system such as system specs and when is this thing started?

Welcome to techspot

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I just replaced a motherboard (with a m758LR - pcchips) on a clone.
I tested the power supply with a power supply tester (all leads show green).

The computer does not turn on, the cpu fan and the chassis fan turn on for a fraction of a second after I turn off the power button.

I tested the power switch once with a multimeter - it showed no power.

Anybody have any suggestions other than retesting the power switch?

A:power switch problem?

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Hi everyone. Ive just finished plugging my power led, hdd led and pc speaker into my motherboard. The only thing i have to plug in now is the reset switch but i dont know where it goes. Does anyone know where it plugs into? My motherboard is a DCS 370VB.

A:Cant find reset switch connector on mobo.

It shows up nowhere in the manual ? Generally it is quite close to the set of pins to which you plug the HDD led, speaker, etc.

ps. searching for your motherboard on Google doesn't yield much results so I can't seem to find a digital manual for it.

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Does anyone know what model or type of adaptor I can purchase for my Dell Inspiron 13-7368 laptop for the power inlet so that I connect onto my external portable power unit (The connection to the power unit is USB)?
I do not have knowledge of how those the Dell power inlet are being classified and I cannot locate the specification for it. The AC Adaptor that I have for the Dell laptop is model HA45NM140. The information maybe on the AC-Adaptor but I do not know what I am looking for in regarding the plug in type for the inlet of the laptop.

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It's been a while since I built a system from scratch and have a... errr... simple question

gfx: Sapphire HD3850 512MB Ultimate (passive)

MB: MSI P35 Neo2 FIR

PSU: Seasonic M12II 500W

The motherboard has a power connector for the graphic card next to the slot.

Is there any reason I should connect the power for the card to the power connector on the board instead of directly to the power supply?

A:Graphic card power to power supply or connector on motherboard?

First time I have ever seen that feature. I like it. I'm thinking that is a neat/easy way to partially eliminate cable clutter from the PSU. Give it a shot, you can always revert to PSU cable if you wish.

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Hi all,

i've just put together a new pc for a mate and he's having an odd problem with the power switch.
When you turn it on (switch on the front of the case, psu switch is on) the fans spin up and the dvd drive lights come on briefly, then nothing (sometimes power switch a few times at this point will turn it on). if you then press the hard reset button it boots fine and the power switch works correctly as normal.

Any idea's what's going on?

A:Odd Power switch problem on new built pc...

Sounds like an overloaded power supply to me do you have another they could try in the system?

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Hello folks, Before i start i must say that based on the info i have this is really a shot in the dark but as ive got such good help in the past ive decided to give it a go. My problem is this, having offered to replace a friends cdrom drive with a cdrw i proceeded to replace it with no problems, but while removing the cover the wire marked power sw must have come off the motherboard terminal and no matter what way i put it back on it wont work, i dont kno for sure exactly where it was on the motherboard but based on the length of the wire and where the leds are connected i feel as though i cant be far out, but on the only plug available there are many possible ways to connect it, most of which ive already tried, of course because it wont switch on i cant identify the exact board using 1 of the available progs, so if anyone has even half a clue as to how i might be able to fix this **** problem id be glad to hear it and thanks in advance.


A:Power switch problem on Asus pc

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Trying to fix an HP P6-2295ea for a friend. Summary: does not boot BIOS or OS. Black screen. Powers on (rear light on and all fans running) but light on front switch not staying on, but switch works. User attempted to upgrade to Win10 (from Win7). At some point black screen developed.  User can't recall if blue screen and/or error messages shown. Current situation: Machine powers on when either rear IEC cable connected or front switch pressed. PSU, CPU, Rear and GPU fans all running.  If front switch pressed for about 20 seconds machine will power off. Rear light stays on.  No sounds on power up (other than fans switching on and HDD spinning up). On power up, front light (next to front switch|) flashes briefly (microsecond). DVD and USB mouse light comes on briefly when power-on. USB Keyboard light does not come on.  With front facia removed switch looks intact. Steps take so far: (1) full backup of 'user' folder (2) RAM removed and re-inserted. All other connectors reseated/pressed down. Is it possible to temporarily bypass front facia switch to see if BIOS boots? Machine has dedicated GPU with motherboard DVI slots blanked out (with 'do not remove' plates).  Have not tried a different GPU yet. Any hints on next steps would be highly appreciated. cheersEdward (London, UK)       

A:HP P6-2295ea: black screen, possible power switch problem?

Just to add ... Tried different monitors. Both known to work ok.  

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I think this is a fairly simple question. I got a small power supply for a replacement for a dvr (this is kind of rigged together project to replace some damaged parts) Anyway, I only need the power supply to power 1 hard drive, but I plugged in the power & it doesnt turn turn on, there is no toggle switch to turn it on. There is a 20 pin connector that would normally plug into a motherboard. Are there 2 pins in that connector that I can short so that the power will come on right away when plugged in? Ill attach an image of the connector.

A:Solved: power on pins on power connector

try Pins 13 and 14 I believe

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Hi, Could you please specify which cable I can use for second bay for hard drive? If you have a link to the product or product number would be greatly appreciated. Thank you,Nikolai 

A:Second Hard Drive connector for HP Pavilion DV7t-3300

Hi, Nikolai: You need this part...

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Chennai, INDIA where can get hard disk cable connector for HP Pavilion DV6-7010tx model laptop

View Solution.

A:hp pavilion dv6-7010tx hard disk connector cable

HiSATA connector cable comes as part of hard drive kit.HP part number: 682063-001 for hard drive hardware kit compatible in your model.Go through page 27 in this manual:

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A friend gave his HP Pavilion dv9700, he said it would not turn on.... He was right, it will not

Now, if i plug the power lead in, the little light around the power connector comes on, and so does the battery charging light. then when full the charging light flashed, as it should.

Push the power button and nothing happens (even if i leave the mains supply in). I checked the normal things. As i took the back panel off the CMOS battery fell out, and for some reason has no way to stay in there (i tried Blue-Tack which worked lol). I even tried another CMOS battery in case that maybe a cause. I have tried re-seating the Memory modules, and also tried it with 0,1 or 2 modules in there, but still nothing.

Anyone any other ideas ?

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  Hi got dv6700 I replace power jack after that my PC want turn on there is light in power jack but not in power button seems like dead play tell me what is the problem thanks

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I just recently swapped out a motherboard for a HP Pavilion dv6000 laptop. After getting the whole thing put back together, I plugged in the power cable and hit the power button, and it seemed to start spinning for maybe 1.5 seconds. Then it powered off.

I looked at the power jack and the blue LED that forms a ring around the jack was still on. I removed the power cable and plugged it back in, then tried to turn it on again. It spun for maybe a second before turning off again. Now the circular blue LED does not light up when I plug in the power. Nothing happens anymore.

Did the board just fry?

A:HP Pavilion dv6000 Power Up Problem

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Hi All, Here is my problem.  HP Pavilion 15" laptop  Model 15-P066US.  This problem was intermittent before, but is all the time now.  The light next to power plug does not come on any more when plugged in.  Windows does not detect AC adapter but will run when plugged in.  Here are the situations: If battery is removed (machine is turned off), and ac adapter is in, computer will not boot.  I press the power button, and the led next to the power plug blinks 3 times, but does not boot.  I tried hard reset steps as found on the web, but nothing changes.If battery and ac adapter are in, laptop will boot, not detect ac adapter, but will run on ac power since battery does not drain.  However, battery will not charge when computer is on or off.   If I run the battery check at this time, it displays the battery stats, but says it is not plugged in (no ac power).  If I reboot the computer (once turned on) without the battery, it will reboot on ac power.If I boot into windows using method 1, then remove the battery, the computer still runs.  Windows will then recognize the adapter and change the taskbar icon to indicate that it is plugged in.  Putting the battery back in makes it switch to battery power again.I tested the motherboard battery terminals connections in the battery bay and there is power coming to them.I tried updating the BIOS, but since it doesn't detect the AC adapter, it wont let me update/... Read more

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I'm having problems withmy laptops power scheme. It got infected a little while ago with some malware and since then the pc has been switching the power scheme by it self. Got the malware removed but the power scheme issue still remains. I've chosen through every single option in the power scheme menu and even created my personal scheme, but all it does is change the times to: SYSTEM STANDBY: 20 mins. As of now all the schemes have the system stanby time set to 20 mins. I can change them, but as soon as explorer refresh, whichever one is set will change back to 20 mins. If I restart the pc, they all go back to their default times with the exception of the one that is active.
Has anyone come across this problem before, and if so can anyone help me??
Thanks in advance..

A:HP Pavilion zv6000 notebook power scheme problem

hello ,

now what i need to do is go to your (device manager)

now once there you will want to select from the toolbar of the window(veiw) then a drop down menu / from it you will select (show all hidden devices)

now if you see any (red or yellow) quotation marks , make a note of what they

now go to the (event veiwer) this is thru the (administrator tools) in the control panel
here you will find 3 to 4 subcatagories

you will want to check each of them for this is where windows keeps track of all errors
now you will want to make notes of the errors that have been recorded ( you do not have to make notes of double entries just of the dates of their happenings & how many there is)
you will get more information on the errors if you (right) click them / then select properties
do you have a Windows Xp cd, not the restore cd's that come with some systems, the cd will have the Windows logo & 3D hollowgram/image on it

if you do not maybe you can barrow one from a friend/family member/co-worker as long as it is the same version that is on your system

if you have (Windows XP Home Ed. sp2 ) then the cd will have to be that / if you have a cd with (Windows XP Home Ed. )you will have to slipstream (SP2 ) onto a disk that you create

this also applies to (Windows XP Professsional )

now if you do have the Windows XP cd wit... Read more

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Somebody, please tell me what this is and what's it used for?

A:What is a 4 pin power connector from power supply?

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The title pretty much sums it up.....

My 500w psu only has one 6 pin power connector so im looking for the best graphics card that isnt over 9.6 inches long and only requires one 6 pin.

I would be willing to spend £150 if it got me a beast but as far as i can see anything more advanced than a GTS 250 seems to require 2 6pins.

Im looking at nvidia cards as the last Ati didnt work in my system and its irrationally put me off!

Any advice would be much appreciated.

A:Best cpu with a 6 pin power connector

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My CPU's fan has a 4 pin power connector, however, my motherboard has no 4 pin power connector, it only has a 3 pin, any suggestions as to what i can do? Can i still use this 4 pin with the 3 pin or do i need to get a new fan/mother board?

A:3 pin or 4 pin power connector- HELP!

The fan has a four pin power connector which must be looking like the power connector used to plug IDE HDD's or DVD/CD ROM's.
so just use one of those (which comes out from the SMPS)

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Doing a little upgrade to the PC I built almost a year ago. I wanted to try the new Sandy Bridge CPU, so I had to buy a new MOBO. I bought the Intel DP67BGB, it arrived today and I see it has an 8 pin power connector for the CPU. No adapters around town so I ordered one on the net. Anyway, I was told in a computer store today that as long as I wasn't overclocking I could run it with just one 4 pin . Want to make sure that's correct before I start rebuilding. Don't feel like waiting until next week for the adapter., but don't want to damage the CPU either.

BTW, the new CPU is Intel i5 2500, 3.3G.

A:8 pin CPU power connector

To be honest I wouldn't risk it. If too much power is drawn there is a chance that either the PSU, Motherboard, or CPU could be damaged and when you have spent that much on new parts it is worth waiting the extra week to make sure that you don't mess anything up. It may work for a while but in the long term it can't be good for the board/cpu/psu.


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Ok i have this PS:
And this MB:

I didnt notice that they were different if im looking at it right the PS one is only 4 pin and the MB one is 8. how do i fix this?
Also if the only option is to get a new PS (which i don't want to since i just bought this one) would the 4pin be alright since im only running a 6400 Core 2 duo, i mean thats all that the current MB uses is a 4pin. Or does the plug affect more then just the cpu?

Also will something like this work?

A:PS cpu power connector different then MB?

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hi guys,

i had a problem as my computer was switched off suddenly.after all the checkings i found that 12v atx power connector on mother board is not functioning.

case1: i tried connected both the 20pin and 12vatx pin and try switching on power nothing moves

case2: i tries connecting only 20pin on motherboard the power comes and fan on the proccesor starts moving. but if i connect both the pins on motherboard nothing is happening

so can anyone please tell me what is the problem and what i have to replace.

A:ATX 12v power connector

you're PSU might have blown.. Replace that first.

If its a crappy generic PSU, then it could have taken more than just itself out when your power cut.

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I am looking for a new power connector for a Dell 1535 Studio laptop.It converts the two female connections from the transformer cord to a cylindrical male connection which goes into the laptop.It measures 48mm long by 11mm diameter. It has the id K1 on the cylinder.Does anyone know where I can buy one? ThanksFrank C

A:K1 power connector

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I am attempting to build a server and using a supermicro SC733T-450 case and a asus NRL-LS533 motherboard. When you look at the board on the asus site it shows a 24 pin power connector which is what I need for the server case.

However, I ordered the board from and it only has a 20 pin power connector. The manual shows a 20 pin connector also so why do they show 24 pin on the asus site? Did I get an older board or something? The specs on thier site also show a 24 pin connector

So I guess I should return the board and get one with a 24 pin connector or could I get an adapter?


A:20 pin vs. 24 pin power connector

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Are all power led connectors 3 pin connectors or are some of them two pin? I'm getting a new PC case and my current motherboard only supports 2 pin power led connectors. Oh well, you don't need the power led do you? Like it won't stop the PC from working?

A:power led connector

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I've got a Premio mobo. a 212J, that has an unusual board socket for the power supply.
It's a white plastic socket with the internal pins.(2 banks)
A scan of this board can be seen at:

This is probably a real newbie question but I've never seen a power socket like it.
Thanx in advance.

A:mobo power connector???

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Hello everyone. I seem to be having a rather simple yet immensely frustrating issue. I'm building a computer, i plugged the power connector on the mobo, turned it on and bam, it worked.

Great right, well today i came home from work and it would not work. So i opened the case up and took out the power connector, after inspecting both ends i put it back in, fans started and the motherboard light came on but only for a second.

After fiddling with it some more i found that the only time my mobo gets any juice is when i put the connector from the power supply in just exactly the right place in the motherboard connector.

If i push it all the way in, i can hear an odd whining noise from my PSU. Like a gnat in your ear. I'm not sure how long the motherboard will stay on, as my hands are not steady enough but i know the times have varied. Any opinions? I have a corsair cx500 and a biostar ta880GB+ if that helps. Thanks!

A:Motherboard power connector

Just checking but did you also plug in the P4 12V ATX connector on the motherboard?

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Just setting up a System with the Gigabyte 965p-s3 in a Thermaltake Soprano and have come across a little speed hump, the Motherboard has a 24 pin Atx Power connector where the PSU (stock) has a 20 pin connector im assuming I need to purchase an adaptor to convert to 24 pin is this correct or would it be better to get a new PSU altogether??

A:Solved: 24 pin ATX power connector

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HI .. I am working on fixing a pc for a friend.. has a multitude of problems I think but was trying to test the power supply unit with my handy dandy little voltage meter when I realized I wasn't sure if the power to the connector for the hard drive /and or cdrom drives should be 12 and 5 or 12 and 3.3 . Gosh darn could somebody please tell me. I keep trying to look it up online but get everything but.. did find a great site on how hard drives work though LOL .. so shall keep that..
Thank you so much ..

A:What voltage to power connector?

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Hi All,
Have a T30 and an older Auto adaptor from a different laptop. Volts & amps are correct for the adaptor but it has the wrong connector plug for feeding the laptop. I want to buy one and solder it in place but not sure about what part number it is (assuming they make a generic one). I tried RadioShack with no success.
Suggestions anyone?

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On my giga-byte mobo, ga7dxr+, there is a white, 3-pin, connector marked "pwr fan" which looks like a fan connector.
Can someone tell me what this is and the correct usage for it?
Been to giga-byte site & looked thru my documentation but have not found explanation.


This rig: Giga-byte GA7DXR+ m/b, Athlon xp2000, 512mb pc2100, WD100gb-8mb [email protected], geforce4-ti4200-8x, Viewsonic PF790, USR 56k v90, SB Audigy Plat, Plextor 24x10x40, Pioneer 16x dvd rom, m/s k/b pro, m/s optical mouse, win98se & $695.00 Biofit ergo exec. chair from my closed to go to mexico workplace. (part of severance pkg hehe)

A:[SOLVED] Power fan connector

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I have a old 266 slot one board made by epox EP-68LXR and I cannt gress which of the 2 plugs go to were,, one read p8 and the next p9 coming from the power supply it a AT unit and the plug on the board has one slot for them and is not marked making it very hard as they ca be placed at each place one the slot, dont want to burn it up any help thanks

A:at- board power connector need help

the black wires on the connectors go next to each other, the large clips on the ps connector clip over the low side of the mobo connector, while the smaller row of tabs go into the slots at the high side.

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Hi, I am tying to sort a PC for a friend. The PSU appears to be fried, so swapped that for a spare one. The spare provides power to the mobo in that the on board LED lights up, AGP powered fan spins up, as does the CPU fan and the case fan. However this is as far as I get, the is no video output. I am wondering if the mobo is fried too. One other thought is that the 20 pin connector on the original PSU contains 20 cables, whereas on newer PSUs there are only 19. Could it be that as the PC was built with a PSU which provided 20 cables into the 20 pin connector that a 20 pin connector fron a newer PSU which only contains 19 cables might not work? Sorry if this is a bit garbled.

A:Mobo power connector

partofthechaos said:

Hi, I am tying to sort a PC for a friend. The PSU appears to be fried, so swapped that for a spare one. The spare provides power to the mobo in that the on board LED lights up, AGP powered fan spins up, as does the CPU fan and the case fan. However this is as far as I get, the is no video output. I am wondering if the mobo is fried too. One other thought is that the 20 pin connector on the original PSU contains 20 cables, whereas on newer PSUs there are only 19. Could it be that as the PC was built with a PSU which provided 20 cables into the 20 pin connector that a 20 pin connector fron a newer PSU which only contains 19 cables might not work? Sorry if this is a bit garbled.Click to expand...

what mobo is it? does it have an additional 4 pin power connector? or an additional 8 pin power connector?

The more specs you can provide the better.

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Hi, I have a motherboard which needs an 8 pin pwer connector to supply the cpu properly, my question is: can I plug in my 6 and 2 pin power connector into it? will it work?
Currently I'm running only on 2 cores with my 4 pin power connnector
some say it works: 6 Pin to 8 Pin - Graphics-Cards - Graphic-Displays
If this is not a good idea, I will get a molex>8pin converter in the future, thanks.
edit: I have a Coolink 500W

A:6+2 pin power connector into 8 pin socket?

Realistically you can use any 12v connections as long as they will fit in the socket, which is where you would find the problem.

The CPU connector is very simple:
12v 12v
for the 4-pin
12v 12v 12v 12v
for the 8-pin

By convention 12v wires are yellow.

Acceptable: get any four 12v connections to fit in the socket.
Better: Buy an 4-pin to 8-pin adapter (just a splitter, really)
Best: Buy a modern power supply. Your puter will love you for it!

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I know of at least three types of power supplies which have different connectors. The square one is for the new high Pentium mother boards. One has a connector with 20 pin (two rows of 10 each). The other has two connectors with a total of 12 pins (6 on each connector. Is the latter for an AT board? If not what power supply would I get which has the latter connectors.

A:power supply connector

Hi bigsooner,

2 connectors with 2 rows of 6 each is for an AT.


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i found an upgrade ps for my HP pc . the only difference i see is that there is a white wire on the 20 pin connector on the new ps. the old ps in my pc has that slot empty with no white wire . can i snip the white wire or can i plug it in as is. thanks, franco

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I`m trying to do my first build. I have a Gigabyte Core 2 Quad/Intel P43/DDR2-1200/A&GbE/ATX Motherboard GA-P43-ES3G motherboard. I`m trying to hook the power supply to the mobo but there is a 4pin Atx12 v connector and a 24 pin ATX connector. Now my power supply Corsair 750W TX only has a 24 pin power. Do I only need to plug in the 24 pin, or do I have to get some adapter for the Molex so I can plug the 4 pin ATX 12V?


A:Motherboard POwer Connector Help!?

Yes you need to plug in both. There are adapters that convert the 4 pin Molex to a 4 pin 12V connector. Try a google search.

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Hi folks,

Hope someone can assist me with this one.....

I have a Packard Bell laptop and when i put in the power jack the connector on the laptop gets very hot after a few minutes.

It has even melted the jack on the power source a little.

Does this mean that the charging connectors on the mobo are faulty?

Anyone with information that can help would be greastly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

A:Laptop power connector gets hot

General information: A conductor that gets overly hot is being required to conduct more current than the conductor is capable of conducting.

If this is the original equipment that came packaged with the computer, I suspect the wires have been flexed so much that some of the strands inside the insulation have broken, effectively reducing its conductive capability. This could be the source of the problem.

As an aside, I've never seen or heard of a Packard Bell laptop.

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So my computer randomly crashed on me the other night... it's pretty old but does what I need it to do. After taking it apart and diagnosing it with a new power supply i've found that when I plug up the 24pin connector without the 4pin connector plugged in and turn it on all my fans work etc.... but as soon as I plug in the 4pin connector nothing happens. The fan twitches for a split second then nothing... no beeps just completely dead.

I'm guessing this is my MOBO thats fried? It's either that or my CPU i'm pretty sure but I have no idea how to check to see if my CPU is messed up. I removed my heatsink/cpu for the first time today and there's a giant circle on top of the cpu... i'm guessing this is the thermal paste residue? I turned the chip over and nothing looked scorched and it didn't smell funny so does that mean my CPU is ok? Also there's small patches of thermal residue gone on parts of the circle on my CPU... does that mean I need to apply some more paste?

Finally i'm using old parts.... DDR400, AGP Card 6800GT, p4HT 3.2Ghz, 250gig SATA HD... i'm having a hard time finding a compatible MOBO for it.
This one right now seems to be my only option... what is a p4 prescott though? Will that work with my p4HT CPU I have now?
This is what I would like to get... something cheap...... Read more

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I was gave a Compaq Presario laptop 12XL300 with a broke power connector. Could someone look at the images below and tell me where the the connector needs to be soldered. It seems someone had soldered it before but it had so much solder on it i couldnt figure out where it was broke so i tried to clean it off some.


A:Laptop power connector is broke

laptop dc power connector protector

A tip for laptop owners. After trashing two Toshiba laptops due to continual problems with the DC power plug connection, I discovered a quick, cheap ($6) fix that is being offered on ebay. It won't repair existing problems but it will prevent future problems by simply removing the stress put on the DC cord that eventually cracks the solder on the mother board or prevents good contact within the connector itself. Suggest that laptop owners consider this to prevent an expensive repair later. It is adaptable to any laptop/notebook and can be viewed at ebay by querying "DC power jack protector".

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hi there,

bought a new foxconn mars mobo and a q6600 processor. also bought new power supply OCZ game x stream 600w.

the problem i am having is that when i installed the new stuff and tried turning maching on the gpu and cpu fans turned slightly for a split second as if it didnt have enough power. after much fiddling about i actually got it to start up. but here's the problem it only starts with the 8 pin 12v cpu power connector unplugged! i have tried just using 4 pin 12v cable but still no joy.

i have tried using diff cpu and power supply but still no joy. i have tried reseating the cpu, all connectors, and done all of this with hardware out of the case aswell.

seems to me that there is a fault lying with the power being supplied to the cpu somewhere via this 8 pin power socket! but ofc i could be totally wrong

if any one can help i would greatly appreciate it as i am fresh outa ideas.

A:PC won't start up with cpu power connector plugged in!

Something is connected incorrectly, or something has failed, such as a power supply.
Sever components, when configured incorrectly, will cause the fan to turn 1/4 to 1 turn when you press the start button, then quit because an error is detected in the hardware.

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Hi there! I've checked the forums and I'm not sure where this topic would fit so I thought this forum was most fitting? If not, please move it of course but my question is related to a broken power connector on my laptop.

I know this is the problem, as I have tried 3 different working charger/adapters and neither of them work, plus I heard a snap when I plugged it in a few days ago, prior to me noticing that a) the cord does not go into the jack as smoothly as normal and the battery is not charging when it is plugged in. Also, my laptop is fairly new.

It says 'plugged in, not charging' and is currently at 4%. I keep it very still on a table so to not let it go lower but I was wondering what would happen if the battery went to 0%. At the moment, the message I receive when I unplug the laptop while using it, is that if I do not find a power source, the laptop will go into hibernation mode. As soon as I plug it in, it returns to normal mode, only still 'not charging.' I must bring my laptop out to work on it and I am concerned if it gets down to 0% - will it still work the same at that level if plugged in, even if not charging?

I hope my question is clear. If not, please ask any questions you may have. I cannot afford to replace the connector jack at the moment and definitely cannot afford to lose use of my laptop.

Thanks so much!

A:Question about laptop power connector

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So i lent my gfx card to my mate whilst i wasnt using my pc, now iv got it back but hes lost the power connector.

When i boot up my pc on the welcome screen a nvidia pop up says theres insufficient power and its reduced its power output to an acceptable level or something.

My question is how badly would this effect gaming such as 2142, CSS etc.

Iv tried looking online to buy one but cant find anything, would anyone know where to look?

Cheers in advanced.

A:GeForce 7900GS Power Connector?

I have the same card.
Yes it will make a difference.
There should be a 6 pin power plug on the end of that card
that uses something like this.

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Hi hardware gurus

I've got an old 750 GB HDD (SATA) which will be fine for file serving (multi-media). It's got the standard SATA connectors (both the small one (data) and the power connector but it's ALSO got the 4 pin power connectors that you get with older IDE drives (Molex ??)

Do I need to connect BOTH power sockets or just ignore the older 4-pin IDE type connector.

Not sure why they needed BOTH power connectors -- maybe this drive might have been used also for making external HDD's at one time.

Any ideas -- I'm minded just to connect the two SATA cables and ignore the other one.


A:SATA disk with OLD (4 pin) power connector

Hey Jimbo,

It included both for backwards compatibility at the time, but you would only want to connect one of the power connections and not both. Both could fry the drive.

I would recommend to use the SATA power and data connections.

Found this for fun: Which power connector to use with a Raptor Serial ATA drive

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 I have Pavilion 15-B011NR laptop for my 17 yo son.  He dropped it and now the power cord plug does not seat in the laptop connector as it should.  I removed the cover and found the plastic tab holding the DC connector to the laptop shell was broken.  As a result, the connector slides back/forth and prevents the plug from seating in the connector.  (yes my son dropped the laptop)The power connector works so that is not needed. Is there a way to buy the plastic bracket that holds the power connector to the laptop case?Side note: DC Power Conector part number is 701682-001 (per the HP Partsurfer)There are no pictures as to what the entire DC power connector ships with

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I have been using HP Pavillion DV6220TX since 2007.

The problem is that I have to move the power adapter pin in various direction applying pressure in different angles until the blue ring lights up

Since 2007 I have already changed the power connector board twice. I have bought the board off ebay and changed it myself. The problem has re-surfaced once again.

Does anyone know if I can use any other type of power adapter board? I think the design of the recommended board (431446-001) is flawed and gets damaged very quickly.

Thanks in advance.

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Hello all, I have a Z420 and am looking to replace the standard PSU which I know uses a proprietary 18-pin ATX power supply header, and I was hoping that I could get help with the pinout of the header so I can make a standard ATX 24-pin to 18-pin adapter given that the pinout for it does not seem to be provided in the support pages for the Z420 (from what I have seen at least).In my search I have found the Z210 pinout for the ATX power connector which is also an 18-pin header, but I do not want to just assume that they share the same pinout and possibly bork my system. I have also found an adapter made just for this purpose from moddiy, however without any pinout information I do not just want to blindly trust them either.Thanks in advance for any and all help.

A:Z420 ATX Power Connector Pinout

Hi,I'm trying to do the same thing. Could you share the information if you have figured out how to do this? Thanks

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I changed my power supply with a New Rosewill, I am having one problem, The power supply did not come with one of the connectors that I need, I need to buy an adapter, but do not know the name of this connector, it is the connector that provides power to the DVDRW drive, it looks like a regular SATA connector, but is much smaller, looks to only have 7 pins, ang it has the L shape like a SATA connector, anybody know what this is called?I need to buy an adapter that can connect this to Molex Thanks in Advance

A:Power Connector on Slim DVDRW

 Hi,  It's like you say, slim, is commonly used is as follows: Slimline Sata To Sata Adapter with Power

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I have a laptop where the power supply connector is stuck into the female end of the laptop. Do i need to take apart the laptop?



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The computer store where I purchased my laptop in August has advised that the connector pin in my charger has broken and this has also broken the charging pin in the side of the laptop. The laptop will work when plugged in but will not charge. Surely this is a terrible design fault of the HP charger. Can anyone advice if this is repairable by HP?

View Solution.

A:Charging Pin and Power Connector Broken

Thanks so much for your help.

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is the square p4 atx12v power connector really essential? i have read that it's mandatory for pentium 4 systems but i have a sony vaio that's a p4 2.66 ghz and it doesnt have the square 12v connector hookedup (i just discovered this as i 'm taking it apart to clean the inside).


A:question about the p4 atx12v power connector

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Hey everyone! i kinda dropped my laptop and the power-connector has come away from it's socket, pulling out a wire with it. So i'm stuck with a partly connected power socket. Is it reparable via soldering or something?

PS Warranty is not an option XD

A:Reparing Laptop power connector

CAn you post a photo of it? You might have to unseal the box and resolder the connections.

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The AC power connector in my chromebook is damaged.  Can I replace it?

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I currently have an asus P5KPL-VM mobo with a 4 pin power connector for the proccessor. I would like to buy a new asus mobo, and I've found the perfect one for my needs but the processor power connector is an 8 pin setup with a removable plastic cover over 4 of the pins. Am I able to use this mobo with the same processor and power supply with the 4 pin setup, or do I need a new power supply with the 8 pin connector.

A:Solved: motherboard power connector

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I was given this case from a friend (Asus TA881 ATX Mid Tower) as he couldnt sell it on ebay I though what the heck I have a PC where I dont really like the case anyway so I swapped them over..Problem is on this PC I have 2 sata Devices Pioneer DVD burner and WD Sata 2 HDD I thought no problem till I saw the PSU its only 300w with 1 sata power connector normally this wouldnt be a problem just take the PSU from my old case and put it into the new case except that PSU dosnt fit its too big for the case and Im not going to carve the case to make it fit..

I see only 2 options,

1)Get a PSU that fits
2)Get an IDE version Poneer Burner

Maybe #3? Is it possible to get a IDE power connector and convert it to one that suits Sata Devices. ?? Im thinking no but Im not really sure..

Thanks to anyone who can help..

A:Solved: Only 1 Sata Power Connector
Is this all you need?

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A while back I accidently kicked out the power cord from my laptop which damaged the power connector. It still worked, it charged just fine, but whenever the connector was plugged in, the "power connector is not plugged in properly" warning kept popping up even though the laptop was charging just fine. The other strange thing is that the warning box would be translucent and flickering and I couldn't close it. I could click on another window to send it to the back but couldn't close the warning box except in Task Manager. It would shortly pop up again anyway.

So I finally got the connector replaced thinking that would solve the problem but it didn't. The warning box constantly and randomly pops up while charging making me think that maybe the motherboard suffered some damage too.

Rather than pay to replace the motherboard, does anyone know if it is possible to simply disable this warning? I really don't need to know if the connector is plugged in properly, it's hard not to plug it in properly and if it's not charging I will find out eventually via low power warnings.

A:Possible to disable power connector warning?

Hello GeneS Welcome to the Ten Forums!

While plug was replaced the connector on the system board itself wasn't and when you inadvertently kicked the cord off and that pulled the plug out you likely saw the other end being the internal connected tugged and may now be seeing a loose solder point. Or the connector itself got a little stretched on the inside of that as the plug was yanked out at an angle.

If by chance a contact was lifted off of the board a bit while only for direct power feed while still seeing the battery charged up normally you would take that to an authorized repair shop or at least someone who has electronic bench assembly soldering experience and either a scope or good multimeter for checking the continuity of each contact point which has to be seen to in a tight work space! since laptops are well compacted.

As for the popup you see once you start disabling system notifications it wouldn't be just that alone that would be disabled but other popups as well. You have to stop and disable a system service ordinarily since that handles a variety of notifications rather then each type being something you disable separately. That's unfortunately how Windows works. And then you have to take into account anything the manufacturer may have tossed in as far as how notifications in Windows work on laptops, tablets, netbooks, premade desktops, etc. apart from how things would work on a custom build for example.

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This morning the wife reported her computer was rebooting itself automatically. By the time I got to it, it was in BIOS saying something about the CPU not performing properly. I made sure it was at default frequency (1666 MHz) and rebooted. Sometimes I got into Windows without rebooting, sometimes not. CPU temp was about 65C, chassis 39C. No alarms. I honestly don't know what it normally has been running at. I opened things up and played around a bit and noticed that 1 of the 2 fans on the PSU, the interior "intake" fan, was not turning at all. I checked everything out some more (chassis fans, etc) and restarted. It ran pretty well for a while, rebooted once, and then ran perfectly fine (as my MP3 server) for the rest of the day. Tonight after work I pulled everything out to investigate. I could not get the power plug to easily pull out of the motherboard, and upon further inspection noticed some dark discoloring. I finally got it to lift slightly, and could see that a few pins looked rusted or burnt. I sprayed a tiny bit of wd40 and got the adapter loose.

Have a look see. Something definitely spiked - any/all the pins that are hot (4 red wires) appear burnt.

Obviously between that and the dead fan, it's time to scrap this PSU. My question is what I should do with the mobo, and what should I expect from it now? The machine ran fine all day (maybe several?) like this - so as far as I know all components are totally fine. Is it possible to replace the ... Read more

A:ATX power connector appears BURNT

If you don't already have some. Buy some surge protectors.

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My brother bought a new Radeon x1650 pci-e video card. We installed it correctly, but there doesn't seem to be any place on the card to plug it in. The diagram shows that there is a plug in the top right, but there is no such thing on the actual card.

What gives?

A:Radeon x1650 pci-e -- no power connector?

Then it don't need it if there is no female power connector. I have a 7600 GT that does not have one and was surprised by that as well. They ship "general" directions with the card. that does not mean that the directions are specific to that card.
Is there an issue with the card? is it not working?

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A while back I accidently kicked out the power cord from my laptop which damaged the power connector. It still worked, it charged just fine, but whenever the connector was plugged in, the "power connector is not plugged in properly" warning kept popping up even though the laptop was charging just fine. The other strange thing is that the warning box would be translucent and flickering and I couldn't close it. I could click on another window to send it to the back but couldn't close the warning box except in Task Manager. It would shortly pop up again anyway.

So I finally got the connector replaced thinking that would solve the problem but it didn't. The warning box constantly and randomly pops up while charging making me think that maybe the motherboard suffered some damage too.

Rather than pay to replace the motherboard, does anyone know if it is possible to simply disable this warning? I really don't need to know if the connector is plugged in properly, it's hard not to plug it in properly and if it's not charging I will find out eventually via low power warnings.

A:Possible to disable power connector warning?

Hello GeneS Welcome to the Ten Forums!

While plug was replaced the connector on the system board itself wasn't and when you inadvertently kicked the cord off and that pulled the plug out you likely saw the other end being the internal connected tugged and may now be seeing a loose solder point. Or the connector itself got a little stretched on the inside of that as the plug was yanked out at an angle.

If by chance a contact was lifted off of the board a bit while only for direct power feed while still seeing the battery charged up normally you would take that to an authorized repair shop or at least someone who has electronic bench assembly soldering experience and either a scope or good multimeter for checking the continuity of each contact point which has to be seen to in a tight work space! since laptops are well compacted.

As for the popup you see once you start disabling system notifications it wouldn't be just that alone that would be disabled but other popups as well. You have to stop and disable a system service ordinarily since that handles a variety of notifications rather then each type being something you disable separately. That's unfortunately how Windows works. And then you have to take into account anything the manufacturer may have tossed in as far as how notifications in Windows work on laptops, tablets, netbooks, premade desktops, etc. apart from how things would work on a custom build for example.

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I brought an HP 6715s notebook from eBay and it never booted. So I searched for hardware problems onto Mother Board and found that the previous owner broke the power switch by means of a screwdriver or something similar.
I asked informations, pictures, schemes about it in this forum some months ago without success, I searched them throught internet and so on always without success, and the last time I guessed that notebook power connector is a bit strange for me: the power source isn't like standard types. The notebook is an HP 6715s.
The Power connector has the ground on the external ring side and +19V into the internal ring side. There is another central pin that is something more then 12V voltage but after connected it goes to about 5,9v voltage.
HP information explain that the power source is "smart-pin" type and informations over the web say:

1) that the central pin should be usefull for saving power tecnology;

2) others write that it is needed for to say to HP notebooks that the Power source is an HP original;

3) others that it is normally grounded and that it's used to tell to the notebook that power supply is connected althought that the batteries.

Someone says that they can use any power source for those HP notebooks, someone says that notebook doesn't turn on if they haven't a smart-pin power source type.

I'm a bit confused because I can't find any absolutely right information. I can't find anything about pinout... Read more

A:Smart-pin power connector HP 6715s

Simple, the AC Adapter jack contains a center pin and a grounding ring. 19 volts to the center pin. If someone stuck a screwdriver into the jack, it is trashed. Hopefully the motherboard isn't damaged too.

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I am almost done assembling my first computer build and there is a header on the motherboard for "Alternate Power Connector'.

It looks like a regular socket for a power connector (4 pin) and I was wondering if I should connect power to this or if it is there for another purpose?

I am using an Intel D975XBX motherboard, Intel Pentium D Dual Core Processor (940), a PC Power and Cooling Turbo Cool 510 Express/SLI power supply, and an ASUS EN7600GS Silent Video card with 512 mb memory.

The only other remaining issues are few. I cannot find pins for a "speaker" line from the system panel (I found the speaker but no four pin header), need an extension for a cord that is too short (USB 2.0 from the Intel front panel, and that is about it.

I can live without the system speaker and the front panel (Intel) USB 2.0. Figure I can buy another brand of front panel containing audio, usb, and EEE-1394 if I cannot find a short extension.


A:Need Help Again: Purpose of Alternate Power Connector?

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Hi,  I have a HP Envy 700-509C and I replaced the graphic card. However, I bought another power supply (Corsair CX 600 : because the graphic card requires more power. I ran into a trouble, the last part was the 4-pin connector on the motherboard. There was no cord with only 4-pin, however there is a 8-pin connector and it says CPU on it. I tried it and it does plug in but there the other half (4-pin) hanging out. My question is, will it burn my motherboard? If no, will the computer work?  Thank you 

A:I want to change the power supply, but can a 8-pin connector...

@Kevin828, welcome to the forum. If you look at the "Specifications" in the link that you provided, you will see that it lists a 1 x 4+4 - Pin - ATX12V connector.  This means that you will use one of the 4-Pin connectors only. Please click the Thumbs up + button if I have helped you and click Accept as Solution if your problem is solved.

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I am shopping around for a new power supply for this motherboard. In addition to the ATX and ATX12V connectors, there is also an AUX power connector on this board. The PSU's I'd like to get for it (namely, the SmartPower2.0 from Antec) do not have this connector. This review by anandtech seems to indicate this motherboard does not need the aux power to function correctly.

Can anyone here confirm this? Thanks!

A:ASUS P4T motherboard and AUX power connector

From that article, I take that it can work without it.
I have an old psu that has a power lead like that, but it's only 230w.
Maybe some psus still have that connector.

Edit: I found one psu that has the 6pin aux connector. Fortron 350w ATX12V 350W Power Supply - Retail
It's on the right of the pic.

Another one.
Antec true 430w TRUE430 ATX 430W Power Supply - Retail
The connector is 3rd from the left.

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Well I just bought a new computer I get home plug in my graphics card and get the molex adapter with the 6 pin plug that goes into the graphics card to grab a hand full of sata wires. WTF do they make these new computers with the sata cables to piss me off?

I read around and saw that there SHOULD be a 6 pin connecter coming straight out of the power supply in the new computers but of course (just because it is ME) there is none. So my question is what am I suposed to do, is there any adapters that go from sata to 6pin or even sata to molex?

I have two more questions 1: I bought a new computer like I sed and I was deciding between and AMD quad core phenom 9100e X4 1.8 OR the intel Q6600 2.4. My gut instinct sed take the Q6600 take it and never let it go BUT I asked the guy there and he told me AMD is MUCH better than intel he even went as far to say that intel is grbage. Now I have heard that AMD is better for gaming BUT I do not think that this guy realized WHICH AMD quad core I was looking at. I really think I should have gotten the Q 6600 which is proly what I will do tomorrow since this lack of power connector has givin me incentive. I would like your opinions though Does ANYONE suggest the 9100e over the Q6600???

Questiong 2: Is there anyway of taking this PIECE OF **** vista and downgrading it back to my XP?? I have the XP disk, sadly I do NOT have the vista disk which makes me question being able to delete and creat a new partition even though I am not even sure if ... Read more

A:Power connector 4 graphics card not there!

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I've wanted to know the difference in useing ATX power connector and ATX 12V connector. my mobo and psu both support ATX and ATX 12V. standard atx i kow has been around for awhile. so what the difference?

A:Solved: Mobo Power connector

1.2. Key Changes for ATX12V Version 2.0 and later as Compared with ATX and Pervious Versions of ATX12V Power Supply

This section briefly summarizes the major changes made to this document that now defines ATX12V power supply. With the move to 12V voltage regulators for the processor, ATX guidelines for 5V as main power are no longer provided.

1.2.1. Increased +12 VDC output capability
System components that use 12V are continuing to increase in power. In cases where expected current requirements is greater than 18A a second 12 V rail should be made available. ATX12V power supplies should be designed to accommodate these increased +12 VDC currents.

1.2.2. Minimum Efficiency
Minimum measured efficiency is required to be 70% at full and typical (~50%) load and 60% at light (~20%) load. New recommended guidance has been added to provide direction for future requirements.

† 2.03 is the current version of the ATX Specification as of this writing. Future references to the ATX Specification in this document imply version 2.03 or later, as applicable. ATX12V Power Supply Design Guide 8

1.2.3. Main Power Connector:
The 2 x 10 main power connector has been replaced by a 2 x 12 connector. This was made to support 75 watt PCI Express*requirements. Pinout assignments are based on the SSI recommendation.

With the added 12V, 5V, and 3.3V pins the need for an Aux Power connector is no longer needed and the guidance for this connector has been removed.

1.2.4. Separate current limit for... Read more

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Hi, is the black connector to the right in the first picture a SATA power connector? The reason why I'm asking is because I noticed that molex was printed on the connector, but it looks different then a molex connector. Also, I'm not sure if this would help answer the question or not, but the other end of the cable (featured in second picture) has what looks like a molex connector, which is connected to a device other then the power supply. At least, that's what it looks like, I've looked at the connectors and cables carefully many times.

A:Solved: is this a SATA power connector?

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Does anyone know the power connector size on new Dell Inspiron 15 series 3000 laptops? Older Inspiron laptops used a 7.4 mm x 5.0 mm connector size. The new one I have, which is a model 3225, is much smaller.
Thanks for your help,

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The post on the charging cable is broken off and stuck in the receiver connector. This receiver cable runs to the main board and charges the battery. I would like to replace this internal cable. Where can I get replacements parts for my N21 chromebook?

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Hello, I have a HP Pavilion 25bw monitor. Lately the monitor turns off if it is slightly touched. After looking at the back of the monitor I noticed that the plug-in for the power supply is loose. In order for the monitor to stay on I would have to have the cord at a certain angle. Is there a way for me to fix this hardware issue?

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Hi there,

Can anyone tell me, how do I take my Equium laptop to bits?
The power attachment located on the side is an absolute git to plug in to, Thiss is because the connector inside the laptop has come loose and moves about. There must be a way.

Any info would be great

A:Power connector has come loose on my Equium L300-146

Do you want to repair it alone?
I mean to do this the whole notebook must be disassembled and if you don?t have experience with this it can be pretty complicated.
As you probably know it should be done by authorized personal only.

Which model do you have exactly?

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Hello, i got a question regarding the HP Z620 workstation.recently bought a dual xeon one, with GTX 960 installed on the 6pin connector. as i cannot find any other power connector to use neither on the power supply,nor anywhere else around the board, i'm wondering how a graphic card should be powered thatneeds 1 x 8 pinor1 x 8 pin + 6 pinor2 x 8 pin ? i know there were some discussions about that in this forum, but i didn't understandthe solution. some said there are adapters to switch 6pin to 8 pin (or 6pin to 2x8pin)?? but how is that possible?as far i know, 75 watts are max from the pci-e connection, 75 further watts max. for 1x6pin. so connecting any adapter to that 1x6pin for graphics cards that need far more power would beagainst the specification/a danger, right? and what about dual graphics setup?? would be glad if anyone around could help me with this, best greetings Chris

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I have a compaq preserio 2105 laptop, I have been having trouble with the ac power connector it has worked makes contact sometime but most of the time will not power the computer or charge the battery.
Does anyone know where I can find a diagram or manual on this computer so I can take it apart and see if I can fix the connector myself without haveing to send it back to compaq and pay outragous prices to get it fixed. I have no experience working on laptops, have worked on desktops but laptops are outside my scope of experience..
thanks for any and all help ahead of time.
yes cct, the cord seems to be ok, but the connector on the back of the computer that it plugs into moves around and that does not seem right. intermitant power when wiggled and held just right will supply power, but not all the time
thanks for the reply

Thanks to all who responded and helped me with this problem, I am in the process of getting it taken care of... darrell

A:compaq 2105 power connector has come loose

Are you talking about a detachable ac cord from the wall plug to your ac/dc coverter?

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Dell Optiplex GX280 (Small Desktop design), running on XP
The problem SEEMS to be the P6 power connector (4 wires: 2 yellow, 2 black). Label on motherboard says: 12V power connector.

Here is what's going on:
*Solid amber light is on (inside the computer & on the board; stdby pwr) when main power supply is connected
*Individual capacitors look clean and in fine condition
*Plugged in w/o monitor plugged in (connector plugged & monitor unplugged) = doesn’t boot, CPU fan spins fast.
*Plugged in w/monitor plugged in (connector plugged & monitor plugged) = doesn’t boot, CPU fan spins fast.
*Unplugged w/o monitor plugged in (connector unplugged & monitor unplugged) = boots, but no signal to monitor.
*Unplugged w/ monitor plugged in (connector unplugged & monitor plugged) = boots, but no signal to monitor.

*Monitor actually reads "No Signal" when plugged to computer, but P6 connector is unplugged.

*I have already: checked the RAM, the processor, the fans - eveything else seems just fine.
Please help me figure out the solution. Thanks.

A:Hardware - power supply connector issues

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I am replacing a power supply with a thin 5 wire(orange, black,red,black,white) labeled p3 going to the sata hd in a Dell 5100. The replacement P?S has the molex 4 wire connectors. How do I try this? I am just wanting to test the possibility of a bad p/s

A:Power supply connector to h/d is thin 5 wire

Need something like this.
Sata power adapter.

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I have a Old Hard drive from my computer it runs on windows xp but i think i upgraded it to vista. I removed my 200 gig old harddrive from my machine and then installed it to my new one i havent used it yet because i need to buy a molex to sata power connector but will it still work or will win 7 (or bios setup) reject it ?

A:molex to sata power connector but will it still work or will win 7

i have moved you post to its own thread
Please do not "hijack" other threads - it gets confusing with answers

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I had a working acer extensa 2200 laptop which had badly damaged hinges, covers, screen, bezel, so I purchased an identical one on eBay that had a dead mobo. I then put the good motherboard into the good body and powered it up last night and it was working ok, except the keyboard wasn't working. I left it charge up the battery last night and then today, took out the keyboard and rectified that situation except now, the power connector is not working. I plug in working adapter and it is not getting power, I tried both connectors from both laptops, no joy. It powers up alright, but only from battery. This is really frustrating as it was working. When I put the adapter into the dc jack, I notice a little flash of light just as it touches it, is this normal, well, I've never seen it before, what does this mean? any advice please?

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I need to test 12V HDD 3.5" on laptop without additional connection to 220V AC.
Without dock stations or cables to 220V AC. I know laptops delivers only 5V for 2.5" HDD/SSD, but you can see on Wikipedia link below, into 12V issue text that it have laptops with eSATApd. They provide 12V power+sata in one connector.
Please write here models of laptops with eSATApd port (not eSATAp. which have no 12V power and have no these 2 metal pins how is shown on the link below):

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The other day my PSU stopped working. I took a PSU from another computer and hooked it up and it worked fine, it just didn't fit inside my case. So I called a friend who had extra PSUs. He brought them down and we hooked them up. None of them seemed to work. When I hooked the PSU that didn't fit into the case back up, this time it didn't work. I looked on line and found a way to test the PSUs to make sure they were working by attaching a 18ga wire into the green and black 20 pin. Then I tested each component separately. The PSU stay on until I got to the ATX12V 4-pin power connector. That's when it shut off. Does this mean the motherboard is now fried? Help me please.

A:PSU shuts down when ATX12V 4-pin power connector is plugged in

"That's when it shut off. Does this mean the motherboard is now fried?"...
I would say yes...

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i recently installed windows 10 on my laptop because of the free upgrade oportunity from microsoft, so i did a clean install on my laptop, i deleted several partitions that were already in the hard drive from factory, so i didnt know what was their purpose so i did it anyways, now i have windows 10 and well while its better im also experiencing a particular issue, at first while i tried to use the laptop like i normally would i was noticing that i had several hardware (devices) unknown , so what i did was use windows update which downloaded a lot of things for my laptop since i did a clean install not upgrade method, that fixed most of the problems i was experiencing, but now im having this particular one, whenever i unplug my laptop because it has enough battery my connection speed seems reduced and doesnt seem to be as quick as it should be, it works perfectly when im using the power connector but i dont see the point on using the power when it has enough battery to work just fine, for watching movies or whatever, this is a problem for me , is there a way to solve this? am i lacking any other software or driver ? i did the power management changes so idk whats going on. help me please    im getting really sad over this.

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