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Memory Module Failure ID

Q: Memory Module Failure ID

When I checked my computer screen this morning it was stuck on Reset 2%. After shutting down, my system will not start, just displays hp with very slow blink. I was able to run a system check and received a failure ID: RGFX3F-78387E-QFFV61-402G03. MEMORY MODULE FAILURE. Oh, what to do, can anyone help?

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I suddenly can't run any games on my PC. I tried Star Wars Battlefront 1 & 2 as well as Star Wars Legos 1 & 2. Whenever I launch any of them this error message pops up: A required securrity module could not be activated. This program cannot be activated.
I tried updating my NVidia drivers but that did not help.
I'm on a Windows XP Professional platform with Service Pack 2. Pentium 4 3 GHZ and 512 RAM.

The same thing just happened to a friend of mine and neither of us can figure it out. We even tried unistalling and re-installing the games.
Any thoughts? Thanks.

A:Security Module Failure on all games

If the games were running fine before have you installed any new software?
the copy protection used on both the games you mentioned have blacklists of programs that when detected will prevent the game from running. Most of these blacklisted programs are drive emulators like daemon tools or Game Jackal (in my case I've even run into problems with Nero Image Drive preventing protected games from running). If you have anything like those running the first option would be to disable them and give the games a try. If that doesn't work you might have to completely uninstall them before the games will run.

not positive thats a solution for your problems but it worked for a similar one I had.

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OfficeJet 6500 software install and Hp Update in the same day and now getting the message

A:igfxext module failure message that keeps popping up.. What ...

Look over this and see if it helps:

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I installed Staroffice5.2 (on my 200mhz Acer Aspire w/ Win95 ver. 4.00.950b)in the summer and it was working fine but now the components/modules: writer, spreadsheet, graphics and presentation fail to run (except the scheduler and the events modules) The master page opens properly but shuts down if I attempt a new document, ie., when I open an existing file in the writer module it works but any attempt to create a new document causes the entire program to shut down. I have reinstalled with no success. The SO forums don't address this concern so perhaps it's a system problem?

A:(Resolved) Star Office 5.2 module failure

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Hey All,

I am running v8 of the DivX Converter to burn DVD's to .AVI files on a Win7 Ultimate box w/an Intel Duo 3.16 & 8GB of RAM. Sometimes the app runs just fine, and other times I get the above failure error. DivX Support seems to be lost in the fog on this one, so I thought I'd post it here in hopes that someone else has run in to & resolved this frustrating issue.

Here is the crash report:

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: DivXEngine.exe
Application Version:
Application Timestamp: 4beb58bc
Fault Module Name: MSVCR80.dll
Fault Module Version: 8.0.50727.4927
Fault Module Timestamp: 4a2752ff
Exception Code: 40000015
Exception Offset: 000046b4
OS Version: 6.1.7600.
Locale ID: 1033
Additional Information 1: 67db
Additional Information 2: 67db048bd65b786322cec92738610752
Additional Information 3: e9c5
Additional Information 4: e9c51fe6bc1921c334faeb5227258b62

I have uninstalled & reinstalled the app, but the crashes continue. I have read that installing the latest version of .Net would fix this, but haven't downloaded or tried that approach yet.

Any help in getting beyond this would be greatly appreciated!

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By looking at a stick of memory how can you tell how much RAM it is please?


A:memory module

There should be a sticker on the module giving the specifications.

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what is the difference in ecc and non ecc memory sticks and does it make a difference which one you can use in a dell optiplex 200. also does it make a difference if it is 40ns or 45ns? currently i have just 256mb and want to upgrage to 512mb. so i guess i need to know what is the correct sticks to buy that work with my dell. the stick in it now is 40ns.

A:memory module

Most desktop don't use ECC (Error Correction Code) Memory. However, this is a link to Dell with what they have available for sale for an Optiplex GX 200 if that's what you have. It is ECC memory. I looked at, usually a good site to do a memory search and they didn't have anything listed, but suggested you might need "proprietary" memory.

Optiplex GX200

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Hi, i was just checking out a site that sells memory upgrades...

I noticed that theyre selling 1 GB laptop memory for hp (it doesnt mention two 512mb sticks).
Im using a compaq m2000 laptop, is it possible to just buy a single 1GB memory stick to place into one slot or would i have to buy 2 x512mb? how many bytes can each slot hold?


A:1GB memory module?

The max ram for that model laptop is 1GB so the safest most reliable way to go would be to purchase 2x 512MB. read this page from
Good website for memory, I use it all the time.

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I have an NEC memory module with the following markings on each of the two chips:4318160-70 and 9451AU600. the back of the board has the markings: P7460 and P10-04B74600.

Can someone please advise me as to the capacity of the module and whether or not it is parity.

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Hi Tech Guy,
Can you email me web URL's to buy a 1 GB Memory Module for a Dell OptiPlex GX270 with a Processor x86 Family 15 Model 2 Stepping 9 Genuiielntel ~2992 Mhz so I can upgrade my PC & OS ASAP

A:Where can i buy a 1GB Memory Module for my PC?

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I have this laptop thats a bit old, I know it has a Pentium3 and 128mb ram. What I am trying to find out is the size,module of the ram? like if its PC100? or PC133? are there any programs out there that do this trick? thanks

A:memory module?

Make and model of the laptop would be useful. You can also go on sites like Kingston ,use their configurator and you will find exactly the memory you need.

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Dear Sirs,
I recently put together a system that consists of:

Motherboard - Soyo K7VTA VIA KT133 chipset 200 FSB
CPU - AMD Athlon Thunderbird 900 Mhz
Memory - 1 Micron 256 MB, PC133
Hard Drive - IBM 40 GB ATA 66 7200 RPM
OS - Windows 2000 SP 2
Video - Gigabyte Geoforce2 MX400 64MB

This system has been running fine and without incident until I recently purchased an addition memory module. The memory module is identified on the chips as, Siemens HYB39S256400T-8(B). It was advertised as 512 MB Unregistered, PC133. I installed the memory into the next available DIMM socket (3 onboard). When I rebooted the computer several things happened.

1.) The PC booted through BIOS where the memory was tested and recognized (786,432 total memory) them memory and began to load Windows and then suddenly rebooted. This occured over and over.
2.) After booting into BIOS setup (Memory was recognized in BIOS) I exited and when the machine rebooted I received a STOP error.
STOP error = The ACPI BIOS in this system is not fully compliant with the ACPI specification. 0x000000A5, 0X00000011, 0X00000007, 0XEB8680C0, 0X0100000C

I then removed the new memory module and the machine booted normally.

Can you please offer me some suggestions.

Thank You,
Kelly Rudnick
[email protected]

A:Memory Module from .........

What happens if you put just the new module in? Any problems (could be a bad module)? If not:
Do you know if the new memory is ECC or non-ECC? What about the original memory?
Also, do you know if the original memory is also unregistered/unbuffered as opposed to registered/buffered?
If they are of different types, they may not play well together.

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My owners manual for Dell 2400 series desktop calls for a PC2700(333-MHz)DDR SDRAM (non-ECC) Memory Module

Will a Kingston 512MB PC2700DDR (KVR333/512R, KVR33350/512R) Memory Module be OK?

I'm confused can some one help?

A:Memory Module

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hi everyone wondering if anyone can help me please,i have ran malwarebytes and it has picked up two virus and says will delete on reboot but they wont go away it makes my computer bleep now and again and its definitely not running right,slow and keeps messing internet pages and desktop icons in toolbar area not present as to what they were before so on... well i dont want anything thats not supposed to be in there you know what i mean i ran avg and that has picked them up but still when i run malware it still finds the same two trojans and in the log file this is what it says...\\?\globalroot\systemroot\system32\hjgruixjetaspb.dll (Trojan.TDSS) -> Delete on reboot. the second one is....\\?\globalroot\systemroot\system32\hjgruixjetaspb.dll (Trojan.TDSS) -> Quarantined and deleted successfully. but like i say avg has done full scan and then malware keeps finding them and theyre still there... anyone help please??

A:memory module virus

Hello and welcome to Bleeping Computer.Please subscribe to your topic so that you will be notified as soon as I post a reply, instead of you having to check the topic all of the time. This will allow you to get an email notification when I reply.To subscribe, go to your topic, and at the top right hand corner by your first post, click the Options button and then click Track this topic. The bullet the immediate notification bubble. Then press submit.I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news but: One or more of the identified infections is a backdoor trojan. This allows hackers to remotely control your computer, steal critical system information and download and execute files.I would counsel you to disconnect this PC from the Internet immediately. If you do any banking or other financial transactions on the PC or if it should contain any other sensitive information, please get to a known clean computer and change all passwords where applicable, and it would be wise to contact those same financial institutions to apprise them of your situation.Though the trojan has been identified and can be killed, because of it's backdoor functionality, your PC is very likely compromised and there is no way to be sure your computer can ever again be trusted. Many experts in the security community believe that once infected with this type of trojan, the best course of action would be a reformat and reinstall of the OS. Please read these for more information:How Do I Handle Possible Identity T... Read more

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Memory Test FailedFaiure ID: 90931T 64P84A QFPK1G 407K03Product ID: A5F74AV Memory Module Hi, I am trying to figure out what is wrong with my laptop and see what I need to fiix or replace. When you try and boot it, it goes in circles trying to do the "Preparing Automatc Repair" but it always fails and says the PC did not start correctly. Upon hitting restart the process repeats. Ocassionally ading the step of diagnosing PC but nothing else happens.  I am unable to get passed the booting process. Any help or advice would be great!

A:A5F74AV Memory Module

You have a dv6t-7000 model and you have a bad memory module. This is a little fuzzy but watchable. See at 2:50 into the video how there are 2 modules. Try each module by itself in each slot and see if you can boot the machine and also run the test. That should isolate the bad memory module and all you would need to do is replace it. Will also diagnose if a slot is bad if modules work in one slot but neither works in the other slot.  Post back your fuindings and we can go from there.

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my laptop is not starting and caplock key is blinking 3times between a pause it means it has a memory failure. I'm using original memory, tell me how to reseat my device.

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memory module not functional led blinks three times tried other rams still not bootingwifi f12 button blinks simultenuoslyhow to repair

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Hi I have recently purchased inspiron 5567 laptop and I think I would need to add more RAM to it.
in India I don't find anywhere on the Dell official site, an option to purchase a memory module.
So I wanted to know from where I can purchase a compatible RAM for Inspiron 5567? (do I have to look for any specific brand for memory module?)
Is it okay to purchase from a local computer store or from online store like Amazon or Flipkart?
Secondly, do I have to take my laptop to the service center to replace the module or I can replace it at my home itself?
If I replace it at my own, will it affect my laptop's warranty?

A:Upgrading Memory Module

It'll take up to 2X8G DDR4-19200 modules; yes, you can purchase the memory and install it yourself (simply requires removing the base cover).
Disconnect the battery and unplug the system before upgrading.

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Sorry I am dim, but I can't figure out if the memory I have will work with the mobo i have.

mobo: Asus A7V400-MX
(from the supoprt manual: supports up to 2GB unbuffered PC2700/PC2100/PC1600 non-ECC DDR SDRAM)

Memory: 1 x 512 DDR 400 PC3200 UDIMM made by elixir.

I know the 'PC' numbers don't match, but i was assured twice by the tech guy that the memory is backwards-compatible with the mobo specs.

Unfortunately I am having problems with the new mobo, which may be due to the new memory, I'm not sure!!

The full problem I'll describe if I get past this issue. Don't want to bore you with it all stright up at first.


A:Does this memory module fit this mobo?

Yes it should work. It will just run at most 2700 (333MHz) or slower
instead of 3200 (400MHz), depending on the CPU FSB and your settings.

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Hello Windows Vista Forums,

I would like to upgrade my Random Access Memory (RAM). I am thinking to put 2GB RAM cards into my machine. I have a small problem though. I don't know what type of memory my I should put into my machine. I own a Alienware Area 51 7500. Here are the system specs:

System Manufacturer/Model Number Alienware
OS Vista Ultimate x64
CPU Area 51 7500
Motherboard MB-EVGA122CKNF68B1
Memory 8GB ElPIDA DDR2 PC2-6400 U-DIMM 800MHZ
Graphics Card(s) NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GTS
Sound Card EAX3
Monitor(s) Displays SAMSUNG 23" GAMERS CHOICE
Screen Resolution Primary 1680 X 1050, Secondary 1920 X 1080
Hard Drives ST3250410AS
Model: ST3250410AS
Size: 250GB
PSU CoolerMaster 1000
Case Alienware Black Head Chasis
Cooling Noctua NH-U12P x 1x120mm fan, 6x120mm case fans
Keyboard Alienware M51 Standard Keyboard
Mouse Alienware M5 Standard Size Mouse
Internet Speed 54.0 MBPS
Other Info Bought in October of 2007 from Alienware.

If anyone can reccomend a type of RAM for machine and where to purchase for a good reliable price, that would be fantastic! All help is appreciated! Thanks!


A:RAM Memory Module Upgrade

Pretty sure you'll be good with 240 pin DDR2 modules. Best to install in pairs, so keep that in mind. While newegg isn't guaranteed to give you the best price, they've always been reliable wherever I am in the world when it comes to shipping. - Computer Hardware,Memory,Desktop Memory,240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM

Those are the modules for your board sorted by rating. I personally have Mushkin brand in my tower, but I'm not partial to any brand. Check out the reviews. Maybe someone else here has the same mobo as you and can offer some first hand experience on what you should get. Good luck.

Also for future reference

You can go there and find the proper ram size/timings and then use that info to do a search on newegg or your favorite shopping site.

According to them here's the ram you need (

Package: 240-pin DIMM
Feature: DDR2 PC2-5300

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Hi Guys,
Thought i'de upgrade my 2 half gig ddr 266 memory sticks, too
2 one gig ddr 266 memory sticks.
when i installed the sticks the system soon started rapid bleeping, and the moniter display the no video input message. I reinstalled the old memory, back to normal. Any ideas would be appreciated.
All the best.

A:Memory Module Issues

What is the make and model of the new memory?

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i just installed a Kingston 64MB PC100 in the next slot to the one already holding a 64MB PC100...... restarted...... no monitor..... black....... took the emodule out again... rebooted....... everything back to normal.... what is going on? Did I miss something? What else do you have to do besides insert the memory into the slot and make sure it's seated and the claps are closed? The Ram is new.

A:New Memory Module = Problems

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Helloes mates, ive got the following problem thats been annoying me for the last couple days.

I just bought brand new computer parts and im trying to get them to work together.
Ive gotten to a point where motherboard displays an error "C1" continuously(this motherboard has a small led display that shows error messages). Even tried resettin CMOS, changing places of memory modules, only using one module etc. but i still can't get it to work.
Also the memory modules seem to generate alot of heat during that time that motherboard is stuck at C1 phase. I haven't had the balls to keep it going for more than 5 minutes since at that point memory modules heat build-up seems to be too much.

Motherboards manual says for C1 code that:
Detect memory
-Auto-detection of DRAM size, type and EEC
-Auto-detection of L2 cache (socket 7 or below)
Motherboard: Abit AB9 Pro Intel 965 LGA775 ATX
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6600, 2,40Ghz, Socket 775, FSB 1066, 4MB Cache
Power: Nexus NX-4090 400W ATX
Video card: Club 3D 8600GT 512MB GDDR3 PCI-E DUAL-DVI TV
Memory: Corsair Twin2X 2x1GB DDR2 800Mhz kit

A:Memory module/processor?

POST error C1 indicates RAM refresh has failed.

Try the RAM in another bank or try a diff module. Check to make sure the banks are clear and free of obstructions.

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I'm currently running my system on a puny (it seems) 512 MB of DDR SDRAM (2 sticks of 256).
However, I've just bought 1GB PC3200 DDR SDRAM 1 stick 400mhz to upgrade it & have heard a horror story from a friend that this won't work as I need to buy 2 matching sticks of the same memory for it to work.
Is this true?

A:Memory module query

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Hey there,
I checked to c what memory would b suitable for my laptop ( HP Compaq nx6110 ), and it seems i need DDR PC2700..
I was wondering if it matters if i use PC2700,2100 or some other ...
Does anyone know if my system would function with any of the other PC speeds?



A:Memory Module question

Usually, faster speeds are OK (it will just run at the motherboard speed or the speed of any other RAM module also installed, whichever is the slower)

But if you install slower RAM (2100) then all RAM, including any original module that may be faster will run at the slower speed.

I have not experienced issues using faster RAM, but very rarely timing issues may arise and it will fail to work. But it's rare.

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I have read some data that says that Windows Seven has problems with mixed sizes of memory modules. In my system I have three 2 Gig modules and one 1 Gig module. Can this cause any problems. The memory came preinstalled in my system so I assume it is of same type and manufacturer. Still trying to chase a problem with desktop heap allocation failure at boot up.

A:Memory module size

Quote: Originally Posted by arliedog

I have read some data that says that Windows Seven has problems with mixed sizes of memory modules. In my system I have three 2 Gig modules and one 1 Gig module. Can this cause any problems. The memory came preinstalled in my system so I assume it is of same type and manufacturer. Still trying to chase a problem with desktop heap allocation failure at boot up.

The size of the module shouldn't matter as long as they are exactly the same specs. If you think the heap problem is caused by memory download and run memtestx86 for several hours at least.

You can also check in event viewer (type event vwr in search) for log entries. Go to windows logs>application tab (and system)and look for errors (red in the left hand colum) relating to the problem. When found note the event ID and source codes and relay them to us

Let us know if you need help

Ken J+

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I am trying to reformat a friends computer. It is a real mess, so I do not want to clean it out. But when I try to run the xp-setup, it gives me a bsod with different messages, all including setupdd.sys. I can boot normally, setup loads files, I am asked what I want to do, press enter to setup, accept license agreement. When it asks me where I want to set up windwos, partitions etc, it show 4 unknown devices with unknown size, no harddisk, no partitions, after that, whatever I do, a bsod.
I googled this up and it seems to have to do with bad ram. My computer shows all disks and partitions without problems, so I figure it is not a hardware problem, but malware, preventing me from formatting/re-installing windows xp.
The problem is, that all works fine, ram test is fine. I ran several antimalware tools and mbam gave me one time (not the first scan) an infected memory module with a win32 trojan. It said delete on reboot, I rebooted and reran the scan and now it says the same. Sorry, I did not include the log, but I am afraid to use my usb-stick to copy the log, after what I was on that PC, I became a little paranoid.
Malwarebytes, run in normal mode, quick scan, reports memory module infecten with trojan downloader, c:\wiindows\system32\wmimgr32.dll and the file c:\windows\system32\wmimgr32.dll.
When I run the scan in safemode, it does not detect a thing.

I appreciate any help!!

A:Memory module infected

In time I also ran dr. Web, some 2000 infected files with win32.hllp.neshta and win32.sector.204800, file infectors, very nasty, but apparently cured. I ran windows memory test, no errors found. I ran also checkdisk, inclusive surface scan and it found some problems (as a result of file intection?). The problem still remains, I start windows setup, it still does not recognize any partitioned/unpartitioned space (I checked in my computer, 50 Gb partitioned and 100 Gb unpartitioned) and after any choice I make there (create, delete, setup) a bsod.

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I went to the Gateway site and found they recommend the following memory upgrade.

Infineon 512 MB PC2-4200 533 MHz Dual-Channel DDR2 SDRAM

When I place this in the search engine for Newegg, it comes up with nothing. I want to add 1 GB of memory. My computer is a Gateway GT5220.

According to the site I have 4 memory slots, 2 free (512+512+0+0)

With the information above, can you tell me what I need to look for online to order the correct memory for my computer?

A:Solved: What memory module do I need

Here you go

Kingston, Corsair and Crucial are all good brands.

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have CQ60-101AU laptop. I'd like to buy Corsair Memory ? 2GB DDR2 SODIMM Memory (VS2GSDS800D2). Is it compatible with my laptop?

A:CQ60 memory module (RAM) compatibility

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Hello everyone: A few weeks ago I pushed the button to start my PC. It started with its usual routine but then stopped booting up and just started beeping at me. After several attempts at forcing it to shut down then starting it again only to have it beep at me I just left it off and used the laptop to do some research about the beeping. Seems it had to do with a memory problem which I managed to locate by removing the memory modules one at a time and replacing them in the same location they came from. I managed to isolate one module that when installed, caused the machine to beep and boot no further, and when removed, the machine booted up o.k. although it was a bit sluggish and acted like it wasn't to sure about what it was supposed to do with itself. It just so happened that it was in an end socket and when I removed a module from the opposite end and placed it in the suspect socket, the beeping started again, so I put that module back in it's place at the other end and left the other socket empty. I'm actually using the PC in question to make this post, it seems to run satisfactorily without the one module in place, but at times seems to loose its bearings. Sorry about running on, my question is. "Is the the memory module the problem, or is it the socket that the memory module plugs into the problem, and what is the solution either way? On this particular machine a H.P. a1250n Media Center desktop; I can install up to 4 1-gig modules, I'm using the 2 512 MB modules i... Read more

A:Memory Module or System Board?


Since the beeping starts when using a known good module in the "suspect" slot it

would seem to indicate a problem with the slot.

You can try testing using one working module in all slots to make sure that the issue is the slot.

If the slot is determined to be defective the board would have to be replaced.

This can be an issue with OEM unless the board is replaced with the same board.

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How to remove the memory module?

Get the following message and for me this means that one of the modules is broken:

Memory Error
Address = 00034000H
Read Date = 28034000H
Write Data = 00034000H

For my opinion the computer should boot again when I remove the broken memory slice?

Cheers Australia

A:Tecra R10 - How to remove memory module?


You can remove easily the memory modules.
I think the bay is placed at the bottom of the unit.
You have to remove the screw securing the bay and you will get a access to the module.

Here is a video how to do this on another notebook Satellite L500. But the procedure is not very different on Tecra R10

Hope this helps a little bit

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I have a Dell Studio 1737 laptop, Runs Vista. Bought in 2009.
A month or more ago, the battery stopped working. I haven’t replaced it yet, because, 1. It went from working to not working very abruptly, and I’m not sure that’s how batteries die. 2. Checking online, I read it might be my BIOS. 3. I know someone who replaced her battery and it only worked for a week or so. So her computer must have another issue going on, maybe mine does too.  
The last 2 weeks, the laptop has been freezing at random times.
When it’s not freezing, it’s running great. I run virus and malware checks often. Paid Avast, free Malwarebytes, ADWcleaner, CCleaner, and I ran Windows Repair All in One.
I ran a diagnostic test at Dell, it found a critical hardware failure--my memory module isn’t working properly and should be replaced. My System Info says that my -- RAM is 4.00 GB, Total physical memory - 3.96 GB, Available physical memory - 2.58, Total virtual memory - 8.12 GB, Available virtual memory - 6.62 GB.
Question-could this memory module issue cause the battery issue and/or the random freezing?
I also attempted to update my BIOS at Dell, which was a recommended update. It wouldn’t allow me to complete the update, because there was no battery.
Any advice would be welcome.

A:Battery, BIOS or memory module?

Hello - Yes batteries can die abruptly.. normally you would see a decrease in how long it stays charged and then it would simply fail.  But it could be yours just decided to die.  Also your computer's freezing can be attributed to bad memory and if their memory tester found a problem you may indeed have failing memory, but I would try replacing the battery first ( just in case somehow the lack of battery is affecting the memory circuit. (unlikely but possible).

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I have a Dell Dimension 4550 which currently has 512mb of RAM on board.
I want to add another 512 module.
The Owners Manual states that I should remove the AGP CARD before adding a new module. It doesn't say that I should replace it when the new memory is inserted.
Can anyone tell me what is the function of the AGP card and if it is necessary to remove it before adding the new memory module?
Cobh Rambler.

A:Is it necessary to remove AGP CARD before adding memory module?

There is no reason to remove an AGP card if you are adding more memory. Unless the AGP card physically blocks the RAM slot (not allowing you to put the RAM in), you need not worry about the AGP card.

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I've just bought a Toshiba NB 510-10D and I can't find where do I have to change the RAM memory,

Can anyone help me?


A:Replace the memory RAM module of TOSHIBA NB510


I found very nice YouTube movie How to replace the RAM for Toshiba NB500, NB520, NB550D Series

Check this.
The plastic cover at the bottom of the unit needs to be removed? there you will see the HDD and the memory modules. Spread out the two memory lock latches so that the memory module pops up. Pull the memory module up and out at an angle, using care to avoid touching the connectors. Remove the memory module.

That?s all.

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I've posted this already but I was wondering if there was anyone else had an opinion on this.
I have a Dell Dimension 4550 which currently has 512mb of RAM on board.
I want to add another 512 module.
The Owners Manual states that I should remove the AGP CARD before adding a new module. It doesn't say that I should replace it when the new memory is inserted.
Can anyone tell me what is the function of the AGP card and if it is necessary to remove it before adding the new memory module?
Cobh Rambler.

A:Is it necessary to remove AGP CARD before adding memory module?

The AGP card would be your video card, you'd definitely want to put that back in or your computer won't work. Normally you don't remove the video card to install more memory.

The only reason I see for doing that, since its not a normal procedure, is that the card may be in the way of the latches on the side of the memory slots.

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Hi. I done a report on my pc using EVEREST because I wanted to upgrade my RAM. It says:

[ Memory Controller ]

Memory Controller Properties:
Error Detection Method None
Error Correction None
Supported Memory Interleave 1-Way
Current Memory Interleave 4-Way
Supported Memory Speeds 70ns, 60ns
Supported Memory Types DIMM, SDRAM
Supported Memory Voltages 3.3V
Maximum Memory Module Size 256 MB
Memory Slots 2

It says maximum Memory Module Size 256MB. Does this mean I cannot put a 512MB memory module in or does it mean the most ive got in it is 256mb?

A:EVEREST - Maximum Memory Module Size

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Hello members, this is my first day as a member and i got a problem.
I have a ASROCK K7VT2 motherboard with a Athlon 2000 cpu and 256 mb of 266ddr ram, but i have decided to upgrade so i have lobbed the 256 mb of ram out and replaced it with a single stick of 1gb of 266 ddr ram.
Noweverything works and it is faster BUT its only showing as 512mb of ram, the BIOS is fully updated and i have tryed the ram in the second slot to no avail. Have looked in the manual and the board says it takes 2gb of ram and it has 2 slots so 1+1 = 2 YE only this board dont wanna play i have tryed emailing asrock but go no reply so HHHEEELLLPPP can anyone help me please


A:Asrock K7VT2 memory module not recognized!!! HELP

this will definitely not solve your problem, but please read the contents of this link

it says how much asrock sux. sorry man.

by the way

Hello and Welcome to Techspot

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I know you're not supposed to mix memory modules, but I have an extra 256 mg module that's a different brand from the modules now in my system. My mb (ASUS) manual says "For dual channel configuration the total size of memory modules installed per channel must be the same for better performance" which I have now w/the 2 512 mg modules installed (Patriot). It also says "Always install modules w/the same CAS latency".

My questions:

1) Could installing the 256 mg module actually weaken performance of the "dual channel configuration"?

2) If it is a different CAS latency, could it harm the mb or other memory modules in any way?

I figure if it doesn't work, the system just won't boot and I'll remove the extra module. But if it does boot, I want to be sure no harm is done to the mb, the other modules, and that it won't actually degrade the dual channel performance of the other 2 modules.

Thanks much,

A:Solved: Can This Memory Module Harm my System?

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This is supposedly what happened to my computer. Is there some way to prevent this or find out early enough to prevent drive erasure?

A:Can bad memory module erase hard drive?

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I get this message whenever I log on; try to run regedit or msconfig. I'm frustrated trying to find out what the problem is...can you help???

Each time the @ # is different...i.e., ". . . in module kernel32 at 5443:91271892" these numbers change each login.

I can't see what is running on startup because this message occurs and never goes into msconfig.


A:Memory Access Violation in Module Kernel32 @ . . .

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Good day to all. Can someone please assist me, advance thanks..

I bought a PC with MSI mainboard, N430GT, with 2-2GB Kingston KVR1333D3N9/2G installed RAM (=4GB), 500GB HDD.
Everything works smooth until I read that I could upgrade memory up to 16GB max. BTW my OS is Win7 64 Ultimate.

So I decided first to buy and install 2pcs-4GB Kingston KVR1333D3N9/4G (=8GB), for a few days everything works fine as expected, I shut it down one night and the following day restarting my PC, it turned BLUE with messages., and then on as often as every 5 minutes or less it turns BSOD.

I asked my friends and told me to do a clean OS reinstallation and I did that, but the problem persisted as if nothing changed.

So I did a memory diagnostic and It noted that possible hardware problem.

I did immediately changed and swap back my original 2pcs-2GB memory, and surprisingly until this thread writing it is ok.

My mainboard supports dual channel (two slots only) and I want to know how could I checked which one of the two 4GB memory modules is not working, or is it safe to install only one 4GB memory to checked which of the two is working or both are not working?

Any immediate response is of great help. thanks.

A:BSOD after upgrading &/or installing new memory module on brand new PC

The Kingston Value Ram (KVR) is known to be marginal and not even work in some PC's. The regular Kingston memory is usually OK but none of the techies that I know will use or recommend the KVR.

Check the MSI (or whoever the motherboard vendor is) site for your motherboard model (you didn't list it so I can't check for your). The N430GT is your video card, not the motherboard. Most motherboard vendors list compatible memory for their motherboards. Best to use memory that has been certified for the specific motherboard.

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I have a Dell Inspiron 5521 Laptop having 4 GB RAM. I am planning to add additional 8GB RAM.
So, the Total RAM would be 4+8= 12 GB.

I found the following information in Dell Specifications User Guide:

Inspiron 5521 Two internally-accessible DDR3 SODIMM connectors
Inspiron 5537 Two internally-accessible DDR3L SODIMM connectors
Capacity Up to 16 GB
Inspiron 5521 Dual channel DDR3
Inspiron 5537 Dual channel DDR3L
Speed Up to 1600 MHz
Configurations supported 2 GB, 4 GB, 6 GB, 8 GB, and 16 GB

I found the following Memory Module information by running Command on my Laptop: 
Total Width: 64 bits

Data Width: 64 bits

Size: 4096 MB

Form Factor: SODIMM

Set: None

Locator: JDIMM2

Bank Locator: Not Specified

Type: DDR3

Type Detail: Synchronous

Speed: 1600 MHz

Question 1: Is it possible to add 4+8= 12GB configuration in this Laptop?
Question 2: Should i use DDR3 instead of DDR3L RAM in this Laptop?
Question 3: Which RAM is best supported with this Laptop, Kingston or CORSAIR Vengeance?

Note: I am using Ubuntu on this Machine.

A:Dell Inspiron 5521 | RAM Upgrade | Memory Module

1. Yes, albeit at a performance penalty.  It's designed for a pair of matched modules.
2.  Either will work by itself.  Don't mix DDR3 and DDR3L though -- if you have DDR3, use that; if L, use that if you're adding a module.
3.  Crucial is hard to beat particularly given its compatibility guarantee when purchased through its memory configurator.  Anything else- ask the vendor about compatibility guarantees (or be sure you understand the possible restocking charge if a return is required).

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Please help.
Does anyone have a *photo or physical description* on the original 128 Meg module that went in the the 3440CT.

I know the part number and specification I'm specifically trying to identify if the one in my 3440CT is a Toshiba part and therefore under the 10year guarantee. Its faulty.

Paper Label Printed with:-

* square "3d" bar code
* 128MB PC-133
* MTGA83S-86KI3
* S/N:S36000801096

The chips are KTI

it has 4 chips on each side and is a Micro Dimm 144 pin.
Printed on board is T3-0196 REV:1.0

I hope this link works. This is one on Ebay in Poland


Message was edited by: neill.bird

A:Portege 3440CT: What is a orginal memory module spec


Portege 3440 supports 64Mb of internal memory and this memory cannot be removed.
So only one slot is available.

As far as I know Toshiba recommends using these modules for an upgrade:

*SDRAM 64MB (PA3033U-1M06)*
*SDRAM 128MB (PA3034U-1M12)*

I think you could google for these single numbers and you should get a photo or all needed details about these modules?


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Hi my name is Richard.I got a pc here and we got a major problem.   203 - Memory module failed self test and failing rank was disabled (slot 3) I know this a ram , motherboard problem but I don't know how to fix it. My devices does not work, it said LSI Raid error, my keyboard, mouse does not work. I tried to spam f10 for bios but It still showed up the error message. I dont wanna spend too much money on this. I really need to fix this problem before I ever get in trouble. I believe my ram comes with the motherboard because I don't see any ram sticks inside my pc. I tried to reboot but nope, it still gave me the message. This really scared me, I could not get any devices working, I could not go to bios, I dont have a clear disk to diagnose on. I've seen forums thesame as this but non of them worked. Please help us. I will try to be active as soon as possible.  Any replies will be replied and, Please help us and tell us the solution for this. I only saw HP users have this. I don't want to spend $500 bucks for a new pc.  Specs: PC: HP Workstation x8600DDR3 Memory: 6 gbPciE: Zotac Geforce GT 610  Any further replies will be replied as fast as possible. I will try to be active as soon as possible.   Thank you staff, volunteers and members for reading this thread. I've tried everything i could do to fix this, nothing seems to be working.                 &nbs... Read more

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I have the small Inspiron 3250 Desktop.  Processor information:  Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6400 CPU @ 2.70GHz (CPU:0).  Memory type:  DDR3 (1600 MHz).
I want to add another 8gb memory module.  I have asked Dell representative 5 times about which module to order.  I have received 4 different recommendations and one "your PC can't be upgraded).  I do know that my PC has two slots for memory and is only using 1 8gb module so I know it can be upgraded.  I just don't know which module is best suited for my PC.
Any suggestions??  Thanks in advance

A:Inspiron 3250 Small Desktop Memory Module

Have you called Dell Spare Parts directly (totally separate from Dell tech support) and given them that part number?
You can look at They have 2x8GB RAM for this system model for ~$94. The good thing about Crucial is they guarantee it works in whichever system they recommended it for or they take it back. Many people around this forum buy from Crucial.
But do yourself a favor. Start at Crucial's home page and work through their product finder on the left side so you know you looking at RAM for your system. Don't just rely on the link I posted, because -after all- it is your money.  
You will have to click the "Show more" button when you get to the page for your model to see the 8 GB modules.
And I guess you could sell the Hynix module on eBay etc to recover some of the cost of a new pair...

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I have a Tecra 8200 p3 (850 i think) that currently has 2x 128MB RAM.

The laptop only registers 128MB, so I think one of the sockets may be faulty.

I understand the maximum memory the tecra 8200 will address is 512MB, but can this be in a single Dimm, or must it be in 2x256?



A:Tecra 8200 recognizes only one 128MB memory module


You can use 2 x 256MB memory modules 144-Pin PC133 SODIMM or 144-Pin PC100 SODIMM

Best regards

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Hello, I have a dell 8250 that i am pretty happy with but have noticed that i need more ram. I have 512 now but several programs that i run suck up much of it. I have just purchased 2 new 512 modules for this thing and plan on pulling the 256 sticks out and replace them with the new ones. My question is i know i need to put rambus in matched pairs but can i have a pair of 512 and a pair of 256? any ideas? also i was thinking about wiping out my main drive for a complete clean reinstall. Is that a little overkill? opinions requested. thanks for your time.

CPU Type Intel Pentium 4A, 2400 MHz (18 x 133)
Motherboard Name Dell Dimension 8250
Motherboard Chipset Intel Tehama i850(E)
System Memory 512 MB (RDRAM)
BIOS Type Phoenix (04/22/03)
Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
OS Service Pack Service Pack 1
Internet Explorer 6.0.2800.1106 (IE 6.0 SP1)
DirectX (DirectX 9.0c)

A:Solved: Rambus Inline Memory Module, 256, 533mhz, 128x16, 8c

rrlr420 said:

Hello, I have a dell 8250 that i am pretty happy with but have noticed that i need more ram. I have 512 now but several programs that i run suck up much of it. I have just purchased 2 new 512 modules for this thing and plan on pulling the 256 sticks out and replace them with the new ones. My question is i know i need to put rambus in matched pairs but can i have a pair of 512 and a pair of 256? any ideas? also i was thinking about wiping out my main drive for a complete clean reinstall. Is that a little overkill? opinions requested. thanks for your time.

CPU Type Intel Pentium 4A, 2400 MHz (18 x 133)
Motherboard Name Dell Dimension 8250
Motherboard Chipset Intel Tehama i850(E)
System Memory 512 MB (RDRAM)
BIOS Type Phoenix (04/22/03)
Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
OS Service Pack Service Pack 1
Internet Explorer 6.0.2800.1106 (IE 6.0 SP1)
DirectX (DirectX 9.0c)Click to expand...

Good question--try it--I don't think it will work, but all it can do is not boot.

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I boot my Hp machine, nothing shown on screen and "capslock & numlock 3 times blink"i tried hard reseting it / AC adapter and battery does not seem to be the reason of this issue. is it memory module error? how to fix it?

A:Memory module error capslock & numlock 3 times blink

@usmanm27? Try reseating the memory boards first."Just remove them and reinsert them." HP EliteBook 8530w Mobile Workstation - Remove/Replace Videos REO

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I'm Jermaine and I've been experiencing some issues with my dell inspiron 1e1505 laptop for a few months now. The issue is that a error stating that RAM memory usage5 is critically high. Ram memory failure. Windows xp is the software being used. what do I do?

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please can anyone help, i keep getting this message

A:Ram memory usage is critically high. Ram memory failure

probably this

so click report and ask to move to spyware forum

but COULD be something else if you installed it or recognise it then as i say click report

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I have upgraded one of my old computers from 512MB RAM to 1GB by buying another PC3200 DDR400 512MB module. Upon booting Windows XP after the installation of RAM, BSODs with various errors show up (sometimes before loading to the desktop, sometimes after the desktop has loaded). Some of the errors include: IRQL LESS THAN EQUAL error, and another error that has the word 'Page' in it (I forgot if it is Page fault or Page file).

I have traced this down to the BIOS Memory settings. Before the upgrade, I have set other settings to the optimal setting that the BIOS can allow me, by reading this guide: , without any problems. Upon upgrading, setting the DRAM Command Rate to 2T will prevent the BSODs (before the installation of the new module, this setting was set to 1T and my system worked fine without any BSODs).

I am wondering if there is another way I can get my system to work while still setting the DRAM Command Rate to 1T. As I have seen from various websites like this one: ( , there is a performance increase if the DRAM Command Rate is set to 1T. I also would like to know if the performance gain is not that significant and if it is better if I just leave it at 2T?

I am also wondering if module order matters (based from closeness to the processor) in performance and stability. I have found out thru Everest Home Edition that the ne... Read more

A:DRAM Command Rate BIOS setting Problem with Installation of New Memory Module

Put the slower one into Slot 1 - that ought to ensure it runs at that speed, not the faster sticks timings..

You could try resetting it to 1T if that proves stable. A slight bump in Ram Voltage probably wouldn't hurt - if your board has that Facility in the BIOS.

A quick way to test stablility is to run a 2m SuperPi - it's not foolproof, but if it passes, you know you're on the right track. If you get errors, it's still suss, and you might want to run a MemTest on each stick individually - although it's new, it may still be faulty!

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 Hello , Product  : HP ENVY Ultrabook 4-1046txCurrent Wifi Module : Broadcom 802.11 b/g/n I need to upgrade my wifi module to a new dual band module preferably the Intel one. anyone confirm that whether my laptop is Whitelist or not ?  Thanks in Advance !

A:Upgrade Wifi Module to a new Dual band module

Hi, Your machine was built long way before mid 2014. The chance to change wireless card is from slim to none. Do you know the whitelist story don't you ? Regards.

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One for all you "Experts"

Hey all, I'm new around here, and I joined because I have bad computer trouble, and maybe someone could identify my problem. The other day, I opened up my computer to put a stick of 512 Mb DDR Ram into it, and i found two 128 Mb DDR sticks already in there. So I took one of the 128 Mb Chips out, and put the 512 Mb in, mixing them up with each other. Anyways, when I turned on my computer to boot it up, it made a bunch of wierd noises, like beeps, so I turned it off fairly fast. I took out the 512 Mb and put back in the old 128 Mb stick. Now whenever I push the button for my computer to come on, It will only make a long beep, pause for a second, then keep making the beeps, over and over again, the screen does not light, the LED stays orange. If anyone could help, anything is appreciated, Thanks.

- Thread moved & title edited

A:Installing new memory module (One for all you "Experts")

Take out all the sticks of ram, and then out in the 128 and 512. Be sure to take all of them out first though, and they are pushed ALL the way down, it requires some force.

What I do is, line up the RAM with the slot, then just push down hard on the ram until the clips at the side automatically come up and clip the ram into place

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I have a Dell Inspiron 8600 with XP and 1.5 GB of memory.

When attempting to boot up, i now most often either get the boot screen (loading bar) stuck at near its starting point, or, after repeatedly turning off and on the computer (by manually pressing the on/off button) get the following error message on a black screen:
'Memory write/read failure at 3FFF6B4C, read 5510FF10 expecting FF10FF10. Memory adress line faiureat 3FFF0000, read FF10FF10 expecting 00000000. Memory data line failure at 000F0000-000FFFFF.'

Used to be that if i shut down, unplugged, removed the battery and took out and re-inserted the memory modules, i could then get it to start, but appears not to be the case now. (Sending this message on my iMac).

Any ideas?

A:Memory Failure

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After going throught the nightmare of installing Windows 10 my computer was alive again! After a few weeks of running fine the computer stopped working and would shut down during bootup. After running tests it came up with a memory failure:64P9WW-5MV88V-MFH15G-405H03Please help.

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Occasionally after startup or after doing a few tasks i get a memory read error. The other night i was watching videos from the joeshow and i got a blue screen system memory failure error. Ive reseated the memory chips. Ive started up with just 1 memory stick in at a time and startup is normal. Ive flashed bios (didnt know could help). I ran diagnostics complete test (about 45 minutes) on system memory and it tested fine. Dell couldnt find any other solution to what i have already tried. I have insurance and they want to come pick up my computer and take it for 10 days to fix it. Anything else i can try before shipping it off?

A:Memory Failure

How did you test the RAM? If you didn't use MemTest (, I'd give it a try.

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Hello all,I'm in the process of putting together some old PC systems that I have, this being the first of several.
I have a Dell Dimension 4600 Desktop Computer with a Pentium 4 processor.
I'm using the original motherboard, CD ROMS (2) Master & Slave, and the original case. I also am using the built in Video card. I have not installed any other card yet. Not till I hopefully get past this first issue.
When I boot with any of the memory sticks, I get a blank screen. Now in the back of the unit I have 4 lights, A-B-C-D that show error codes. On 3 of the 4 memory sticks I used, (using only 1 at a time), the first two lights, A & B are yellow, and C & D are green. The service manual states: "Memory modules are detected, but a memory failure has occurred." .
I also get some "beep codes" when I boot up as well. It seems like I hear "1 - 3 - 2" The closest to the code I found was the following: "1-3-1 through 2-4-4" which means:
"Memory not being properly identified or used"
The 4th one gave me A & C were green, and B & D were yellow which translates:
"configuration or compatibility error exists".The beep codes seemed to stay the same.
At this point, I'm not sure what to do. I can't even get to my bios.
I'm almost certain the memory I have is fine, but just in case, I'll confirm it by finding another board that I can test them in and make sure they check out ok.
What would b... Read more

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SanDisk Ultra II 2.0 GB SD Card functioned fine in Nikon D80 camera. Removed card and placed in card in reader (GE SD/MMC Card Reader HO97931) connected to USB port on PC running Windows XP to transfer files. Windows Explorer seemed to recognize the device, but not the SD card. Tried closing and reopening Explorer. Tried rebooting PC, but Explorer kept hanging when attempting to read card. Removed SD card and replaced in camera to try to transfer photos from camera using USB cable. Camera now would not read card. Digital display gives message "This card cannot be used."

Prowling around, I found that some card readers do not support the larger cards, but I could not determine whether this GE reader supports a 2 GB card. I threw out the info in the bubble pack, and I couldn't find any specs for the device on the net.

Does anyone know if this reader supports a 2 gb card? It's relatively new - July.

It's possible that I removed the card from the reader when Explorer was trying to access it or when the PC was rebooting - I'm not sure - and this may have corrupted the card. I have now "lost" over 200 pics.

DataRecoverySpecialist.Com has quoted $150-$250 to attempt to recover pics. Their site cautions "Do not attempt to recover data with commonly available software utility programs." Therefore, I have not attempted this - yet.

Help! Any suggestions.

A:SD Memory Card Failure

The card readers generally are silent on the maximum size they will accept, and althoug you say "relatively new" many reviews for the same reader are well over 2 years old.

The reader may be relatively new to you, but not to the market, so the chance of it reading the larger capacity cards is less likely. They would have been rare at the time it was designed.

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My desktop has developed a problem. It will not turn on. I get a continuing bios beep and no video. A Google search identified this as Memory refresh failure. Great to know but I can't find any info on what to do to fix it.
Any advice that will not cost a fortune?
I am running Win XP

A:Memory Refresh Failure

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Hi there, I recently tried to run a diagnostic CD tool (that came with a newer HP I own) on my HP 740n PC, and during the test, it came back saying something about my memory being bad. it said something about how it sent 'AAAAAAAA' to the memory modules, and received 'AAAAAAA8' as the response. I was wondering if there is a way to fix that issue? I'm not sure which memory module is bad, but if I remove the memory from my PC, then I'd only have 512 MB. would that even be enough to run XP? thanks

A:HP 740N memory failure?

512 is okay for XP, 1GB is better.

Remove half the memory and test. If okay then the removed memory is defective, replace it.
Otherwise swap memory and test again.

Note that sometimes simply removing and reinserting the memory (carefully) will fix the problem (dirty or corroded contact).

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I have Norton System Works and every time I run the memory test it seems like... the physical memory fails the test. I have a brand new memory module. (256 MB)
I would suspect it is bad, however the old one done the same thing. My computer freezes randomly and I was curious if this could be the culprit. Thank you for your advice

A:Memory Test Failure

Well, bad RAM could certainly make your computer do all sorts of odd things...

Programs that run in Windows aren't very good at testing RAM though. Why not give this free program a try - it is very thorough, and it does NOT use Windows.

Get free stuff and help out a poor computer tech:
LarryCore begs for money

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So I'm on my computer earlier today, using it as usual for a while doing work. I step away for a little while and come back to it frozen, which hasn't happened in a while. I have to manually shut it down and when I go to restart it, it's going really slow, takes me to a black screen, gives me the following message:

Memory Parity Failure at 1B1B0000 - 1B1BFFFF
To resolve this issue, try to reset the memory
Decreasing available memory

I have no idea what the hell this means, so I turn off and try again a few times, same message each time. Finally I decide to take the battery out, wait a few minutes, put it back in. This time is starts up as normal, gets me back into Windows, but as everything is loading up, it freezes. So I am back to square one. I try re-starting it a few more times, instead of giving me the error message, it would just freeze along the way.

I call some computer buddies of mine who both tell me it has to do with the ram. Both say to take it out, put it back in, see what happens. I do that, take both cards out and the battery, wait, put all back in, start. This time it starts up as normal, gets me back into windows, and I'm surfing the net for a bit. As I'm typing an email again, freeze. Manually shut down and restart. From this point I get a combination of the original error message or it just freezing. My one friend suggested I try swapping the ram cards around, or just using one at a time, but nothing works. Some times it wont eve... Read more

A:Memory Parity Failure

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Hi….I need some help. I purchased (motherboard, cpu & cpu adapter card) from a local merchant. He told me just hook up my hard drives, ect & I would have no problem with a
smooth boot up. He was wrong! The first error message I get is (cache memory failure, do not enable cache), When I go in to cmos the system freezes. Motherboard=HP Pentium II AA667143308 slot 1 pd440fx…Bios Amibios 1.00.01.DT0L….CPU=Intel Celeron 466Mhz 128 SL3EH….CPU Adapter Card= F994016443 370 SP the locking device for the chip shows PGA 370sp. For the last 10 days I have searched and read so many tech notes (66mhz / 100mhz / fsb / multiplying / voltage / overclocking ect. I have gotten answers from ‘”you will burn the whole system up, to putting tape on one of the gold pieces on the cpu adapter. I have managed to become very confused. Can someone please help me
Thank you

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You know, with all the computer problems i have between my computer and my family's computers(most of which i bult) i'm suprised i don't hate computers. First of all I want to say that all information in this is second hand. The computer in question is my mom's and we live in different parts of the state so it is rather hard to see firsthand what is going on. Here is what has happened:

Over the past month or so her computer has just suddenly froze a few times while she wasn't there. I didn't think it was any major problem since it IS windows after all. Also the clock on the computer was starting to get further and further off each day(she would reset it every dya yet every day it would get further and further from the real time). Today the computer was froze once again. She reset it and the biostar logo for the bios came up and it just hung on that. She tried resetting it again and this time it just repeatedly beaped until she used teh power switch on the psu to turn it off. Now when she starts it up the fans start and even the NIC gets power(the light is beeping), but the monitor doens't even flicker and she said that it didn't sound like the hard drive is spinning up. There are no longer any beeps and she has to turn it off with the psu switch. Any clues?

A:Possible cpu overheat or memory failure?


The first thing I would do is replace the CMOS battery.


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Hi, I have a precision 490. Every time I reboot it, after the post it remains stuck on the error "memory fan failure" and requests to press F1 to continue or F2 to enter the bios. I verified that the fan works fine, the problem is the power socket of the fan that is damaged. So, I can replace the fan with another one and connect it to another socket, but I can't press F1 every time I reboot it because the pc hasn't a keyboard connected and it is physically far from my desk. I searched in the bios but I can't find an option to disable this alert or to turn off this power socket. Can you help me?
Thank you

A:memory fan failure on precision 490

Hi kappa85,
If the power socket on the mother board is damaged then you will receive the above error every time you start the computer. We do not have any option to save the settings as it?s an error. The only way to remove the error is replace the system board or press the F1 option while booting up the system every time.

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When I start up my computer - it beeps and gives me this message, followed by the computers fans to get increasingly louder to a point that I can no longer use my microphone for what I need to do, what do I need to do / have repaired or replaced to resolve this problem?

A:Alert! Memory fan failure

Always include the exact PC model (and version of Windows) in your posts.

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1. When I set the view in Control Panel to small or large icons, it shows the change, but after closing/reopening CP the icon view is not retained. It consistently returns to default setting.

2. When I copy a file to desktop from the storage partition on the main hard drive, or from a USB external storage such as flash drive or external hard drive, a window opens showing the progress of the copy. However, when it reaches 99% it freezes the progress window, and the recipient folder into which the file is being copied.

The only way around is to log off/on. When this is done, the copy has actually been completed and is seen in the recipient folder.

Is there a way to report these problem to Microsoft?

A:Graphics freezes & Memory failure

Originally Posted by poppa bear

1. When I set the view in Control Panel to small or large icons, it shows the change, but after closing/reopening CP the icon view is not retained. It consistently returns to default setting.

2. When I copy a file to desktop from the storage partition on the main hard drive, or from a USB external storage such as flash drive or external hard drive, a window opens showing the progress of the copy. However, when it reaches 99% it freezes the progress window, and the recipient folder into which the file is being copied.

The only way around is to log off/on. When this is done, the copy has actually been completed and is seen in the recipient folder.

Is there a way to report these problem to Microsoft?

I doubt it because it is a local problem with your setup. Did it always do this, or did it just start? Does it do the same thing in safe mode (F8)?

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When I start my laptop I get the following message:

Memory write/read failure at 1FFE0000, read FE11FE10 expecting FE11FE11

What can I do to fix this?

A:Memory write/read failure

Hello curtislg

Reseat your RAM sticks.
If that does not help test the RAM

If you have more than one stick of RAM (256MB or more) swap them over or take one out and try again with only stick #1. If it does not help or makes things worse swap the sticks and try again with only stick #2. This will identify if you have a bad stick.

You can put either of these free programs on a floppy and test the RAM. Let them run for hours to do many passes if you can


Windows Memory Diagnostic

Memtest on CD


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Hello, We have a new "Out of the box" EliteDesk 705G2 (L1M88AV) that will not complete POST.  We ran diagnostics and received the error message below: "Memory Quick Check : FAILED    Failure ID: 9U0948-000890-QDUX76-400T03    Product ID : L1M88AV   Memory Module" We tried exchanging the memory DIMMs with DIMMs from another PC and the failure remained, so we replaced the system board.  We still get the same failure to complete POST and Memory Quick Check Failure with Diagnostics. Has anyone seen this before or have any suggestions? Thanks,Kenny 

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asus m4a88t-m


hynix hmt125r7tfr8c

the board does no beeps, but it features MemOK! and has a dram_led... the dram_led is blinking red continuously... this is the ecc memory and the said board is supposed to support ecc... i tried reinstalling / reseating the memory - same result... i'm going to buy some other memory, but what could be the problem here? any help is appreciated

A:Mobo + memory = POST failure

Assuming the board and system is powering up...
Have you tried resetting the board? Clearing CMOS ?

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i have a problem with my dell computer hard drive and its came up on the screen the alert says
" memory write/read failure at 2FE90004, read E906E806 expecting E906E806."
"memory address line failure at 2FE0000, read E906E906 expecting 16161616"
Diskette drive 0 seek failure...

This is the problem i got on my computer and i don't know wat to do with that...wish you can help me to solve it


A:Memory write/read failure

i have a problem with my dell computer hard drive and its came up on the screen the alert says
" memory write/read failure at 2FE90004, read E906E806 expecting E906E806."
"memory address line failure at 2FE0000, read E906E906 expecting 16161616"
Diskette drive 0 seek failure...

This is the problem i got on my computer and i don't know wat to do with that...wish you can help me to solve it


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I am not able to boot up my machine. I recieve memory write/read failure at 5ff9000, read 0016f916 expecting f916f916 and memory address line failure at 5ff90000, read f916f916 expecting 06060606.

A:Memory write/read failure

Sounds like you have a bad memory module. Try creating a memtest86+ boot disc and run tests to determine which module it is and then replace it.

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I went to boot up my dad's laptop (dell inspiron 4000) and i received a

memory write/read failure at (memory code) decreasing available memory.
The amount of system memory has been changed.
Press F1 to continue.

i take it this would mean there is a stick of bad ram, eh?

A:Memory write/read failure

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After upgrading from 4gb to 16gb RAM my Adobe Illustrator files are still crashing with "There's not enough memory. ID=-108"
I also wiped my hard drive and reinstalled Windows 7.
My graphics card is NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 2 GB.
This problem started a little while ago when doing image traces into Illustrator.
I was hoping this would fix it. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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So i assume i got a virus after a whole bunch of wacky things happened, which i got rid of via my virus protection software, but the dmg was done.

I got a windows read memory error (didnt write down the numbers) shortly after followed by the bluescreen and auto restart.

Windows booted up again, and i ran my viral shtuff to remove any harmful files and such (of which i found only 1 new trojan file). Soon after i openned iTunes and Warcraft3 (both connected to the internet) and the same read memory error popped up followed 10seconds there after with the bluescreen.

So knowing i ran the spyware and such, i turned off my computer instead of letting it restart, and now today i tried booting it up again and the farthest the boot will go is to "Verifying the DMI files..." in otherwords the boot stops as soon as windows should begin.

The RAM and BIOS seem fine (i'm reading full memory and the temp/watts look normal), so i'm pretty sure i just bugged up windows.

What do u guys think i should do? I'm about to repair windows if i can find my disk.

oh: my junk...

2gig RAM (it aint cheep stuff either)
Intel Duo 2.4gHz
EVGA Nvidia SLI 680i
1 Hardrive (><; ouch!) Seagate 7200 128gb?[if i recall]

A:Windows won't boot after Memory Failure Bluescreen (2x)

oh, it will go past the "verifying DMI files..." but it just gets stuck at a black screen where the windows icon should appear with a load bar, ya know?

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Hi Guys

Can anyone help with this error please my computer keeps crashing and going to BSOD below is the error i get

STOP 0X0000000A, 0X00000001C, 0X000000002, 0X000000001 , 0X80535C5A5

Also when browsing IE keeps having to recover pages and I cant install AVG so I have no anti virus at the moment.

So far I have restored to the earliest point possible uninstalled and old copy of kapersky but not sure what else to do, what i have read points to a driver and memory problem but not sure how to properly diagnose or fix

Thanks in advance


A:BSOD XP memory failure stop error

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Hi. Can someone please tell me what the symptoms of Memory Chip failure in Graphics Cards are?

A:Memory Chip Failure In Graphics Card

Symptoms of faulty Vram usually show up as artifacts
Some examples here

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I hope somebody can help me, cause i'm getting desperate! :monkey:

To my ASUS A7V266-E (memory spec PC1600-PC2100) I have 2 x 128 mb DDR memory, and i have now tried 2 new memory (PC 2100 & PC 2700) upgrades without success.

* The computer recognized the PC2700, but the programmes crashed and the computer restarted automaticly.
* With the PC2100 the bios or windows wouldn't start at all!

I tried to relocate the sticks, also the new ones alone, no difference.

Can anyone give me an idea why i'm not able to upgrade my memory?

Regards/ Mårten, Sweden.

A:Memory Upgrade Failure to ASUS A7V266-E

Visit the Crucial site and run their online test...this will tell you exactly which type of RAM that machine requires.


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I am trying to reformat and reinstall windows xp .. and when I boot up I get the error code memory address line failure .. then it starts to set up then freezes . HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP PLEASE

A:error memory address line failure

A message that looks like

"Memory address line failure at xxx read yyy expecting zzz"??

When do you get this message?

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Recently I was doing a research about a memory update for my G42-365LA Notebook, and in many websites, including the Netbook User?s Manual, I found that this Notebook could be upgraded up to 8 Gb of memory. So I bought two RAM memories of 4 Gb each one (SoDIMM DDR3 PC3-10600 @ 1333 MHz) according to researched specifications. But the thing is that when I installed them I couldn't enter into the OS, it sent me to the Windows Error Recovery window directly, and whichever option I choose it reboots and it keeps doing that. Well, I tried installing just one memory alone and the result is different, it came up with the BSOD giving me different errors each time I reboot the Netbook. These errors are:


I?ve tried to reinstall the OS with memories installed, but the result is the same

My Notebook is a HP G42-365LA; Windows 7 Home Premium x64 Service Pack 1; Intel Core i3 CPU M 370 @2.4 GHz

I don't know if I was cheated by the manufacturer website and/or the others websites, that's why I need your help.

P.S. When I installed just one memory module, I can see The Windows intro logo, but just for two seconds or so. And I tried to install "Ubuntu 12.04 desktop amd x64" with just one 4 Gb memory module inserted and everything was good, but it wasn't with the two cards installed.

A:Upgrading Memory Failure HP G42-365LA Notebook

One of the stick of ram maybe bad. Try them each one at a time.

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Hi This is my first post to the forum. Regrettably I must start with a problem. Following suggestions on this forum I decided to upgrade RAM in my X200 to 8 GB. I bought 2 4GB chips branded by G.Skill I was very disappointed to find the memory doesn't work. The machine won't start (black screen) with several pipping sounds.I suppose they mean DIMM problem. When I replaced the original memory chips everything is normal. Is this at all impossible and I should go for another memory ?Could possibly BIOS upgrade help ? I'd be very grateful for any comments and suggestions. Cheers,Chris

A:Thinkpad X200 memory upgrade failure

Welcome to the forum!
Unfortunately X200's are very picky with DDR3-12800 (DDR3-1600) like the ones you bought.
I would advice to buy DDR3-10600 (DDR3-1333) or DDR3-8500 (DDR3-1066) RAM. I would also recommend you to avoid the "Value RAM" line from Kingston, the "Value Select" line from Corsair (other lines from those brands are ok) and any no-name brand from eBay and similar shops.

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hello all,

This is my first post.

Win XP sp3
Asus M2N AMI motherboard
Athlon 64 X2 4200+ Windsor

I was trying to reset my BIOS. I removed the battery for 10 minutes and also did the proper jumper move and back,according to the manual. However, now I don't even reach the BIOS screen. During the POST test I get 2 beeps. I always got one beep (the one for passing the POST) when my computer functioned perfectly, but now after a few seconds I get another short beep. According to the codes I have a:

DRAM refresh failure (Problem with memory)

I never did anything with the memory, so I don't know why that would happen. Regardless I re-seated my memory and my graphics card. Without the memory I get a never ending series of beeps, so I'm assuming the memory is actually being read or something because then I only get the 1 short beep. I made sure the memory was properly in there, so I'm kind of at a loss.

Any ideas?


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So a week ago, I accidentally unplugged the power chord to my Dell Vostro 200, and when I tried to restart it, it stalled and gave four beeps. As this signals a memory problem, I removed and then reinstalled the memory modules. When I rebooted it, the system made it past the BIOS screen, but now it's stuck at a dark screen with the message:

Keyboard failure

Press f1 to continue, f2 to enter SETUP

Keyboard is unresponsive. Any ideas? Did I maybe reinstall the memory modules incorrectly?
(Note: keyboard is plugged in the back via usb. was working fine before the memory problem)

A:Solved: Keyboard Failure after Memory Reinstallation

nevermind, got it working, just a matter of switching the location of some chords.

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I got an ASUS K93SV type of notebook. When holding down F9 at boot time my computer should boot into the recovery partition, which allows me to reinstall Win7. (Recovery partition is something like 25 GiB, located on the outermost tracks of my 1TB internal drive, and seems to be hidden.) So, after booting with F9 down, I come in the following setup menu:

#### Windows Boot Manager ####
Choose an operating system to start, or press TAB to select a tool:
>Windows Setup [EMS Enabled]
To specify an advanced option for this choice, press F8.
>Tools: Windows Memory Diagnostic

Before installing Win7 for the very first time, it would be smart just to run a memory diagnostic test prior to installing Win7. However, that does not work, at least, not in my case. After toggling to "Tools: Windows Memory Diagnostic", I get the following screen:

#### Windows Boot Manager ####
Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause. To fix the problem:
1. Insert your Windows installatin disc and restart your computer.
2. Choose your language settings, and then click "Next."
3. Click "Repair your computer."
If you do not have this disc, contact your system administrator or computer manufacturer for assistance.
File: \boot\memtest.exe
Status: 0x000000f
Info: The selected entry could not be loaded because the application is... Read more

A:RAM Memory Diagnostic Failure in Recovery Partition

Both Windows Memory Diagnostic Test and Factory Recovery are inferior choices. Most tech enthusiasts will not use either but prefer to use the vastly superior RAM Test with Memtest86+ and to Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7.

These may not be the answers you wanted to hear, but they are the best practices for perfect Win7 performance which is our specialty here.

BTW don't forget to make your Recovery Disks if you are going to rely on Factory Recovery as it can fail from partition when run to reinstall the factory crapware larded into Win7. So you need the backup.

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Here's a VERY strange problem: Inspiron 660s w/ two 4G DDR3 DIMMs installed  was up and running when it suddenly turned off with flashing amber power light and two-beep code indicating memory problem. When power cycled,the same symptom occurred (flashing amber & two-beeps).
Troubleshooting showed DIMM1 slot was bad (Item 9 on p.15 of User's Manual).If either 4G DIMM card was installed in the DIMM2 slot (Item 11 on p.15) the system would boot OK.
Both slots populated: Flash/beep.
DIMM1 slot populated with either 4G DIMM: Flash/beep.
DIMM2 slot populated with either 4G DIMM: Boots OK.
After "fixing" the system by de-populating the DIMM1 slot, full Dell Diagnostics (online version) were run with all PASS results. Memtest86+ passed as well.
How could a memory *SLOT* (not memory card) suddenly fail in the middle of operation? The system was up & running but nothing was being done on it at the time of failure. Did a part of the chipset fail?
Is there any way to fix this problem short of replacing the MoBo?

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Hi Dell community,
my laptop recently runs slower as usual and i after readíng some topics in the forum, i ran some hardware tests.
Unfortunatly as you can see in the fotos below there is a memory test failure.
Would a replace of the memory solve the problem?
Any suggestions?

A:Inspiron N5110 Memory Test failure

Test the memory modules one at a time. If one fails, move it to the other socket.  If one module fails in both sockets, replace that module with a  new one.  If both modules fail in a single socket, it's the socket that's bad - replace the mainboard.

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hi, my sony memory stick says "reinsert the memory card " when i insert it into my cybershot camera. It cant read the memory card, does anybody know what wrong and how to fix it. thanks.

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I'm trying to troubleshoot what's gone wrong with my computer, and I was hoping someone could help. I self built this ~2 years ago, and haven't had a problem until now.
Build Here (Intel Core i5-3570K, Asus GeForce GTX 780, Fractal Design Define R4 (Black Pearl) - System Build - PCPartPicker)
I turned my computer on this afternoon and Windows failed to start. I tried repairing with no luck, and there are no restore points available. I stored my OS on my SSD which makes me think my SSD has failed. I've tried using working power cables / SATA cables to try and rule out the connection being the issue. I've changed the RAM slots to rule out bad slots too.

Here is the error image from the BSoD I get when I try to start Windows normally.

Also, these are the two errors that appeared after trying to run Startup Repair/Diagnose:

Any help on trying to diagnose this would be greatly appreciated. I've seen other threads posted here before about this error, but they seemed to be able to start Windows, however.

A:BSOD at Startup. Memory or Drive failure? Page_Fault_In_Nonpaged_Area

Sometimes a BSOD may make the system unbootable. Follow it:
Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Start

Let us see if the steps can make the system bootable.

Also try to boot the computer in Safe Mode .... if it boots, post the data following the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions.

Actually a stop 0x50 may be caused by both the physical RAM and the drivers. It is impossible to point one of them out without checking the crash dump.

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I am helping a friend with a PC. From what they told me, all of a sudden when the PC boots, they get a message: "Floppy diskette seek failure". They attempted to repair (it's a Dell Dimension 9200), and the repair screen just sits there for hours and hours. I tried to go to safe mode to no avail (can't get to the screen - only options are 'attempt to repair' or 'Start Normally' . When I try to start the PC 'normally', I get a BSOD - Memory Management. The PC has 1GB of memory.Please help me. Thank you.UPDATE: Finally got into SAFE mode. This is a VISTA Operating System. Needs to be moved to the appropriate forum

A:PC will not boot; get floppy seek failure and BSOD for memory

A. If you have more than one RAM module installed, try starting/running computer with one RAM stick at a time.NOTE Keep in mind, the manual check listed above is always superior to the software check, listed below. DO NOT proceed with memtest, if you can go with option AB. If you have only one RAM stick memtest...1. Download - Pre-Compiled Bootable ISO (.zip)2. Unzip downloaded file.3. Inside, you'll find memtest86+-....iso file.4. Download, and install ImgBurn: Insert blank CD into your CD drive. 6. Open ImgBurn, and click on Write image file to disc7. Click on Browse for a file... icon:8. Locate memtest86+-....iso file, and click Open button.9. Click on ImgBurn green arrow to start burning bootable memtest86 CD:10. Once the CD is created, boot from it, and memtest will automatically start to run. The running program will look something like this depending on the size and number of ram modules installed:It's recommended to run 5-6 passes. Each pass contains very same 8 tests.This will show the progress of the test. It can take a while. Be patient, or leave it running overnight.The following image is the test results area:The most important item here is the ?errors? line. If you see ANY errors, even one, most likely, you have bad RAM.

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Good day wonderful tech people,

I've been using my Dell Vostro 1510 for about three years now, and besides a few repairs here and there, have had a generally positive experience. Unfortunately, after watching a little Firefly last night and shutting down my laptop for the evening, I awoke this morning to be greeted by a blank screen and a BIOS beep code.

1 long, 2 short means that there has been some sort of memory error, according to the manual. I have two sticks of the memory that came with the laptop - 1GB Hynix HYMP512S64CP8 - Y5, and I tried all of the permutations of reseating/removing them. The idea that two sticks would fail at the same time seems ... not very probable.

Which brings us to a painful possibility, and what I want to ask y'all about: I know this model of Dell, along with a few others, is slightly infamous for a faulty Nvidia GPU. Do you think that might be cause of this problem? Between the screen that refuses to display anything and the memory sticks that seem just fine... I'm getting worried. Since this is past the warranty (I bought it from Newegg three years ago), would it mean a motherboard replacement? As a DIY kinda person, would it be feasible for me to order a motherboard and replace it myself?

Thank y'all kindly.

A:Dell BIOS beep code - possible memory failure?

Hate to do this, but bump?

Am I in the wrong place? Anybody care to help direct me to the right place? Thankee kindly,


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