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how to resolve audio issue after installing windows 10

Q: how to resolve audio issue after installing windows 10

i intalled the windows 10 to HP Core I3 laptop. So after installing I installed the Skype and conected my freinds in UK and Canada. so when we started the dialog I can hear very well my freind talking but he is not hearing my voice (audio is not working) thats the issueplease resolve, i downloaded drivers and installed again but still it does not help please giude me how to resolve the problem thanks Sumathi.

A: how to resolve audio issue after installing windows 10

Sumathi1 Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!I read your post about lack of sound and wanted to help -- but need more information. I see you're running Win10. Did the PC come preinstalled with Win10? Or, did you upgrade it from a prior OS to Win10?If you did the upgrade, how long ago was that, and what was the prior OS? Also, please follow these instructions for finding the detailed product number of your laptop: Finding Your HP Product Model Number | HPģ Customer Support And finally, I need to know what sound drivers you are using, so please open Control Panel --> Device Manager --> Sound. In there, you should see Speakers. CLick on that and then click the Properties button. In there, you should have a section Controller Information, click the Properties button. Then click the Drivers button -- and tell me what it says.We can proceed once you provide the information.Thanks

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ok...this is super super weird. I upgraded a 2005 compaq presario from XP to Win 7. Everything is fine except sound. I receive the no audio device installed message. I've done all the fixes in windows...uninstalling drivers, updating drivers EVERYTHING. Nothing works. I've even reinstalled the Win 7 pkg to no avail.
But here's where things get interesting. Prior to all of this. I had XP sharing the computer with Xubuntu. Under both systems, the sound was fine. Video actually streamed better in xubuntu. So I know the issue isn't hardware...the sound card, motherboard and what not. I re-loaded xubuntu back alongiside and once again I have sound thru xubuntu. No sound through Win 7.
Is there anything short of using xubuntu solely that I can do to get this Win7 audio issue resolved?
For what it's worth the driver isn't's multimedia audio controller.
I haven't found much online about it.
I hear USB speakers might do the trick.


A:How do I resolve "no audio device installed" issue in Windows 7

What does Device Manager look like ?

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I've been working on the update of driver of my Laptop and it so happen that it does not complete the installation, for it keeps on saying that "windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error while attempting to install it"

I want to look for this "ERROR" but i can't detect nor search for the real cause of this error

For Now I am just using my Laptop at its Least extent because I cant Maximize its usage for I don't have a Graphics Driver or (Display Driver) and Audio Driver

I am really worried for i cant solve this issue which i am presently encountering

Can anyone help me to get this thing Up?

A:How can i resolve this Installing/Updating a Driver Issue?

First of all, if you had no video drivers installed, you would not be seeing a desktop -- so you MUST have some drivers in place already.

Second, why are you using the Computer Management to install drivers instead of Device Manager?

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I have seen the other similar threads in relationship to this issue. But they all say use KB976972.  Well, KB976972 did not fix my issue.

I am running a Quad Core Phenom (2.3ghz) 64bit processor, 6GB RAM with Windows Home Premium 64 bit.  When I try to copy large files (approximately 700MB each) to a 16GB Kingston Data Traveler, it freezes, and then the USB thumb drive disconnects.

I have tried copying one file at a time, it all goes very fast until it gets about 99% done then freezes.  

I'll gladly provide any other system information needed.

I downloaded and installed KB976972 and restarted as necessary, and still not working.

A:Windows 7 64 Bit USB Copy freezes. Hotfix did not resolve issue.

I spent about $20 for a USB 2.0 PCI Card and a Powered USB Hub (I wasn't gonna spend all my time reaching behind my computer to plug/unplug things).

As it's been over 2 years, and I don't want to buy a brand new computer any day soon (Mine does everything I need except the USB stuff), I figured $20 to fix the issue isn't that bad. Just annoying.  VERY ANNOYING.

So to anyone still having this issue, some of the KB's listed may help you, or may not.  The only cheap/best solution I've seen is buying an internal USB card.  You can get them for less than $20.  It'll solve the issue. Unless you have a
laptop, sorry.
I'm very angry about this being the solution.  

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I have a pro-audio multichannel sound card (SEK'D ARC88) I'm trying to install under XP Pro, SP3. I get a message saying that the "IRQ could not be occupied". It appears to be sitting on IRQ 16, which is shared with my ATI Radeon card. This device's driver will not work that way, it says so in the readme.txt.

I went into the BIOS, changed slots (from 1 to 2), and manually set the IRQ for that slot to IRQ5 in the BIOS, one that appears to be free on my system.

The card still wont initialize, I get the above message again. Windows is still seeing the card on IRQ16.

I suppose that I should have installed this card right off the bat, but that was then and this is now, I had my reasons why that couldn't happen.

I'd like to manually change the IRQ setting in device manager, but I can't, clicking on the checkbox doesn't unselect automatic configuration. Could there be a reg setting that would unlock the ability to turn that off? I am logged in as administrator - in fact the only usre on this system.

Thought I'd post this to see what you people think. Next steps, I think would be to boot into Safe Mode and see if I can change the setting there, and as a last resort, un-install the card and re install it again. Perhaps in yet another slot, and configured to IRQ5 ( disablilng IRQ5 for the slot it's assigned to)

That for the read...


A:Solved: Difficulty installing SKED Pro Audio card - IRQ issue?

I still can't assign the IRQ manually, however the card is now on IRQ18, and quite happy to be there. It's not sharing with my ATI card, or anything else for that matter.

The solution turned out to be pulling it from PCI slot1 and installing in PCI slot3. The difference? On this motherboard slots 1 and 5 share resources, so do 2 and 6. Moving the card to slot 3 eliminated the issue. I still have to reinstall my firewire card (slot 5), and my 3rd audio card will sit in slot 2.

Contrary to popular belief, you can have more than 1 audio card in a system, I've had 3 in mine for many years.

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Hello to all,
Thank you for any responders. CCleaner says there is a file F:\$Recycle.Bin\S-1-5XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX\$RH2BEES.ashbak, and it can not erase it. I tried Windows Disk Cleaner, turned off hidden files and protected files and located it. It would not delete. It is a log file from Ashampoo Burning Studio 9 which is on my computer, but not used in a few months. I have no current ABS9 backup files on my computer. CCleaner gets locked onto it and sits, until I cancel out.
Does anyone have any idea of how to rid myself of this inconvenience, without resorting to power tools. Would appreciate all ideas.

A:Issue that I need help to resolve

You could try unlocker on it to figure out exactly why it refuses to go.
Booting in safe mode and deleting it may also work.
Download Unlocker 1.9.0 -

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Every time I boot up, I get a 'new hardware found' message and the install wizard box opens for me to install a driver for the 'multimedia audio controller'. I'm assuming it's referring to the sound card. I put in my soundblaster cd so windows could search it for the drivers but it didn't work. Also put my original Dell install/driver cd's in, did the search, and that didn't work either. This all started last week when I walked in and saw my computer trying to boot up. Once I got in, the date was reset back to Nov. 2003 and I had to sync it with That part has been resolved but the 'new hardware found' keeps happening. I'm getting sound so I don't know what's up with the sound card, unless it's referring to something else.

A:Solved: Multimedia Audio Controller just can't resolve

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How do i set my internet up properly for gaming?
And also my Pc?

It is windows xp home edition
Aol 8 megabyte internet
unlimited download
It is hosted on America Online (the internet service or soem shizzl)

I live in scotland about 2 mils from the neerest station (the place where all the connections in my area meet then get sent to england of some shizzl )

My line can support 6.8 megabytes and it is DSL

Im using ether net cable

Iv opend all ports

Iv tryed disabling my firewall

I cant seem to get my pings lower, they all stick around 300-400, or in some cases 999

I no there mnust be some issues with the game side b ecause when i play other games the pings are like 40~140

The game i play is warrock

I no there is a lot of issues with this game but with this forums im hoping you can help me resolv my problems.

If you need any mroe info il put it below this line
Thank You, (I Learn While People Help)

A:Please help me resolve my lagging issue

this is not the gaming forum.

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My PC is running on Window. It keeps rebooting itself whenever I start it up or down. It begins alongside the whole 'would you would like to come from safe mode or start windows normally' screen too. Then it gets to the load screen where it says windows XP with the blue load bar underneath then it suddenly restarts again oneself. I checked the hardware with extreme Boot CD also. It always asserted there are no errors found after having a full scan.
So, I need help to resolve rebooting issue?

A:I need help to resolve rebooting issue with my PC ?

Duplicate topic, original moved to XP, .
This topic is closed to avoid confusion.

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Machine is connected to a domain based network with a Windows 2003 Server.
The PDC is also running DNS.

The workstation in question is the only machine in the network with these symptoms.

There are two machines on the network, named (not really):

From the workstation in question only, if I ping Obama it returns If I ping Palin it returns (???)
If I ping the FQDN of Palin it returns, If I ping -a it returns Palin
If I ping -a it returns Palin (???)

Again, only on one workstation in the network.

It is running WIndows XP 5.1 SP3

I have flushed dns, immediately shut down dns client and rebooted. I have changed multiple settings. I have set up an lmhost file that lists the two machines and had them pre-loaded. Nothing seems to change this. I'm at a point my next move is to uninstall and reinstall tcp/ip.

Interesting stuff but it's driving me nuts. Lots of connectivity issues with this one machine.

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How do i set my internet up properly for gaming?
And also my Pc?

It is windows xp home edition
Aol 8 megabyte internet
unlimited download
It is hosted on America Online (the internet service or soem shizzl)

I live in scotland about 2 mils from the neerest station (the place where all the connections in my area meet then get sent to england of some shizzl )

My line can support 6.8 megabytes and it is DSL

Im using ether net cable

Iv opend all ports

Iv tryed disabling my firewall

I cant seem to get my pings lower, they all stick around 300-400, or in some cases 999

I no there mnust be some issues with the game side b ecause when i play other games the pings are like 40~140

The game i play is warrock

I no there is a lot of issues with this game but with this forums im hoping you can help me resolv my problems.

If you need any mroe info il put it below this line
Thank You, (I Learn While People Help)

A:Please help me resolve my lagging issue

this is not the gaming forum.

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Since last week friday, each time I turned on ny system, it brings up the following error message: "  Smart hard disk error; the smart hard disk check has detected an imminent failure. to ensure not data loss please backuo the content immediately. hard disk 1 301 another message"power shell has stop working"

A:How do I resolve the issue my laptop is having?

Hi, Well, back up your data/files now before too late and saving money to buy new HDD. Regards.

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I'm hoping somebody here can help me. This is driving me nuts, i'm about to go insane!!!!!!

I recently got a HP Mini 110, last night i installed windows 7 RC 32 bit on it. Everything worked great last night, zero problems. Today I brought it to work with me, i'm thinking about making it my new "personal" computer at work. we have a dedicated seperate DSL with wireless on it, and it's giving me so much trouble, I've been fighting with it all day.

General description of issue. Router says connected, and have been assigned a DHCP IP address. PC see's router, Router see's PC in DHCP address, but can't get to internet. tried running the "diagnose connection" and Trouble shoot wizard several times with no help. still get same problem. One thing of note that may help in diagnostics. Hovering over name of SSID shows it's a secure WEP network, but when i tell it to connect, it never asks for a key. I set up the network manually and the above problem is what i get.

I have 80% signal, i'm roughly 15-20 feet away from the route with two sheetrock walls only in between it and myself. connected via LAN and works no problem, made sure drivers were up to date etc. Made sure WEP key is correct, rebooted, i've tried a dozen "fixes" found on different sites with no problems.

Does win7 support 64bit WEP Encryption? is there anything special I need to do to make it work? Any idea what could be causing the problem? I know the router works, cause I... Read more

A:Another Wireless issue I can't resolve :/

You might try
cmd - run as admin ->
1. ipconfig /all ... Show detailed information
make note of this.
2. ipconfig /renew ... renew all adapters
then recheck ip[config /all did it reset for Work.
when I change routers locally I have to /renew the ip so my laptop will conect to the new router.

also some times when i switch OS's I have to renew for Win7 but never for Vista.

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My PC is running on Window. It keeps rebooting itself whenever I start it up or down. It begins alongside the whole 'would you would like to come from safe mode or start windows normally' screen too. Then it gets to the load screen where it says windows XP with the blue load bar underneath then it suddenly restarts again oneself. I checked the hardware with extreme Boot CD also. It always asserted there are no errors found after having a full scan.
So, I need help to resolve rebooting issue?

A:I need help to resolve rebooting issue with my PC ?

But it sounds like you are on safe mode?  Get back to normal mode and see if it happens again.

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I am looking for a script to disable the annoying Windows Update notification.
For a single PC I can go ahead and turn the message off in the Action Center.
Any help with registry edit?

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I recently put together a new computer system and installed Vista 64 ultimate. Periodically Windows will shut down unexpectedly, or I get a blue screen, or the system will freeze. This situations seem to occur just sitting at the desktop. I can't play an entire DVD movie. The system will freeze in the middle. What is the best approach for determining where the problem is.. After reviewing some posts in the forum it seems like a memory test might be valuable. I did install the >4gb memory patch. I have gone thru all the drivers and think they are all the latest.

My System configuration
Processor: Intel E6850 3ghz 8 GB Ram 4 x 2 GB DDR2
MotherBoard: Gigabyte GA-EP35C-DS3R 2.1
Bios: F3B 2/4/2008
DVDROM: LG - Blu-Ray + HD GGC-H20L. Sata
2 750GB seagate hard drives in raid.
Nvidia 8800 GTS 384MB
24" Samsung HD monitor
Hauppage TV tuner card
Vista Ultimate 64

A:Resolve Blue screen issue

Hi Mhumphri,

Welcome to Vista Forums.

Check to make sure that you are also using the latest BIOS and/or chipset drivers for your motherboard.

You could also be having a issue with overheating. Pop the side of the case open to check to see if the fans are running and flowing in the correct direction.

Hope this helps,

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I have had a lingering PC windows backup issue for months now. Windows keeps prompting me to backup my PC by inserting a removable CD/DVD or USB to perform a backup but every time I inset a DVD/ or CD it acts as if it is going to perform a backup but then the backup fails for some reason. When I press the troubleshooting icon to find the solution, it can't find one. Any suggestions?

Idris Abdul-Latif

A:Solved: Can't resolve ongoing PC backup issue

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Thank you for taking a look, I'm running windows 7 ultimate N and for some bizzare reason my bridge connection that I have setup is not working, although it worked on my windows xp version. I'm bridging my Xbox from the ethernet card to my wireless connection. here is my ipconfig /all
Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7600]
Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
C:\Users\Nicholas>ipconfig /all
Windows IP Configuration
Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : RIVERA
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Hybrid
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
DNS Suffix Search List. . . . . . :
Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection 5:
Media State . . . . . . . . . . . : Media disconnected
Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter #
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 00-25-9C-B3-7B-00
DHCP Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes
Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection 4:
Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Linksys WMP600N Wireless-N PCI Adapter wi
th Dual-Band #2
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 00-25-9C-B3-7B-01
DHCP Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes
IPv4 Address. . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . : 25... Read more

A:Can't Resolve names of xbox servers (DNS Issue)

I see no bridge in that ipconfig /all, and see at least two mysteries ...

What is

Ethernet adapter xbox:
Media State . . . . . . . . . . . : Media disconnectedClick to expand...


And the following seems to be incomplete. Is it connected to anything?

Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Realtek RTL8169/8110 Family PCI Gigabit E
thernet NIC (NDIS 6.20)
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 00-21-27-E0-09-65
DHCP Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : YesClick to expand...

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One of our Desktop Engineers is running "regsvr32 *.dll /s" on eighty three DLL's that are related to Internet Explorer (IE11). I can post the list if necessary.
My question is: will reregistering the DLL's with regsvr32 weaken the security of IE11 by "undoing" any security fixes that have been put in place with a Microsoft Update?
There is also some concern that registering these DLL's could undo some security settings put in place by Group Policy but I suspect all GPO settings would be put back in place when Group Policy is refreshed.
If you could comment on the security aspect of registering DLL's that is what I am looking for. Many thanks.

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I hv pop up issues - same 4-5 sites pops up on my screen again n again for the last 5 months. Can u pls help n resolve my problem

Here r the attachments as per your request

Thank you


A:Norton tech failed to resolve my pop issue

Please visit this webpage for download links, and instructions for running ComboFix tool:

Please ensure you read this guide carefully and install the Recovery Console first.

The Windows Recovery Console will allow you to boot up into a special recovery (repair) mode. This allows us to more easily help you should your computer have a problem after an attempted removal of malware. It is a simple procedure that will only take a few moments of your time.

Once installed, you should see a blue screen prompt that says:

The Recovery Console was successfully installed.

Please continue as follows:
Close/disable all anti virus and anti malware programs so they do not interfere with the running of ComboFix, link
Remember to re-enable them afterwards.

Click Yes to allow ComboFix to continue scanning for malware.

When the tool is finished, it will produce a report for you.

Please include the following reports for further review, and so we may continue cleansing the system:

New HijackThis log.

A word of warning: Neither I nor sUBs are responsible for any damage you may have caused your machine by running ComboFix. This tool is not a toy and not for everyday use.

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Hey Guys,

So I was looking around the net and found this place. I'm not part of many forums but it seems that this one would be wise to join. So here's my problem. Not to long ago, about 3 days ago, I did my first ever build!

This is my first one ever and I was very happy when it turned on. I've read how to install everything and so far everything was going well. UNTIL:


Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 1033

Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: 101
BCP1: 0000000000000031
BCP2: 0000000000000000
BCP3: FFFFF880009EA180
BCP4: 0000000000000001
OS Version: 6_1_7601
Service Pack: 1_0
Product: 256_1

Files that help describe the problem:

Read our privacy statement online:
Windows 7 Privacy Statement - Microsoft Windows

If the online privacy statement is not available, please read our privacy statement offline:
I received this error message! What gives?! I had the BSoD show up to me about 3 times already and it always mentions something about dumping. I thought it might be the ram so I went and did a test with Memtest86

I left it over night and there were no problems. I currently don't have a video card yet so I'm not sure if that would be the problem or not but I'm just worried that it will happen aga... Read more

A:BSOD Locale ID: 1033 PLease help me resolve this issue

Can anyone help? I did a complete clean re-install of my system. I updated all the drivers.

I got this.

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 1033

Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: 101
BCP1: 0000000000000031
BCP2: 0000000000000000
BCP3: FFFFF880009EA180
BCP4: 0000000000000001
OS Version: 6_1_7601
Service Pack: 1_0
Product: 256_1
Any help from you guys would really be appreciated.

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A workstation on the network had the Locky virus launched on it Monday. I got ThreatTrack on the line to assist with this, and the tech removed several folders, e.g. Windows\temp, and others, and I had a bad feeling about this while he was doing this. I
was told to log on with a different username in safe mode, which is when I gave him access to the machine via team viewer. After he got off the system, name resolution would no longer work. From any browser, I cannot bring up any web pages via a hostname,
but web pages do pull up with the IP. From the command prompt, I cannot ping a hostname because of name resolution problems, but I can ping an IP. Nslookup does work, however. I initially tried "netsh int ip reset", and eventually removed the network
adapter from the device manager and reinstalled it. Nothing worked. I've been searching for an answer on Google, but nothing so far. I also tried "sfc /scannow". All prior system restore dates prior to the infection have been deleted. The DNS client
service is running.
The system in a 64-bit Windows 7 SP1 installation. Does anyone have an idea?

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Hey Guys,

I've been having a Trojan/Malware issue for the past 4 days. I'm getting the annoying pop-up issue and have experienced a noticeable decrease in functioning speed of my system.

I've used the following programs in hopes of them taking care of the issue, yet they haven't been able to get the job done:

- Ad-aware
- Spybot
- Malwarebyte's Anti-malware

I'm hoping with the help of this forum, I'd be able to resolve this problem and get my system functioning properly again.

Below is the DDS file:

DDS (Ver_09-03-16.01) - NTFSx86
Run by John at 11:43:29.42 on Wed 04/01/2009
Internet Explorer: 7.0.5730.11 BrowserJavaVersion: 1.6.0_11
Microsoft Windows XP Professional 5.1.2600.3.1252.1.1033.18.511.90 [GMT -4:00]

AV: McAfee VirusScan *On-access scanning enabled* (Updated)
FW: McAfee Personal Firewall *enabled*

============== Running Processes ===============

C:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost -k DcomLaunch
C:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exe -k netsvcs
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\bin\AppleMobileDeviceService.exe
C:\Program Files\Bonjour\mDNSResponder.exe
C:\Program Files\Diskeeper Corporation\Diskeeper\DkService.exe
C:\WINDOWS\Syste... Read more

A:Unknown Trojan/Malware Issue - Can't seem to resolve personally

Hello and welcome to Bleeping ComputerWe apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help.If you have since resolved the original problem you were having, we would appreciate you letting us know. If not please perform the following steps below so we can have a look at the current condition of your machine. If you have not done so, include a clear description of the problems you're having, along with any steps you may have performed so far.Upon completing the steps below another staff member will review and take the steps necessary with you to get your machine back in working order clean and free of malware.If you have already posted a DDS log, please do so again, as your situation may have changed.Use the 'Add Reply' and add the new log to this thread.Thanks and again sorry for the delay.We need to see some information about what is happening in your machine. Please perform the following scan:Download DDS by sUBs from one of the following links. Save it to your desktop.DDS.comDDS.scrDDS.pifDouble click on the DDS icon, allow it to run.A small box will open, with an explaination about the tool. No input is needed, the scan is running.Notepad will open with the results.Follow the instructio... Read more

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I recently had my Acer Aspire 5050 laptop, which used to run on Vista, updated to Windows 7. I noticed right away that the display resolution looked compressed or 'squashed' and stretched. Went to adjust the resolution but there are only two options: 1024 x 768 (what I understand to be the computer's native resolution, it is a 14.1" screen) or 800 x 600. The only display option is 'Generic PnP Monitor on Standard VGA Graphics Adapter'.

So I went to the Acer website to look at drivers, but there are no driver options for Windows 7 for my Acer model, only Vista or XP. I downloaded the VGA ATI driver that was there for vista and tried opening it in compatibility mode to no avail. I also tried Compute>System Properties>Devise Manager>Display Adapters> Standard VGA Graphics Adapter>Driver>Update Driver....which did nothing. Finally I went to try a 'regedit' hack:
Increase your screen resolution with this Windows 7 hack ? My Asus Eee PC
which also did not work.

Anyone out there have any suggestions or can tell me what I'm doing wrong? I'm new to this, so maybe it's more obvious than I think! Thanks!

*Also, everything else on Win7 OS seems to be working fine as far as programs audio, etc. As far as I can tell right now, just the display is wrong.

A:How do I resolve my issue with display driver on my Acer Aspire 5050?

Welcome to the forum

I think there is no update for your VGA driver but to be more sure you can download windows upgrade advisor to see what is applicable to your OS:

Download: Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor - Microsoft Download Center - Download Details

Good luck

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I upgraded windows 7 Pro SP1 to windows 10 but rolled back as could not find much use. On reversal , installed programs folders/subfolders in start menu showing short cut/empty, lost link /permission in security tab through properties though programs and features through control panel list all the installed programs and also in the start menu but can not be activated/started which appears to be an issue of  change in permission of all programs. These can be restored by going to properties and reassigning permission but has to be done for each subfolder/short cut.
Is there any simplified/unified system through which all folders/subfolders/permissions can be restored rather than doing it one by one. Any guidance shall be highly appreciated please

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Hi there.

I went and purchased ESET smart security but I'm not sold on it. Any opinions?
I feel like I would be better off with AdAware Pro, Spybot search and destroy and maybe zone alarm? (What is Zone alarm? Is that a malware or a firewall kind of thing?)

Also what are your feelings about using that kind of combo of freeware and the pro Adaware product with only windows firewall? (I've heard terrible things about the windows firewall not being very that true? That's why I got the ESET for the two way firewall - but like I said the program is a bit buggy and I'm not sure it's really helping me. )

Can you give me any advice on the best protection combination?
ESET insists that you don't have any other antivirus programs running - but I think that's not
such a great idea because some programs pick up other things that other programs won't.

Any advice on this would be great - also freeware is good for me - I think I've spent enough on products that claim to do everything but dont....

I'm trying to clear out some malware - I get redirected to false sites often. I also think I had a win32.Agent trojan ( which Adaware picked up but ESET didn't ) and worry that some of the malware is being loaded during windows update - is that possible?

I also have a D-Link router - the newest, best one and I use mozilla while surfing.



A:How Can I Protect My Computer? Trying To Resolve A Tracking Issue-trojan Type Problem

Tricia,I see you have an open HJT log posted in the HijackThis Logs and Malware Removal forum.You shouldn't make any changes to your system, while your HJT log is posted, as that could change the results of the posted log, making it difficult to properly clean your system.At this point, the HJT Team should be the only members that you take advice from, until they have verified your log as clean.I'm closing this topic until you are cleared by the HJT Team. If, after your log has been cleaned, you still need help, please PM a Moderator and we will re-open this topic.If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send me a PM.

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Hi I've noticed that nobody has discussed this topic so I decided to post one.

Well I'm using Internet Explorer 6 and everytime I try to empty the trash can I keep getting this message:

'An error has occured. Click here to resolve the issue'

It doesn't tell me what error it is so I don't really know the root of the problem and was wondering if anybody out there including administrators could possibly help me please. Other users have experienced this problem.

I would be very grateful.

Thank You

A:Can't Empty Trash Can In Hotmail- 'an Error Has Occured. Click Here To Resolve The Issue'

Are you using the Beta version? I had several problems with the beta and rolled back to the old version. Mainly trying to connect. The old version is working fine.

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I see Generic Host Process for Win32 Services error everytime on my Win XP SP3 Professional m/c which is a VM that was hosted on Xenserver.

I tried resolving this issue by following the below steps as a workaround, which still din't worked out:
1) Create a new folder that is easy to access (C:\Temp).
2) Search your hard drive for these 3 old files, and copy them to C:\Temp.
3) If you didn't find all the 3 files on your PC, copy them from an other PC with SP2, or you can download them from When you download, the date will change on the downloaded files, but that's OK. Save the files into C:\Temp. In my case, I had to download wzcsvc.dll .
4) Restart your PC, and press F8 to enter the startup menu.
5) Select one of the Safe Mode options (without network) for starting Windows. I used Safe Mode with Commnd Prompt.
6) Open the folder C:\Windows\System32, and rename the 3 files (e.g. wscsvc.dll_sp3, ...). Or if you dare, you could delete them...
7) Copy the 3 old files from C:\Temp into C:\Windows\System32.
8) Reboot your PC.

Could any one please suggest exact solution for the same ASAP.

Thank you

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I have installed Windows 7 Ultimate on my computer after reformatting it.
The installation is successful but there is no Audio.
When i click on the properties of the Sound & Audio,
the error says: "Cannot start this device. Code 10".

I have tried to update it through Windows update, but there is no update for the audio driver,
it always says 'Your Audio Driver is Up to Date'.

I have manually tried to download and install the Audio Realtek HD sound Driver,
Still does not work.

Please Help!!

A:No Audio after installing Windows 7

Let's make sure that your playback devices are enabled.

Right-click the speaker icon on your taskbar > Select 'Playback Devices'
In the empty space, Right-click and select both 'Show Disconnected/Disabled Devices'
Do you see icons for your speakers and headphones now? You may need to enable both of these.

You can also try the troubleshooter to discover any connection issues that may exist, instructions are below:

Click 'Start' > Select 'Control Panel'
Type troubleshooting in the top-right search field > Select 'Troubleshooting'
Click 'Hardware and Sound' > Select 'Playing Audio'

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This issue occurs with unit with skylake processor.(Eg: HP ProBook 430, 440, 450, 470 G3) Please follow  these steps to try resolve the issue :  1.Disable Intel Smart Sound (ISST) option in BIOS before installing Windows 7. 2. Restart the unit  3. Uninstall the unknown device from Device Manager. 4. Restart it once again.  

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I am really hoping if someone could help me with this issue that I am facing ever since I installed Windows 7 Ultimate (32 Bit).
I was using Windows XP Home edition prior to this.
After the installation of Windows 7, I saw in the Device Manager under the section "Sound" : Multimedia Audio Controller. This also had a yellow exclamation mark.

On my desktop, on the bottom right hand corner, if I click on the speaker icon (It has a red cross on it), it says "No audio devices are installed".

I have integrated sound card.

Can someone please tell me how to check what sound drivers I need and from where to install it?

I would really appreciate the help.

A:No audio after installing Windows 7 Ultimate

You find your driver at the mfgr's website.

Tell us what hardware you have and we can be helpful.

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I re-installed windows and my speakers no longer work, I have been told by friends i need to install sound cards, drivers, etc. But I dont have a clue on exactly waht to download and where to download it from. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance

Additional Imformation

OS Name Microsoft Windows XP Professional
Version 5.1.2600 Service Pack 3 Build 2600
OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation
System Name K-C8070B56C99D4
System Manufacturer AOPEN_
System Model AWRDACPI
System Type X86-based PC
Processor x86 Family 6 Model 10 Stepping 0 AuthenticAMD ~1470 Mhz
BIOS Version/Date Phoenix/Award Technologies, LTD 6.00 PG, 11/22/2004
SMBIOS Version 2.3
Windows Directory C:\WINDOWS
System Directory C:\WINDOWS\system32
Boot Device \Device\HarddiskVolume1
Locale United States
Hardware Abstraction Layer Version = "5.1.2600.5512 (xpsp.080413-2111)"
User Name K-C8070B56C99D4\Kel
Time Zone Eastern Daylight Time
Total Physical Memory 1,024.00 MB
Available Physical Memory 477.54 MB
Total Virtual Memory 2.00 GB
Available Virtual Memory 1.96 GB
Page File Space 2.90 GB
Page File C:\pagefile.sys

aavmker4 avast! Asynchronous Virus Monitor c:\windows\system32\drivers\aavmker4.sys Kernel Driver Yes System Running OK Normal No Yes
abiosdsk Abiosdsk Not Available Kernel Driver No Disabled Stopped OK Ignore No No
abp480n5 abp480n5 Not Available Kernel Driver No Disabled Stopped OK Normal No No
acpi Microsoft ACPI Driver c:\windows\system32\drivers\acpi.sys Kernel Driver ... Read more

A:[SOLVED] No Audio After Re-installing Windows, Please Help

and welcome to the Forum

Is this a branded PC? . . if so, what brand and model

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I recently installed Windows 7 on my HP Pavilion dv2000 notebook. I did this without noticing it was muted. Now I have no audio. I have tried downloading a variety of vista compatible Conexant High-Definition Audio drivers and as yet none have worked.

The audio icon in my taskbar has a red circle with a white cross in it. When I try to install the latest driver through windows task manager it says I have the latest one. When I do a windows update I get no difference. Not really sure what I should do now. I'm out of ideas. Help? Please?

A:HP Audio isn't working after installing Windows 7

Have you tried downloading the dirvers from the HP website? I had to do that in the past..?

Select software and drivers HP Pavilion dv2000 CTO Notebook PC - HP Customer Care (United States - English)

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Background: A little while ago, the audio on my Windows XP Pro SP2 system
stopped working. I was using the on-board audio card and never had a problem
before. Then, the audio device just wasn't recognized by windows anymore.
When I went to the "Sounds and Audio Devices Properties" window from the
Control Panel, it would tell me that no audio device was detected. Looking
in the Device Manager, however, under the "Sound, Video and Game Controllers"
section, all drivers were installed properly, with no IRQ conflicts, and no
yellow exclamation points on any of the sound devices or codecs. I also
verified that my speakers were working on another system, obviously, and
ensured that the audio card was enabled in my motherboard's BIOS. I
downloaded the latest drivers for my motherboard (and on-board audio card),
uninstalled and successfully re-installed those drivers multiple times.
Still no sound! I even went out and bought a new PCI audio card, installed
it, downloaded and installed the latest drivers for it. STILL no luck. This
is when I really began to scratch my head.

Next, I tried a to do a non-destructive "Repair" of Windows using that
option from the Windows XP setup CD. I got errors doing that , and I gave up
after several attempts. Finally, on a cloned backup hard drive, I
re-installed Windows completely. Lo and behold, the audio worked fine!

This leads me to believe that some part of the Windows XP audio "su... Read more

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Hi guys!

First i want to apologize for my bad english since i'm italian

So.. I just installed windows7 ultimate and suddenly the right audio channel is not working.

1) I want to make clear i've tried different cables and headphones/speakers (i'm a producer so i've got plenty..) and i can't hear the right channel at all.

2) I tried to download latest version of Realtek and it didn't help

3) On audio configuration when i press the configure button and it starts helping me configuring it, when i tried the right audio channel i could hear it very low (like the left channel is at least 10 times higher). that is the only situation in wich i can hear something coming out from my right speaker (and is like a 90w monitor.. so i think i'll hear it otherwise)

4) Since i just installed everything i tried to format and re-install, but i got no results

5) I tried the bit/hz thing but with ANY configuration i don't get any result

6) And now a very odd thing: since i got an external audio interface i tried even with that. right channel still not working.

Aaaaaaaaaaaand now some hardware things that may be helpfull to help me (hopefull)

DualCore AMD Athlon 64 X2, 2500 MHz (12.5 x 200) 4800+
2gb RAM ddr2
MB: Asus M2N-MX SE Plus
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate
Audio Interface: nVIDIA nForce 6100-430 (MCP61P) - High Definition Audio Controller PCI (RealTek ALC662)

Did i forget anything?

I really hope someone could help me since i'm stuck with my producing work (i... Read more

A:Audio right channel not working at all after installing windows 7

Update: now with the external audio interface is working on both channels in stereo

Now i wonder why without this isn't working fine on right channel.. :/

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I recently installed Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit on Toshiba Portege M500. However there is no audio came out although in the device manager it worked properly.

I have installed realtek audio driver but still no audio.

Could you please advise how to fix this issue? Thank you.

A:No audio after installing Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit on Laptop

If you installed RealTek, it did not take. The generic basic function Windows installed High Definition Audio Device is all that is showing for sound. Are you sure this PC has RealTek?

Looking at the Device Manager listing, this PC has other unidentified device problems. If there are motherboard chipset drivers for this model, install them as a first step.

More on the specs of this PC is needed. I looked at the Toshiba site but there are many different Portage M500 models.

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I switched OS to Ubuntu for about a week, LoL didn't run well in Ubuntu so I reinstalled windows 8. When i open playback devices all I have is NVIDIA HDMI Output (port 0) and (port 1), both of which show unplugged and disabled. I have disabled and disconnected devices set to show, but those are all that show. I have reinstalled drivers, reinstalled windows, downloaded Realtek, enabled onboard audio in BIOS, but nothing has fixed the problem so far. When I boot into Ubuntu via USB, the audio works fine.

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Toshiba A105-S4211

After installing Windows 7 on my laptop (clean install), everything's good EXCEPT when playing music. There is an intermittent loud buzz which lasts for a second or so - this happens only once every 5 minutes or so, but is very annoying. I tried updating the drivers to Realtek, which came with the computer originally, but it did not help.

Can someone help?


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I just installed the GameMuse DVD 5.1 driver to my Windows XP Pro because my sound wasn't working and now I can't get past the "Windows Is Starting Up" Screen. It will say video resolution not supported and then the only thing I can do is reboot.

This never happened before when I installed this driver, but it happened now after I installed and used Driver Genius Professional.

Please advise.

A:windows not starting right after installing new audio driver

Try these:

1. During startup, press F8 repeatedly (could be a different F-key, usually F8). If done right, you should come to a black screen with multiple selections, such as starting in safe mode, safe mode with command prompt, networking, etc. Select the "Start with last known good configuration" option and press enter. See if that helps.

2. In the event the above does not work, then do the same thing again and start in safe mode. If it allows you to do so, go into the device manager (right-click on "My Computer", properties, click the Device Manger button), select the device you installed the driver for, and roll-back the driver.

3. In the event neither of the above worked, do the same thing again, and start in safe mode. This time, try system restore. Try restoring to a point BEFORE you installed the driver.

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Posting in Windows 7 area because I believe this issue is related to the Audio section of the control panel, not the software referenced later in this post.

I am currently using an Asus M3a770DE motherboard in my Windows 7 machine. The specs can be found here ~~>

I currently have the board setup to output sound through the digital audio connection. My problem is that when i try to hook up headphones they do not work. The microphone on the headset operates normally, but the sound just keeps playing through my surround sound system.

The manual, located at: states that I should use the software to change the stream processing to change this behavior, but I am unable to do so in the Windows 7 Control panel or the software.

In short, i need to have headphone output without having to go in and manipulate my sound settings every single time I want to have surround or headphone output.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi there,

An audio issue has been an absolute nightmare for me lately and I just can't figure out what causing it.

Before I start though my computer specs:

Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) 2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz

Memory: 4096MB RAM

System Manufacturer: Packard Bell BV

System Model: iXtreme X2712

Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium SP 1

Display: ATI Radeon HD 5800 Series

Sound built-in to the motherboard.

Now I have already have tried common resolutions such as downloading correct drivers for the motherboard from manufacturers website and re-installing Realtek High Definition Audio Driver.

My problem is that my audio will only work if I turn my computer off for about an hour then reboot it. If i restart my comp and don't wait an hour my sound does not work. It doesn't pick up any devices such as my headphones in the playback devices area and Realtek High Definition audio driver does not appear in device manager. Its almost as if I had no sound card at all it just does not work until I turn the computer off and wait an hour and turn back on again.

This is probably the strangest issue I have ever come across and driving me up the wall am I missing something obvious here?

A:Windows 7 Audio Issue

Hello BigBeefLord and welcome to TSF,

Let me start by saying thank you for posting the specs off the bat.

Okay... When did this problem first occur?

Next time the sound quits, open Device Manager and check your Audio devices for notifications (red X or yellow !).

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The audio on my Windows 98 works fine -- most of the time. Depending on whether the audio icon is on the taskbar (at startup) or not, the sound will or will not work right. My computer will run for about 5 startups with the icon on the taskbar, then about 5 without the icon.
-When the icon is on the taskbar, all the sound works correctly.
-When the icon is NOT on the taskbar, there is no sound on the internet. Also, Winamp reports an error message and I am forced to use Windows Media Player. The error message says:

waveOut output v2.0.3 error
Error code: 7
Windows error message:
"MMSYSTEM007 There is not enough memory available for this task. Quit one or more programs, and then try again."
This isn't a serious problem, just a bit annoying. Can anything can be done to fix it?


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Guys, I have problem with Realtek HD audio when sound plays. The sound skippies on some areas.

Please reply.

A:Sound Skippies on Windows 7 after installing Realtek HD audio

Sound is always on a shared IRQ (Interrupt) with a higher priority device. Depending on what the higher priority device is it could be interrupting the sound.

Go to the Device Manager, RIGHT click on the RealTek entry and then LEFT click "Uninstall" DO NOT check the box to also uninstall the drivers. Restart the PC and when Windows starts it will detect and reinstall the sound. Sometimes this puts sound on a different shared IRQ and fixes the problem.

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i have a sony vaio, after i installed windows 7, it shows no audio output, diagnostic indicates driver problem. try to check the driver, said it is up to date. The sony support say they need to "install compatible windows components and reconfigure the settings in the computer", with a fee. I do not think it is worth it for this older computer to do that (A plan of one year service of $149.99).
Is there something we can do here to resolve the problem?
thank you very much

A:after installing windows 7 optimum, no audio out put, device is not installed

more info:
with the troubleshooting, it said:"SoundMax Integrated digital audio has a driver problem", maybe the driver is not compatible with windows 7. or do i have to get a new sound card?

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I recently slipstreamed SP2 into XP and burnt it on a blank disk.

I booted from CD, partitioned and started the install of Windows. It gets to the "Installing Windows" bullet and it says 39 minutes remaining. The first time it gave me an error saying it had problems with file x. I wish I remember or wrote down the file. I restarted and it resumes at the same spot, but is no longer giving me an error. However, after several minutes pass it is still saying 39 minutes remaining.

The computer isnt frozen because the little squares on the lower right of the screen continue to move back and forth. Any ideas what the issue could be?

(additional info: I slipstreamed using AutoStreamer 1.0.33, and I burned using Nero Burning ROM software.)

A:Installing Windows XP issue

evan :
I'd re-slipstream; start from the beginning.

If that fails, I'd install from the original XP CD; then, hopefully, do the upgrade to the service pack.

Check the XP CD for scratches, smudges, gunk.

Why the reformat / reinstall? Perhaps that is related to this issue.


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I am out of idea's! i probably haven't taken the right way to do this, but it's all i could think of!

recently my windows 7 crashed, and would not even boot giving me a BOOTMGR error. After having no recovery disks, i downloaded an iso version, made a boot disk and tried to do a fresh install, this however did not work.

So i then used an ubuntu live disk to boot my PC into ubuntu so i could format my hard disk and then do a fresh install, once i did this my laptop would no longer boot from a CD.

I then took out the hard drive and put it into another laptop to see if i could install windows 7 on the hard drive. This worked without any issues.
I then tried putting the hard drive back into the laptop to boot windows 7 and every time i am taken to the startup repair screen and it doesnt move from there.

any ideas on other ways i can make my original laptop boot windows 7 from the hard disk without any issues?

A:Installing Windows 7 Issue

Please post the make and model number of your laptop.

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Im trying to reformat my current hard drive but also install Windows 7 on it at the same time. It will load the disk just fine but as soon as the black screen with the Windows bar finishes loading it goes to a blue screen (not blue screen of death). It seems to be the background for Windows 7 installer but nothing pops up it just stays on that screen. Have tried multiple copies of Windows 7 that have proven to work but just not on my PC. Any ideas?

A:Installing Windows 7 Issue

your computer may not be capable of running windows 7. please could you have a look at this: and see if you meet the requirements

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Hi ,

I have Dell Inspiron 3521 , i5, and I am having tremendous amount of trouble with Bluetooth audio.
I downloaded original drivers from dell website but facing same trouble. I found a lot of solution from Google but all are useless for me.
I have windows 7 64bit service pack 1
I am using this window with administrator user
Do others have the same issue? Any work being done on this?

A:Windows Encountered Problem Installing Bluetooth Audio Driver

Did this work at one time and now does not and the reason for installing the driver? Or has this never worked? It does make a difference.

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Hello I am looking for some help with installing Microsoft operating systems!
I want to use Windows PE or some other software that will meet my needsí!
Currently Microsoft Windows PE is not one on that list and it will not support my needsí!
Bartís PE will not work as well!
Maybe DOS, Linux (Ubuntu Lucid 10.04.2. Linux Distribution) or other can work but do not know just started this project!
The installations that is going to be used is; USB, CD and Network install
The pre operating environment will need support for programs and software that are capable of supporting the same funcksions as the onesí listed!
NVDA portable or software that supports the basic equivalent
Zoom portable, or equivalent.
The last one is the AUDIO support in the pre environment
This is only 3 requirements to be met canít be to hard!

A:Installing Microsoft operating systems! Windows PE audio and drivers!

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Just like the title says, I don't want the realtek audio drivers as it completely messes with my audio and also doesn't correctly switch when i plug in headphones for example.
It also doesn't allow for the 'speaker fill' enhancement to be used when playing stereo content through surround sound.

Windows itself does a far better job as opposed to realtek.

Every time i uninstall realtek it automatically gets reinstalled.

Sorry Microsoft, you don't know best.

A:How to stop Windows 10 automatically installing Realtek audio drivers?

Stop Windows From Automatically Updating Your Hardware Drivers | Lifehacker Australia

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Hey everyone.
Just a month ago I bought a new PC built at an Alternate store in my own country. The specs are an Intel i5 6400 core, 16GB of RAM, a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 graphics card, and 120GB of SSD + 1TB of storage.

My audio seems to be managed by Realtek audio. When gaming, I several times a day randomly get the window popping up saying a wire disconnected before it gives the same message again, but there's not a thing I notice in sound or even a change in the way the wires lie as I sit still most of the time.
Now, the big issue happened tonight. I was listening to some orchestral music when suddenly I realised the levels sounded off. Some testing later, I realised that the bass was not audible, the vocals sounded like they came from another room, and the levels were just messed up to the point where my headphones sounded broken and it sounded like it had like 10kbps. Tried the headphones I was using on my laptop, there the audio was crisp as it should be. Strange thing? All system sounds on my PC were crisp and as they should've been, it was Chrome and my games that sounded awful.

I checked every setting but couldn't fix it and was forced to reset to a previous version of Windows, thus losing a handful of my programs. That did solve the issue, but after checking all settings I know of, they were all the exact same as when the bug happened.
I can't reset my PC whenever this time bomb decides to go off, so does anyone know what exactly happened, how I can preven... Read more

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I'm having some sound problems at the moment. When I play audio through my laptop speakers, it plays perfectly well for a while and then goes silent. The length of time before silence seems to be dependent on the volume. When it is silent, the volume display on the mixer continues to go up and down just as it does when audio is playing. The mixer does not show the audio as muted. This does not happen when I make the audio play through my headphones or through my USB sound card.

There are several ways I can get the audio to play again. Plugging and unplugging something into my headphone socket, opening playback devices and switching the tab to the 'Recording' or 'Sound' tabs, (although interestingly not to the Playback or Communications tabs) and if Sound Forge was the only program playing audio when it silenced, stopping and restarting the audio track also helps.

Here's what I've already tried:
Rebooting (Duh.)
Reinstalling device drivers with the current drivers from the OEM website
Stopping and restarting the Windows Audio service
Using another user account (no change)
Disabled every unnecessary service and start-up program.
Starting in safe mode (couldn't get the audio services running to test it)
Run "sfc /startnow"

Does anyone have any further suggestions?

My laptop is a Toshiba L755-15R running Windows 7 Home Premium x64, SP1

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I'm using a Surface Pro 2. After my upgrade from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10, I'm not getting any audio out from the DisplayPort.

I use DisplayPort to HDMI to a receiver. I've upgraded to the latest RealTek audio drivers, but it's not helping. Could there be a different driver issue at play?

Any suggestions appreciated.

A:DisplayPort audio issue with Windows 10

Right-click on your volume icon and click playback devices. Ensure it's selected.

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Hey Guys,

I have a Dell E6410 laptop (Purchased in October 2010), and it appears to crash consistently when I have it docked and use the audio driver (such as when I am on youtube). I am running Windows 7 x86 with the OOTB version that came from Dell with my laptop. I've had this same setup for the past 6 months with no issues, but it seems to have just started today for some odd reason.

The strange thing is, when I am NOT DOCKED, aka just using the laptop without being docked, the bluescreen issue does not present itself when clicking on youtube videos.

I captured the BSOD with my camera here:

In addition, I am also attaching a zip file of my dump files from C:\Windows\Minidump to this thread post as well:

If anyone can offer any assistance, I would GREATLY appreciate it.

Thanks in advance!


A:Windows 7 BSOD - Audio Issue

Hello Asif,
Dump blames Intel Ethernet...
- Download the Intel Ethernet Installation file (here) and save it in your desktop. DO NOT INSTALL IT YET!
- Uninstall the Intel Ethernet from Device Manager
- Install the Ethernet Driver from the Installation file (from Desktop you saved).

Update your Conexant Modem - here

XAudio32.sys Thu Apr 30 06:20:55 2009

* *
* Bugcheck Analysis *
* *

Use !analyze -v to get detailed debugging information.

BugCheck D1, {58, 2, 0, 9336e0e5}

Unable to load image \SystemRoot\system32\DRIVERS\e1k6232.sys, Win32 error 0n2
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for e1k6232.sys
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for e1k6232.sys
Probably caused by : e1k6232.sys ( e1k6232+160e5 )

Followup: MachineOwner

1: kd> !analyze -v
* *
* Bugcheck Analysis *
* ... Read more

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For the past few days, my computer (XP SP3, which was installed whenever it was released, about a few moths ago I suppose) had been very laggy. The cpu was always at 100 and the culprits for this issue were taskmgr.exe and firefox.exe (firefox? cpu hog? what? :O )

I lurked around (with the slug of what my lappy became) and found little that could help. I scanned for malware, etc. I did that in normal and in safe mode, nothing, though it may have taken hours for both. I defragmented. I cleared my regirstry of errors and such. All beneficial, but none solved my issue. But I did find how msconfig. It was already on selective, being that certain programs are very annoying whenever I start. But I dawdled a bit, checking off a few, reboot, recheck and uncheck. It seems that whenever I have Windows Audio disabled, my issue is solved. My lappy peaks at about 20-25, a vast improvement in terms of cpu. However, it comes with the cost of no audio at all.

So I suppose there is an issue with Windoes Audio Service, being strange since my issue doesn't really correspond with audio. but I don't know why it does this. May someone please help me with this? I am glad that my lappy functions and I don't have to wait 20 min for it to print a webpage, but I would also appreciate it even more if I had everything functioning as it was before.


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Windows 7
I'm having a latency issue with my PC and my Yamaha UR824 sound unit (I now know the UR824 is working fine on my old pc and a friends pc)
The onboard sound card works fine and the UR824 works fine plugged into my old pc running XP.
I have just upgraded my pc to AMD FX(tm)-6300 6 core 3.50 with 16 gig of ram using windows 7 64 pro...but
I'm getting clicks and audio drop outs, so making music is not possible.
All my drivers are up to date and all software is legal, I have disabled the on board soundcard and followed and tips in this link
I have run Latency mon, which I can screen print, but I'm not sure how or what to fix,
could you please help?

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I'm trying to install UTD 17.1 in windows 7, the compatibility mode isn't working. Ths setup stops running and shows "try running in -silent mode"

anyone knows how to fix it?

A:Installing UTD (uptodate 17.1) in windows 7 issue

I encountered the same problem, however if you try this it will work out for you.

You need to right click on the setup.exe, and in properties, under compatibility area, u need to change it to Windows Vista service pack 2, and select run as administrator.


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I did an upgrade and custom install for windows 7 ultimate from original vista home premium and it failed.
I always get an error at the end of the install where it says "gathering" for the case of upgrade, "Completing installation" for Custom install..the error is "windows setup could not configure windows to run on this computers hardware".
A tough headache, it works well on my older pc's except for this crap one.
My specs,

Processor Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU P8400 @ 2.26GHz 5.2 5.1
Determined by lowest subscore

Memory (RAM) 4.00 GB
Graphics ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3650 5.3
Gaming graphics 2302 MB Total available graphics memory 5.1
Primary hard disk 39GB Free (69GB Total) 5.4
Windows Vista (TM) Ultimate and home premium

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Hi all,

I am using Windows 8 build 8108. I am trying to install .NET 3.5.1 framework for running my application. After starting the installation from "Manage Programs" by choosing "Add features/roles" I am hitting the following error
Can you please help me

A:Issue while installing .NET 3.5.1 on windows server V next

Run program need .Net 3.5.1 and choose install by Windows update, it will take some minutes XX

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Hi there guys!
I'm having an issue with my computer installing Windows 8.1 Update (KB2919355). I tried downloading and installing it from Windows Update and gives me an error "Some updates were not installed" Code 800F0902 - Windows Update is currently installing other updates. Please try again in a few minutes. The fact is, I have been trying to install it since yesterday; did a few restarts and doesn't work. Also, that is the first update that failed completely on my PC.

I also downloaded all files given on MS Download Center here:
Download Windows 8.1 Update for x64-based Systems (KB2919355) from Official Microsoft Download Center
I followed their instructions and also that update fails. In fact, the other updates given there installed on my PC correctly with no issues found.

My PC is a HP Pavilion g6-1d85nr Notebook PC with Windows 8.1 Pro (64-bit).
I hope you can help me resolve the issue and install (once and for all) 8.1 Update on my PC... thanks in advance.

*BTW... I have prerequisite KB2919442 installed on my PC since March Patch Tuesday.

A:Issue installing Windows 8.1 Update

I have the same problem. I've been trying for days now. (I already installed 8.1 months ago ? so the hugeness of the ?Update 1? file is redundant, but whatever.)

I assumed it was just chocking from everyone on earth trying to download a 887.6MB file on the same day ? and the Windows updates process was failing on a time-out setting ? and that Firefox would manage the clunky choking download better over a long time frame, so went to manually download the file(s) as well, but the file size was different ? so I got cold feet and came here first to see if anyone had solved it via that method.

Now having read a bunch of threads on it ? and I know it's not just me ? I'm going to not worry about it for a week or so and see if it sorts itself out. I don't think there is a security concern.

Patients is a virtue and all that.

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A friend asked me to format his laptop and re-install an operating system on it. It originally had Vista but I figured I may as well upgrade to 7. The install went fine but on startup I am told that I am missing ql2300.sys from system32/drivers. I went to this website QLogic Driver Download and I believe I downloaded " Windows 2008/2003 STORport Driver" because I was pretty sure I remembered a previous error having to do with STORport. I went through the Windows 7 load drivers option and put the ql2300.sys file into the drivers folder but it still does not work. I have formatted the computer with Windows 7 format and once with DBAN just to be certain the drive was wiped. Any advice would be appreciated. I am not sure of the system specs, but if you need them I can try and find them out, not sure how it would help though.

A:Issue Installing Windows 7 on a Laptop

windows 7 should install no problem on a formatted hdd,You should not have to d/l the drivers you mentioned after the install as they would be on the disc,were did you get the disc from?

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Okay, can't seem to locate the spindle with Vista install on it, found four other spindles, but not the one I need. Called Dell, I can get another sent to me for ~20 dollars, but it'll take five business days or some such. Trying to decide if I should do it.

A:Installing Upgrade Windows 7 Issue

That's not a bad deal at all. If you needed it sooner, then you might ask them if there may be an option for faster shipping for an additional charge.

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i have an hp envy 14 series notebook,model no.-J106tx;(product no.-P6M86PA#ACJ) with windows 10. I want to install windows 7ultimate in it ,but every time when i'm trying to install i get an error message:-  "A required CD/DVD drive device driver is missing.if you have a driver floppy disk,CD,DVD, or USB flash drive,please insert it now."                                                            i saw some solutions on google and also in hp forum but it can't work for me. i tried many ways like installing the os through usb2.0,by the dvd, enabled the legacy mode,try to boot in uefi mode and all solutions which I know but I all 3 usb ports are usb 3.0 and I can't see the option " USB 3.0 configuration in pre-OS". So how can I install it now, will it install if I use a 3.0 usb drive?                                Kindly help me anyone please.....

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I have a customized Asus M4A875-M system with:

- Phenom quad core 9750 CPU @ 2.4GHz
- 16GB RAM
- BluRay & DVD R/W optical drives (2)
- 500W Antec power supply
- 4 disks:
= drive 0 - Vertex2 80GB SSD 2.5"
= drive 1 - Toshiba 680GB 2.5"
= drive 2 - White Label 1TB 3.5"
= drive 3 - Seagate 1TB ST31000528AS (just upgraded drive firmware to CC49 from CC45)
= Windows 7 Ultimate
= OpenSUSE tumbleweed linux
= Linux Mint 17.2
= Windows 10
= Windows 7 Home Premium
= OpenSUSE v12.2

My boot loader is grub2 with a nice custom boot menu using this background image.

The issue is the Seagate drive is listed as an "unknown device" under Windows 7 Ultimate OS (along with 3 other volumes) despite the fact it works OK when I boot Windows 7 Home Premium. Haven't gotten Windows 10 to boot yet, so don't know about that, but its just fine under all of the Linux OSs too.

I have all of these backed up using Macrium on a 3TB external USB also.

All of the UUIDs for each disk and partition (volume) are unique as reported by gparted under Linux. Having an issue with Windows 10, but I'm saving that for a separate thread.

The Seagate was showing up OK before the FW and RAM update. I may have confused the Win 7 Ultimate OS when I had to remove the CMOS battery to reset mobo, and I forget to switch the SATA ports to AHCI mode. Win 7 Ult. booted up, but many volumes weren't recognized. When I discovered and fixed the move 4 items shown as "unkno... Read more

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I have a Dell Inspiron 1440 using since 2010 suddenly I saw this error message "internal hard disk drive not found,to resolve this issue try to reseat the drive" when I turned it ON. Then I tested with other HDD drive from other laptop and it booted fine. Then realized that HDD was down brought a new samsung SSD 120GB drive and installed on my laptop and trying to install the Windows 7 from a CD still seeing the same error when turned ON.
Please help with this issue.
Thanks in Advance

A:internal hard disk drive not found,to resolve this issue try to reseat the drive.............Please help

Thanks guys!!!!!
My bad after I installed the SSD the CD that was in the DVD Drive was the Applications/Driver CD instead of Windows 7 disk. I just realized  and installed the Win7 on my new hard disk my laptop is back to normal. Thank God! I saved 500 to get the new laptop.

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I've noticed high CPU utilization on that one particular service from time to time, sometimes hitting as high as 85,000k in Windows task manager, and I'm not even running anything with sound on it at that particular moment. I've tried Googling for answers but the issues most people are running into is their service is not responding at all or they can't get it started.

Does anybody know a way to bring this resource hog down? Without the disabling the sound?


A:Windows Audio Endpoint Builder issue

Wow, I'm disappointed. I usually get good responses here.

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Hi all,

One of my videos will not play with sound in WMP11, all other video files work fine and they are of the same file type (.avi). Help to get the sound working on this file would be appreciated.



A:Audio issue in Windows Media Player 11

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When my child is logged on to her profile and playing an online game, she leaves the browser up and its always making noises and playing music...and this continues after we "Switch User" and log into my profile...its annoying due to the fact that while im on the computer and wanting to watch a video or listen to music, I have to have her log in and close it there any possible way that something can be modified to have whatever is on the profile work on only that profile and not carry through?

A:Audio Issue When Switching Profiles in Windows 7 Ult.

Rather than switch user, log her off and then you can log on. This should take care of it.

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I can't find the proper driver for 7 64bit for and aurora m9700 please help!

A:Alienware m9700 audio with windows 7 issue

We need to know who makes the sound card. Alienware has 3 creative,Hercules and D2 audio Alienware : The Ultimate Gaming Machine? Also you need to fill in your system specs in your user cp here

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I apologize in advance if a thread related to this has already happened. Judging from my join date, I'm obviously new to these forums, a friend of mine recommended this to me, so I'm hoping someone here can help me figure out this problem.

That problem being, I recently just wiped out my Windows 7 Basic edition due to some problems it was having and I recently just installed Windows 7 Ultimate (Wireless LAN_Realtek_8.0.0.238_W7x86W7x64_EM108). Now from my judgment with computers when I want to connect to a router, in the bottom right hand corner you could do as so and connect right away. Well, I can't do that. Right now I'm connected through my Ethernet cord and I'm trying to figure out this issue.

I went to my manufacturer website (I have a Gateway zx4800) and I recently downloaded the driver I needed (also x64bit) and I have set-up and installed what I needed to do and I even restarted, and still nothing. I even tried to set-up a wireless connection myself and it told me to wait 90 seconds, but nothing showed up for me to sent anything up, so my mind is just completely boggled.

If I left out any specs that should be posted here to help, I'm sorry in advance, I can answer back asap, but I'm really hoping I can get this problem resolved.

A:Windows Wireless LAN Driver Installing Issue

Excuse the obvious question, but did you hit the Wireless key on your laptop's keyboard to TURN ON the wireless chipset? If turned on, it should automatically detect the wireless networks in its vicinity and allow you to connect to your wireless network.


1. Is the Wireless Network Adapter listed and enabled in the Control Panel, under Network Adapters?

2. Are you sure your wireless network is active? Check with another wireless device.

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Hi,I have a new HP laptop which had windows 8.1 OS.That OS got corrupted and now when I am trying to install Windows 7 on the same I am getting this error stating 'Windows can't be installed to this disk.The selected disk is of the GPT partition style.'So I saw some videos for the solution on youtube and found that I need to convert it to MBR mode and for which I would need to clean the drive and re partition it which will result in data loss.As I don't have an OS in my laptop I can't even take back up of my data.Can some give me any alternate solutions by which I can back up my data or install windows without losing my data.I tried the 'Repair Windows' option as well while installing windows7 but even that is not working as the recovery OS file is missing.Any help would be highly appreciated.

A:GFT Drive Partition Issue while installing Windows 7 on my H...

Hi, You can install Windows 7 on a  HDD that has a GUID Partition Table as follows. Shutdown the notebook. Tap away at the esc key as soon as you press the power button to enter the Start-up Menu and then select the Bios Menu ( f10 ). Under the System Configuration tab, expand the Boot Options Menu. You need to set Secure Boot to Disabled and Legacy Devices to Enabled. When done, press f10 and select to save the changes. You may then have to enter a 4 digit pin displayed on the screen to confirm the setting changes - enter the code and hit enter. Insert the Windows 7 installation disc and Shutdown the notebook. Tap away at the esc key as soon as you press the power button to enter the Start-up Menu and then select the Boot Options Menu ( f9 ). Use the arrow keys to highlight the CDROM (uefi) option and hit enter - if prompted to 'Press any key to continue....' - do so. Regards, DP-K

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Hello. So, I have been getting the issue with trying to install Windows 10, where it would just give me the 80070003 error code and tell me it couldn't install. I've looked around and came across this thread:

Windows 8.1 Recovery - Could not find recovery environment

It seems to have helped others, but my partitions are nothing like that setup at all. Admittedly, I'm kinda new to tampering with my partitions and have kinda hit a brick wall on what to do. I'm running Windows 7 and on a Dell Inspiron laptop.

This is what my partitions look like (not sure if they are supposed to be like that or not, tbh):
Any help would be appreciated, thank you!

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Every time our end user goes to shut down or log off for the day, the closing screen shows "Installing 1 of 3 updates"
I have manually run this and installed all updates that were pending, I also ran the reset of the Windows updates to no avail.
We are not sure what updates these are, but no matter what it keeps showing the same thing every time the user signs out


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I had been using a dual monitor setup with a Hanns.G HW-191D 19" LCD and a Cintiq 12WX for over a year on XP without a hitch. Since installing Windows 7, both monitors are recognized but only one can be active at a time. When I change the Multiple Displays option to "Extend these displays" it automatically switches to "Show desktop only on 2". Hitting apply will cause the active monitor to de-sync and the other to turn on as would be expected.

My video card is an NVIDIA GeForce 7950 GX 2 with the most recent drivers. Any ideas what might be causing this or how it could be fixed? Thank you.


A:Multiple display issue after installing Windows 7

i had the same problem so i am running a program called DisplayFusion (Multi-Monitor Taskbar and Desktop Wallpaper changer)
DisplayFusion: Multi-Monitor Taskbar and Desktop Wallpaper|Binary Fortress Software
it works very well i had it for a months trial and was so impressed i bought it! had no problems easy to set up windows 7 is limited on this type of feature for multi monitors. I hope this will help and give you some insight to duel monitors and the capability's.

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Hi guys, Not long ago I purchased a MSI GS60 notebook (the version with the i7-4710HQ and 970M graphics card, in case that's relevant to this issue).

It came preinstalled with Windows 8, and prior to updating to Windows 10 I had zero issues with blue screens. However, just over a month ago I updated to Windows 10. Ever since, I have been consistently experiencing blue screens many times as week, often several times a day, and sometimes several in quick succession.

I've attempted to work out the cause, and traced the registry ID associated with errors immediately before each BSOD to RuntimeBroker.exe, the application that manages the 'Universal' interface in Windows 10. There may be some relation there.

I've also noticed that the BSODs tend to be much more frequent when the notebook is running off battery power, and have on several occasions occurred within seconds of plugging/unplugging the notebook from a power source. Perhaps there's a power management driver issue?

I can't find a working solution however, which is why I'm here! Below is a dump of information from BlueScreenView. Hopefully it helps - let me know if any other info I could provide might help. Thanks in advance!


Dump File : 091215-6359-01.dmp
Crash Time : 12/09/2015 12:13:38 PM
Bug Check Code : 0x0000000a
Parameter 1 : 00000000`00000008
Parameter 2 ... Read more

A:Persistent BSOD Issue Since Installing Windows 10

Here's the Sysnative and Perfmon data as well. The Perfmon html is inside the zipped folder.

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Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 Service Pack 1 Security Update for Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, and Windows XP (KB953300)

The above will NOT install as an update on my computer for some reason.

Also, I get a blue screen every now and then that counts down and says I have issues with the computer.

any help is greatly appreciated

A:Windows XP issue with installing Service Pack 1

Hi reichone, welcome to TSF..

i'm not 100% sure if this relates to the update which has failed for you, but I am aware that fairly recently a .net update was failing for many people and the suggested workaround was to uninstall all versions of .net then reinstall in order.

As for the blue screens, please attach your minidump files so we can have a look for you and advise on a possible fix. Your minidump files are located in C:\Windows\minidump

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I have Vista OS loaded as the default one by Acer. I recently installed windows 7 on a formatted partition (which formerly had my data). And I believe since then I haven't been able to use the Acer D2D recovery. It should come up by pressing Alt+F4 during POST, but it doesn't. I have made sure that it is enabled in the BIOS. I went through lot of forums and they suggest it's an Acer MBR issue and that it may have been deleted or something ?? Someone suggested me to use partedit and change partition ID to 07 and then run some command like " mbrwin.exe install ^@(% ", but after doing that I couldn't load any of the OSs. I somehow was able to repair (recovered as it shows in the dual boot screen now) both of them by using windows 7 DVD (thank God). And on top of that, Acer D2D still doesn't work. Any solutions on the issue ? Thanks!

A:Acer D2D recovery issue after installing windows 7

Quote: Originally Posted by The AudGuy


I have Vista OS loaded as the default one by Acer. I recently installed windows 7 on a formatted partition (which formerly had my data). And I believe since then I haven't been able to use the Acer D2D recovery. It should come up by pressing Alt+F4 during POST, but it doesn't. I have made sure that it is enabled in the BIOS. I went through lot of forums and they suggest it's an Acer MBR issue and that it may have been deleted or something ?? Someone suggested me to use partedit and change partition ID to 07 and then run some command like " mbrwin.exe install ^@(% ", but after doing that I couldn't load any of the OSs. I somehow was able to repair (recovered as it shows in the dual boot screen now) both of them by using windows 7 DVD (thank God). And on top of that, Acer D2D still doesn't work. Any solutions on the issue ? Thanks!

Sorry I must be dense. what is the issue? Once you went from vista to win 7 the recovery partition was for all intents and purposes dead. It can only (using a vista dvd) restore you to vista.

What was it you were trying to do?

You can of course (if you have a win 7 dvd) set up a new recovery partition that will get you back to win 7



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Hey everyone,

Have any of you successfully installed Windows 8 with UEFI on a RevoDrive X2 (PCI-E express card)?

Any suggestions?
It starts the installation just fine for the RevoDrive X2 after loading it's drivers, but on first restart it...:

No boot drive found.Manually select to boot from the RevoDrive from the boot menu (F11), and it just restarts the installation again from scratch.

It installs and runs just fine with legacy BIOS (MBR) for the RevoDrive X2.

It also installs and runs just fine with UEFI on an internal SATA2 HDD.
Things I've done:

Bootable Windows 8 USB formatted as FAT32 w/EFI folder in itEnabled wake on PCI-E/PCM in UEFIBooting from USB from boot menu (F11) and not set to always boot from USB.

A:Installing Windows 8 on UEFI to RevoDrive X2 issue

Sound like a test, I done with old P4 with no Sata ports with Windows 8 DP.
Used a Raid card for Sata,load drivers in setup, started install, at first reboot, went to a reboot loop.

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HI     I am Rashid.  I am using Hp pavilon sleekbook for official and personal use. I have upgraded to windows 10 and then i started facing the issue with battery problem. Before I used to get warning  when the battery is 10% and nowadays I dont get such warnings and the system turns off suddenly. This makes a big dissappointment and we cant keep charging the battery all the time. Such things are tough and the battery will lose the life . PLease provide me the solution.. Thanking you  and waiting for your solutions

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Hello! This is my first post here, as this is my first issue with this computer. My microphones won't pick up any sound- this computer has two different ones, an integrated one and an outer one, and yet neither work. Troubleshooting only picks up whether they're enabled or not, and I've tried recording after enabling them and disabling them, restarting, etc. I've checked with Beats Audio and they're turned on there as well, and the drivers say they are up to date. Yet nothing is working, when I used to voice recognition test it wouldn't even pick up any outside audio. I should note that the webcam doesn't work as well, because when I bought it, it would disconnect the internal camera often, and when trying to fix it, someone uninstalled the driver or something - though at the time, audio still recorded just fine and I didn't need the webcam. IDT High Definition Audio CODECIntel(R) Display Audio If any other information is needed, please let me know! Thanks for everything.

A:HP Pavillion dv6 notebook audio recording issue! (windows 7,...

Hello katrapezo.  I understand you're having some trouble recording audio. Have you tried recording in another application such as Sound Recorder?  I'd also like you to remove your audio drivers and allow Windows to reinstall them.  Here are the steps.Click Start, type "Device Manager," and press Enter.Expand the "Sound, video, and game controllers" section.Right click on your sound card and select "Uninstall."Reboot your computer.Verify whether the problem persists.Also, what is your notebook's product number?  This document can show you where it is located.Have a wonderful day.

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Hello, I'm having the same problem and it says  Stereo Mix (IDT High Definition Audio Codec, Currently Unavailable). I even called HP and their Tech support couldn't fix the issue! we did install the drivers and everything enev I performed a factory reseta! No success! The whol thing happened after I upgreated windows to win 10 from win 7! even after I put the laptop back to win 7 stil no audio input and out puts and codecs in device manager!
did you find the sulotion? If you did please let me know.
hank you very much

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I have an issue that I scoured the internet for and haven't been able to find anything even close to an answer. Maybe I don't know how to use a search engine as well as I thought, because I can't find crap. Here's my issue: when listening to music using WMP (11, but it happened briefly using WMP 10 before I upgraded to 11), if I right-click an MP3 in Windows Explorer (the directory I have them saved in) the audio cuts out briefly. Once I select an option in the context menu it's okay; it only happens when I initially right-click the MP3 to bring up the context menu. Sometimes it will cut out for two or three seconds, sometimes for milliseconds. It's not a HUGE problem, it's just annoying as all get out. Color me impressed if anyone can solve this issue.

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i've installed Windows XP on an Aspire 5810TG and managed to get the ATI Mobility HD 4330 going thanks to HD Mobility Modder (, but having issue with audio, although the Realtek Audio driver has been installed and suppose to be functioning properly

i know this isn't a hardware issue because the Laptop is running dual Boot XP and Xubuntu. Xubuntu has sound but not XP

Xubuntu reports the Sound Card/Device to be ATI RV710/730

i've been searching for a working driver with no luck (the driver provided on Acer website doesn't work)...

System Spec:
CoreDuo Solo 1.4Ghz
ATI Mobility HD 4330 512MB

A:Solved: Windows XP and Aspire 5810TG Audio issue

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hopefully somebody can assist me here as ive spent 3 hours getting nowhere with it aha

basically i had my computer packed away for 6 months beforehand it was working perfectly i could plug is any headset/speaker set and it worked fine

today i got the computer out and set it up using same speakers i used 6 months back, they still work, my headphones also

on the bottom right of my screen the volume icon has a nice big X on it and when highlighted it saysno speakers or headphones are plugged in, iver tried both ports on front and back with 2 differant sets of working headphones and 2 differant sets of working speakers but my computer will not register them

on my playback devices it shows "speakers, realtek high definition audio, not plugged in" and it says this regardless of which port i put the jacks into or even if i have both plugged, the troubleshooting scans and then says that there is no periphial device, so the only options i saw were that both headphone ports were ruined(i figure unlikely, its not moved for long time and damn would have stopped pc working in more ways) or there was an issue with the sound driver, so i tried updating the driver and its already updated, no option to roll the driver back, even uninstalled the driver and installed a fresh copy of it and nothing also

ive tried all logical angles, even including a system restore to befor i packed it away and still the issue

i would be greatful of any assistance as i intend this to be an offline... Read more

A:audio issue with windows 7 home edition/realtek

oh an update ive had the sound working, but it involved the power bieng cut off from the pc for 2h+ then upon restarting cos of an update the sound dissapeared and same problems again
hopefully this info could help find my problem also

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So this is a two in one problem. I know most people tend to have this issue but I couldn't find a fix that would work for me.

Basically, I had a monitor for a while that had built in speakers. It broke. So I bought one that didn't and just used my Urbanears headphones that I used to use for my phone. Audio worked fine forever, mic worked fine as well. I don't have a webcam but I was able to receive video calls too. Then I updated Skype and now Skype cannot recognize my sound card, it says I have no microphone installed either.

I check my system's audio devices and when the headphones are plugged into the right jack on the front of my tower, the sound works. Unplug it and put it in the left, then the sound is gone but the mic registers as being plugged in. This never used to happen. I'm not sure what happened but I really need to find a fix to it.

Can anyone help?

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Recently I decided to go ahead and update to the Windows 8.1 version of the Realtek HD Audio Driver. I procrastinated because it told me I'd have to uninstall the original audio driver and I knew it would take a while to do everything needed. It didn't help that after uninstalling the original audio driver, then restarting like Windows told me to do, I kept getting error messages that forced my computer to restart until eventually my computer let me log in and install the updated audio driver.

However, with the updated version of this driver I had the same issue I got with the original one only much much worse. The original Realtek HD Audio Driver that I had on my computer made music and videos sound absolutely awful when headphones were plugged in. I found out that this is because the driver automatically puts on so-called "enhancements" whenever headphones are plugged in. This was a very simple fix, simply go to "Sound", then under "Playback" you click on "Speakers", then go to "Enhancements" and check the box labeled "Disable all sound effects." Then sound through headphones would return to normal.

Well, with the Window 8.1 version of this audio driver, I can do the same thing, but it never stays that way. Every time I plug in my headphones, it resets back to having enhancements. The strange thing though is that it says the enhancements are disabled but when I reactivate the enhancements(No difference in sound ... Read more

A:Realtek HD Audio Driver(Windows 8.1 version) Issue

Do you have "Realtek HD Audio Manager" in Control panel ? Settings in there override windows settings, also many more options are in there. Did you get new driver straight from Realtek site ?, last version is 2.75.

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Yes, it's an older model, but I want to fix it and give it away.  Anyways, the audio driver is not working and is not actually detected by Windows.  It says 'No Audio Device' in Sounds & Audio Devices.  In 'Device Manager', 'Other Devices' has a yellow question mark with 'Multimedia Audio Controller' next to it.
Things I have tried to do:
a) Install Intel Chipset from Dell and then install Soundmax, which is also supported from Dell.
b) Install the 2 Audio Drivers from the Dell Website.
b) Reboot.
Also, I do not have the original CD for the audio drivers so I cannot install it when Windows detects it upon booting up.  Does anybody know how to resolve this issue?

A:How Do I Fix My Audio Issue? Dell Dimension 4450, Windows XP

Audio can be disabled in F2 bios.  If there are any cards in the PCI Slots take them out.

Supported OS
Analog Devices ADI 198x Integrated Audio, v., A08ADI Onboard Sound Driver Multiple System.More details
Windows XP Windows 2000


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I recently upgraded from win2k SP4 to win XP Pro (SP2 slipstreamed). the upgrade worked fine, everything works.. until I install the update to windowsupdate (installs windows installer 3.1 and another package (KB893803-v2 and KB898461).
after that, WMI denies access to most functions.. including msinfo32 ("can't collect data"), dependencies of services tab ("win32: access denied"), windows update (0x800A0046), and several others. the PC is standalone and NOT part of a domain.
if I "upgrade" again on the same install, it will work fine until I attempt to manually or automatically install windows installer 3.1, right after that WMI starts denying access.

WMIDiag reports the following errors:

.1129 15:22:37 (1) !! ERROR: (CheckWMIStaticData) : 0x80070005 - Access is denied.
.1130 15:22:37 (0) ** Checking WMI ADAP status.
.1131 15:22:37 (1) !! ERROR: (GetADAPStatus) : 0x80070005 - Access is denied.
.1132 15:22:37 (0) ** Checking WMI features.
.1133 15:22:37 (3) Opening WMI namespace 'Root'.
.1134 15:22:37 (1) !! ERROR: (CheckWMIFeatures) : 0x80070005 - Access is denied.
.1135 15:22:37 (3) Opening WMI namespace 'Root/Default'.
.1136 15:22:37 (1) !! ERROR: (CheckWMIFeatures) : 0x80070005 - Access is denied.
.1137 15:22:37 (3) Opening WMI namespace 'Root/CIMv2'.
.1138 15:22:37 (1) !! ERROR: (CheckWMIFeatures) : 0x80070005 - Access is denied.
.1139 15:22:37 (3) Opening WMI namespace 'Root/WMI'.
.11... Read more

A:winXP upgrade issue after installing Windows Installer 3.1 (WMI)

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I have a Tecra 9000 running Linux.

I would like to Install windows XP but the Installation CD I have loads drives and then locks up at windows is loading screen. I don't have any recovery or driver disks for this computer as I bought it used. and I don't know why it is having trouble.

The SN for the unit is Z1086914G ST900-0.
I have been reading forums on similar problems and think it might be the chipset driver for the HDD.

I cannot find a driver for this anywhere so I cant try that line of thought.

Does anyone have any Ideas.

A:Issue while installing fresh Windows XP on Tecra 9000


As far as I can remember the Tecra 9000 does not support RAID nor SATA controller which would require RAID or SATA drivers? therefore I don?t think that your issue is related to missing driver?

Did you try to install Win XP containing SP2?
Are you sure that HDD is OK? I think you should check the HDD for some issues firstly.

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Hi Team,
I have a custom built desktop system currently running on i3 Processor with Intel? Desktop Board DH55TC and 2 X 2GB DDR 1333 RAMs. I was earlier using Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit OS but planned to upgrade the same to 64 bit OS. Along with this i also upgraded the Memory and purchased an additional 4GB DDR 1333 RAM module. I installed the new memory and the system detected it in BIOS and in the OS also till it was 32 bit OS. I then tried installing 64 OS and it would not let me do it and kept restarting. Then i just used the old memory cards and installed 64 bit OS, then installed the new Memory and it would again have the same issue. Motherboard has 4 mem slots and currently i have only populated 3 of them, is that the issue ?? Or is some kind of known issue with OS ?? Or somthing to do with Memory Voltage ??

A:Windows boot issue after installing additional Memory

Sounds like one or both of the new memory modules is defective. Return for a replacement.

Have you tried running with just the two new modules?

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During the phase of printer installation when the software asks to plug in the printer, windows popped up and asked it I wanted it to find software for the printer. I accidentally clicked the option where windows wouldn't bother with the printer (I forget how it was phrased exactly), and now the actual installation software wont detect the printer.

Anyone have any idea how I can make windows refind the printer?

I'm running Vista 64-bit. Thanks much!

A:Issue with installing printer - accidentally set windows to not detect it

Check Device Manager (Start->Run-> Devmgmt.msc) for any yellow queried devices (ie your printer specifically)
Then right click on it and select remove (it may say Delete or Uninstall)
Then restart, and try installing again

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