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{Firmware Bug} SAMSUNG HD155UI/HD204UI

Q: {Firmware Bug} SAMSUNG HD155UI/HD204UI

Hard Drives: Hitachi HDS721010DLE630, Firmware : M52OASR0 Serial Number : MSK5215HILD70G Features- S.M.A.R.T., 48bit LBA, APM, NCQ I have tried backing up system image to my ext hard drive since early last month (July 2016) but there is always the error message : The backup failed. New bad clusters were found on the source volume. These clusters were not backed up (0x8078007D)Run SFC/Scannow- Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations. Lately while going through CrystalDiskInfo, clicking Functions, I come across Workaround which gives this message :{Firmware Bug} SAMSUNG HD155UI/HD204UI. Googling the above message, brings me the website: Samsung HD204UI_JP.exe Firmware Patch/Update. If the host issues an identify command during an action of writing data in NCQ, the data's writing can be destabilized, and can lead to data loss.This is relevant for Samsung-model ID with the following model numbers : HD155UI. Can this patch/update fixed the system image backup failure?

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Hard Drives: Hitachi HDS721010DLE630,  Firmware : M52OASR0 Serial Number : MSK5215HILD70G  Features- S.M.A.R.T., 48bit LBA, APM, NCQ I have tried backing up system image to my ext hard drive since early last month (July 2016) but there is always the error message : The backup failed. New bad clusters were found on the source volume. These clusters were not backed up (0x8078007D)Run SFC/Scannow- Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations. Lately while going through CrystalDiskInfo, clicking Functions, I come across  Workaround which gives this  message :{Firmware Bug} SAMSUNG HD155UI/HD204UI. Googling the above message, brings me the website: Samsung HD204UI_JP.exe Firmware Patch/Update. If the host issues an identify command during an action of writing data in NCQ, the data's writing can be destabilized, and can lead to data loss.This is relevant for Samsung-model ID with the following model numbers : HD155UI. Can this patch/update fixed the system image backup failure?

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Starting a week ago, I'm experiencing significant slow speed for my main HDD (Samsung Spinpoint F4EG 2TB) which I've been using it for more than two years without any problems. At first, when I encountered the slowness, I thought it has to do with my desktop as whole but after poking around little bit, the main source of the problem came from my main HDD. FYI, when I say slowness I mean as in every activities you do in that drive such as opening folders/files, moving, playing a video files etc.

I've tried SFC/SCANNOW and disk check (with both options ticked) however, it didn't report any problems or issues regarding to this HDD. I also scanned for any viruses/malwares but I couldn't find anything.
Moreover, please note:
- It's only partitioned as one (D drive)
- There are around 60% space left for this drive
- I only use this drive for storing files. No OS, programs or applications installed in this drive
- The only recent major activity I've done was changing my case
- My PC specs:
Operating System
Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit SP1
Intel Core i7 870 @ 2.93GHz
8.00 GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 666MHz
Gigabyte P55A-UD3
AMD Radeon HD 7900 Series
Hard Drives
Main storage HDD:2TB SAMSUNG HD204UI (RAID)
Second storage: 500GB Western Digital WDC WD5001AALS-00L3B2 (SATA)
OS, apps: 180GB INTEL SS DSC2CT180A3 SCSI Disk Device (SSD)

Lastly, the slowness happens immediately when I try to move files to/from my m... Read more

A:Sudden slowness for my main HDD (Samsung Spinpoint F4EG HD204UI)

I would check the wiring. SATA cables don't like tight angles, make sure it's not doing more than 90? angles.
Other than that, you can try downloading the checking utility form the manufacturer's site and run it.

Also, you list it as RAID, is it a single drive of a raid or both?

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Computer shuts down in the middle of formatting a hard drive.
Accidentally clicked on the power supply was shut down when the drive during formatting.

I removed the drive and reinstall in computer.
Attempt a full format using WINDOWS is not possible, gives an error in the middle.

I turned on the test tool's ESTOOL SAMSUNG test result is good - not have errors.

Could it be that the hard drive was destroyed due to the computer shuts down?
Is it possible to rely on reliable software to identify ESTOOL hard drive problem at the truth?
This fully formatted correctly takes 9 hours + / - (2TB drive)?

Please Help.
Thank you

A:Problem with HDD: SAMSUNG F4 HD204UI Computer shuts down in the middle of formatting

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Like the title says I am looking for a firmware upgrade for my Samsung InfoRanger SCM-110R.

Recently my ISP upgraded their signals and the InfoRanger doesn't work any longer. The firmware on the device is well over nine years old, and I'd like to try and upgrade it.

I realize this modem is a dinosaur but I can't afford a new one right now so any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Can't seem to find an answer to my question - Does the firmware update mean I have to reinstall windows? I have done firmware updates on other devices in the past, but not on a "boot" device, so just need an answer.

Edit: According to samsung it does not wipe HD, but just wanted people who have done an "inplace upgrade" to answer.

Edit: It worked fine through magician.

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How do I install the latest Samsung SSD firmware update (DXM04B0Q)? The Magician software is supposed to do it, but when I open up the download folder where the firmware update download is located, the Magician software doesn't see it. I've downloaded the firmware in many different locations, but still, the Magician software doesn't see it. Any Ideas? See snips to see firmare update download location and what Magician software sees. The firmware update (DXM04B0Q) is right below the Symantic folder.

Magician download and firmware update download: Support - Solid State Drives MZ-7PD512 | Samsung Memory & Storage

A:How do I install the latest Samsung SSD firmware?

Couple of things you can try.
- Move the DXM04B0Q folder to your desktop. Does the Samsung Magician see it?
- If still no joy, try letting the Magician download the firmware. Verify it downloaded the correct version.

I also found this tutorial.

Samsung SSD Firmware Upgrade Guide | - Storage Reviews

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my dvd player (samsung ts-h352a) has been having issues lately meaning that it very rarely reads any cd inside. It's light will slowly pulse but it does not sound like it spins up and then reports that there is no cd in the drive. all cd's are original manufacturer copies. I went to the samsung site to upgrade the firmware and it has offered me a *.bin file that has no windows assosciation. when i look for drivers through device manager it looks for only *.inf files. what am i doing wrong, any suggestions to alternate fixes perhaps?

cheers, Hrtbob

A:Solved: samsung dvd firmware issue

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Samsung has recently posted firmware update EXM03B6Q for the 850 Pro on the download site.
I was unable to update via Magician so downloaded the ISO and ran it from a USB drive.
I was one of the lucky ones who didn't update to EXM02B6Q in Feb of 2015 which was a total disaster.
The update worked without any problems and speeds have not changed at all.
There is also a PDF installation guide for those who like to read first.
Don't forget to image the SSD first just in case. I did not, however loose data but better safe than sorry.

Tool & Software | Download | Samsung V-NAND SSD


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Hello all,
My system specs are the following: Windows 10 Enterprise 64-bit UEFI Bios Phoenix BIOS version and drivers are updated, also confirmed by Slimdrivers. Samsung Series 5 ULTRA 530U4C-S02PT Also: It is an hybrid drive, 1TB HDD & 24GB SSD that is supposedly well installed (the laptop never been so fast after formating and installing windows 10 with express cache to take advantage of SSD hybrid boosting). Windows works like a speedster the only problem is the inaccessibility of BIOS, for example i want to enable the virtualization VT-X to install Oracle VM and i can't go BIOS to edit virtualization.
Problems: UEFI BIOS firmware settings boot dialog is inaccessible.Not working suggested fixes:

i) hotkeys Esc, F2, F4, F8 and F10 don't log in BIOS. Although safe mode, debug logging, etc are available. Disabling Fast Bios in the control panel > power management dialog doesn't do anything.ii) automatic repair seems to give an error, after the account is specified in the repair boot dialog it gives error.iii) recovery > Advanced options > UEFI Firmware Settings Boot is not Visible.iv) EasyUEFI free only works with Windows 10 Home, not Enterprise (it would resolve the issue appropriately with the boot into UEFI option) Sources:
Cause (according to internet forums): i) Probably my uefi has Secure Boot Enabled and Fast Boot also, making the boot system almost instantaneous and rendering other boot scenarios blocked. Because system is only seeing the SSD drive as b... Read more

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Hi everyone,

New to this, first post so please go slowly.

I have a Samsung blue ray player BD-UP5000, and I have down loaded the new zip file of the firmware upgrade version 1.6 to my computer. I then burnt a dvd-rw. When I inserted the disc into my Blue ray player it reads ERROR #0x000000ff and then ejects the disc. What am I doing wrong?


A:Samsung BD-UP5000 firmware up grade

It probably can't read re-writable media so try using DVD-R or DVD+R

You can also update it directly via the internet by connecting it to your router and updating in real-time from the Samsung website. The BD-UP5000 has an ethernet port on it for this purpose.

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So I installed my new SSD, set up all my programs and files, and was having some trouble with discovering an ACHI drivers (which apparently cannot be achieved on my dell latitude model IDE ATA/ATAPI driver missing?)

Anyway after installing the Samsung Magician software to help optimize the SSD, it said that a firmware update was available, so upon updating I was rewarded with a BSOD after restarting. I became angry and did a system restore with my image disk and started over. This time in the samsung magician it said the firmware was already up to date so I didn;t think anything of it until today another BSOD. If I have to do another reinstall I will take my own life, so I hope someone can help me here.

Attachment 311734

A:BSOD After Samsung magician (840 pro SSD) Firmware update

Do you use the DW1520 Wireless-N WLAN Half-mini card?
If so then it looks like the driver for it is the problem.

Do you have a spare HDD that you can use because I think the driver for it is incompatible with SSDs. I will need to double check.

* *
* Bugcheck Analysis *
* *

Use !analyze -v to get detailed debugging information.

BugCheck A, {10, 2, 0, fffff80002ea4ec9}

Probably caused by : tcpip.sys ( tcpip!IppValidatePaths+71 )

fffff880`04a8f000 fffff880`04f12000 bcmwl664 (deferred)
Image path: \SystemRoot\system32\DRIVERS\bcmwl664.sys
Image name: bcmwl664.sys
Timestamp: Fri Jan 07 08:05:56 2011 (4D26C964)
CheckSum: 0048C1C3
ImageSize: 00483000
Translations: 0000.04b0 0000.04e4 0409.04b0 0409.04e4
It doesn't mention compatibility with SSDs. I will keep looking. Here's the website anyway.

Driver Details | Dell US

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I have samsung fit phone(s5670) and recently got firmware update via samsung kies .but when i try to update it Kies crashes and give following error.

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: CLR20r3
Problem Signature 01: gt-s5670.exe
Problem Signature 02:
Problem Signature 03: 4e13ef03
Problem Signature 04: FirmwareUpdateAgent.Common
Problem Signature 05:
Problem Signature 06: 4e13ef03
Problem Signature 07: 1fd
Problem Signature 08: 0
Problem Signature 09: System.IndexOutOfRangeException
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 1033
Additional Information 1: 0a9e
Additional Information 2: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789
Additional Information 3: 0a9e
Additional Information 4: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789

I have latest samsung Kies version.I dont know whats causing this error.

Little dig from event viewr showed more on error

Application: GT-S5670.exe
Framework Version: v4.0.30319
Description: The process was terminated due to an unhandled exception.
Exception Info: System.IndexOutOfRangeException
... Read more

A:Samsung Kies error on firmware upgrading

You might try removing and reinstalling Kies. Also try the older version, sometimes newer is not better.
Perhaps there is a Samsung forum where this issue is addressed too.

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friends I'm installing a fresh samsung 840 120gb. i thought i could put the ssd on sata 1 [not zero] and get firmware via magician on my windows 8 lab mule. no dice. apparently magician ONLY wants to see the ssd on sata zero. it can pull up the drive, but none of the controls work.
soooo... I'm thinking I'm going to have to go with the drive 'as is' to install 7 on a notebook, then as first order of business go pickup the firmware update and execute it.

will this result in sub-par arrangement? best I can tell the fw update is non-destructive.
is there another way?

A:samsung ssd: will firmware update harm anything? magician no use.

friends i have a new samsung 840 to replace a failing drive in a hp notebook.
i wanted to update the samsung firmware first, then do the install of windows 7 x64 but using the samsung so-called Magician, trying the drive on sata 1 [instead of 0] it still cannot properly register the drive. all I get is the SMART info - everything else is neutered. illogical... how does samsung want to update firmware? AFTER the os is installed?
a little guidance would sure be appreciated.

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Hi. I ran the Samsung 840 EVO Firmware update that was provided because of the degrading problem said to be with the product.

It went all the way through and said complete. There were no problems or interruptions there. I closed the application and rebooted my machine.

The computer will get to the windows screen but right when it is supposed to go to the login it goes black and the monitors stop detecting a signal. It just sits at a black screen.

The scary thing is that when i try to run a recovery all executables associated with a given recovery error out. I.E. StartRep.exe fails to run. Trying to load previous working fails to run to. They get memory exception type errors!

I put in the windows 7 disc and have had it come up with "hit key to boot from cd or dvd". all repair attempts are the same as above. They fail the same way.

The only thing I have not figured out is how to get the machine to load into safe mode. i have been hitting F8 and doing what I can but I get no such options. My options are only the repair dialogs or boot normally. I do not understand why this machine has never given me a choice to boot to safe mode. How can I get that to work?

Please help! Is there anything I can do? I can't find any samsung forums or info.

Windows 7 64 Ultimate.
Asus X99 Deluxe.
Intel 5960X 3.0 x 8 core
G.Skill Ripjaws 4 Series 4 x 8gb (32gb) DDR4 2400
Samsung 840 Evo 500gb SSD
Corsair RM1000 1000wPSU
Corsair H100i
Nvidia 780GTX

A:Samsung Evo 840 Firmware update - Now windows won't boot.

What degrading problem ? Samsungs are the best IMO, what did you think upgrading the firmware would help ? Or what did Samsung say it was for ?

How old is the drive, how often is it used ?

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I want to upgrade the firmware of my new Samsung DVD writer (from Toshiba Samsung Storage Technology) to the latest version.
DVD writer Model:
For some reason it will not burn DVD ?RW disks.

So I downloaded the latest appropriate firmware file from
Namely SH-S223C_SB04.exe which I ran under win7 (64) bit OS

This executable program in turn started up ?Tsdnwin.exe? installation program which then crashes (freezes) the system.
I had to use the Windows ?Task Manager? to End the Task.

Can this be a compatibility problem for win7 64 bit OS?
Or is my Win7 OS somehow corrupted?

Next I installed and tried ODD FW Liveupdate program and it too fails with an error message :

?that due to a system problem it failed to operate a program by
automatically connecting to it.?

Can anyone suggest what might be the problem here?

A:Failure of Firmware Upgrade of Samsung DVD Writer using Win 7 (64bit)

According to this page, you shouldn't need to worry about drivers or firmware. What I would suggest is completely uninstalling the driver from your Device Manager. Restart your computer. Windows 7 should pick up and install the burner fine.

Don't download driver and firmware files from anywhere but the manufacturers website, problems like this happen way more often when you do that

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The MP3 player contends that it's memory is full, yet it has nothing in its navigational tree. The mp3 device has corrupted before; however, last time it simply froze on one track rendering it impossible to change tracks without the device shutting down. In this instance there are no tracks to attempt to switch to, the only thing that works is the radio.

My solution was simple, reinstall the firmware implementing YP-MT6 updater--just like last time I had an issue. Sadly, the firmware install freezes well under half way through when it says "locking drive[ers?]" it was one of the two.

Anyway to beet this problem? 'Cause I'm at a loss. Not a happy costumer as far as this little samsung is concerned--i figured their phones were great so their other stuff should be too! Ha.

links to costumer service would be great.

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I've just had a 2Tb Samsung HD204UI drive installed. (I got 6 months out of the Western Digital )

A quick Google has brought up the following link.......

SAMSUNG HD204UI important firmware patch required

I'm wondering if I need this patch? How can I tell if I do? Will Vista updates look after it automatically if I do need it?



A:Do I need firmware update for newly installed Samsung drive?


I suppose there is no way to tell, but it would be a good thing to do as there appears to be several issues to cover off!

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I've updated the bios on motherboards and dvd burners but, I'm not sure if I have the most up to date firmware/drivers and am not sure how to go about doing it on this ssd any help will be appreciated Thanks! SAMSUNG 840 Series MZ-7TD120BW 2.5" 120GB SATA III Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) -

A:latest firmware/driver updates for my Samsung 840 120GB SSD

How long ago did you buy this drive? I bought the exact same thing about three months ago and it has the most up-to-date firmware available.


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I turned on my computer and a message popped up to update my 3 month old Samsung firmware.
I used Magician 4.5, pushed the button, and it said "failed to update drive with new firmware".
Oh? When I rebooted later my OS would not boot. I went into the bios and it ID'd the drive as Samsung 3.
Now I can't boot the drive at all. I burned the ISO of the firmware update but it can NOT find the drive in DOS. If I boot with another drive and the ruined drive together, both Samsung 840 Pro and Samsung 850 Pro, it jams the boot until I remove the damaged drive. Anybody have any knowledge or any ideas?

A:Samsung 850 PRO firmware update fialed. Now drive won't boot

I have the same problem, and now in my bios show my ssd with the name 3ckcCkckcCk;!cKcCcKcCcI and I can't re-update it

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I am trying to coble together two non-working Zen Xtras into a working one. I receive a message: "Firmware Problem," and am instructed to reload the firmware. When I attempt to do so, the firware does not recognize the device although the device shows up in My Computer as a Zen Xtra. I have reloaded the drivers. When I attempt to reinstall the firmware, it states that it cannot detect the device and please connect it now. How do I resolve this lack of recognition?

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Problems on initializing Samsung 80GB with Samsung's Disk Manager: Ontrack(tm)


There is some problem on my 80gb Samsung HD. The situation is this:

I have had an old computer which have an ancient motherboard.. because of the limitations of motherboard it was initializing Hd as 8gb.. I installed Samsung's Disk Manager program named Ontrack. It does something with the MBR to make the 8gb initialized HD as 80gb! When you're in bios setup, it says your samsung is 8gb but when you reset and wait for the system disk error message Ontrack activates and then your hd is 80 gb, you can install OS after that.

Here is the problem: I bought a new computer whose motherboard to initialize my 80GB hd as 80GB also, but things didn't happen like that. On bios setup it says my HD is 33gb.

I plugged the HD to my other computer and its partition magic 8 says "33gb BAD" also..

A modified MBR by a program (ontrack) can fool bios setup? if so, can i use XP CDs system recovery console with fixmbr command? ?f it is not how can i make my hd back to normal (not for old motherboards, initialized as 80GB)??

New motherboard is MSI RS482M2-IL and because of this problem I cannot enable S.M.A.R.T. feature. I need help and thanks from now on!

A:Problems on initializing Samsung 80GB with Samsung's Disk Manager: Ontack(tm)

If you are using XP then boot fromt eh XP Cd. Then delete the existing partition and create a new one and format that.

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Hello, Last week i did a upgrade on my Inspiron 15R SE(7520) with a SSD Samsung EVO 850 500GB, and now i'm intending to buy one msata Samsung EVO 850 500GB, But i would like to do a RAID 0 with those two "drives", So is that possible? Will it work and have a gain of performance?
Sorry for my bad english, i'm still learning.
My Specs (Inspiron 15R SE (7520)
Intel Core i7 3632QM
8GB ram 1600Mhz
Primary: SSD Samsung EVO 850 500GB
msata: 32GB MZMPC032HBCD
Secondary: Seagate ST1000LM024  5400RPM 1TB

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hi I have samsung laptop

When I press power button, then its shows me samsung logo on the screen and after that it goes to black screen.
I try to replace hard disk, laptop find this new hard disk.
but then it straight goes to the BIOS and over there I try to change boot order, to boot from dvd player but I couldnot find any option there.
I open it up and clean everything inside the machine.
but problem is still there.
Is anybody help to to fix this machine.


A:Samsung black screen after showing the samsung logo


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I have both Linux and Windows Vista installed on my notebook. Today when I turned it on I accidentally chose "Samsung Recovery" instead of "Windows Vista" in GRUB. After Samsung Recovery has loaded, I quit it and the computer shut off. I turned it on again and now it doesn't make it to the GRUB, it shows the Samsung logo, then "boot from ahci cd-rom", and then it reboots and shows the samsung logo again. I can enter BIOS (F2), but can't enter Samsung Recovery (F4) anymore (after showing "please wait..." the computer reboots again). I tried setting the BIOS back to default but it didn't help. Any input would be much appreciated...

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So I have a Haswell i7 rig (GTX 780) with Platinum PSU etc etc... W8.1 Pro (and a few other W8.1 PC`s I tried the clone op with also)........

.... and on the SSD to clone in question, it is a Samsung EVO 250Gb SSD. It seems to work perfect.
But its getting near full~ish.... (30Gb spare)....

... so I bought a Samsung EVO VNAND 500Gb.... (twice the capacity) and thought an easy clone was in store....

(I also have some additional drives I have just disconnected for the Clone op [as the Samsung clone software was being stupid [trying to get me to clone my documents drive to my new SSD]). With or without the other drives connected, it FAILS, FAILS, FAILS.

So; when I try to clone, It gets to about 33% cloned, and then fails.
Time after time.

Recent ERROR MESSAGE is:- "Failed to retrieve source information 205500(0322bc)"

I tried to clone the SSD to SSD on a CLONE machine/Box. A FAIL
I tried to clone using Macrium Reflect. A FAIL
I tried to clone using EASEUS. A FAIL.
I tried them all a few times including the SAMSUNG CLONE Software.

What am I doing wrong?

Is there a problem with the 250Gb SSD I don`t know about (I am using this PC with it in now)...

Or will a SAMSUNG EVO not clone to a SAMSUNG VNAND ?

Do I have to try everything including disabling features such as RAPID MODE? And Disable Performance and everything?

Or what???

I have been a dozen hours trying to do this simple task.

I tired to contact SA... Read more

A:CLONE FAIL SAMSUNG SSD to Samsung SSD Fails on every PC

Create a recovery CD with Macrium(Win PE Rescue), back up your current SSD to an external HDD, install 500GB SSD and boot with rescue CD( Win PE) and restore the image from the back up with Macrium Reflect.
Try this utility, I have cloned with this a while ago: AOMEI Windows Backup, Cloning, and Recovery Software

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Hello HP Support. I have spent now 3 days trying to find the latest firmware for Samsung MZ7TE256HMHP-000H1 aka HP P/N: 742038-002 Samsung PM851 Model: MZ-7TE2560 Which is an OEM of the Samsung Evo 840The latest firmware would address the write slow issue.The current firmware on the SSD is: F/W: EXT09H0QWhat I need is the tool or the software to update the SSD to: F/W: EXT0DB6QAnd the Samsung Firmware update image and tool doens't detect the OEM drive.Scouring the donwload section of HP support doesn't show the firmware update tool. HP EliteBook Folio 1020 G1 HP P/N: 742038-002P/N MZ7TE256HMHP-000H1 Samsung PM851 2.5" 256GB SSDModel: MZ-7TE2560   

A:Samsung MZ7TE256HMHP-000H1 aka HP P/N: 742038-002 Samsung PM...

@StevenKhieu? To better help you we would need the exact model number or product number of your laptop/desktop??? REO

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I am buying a new monitor. Probably one of these two in title! Which monitor is better?
I need some suggestions...

A:Samsung SM 2333SW vs Samsung P2250N

Samsung SM 2333SW

Bigger, nice specs. On the other one, I can't read the text.

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After installing Samsung Touch Supporter on my non-samsung PC,I get this:

"This Program only runs on a Samsung PC.
Program will terminate."

I try to use some of the software that came with the Samsung Series 7 PC.
I will not let me open the program.
I have an Archos 9 PC and would like to use it.

Can anyone make it so that I can install this software on any other PC?
Sometimes it's a simple edit,can anyone look in to this?

Software can be downloaded from the Samsung website here(it's under manuals & downloads/software):
Support - Tablet PCs XE700T1A | Samsung Tablet PCs

May you please attempt to fix Play Touch App (Software) (ver.,Play Touch Luancher (Software) (ver., and Touch Supporter (Software) (ver.

Note: Play Touch Laucher says the same message as above,but still manages to open, Touch Supporter does not though

A:Samsung Series 7 software on non-Samsung PC.

That software is only licensed to use on the Samsung PC it came on, so I don't know why you would expect it to work on any other PC.

Samsung is also the most difficult model to get the OEM software to work after a Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7 which is entirely legal and recommended for most users of preinstalled Windows to get the best Win7 performance.

But for Samsung it's especially important to back up the Recovery Image and make a secondary Win7 backup image so that if any features are missing after Clean Reinstall and the Samsung software won't work correctly, you can set it back to factory condition.

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I want know...  Which one ist faster?Which one is better?Which one has better drivers under windows 10?Which one runs cooler?

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I get above error; I've updated the intel rapid storage driver and asmedia sata controller driver.
My motherboard is an asus z97 deluxe. Help is appreciated; thx !

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Hello Friends.  I successfully installed a Samsung 950 Pro M.2 SSD as a boot drive just fine.  However, it looks like the Windows 10 NVME driver is being used in place of the Samsung NVME driver.  I saw this post here where it says: "Windows is indicating it is using the NVMe driver for this drive." However I do not know how to determine this myself.  I am using a utility called "AIDA64 Extreme" and it's telling me the driver provider for the 950 is Micrososft and the driver version is 10.0.14393.0.  So, how do I get the 950 to use the Samsung driver instead?  Thanks for any help. 

A:How to tell if Samsung 950 Pro is using Samsung NVME driver ...

Hi, From Samsung tool (Samsung Magician), it shows my machine uses Samsung firmware, no information about driver. It uses Microsoft driver. The tool allows use to check and update firmware but not driver. Regards.

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I have two Samsung NVMe 950 Pro (MZVKV512) that came preinstalled in a Lenovo ThinkPad P50 running Windows 10 x64. The Samsung Magician (latest v4.9.6) software does not detect the drives as Samsung Brand SSDs and therefore OS Optimization is unavailable (the only option is to run a benchmark). Samsung Magician supports this SSD as I can see users in other forums using the software on their systems (not necessarily Lenovo). I have also installed the Samsung NVMe Controller driver and this is showing in Device Manager. There are no system updates available and UEFI BIOS is up to date (version from the 4th May). Any ideas?

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Call 0800-014-8577 for Samsung Support in the UK, Our well expert technicians are here to help for our valuable Samsung customer, Samsung Printer customer Support, Samsung customer care, Samsung Printer Help desk Number.

A:Samsung Printer Help, Samsung Support

SPAM SCAM SPAM SCAM Samsung Printer Support is a Third Party Technical Service provider. Trying to take your money by misleading advertising. They are NOT genuine Samsung support.
FE notified

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I upgraded on Friday from windows 8.1 to windows 10 
Since then  it became very slow to start
the fan seems to be continuous - neither sleep nor shutdown buttons/clicks work - I have to switch the button off/on
each time it go to sleep

this is the image of the chat I had with Samsung today - 
I tried running SW update it didn't work and vanished - not possible to uninstall as now the directory path is different........

A:Samsung NP350V5C-A06UK user (Windows 8.1) upgrade to Windows 10 - see Samsung response to me!

Please run a system file check (SFC) & DISM (if necessary) if you are on win 8 or higher

All instructions are in our Wiki article below...
Should you have any questions please ask us.

System file check (SFC) Scan and Repair System

Wanikiya and Dyami--Team Zigzag

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I really need you guys to help me on this.... i just bought Samsung jet and have installed Samsung New PC studio into my laptop. But i cannot run this program as it keep on appeared:

New PC Studio has stopped working.

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: NewPCStudio.exe
Application Version:
Application Timestamp: 49e6d9a5
Fault Module Name: Secur32.dll
Fault Module Version: 6.0.6002.18051
Fault Module Timestamp: 4a366084
Exception Code: c0000005
Exception Offset: 000021dc
OS Version: 6.0.6002.
Locale ID: 17417
Additional Information 1: c060
Additional Information 2: 6257e35ffaf5fb500d9790030367de3e
Additional Information 3: b562
Additional Information 4: 21e35a6d0bc52ba6a38b0e481fab5ce7

Any idea on how to solve this problem?? many thanks in advance....

A:Samsung jet - Samsung new pc studio


First we need you to go to c:\windows\minidump which is where the BSOD dump file is located. zip the most recent dump file (*.dmp) and upload it to us. If you need help uploading let us know

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Keep seeing secondary drive disappear under heavy IO operations.  This has happened across multiple machines.  Have attempted all firmware and BIOS updates available.  
Anybody else seeing this with their T7910's and have you used any other drive models in these workstations.

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Dvd disk drive won't run DVD's. Makes alot of clicking, spinning noises but wont read disks. Went to HKEY areas and changed some things recom by other forums. Didn't work. Told needed firmware upgrade. Unable to find firmware for Optiarc DVD RW AD-7530A ATA Device because as near as I can find it's an OEM Device. Went back to Gateway(Notebook Manufacturer) and they don't have. Any suggestions? Ifu can't fix, I guess u install a new DVD Device or a new Notebook.
Was also told by Gateway I needed a Codec upgrade.

A:OEM DVD Firmware

The codec pack is easy enough- Techspot has what you need here
Install and then try running the discs.

How does the drive show up in the Device Manager ? No exclamation mark in a yellow triangle?
What DVD's won't it run-commercial (retail) movies, or discs you are attempting to burn ? If the latter, what brand of discs.

If it definitely requires a firmware update then it seem's you're out of luck as there are none as far as I can tell.

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hi guys I was just wondering. What is dd-wrt? I keep hearing it coz my router supports dd-wrt firmware from a third party but i don't know what it is. I know I should not mess around with things i dnt know but i'm just wondering what it is. Thx

A:dd-wrt firmware

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I went to WD's website and was looking for a firmware update. Where is it on the webpage, don't trust other pages. My firmware on my WD800JB is 77.07w77 Just for the record. Please let me know if I have missed it or a safe site to get an update for it. Thanks Everyone

A:WD 800 JB Firmware

Plus I have a Pioneer DVD-117 Rom and looking for a firmware update.

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Can anyone tell me what is firmware?

A:what is a firmware?

Firmware - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In electronic systems and computing, firmware is a term often used to denote the fixed, usually rather small, programs and/or data structures that internally control various electronic devices. Typical examples of devices containing firmware range from end-user products such as remote controls or calculators, through computer parts and devices like hard disks, keyboards, TFT screens or memory cards, all the way to scientific instrumentation and industrial robotics. Also more complex consumer devices, such as mobile phones, digital cameras, synthesizers, etc., contain firmware to enable the device's basic operation as well as implementing higher-level functions.

Better than I can explain it.
Click Wiki link above for more info.

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I have a Intel 510 ssd and I looking to add another ssd. Can you have both if they have different firmware. I'm looking at several including Intel 320.
Will this confuse the motherboard bios or Windows 7?

A:2 SSD's 2 Different firmware?

I don't think it will give any problems just because of firmwares. After all, it's entirely internal to each device. As long as each one has the proper drivers and the motherboard recognizes each one, they should work.

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I saw the phrase firmware tossed about on a message. What exactly is it?


Firmware is half software, half hardware. Usually it is software embedded permanently into a piece of hardware. Such as the software that runs a digital camera, or drives a USB networking cable.

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Hello all,

I am looking for Firmware for DI-614+ wireless router. When I use WEP encryption, no wireless client (laptop) can connect. I have also tried the latest firmware I can get from D-Link. I hoping to use this with my TFCko box or as my access point for my laptop.

If I cannot use it as wireless access point. Is there a firmware hack to make it a wireless client or a repeater?

Thanks for any ideas

Looking for TFCko (Pinoy Channel) deals? Connect to

A:Looking for Firmware for DI-614+

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I am fresh out of college, and seem to have found a job where I am in way over my head. My employer knows it though, and just expects me to try my best.... anyway heres the question, even though it seems dumb...
When using C, does a hexadecimal Number refer to the memory address (AKA a register or part of the the memory or a port), or does it simply refer to the number itself?

ulData = ulMemPos + 0x20;
does this mean add the hexadecimal value of 20-- or to add twenty memory addressing to it?


just a number

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I have recently had trouble with Genie-Soft backup software. They tell me I need to back up my firmware. I am not sure what they mean by this and their explanation hasnít helped me.

I have Nero installed on my computer and my CD-RW Burner is Imation. I used the Nero Info tool which showed [1.0] G:\CD-RW CDR 6S52 in the top left of the box and Type: CD-RW Recorder and Firmware Version: CDR 6S52.

I went on to the Nero site which states they will not accept responsibility for any firmware updates.

I havenít a clue what Iím supposed to do now. Itís taken me ages to get this far and in all honesty, I donít really know what I am doing. Is the firmware update supposed to be for Nero or Imation. Can anyone help me?

My OS is WinXP Pro


A:What is firmware

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Hi, I have a sony cd-rw crx216E I've had it for about 2 years does it need to be upgraded with firmware the driver seems to be working ok, also can you tell me what on the fly means.

A:Do I need firmware?

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How do i check what firmware my LG 4160B has and also how do i update it?

Thanks for any help

A:How can I upgrade firmware?

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I was wondering your opinions on router firmware. My router is a Linksys WRT160Nv3. I purchased a Roku player and started streaming my video to my tv. The router was terrible, and would not go into wireless N mode. Well it would, but my roku, laptop, and phone would not connect to it.

I looked around and installed DD-WRT, now it works great. I heard tomato is good too, so was just looking for feedback. Thanks

A:Router Firmware

tomato is this like android and there Jelly bean

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Hi there
Just wondering if anyone out there has one of these. Today i bought one,already have sent mp3 across and works fine.
Small and jazzy size of an oxo cube.
But on reading manual it says that there is a fm radio option,is this true? the web site is poor,to say the least. Also the supplied disc is a 2.5" affair which wont enter my acer slot drive but on trying elsewhere its only win98drivers. is the home site

Acer Aspire2026wlmi

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Trying to update firmware on blu-ray but frm file will not write in Vista says I need supported writing software. What exactly do I need to do this?

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Hi guys,

I have two dvd writers Pioneer 108 and a Pioneer 111d and I been told to update the firmware for better performance. How do I update the firmware and is it the ok to do. I heard once you update you cant go back.

A:Firmware updates

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Hi all

Is there any way i can uninstall my current firmware version, because when i had the old one, everything was going fine, no problems, and since i got the new version, it keeps on blocking my mouse.

Anyone any idea?


A:Logitech G5 Firmware

Download the older version of firmware, or use your Logitech disc, and install it over the top of the newer version.

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Just bought an Asus Drw 24B1ST, am trying to update the flashware from 1.00 to 1.03, flash will not finish get the message "firmware update cannotbe completed contact vendor", never had that happen before, any ideas appreciated

A:Firmware Problem

Where are you finding that 1.03 firmware version? When I look here, I only see 1.00.

Also, why are you trying update the firmware? I never update firmware unless it addresses a problem I am experiencing.

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i need to downgrade my firmware for my linksys befsr41 to 1.39, i have the most current firmware at the momentr and it sucks . Can anyone enlighten me on how i should go about this?

A:how do i downgrade my firmware?

Here are the instructions from linksys

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Hi folks!

I have a Sony VAIO computer with a DVR-108 DVD burner installed. The current firmware available is 1.19, but the firmware on my drive is 1.10. For some reason, I am unable to upgrade the firmware using the firmware installer software. Normally I wouldn't worry too much about it, but my drive supports burning at 16X speeds with DVD+R discs, and I am only getting 4X burn speeds with the 16X discs I bought! (and yeah, they are good quality media!)

I actually get 12X speeds with my 8X discs, but am getting 4X speeds with 16X discs! what a mess!

I have done my share of googling to figure out how to flash the firmware, but nothing seems to help - it's a little overly complicated for me! When I run the installer, it tells me that the device is not found. Argh!

does anyone have anything to offer that might help?

thanks in advance!

David in Athens, Ohio

A:Cannot flash my DVR-108 to 1.19 firmware!

Are you sure you're using the correct firmware? There are several flavors...

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I ran Win 8 Upgrade assistant, it said that "Secure Boot isn't compatible with your PC", -your PC's firmware doesn't support Secure Boot so you wont be able to use it in Win 8.

Is Secure Boot in 8 like Safe Mode in XP?

My PC info is up to date in the drop down on the left.

Upon upgrading I will be installing a Gigabyte GPU, Nvidia Geforce GT630, which is compatible with Win 8.

A new power supply will be upgraded also, Thermaltake TR2 430W

A:Win 8.1 firmware issue

Have a read through this article....

Secure Boot Overview

As far as your hardware...are you installing 2 GPU's? You say you're installing a Gigabyte GPU and a which is it? I would start with a minimum of a 500 watt PSU.

There are PSU calculators that will give you an idea of the size PSU you'll need based on the hardware you're installing.

eXtreme Power Supply Calculator

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O.K. when originally wanting to do an Upgrade to Windows 8 i used VM to check it out.When i decided after alot of research to do the upgrade i used Windows 8 upgrade assistant.The message i receved on compatibilty was only one problem.Your PC Firmware doesn't support secure boot so you won't be able to use it in Windows 8.Secure boot requires firmware that supports UEFI v2.3.1 Errata B and has the Microsoft Windows Certification Authority in the UEFI signature database.Sure anyone who has UEFI like me received this message using this upgrade assistant.Through many hour and days of research on internet and other forums nobody seems to know how i can update my firmware,neither ASUS could advise me or Microsoft.To me i figured it should be a BIOS update,but no new ones are available for my system.So since i had no answers i decided just to do an install of Windows 8 Pro 64 bit (clean install) works well,faster then Windows 7.So far i like it.Only clue i have at this point was a site i found.Knowing my BIOS is a American Megatrend  Not sure if this is an answer to be able to do a UEFI install of Windows 8 Pro again to get full use of secure boot,GPT Partitions,but this is closest clue i got.BIOS stuff and flashing it can always be risky,rendering the motherboard inoperable,causing major issues,that i do not want to do.If anyone knows anything on this and can help with it would be very much appreciated i am stumped on thi... Read more

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I have Aspire E 14. Last night, I saw I have 1 critical update for firmware v1.17. When I clicked the update button it just says "updating" It just goes on and is not stopping. I closed the portal and a window appears saying reflashing. I saw it did reflash up to 100%, but why won't the critical update notification disappear on Acer Care Center portal? I also checked update history and the firmware is not yet included. I tried it again the next morning, clicked the update button, but still, it just says updating and can go on until you close the portal.  Any solution? Did my Aspire really did reflash? It seemed nothing has changed. Thanks in advance!

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I am thinking of buying a Sony DW-Q30A-B2 DVD burner. I see it's for a good price and the reviews aren't bad. You only get the drive. But when I googled the model I didn't see any manual or firmware information.

I can get along without a manual, but since I don't see any firmware info on the model does that mean its firmware doesn't have to be updated?

Thank you for your time

A:Do All DVD Burners Need Firmware?

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Event Viewer has been reporting limited processor speed due to inferior firmware on all processors.

Running Win7-Ult and CPUs are 4x Intel i5 2.4's, got the laptop from Cyberpower PC; think it was manufactured by Asus.

Have to run, let me know what other information would be required.

Weak response trends on the boards here, but this forum was good to me in the past.

Thanks all. You're fantastic human beings.

A:[Firmware] Upgrade

See this article: Event 37: The speed of processor # in group # is being limited by system firmware

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I don't know much about firmware updates as I never had to do it but my DRW-2014L1Tburners are giving me some coasters in vista x64. Not 1 coaster under Nero 6 in xp pro.

I got the driver update listing in the sticky, went to the asus site to check on a firmware update for my burner's for x64 vista and there are 3 hopefully that will eliminate the coasters.

My question is: If I get the updates for the 64-bit vista will that interfere with those drives when I use xp pro ?


PS: I use swappable drives; switching between vista x64 and xp pro.
only keeping xp for gaming and Nero 6

A:cd/dvd firmware update ?

Originally Posted by kem

I don't know much about firmware updates as I never had to do it but my DRW-2014L1Tburners are giving me some coasters in vista x64. Not 1 coaster under Nero 6 in xp pro.

I got the driver update listing in the sticky, went to the asus site to check on a firmware update for my burner's for x64 vista and there are 3 hopefully that will eliminate the coasters.

My question is: If I get the updates for the 64-bit vista will that interfere with those drives when I use xp pro ?


PS: I use swappable drives; switching between vista x64 and xp pro.
only keeping xp for gaming and Nero 6

no the firmware should be backwards compatible

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hi everyone. I would like to know if i should update the firmware on my ssd. It is not brand new, maybe 3 yrs old. ocz technology. I have neve done this. So i need to know how to figure out exactyly what i have and if i even need to.

any help would be much appreciated

A:update firmware

I don't see any harm in updating firmware. But please identify the firmware that you would like to update and what exactly are your doubts about doing it.

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i've downloaded a firmware upgrade from the pioneer site, but when i run it, it says 'Available target is not found'.

Any ideas please.

Thanks for reading...

A:firmware upgrade

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A friend of mine with a laptop installed Firmware on her DVD-ROM drive, and tried to copy something, and now her whole computer is out of whack. It has trouble loading up, and it doesn't recognize her DVD-ROM drive. I tried doing an upgrade install, but that didn't help-the only other thing I can think of is to do a fresh install of Windows, but even that might not work. Otherwise, we'd have to send in the computer and have them remove the drive and install a new one (it's not removable, it's fixed). It's a Gateway computer running XP PRO

Any ideas on what to do? thanks

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I have a Netgear RP614 router. How can I determine which version of firmware I have so I can tell if I need to upgrade.

Thanks for any assistance.

A:Firmware Version

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Is there any hacked firmware that would help me increase the Xmit power of the ZyXel P-330W? I am trying to get the signal to reach my basement. No, I don't want to hear about using two routers and bridging connection between them or whatever, I just want to know how to increase the Xmit power of the ZyXel P-330W.

A:Hacked Firmware?

I don't know if this is possible, but it will definately shorten the lifespan of it and probably void the warranty.

How about using two routers and bridging connection between them



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Hi all,
I have an NEC ND-2510A firmware 2.15. I was looking to upgrade the firmware but there is always a warning at the download sites (such as NEC's own site and this one) that the firmware should not be used with OEM drives. Mine was sold as an OEM drive from an online store (Ebuyer) as a single item not as part of a system. Is it safe for me to perform an upgrade? As the drive was bought separately I don't see how an OEM PC supplier could have fiddled with the firmware previously. However I'm not an expert or I wouldn't be asking for help would I?

A:NEC 2510A firmware

Welcome to Techspot !
An OEM supplier normally just sell parts .A PC manufacturer ie Dell , who buy OEM parts often write their own Firmware to make them proprietary to their machines therefore the warning about updateing firmware on OEM parts.
You have to decide that the supplier has sent you a stock item direct from it's manufacturer. In which case you should have no problem updating.

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Hi all.

I have got a Linksys router (WAG354G) that has been playing up so I decided to upgrade the firmware. The problem is that when I go to select my router it has two firmware options.

I need to know what ďAnnex AĒ is about and also what version I should install. At the moment I'm using 1.01.03.

Any help appreciate.

A:Linksys firmware

I do not not know what “Annex A” is but it is for or WAG354G V1.0
Then there is a WAG354G V2.0.

So there only one firmware for your router. Your have to look at your router to see what version you have.

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Dear All,
I have a safecom dsl modem router and everything is working fine my son's laptop is connected to it (wireless) and I am thinking of upgrading the firmware is it advisable and what are the benefits if I do. One thing I have noticed is my old dsl mdem said I was connected at 2Mbps and since connecting the router it says I am now connected at 100Mbps but I cant really notice any difference, any info would be very gratefully received.


A:Firmware Upgrade

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I need a firmware to help boost the wireless power of my router. Antennas are NOT an option. I tried looking online but I couldn't find any that did that. Help please!?!?!

A:wgr614v5 firmware HELP!!!

What kind of router you have? It it is Linksys, there there is a good chance there is one for it.

Keep in mind, RF communications is a two way street. Just by adding power to router you may not solve your problem.

Immagine you and your freind are 1 mile apart, talking to each other via powered loudspeakers, one at each end. Now, you say I want to increase our talking range and I am going to make my speaker 4 times louder. Then you go 4 miles away. Your friend will be able to hear you. You will not be able to hear your freind. He is still on low power, suitable for only 1 mile range of communications. In this situation you have an UNBALLANCED set up which is in one direction adequate and in the other dirction it is NOT. Do you get my point?

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ok ive checked a bunch of sites and i wanna get my routers firmware to 3.43 so that it'll be primed for halo 3 tommorow. the problem is when i try to download i end up with a 505 error message saying: failed to change directory

Can anyone help?

A:DI-614+ firmware update

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Does anyone know where I can download (for free of course) a copy of Linksys Firmware version 1.50.8 for the Linksys router model WRT54GS v5?

Since a newer version of the firmware for the router is out, the Linksys website does not seem to have version 1.50.8 and I need that version for some of my other software.

Thanks in advance guys.

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I periodically check the website for my router to see if there are any new firmware updates. I checked it today and every time i try it says :
A New Version is Found. Do You Want to Upgrade to the New Version Now?

Firmware Version:
Current VersionV1.2.0.8 New VersionV1.2.3.7

I click Yes.
It then tells me that the update failed.
Any suggestions?

I am running an XP machine.
I have Verizon DSL.
I have a Westell model 2200 modem and a netgear wnr2000 router.

Any other information you need i will try my best to provide. Just ask.

A:Can't Update Firmware

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I am thinking of changing the firmware of my Linksys WRT54G router to the open source application of Tomato.

Has anyone done this?

Based on post at, the hack is supposed to give your router more features and allow you to tweak the router's settings.

Any thoughts?

A:WRT54G firmware

There are a number of 3rd party firmware packages for many Linksys models, one of the more popular ones is DD-WRT. I've heard good things about that one, I suspect Tomato is probably a similar thing, though I haven't looked into that particular package.

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So I have TP-Link MR3420 wireless router and Windows 7 and 8 in use.

First I replaced the router's original firmware with Open-WRT -firmware, but it did not support my 3g usb modem, so I tried DD-WRT, and then the problem begun: the router's web-ui worked only via my phone, but the I could ping the router, so that was not a big problem. Then I searched from internet how to install original firmware back to router via commands, and followed the instructions, it was all going very well, until there was a command something like ''delete linux'' and after that ''reboot''.

After that I could not connect to the router any way. I have tried pinging , but ''destination host unreachable'' and ''request timed out'' comes always. I have tried hard reset and set the computer's ip to static but no, nothing happens. All lights in the router are just blinking all the time.

TL;DR: My router has no any kind of firmware in it, and it does not aswer to ping. Is there any way make it working again?

Sorry for my bad english. Thanks in advance!

A:Router with no firmware, help!

Depending on your willingness, the link below explains what is needed to unbrick the router.

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After reading the thread by simonsiknasty about slower internet connection, I decided to upgrade the firmware on my TP-Link WR641G Router. I currently have v3 of the firmware and v4 was available on the official Site.

However, after several attempts I have been unsuccessful in upgrading it.
Here is the upgrade screen...

I click on the BROWSE button, select the latest firmware (wr641gv4-en-up.bin) and OKAY. It looks like it's trying to do something, but nothing ever happens! Tried this in both Firefox and IE8. In IE8 the progress bar moves slowly across to about a third of the way then stops.

Has anyone had any experience of this Router, as I'm stuck on this at the moment?

Any help would be appreciated.


A:TP-Link Firmware

My old router was a TP-Link. What a stupid choice I had made.
Well, this thing looks like it has the same firmware as my old router, only difference is I had no 11G, whatever that is. I updated its firmware only once. I didn't have this issue though... Try disabling any forwarded ports and turning off the wireless before the install. During the update does the router reset itself? Do the lights blink or anything? Does it show any indication of loading, processing etc. ?

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Got a BIN file for a firmware update from this site. Just wondering how I use this. Usually I get these BIN files for BIOS updates, but I never seen one as firmware. Do I need to boot this in a floppy?? Thanks/

A:BIN file for Firmware??? How do I use this??

Buy the way this firmware is for a dvd cdrom drive

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I recently bought a USB3.0 Expansion Card for my DC7800 CMT.  Even though I boot up from the Usual places (On board USB 2.0, CD, HD) I can't boot from the USB 3 card.  Is there a Setting like "Secure Boot" that I have to adjust, or is there an Option Rom I have to get, or is it something in MEBx I have to do to get this working?I have an Intel Core2Quad installed, and the full 8G of Ram, and I am using a ATI Radeon Expansion Video Card in the PCI-E 16x Slot. The Card in Question that I cannot boot from (but once booted from the other places, it works fine (I think as USB3?)) is a 5 Port USB 3.0 to PCI-E PCI Express Card Adapter w/ Motherboard 19/20 pin. I'm pretty sure its an InaTeck brand, but....there has to be a way for my Box to boot from an expansion card, all the same! Any hope...or Nope?   

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I have installed Open Wrt Bin file on my WR703N Mini portable wifi device. After that it doesn't broadcast WiFi Signals. But Through the LAN cable and using ftp i can connect the Flash memory. Please anyone can help me to Update to my Old Firmware version using FTP. I have my old firmware version's bin file. Pls help to me.

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How do I revert to a previous version of the Plextor firmware for the PX-W 12/10/32A CD-RW drive? I installed version 1.07, not knowing that it causes complications with CloneCD. I'd like to return to version 1.04, but when I try I get "Error sending firmware (4: 40: F5)"
I dualboot Win2000 and WinMe, and have tried it in both Oses (just to be sure Win2K wasn't blocking access) to no avail. PLEASE HELP!!

A:Plextor Firmware

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I just updated the firmware on my CDRW (Yamaha 4416S ver. 1.0j) and it can still read CD's but it seems to be having trouble burning CD's. Is it possible to revert back to an older firmware version? I'm not sure if upgrading the firmware would cause it to stop burning CD's correctly.

Thanks for any help.

A:CDRW firmware

Did you activate the "autoinsert notification" feature for this unit?
Right click in My PC, select Properties then in the Device tap select the CDRW and in Properties, check if this box is marked, if not, check it and reboot your machine. Anyway if you still have trouble, you can try this link: TEch support from Yamaha. Good luck.

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Is there any way to do a firmware downgrade on a Linksys BEFW11S4 Wireless Broadband router? Ever since I upgraded the firmware, I have been having all kinds of problems with my connections quitting. I have tried logging onto the router to downgrade to the original firmware but it fails every time. I am getting sick of unplugging the router and restarting the modem every time this happens. My connection to the internet won't even last a day before it quits! If it is not possible to downgrade is there ANY way to fix my problem without going out and buying a new router?

A:Router Firmware

There should be a reset button on the back of the router. This will reset everything to default so you'll need to reconfigure everything.



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I have the Netgear MR814 (v1) router, and it's not working like it used to. The IP Reservation interface has become messed up, so that now I can't use it... the port forwarding is messed up, too. Also, it won't allow my xbox to log on to xbox live, like it used to, unless I fiddle with the settings every time I use it.
I've got the latest firmware installed. I just went and checked to make sure.

My question is: Will reinstalling the firmware do anything? Also, are there any 3rd party firmwares out there for this router?

A:netgear firmware

My only suggesting would be to grab the manual for it and find out how to reset it completely. If nothing has changed then Firmware upgrades will not likely do anything.

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Hi------ I can tell what driver I have for my Plextor cd rom but how do I find out which firmware version is installed? Plextor has several new versions but I don't know where to start. Thanks Frank

A:firmware version

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if i were to get a d-link di-624 what version would i need to support any of these firmware upgrades: 2.25, 2.28, 2.42, 2.50, 2.70?

Will any of the new version (d) support xbox live even tho it is 4.?? because on the xbox website only lists these firmware updates and the new ones come with higher than that.

Also, the d-link website says that router can do 64bit wep, 128bit wep, wpa, or 802.1x or something, does that mean I can do either of those, or all at once? I just want to run it at 128 wep period. THANKS!

A:d-link di-624 firmware help

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i have an LG 4163B burner if i do a firmware upgrade will this reset the the number of times i can change the region code on the burner to factory spec 5 i think ? if not how do i reset?any help appreciated

A:firmware upgrade?

I found this don't know if it will work:

RPC2 firmware where the number of "User Changes" and "Region Setting" snap back to the pre-flashing settings every time you cycle the power on the drive.

This effectively gives you an infinite number of region changes, without all the software BS required by an RPC1 firmware. For more info try Google, or a search on

Region free firmware:

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Gidday, I wanted to see if I could get my Dell CD writer to burn at slower than the maximum 48x Speed. I was getting burn errors so wanted to try a much slowre speed like 1x -8x I tried everything and finally risked a firmware update from another company.. IBM..

I tried updating firmware on my CD Burner. It's a Dell one..made by LG and it's called (HL-DT-ST GCE-8483B) after reading recomendations to do so on a forum. Which I refer to here*

* And I Quote
Re: Changing write speeds - LG GCE-8483B and Nero


Originally Posted by HALO_JINX
i updated the firmware v1.03 for the CD-RW drive which was intended for IBM computers (I have a dell 8400) but works fine with my CD-RW drive (GCE-8483B ). instead of just 48x , i can burn @ 8,12,16,24,32,40 and 48x speeds now.

here is the webpage i found the driver @

Direct download @

Just stumbled on the same prob with the same drive on an old Dell client at the office, thanks for this drift, it worked beatifully!


The Problem is that the firmware was for an IBM GCE-8483B not a (Dell HL-DT-ST GCE-8483B) although the forum I refer too said it would work with the Dell one aswell. So I gave it a go

Next thing that happened was the firmware upgrade stoped half way ... Read more

A:Firmware Nightmare

try go to bios and untick stop on errors for all cept mouse keyboard
may be able to reload the firmware
I did upgrade for a plex needed to burn at higher speeds burn and usb issues same thing happened lost the cd writer got it back after lots of effort tried again locked up it now sits as paper weight

good luck

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I am running an old Vivastar RS-111 DVD-R burner and recently bought some blank DVD-R media which will not burn worth a squat. It seems that Vivastar is now out of buisness. Are there ony firmware updates out there which are compatible with this POC Vivastar?

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ACK!!!!! I give up. Cendynes firmware download page is impossible to navigate. i have no clue which is the one i need. DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO USE THEIR PAGE???????

A:CDRW Firmware

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Once again I have networking problems... they seem to never end. This time I believe it has to do with my firmware update. My networking was working fine before I updated it. But now that it is updated it does not seem to work; however, I look at my connectivity status and it says that I have a 80-90% connection on the second computer. My internet still runs perfectly fine through my router into my main computer, but the second computer is without lan connection. I've updated the drivers and reset the ip address. I have win2k on second computer and winXP on main. Linksys(BEFW11S4) Router and a Linksys(WMP11) Wireless Network Card.

A:Firmware Problems(Maybe)?


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