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Dell Inspiron 7537 powers off, unable to update BIOS

Q: Dell Inspiron 7537 powers off, unable to update BIOS

Hi Dell fans, just hoping for a bit of direction with this issue:
I have an inspiron 7535 laptop that has started powering off after about 30 minutes of use. no warning, no graceful shutdown, just straight to power-off. I've cleaned and serviced it, the normal dell heatsink paste was dry as a nuns hip flask, so that's been renewed and and it's cooling just fine, but i dont think that is the problem. Mainly because you can turn it straight back on and continue working for another period of time without any need for a cool-down.

My gut instinct is saying BIOS issues. It's currently at versions A05 31/Oct/2013 and the latest from the support is A13 Release date 15 Jun 2015 (Last Updated 02 Aug 2015) however i cannot get this to install.
If I install within windows (10 x64) it runs the extractor and flashed up a command window too fast to read the error. and I cannot find any logs it might create. the command line options dont do anything. every version does the same thing back to A06. I seem to see something about intel in the message but cannot really read it in full.
i've also tried booting off a freedos disk and trying all versions too. this extracts okay and gives error 8743: unknown or unsupported platform, cannot locate hardware platform identification this program cannot be run on the current plaform BIOS version too old please use the latest BIOS to flash.
Any ideas? either on the random power-offs, or on the BIOS update?
All the best,

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Windows 10 Anniversary update freezes at 75% on my Dell Inspiron 7537 (7000 Series) Laptop. Is there any work around for this problem?

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Windows 10 Anniversary update freezes at 75% on my Dell Inspiron 7537 (7000 Series) Laptop

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Since a few weeks ago, my microphone has only been working when tilting the screen forward. I saw a previous discussion ( ) where people have reported similar problems. Although my laptop was still under warranty when I reported the problem to Dell, they proceeded to sending me an onsite technician with a repair microphone part who said that he could not replace just the microphone because I had a touchscreen (you would think Dell would have checked to send the right part), then a refurbished new screen that did not work at all on my computer, and then refused to solve the problem by arguing that my system was no longer under warranty (which it was not by the time they finally sent the non working screen and I called back to ask for another one to be sent—it was all problems from their side). Wondering if anyone has had a similar problem and if they were able to fix it themselves, as now my microphone is not working at all, not even when I tilt the screen.

I have also noticed the same problem for the touch screen. It only works when the screen is tilted forward, and I am afraid that, like the microphone, it will reach a point of no return. It seems to me that there is some faulty wiring from the screen components into the base. Any help would be much appreciated!

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I have been using this laptop without any issues. Yesteday I used the laptop and then properly shut it down. When I came back to use it, I could not power it on
Though when I plugged in the power cord, the front battery status light works, but when I press the power button it does not  start the laptop.
I have tried to remove the battery and unplug the the power cord, pressed the power button for over 2 minutes, then pluggedin the power cord again but didn't work. Please help if you know of a solution that might work

A:Dell Inspiron 7537 not switching on

Were there any bluescreens / system crashes? Was the system overheating? Do you see the power led come on for a second or two when you press the power button? Do you have another power adapter that you could test with? Does the light on the power adapter stay on and stable when connected to the system? Do you see any other leds come on?
Download the service manual - and reseat the memory modules / HDD and check if it powers on.
If the power come on and there is no display, then try fn + power button to turn on the system to run diags - the exact # of beeps would help isolate the source of the issue.
If the system is under warranty, write me a private conversation with the service tag and your contact details(Name and Email). If there is no warranty, If there is no warranty, then you could contact our team to get a quote for a paid service call -
Let us know if you have any other queries.

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I've just done a clean install of W10 on my Dell Inspiron 7537 laptop. I turned off the laptop last night when the battery was about half discharged.

I tried turning on the laptop today after it had been off 18 hours and it was completely dead - there was no response to the power on button and no charging light despite the charger outputting the correct voltage.

I read online about removing the battery so I did this. I removed the battery, pressed the power button for 60s then plugged in the power lead and hey presto the laptop started! I then put the battery back in and started W10 fine. The battery showed 56% charge so the battery wasn't flat.

I'm mystified why this happened - does anyone have an explanation? I can only think there was a poor battery connection which prevented the laptop starting and removing and replacing the battery cured this.

A:Dell Inspiron 7537 Won't Power On?

Does anyone know why my laptop would refuse to power on in post 1? Could it be caused by a software problem connected with the sleep state or simply a case of a poor battery connection?

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I am a bit of a tech head, and urged my wife to wait until the "good" touch screen haswell laptops came out.  I even wrote some glowing reviews of Dell's inspiron 15 7537 after I received it ([])

Unfortunately, just a few weeks out of warranty, the trusty laptop has stopped powering up.  
The symptoms: laptop will not power up.  Things I have tried:

Making sure the power cable was plugged in (LED is on the power ring on the plug itself)
Making sure the PC recognizes the power cable and the power adapter isn't loose (power ring brightens when plugged in)
Trying different outlets, including several direct to wall outlets
Removing battery and trying to power up with just power cable
Removing battery and AC adapter, holding power for 3+ minutes to "clear static charge" as recommended by some self-help websites
Doing above and then plugging power cable in
One ram chip at a time
No ram

Unfortunately nothing works.  Fans don't turn on, lights don't turn on, display doesn't turn on, no noises or beeps.  Other than the power ring on the plug getting brighter when I plug it in, there is no indication that the device is receiving any power.  
I'm pretty bummed and hope there is a solution and/or that Dell can help make things right.  The build quality of the device is so high and my wife has been very satisfied and I hope that she can get more than a year of... Read more

A:Dell Inspiron 15 7537 won't turn on

I have had the same problem.  This computer has been horrible for this.  I have replaced the motherboard and sent it out to depot for repair.  It still does this.  I have to remove the back cover and pull the battery then put the battery back in and then it will work for a while then I will have to do it again.  I have been very disappointed with this laptop.  We use Dells at work and I have never had this problem until this computer.  I have been disappointed in Dell helping me with the issue.  They tell me that nothing is wrong with the computer but It has been a pain with this issue.

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Today morning I was about to turn on the laptop, so I was opening the lid, I heard a minor cracking sound. I checked the rear side - the right hinge made the sound and a gap can be seen between bottom plastic base and upper metal body (palm rest) near the right hinge.Here is the image of it.
Also check the left side, to differentiate.

I think it's starting to show the initial signs of hinge issue.I talked with dell tech. After looking at this pictures they are saying the laptop is 2yr old, it's normal wear and tear and they are not going to cover under warranty (I have warranty with accidental coverage).Does it say that after 2 yr of use the hinge is going to break. How on earth it can be a normal wear and tear. Even a layman who uses laptop can understand it's something not usual. And another thing I handle the laptop with utmost care, I always try not to open/close the lid frequently - may be twice or thrice a week. So it's definitely not normal wear & tear.After reading these discussions is no doubt that it's manufacturing defect and result of using poor standard material, in spite of the fact the price dell took was premium for this laptop.It was 81000 INR in Feb 2014, i.e, around 1310 USD.I think dell must be dragged to court for such ma... Read more

A:Dell Inspiron 7537 - Hinge issue

Well, after little long conversation with dell support, they agreed to fix the issue.The support tech send all the required parts for hinge related issue.The visiting tech opened the laptop and it was the screw base molds in the palm rest assembly which were broken.Initially I was little stunned to see inside the aluminium shell it's all black "cheap" plastic. Pathetic.If this material cannot sustain careful handling, like I do, how it can sustain normal [email protected]: I don't understand why dell keep using inferior design for critical mount points, like in my case, the screw bases for hinge and bottom base holding screw points. We are paying premium price, we expect premium material in return.

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There is more than one Graphics Driver (three for Intel integrated and two for NVIDIA dedicated) listed for my service tag on the Dell support page. 
Which one do I install?  The latest?  All of them?  If all of them, what order (oldest to newest)?
I assume I need to uninstall the one that Windows 10 automatically installed? 
This is confusing at best.

A:Graphics Drivers for Dell Inspiron 15 7537

At the Dell Drivers Downloads page for your computer is an option that reads:
Enter your Service Tag or Express Service Code to view your original configuration. Or detect your product to view both configurations.
Once you add your tag or choose to analyze your computer you will be presented with the hardware information for your computer. You can then install the correct drivers.
Inspiron 7537 Drivers, Downloads and Manuals

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I was normally closing my laptop lid but the right hinge part was separated from the back panel and i can see that the screw which was fitted with the hinge to the back panel was came off and it was broken. I have highlighted this in my attachments.
I was immediately rushed to the dell authorized service center but the guy was saying that the entire lid which comes as a single unit( includes entire display, hinge and everything) to be replaced. I was not so convinced because the problem is only with the back panel (white one) because the screw was separated from the plastic part. 
I called the customer care but they are very rude and was not giving proper answer. They said whatever the support guys at the authorized service center says is to be done and they are asking me to know which part to be replaced!!
That is strange. Can anyone please help me whether is it really required to replace entire lid or just the upper panel?

Thank you.

A:dell inspiron 15 7537 LCD Panel broken

Is it a touchscreen or a non - touchscreen. 
If its a touchscreen then the entire LCD needs to be replaced. If its non-touchscreen then only the panel is required.

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Hi I've been having this random issue which I I'm not sure where it originates from.I own a Dell Inspiron  7537 .Recently it started freezing when left inactive, and rarely while in use.I also noticed it freezes and if left alone turns itself off after activating Dell SupportAssist.Based on a previous post I tried opening LogGrabber.exe , but the same thing happened.I ran diagnostics and so forth (safe boot and windows) everything should be fine.There is also a catch. After the freeze (and then me force shutting it down through the button) the clock goes 1 hour forward, sometimes 2 hours.At the start of all of this I thought the clock messes up and puts itself 1 hour forward, but when unsuccessful mases my system freeze.Any ideas?

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I have a Dell laptop inspiron 7537 15 normally used with windows 8 until the hard disk is spoiling you remove the hard drive review board completely removing the BIOS battery and doing housekeeping but I went to turn message :
This computer has been disabled using intel (r ) anti -theft technology due to : platform attack detected
Let me enter or the BIOS asks me server recovery password or token but never use mcafee nor anything like that was activated before the cleaning work diskless pc to enter the BIOS but now nothing . (sorry mi inglish is bad u.u)

A:HELP anti theft dell inspiron 15 7537

Hi ozvpipo It seems that you'll have to contact the technical support in order to get the laptop unlocked (via a master password, or unique password for that specific laptop). You'll most likely need a receipt as a proof of purchase. For more information, you can read McAfee FAQ here:

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I have recently updated drivers from dell official site, since then my laptop is not shutting down properly.After shutting down, to turn on laptop i have to press button for 10 seconds(to force restart). Same way to recover from SLEEP mode i have to force restart laptop. I have 4 Dell Inspiron 7537 model laptops, and in all i am facing off same issue of shutdown. I have also checked on dell forum there are so many people, that are facing same issue. It would be great help, if you can suggest any solution.


A:DELL INSPIRON 7537 not shutting down properly...

Howdy and welcome. What is the OS?

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I have a huge problem. (Sorry for my english) The day befoe yesterday I had a Dell Update shown up on my taskbar, I approved it, it ran, and after that I could not turn my laptop on.
When I try to start it shows me the dell boot screen and it freezes at the login screen OR at desktop OR already at a blank screen before login.
I tried everything, I cannot get to the recovery screen, because somehow Windows thinks that it will boot, and doesn't offer me the recovery option. I didn't made a recovery disk, I have no optical drive, and I had no spare USB drives when I bought the laptop, after that I have forgotten.
I tried to make a bootable Windows 8.1 installation kit on USB, I manage to start it in UEFI mode, System restore cannot succeed, because it cannot access the Windows installation. Auto repair will also not work.
In command prompt I tried to rebuild the boot record, it cannot find any Windows installation (Total identified Windows installations: 0)
I tried to remove C:\Boot\bcd after a tutorial, it says, Path not found - C:\Boot
"bcdboot c:\windows (file:///c:/windows) /s c:" will also not work, it just doesn't recognize the command.
I started a bootable USB with partitioning software. It finds all my drives and all my volumes. OS partition seems to be all right. I wanted to rebuild MBR with the partitioning software, but it can rebuild only MBR and no GPT. At this point I am not sure if I may do it, i want to keep the bootloader in GPT.
I would be able to save some dat... Read more

A:Windows 8.1 freeze on startup - Dell Inspiron 15 (7537)

Do you recall what the Dell Update was?
Have you changed settings in the BIOS previously.
Some systems will refuse to boot if Secure Boot is changed from on to off or from off to on.  This may happen if you updated the UEFI and reset the Secure Boot to default.
This doesn't sound like the problem that I described (the boot stops earlier), but I bring it up in hope that it might cause you to remember something.
If you can't run Automatic Repair and can't boot into Windows, your options are limited.
Are you able to access the menu to do a Refresh of the system?
Are you able to see the files in the partition that Windows is installed on?
If so, it's advisable to back these up immediately (at least the Users folder) in order to save your data.

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Hi dear,

I had Dell Core i7 Inspiron 15 7000 7537 for last 2 years and it was working perfectly fine. Recently about a month ago I upgraded my windows from 8.1 to 10 and it was working fine. Since yesterday it went into an error and got stuck on blue screen of death. When i restarted it started showing me blank blue screen so I have to restart multiple times and some times it was taking me to windows but most of the times was getting stuck on blue blank screen.
So I thought may be a restore will work but when i tried restoring to previous windows now when it starts it gets stuck on Dell bootup screen and keeps on saying Welcome and loading image and then restarts and keeps on getting restart for ever.
I have checked System Assessment and it shows no errors found. I tried to boot from USB but no luck and still stuck on restarting.
Now I believe my previous windows has been removed and i can't install other windows at all.
Please help me.

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hi guys wish you all a great new year.

im facing a very annoying issue with my laptop, some keys are not working, the left **** and the windows key I just don't know whats happening.

can someone please help mw with that.

thanks in advance.

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Dear Sir,
I have upgrade my laptop to Windows 10 its running smooth after a USB install  I have all the necessary system drivers installed and everything is running perfectly, but the issue is wifi not working and still on airplane mode wifi buttons fn and every thing i check but wifi not working and still no response from pressing wifi button and the second issue is the battery when its plug the power it charging but when i open my laptop next  day its totally drain and no power on if untill i plug the charger to on it.
Kindly help out me regarding the above issues.

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Dear Sir,
I have upgrade my laptop to Windows 10 its running smooth after a USB install  I have all the necessary system drivers installed and everything is running perfectly, but the issue is wifi not working and still on airplane mode wifi buttons fn and every thing i check but wifi not working and still no response from pressing wifi button and the second issue is the battery when its plug the power it charging but when i open my laptop next  day its totally drain and no power on if untill i plug the charger to on it.
Kindly help out me regarding the above issues.

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Hi I was installing Windows 10 home on Dell Inspiron 15r 7000 7537 it got to around 80%, I looked down at my phone, looked up and then it was just a black screen...
I left it for around 3 hours and it hasn't progressed at all, its not responsive, there's no mouse cursur on screen and it doesn't respond to anything...
Any tips? I've downloaded windows 10 onto a USB incase it can help.
At the moment it seems pretty bricked...

A:Dell Inspiron 15r 7000 7537 Windows 10 install failed? (got to around 80% and now stuck on black screen)

After about another hour I was advised by someone to force power off as Dell laptops apparently sometimes hang during installation forever and Win 10 can retrieve installations.It booted past the Dell logo and said "Retrieving installation" and back to black screen...
I tried again and it just gave up and retrieved the Windows 8.1 installation that it backed up.
May try again later.

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So after installing Windows 10 I decided to update my drivers and one of them was the "BIOS Update" after a while the update stopped at "sending the update image to FW for verification" and it's stuck on 3%. I'm not a computer wizard so your help is appreciated. Also if you're wondering , I'm using the Dell Inspiron 3847.

A:Dell Inspiron BIOS Update

Bios updates require special installation and must be done alone. It cannot be done with other drivers. Bios updates should be done before updating to win 10 not after. Use caution updating bios since it can brick your computer. 
You should not be updating the drivers yourself. Go to Dell Drivers and downloads and let the scanner tell you what windows 10 drivers you need-- 
Completely Shutdown the computer to get out of the hangup. Wait a minute and then turn it back on.

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Hello,There's a bios update that has just been released for my laptop, i'm trying to install it but i get this error message : There isn't any ROM file in this directorythe bios version is A09the current one is A08So shall i install it throught USB flash or what shall i do exactly?thanks in advance

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i am having a battery problem so i am wanting to update my BIOS to troubleshoot it.
My current BIOS version is A05 (3-jan-13).  I want to update it to A14.
But i am getting ther error message 'allocate memory for security flash fail!'
The drive where windows is installed has only 5GB of free space.
Could it be becausr of this?

A:Dell Inspiron 15R 5521 BIOS update error.

No -- 5G is more than enough free space for a BIOS flash.  Is the system failing to recognize the AC adapter (F2 at powerup to check)?
If it is, the BIOS won't flash - this is a hardware problem a BIOS update won't fix -- either the adapter, the DC jack or the mainboard is bad.

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OS: Windows 8.1 64-bit.
I am having battery problems.
I currently have BIOS version A05 (3-jan-13).
I have downloaded the update A14 but when i am installing it,
It gives error message 'allocate memory for security flash failed!'.
My drive where windows is installed i have only 4.7GB of free space.  Could it be because of this?

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Model: Dell Inspiron 530
Processor: 2.53 Ghz Intel Core Duo
OS: Windows Vista 32-bit Home Premium Service Pack 1
BIOS: 1.0.15

Hello Tech Guys,
Our office bought several computers over the past few days and I've been given the responsibility of setting them up. I AM NOT A COMUTER TECHNICIAN!

Everything was going fine until I tried to update the BIOS on one of the machines.

I had updated the BIOs on other machines with no problems - this time the BIOS update has frozen at 13%.

Please let me know what I can do to safely power down the computer and reboot/retry updating the BIOS.

Any help would be much appreciated.


A:Solved: Dell Inspiron 530 FROZEN during BIOS Update

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Hi,I was performing a BIOS update on Dell Inspiron N5110 to Latest bios version,  when the laptop became inactive plus the fan started to run at full speed. i could not even switch off the machine by pressing the power button. At the end i had to pull out AC cord and battery.Now its dead(No activity at all). how can i restore bios???
dell inspiron N5110
service tag: <Admin Note: removed per privacy policy~RK>

A:dell inspiron n5110 bios update failure

Solution fo recovery bios Dell N51101. Download the latest firmware from the Dell support2. Save the exe and create a shortcut with the following parameter: " /writehdrfile"3. Start the created shortcut and it will create a n5110a11.hdr file rename the file to N5110.hdr4. Create a shortcut exe file with the following parameter: " /writeromfile"5. Start the created shortcut and it will create a n5110a11.rom file rename the file to DQ15A11.rom6. Copy both file "N5110.hdr" and "DQ15A11.rom" to a FAT formatted pendrive's root folder7. Remove the charger and Battery from the laptop8. Plug In the pendrive9. Press & hold END10. Connect the charger (still hold END)11. The notebook starts automatically and shows the recovery screen12. Press enter and wait until finish the flashing13. Press esc to restart14. Hopefully problem solved

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So as it says in the title i have a 4 years old Inspiron 7720, and for the larger portion of that period of time it worked like a charm.
However lately it started doing some quirky things.
About two weeks ago my GPU (GeForce GT 650M) just disappeared from my Device Manager. I tried updating my GPU drivers, updating Windows (10) but it didn't seem to change anything. So i did some digging and found this:
Apparently I'm not the only one who encounterd this problem and there is a solution.HOWEVER, whenever I try to flash my BIOS an error pops up which reads: "ERROR 105 - Command line error! Status = 105."
I searched and found more users that experienced this problem, but the only solution I managed to find was reinstalling the OS, which is quite a drastic measure.
Is there any other way to fix this error?Thank you

A:Dell Inspiron 7720 GPU not showing AND BIOS update Error 105

It appears your BIOS may need to be updated.  What is the current version you're using? You should update them in order without skipping to the highest first.  Here's some information that may be helpful.

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Hi everybody, and thank you in advance for the help.
I explain the problem: after the update of the BIOS to the version 1.2.2, the laptop rebooted and showed the following message:

Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller Series v1.36 (11/26/14)
PXE-E61: Media test failure, check cable
No Boot Device Found. Press any key to reboot the machine

I used ePSA diagnostic and the tests were all OK, then I tried to restore the default settings in the BIOS, but nothing changed.
Has somebody any advice to solve the problem??

Thank you again,

A:PXE-E61: media test failure after BIOS update on Dell Inspiron 5759

Here're two threads that might be helpful to you:
Posted by Buckly53e - Boot not possible after BIOS update:
Posted by MUSTARD647 -Dell Inspiron 5459/5559/5759 BIOS Update Error - WILL NOT REBOOT

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I recently experienced a permanent battery failure on my Dell Inspiron 5548 laptop, and it can now only work while plugged in. The advice I found after perusing online would be to update BIOS. I've gone to Dell Support, had the site detect my Service TAG, and downloaded the manual BIOS update file(s). However, when I try to click on the new program, it brings me to this thing called "Insyde", which A.) asks for an ID and version and B.) won't work at all anyways since it says my battery needs to be at at least 10% for BIOS to be flashed. Now, I can't charge my computer at all since the battery is fried, since I'm basically running on electricity.
Not only am I unsure if a BIOS update will even fix my battery failure issue, but I can't even test it.
My Version: 10.0.14393 Build 14393

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Resolution: Dell Inspiron 5459/5559/5759 BIOS Update - Will not boot after update
"No boot drive found", "PXE... Media test failure"
If you updated from 1.0.x to 1.1.5 (or other) and find yourself scratching your head in a panic that your system won't boot up, reboot and press and hold the F2 key when you see the Dell logo (shortly after restart). When the bios settings page opens, click restore settings to default, save, and then exit. Your system should boot to windows now :-)
If you don't care about default Keyboard LED brightness or Fn Lock key default status, disregard the following:
After your system restarts into windows, restart and repeat to enter bios. There are some minor settings that change -- They are minor and don't affect performance.  Under System Configuration, Keyboard brightness changes from dim to bright. Under Post Boot, Fn lock key changes to unlocked.
Have a nice day. Hopefully if you're reading this you already figured that out on your own.

A:Dell Inspiron 5459/5559/5759 BIOS Update Error - WILL NOT REBOOT

I am facing the exact issue for my 5559 laptop after updating bios from Dell update site. 
It had 1.1.5 if i remember correctly, and update was for 1.1.6 using Inspiron_5459_1.1.6.exe 
Only problem, reset to default settings does not solve it for me. Its still the same PXE E61 Media test failure and NO Bot device found error. 
Is there a way to boot from usb and flash it to original version ? 

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My newly bought laptop has various issues including:
1. Not waking from sleep mode
2. Unable to adjust brightness
3. BSOD on Windows 8.1 x64
All latest drivers and Windows updates have been installed. The BIOS file <<;> was downloaded from:
Please refer to the attached screenshots of the error.

A:VARIOUS Problems - Unable to Update BIOS on Inspiron 15 - 3542 - Dummy Model Error

Have there been any resolution of this problem? I downloaded all the availiable BIOSes for my Inspiron 3543 and I allways get the same error (DummyModel) when trying to update it. I've been trying to locate the source of some issues and the BIOS is the last thing to be updated! My PC is still on A01.

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My dell laptop is having some issues. It was overheating and I cleaned out the heatsink and around the vents but it continued to overheat so I disassembled the laptop to get to the cooling fan and it was full of dust so I cleaned it out and reassembled the laptop. I made sure everything was hooked back up just like it was. Now if I try to power it on using only the battery the front light lights up for about 2 seconds and the fan kicks on but it immediately shuts off. If I plug in the charger it continuously lights up and the fan runs and in 2 seconds shuts off but then immediately lights up and the fan starts again and then shuts off. It is caught in this loop. I have tried everything that I could think of including removing everything and holding the power button down for 30 seconds. Now I am stumped and was hoping that someone out there knows exactly what is going on. Thank you in advance.

A:Dell inspiron 1545 powers off and on continuously

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OK guys, put on your thinking cap. I have a customers Dell Inspiron 1100 notebook that had a hard drive failure. After replacing with a new hard drive and then installing Win XP Home SP1, the machine powers itself off with about 5 minutes remaining in the Finalizing process. It will do this consistently as I have been through the process about 6 or 7 times now. As a test, I wanted to see if the same thing would happen with a different OS so I installed W2K Pro and that installation completed perfectly. I then started thinking of what the finalizing process is actually doing and thought that it must be a driver causing the problem but why a power down instead of a reboot? My next steps are 1) using the customers original re-install CD provided by Dell and if that doesn't work then using a CD that includes SP2. If neither work then I am at a loss. I have seen this very thing happen before on a Dell Lattitude C600 when installing XP Pro but can't for the life of me remember the actual fix. Any thoughts or ideas will be greatly appreciated.

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So I have this Dell Mini Inspiron 1018 not in correct working condition. As stated in title:
-Powers on.
-No monitor, completely blank.
-Not hearing any kind of beeping.

Any ideas on a solution?

A:Dell Mini Inspiron 1018: Powers On - Blank Screen - No Beeps

Sounds like a display issue, such as a bad LCD or connector.
Try plugging it into a monitor to rule out the possibility of a bad video card.

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Initially the fan was running on even after i turned the laptop off so i manually switched it off and then when i turned on the PC, the second light from the left comes on and i can hear the fan start but then within 2 sec the fan stops running and the light goes as well.. Tried the basic methods but with no luck. Can someone please help me here. Already spent a lot of money on this laptop and still getting problems on a daily basis.

Much thanks,

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Hello , I have a Dell Inspiron 530 running Windows Vista Home. I am trying to access the system BIOS and it has a red password log in screen. I tried to guess and enter several log in passwords including  the word DELL and none of them worked. I didn't want to enter too many wrong passwords because I didn't know if the system would lock me out. Can anyone help me by pass the BIOS log in password or some how disable it ? Thank You in advance.

A:Dell Inspiron 530 BIOS is locked with password requesting help to unlock BIOS

Thank you for writing to Dell Community Forum.
Request you to contact Dell team for the BIOS password either via DellTechCenter in Facebook or @DellCaresPRO on Twitter and they will be able to provide you a BIOS password once the ownership of the system is confirmed.
Do reach back for any query.
Regards,DELL-Akshatha MSocial Media and Community Professional#IWork4Dell

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The fan of my Inspiron 7537 is not spinning anymore. Suddenly it stopped, while it was at the maximum since 5 minutes because of the usage of Nvidia GPU for a game. The Diagnostic tool of the bootloader report a problem with the fan.
What could be the problem?

A:Inspiron 7537 - Fan not spinning

Hi Cerrigno
Thanks for writing to us.
When did the issue start? Could you please provide us the error message which you got during diagnostics.
Also you can update the BIOS from tag# --submit--drivers and downloads--select operating system --scroll down and update the bios (If not yet done).
Also update the video drivers.
Post updating observe for any promising changes.
If still the same, then the parts needs to be replaced.
Provide us your system tag#, name and  email via private message,by clicking on my name in blue
and then select send a private message for records purpose.

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Hey there!
So, I know the standard answer is remove the battery and such, but bare with me here.
My Dell Inspiron 15-7537 has had a broken hinge (left side) for .. I don't know, a long time. I finally decided to replace it. I had to order an entire new back cover for the laptop as the hinges are fused into it, or at least the female threading for the hinges is.
I began dismantling my 7537 and found out I had to take a bit more apart than I had thought, I had to take off the bottom case and unhook a couple wires to switch over. It didn't turn out to be too complicated, just more than I had anticipated. While putting it all back together, I routed the wires where I could best remember them being. Don't worry, I plugged everything into the correct spot, I just didn't know the exact location of where every single wire was supposed to lay. I tried my best, but there were a couple wires that didn't seem to lay quite right seeing as that I couldn't get the hinge cover to click all the way into place.
Nonetheless, I used it for a couple days until I had a day off from work and then decided to take it back apart and re-route the wires so it all closed up properly. This is where it all went wrong. Ha.
Keep in mind, to do the work thus far, I had to disconnect a few things that I'll list out to help you understand exactly what might have happened. I had to disconnect the battery, hard drive, wifi card, 2 wires (one black, one white) that were attached to the ... Read more

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Hi my Inspiron 7537 do not start. No leds no sounds, nothing. Thanks for the supporting!

A:Inspiron 7537 do not start

I'd suggest you disconnect the AC adapter from system. Remove Battery, and then press "Power On" button for 15 seconds to discharge Static Flea Power. Replace battery, AC adapter, and then power on system. Hopefully your computer starts normally. For further assistance, you can click on link below, hopefully it will be of help.
Dell Knowledge base / Computer Does not Turn on or go Into Windows:

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I have the Dell Inspiron 518 desktop with 64 bit Vista, and attempted to update the BIOS to version 1.0.7 last evening.  I closed all open programs, disabled anti-virus, and ran the BIOS update as administrator.  The update began and asked if I would like to update from version 1.0.5 to 1.0.7, and I clicked on the update button.  The BIOS flash began by deleting the previous BIOS and then attempted to install the new 1.0.7 BIOS but produced an error message similar to "error writing BIOS to block," an the only option was to cancel the update.  I knew I did not have any BIOS installed at that point, but my computer was still operating so I made an additional attempt to re-download the 1.0.7 BIOS and re-install it.  No good, it would not even run now.  There was no turning back and no way to reinstall either the previous BIOS or the new one.  Eventually I tried to restart the computer, and it would not start. 
Dell is sending a tech next week to replace the motherboard on this otherwise great computer that is only about two months old.
DO NOT upgrade the BIOS on a Inspiron 518 with 64 Bit Vista to version 1.0.7.  The upgrade does not work and will kill your motherboard.

A:Dell Inspiron 518 BIOS v1.0.7 64 Bit Vista DO NOT UPGRADE BIOS

No it happened to me too.  Dell is replacing the motherboard under warranty but I was told somewhat firmly not to update the BIOS unless advised by a technican.  In my defense the BIOS update was listed as "recommended" under the download section for this unit on the Dell support website.
I would recommend to avoid two phone calls (over 40 minutes each) to tech support and several days waiting for a new motherboard, not to update the BIOS at this time.
Thankfully it is being covered under warranty.

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On the bottom of my laptop, I'm missing a screw. I can't find any information on what size screw it is and I don't want to buy a pack of screws that claim they fit the laptop without knowing exactly what I'm missing.
If I'm using my laptop, It's the screw that is on the bottom in the top right hand corner. All the way at the top where the two halves come together.
The bottom isn't secure and it makes this clicking noise whenever I adjust the screen so I'd really appreciate some help. 

A:Inspiron 7537 Missing Screw

They're M2.5 by 5 mm screws.

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I am currently receiving the - Your battery is temporarily disabled error message

Having googled this it would appear to be resolvable by updating the bios

However the battery is currently below 10% so the system won't let me update the bios, it have tried using /forceit from cmd (opened as admin) however this doesn't change anything.

Is there any solution?

A:Inspiron 7537 - Battery Not Charging


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Hello I have owned my Inspiron 7537 for a while now and I have just recently began having problems with my AC adapter, and then it proceeds to throttle my performance. When I use my adapter on my own laptop I get the error message "plugged in, not charging" and performance isn't choked off. However when I use this adapter on another dell laptop i do not get this error message. This just started today by the way.
I have tried multiple times to fix this, from updating my bios, to taking out the battery and putting it back in, etc. I'm starting to worry that this might be a problem with my motherboard and the power regulation on that.
I would appreciate a rapid response as this is both my school and work machine, and I can't complete my work without it 

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Recently I have to reset (Wipe everything) my 7537 which has Windows 10 and Debian (dual boot), however, I don't know the key of the Windows 8 originally for the laptop.
After reading few posts in Dell Support, it said the key should be injected into the BIOS already but when I use a Windows 8 disk to boot and install, it asked for the key every time. And currently my warranty has expired. What can I do?

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My Inspiron 7537 takes between :45 seconds to a minute to wake up from sleep. I've updated all drivers and BIOS. Is this a known issue? Any known fixes? Happened with Windows 8.1, and continues with Windows 10.
Please advise,

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I have an Inspiron 7537 that beeps 5 times at boot up. I believe this means that I need to replace the CMOS battery. I'd like to purchase the battery before I take the machine apart, but I cannot find any specification that says what battery to use. Can anyone help with this?
Haole Boy

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Hi I have an inspiron 15-7537 running windows 10, and have been getting really intermittent network problems, basically. the adapter shows the cable is unplugged, and I have to disable it and re-enable it.
I've tried driver updates but the latest one for this is from 2015, I've also gotten so sick of it I just formatted and I'm getting the same problem.
has anyone ever come across anything similar?
it's pretty weird

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I have Windows 10 working fine on my Inspiron 7537 laptop. Windows 10 Forum mentions TPM 2.0 is needed from end July - see
Will my laptop run Windows 100 after the next major upgrade due at the end of July?

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Approximately 50-75% of the time I try to completely shut down my laptop (Dell Inspiron 15 7537), it will fail to completely shut down.  The screen will turn off and the computer will be completely unresponsive to input on the keyboard/trackpad, but the backlight on the keys will remain on and I can hear the fan running inside the laptop.  The laptop will remain warm to the touch for hours if left in this state.  The only way to complete the shutdown process at this point is to hold down the power button for 5 seconds until the laptop fully shuts down.

This was not an issue in Windows 8/8.1, but only started happening after I upgraded to Windows 10.  This has led to some frustrating situations where I walked away from the laptop thinking it was shut down, only to come back later to find out that the battery was completely drained.  How do I solve this?  Thanks.

A:Inspiron 15 7537 Won't Shut Down Completely In Windows 10

Hi, I am having the exact same issue as this, only since updating to Windows 10.
I also have the Dell Inspiron 7537.

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My 7537 Inspiron touch screen is not working after the upgrade to Windows 10.
In device manager a USB device shows as unknown (yellow warning triangle), otherwise there are no indications to the source of the problem.  There is no other touch screen device showing in device manager. There do not appear to be any touch screen drivers on the Dell website.
Suggestions please ?

A:Inspiron 7537 touch screen not working with windows 10

You can click the link below to download the touchpad driver for this system. The drivers shows it is for 32 bit but will work with Windows 10 64 bit.
Dell TouchPad Driver

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After about 3 failed attempts to upgrade to windows 10 from 8.1 i inadvertently clicked on that annoying prompt to try again, and it completed the upgrade this time.
Everything is fine with it, except the Wifi and ethernet keeps dropping. If i do the troubleshoot repair or disable/enable my ethernet adapter then it works again for a few minutes before dropping again.
I have installed every upgrade recommended by the Dell website but it still persists. I have the Inspiron 7537
Can anyone recommended any steps to fix it?

A:Ethernet/Wifi keeps dropping since upgrading to windows 10 on Inspiron 7537

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Hi, I have Inspiron laptop 15 7000 series (7537) laptop and some of the keys are not working. When I press them to type..the letters are not typing . Not sure the exact reason. Can you please help in fixing it

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ok.. i purchased a laptop from a pawn shop..and for some odd reason i got the admin password needed in order to get to windows. any suggestions on what i should do to fix it?

A:dell inspiron bios pw

You got yourself a stolen laptop..

A Dell service contractor can remove the password but they probably require you to prove that you obtained that thing in a legit way.

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hi, i am lost on how to by-pass my dell bios, i have erased all my hard drive as i was going to set up for grand kids- in the process i locked myself out

have tried about everything i can find

any help thanks in advance

A:Dell inspiron 9100 bios

read the FAQs in the mobile computing forum

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Hello everyone. I have DELL INSPIRON N5010. I was using windows 7 home basic 32 bit os. I wanted to change it to windows 7 ultimate. So I have inserted windows 7 Installation disk into CD drive. Then I went to through the installation and I chose the Custom as the installation type.When the partition page appeared, I have formatted all the disks including C which contains windows files. Then I got 298 GB unallocated space. Then I split them in to 4 partitions. Then I have selected one partition to install the windows. Then installation started .
Copying windows files succeeded.
Expanding Windows files(0%) is still be like that for 20 minutes. Then I got the error message like,
windows cannot install required files. error code 0x80070017
And I thought it would be the installation disk problem. But it works fine in other systems.
I tried several disks. No use. Also I got another problem.
when system boots I tried to enter into BIOS using F2 and F12 which was mentioned in screen. But it did not enter into the BIOS, Instead it goes to the installation.
I do not know what to do. Help me to get rid of this.

Thanks in advance.

A:BIOS not working in DELL INSPIRON.

I would suggest using a different DVD drive, or maybe copying the installation files to a USB stick (4gb or bigger) and performing a USB install.
The error 0x80070017 translates to "CRC Error" which means that the files that are being copied from the disk are not making it to the hard drive with the same structure, meaning that the "original" files on the disk are being modified/changed/corrupted while being copied to the "destination" location on your hard drive during the install.
This usually means either a bad DVD, or a read error on the DVD drive.
The easiest thing is to make a USB drive to install Window s7 (and it's WAY faster than DVD too!)
I hope this helps.


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Hello, just purchased a dell inspiron 660, it's great, and it boots up really fast, it's got an i5! I love it! Only problem is there are no bios options showing on startup. (Just the dell logo, and a rotating wheel, then it goes straight to the login screen)

I tap f2, and f12, but nothing happens, it just continues on to the login screen.

Maybe it's not a major problem but I always like to see if there are options I can change in the bios.

A:Dell Inspiron 660, No BIOS OPTIONS

Perhaps your method is incorrect.

Restart your computer.
At the first text on the screen or when the Dell logo appears, tap F2 until the message Entering Setup appears.
What is BIOS and How to Access it on a Dell Computer | Dell US

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I need to boot my DELL Inspiron 12500(PP02L) with a Bootable CD. However, everytime I'm booting, it straight goes and boots WinXP.

I don't even know how to get into the BIOS. I try pressing DEL or F1 as soon as the DELL screen comes, but no luck.

Pls help.

A:Entering BIOS of DELL Inspiron

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Hi Sirs,
  Pls can you help me with my sons laptop? he mistakenly put bios password and he cannot remember.
S/N:<ADMIN NOTE: Service tag removed per privacy policy>
Express service code: <ADMIN NOTE: Express service code removed per privacy policy>

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Inspiron 7537 can we change and upgrade the graphic card for edit photos with Lightroom?
Now my laptop have the original NVIDIA(R) GeForce(R) GT 750M 2 GB DDR5.
for edit phot in LR cc I need to update, is possible?

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i have dell inspiron 1150 and i have but a password and forgot it and i have open it and disconict the battry for 1 hour and colse it agan but i have password on the bios and i can not fond any chipes as you sead what do i do please some body help me and e-mail me at [email protected] plz

i can not find any help from dell can you help me what to do

A:dell inspiron 1150 bios passowrd plz help

Contact Dell. removing the battery will do nothing. Dell's have a dedicated security chip to prevent bypassing the bios password.

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hi anyone who can help me I just have a bios update failed because my computer hangs and as I reboot nothing appears and i guess my bios is corrupt how can I recover my bios pls help

A:BIOS recovery of Dell Inspiron 1564

Take a look at this:

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Hi can any one help!!! I need to reset the system administrator password of my dell inspiron 9400 laptop. if anybody can help me locate the eeprom on the system board.

A:Dell inspiron 9400 bios reset

Have you ever heard of removing the CMOS battery and leave it for few hours?

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my computer was running fine and normal, until two days ago.

i rebooted, and left my ipod plugged in. normally in this scenario, the computer will boot to the dell loading screen as it always does, and the progress bar will stick at about 95 percent. so i press power, unplug the ipod, and restart normally. this time, however, on reboot i came up with a "Hard disk #***********-A95B, the primary system HDD, is protected by a password authentication system" message...a *similar* message has been discussed at length on these boards. it seems that very few people have the exact same message...there are more starting with "This computer, #blahblahblah"...

and from what i've heard, HDD passwords are close to impossible to break. if anyone can help me out, i would like to know how this could have happened, and what i can do to [at the very least] preserve the data on the disk or remove the password.

the curious thing is that after reading the forum, i came under knowledge that a password can be generated using information from my computer...which was unsuccessful over the phone with dell. they provided me a password which they had "generated," and it did not work. however, the tech support woman was almost arguing with me that the HDD password was the same as the bios/system password. i have seen other peoples' messages, and they are seemingly different (system/computer password as opposed to hard disk). am i wrong to think ... Read more

A:Dell Inspiron 5150 HDD password (not BIOS)

neqsohthree said:

...which brings me to the fact that i'm getting eleven asterisks instead of a code, followed by the "bios standard" a95b (which is why they insist that it's a bios password). does this mean that (potentially) my hd is not actually the problem, but there is a motherboard short causing it to not be recognized properly?

help is desparately appreciated. thanks :]Click to expand...

According to my big book of HD issues, the asterisks mean that the IDE section of the drive is flumped, or your IDE on the mobo is, one of the two.

It should so a series of letters and numbers, if so then it can be unlocked by dell assuming you can prove ownership.

Yes the HD and the BIOS Password are different, actually there are 4, admin, config,setup and the HD.

The easiest way to find out is to hook the HD to a an IDE on a desktop PC and see if it can be seen, if its Locked (ie passworded) it will show as a zero sized drive, if however its flumped,chances are the BIOS wont detect it full stop.

If it is unlocked and accessible copy of the data and scrap the drive and get a new one, now would be a good time to get a decent brand and maybe a size increase.

If it's flumped or locked and dell wont help then they make great paperweights.

Any other questions give us a shout....

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hi, i have a question, i have a dell inspiron 5555 runing win 10 and i received an update message about bios upgrade a12. is it safe to update? here are some details about the update:
File Format:Windows/DOS
File Name:5455A12.exe
Download Type:HTTP
File Size:6 MB
Format DescriptionThis file format consists of a BIOS executable file. The Universal (Windows/MS DOS) format can be used to install from Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 2000, NT, Windows 9X, Windows ME or a MS DOS environment.

there is no mentioning of windows 10...
so is it safe?

A:bios upgrade a12 dell inspiron 5555

Was it a program that you were running that gave you this message?  It all depends on where you got it from, if it was from Support Assist it most likely is okay, but just want to make sure that you are getting the right one and that it isn't some pop up that comes up on a website or something like that.

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i need bios password for dell inspiron n4030 ,pls help me

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Hello.I want to downgrade my BIOS because A12 causes me a very great problem.After I have A12, my laptop does not boot into a windows DVD and there is no option. If I change settings in BIOS by enabling LEGACY MODE and disabling UEFI mode, windows DVD boots but when setup begins and there is time to select partition for windows installation it tells me" This is GPT style partition and windows can not be installed on it.I tried googling and found a trick to go into CONSOL and CLEANED my hard drive then windows installed but the same problem occurs everytime I want to install windows. I have to format my hard drive everytime.Previously I was having A03 and it was working very good.Please tell me how to downgrade my BIOS so that my laptop runs in normal.

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urgent technical need. read the title. do you know the answer? what is it?


A:are Dell Inspiron 1300 BIOS passwords HPA or not?¿?¿?

I am not sure if you still need an answer to this or not, but if you are ...

If you are referring to a Hidden Protected Area on the hard drive, then no, the BIOS passwords are not stored there. They are stored in the firmware on the motherboard itself.

If this is not what you were asking just let me know and I'll see if I can find out.
Dell Customer Advocate

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Dell Inspiron 6400 bios master code please


I need help removing a bios password from a Dell Inspiron 6400

G07S72J service tag

34841590219 express service code

Thank you so much. I really appreciate any help given.

A:Dell Inspiron 6400 bios password help please

Hello, arguc, and welcome to Techspot :wave:

Please take a moment to read the following threads to make your experience here as enjoyable as possible

Message for all newcomers

SNGX1275's Guide to making a good post/thread

The Techspot FAQ

If you could take a minute to fill in some of your profile information that would be helpful to all members of the forum
Knowing someone's location in the world can be extremely helpful, even if you just put a country.

Also remember to post any problems or questions that you have in the appropriate forums

With regards to your problem, please see this thread: Dell Bios Password removal. Read this first BEFORE posting and this thread to post your information, if your PC can be unlocked. Dell Bios Password removal (Nov-Dec 2007)

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I'm getting an error message when i try to install windows 7 on my laptop (dell inspiron 1420)... it was said that the BIOS should be upgraded first before do the installation.

well then, I'm a newbie and i don't know what should i do.
can anybody help me?

This is the error message i've got :

The following issues are preventing Windows from upgrading. Cancel the upgrade, complete each task, and then restart the upgrade to continue.
Windows cannot be installed on this computer with the current system BIOS version. Contact your computer manufacturer for a BIOS update, install the update, and then start Windows installation again. OEM Name: Dell Inc.; OEM Model: Inspiron 1420 ; BIOS Version: Phoenix ROM BIOS PLUS Version 1.10 A07; BIOS Date: 20080203000000.000000+000


A:BIOS problem Dell INSPIRON 1420

What kind of win7 install disk is this? Is it Retail, i.e. did you buy it from a store in a box?

Or is it part of an upgrade kit that you got from Dell?

What OS did your computer come preinstalled with (if any) and when did you buy this computer?

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im posting this on behalf of a mate.
His dell laptop wont get past the bios screen, it loads halfway through the dell bios logo and its frozen.

im pretty sure its a hardware problem but how am i supposed to know whats wrong?

The hard drive indicator light also cuts off but it cant be the hardrive can it? surely it would be able to get past bios screen.

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/forcebios is the key command in DOS! If you have been struggling to restore your BIOS to an earlier version you will immediately realize how important this little command is.
You will need to use it after the .exe, after the c: prompt in DOS to revert to an older BIOS. It will look something like this when you enter it (the 530_1016.exe is the name of the 1.0.16 BIOS I found through Google):
And this allows you to return to the older BIOS after you have created a Boot USB, placed the BIOS .exe on the USB, inserted the USB and booted using F12.
I love old Dell desktop PCs! Especially the Vostro 200, but an Inspiron 530 recently gave me a real headache.
The most recent BIOS for the Inspiron 530 (BIOS 1.0.18) has all sorts of bugs.. not least that it will forget BIOS/CMOS settings (giving CMOS checksum error) and will need to have the time and date and boot order reset if someone switches off the mains.
The only fix for me, having renewed the CMOS battery and  wiped the CMOS using the jumper (to no avail) was to restore an earlier BIOS (I chose 1.0.16).
Having created the Boot USB (following links on Google) and having put the old BIOS 1.0.16 on the USB and pressed F12 at startup I ran the old BIOS. But the DOS message I got was:
New bios version is low! ALL files removed!
This meant that I was trying to load an older BIOS and it wasn't going to allow me to do that.
After spending hours scanning the web I found an old, long closed, thread ... Read more

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Dell Inspiron 8100 BIOS password

A:Need Dell Inspiron 8100 BIOS password

Contact Dell?

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The computer is a Dell Inspiron 531S.

I connect my display to the computer on board video card I get no signal and I can't get into bios.

I reset the battery. And also try the bios jumper (if I done it correctly).

Don't know what else to do. The motherboard is not beeping so there no problem with it.

Could it be the video card is done.

Trying to fix my friend computer which he got for free. Computer a little damage. Hard Drive Broke, DVD Drive also but everything else looks ok.

I got a external hard drive hook up to it and a bootable flash drive.

A:Dell Inspiron 531 no signal on monitor can't get to bios

Open the case and disconnect everything from the main board. Remove all add-in cards and disconnect keyboard and mouse. Leave only the power supply and monitor connected. If the screen still does not light up, take the power supply to a local shop and have them test it. If the power supply is good, you have narrowed the problem to main board, memory and processor. If you have more than one memory stick, try them one at a time.

Let us know your result.

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Some time ago, my Dell Inspiron 6000 developed a fault in that, whilst in Windows, the laptop would freeze up completely and required a hard shutdown. I diagnosed the problem to a fault with the onboard Broadcom RJ45 network interface card; I disabled the onboard NIC in the BIOS and all was well.

I recently needed to check a router LAN cable in a remote area, so used my laptop. My intention was to enable the NIC, check the cable and then disable the NIC again. Unfortunately, having saved the information to enable the onboard NIC in the BIOS and rebooted, the laptop will now not POST and I cannot access the BIOS to disable the NIC. The laptop begins the normal start sequence, but then hangs before the POST would start.

I know that if only I could disable the onboard NIC in the BIOS, all would be returned to normal. If anybody could help with information regarding accessing the BIOS in this situation, I'd be very grateful. I've even been to the extreme of dis-assembling the laptop and removing the rear RJ45 port from the motherboard in case it was a hardware problem - but I'm afraid that didn't work.

Thanks in advance,



A:No POST on Dell Inspiron - Need to Access BIOS

Next stop, if you're that way inclined and if it is possible on that laptop, remove the network chip.

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There was a thread before about this but is closed. There was a person called rustam_ and he had a method I think so if he could help I would be really greatful.

The tag thing he needed is

Thanks again

A:Dell Inspiron 9200 Bios Password

He has plenty of contact options - rustam_

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This thing has a password to enter the BIOS setup program.

I've taken the thing apart mostly, can't find anything.

How do you reset the password on this thing?



A:Dell Inspiron 2500 BIOS Password

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Hello.I want to downgrade my BIOS because A12 causes me a very great problem.After I have A12, my laptop does not boot into a windows DVD and there is no option. If I change settings in BIOS by enabling LEGACY MODE and disabling UEFI mode, windows DVD boots but when setup begins and there is time to select partition for windows installation it tells me" This is GPT style partition and windows can not be installed on it.I tried googling and found a trick to go into CONSOL and CLEANED my hard drive then windows installed but the same problem occurs everytime I want to install windows. I have to format my hard drive everytime.Previously I was having A03 and it was working very good.Please tell me how to downgrade my BIOS so that my laptop runs in normal.

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This is my first time posting here so sorry if this is the wrong place. I am beggining to think I got ripped off. I bought a laptop from a person on ebay and it seems to be locked.

I hear I have to get the master bios pasword for it but I am so confused, theres no way I can take the laptop apart that is not an option....

someone please help me get a master password!

A:Dell Inspiron 1720 Bios Password

10$ to who ever gets the master password

I will pay 10 bucks paypal to whoever gets the correct password...

i have a dell inspirion 1720
service tag 42kxqf1

and express service code is 8863227901
email me at email removed. com with password, if it works i gurantee a payment immediatly

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I can not change Legacy boot order in A14 BIOS. I'm not able to set CD/DVD Drive before Hard Drive. Even if I save changes, the BIOS will always use Hard Drive to boot instead CD/DVD Drive. When I check again the bios boot order, CD/DVD Drive always is at last place. If I set it to be the first then the whole BIOS crashes down when I try to save changes. Is it a feature or a bug?

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I have DELL INSPIRON 13 7348 laptop and now its completely dead. my technician said that its a bios issue and need to rewrite the bios. But for that I need bios .ROM or .BIN file of this model. anybody can help for the same

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i could not change any thing in setup configuration.
every thing is hidden and  i need to change SATA Operation to AHCI to install windows 7
please help me.

A:Dell inspiron 7520 bios problem

Hi mohamed.naguib
Thanks for writing to us.
Under the advance tab, using the keyboard down arrow highlight the SATA operation and change to the AHCI again using keyboard.
Could you let us know if you tried the same.
Provide us your system tag#, name and  email via private message,by clicking on my name in blue
and then select send a private message for records purpose.

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Hey guys!. as topic says. 
My son put a BIOS password and he forgot the very same day, i've had this laptop for a long time, and i doubt i still have my warranty

is there anyone who could please help me via a PM with service tag?

thank you in advanced!!

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Hello all & RUSTAM,

My name is Jordan, an Account Manager in Toronto.

A year ago I set a password on my Inspiron 2200 and forgot it. Judging by the forums, you might get these requests frequently so I'm sorry if I'm just another person asking for help.

My SERVICE TAG is 7YGPW81-595B, I was wondering you would be able to email me my code or old pass. What bugs me is that I remember setting it to something simple like 1234 or 12345 or asdf. You might see that if its in the service tag. I tried for hours already.

My email is [email protected], or I'll be happy to give you my phone number via email.

Anyways, IF YOU ARE EVER IN TORONTO, I would like to buy you a drink or show you the town. Let me know. I hope you get this soon!


A:Dell Inspiron 2200 BIOS password

JordanR said:

SORRY WRONG THREAD, I will post this in Mobile computing.Click to expand...

Actually, this is the correct and only thread to post these requests:
HP / Dell / etc. Laptop password help (April - July 2008)

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Windows Vista home edition.

I was trying to upload a file and got this message: "File Upload (Not responding). "
I don 't really want the file, I just want to shut down;but no combination of clicking "X" or "Ctrl + Escape" will shut down the message or the computer, and let me start over.

With my desk top I would just pull the plug and start over, but my lap top will not let me go.
(Pressing the power button does not help.)


A:Unable to shut down Dell Inspiron Lap Top

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I have a  Dell Inspiron which is not letting me logon. At first I thought it was not recognising the password but when I entered it incorrectly, it prompted me saying that it is incorrect and I also managed to enter with this password in safe mode. Hence I removed the password. However the problem is still on. It says user profile is unable to log on and does not go any further than this. With safe mode I cannot do a back up or do a new user profile. I am afraid I will lose the windows if I dont back up and have to enter the key again which means I have to buy a new one as it accomodates only 3 computers.
Could you kindly advice me accordingly?

A:Dell inspiron unable to logon

Inspiron n5010
Failed to logon - message reads The user profile service failed the logon, user profile cannot be loaded.

Any advice and help please


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Friends, I lost the Dell Inspiron 2650 BIOS Password, The Service Tag
is HTYLJOJ and Express Service Code is 388-169-301-79. I am new on this Forum, I am looking a BIOS Password Cracker or any other Program which will Re-Set the BIOS Password. Program/Utility must be for a FDD because my first Boot Option is FDD.
Regards to all the GENIUS.

A:I lost the Dell Inspiron 2650 BIOS Password

Maybe if you pop out the battery for fifteen seconds the bios reset might include the password as well. I've never tried to reset that password so no guarantee on this. It will not hurt anything. Good Luck.

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I have a dell inspiron 1000 laptop. I recently upgraded the bios from A03 to A08 thinking that I would be able to enter the bios setup. It locked me out of the entire system now. I get a black screen with a blue box that says enter password. My service tag is CPDLL41. Can someone Please help me. Please.

Email is [email protected] if necessary.

A:I need Dell Inspiron 1000 Bios Password PLEEZ

First try Dell.
If your BIOS was installed incorrectly, the motherboard can be ruined. Before you go elsewhere seek help from Dell Tech Support.
Good luck. This is usually very serious.

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With the update of the BIOS : Legacy Support cause "PAGE FAULT IN NON PAGED AREA" error with WINDOWS 8.1 and WINDOWS 10.
My System was installed with WIN10 and legacy support bios option.
After bios upgrade system won't boot.
Did a new install with a new disk, WINDOWS won't install same error.
New BIOS only support Linux (I did a successfull Ubuntu install with Legacy Support).
Only UEFI is supported with BIOS 01.05.A04 FOR WINDOWS.
To install windows : use a USB WINDOWS UEFI boot stick, and then windows can be installed.
Hope it will help. I spent time on it.

A:BUG REPORT ? : Dell Inspiron 7359 System BIOS : 01.05.00, A04

Thank you very much Vincent. Dell program update my BIOS to the last version and it was impossible to install Windows. i do what you explain and I installed windows 10 Perfect.
Thank you so much for this.
Question: I have Dell 7359 and randomly freeze, Do you have the same problem?
I try this things and nothing worked.
Install graphic card driver from intel and from dell page.
Upgrade the CHIPSET driver (I download from dell webpage)
Nothing worked.

Thank you in advance

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Hi guys, I've been using Unified Remote on my Android phone to use my laptop for a while now. I recently just learned about the Wake On Lan feature and it is something I'd really like to see working (what's the point of remote control if I still have to get up to turn on my laptop!)

I've been trying to follow the directions and setting up my Power Management options in my BIOS, however I've run into some issues. First of all, when I go into my BIOS settings, there isn't even an option for Power Management or the like in order to set remote wakeup. So I don't even know where to proceed from here.

I have a Dell Inspiron N5110 with the A11 BIOS. I'm running Windows 8 64-bit.

I'd be more than happy to provide any additional details and even pictures of my BIOS screen options if my description isn't clear enough.

Thank you!

A:Dell Inspiron N5110 Wake On Lan BIOS issues

I've been trying to follow the directions and setting up my Power Management options in my BIOSClick to expand...

What directions? How do you know that any change is needed or possible in the BIOS?

I probably shouldn't be posting here, as I have never used WOL, but I thought it was just a matter of enabling the feature in the Properties of the adapter (in Device Manager). It does make sense that it could be an item in the BIOS; I just don't recall ever reading that anywhere.

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After installation of latest BIOS A09 version for Dell Inspiron 3147 I got some problems with boot.

Pause about 10-15 seconds during boot after Dell logo.
Start (logon) screen not appear after boot and I see black screen till I do not touch screen.
PC does not start from Sleep mode, while Hibernation mode works,

No matter of Windows 8.1 or 10, drives etc. I have tried different installation of drives, settings and Windows 8.1/10.
Downgrade to old version of BIOS A07 fixed all above mentioned problems. Why Dell has provide BIOS that made user experience awful? For those who have similar problems after installation of BIOS A09 version - you can download old version of BIOS from Dell downloads page

A:Dell Inspiron 11-3147 BIOS A09 problem & solution

Thank you!  I had the same problem.  Could only get computer to start by removing battery for a bit.  
Thought PC fritzed. then found your note. Installed A07 from the link you provided and laptop works again!

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I hate DELL they give no help.I have a Dell Inspirion 1000 that is locked it says enter password.I saw your post and was wondering if you found away to get around this.I am assuming that this is a bios protection password, since I cannot enter the bios without the password.


need master password for bios
help plz!!!

Dell Inspiron 1300
service tag: 792RK2J-595B
express service code:157-863-168-91

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Hi all,

My little brother has gave that Dell inspiron n4110 BIOS a password and now he has forgot it. I know I can remove that password by opening the laptop but I don't want to open it. I can access to the OS which is Windows 7 and also can reinstall OSs by pressing F12 key, but when I want to go into the BIOS setup (which I should press the F2 key for that) that password is required. I've heard there are some codes removing that but I'm not sure is it real or not.
Any solution for that laptop?

A:How to remove Dell inspiron n4110 BIOS password

Dell have recently added additional security to some of their laptop range - if you have somehow triggered this security you will have to contact Dell, and supply them with full details of the laptop, including serial and reference and full proof of purchase - they can then remove the password free of charge

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