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Problem installing HP printer driver on new Dell Latitude E5...

Q: Problem installing HP printer driver on new Dell Latitude E5...

I have been trying to install the wireless printer drivers for my HP PhotoSmart C410a printer to my new Dell Latitude E5570 for the last 4 days. After the drivers download, the installation is stopped with the following message from HP: "This computer does not have the necessary USB software/hardware support to allow completion of a USB installation. The installation cannot continue until this is resolved. Required Action: In order to install this device as a USB device, please refer to your computer documentation or USB add-in card documentation." Note when I plug in the printer to my Latitude's USB port, the correct USB software installed and I am able to print okay, but when unplugged, not the case. I have tried the HP Print and Scan doctor, it recognizes that the wireless printer drivers are not installed, but I get the same message above when trying to install. I also tried disabling my Windows firewall to install the printer drivers, but received the same message. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Whenever i try to install the video driver for the dell latitude e6400 off their site, i get "This computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing the software." I have just reinstalled windows, this laptop is 4-5 years old and still works though. Ive come to you guys in a need of help.

A:Dell Latitude e6400 driver installation problem

Which video did it come with? It came with either Intel or Nvidia graphics, and Dell has a driver for each.

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I recently bought a Dell AIO A960 at a garage sale and it didn't have a driver disc, but I thought nothing of it as I would just download them online. I downloaded them from Dell Support and saw that there were no Windows 7 drivers, just vista x32. I tried them anyway and while my computer says that it can print on it, the scan driver refuses to install. I found the directory where the scan driver is located in the install folder, and the installer says that it installed successfully, but then Windows says I need to troubleshoot and it tells me there is no Scan driver. I tried forcing Device Manager to use the directory where the driver was located to install it, but it just told me "Cannot Find File". I don't know any other ways for it to install. Anyone know how to fix this? Thanks,

Edit: I attached a screenshot of the message when I point Device Manager at the driver.

A:Dell Printer Scan Driver Not Installing

Lisa74, welcome to the windows 7 forum.

One problem with scanners is that they are wierd beasts and are very particular in the software to make them work correctly. It looks to me that your vista32 drivers won't work correctly with your 64 bit version of windows 7.

Me thinks your out of luck. Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings

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Hi. I am in need of help on how to install the audio drivers on the Dell Latitude 100L notebook.​ ​I recently clean-install Windows XP Pro with SP3 slipstream on it. All the other drivers and required programs are all installed but the audio drivers aren't.​ ​Is there a way to install the driver? It keeps giving me the "Device not found" error whenever it tries to install. Or do you have any recommendations? I tried other methods posted but it didn't apply too well though. ​ ​ ​Side notes: I don't see a question mark in the Device Management. It's like the hardware itself doesn't exist.​

A:Dell Latitude 100L audio driver installation problem

Go to dells web site and download your chip drivers for your note book . Their you should find a driver for your audio to. After you install your chip drivers your audio drivers .Should work.

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Hey all. 
I've got a Dell Latitude E6320 where the driver installer for the Dell Wireless 1530 wireless card fails.  I'm running Windows 7 64-bit, the computer boots in UEFI mode, and I've installed all of the drivers according to the Latitude E-Family Re-Image Guide.
I've got a log, as well, it says this:
[09/13/16 16:24:47]    Dell Update Package Execution Start[09/13/16 16:24:47]    Original command line: E6320-NIC_DRVR_WIN_A01_R294111.EXE  /s[09/13/16 16:24:47]    DUPFramework version:[09/13/16 16:24:47]    User Command: unattended[09/13/16 16:24:47]    DUP Capabilities Value: 6291455 (0x5FFFFF)[09/13/16 16:24:47]    DUP Vendor Software Version: A01[09/13/16 16:24:47]    Local System/Model Compatible with this Package? Yes[09/13/16 16:24:47]    Local System OS Version:[09/13/16 16:24:47]    OS Compatible with this Package? Yes[09/13/16 16:24:47]    Local System OS Language: EN[09/13/16 16:24:47]    Language Compatible with this Package? Yes[09/13/16 16:24:48]    Identified Behavior : unattended[09/13/16 16:24:48]    Temporary payload log file name: C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\dell\drivers\E6320-NIC_DRVR_WIN_A01_R294111\DUP9B64.tmp[09/13/16 16:24:48]    Translated Command Line : setup.exe /s /v" LOGFILE=&q... Read more

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I Have windows 7 32bit service pack 1
I am trying to install the drivers for my epson stylus nx415 printer for my printer to work.
I have already downloaded epson13423.exe and it did not work .
I contacted epson by phone and was walked through a bunch of steps to try to fix this issue but even they were stumped.
I believe now that i am missing some important program files or something but i do not know witch ones.
I already did show hidden files and deleted whats in the temp folder
i downloaded and ran the install of epson 13423.exe witch i downloaded from the epson support website but the install didnt work. the error message was" An error occured during setup.Restart your computer, then run setup again".and
" The printer driver package cannot be installed."
Epson had me check to see if i have 32bit or 64bit .......I have 32bit
Epson had me then try deleting everything from my computer that had to do with epson and restart the computer and hook up the printer again and try to add a printer in the device manager .and then run the setup for epson 13423 and that didnt work
we also restarted the printer spooler
we also tried to run the 64bit version of the driver witch is epson 13420.exe and tried just the driver its self witch is epson13421.exe
Then the tech. support guy couldn't figure it out so he got someone else to help me and he had me delete the contents in Temp and the we tried to disable antivirus and ran setup for epson13421 and t... Read more

A:problem installing printer driver

The actual driver should be in the package. If you can extract the package somewhere, then I would not run the Epson installer, but go through the add printer and pick the driver from wherever you extracted the driver files.
Another option is to go through the add printer wizard, but this time at the driver selection pick "windows update" then wait sometime for it to download and look to see if your printer is in the list.

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I have just put a new Hard drive in my old laptop and am trying to load the Windows XP disk. The error message I receive in Dos is no valid CD ROM drivers found.
I am using a Latitude CD ROM but do not know how to get the driver on the HD. Any help?

I do have a floppy drive but no floppies for booting.

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I've been all over the dell site, all over google, and I can't find a problem similar to mine! I recently procured a dell latitude cpx j w/ a PIII 650 and win98 installed. The HDD was bad, and I ended up replacing it and the HDD caddy. The whole reason this came up was I was trying to upgrade to XP. I have tried to install XP about 6 times on the new HDD, all to no avail. I see CPx j's w/ XP for sale, so I know it's possible. Here's the actual problem. while installing XP from CD, it consistantly freezes while "installing devices" with about 35-37 minutes left to complete the install. All Dell Diagnostics have been run, with only a PCMCIA error. There is no PCMCIA card installed, so I don't believe this is the problem. I am running Dell BIOS v. A16. The new HDD is 40G, and I have tried upgrading to XP from a fresh Win 98SE install, all with the same result: 36 minutes left on the install and it freezes. I really don't feel like paying hundreds of dollars for a punching bag!!! Please help, anyone!!!

A:Trouble installing XP on Dell Latitude CPxJ

I have the same model laptop and have installed XP (originally Windows 2000 Pro). I would have to guess that it's either the PCMCIA error or the upgrade. Try disabling the PCMCIA in BIOS and then doing the upgrade -- although you're probably better off doing a full XP install rather than up upgrade.

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Hi there,

Need urgent help!

I've a Dell Latitude 5420 - but don't have Wifi drivers installed on it. So tried downloading the drivers using my service tag (JYSC8R1) ... Intel(R) WiFi Link 6200 v15.6.1 (A04) April 11, 2013 but this fails. Following is the log.

Can someone help me interpret it?

਍਍[06/04/13 06:34:11] Update Package Execution Started
[06/04/13 06:34:11] Original command line: "C:\Users\amit.kapur\Downloads\Network_Driver_4RH68_WN_15.6.1_A04.EXE"
[06/04/13 06:34:11] DUP Framework EXE Version:
[06/04/13 06:34:11] DUP Release: 4RH68X00-00
[06/04/13 06:34:11] Intializing framework...
[06/04/13 06:34:14] logo.png
[06/04/13 06:34:25] User Command: attended
[06/04/13 06:34:25] DUP Capabilities Value: 6291455 (0x5FFFFF)
[06/04/13 06:34:25] DUP Vendor Software Version: 15.6.1
[06/04/13 06:34:25] Local System/Model Compatible with this Package? Yes
[06/04/13 06:34:25] Local System OS Version:
[06/04/13 06:34:25] OS Compatible with this Package? Yes
[06/04/13 06:34:25] Local System OS Language: EN
[06/04/13 06:34:25] Language Compatible with this Package? Unknown
[06/04/13 06:35:27] Identified Behavior : attended
[06/04/13 06:35:27] Temporary payload log file name: C:\ProgramData\dell\drivers\Network_Driver_4RH68_WN_15.6.1_A04\DUPEA7D.tmp
[06/04/13 06:35:27] Translated Command Line : mup.exe /v"/c mup" /l:"C:\ProgramData\dell\drivers\Network_Driver_4RH68_WN_15.6.1_A04\DUPEA7D.tmp&quo... Read more

A:Installing Wifi Drivers for Dell Latitude 5420

try running the drivers install as Admininistrator. Acording to dell this is a fairly new PC. Why do you need to install the drivers? Did you have to reinstall Windows? If so What version is on there now?

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Has anyone else been getting this stupid no error message when trying to install WiDi on a recent laptop?
The laptop does originally come with WiDi working perfectly but as I am in the school department we are running a custom windows 7 32x Pro OS.
The specs are:
i5-3320m CPU (HD4000)
Intel Centrino Ultimate-N 6300 AGN Wireless apapter


A:Issues installing WiDi on Dell Latitude E6230

You have to make sure that the WiDi driver is compatible with this laptops hardware. If it is, the internal WiDi adapter may be bad

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Hello,I've just bought a second-hand DELL Latitude (Intel Core, 4GB Ram).Everything is working out, but there's a strange thing I never saw before: there isn't the mic input. On the right of the laptop I can only see the out input (the pink one) but not the mic input (the green one).So, my question is: may I use any Usb Audio Driver and record my music? Will my laptop recognize the driver despite there isn't the suited input?Thanks very much!

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I installed Windows 8 on my D830 and all seems to be running well with one glaring exception. The DVD RW drive is recognized to play a DVD movie, but will not recognize the setup file on a software installation disk. the drive just spins and spins. Can anyone provide me with a solution to this problem. My interactions with Mocrosoft and Dell support have been less than effective.

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I'm facing a dilemma here. Windows 7 is awesome with automatic driver detection for new hardware, however, now I'm facing a problem.

PC1 is running Windows 7 and is connected to local area network.
PC2 is running Windows XP and is sharing my office printer (connected to LPT1)

Printer = LaserJet 4000 pcl5, shared.

Printer is installed on XP using drivers from HP website.
A few months ago Microsoft released a driver for Windows 7 for the HP LJ4000, so when you connect this printer to your computer it can automatically install the driver from the Microsoft Windows 7 online driver database.

This is also what HP says and because of this it's not making the driver available for download.

This makes me sad, because when I want to connect to the printer shared on my other machine running XP, using windows 7, it tells me the drivers aren't found on the network, which is logical because it's offering XP drivers.
How do I proceed to get the drivers for Windows 7 so I can print over my local area network (from PC1 to PC2)?

Kind regards and thanks for your time! =]
P.S. It tells me the drivers aren't found on the network and lets me select a location to install them from, but since I can't download them from the HP site and I don't know where to download the ones microsoft is offering I can't use that option.

A:Problem installing printer driver 4printer connected&shared on othr pc

You can try running the vista installation in compatibility mode.
I think it will work as it's a very basic driver type anyway.
HP LaserJet 4000 Printer series*-* Download drivers and software - HP Business Support Center

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I have a driver needed for install windows 7 .
but i have ubuntu this make it difficault to find a driver .

( sorry my english is not so good )
this is the error

A:driver needed for dell latitude d600

Hi thomas15, welcome to the forums.

There have been reports that this error can be caused by SATA motherboard drivers. If you can get into the BIOS (usually Del or F1 on startup) you should be able to disable IDE Emulation. This has worked in some cases & is worth a try.

Hope this helps


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My laptop is used(DELL Latitude cp M233ST). The display one the screen is smaller and doesn't have all its color. need help, what to do?

A:display driver DELL Latitude cp M233ST

Jasonhawk, you may want to start your own thread under Hardware.

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Hi, I am using Dell Latitude E6410. I need graphics driver for Windows 7 Professional 64 bit.
Hardware id:

Thanks in advance

A:Dell Latitude E6410 Video Driver

Make sure you install the chipset driver FIRST.  Then reboot and install the Intel GPU drivers.

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Hello all,
I have been having an issue with my Dell Lattitude D630 for some time now. Every time I close the lid I get a blue screen of death.
I downloaded a program called "who crashed." It shows the following: crash dump file: C:\WINDOWS\Minidump\Mini042311-01.dmp
This was probably caused by the following module: oz776.sys (oz776+0x2A2E)
Bugcheck code: 0x1000000A (0x15, 0x2, 0x0, 0xFFFFFFFF8051850C)
file path: C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\oz776.sys
product: O2Micro USB CCID SmartCard Reader
company: O2Micro
description: O2Micro USB CCID SmartCard Reader
A third party driver was identified as the probable root cause of this system error. It is suggested you look for an update for the following driver: oz776.sys (O2Micro USB CCID SmartCard Reader, O2Micro).
Google query: oz776.sys O2Micro CUSTOM_ERROR

crash dump file: C:\WINDOWS\Minidump\Mini042111-03.dmp
This was probably caused by the following module: oz776.sys (oz776+0x2A2E)
Bugcheck code: 0x48 (0xFFFFFFFF89F565A8, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0)
file path: C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\oz776.sys
product: O2Micro USB CCID SmartCard Reader
company: O2Micro
description: O2Micro USB CCID SmartCard Reader
Bug check description: This indicates that an I/O request packet (IRP) was completed, and then was subsequently canceled.
This appears to be a typical software driver bug and is not likely to be caused by a hardware problem.
A third party driver... Read more

A:Dell Latitude D630 02micro driver error

Try the driver from here it is more up to date.

Make sure you uninstall the existing driver first.

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I have succeeded in loading the video, display and modem drivers for my used Dell Latitude C800 laptop, but am unable to locate the audio drivers anywhere on their site. I have also done some web searching without success in this regard.(PS: I am using Windows 98 SE operating system)

If anyone could steer me to a site or would have the driver in question and let me know, I would really appreciate it..thanks, Steve Johnson
email: [email protected]

A:Audio driver for Dell Latitude C800 laptop

Well heres a driver for windows ME that might work if i'm reading the siteinformation correctly.

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Issue with video driver for Windows 10 64 bit solved.

Used this driver and it worked.

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I have a latitude d610 that was purchased from an individual with xp reinstalled and operational. Drive took a dump, I installed replacement drive and proceeded to install drivers. I did not follow Dells recommended order of driver installation and now cannot get any driver to work with the wireless card. it shows up as a network controller and I have tried every dell driver associated with the 610. Please help!

A:Dell Latitude d610 Wireless Driver issues

Since no one else has made an attempt at answering, I will give it a try.

Can I assume the network adapter is integrated with the motherboard? I have seen people add a PCI network adapter to their computer when one already existed. If that's the case, you need drivers for that card or plug your CAT-5 cable into the motherboard port.

If you are plugging into the motherboard port and it is not working, I would add a network card to a PCI slot and load the drivers. It's not like the card is a huge capital outlay and could easily fix your problem.

I hope all works out for you. Have a nice weekend.

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Has anyone found a modded Mobile Intel(R) 915GM/GMS,910GML Express Chipset Family graphic. driver that will install on my old Dell Latitude D610 running Windows 10 x86?

This is the only driver issue I have, audio is working fine.

A:Dell Latitude D610 - Intel 915GM Graphics Driver

No - I fear we will have to live with the Basic graphics driver from Microsoft.

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Hey all,

I have a user with a Dell Latitude E7450 that has recently In-Place Upgraded to Windows 10 (from Windows 7) and ever since the upgrade, her Wifi blue screens when running a speedtest from (Or presumably after any extensive Wifi use) I have tried updating the drivers from Windows Update as well as from Dells website and the laptop is certified as being Windows 10 certified.


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i have a dell latitude laptop and the touchpad started behaving crazy from last week. i didnt notice when it started to happen and don't know what might be the cause.

in the synaptics tray icon when you right click there is a set of options that you can choose, and one of the options is called a pressure graph (there is also a mood pad next to it), and when i click on this pressure graph it gives me the following message: "Sorry, this program requires a Synaptics TouchPad and the Synaptics TouchPad Device Driver." and i'm pretty certain i've got the driver for it, and i've got the correct driver for it; but i can't be sure whether the installation is damaged or not. how can i check this? could there be something in the registry that prevents this from working or perhaps a conflict with another device? i tried reinstalling - it didnt work.

So it could be either hardware or software and I need to find out as soon as possible because I'm getting little annoyed by this mouse business.

Anyone with a solution?

A:Solved: dell latitude touchpad malfunctioning - possible driver issues

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I have problem with this: graphics driver stopped working and has recovered.It can happen few time a days and it is annoying.
I have Intel integrated GPU - 5 generation (core i7). I tried latest dell driver also latest intel drivers but still the same. Also I have latest BIOS.
I am using Windows 8.1 PRO. Does anyone know how to fix it?

A:Dell Latitude E7450 - graphics driver stopped working and has recovered

Hi ,
Kindly help me with some more information so that I can understand the issue better,
*Have you had the chance to check in safe mode with networking to see if the video distorted .
*Have you tried to initiate lcd BIST (Built in self test ) on the system by pressing the D Key and the power button once the test is initiated then if the screen works fine then you should be able to view solid colors on the screen without distortion .
*Is the display good on an external screen ( If it is then the system board works fine )
Hoping to hear from you soon .
Kindest Regards ,

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We use MDT, Microsoft Deployment Toolkit, To deploy windows 7 and windows 8.1 images to our latitude laptops.
the Control Vault driver is not installing as part of the cab file that has been imported into MDT, there for I have to install it as an post install application.
the switches for the control vault by typing "/?" are shown as /s /f.
the driver installs fine if I run it on a laptop by opening command prompt and the silent install switches but it will fail when MDT tries to run the same command during deployment.
Has ayone had this problem and how have you fixed it?

A:Dell Latitude Control Vault Driver installation fails during image deployment via MDT

Hi saeidans,Thanks for posting.This forum is primarily consumer questions, and yours appears to be one that doesn't fit into this category.  Please post your question here for more expert advice.  Thanks.

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) M processor 1400MHz, x86 Family 6 Model 9 Stepping 5
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 1279 Mb
Graphics Card: MOBILITY RADEON 9000, 32 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 28615 MB, Free - 17570 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Computer Corporation, 0X2034
Antivirus: None

(Note: I will install Avast! Antivirus, once I can get this computer's wireless working...)

I replaced my hard drive last night. There is no more wireless in my network connections folder.
I went to, I installed new drivers, then after re-boot, It said that my ethernet/modem were also now gone??? Confused, I did a system restore, back to June 2005.

My Dell Service Tag is: 2BWWT31

After system reboot, I went back to dell, and entered the service tag, and I installed all recommended driver updates, which included BIOS A16.

I still have no wireless ability. In device manager, under other devices, there is a yellow exclamation point for "Network Controller".

I've looked for hardware changes, and i've tried to update driver from device manager, and no success. It wants a cd installed. This laptop was bought used from my boyfriends old co-worker, and given to me as a gift. I don't have any operating cd's at all. I have been trying to update this computer myself and am getting frustrated. Money is tight, and then I found TechGuy... Read more

A:Solved: New Hard Drive, Network Controller Lost, Can't Find Driver, Dell Latitude D60

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My Dell Latitude D610 cannot find wireless networks in range because it says no wireless adapter installed? I can't download a driver fix because I can't go online?

The laptop has worked wirelessly without problems for years. I'm guessing the driver has become corrupt and is now not recognised by Windows XP.

I tried connecting using my ethernet cable, says 100mbps connected but no Google/internet access? aaahhh I can't win.

I have been using System Restore succesfully for 2-weeks and restoring to a previous date which fixes my wireless issue. Now System Restore is telling me restore failure and is unable to help me.

Now I'm all out of options

My friend at work tells me I need to reinstall the driver for the wireless adapter. Easy if I can get online but I can't. Could I make a boot disc or memory stick on my friends laptop and what's involved as I've never done such a thing before?

I'm thinking of calling the Dell helpline or Intel helpline ££££ $$$$ but they cost a fortune.

Any help is greatly appreciated I can't afford a new laptop.



A:Intel ProWireless BG2200 driver repair (2006 Dell Latitude D610 Windows XP)

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hello i have both these laptops well i have bought a e6420 for my girlfriend as the other one she has is crap.well i have read that these e6420 get warm and well i found out they come with one pipe heatsink well i heard u can upgrade the heatsink to a 2 pipe one.(DUAL HEATPIPE heatsink DELL P/N - TYP01) i was wondering what else do i need to do this as when i get this laptop its second hand i7 pro in it 2.8ghz im going to clean it out and put new paste on it put i hear people are on about this copper shim to put on it.can this be done and well can i upgrade my dell latitude e6430 i5 pro 2.6ghz heatsink with the double heatsink as i know that one only comes with one you guys info if you guys can help me would be class thanks

i got this info here GPU Temperature 103C on Latitude E6420 - General Hardware - Laptop - Dell Community

A:Dell latitude e6430 and dell latitude e6420

Joseph mate best leave as is after all it was made to function as it came. Now for the compound and copper shim personally I would not bother with the copper shim I can see no good reason for it the dual pipe again if it was made to work with one pipe then leave alone.

It is better if you renew the compound using a decent cleaner and compound and I can recommend these for that job

Arctic Silver Incorporated - ArctiClean for thorough cleaning and preparation and Arctic Silver Incorporated - Arctic Silver 5 for the compound.

Now it depends on who you listen to but I always use these products and after the old compound is thoroughly cleaned off and the surfaces prepped I spread the compound very thinly and across the both entire surface of the CPU and the heatsink with my finger inside a vinyl or latex glove and then place a rice grain sized piece of compound on the CPU and replace the heatsink. If you touch the surfaces after clean and prep then redo it.

While you are in there do make sure the fan and the radiator are really spotless and I sometimes relube the fan bearings to make sure the fan is running at full tilt when needed.

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Everytime I reboot my laptop it detects the CD-ROM and then throws an error message saying -

Cannot Install This Hardware

There was a problem installing this hardware:

TEAC CD-224E cd-rom

An Error occured during the installation of this device

Access Is Denied

I Have Administrator privilages... I'm using Windows XP Pro SP2...
The cd rom is properly plugged-in, I did check a few times by removing and fitting it back in....
The software and the files that the driver is supossed to install all get where they are supossed to be and everything but just not the driver... when i check in the Device Manager, It reads ''Teac CD-224E'' and there is that lil Yellow Thing with a ''!'' in it (error image)...

There is a same message for the USB ports as well. None of them are working. When I plug in a USB device it gives me a similar error as in case of CD-ROM.

I hope someone can help me solve this.
Thanx in advance!

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So I went through the process of using the Recovery cds to reinstall windows, it booted ok, went to a black screen said it was installing drivers, rebooted, did it again and now I get a prompt

"Select Path to D820.CAB file"

asking me to point to it, I can't do anything else. If I cancel it says

"No Driver CAB file found!
Dell X-Image process requires driver CAB file to continue."

If I click ok, it shuts down, cancel brings me back to looking for the file. I've searched the reinstall cds, theres nothing, I searched the hardrive and didn't find anything either. What do I need to do?

A:Dell Latitude 820 Restore Problem

Does it finish with the install of that CD. Then starts installing? Or is it in the process at the time it's looking fo those files?
You may possibly have to get another Restore CD. Have you contacted DELL?

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Hi There
is there anyone out there that can solve me Dell D 600 screen problem as it doesnt seem to power up, all the base powers up ok but not the screen, any ideas or is it an expensive repair or exchange.

A:Dell D 600 Latitude Screen Problem

I don't know about laptops, but my desktop LCD monitor acted the same way - only black screen with power light blinking, but the computer was booting up properly. The monitor is still under warranty, (3-year warranty) so I sent it in for repair (at a shipment cost to me of $30). From what I could learn on the web, LCD monitors often suffer from capacitors going bad among other things. I don't know how much repairs cost, however several sites indicate it is fairly expensive just to work on them - from $115 up. See link for one price list of repair.

I hope yours is still under warranty. Good luck!

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I'm having a problem with my computer.
I haven't done anything out of the ordinary. The other day I was on my computer and all of the sudden a screen appeared over my current screen. It almost looked like a screen in a window but with a yellow color so I could still see the window I had open. It froze my computer and within 30 seconds, it had shut down. I tried to reboot the computer but it did not turn on.

I then took out the battery and put it back in, but nothing worked. About 30 minutes later it finally turned back on but within 10 minutes, the same thing happened. This happened another 4 times that evening.

The next day when I finally got the computer going for more then 15 minutes. I ran a full scan for the computer and for the internet. Everything came up negative.

I was wondering if anyone knows what this problem is and if so how to fix it.

Thank you so much.


A:Dell Latitude D630 problem

hi i had the same problem and the onboard nvidia chip had diedEdit:Edited to remove unnecessary quote. ~ tg

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Hi everyone !!

Im new here.. i has big problem with my laptop
I've got a Dell Latitude D610 . I need to reset the BIOS password or Admin password.

the cd-roms will not boot from the cd... it was locket in the bios..

i've already called dell 5 times, and each time they say sorry !!

Does anyone have any info on reseting this password???

I hope the experts here can help me 2 resplve the problem !!!

A:Problem with my Dell latitude D610

If your settings allow try to boot with a exteral USB floppy disk ,that has a Bios update file and flash utility on it.

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I have an older Dell Latitude CPx laptop, running Windows XP, with a 500mhz PIII CPU and 128mb RAM. My problem is that from time to time the DVD-ROM randomly stops working. I can put in any type of CD or DVD and it will read just fine the first time. But the next time I put a disk in it will not read. At this point, I have to uninstall it from Device Manager, and then reinstall it. After doing so, it will work once more, and then I have to uninstall/reinstall again. I'd like to not have to do this every other time I want to put a CD or DVD in. Is there something I can do to put a stop to this?

Thanks in advance for any help!

A:Dell Latitude CPx DVD-Rom Drive Problem

Anyone have any ideas?

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I m so confused,my laptop does not work, I tried the battery too but the same resaults , I checked the AC adapter on the ather laptop & it s fine , affter doing same research I found that there samething wrong with the motherboard how can I test it & fix it.
thank you

A:Problem with dell latitude d610

What doesnt work? Turning on? Blue Screen? Virus? Need a little more detail to resolve the issue. Thanks.

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My parents have a Dell Latitude D620 and it's about 5 or 6 years old. We use Windows XP on it. The other day my younger brother downloaded a Lego Software that turned out to be some sort of virus. So I disinstalled the Lego software for control panel hoping it would solve the problem. But my mother has McAfee and she tried to install AVG and it said she had to unistall the McAfee but she needs the password from her administrator first.

Right now the computer will work, but after you've been on the internet for about five minutes or gone to about 3 or 4 different pages it will stop working.
Is there a way we can fix this problem without downloading AVG (and how?) or do we have to wait for the administrator's password to come in?


A:Dell Latitude D620 Problem.

i would suspect your machine is infected i would post here
and do these first steps before posting.

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Hi people. im having a problem, i believe my laptop just locked , im not sure if its the Hard drive or if its the system, but one thing i knw its giving me an error and requires a password .

error code number is #***3LE0E6B9-595B. hd is : seagate , SN/ 3LE0E6B9 , model/ st9608114a
pn/ 9w3232-504

if any one knws this password i need, plz help . thankyou in advance a million .

A:Problem with Dell Latitude Cpx boot

or if you can direct me on where to find the password that will be helpful also , thankyou again

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I have a question. I just purchased an LCD screen for my Dell CPi laptop. It came with the whole casing and internal inverter. The size of the screen was the same and it also said CPi on the outside. The only problem is that my laptop will not boot whenver I hit the power button. The battery indicator light on the laptop just blinks red. I opened the LCD and saw that the LCD inverter was different that mine (it mounts underneath the LCD screen. Mine mounts on the side). I put mine back on and it fired up with no problem. I believe it may be some power compatibility issue with the laptop screen.

Also, I will tell you what is wrong with my LCD. Maybe one of you could have a solution. The screen is missing vertically about 1/4 of the way to the right (1/4 of the screen is vertically black). I have tried moving, replugging the flex wires, checking for loose connections every, and tapping on the outside.

A:Dell Latitude Monitor Problem.

Hi PCMan78

If the computer won't boot with the new screen then either its bad or the wrong display for your computer. Make sure that you have a CPi laptop and not a CPiA laptop. They look alike but use different parts. The replacement screen you want should have the inverter in the same place as the one you have.
It does sound like you have a bad LCD display. Have you hooked up an external monitor in the back to see if it shows the video correctly?

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Ok folks, this is just over my head. Please, if anyone has any idea how to solve this, it is really giving me the creeps and it's even more important to me.

Anyway, story goes like this: I got an old Dell Latitude CP 233mmx/96/3.1 etc etc. I'm running win98se, and I can say that all worked fine. I had Softex Bay Manager running, but lately, on startup, app dockapp.exe used to get stucked and I had to kill the process. Nonetheless, the system it self worked fine without it. A few nights ago I tried to format a floppy to 720kb - I didn't had any empty ones so I copied the contents of one to the hd, which proves that the drive and the disc were working - and when I attempted the format I got error how the disc is not of right capacity. Since that moment - I cannot read, write or format any floppy disc. I tried rebooting, BIOS tampering, removing the drive and the controller, thus letting windows find it itself on startup - nothing. Curiosly, windows explorer ALWAYS shows the 3 1/2 floppy in the list, even when I remove it and reset it - but does not find a cdrom, when I put it in a modular bay. I can't get rid of this problem. Even more, now the battery problems started to show - I shows it has 30% power, but when I pull the power cable, it just shuts down instantly, like there is no battery. I can't even start it. But that's another story - this floppy crack is going on my nerves. If anyone has any idea pleaaaasseeeee help!?!?

P.S. There is mor... Read more

A:Dell Latitude Floppy Problem

The standard floppy drive in a CP is 1.44 meg not 720kb as you want to format it. Check in the bios and be sure that the drive is set to 1.44. The unit needs to boot off a system or boot disk. Do you have one? Make sure that the boot order in the system bios has the floppy drive first.

As for the battery they usually last about a year. So if the system wont power up when the battery says its at 30% then the battery is most likey dead. Most of the Dell batteries have a button on them you push to show how much charge they have. It displays in the series of leds next to the button.

I belive that CPs do not support booting off the cdrom drive in their bios so you will need at least a windows 98 boot disk with cdrom support to get the system to see the cdrom drive.

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I have a Dell Latitude D400 laptop. After reloading windows I get the Windows startup screen and then I just get a black screen...Windows will not come up. Anyone know what I can do?? I get the mouse and can move it around but no windows screen. I have done the diagnoics test and found a DST Short Test failed with code 1000-0146 is this why Windows will not load? Is my harddrive bad you think? It reloads Windows fine but Windows will not come up after install? Again all I get is a black screen with the mouse to move around.

A:Dell Latitude D400 problem

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I recently purchased a dell latitude for a co-worker and it only turns on when connected to a power supply. I can unplug the power supply and the laptop will remain on but still will not turn on. Any suggestions?

A:Dell Latitude Power Problem

Did you buy this laptop used or new? If used what is the condition of the battery (how long does it last un-plugged)?

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Dell Latitude CPi, Win 98 se, Screen displays wide black curvy lines, looks like static, sometimes very bad, sometimes a little . Can run for hours ok, then starts to show, or can start at boot up. I was told that if battery was not up to par this could happen, ran on ac only, battery only, combo still same results. Any suggestions will be appreciated Thanks Paul

A:Dell Latitude Screen Problem

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I am trying to get my dell A940 printer to work with our new ibuy power computer with no luck.HELP,kid needs school project by tomorrow!

A:installing dell printer

Assuming the "ibuy power" computer has Vista installed, have you downloaded and installed the Vista drivers for the dell A940 ??

You need to give more details, such as the Windows version (98, XP, Vista etc)

For Vista drivers check here:

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I have a Dell Latitude C840 with 1 mb RAM. My hard disk crashed and I am attempting to reinstall Windows XP Professional.
I have the original Reinstallation CD that came (from Dell) with the system, and I have reinstalled XP Pro, but I am experiencing driver problems.
When I use the docking drivers CD, the docking driver installation does not work - it gives me an error part of the way through. I tried docking the computer anyway, but it does not operate properly.
Also, when I install the PCMCIA drivers, when rebooting, I get an error:
Windows could not start because of an error in the software.
Please report this problem as: load needed DLLs for kernel.
... that causes me to have to reinstall Windows again from scratch.
I also have a Drivers and Utilities CD but am hesitant to install it.
Can someone tell me where to find the proper docking driver, whether I should install from the Drivers and Utilities CD, and where I can find the "Docked" Profile, so I can delete it.
As an aside, after installing Windows, I did all the updates, SP2, SP3 and probably 50 - 80 additional updates.

A:Reinstall problem Dell Latitude C840

Drivers Download

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My Latitude E6400 Laptop Have Some Charging Problem
1.When I connect Charger to My Laptop Blue Light Blinks
2.When Battery Full 100% At That Time Blue Light Blinks

A:Dell Latitude E6400 Charging Problem

What is the problem exactly?

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My parents have a Dell Latitude D620 and it's about 5 or 6 years old. We use Windows XP on it. The other day my younger brother downloaded a Lego Software that turned out to be some sort of virus. So I disinstalled the Lego software for control panel hoping it would solve the problem. But my mother has McAfee and she tried to install AVG and it said she had to unistall the McAfee but she needs the password from her administrator first.

Right now the computer will work, but after you've been on the internet for about five minutes or gone to about 3 or 4 different pages it will stop working.
Is there a way we can fix this problem without downloading AVG (and how?) or do we have to wait for the administrator's password to come in?

Oh and this is the program he downloaded; hxxp://

A:Dell Latitude D620 Virus Problem.

Hello -

oscer1 tried to help you by showing you what we need before you post.

However, if you do not have administrator access to McAfee, removal efforts will be made very difficult, as many of the steps we do require resident protection to be disabled, which requires admin access.

Do not install more than one AV at a time, though. Also, you can do better, in my view, than AVG. Try avast!, Avira or Microsoft's Security Essentials.

All that said.....

We want all our members to perform the steps outlined in the link I'll give you below, before posting for assistance. There's a sticky at the top of this forum, and a

Having problems with spyware and pop-ups? First Steps

link at the top of each page.


Please follow our pre-posting process outlined here:

After running through all the steps, you shall have a proper set of logs. Please post them in a new topic, as this one shall be closed.

If you have trouble with one of the steps, simply move on to the next one, and make note of it in your reply.

Please note that the Virus/Trojan/Spyware Help forum is extremely busy, and it may take a while to receive a reply.

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Hope everyone is fine and well.

My said laptop is having severe heating problem with my Latitude E6430 i5-3360M upgraded to Windows 8 Enterprice 64 bit OS.

It is getting heat up too much from left side and exhausting the battery earliest.

Just one issue that can I see in it that Teredo tunneling pseudo interface shows a yellow exlamation mark in Device Manager. Windows 7 Ultmate 64 but I cannot find the solution to mitigate it.

Your expeditious help is requested to resolve the above problem.
Tariq ALi

A:Dell latitude e6430 heating problem

You require to uninstall and then re-install the device which shown the exclamation mark in device manager, otherwise require to run the device driver further.

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I have a Dell Latitude D630 with a video problem. When booting the machine boots fine and displays the windows desktop. Soon afterwards you can hear a popping sound and the screen goes blank.

When you look at the screen with a flashlight you can see the icons and the desktop. I thought maybe it was an inverter problem. Got a new inverter and it still does the same thing.

This is a refurb. Dell laptop running windows 7.

Any suggestions?

A:Dell Latitude D630 with a video problem

Looks like the backlight is arcing which would have the symptoms you described. You will need a new screen if I'm right.

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I have a linksys wireless router at home that my desktop pc is hardwired to. Perodically, the router will lose connection with the cable modem for some reason. I have to cycle the power to the router to get it back on line.

The desktop is my primary pc, and the laptop is online very infrequently.
My laptop has built in wireless and had worked just fine prior to the start of the problem. I never set up the wireless on it. Everything worked from default.

I was using my laptop while sitting in my driveway and while opening a link in another window, the wireless network went down. For some reason, this caused the configureation of my laptop to get changed. And now, even though I reset my router, the laptop cannot connect to my wireless network, or any others.

From my wireless network connection window;
Windows cannot configure this wireless connection.
If you have enabled another program to manage this wireless connection, use that software.
If you want Windows to configure this wireless connection, start the Wireless Zero Configuration (WTZ) service.Click to expand...
How/why did this change my configuration, and how do I fix it so it won't happen again?

Is it related to the router problem, or do you suppose some sort of spyware was activated?

A:Strange wireless problem on Dell Latitude

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Dell Latitude D520, Model Number PP17L. At present, the hard disk is blank and I am working strictly in the BIOS.

When I got this laptop, I was told its screen didn't work and the user had been using an external monitor for several months. It took me quite some aggravation to realize I had to have its lid fully closed in order to activate the external monitor.

Here are the things I would like to know about:

1) Is there a way to activate the external monitor with the lid open so I can use the laptop's keyboard? At present, the external monitor goes blank instantly on lifting the laptop's screen/lid.

The only settings I can find in the BIOS concerning video are:
Brightness on Battery
Brightness on AC
LCD Expansion
LCD Expansion has to do with whether the image is displayed with a wide black border or the image is edge-to-edge.

There are no other menu items in the BIOS that could even be remotely interpreted as affecting video.

2) The laptop's LCD panel does flash something for about a quarter of a second on the screen during POST when the external monitor is not connected. My guess is the LCD's power inverter is bad. What other possibilities are there?

A:Dell Latitude D520 Video problem

There should be a Key combo for switching to external...I think it is <FN-F8>
Have you tried tapping F8 immediately on startup for safe mode

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Hi guys I've got a Dell D600 laptop just finished reinstalling all the software, drivers etc. come accross a bit of a problem, if I install the video driver (ati mobility 9000)
then the laptop will only output video to an external monitor. It boots up windows splash screen etc on the laptops screen but then as soon as windows kicks in the screen goes black and it switches to the VGA port on the laptop.

However If i then go into safe mode and uninstall the driver the laptop will then boot as normal.

The laptop used to belong to an office and was mostly sat in a docking station could this be a factor?

Ive tried FN + F8 and its not doing anything other than making a black line on the screen, any ideas ?


A:Dell Latitude D600 video problem

try entering the bios setup by pressing f2 during the boot post screen.
there is an option to set the default video output (something like onboard / docking - depends on the model).

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Anyhow, at some points while using this laptop the pointer would randomly go off into the corner of the screen. Whenever I tried to move it from there it would resist from movement. I installed the drivers for this laptop but it still does it. Any help is appreciated.

(I'm afraid to contact Dell about this laptop cause I bought it at a Yard Sale. I tried to once but apparently I guess the phone number and name didn't match the the info on the Service Tag and they were asking me weird questions.)

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I have a Dell Latitude D600. It can run on a 65W PA-12 (model HP-OQ065B83) or PA-10 (model PA-1900-02D, don't know wattage) family of Dell adapters. Both models have input of 100-240v 50-60hz, output of 19.5v. PA-12 outputs 3.34A. PA-10 outputs 4.62A.

I normally hook the laptop to the PA-12 adapter. About 2-3 weeks ago, I noticed that the icon which shows if I am on battery, AC, or AC and charging, kept flickering between AC and battery power. Finally, it stopped charging the battery in addition to not powering the laptop. I figured it was a problem with the AC adapter. Luckily, I have another PA-12 at home. So, I started using it. Everything worked for a while. Then, the 2nd PA-12 adapter started to act the same way as the first one. I have a docking station which is hooked up to a PA-10 adapter. So, I took the PA-10 and used that to run my laptop. Again this worked for a while and then the same problem. So far, 2 PA-12s and 1 PA-10 had stopped working. Then, I took the docking station (luckily it is small), connected the PA-10 to it, and docked the laptop. Everything worked. But soon after, I started getting a message that the laptop is docked, but the AC Adapter type is not recognized, and to undock the laptop or use another adapter for the docking station. I took the PA-10 and hooked it back to the laptop and removed the battery. If I play/move the adapter's plug on the laptop, sometimes the PA-10 will work. However, I get the message that the AC Adapter type i... Read more

A:Dell Latitude D600 AC Adapter problem

Follow up:

I found someone with another D600 and tested the adapters. They work on his laptop. Does anyone know if this is just a jack problem or if the motherboard is the problem?

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Guys I Had Installed ubuntu Imstalled First noe i am back to windows 8.1 but i installed it via unofficial way i used my freind laptop os windows 8.1 made a bootable of it and booted on my laptop but i am facing many issues like low sound very low sound issue,areoplane made always enable because of it i am not able to use wifi on my laptop to download drivers,
i downloaded drivers from my brother laptop from dell site but installing them is useless so please guys can i get any help in this matter

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I have a Dell Latitude C840 Laptop with added RAM to 1G. Recently, to the accompaniement of some "whining" noises, one of the two cooling fans stopped working. Since that moment, I appear to have a serious CPU Usage problem. On initial start up, the laptop runs normally - however, as soon as the remaining fan starts up (usually after just a few minutes), the CPU Usage flatlines at 100% and everything slows to a crawl. Running WOW over a broadband connection for example is impossible.
As the problem coincided with someone else using my laptop to access an email site, initial investigation went down the software/malware avenue, but that route now appears to be clear, so I am left with a possible hardware cause?

1. Is the malfunction of one of the two cooling fans likely to be the source of the problem?
2. If so, where can I get a replacement (I've tried the Dell site to no avail)?
3. If I can get a replacement fan, how the heck do I get inside the laptop? I've tried getting the bottom off but it doesn't appear to want to come off and I'm wary of forcing it.

Any help gratefully appreciated.

A:Solved: Dell Latitude C840 - CPU/Fan Problem

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There is a well-known flaw of the Dell Latitude D510 motherboard. The power jack (part number DL111500) will break if you happen to trip over the cable or if you remove it in some other way without extreme caution. Very bad design. Dell should be ashamed!

This is what you need to get your machine up and running again:

- A Dell PR01X docking station (the battery will be charged from the underside of the machine regardless of the broken DL111500 power jack)
- An AC adapter PA10

There are in fact three versions of the Dell AC Adapter:
PA12: 65W (19.5V x 3.34A)
PA10: 90W (19.5V x 4.62A) Ö no itís not a misprint; PA10 is more powerful than PA12. Only Dell knows why.
PA13: 130W (19.5V x 6.67A)

The PR01X docking station needs a PA10 or a PA13 to work when the laptop is turned on. However, if you only have the standard PA12, the battery will be charged provided the laptop is turned off. If you turn it on, the Bios will tell you that the AC adapter cannot provide enough power and the laptop will not start up. In some way, the AC adapter identifies itself trough the docking station to the Bios of the machine.
You can probably by a PR01X at about 35 dollars and a PA10 at about 40 dollars. Thatís what I had to pay (February 2011). But in the US perhaps you might get it cheaper (bigger market).
Dell Latitude D510 is a piece of crap, but for 75 dollars I can now use it for yet another year in parallel with a much more powerful computer that Iíve built lately.
Best regards with a ... Read more

A:Dell Latitude D510 power problem

Probably a wise move. The DC jack has 9 solder points and can be very difficult to replace. Even worse are the ones that have come loose at the solder joints for a long time and start to overheat the printed circuitry.

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I am working on a Dell Latitude D610. The owner is complaining of power supply issues. When the AC adapter is plugged in, it shorts out. The green light on the adapter is illuminated when it is plugged in to the wall only, but goes out when connecting it to the laptop.

I have two power supplies from the owner, both behave the same way. I also have another Latitude Laptop which would use the same power supply and have the same issue.

Where do I go with this? What's the next step?

TIA. -Paul.

A:Dell Latitude D610 Power Problem

What happens when you take the batteries out of the laptop and plug in the power cord ?

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I recently bought a Dell Latitude E6410 with Win 10. I have problem with its sound and mic. When I active the mic, I don't have sound on internal speaker, when I fix the sound, then the mic doesn't work. If I add an external mic it does work with sound together but not in all apps. For example, they don't work together on Skype. 
When I used Dell driver checks, it showed me the BIOS needs to be updated, but when I want to update it gives me error. 
Appreciate any help. 

A:Sound and mic Problem in dell Latitude E6410

aytajalli Latitude E6410 with Win 10
Hello. Dell does not support Windows 8, 8.1, or 10 on the Latitude E6410 model and cautions that you might lose some functionality if you do run Win10. You can see the notice on the E6410 support page.
The E6410 has IDT audio hardware on the motherboard. The IDT company went out of the consumer audio business before Windows 10 came out, so I doubt that there will ever be a Win10 IDT audio driver for that model.
You can try to use the IDT Win7 audio driver in Win10, by installing it while using Compatibility mode.
1. Download and save the audio driver to your desktop or any convenient location on the hard drive.  [There are two "formats" on the driver's page. Scroll down to the 2nd one, named "Hard Drive" format, and download that one, not the 1st one named "Windows Update Package".]2. Double click on the new folder to extract (unzip) the driver files.3. The extractor wizard will create a new folder for the driver files. It will be at "c:\dell\drivers\xxxxxx". Write down the exact location that the wizard creates. 4. If the driver begins to install automatically, halt (cancel) the installation.5. Browse to the driver files on the hard drive (the location you wrote down).6. Find the "setup.exe" file.7. Right click on setup.exe to open the context menu.8. Select the Properties.9. Select the Compatibility tab.10. Check the box "run this program in compatibility mode for"... W... Read more

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Hi Everyone, I have problem with my Dell Latitude E6400.. I use Windows 8 and 7 But the problem remain same.. My lapi got hanged after some time.. Specially when I watch video on any media player or watch online video.. Anybody help me plz.. I install NVIDIA graphic driver too.. But the problem remain same with my system..

A:Dell Latitude E6400 graphic problem

Hi SaAni Awan,

Please click on the link below to troubleshoot the issue you are facing with your Dell Latitude E6400. You may have to update the BIOS on your computer in order to resolve the issue.

Latitude E6400 Intermittent Slow Performance, Lock Ups, and Overheating:

Click on this Youtube link for a video on how to update your Dell PC's BIOS in 99 Seconds:

Follow instructions mentioned below prior to the BIOS update.

Ensure that the AC Adapter is connected to the computer prior to the BIOS update.
Disconnect any third party peripherals connected to the computer before performing BIOS update.
Remove any cd/dvd from the optical drive prior to the BIOS update.
Do not turn off the computer during the BIOS update.
Do not restart the computer during the BIOS update.
Ensure battery charge is more than 10% during BIOS update.

Note: Plug your computer to a good, working wall jack before you update the BIOS. If you experience a loss of AC power or a significant voltage sag/spike during the BIOS flash, you may have to replace the BIOS chip or motherboard.

Additionally, you can also check the link below to troubleshoot system performance issues.

Troubleshooting System Performance Issues on my Dell Laptop:

Please let us know if you have further queries.

Thanks and regards.

Babita G

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Im having a problem with my dell not charging my battery. I have 2 batteries One brand new, and one older. I just had to redo my computers operating system and when I got it back up the battery(s) will not charge. Right now one of the batterys are at %90 and is slowly going down. I did use all the drivers found on dell and Im running A-23 bios version.

Thanks in advance for any help,

Chris M

A:Problem with my Dell c600 latitude not charging either bay

Just to let you and everybody else know that I fixed my problem. I ran my battery down to 40%. I plugged in the power supply 30 mins later still at 40%. So I read some where that it could be a Bios flash issue so I got Bios ver. A-22 flashed it and ran up the computer. After full boot I then shut it down and then reflashed it to A-23 and started it back up. As soon as I restarted the computer after the second boot the charge light was on and stayed on until the battery was at 100%. So I believe that it was a bios glitch that was not allowing the charge system to run properly.

Thanks for the help.

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I'm trying to install Windows 2000 over Windows XP on my Dell Latitude LS for performance reasons. The Win2K CD doesn't want to boot(I know how to set the CD as primary boot, I have set it, and it won't boot. There isn't a boot.ini file on the CD.), and if I use Windows 2000 boot disks, I need the CD to be on at the same time as the floppies, which I can't do. I also cannot get Windows XP to pretend to be compatible with Windows 2000.

Help? Please?

A:Installing Windows 2000 over Windows XP on Dell Latitude LS

Can you boot off of the WIndows 2000 floppy disk and perform a format then install Windows 2000 on a clean hard drive?

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Not sure if this is in the right category or not but here goes. The computer has been working fine until about 1/2 hour ago. The monitor goes VERY dim like in hibernation but will not 'relight'. If you reboot it comes on and works properly for about 5 minutes then goes dim again. The only way to get it back is to reboot. needless to say, this is a pretty useless way to have a computer. I appreciate your help.

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I have just purchased a Dell Latitude E5450 14" and I am having some problems with its screen.
It is a matte IPS full hd screen and after using it just for a few hours i had enormous eye strain- happened for the first time in my life (my eye sight is just fine btw). I did calibration and tests and adjustments and updated dell drivers... Still I have enormous eye strain. (back home i also own viewsonic matte ips 23" monitor and never had problem with looking at it for hours)
The only thing I can definitely say is that I think the screen has sharpness issues based on:
it fails this test miserably and according to this test, the sharpness is too low. Could this be causing my eye strain and if yes, is there any way to improve that??
I am surprised that my 8 year old Dell Inspiron 13" almost passed this test perfectly.
Also I find the colors on Latitude screen too saturated.. And I have the feeling there is too much magenta or even blue...
Did anyone have same or similar problems? I really like my new Latitude but I don't see the point in keeping it if I cannot use it more then 2 hours per day...
Any help is really appreciated!

A:Problem with Dell Latitude E5450 14" screen

I forgot to mention that I have an integrated graphic card - Intel HD Graphics 5500
Upon reading Intel forums, I found out that one user was complaining about the same thing, but after apparently updating his drivers (on Lenovo ThinkPad). When he reinstalled the old drivers, the eye strain was gone.
So I disabled my Intel Graphics drivers - e voila, no more eye strain!
Still though, that sharpness test is failing....
Any thoughts?

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Hi guys, I have a Dell Latitude D620 whilst doing a clean install, onto a clean HDD, with Win 7 Home Premium, full version. A problem occurs after the (Custom Advanced) clicked option I am presented with (Where do you want to install Win) I get a dialog box that says
Disk 0----- Partition 1------ 119 GB
when I click next , I get the message ( setup was unable to create a new system partition or locate an existing system partition. See Setup log files for more info?) (I do not know where setup log files are? )
I clicked load drivers however I do not have a clue what that means or where to find any drivers that I might need? Does anyone know what is happening here? and how I can resolve it? any, and all help with this matter appreciated.
The machine is a Dual core 1.8 , 2 GB memory, 120 HDD

A:Solved: Dell latitude D620 win 7 installation problem

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I am having the following problems with my keyboard: space bar, back, arrow keys, numbers, letter - you press it once and then it just won't type it a second time until you wait for some time and then go at it again; cannot strike any key twice or more in a row (for example if I try to type "kibble", the second b won't show up)

I thought it may be the keyboard that was the problem so I purchased a new replacement, installed it and the problems still weren't fixed!

Anybody know what the actual problem may be??


A:Problem with some functions on my Dell Latitude D600 keyboard

Does it work when you boot into safe mode?

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Sir , i have Dell latitude e6430 i5 running windows 10 is having the over heating problem it is emmiting enought heat to burn the hand on the left side of the laptop and because of this its battery timing is also reduced . Please kindly help me to resolve this issue

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I have downloaded the software to the dell and have run into this problem. They interact, showing ink levels, etc., but won't print. Someone mentioned it maybe a window problem? Any suggestions?

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i have laptop dell latitude  E6230 .when i purched the laptop battery timing is 5 plus hour and now battery problem that. battery option is show this massage . the battery one is nit available for use. what kind of problem. kindly tell me.

Xperts mary laptop dell latitude e6230 ha us ma ya problem ha.

A:laptop dell latitude E6230 battery problem

Hi ,
Thank you for writing to us!
We suggest you to run power troubleshooter and check if it helps.

PressWindows + X key.
SelectControl panel.
In the search box, typeTroubleshooter and then clickTroubleshooting.
Click on Power and Click on Next button.

Also calibrate the battery ,also check in BIOS if the battery is detected .Kindly let us know if the functionality of the system is being effected .
Kindly private message the service tag and email address.

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If anyone can help I'll be forever in your debt.
I've had a look around the other threads and nobody seems to have a clear answer on how to get around the grey screen which is stopping me from loading up my laptop.
It asks for the system/admin password which I don't have as I bought this from an auction in work.

If anybody can help me to crack this I will be very happy!

I'm posting this so that I can PM!

I'm posting this so that I can PM!2

I'm posting this so that I can PM! 3

I'm posting this so that I can PM! 4

A:Dell Latitude D610 Bios Password Problem!

2. READ the FAQs.
3. Post your QUESTION ONCE. If people wish to reply they will and you'll get a better response by posting in the right area. Please read the rules for newcomers. Bumping does not work on TS.

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Hello,My daughter has a Dell Latitude D600 laptop. When she is trying to watch some .mkv or .avi HD videos about 2 to 10 gb in size the video cuts out and will not play without interruption. She uses the VLC player to watch them. She either plays from external usb hard drive or on the C drive. Some of the SD videos seam to play fine. Is it because of her video card or processor is out dated? If so is there setting or other player that will help when watching these videos? Below is her setupIntel Pentium-M processor 1.4 GHz with 1 MB level 2 cache 1.0 GB RAM 14.1-inch TFT display with 32 MB ATI Mobility Radeon 9000 video controller XP Pro

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Hello again. I used Darik's Boot and Nuke to wipe the hard drive of my Dell Latitude D620 laptop, and am now using the official Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition disc that originally came with the laptop, to reinstall everything. It goes through a hardware configuration check, then into Windows Setup. Setup appears to load all files correctly, then shows "starting Windows". At this point a blue screen appears saying "a problem has been detected and window has been shut own to prevent damage to your computer. Technical information listed below is: ***STOP: 0x0000007E (0xC0000005, 0xF76130BF, 0xF7A5F208, 0xF7A5EF08) pci.sys - Address F7130BF base at F760/c000, DateStamp 3b7d855c. I'm not 100% certain, but I think the laptop may have shown the same error just before I used DBAN. Any thoughts?

A:Windows XP setup problem on Dell Latitude D620 after using DBAN

Microsoft says:

STOP: 0x0000007E (0xC0000005, 0x804E518E, 0xFC938104, 0xFC937E04)

WUSB54GCx86.sys- Address 92D89498 base at 92D7c000, Datestamp 45c04cc9
Note The parameters and file names in this error message might vary, depending on the cause of the Stop error. The file name in the second line of the error message, WUSB54GCx86.sys, is an example of a driver file that might be causing the error.Click to expand...


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I have a Dell Latitude D180 with windows XP. Sometimes my computer will turn on just fine. But most of the time it doesn't. When i try to turn it on only the power symbol will light then turn off. However if i keep trying to turn it on it might work. Sometimes it can take 3 tries other times it can take 20 or more times. I just want it to turn on the first time. Its not the battery. I have switch the batteries with someone who have the same exact computer.

A:Solved: Windows XP dell latitude D180 turning on problem

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Hi All,
I am brand new at your forum, and I would lie to share with you with my poor experience. Now I am having 2 Dell notebook, having the same problem, I took to all technician around and no luck to solve the issue.
The problem is when you switch on the power it does`t work, it just give red flash and then dead.
The model as stated on the topic above is Dell Latitude D610 and Dell Vostro 1400. Any one can help me out to solve the issue.

Pls Help to solve it!!!

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I uninstalled my hp 400 printer using Norton uninstall due to problems (illegal operation box) but now I don't know how to reinstall the driver. I have a book that came with printer but it's DOS Printer Driver Info Guide. When I tried to install from floppy, I got mesage "Initialization error" Set up Wizard detecte you are running Windows 95 (I currently have Windows 98). Run add printer program in control panel to install this printer. I haven't a clue what this means as I've never installed printer driver before. My husband always did it and he's not here right now. When I bring up printers from settings menu, it shows the hp printer icon but driver is missing since I uninstalled.
Thanks, Marianne

A:Installing HP printer driver

If it's the Dekjet 400 series printer you have,check out this website :
It has information on the printer plus a link for the latest driver downloads.Just follow the instructions to install.

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windows 7 will not recognise either of my printers no matter what I do.
I have reinstalled the drivers and clicked the XP service pack 2 in compatability as I was advised on one site but it does not work - I am very frustrated with the amount of things causing trouble with Windows 7!

A:Driver for dell 810 or 948 printer

There are Windows 7, 32 and 64 bit drivers listed for the 810. Have you tried them? Drivers & Downloads=

Same way with the 948, Win 7 drivers listed for this model too. Drivers & Downloads=

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I accidentally uninstalled my Dell 5100cn PCL6 printer from the Devices and Printers window and reinstalled it. But now it does not print, and hasn't even printed the test page.

I reinstalled it in the same window by right clicking and choosing add printer. I chose "Add local printer" since it is connected directly to my computer via printer cable. I selected "Use driver that's currently installed (recommended)".

I have used Windows Update to check for any driver updates for the printer but found none. Driver seems up to date.

I still see the "Test Page" Status: "printing" when looking at "See what's printing" after right clicking on the printer, but there is no activity or any kind coming from the printer.

Other people in my office have been able to print on it.

I have Windows 7.

Please help! I have no idea why it's not printing!

A:Solved: Dell 5100 Printer won't print at all after installing.

Delete the printer again. Uninstall any software/drivers listed in Add and Remove programs associated with the printer. Then reboot and reinstall following the manufacturers installation process.

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Hi, i have slight problem with figuring out my monitor. My mother and i just recently swapped computers because of 'graphic and audio differences' but i had a computer for barely 2 days the monitor just randomly out of no where while playing SIMS 3 just started doing displaying these transparency bugs and color problems on both external and internal monitors. my laptop monitor has these fuzzy red and blue pixels, mostly red when in dark areas or what seems to be lining of the objects. and blue on white or brighter color differences. this also loads up in the BIOS so its not a software or comparability issue. i opened it up once to check for a loose wire but didn't really find anything unusual, just re plugged everything in. and then it worked again. Now its been 2 weeks and i was on facebook and out of nowhere it starts happening again. and i noticed every time it happens a problem occurs on my external monitor to the left. (Only when the red fuzzy stuff appears) It stopped before and now its doing it again and i don't want to tamper too much with anything inside because im not exactly so familiar with a laptops motherboard. i am thinking it might have something to do with the graphics card or VGA input or something.. im not sure. any help would be AWESOME!!!

"A video down below i posted the problem and some pictures for help and more detailed info"

A:external VGA and regular monitor color problem on DELL Latitude D830

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I just bought a new desktop loaded with Vista x64 SP1. I am having trouble getting my Canon ImageClass D300 printer driver to install. I've been through the forums and such here and have tried all the take ownership of the files, run as administrator, login as administrator and all the disable the signed driver stuff and I'm still getting this error:

Windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error while attempting to install it.

Then it displayes the printer and correct name. Below that is simply says:

Access denied.

I'm at my whits end here folks. If someone can direct me to what the access might be that's denied, i'd love to take alook at that. Like I've said, I took ownership of the entire drive so I was sure to get everything. I even tried the same take ownership of all I could in the registry. Any help would be great.

A:Error Installing Printer Driver

I guess I should have held off on posting here, that's always my luck. At any rate, I was able to sort of figure out what was going on here. Since the computer came with a restore partition and nothing was working and I had very little setup, I figured I had nothing to loose, so I ran through the system restore and put it back to whatever their factory specifics were. After that everything the printer driver installed without issues. So who knows what happened to the initial load, but it was bad.

So like I tell my wife, when in doubt reboot. Or in this case, reload.

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My daughter's Dell 8400 PC went blue screen. Since the hardware tested OK, I reinstalled XP from CD, downloaded and installed SP3 and other security updates (making it current), then reinstalled Office 2007 and updated it online. Since she had no CD for the driver for her HP 5150 printer (installed via USB port), I went to the HP website and downloaded a driver for it. I see it on the hard drive, but I know of no way to install it. MSFT repeatedly recognizes its presence and offers to help install a driver, but expects it to be on a CD drive, and complains about not finding it there. I guess that I could burn a CD to contain the driver (which is at the end of a sequence of about 6 subdirectories). But is there another way to skin this cat? Thanks.

A:Installing a downloaded printer driver

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Just reinstalled Vistax64 and my printer will not print. Alway a fault gets in the way.

Have the drivers for the x64 from HP, but now they do not work properly.

Any ideas anyone,

thanks alot


A:Driver hp 3500 printer not installing as should

what does the printer do when you try and print? does any error appear while installing?

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I just bought an HP 840 DeskJet printer but although I have followed the manufacturer's instructions I just cannot successfully install the driver software. I don't think it is a problem with the actual software but some compatibility issue with my PC. I tried using the same CD to install it on my laptop, running the windows 98, and works fine. However when I try it on my PC it just gives the windows "Exclamation" sound, that is all that happens.
I already tried a downloaded version of the same driver from HP's site but that does not help. I also disabled the Norton Antivirus program.
My operating system is windows 98.
I need some help in identifying what is inhibiting the driver from installing on my PC.

A:Problems Installing Printer Driver

If a previous attempt for the printer install failed and a partial setup was completed you may have registry entries that are interferring. Also there is a known problem with the usb driver setup in Win98 and the fix for it is in the below HP article.
When you go to add/remove programs is the HP printer listed?
If it is use that for uninstall. If it is not listed and the only hp product on your system is the printer then you may have to manually go though the registry and find/delete all references to the hp printer. If you have other hp products or your whole system is hp you have a very tricky situation in the registry and at that time I would contact hp for help in correcting the problem.
Here is that Article explaining usb problems.

Also a common mistake people make is hooking up the printer before the hp software is installed. The software install prompts the user to connect the printer during the install.

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I tried installing HP drivers for my 7210 MFP downloaded from HP site,when installation begins it just dissapears,ran virus scan and driver shows as a corrupt .exe file.I installed same driver on laptop and it works fine on wireless network.Both running 7 ultimate 64.

A:hp printer driver stops installing

It's likely it's been blocked by a over protective antivirus.
If the same item worked on your laptop I would think it's likely you are just getting a false positive on the virus detection.
This would block the install process though.
Steps for allowing it around the av so it can run properly depends on the av (most installs will tell you to temporarily disable your security for the installation process anyhow. As pretty much all av's get really over protective during install processes.

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Dear Users,
i have two networks, one is LAN and another is Wifi on two different floors. as we add a new pc to the network in wifi network as i install the printer driver it gave an option either the printer is attached to this pc or its a network printer as i choose
its network printer it search it and install all is ok.......Below is my problem

on the LAN network when i add a new pc and want to install the printer and choose the same as above that its network printer it does not search it, and the other option is to attache the pritner via lan cable direct to this pc, which is very hard
for us.
so anybody kindly let me know how to install a printer which is on a LAN network.

Tahir Mehmood

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Trying to install printer driver for my wifes new laptop (also HP) using HP Support Assistant. Gets as far as extrating the downloaded sw and part way through installing it then hits an issue with USB driver missing. This is with the printer connected via USB which the HP Support Assistant correctly detected as a B110a and suggested the printer driver for this printer.  Error shows as : "This computer does not have the necessary USB software to allow completion of a USB installation."  It then refers to needing USB drivers to be installed but we are using the USB ports for other purposes and have no problems. Wondering if this is a known issue...? any advice welcome folks ;-)

A:B110 printer driver not installing

Hey @grallen, I understand you're having issues with USB drivers on your HP notebook. I'd like to help. What's your notebook product number? If you're not sure how to find that information, please click here for instructions: Finding Your HP Product Model Number What operating system version are you using? If you're not certain, the following guide will help you determine that information: What's my OS? Please get back to me so I can better assist you.Cheers,TechSurge.

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For the life of me I've forgotten how to install the latest driver for my HP 722C. I've got Win98. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

A:Installing updated printer driver

Go to and go thru the links until you find the driver for your 722c and download it to My Docs or some other place. Go to control panel and add/remove programs and remove your current printer drivers. I would suggest you have the disk that your original printer drivers came on handy.

Go to Explore and delete any files that have an HP designation and then go to the new driver and start the set up and follow the set up instructions.

I have a 722c and I had a lot of problems getting my new drivers installed because it always told me I had not installed the old ones until I did the delete in Explore.

Good luck.......

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I have just purchased a Dell Inspiron desktop computer(with windows 10) and can not get my Dell 946 printer to work with it.
Any suggestions ?

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I installed the printer driver from Dell website for my 3100cn printer and when I open word it crashes. Any ideas on what I should do?

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TB 15 Dock BIOS/ Drivers Installation Guide
Dell Latitude E5270/E5470/E5570 and Precision 3510 for Win8.1/Win10 64-bit
Please install the latest BIOS & drivers follow the below steps
Step 1 – Download and Install Dell Latitude E5270/E5470/E5570 and Precision 3510 System BIOS. Restart required.
Version: A07 ,A07 Last Updated: 16 Mar 2016
Step 2 – Download and Install Intel(R) Thunderbolt Controller Driver. Restart required.
Version: ,A01 Last Updated: 12 Mar 2016
Step 3 – Download and Install Intel(R) Thunderbolt(TM) 3 Firmware Update. Restart required.
Version: 02.11.06 ,A02 Last Updated: 12 Mar 2016
Step 4 – Download and Install ASMedia USB 3.0 Extended Host Controller Driver for Dell Thunderbolt Dock. Restart required.
Version: ,A02 Last Updated: 18 Mar 2016
Step 5 – Download and Install Realtek USB GBE Ethernet Controller Driver for Dell Thunderbolt Dock and Dell Dock. Restart required.
Version: 2.43.2015.1225 ,A01 Last Updated: 15 Mar 2016 Read more

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TB 15 Dock BIOS/ Drivers Installation Guide
Dell Latitude E5270/E5470/E5570 and Precision 3510 for Win8.1/Win10 64-bit
Please install the latest BIOS & drivers follow the below steps
Step 1 – Download and Install Dell Latitude E5270/E5470/E5570 and Precision 3510 System BIOS. Restart required.
Version: A07 ,A07 Last Updated: 16 Mar 2016
Step 2 – Download and Install Intel(R) Thunderbolt Controller Driver. Restart required.
Version: ,A01 Last Updated: 12 Mar 2016
Step 3 – Download and Install Intel(R) Thunderbolt(TM) 3 Firmware Update. Restart required.
Version: 02.11.06 ,A02 Last Updated: 12 Mar 2016
Step 4 – Download and Install ASMedia USB 3.0 Extended Host Controller Driver for Dell Thunderbolt Dock. Restart required.
Version: ,A02 Last Updated: 18 Mar 2016
Step 5 – Download and Install Realtek USB GBE Ethernet Controller Driver for Dell Thunderbolt Dock and Dell Dock. Restart required.
Version: 2.43.2015.1225 ,A01 Last Updated: 15 Mar 2016 Read more

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TB 15 Dock BIOS/ Drivers Installation Guide
Dell Latitude E5270/E5470/E5570 and Precision 3510 for Win8.1/Win10 64-bit
Please install the latest BIOS & drivers follow the below steps
Step 1 – Download and Install Dell Latitude E5270/E5470/E5570 and Precision 3510 System BIOS. Restart required.
Version: A07 ,A07 Last Updated: 16 Mar 2016
Step 2 – Download and Install Intel(R) Thunderbolt Controller Driver. Restart required.
Version: ,A01 Last Updated: 12 Mar 2016
Step 3 – Download and Install Intel(R) Thunderbolt(TM) 3 Firmware Update. Restart required.
Version: 02.11.06 ,A02 Last Updated: 12 Mar 2016
Step 4 – Download and Install ASMedia USB 3.0 Extended Host Controller Driver for Dell Thunderbolt Dock. Restart required.
Version: ,A02 Last Updated: 18 Mar 2016
Step 5 – Download and Install Realtek USB GBE Ethernet Controller Driver for Dell Thunderbolt Dock and Dell Dock. Restart required.
Version: 2.43.2015.1225 ,A01 Last Updated: 15 Mar 2016
Ste... Read more

A:Dell TB15 Desktop Dock - Step-by-step driver/firmware/BIOS installation instructions for XPS, Latitude and Precision notebooks [UPDATED 04-22-16]

 Unfortunately I see no updates to firmware or drivers from what I already have for the TB15 and my XPS 15 9550. I have experienced issues with the Realtek USB GBE Ethernet Controller Driver (generating BSOD's) and the mini-Displayport connection from the TB15 to an external monitor (screen blanks out). Time is running out for me. I will be forced to return my TB15 this week.

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WD 15 Dock BIOS/ Drivers Installation Guide
Dell Latitude E5270/E5470/E5570 and Precision 3510 for Win8.1/Win10 64bit
Please install the latest BIOS & drivers follow the below steps
Step 1 – Download and Install Dell Latitude E5270/E5470/E5570 and Precision 3510 System BIOS. Restart required.
Version: A07 ,A07 Last Updated: 16 Mar 2016
Step 2 – Download and Install Intel(R) Thunderbolt Controller Driver. Restart required.
Version: ,A01 Last Updated: 22 Feb 2016
Step 3 – Download and Install Intel(R) Thunderbolt(TM) 3 Firmware Update. Restart required.
Version: 02.11.06 ,A02 Last Updated: 16 Feb 2016
Step 4 – Download and Install Realtek USB GBE Ethernet Controller Driver for Dell Thunderbolt Dock and Dell Dock. Restart required.
Version: 2.43.2015.1225 ,A01 Last Updated: 19 Feb 2016
Step 5 – Download and Install Realtek USB Audio Driver for Dell Wireless Dock, Dell Thunderbolt Dock, and Dell Dock. Restart required.
Version: 6.3.9600.44 ,A02  Last Updated: 20 Mar 2016 Read more

A:Dell WD15 Desktop Dock - Step-by-step driver/firmware/BIOS installation instructions for XPS, Latitude and Precision notebooks [UPDATED 04-22-16]

Hi Brian
Thanks for being active on this issue. (This thread was closed - so had to use the TB-15 Thunderbolt thread above this one). Thanks for opening this one for WD-15
I've been having  most of the problems mentioned in the other Thunderbolt dock  thread .. USB problems, fan noise, not recognising on startup,
I tried the driver list above (for 5510 win7 64) and some refused to install because they were for xps product not  precision. However I when on 5520 support page (for the nth time) and found a new USB driver. ie > Chipset_Driver_V2WY5_WN32_1.16.32.1_A01.EXE 
I've installed that but NOPE ... still has USB problems eg stuff like usb (2) keyboard not working. BUT unplug/replug the dock at USB C connection at laptop and it works !! (but this is a PITA and probably will wreck the socket in the long run). 
I guess my point is please sync the support page and this support forum if you can, we all love Dell but would appreciate some reciprocating :-)

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