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tower stays on, monitor turns off

Q: tower stays on, monitor turns off

when I turn on the computer it beeps then turns the monitor off, so I cant do anything at all, the tower stays on

A: tower stays on, monitor turns off

Are you asking about a desktop or laptop? We need the model/model number & the exact beep code sequence - long/short & pauses. As Dashing_star pointed out, beeps are usually related to RAM or graphics problems.The following is for Dell desktops. Scroll down to the chart for BIOS beep codes:

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2 weeks ago I started having an issue with my pc. When I boot it up and I open programs my pc monitor goes black. Now I know its not the display because even if I am playing music and it goes black all sounds stops letting me know that its not just the display its something greater. I sent my motherboard off to the manufacture and they sent me another one back. I also reformatted the hard drive and I am still having this issue. I have also deleted current drivers and installed older ones that are 3 months old and even 2 years old to try and fix the problem. I am really desperate here and I am not sure whats going on. I hope someone can help me I have linked a video below ignore everything in the video that I say the only part that applies is the part where the computer turns off when I open programs

A:monitor turns off but pc stays on. Not sure whats happening

I had the same problem a few weeks ago. I found it was due to my APC battery backup. For some reason the threshhold level for the thing got out of whack. I reset it and that took care of the problem.

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I hope someone knows the answer.
I have a Dell Inspiron 3847 running Windows 10. Several times over the past 6 months I have noticed my computer still on and the Screen has turned off. Neither the Keyboard or the Mouse responds either.
The only way I can switch off is to hold the power button for a few seconds.
I have prevoiusly made sure the Sleep options, if ever i use them, is only for the computer and never the screen.

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So in my BIOS the setting is at S3.

So this is what happened....about 4-5 months ago there was a Windows Update and on the update was an (I had never seen this before) Nvidia graphics card update as well, I didn't think much of it so I just updated the Important Updates as usual.

At some point during the updates my monitor shut off as if my computer was going to sleep--it did not return for a good I manually shut down my computer.

And now.... When I attempt to sleep OR Shut Down my computer while logged into windows, the tower stays on (fans/lights on/running sound), the display sleeps but the tower remains on. Why? (Note: When I am NOT logged into Windows, I am able to shut down properly, but still will not sleep properly)

It takes a power button shut down when this happens -- I am unable to toggle the display back on when sleep fails, which forces the manual shut down.

I've tried a lot of fixes -- from reinstalling the GPU and updating graphics, enabled hibernate (which also fails like sleep mode), disabled Devices from waking up the computer, checked all peripherals/USB ports, disabled NVStreamServices from GeForce Experience -- not sure how this got turned on, assuming from the update.

Also tried different Power Options, my powercfg /requests all say None. My Local Area Connection has IPV6 disabled, I also tried just using direct cable modem connection versus router, no change. Using timed sleep mode still sleeps the display, but the tower stays on..... Read more

A:Display sleeps, but Tower stays on -- Why?

he problem is normally with the display. Try uninstalling the display driver including any software from Control Panel and Device Manager, reboot, enable Automatically deliver drivers via Windows Update (Step 3)
then Check for Updates, install all Important and Optional which may include critical performance updates as well as drivers.

If this doesn't help, compare it with the driver for your model PC or video card from its SUpport Downloads webpage. If that fails after trying it again, then work backwards and forwards to Beta and older drivers.

Other steps here to troubleshoot Sleep Mode Problems - Vista Forums

In addition look over these steps for doing a perfect Clean Reinstall Windows 7 which compile everything that's worked best in tens of thousands of installs we've directly helped with here.T

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the only two programs that I've noticed are Firefox and World of Warcraft. Please Help any hints toward my solution or even the solution itself would be ridiculously apreciated! =]

System Information
Time of this report: 1/12/2012, 23:17:08
Machine name: GREGS-PC
Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit (6.1, Build 7600) (7600.win7_gdr.110622-1503)
Language: English (Regional Setting: English)
System Manufacturer: GBT___
System Model: NVDAACPI
BIOS: Award Modular BIOS v6.00PG
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 6000+ (2 CPUs), ~3.0GHz
Memory: 3072MB RAM
Available OS Memory: 3072MB RAM
Page File: 1798MB used, 4342MB available
Windows Dir: C:\Windows
DirectX Version: DirectX 11
DX Setup Parameters: Not found
User DPI Setting: Using System DPI
System DPI Setting: 96 DPI (100 percent)
DWM DPI Scaling: Disabled
DxDiag Version: 6.01.7600.16385 32bit Unicode
DxDiag Notes
Display Tab 1: No problems found.
Sound Tab 1: No problems found.
Sound Tab 2: No problems found.
Input Tab: No problems found.
DirectX Debug Levels
Direct3D: 0/4 (retail)
DirectDraw: 0/4 (retail)
DirectInput: 0/5 (retail)
DirectMusic: 0/5 (retail)
DirectPlay: 0/9 (retail)
DirectSound: 0/5 (retail)
DirectShow: 0/6 (retail)
Display Devices
Card name: NVIDIA GeForce 7900 GS (Microsoft Corporation - WDDM)
Manufacturer: NVIDIA
Chip type: GeForce 7900 GS
DAC type: Integrated RAMD... Read more

A:My tower stays on but my screen seems to disconnect when i open certain programs

Firstly, you should try to uninstall and re-install the programs
Secoundly, You should try to use a different monitor
Thirdly, you should try to uninstall and reinstall the video/graphics card driver, as there has to be some sort of link, so doing that may break the link

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My display shuts off, lost signal, windows freezes, tower stays running without a hiccup.My display or displays shut off and windows freezes when playing games. It started with Fps game loading inside of a window the size of the screen instead of full screen. I then tried playing another graphically demanding game with the settings maxed and the display shut off after several minutes of gameplay. Over time it gradually got worse and worse until it would shut off the display as soon as it loaded windows. I thoroughly cleaned the entire case and components, cleaned and recovered the system back a couple years and I got a full week of Gaming on maxed out settings without issue. Repeating the same steps didn't yield the same results and the display shuts off. At around certain points every time in certain games the display will lose signal. Its been like this for over a year and I think I narrowed it down to faulty drivers or overheating gpu. If it's faulty drivers, do I delete all present drivers and replace them with the newest? If it's a overheating gpu, do I take it apart and replace the thermal paste? Any suggestions? I maybe completely wrong?

PC/Desktop:Custom build
OS:Windows 7 home premium 64 bit
CPU:AMD Phenom II x6 1075t
Motherboard:Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3
Memory:Patriot 4g DDR3 x2
Graphics Card(s):GeForce GTX 560 ti 1024mb
Sound Card:Onboard
Monitor(s) Displays:SCEA 24" stereoscopic 3D Dispay
Screen Resolution:1920x1080 60htz
Hard Drives:Western Digi... Read more

A:Display shuts off, lost signal, widows freezes, tower stays running.

Hello and welcome Atemup mate the GPU driver would be a good start Drivers | GeForce it is the latest driver and did wonders for my three desktops.

You could also check this
UsingHW Info PSU

Download HW Info and pick the right bit version - HWiNFO, HWiNFO32/64 - Download -(copyand paste this site into the search bar) If you do not need the runninginformation in the smaller right hand panel close it. In the left hand windowclick on the + for the individual device groupings and they will open out tothe various components.

Go on opening out further until you get to the device itself. click on it and it will highlight. In the right hand window there will be a very detailed description of that device as in brand, speeds model number etc etc These are very detailed and are just what is needed for searching for drivers etc.

To get the PSU volts you need to select the Sensor button circled in yellow in the pic for PSU testing do the same and scroll down the readout as in my pic to where it has Nuvoton = yours might be a different section name / title. Post back a pic of that please.

If you want a more definitive test see this but please only use a digital multimeter and not an analogue as they inject typically 9v into a circuit to test and into a 3.3v or 5v rail - not a good idea!!see the partial pic of the correct sort of meter in that tutorial. details if you scroll down that listing.

Now a good ... Read more

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Hey guys ive been strugglin with an off and on problem for a good while, initially i thought my video card was bad because i could be doin pretty much anything and somethin glitches, screen goes black, u can hear lil noises thru the sound, and the tower is still on, learned to just kinda unplug it and plug into another outlet usually worked, but now my wife found out if u unplug net and comp and replug em in starts up... no idea what it could be, i sent my video card in for warranty when this started, that didnt fix it, so i went to the power supply, it had a burn mark in one of the pin holes, so i sent it in, got a new one, thought the problem was gone, it was.. for awhile.. and now recently its been startin back up, can this be a problem wit my motherboard or? i just duno wut it could be, Thanks

A:Screen turns off and tower still on

Hi fireOfear and welcome to TechSpot.:wave:

Your problem could be heat related. Open your pc up and give it a good dust out and see if that helps.

Also, Google and get Everest home edition and use that to monitor temperatures and voltages for a while.

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I updated my hp to windows 10 from windows 7.  When I turned on the computer after the update it justs turns on and stops at the HP logo.

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My screen seems to have a loose connection. It turns off when tilted back. Just a gentle touch to the back of it turns on again but then shuts off. I have to tilt it forward for it to remain on. The computer remains on, just the screen goes blank.

View Solution.

A:Screen turns off, computer stays on

 Hi @HPEnvyuser1, Thank you for visiting the HP Forums!  You have come to the right place to ask questions, find solutions and get help from others in the community! You said your HP ENVY 17t-n100 Notebook is having issues with the LCD screen connections. Here is a link to your service manual, page 19 to check the connections of the Display screen.  If you are in Warranty, please call us.  Please get back to me how this goes.  You can say thanks easily by clicking the Thumbs Up below!  Thanks.  

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Got the computer from a family member, I tried fixing it for them first and I thought it was the video card so I tried a different one and still nothing. So it was unplugged and stored for months then they just gave it to me. Well I took it home and started messing with it turned it on a cple of times nothing. Moved wires around put different psu in nothing, put it back to normal it started right up powered screen up I got into windows but it had a lot of lag so I went to restart it so I could do a fresh install and screen shut off... note when it wasn't working before this point the cpu fan ran at full rpm when turned on but slowed down when it worked this first time. I turned it on and off cple times nothing unplugged psuand back in it worked enough to reinstall windows and went to restart nothing. When plugged my speakers in to see if it beeps it started up! Its toying with me, restarted it again nothing so next try I pushed on the cpu thinking the mobo was bad it started up and woked for a cple restarts and quit... I tightened. The mobo screws down to the case and worked for awhile and then started acting up on restart. It will turn on once after it sits awhile unplugged with the bios battery out. I'm confused... bad bios or the mobo? I have unplugged all things that aren't needed for start up different hd with same effect. Only thing I haven't tried yet is the ram. I'm at work and will mess with it more later. Its a compaq presario or w.e amd 3800+ 2.4 ght proc two 512m... Read more

A:computer turns on but screen stays black

The PSU was probably bad, replacing it should have fixed it. There may be bad caps on the motherboard or something is grounding on the MOBO to the case and causing it to not boot. Take everything apart. Take Heat Sync off of processor and apply Thermal Paste. Take MOBO out of case and check to see if there are any burn marks, bad caps, or if there are any risers missing off the case keeping the MOBO from touching the case.

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Hey guys. The PC I'm on right now has been turning itself off randomly when I am using it. When it does this the power light is still showing, mouse is still lit up usb sytick still lit up etc.
What could be the cause of this and how can I fix this??

A:Computer turns itself off and power light stays on

Is your computer going into hibernation and are your temps OK?

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I need help I have a Macbook pro with a backlight issue. I got someone to swap the screen with a new one, the new one doesnt display anthing at all, so might as well put the old one back.
What is wrong with my mac? It does connect perfectly fine to my TV.
Cant see anything except if I shine a torchlight against it.

A:Macbook Pro turns on but display stays Black

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i can see the screen being illuminated but i cant see anything, i hear windows starting up and everything... what could it be?

A:Screen turns on but stays completely black

If it's a laptop then the LCD lamp could be working but there's something else wrong with the LCD.

Can you see the bios screens and info right before the Windows starts?

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I turn my computer on and it goes to the recovery screen, I press F4 and have tried every option ( debugging, reboot, etc). No matter what I pick it acts like its starting up, goes to the screen that usually has the password icon, but instead it stays blue. Is there any way to fix this?

A:laptop turns on stays on blue screen

Hello,Would you kindly post your model number so that we may better assist you with your issue.

Although I am an HP employee, I am speaking for myself and not for HP.***Say Thanks! by clicking the White Kudos star on the left.*****Help others find solutions by marking my answer'Accept as Solution'if it solves your problem.**

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I have tried EVERYTHING from the website, but whenever I push the power button the screen stays black, the power light is on and the f12 key stays red. I have hard reset, bought replacement AC cord, replaced CMOS battery and no help.

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Hello to all , I am new to the forums, and would love to get some help from you all.

model t3642 emachine turns on by itself stays on for an hour or so and then shuts down . Repeat boots up on its own shuts down on its own . These on an offs were starting more frequently till i saw a post of check your psu (used the old one from my game cpu for the test it had stopped for about 5hours then shutdown on its on so put original back ) and pop the battery out for a minute and put it back , so for the past 4 hours its turned on once and shutdown after and 1 hour had past . Help Please

A:eMachines T3642 turns on by itself stays on for awhile and then shuts down

Do you see anything like this on the motherboard?:

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Windows XP Home don't no if it is SP1 or SP2

A lady called me and asked if I new what might be wrong with her computer so I am just asking this question to see if someone might have any suggestions what might be wrong. I have not done anything yet, just wanted some suggestions.

She says when she is on a web page or any page all of a sudden the mouse cusor will freeze up and then just a small amount of time later the tower will turn itself off. She says there is no error message.

Has anyone got any ideas??

A:Solved: Windows XP home-not sure SP1 or SP2-Cursor Froze & Tower turns off-Question

Again, guess it does not matter if you give donations, got this one solved elsewhere, Thanks

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I'm not very knowledgeable when it comes to computer, ah, specs (or finding information about the one I have)... so I don't have much for you to go on.

Computer is a Dell, with Windows XP Home Edition. Monitor is LCD.

A few days ago (around Wednesday morning) my monitor began to click on and off. The screen would flash black and the light, next to the on/off button, would flash from green (on) to yellow/orange (off). At first it wasn't that bad. When I switched pages on the internet, scrolled, or highlighted something on the page it would flash.
It steadily got worse, going from internet pages to flashing on and off right when I turned the computer on, all through the loading and welcome screens.
I thought maybe it was just the monitor, so I switched it out and hooked up my old hp pavilion mx70 monitor.

That monitor worked perfectly fine with my old tower, but when hooked up to my new one it... Erm, got 'static-y'. It looked like an old TV that had a VHS tape in the player, being re-wound. I know that sounds odd, but it was like spikes from the side of the screen surging inwards. I thought it was because the monitor was so much older than the tower. Soon the static got steadily worse, and I used it for about a day before it got to be too much.

I switched to Safe Mode with Networking on the hp monitor, to see what would happen, and it was fine! No static. Today, I switched back to my LCD monitor and put that into Safe Mode with Networking and no b... Read more

A:Solved: Monitor or Tower problem? Monitor is blinking on and off.

Video card is busted. When in safe mode, the video card's drivers are not loaded, so the card does not function at "full blast". It will not cause trouble because of that.
Dell model would help finding a replacement, but it can well be assumed that there's a PCI-E 16x slot for add-on graphics. This would be a cheap replacement in that case:

This is all an assumption on the most propable cause. The problem could also be your power supply or motherboard, but those are pretty unlikely.

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About 6 months ago, i was moving furniture around in my room and whilst moving, my tower fell over and hit my carpet, and the case cracked. Ive been using my older tower for quite some time now. Ive deleted all viruses, spyware, addware...still didnt help. anyways to the point..I tried to hook up my other tower, which is alot better, but whenever i hook it up and turn it on, i get no reaction from the monitor. Ive tried unplugging and replugging it, and the dell symbol shows up on my monitor but then my monitor goes blank. Ive tried hitting f8 many times, but nothing comes up. Can anyone help me? Ive also opened my tower, cleared any dust, and all parts are connected as they should be.

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A friend recently gave me an old tower of his with Windows XP installed. He did not give me a monitor. I was hoping I could use a VGA monitor cable and be able to plug that cable into my laptop and the tower but I am having difficulties. There is no place for me to "physically" boot up to that tower. Do I need to buy another/different cable to do something like this?

A:Tower with no Monitor

Quote: Originally Posted by codyw

A friend recently gave me an old tower of his with Windows XP installed. He did not give me a monitor. I was hoping I could use a VGA monitor cable and be able to plug that cable into my laptop and the tower but I am having difficulties. There is no place for me to "physically" boot up to that tower. Do I need to buy another/different cable to do something like this?

Don't even think about using the laptop screen as the desktop monitor unless you know exactly what you are doing, how the desktop was configured, etc. What you are proposing is having the XP desktop set up like a headless server, connecting the desktop and laptop via a crossover cable (or connecting to a network) then "running" the desktop using remote access from the laptop. Not a simple undertaking.

Buy a cheap used monitor and keyboard for the desktop - it's cheaper than replacing a fried laptop!


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I'm looking to upgrade my dad's computer setup. He has a Gateway with Windows 98 -- all hardware from around '97 or '98. It needs upgraded so I wanted to get something like this new tower, but he wants to keep the same monitor. Will a 10+ year old monitor work with a modern tower?

A:Getting a new tower for old monitor

it will definitely work , it will just look like crap.. its totally worth getting an LCD if what you currently have is an older CRT monitor

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i have a emachine desktop about 4 years old with a dell monitor
it recently got a new motherboard due to the problem that we are still having
it has a 2.8ghz processor
80gb hard drive
and the BIG probelm is that the monitor wont turn on...
the computer turns on like normal but the monitor stays in stanby..
the keyboard light wont turn on either...
\i tried plugging the pc into another monitor but it didnt work...
any suggestions would be good.

A:Monitor stays off!

wow thanks for the fast response...
im not sure how to do that but im going to do research on it...
ill update as soon as possible

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Forgive me if this is a redundant topic but I surfed thru many pages to try and find a similar topic.Got a tower here that I am troubleshooting for my sister.tower would turn on, get to the tower flash screen, then shut back off. So I treplaced the power supply and unplugged the monitor cable from the onboard plug and I tried 2 different video cards, a PCI and an AGP style.all fans and such come on, no strange noises, and no confirmation beeps when it boots. I even yanked the HDD to gain access to it to save some data, but this tower still wont fire up the monitor. I have the orange light right now, and it never goes green.Any clues?Motherboard shot?Looks to be a Biostar MB in a CISNET tower..whatever that is!I can pick up a new MB if that's the problem, but wanted to bounce it off someone in here first.Thank You.

A:Monitor will not fire up from tower

Have you tried to "reset" the bios with the jumper on the motherboard?

It is possible that a BIOS setting is keeping the video from being enumerated at bootup.

Hope this helps,

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Right now I am really annoyed and fustrated. I have an E machines Winows XP, and it is doing the same thing that it did before I took it into Best Buy. Last time I took it in, I had to wait two months for it, then it didn't work again because something was wrong with the mother board they put in and that cost me two extra weeks. I finally get it back in January and now it is doing the same thing again and I refuse to take it back to Best Buy. This is what it is doing:

The monitor has this window that always shows up and blinks when the tower is not on that says

Apparently, this is pretty much nothing because I can't self check, check PC or see if the monitor is working.
What should happen is when I turn the tower on, this huge white E should show up and the user names whould show up afterwards, but it doesn't.
The tower makes the sound that its on, but the same SELF CHECK window is still blinking as if the monitor never recognized that the tower is on.
I can't do anything with this computer and I would like a simple fix that doesn't cost me three months again and the worry of my C drive being erased because I have important files that I can't back up because the computer won't turn on in the first place.

Please help me.

A:monitor and tower troubles *again*

Hello and Welcome...
Make sure your video connection's aren't loose. Check that where your monitor plugs into the pc hasn't worked loose.. It could also be a bad cable.. If you are comfortable opening up the case and it has a video card (as opposed to the video being intergrated with the motherboard) check that it hasn't come loose as well. If you have access to a different monitor you might try it on your pc also. Something else you can try is resetting the 'CMOS'. While inside the case look for a battery attached to the motherboard. I will look like a large watch battery.. take it out , wait a couple of minutes and then put it back.. If the machine is stuck in a CMOS error this should clear that.

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I have a question about my HP Pavillion. I'm running XP and when I go to start the computer the tower sounds like it's booting up normally however when the monitor is turned on, the indicator light turns green then it automatically, less than 2 seconds later, turns orange..its as if the monitor shuts itself off. Also, the keyboard lights don't flash when the tower is booted up. I tried hooking another monitor up and the same thing happens. I got a tip to try but I really don't know what i'm looking for. I was also told it could be a battery but again, I really don't know. Any help would be *greatly* appreciated. Thanks!

A:Tower Works but No Monitor

Hello and welome to TSG!

First, check the signal cable plug on the monitor do not have missing pins. If the monitor end of the signal cable can also be removed, check that as well.

Next, open the case and see if all your fans are working (the case fan, video card fan, power supply fan, processor fan, etc.)

You could also check to see if your video card is seated correctly in the motherboard.

I hope this helps!

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Hi there, i'm having an issue where I would be browsing the web, watching Netflix, playing a game or even just going through files and the computer would just go right to a black screen where the backlit LED lights are still visible and the monitors blue ON glow is still active and I would look over at the PC and it would still be on. All noises from shows id be watching would play then cut out like they were interrupted and when i unplug the video cord and plug it back in all i get is a white static screen then it will usually go back to black backlit screen. I have searched all over to find out the issue that is causing this but i just can't figure it out. I would even hold the power button to restart the PC and the moment it would restart and be back at the home screen it would happen again. Please help!

PC specs: CPU: Intel Core i5-4670K
GPU: MSI GeForce GTX 970
Motherboard: Asus ROG Maximus Gene VI
Power Supply: Corsair HX 750
Ram: G.Skill Sniper 1866 16GB
Operating System: Windows 10 Pro

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Hi, I just got a pre-built iBuypower gaming PC with a new monitor today and I set up everything and put everything together from VGA to HDMI, but nothing is working. The monitor is still black. The only time the monitor shows something is when I turn it on after a few seconds in which it flashes its logos and goes black and then my power LED for the monitor starts blinking blue. My friends told me that PROBABLY my graphics card is not sending a signal to my monitor (I also tried this on my old computer and it still didn't show anything on the screen at all.) How do I fix this? I don't really know anything about computers THAT much so if you tell me to dissemble can you please tell me how to? I just want my monitor to show something from my tower. My tower is working completely fine. The fans and everything is going and turns on perfectly. It's just that monitor that is not working and I don't know what to do anymore after working on this for 8 hours.

EDIT - I found out it isn't my monitor. Since I tried it with my laptop and it works. It's my PC. Now how do I fix that?

A:New monitor is not showing anything from my new tower.

Why are you using the VGA output? If this is a new PC and monitor they should both have DVI.

Or at least use (DVI to HDMI) or (HDMI to HDMI).

Check in BIOS for a preferred output device setting. Read the manual. Also check monitor for a source select button.

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I have a problem between my computer and my monitor: I'll start the computer, hearing all the usual sounds of the fans, hard drive, etc. but nothing shows up on the screen. I checked to see whether it was the monitor or not by plugging it to a different computer but it works; however, it just doesn't.. work with mine? It used to work great and now I'm having these issues. Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.

A:The monitor stays black. Why?

Did you experience any crashes before it started doing this?
I had a similar issue, everything going great, then... nothing. But before I got stuck on the black screen of death, the computer had several hiccups before going down. In my case, it turned out to be faulty RAM, but I don't know if that is the case with yours. See if you can borrow a friends RAM stick and try it.

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The display for adjusting screen width, position and angle stays on permanently. Pressing all the buttons on the front of monitor cycles through options but afterwards it still stays on. Tried rebooting and the display is still there even when on bootup. Appeared to have started after having a fuse blown.

A:monitor settings stays on

Are you refering to the OSD of the monitor? If so try unpluging the monitor for a few minutes and see if it goes off.

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I have problem with monitor it stays in power saving mode. i have rebooted and no help. thanks

A:Monitor stays in stand by

Hardware problem Please post system info Not under warranty is it?

Check video cable
Pull off cover of computer
Fairly dust free? All fans turning?
Reseat RAM (use one stick at time if you have two) and video card (take them out and put them back in) Of course system should be unplugged or switch at back off and static precautions used.
Disconnect everything except CPU/HS/Fan assembly, RAM and vid card.
Try resetting CMOS either with the jumper (usually near the battery) or removing battery
Then it's replacing parts.

Ask if you have questions

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So just today, i went on a game and was about to connect to a server and my computer froze. I thought it would be just a regular freeze up and held the power button in to shut my computer down. I did and started to turn it back on execpt my monitor stayed on standby. My computer was on, and the monitor was just black and blank. So i assumed it was a monitor problem but i switched monitors and the same problem. I took my Nvidia GeForce 5600XT out and put it back in securely to see if that solved it, but it didnt. Any suggestions? Any help would be appreciated, Thank you.

3.01 Ghz P4
2 GB Ram
128 MB GeForce 5600XT
19" Acer Flatpanel
three 80 GB HD

A:Monitor stays on standby

Defective video graphics adapter, or defective power supply rail for the video graphics adapter. The 5600XT is historically failure prone, so try it in another computer, and try a friend's video graphics adapter in your computer.

Also, failed video graphics driver, failed video adapter socket, bad cooling fan on adapter, or failed cpu fan or related component.

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Ok, I have an older used PC with an Intel PIII. It worked fine the last time I used it about 2yrs ago.

I plugged it in this weekend, and it powered on but it did not give me a picture at all not even a post. The screen just stayed black. monitor is not the problem, I used the one I have hooked up to my current system, in fact all cables mouse and keyboard were from my new system.

Would a bad hard drive cause it to not give a picture? Wouldn't I at least see the CPU post on screen?

my first thought was that I had a bad video card so I swapped it out from my new pc to test but same problem, no picture.

before I swap out the motherboard for a spare AMD I have, is there anything else I should try?

thanks in advance

A:Monitor just stays black

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hi, i have a problem bout my pc.. it stays black eventhough i turn it on but the led i still blnking. the cpu and the avr are functionng... i already clean the video card in the motherboard.. what else should i do to fix it? i'm a newbies in this site...
any comments is appreciated...

A:My monitor stays black

Its not your video card problem. Probably your display SATA cable got loose.

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Firstly - I am the type of person you done leave alone around a pc, with nothing to do...
I have a IBM P3, running Windows 98. When I got the pc, the monitor use to go on standby every 5 minutes or so and my keyboard got stuck, fans stopped worked, etc.
I entered BIOS and changed some settings and everything seemed to work fine.
I then wanted to use my flash disk, but the pc did not recognise it. I read a couple of forums, trying to figure out what to do, re-set the jumpers (all of them, each jumper I could find). I ended up stripped the entire pc!!! Told you not to leave me alone...
When I connected everything again, the pc booted fine and went through the "found new hardware" section. But then it could not pick up the monitor - it kept on telling me to check the display adapter...and all of a sudden the monitor got stuck on standby each time I put the power on.
I tested the monitor on my other pc (unfortunately it runs on Windows xp prof) and it works fine, I tested the hard drive, it works, the graphics and sound cards work on my other pc.
Please help!!! Another thing is that the IBM fans go on, but it doesn't sound like the floppy drive does anything - no noise, etc...
I even replaced the CMOS battery...

A:Monitor stays on standby

sounds like a bad PSU to me.

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when i restart my computer (start menu=>shut down=>restart) my monitor does not turn back on but my computer does boot up. I even sometimes get those "no video card" beeps.

when i do a real boot (turn on from power down or reset) there is no problem. I think winows is creating some sort of temp boot up file and thinks my video card is pci.

I have clean install of windows, amd athlon 800 socket, epox 8kta+ mobo, diamond stealth 4000 agp, and netgear etherfast pci installed and thats it. Oh yeah, the monitor doesnt come on when i do "exit and save" in the bios. I have called amd, epox, and via. THey are all boneheads. Help, please.

A:monitor stays off only on restart

Sounds to me like either the video card is bad or the AGP slot isn't giving it enough power. Either one would cause what you are talking about.

So would a power supply that isn't up to snuff...

Can you test the video card in another machine? Or get another video card (PCI would be best for testing at first) for your machine?

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I tried turning my computer on today on Christmas Day, and everything booted up fine. I was surfing the web and on my regular programs for about 30 minutes. Then all out of a sudden, it appears that my monitor is freaking out. I was seeing colors changing, green lines going up and down the screen, as if it appeared something had occurred with the monitor. I go back and forth switching VGA and DVI cables from my monitor to my compute,r with no luck. I tried restarting the computer manually a few times as well, and one time I was lucky to get back to the desktop, only to have it freeze on me and turn off. One other time it allowed me to get to the f8 f10 boot menu, but when I tried to possibly boot up in safe mode it froze again and appeared to show more freakups with the monitor.

I then took the vga cable from my monitor into my laptop, and it is working perfect. Not a problem at all so this is making me believe the computer is the problem. What could possibly affect this over night? I've never experienced anything similar to this. It's as if it is making the monitor appear that something has burned out, but in reality it is the computer that is not working correctly.

When the computer does start up, which it clearly is, my monitor is saying it does not detect the DVI / VGA. Other times, like right now, it appears as if the computer is starting up fine, but if the past 10 minutes tells me anything, it will freeze again and the computer will shut off by itself.

EDIT: I... Read more

A:Computer turns on, but monitor blank...(Not a monitor problem though)

I should also mention I finally did manage to get through a system restore, to about a week ago, and I still managed to experience the same monitor / freezing problem.

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I tried turning my computer on today on Christmas Day, and everything booted up fine. I was surfing the web and on my regular programs for about 30 minutes. Then all out of a sudden, it appears that my monitor is freaking out. I was seeing colors changing, green lines going up and down the screen, as if it appeared something had occurred with the monitor. I go back and forth switching VGA and DVI cables from my monitor to my compute,r with no luck. I tried restarting the computer manually a few times as well, and one time I was lucky to get back to the desktop, only to have it freeze on me and turn off. One other time it allowed me to get to the f8 f10 boot menu, but when I tried to possibly boot up in safe mode it froze again and appeared to show more freakups with the monitor.

I then took the vga cable from my monitor into my laptop, and it is working perfect. Not a problem at all so this is making me believe the computer is the problem. What could possibly affect this over night? I've never experienced anything similar to this. It's as if it is making the monitor appear that something has burned out, but in reality it is the computer that is not working correctly.

When the computer does start up, which it clearly is, my monitor is saying it does not detect the DVI / VGA. Other times, like right now, it appears as if the computer is starting up fine, but if the past 10 minutes tells me anything, it will freeze again and the computer will shut off by itself.

EDIT: I... Read more

A:Computer turns on, but monitor blank...(Not a monitor problem though)

I should also mention I finally did manage to get through a system restore, to about a week ago, and I still managed to experience the same monitor / freezing problem.

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hello there, my desktop PC keeps randomly having the monitor go black with a message coming up saying no signal however this is not all. if i am watching a video it will loop the sound also, so its just turns into an elongated humming noise. does anyone know what to do? i have taken it to a technician he said he took it apart and rebuilt it and left it on for around 2-3 days and this didn't happen. over the course of 10 days he tested what he could and still did'nt know. i got the pc back around 3-4 days ago and it's only just started happening again. i have 7 fans and a big cpu heatsink so im not sure its temperature.

the computer remains on and humming normally throughout all of this. i have tried different hdmi cables also and no difference.

what info would you guys need?

A:PC monitor keeps going black but the tower still runs

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Not sure if i'm in the right place or not so apologies in advance.
I've just bought a new tower with Windows 7 on it and tried installing it today, it's now 12 hours later and i cannot get monitor, keyboard, mouse to work. They were working last night with the old tower. The light comes on the monitor but turns to orange and says No signal.
The buttons on the front don't wnat to work at all i have to use the one at the back and i have no clue what to do next.
I thought it would be a good idea to buy exactly what i wanted but maybe i've made a mistake and should have bought one 'all in'.
Trouble is i'd bought the accessories not too long ago and i was loathe to buy new just for the sake of it.

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Hi again! so I had this issue before and I had help with someone saying it mightve been the graphics card. Well, I replaced it with a new one and I didnt experience the issue for a few days, but just a half hour ago it happened again, twice. So it's been narrowed down, it isn't the GPU like most of my friends thought, but I have no way of checking if its anything else due to a backup power supply being too low wattage and well that would be about the only other part I have haha. This issue is really causing my anxiety to hit new levels as I just can't figure this out, I have never experienced this before till about the beginning of march, I thought it was driver issues but I went through older and newer ones to no avail, and my monitor is just fine, I have already tested that theory. Could it be the modular power cables attached to the graphics card? Could it be the motherboard failing? My BIOS is also at stock, nothing is overclocked and speccy is reporting everything at normal temps. Please Help!

PC Specs:
CPU: Intel i5 4690K Devil's Canyon
GPU: MSI GeForce GTX 970 GAMING 100 ME (the 4G one thats red, but green)
Motherboard: Asus ROG Maximus Gene VI Z87 chipset
Power Supply:Corsair HX750 750Watt (not the hx 750i)
Ram: G.Skill Sniper 16GB 1866 DDR3

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ok right now my monitor is roughly 10inches from my tower. i have heard that the magnets in the hard drives can mess up your monitor if placed too close. although i was never able to confirm this. should i move my tower? i figured 10 inches was plenty. there are no speakers even close to monitor. but i am considering buying a nice new monitor and i woud like to know before i place it where my old one was

it could just be my monitor it is old and cheap and is getting darker and darker and little lines are beginning to form.

any thoughts plz

A:Monitor too close to tower dangerous?

i wouldnt worry about your HDs messing up your monitor, unless you put a magnet on the screen your okay. definetly keep large powerfull speekers away from your Hard drives they are more sensitive.

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Hi guys, was having a discussion today at work about how I would much rather have a PC tower than a laptop, and it got me thinking, is there a way send a wireless video signal from a PC Tower to a PC Monitor?


A:Is there a way to connect a PC Tower wirelessly to a PC Monitor

You can send HDMI over wireless. Some reviews of wireless HDMI transmitters here.

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A friends pc (built by her dad so i've no idea what components) seems to have a loose connection somewhere internal or on the monitor cable (though im sure its not the cable-i've played round and it doesnt seem to matter) and the monitor only recieves a signal (reports no signal at all-so it doesnt even know it's plugged in) when the tower is on it's side-it's built in video (but an AGP slot is there too) on an intel board. Any ideas?

A:No Monitor Signal Unless Tower On Its Side

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somethin is not right tower is turned on but there is no signal goin to the monitor....and the lights on the tower lights is now of my dvd drivers open half way and the other just wont has to be the damn voltage settings on my power supply

the story is there was a shutdown in my area for almost 12 hours becuz the city needed to rewire and fix some **** on the ground.

and when the power was up again...this happened.

i thought at first it was a bios issue so i took out that little round thing out of the motherboard and put it back but no luck......

my powersuppy is a 500w antec.....and i have a gigabyte motherboard.

the bad thing about my powersupply is theres no voltage i dont know how to adjust it...... ANY HELP well be appreciated

A:TOWER lights up but monitor no signal

You have a few misperceptions on how things work... such as voltage switcher on the power supply. You don't want to mess with the power supply.
Your problem could be power supply, hard drive, video graphics, or memory failure... or some other problem.
You can help us help you by posting your computuer brand and model as well as operating system, age of the unit, memory installed, and type of video graphics.
Further, we would like to know what antivirus software, Antispyware, and rootkit snoopers you have installed.
What was going on with your computer when the power failure hit? As that seems critical.
What was that little round thing? A CMOS battery with the number 2032?

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Hello! I was cleaning the fans in my tower bC they needed it, and when I put the case back on, and went to use the computer, the monitors are on but not waking up. It is like they have no idea the computer is on and I'm waiting for them to function. What could I have done??

A:tower cleaning / monitor issue

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Hello, I'm workin on a Gateway FX6860 With an Intel core i7-2600 CPU @3.40 GHz Processor, and 8GB RAM, Windows 7 64 Bit. It has an HDMI Video card and a standard VGA integrated connector. The HDMI will not send any signal to the monitor. So I Itried to use the VGA, I get graphics on the initial boot up and just when the windows logo forms and it says "Starting Windows" the screen turns off, green light to orange, but I still get the sound.. Now when I boot into safe mode the VGA monitor stays on and I have full functionality. I still have no response from HDMI card.. I performed a complete scan, all is clear.. I performed a CHKDSK /F and it did find some errors, and said it corrected those errors.. Do you think this is a Hard Drive issue?, or Motherboard?, THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!

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Okay so my teac lcd tv which ive been using as my pc monitor suddenly started going black screen after 0.5/1 seconds of being powered on. i thought oh crap ive broken my tv, so i get a spare pc monitor and plug it into my pc and now the monitor also stays black on pc startup. i know for a fact that windows is starting up fine, as i have standalone speakers which give the windows sound shortly after power up.

teac lcd tv: even after unplugging and just turning on it still just goes "black screen" about 1 second after turning on. what I'm meaning by this is that my tv is infact broken even when not connected to the pc and just watching freeview it starts for 2 seconds then goes black screen ill probably have to take this to a repair shop.

the monitor: i plugged the monitor into another pc i have and the montior works fine.

the PC: when testing the monitor on my pc i used the same VGA cable as i used with the "broken" lcd tv, however when i tested the monitor on my other pc i used a different VGA cable, so next test ill use the other pcs VGA cable and see if that changes anything. I have now tested the monitor with the other VGA cable and its not not working so I'm guessing I also have a problem with my pc...
So shortly after my lcd tv seemingly breaks, now my pc seems unresponsive to another working monitor, firstly what could be causing all this? could i have possible had some kind of power surge down the VGA cable causing my tv to have this... Read more

A:TV/PC monitor stays black on PC startup

Sounds like your on-board video has failed. In that case, you will have to install a PCI or PCIe video card if your motherboard supports such video cards. What are the specs of this "blind" computer?

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My Sylvania monitor all of a sudden won't come on. If I turn it on it is very dim and stays of for 2 seconds. I can turn it off and then turn it on, same thing happens.
Is what happens when monitor goes bad?

A:monitor stays on for 2 seconds and goes blank


There are a thousand or so components in the average monitor, so there is no defined list of "what happens when a monitor goes bad".

Depending on exactly what fails, the outcome will entirely depend on the nature of the failure.

So the answer can only be "it could be".

But knowing it is a "Sylvania monitor" does not convey anything about the type or age of monitor. We do not know if it is a CRT or an LCD monitor as an example, the possibilities therefore differ again.

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When I boot-up my computer, it takes about 2 seconds longer for the monitor to turn on then usual, and right before the log-in screen the display will disappear, and stay off. The PC continues working normally, as far as I can tell.

What precluded this issue? Why, I haven't the foggiest. Windows update isn't set to automatic, and I hadn't updated any programs/software etc. in two weeks.

Timeline of Events
3.24, morning: PC booted up fine.
3.24, evening: 6 hour car ride with PC in box, cushioned by clothing, buckled in.
3.24, later in evening: Upon boot-up, issue was first discovered

Here's what I've been doing to try to rectify the issue;
-Did a clean install of the newest graphics driver, twiceBoth times, upon restart after installation, PC booted up normally, but I got constant 'The display driver has stopped responding and recovered' notifications.
As well, upon shutting down the computer, the next time it booted the original issue returned, and I had to boot into safe mode to use it.

-Restore the system to it's 3-21 statusWhen viewing the prompt to let me do this, I was there had been no changes between that restore point and present day. The system restore was unsuccessful.
-Tested the original cables with an older CRT monitorSame result, the monitor blanked before the log-in screen.

-Updated and ran malwarebytes and MSEThey didn't find any issues

-Went into msconfig, disabled all startup processes, and restarted the PCAgain, monitor went blank before ... Read more

A:Monitor goes blank before log-in screen, stays off

Hi HannahH and welcome to sevenfourms.

When did this problem start? Did you do any updates or install any new hardware or software?

Is this the built in graphics or is it a graphics card? If so the type of graphics card installed?

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I have a Gateway desktop with windows XP. When I turn on the pc the monitor goes right into standby before I can see anything. The pc seems to be booting up just like it used to I can hear the fan and even the disc drives if I put a disc in. First I was told it might be the power supply, replaced that still the same thing. Then I was told it might be the video card replaced that and still no change. Oh and the monitor works just fine unhooked it from the pc and got the no signal thing then hooked it up to my laptop and it worked just fine. Any clue what the problem could be??

A:Monitor stays in standby at boot


You have replaced the PSU and Video card. That leaves the CPU (possible it's bad but statistically at the bottom of the list), RAM and MB. If you have 2 sticks of RAM you can try one at a time. You can look over the MB to see if anything looks bad like a bulging capacitor, but really all you can do with the MB and CPU would be to replace them or try them in another system.

Also worth disconnecting all drives and add in cards (except the vid card). Sometimes a bad HD or addin card can do this.

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i recently built a pc and bought all the parts which were pretty expensive and broke my bank for the time being, i built my pc and got everything working properly including drivers installed etc+.
The other day i bought xp pro and got to the piont where i was installing it, then setup had fished the first part of formatting my 320GB drive, and after all that was done it required me to restart my pc. It restrarted and just after thr bios beep i pressed the power button because i was going to be late for work, and switched my pc off and left it.
When i got back about 6 hours later i booted up my pc and it powered on fine, but the monitor just stayed in standby and there was no bios beep. Please note my pc case is brand new and all the parts are shiny and new and have no dust.
i have tried the following-
-checked all conections
-tested RAM
-tested graphics card
-tried different monitors
-tested psu
i have a seriously bad feeling it is the motherboard which is the worst possible part that could possibly fail, thing is though how could it die without me doing anything to it????????????????????
i bought the motherboard about 3 months ago and the gaurentee has run out.

any help or advice most appriciated

A:Monitor Stays in standby when pc is swiched on

If a motherboard is going to fail, it will fail most often right out of the box, or a few weeks out. You have tested everything else. Have you tried using the on-board video?

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Hi, I tried opening my computer this morning and my screen did not show anything, it just stayed black, i tried plugging another monitor to my computer and it worked, so I just want to know how to make it work. I do not want to stay with this big monitor. takes up my whole desk

A:Monitor does not work and just stays black

Ok soo Im assuming the other monitor that worked is CRT ? Your current monitor does not turn on when you turn on the CPU. Do you see any lights on the monitor ? orange light possibly.

Turn monitor on and off again, then try using a different power cable, and finally try plugging in the monitor to your video cards other output.

If you still get nothing, then your monitor is busted. Take it back where you got it from or RMA. In mean time maybe this is good time for your to go dual monitor setup. Soo buy a 24 inch for 200 dollars, then when your monitor comes back from RMA make it your second monitor. ? youll never go back.....

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plz help me i got a problem alsways when i start up my computer the monitor reads 'no signal' and counts down in a countdown fomr 6,5,4..... and then it does it again and it keeps donig it till i turn it off. the light from the monitor is f=green and it keeps blinkeing it was working fine before, but now it gone. plz hepl me

A:Monitor scren stays blank plz help

does your computer beep at all when it tries to boot up, can you hear it booting in the background? or do the fans just spin?

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Ugh I'm going crazy. I sent in my motherboard and got it replaced thinking it was a bad AGP slot but it's still doing it. I'm using a graphics card that works on another computer. Every time I turn on the computer the screen flickers then goes back to the Self Test, as if its not plugged in at all. I've tried two power supplies, one is new and the other is the origional. I don't know what else to do. I can't get a picture so I can't find out anything. Does anyone have any sudgestions or ideas of what could possibly cause this?

Been dealing with this for almost a month and a half, thought it'd finaly be resolved with this new board but nada.

A:Solved: Monitor stays in Self Test...

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If this is off topic please move it to the right board. So I had an off brand LCD monitor whose manufacturing date is unknown to me, lets say its 5 years old. It would turn on for several seconds and then shut off. I read up a little and found a trick to reduce the brightness. Working with a menu for two seconds at a time is tricky, but I eventually notched the brightness down to zero and guess what - it stayed on! It was just really dim. What I read may be a cause of the is a bad / dying capacitor. So I popped it open and scrutinized every capacitor to look for bulges, brown areas and / or leaking electrolyte and nothing.

My question is: are there any other replaceable components that may cause the issue I described? Is there another way to find a defective capacitor without unsoldering and dsicharging / testing every one on the board? Signs are pointing to me throwing it in a dumpster

A:Fixing an LCD monitor - stays on for two seconds

that is more likely an inverter or backlight than a cap? so you don't have a model at all for it?

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when I turn the monitor and computer on the yelllow light first comes on then it flashes - like it is in the sleep mode - never switching to green -and it doesn't have a certain beeping sound when you know it will "catch" If I keep turning it on an off every 20th time it will "catch"- once it is on it work ok - it will naturally go in the sleep mode and come out it if move the mouse. I have switched monitors and have switched harddrives and it makes no difference. Any ideas?

A:monitor won't come on -stays in sleep mode

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My compac presario monitor won't come out of sleep mode. I've tried everything I know of to wake it up, un-plugging it from the computer, or un-plugging the computer from the wall, but nothing works. When i turn the computer on the monitor immediately goes to sleep and stays there. i don't know what else to do. help?

A:Monitor stays off when computer starts

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I think the problem might be that I left my computer on for too long I'm not sure, but last night my monitor went black and I wiggled my mouse figuring it was on power save mode but nothing happened . so yes, I know, I shut it off the "improper" way. I turned the computer back on, and then my monitor would still stay orange (that light) so then I turned the monitor off, then back on again and it said "NO INPUT SIGNAL GO TO POWER SAVE" *sigh* :suspiciou I left it off overnight and now when I try it again, it still does the same thing.

Oh, I think you guys should also know that before, my monitor has been flickering and sometimes gives me all of these crazy colors - well it turns yellow or red sometimes - so I have to wiggle the wires in the back for it to return to normal.

When I turn on my computer, it still beeps and it seems like everything's running just fine, fan's still working and all of that. I haven't tried using other monitors yet but I'll get around to that. In the meantime, anyone have any suggestions? help! I'm not sure what to do =[

A:Monitor's not working - stays black

Try starting in Safe Mode by pressing F8 and then close it down properly.

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Hi i had a EA800XT card that did burned up... so asus did send me a replacement card...
And did work for 27 seconds when i did run 3dmark03 after that it did reboot my PC.
So asus did send me a NEW ea800xt card... but when i start my PC the monitor dosent start.
I get the green light for 2 seconds then it goes orange and the monitor goes into standby mode.
2 times the pc did start...
First time after bios upgrade and second time after i unpluged all other stuff on the same fuse like lamps, fridge etc. But after i did reboot the monitor wouldent start.
But i can hear the windows loading in the speakers (i can login when i click tab 2 times and put in my password)
So i change to another pci-expresscard and the monitor work... change back to my 800xt card and still the monitor doesent start.
I have also change between my 2 cards 15-20 times... and i got my geforce 6600 working all of the times... but my 800XT card only worked 2 times.
I have runned driver cleaner.
I have upgrade the motherboard bios.
I have a 400w psu. Q-teck i think the name is on it.
Motherboard is a asus P4GD1... i got the card working 2 times... but not no more. i need some help!!

I have tested my card to 3 diffrent MB and the card worked fine... but not on my own MB... but the 2 first card did worked on my MB but not the last and new one.
Maybe it could be my PSU thatīs to small... but if have been working with the same CARD before.
I think i have tried everything.

Could it be cuz... Read more

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Dear readers,

I have a problem with my monitor/pc. 2 nights ago i turned of my pc, and the next day i tried to turn it on, it runs like usual, no weird sounds came up when i push the power button, but my monitor did nothing. I replaced it with another one and that one worked fine till today. Today i have the same problem as i did yesterday but switching monitors didn't work. I can't see anything from start till... i don't know how far my computer boots. I tried the following : switching video cards with no results, switching monitors, resetting my bios, switching rams, put 1 of the 2 rams in, looked if my cpu was correct in everything without any result.( It worked 2 full days without any problems!) I connected my monitor 2 my laptop and in that situation it works fine. My computer is like 1 week old and when it's on i don't experience any problems. on my monitor there is a green ledlight that is constantly going on/off

some specifications:
Dual core 1.8
FSB 1033
2gb ram
Video 3850 HD
monitor is a standard CTR screen / tried a synmaster 151s aswell

I am out of options please could some GOD help me!

Already much appreciation and sorry for my bad english!

Ko-Lin C

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hello, this is ecobill. i am new in the neighborhood. I know a little about computers (enough to be dangerous); so, I need help once in while. Whenever I have trouble it is never the normal problems.
Because I lost the printer drivers and USB drivers on my present computer when I updated to XP Service pack 2 and I have been able to install them from any locaton.

I have received a used, but more updated computer. I was told it worked, but there was no rack for the hard drives that matched the screw holes. I adapted an old rack and when I turn on the power with the monitor attached, there is nothing but a black screen. The power supply appears Ok, because some of the lights come on; the hard drive is running; and the fans come on the motherboard and video card. The monitor is OK because I used it on another older computer. Also when I just unplug the monitor from the video card, the screen comes on. I tried another older video card in one of the shorter card slots, but it did work either.
Any ideas out there? Thanks

A:Monitor Screen stays black

Monitor stays black

I don't know how to reset the cmos unless you mean to pull the battery. I don't know about the BIOS bus for the video (I can't see any BIOS) settings. I removed the original AGP video card that I thought might be a problem and I put an older working video card (Trident) in another PCI slot and this made no difference. I pulled the RAM chips to clean the connections and reset all cables. I disconnected the CD drive, the floppy drive, and later the hard drive after checking each situation indiviudally, but this made no difference.

Another problem (may be related) is the on-off switch does not control anything. I have to use the toggle switch in the back. I checked the wire connection from the switch to the motherboard (Intel D845BG) and it looked OK.

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I have re-formatted a Windows XP PC & it was working fine until I tried to adjust the screen resolution. The resolution was 800x600 & when I tried to change it higher it said that it was out of range & then locked up. I then re-started the PC but it now it not show anything on the monitor - it stays with the orange light on.

A:Monitor light stays orange

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I have just recently starting having a serious problem with my computer

first of all every once in a while i get the blue screen of death and the computer reboots, this didnt used to be such a problem but now recently, when the computer reboots, or if the sceen goes off for any reason,it then proceeds to go black and takes sometimes as long as 3 hours before i can get going again.

My first thought was the monitor so I hooked another one up to it and it still does the same thing, you can see it chage from a light gray to black, and the greeen power light on the monitor just flashes.

next thought was maybe a bad vga cable, so i replaced it and still the same thing

So next i replace the graphics card

I had an ATI Radeon in a pci slot, and now am runnign a evga e-gforce 8800 gts, and upgraded the power supply from the 230 watt that was in it to a 400 watt to power the card.

and this still does not work, anybody got any other ideas, i am a graphic artist who is quickly falling behind on my clients cause i cant keep my computer running

Windows vista

any other info you need just let me know

A:Monitor power on but stays black

Please use the TSG System Info tool to let Tech's know the specs of your computer: Copy and paste the results here in your thread.
Also, if its a brand name system like an Acer,Dell or HP, please post the exact model of the system.

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I recently updated to a new cpu heatsink & fan and upgraded the ram to 4 gb of crucial memory but now my monitor will not register. It appears to be in sleep mode. I tested the monitor and it works on another computer. I switched the ram back to the 2 GB Kingston that I was running but it still won't come on? I have also tried disconnecting the data and power cable and plugging them back in. Any suggestions?

The motherboard is a ECS GeForce6100SM-M2
AMD Cemperon processor

A:Monitor stays in sleep mode

"I recently updated to a new cpu heatsink & fan"...

Did you clean off the old thermal paste and apply a small amount of new thermal paste between the heatsink/fan and the CPU?

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Hi, my wife's computer is acting strange, some times her Monitor's (shes having 2 connected) stays turned off but windows 10 starts just fine. ( I tested this by typing her login info and then presseed the windows key, and typed "youtube" + enter, and pressed a random place on her screen, and it started playing music just fine. ) Pressing the power buttons on her monitors when windows is loaded does nothing, it just scans for DVI,, HDMI, VGA, signals and it turns off after displaying the "no signal detected"

This is completly random when the monitors stays turned off, but its often after a good nights sleep when the pc have been off for a many hours.

The way i use to get around this is to cut all power to the PC and press the power button, then i enable back power and turn it on, and most of the times theres now a picture on her screen, if not i keep doing this untill its working.

Any help and advice would be really appreciated

Thanks in advance Jim

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Not sure if I'm able to set up dual monitors with my 750-167c tower.  It looks as though there is only one video output.  Is that correct?

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I have an Optiplex 790 Mini-Tower with an i5-2400 and integrated Intel HD 2000 video.
The case has both a VGA and Display Port connector, I am presently using the VGA port. I am investigating going for a Dual Monitor setup and am confused whether I can do so without having to purchase a discrete video card. I am reading conflicting reports that some say yes and others no. Can some kind soul please confirm one way or the other ?
I do not use the PC for gaming, it is work only with the occasional video and web browsing. Mainly I need dual monitor for multiple file editing, scripting, database programming etc.
Many thanks, Fin.

A:Optiplex 790 Mini-Tower Dual Monitor ?

Hi Fin,
OptiPlex 790's onboard video solution supports both VGA and DisplayPort at the same time. You can connect two monitors to the computer without adding a discrete card.
Please let me know if you need further information.

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Bought the following brand new at Best Buy on 8/22/14, and trying to get setup:

Lenovo K450e desktop tower, keyboard, and mouse.
LG 22MP56HQ monitor
MS Office 2013 (key code)
Webroot internet security (disc)
After connecting everything according to the instruction of both the Lenovo and LG instructions, double & triple checking all parts accounted for and connected properly, here's what happened..

Lenovo tower boots up fine, disc drive in tower opens and closes properly, Lenovo keyboard and mouse both detected. Great so far except...

LG monitor does not turn on at all. In the back of the monitor, two things are connected:
blue HDMI connector with pins on both sides is connected to HDMI connection in back of tower.
AC DC adapter plugged into electrical outlet and other end directly into monitor.

Everything works when power booted up except monitor shows no life - no light indicator, and black screen. Monitor just doesn't turn on at all.

There are driver discs for both lenovo win 8.1 and the LG monitor, and like I said, I can insert them into the tower and close, but nothing happens on the monitor display. Best Buy said it should be no issue using the LG monitor with the Lenovo PC tower. They will charge me $100 to come out to my home, even though I bought two year Geek Squad plan, They also said I would still get charged even if they were unable to get me setup.

Seems like there is one probably really easy fix, but I don't want to pay $100 to ... Read more

A:Monitor hooked up to tower, but doesn't turn on

If no standby LED on monitor, is there a separate on/off switch on the side of the monitor?
With LG there are usually manual buttons for CH+- & vol +- plus On/Off (although I have seen monitors with no on/off at all.)
Also check for 'hidden' buttons on the front lower edge of frame or under the front (right) edge.
I would try a different mains lead/cord that is known to to work, also check for a fuse in the plug, could be missing, or isolated with plastic foil.
Even with no inputs the monitor would show a 'No Signal' sign if it was working.
If no 'standby' LED and you have a separate AC to DC adapter block then that could be the problem. All monitors I've seen have a direct AC connection though.
If it then does work, the on-screen menu will need to be selected, and 'input' changed to HDMI.

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Hi there, Matt lost monitor signal while tower is still on. IP address of the tower can't be detected. Checked windows logs says Kernel power 41 error. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

A:Matt Lost monitor signal while tower is still on

*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for nscm.sys
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for nscm.sys
* *
* Bugcheck Analysis *
* *

Use !analyze -v to get detailed debugging information.

BugCheck 1000007E, {ffffffffc0000005, 0, fffff88004059738, fffff88004058f90}

Probably caused by : nscm.sys ( nscm+37f2 )

Followup: MachineOwner
Looks like an issue with Novell. You will need to contact them to resolve the issue.

Support | Random blue screen caused by NSCM.SYS

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Blank monitor when pc tower is powered on,I tried another or different hard drive and still no picture. Hhelp

A:My monitor shows no picture when tower is powered on

Did anything happen to it or did you make any changes to it between the last time it worked OK and the first time it didn't?Do you hear any beeps when you attempt to start it up?Often that symptom is due to a bad PSU or motherboard (not that that narrows it down much).

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I tryed taking out cmos , cards and back in , different plug ins , even 2 different monitor
The monitors tell me Entering Power sleep mode , No siginal ect
please help

A:Monitor and PC turns on , but my monitor wont start up

Check the cable?

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Ok, I have had this happen on two of my computers now.

When I turn on my computer it sounds like it powers on, the fans turn on the green light on the motherboard comes on saying it has power, it Sounds like the HDD turns on and starts running. Ive taken out the Graphics card and plugged the cord into the onboard video, still nothing, ive reset the graphics card, tried putting in only one stick of ram, with each one, (i have 4 sticks 4 1GB) still didnt work, reset CMOS, reset processor, also normally before the monitor stops working either the audio or the onboard LAN stops working, im not sure if its because one of the motherboard screws i use is plastic maybe not giving a good ground.

if u have any further questions let me know, ive tried almost everything but if you think of something it could be let me know, i sent in the motherboard, thank god for warranties, but i really dont want this to happen to my new motherboard. so any help would be appreciated

BTW i did build this computer components from, case from

A:Computer power on, monitor stays on sleep

Case design with MoBo

Drakozen said:

im not sure if its because one of the motherboard screws i use is plastic maybe not giving a good ground.

if u have any further questions let me know, ive tried almost everything but if you think of something it could be let me know, i sent in the motherboard, thank god for warranties, but i really dont want this to happen to my new motherboard. so any help would be appreciated

BTW i did build this computer components from, case from xoxide.comClick to expand...

I don't know the motherboard or the case designs ( maybe someone else will )
The green light is for the RAM it is on a different power rail ( and Voltage ) to the Mainboard rail.
Things to check when the new MoBo arrives before you power the unit ON
< The clearance underneath the MoBo ( with all the components attached ) between it and the case. It needs to be a positive gap try for at least four post-it-notes wide, more if the fans vibrate the board
< That the fasteners that do get used for earthing the MoBo to the case are tested with an resistance metre ( 0.00 ohms )
< That the fasteners that do not get used for earthing the MoBo are insulated against this happening
Joy 2 the Builder :approve:

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I go to turn off my dads computer last night and realize that the mouse wont work and the monitor (which appeared to be in power-save mode) was not getting signal from the comp. I restarted and cpu fans, power LED, and hard-drive all seem to be getting power but the monitor acts like its no even plugged into the video card. If I strip away everything but the cpu and fan, video card, ram, mobo, power supply it still does this.
I immediately thought it was the motherboard because the keyboard and mouse didnt have power when I found it. I went out and bought a new mobo and installed it and it started to boot up, got to the screen where windows XP was loading and it blue-screened and rebooted. Shortly into rebooting it shutdown completely. After that nothing would happen at all when I hit the power button. I could smell a burning sort of smell and found that it was the chip on the motherboard (visible black mark on the middle of it). So I replaced the motherboard and bought a new power supply thinking that it might have been the source of my problems. I installed these and I'm back to the beggining, everything seems to power up but the monitor stays in stand by. I checked the cpu when I had it out and there were no visible burn marks or anything. I've switched the ram into every possible position. I removed the ram to test for error code beeps, but got nothing. I tried a different video card, still the same problem. I checked the outlet, power cords and the monitor to v... Read more

A:omp wont POST, monitor stays black

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Alright, so Ive gotten all my PC parts today from Newegg. It took me about a hour to assemble everything. I'm pretty sure i have everything fitted where it needs to be and as neat as possible. I'm positive i haven't fried anything because i kept making sure i was grounded and because the computer boots up fine lol, it just doesn't show up on my monitor i bought or my old one.

So my first assumptions is somehow i have a bad GPU but idk it could be something else, thats why i am here. I would like to see what you all have to say about what could be the issue. I tried fitting the Card in my other PCIE express slots, also trying different VGA cables aswell as HDMI cables. I tested it on two different monitors. With all those things tried still no signal.

I also thought it could be my board, but everything else seems to be working fine, all fans and LEDs work. My Optical drive comes out and my board has the green on light shinning. Also, connected my phone via usb and was able to charge, so im assuming those all work too.

But anyways, Anyone have any ideas? all responses would be appreciated. The computer specs are listed below.

Computer Specifications:
Monitor: Acer AT3265 Black 32" 6.5ms HDMI LCD Monitor
Optical Drive: Lite-On 24 X iHAS424-98 DVD
Case: Rosewill ARMOR Gaming ATX mid Tower
PSU: CORSAIR Builder Series CX600 V2 600W ATX12V
RAM: G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 ... Read more

A:Monitor stays sleeping/no signal - new build

Well I haven't gotten any replies yet but, i think i may have figured out my problem, Im thinking my GPU is incompatible with my MOBO somehow. Not sure why because in theory they should work, but who knows. Going to try a different card tomorrow.

I'm still open to suggestions from you all : )

Thanks in advance.
*EDIT* Thread Now solved

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I have a problem which is driving me crazy!!

My friend has just bought a new LG L1730S monitor, after a couple of weeks of everything working fine, it has started to stay in standby mode. If you leave it for 10 minutes, then try rebooting it works!

I've checked the monitor on another system and it works fine, the graphics card an old Geforce 2 MX works as i've tried that in another computer.

I'm unable to open the computer in safe mode until the monitor snaps itself out of it's sleep, so I don't think it's a resolution setting.

I've read a number of threads about this problem but none seem to have an answer to it really. Is it worth removing the CMOS battery to reset factory settings on the motherboard. I'm a bit reluctant to try this as I've never had to do it before! Is it difficult?


A:Monitor stays in sleep/standby mode

Not too difficult Unplug your PC and on the board look for probably like a large watch battery...there will be a clip to release it...that's about it.
Have you checked in the settings in control panel/Power Management

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I am going to preface this by saying that this has *nothing* to do with restoring from sleep or hibernate modes. In searching for an answer to this issue, I found way too much related to that.

My problem is simple. Occasionally (~50% of the time) when I turn the monitor back on after shutting it off, it will stay blank and not really turn back on. It makes no difference how long the monitor has been off. After turning it back on, the power light is green, indicating there is a signal, but the screen is black. Again, the computer has not slept or hibernated. I simply shut off the monitor and later come back to turn it on. The same thing will happen occasionally if Windows shuts the monitor off after the configured time. (I did that last part as a test; I typically do not automatically shut it off.)

OS: Windows 7 64-bit
CPU: Intel Core i7 860
MB: Asus P7P55D
Memory: 8GB - Corsair CMX6GX3M2A1600C9 (2 x 2 x 2GB)
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS 640MB
Monitor: Chimei CMV 221D
NVIDIA Drivers: (11/20/2009)

I originally thought it was the OS that was hung. However, I was able to go into the start menu and restart ("Start" -> "Right" -> "Right" -> "R"), so I know the OS was there responding to my commands.

Attempts to fix:
- Restart the computer. This worked.
- Shut off the power to the monitor and turn it back on. This works most of the time.
- Lock and unlock Windows. This works after a few tries.
- Hit C... Read more

A:Monitor stays blank when turning it back on

Hello, Welcome!
Your problem seems unrelated to Windows 7. Sounds to me like it is a monitor issue, not a driver or software issue. Do you have any other monitors you could try?

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So here's the problem...
Every now and then when I'm playing games on my computer I have the game on my main monitor and youtube open in the other monitor, I tend to listen to songs that way, I get an error message saying something along the lines of 'Display driver has stopped responding and has recovered'. Usually this only makes both monitors go black for a second and then changes the youtube video box green until the next video on the playlist loads, so it wasn't a big deal for me. However today it happened and my second monitor that had the youtube video open on it went black, and stayed black. I restarted my computer, and it was still black. I unplugged my computer and monitors from the wall then booted up the computer, it is still black. I also tried changing the ports on the graphics card that the monitor is plugged into but nothing helped. The strange thing is I can still interact with the monitor, I can drag my icons over onto it and then drag them back onto my main monitor, the only problem being I can't see anything. When I ran 'dxdiag' and looked at the Display 2 tab it also showed no problems. If anyone else has had his issue and has fixed it or anyone knows a fix for this I would greatly appreciate it. I will post some spec's below to try and help with a conclusion.

Graphics Card: ATI Radion HD 5870 1024MB
Catalyst Control Center version: 11.5
Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit (6.1, Build 7600)
System ... Read more

A:Dual-Monitor Issue - One Stays Black!

Some things to do;
1 Have you tried a system restore to a date before this happened?
2 Have you uninstall and reinstalled the video driver and the hydavision app for dual monitors?

You posted the system is overclocked. Have you tried changing ALL settings back to stock?

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This is a very strange and extremely frustrating issue.

I first noticed the problem when I turned my PC on the day after I moved it and my monitor from my bedroom into another room (which is a little colder than my room).
My computer booted as normal - however, I didn't see Windows' boot animation on the monitor...nor did I see anything else.
I switched it off and on again; it displayed my desktop for a couple of seconds, then stopped again. However, its LED was green, meaning it wasn't in standby, and any attempts to wake it using my mouse and keyboard fell on deaf ears, so-to-speak.

The only change is the room temperature, however it still does not function properly after having the radiator on to the extent that the room feels (to me) the same temperature as the rest of the house.

I have had this issue before with another monitor attached to another PC via VGA. This monitor was very old, so I put it down to that. I've only had this monitor, a Hanns-G HW191D, for just over a year - and for what it's worth, it uses DVI.

My only conclusions are that it's not a connection issue, since the monitor fails to display the "no signal input" for the length of time it's supposed to. I also think that it's not a power issue, since I have tried plugging its kettle lead into different plug sockets with no avail. And the difference in temperature between my bedroom and my monitor's current location is pretty much negligible.

Need... Read more

A:Solved: Monitor stops displaying, but stays on

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Upon booting up my computer, my screen dims down. For example, when I boot up to my desktop, sometimes, my desktop display would be dimmed. A few seconds later, the screen would dim to the point that it'll appear as if nothing is displaying (if the monitor is looked at from eye level). However, upon closer inspection, I discovered that my monitor is displaying everything; however, I must look at the monitor at a certain angle to be able to see the icons. Could this be the result of a damaged PCI-E slot or a damaged video card?

A:Monitor dims upon bootup, stays dimmed

Do you have another PC to test the monitor or another monitor to test?

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Ok check it out, here is what i have

kingwin mutant x gaming case (i replaced the 420 watt 210 watt max outage factory psu to an antec 430 watt truepower)

intel D915gevl mobo
P4 530J 3.0ghz cpu
1 gig ddr2-533 pc2-4300 memory
for the time being i am using the on board video (128mb)
HD-Maxtor DiamondMax10 80 gig

i'm building a computer, i've built a few in the past but i am having trouble with this one. The first time I put it together the power flickered for a split second then the power cut off. I troubleshooted my **** off, everything was connected properly, still nothing. So i thought it was my mobo, i called intel got an rma number and i got my mobo swaped. i recieved it a few days ago, i installed it and it powered up for a min then shut off, if i turned the power switch on the back of the psu off then on it would do the same thing, So as most people would think i thought it would be the psu so today i went out to bestbuy and bought the antec 430 watt truepower psu. so now i have another new mobo the same D915gevl, and i have the new power supply,ok.
So I install the power supply and whamo I have power i hear the drive spinning the 3 fans running with the blue leds goin no problem there, but my monitor wont come out of standby, my mouse and keyboard wont turn on, and my cd-rom wont power up, once again everything is connected properly, i even unplugged everything but the cpu/ram/mobo just the bare things needed to be ran, still nothing,... Read more

A:The ever so popular monitor stays in standby question

First question you say it will not come out of standby... please elaborate.

i am assuming you mean when you power the box on you get no display and an amber light on your monitor power indicator.

I would suggest you try another processor. if you have replace the motherboard, PSU, the only other possibilities would be the processor,memory, or the video card of course.

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Hey guys,

This just started about 20 minutes ago on this PC. This is a brand new computer that I just got running yesterday. I was running a game and suddenly the monitor went blank and I heard a "click" like the hard drive had shut off. However all the fans are still on and the system does not reboot, it just sits there.

I had this exact same problem with my last PC. Both of these computers have COMPLETELY different parts from one another and even a different copy of XP. The game isn't the issue because it happens with any game I run.

I haven't checked on this one yet because enough time hasn't passed but on my last PC if I shut the computer off for an hour or so everything would run fine for a while then it would start all over. This led me to believe that it was heat but I am running SpeedFan and it says that the temp is 28'C and peaks at around 34'C. SpeedFan doesn't check the GPU temp so I GUESS it could be that but aren't graphics cards supposed to be able to take care of their own heat?

I guess it could be a video card issue but as I said this is a different video card than the last one and is brand new.

Any ideas? I looked in the XP event log and see no errors.

A:Monitor, Hard Drives shut off; CPU stays on

Kind of weird for two different computers to suffer the same symptoms. Hmmm.....what brand of power supply are you using and how much wattage does it output?

Also please provide your full system specs so we can help you out alot more.

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running Vista Home Premium
this is an eMachines T5086
The desktop computer is less than 2 years old.
We just moved. Now when I turn on the computer, it will make its whirling sounds then it will beep 3 error beeps. The monitor will display "no signal". So I tried another monitor...same message. What could be wrong with it all of a sudden? This is the kids computer and they are sad

A:turn tower on..beeps 3 image on monitor

To me it could be one of three things if you are comfertable going inside the computer try reseating the ram or if there are two sticks take one out and see if it will boot up if not put it back and take out the other stick and try to boot up if it will boot up with just one stick then the other stick is bad. to test the power supply see if your cd or dvd drive will open are there any lights showing? If its none of the above its your motherboard most probably a capicitators blown or something see if you can spot any dark marks like burn marks on the motherboard. Well I hope its the ram.

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Today, I woke up to my dad asking for help with booting up my computer. I thought it was just a small problem, like the power wasn't on, but it turned out to be something that I don't even know what it is or how to fix it!

When I boot up my computer, the monitor stays on standby, and the keyboard isn't on either. The only things that turn on are the mouse and the actual computer. I checked the cables, and everything was fine. I tested the monitor that I was using with my other computer and it worked.

I turned the power off, and had a look in my case. Everything was right, nothing looked out of the ordinary. I tried booting it up again, and that's when I noticed the hex of the motherboard. It was stuck at 26, when it usually goes to FF. I quickly got out my trusty manual, and it said that 26 was reserve.

I am stuck. I am using a Jetway AGP 939-pin motherboard, AMD Athlon 64 3000+ CPU, Radeon 9550 (which is AGP), 512 mb RAM, a 350 w power supply, a 120 gb hdd, a DVD-RW burner and an A:/. PLEASE HELP ME!!!

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I was watching a movie and my computer froze. It's a Toshiba Satellite a135 that's about 3 years old. It wouldn't let me restart, so I force shut down with power button. When I tried restarting it, it did it's initial powering up, but the monitored stayed blank. I've tried leaving it on (because it does not shut down) to see if anything changes, but does not. I've unplugged the power cord and waited a few minutes, as with removing the battery and nothing changes. I've also tried inserting the system recovery disks while holding down the "c" key, like it's instructed and nothing happens. It does recognize that a disk is in, however. The power light stays on and doesn't even go into standby when left alone for awhile. Also, the only other change is the wifi doesn't light up.

A:satellite a135 powering on but monitor stays blank

Also, I contacted customer support and found out that the hard drive is not responding. Is there some way to trigger it?

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I recently did a clean install of Windows 7 Home Premium 64 after using RC 64 since this summer. Everything is working well, except instead of turning off when entering power saving mode, my monitor goes blank but stays backlit and the power light remains on. When the computer does then eventually enter full sleep mode, the monitor does turn off. Obviously not the end of the world, but an annoyance. Any ideas? My video card is the 5850 with the catalyst 10.1 drivers

A:Monitor goes blank but stays on in energy saving mode

Quote: Originally Posted by crunchochango

I recently did a clean install of Windows 7 Home Premium 64 after using RC 64 since this summer. Everything is working well, except instead of turning off when entering power saving mode, my monitor goes blank but stays backlit and the power light remains on. When the computer does then eventually enter full sleep mode, the monitor does turn off. Obviously not the end of the world, but an annoyance. Any ideas? My video card is the 5850 with the catalyst 10.1 drivers

I think the answer is that Win7 is checking or building your Hybernation file before it goes to sleep and the monitor/video card must think it is still running which it is.
When the Hybernation file is checked or whatever it dos itfinally goes to sleep.

Did I make any sense?
I personally turned my Hybernation mode off on my desktop. In my case it is just a waste of time and space.

Let me know what you think?

I have turned mine totally off which speeded up my computer especially when I shut it down. I still can put it to sleep without an issue.
Here is the DOS command to turn it off.

Access CMD prompt using Run as Admin
powercfg -h off
Just cut and paste what I wrote above with the spaces

To turn it back on powercfg -h on

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Ok guys one day I got home and I tried turning on my pc, it started normally, usual sounds like the fans running ect. (no beep thought) and it sounds like it is booting all the way, but my monitor stays in standby mode saying "No signal". so I tried logging in (with my screen off, by pressing down on the keyboard arrows and typing my password followed by pressing enter, and I could hear windows logging in (the windows log in tune/sound)

Now I tested the monitor on another pc, it works fine. I bought a new graphics card and that didn't make a difference (The old card was a nvidia gforce 8600 gt, and my new card is an Asus ENGTX460 TOP direct Cu)
I tried taking out Ram and switching slots (2 sticks of 1 gig ram)
still didn't work, so confusing.

I have a P5N-e sli asus motherboard with an intel core2duo 2.8ghz prossessor, 2 sata hard drives and no on board display.

P.S. please go easy I'm not an expert at fixing things.


A:Asus P5N-E SLI, no beep, no post and monitor stays in standby

Unlike your old card, the 8600GT, the GTX 460 requires two 6 pin PCI-E power connectors from the PSU (power supply unit). Did you connect them? Does your PSU even have two 6 pin PCI-E connectors?

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I'm having a problem with my computer monitor. It used to be okay but somehow the computer monitor power button is not green now, instead it's yellow, therefore there's nothing on the screen. I checked the power cable and connection to the cpu and it seems alright. I also shut down the computer and monitor and waited for a minute, the computer booted fine but when I turned on the monitor power button, it was green for a few seconds and then turned yellow.

Can somebody tell me what seems to be the problem with my monitor? And how would you suggest to fix it?
Thank you much.

A:Computer Monitor Power Button Stays Yellow

Check the cable from the monitor to the video adapter at the back of the case. Then you'll need to try another monitor. If it works the problem is inside the case. Making sure your video card if you have one is secure or trying another one would be next.

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I am having quite a problem with my computer:
After a while of idling, or in the middle of a game, the screen will go black, but the light stays green, indicating there still is a signal.. i think. This is on my 21' CRT. So i tried another monitor, an LCD , while this is happening, and i get the message 'Mode not supported'. I tried installing an older nvidia driver thinking that could be the problem, but it didn't fix it. When this happens i see the video card fan is still going, and I'm really not sure what is wrong.
If you could help me out that would be most excellent, the computer i am on now has Intel Extreme Graphics 2 onboard video, and it is painful to play any decent game on it.

Thanks in advance!

Edit : I also remembered sometimes(rarely) when i shut the computer it wont react when i try to turn it back on with the power button, but a few mins later as if by magic it turns on.

A:Screen going black - Light on Monitor stays Green

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Today when I turned on my
computer and monitor. My computer turned on but my monitor screen was black. The light on my monitor did did not turn blue it stayed on amber. I open up my computer and cleaned some of the fuse of my graphics card still no luck. Please help

A:My monitor screen stays black after I turn on my computer

Hi, does your motherboard have onboard graphics? if so try removing the nvidia card and hook monitor to onboard graphics does it recieve a signal?

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Hey i'm new here and i've had A computer for like 2 years and it used to work but once I left it alone for a month I went to turn it on and it didnt work.... the monitor just stayed black....i checked every cord and there all in and I think it has something to do with the motherboard(i barely know anything about computers at all).. the mother board is a KM4M-V/KM4AM-V/KM3M-V series micro ATX mainboard and thats all I could think of putting in but I have every bit of info on it so if u need more info on the machine I can tell u it. Any suggestions PLEASE HELP! Just remember I dont know a lot but I do know more than an average chuck

A:My monitor screen stays black when I turn my computer on

is it onboard video? or do u have a video card, perhaps try pulling everything out of the system and cleaning it, it might be dirty inside since u havent used it in awhile

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I have an older Dell Dimension 8200 desktop running Win XP with all the latest updates. Computer has been working great for the past 6 years and shut it off about a week ago. Today when I started it the monitor never showed the start up screen and stays black. When I select one of the monitor buttons it says it is in power save mode and hitting a key on the keyboard or moving the mouse does nothing. I have tried the various methods stated on the internet such as: checked video cables seated, replaced motherboard battery, re-seated video card, tried another video card, re-seated memory, tried the monitor with another computer and it works fine. Does any expert here have a fix for this??? Thanks in advance.

A:Solved: Monitor stays in power save mode

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