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dell XPS 8700 freezing up

Q: dell XPS 8700 freezing up

My Machine, which is only about 6 months old, freezes up several times a day, for 20 to 30 seconds. It is quite anoying. The drive light comes on solid whilst the computer is frozen.

A: dell XPS 8700 freezing up

I would look in the windows event log, and run HDD diagnostics.
I would also back up anything that you might care about immediately.

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I have an XPS 8700 desktop all stock bought a little over a year ago. Last night I turned it off when I went to bed. Today I turned it on and it will not go past the first dell loading screen. It freezes and I'm unable to press any buttons (F2, F12 etc) I put it a different hard drive to see if that was the problem but it still continued. HELP PLEASE??

A:Dell XPS 8700 Desktop, Freezes at dell loading screen unable to boot up.

Hi Mattmazz
Thanks for writing to us. 
Please disconnect all the connectors and then hold down the power button for 15 secs, now remove the memory modules and put them back one by one and observe for any changes. 
If possible please try another set of memory modules. If there is a separate graphics card, remove that as well and try the onboard. 

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Everytime i use the web site to update my drivers , it makes the SAME 3 recommendations for updates regardless if i just Downloaded them and installed them. They are:
1) Intel Z87 Chipset driver
2) XPS-8700 Chipset driver
3) AMD Radeon 6xxx/7xxx/8xxx/R9 Desktop Graphics Driver

Please advise.

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Can anybody tell me what the is the fastest RAM supported on my XPS 8700?  Thanks.

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EDIT: Rewritten for clarity
On Realtek ALC3861 Audio Driver (ver., A00) for Windows 10, there is no longer a button labeled "Show Meters" under Speakers/Headphones > Maxx Audio Pro in the bottom right corner (please see attached screenshot). This button in previous versions of the driver for Windows 7 opened a new window with sliders to balance front and back speakers in a surround sound setup.
What I did:
Updated my OS from 7 to 10 and updated the Realtek audio drivers accordingly - to the above mentioned version.
What I expected:
The "Show Meters" button would be present in the newest Realtek driver.
What really happened:
Upon upgrade to the newest driver, the "Show Meters" button disappeared.

I have reinstalled the newest driver multiple times with no avail and tried the driver from Windows 8.1 and the default driver from Realtek with worse affects (Dell Audio window is missing most elements/drop down options, etc)

If anyone would know how to address the issue, if this is intentional, or who to escalate this to, I would appreciate it.

A:Latest Version of Dell Audio is missing "Show Meters" button. (Windows 10, Dell XPS 8700)

I feel that I should be more observant. In Control Panel > Sound > Playback > Select the Realtek device > Properties > Levels there are the exact changes I need. I don't know why I didn't notice until now. Could explain why there was no "Show Meters" button in this release but I thought Windows 7 also had the same leveling and there was the leveling in Dell Audio as well.
I'm still going with a new sound card from Creative however, seen a super nice $70 one that looks awesome and seems to have features to match.

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Hello all!
I am looking at purchasing a new PC. I would like to be able to use 3 monitors for business (less so gaming) but do game on occasion. I need to be able to open Excel files with millions of rows of records without super long lag. Also have many windows and programs opened at once (used for business purposes)

This is a computer I'm looking at: Dell XPS 8700 and I can currently get it for $855 after coupon.
Below I will list the specs: (Any comments or help will be greatly appreciated)
XPS 8700
4th Generation Intel® Core? i7-4790 processor (8M Cache, up to 4.0 GHz)
Windows 8.1 (64Bit) English
12GB Dual Channel DDR3 1600MHz - 4 DIMMs
Dell KB213 Wired Multimedia Keyboard, US-English
NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 745 4GB DDR3
Dell SRV Software 1703
1TB 7200 RPM SATA Hard Drive 6.0 Gb/s
XPS 8700, Black Chassis
Dell Laser Mouse
Tray load DVD Drive (Reads and Writes to DVD/CD)
Integrated 7.1 with WAVE MAXXAudio 4
No speakers (Speakers are required to hear audio from your system)
Dell Wireless 1703 802.11a/b/g/n, Bluetooth v4.0
US Power Cord
1 Year Enhanced Support
RDVD Structured in Addl SW
No Adobe Elements Software Requested Order
Non-EPA Ship Materials
Cyberlink Media Suite Essentials without Media
Document Reader Included
Dropbox, Digital Delivery, 20GB for 1 Year Promotion
Label Structured in Addl SW
CFI Not Included
Label Structured in Addl SW
No Office License Included
Addition... Read more

A:ISO Comments on this rig: Dell XPS 8700

What is the current computer u have now? As far as business it does not take that much of a computer, and a new video card for it might do for the running of multiple monitors.

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I'm considering installing an SSD on my desktop computer, and have read several places I need to set my BIOS to AHCI mode. I have no such mode listed in my BIOS. The only 2 options listed are LEGACY and UEFI. Is Legacy just Dell's description for AHCI? Can I just install using LEGACY? I can't seem to get any answers from the Dell forums. I'm using Windows 7 64 bit OS. I think the bios version is 8. If I use the LEGACY mode, will Trim still work? This will be a clone, not a fresh Windows install.

A:Installing SSD on Dell XPS 8700

Hi and welcome to SevenForums,
Nothing for ssd's is automatic in 7
If you get a Samsung ssd they have a utility that makes using an ssd easy though
It's called Samsung magician a separate download.

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Good day everyone!
This is my first post to the forums, as I am a recent Dell convert - Dell monitors, a tower and speakers all make up my new workstation! One thing I wanted to do to improve performance from the get go was to use a solid state drive as a boot drive as well as some storage for some intensive games (like Flight Simulator) and for work. This is the drive I chose:

I did not, however, do as the installation had recommended by connecting it to the USB port with a SATA to USB converter because I had forgotten to buy one, and decided to forego that step and just install it straight in the case, using one of the spare hookups for power for the HDDs and plugging in the SATA cable to the motherboard. The SATA cable I had no issue with, but the cord for the power supply may not be fully plugged in (I heard a click, but the cord is a little short).
I went to go clone the drive with the included Samsung Magician/Data Migration tool and all went well, it only took about 4 minutes to clone the OS (nothing else is installed yet basically). I was hoping that the changes would have turned the SSD into a hard drive/boot drive, but when I turned it back on, the OS was still booting from the old C: drive.
I went inside device manager and the SSD shows, but it's not being recogniz... Read more

A:Dell XPS 8700 not recognizing SSD

My suggestion. shutdown, unplug both power and SATA from your old HDD reboot and see if it works.
Assuming it does, we can sort out next steps to get your HDD setup as a data disk.
What version of Windoze? What BIOS version. It don't think either matter but it might help to answer the questions.

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I have varied the screen saver settings and find that the screen saver does not always come on, and if it does, it rarely ever triggers the computer to go into sleep mode as I desire it to.  It has gotten worse with the new windows 10 anniversary update.

Appreciate thoughts

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I have varied the screen saver settings and find that the screen saver does not always come on, and if it does, it rarely ever triggers the computer to go into sleep mode as I desire it to.  It has gotten worse with the new windows 10 anniversary update.

Appreciate thoughts

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What are the possible cpu coolers that you can install on the mobo dell xps 8700 motherboard without any fancy ghetto mounting. Just as if it was a normal motherboard?


The XPS 8500, the precursor to the XPS 8700, has standard Socket 1155 spacing. Socket 1150 shares the spacing of the 1155, and thus I believe an aftermarket cooler should work.
A Cooler Master Vortex was a perfect fit on my XPS 8500 motherboard, and I assume the same would hold true for an XPS 8700. You will use optical drive-type screws to fasten the cooler to the board rather than the flimsy plastic push-pins.
Looking at an XPS 8700 mainboard on eBay, I can see a standard four-pin CPU fan header, just like that of the XPS 8500.

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Hi everyone, I am newbie here. Recently I need to upgrade my ram on XPS8700. And I went to Best Buy and bought a "PNY - 2-Pack 8GB PC3-12800 DDR3 DIMM Unbuffered Non-ECC Desktop Memory Kit". It does not work, computer can not power on with flashing orange lights.
So I went to Crucial website, it recommends me to use a DDR3L RAM. I saw all the DDR3Ls are for laptops. Could it be used in my desktop? And my current RAM is Hyundai. Could it be mixed with other brand like Crucial or Kingston?
My pc specs:
i7 4770
GTX 645
Dell Inc. 0KWVT8 mobo

A:Dell XPS 8700 RAM upgrade

Laptops first started using DDR3L which is why the market is flooded with it, however you just need to look for the desktop version for your computer.  If you go to crucial they should have an auto test that will detect the correct ram for your machine and give you the list of options you can pick from.  

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Been having trouble installing updates. They usually fail on startup and it reverts the changes. Now it won't start up and it says installing updates and please wait but it's been 4 days now. Can't seem to start it in the safe mode either. Any thoughts? Thks.

A:My Dell XPS 8700 won't start up.

What OS version?
have you run build-in diagnostics?
how good are your backups? ( if not good consider pulling the drive and backing up your data)

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Since I upgraded to W10, the Audio Service and internet connection both keep crashing. Randomly.

My computer is the only one hard-wired to the router. We have others and none loses their signal. I made sure to try wi-fi on and off, no difference. Tried a different cable.

The Audio service crashing is much more annoying. It happens every 15 minutes. Everytime, I can restart the service like if nothing happened.

I tried to update drivers, disable / uninstall every listing in the Audio controllers (device manager). I have NVIDIA, Realtek and Logitec Webcam 500 High Definition Audio.

Audio service keeps crashing, no matter what.

A:My Dell XPS 8700 2014 is driving me nut

So far the culprit is *tadam*; Microsoft Security Center.

Now disabled and back with Avast.

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Hi everyone, I am newbie here. Recently I need to upgrade my ram on XPS8700. And I went to Best Buy and bought a "PNY - 2-Pack 8GB PC3-12800 DDR3 DIMM Unbuffered Non-ECC Desktop Memory Kit". It does not work, computer can not power on with flashing orange lights.
So I went to Crucial website, it recommends me to use a DDR3L RAM. I saw all the DDR3Ls are for laptops. Could it be used in my desktop? And my current RAM is Hyundai. Could it be mixed with other brand like Crucial or Kingston?
My pc specs:
i7 4770
GTX 645
Dell Inc. 0KWVT8 mobo

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I installed a Samsung ssd 850 evo on my 3 month old dell 8.1, it ran extremely fast , no issues at all.  I was so satisfied until the operating system crashed.  I tried to reinstall the hhd and I get this error 0xc0000225, computer needs to be repaired.  Computer will not let me do anything.   I did put the original hhd back in and it seems to run ok.  As before I cannot put the hhd in.   

A:Dell XPS 8700 crashing after install ssd

What did you use to install Windows 8.1?
Is this the same version as the original installed on the computer?

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I would like to find out how to replace the dell xps 8700 motherboard replacement.
Thank you.

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Hi i am interested in buying a new desktop pc from Dell with these following specs:-

Dell XPS 8700 - €1350 inc VAT
Intel? Core™ i7-4790 Processor (3.6Ghz 8M Cache, up to 4.0 GHz)
16GB DDR3 1600MHz Dual Channel
2TB SATA 3 Hard Drive (7200rpm)
256GB SSD Drive
16X DVD-RW Optical Drive
4GB Nvidia GeForce GTX 745
Dell Wireless N1703 + Bluetooth 4.0
Dell Keyboard & Mouse
Windows 8.1 (64BIT)
Warranty 3 Years Parts & 1 Year Labour

What do you guys thing, is it really worth buying? i know the graphic card ain't much but the other specifications look quite good, Thanks.

A:Buying the Dell XPS 8700, Suggestions?

If or when you buy, make sure you order the Dell Recovery disk ('s).

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I have had BSOD's for over two weeks.
Sometimes happens while gaming, sometimes while surfing and rarely while watching videos.
Based on whocrashed it says the following, the Razer keyboard has been the problem after applying tutorial settings for Driver Verifier and which had been reset to normal settings.

Crash Dump Analysis
Crash dump directory: C:\Windows\Minidump

Crash dumps are enabled on your computer.

On Wed 7/29/2015 6:44:54 PM GMT your computer crashed
crash dump file: C:\Windows\Minidump\072915-19656-01.dmp
This was probably caused by the following module: rzpmgrk.sys (rzpmgrk+0x1430)
Bugcheck code: 0xC4 (0xF6, 0x4C, 0xFFFFE00010A31900, 0xFFFFF800049B9430)
file path: C:\Windows\system32\drivers\rzpmgrk.sys
product: RZPMGRK
company: Razer, Inc.
description: Razer Overlay Support
Bug check description: This is the general bug check code for fatal errors found by Driver Verifier.
A driver references a user-mode handle as kernel mode. This appears to be a typical software driver bug and is not likely to be caused by a hardware problem.
A third party driver was identified as the probable root cause of this system error. It is suggested you look for an update for the following driver: rzpmgrk.sys (Razer Overlay Support, Razer, Inc.).

On Wed 7/29/2015 6:41:41 PM GMT your computer crashed
crash dump file: C:\Windows\Minidump\072... Read more

A:BSOD mostly while playing (Dell XPS 8700)

Apologies for the delay, do you still need help with the BSOD's?

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Hi! After trying for a long time to install the Windows XP Professional x64 Edition with Service Pack 2, I finally got the installation to complete successfully. I was able to do this by "slipstreaming" the AHCI drivers into the XP installation directory and using nLite and burn the ISO to a CD. The installation completed fine with no issues. But now when I try to boot the computer for the first time I am getting the dreaded BSOD message quickly flash and then the computer restarts:
"A problem has been detect and Windows has been shut down to prevent damageto your computer.
If this is the first time you've seen this Stop error screen,restart your computer. If this screen appears again, follow these steps:
Check for viruses on your computer. Remove any newly installedhard drives or hard drive controllers. Check your hard driveto make sure it is properly configured and terminate.Run CHKDSK /F to check for hard drive corruption, and thenrestart your computer
Technical information:
*** STOP: 0x0000007B (0xF8975528, 0xc0000034, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)"
Attempting to boot the computer in safe mode gives the same message as well as starting Windows with Last Known Good Configuration. The BIOS settings I am using are Legacy as opposed to UEFI and it does not boot with SATA mode set to either RAID or AHCI. Is there anyone who has been successful in getting XP to run on a Dell XPS 8700 desktop that might be able to help me out? I looked ... Read more

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Recently, I changed a monitor from 2560x1440 to 2048x1920 and the X51 updated to Windows 10. Next, without any hardware changes, the XPS 8700 updated to Windows 10.
Aurora R1 is running Windows 7.x
Aurora R3 is running WIndows 7.x
What MS OS can the Aurora R1 support (2560x1440 display, updated GPU)
What MS OS can the Aurora R3 support (2560x1440 display)
Can either move to Windows 8.1.x? Or both?
Can either or both move to Windows 10.x?
What is significantly different between Win 8.1.x Pro and Win 10 Pro?

Thanks gurus!


First there is a free upgrade from Windows 7 OEM to Windows 10 Retail so there is absolutely zero point in purchasing a Windows 8.1 Retail license...
Windows 10 TH2 is essentially a fixed version of Windows 8.1 where Metro Apps work correctly as "Windows".
Almost any system shipped with Windows 7 can run Windows 10. As they are 2009 and 2011 models respectively Dell did not provide updated drivers for Windows 8.x or Windows 10 because they are all out of warranty. All the drivers should be inbuilt into Windows 10 TH2 or automatically obtained via Windows Update. Its advised to update your BIOS to the latest revision before proceeding.
A Clean Installation also in general performs better. See here for details:
Both systems likely have a legacy (non-UEFI) BIOS so take that into account when making the Bootable USB. Although you may want to look at the BIOS settings for the 2011 model to see if there is UEFI support.

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I have a new Dell XPS 8700.  I had to reinstall the operating system and now the Network Controller and SM Bus Controllers need drivers.  In Device Manager, they appear with Yellow Triangles with Question Marks.  I have searched the net for drivers through Windows to no avail.  Any advice on how to clear this up?

A:Dell XPS 8700 Driving Me Nuts

Hi teacherdan,
It seems that the wireless and chipset drivers are missing. Click on this link -> type the service tag of the computer -> choose the operating system -> expand Chipset, download all the options listed. Then expand Network, download and install either Dell DW1703 or Intel 6235 WIFI driver.
Hope this helps.

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What follows is the text of the initial message that I posted at the Dell Desktop Forum regarding this problem:
Running Windows 7 Professional 64 bit, Service Pack 1 on a Dell XPS 8700 Special Edition PC.  I am experiencing audio distortion/breakup & dropouts/skips when playing music from the computer through headphones or external speakers.  The problem occurs whether the source is iTunes, Windows Media or the optical drives.  The longer the listening time, the more frequent & severe the errors become.  When listening to ripped copies of the same music through an iPod connected directly to the audio system or headphones, no errors occur.  I have installed an ASUS Xonar U7 external sound card.  This seems to have improved the overall sound but it has not solved the distortion issue.  The relevant drivers appear to be up to date.  Any suggestions?  Thanks.
After a series of exchanges with Chris M, and performing actions suggested by him that included establishing that the Onboard Audio Controller was disabled & removal of the program REALTEK HIGH DEFINITION AUDIO DRIVER, Chris M's latest reply was:
I do not think that this is a computer hardware issue. The fact that both the Realtek and the 3rd party Xonar both have the issue points to the operating system resource allocation has the problem. You need to repost the issue on the Microsoft Operating System board to get their thoughts and opinions.
So, he... Read more

A:Audio distortion with Windows 7 Pro on a Dell XPS 8700 SE

Before you go getting a new hard drive, I also had this issue. There are two versions of Win 7, one includes drivers and one doesn´t. Try this: go into your device manager and scan down to find your Audio then look to see if there are any big yellow questions marks. These will be missing or out of date drivers. Update or install these drivers then see how you go. Control panel> sound> test. Good luck.

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I've installed the gtx 1070 into the dell XPS 8700 and it work. Although it's a large card and some cords have a hard time reaching over the graphics card. Also the standard dell power supply won't work with the card since it needs 8 pins and the dell power supply only has a six pin connecter.

A:Dell XPS 8700 gtx 1070 confirmed to work.

you are the best

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I have the Dell XPS 8700 Desktop with a 2TB drive.  If I will be doing some video editing with Adobe Premiere CC, should I store all my video files on the OS C: drive? Or, should I purchase an additional internal hard drive (i'm thinking a WD Black 7200 4TB drive) to work off of?

A:DELL XPS 8700 Desktop Video Editing

The extra hard drive will help, as it will eliminate contention between the OS and video editing.

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Could someone give me some specific links, perferalby on amazon, to the RAM i'd need to upgrade my current machine Dell XPS 8700 X8700-3312BLK Desktp, which has 16 in 4 slots (of course) to 32?
I'd like to do it as cheap as possible.

A:Which 32 RAM upgrade for Dell XPS 8700 X8700-3312BLK

Could someone give me some specific links, perferalby on amazon, to the RAM i'd need to upgrade my current machine Dell XPS 8700 X8700-3312BLK Desktp, which has 16 in 4 slots (of course) to 32?
I'd like to do it as cheap as possible.

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I am thinking about purchasing the STRIX 1080 to upgrade from my STRIX 970. Does the card work with the motherboard that comes with the 8700? Will the card fit (it is 11.73 in)? Will I need a better power supply (I have a 600w PSU installed)? Has anyone tried installing this card into an 8700 before?

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Will there be a BIOS upgrade to allow the DELL XPS-8700 to work with the soon to be released nVidia GTX1070 and 1080 cards?

A:DELL XPS-8700 + nVidia GTX10x0 GPUs

If you have the current bios A10 or later yes.  Older systems will require a bios update.
The A10 bios is here and on the XPS 8700 page here.* Download/Save the file to the windows desktop* Before running A10, I would install the prior Bios in order* Disconnect any external hard drives, keys, printer, scanner, etc. You only want the USB mouse, USB keyboard, LAN, monitor connected* Run the executable from Windows* Allow the system to complete the installation and restart automatically. Do not force a restart or power off===============================
NEW thread started to discuss XPS 8700 Nvidia GTX video card upgradesPlace holder for new thread to discuss XPS 8700 AMD video card upgrades===============================
We and Nvidia are looking into the issue, but understand, we only "test/validate" those video cards in my list. Our warranty does not cover non-OEM video cards NOT on our list. Ultimately, it will be up to the XPS 8700 Team and our Legal Team to decide if Dell is going to allocate resources to fix an issue with non-validated, non-tested 3rd party hardware. All I can do is funnel the data to them. Below are the Dell validated/tested OEM video cards for the XPS 8700 and our 460w power supply =
8MXMJ Nvidia GeForce GTX750Ti P123N, 2GB, DVI-I/DVI-D/mHDMITC2P0 Nvidia GeForce GTX745 M302N, 4GB, DVI-I/DP/HDMI9YJWT Nvidia GeForce GT720 M211N, 1GB, VGA/DVI-D/HDMIFPDH3 Nvidia GeForce GTX660 D15P2-40 V2, 1.5GB, DVI-I/DVI-D/DP/H... Read more

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I am getting random BSODs with a brand new dell XPS 8700. I got my older SSD replaced through RMA assuming that could have been the cause and installed Windows 8 fresh install after getting the new dell. I've been having random BSODs on the computer, it will even happen when I'm not even using the computer and leave it on.

BSOD dump files attached.

? OS - Windows 8 64bit
? What was original installed OS on system? Windows 8 64bit
? Is the OS an OEM version (came pre-installed on system) or full retail version (YOU purchased it from retailer)? Came-preinstalled, but I reinstalled it when installing brand new SSD
? Age of system (hardware) Less than 2 weeks
? Age of OS installation - have you re-installed the OS? Less than 2 weeks

? CPU: Intel i7
? Video Card: Nvidia GeForce GE GT625
? MotherBoard
? Power Supply - brand & wattage

? System Manufacturer: DELL
? Exact model number (if laptop, check label on bottom): XPS 8700

A:Brand New Dell XPS 8700 - Multiple BSODs

I have debugged the dumps and all seem to have the same error, I have done some research about your crashes and have found some possible causes:

1.) Incorrect BIOS Configuration
2.) Faulty RAM Module

The Fixes for these are as follows:
1.) Restore the BIOS Configuration
2.) Remove the faulty RAM.

Modifying BIOS/CMOS settings incorrectly can cause serious problems that may prevent your computer from booting properly. I cannot guarantee that any problems resulting from the configuring of BIOS/CMOS settings can be solved. Modifications of the settings are at your own risk. But it may be the only way to fix the BSOD's you are encountering.

If I was in your position I would try restoring the BIOS first, before trying to remove RAM. If you are ensure on how to restore the BIOS please look at this before trying: How can I reset CMOS or BIOS settings?

I wouldn't try the hard reset unless the normal defaults do not work. If neither work then try removing the RAM.

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I currently own a Dell 8700 XPS.  I am running Windows 7 Home premium.  It has an i7-4790 and it won't turbo boost.  I have checked the settings to make sure it is enabled.  When I run AIDA64 Extreme, it ramps up to 3.59 but won't push past that.  The temperatures are all good, I believe the highest it gets is 72 degrees C on one core with and average of 68 degrees C for the the processor.  I only run the test for 10 minutes.  I recently updated the bios from the Dell Support page and it is running version A11.
I also downloaded and ran Intel's processor diagnostic and it passed.  Dell's CPU scan didn't detect any errors either.
Any suggestions?

A:Need some help with Dell 8700 XPS i7-4790 - won't turbo boost

Can we double check your cpu clock measurements?
What are you using to measure core processor speeds?
I suggest HWiNFO64 as it shows per-core clock and current/min/max
Another good tool is Intel XTU.

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I have two identical Dell XPS 8700 for my kids. They use mainly for steam games.

Both running the Windows 10 AU.

Today on one of them, by son said a message popped up and asked to stop a service and he clicked yes. Then all there was, was a gray screen and mouse pointer. He came and got me. The pointer would move but nothing else responded. So I did a power shut down. On reboot, the machine took around 40 seconds from seeing the dell logo to the sign on screen. This seemed very long. So I rebooted the other machine to see how long it takes, and it was only 3 seconds from the dell logo to the sign on screen.

I do not know if the long boot time has been going on or just started with this issue.

I ran sfc /scannow and it said no issues.

I remember in September 2015 ( a year ago) I had an issue with this machine where on power on, all I would get is the spinning dots at the Dell logo and it would not boot into windows. I even let it sit there for 24 hours and just spinning dots. I even tried new install of windows where the machine would let me install new windows, but after updates, the same thing happened with the spinning dots.

After a tons of troubleshooting, a dell tech recommended pulling the cmos battery. I did that and from then on it booted fine.

So since the long boot time did not seem right, I pulled the cmos battery again. waited 30 seconds, put it back in and booted into bios, change the clock (not sure if I had to but did), and then reboot and n... Read more

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I just made a new Complete Factory Restore of my XPS 8700. I used an external WD My Passport drive. I cleaned and reformatted the drive before I started and the creation seems to have been successful.   I wasn't sure how much space it would take so I had this 500GB Passport available. The restore took about 10 GB. MY QUESTION IS : Can I store other folders/files on this drive and it won't mess up the restore function?RegardsJH


As far as I know yes, just keep your backup files/folders in a single folder in the root directory.  The restore program should ignore it since I believe its just a generic script that it runs.

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This is going to sound stupid/crazy/dumb/etc...but tonight, for the first time, I noticed a flashing white light on the front panel of my Dell XPS 8700...the light is next to the "Mini/MMC SD/RS/SDXC' slot...doesn't appear to have anything to do with putting an SD in. The light is sporadic, sometimes quickly flashing and then nothing..other times multiple flashes. My computer appears to be working fine.
I have searched all over the Dell site and can't find anything...I know on my laptop I have a flashing light next to the battery light..I have always assumed that is the processing light.
I feel like this something I should know; I just want to make sure that it is a normal thing.

A:What do the flashing lights mean on the front of the Dell XPS 8700?

Hi Troyj1972
Thanks for writing to us. 
Do you see a cylindrical icon beside the light, it indicates the hard drive. 
Which means there is a continuous access of data on the system which is indicated by the hard drive activity light. Even if you haven open any programs the HD activity will still blink as the windows is using few backend programs , drivers etc. 
The system is working normal, nothing to worry about. 

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My PC went into a restore mode on its own after locking up.  It had been updated to Win10, but after the restore it was back to Win7.  Most of my files are there along with MS Ofiice and the related data files.  Missing are my email program (Mozilla) and files and my Quicken and files.  There are a number of locked files that return "access denied" when I try to open the file or directory.  I'm guessing everythign is there, just hidden.  i have not reinstalled Mozilla or Qbooks yet, just in case that buries the files deeper.
Someone suggested i reinstall Win10....MS said they would give me another install for free after the 7/29 deadline, but again, I want to see if I can recover my files.  There is no restore point to go back to since the Dell utility ran.  Any direction will be appreciated.

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Easy strait forward upgrade, NO PSU upgrade required, size of the card makes it easy to install, scores better than GTX 980 with less power consumption. Just make sure you clean uninstall the previous card download the driver form Evga for the new one and your done. 10-15 min upgrade.
I don't game so I cant day how well it does but I will be using this for video editing so i will post updates if needed. Here is a bench-test I've done:

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Am seeing a problem I haven't seen before. When I put the ATI HD 5770 card in the Dell XPS 8700 and reboot the computer to install the driver, I see a black, blank screen, no video. I know that the system is booting from the sounds, but no video. I've tried using both DVI ports on the back of the card, booting in safe mode, but just not seeing any video.

The only thing that I can think of to try is uninstalling the previous card that's being replaced, Nvidia GT 720, and booting with the new card installed. But I'm not sure that'll help, I just don't understand why I'm not getting basic, legacy video when I reboot the computer with the HD 5770 installed.

Any ideas?

A:Problem installing ATI HD 5770 on Dell XPS 8700

Hi Was your Original OS Windows 8? ...

It also seems possible that your Computer is not Compatible with some Graphics Cards ..
Have seen this with your Model and Xps 8500..
I am sure that you have checked that the card does work ...

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Hi I want to upgrade my Dell 8700 with this video card:

GTX 970 GAMING 4G Geforce GTX 970 Graphic Card

I have the stock PSU that came with the PC, I believe it is only 460 W
I have also have added an addition 3TB Hard Drive to the PC as well

Will my current PSU suffice? or do i need to upgrade my PSU as well? If so, any recommendations?


A:PSU Sufficient for Video Card Upgrade Dell 8700

I do think you will need another power supply. It has been reported that it is better to buy a power supply with a depth of around 5.9". Retail power supplies added to replace the Dell OEM 460w power supply =Seasonic X650 Gold 650wCorsair AX760 ATX 750w

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I recently tried upgrading my RAM to the full 32 GB capacity.
When i did this my PC would randomly crash with a power failure - not a BSD - a power failure.
This leads me to believe that either my PSU is failing or my Motherboard is failing. Most likey the PSU IMHO.
So, if i wanted to upgrade the PSU for a future/potential graphics card upgrade what watt PSU can i put in here?

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Suddenly my Dell XPS 8700 has slowed to a crawl even though I have 8 GB of memory which worked just fine.

I was wondering if anyone knew of any apps I could run to diagnose the problem?

I'd also like to explore upgrading this unit as well.


My specs are below:

Windows 7 Professional (x64) Service Pack 1 (build 7601)
Boot Mode: Legacy BIOS in UEFI (Secure Boot not supported)
3.40 gigahertz Intel Core i7-4770
256 kilobyte primary memory cache
1024 kilobyte secondary memory cache
8192 kilobyte tertiary memory cache
64-bit ready
Multi-core (4 total)
Hyper-threaded (8 total)
240.35 Gigabytes Usable Hard Drive Capacity
1471.15 Gigabytes Hard Drive Free Space
AMD Radeon HD 7570 [Display adapter]

HL-DT-ST DVD+-RW GHA2N SCSI CdRom Device [Optical drive]

CF/MD Card [Hard drive] -- drive 3
INTEL SSDSC2BW240A4 [Hard drive] (240.06 GB) -- drive 0, s/n BTDA33330B2C2403GN, rev DC32,SMART Status: Healthy
MS/Pro/Duo Card [Hard drive] -- drive 6
SD/mini-MMC/RS Card [Hard drive] -- drive 5
SM/xD Card [Hard drive] -- drive 4
ST1000DM003-1CH162 [Hard drive] (1000.20 GB) -- drive 2, s/n Z1D2XKXG, rev CC44, SMART Status: Healthy
ST1000DM003-1CH162 [Hard drive] (1000.20 GB) -- drive 1, s/n W1D20SPN, rev CC47, SMART Status: Healthy

Board: Dell Inc. 0KWVT8 A00
Bus Clock: 100 megahertz

A:Dell XPS 8700 slowing to crawl with Low Memory warnings

You have a high end CPU and 8GB of RAM. You should NOT be having slowness issues, tbh.

Have you checked that the HSF is free if dirt dust and debris? Have you checked the CPU temps while under load?

Open msconfig and post everything under the STARTUP tab.

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Six months ago, I installed Windows 10 from an update.  My computer had been using the 8.1 operating system.  For some reason, everything went haywire a couple of weeks ago, and I went to recovery and reset the computer to default factory settings.  It took quite a while for this to complete.

However, after I did this, I had several updates that had to be completed, and I did this.  Then the Windows 10 update logo appeared on the bottom of my screen, and I tried to update to Windows 10 from 8.1.

I am unable to do this now.  I get an error message that "We couldn't update the system reserved partitions."

When I contacted Windows Support, they said that sometimes after updating to Windows 10 and then refreshing, the next update wouldn't work well. 

What can I do to get Windows 10 back on my computer.  I am so used to it, and I really like it.  I am old and cannot do really difficult tasks, but I can do some. 

Thanks. for your help.

A:Windows 10 failed to install on Dell 8700 Desktop

How to Create A Bootable Windows 10 USB Drive:

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I've had this ongoing problem where my optical drive will not burn anything because it rejects all discs telling me they are unwritable.
What troubleshooting steps can I take to fix this issue or discover which piece of the puzzle is failing?
I'm running Win 7 Pro.
The optical drive is:
ST1000DM ST1000DM003-1CH1
Driver provider: Microsoft
Driver version: 6.1.7601.19133
Driver date : 6/21/2006

A:Dell XPS 8700 Optical drive rejecting ALL discs for burning

Forgot to add..
the Optical drive is

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Hello ?

Not sure if I am right at this place?

I bought a Dell XPS8700 desktop in late 2014. I started out with Win 8.0 Home. From the very beginning, I had BSOD crashes. I updated to Win 8.1 Home, Win 8.1 Pro and now to Win 10 Pro, hoping that the problem will disappear with a newer OS. However, I still have those crashes (very annoying when working on important documents!). My drivers are up to date and the computer is free of viruses etc.

As far as I have found, this problem might be related to the PCASp60 and/or NIDS6 driver/key. However, there is no PCASp60 driver on my computer (and apparently not needed based on various sources, which I either cannot confirm or not confirm). If I delete one or both keys in the registry, there are still crashes, though. The system error message is always the same:

?The PCASp60 NIDS Protocol Driver services failed to start due to the following error: The system cannot find the file specified.?.

I did some more research and found that these drivers seem to be related to the Realtek PCI onboard LAN unit. But even if I disable the LAN in the BIOS and delete all Realtek drivers in System/MyDevices, the error still exists and my computer crashes.

I am wondering if this is a general problem/unresolvable error of this computer or if it can be resolved..?

I am close to exchanging the motherboard or even switching back to HP computers (which always worked very well for me in the past 15 years).

Thanks in advance for any comments an... Read more

A:Dell XPS 8700, PCASp60, NIDS6 & multiple BSOD crashes per day

Please read BSOD Posting Instructions & How to upload files

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On one machine, Dell I8700 Facebook app AND Facebook messenger fail on 14393.10 despite reboot, reinstall of Win 10 and apps.

A:Facebook app on Win 10 Anniversary Update opens/closes on Dell 8700

Originally Posted by Windows Central Question On one machine, Dell I8700 Facebook app AND Facebook messenger fail on 14393.10 despite reboot, reinstall of Win 10 and apps. this is most likely an issue with facebook apps as many have reported multiple issues with the apps. Keep checking for updates for the apps
If you need additional help or have more questions or details to share, please join the site so you can reply in this thread. See this link for instructions on how to join Windows Central.

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I bought a Dell XPS 8700 last Aug ('15) for $999 from Costco online. We had problems almost immediately with the PC not powering up (at all). but since it occasionally worked, we waited too long to actually return the PC to Costco (beyond 90 days). We also did not install the PC until Nov '15 because we bought 5 PC's at once and it took time to install them all.
We called tech support and after four hours of getting the run around and "trouble-shooting" via phone with Dell's non-English speaking tech support staff, they finally agreed to send out a technician. Technician replaced power supply and on/off button. We thought it was fixed but no. We didn't really call Dale back because we never had time to spend another three or four hours on the phone and schedule another technician just way too time-consuming for us to do that and run a business so instead we suffered a long barely using the computer and using other computers that were working fine instead.
Fast-forward the clock today May 30, 2016. The computer is still under warranty till August 2016 I call Dell and explain the situation, and that we've already unsuccessfully had a field technician trying to fix the problem and they were unable to do so. I respectfully ask that they send a replacement computer as we didn't have the time to spend another 2 1/2 days troubleshooting with their phone tech-support team, and also field technicians they declined, stating that I should've cal... Read more

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I am trying to reinstall Windows 8.1 Pro on my XPS 8700 and install all the hardware drivers from the Dell support website again.
However, when I try to install the latest Dell Wireless 1703 (Version, A01), the Dell Update Package (DUP) fails, and shows the below log.
[03/25/15 15:38:37] Update Package Execution Started[03/25/15 15:38:37] Original command line: "D:\Downloads\XPS 8700 Drivers\XPS-8700_Network_Driver_K19V9_WN32_10.0.0.301_A01.EXE" [03/25/15 15:38:37] DUP Framework EXE Version:[03/25/15 15:38:37] DUP Release: K19V9A01[03/25/15 15:38:37] Intializing framework...[03/25/15 15:38:37] logo.png[03/25/15 15:38:39] User Command: attended[03/25/15 15:38:39] DUP Capabilities Value: 39845887 (0x25FFFFF)[03/25/15 15:38:39] DUP Vendor Software Version:[03/25/15 15:38:39] Local System/Model Compatible with this Package? Yes[03/25/15 15:38:39] Local System OS Version:[03/25/15 15:38:39] OS Compatible with this Package? Yes[03/25/15 15:38:39] Local System OS Language: EN[03/25/15 15:38:39] Language Compatible with this Package? Yes[03/25/15 15:38:39] Identified Behavior : attended[03/25/15 15:38:39] Temporary payload log file name: C:\ProgramData\dell\drivers\XPS-8700_Network_Driver_K19V9_WN32_10.0.0.301_A01\DUPD1F9.tmp[03/25/15 15:38:39] Translated Command Line : Setup_MUP.exe /LOG"C:\Prog... Read more

A:[XPS 8700] Problems Installing Dell Wireless 1703 Driver Version, A01

Try this driver:

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I can see from the forums that this issue is occurring often with many users. Thus far, I cannot see a fix, despite extensive reading on the subject, without recourse to a new graphics card and PSU. Is it not about time that Dell owned up to this and issued new cards or at least gave the information required to solve the problem? This was a high cost, high end purchase direct from Dell and I need a solution. Please help.

Thank you


A:Dell XPS 8700 with AMD Radeon R9 270 - random black screens and shut downs

*Which* 8700 system did you buy?
The system that you bought was *fine* for how it was delivered and "spec'ed" for.
The system that you bought was *not* designed to allow the user to do "any type of upgrade" they wanted.
For *most* XPS 8700 systems, an MD Radeon R9 270 is far past what the system was spec'ed for.
Dell offers *many* *options* in building systems. :-)

You can't get a "high-end" desktop, and expect it to be able to be used like a hard-core gaming or graphics workstation.
From what I saw, the MD Radeon R9 270 requires a "big" power supply.

Since that advanced graphics card also generates a lot of heat, the *system* has to be designed to allow for that extra heat.

For the XPS 8900, Dell has their "extreme" series.
That's what's *required* for advanced graphics cards, *unless other mods are done to the system*.
For one, I strongly suggest a heat-sink upgrade along with a bigger power supply.

[on Soapbox] :)
Imho, if people want an gaming system, then Dell sells gaming systems. :-)
***If people want to upgrade a desktop, the it's 110% up to the user to do the required mods. And, realize that you loose your Dell warranty, and Dell support may not be able to help with any system problems. Dell support knows the systems that Dell sells. They can't know, or support, the trillions of com... Read more

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I recently installed a SSD hard drive on my new Dell XPS8700 and installed a fresh copy of Windows 8 using the OS disc provided by dell. After completing hours worth of windows updates and driver updates, i go into bios and switch back to UEFI mode only to get a bios error when booting.

The error message that displays is:

No boot device available. Strike the f1 key to reboot, f2 to run the setup utility.
Sata 0: Installed
Sata 1: Installed
Sata 2: Installed
Sata 3: None
Sata 4: None
Msata: None

I booted into the Windows 8 OS Disc and formatted the second hard drive and about 3-4 partitions it had using the "repair disc" tools provided in the OS Installation options. Also formatted while in windows 8 as a simple drive in NTFS with a drive letter.

I found something else on the internet that mentions using bootrec.exe tool. I've tried the scanos, fixmbr, and fixboot options; even though it says it completed successfully, it did nothing whatsoever. The /scanos detects no installation.

I'm still getting the error and the only way around it is switching to legacy mode. Does anyone know a way to fix this issue without having to reinstall the OS in UEFI mode?

A:Issue loading in UEFI mode after setting up Windows 8 on SSD on Dell XPS 8700

I ended up reinstalling Windows 8 from the disc. Apparently with Dell, when booting off the OS disc in UEFI mode, the dell logo appears and it pretty much freezes there for a few minutes til it loads Windows 8 installation process. This, I accidentally found out after having to get off the computer right when the dell logo appeared on my screen after selecting option to load off boot disc. Figures. None of the dell techs told me it would take a few minutes either. Either ways, I'm going to run hardware tests afterwards to make sure there is nothing wrong with any of my parts after windows update is complete.

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I have two identical Dell XPS 8700 for my kids. I got them around May 2015.  They use them mainly for steam games and Office 2016.Both running the Windows 10 AU.Today on one of them, by son said a message popped up and asked to stop a service and he clicked yes. Then all there was, was a gray screen and mouse pointer. He came and got me. The pointer would move but nothing else responded. So I did a power shut down. On reboot, the machine took around 40 seconds from seeing the dell logo to the sign on screen. This seemed very long. So I rebooted the other machine to see how long it takes, and it was only 3 seconds from the dell logo to the sign on screen. I do not know if the long boot time has been going on or just started with this issue.I ran sfc /scannow and it said no issues.I remember in September 2015 ( a year ago) I had an issue with this machine where on power on, all I would get is the spinning dots at the Dell logo and it would not boot into windows. I even let it sit there for 24 hours and just spinning dots. I even tried new install of windows where the machine would let me install new windows, but after updates, the same thing happened with the spinning dots.After a tons of troubleshooting, a dell tech recommended pulling the cmos battery. I did that and from then on it booted fine.So since the long boot time did not seem right, I pulled the cmos battery again. waited 30 seconds, put it back in and booted into bios, change the clock (not sure if I had t... Read more

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Hi I've had the Dell XPS 8700 for over a year now and it's an excellent Desktop.
I've recently moved my tower to a new location and notice there is a solid orange light on all the time inside the PC, I believe it's on the motherboard... should I be worried this is on all the time? It's just I've never noticed it before.
Also on the back of the PC there is a solid green light, I'm guessing this is to just tell me the PC has Power.
I tried a google search but everyone with the orange light seems to have PC issues, my pc is working fine as far as I can tell.

A:Dell XPS 8700 Orange Light inside and Green Light on Back

LED on the motherboard will be on as long as the PC is plugged into a working outlet. It's perfectly normal and nothing to worry about.
If you unplug the PC from the wall and press/hold the power button for ~15 sec, that LED will go off. Again, perfectly normal...
Green LED says there's power to the PSU.

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Our Dell XPS has been freezing up. You have maybe 10 good minutes before it happens - it doesn't seem to matter what you were doing - we have been using firefox, or IE, or any number of other non-web browser programs when it happens. It will suddenly freeze up and there is nothing you can do but shut it down by pressing the power button.

The only thing different that we did recently was download and install the latest Norton 360. After that the freezing up started, but in all honesty, it was seeming a little sluggish before that.

Also - at one point, instead of freezing, I got the blue screen with BAD_POOL_CALLER error. I don't even know where to start, especially since it freezes up before you can do much.

I'd appreciate any advice you can give me! Thanks!

A:Dell XPS freezing up

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My dell desktop recently has been randomly freezing, and when connected to an audio device, emits a loud monotone buzzing noise. The only way to end this noise/freeze is to force shut down the computer. My computer also is running ESET Nod32 antivirus. Please help! Not sure what to do.

A:Dell Desktop keeps freezing. Please help!

Both the freezing and the audio problem could be caused by a bad power supply. Post the specs of your computer, particularly the power supply make, model and rated power output.

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Hi all,

Returning to this after a long time...

My system spec.
Intel Core Duo 1.66GHz
256 ATI Radeon X1300

I am facing a recurring problem. This problem started after I formatted my Dell Inspiron E1505 and reloaded Windows XP Media Center (from the CD provided by Dell), about 3 months back.

Whenever I play any kind of video content (songs, movies etc.) in any kind of player (Winamp, Windows Media Player), the CPU utilization jumps to 100% with the respective player taking about 30%-50%.The remaining CPU is utilized by remaining processes.

When I kill the player, the laptop takes about 5-10 mins to return back to normal state. The process gets killed immidiately but the CPU utilization remains 100% for 5-10 mins more.

I really dont know what happens. The problem only occurs when I am playing videos otherwise the system is quite stable.

Please help me out to know what is happening.

A:Dell Laptop freezing up

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I have a Dell tower (see details below) and it started having problems freezing about a week or so ago. It has gotten worse to the point where I have to reboot by pressing the power button 5 or more times a day. I ran an Avast full scan and an Ad-Aware full scan with nothing found.

Here are the system details:
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD E-450 APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics, AMD64 Family 20 Model 2 Stepping 0
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3818 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 6320 Graphics, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 461477 MB, Free - 333973 MB;
Motherboard: Acer, HMA51-BZ
Antivirus: avast! Antivirus, Updated and Enabled

A:My Dell tower is freezing.

I uninstalled some "junk" and disabled my IE add-ons and accelarators but it still freezes. Clt-Alt-Delete does nothing - I have to hit the power button to reset it.

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Hi there I have a dell xps 720. I recently switched my installation to a new hard drive and i didn't quite proceed correctly. So, I decided to do just a fresh install. However, I am having a problem with my computer's bios and built in boot menu. When I go into the bios, the system will freeze after a few seconds and when I try selecting a boot device it will freeze after a few seconds as well. Bios version is A04 if relevant. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

A:Bios keeps freezing during use Dell XPS

Unplug the disk and see of BIOS still freezes, if so you have a bad motherboard, if no you have a bad disk.

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good afternoon just recently my laptop that has served me well for years has started acting strange so i tried to do dell recovery and the recovery freezes at formatting hard drive how do i fix this problem? Please Help

A:dell recovery freezing

Are you using recovery discs or using the built in recovery system? If it's freezing at formatting there may be errors on the hard drive which could explain other issues with the PC. I'd recommend booting the PC to the built-in diagnostics and running a full scan of the hard drive. The diagnostics can usually be access by pressing F12 when the system first turns on.

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I have a Dell Inspiron E1705 Laptop with Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005.

When I start the laptop, sometimes it get stuck or freezes even before asking my to log in and I see the message "Windows is starting up" but nothing happens.

Sometimes, I get to the screen to log on and after entering the password, I get to my desktop window and the mouse remains active (it moves but I cannot select/start any programs) for sometime then a screen appears from Windows Security Center warning that No Anti-Virus was found on the computer and I should download one. Then it beeps and the mouse (touch-pad) stops working and it seems that the keyboard also stops working (I tried pressing ctrl+alt+del for sometime hoping that would restart the computer but it didn't).

If I press F8 in the beginning and choose to boot with the last known good configuration - it again freezes after showing the sign "Windows is starting up".

If I choose to start in the safe mode, I get the same screen back asking me to chosen if to start windows normally, or last known good config etc.

The laptop was also having some problems with virus attacks and these were mainly the kind that redirects the webpages to some other sites. The last thing I did was running spybot successfully. I also downloaded malawarebytes but it wouldn't run. Adaware also didn't run. And then suddenly, now I cannot seem to run anything or start my laptop normally.

As I cannot run... Read more

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My Dell XPS M1330 SP2 keeps on freezing and the only way to make it run again is to pullout the battery...Im afraid a virus causes this
It freezes in about 20 mins after startup

In this post i have attach a dds.txt and hijackthis log both were used during Safe Mode

I will attach the GMER case my laptop freezes again

This post contains ark.txt

how do i get the attach.txt?

DDS (Ver_09-10-26.01) - NTFSx86 MINIMAL
Run by Karlo at 22:22:28.38 on Wed 11/11/2009
Internet Explorer: 7.0.6002.18005 BrowserJavaVersion: 1.6.0_16
Microsoft? Windows Vista? Home Premium 6.0.6002.2.1252.1.1033.18.3069.2677 [GMT 8:00]

SP: Windows Defender *enabled* (Updated) {D68DDC3A-831F-4FAE-9E44-DA132C1ACF46}

============== Running Processes ===============

C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k DcomLaunch
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k rpcss
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k NetworkService
C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k LocalServiceNetworkRestricted
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k netsvcs

============== Pseudo HJT Report ===============

uStart Page = hxxp://
mWinlogon: Userinit=userinit.exe
BHO: Adobe PDF Link Helper: {18df081c-e8ad-4283-a596-fa578c2ebdc3} - c:\program files\common files\adobe\acrobat\activex\AcroIEHelperShim.dll
BHO: AVG Safe Search: ... Read more

A:My Dell XPS M1330 SP2 keeps on freezing

Please delete this thread...answers is taking long and I have a presentation in the next 2 days so I decided to reformat my pc

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I have a brand new Dell M5010 laptop that I bought from Best Buy about a week ago. It freezes and locks up (with the famous Not Responding in the application windows) for up to 4 minutes!! i can't have this happening. I honestly run about 5 programs - FireFox, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Outlook, and WAMP server.

I took it back to Best Buy and they had me whip it clean and do a clean install. I do not use any torrent applications or download anything, so why is this happening?? Once I whipped it clean and reinstalled all my applications, it started going it again. I can tell when it's going to happen, because I hear the processor clicks...and then everything freezes. Could this be a hardware malfunction? Pain in my ***..I should have bought a mac. Below are the specs to this computer:

Warranty Terms - Parts
1 year
Warranty Terms - Labor
1 year limited
Product Height
Product Width
Product Weight
5.9 lbs.
Product Depth
Color Category
Processor Brand
Processor Platform
VISION Premium
AMD Phenom™ II
Processor Speed
Battery Type
6-cell lithium-ion
Display Type
High-definition WLED (1366 x 768)
Screen Size (Measured Diagonally)
Cache Memory
System Memory (RAM)
System Memory (RAM) Expandable To
Type of Memory (RAM)
Hard Drive Type
SATA (5400 rpm)
Computer Hard Drive Size
Optical Drive
Optical Drive Speed... Read more

A:Brand New Dell M5010 Freezing!

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First of all I know that a dell is not the best Computer and i don't want responses saying: "Don't get a dell" or "Get a life dell user". My computer is freezing every 5 seconds it seems. I have removed a ton of programs i don't use, Scanned for viruses and Malware, and installed 2gb's more memory. I have a dell computer with Windows 7 64bit. I have managed to take a screenshot of my resource monitor when it freezes.

The image is posted as an Attachment because i havn't made 5 posts yet and cant insert an image.

It seems to me everything just stops. Please help.

PS. My computer froze 6 times just writing this post.

By the way it doesn't freeze all the time. It will have episodes of freezing all the time usually when i am playing a game. But this game is only using 2/6 of my memory but is using 100% of my CPU.

EDIT: Oh, I have also Defragmented my disk.

A:Windows 7 Dell computer freezing a lot

Go here and do the memory and hard drive tests, then attach any minidumps you may have. If they exceed the size limit, zip them. What is the Dell's make and model?


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I have Dell xps laptop. Everything was fine but from 6 months my laptop always freezes after startup. I already do everything like fresh reinstall OS, revert back to win 7 but there is no way to get rid of this f*****g crazy behaviour of my lappie. Please help me as soon as possible.

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU 650 @ 3.20GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 37 Stepping 5
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 2999 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 310, 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 465756 MB, Free - 176236 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0G3HR7
Antivirus: AVG Internet Security 2012, Updated and Enabled

When I am watching Netflix, or playing an online game, about every 7-9 minutes the screen and and sounds will freeze up for between 5seconds and 2 minutes. It really annoying and I have no idea what is causing it?

A:Dell Studio XPS - Freezing issues

Disable the AVG link scanner and see if it makes a difference.

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i have a dell vostro i bought with a bad harddrive. after replacing the harddrive and installing windows 7 on it, it started to freeze on me after i installed the Nvidia graphics driver.
i searched online and i thought it was an overheating issue. so i downloaded speedfan and the temparature was about 76-84
so i bought new thermal compound and cleaned all the inside of the laptop. 
after finishing cleaning and putting new thermal compound 
the tempersture dropped to 50-70 it worked fine for about 1 hour, after that it started to freeze again,

then i uninstalled the Nvidia driver and the freezing stopped. 
i did a bios update and installed all drivers up-to-date
i am still having the same issue.
the temperature is about 46 and it freezes. 
when it freezes i cannot do anything. i can hear the fan speed up,
there are no beeps or lights. 

A:dell vostro 3700 freezing

I would suggest that you run the diagnostics on the computer by following the steps mentioned in the video below and check if there is any issue with the hardware on your system.

Also, Dell would not recommend Customer's to replace Field replaceable units as this has to replaced only by a Dell Certified technician.
Please let me know the findings.

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Hello again,

I posted this issue a couple of weeks ago - please see below for the detailed description of the problem. (I didn't get a chance to check the responses and the thread was closed due to lack of activity - I was waiting to get a harddrive enclosure so I can back up my stuff before trying anything).

Now, I have backed up the data and I am ready to resolve the issue - and need help with figuring out where the problem is. If it is a problem with the Windows somehow, I am willing to try the system restore as a last resort but before I do that I would like some advice from the experts. Also, this laptop didn't come with a Microsoft or anyother CD so I am assuming that there is a partition on the harddrive for restoring the laptop to the original factory set-up.

I appreciate your help with this.



I have a Dell Inspiron E1705 Laptop with Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005.

When I start the laptop, sometimes it get stuck or freezes even before asking me to log in and I see the message "Windows is starting up" but nothing happens.

Sometimes, I get to the screen to log on and after entering the password, I get to my desktop window and the mouse remains active (it moves but I cannot select/start any programs) for sometime then a screen appears from Windows Security Center warning that No Anti-Virus was found on the computer and I should download one... Read more

A:Dell Laptop Freezing - Reposting

I am moving the issue to the hardware forum. Please close this thread.

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Hello fellow computer gurus. I have a problem with a coworker's laptop. She purchased a Dell Inspiron M5030 about six months ago. It has never had anything but operating systems and drivers on it until she asked me for help with a problem she was having. She had previously taken it to another coworker who knows enough about computers to break them.

Her problem:

After she bought the laptop, she tethered her phone to it for internet. When she did that, she noticed that the computer locked up, restarted, and when it loaded back up, her desktop wallpaper was gone, the clock reverted back to 1969, and her profile was corrupted. I think she picked up a virus through her phone. The Geek Squad member that looked at her computer after that happened said the phone created a backdoor in her computer that opened it up to a virus that fried her BIOS. I am slightly skeptical about this as her BIOS still checks out to be fine.

When she let the other coworker "fix" it, he installed Vista 64-bit, and decided not to put any drivers on it, so when I got it, it was plain-jane with the 640x480 screen resolution, and it didn't work properly. It would freeze up if you left it alone for more than five minutes.

I decided to install Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit after a low-level format of the drive. After installing Windows 7, I ran ALL of the updates, installed ALL of the drivers from Dell, and started to put on security programs. I installed Symantec Endpoint Protection... Read more

A:Dell Inspiron M5030 freezing

She purchased a Dell Inspiron M5030 about six months agoI'd strongly advice to take advantage of warranty just in case this is a hardware issue.

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Hi All,
When my Dell Inspiron is starting up, it freezes at half way on the Dell screen with the blue progress bar.
It was suggested I do take the battery out, power disconnected, hold down the power button, etc. It didn't work...but when I unplugged all peripherals, it booted up (taking me to the F1 continue and F2 set up menu.) I went into setup and reset the clock and time, and it booted fine...reconnected the printer. All seemed fine, until I went to reboot and the same halfway on the blue progress bar. Again, I unplugged the printer and keyboard and it boots again to the F1 F2 menu again.

I've read that possibly replacing the cmos battery might fix this problem?

Any help is much appreciated.

A:Dell Inspiron is freezing on startup...

That would be a good place to start. If it is losing bios settings when ever it is turned off. You can pick up a CR2032 battery at Walmart for a little over $3

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I have been having problems with my Dell Dimension 5100 feezing up and running super slow when I have the fastest internet speed I can get threw my cable company.My daughter has a whole bunch of songs and pictures downloaded on here would that cause it to be running slower? But what do you think is causing it to freeze up??? I just had to restore it about a month ago because I think I had a virus Iam not sure if that was the problem but alot of people told me that is what was proably causing it to do all of the things it was doing before I restored it.Hope to hear from you soon!


A:Dell Dimension 5100/Freezing Up

The kind of slowness you describe could easily be caused by a virus or spyware infestation, especially if your daughter downloads a lot of music, etc.
My first recommendation is a full virus and spyware scan.
Widows includes a utility called Event Viewer in Control Panel/Admin tools.
Look for red entries under System and Application, and let us know what you find.

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Recently, while I'm on the internet, my computer randomly freezes and I have to restart it. This keeps happening more and more frequently. When it freezes, it's the whole computer - cursor, keys, programs, the numlock button doesn't respond, if I was in the middle of playing a video then it goes into broken-record mode, etc.

The thing is, my warranty JUST ran out. Go figure.

The programs I'm [usually] running when this happens are Digbsy and Google Crome.

Here's some info:
Operating system: XP
My internet browser is Google Crome, but Firefox and Internet Explorer are also installed.
IM programs: Digbsy and AIM
Antivirus: Windows Live Onecare (Norton was installed, but I just uninstalled it to see if it was conflicting... didn't fix the problem)
I have a lot of sims2 games installed, but they run just fine. I have various other programs also.

I've done disk defragmenting, and run scans for malware/adware/spyware, and it's in the process of the Diagnostics test.
It came up with these error messages:
2000-0333 Graphics test timed out waiting for keyboard response ((this one followed the screen going all colorful and flashy and crazy and the computer was beeping like a mad thing))
0F00:137B DVDRW_4 - Drive media is missing or blank

I don't know what either of these mean... ...vaguely, I think I do, but I probably don't.

The only other program I've had with this computer is back when I first got it about a year... Read more

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Soorry apparently because i am NEW i didnt respond to the right things and started my OWN topic now and am requesting help...I will again copy and paste my texts here and HOPE someone Nice will see that I am only seeking help and not trying to hijack's someone's page....Im not that kinda gal... plz forgive me ...I mean we are all being pretty TRUSTING to put all our info on here but please give us credit for seeking help and wanting to LEARN what to do ...MiniToolBox by Farbar Ran by Dell (administrator) on 10-09-2011 at 14:40:02Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 3 (X86)***************************************************************************========================= Event log errors: ===============================Application errors:==================Error: (09/10/2011 00:24:07 PM) (Source: Application Hang) (User: )Description: Hanging application iexplore.exe, version 7.0.6000.17099, hang module hungapp, version, hang address 0x00000000.Error: (09/10/2011 00:17:48 PM) (Source: Application Hang) (User: )Description: Hanging application iexplore.exe, version 7.0.6000.17099, hang module hungapp, version, hang address 0x00000000.Error: (09/10/2011 11:03:00 AM) (Source: Application Hang) (User: )Description: Hanging application iexplore.exe, version 7.0.6000.17099, hang module hungapp, version, hang address 0x00000000.Error: (09/10/2011 11:02:59 AM) (Source: Application Hang) (User: )Description: Hanging application iexplore.exe, version 7.0.... Read more

A:problems with FREEZING Dell Computer

here are my other 2 files that i downloaded as texts..hope they help Someone figure out what i need to do ??

Process PID CPU Private Bytes Working Set Description Company Name Command Line
System Idle Process 0 38.28 0 K 28 K
System 4 0 K 148,868 K
Interrupts n/a < 0.01 0 K 0 K Hardware Interrupts and DPCs
smss.exe 704 172 K 432 K Windows NT Session Manager Microsoft Corporation \SystemRoot\System32\smss.exe
csrss.exe 752 1,760 K 4,880 K Client Server Runtime Process Microsoft Corporation C:\WINDOWS\system32\csrss.exe ObjectDirectory=\Windows SharedSection=1024,3072,512 Windows=On SubSystemType=Windows ServerDll=basesrv,1 ServerDll=winsrv:UserServerDllInitialization,3 ServerDll=winsrv:ConServerDllInitialization,2 ProfileControl=Off MaxRequestThreads=16
winlogon.exe 776 6,676 K 4,072 K Windows NT Logon Application Microsoft Corporation winlogon.exe
services.exe 820 1,816 K 4,540 K Services and Controller app Microsoft Corporation C:\WINDOWS\system32\services.exe
svchost.exe 1000 3,276 K 5,380 K Generic Host Process for Win32 Services Microsoft Corporation C:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost -k DcomLaunch
ToolbarSvr.exe 2752 3,880 K 10,032 K Toolbar Application AT&T Inc. "C:\Program Files\Yahoo!\Companion\att\ToolbarSvr.exe" -Embedding
wmiprvse.exe 4992 1,952 K 5,416 K WMI Microsoft Corporation C:\WINDOWS\system32\... Read more

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Hi Everyone!
I'm not sure if this topic has been covered before, I tried doing a search and couldn't find anything on it so that's why I started my own thread. I recently just purchased a Dell Studio XPS 13 laptop and just got it a little over a week ago. From the first day I got it, it froze up on me while installing firefox. I didn't think much of it so I just powered down by pressing the power button. Then a few days after that while trying to install the lojack for the computer it froze up again. I powered down and then before it even loaded completely on start up it froze again so again i powerd down. This happened 6 times over and over again and there were times when trying to boot back up the screen would just stay black and not load up at all. I finally talked to a dell tech support guy and he had me restore my laptop to factory. It didn't freeze up again after that for a couple days and then it started to do it again. Has anyone else have this problem with this particular laptop? Any suggestions on what it is or what I can do? Or do you guys think I have a defective laptop and should just exchange for another one? Help!

A:Help! My new Dell Studio XPS 13 Laptop keeps on freezing up!

Hi BeyondxFlatline
I'm currently experiencing the exact same thing on my Dell Studio XPS 13 laptop, and seeing the exact same scenarios as you describe. It seems the system locks up quiet randomly. Usually lockups like this happens when you run ressource demanding games, but this doesn't seem to be the case. I have been running hwmonitor ( to check if i could see any heat related symptons and eventhough this laptop seems to have higher temperatures than usual, they don't seem critical to me. I have experinced my laptop freeze when; when the system has been idle and i have returned and moved my external mouse, other seemingly random moments and even when running dell diagnostics . I have also experienced that my system won't bootup after it has froze and that i needed to wait a little while before i could boot it again. I haven't talked to tech support yet, but it seems it might soon be a good idea.
This forum thread may be of interest:

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Hello everyone,
I'm having a problem with my PC freezing and sometimes crashing and rebooting itself. For example, I left the PC running the other night and noticed it had restarted at some point. I checked the Windows log and noticed the errors "The previous system shutdown at 6:39:12 AM on ‎12/‎3/‎2013 was unexpected." logged at 12/3/2013 6:57:54 AM and
"The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first. This error could be caused if the system stopped responding, crashed, or lost power unexpectedly." logged at 12/3/2013 6:57:35 AM.

The only errors I see prior to that are "The driver detected a controller error on \Device\Harddisk6\DR6." logged at 12/2/2013 1:49:41 PM


"The Intel(R) Management & Security Application User Notification Service service depends on the Intel(R) Management and Security Application Local Management Service service which failed to start because of the following error: The service cannot be started, either because it is disabled or because it has no enabled devices associated with it." logged at 12/2/2013 11:44:37 AM.

and a warning

"The driver \Driver\WUDFRd failed to load for the device WpdBusEnumRoot\UMB\2&37c186b&0&STORAGE#VOLUME#_??_USBSTOR#DISK&VEN_GENERIC-&PROD_COMPACT_FLASH&REV_1.01#18E391066476&1#." logged 12/2/2013 11:42:35 AM.

FWIW, the last event listed prior to the 6:39 AM unexpected shu... Read more

A:Dell XPS Freezing Frequently, No BSOD's

It appears to be some driver issue. Enable Driver Verifier to monitor the drivers. It may help us point out the failing one.
Driver Verifier - Enable and Disable
Run Driver Verifier for 24 hours or the occurrence of the next crash, whichever is earlier.

Why Driver Verifier:
It puts a stress on the drivers, ans so it makes the unstable drivers crash. Hopefully the driver that crashes is recorded in the memory dump.

How Can we know that DV is enabled:
It will make the system bit of slow, laggy.

Before enabling DV, make it sure that you have earlier System restore points made in your computer. You can check it easily by using CCleaner looking at Tools > System Restore.

If there is no points, make a System Restore Point manually before enabling DV.


If you fail to get on the Desktop because of DV, Boot into Advanced Boot Options > Safe mode. Disable DV there. Now boot normally again, and try following the instruction of enabling DV again.
If you cannot boot in Safe mode too, do a System Restore to a point you made earlier.

Let us know the results, with the subsequent crash dumps, if any. Post it following the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions.

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I bought Dell Latitude E6420 few months ago.
It had a severe problem of freezing (I believe it was due to too much CPU Usage since I upgraded to Windows 10 and was using chrome), and I wasn't even able to move my mouse. It happened frequently and it never unfroze
Now what's happening is that it freezes when I'm not even working on anything, and while I am able to move my mouse, nothing really happens. I press windows button yet the windows tab doesn't come out. I can't access to folders or anything.
I thought it may have been SSD problem so I bought another one, but the screws are stripped and I'm not sure how to unscrew them without damaging anything.
Any guess on what's going on and what I can do to fix my computer?

A:Dell Latitude E6420 Freezing

Hello and good afternoon
Considering that you purchased it used it is hard to determine what, if any, hardware has issues. Have you ran Diagnostics?
It is doubtful that everything will pass with your issue so write down the error codes, if any, and post them.
Another option is to restart and when you get the "splash screen" begin tapping the F8 key and your display will offer several options. Arrow down and Chose "Last Known Good" then push the Enter Key and see what happens. Last known good resets the system to when all of the settings worked.
The screws just hold a cover for the SSD so you will not damage it if you are careful. Perhaps you should reinstall the other SSD and then run Diagnostics.
The aforementioned suggestions are a "stab in the dark." However, we never know.

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I recently inhertied a dell laser printer 1700n from my company. I plugged into my USB port and I keep getting the error message that says something to the effect of there was an error recognizing your hardware, etc. SO, i can't plug in and use the printer. I turned it off, plugged it in and restarted the PC and it still didn't recognize it, but this time my mouse was completely frozen. Once I unplugged the printer from the mouse was back. Any idea how I can get this printer to work?? Thanks in advance!!

A:Dell Printer freezing my mouse!

Hi and welcome. Did you install the printer software/drivers first?

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My parents' outdated Dell desktop is freezing at the welcome screen.

I've tried starting in Safe Mode, "Last known working configuration", Safe Mode with Command Prompt, etc. But nothing will allow me to get past the welcome screen. Although the computer is unresponsive, the screensaver does eventually turn on.

I'm not entirely sure that it isn't an issue with the mouse, but I've tried hooking up a portable/wireless mouse and also tried using the shortcut (LAlt+LShift+NumLock) to turn on MouseKeys, but nothing seems to able to get the cursor to move.

-I'm running XP home
-No new hardware or peripherals were installed before the freeze-up

Any/all help is much appreciated. Thanks!

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I have a Dell XPS Laptop that is running Vista 64 bit. The trouble started just after I tried to install software for a high tech calculator. The calculator never worked properly with the software installed. After this the computer started to perform poorly. It would freeze during browsing, It also gets halfway through a disk defrag and stops completely. I am doing a checkdisk as we speak and it is taking about 16hrs which I am sure is sign of trouble. I did choose the option to attempt to repair bad sectors. Should I abort the check disk scan? Does all these symptoms point to a hardware or software problem. I am so tempted to install W7 as I am not a big fan of Windows Vista. What are your thoughts? Thanks

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My Computer specs:

The issue I'm having is I've had 3 hard drives now and my computer seems to kill them. Also my computer randomly freezes and also displays BSOD from time to time. If anyone could help, thanks

Updated Post

Event Viewer Log: My Pc Event Log (Drado).evtx - Speedy Share - upload your files here - Click the Title on top of the page. Nothing else.

Here as well (Virus scan of file ABOVE)

A:Dell Computer (BSOD / Freezing)

Hi There,

Your bugchecks are 7F and are not really pointing to anything specific that I can see,

These are the usual causes for that bugcheck,

Usual causes: Memory corruption, Hardware (memory in particular), Overclocking failure, Installing a faulty or mismatched hardware (especially memory) or a failure after installing it, 3rd party firewall, Device drivers, SCSI/network/BIOS updates needed, Improperly seated cards, Incompatible storage devices, Overclocking, Virus scanner, Backup tool, Bad motherboard, Missing Service Pack

I've highlighted the things you can check or rectify, You need to install service pack 1,

OS Name: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate
OS Version: 6.1.7600 N/A Build 7600
OS Manufacturer: Microsoft Corporation
OS Configuration: Standalone Workstation
OS Build Type: Multiprocessor Free
Registered Owner: Drado
You can test your RAM,


Run a minimum of 8 passes, preferably overnight, or until errors occur using MemTest86+.

Use this tutorial to help you use MemTest86+:
RAM - Test with MemTest86+

You can test your harddrives,

Please perform the following tests,

chkdsk /r

SeaTools for DOS and Windows

You can check the file system for corruption,

SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

Let us know the results when you are done with those.

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I have a Dell laptop with the following specs:
Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU T7400 @2.16GHz
ATI Mobility Radeon X1800

I've had a problem with my display not working which resulted in Dell changing my LCD screen, Mother board and graphics card. Which solved the problem (this was around November 07).

A different problem started this month. I'm using XP Media Center SP2 and the laptop can stop responding randomly. The frequency of this happening is not fixed and sometimes it doesn't happen at all. I later downloaded Ubuntu and was planning to dual box. The laptop refused to install it as the problem kept happening at 96% install. This lead to me not being able to load Ubuntu or XP so I decided to format my drive and install Vista. To my surprise this problem is still happening and it doesn't happen when loading a specific program.

Any suggestions to solve this problem?

A:Dell XPS M2010 laptop freezing

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I just bought a new dell laptop .it is randomly freezing at any time.Even if i keep holding power button it is not switched off,i need to manually remove battery and reinsert it.
I did hardware diagnostics test everything had do i fix this ?

A:Dell n5559 16gb of ram is freezing

Thank you for writing to us!
We would suggest you check if there are any heating issues and if the fan spins fine .Kindly update the BIOS on the system and check if it works fine .
We would also ask you to run a complete diagnostics on the system to check if it comes up with any errors on the hardware .
Kindly private message the service tag and email address.

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I purchased the Dell Inspiron 2 in 1 touch screen a couple weeks ago and I have been having issues with it ever since. The computer works fine for several hours and then it just freezes up. The keyboard and touchscreen are both frozen, so there is no possibly way to troubleshoot anything. Each time it happens I am forced to manually restart the computer. It doesn't seem to matter what I am doing, when it malfunctions. I cant even CTRL-ATL-DELETE to close anything down. Every report I runs says nothing is wrong.  Any idea how I can prevent this from happening? It's occurring several times a day and just  happened today while I was working on research for my dissertation. This unknown glitch is causing my work to suffer. . It occurs about twice a day now, so its getting to be very problematic. Its running on Windows 10 if that helps.  I welcome all suggestions!!

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I am currently trying to fix a Dell XPS Studio 1530. It is around 1 year old, but showing signs of problems. It is freezing often, where you can't do anything. Ctr/Alt/Del does not help and eventually you have to press the start button to shut it down. I started doing a malwarebytes and Super Anti spyware scan, but it stops after about 5 min of scanning and doesn't restart. I am not able to boot into safe mode with networking. It wouldn't allow a Degrag to complete either. I was finally able to boot into just safe mode and am currently running some scans. I am unsure if it is a virus or something else going on with the laptop. I tried to do a disk check, but once the computer restarts it says disk check is complete after reboots, without looking like it completed the disk check. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Hello Dell Comunity :)
Please help me. I have a "Dell Inspiron 5737 (I577810DDL-24) Silver" less than 2 years. A few days ago, I got some very strange problems. The system began to "freezing". Worked only a mouse, and kept playing music from browser cache. All other applications was no longer responsible. I thought, that this is a problem of the system, made a hard reset (power button 5-8 sec), and it helped. I loaded Win 8.1 again, but the problem was repeated after 15-20 minutes. I booted from another system (I had also a Win 7 on other disk). But even on another OS problem repeated. Then I realized that the problem is serious, and began to follow closely what is happening.
During these lockups, CPU and HDD had a normal temperature, but then I noticed that the hard disk drive indicator disappears. And no flashing. I spent several types of testing with an Auslogic tool and CrystalDiskInfo. These programs have shown good state of drive. I even did a defragmentation, but it did not help.
After that, I noticed that the laptop actually works just fine, if it is stand on a flat table. But if I picked up the laptop to hands or just moved it on a table - system starts to freezing.
Realizing this, I was even more convinced that the problem is somewhere in the hard drive. Few times on Win7 was a blue screen of death, and then appears error 'not boot devices found'. After hard rest, it loaded fine again.
So, I decide to try a test with Dell Toolls when pres... Read more

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My ssystem was working fine I left and came back minutes later, the screen was black thought it had gone idle pressed start button nothing happened. SHut down and turned back on and freezes at microosft corporation name and there is a bar code on top with green lights scrolling sideways doe snot get past there? Please Help

A:Dell XPS M1330 Freezing at Microsoft Logo

Hi and welcome to TSG forums....
Try starting it is safe mode.. when you turn the power on, immediately start tapping the F8 key. This should open the safe mode (black window with white lettering). If this works use the arrow keys to move up to "last known good configuration" click on enter. Let the computer do it's think. If this works I suggest that you run your Anti Virus, Anti Malware/Spyware programs immediately.
Post back and let us know how it goes

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I have a dell desk top that freezes all the time and I have to restart every time I use it for several minutes. Also I have a redirect problem I am working on. I am not computer smart and need lots of help.
thanks Kevin

A:Slow and freezing computer on 7 year old dell

Hello and welcome Kevin.We probably have malware so we'll do that first. What is your Antivirus and Operating system?Please download the TDSS Rootkit Removing Tool (TDSSKiller.exe) and save it to your Desktop. <-Important!!!Be sure to download TDSSKiller.exe (v2.5.0.0) from Kaspersky's website and not which appears to be an older version of the tool.Double-click on TDSSKiller.exe to run the tool for known TDSS variants.
Vista/Windows 7 users right-click and select Run As Administrator.If TDSSKiller does not run, try renaming it. To do this, right-click on TDSSKiller.exe, select Rename and give it a random name with the .com file extension (i.e. If you do not see the file extension, please refer to How to change the file extension.Click the Start Scan button.Do not use the computer during the scanIf the scan completes with nothing found, click Close to exit.If malicious objects are found, they will show in the Scan results - Select action for found objects and offer three options.Ensure Cure (default) is selected, then click Continue > Reboot now to finish the cleaning process.A log file named TDSSKiller_version_date_time_log.txt (i.e. TDSSKiller. will be created and saved to the root directory (usually Local Disk C:).Copy and paste the contents of that file in your next reply.If TDSSKiller does not run, try renaming it. To do this, right-click on TDSSKiller.exe, select Ren... Read more

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touch pad keeps stopping and starting dell laptop

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I have a Dell XPS Laptop that is running Vista 64 bit. The trouble started just after I tried to install software for a high tech calculator. The calculator never worked properly with the software installed. After this the computer started to perform poorly. It would freeze during browsing, not respond and It also gets halfway through a disk defrag and stops completely. I am doing a checkdisk as we speak and it is taking about 16hrs which I am sure is sign of trouble. I did choose the option to attempt to repair bad sectors. Should I abort the check disk scan? Does all these symptoms point to a hardware or software problem. I am so tempted to install W7 as I am not a big fan of Windows Vista. What are your thoughts? Thanks

A:Dell XPS Laptop Freezing, and performing poorly!

Did you try system restore to before installing that program?

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Hi, my dell Inspiron running win8 keeps freezing at the same spot every time I use it now for the past day, and has to be manual powered off, before that I had no problems. Its an old dell, about 5 y/o but have had no problems before this. When I start it up, it can sometimes freeze out of nowhere on the desktop, and if I start it up, and go to shut it down, it will freeze on the shut down. It also ALWAYS freezes when I try to load itunes, but chrome is fine.

I have done an error check on the hard drive in my computer and it said no errors. One thing I have noticed, is when I start the computer, in task manager, the Disk activity is always at 99/100% and when I load itunes, the CPU goes to 100% consistently. But I have all things on start up disabled apart from skydrive. Is this normal? Any ideas? Thanks

Few bits of info on computer: Only running defender as antivirus
4gb Ram

Have tried to do a system refresh/restore but the computer freezes everytime while its in progress

A:Dell Dekstop freezing now at same spot everytime

Open elevated command prompt and run: sfc /scannow to check if you have any corrupted system files.

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Hi All,
Hoping someone can help. I have two Dell Pc's one upstairs one downstairs. A few months ago one of my computers just stopped booting. It would freeze about 10 seconds after you turn it on but I didn't use it very much so didn't bother trying to fix it. Now recently my hard drive as gone on one of my other Dells with a clicking hard drive sound which i know is fatal.

I have replaced it with the other drive from the other dell the one that froze and it seems to do the exact same as the other, just freezing with a black screen before it can show the XP splash screen.So I know this has got to be a hard drive problem as the same symptoms, however I have checked to see if the the computer can see the drive in the Bios and it can plus I have done some Maxtor hard drive diagnostics and has come up as Passed so i am at a loss to what it could be. The answer may be in Recovery Console, I have tried Fixboot and FixMBR but to no avail. Anyone have any ideas to what I could try.

Thanks in advance.

A:Solved: Freezing on bootup on a Dell computer

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Hey, looking for some help with my laptop.  Lately it has had this problem of going to the lock screen while I'm using it.  I have looked into the power options and set them to Never on all options.  Any help with what this might be and how to fix it would be great! Thanks for everything!

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Recently I am getting problem with my laptop. I thought the problem was with Windows OS so made fresh install. The problem occurs both on windows 7 and Windows 10 OS. After few minutes of booting, laptop freezes. It runs for about 5 to 30 minutes and suddenly freezes and mouse and keyboard becomes unresponsive. I have not overclocked or made some unusual changes in hardware. I have ran chkdsk and there is no disk error. 
However the problem does not occur in Linux Mint partition. It can run perfectly all day on Linux Mint. Please help me to diagonize and solve the problem.

A:Laptop freezing Dell Inspiron 3537

So you notice the problem in Windows 7 and 10 but not in Linux, is this correct?  I take it that in Linux the notebook runs fine?  Have you always noticed the problem, and if not when did it start? Was any changes made to the system prior to when the problem started? 
What was the original operating system that the notebook shipped in? Did you notice the problem before any of the other operating systems were installed? Are you dual booting the system or have only tried one OS at a time?
Were any changes made to the BIOS while either reinstalling an OS, or in troubleshooting the hangs and if so what where they?  Have you tried updating the BIOS, the latest version A08 may be downloaded here. 
If the system is working alright in Linux it doesn't sound like a hardware problem. There are no issues that I am aware of that will cause this type of behavior  for the 3537 at least out of the ordinary. So to solve the problem it is likely going to take narrowing down when the problem started and what was changed on the system when the problem started to occur. 


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So my computer started freezing randomly...once when I was playing a flash game(and running stat program R) and another time watching a video. I turned it off both times with the power button. I couldn't move the mouse or do anything.

When trying to turn it on again, the fan would either keep running(nothing on screen) or the same thing with the fan and the start up beep repeating(again saw nothing on monitor). I usually have to wait a bit until I can try again to get to the windows screen...maybe the computer needs to cool down?

Next I saw a Blue screen...0x0000007F.

Vista 32
Dell Inspiron 530 desktop, about 3 years old
Only thing new is I installed a Logitech Illuminated Keyboard
(though I got the blue screen plugging my old keyboard back in)
BIOS/drivers are probably not updated

Anyways any help would be appreciated.

A:Dell started freezing, 1 BSOD, overheating?

run memtest on the ram 1 stick at a time

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Desktop keeps freezing up every day, have to do hard reset each time, running xp home sp3 p4 3.00 ghz 512 ram. Have tested hd with seatools, ram memtest, updated all drivers. Ran full malwarebytes scan and avast full scan, no issues, even tried another power supply, added new cmos battery, any suggestion?

A:[SOLVED] Dell Dimension 3000 freezing


Can you see what Event Viewer has to say about the time the computer freezes? That would give us a lead on the issue.

Edit: Also, what are you usually doing when the freeze occurs? How many programs do you have installed on this computer? ... 512MB of RAM is a bit on the low end but should be tolerable since you're running XP.

Edit 2: Scratch that.


The minimum hardware requirements for Windows XP Professional include:
Pentium 233-megahertz (MHz) processor or faster (300 MHz is recommended)
At least 64 megabytes (MB) of RAM (128 MB is recommended)
At least 1.5 gigabytes (GB) of available space on the hard disk
CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive
Keyboard and a Microsoft Mouse or some other compatible pointing device
Video adapter and monitor with Super VGA (800 x 600) or higher resolution
Sound card
Speakers or headphones

System requirements for Windows XP operating systems

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1st time posting.
I've got a Dell Vostro 3500 that will run for a day or so, it will sit for a weekend, and it's fine. Then it will just freeze.
I spoke will Dell and went through all the hardware tests which it passed.
Then I re-installed Windows 7 Professional. And I installed Office 2007.
It sat on but unused for the weekend. I came in and was happy that it was still running. Later that day it froze again under no load. So I installed Speedfan with the suspicion that it might be overheating and if it did freeze I'd get the temperature readings from when it did.
This morning, with Speedfan still running I opened Word and closed it, no problem. Then I opened Outlook and before I could start to configure it the machine froze again.
So I checked the even logs, nothing in Applications and nothing in System.
We've got about 30 of these Vostros at work here and nothing like this has ever happened with them. I am at a loss on what to do next.
Maybe the power supply is sending a jolt through the system and causing it but I have no way to monitor that.
Any suggestions will be gratefully welcome. Thank you.

A:Dell Vostro 3500 intermittent freezing

I used it most of the day today without incident.
Configured the power options to never hibernate.
Turned off all WLAN services.
Left it on for the weekend. We'll see what happens on Monday.

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