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Emptied recycle bin in windows 10 by accident

Q: Emptied recycle bin in windows 10 by accident

Is there anyway I can recover files that were emptied from my recycle bin?

A: Emptied recycle bin in windows 10 by accident

You can try Recuva by Piriform to recover your deleted files.

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At a loss for where else to go.

Simply(?) put, I have two files in my recycle bin, named "Flash9d.ocx" and "FlashUtil9d.exe". When I attempt to delete (empty) these files, I get an error that states:

"Cannot delete Dh39: Access is denied"

I have attempted to use System Recovery Console (it won't allow me into the Recycle Bin / to Delete the Recycle Bin); KillBox in both Normal and Safe Mode (Gives me a message stating it can't delete the file), CCcleaner in both Normal and Safe Mode.

I did the whole "attrib -h -s" on the RECYCLER directory. I tried to delete the "attrib -h" the inf* files in there. If I go into the the RECYCLER directory there are NO FILES in there.

I was unable to get Panda to run, it kept giving me an error "Update error, try again later".

So, i've funneled myself to here, not knowing where else to go.

I don't really *notice* any performance hit or other odd things happening, but I'm also a bit paranoid that it's just waiting.

If that has nothing to do with Malware/Trojans/AnythingSerious let me know, I'm not sure what else to do but I'm sure I can keep trying.

Thanks in advance!

Deckard's System Scanner v20071014.68
Run by crimanysakes on 2008-06-18 22:46:18
Computer is in Normal Mode.

-- System Restore --------------------------------------------------------------

System ... Read more

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After the recycle bin is emptied where does the information go? I assume it still remains somewhere on the hard drive until it is overwritten. In the meantime is it recoverable by high tech software? Is there any to locate and shred the emptied information by the computer user to protect himself from such recovery by others?
In the same vein, I use Spider to "delete" hidden files, etc. Where does this "deleted" information go? I also assume that it does not vanish into thin air so it must also be somewhere on the hard drive and subject to recovery by others until it is overwritten.

Please tell me that my assumptions are wrong as I am getting paranoid about privacy.

A:Emptied Recycle Bin

When you delete a file what you are doing is deleting references to that file in the file allocation table or MFT. You are correct that the information is still there until that area of the disk is written to again. There are many different file shredders available. Wipe info comes with Norton system works. That will delete the file and then write a value to the area of the disk. You can tell the program how many times to rewrite the value.

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I think I may have deleted a file from a program called Flex Wallet (Saves Usernames and Passwords) and I want to know if there is anyway I can recover it even though the recycle bin has been emptied. Can anyone help me?

A:Help Recover Emptied Recycle Bin!

heartgard said:

I think I may have deleted a file from a program called Flex Wallet (Saves Usernames and Passwords) and I want to know if there is anyway I can recover it even though the recycle bin has been emptied. Can anyone help me?Click to expand...

I hear this works:

and there are various freeware programs though I have never used any of them.


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some body help me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A:how do i restore files emptied from recycle bin

Look here

Look under File & Data Recovery, System Backup & Recovery.

Try not to use the PC till you can use the recovery software because you can over write what was there.

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Please tell me its possible. I need to retrieve a business card from my Print Master program. Any and all help greatly appreciated.

A:I emptied my recycle bin... how do get contents back?

Hello Purplelover,

You might see if the free program Recuva may be able to recover the contents for you.

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During a clean-up yesterday I accidentally deleted some .flac and .mkv files when I emptied the recycle bin. I've tried a few freeware retrieval programs but so far can't seem to restore the files I'm after. Anyone know of a foolproof restoration freeware program? Thank you.

A:How to retrieve .mkv files from emptied recycle bin?

try the demo from the following and see if it can be found. File Undelete File Recovery Software for Windows OS.

also did you try Recuva - Undelete, Unerase, File and Disk Recovery - Free Download

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I accidently deleted a lot of pictures and then emptied my recycle bin. Is there an easy way to recover these photos? I know about using programs such as disk digger and yodot, but when I use them, I find literally thousands of pictures and most of them are not what I am looking for. Then I have to search through all of them. Is there and easier way to do this? Or does anyone have any suggestions of programs I could use to recover these photos? Thank you!

A:How to recover photos emptied out of recycle bin could try this. Sometimes you get lucky.

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I didn't like the way the "My Documents" Folder had all this other bullcrap in it so i created a new folder with called "My REAL Documents." This is where i put all the stuff that was ACTUALLY my stuff (No "AppData," "Link," "Favorite," "Searches," or other BS that's not really my files (i'm kinda OCD). So i moved all the things that were really mine into this "My REAL Documents" folder, and these included:
>"My Music"
>"My Pictures"
>"My Videos"

When i did this those folders were not moved like all the others, they seemed to have been copied into the new location. So i checked to make sure that everything i wanted to keep from those folders had in fact been copied to the new locations, and deleted all the files from those folders (no need to have the same things in 2 locations).

What i didn't realize is that even though they appeared to exist in two separate locations, their icons in these separate locations actually referred to the same "My Music, "My Pictures," and "My Videos" folders.

So when i deleted their contents from one location, it deleted them from both locations (because there never really was 2 locations). And then i promptly emptied the recycle bin <---Fatal mistake.

I hope i'm making sense.

If i am- does anyone know if it is possible to retrieve this lost data from which i emptied from the recycl... Read more

A:Recovering data emptied from Recycle Bin?

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Basically I accidentally put some very important PSP game save files in my recycle bin and emptied it and now I desperately need them back, seriously desperately, if I don't I will stab my clicking finger with a fork, can anyone help? I tried one file recovery app' but found it difficult to navigate and I still didn't find the files I need named PSP STUFF.

A:File Recovery From Emptied Recycle Bin

A lot will depend on how much you have used the pc since deleting the files and wether they have bee noverwritten or not . . you can try GetDataBack . . it will let you use the trial version to see if it can recover the files, then pay to get them

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I was trying to look for ways to free up some memory on my laptop, and out of pure interest, I copied all of my pictures to my desktop. It came up with 'Copying 67MB' (It wasn't actually 67MB that's just an example) Anyway, so now I know how much space it was taking up, so I delete the copies and then empty the recycle bin so that that's not taking up space. Then I go back to my pictures folder where the original pictures should be. But they're all gone. I tried to use recovery software but I either have to pay to get them recovered, or they recover but only partly and then Windows Photo Viewer says that 'the file is corrupt' and won't open it. I haven't got a backup on my computer, because I didn't even know I could backup my files. It's only now that I find the recover backed up files button, that I find out I could back everything up. This situation is very distressing, as I have lot's of memorable events and records of trips and pictures of birthdays ect. that were stored in the pictures folder. Please help!

A:How do I get files back from the Recycle bin? When it's been emptied

What recovery software have you tried using? You could try Recuva, or even PhotoRec, although the latter is more trickier to use. Given that you aren't even aware that you can backup files, I would steer clear of more advanced techniques such as partition recovery.

Recuva - Undelete, Unerase, File and Disk Recovery - Free Download
PhotoRec - Digital Picture and File Recovery

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It makes the noise like it is emptying, but shows as full even though there is nothing in there. How do I fix this?

A:Recycle bin won't show empty when emptied

Assuming you have Vista as shown in your system info, you might wish to read these (make sure you read the entire threads and view the links too):

Icon Cache - Rebuild - Vista Forums

Recycle Bin icon doesn't update icon status - Vista Forums

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I was wondering if anybody knew of very good software for retrieving folders with their content from the recycled bin.

About 7 four folders were deleted and the recycle bin was emptied. These folder contained a lot of audio files and files related to Cubase.

We tried different retrieval software and managed to retrieve a lot of single files but not folders and the problem is that we not sure which file goes to what folder and this is very crucial.

Running Windows Vista and Cubase 4

Thank you very much

A:Recovering folders with content from emptied recycle bin

Try Recuva, its free and works wonders

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I made a major mistake by sending some folders to Recycle bin and then I emtied to bin.How can I recover those folders. I already tried to use System restore but it will not restore even though I have used a valid restore point. I'm desperate because although my computer is "user friendly" I'm not "computer friendly". What can I do to get them back or is there a program I can get that will dig into the basement to recover the lost folders?

A:Recover deleted folders from Recycle bin that has been emptied.

Hi Ron Bowers43 and welcome to TSF !

First thing : stop using that computer at all to prevent new data to overwrite the data you're trying to recover.

Then download and install active @ undelete on another computer. Take your drive out of your computer and hook it to that other computer. Make sure to disable system restore on that drive when you first boot in windows on the other computer. Then run active @ undelete on your drive. The demo version can't recover your files but will tell you what it can and will recover. You can then decide whether you want to pay for the fully working version or not. Alternatively once you know which files you'll be able to recover you could google for some free file recovery software but better ask some techs around here which free software is any good first.

The important point is that you have to make sure no new data is written on your drive. Whatever program you use to recover your files you'll have to install it on another computer, hook your drive to that other computer, and make sure you don't save your recovered files to that same drive until everything you wanted has been recovered.

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I am currently running on Vista Home Premium OS and in error deleted my Recycle Bin. Whoops........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .....I know pretty stupid. I have tried to do a System Restore twice and am being told the System Restore did not work. I'm in a panic here. Can someone please HELP me to restore the Recycle bin back to my desktop.

Thanks in advance.

A:Deleted Recycle Bin by Accident

Try this:

Right-Click desktop
Select Personalize
Select Change Desktop icon on the left hand side
Check Recycle Bin and hit apply

Does that work?

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i was troubleshooting an issue with the desktop flashing a blue screen, it was frustrating to say the least but one of the things i did was delete everything form my desktop and put in the recycling bin. after that, i did a windows 8 refresh. did not know that the files would be moved/deleted so just wondering where would windows 8 place these after a refresh was done

A:Recycling bin emptied after windows 8 refresh?

Nowhere, they were permanently deleted by emptying the recycle bin.

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I'm not sure this is the right forum for this.

My friend has Windows XP Home Edition. He uses Comcast cable. He previously has Norton Anti-Virus. When he found out that McAfee was free with Comcast, he decided to switch. We got McAfee installed and thought we had removed Norton, but we see that the Desktop shows he has the Norton Recycle Bin and does not have the Windows Recycle Bin. And when he deletes a file, it doesn't go to the Norton Recycle Bin.

What is the easiest way to remove the Norton Recycle Bin and restore the Windows Recycle Bin?

Thank you.

A:Solved: Remove Norton Recycle and restore Windows recycle

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The Recycle Bin Icon is blank and when i go to change desktop icon it does nothing. If i right click it only 2 rename 3. create shortcut & 4. properties. If i click properties it brings up....the properties for this item are not available.
If i open it brings up the folder but i can't empty the bin but i can restore the items.

I have tried the 'check & uncheck' recycle bin but that didn't work.

A:Recycle Bin Windows 7 Right Click = Recycle Bin Properties For This Item Are Not Available

Have a look over here.

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I got an OEM version of Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit with my PC, which is capable of 64-bit.

I've read that the serial key is legal for either version, 32-bit or 64-bit, but the DVD I got only has 32-bit version.

How can I get a new DVD with the 64-bit version, as I got 8 gigs of ram and I can't use them.

I bought and built the computer myself and made a mistake when I ordered Windows, and asked for 32-bit because I was scared of compatibility, and I opened and installed it already, so I can't take it back.

A:Windows OEM 32-bit bought by accident,need 64-bit DVD

You can try contacting whoever supplied you with the 32bit disc and explain your mistake... they may send you a new 64bit one... You may just have to bite the bullet and purchase the 64bit version...

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When doing a windows xp update recently, I selected all the updates to be done, some were non critical, but I did them anyway. Since then my screen is displaying very small & strange fonts, icons are small, etc. I tried to change the screen resolution & sizes but it is still distorted. I think I updated a driver that I should not have & don't know how to get my display back to normal. Any ideas? Thanks.

A:Windows xp driver updated by accident

This should do it;
Use the Roll Back Driver Feature in Windows XP;EN-US;283657

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Hello, hope someone can help. I recently purchased a hp envy 15 with windows 8.1. I purchased office 2013 and when i opened microsoft one note i was asked for my microsoft account info. I created one, entered the information, walked away from my laptop for a bit. When i came back it was locked and my microsoft account is now my login for the computer. I do not know my password and have been unable to get it from microsoft live. What can i do to log in this is extremely frustrating that i am locked out. Thanks

A:locked myself out of hp envy 15 windows 8.1 by accident

Should be an option to "switch" accounts. Not having an HP Envy 15 I'm not sure on how to tell you to get there. I would try pressing the Windows Key + L key to lock the computer, and when you press a key to gain access, there should be an option to switch user accounts or an arrow ping back...which may or may not take you to a screen that will let you use another account to unlock the computer. Good luck.

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I have deleted one of my networks in the Wireless Network Connection box. It now has a red X beside it. How do I get it back?

A:Windows 7, deleted network by accident help!

Not sure I understand, but if I do understand all you should have to do is to connect to that network again.

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Quarantined PC windows seven start up file by accident. Now windows will not launch.

A:Quarantined Windows 7 PC start up file by accident

Have you tried to boot from the installation disk? Run startup repair.
Sounds like the offending file should have been deleted.
Keep us posted

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Hello guys i need help!!! i accidentaly clicked on the Next Button and start the process from the ASUS Preload Wizard!!! i basically wanted to start windows in safe mode but when i do that, this Recovery Wizard just poped i click on Recover Windows to entire HDwith two partitions...i havent read the WARNING and the process started to 1 pecent...then i realized that somethings was wrong and i turned off the laptop inmediatly because my goalwas to only logn in the safe mode..what can i do to normally start windows?!?!?!?!?!?! or i just fu*k everything and lost all my data!?!?!?!?!?

A:URGENT!!!!!!!!!!Windows Recovery Wizard Process Started by Accident

Try to boot in the normal fashion. If you cannot try this
If you create a recovery DVD, you may be able to boot to recovery options
Create Recovery DVD

The Vista recovery disk is used to boot Vista when it won't boot - to run Startup Repair, System Restore, access a Command Line, Recover using a Vista Backup Image, etc.
System Recovery Options. Choose an option tht will not cause you to lose your stuff.

If Vista will not start now, boot the Recovery CD to run Startup Repair which automates System Restore as well as numerous other tests including System File Checker which can repair system files which are not corrupted beyond repair.

If Vista still will not start, try booting into Safe Mode to run sfc /scannow to repair System files.
Special Thanks Given to Seven Forums.

Below is a bulletin distributed by MS to explain the start up procedure when Windows will not boot.
Startup Repair. Startup Repair is a Windows recovery tool that can fix certain problems, such as missing or damaged system files, that might prevent Windows from starting. Startup Repair is located on the System Recovery Options menu, which is on the Windows Vista installation disc. If your computer has preinstalled recovery options, it might also be stored on your computer's hard disk. For more information, see Startup Repair: frequently asked questions and What are the system recovery options in Windows Vista? If your computer does not include Startup Repair, your computer manufacturer might... Read more

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Please can someone HELP me!

Using Windows XP Pro SP2 ThinkPad R61i

In an attempt to install the problematic update MS KB979906 for .NET Framework 1.1 SP1, I accidentally Removed Windows XP component which connects to:
-Windows Management files may be moved or missing
-NetWork Connections Wizard,
-NetWork Connections Icons
-My SysTray is missing Icons e.g. computer monitor-like icon that you can Right-click on to see "Available Networks" "Repair Network Connections" “Change/Add NetWork Connections” and flashes bright blue when you are connected to the internet; it also tells how many bars you have for your connection
-Unable to launch Anti-Virus program AVAST
-Can’t Access System Information
-Can’t Access Windows Management Instrumentation software.

Since I had this accident every time I boot up I receive the following error messages:

-Rescue & Recovery Back-up Service unable to run
-Netwk.exe error

I’ve tried installing these in hopes of fixing the problem – but to no avail:

- Tried to download the following but got error message - NDP1.1sp1-KB979906-X86 has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

- Then I tried downloading Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 SP2 and received the following error message - "this product is not supported on X86 operating system"

- Then I tried installing .NET Framework 4 Setup got error message "Installation Did Not Succeed because Windows Installer Service Coul... Read more

A:HELP! Removed Windows XP Component From Control Panel Add/Remove Program by Accident

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Hi, my problem is some-one hacked my e-gold account and run with all the ?e-gold?
The time I opened my e-gold and found out about that I had to fill in the form for login twice, I thought I just made a mistake. Second time it opened normal and the account was empty.

I started with the 5 Step Process in the first sticky

1. I could download the Lavasoft but the program could not find the program to run it in ?
I tried 3 three times but don?t understand what I am doing so don?t understand what is wrong.

I run Spybot (I do that 2th a day) nothing found this time.

CWShredder, no free version there.
Used my own Norman ad aware SE scan just found a bunch of cookies

2. Panda found another 180 cookies
Bitdefender found nothing

3. nothing found

4. Nothing found

5. system is instructed to automatic updates

At last did another virus scan with my own Norman anti-virus program
Nothing found.

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 14:45:40, on 29-10-2006
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Norman\Bin\Zanda.exe
C:\WINDOWS\... Read more

A:My e-gold is emptied by some-one else

bump it

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I am running windows 10 on all my systems. Some time between last night and this morning, non of my favorites folders have links in them. Sure enough, if I check the favorites folder on my filesystem, all the folders are there but are empty. The favorites
on the edge browser continue to work. The issue is seen across multiple PCs. All of them are showing empty favorites.

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I sooo hope someone can help me!  My email program is Thunderbird 24.4.0.  Yesterday, all 650+ messages disappeared from my 'Sent' folder, and no newly written messages are getting stored there now.  But I know those messages are somewhere because 1)  if I use the search function in Thunderbird, it will turn up the one I'm looking for AND 2) if I click on "Properties"  for the Sent folder it tells me the number of messages that should be in it, and as I write more messages, that number increases.  So those sent messages are in my computer somewhere, but I can't find them.  The only other hint I have is this:  when the search function finds me a particular sent message and I right click on it, the drop down menu gives me many options, among them "Move to 'Miscellaneous' Again", which suggests the message was in some folder called Miscellaneous. But wWhen I search for such a folder in the whole computer,though I find a number of them. most are known to me and contain other things.  But there's one called Miscellaneous.msf, which I can't open, and when I search the web for a program that will work,  I get "Windows does not recognize this file type".  Does anyone have some suggestions about how to recover my sent messages as a group and get them back into their proper place?  

A:Sent messages folder emptied entirely out!

Hi -
I do not use that system, but some looking has found these answers from their forum
Did you try everything described in this article?
Now see
These were recent problems for your type of "missing sent emails"

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Hello, This is my first post,

I switched on my PC this morning and opened my 'New Vids' folder on my desktop to find it empty, this folder held all my downloaded 'YouTube' music videos, and some of my own video recordings.

The 'New Vids' folder is completely empty, it did contain about 30 video files.

I have tried restoring back 3, 4 and 5 days but still an empty folder, I have now restored back to today.

I'm hoping someone can advise me, I have Malawarebytes, Webroot Security, Spybot, CCleaner, McAfee Security Centre

Win Vista H Edition sp1

Thank for any input


A:Desktop Folder Emptied?

Hello & Welcome, amsmarle .

This might be a really obvious question but have you checked your recycle bin? I've actually forgotten to do this in the midst of worrying where my important data was at .

Try and restore lost data using freeware, Recuva .

Undocked Windy

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i have made steps on how i got to the temp file/folder on the pc , to empty a (temp) file i normally type in in start menu %temp% so im not sure what this one one is i came across

and if it needs to be emptied or not ....

all pictures are here how i got to this file/folder

i press start


double clicked hpc

then i clicked winows folder

clicked temp folder then all files came up does this need to be emptied ??

A:Does this file/folder need to be emptied

Hello.. NIce work...
But don't you think its easier to just run ccleaner
CCleaner - Free software downloads and software reviews - CNET

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Hi I am running out of space on my C drive and this pagefile.sys is massive like 1.9 gig

Can this be moved/ deleted/ cleaned over its cache if it has one?


A:Pagefile.sys -can this be deleted/ emptied?

All your questions are answered in this thread.

How to move paging file to another physical hdd in Win7

I notice you have just 2 gig ram and a dual boot setup. Upgrade your RAM to the max possible, that'll really help.

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My computer was recently infected with a virus that had deleted everything on my hard drive, or so it appeared. After boot-up was complete and my desktop appeared (there is only one user profile on this computer and has administrator access) all program files, start applications, desktop icons, and some taskbar icons had disappeared. However, my desktop theme and anti-virus program (Avast)remained.Through AvaSt's upgrade link, I was able to access the internet through Mozilla Firefox. Surprisingly, all my Firefox data was still on my web browser (e.g. favorites, browser theme, browser tabs). I downloaded Malwarebytes and performed a "full scan" which found malicious items (tests are posted below) and thus deleted and restarted my computer; the problem remained. I then went through forums looking for a solution from similar problems. I then found two tools (RESTORE ACCESSORIES GROUP and RESTORE ADMINISTRATIVE TOOL ITEMS) from a forum ( that brought most of my programs, start menu icons, and all my documents back. However, all of the programs are "empty" and I cannot access any of them. I then went into the Add or Remove Programs Window's tool and from there I can see all my programs with the accurate amount of memory usage posted. After that I checked my two hard drives and both show empty. Therefore, I performed another Malwarebytes test and found two malicious items which I deleted and quaren... Read more

A:program files emptied. NEED HELP PLEASE.

Hello and welcome to Bleeping Computer! I am HelpBot: an automated program designed to help the Bleeping Computer Staff better assist you! This message contains very important information, so please read through all of it before doing anything. We apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help. No one is ignored here. To help Bleeping Computer better assist you please perform the following steps:*************************************************** In order to continue receiving help at, YOU MUST tell me if you still need help or if your issue has already been resolved on your own or through another resource! To tell me this, please click on the following link and follow the instructions there.CLICK THIS LINK >>> <<< CLICK THIS LINK If you no longer need help, then all you needed to do was the previous instructions of telling me so. You can skip the rest of this post. If you do need help please continue with Step 2 below.*************************************************** If you still need help, I would like you to post a Reply to this topic (click the "Add Reply" button in the lo... Read more

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So I was having difficulties with both browsers freezing and I looked at the network & sharing center to find that somehow my setting had been changed to allow password protected sharing. I turned it off and clicked the Show me all the files I am sharing link. Out of an abundance of caution I deleted these the from that folder. I then deleted the shared items folder. It seems that when I did this these items original copies were also deleted but I did not notice that until after I had emptied the trash bin. I've never used sharing or any sort of link to another computer other than the straight forward internet connection. can i recover this stuff myself with help here? Thanks

A:Solved: recovery from emptied trash bin?

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Just wondering... lotta stuff in there.....some say yes, some say no!!

A:should prefetch folder be emptied...occasionally?

The best advice is to leave it alone! It will reach a predetermined max size and drop old entries to make room for new.

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Recently my bank account was emptied of about $700.00. Account is now closed. Do I still need to worry?Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3210M CPU @ 2.50GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 58 Stepping 9
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 6031 Mb
Graphics Card: Windows Live Display Driver, 7 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 699127 MB, Free - 610523 MB;
Motherboard: TOSHIBA, Portable PC
Antivirus: McAfee Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware, Updated and Enabled

A:Solved: Bank account emptied.

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i had habbit to keep my laptop on, so it's often off because the battery got emptiedthe problem is it often won't turn on after i recharging my battery, i got the solution said i need to remove the battery and press the power button for a while and it''s indeed working sometimes, but the problem i had right now is it won't oneven after i tried it many times,  is there any solution for this?

A:laptop won't turn on after battery got emptied

Your system should power on if you have the charging adapter connected, if it is not you could have a bad adapter or the motherboard could have a problem.

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i had habbit to keep my laptop on, so it's often off because the battery got emptiedthe problem is it often won't turn on after i recharging my battery, i got the solution said i need to remove the battery and press the power button for a while and it''s indeed working sometimes, but the problem i had right now is it won't oneven after i tried it many times,  is there any solution for this?

A:laptop won't turn on after battery got emptied

Your system should power on if you have the charging adapter connected, if it is not you could have a bad adapter or the motherboard could have a problem.

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A sign came up on my laptop saying Serious Disk Error, Writing Drive C:/. Then It said 'Hard Drive controller' 'Hard disk failure HDD scan.' System Error 22 23 GGW
Yesterday it appeared that a system (with 2 spiky wheels) would repair the problem. I can't remember what I clicked.
Nearly all the icons went, as well as the wallpaper. When I got them back with System Restore they were empty.
I ran Malawaybytes and Microsoft Security Essentials. MSE said that all was up to date but 1 file had not been recognised and suggested I send it somewhere for recognition?.
Is this because of a specific Trojan?
How should I get all my files etc. back, full of their original content?

A:Icons & wallpaper disappeared, files emptied

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How can I recover the lost incoming emails (about a years supply) from my inbox, that were there before I compacted ? The lost file, now in some .bak, somewhere, is too large to copy into Notepad.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) XP 3000+, x86 Family 6 Model 10 Stepping 0
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 1983 Mb
Graphics Card: VIA/S3G UniChrome IGP , 64 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 147707 MB, Free - 86457 MB; D: Total - 4899 MB, Free - 764 MB;
Motherboard: ASUSTek Computer INC., Kelut , 2.02, MB-1234567890
Antivirus: Norton AntiVirus, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

A:Outlook Express 6 Has Emptied InBox After Compacting

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This happens on my inspiron laptop running Wxp/SP3 IE7 OE6.
As the title says, I ran disk cleanup prior to defragging the HD and on reopening OE my inbox and sent email folders were empty. The "deleted items" folder still had items in it

This laptop is on a wireless connection(if that matters)

A:Outlook Express in box is emptied using disk cleanup

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All read documents are happily retireved from the task bar in RECENT DOCUMENTS but maybe once a week the RECENT ITEMS folder is emptied (not by ME). As far as I am aware I have all the right settings otherwise items wouldn't be in that folder. How can I stop this happening?

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I have a good friends Dell computer running Windows 7 and 8G PNY flash drive. She accidentally deleted an entire folder from her flash drive that had her entire semester of MBA class work. Not realizing that she deleted the folder off her flash drive she emptied her trash bin on her computer. The Folder contained two other folders and inside one folder was all her word documents and powerpoint presentations and the other folder contained all her excel files and class assignments. I have tried running a recovery program (Search & Recover - Recovered Erased Files by iolo tech) on the flash drive and the hard drive but have not gotten any results. Any suggestions??

A:Accidentally deleted a folder and emptied trash

I don't know if this will work but try this:

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I've upgraded from Windows 98 to Windows XP Home Edition and all my Outlook Express folders have been either emptied or removed . How do I restore these?

A:Outlook Express Folders emptied or deleted

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I accidentally removed my Empty Recycle Bin option from Recycle Bin context menu while playing around with context menu editing tool (Windows 7 Manager). I cannot to system restore because I installed many things, etc. which would be hassle to sort out. Could you please provide me with a new registry key file which would help me get it back? Please.


A:Getting back 'Empty Recycle Bin' Context Menu On Recycle Bin

Welcome to the forum,

This should put it back for you,

Empty Recycle Bin - Add to Desktop Context Menu

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Hi,i have a problem with recycle bin!!!
Recently i install a program and that program installed searches on my brower mozila ,and
also I have a problem with it !!! I did not realize ,until i delete a file,and i gave right click
on recycle bin (context menu) and dissapear empty recycle bin !!!
i search on internet ,but nothing ,i found reg files ,
and I have opened,but nothing!!maybe is from that program,about search,it s a ads trojan,because i
can not remove,safefinder is the search!!!
and from him,i can not empty recycle bin !!!
pls help me
thank you anticipated !!!

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I'm on Windows 8 Pro RTM and I accidentally removed my Empty Recycle Bin option from Recycle Bin context menu while playing around with context menu editing tool (Windows 8 Manager). I cannot to system restore because I installed many things, etc. which would be hassle to sort out. Could you please provide me with a new registry key file which would help me get it back? Please.


EDIT: Screenshot attached.

A:Getting back 'Empty Recycle Bin' Context Menu On Recycle Bin

1) You can go open recycle bin and then empty it. It just takes one more step to accomplish it.

2) If you have ccleaner you can restore or just clean with ccleaner itself. Honestly I've not used recycle bin for over a month.

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My mother is still using XP and has been increasingly frustrated with Outlook 2003, and she used to use Thunderbird and liked it. As such, I reinstalled Thunderbird for her, and it somehow dredged up all of the settings from back when it had been installed several years before. I thought it had automatically imported stuff from Outlook, and thus assumed I was done. (I really thought the computer had gone through at least 1 reformat in the interim, and thus wouldn't still have those old Outlook settings files lurking around - apparently my father just arbitrarily switched it to Outlook because he uses it...and hates it.)

She's been using Thunderbird for about a day now, and all seems well, aside from some minor address book transfer issues. The inbox was not transferred.

Today, she needed to access a file she only had as an attachment to the email she got it from, opened Outlook, and discovered her entire inbox (of several hundred emails) is empty. The PST file sizes are similar to reported Folder Sizes in the program. More confusing is that only one inbox has been cleared. Her personal email is gone - stuff from a shared email address used by the group she volunteers for is still there. (They're set up as separate accounts and stored in separate PST files. Sent items and the address book (the 2 other folders she uses) are intact - it's only the inbox that's been cleared.

My ability to help her is very limited - I personally use Gmail and only access it via w... Read more

A:Outlook 2003 Inbox emptied on installation of Thunderbird

Hi I don't know thunderbird so cannot comment on that but you could try system restore to a point prior to installing thunderbird and get what you need from outlook then save it somewhere and reinstall thunderbird you might find this helpful

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It started when i visited a certain less than secure site. My antivirus (AVG free version) popped up saying it had spotted a trojan. I followed the instructions and removed it. Next day my computer started restarting randomly. After 2 of these AVG again popped up and swept the offending .exe's off and cleaned up the registry. Then just to be sure, I started a scan to check all my hard attached hard drives, every single file and registry key, as thorough as i could set it, to make sure I had gotten all of the virus off. Mid scan all my desktop icons disappeared. About 20 popup errors from windows said it could not read my harddrive. I waited 10 minutes, the scan completed saying no threats were found (...really now...) I restarted the computer and opened up windows in safe mode. All of my hard drives still had the space used (28.7Gb left on one, 100+ on another etc.) but when i opened them all that was left was folders. I unplugged all the drives and reformatted a spare so hopefully this one is clean. But I'm hoping I can recover the other drives by removing the virus. I can simply easily reformat everything but some of the externals have the only copies of pictures and music files which I cannot replace. Are there any virus removal tools that are not specific to certain viruses? Is there a way I can identify this specific virus to have it removed? Is there any possibility of recovering the data off the infected drives?

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I think I have some sort of virus as I have no icons on my desktop and my start menu is empty. I have read online that if you press ctrl alt delete and click on task manager it can be fixed but I am unable to get to task manager as I get an error that tells me it is denied by my administrator. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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I had a problem deleting an older version of Firefox. The Firefox Setup .exe file was stuck in the Recycle Bin, it wouldn't delete and it wouldn't restore. Believing that the Recycle Bin was corrupt, I used this method from the DOS prompt:

rd /s /q C:\$Recycle.bin

I refreshed my Desktop and when I clicked on the Recycle Bin. While the file appeared to be missing, the Recycle Bin would not load properly so I restarted my computer.

Now when I click on the Recycle Bin icon, it points to my entire computer (exactly the same as clicking on "Computer" off the Start Menu) instead of the Recycle Bin folder.

How can I restore the Recycle Bin icon so that it shows only the contents of the Recycle Bin?

My gratitude to any and all who can help me.

A:Recycle Bin Icon Does Not Point To Recycle Bin Folder

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Good afternoon,
Hopefully someone has experienced this and can offer advice.

A user is deleting files, but they are not appearing in the recycle bin

- user is deleting from her computer, and not a network location, or flash drive
- computer is not partitioned - only has a "C" drive
- computer is W7 32-bit
- user is not a local admin
- Use has 6 different recycle bins (right-click on RB desktop icon > properties > recycle bin location); some of the locations are "My Pictures", "My Videos" etc.... We are not able to manage the size of
these locations.
- all of the RB locations are set to "Custom Size"
- have tried:
a. deleting everything out of the RB
b. (running as admin) RD /S /Q C:\$Recycle.bin
c. set to view hidden & system files/folders, gone to "C" and deleted the $RECYCLE.BIN folder. clicked yest at all the prompts, including: Do this for all current items

** after both b & c, rebooted the computer

So far, nothing has worked. Might anyone have any other suggestions?


A:Recycle Bin: deleted items not appearing in recycle bin

Hi jkotsonas, welcome to seven forums.

Not sure if this is your issue, but with different users, each will have his/her own recycle bin and as such, items from one user won't show in another user's bin.

Is this the issue?

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I'm trying to resolve an issue involving a bunch of "illegitimate" Windows Live streams (discovered in a Stream Armor scan).

In trying to resolve the issue, I've deleted several leftover Windows Live files and registry entries (after making a backup) that weren't removed when I uninstalled Windows Live a few months ago.

For whatever reason, the files won't leave the recycle bin, and the streams are still active.

I looked inside $Recycle.Bin and found that there's a locked Recycle Bin inside it. Is this normal? Can I delete it? How?

A:locked Recycle Bin inside $Recycle.Bin

I've never had a locked recycle bin inside my recycle bin so I'd say it's not normal

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I accidently loaded Voodoo 3dfx on my computer and now my video is all messed up I can not read anything. How do I get this straighted out. I am not real computer savy so I really need help...please


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My son accidentally placed the operating disc for Windows XP Home Edition for a PC in his Sony Laptop Originally running Windows XP Professional. How can I remove Windows XP Home so that the computer will recognize everything?


and welcome to the Forum

What do you have now? . . Two operating systems or just Home?

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I am so sorry folks i should also tell you that i have been using ccleaner the following are my HJT and adsspy logs Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.0Scan saved at 3:52:51 PM, on 1/18/2005Platform: Windows XP SP1 (WinNT 5.01.2600)MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2800.1106)Running processes:C:\WINDOWS\System32\smss.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\winlogon.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\services.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\lsass.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\Explorer.EXEC:\WINDOWS\system32\spoolsv.exeC:\WINDOWS\sdkyz32.exeC:\Program Files\WinZip\WZQKPICK.EXEC:\Program Files\Common Files\Lanovation\PrismXL\PRISMXL.SYSC:\WINDOWS\system32\sdkbi32.exeC:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exeC:\Documents and Settings\mike\My Documents\Unzipped\hijackthis\HijackThis.exeR1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Search Bar = res://C:\WINDOWS\rgxpf.dll/sp.html#14044R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Search Page = res://C:\WINDOWS\rgxpf.dll/sp.html#14044R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Default_Page_URL = about:blankR1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Defaul... Read more

A:My new log since the accident

Please post this log in your thread where I am already helping you, otherwise we get confused.

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Hi... I have a Dell Laptop which is running Windows 7. Whenever i try to delete something, the dialogue box asks "would you like to permanently delete this file?" and seems to totally bypass the recycle bin.

I tried right clicking the recycle bin icon to change properties. The options for "Custom size" and "Don't move files to the Recycle Bin. Remove files immediately when deleted" are UNCHECKED but are also both greyed out and cannot be changed! "Display delete confirmation dialog" is not grayed out, and is checked.

Also my C: drive doesn't have the Recycle.bin folder. I tried to fix the Recycle bin settings from command prompt by running : rd /s /q C:\$Recycle.bin. But still after restarting the computer the recycle.bin folder was not there.

Is there any fix for this?

A:My recycle bin isn't working, files are "permanently deleted" bypassing recycle bin,

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Greetings group.
I have a 2 month old hard drive that failed on my desktop PC, taking My Documents with 7 years worth of data. I had just moved the folder to the new drive and hadn't gotten a chance to backup yet.
I'm trying to check Recycle bins on my External hard drives to see if I ever had even a partial Documents folder on one of them..
Problem: All 3 of my external hard drives have multiple recycle bins. All of the recycle bins show the same content as my local C Drive on my laptop. I am attaching 2 screenshots for your review. One shot is of the recycle bins on external drive, the other shot is a screenshot of the recycle bins on my C drive on laptop.
I'm logged in as Administrator because my normal login cannot access any of these recycle bins. And my normal login is in the Admin group. Using Windows Explorer as Administrator, I'm unable to see the Recycle bins. I can see them with my regular login. Very odd.

I'm so desperate for help. Any ideas appreciated.

Thanks for any help.

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Hello all,

I have been having a problem for quite some time now. I'm unsure when it started happening because it's been going on for such a long time now. So, here's whats been going on.

Every time i try to delete something, it finishes deleting and the 'Deleting' Windows stays open and it tells me its calculating how much time is remaining and it says 0 bytes left. o to get rid of the window i have to restart windows explorer from the task manager. Another problem i've been having is that when i rename a file, i can't X out of the window that i renamed the file in and i have to restart windows explorer for it to work. After i restart WE the folder/file is renamed. The last problem linked to this is that whenever i move/copy a file, it keeps the 'Moving' window open and i can't close it unless i restart windows explorer.

It's a real pain to deal with this and if anyone could help me out that would be great...

I have an HP desktop running Windows Vista x64 Bit. If you need anymore info just let me know. Thanks guys


A:[Help] Recycle bin freezes, windows explorer crashes, delete windows dont close

Wecome Vinny,
I think that we may be able to solve your problem. Initially, a few reasons come to mind for your problem. Lets go step by step
Update and make a full anti virus scan
Download and make a full scan with Malwarebytes.
Run an SFC scan
System Files - SFC Command
Run 3 times if errors are found.
Finally, if nothing else is found, hit alt cntrl and delete at the same time on your keyboard, bring up task manager.
Go to process, click show process from all users. Then give us a screen shot.
Take a memory test
Guide to using Memtest86+ - Geeks to Go Forums

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I went into my recycle bin thinking its time to do some emptying...its been a while. Double click it and just get a screen with File , Edit, View, Favorites etc. across the top. Below that the left hand side shows other locations for recycle bin and the right hand side is a blank white box. Usually i get a page full of tiles showing me whats in it....but its all white. Doesnt say Recycle Bin empty and I know it cant be as its been a long time since i did this. Any ideas how to open it so I can see my deleted files?

A:Windows XP Recycle Bin

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I just extracted a Stargate episode from a RAR file and went to delete the file. I emptied my trash can yet it still said it was full. I went to empty it again and it came up with the below message.

I am kind of freaked by this, I have never seen this before and I don't really want to try any trial and error just to be safe.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

A:WINDOWS in recycle bin

Hi Guardian, Welcome to TSF!

Simply right click on the Recycle Bin Icon, and Open it.
You will then be able to view the files that are there for deletion, and delete them within the Recycle Bin.
That message is nothing to worry about, as the Recycle Bin sometimes cannot categorise all the files for deletion, so it gives them a generalised title such as this.
Hopefully this allays your fears.

Kind Regards,

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According to the desktop icon the Recycle bin is not empty, but when I click explore there is nothing there. If I click 'empty Recycle bin' the message says " Are you sure you want to delete Windows".

What will happen if I say yes?

A:'Windows' in Recycle bin?

Sounds like you will delete windows so do not click yes, click no.

Open recycle bin and see what is inside and if it is windows then highlite it and click restore item on the left.

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Does any1 know why my recycle bin icon looks like theres something in it even after ive just emptied it?
everything is cleaned out but it says there is windows in it and gives me a "cannot delete dc1:access denied" message
i dont know how windows got in there, it does not show up when i look in the bin and ive just had my pc cleaned on the virus and malware page so i should be free of any bad gremlins, ive had this problem for a few months now.
any help/idea's would be most welcome
thx jack

A:Windows In My Recycle Bin

If, while attempting to empty the recycle bin, you receive an odd error, you may have inadvertently opened a file or folder that has a share lock on a file or folder that you are attempting to delete. This usually occurs when attempting to browse your hard drive in Explorer. Close Explorer and then retry emptying the Recycle Bin.
To fix the icon, try the following fix: Change the Recycle Bin Icon

To use the VBS Files: Download .vbs file and save it to your hard drive (you may want to right-click and use Save Target As). Double-click the vbs file. You will be prompted when the script is done.

You can also try the following fix: Replace/Repair the Recycle Bin

Save the .reg file to your desktop. Double-click it to merge it to the registry.


If the fix only opens as a text file, right-click it and select Open With > Choose Program... Then, select the Registry Editor.

If the Registry Editor is not in the list, browse to C:\WINDOWS and select regedit.

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Hey guys, when I empty my recycle bin, sometimes I will get a message saying "one or more files can not be deleted because it is in use." Then when I press "Empty Recycle Bin" it comes up with the confirmation message to delete. It says are you sure you would like to delete "WINDOWS" from the recycle bin. I just press no and then restart my computer and the problem is gone. It isn't that serious and it doesn't happen that often but I just want to be on the safe side, so if you guys could tell me how to fix the problem or what the problem is then it would be great.

A:"windows" Is In Recycle Bin!

If "Windows" in in your recycle bin, then you're most likely either infected with malware or have made a mistake in deleting the entire Windows directory. I'd suspect that it was malware causing this, so I'd recommend the following free, online scans:

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it says that WINDOWS is in my recycle bin when i try and empty it. i look inside and it isnt there.

A:WINDOWS is in my recycle bin?

Please stick to one thread.

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When I delete a file from anyone of my drives and then open the recycle bin, there is nothing in there. does anyone know what this is

A:Windows xp pro recycle bin

Two quick thoughts...
When you delete a file does it say it's going to the recycling bin ?
Right click on the recycling bin icon the select properties...
That box isn't check marked correct (do not move files to the recycle bin ).

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I think I'm almost in need of a repair or reformat and do a new install.
But my comp crashed while I was working on it and I have just noticed my recycle bin was filled. I thought this was strange as I didnt remember trashing anything lately. So, I open up the recycle bin and theres nothing there, so I thought it might be hidden files or something (what they would be doing in there is beyond me). Anyway I "unclicked" Hide protected operating system files ...AND...."click" show hidden files and folders, still nothing. I decided just to empty the recycle bin and it pops up asking me if I'm sure I want to delete "windows". Umm, I'm not so sure I want to delete "windows".

Any help,thoughts, ideas, suggestions beyond shooting the comp.


A:Why is windows in the recycle bin ??

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Hi everyone.

I am having a very similar issue as OP, but I "accidentally" [STUPID ME.....] did diskpart/clean (only clean) on a remote HD (149Ghz size with no partition on it).

I am still reading through this thread and hopefully I will be able to recover my data on this remote HD. I have been using TestDisk, EaseUS partition recovery to scan (only quick scan so far) w/o any luck yet. At this moment I am running Partition Recovery quick scan now. Since I do not have any partition on this HD, I am not sure if I am doing the right thing.... I only store pictures (tons of them) and some docs on it. I am on Page 9 of this thread, I will keep reading and trying.

Thanks in advance for helping me,

A:Diskpart By Accident

Originally posted here diskpart/clean by accident....need to recover partitions,begging :'(

Moved to allow better help

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a few days ago, I went to the "safely remove hardware" icon and clicked "stop" on the USB Port option.

Today, when I tried to get photos onto my comp by inserting the memory chip into the SD/mini/MMC/RS and the computer wouldn't reconize it. I went to my computer and checked to see if the icons, and none were there.

I tried restarting my comp, but that didn't help.

How do I retrieve the hardware?

A:[SOLVED] Accident

Remove the SD/mini/MMC/RS docking bay and the reinsert it into your PC, this is assuming that the device you inserted the memory chip into is connected through USB.

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I noticed a slowdown on my computer this past week,
so i stupidly ran combofix thinking it would solve the problem.
i think it may have deleted something very important,
and now my computer wont load passed the:
"start windows normally; safe mode; safe mode w networking; etc" menu.
im afraid there's nothing i can do at this point.
i need help please!

A:ComboFix Accident!

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So I formated my main partition on my toshiba and I know what your thinking already. That I know nothing of pc's but i learn from trial and error. But my problem is I made a boot disc for windows 7 with torrents, and I got some progress and I have know idea what to do. I boot the pc and it boots up with only freedos settings it says freedos 2006 1.0 and it gives me different ways to boot up but no matter which one I pic always gives me the same error message.
FreeDOS HIMEM64 3.26 [Aug 25 2006] (c) 1995, Till gerken 2001-2006 tom ehlert
himem - always on a20 method used
kernel: allocated 43 diskbuffers = 22876 bytes in hma
freecom version 0.84-pre2 xms_swap [Aug 28 2006 00:29:00]
can not redirect output to file 'temp.bat'
bad command or filename - "temp.bat"
file not found.- 'A:\temp.bat'
checking for cdrom driver or c:\fdbootcd.iso...
El-torito bootable cd-rom driver for dos v1.4,
(c)2000 by gary tong
(c)2001-2002 by bart lagerweij
no booted cd-rom found.
driver not installed
there is no cdrom, or the wrong cd-rom!

if any one has seen this please help.

A:formatting accident

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When I was reformatting my computer i deleted a part of my drive that i think was really important. It was drive E:. After the reformatting I tried to go on the internet. I tried to go on wireless but, I didn't have a wireless internet icon for my wireless card so I plugged it in. Still i could not go on the Internet. Then I tried to open some programs and half of them would load the others I would get error reports from.
I think the reason it doesn't work is because of the drive I accidently deleted. Is there any way that I could get the data back without taking it to a repair shop? Thanks for any help. Oh and I cant put my laptop on standby either.

A:Deleting accident

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Hello-I have a windows xp (version 2002) Asus EeePC and I think I might have downloaded a virus accidentally whilst on a music radio website. I found that it messed up my internet browser and it would directly open to a website called "" Please advise what I should do to clean this up! I have changed the default from the wierd website to "" but it still will default to this website "partner12..." if the domain name does not exist. i used to have norton antivirus but the subscription ran out and i did not renew...I know I should probably get something to protect my computer as well from now on. Thank you

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Hi all,

I'm not pc savvy at all so this message comes with a tad bit of panic!

My mother accidently hit "log off" instead of restart using windows XP. Now she gets a blue screen that says "Welcome" on the left and my family's name with a chess board icon on the right. There's a button on the bottom that says "turn off family computer". We cannot get to the desk top no matter what we try. We can only shut it down. We think she hit log off-- since it's a family computer we never use this function. Can anyone tell me how to get back to the desktop? (she's quite upset because we're not sure what happened exactly, and not sure what to do)

ANY help or suggests are welcome! Thanks much!

A:XP help-- logged off by accident!

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I'm using windows XP and in network connections I accidently deleted my lan connection icon. (I know that sounds goofy) Then the recycle bin got emptied before I could restore it Since I am using DSL I obviously need this, but it will not even detect the hardware to make a new connection. I've spent hours trying to figure this out, and read everything about LAN in the microsoft help and support.
please help!

A:threw away my lan by accident

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For the record: I am Win98 and ME certified and knowledgeable with DOS.
I am a 'shift-del' freak and was cleaning my desktop, 3 weeks ago and accidentally included my coin logs(I've been working on these for 3.5 years). Being an XP user and knowing XP doesn't use DOS, I thought there was no chance of getting them back; I just found out I was wrong and with the proper tools I can. I never did this before, but so need to. Please help.

UPDATE: A friend referred me to "recuva" yoake a recovery, of about 15 files(MSWord), I got back 2 and one was my buff(buffalo coin) logs. However later I discovered;both files will not open. Windows says, "word cannot find compressor for..." I'm clueless here. Plus after choosing to unhide all files and folders, I ran into 2 files that have the names I lost; but they begin with "~$", only have 1K and the icon is light colored. What is this? Any chance of recovery nof these 4 and others.?

A:'shift-del' by accident

there are quite a lot of recovery programs available

I have used a digital camera free recovery on the site and recovered 100 images off a CF card , so i know some of these work well

From a Elvandil Post
Here's a list. If the free ones don't see anything, forget the pay ones. I know Pandora is still around and has updated recovery software. And the other day, someone used the Disk Investigator at the bottom, which is meant to show you how much stuff is still on your drive after you thought you cleaned it, and they managed to get all their files back. Dr. Freeware is pretty new and updated not too long ago, with other useful tools, too.

Here's the list, anyway (I have more if you run out ):

Free recovery applications:

Dr. Freeware Boot CD (also has partition tool, drive cloner and imager)
DiskDigger & NTFSWalker
Pandora Recovery (Free for personal use)
Smart Data Recovery
Recover Files
Roadkil's Undelete
Free Undelete (NTFS only)
Softperfect File Recovery
ADRC Data Recovery Tools
Undelete Plus
Data Recovery
PCI File Recovery
Ultimate Data Recovery
Disk Investigator


O&O Disk Recovery
Paragon Mount Everything (Mounts any file system, CD/DVD burning, File Manager, Partitioner)
GetDataBack (For FAT or NTFS)
Ontrack EasyRecovery Pro
File Scavenger
Recover My Files
RecoverPlus Pro
Zero Assumption Recovery
[email protected] File Recovery
Final Recovery
Recover4All Professional
Easeus Data Recove... Read more

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hi guys im new to this software i didnt really no what this was all for really and me being one for downloading any thing and trying n e thing ive come across a kinda thing in which i have put my self into a lot of bother.
I kinda did the scan on the hijackthis software and kinda clicked every thing.
in doing so i have stopped them all.
in realising this i turned it all back on. thankfully i did a backup and it worked.
unforatuatly i deleted the back up and then scanned for things i didnt want.
i found a few things and then ticked them.
accidently ticked my firewall or some thing to do with my firewall and now it doesnt work.
ive reinstalled it 4 times and still it wont let n e traffic through.

is there any help i can get from some one so ui can turn it back on.

ps i have a log of wat i scanned just now if thts needed to help

A:accident prone please help

Welcome to TSF.

That's not good. That's the main reason we tell users not to use this program on their own since it can cause damage. Do you have an older log of what you had before you did the fixes? If not, tell us what you fixed if you can remember.

Post your new log you have now and we'll take a look at it. What firewall program are you using?

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General Info

Windows 8 pro
Cant do anything on computer
using a different laptop right now

I was in regedit trying to delete an instant savings app that had found its way into my computer. I believe i was in Local_Users and i know i went to the software folder. I accidentally deleted the software folder and I couldnt use any programs. I couldnt use a system restore because it gave me an error so i decided to reboot and go into safe mode and do it there but it didnt work. I have been trying to figure all of this out with windows technicians and didnt get anywhere. I cant do anything on my broken computer because when i boot it up, it skips the boot menu and i cant get it into safe mode or anything. it goes straight to the lock screen and I cant read any texts and can only put in my password. After I put in the password, it gives me a black screen for a few seconds with a blue spinning wheel on my mouse and it goes back to the lock screen. My idea was to load the cd I have with the win8 pro back onto my computer and that would reset the registry but I dont know how to do this because I cant do any functions on my pc at the moment. any help would be great. Sorry for all the bad writing, I am trying to finish a lot of homework and figure out this problem at the same time.

Thank you,

A:Accident in regedit

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I accidentally downloaded the incorrect student version from Digital River. I meant to go with the 64 bit but installed the 32 bit. I'd already done the install before I realized my error. I contacted Digital River and they are refunding my money for the 32 bit purchase. I have since purchased the 64 bit version but can't figure out how to install it. I'm getting an error message when I try to do the install. Is there something I'm doing wrong? I'm pretty confused right now.

A:Installed 32 Bit On Accident

Quote: Originally Posted by adam42381

I accidentally downloaded the incorrect student version from Digital River. I meant to go with the 64 bit but installed the 32 bit. I'd already done the install before I realized my error. I contacted Digital River and they are refunding my money for the 32 bit purchase. I have since purchased the 64 bit version but can't figure out how to install it. I'm getting an error message when I try to do the install. Is there something I'm doing wrong? I'm pretty confused right now.

Welcome to the forums...

What error message are you getting? And at what point are you getting it?

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I recently downloaded and installed Windows Service pack 1 from the windows update site. Well almost immediately to computer was trying use ungodly amounts of physical memory. To make a long story short, I had to restore the system to before the windows update. Now I notice my recycle bin has files to be emptied but there is nothing in there. When I go to empty the recycle bin, a message pops up asking me “are you sure you want to delete ‘windows’. Has anyone ever seen this?

A:Recycle bin asking to delete windows

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My brother is running Windows XP on his PC, and he has encountered a few problems in the past few days. I was wondering what could be the cause of them.

The first error comes in Windows explorer:
explorer.exe has generated errors and will be closed by Windows. You will need to restart the program.

Adn the second takes place when trying to empty the Recycle Bin. An error ocurs and the Recycle Bin closes. Each problem states that the errors are logged. If this is the case, where can I find those logs, if they are needed to resolve the problems? Thanks for any help and advice.

A:Recycle Bin/Windows Explorer

Go to Start > Run type in eventvwr.msc
check all 3 tabs
look for red X at times corresponding to errors
click entry for details

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I recently had an issue with ownership where I had to change back the ownership of my C:\ drive to Administrators and was able to fix that. However, I'm still getting an alert that I have a corrupted Recycle Bin. I tried to delete it, but it comes right back even in Safe Mode. I tried removing the directory with "rd /s /f C:\$Recycle.bin", but it just tells me that the directory is not empty. There's this one folder with one r0OWNYK.dbx file inside the bin. Anyone have any ideas on how to remove it?

A:Windows 8 Corrupted Recycle Bin

Hello Soolshock, and welcome to Eight Forums.

You could use the same method in the tutorial below to delete the $Recycle.bin file on each hard drive to hopefully fix this. The command should be this instead though.

RD /S /Q C:\$Recycle.bin
Recycle Bin Corrupted - Cannot Delete File or Folder

Hope this helps,

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Every time I try to delete a file (using any method) I get an error message that says "Cannot delete "file name":Cannot find specified path. make sure you specify the correct path". I have contacted Microsoft and they lead to a Windows 95/98 solution of deleting file info2. I cannot find this file on my computer and does not appear to relate to Windows XP. Can you give me any other guidance?

A:Windows XP Recycle Bin Error

Have a look at this site

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When I delete a file or files from C:, they go into the Bin as expected (size of Bin increases). However when I open the Bin, usually the files are listed for a second or two and then the listing clears without me doing anything. If I close the bin and re-open, nothing is listed. However the files are still there (from Disk Cleanup statistics). Occasionally I get a part listing. This applies to both my laptop and my desktop.

What's happening and how can I get the correct display?

I have a wireless network with a C: and D: on my desktop and a C; on my laptop. The desktop and laptop use common network drive letters mapped to desktop folders

A:Solved: Windows XP Pro SP2 - Recycle Bin


A couple of fixes here:

Kelly's - Recycle Bin

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if i click to empty my recycle bin it says WINDOWS is in there. the folder with nothing in it i guess. coz i deleted it and all that stuff is still there. im stubborn, if something doesnt make sense i can end up destroying it some times. when i go into the recycle bin folder theres nothing there! but it keeps saying WINDOWS is. so yeah, any idea??? also, my connections tray locks up alot when i disconnect it. most of the time it will just stay locked up and coz it wont shut off i cant re-connect to the net. ???

A:WINDOWS is in recycle bin? connections...

Try running something like Norton WinDoctor to check the registry and clear up any link conflicts.

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I have two drives on my laptop: C, 60gb and D, 400gb. C is completely full and D is virtually empty. I understand that the recycle bin resides on C but Windows does not allow me to empty it (the command is 'greyed' out, i.e. disabled). I have studied many such complaints on your site and elsewhere but my experience does not seem to align with that of others and the 'cures' do not work. I have several hundred photos stored, presumably on C, so I don't understand why they are not stored on D where there is plenty of room. This problem came to light when I tried to download Windows 7 Service Pack 1. I have performed a Disk Cleanup, and also a Run System File Checker (SFC) scan which produced the response 'Windows resource protection did not find any integrity violations', which unfortunately means nothing to me. I should be grateful for your help here. Many thanks.


ps I'm sorry but I don't understand your preamble - Download TSG SysInfo etc.

A:emptying recycle bin windows 7

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Just installed the latest updates, and now my recycle bin's gone. I go to the personalize menu, change desktop icons, and the box is still checked. I uncheck it, recheck, click apply, and still nothing. Can't get any of the other icons (control panel, etc) to show up on the desktop either. Tried rebooting again, no go. Anyone else have this problem with the latest update? Thanks.

A:Windows update, now no recycle bin

no problems here, have you tried doing a system restore? windows should have created one before installing the updates

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hello friends, can you please help us in giving us the ico files for the exact windows 8.1 recycle bin of empty and full?
also can you please give us the This Pc windows 8.1 ico icon too? have uploaded the photo of the recycle bin.

if possible could someone upload the original dll of the files in which they are? because do not want pixelated versions and
would like the original straight from windows 8.1

really do not like the windows 10 recycle bin and this pc. looks old !

Thx !

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I have recently been having the problem that when i go to delete multiple items from the Recycler, it deletes them, and then at the same time adds the Windows folder, i cant see it in the bin, but i know it exists as when i click 'Empty Recycle Bin' it errors me and says:

'Cannot delete Windows, cannot read from source file or disk'

And the option 'empty recycle bin' should not even be there, if i already 'emptied' it out???????

A:Windows Folder In Recycle Bin

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OK so this is really doing my head in now, whenever i have anything in the recycle bin and try to empty the recycle bin it will empty it but then i look on the icon on my desktop and it still shows the icon as a full recycle bin so i click on empty recycle bin once again and all its says is "Are you sure you want to delete 'WINDOWS'?" and even when clicking on yes it will just stay in there. Problem is though is that when opening the recycle bin it shows nothing in there

Also if there's something actually in the recycle bin if i open up the recycle bin and highlight the file and delete it that way then the recycle bin icon will show empty then but still i get the same problem with the 'WINDOWS' thing.

anyone have any suggestions then? any help appreciated.

A:Solved: 'WINDOWS' In Recycle Bin

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Hello sir/ maa'm, I'm here after so long time! I'm very glad infact when I find solution for my question here.

I have a windows 7 installed in my sony vaio, dono what happened when I open recycle bin and hit right click of my mouse, my desktop flashs; everything disappears icons, taskbar, and gets restarted, its something like killing explorer.exe and restarting once again. I'm just wondering that how should I find a solution for this problem. Hope you can!

Thanks & regards

A:Solved: Windows 7 Recycle bin

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I was deleting some files off of one of my hard drives, and now I have a hidden folder in my recycling bin called WINDOWS (note that i used caps because that is how it is shown). How do I get rid of this?

A:windows folder in recycle bin

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