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144hz monitor and 970 GPU. Do I need to adjust settings?

Q: 144hz monitor and 970 GPU. Do I need to adjust settings?

I just got my Acer 144hz gaming monitor.
I have it connected to my MSI 970 GPU.

I just connected everything up lastnight and looks pretty good.
It came with 2 cables? DVI and D sub? Which connection should I use to get the best performance? It also has an HDMI and display.
Also. Does anything need to be set or adjusted right out of the box? I know I can adjust the color etc.. But does 144hz need to be set? Or is it 144hz right out of the box?

With my MSI 970 is there a option to adjust settings to maximize its performance? Or is it pretty much right out of the box all set and ready to go?
I just want to make sure I maximize my monitor and GPU to get the best performance and picture out of it.

Thank you

Win 7 64bit
Samsung 850 500gb pro SSD
Corsair HX750 PSU
Acer 144hz monitor

This post might sound silly, but I am still new to all of this. If I di need t adjust setting on either component where do I go and what do I want to check.

Acer GN246HL Black 24" 1ms 144hz HDMI Widescreen LED Backlight LCD 3D Monitor 350 cd/m2 100,000,000:1 -

A: 144hz monitor and 970 GPU. Do I need to adjust settings?

I'm using the dvid cable it came with on mine and I had to go on displays options to set it to 144z. It was reading at 60hz b4

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hi! I have no idea how to adjust the setting or know what the settings mean. I am running Windows 98 and i have a KDS Rad-7c Flat LCD monitor.. is it because i'm using windows 98 and not the new verisons is that why it won't self adjust??

The screen is muddy/cloudy and dark. I try the brightness but it doesn't help. Please walk me though on how i can adjust my settings? The pics are fine but just dark and some parts are fuzzed out..

ps. is KDS Rad-7c 17 inch a ok montior? I saw it on Walmart marked down from $350 to $330.00 thanks for your help!


A:Help! I got a new LCD monitor, how do i adjust the settings?

did you install the correct driver for it, if not, download and install from here

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I just bought a Philips 242G5DJEB monitor for my laptop. My laptop only has a HDMI port. (I read that HDMI can only send 60hz) I already tried a HDMI to DVI-D converter which didn't work. How do I use my monitor at 144hz?

A:Can't use 144hz on 144hz monitor

You haven't described your laptop nor the Windows version and bit version it's running.


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I want to adjust in the first instance the brightness and contrast controls by using the buttons on the front panel. No way can I either move from one adjustment to the other, nor can I operate the up/down arrows to alter the brightness and contract settings. Dell talks of using the OSD menu ( presumably accessed by the front screen buttons) but again 'no luck', so I can't do any tests they want done.

I'm utterly stumped. Anyone able or willing to help? Please!

A:Monitor Dell ST2210: I cannot adjust settings with front panel buttons

How are you connecting the monitor? VGA? DVI? HDMI? Looking at the manual the adjustments seem to be only for VGA.

I have a couple of monitors (an ACER and a Viewsonic) and with DVI interface the "on the monitor" controls do not work.

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I've been running a multi-monitor setup for a while now, with an ASUS VG248QE 144Hz monitor as my main, and one or more spare monitors as secondary displays. I've set the ASUS monitor to 144Hz without issue in the past, while the other monitors stay at 60Hz.

The other night, Windows wanted to update. I figured it was the usual patch session, so I let it do its thing. However, after restarting my computer, I noticed that my ASUS monitor would only operate at 144Hz if it was the only monitor plugged into the system. When I try to set it higher in the Nvidia control panel, it just reverts back to 60Hz after applying changes. I updated my graphics drivers (though I was only one version behind) and even sought a special ASUS driver for the monitor to resolve the issue, but nothing has helped.

Did Windows recently add a forced refresh rate sync between all monitors recently? If so, that really sucks because I only own one 144Hz monitor.

A:Dual monitor setup locks 144Hz monitor at 60Hz

Are you sure the other monitors are independent (dual or multiple mode) rather than cloning the main monitor? If they clone the main monitor, then this explains the 60Hz refresh rate, as all settings (resolution, color depth, refresh rate) should be common for all monitors and the others can only do 60Hz.

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I want to buy this monitor : BenQ XL2411Z (144hz), and I was wondering what kind of cables do I need, and if it will fully work at 144hz with my setup. I already own another monitor, and I want to make a dual monitor setup.
I recently bought a AOC monitor that was for AMD graphics cards... and I sent it back and this time I want to make sure I am doing the right thing, as I do not have any experience with this stuff.
EDIT: My setup
Computer Type PC/Desktop
OS Windows 10
CPU Intel Core I7 4770k
Motherboard Asus Z87 Pro
Memory Kingstone 1866hz 16Gb DDR3
Graphics Card Nvidia Geforce GTX 970

A:144hz Monitor Compatibility


Here is a link for those cables. BenQ XL2411Z 144Hz 24 inch Gaming Monitor

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Hello, I am having a problem because I just bought a new 144hz monitor but i realized my computer doesnt have a dvi or displayport input. Is there any way I can get 144hz or anything higher than 60hz with an hdmi cable? Thanks.

A:Benq 144hz Monitor

It seems it will work with HDMI 1.3 :-

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I am planning on buying a Benq gaming monitor to play CS:GO on. But can I run it at 144Hz trough HDMI, because I think it needs to be HDMI V2.0 but I can't find witch one my laptop is using. I have an i7-4702MQ, 32GB of RAM, and a GTX 760M. Thanks for any help!

Go to Solution.

A:Is it possible to run a monitor at 144Hz trough HD...

You can, but you may want to read here before you buy it.

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Is it possible to use a 144hz monitor on this laptop. I know HDMI only will output 60hz, but is this somehow tweakable that it will output more than 60hz?

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One simple question:
Has anyone succesfully connected the Dell XPS 15 9950 to an external monitor that runs on 2560x1440 @144Hz?
I have asked Dell employees over chat in three different countries, they all say different things.
I would think that one could use the thunderbolt3 enabled usb-c port to do this by running a usb-c to displayport cable to the monitor.
I have searched the internet for a week and didnt find an conclusive answer. 
The usb-c to displayport cable exists (Plugable and Startech makes them) and both are capable of driving an external monitor @144hz, but it is unknown if Dell supports this. 
I would love to find out your experiences! If you have experience with other resolutions @144hz, or even @120hz, let me know as well! 
If it's not possible it's a dealbreaker for me.

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My current setup involves a single monitor, DisplayPort connection, and 1920 x 1080 desktop resolution. No matter what settings I try my games and videos are blurry and appear to render at a much lower refresh rate than they should.

I've fiddled with the monitor, and found that setting trace free at 100 enables a weird ghosting effect, which is not so bad at 80. I've switched between DisplayPort and DVI-D Dual Link, going so far as to switch the DVI between the Analog and Digital outputs of my Graphics Card with little-to-no difference.

I have played several games with the Fraps framerate display enabled: Dragon Age: Origins, Deus Ex (the old one), Descent: Freespace, and Skyrim. The framerate remained above 120 fps in DAO, a constant 144 in Deus Ex (with the special launcher), 120 in Freespace, and 144 in Skyrim (though 144fps Skyrim is too buggy to play). I have also tried various Vsync settings to no avail.

They all appear blurry when they should be sharp, and I get screen tearing on some games. My mouse has a relatively low dpi, so I only test the visual quality using keyboard commands. Using the UFO Frame Test, the image is blurred in four possible refresh rates: 144, 120, 100, and 85. I have also installed the Toasty X Strobelight tool; whether Lightboost is on or off, the only difference is in monitor brightness.

I upgraded to a proper gaming computer several months ago, because I have heard that the jump from 60 to 120+ is at least noticeable (if not bea... Read more

A:Asus VG248QE Monitor is blurry at 144hz

You need to check and see what the highest NON-INTERLACED refresh rate your monitor can support and use that or lower.

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I've been looking into getting a new monitor i found 3 contenders while looking them up,
BenQ GL2760H 27" LED DVI HDMI Monitor,
Asus Vs278 27" Full HD LED Monitor

I then read many people saying 120hz or 144hz is so much better for gaming? as i will be playing lots of games like battlefield and cod it's made me rethink..but .i only have £180 tops to spend right now ... would it be worth waiting an extra two week to afford a 144hz? would it make a Big difference in games? i have no clue to even if my pc / Graphic card would be up to the job?

Computer Specs
Asus Crosshair formula 2 Motherboard
AMD 64x2 Dual Core 6000+ 3GB
2GB 800mhz DDR2 PC2 6400
Geforce 9500 1GB
Hiper 730w Type R Modular II power
vista 64bit ultimate

A:Solved: Monitor 60hz 120hz 144hz

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Hi all! I have the Inspiron 7559 with an i5 cpu and the Nvidia Geforce GTX 960m for the GPU.I'm looking to get a 144hz monitor for higher framerates on some games. May i check if the laptop and GPU can support a higher refresh rate monitor? 
I understand that given my setup, i wont get ultra settings on a 144hz monitor. I'm actually looking at playing overwatch on low settings.


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How do I fix this, they couldn't have made a huge mistake like that and send a liower grade model?
This is my exact setup
PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant / Benchmarks
CPU:  Intel Core i5-4670K 3.4GHz Quad-Core Processor  ($209.99 @ Amazon) 
CPU Cooler:  Noctua NH-U14S 55.0 CFM CPU Cooler  ($69.99 @ NCIX US) 
Motherboard:  MSI Z87-GD65 Gaming ATX LGA1150 Motherboard  ($171.98 @ SuperBiiz) 
Memory:  G.Skill Sniper Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR3-1866 Memory  ($164.99 @ Newegg) 
Storage:  Samsung 840 EVO 250GB 2.5" Solid State Disk  ($139.99 @ Best Buy) 
Storage:  Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive  ($57.99 @ NCIX US) 
Video Card:  Gigabyte GeForce GTX 780 3GB Video Card  ($519.99 @ Amazon) 
Case:  Antec 1100 Illusion ATX Full Tower Case  ($119.98 @ Newegg) 
Power Supply:  Corsair CSM 750W 80+ Gold Certified Semi-Modular ATX Power Supply  ($99.99 @ Newegg) 
Optical Drive:  LG UH12NS30 Blu-Ray Reader, DVD/CD Writer  ($39.99 @ Newegg) 
Monitor:  Asus VG248QE 144Hz 24.0" Monitor  ($273.98 @ Adorama) 
Case Fan:  Noctua NF-F12 PWM 55.0 CFM 120mm  Fan  ($25.98 @ OutletPC) 
Case Fan:  Noctua NF-F12 PWM 55.0 CFM 120mm  Fan  ($25.98 @ OutletPC) 
Case Fan:  Noctua NF-F12 PWM 55.0 CFM 120mm  Fan ... Read more

A:New Asus 144hz 24in Monitor only showing 60hz??


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Hi all,

I have a simple question....but looks like it's difiulct to fnd an answer. Is it possible 6ot connect an external monitor to this lapop and use the 120hz setting?

I really tried all but neither the helpdesk of Toshiba or my computershop can help.

Really would be so happy with good advice. I am using te HDMI port, but in Nvidia settings I can only select 60hz.

Monitor: BenQ XL2420T

Best regards,


A:Toshiba Qosmio X70-A-11T + External monitor 120hz or 144hz

Originally Posted by hennyhovens

Hi all,

I have a simple question....but looks like it's difiulct to fnd an answer. Is it possible 6ot connect an external monitor to this lapop and use the 120hz setting?

I really tried all but neither the helpdesk of Toshiba or my computershop can help.

Really would be so happy with good advice. I am using te HDMI port, but in Nvidia settings I can only select 60hz.

Monitor: BenQ XL2420T

Best regards,


Sorry but im also unable to find details on the max external video mode, on earlier models they do give this information in de specs sheet. But the previous models had 100hz refreshrate from hdmi at hd resolution so Id suggest this is the least yours can do.

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I've been looking all over on google and I have yet to find a solution to my problem that doesn't involve cloning my main monitor.

I'm trying to use my 144hz monitor with my Live Gamer HD Capture hard. Unfortunetly, The Live Gamer HD only supports HDMI, and I get capped at 60hz. Is there a work around for this? Are there any capture cards that can support a higher hz? I'm not looking to record in 144hz just to play in 144hz while the stream/video is recorded in 30 or 60hz. Hopefully that makes sense.

I'd like to use my current PC as a streaming machine and I'd like to build a new PC primarily for gaming.

A:Asus 144hz Monitor with a Live Gamer HD Capture Card

If anyone at least has ideas for a two stream setup please feel free to post.

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I have been denied to change setting in internet explorer and task manager as been disabled.

Here is the log:

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 10:43:02 AM, on 3/5/2008
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16574)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Ahead\InCD\InCDsrv.exe
c:\program files\clearwire\css\app\CurtainsSysSvcNt.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Command Software\dvpapi.exe
C:\Program Files\Clearwire\CSS\app\Prism.exe
C:\Program Files\ATI Technologies\ATI.ACE\cli.exe
C:\Program Files\CyberLink\PowerDVD\PDVDServ.exe
C:\Program Files\Ahead\InCD\InCD.exe
C:\Program Files\lg_fwupdate\fwupdate.exe
C:\Program Files\iTunes\iTunesHelper.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.6.0_03\bin\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files\Messenger\msmsgs.exe
C:\Program Files\Google\GoogleToolbarNotifier\GoogleToolbarNotifier.exe
C:\Program Files\V... Read more

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Is it possible to adjust the UAC settings in Vista Home Premium? If so how?

A:Adjust UAC settings

Yes. Go to Start->Search and do a search on UAC. You'll get a link to the dialog that allows you to change the UAC setting.

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i have windows 7 hp pavillion dv5 & i have several questions.

1. do i need the qualcomm gobi package for hp 2000 or can i uninstall it?
2. when i put my cursor over a tab in my taskbar it shows me a little preview do i disable this?
3. how do i add the date with the time in the bottom right corner? i saw it there before & then it disappeared. the date was over top of the time.
4. my settings wont save because my mouse touch pad keeps resetting after i disable it. how do can i make sure it stays disabled?

A:i have several settings i need to adjust

Hi jturk

1) I would leave it alone you may need it at some point - Search HP US - Search results for 'gobi 2000' -
2) Taskbar Thumbnail Previews - Enable or Disable
3) Date Format for Taskbar System Tray - Show Full Day and Month Names You need to use large taskbar icons I think - Taskbar - Use Small or Large Icons
4) If you not using the touchpad you can uninstall the divers for it see if that disables it.Or try disabling in "device manager"

Hope this helps


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I can't adjust my settings! I'm stuck on the smallest screen, 16 colors. Any help?

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 11:58:09 AM, on 6/22/2005
Platform: Windows ME (Win9x 4.90.3000)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2800.1106)

Running processes:

A:Hijackthis log, can't adjust settings.

Hey...just letting you guys know I'm still waiting.

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The touchpad on my Gateway ML 6228 laptop (running Windows Vista Home Basic) is too sensitive and it's driving me crazy. I've spent a long time looking and I can't find any way to adjust it. I've looked at Mouse settings in Control Panel, which only has stuff about an external PS2 mouse (which I'm not using at all) and I've looked in Device Manager - "Mouse and other pointing devices" and it also only has settings for an external mouse. I'd really like to adjust the settings rather than having to switch to using an external mouse. Any suggestions?

A:How do I adjust touchpad settings???

In most instances a touchpad is a stand alone in your Control Panel? Jazz

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THe screen for this computer is too bright. The manual is all in Chinese which isn't so helpful to me. If anybody knows, please let me know.

A:Re: How do you adjust the screen settings?

First of all it would be interesting to know what notebook model you have.

Secondly if you are using the Toshiba preinstalled OS then the FN buttons should work and therefore you could try the FN+F6 to decrease and FN+F7 to increase the screen brightness

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I just discovered, works pretty neat.

I've got an old Logitech QuickCam Pro4000 and it takes an overly bright
video, even with most of hte lights turned off in the room. Just the light from
the monitor washes out the color of my shirt for instance.

I couldn't remember which model I had and so downloaded software and
drivers for the Pro 5000 model at first, and saw that it was possible to
adjust camera brightness etc. But of course my 4000 wouldn't work with
the 5000 software. So, deleted that and downloaded the correct software.
But can't find any way to adjust the brightness.

Any ideas?

XP sp3, ASUS board that I'm plugging the sb2 from the camera into.


A:How to adjust webcam settings?

Update to SP 3?

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I have a samsung 7 series laptop running windows 8. this stupid thing adjust the brightness setting all by itself. when the light in the room is turned off, the screen dims, when the light in the room is turn on, the screen gets brighter. when i check the brightness settings to try to make it brighter after its automatically dimmed, it shows that the screen is at maximum brightness which i know is bs because as soon as i turn the light in the room on, the screen gets bright again!!! so im stuck using the computer with a dark screen that i can barely see. how do i manually set the brightness and keep this stupid computer from doing it by itself?? any help is appreciated 

A:how to adjust brightness settings?

Hello, and Welcome
See this link.  Good Luck.
There is also a video but it is kind of rough.

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Here is a good one guys and gals, this will help adjust security settings in Windows for recommended security.
Automatically diagnose and fix common security setting on Windows

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Hey everyone,

Thanks in advance for any help.

My Windows Vista isn't letting me adjust my power settings.

Here is what the problem:

1. I click the battery icon in the bottom right of the start bar. Then I click "More Power Options"

2. On the left panel of Power Options window, I click "Choose when to turn off the display"

My computer tells me "Your power plan information isn't available" with a red X next to it.

The same thing happens when I try to adjust any other power setting as well.

3. I click on the "Why can't Windows retrieve this information?" and it says stuff about my system administrator making changes, and that doesn't apply to me. I am the only user of the computer and my account is the administrator. I've never tinkered with any of these files to my memory.

It also says "Some of your power management settings, or the registry keys that are associated with those settings, have been deleted or corrupted. For more information, contact your system administrator." But I am the only administrator of this computer and the nice people at Microsoft never instructed me about this when I bought my computer.

I've done a SFC scan and it said "Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations."

I've also tried searching for an answer on other forums but I either don't understand the solutions, which usually involve registry edits...or the problems I've found aren't exactly on target and ... Read more

A:I am unable to adjust my power settings

Download malewarebytes and run it.


It is safe to use.

But before you do that try a system restore point to before you installed uniblue.
This will show how if you do not know
System Restore - How to[11]=Backup Restore
The reason I want you to run malewarebytes is to rule out maleware that
the uniblue program could have installed.
Just a note stay away from stuff like that.


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Hi .

I have an ASUS cd burner and nero 8 express which i have never used .

I am trying to write a cd at 4X Speed but the drop down box is greyed out and set to 10X .

How do i change it to 4X .

your help is appreciated .

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Hello, I'm having problems with my Windows XP. Every time I right click on the desktop and click "Properties" I get an error message that reads as follows:

This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator."

This pops up twice every time I right click on my desktop, and whenever I try to get into the "Add/Remove Programs" option. I am the owner and only user of my computer, and I want to know how to get rid of this restriction notice, as it should not be restricted. How might I do that?

Any help would be great.

A:Error message when trying to adjust settings on Windows XP

Have you run anti-virus and anti-spyware on your computer?
You might need to run HijackThis and save the log, then copy and paste
it in your post for an expert to check.

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I found this little nifty app courtesy of SetPower Adjusts Your Computer's Power Management on a Schedule - Saving Money - Lifehacker. The developer has a sense of humor, too, as seen in this video:

SetPower - Power Management Software

A:SetPower - dynamically adjust your power settings

Thanks JG - Nice useful find

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What settings can I adjust to improve/maximize video quality on a laptop running Windows Vista? (What should the settings be to maximize video quality?) Thanks.

A:Improve Video Quality - Adjust Settings

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I just noticed that in Display properties, the Adjust Brightness brings up the power plan settings....

A:Adjust Brightness brings up Power Plan settings!

Hello Limneos,

What build is this from?

That window is different than in the 7000 Beta build version, but it works fine here.

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Hi, everyone..

I am new here and was hoping someone could help me, please.

I recently purchased an HP Pavilion notebook with the following specs:

Windows Vista Ultimate
Intel Core2 Duo processor T7500 @2.20 GHz
2046 MB RAM
Nvidia GeForce 8600 graphics card

Recently, I tried playing a DVD in the pre-installed WMA 11 program (the remote on my DVD/VCR broke) Unfortunately, the image looks washed out with minimal color saturation. I found out where the video settings were and tried to change them. Much to my dismay, however, they wouldn't budge! They are set at 50% (right in the middle), but whenever I use my mouse to adjust the settings, they just jump back to the middle.

Any clue on how I can fix this problem? I find it a bit odd and frustrating that the media player has a mind of its own.

Thank you to anyone who can help me.


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Hi! I have an ASUS VS238 monitor. I'm trying to change the brightness settings---way to bright. I push the contrast/brightness button on the bottom of the monitor and a little box pops up with brightness. I click on the up/down buttons on my keyboard and nada. Nothing happens. After a few seconds the box disappears. I've tried using the cursor, but as soon as it tries to enter the brightness box it disappears. I've tried the menu button, and the up down buttons don't work, but if I push the menu button again, it drops down to standard. I push the button again, and I get a box asking yes or no. It's set on no. I push again and it returns to standard, push again and I'm in a back and forth loop. How do I get the buttons to work? Any and all responses will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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My LCD monitor is a little over a year old and I feel it is losing brightness. Is this common? How do I make it brighter? I went through some menus with the buttons on the monitor but there isn't any options about brightness.

Nothing in the Control Panel adjust brightness either but I rememberd adjusting brightness somewhere.

So how do I make my monitor brighter?

A:How do I adjust my monitor's brightness?

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I purchased a Dell XPS400 at the end of last year with a 20 in flat screen monitor. For some reason, whenever the computer doesn't shut down properly, the monitor is constantly auto adjusting. Once in a while it will get stuck with everything moved to the left and some icons and the START button are missing.
I figured out out to fix it but I want to know why it happens. Anyone???

A:Monitor Auto Adjust

there should be buttons or controls on the front of the monitor to get into the monitors configuration program

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My monitor is too bright and I used to adjust the brightness and contrast of setting of my monitor by using an on-screen menu, and then setting the brightness and contrast in the resulting menu by pressing a button—possibly labeled Menu—on the front of the monitor.Any other useful suggestions if Iam using Window XP Home Edition SP3 ?

A:How to adjust my monitor's brightness and contrast

You can't use the buttons on it now? But they used to work?

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I am using a hp w2207h. I want a software method that easily allows me to adjust the brightness. Currently I have to go through the monitors menu using the physical buttons on the monitor.

A:Program to adjust monitor brightness?

There isn't one. The only thing a piece of software can do is desaturated the colors to make it appear it has dimmed the screen.

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To adjust your Monitor to suit your vision, go to >Start>Help and Support>Did you know> and follow the instructions. I know it works on XP Pro, not sure about XP Home.

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Its a SyncMaster 206bw and it won't let me change the brightness, contrast or colours... any ideas.

The only thing I've done is use a colour profile from here (because it was an A )

A:Monitor won't let me adjust brightness contrast etc?

What video card are you using with this SyncMaster A?

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Hi there,

Many thanks to the experts here for helping with a similar problem already... I just need to know: what do I run from the Task Manager to get to a place where I can change monitor resolution? (Assuming it's possible ^_^). Does anyone know?
[Yes, you may have noticed -- I need to do things with the Task Manager all the time that ought to be done with the start menu, I'm going to post all about that another time! ^_^ Because it might be a biggie.]

A:Can I adjust monitor resolution from the Task Manager?

Can you right click your Desktop, choose Properties and under the Settings tab you'd adjust your Resolution. Try bringing up Task Manager click on File>New Task (Run) then type in Desk.cpl and click OK, This should open your Display Properties and click the Settings tab which is where you'd adjust the Resolution.


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My display shows 1680x1050 with no higher options available and my monitor has the capability of 1920x1200. I would like to get the maximum use of it. I have an ATI Radeon 5700 and just installed the latest drivers.

Does anyone know if my video card will support this or where to find out?

A:Adjust resolution to match monitor capabilities

If the resolution isn't listed then your card probably won't support it.

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I encouraged my 84 yr old stepdad to buy a larger monitor for his failing eyesight. Alas, the new Acer H243H 24" monitor is bigger but the full screen option distorts everything (squashed images). We have his XP settings pushed up to 800 resolution to make the text/icons as big as possible. But how do you fill a monitor's entire space with largest text/icons possible -- without distortion?

A:Help me adjust stepdad's new 24" Acer Monitor

I think I answered my own question. After hours of googling I learned widescreen monitors are designed to show several windows at once NOT for enlarging 1 page's view. At least now my stepdad can see his entire desktop (when resolution is set at 800) even if his Solitaire cards are stumpy. It seems, from my research, there are no good solutions yet for failing eyesight and computer monitors. Even magnifiers only enlarge 2X. We had encouraged stepdad to buy a new TV and plug his computer into that, and according to one forum, that's the best solution. TV's work on lower resolution. . . I feel bad I helped him spend all that $ on a new, bigger monitor that just introduced a new problem.

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My computer currently has 3 monitors connected to it. 2 through the graphics card (R9 280), 1 through the integrated graphics (AMD HD 3000). Not sure when why or how, but the integrated graphics card can never pick up what type of monitor is connected to it... so it always gives me a bunch of generic 4:3 resolutions...

I've tried uninstalling the drivers and letting them reinstall. I've tried swapping around the cables to see if i could get lucky with one of the other screens, but they all face the same issues. I've tried buying brand new cables across the board because sometimes people say that's the issue. But not success.

The cloest thing i have is apparently a custom resolution setter, but it was created for windows 7 in mind and doesn't seem to work on windows 10 (PowerStrip).

My question is, is there anyway to format the list so i can select the correct resolution? It's a Toshiba TV/Monitor and it seems like every thing else attached to my pc (even 3rd party programs i tried to use to forcably change the resolution) can spot it and hand me back the correct resolution but i can't seem to change it. I get Genertic pnp through the control panel (the only place the monitor shows up in) and even then the correct driver doesn't show, it's the Microsoft Generic driver.

Mobo: MSI AMD 3000 series, cant find exact model.

I've updated my AMD drivers to the latest and so far can only modify the resolution to stock ones that look horrid on the screen.

So Again, i'd a... Read more

A:Generic PnP/Can't adjust monitor resolution correctly.

Try running detect display in catalyst control center. If that doesn't work, how comfortable are you editing the registry?

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So, a couple of hours ago I downloaded and installed the game at this link: Download and play free game: Super Mario Bros. 3 | Classic Retro Games and started playing it. When I opened it, the game went straight to full screen, and I couldn't figure out how to downsize it, so after screwing around with it for awhile I just shut the computer down.

When I restarted, my monitor resolution was, I don't know, one? two? It's so distended that I can't, for instance, right click, select properties, and adjust the resolution, because the toollbar takes up most of the screen and the mouse refuses to navigate above it.

Restarting doesn't work, nor does adjusting the resolution in safe mode then restarting. Display in safe mode is normal.

So tell me--what's a girl to do, besides light the whole thing on fire?

A:Cannot adjust monitor resolution after downloading game

Try "Last known good configuration" in the advanced boot options menu if you havnt already. Otherwise maybe run Malwarebytes in safe mode to make sure you dont have a virus of some sort. Just a couple ideas

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I have hooked up my LCD TV (Panasonic 32LX700) monitor to my portable PC (HP6-2152nr) via hdmi. The PC has a built-in media card (Intel Graphics Media Accelerator HD.) The monitor's image is too contrasty and the color is off, whereas the PC's images are good. How can I get the same color/contrast on the TV as I have on the PC? On thing I was thinking of was do the corrections, if possible, on a TV mode that I generally don't use. So, when I watch media from the PC, I would then switch the TV mode from its normal viewing mode to the "corrected" mode???

I have found one solution and that is when in Screen Resolution, set Display to multiple monitors. This setting has both the TV and the PC screen on and the contrast/color is the same for both screens. However, I would think that one could still control color/contrast with another method(s)???

A:How adjust color/contrast on TV monitor-PC hook up?

In the Intel Graphics control panel there are settings for gamma, brightness RGB and saturation. Usually there is an icon in the system tray otherwise you will find it in the control panel. I believe you can set up profiles for different displays......exactly what you need to do.

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i can't press auto adjust, i think the screen need new software, i tried to reset default factory but there is no fix 

A:(Redirected) Dell Monitor [E2310H] no auto adjust

Best to post this in the Monitors Forum, here:

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I just bought a 19" widescreen monitor to replace my old 17" one. I tried changing the resolution to the recommended 1440:900 @ 60hz (I believe these were the correct figures...) but my computer does not have that option!
I am using windows XP and the only resolutions I get that are anywhere near that are 1280:1024 and 1400:1050. I tried everything but I cannot find the required resolution, and my screen is really messed up Can anyone help, please?

A:How to adjust widescreen monitor resolution to 1440:900 when it's not on the list?

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We just bought a new HP 25-inch wifde LCD Monitor (HP 2511 Series Wide LCD). We are running it on Vista Home Edition on a Desktop Dell machine.

Although overall the resolution looks pretty good and clear, things are somewhat slightly distorted (stretched out) like images etc.

Is there anything I can do to correct this? currently the resolution is set to 32bit/1400x1050 refresh rate is 60. I Loaded the correct driver that came with it for Vista.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

A:Solved: How should I adjust the Screen Resolution for a 25 inch Monitor for Vista?

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Me and my friend just finished our computer, we had a few issues with the NZXT Phantom case at first: they didn't send us a few screws so we had to go to the local tech store and buy a few, but everything worked out.


Our screen seems to be having a slight problem: the image of the screen is not taking up the entire space provided by the screen.
There is an option that we found: Auto Image Adjust, and I am sure this is the right one, except: it's disabled!

It's a ViewSonic VX2450wm-LED Full HD 1080p
We have Windows 7 installed on it, and everything is working fine.
The Screen Resolution is set to 1920 x 1080.
DPI Setting is at 150%

Thank's for the help!

A:[SOLVED] ViewSonic Monitor Auto Image Adjust Disabled

How much of the screen is being used?'

What is your GPU?

How is it connected?

Did you install the drivers for the monitor and GPU?

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I currently run a DVI-D to my 144hz gaming monitor ( AOC G2460P ) and get 144 Hz no problem.
The issue here is that i plan to upgrade gpu and a lot of graphics Cards got Dual link DVI-I instead of DVI-D.
Can i get 144hz from using a DVI-D cable In a DVI-I slot?
Thank you for you're time

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I'm using a Lenovo laptop with integrated intel graphics, I'm also using an Acer B223W attached as an external display. There is an issue with the monitor where there is a four inch black bar running down the right side. Basically the display is shifted four inches to the left, leaving me with four inches of unusable monitor real estate on the right. I've trouble shot it, to no avail and the monitor's display settings only allow me to shift the monitor's display an inch or so. I need something like catalyst control center that will allow me to shift the monitor's picture as much as I'd like. Any ideas?


I need a piece of software that will allow me to shift my monitor's display pixel by pixel. I have integrated intel graphics.

A:I need software that will allow me to adjust my monitor's display pixel by pixel.

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Hello everyone. It's been a while since I've posted. I am a newb. to computers. I had the itch and desire to learn about computers a few months ago. And I figured the best way to learn was to build one. So I did. For my build I had no specific goal. Just build something basic and useful for basic home use ( not realy gaming...yet). As you can see below I went way overboard for my specific needs. Oh well. I had fun, learned a lot, have a killer beautiful ( asthetically ) system that I'm very proud of.

i7 4790k ( non OC )
Noctua NH-D14 heatsink - cpu cooler
Gigabyte gaming 3 MOBO
32gb crucial ballastix RAM
MSI GTX 970 GPU ( non OC )
HGST 4 tbb HDD ( for files, photos and videos )
Samsung 850 pro 512gb ( or 500gb.. I don't recall ) SSD for my OS and programs.
Corsair 970 PSU
Corsair 970T case
LG optical drive
Rosewill card reader
Rosewill 4 fan controller
Acer 144hz 3D 24" monitor
Win 7 64 bit ( I will be upgrading to Win. 10 @ sometime. I just love the simplicity of Win.7 for the moment )
* I think that's everything...?

I have always wanted multiple monitors. Now I can.

Here's my question........--->

Is it possible to run 3 144hz monitors off my 970 GPU?
970 GPU - HDMI, Display Port, DVI-D and DVI-I
If I recall a 144hz is best support with Display port and DVI-D.

I just ordered 2 more Acer 144hz 3D 24" monitors.
Will my GPU run a total of 3 monitors @ 144hz?

My Acer 144hz monitors only have DVI-D, HDMI and VGA connectins.
I will run 1 DVI-D to a monitor. And ... Read more

A:3 144hz monitors & 1 970 GPU (possible..?)

If the DVI-I is dual link then you can put a monitor there and run all 3 144Hz. Would have to know the specific model of your GPU to find out though.

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I have dual GTX 780s and will be soon upgrading to quad GTX 780s in a 4 way sli configuration. For a while I was running 2 monitors, but as a look developer, screen space, colors, frame rates, and signal frequency are very important to an almost religious level so I bought 3 new monitors running at 144hz with a true color calibrator and sRGB config.

Problem...... Each 780 only has 2 DVI ports so I am plugging my third monitor into the second card, but that prohibits me from running sli in max performance mode. When I try using HDMI or Display Port cables to connect them all to the first card, I no longer can set the frequency to 144hz. In fact, it caps me at 60hz. I have considered trying to overclock the monitor but I feel its cable related. My HDMI and DP cables are not suited (as far as I am aware) for 4k or high frame rates. After doing some research, some people have said the cable is rather irreverent, but where I looked, that problem was never solved.

I hope someone might be able to help me figure out a way to solve this, could an active display port adapter to DVI-D perhaps fix this? is there an easier way? is it just the cables? I hope someone can help because I really want to free up this second, and soon third and fourth graphics cards so I can continue working without my render engines crashing every 5 seconds.

(side note, my HDMI and DP cables are about 6 years old, could that be part of the problem?)

A:GTX 780, how do I get 144hz out of HDMI or DP?

If I remember correctly, DP and HDMI will not give you 144hz capability, and an adapter wont work either. Others may correct as I'm going off memory.

Your CPU has built in graphics, you could use the DVI-D to run the third monitor @144hz and still run the SLI in max perf mode

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I recently purchased an Alienware 17 R2.
It has the 4gb 980m graphics card.
It has the intel 4600 integrated graphics from the i7 cpu.
I have an asus monitor capable of 144hz that I successfully get 144fps when hooked up to my desktop.
I want to hook this thing up to my new Alienware 17 R2. The alienware has an HDMI port and a mini display port. I have a DVI-D (Dual Link) cable attached to my monitor. On the other end (hooked up to my laptop), I have an Apple Mini Display Port to DVI adapter. This adapter looks just like my cable (the full 3x8 grid with a single flat line). Well when I plug this contraption in, I still only get 60hz. I also notice then when I go to:
Display Settings -> Advanced Display Settings -> Display adapter properties, then the "Adapter Type" is set to the Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600.  While there, I went to "Monitor" and attempted to change the refresh rate to 144hz, as I've done on my desktop. It's not an option in the dropdown box though.
I'm wondering if somehow it needs to be set to use the Graphics card.
Next, I tried to just hook up an HDMI cable, I had the same results.
Thinking that maybe I could just disable to the Integrated graphics, I went into device manager and disabled the integrated graphics, then restarted my computer. I noticed that it really dumbed down my display. The adapter then said, Basic Display Adapter.
So what's going on here? Do I need to change some setting somewhere?

A:Can't get 144hz using Alienware 17 R2

Did you manage to find a solution for your problem, i have a similar one i own an alienware 17 880m (2014) and used to be able to get 144 hz via mini dp to dp on an acer xb270h external monitor. i did use the nvidia card with the intel disabled fn+f5. now after lots of driver updates the max i can get is 60 hz.. Any help would be appreciated

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We have a Dell 4400 computer and had a 17 1/2" Samsung monitor that was working great until the past couple of months. (Flashing green light, and it would take a really long time for the screen to go from black to color.) We bought a new monitor, a 22 1/2" Samsung. My problem is that I am a photographer and when going to edit photos, everything is too wide and people are too fat (they don't really look anything like what the monitor is showing). I read somewhere that there is a way to change the video card so I can set the monitor to a wider setting than what the computer is currently allowing me to do (1280 x 1024 is as wide as I can go, and this monitor recommends 1920 x 1080) Can I change the video card information, and if yes, how would I do that please? I have a 20GB hard drive on the computer (the original 40GB hd died two years ago) and just installed a 160GB hd (7200) after the computer stopped recognizing the 60GB hd that was where I kept everything...thank God I had backed it all up within the past two weeks on a portable hd!)
thanks so much!

A:Need help to adjust wide monitor so everything doesn't look too wide

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Hello, I have a AOC 2460 monitor running 144hz. I have had for quite some time, just not bothered to fix it before now. It supports 144hz, and it shows in windows, when i right click -> screen resolution -> advanced settings -> monitor. I have 144hz checked, and it looks like it should be working properly, but my screen is clearly not displaying 120hz or 144hz. I have to correct output on my pc (I have two, one supports 144hz, one does not). I also have the correct DVI Cable. I'm not very computer savvy, so any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Edit: Running AMD Radeon HD 6800 gpu, if it matters. I have tried both 120hz and 144hz

A:144hz shows in windows, but is not working

Hello imaginecats mate would like to know what the motherboard is if you cannot see it labelled on it see this and use PART B: in it there will be a motherboard section click on it. Now the number of the board is usually in quite a clear title see pic
Using HW Info
You can test the volts on the PSU with HW Info HWiNFO, HWiNFO32/64 - Download < download the right bit version and close the right hand window select Sensors and scroll down to the power section where you will see what the volts are doing see my pic. In my pic the section (Nuvoton) with VBATT as a dead give away you are in the section for the rail voltages. There are other section titles and one that pops up often is ITE (sometimes the usual one for Gigabyte boards)
Now the voltage on the different rails have to be within 5% =+/- of what is required or the machine will not work properly if at all.
Limits +/-
12v = 11.4 ? 12.6v
5v = 4.74 ? 5.25v
3.3v = 3.135 ? 3.465v
The Power good signal voltage at pin 8 on the 24 pin plug (grey cable) should be the same as the 5v rail reading/s
See this for the rail voltage info
PSUs 101: A Detailed Look Into Power Supplies (Section 2.)
The original right hand window shows the machine running and is handy for that but for looking at the components in some detail close it and use the main left hand side panel
Open each small square with + in it on the section the components are in and then click on the indiv... Read more

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Is there anyway for me to get 144hz out of my laptop with an external 144hz benq monitor? I don't know what I need. All I have is an HDMI port which can only produce 60hz

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Lenovo Y50-70 Laptop support 144hz monitors?Hello, i have a Lenovo Y50-70 Laptop. My question is, does this Laptop support a 144hz 1ms monitors?And which version of HDMI port in this laptop. 1.4 or 2.0 My laptop: Thank you!

A:Lenovo Y50-70 Laptop support 144hz monitors?

Hey do you have an answer for me?

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I just received my new S2716DG and was excited to get things running.
I connected it with the included display port cable and updated my nvidia drivers to the most recent version.
When I go into both Windows & Nvidia control panel, I'm able to only select 120 HZ as my max refresh rate. I've gone through all lower resolutions (I'm at the highest) and no opportunity is given to select 144hz.
For context I'm using an EVGA 680 GTX.
Is this a known issue? Is it a driver issue? Is there a solution?
Someone suggested create a custom resolution and setting the refresh rate to 144hz - would this be a temp. fix?

A:S2716DG, EVGA 680 GTX, Unable to select 144Hz, only 120Hz?

nVidia support ticket answer for this some time ago... hope that helps
"I've discussed this issue with development and after some research on the specification this is expected due to HW limitation. The [email protected] resolution would require a pixel clock of 586Mhz. The GeForce GTX 770 max pixel clock is 540Mhz. You'll need a GTX 980 class GPU, which has a higher pixel clock, in order to support the [email protected] resolution. Let me know if you have any further questions."

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So I recently picked up this monitor for some sweet 144hz gaming. Used it for a while at 144hz and it worked perfectly. Recently hooked up a second monitor and noticed a drop in frames. Went to check my advanced resolution settings and for some reason my monitor had defaulted to 60hz. When I tried to bump it back to 144hz I get this weird flickering/artifacting going on but it works great at 120 hz. I am using the dvi cable that came with the monitor and I'm running a gtx970 overclocked to 1430hz gpu and 7600 hz memory. I get this effect when I default my gpu to it's factory oc settings so I'm not sure what's going on here. Is it my gpu or do I need a new dvi?


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I recently got an HP rectangular flat screen monitor with screen measurements of 16 & 1/4 " wide X 10" top to bottom & 19" diagonal. As you can see by the picture

I'd like to know if I can get rid of the black @ top & bottom. I never did change them from the CRT settings. Currect settings are


A:Help with monitor settings

All LCD monitors have a native resolution. If you look through the documentation that came with your LCD monitor, it will tell you what the native or optimal resolution should be. Looking at your picture you have above, you are NOT running at the 19" LCDs native resolution. Most likely you need to be running: 1366x768, 1440x900, 1680x1050, or 1920x1080. Crank that slider all the way to the right, that is usually where the LCD screens native resolution resides. Hope this helps, take care!

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I have a dual boot (98 and xp ) and when setting monitor display , it will change to the setting applied to each operating system . ie:/ ste to 98 is fine but boot to xp and it is too small , and the opposite for 98 . Settings are fine if i boot to the same o.s. as previous ....clear as mud ?

Is there a way to set the monitor to configure itself for both o.s.`s ?

...........thanks 700mb80min

A:monitor settings for two o.s.`s

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I have a Compaq MV540 monitor with a 15" screen. My son...argh....messed with the manual setting buttons on the front of the monitor and I can't get the screen set correctly. It still has black borders bottom and left side. Does anyone have the actual setting numbers that were originally set on the monitor and I could just use those. Or does anyone know where I can get them from? Thanks! angelize56

A:Monitor Settings

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My dell monitor when I'm reading the words became faded like when ink on a pen rinds out its like that then seconds later it disappears but I have to keep scrolling up and down to make it disappear

A:Monitor settings

Quote: Originally Posted by la321

My dell monitor when I'm reading the words became faded like when ink on a pen rinds out its like that then seconds later it disappears but I have to keep scrolling up and down to make it disappear

Hi la321,

Please let us know model number for the Monitor. Also ensure that video cables are properly connected with the system. Kindly remove them and connect them back again to check the issue.

If possible then kindly connect this monitor to a different system to isolate the issue. Please check if the fading appears in self test as well:

Running Monitor Self Test

Power off both the computer and the monitor.
Disconnect the video cable from the back of the monitor if possible. Otherwise disconnect from the computer or video adapter.
Reseat the power cord to the monitor, ensuring it is plugged into a known-good outlet.
Power on the monitor.
The monitor Self Test will move around. If the monitor Self Test moves, allow it to move to the affected areas of the monitor to check if fading is still over there.

Keep us posted with the results so we can advise you further.

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I do online transcription and to make the forms I transcribe fully visible I must change the resolution on my monitor.

My question is this: Is there a way to change resolution without going into Control Panel? Is it possible to setup a link (icon) to perform the task? My operation system is XP Pro.

A:Monitor Settings

Easist way would be to go to the control panel and left click drag the display icon the desktop, then you have the shortcut there.


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Just recently my monitor seems to be acting a little strange.

Say if I'm on a forums site, everything slants sideways.

I'm using this monitor here -

Anyone else got this monitor and give me some settings suggestions? I've changed all the settings and it's still the same.

I'm running an ATI x1950 pro video card.


Regards Jason

A:Monitor settings


Regards Jason

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I am having a problem with my monitor settings. Every time the monitor turns off and on (through power down or stand by) it returns with completely different settings, which seem random. I then have to alter the screen size and orientation on the monitor itself to recentre the picture. Then next time it will have changed again, can anyone help!!!

A:Monitor Settings Help

I had this problem w/ my old pc & an ATI graphics display card.
Go to start/control panel/systems/ Device Manager /click the plus beside Display adapter & then click the card type... Then go to its property settings & then to drivers to update.

Assuming you have not already done that. If you have tried & there was no new drivers listed in upgrades, then you have to go to the homepage of the company that makes the display adapter you have onboard & look up drivers there.

Hope this helps


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I had a new monitor hooked up to my computer. Now I just hooked up an older monitor and nothing comes up on the screen after loading WIN XP. I think it is still in 1280x1204. How can I change the settongs back to 800x600? I dont have the new moitor with me so I cant hook it back up.

A:Monitor settings

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How do I change the monitor resolution? It won't go above the minimum. Seems the driver is wrong! I just got a used computer and my monitor won't set-up correctly. Where do I get a compatible driver, or what do I do?

A:monitor settings are too low

You first identify the video board in the machine. Since you don't have the driver, you may have to remove the board and physically inspect it for the make/model. Then, you find the manufacturer's web site and download a current driver.

What is the board identified as in the Device Manager, that's a good place to start. You could also download AIDA32 and see what it has to say, it's pretty good about identifying hardware.

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Just bought a Benq G2420HD monitor and is hooked up to a 5 year old pc with an Ati Radeon Express 200 card. When set at 1280x1024 the text writing looks a little stretched so when i set to 1920x1080 the text writing looks spot on but i now get bars left and right of the screen on web sites. Why is this and which are the settings i should use, also do i need a new graphics card to improve this? I haven't used the monitor's hdmi yet as i'm saving this for my future purchase of Ps3 so i wonder what setting that should be? Also are web sites set up in widescreen?

A:Need help with monitor settings!

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I have a new Acer CPU with Vista and my monitor is an LCD by ic power. When I go into to play games, the game window opens very small. Clicking on the minimize/maximize button does not enlarge the screen. Are there any settings I can change to fix this problem? I have already contacted Pogo and they were no help.

All the other web screens open correctly.

A:Monitor settings

In an LCD screen, a pixel is aq hardware pixel, compared to the old CRT type monitor where a pixel was scaleable in size.

One of the drawbacks of high resolution LCD screens is that in many places you cannot scale pixels, they have to be on or off, you cannot have 1-1/2 pixels.

I have tried your problem here and confirm that my system will not allow full paging either.

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can some one please tell me an information source that would have the min and max frequencies for an older Seanix monitor?
it is a Seanix KM-520.

A:Monitor Settings

Sorry but tried Google and only got two inconclusive links.

Have you any other information that might help with a search ?

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How do I save xp display settings? Everytime I restart my comp, they get reset. Ive already tried saving the theme and it desnt work

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I have been using 800x600 setting on my monitor becuase it is easier for me to read (being bigger and all ). When I change the settings to like 1024x768 (because is supposed to be higher resolution?) I have black bars on the sides of the screen that I cant get rid of with the setting buttons on the bottom of the monitor. Is this normal? And can someone explain in general the benefits of the different settings. Thanks.

A:Monitor settings

Hello! Welcome to TechSpot

When switching from 800x600 to higher res 1024x768
I think you need to re-apply your background image, reset the stretch.
More info on one screen...You can adjust the font size in higher res's
to make it easier to read.
I'm running 1280x1024 32bit color and 60 hz on the monitor.

What OS?

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Hello all, I am very grateful to have found you and I know that someone will have the answer to my problem. In brief, we bought a computer from U-bid and needed an OS. A co-worker loaned my husband his copy of Win XP Home( from Gateway) and he installed it without any problems. We bought a Samsung SyncMaster 753 DF monitor and find that we cannot change the settings so that we can run Real Player properly. It won't allow us to change the number of colors. Actually, it won't let us do anything at all. What can we do? Thanks, Susan

A:monitor settings

Hi Sue. Welcome.

I don't know the answer to your question - others might - I haven't used XP much.

However, what you've done is in violation of the End User License Agreement (EULA) from M$. They've gotten pretty ... "uppity"... about it with XP. XP will look over a system and make a note of all the hardware in it and come up with a "unique" number to identify the system and then require the user to register it with m$ (to my knowledge).

Perhaps your problems are that M$ and the XP OS have realized that that serial number of XP has already been installed on another machine and this is what is causing your problems?

(btw, this whole reason is why "bid" PC's don't come with operating systems).

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I need some help adjusting my monitor to regular settings, my picture with the monitor setting is messed up, its like a squeezed square, it looks ugly and i dont know how to adjust my settings, I got a gateway vx700 .26 dpi 17"

Can someone please help me thanks

A:Help with Monitor settings

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Hello, This is probably the most noobish question you will ever hear...But is there anyway to change your monitor brightness without doing it on the monitor itself? Is there some kind of setting in the Windows CPanel that allows you to do it through the system? The brightness knob on the monitor itself is as high as it goes. It is extremely dark and I can't play CS:S because it's too dark.


A:Monitor Settings

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My monitor keeps turning itself off after a while and I've double, triple checked power settings and everything is set to "Never". The same settings in Vista don't give me any problems.

Is this a bug?

Also I notice than often when opening IE8 I get "Internet Explorer has Stopped Working" pop-up yet the page opens anyway.

Another known issue?

I dropped IE8 beta in its early stages as it gave me too much trouble. Now I'm stuck with it in Windows 7, if I'm not using Firefox of course.

A:Monitor Switches Off Despite Settings

Whats Screen Saver set at? Default is 10mins, Try switching to none!

I also find IE8 is buggy, locks up every now and then, java also dosent work properly etc. Hows firefox run on win7beta?

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my montior is acting real strange. Its expanding so you can't see the start button and the time clock, it basically uses the pincushion, I tried to adjust the settings on the monitor but no use, you have to turn the monitor off for a couple minutes then its alright for a while. It is really driving me insane. What's going on with the monitor???

A:Monitor/Settings Problem.

It sounds like a failure in the deflection circuits.

Time for repair or replace?

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I just received my new Dell W2606C monitor and so far am pretty happy with it. One thing so far that has me worried, when I go to play a DVD for example.

The picture on the 26" is a little choppy. Kind of like having slower FPS in a game. Nothing unbearable, but just not as good as when I view the DVD on the laptops monitor. Are there some settings I need to tweak?

Also, when I go to play Oblivion (for example) it works great on both my laptops monitor AND on the 26" at the same time. But if I go to play a DVD, it plays fine on my laptop's monitor, but only shows the frame and a black picture on the 26". Unless of course I set the 26" as the primary monitor, then the opposite happens. I can see the picture on the 26" but not on my laptop's monitor. Odd? Why is it fine on BOTH for games but not DVDs?

Laptop's graphics card is a geforce GO 7800GTX 256mb. I am using the DVI-I output (single link) to the 26" and running them both at 1280 x 1024 (even though my laptop can support up to 1680×1050)

Thanks in advance!

A:Need some help with new 26" monitor settings

So can you play DVDs on the external monitor or not? Are the images on the monitors mirrored (the same) or different?

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Hi,I have just done a reinstall of windows xp everything is working accept when i click on advanced into the monitor settings there are none there anymore eg 70 Hertz etc any ideas to regain them.I must admit i had this problem before but for the life i cant remember how i did it going senile.

A:Monitor settings missing

monitor and vid drivers

Check and or reinstall monitor driver (inf file).

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my screen is unusally dark i have tried all the settings that are on the monitor even tried the graphix settings. but to no advial is there some program to download that will fix this for me?


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I've had two monitors for a while, but I've been annoyed with my Samsung S27B350. My Asus VW246 has loads of "modes", one being "game mode" making the colors a lot more vibrant and imo a lot better.
I've been trying to make the monitors look more or less identical, but my Samsung is apparently refusing to become more vibrant.

I was fiddling with AMD Catalyst Control Panel yesterday and realized I could only change display settings on my Asus, not my Samsung. So my Samsung monitor has a lot less options and worse colors etc.
Is there a way to get more vibrant colors on my Samsmung monitor?
The Samsung one only reacts to another panel called Intel Graphics Control Panel, as if they think they're using two different GPU's or something weird.

Samsung S27B350 LED monitor connected using HDMI
Asus VW246 LCD connected using DVI

Thanks in advance!

PS: English isn't my native language! :S

A:Monitor settings/issues :(

Edit; My mind just blew up and I realized I had plugged the HDMI into the damn MOBO instead of GPU. So I COULD change the vibrance in the AMD Catalyst Control Panel. My bad.

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I hope this is the correct section to post my question
I have a laptop running Win 7. The screen resolution is best at 1366x768.
I want to add a second monitor that will show the same things as my desktop so I plug it in and select Duplicate Display.
The resolution changes to 1024 x768 as that is the best setting for the second monitor.
My Question. How can I get the duplicate display but with 1366x768 on the one screen and 1024x768 on the other so both displays look ok?

A:Dual Monitor settings

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I read earlier posting about this but I did not see the entire solution. I have just had to reformat my computer and reinstall everything. My graphics/monitor settings are 16 color at best. I know it can do better. However I can not get all the options (true color 16 bit etc). I have read about Windows 98 and the problem with plug and play but I have not got the entire info on it. How do I correct this. I have a Gateway ev7000 monitor. And a Pentium 2 computer. I know from past experience the monitor display settings can be MUCH better!!
Please help........

A:{SOLVED} Monitor Settings

While you are in the settings, go into Advanced Settings. Make sure your video card is listed. If not, change it. Also make sure the Monitor is not listed as Plug & Play, which most likely it is. If so, change that also to the monitor you have.

For the monitor, you'll need the model number, which you might need to download the settings from Gateway.

Hope that helps some.

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I have a Dell Inspiron E1505 laptop. I don't like the keyboard so I bought a USB Microsoft Digital Media Pro Keyboard today and installed the software. No problems; works like a dream. I don't know if my monitor problem is related or not but it's the only new thing I did today.

I was playing World of Warcraft (I'm new at it) which I've played probably 8 times thus far, with no problems. I went to log out and I got the blue screen of death and had to power down to get out of the tap tap tap tap tap tapping sound that kept repeating itself. When I rebooted, my monitor display was different. It does not take up the entire screen anymore, leaving about 1-inch margines on the right and left. The print is bigger and I cannot display whole webpages anymore.

I tried going into "display" under Control Panel but did not find anything that looked like it would help.

So -- what to do?! Was is WoW? Was it the new keyboard software? I have rebooted once again, just to try it, and it is still at this freaky setting.

Most importantly -- how do I get back to my original settings?! Thank you so much for any help you can provide.

A:Monitor settings different (after WoW game?)

Either you need to reinstall your video drivers or your resolution settings got changed. Right click on your Desktop and choose properties and then settings to check your resolution settings.

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I have an Acer Aspire 1640z laptop running Windows XP SP2. I'm trying to adjust my power settings for when my monitor shuts off and the computer goes into hibernation but I am unable to access that feature. I go into Control Panel, click on Appearance and Themes, then Display and then I click on the Screen Saver tab. When I try to click on the Power button, my hourglass flashes for a second and then nothing happens. My monitor is turning off after a few minutes then after five minutes or so of being idle, the computer goes into hibernation. Any idea as to why I cannot access my power settings? I recently had some malware and WMI problems that one of your staff helped fix, but apparently this computer wants to cause trouble yet again. Thanks for any input. --Rick

A:Monitor Power Settings

I would try updating the video driver - as a lot of hibernation problems are caused by corrupt video drivers.How to update a Windows hardware driver

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I'm new to Tech Support Guy so sorry if that's a wrong section.
I'm having a not really annoying problem but still I'd like to get it fixed.
I have a MAG AH-778 (INNOVISION Series) monitor and a NVidia GeForce 6600 256MB video adapter (Latest beta ForceWare) and my monitor won't save settings (Size/Color etc...)
Each time monitor is "turning off" for a while (When screen saver is turning on or I'm running some program which is "switching" monitor off for a while or just turning off my PC),All the settings are getting lost.
Is there anything I'll be able to do to make it save settings?
Thanks a lot for any advice!

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Okay, I was playing around with my screen settings the other day(on my monitor)...and it's all messed up. :/ the screen resolution is 1280x800
Here is my settings on Windows XP

also my montiror is a CyberVision C70 (old monitor )
The settings I was playing with was the Geometry
and here is the settings to it now -my computer monitor settings
Pincushion: 47
Parallel: 44
Rotation: 68
I also tried resetting the screen settings but it doesn't work at all..
if you guys could tell me the recommended settings for the "Geometry" thingy.

Thanks alot to whoever can help me. I know it was a dumb idea messing around with them.

A:Screen / monitor settings [HELP]

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Hey, I have a dual monitor setup with my 15" laptop, to a 24" monitor via VGA, and ps3 connected via HDMI.

I have laptop as secondary screen then 24" as main, I was wondering is there anyway that when I change the channel to HDMI to play the ps3, that the settings would automatically go back onto single monitor for my laptop? Instead of me having to manually change settings back and forth.

Thanks in advanced.

A:Dual Monitor Settings


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I have my monitor set to sleep after 10 minutes but it goes to sleep after only 5 mins. Why won't it follow the sleep settings? I have also tried 20 minutes without luck. All Win 10 updates are current.

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