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No Bios access after w10 and bios upgrades

Q: No Bios access after w10 and bios upgrades

After upgrading to W10 I also uppgraded the bios. Booting is successfull but the "ESC"-option to enter Bios does not appear. Tapping ESC or F10 has no effect. The booting proceeds and W starts. If however I press either one of them continously after power on the unit starts beeping and has to be shut off. I have emptied the CMOS by removing the RTC battery and pressing the power button for 30 secs. With and without the main battery inserted. No change. Any suggestions anyone?

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My last BIOS update has failed and now my laptop Satellite PrU400 PSU45E is out of order.
I want to use the Crisis Recovery Disk with an USB floppy drive but I don't know the key combination to run the boot-block.
Is anybody can help me?

Best regards

A:Satellite Pro U400 BIOS update failed - What is BIOS Boot-block access


I wondering what Crisis Recovery Disk do you have ?:|
In my experience the special disk is needed which is available only for ASP technician.
Therefore it?s necessary to contact the ASP in your country in order to reflash the BIOS.

In my opinion you shouldn?t not try any ?Crisis Recovery disks? which you fond in the net? this can lead to mobo damage?

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Im working on a Toshiba Laptop A105-4284, Model #: PSAA8U-0FH02K that froze while trying to flash the BIOS, so I didnt know what else to do but shut it off. Now, when I try to boot it up, it gets stuck in the same place it did during the flashing; on the Toshiba splash screen with the status bar at the bottom showing about 20% complete. I cant get into the BIOS and cant boot into Windows. Other options available on this screen are Press F2 for System Settings and F12 for Boot Menu. Pressing F2 results in a beep and the status bar changing to "Please Wait..." but nothing else happens no matter how long I wait. Pressing F12 doesnt do anything. Pressing ESC takes me to a screen that shows the typical system info -- Phoenix Technologies Version 6.00; Intel Calistoga CRB.T3A Reference BIOS; VERSION.MAK 1.53; (looks like its running POST and recognizes CPU, Cores, No TPM or TPM has a problem, and system RAM and stops there. What is my best course of action?:

- shorting out the CMOS battery (I've tried this on the solder pads marked C88, with no laptop battery, with and without the wi-fi, ram and hdd installed; Im either doing it wrong or its just not working )
- trying to reflash BIOS chip (I tried this; turned the laptop on and held down the 'c' key to boot from cd, but still got stuck at the same place)
- replacing the BIOS chip
- something else?

Any guidance or information you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Please feel free t... Read more

A:Toshiba A105: Failed BIOS flash; now no BIOS access & won't boot

Im trying to figure out why I've had no replies yet.

Have I asked a stupidly easy question that everyone is rolling their eyes to and cant bear to tell me the answer? Or have I stumped everyone?

I have a hard time believing this is a stumper. I've found the same question posted elsewhere on the net and shorting the CMOS seemed to help. That or removing the battery altogether (its soldered to the board), but I dont think Im doing it right. Can someone give me directions on that?

or is this just a lost cause? :-/

Thanks in advance

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Before read sorry for the english,

Hi .I just got my Windows 7 pro 64bit today and before i installed it i searched on the net if there any problem with the p5QL PRO MotherBoard,(Bios Version) anyway

right now my bios version/date 0902, 28/11/2008.

i never updates a bios before i dont want to blow up my motherboard either lol

i looked on support.asus and i found updates, version 1001 or higher 1004

but i dont want to upgrades it if i dont need too , anyones know if i realy need to upgrades it to support win 7

cause i saw many thread here talking about win 7 64bit that dont work well with 9800GT
i dunno if the driver are the cause or the motherboard itself,

A:Do i need to upgrades my Bios?

For my Asus motherboard - The Windows7 CD and /or Windows update installed the correct drivers and settings for my motherboard. However a newer bios update from asus may be suggested for yours. But if your computer is working well, then probablly you already have what you need. These guys here should be able to tell you if a bios update is suggested for your board.

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i am currently useing a compaq presario with winME running on it. the original proccessor is an intel celeron 566mhz with 66 frontside bus. i bought me a new proccessor but i need to upgrade my bios to do this. how do i do this?

A:bios upgrades

first, is the current mobo capable of supporting the new cpu? if so, you will need to go to compaq's website and download the latest bios patch for your model as well as the flash utility. BE VERY, VERY CAREFUL UPDATING THE BIOS!!! follow their directions to the letter - if you mess up, you will be buying a new mobo.

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As you know, when there comes a question of upgrading RAM, there is the recommendation to update the BIOS to the latest version. I have Windows 10, but when I go to the support page, there are no BIOS updates for Windows 10, they're only there for Windows 7/8/8.1. What should I do? Is it safe to upgrade my RAM...?

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I have an IBM Aptiva L31, using WIN 98. I installed two 20 meg hard drives and the system only recognizes 2 meg on each. Was told I need new BIOS'. Question is is this true and how can I get them. Secondly, is there another solution. Thanks.

A:BIOS Upgrades

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Hi Guys
I restored an image created with Macrium Reflect on my wife's computer (Custom build with Asus P8Z77-V LX mother board) and everything went fine until rebooting when i got to the "Please press DEL or F2 to enter UEFI BIOS settings" then everything stopped.
I have tried F2 DEL F8 F12 just about all the F combinations and nothing works, I have two SSD drives one with Win7 Pro and one with Win10 Pro (not connected at the same time) and neither of them will boot up.
I have tried changing the jumper pins from 1 and 2 to 2 and 3 for 10 sec to clear the RTC Ram in CMOS then returned then to 1 and 2 and tried change so i removed the battery and repeated the jumper pin swap then reinstalled the battery and still no change, cannot get passed press DEL or F2 to access the BIOS settings.
I even downloaded the latest BIOS and updater as shown and put them on a USB flash drive together and tried the Macrium Rescue disk, and still nothing happened and it will not open the BIOS maybe i got it all wrong ?
I was hoping someone here might know how to put it right, i am out of idea's and any help would be greatly appreciated.

System Specs

Intel Core i7 3770K Ivy Bridge 3.5GHz 8MB
Motherboard Asus P8Z77-V LX LGA1155 ATX Motherboard
Memory G.Skill 8GB Kit (2x4GB) DDR3 Ripjaws X C9 1600MHz
Samsung 840 Series 120GB 2.5" 7mm SSD SATA3 530/130 x2 = 1 Win7 and 1 Win10
Storage Drive Western Digital Caviar Black WD2002FAEX 3.5" 2TB 64MB 7200RPM
Graphic... Read more

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Hi everyone, I tried getting to the advanced Bios setup under Bios menu but couldnt find it. The Bios version of my Pc is insyde F.1B. please what can i do ?

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Good evening!
A week ago I reinstalled Windows 7 in EFI mode on my laptop, and now I've got this problem: whenever I turn on my computer after a shutdown, the BIOS says "System Resuming" instead of "Press F2 to enter settings". This makes impossible for me to access BIOS settings. Previously, my BIOS used to say "System Resuming" only after a hibernation. The weird fact is that - as far as I remember - this thing started happening only after a few days.
Can you help me?
Thanks in advance :-)

A:I can't access BIOS settings because BIOS assumes Windows is resuming

Try doing a shutdown command from a CMD window, or Start button / Run
The command is shutdown /s

See if entering the command manually makes a difference in how it starts up

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This is my first post here, so hi to everyone.
I just got an ASUS X401a Notebook and I want to use a flash drive to boot from Linux.
I need to change the sequence in the BIOS so that the flash drive is first choice to boot from.
I have no problem accessing the BIOS utility, but it allows me to alter only some settings. Those in blue colored font I can change those in black font I cannot. What drive to boot from first is in black and not adjustable.
I used command line to work as admin and I also set up a password for admin in the BIOS to access the BIOS utility, but still no go; some things are allowed to be changed some aren't.

Any help is appreciated.

A:BIOS: Can access BIOS utility, but cannot change settings.

Is it asking for a password or something?

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In trying to upgrade BIOS for a 2012 Aspire Z Series and a 2014 E Series, the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) are very different. While the Z's P01.B0_Windows has instructions for DOS or Windows, the E Series 2.30 SOP says simply to run the executable Windows file.  Until now it's been considered safest to upgrade a BIOS via DOS. But since the E Series SOP provides no such option, I'll temporarily disable the virus protection and "hold my breath" while running the executable.As to the Z Series this archived post of January 2013 states we "need to create a bootable flash drive" to update by DOS.  But the post is from a Windows 7 and XP world and my even older February 2012 SOP envisions the new BIOS on a CD and mentions nothing about creating a "bootable" -- although the SOP writer(s) may have assumed we know that.Both my E and Z are on Windows 10 Version 1511, Build 10586.589, and I plan to move each to Version 1607 upon BIOS upgrades. So, I'd greatly appreciate if someone can point me to a newer supplement to these very cryptic SOP instructions for P01.B0_Windows: In [DOS Mode]Power on System and Boot to DOSKey in ?cd DosTool? (Go to BIOS path like ?A:\DOSTOOL?)Key in ?Flash2M.bat? or ?Flash2MPress <Enter> and start to flash System BIOSReboot system and Press <Del> to enter BIOS setup menu.Load default setting, and Save & Exit.

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Manufacturer: ASUSTek Computer Inc.
Model : P4SD-VX

BIOS Version: A M I - 10000429

Manufacturer: Sony Corporation
Product name: PCV-RS430G(UC)

Sony VAIO, 2.8Ghz p4.

Having some difficulties locating upgrades/updates for my BIOS and mother board. I am eventually looking to increase AGP aperture size but that option is not present in my current BIOS along with a lot of other specs I should see and be able to change.

A:bios and motherboard upgrades

Flashing the BIOS can be a risky venture. Looks like you have a stripped down Asus board made for Sony VAIO. In which case any BIOS update would be available at the manufacturer website. It is possible to flash with a modded BIOS but i strongly recommend you not try it.

Next time you want a computer either buy from a custom computer build shop like ABS, Velocity Micro, or Monarch computers or build one yourself. They use off the shelf(not proprietary) components in which nothing has been stripped out in regards to tweaking/upgrading the BIOS.

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I recently bought an Satellite Pro A50-C-1NG which comes preinstalled with Windows 10 Home Edition
I upgraded my Windows 10 Home Edition to Windows 10 Pro.
But as I checked the BIOS the productkey stored in there is the one of the 'Home Edition'.
Is there a possibility for users to store the new key in the UEFI BIOS as Toshiba itself does?

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TL;DR New components installed, got it working, but switching the boot menu to add an SSD bricked the computer, and can't access BIOS now.

For starters, I know just enough to be dangerous, but am otherwise a novice on this stuff. I'm trying to upgrade my computer because I edit 4k video and was running out of juice, needed a new GPU (GPU-enabled Premiere Pro really helps) and needed some more storage/RAM. In the process, I'm afraid I bricked my computer, but I'm not sure how to start fixing it.

I tried to update my computer by adding a new GPU (EVGA Nvidia 960 GTX), a new SSD (Samsung 850 EVO 500GB), 16GB new RAM (Ballistix Sport, matches earlier 16GB to make it 32GB now), and switched out an old PSU (450 Corsair Bronze) for a new one (EVGA 650 Gold, based on what I thought I needed to run it all). I'm using a Gigabyte Z77-DS3H LGA 1155 Z77 ATX Intel Motherboard, have a variety of hard drives already installed, and am using an Intel i7 - 3300k processor (all of the existing components are about 3 years old, and hadn't had any issues before).

Starting on the upgrade, I used compressed air to clean out a lot of dust. Installed everything, turned it on, and no luck. Realized that the cables I was using running to the boot SSD were old ones, and switched out those for the new ones from the PSU. Everything booted perfectly, except the new SSD (500GB EVO 850) wasn't being recognized.

Looking up how to fix it, and advice online says to switch ... Read more

A:After upgrades, I can't boot to BIOS, and am out of ideas

Usually if the board shuts down after 3 seconds or so, you do not have the hsf/cooler installed correctly. If you are attempting to install the hsf with the board in the case, it can be difficult to get it seated correctly. Next that board has the dual bios so you may be in luck. Here is what I would do;
1 Pull the mb out of the case
2 Pull the hsf OFF and clean all parts with 99% or 91% alcohol. Do not use the 70% stuff you find in the supermarket. It can contain lanolin.
3 Once all parts are clean and dry, apply new compound; install the hsf. Now inspect the bottom of the board to be sure all four pins are fully seated
4 Now install the board back in the case however connect just the following; atx pw connector, aux pw connector, pw switch and reset switch connectors from the front panel. Install your video card and make any pw connections necessary. Do not connect any drives, any usb devices, etc. If you have a usb keyboard, connect that however nothing else.

Clear cmos with the clear pins. Gigabyte boards do not use a jumper. There are two pins that you momentarily short to clean cmos. Pw ON and see if you get a display and if you can access the bios/uefi. If you just get a black screen, then you can attempt to have the backup bios recover the main bios. Here are two methods of doing so.

Method #1:
1. Shut your PC down by holding the pw button until it pw OFF.
2. Hold the power button until the PC starts and shuts down again
3. Press the power button again, your backup ... Read more

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By linear, I mean that I missed an earlier BIOS update -- BIOS_Acer_P01.A3_A_A -- and wonder if it would be best to install it first before installing the latest -- BIOS_Acer_P01.B0_Windows.Thanks.

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hi i have a netvista 6342 it was working fine but had problems booting from cdrom so i updated the bios on it to 21jt32a which it says was for this board. everything seem to go fine buit now when i boot up it just beeps. Goes 1 beep then 3 then 1 more. anyone have any ideas if i can fix this??

ibm netvista 6342
512 mg ram
20 gb hard drive
celeron processor

A:upgrades bios on netvista 6342 now won't boot

possible that you corrupted the bios either with an unsuccesful flash or the wrong bios.

Either way, there should be a button on the physical motherboard to restore all default settings.

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Hello to the BleepingComputer community,First of all I'm sorry I haven't finished some of the steps from the Preparation Guide. It's because these steps require a reboot (e.g. Step 6: Disable your CD Emulation Software - DeFogger will ask me to reboot the machine), and I have a bad feeling about the question if it is safe to reboot in my situation: I'm not sure if I have a type of malware which is ready to infect the BIOS - if it is so, then it could infect it much easier during the reboot process.- If there is a good way to find out what is the problem (and fix the BIOS threat part if it really is present) without rebooting / shutting down this PC, or at least without booting from this hard drive (which I feel is probably infected), then please tell me what should I do.- If you know a place / forum where I can get a specialized help for this (seemingly BIOS-malware related) situation, please tell me where I could go.- If there is no way to move forward, I'll go ahead and risk the reboot, and follow the other steps (steps 6 to 10) in the Preparation Guide, no problem.I kindly ask you to please read below the details of the problem as it occured to me, and the things I have tried so far.The PC is AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core BE-2350 2.1GHz, Motherboard Biostar TA690G AM2 (with AWARD BIOS), 4GB RAM, 200GB SATA HDD, and an ASUS EAH4870 card added a few years ago.It's with WinXP SP3, AVG Free 2012, (standard) Windows Firewall, and it's behind a router.I ... Read more

A:BIOS virus/rootkit? - Unknown threat by AVG - "Bios Update\Award" folders, BS_Flash.sys, BIOS.sys and a dozen of m...

Hi,Welcome to Bleeping Computer. My name is m0le and I will be helping you with your log.Please subscribe to this topic, if you haven't already. Click the Watch This Topic button at the top on the right.

Please avoid installing/uninstalling or updating any programs and attempting any unsupervised fixes or scans. This can make helping you impossible.

Please reply to this post so I know you are there.The forum is busy and we need to have replies as soon as possible. If I haven't had a reply after 3 days I will bump the topic and if you do not reply by the following day after that then I will close the topic.Once I receive a reply then I will return with your first instructions.Thanks

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I've read similar threads, but I have not found an answer to my particular question.

I have a Fujitsu desktop, runs on windows XP and the USB ports were disabled by my kid! (Both the keyboard and mouse connect via USB).

I considered getting a USB PS/2 converter in order to use the keyboard to re-enter BIOS at start-up (holding down the Delete key, as it says to do on screen at start-up). Unfortunately, there is no PS/2 port.

There is an auxiliary port that may be similar (it has 11 or 12 pin hole openings).

Any help would be very appreciated!

I am a noob, so please explain any jargon please!



A:USB port disabled in BIOS, No PS/2 port, can't access BIOS!

If you remove the CMOS battery, your BIOS should revert to default settings and your keyboard should work so you can get into the BIOS. The CMOS battery is the shiny, disk shaped object on the motherboard.

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Hi I sure am hoping someone can help me with this. First my specs
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate , Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 6000+, AMD64 Family 15 Model 107 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 4094 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 4800 Series , 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 476835 MB, Free - 366308 MB; E: Total - 99 MB, Free - 61 MB; F: Total - 238472 MB, Free - 5158 MB;
Motherboard: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd., GA-MA770-DS3, x.x,
Antivirus: AVG Anti-Virus 2011, Updated and Enabled

I am having some errors causing crashes on occasion. Thats not what I am here for today though I can deal with that later. When my comp starts to reboot I can't seem to access BIOS, if I can access the Boot Order by hitting F12 I have no control whatsoever on the choices no up or down or even hitting enter works. Also when I go into Error Recovery Console the same thing no controls whatsoever I can make, no arrow keys or hitting any keys work and I have to just sit there and let it choose whatever it defaulted to. I have re-installed Windows 7 but the problem persists. Would really appreciate your help.

A:Unable to access arrow keys or any controls in Error Recovery Console or access BIOS

I would suspect that your bios is not loading the keyboard or mouse, except for your only reference to the error recovery console? Do you mean you have the controls elsewhere, but not there?
But, if the loss is general, the quickest way is to reset the bios. You would normally do this by locating the small bios battery on the motherboard. Remove this and, in its vicinity (better if you browse or refer to a manual for the motherboard!) there will be a small three pin tag, with a joiner across two of the pins. Move the joiner to the other two pins for about one minute, This will return the bios to defaults. If you cannot locate this pin, you will have to leave the computer, with the battery out for quite a while - I would guess possibly over 24 hours, to reset the bios.
But, before, You do not say how you have tried to access the bios? (DEL on startup: F2 on startup are two choices)

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My Sat M30 laptop start with an bios error. The error says "Resource conflict, edit bios setting or boot" If select "boot" computer hangs before windows completely starts. I remove the wi-fi and the modem module and the same error appears. I can't upgrade the bios because the windows don't start. The bios version is 1.7. The laptop is UK version. If select "edit bios", bios start but I can't find any resource management.


(sorry for my english, I am from Spain)

A:Satellite Pro M30 Bios error Resource conflict - Edit bios setting or boot


I think the error ?edit bios setting? means that you should access the BIOS and should set the BIOS back to the default settings.

Please do this, save the settings and try to boot up!

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I have a Dell Latitude D630. It has an admin password for the bios. Nothing is locked except for the settings. I can't change any of the settings in the bios. It lets me boot to windows just fine though. My question is, since I don't know that admin password for the bios, if I upgrade the bios firmware, will the admin password be deleted? Since I'm flashing the bios, I would think that all the settings will be lost. Is that the case?

A:Will upgrading the bios firmware on a Latitude D630 delete the bios admin password?


Didn't you reply here, and say it worked (after the unusual 9th try )

Awfully strange!

A bios update can't remove passwords. As You Must Know

Oh and thanks for the extended long Title. I'm thinking this Topic of yours would be best removed? What do you think?

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Hi, Thanx to shuttles indescript site I have killed my AI61 motherboard, I thought I was getting an executable zip which was actually the flash program + rom and after opening BEEEEEP

Anyway I have a eeprom burner and this eeprom sst39sf020 is right in the list.

Can anyone email me the bios .bin file for this motherboard? (not the file from shuttles site but the old bios file ai61s017.bin so I can flash it using my eeprom burner)

Or at least tell me how to extract the .rom from the exe file shuttle sends

If I get the rom file I will be able to revive this nifty old 750!

PS it appears that shuttle quite sending *.bin bios updates a while ago but if anyone can find ai61s017.bin I would be gratefull


A:(solved) Shuttle AI61 messed up bios, where do I find a bios bin file?

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I have problems with entering the BIOS and boot. My device requests a password, what can you do? Toshiba service centers in our city is not present. All I could do - press control, tab, control, enter, and the machine gave me PC Serial

Sorry for my English, I used Google translator.

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I had a strange set of circumstances today. I was trying to update my memory from 2 to 4g. My system would not boot with the new memory and the bios gave 3 beeps. After removing the new memory, the system would boot to XP but I had no video. I powered down and powered back up. I now had video but the system would hang. In Safe Mode, it would hang after the following entry system32/config/system. Note I never observed any windows error messages, just the hang.

I used the Recovery Console from an XP CD and did a chkdsk /r and chdsk /f
I also ran fixboot

None of these solved the problem.

I then ran fixmbr
Recovery Console displayed some kind of caution message that I had a "invalid" or something MBR and that it might prevent me from access partitions or something.

Well, I ran fixmbr anyway since i was out if ideas.

Now when I try to boot, it is freezing during the post process. When I hit F2 to enter the BIOS setup, it says "entering setup" but it never does. It seems to be hanging right after the drive detect process.
Note I have one standard IDE drive © and 2 SATA drives. Windows XP is installed on one of the SATA drives.

Any ideas? Let me know if you need any more info.

A:BIOS Hang, unable to enter BIOS Setup after running FIXMBR

This sounds more like a BIOS = hardware issue. Since you have been inside the case it is possible something got nudged loose. Re-seat your memory and video card if it is an add-on.

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When I turn on my computer yestereday it loaded the post screen briefly than went directly into BIOS setup. When I exit the bios setup the screen goes black flickers than goes back into BIOS setup. BIOS recognized hard drives and cd roms, and boot sequence was correct. I decided to deal with it tomorrow or today.. When i turned it on today it booted to my 2nd harddrive (which also has an OS installed) went into bios booted from my main harddrive and the computer worked fine for about 20 min. I was browsing the web and microsoft outlook kept trying to open eventually everytime i closed it pop right back up couldnt access taskmanager keyboard couldnt type however i could manuever with the arrow keys. Powered down and when i rebooted had the same problem as before.. wont get past bios setup. I have tried reseting the CMOS jumpers but that didnt have any affect. tried booting with soley; each hard drive (separately), cd rom, and with each stick of memory. All running into the same issue. Any ideas?

Home built...
Windows XP Pro SP3
ASRock K10N78M Micro ATX motherboard
AMD Athlon 5600X2
WINTEC AMPO 2GB (2 x 1GB) DDR2 800 (PC2 6400)
XFX Geforce 9800GT 512MB
1TB Samsung HD
500GB Western Digital HD
Liteon DVDRW
Creative X-Fi XtremeGamer
Antec TruePower Trio 650 Watt

A:Boots Directly To Bios setup, exiting cycles back to Bios

Have you tried another keyboard?

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Hello , I have a Dell Inspiron 530 running Windows Vista Home. I am trying to access the system BIOS and it has a red password log in screen. I tried to guess and enter several log in passwords including  the word DELL and none of them worked. I didn't want to enter too many wrong passwords because I didn't know if the system would lock me out. Can anyone help me by pass the BIOS log in password or some how disable it ? Thank You in advance.

A:Dell Inspiron 530 BIOS is locked with password requesting help to unlock BIOS

Thank you for writing to Dell Community Forum.
Request you to contact Dell team for the BIOS password either via DellTechCenter in Facebook or @DellCaresPRO on Twitter and they will be able to provide you a BIOS password once the ownership of the system is confirmed.
Do reach back for any query.
Regards,DELL-Akshatha MSocial Media and Community Professional#IWork4Dell

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My laptop has no problem before. Recently I try to install Windows XP. First attempt fail, so I change SATA at BIOS from AHCI to Compatible, success. However the partition that I want to install*Windows XP to is not available.*

So just to test I choose my Windows 7 partition. Since it want to format the partition, I cancel the installation. After restarting windows, it stuck at bios. I restart again and change SAT to AHCI. Restart, still stuck at bios. This time I cannot enter BIOS, recovery or change boot media. Assuming the boot sector has corrupt, will reseating the cmos battery will fix this *problem. Please help. Thanks in advance.*

A:Windows 7 Stuck At BIOS Cannot Enter BIOS or Change Boot Media

Somehow with guidance from Lenovo Community, I solved the problem.

For future reference:
1. Take out HDD, battery, plug off ac power.
2. Restart, change SATA Controller in BIOS to compatible, restart.
3. Check whether the SATA Controller is Compatible or AHCI. If Compatible, force shutdown laptop.
4. Put back HDD, boot with Windows 7 Recovery CD or Installation Disc.
5. Choose Autostartup Repair.
6. Restart.

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 The computer wont start.   After pressing "ON" one can hear a vibration sound, it turns on an orange LED.   Stays black for two  minutes; then screen does light to a dim night-blue color.     This is for a Split x2 13-g110dx (windows 10 64bit). Already tried:  hard reset and going to BIOS (Windows button + "B"). Also tried booting from  a USB drive.   It did not work (see screen below). Any suggestion(s) of how it can still be revived ("do it myself")? Thank you.                                       Screen message  

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When I press Restore Settings button in BIOS setting (through F2 when Dell logo is displayed at booting) then the dialog with two options is shown:

BIOS Defaults
Factory Settings

What is the difference about these two options (BIOS Defaults vs. Factory Settings) please?
Thank you.

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Hello everyone! I ama new user and i am coming up with this post as I couldn`t find any kind of solution for my problem.Recently I decided to do a reinstallation of my operating system, which also previously was Windows 7 Ultimate (x64). The installation went as usual, and after finishing it I went on to install all the latest drivers from the Lenovo site, for my product. When getting close to installing almost all the drivers i`ve needed, i stumbled upon a new version of the BIOS amnd the drivers and sfotware recommended for my laptop, by the producer. So i proceeded to install the upgrade, restarted the computer when it prompted me to do so, but after the so-called restart the laptop did not boot up as usual. At first it was telling me to not do anything as the BIOS is being flashed and then it was telling me something about some sort of image processing, things that i did not understand at the time (i have never encountered anything like that). After that my screen turned black. I have not done anything for a few couple of minutes as i thought it was supposed to be like that, but then i just force shut it down and unplugged the AC adapter. When trying to boot it all up again, the only thing i got was a black screen and nothing else.After doing a little bit of research it appears that, somehowm i`ve managed to corrupt the bios on my laptop or something, and nothing else would work at this point. I tried to remove the BIOS battery and the ram and then put them all back, trye... Read more

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Performed a bios update on my dj/music laptop, after restart the screen remained black with wifi light remaining orange and the caps lock blinking twice every so often. Ive tried downloading the bios recovery and throwing it on a usb, under the hp tools and all that jazz. But upon doing the procedure after the power and windows-B the flash drive lights up and flickers then stops and caps lock starts blinking twice again. Im in dire need to fix this cause i have a festival in 3 weeks. Any input or guide to fixing this would be greatly appreciated.

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Computer failed during upgrade of bios. I have followed all the steps to recover bios: taken out battery, pressed windows + B + power, restore screen appears. Computer goes thru bios restore process and verification. When it gets to the 'count down to windows start up' and 'continue to restart button', the computer freezes and does not restart. I have pressed the continue button, nothing. I have let the count down continue and it stops at 1 then nothing.

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I have a old Tecra 9100 with years of good service, and this is my first problem, but is a great one, after a forced reboot the screen shows a BIOS block 1 damaged message. I have tried to repair the BIOS upgrading to the last version I have found, the 1.6 one, but its a Windows version (to upgrade from a running Toshiba computer I think) and when I try to run it in another computer to generate a FDD and upgrade BIOS, I cant, beacuse a Toshiba common modules message.

Its there any BIOS diskette image-archive I can dowload to perform the BIOS upgrade in the BIOS?

Thanks in advance.

A:Tecra 9100 - BIOS block 1 damaged and how to update BIOS?


All you can find is stuff on Toshiba support page. I don't know where you live but try to contact nearest Toshiba authorized service provider.
They have access to Toshiba database and they can obtain all this for you. Make a call and ask for help. I am pretty sure they will help you to solve this BIOS issue.

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When you go to the following link: and scroll about 3/4 of the way down the webpage, it says that there is a v1.41 version of the BIOS (as shown below), and it also says that v1.41 is the current version of the BIOS, however there is no link to download v1.41 of the BIOS or the accompanying readme.txt file like there is say for v1.40 of the BIOS - see below: Package | UEFI BIOS              | ECP                             |    Release1.41        | 1.41 (8BET61WW) | 1.36 (8AHT42WW)    | Current Release 1.40        | 1.40 (8BET60WW) | 1.36 (8AHT42WW)    | 8buj19us.exe                                                  | 8buj19us.txt Also at the very top of the same webpage, it says that v1.42 is the current version of the BIOS NOT v1.41.  If you look at the Readme.txt file, it indicates that there was indeed a v1.41 of the BIOS released, however version 1.41 of the BIOS is ... Read more

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Dear all, Since the beginning I got troubles with charging - ( 94 % plugged in, not charging). The easiest solution was just remove the battery, but not for HP Omen. I removed battery and destroyed the rubber on the bottom. I had to open the laptop, because one morning I got the massegae that my laptop is overheated and fan does not work properly. Both fans works only during the lounch, when windows works only one fan was in operations, second one never starts again. Looking for the solution in the internet I have found that this can be because of BIOS is not updated.  I pushed F2, checked the the system, everything is fine and then I installed only one version which I have found there.No massages regarding overheating any more, both Fans are working full power and very very loud. Temperature of processors is 30C. In my room 25C.  I followed all instructions, but got massege BIOS update is blocked.I downloaded the most previous version, again BIOS update is blocked.Current version of bios is BIOS version F00 04Sep14.  Can it be solved somehow?     

A:Fan works like a helicopter-BIOS update is blocked BIOS vers...

@YuraL? To better help you we would need the exact model number or product number of your laptop/desktop??? REO

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AMD Dual Core processors - updating BIOS?

how do you do this?

thanks a lot

A:AMD Dual Core processors - updating BIOS/flashing BIOS?

Flash a BIOS?
You need to download the update from the motherboard manufacturer. Then follow the directions in the readme file that usually comes with it.

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BIOS problem occured when I upgraded graphicscard, see my other thread.
Computer/soundcard boot problems after upgrading graphicscard GTX 960

I started this thread because it is a bios problem.

I downloaded the driver 2.09 from manufacturers website (medion)
motherboard MS- 7728
when i try to flash it says
"ROM file does not match existing BIOS size"

someone knows how to solve this?

A:Flashing BIOS - ROM file does not match existing BIOS size

Kevin someone in the other thread asked what size PSU you have now I am not sure what you have hooked up but one way you can check what size PSU you need (for starters) because what you have looks to be a tad on the small size at 450W - eXtreme Power Supply Calculator - The only power supply calculator trusted by PSU manufacturers and computer enthusiasts

Just enter in as much as you can and the readout should give you roughly what size you need with some margin of error. Now if the result is close to the 450W PSU you have?? then under heavy load it might well be trying to draw more than what is available. Remember the stated output is the ideal and in reality some power is lost with the internal workings of the PSU circuitry/s.
Personally I use a PSU that has at least 25% more than I possibly need and just because it says for example 650W on the label doesn't mean that it is producing 650W continuously the device only puts out what is being asked of it. That is to say if your machine's components are idling at a draw of 200W then that is all a 650W PSU will put out - it is sort of working on a linear scale for want of a better way of putting it.

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Computer won't boot after bios upgrade.Quick history- computer was working but was dropped, damaging hdd- verified hdd damage by removing it and connecting it to another computer- verified computer hardware still good by booting and using it from ubuntu live cd- purchased SSD- changed Bios HDD support to Legacy mode so I could install w7- installed w7 64 bit professional- install went great, computer booted in windows, no lan or wifi yet : missing drivers- downloaded drivers and bios update from HP site for my exact machine to USB stick using different machine- installed audio driver- installed bios update, did not tamper with machine at all during BIOS update followed instructions exactly- after bios update  s/w said bios flash was 100% complete computer just hung for 15 min's- repowered machine: only get black screen- holding down F10 while powering up gets white "F10...BIOS Setup Options" text in lower left corner of screen, nothing else happens,I tried holding the windows and B key before powering then for a minute after powering several times, nothing happened. repeated that procedure half a dozen times with and without a USB with the BIOS update software on it in a USB slot, no difference.  Does my model support this key combination to load deffault BIOS settings? Do I have any other options to unbrick my machine? Any advice is appreciated.Mike

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I have posted a few questions regarding getting samsung 950 pro (NVME M.2 ssd) to be recognized quickly on boot by ENVY 750-170SE cto rom family id #2b4b and it hasn't been resolved.  I am pretty sure that HP will need to create a newer bios than the a.08 version that i have or the lower versioned number a.07 which is available from HP's website (even though it has a newer date than a.08 (this is really strange))  -  How do i go about getting HP to release a beta or final bios that shortens my boot time by 3 minutes?  Am i posting in the wrong area, if so where do i post?  I am not alone with this problem.  see SpearfishX post #21 - and i am unable to post in this forum, it needs to be reopened and addressed -

A:Bios Upgrade on HP Envy 750-170se CTO bios family 2b4b

@FrozenGamer? If your PC takes 3 minutes to boot in a factory condition then you should contact HP support. If your PC is less than 21 days old then quickly return it.  Without any modifications, your PC should be booting up in less than 30 seconds. I haven't seen any official HP posted information that supports NVMe m.2 SSDs.  Run the HP Support Assistant and see if it picks up a later BIOS update. HP's support number is 800-474-6836 or 800-HPINVENT or online here.  

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Hello all, this is my first time posting here so please forgive any mistakes/oversights. I've just updated my Samsung laptop's system BIOS via their software update program, and my Nvidia GPU (GT 650m DDR3) no longer seems to work. The Nvidia control panel is still there, and it still gives me the option to select which programs use the GPU, but there is no GPU actitivity showing up. Also,I've tried playing Skyrim (which auto-detects the PC's graphics cards) , and the game no longer seems to detect the Nvidia GPU (just the Intel integrated graphics).

My laptop model is NP550PC7, with 6 gig of ram, and an i7 quad core CPU, and the OS is Window 7 Home Premium 64bit.

I've tried looking in the BIOS but I can't seem to find anything related to the GPU or display options. Any help or avice is much appreciated.

A:Problems with Nvidia gpu post BIOS system BIOS update.


Have you updated your GPU with the latest drivers?

Please navigate to:

Start> Control panel> Swith to icon view> device manager.
Look under "Display Adapters"

Is the Nvidia GPU listed there? If so are there any yellow symbols etc?



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Hi There,

I just built a desktop with a sabertooth x79 motherboard, and am running Windows 8.1 pro 64-bit. When I click the UEFI BIOS Firmware live tile via the change PC settings>update and recovery>recovery>etc. my computer reboots normally to Windows and will not open BIOS. I have tried accessing it using the delete and f2 keys, but this does nothing either.

Any ideas? I am up to date in terms of my BIOS, and am definitely running UEFI and not legacy.

Thank you so much.

A:UEFI BIOS firmware restart doesn't boot to BIOS

Motherboards - SABERTOOTH X79

Originally Posted by ASUS

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So recently I purchased a Galaxy GTX 460 768MB video card. I was previously using a BFG Tech GTX 275. When I first installed the GPU I was on an ASUS P5B Deluxe WiFI Edition motherboard. I am now on an ASRock P64 Extreme4 motherboard. I mention the old mobo because the problem has been the same regardless. So I link the issue to the GPU.

Anywho, the new Galaxy card on boot, displays it's own Bios information before the mobo Bios page shows up. It's actually the first thing I see on my monitor. It just simply displays Galaxy Bios version (etc. etc. etc). It doesn't last for more than 3-4 seconds, but I personally feel it's an unnecessary delay. Especially since I'm so adamant about computer efficiency and I try to get my boot up times as fast as possible. Just a personal hobby I enjoy! So I was curious if there is a way to disable this initial Bios screen? I did many google searches and couldn't find the problem to a a perfect description. Some people did mention that it has to do with a motherboard conflict, but that's why I mentioned bother motherboards. One was old, and the one I'm on now is brand new. I've never purchased a Galaxy card until now, so I'm curious if it's unique to their brand? I've never updated Bios on a video card before and I'm not sure if it'd cure the problem either. Anyone familiar with this situation? Thank you!

Edit: I'll take a picture of the Bios screen and post it quick. I just thought about doing it, but I typed this entire message and I can't ... Read more

A:GPU Bios showing up before Mobo BIOS (slowing boot up time)

It will still have to do it's thing...even if you manage to make it disappear....I have had systems in the past that has done that same thing...if speed is what your after a SSD will do more for that.

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I tried to booting the computer and received the Award Boot Block Bios and BIOS checksun error. It detects the cdrom but I dont have the CD. Where can I get the cd, like where to download it.

HP Media Center
Windows XP SP2
Motherboard: ASUS P5LP-LE (LimeStone)
Pentium D
I don't remember the rest.
I found the site for the motherboard.

I was having some probelms, which the computer wouldn't start at all and a really loud sound the fan made, so I called my insurance, and they came and change the mother board twice and added a new cooling fan and power supply. All this took two months for waiting for the parts and making an appoinment with the tech.

After replacing the motherboard twice the tech told me I'm gonna order new harddrive, I don't think is the motherboard or the fan. Before leaving he suggested me to call me inusrance and tell them that you want a new computer cause its been more than two months and there has been four calls already. So, I called the insurance and got a new computer and kept the old one.

A week after receiving my new computer I took the old one for repair but at didn't at the end after they told me how much it would cost me to get it fix. Now, I'm deciding to do it myself but, I boot the computer and received something about Award Boot Block Bios. I remember the tech putting a cd to the computer when he tr... Read more

A:BIOS checksun error Award Boot Block BIOS

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 Dear all, I'm trying to automate the bios settings with the latest HP Bios Configuration Utility using SCCM 2012.When the task is rebooting the system, I get this message."The following configuration change has been requested"How do I automate to accept this up front? Kind regardsDries

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I have a hp probook 4330s ,Windows 7 ultimate 64-bit , i3 2310m , 4gb ddr3 ram , 250gb sata 2 hdd and intel hd 3000 with 64mb dedicated video memory. So i wanted to increase that memory to 256 or 512mb and i went to BIOS and in BIOS  i couldnt find the advanced tab , so if i may ask how do i increase my video memory or enter the advanced bios tab where i can do it .Advanced bios tab is not priority my priority is to increase my Intel HD 3000 vram to 256 or 510mb if possible, but i thing it is by loocking to some YouTube videos bun non of them could help me so please let me know if anyone knows how to increase my vram , thanks. Sory for bad english i am from Serbia Have a nice day !

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I errantly switched the BIOS setting from Raid-AHCI to IEDI while attempting to allow my system to recognize a newly installed SSD.  The plan was to clone my HDD to the SSD as the boot drive, but it wasn't seen in windows.  Initially, was able to see it in the BIOS settings.  Long story short, I switched from Raid-AHCI to IEDI and have not been able to boot the PC since.  On boot, the pc turns on and the fans for the power supply and NVIDIA cards spin, but there is nothing visual taking place on the monitor. It's as if the devices are getting power, but the motherboard doesn't know they are there.  Tried clearing the CMOS (unplugged, took out CMOS battery, held reset button) and that didn't seem to make a difference.  There is supposed to be a "recovery" jumper on the MB (E15), but the pins seem to be missing on my motherboard, so that's not an option.  I'm pretty sure that if I can get the MB back to Raid-AHCI mode, it should respond for me again.  Unfortunately, without access to the BIOS on boot, I have no idea how to do that.  Any and all suggestions are welcome.  Thanks in advance.

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Got a bit of a problem with my housemates pc...
A friend gave him some extra RAM, i checked it out and it was crucial 512mb pc2100 CL2.5, and although it didn't match his exsisting RAM it seemed to me that his mobo would only run the FSB at 200mhz anyway so i went ahead and fitted it.
It worked fine I then noticed his system temp was running a little high (60-65 degrees), so i took his heatsink off and cleaned the

dust and refitted it with some new thermal compound.
I added too much and the temp went up. To nearly 90 degrees.
I shut it dwon as i didn't want the cpu to pop, cleaned it off, reapplied less compound and figured this would work fine.

Now we have the problem.
Most of the time: Power on and nothing happens. No bios, no beeps.
Occasionally: Power on, i jump into the bios, the temp looks fine (30-40 degrees) and then it freezes right there in the bios after about 30 seconds to a minute.

This sounds like a heat issue, but the last temp reading before freeze is 33 degrees.....?
I've double and triple checked that the heatsink is on properly and thats fine. I followed the official guide on how much compound to use (a blob the size of an uncooked short grain of rice).


Here is the info on his system:

Abit SG-72 mobo

Pentium 4 3ghz (SL7PM)

512mb elixir DDR-400hz-PC3200 (CL3) RAM

Barracuda 120gb 7200rpm HDD

Windows Pro SP2

A:System failing before bios. Occasionally freezes in bios.

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My harddrive recently failed and it cannot be recovered. However, now that the harddrive has failed, I can't put any harddrive or ssd in there even if they have working OS' installed. I even tried various OS' with bootable USB's. Freedos is the only OS that seems to run via USB.  I went through the hp support video: "How to update BIOS when windows does not run" but don't have the "Firmware Patching" option is not available as my update utility version is 3.3.7 rather than the 5.something version featured in the video. The exe provided(SP52604.exe) is... well and EXE! I need an iso or bin or something for freedos 1.0 to run it. I have tried using Freedos 1.1 which should run exe's however, I cannot find a bootable image of freedos 1.1 to put on usb.  What else can I do to flash the bios? 

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Made the huge mistake of updating BIOS. Had small MOBO usb prob, and for some reason thought a BIOS update would do something. Wasn't too worried because Gigabyte touts Dual BIOS pretty strong.

Anyway, tried updating BIOS, then system would not boot, so the Backup BIOS didn't kick in. btw, the MOBO is a Gigabyte GA-K8N Pro.

So I copied the backup bios to a floppy and used the floppy to fix the main bios. OK, now computer would boot, but would freeze up after the desktop icons appear. Actually would sometimes work for a few minutes, but always froze up.

Boots OK to safe mode, even to the point of getting online, so I downloaded the old bios from Gigabyte, put them on floppy and used that to update the main bios. Same result.

Also did a system restore from XP Pro Safe Mode (because XP wrongly states that this can be undone; didn't find out that System Restore done from safe mode cannot be undone until I tried to undo!).

My tech support (ABS Computer; they rule) thinks that the BIOS is now fine, that some windows files are corrupt and a re-install will fix problem and mobo is probably fine as well. I'll buy that.

anyone have any miracle suggestions before i re-install? Is a repair install worth a shot? Really not looking forward to re-installing all my software and putting all my data back where it belongs to get my email hist., bookmarks, etc. back.

thanks - I will now write the following 500 times: LEAVE THE BIOS ALONE! even with Dual BIOS

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Hi,My Lenovo laptop K2450 wont boot up and always in blackscreen (no boot, no bios, no lenovo logo or anything just blackscreen) when im turn on the power, this happen after im changing some config in BIOS (but tottally forgot what changed). Everything work fine except fan is off after 3 second. Already tried to reset BIOS but nothing happen, then my technician say that my BIOS is corrupt and i need back up for that. Anyone here got BIOS backup for Lenovo K2450? thanks for help.

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I have a HP 2760P and I'm running Windows 7 64bit,I did a clean install since I replaced the harddisk, I installed HP Protect Tools. Problem:Most of the BIOS settings are grayed out, I can't change anything. Do I need to login to the BIOS as Administrator or so? When I enter the BIOS I get asked to login.I can only login with my Domain-Account, I can't enter another account name.I therefore login and see the bios-settings.However most settings are grayed out."Set Administrator Password" is also grayed out. How can I enable the BIOS-settings?Do I need to Login into the BIOS as an Administrator? How can I do that, during entering the BIOS it only let's me login as my regular domain-account or how can I even set an Administrator-Password? Thanks and best regards 

A:BIOS settings grayed out, Login To BIOS as Administrator?

leonardlin wrote:I have a HP 2760P and I'm running Windows 7 64bit,I did a clean install since I replaced the harddisk, I installed HP Protect Tools. Problem:Most of the BIOS settings are grayed out, I can't change anything. Do I need to login to the BIOS as Administrator or so? When I enter the BIOS I get asked to login.I can only login with my Domain-Account, I can't enter another account name.I therefore login and see the bios-settings.However most settings are grayed out."Set Administrator Password" is also grayed out. How can I enable the BIOS-settings?Do I need to Login into the BIOS as an Administrator? How can I do that, during entering the BIOS it only let's me login as my regular domain-account or how can I even set an Administrator-Password? Thanks and best regards What I have found is that this situation arose for me when I logged in to the BIOS as a regular user after installing HP ProtectTools and enabling Pre-boot authentication.  I needed to log in as an admin user. However, in my case, I had yet to set up an administrative password for the BIOS prior to setting up HP ProtectTools.  What I needed to do was the following set of steps: 1.  When the system reboots, it SHOULD give you the option to log in to the BIOS as a guest or registered user.  Log in as GUEST into the BIOS instead of a registered user (wierd, but it works).2.  Go to BIOS Security settings and create a BIOS admin password.3.  You... Read more

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I am running a home-constructed PC (started out life as a Dell, but i had to replace the motherboard and - well, one thing led to another).

Asus A8N-E running NVidia nForce4 with AMD processor
Windows XP professional
Zone Alarm security suite

It's been working fine for a couple of years with the odd hiccup but i transferred to Zone Alarm from McAfee about four months ago, and upgraded to IE7 - security and fire walls seem to be a big part of the problems i've had in the past so i thought i'd mention it.

last week i had the "application error with winlogon.exe" error on log on and I couldn't boot at all. I did a repair install from the XP disk which *Mostly* worked, but now I have no mouse. I am having to tab through the browswer fields to even post this message which is incredibly frustrating!

Odd symptoms:
* IE has rolled back to version 6 (I guess that might be a function of the repair install)
* In the device manager there is NO "mouse and other pointing devices" entry, let alone any mouse recorded under it
* In the control panel, the mouse hardware properties are completely blank (no way of updating driver or getting more inform,ation - selecting the buttons does nothing)
* In Regedit the particular registry key that Microsoft says I should be looking for (at which is HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/System/CurrentControlSet/Services/Class/Mouse doesn't even exist in the registr... Read more

A:Mouse Not Detected, bios problem? Can't even get INTO bios on boot

Most likely a bad mouse, or a bent mouse pin, or you are using one of those wireless mouse units, or a cheap usb mouse.

Mouse detection problems are exceedingly rare except for the above... never heard of a mouse being affected by a virus.

Uninstall Zone Alarm if you are using Internet Explorer 7.0 because you will always have problems otherwise.

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HP software said there was a bios update and it ran through this one screen said it recommended backing up the bios in case of corruption and it created a partition. Computer will now not boot and as its new I dont have a recovery disk. How is it that an automatic HP update can kill the computer. Anyone know if removing the partition will solve it or if /i have likely lost everything on the C drive. Any help appreciated thanks

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I have the Dell Inspiron 518 desktop with 64 bit Vista, and attempted to update the BIOS to version 1.0.7 last evening.  I closed all open programs, disabled anti-virus, and ran the BIOS update as administrator.  The update began and asked if I would like to update from version 1.0.5 to 1.0.7, and I clicked on the update button.  The BIOS flash began by deleting the previous BIOS and then attempted to install the new 1.0.7 BIOS but produced an error message similar to "error writing BIOS to block," an the only option was to cancel the update.  I knew I did not have any BIOS installed at that point, but my computer was still operating so I made an additional attempt to re-download the 1.0.7 BIOS and re-install it.  No good, it would not even run now.  There was no turning back and no way to reinstall either the previous BIOS or the new one.  Eventually I tried to restart the computer, and it would not start. 
Dell is sending a tech next week to replace the motherboard on this otherwise great computer that is only about two months old.
DO NOT upgrade the BIOS on a Inspiron 518 with 64 Bit Vista to version 1.0.7.  The upgrade does not work and will kill your motherboard.

A:Dell Inspiron 518 BIOS v1.0.7 64 Bit Vista DO NOT UPGRADE BIOS

No it happened to me too.  Dell is replacing the motherboard under warranty but I was told somewhat firmly not to update the BIOS unless advised by a technican.  In my defense the BIOS update was listed as "recommended" under the download section for this unit on the Dell support website.
I would recommend to avoid two phone calls (over 40 minutes each) to tech support and several days waiting for a new motherboard, not to update the BIOS at this time.
Thankfully it is being covered under warranty.

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DISCLAIMER: Spelling and grammar impaired.I think i spelled that right.

Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q9300 @ 2.50GHz, 2497 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s)
installed memory: 8.00GB (3.24 GB usable) <--dont ask X86 (ddr2)
system type: 32-bit operating System
OS: Version 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Build 7601
System Manufacturer: Gateway <---might be the issue
System Model: FX7026
System Type: X86-based PC
Hardware Abstraction Layer: Version = "6.1.7601.17514"
motherboard: intel corp DG33SXG2
chipset p35/g33/g31
SMBIOS Version 2.4
BIOS: intel corp. DPP3510J.86A.0437 <--- issue...this bios seems to be for the DG33bu but even worst it is for vista/xp
video card: (bfg tech) GeForce gts 250... not that it matters i have it overclocked to
shader: 1836
Usually it maintains a temp of 45 in idle,75-80 in game max setting. but at time of error it was factory set. yes, i know that is a bit on the hot side.
Two weeks ago i could run Skyrim (game, only using it as a base for performance diff) on full detail with a good number of mods. Not any issues, aside from moments of lag from graphics jump/FPS. i moved the computer into a different room. There was no dropping or banging around of unit. On reboot i get the blue screen of death...(this is the ... Read more

A:bios error 1283, wrong bios installed... i think.

It would either need to boot far enough to load the new BIOS via floppy/USB, or the BIOS chip would need to be removed and flashed.

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So a few days ago, I had the smart idea to update my Bios. I had brought up System Information and saw I hadn't updated the Bios since 2011 (it's an older computer), so I downloaded the 2013 Bios, and ran the windows installer. Everyone seemed to run fine.
But afterwards, the computer would restart at the Bios screen multiple times. Given enough time, it would sometimes get past the Bios screen and load Windows.
I tried pressing F2 to bring up the Bios menu, but it would restart before the menu popped up. After probably 4-6 resets, I could bring up the Bios menu.
I tried using an USB with the 2013 Bios on it to install it again, but it didn't fix anything.
I've heard of different things, like pulling out and putting back in (reseating) the CMOS battery to reset the Bios to the original version. I haven't tried that yet because I wanted to see if there were any other options.
Thank you for your time.

A:Computer Restarts at BIOS, often can't even bring up BIOS menu

I am not aware that reseating the CMOS battery will cause the BIOS to revert to the original version.  Nevertheless, have you tried re-flashing the 2013 version again?  If that doesn't solve the problem, maybe you could try flashing the 2011 version?

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I have ibm thinkpad R51 2887 nq2 series . My system has been crashed as it is not starting.The whole system gets hang after showing the first ibm screen. The bios utility setup is not getting opened through access ibm button . In safe mode it shows that system BIOS and video BIOS is not working and it has been shadowed.sometimes the system gets started ,but after one minute ,it stucks and the whole system paused and nothing happens.It may be the virus attack on BIOS and it also changes the time and date configuration of BIOS. so what should i do .And how i can install BIOS driver to the system.

A:Solved: system BIOS and video BIOS shadowed

Did you mark this "Solved"?

It sounds like you need a new CMOS battery.

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hi there, i am fixing a friends old computer and the hdd was stuffed so i got a new maxtor diamondmax 9 for it. although once installing it i found out that it would only run in udma2 mode (checked it in another computer and it ran at full udma6)
so i suspect that the current bios cannot support udma5 or 6, so i am looking for a bios upgrade for it.
the bios string is 6A69RPRDC-00, the number on the actual motherboard is 35-C960-00-05
thanks for any help, i am really hoping i can make this board work at udma5 at least and not have to settle for udma2.
thanks again

ps. i just found this
04/19/2001-i815-ITE87X2-6A69RPRDC-00 ITE87X2 + Winbond-W39A
if that is any help.

A:help with updating bios. cannot find bios upgrade - 6A69RPRDC-00


Old Machines.....(just like me... but can still perform to the max lol)

I your Bios has the option of udma up to 6 then generally the bios supports the Mode! and your problem is that the HDD does not support the mode (cant remember if you said it does).

You are probably using wrong criteria for bios upgrade search.
Try WWW.driverguide,com

You Need the MB's Manufacturers Name or at least the MB Chipset and bios Manufacturers Name as well. go to the Computers muanufacturers website (you probably done that already) and search model.

otherwise Download a System info utility from Tech Spot, I use SiSoft Sandra or AIDA32.. (sandra might cause bluescreen on older machines).. Aida problably will have link direct to bios update site. hope this was of some help

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I updated the bios after I had notified from Toshiba about the Bios v3.50. The process was done by the Toshiba Utility software, and after the reboot there is "Password =" on a blank screen and it not recognise my BIOS password, writing "Not certified".

I have also tried the HDD password but no luck.

What can I do now?

A:Satellite Z30-A-12R BIOS password not recognised after BIOS upgrade


Before trying to update the BIOS, all passwords should be removed!
BIOS password can be removed by authorized service provider available in your country.

But the unknown HDD password cannot be removed anymore.
In such case the HDD isn?t accessible and cannot be used.

Sorry mate but in my opinion you have only one chance to get the BIOS password removed; you need the ASP assistance.

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I recently took a BIOS update and I later on found out that it has messed up my Notebook. File transfer speed has been riduculously slow, games and movies stutter occasionaly. Everything has changed and it does not look good. Product Info: Model: Pavilion AB522TXOS: Windows 10 64-bit ( updated to the very last) RAM: 8 GBProcessor: i5-6200U

View Solution.

A:Downgrade a BIOS update or Optimising BIOS settings

Hey @Rahul_mk,  I would like to welcome you to the HP Support Community. If my reply resolves your issue or answer your question(s),  please let others know this reply was helpful by clicking the Accept as Solution button. I understand that you did a BIOS upgrade but it did not take well to your HP Pavilion Notebook - 15-ab522tx. You mentioned that your Notebook is now slow and games and movies are stuttering.  Many HP Notebooks have an HP BIOS Restore tool that may recover the BIOS from an earlier version and restore basic functionality. Please follow the documentation to do a BIOS reset.  Have you tried to perform a hard reset?Which BIOS version did  you upgrade to? You said that Windows 10 is up to date.Have you tried using the HP Support Assistant for updates also?  You can try following the below steps to reload the factory installed BIOS Setup Settings:In the BIOS Setup utility, select the Exit tab.Select Load Setup Defaults.Select Save Changes and Exit (pressing F5 and the Enter key will also load the Setup Defaults).Press Esc and then Enter to exit Setup.If you require further assistance, I would be more than happy to continue to help you. Please re-post with any information you think may help me find a resolution for you. Please also let me know if the BIOS reset works. If yo... Read more

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I've got an Acer Model As5742 Laptop with an i5 480M processor and 8 GB of good Ram. I'm running Win 7 Pro 64 Bit. It's only about 5 months old and this started about a month ago. I have no other problems. IE: Blue Screens or Lockups or anything, just the Bios clock changes to a random date and time after every restart. I replaced the Bios battery twice and it only effects the chore of having to reset the time in Windows every time I boot.

I'm going to send it to Acer to be repaired within a week or two, but maybe it's not a bad timing mechanism in the motherboard and one of you people have a correct solution to it. Which will save me the trouble of sending it in for a motherboard replacement.

I do have all the drivers and bios updates installed. Oh yes I've ran about 15 different virus Etc. Malware scans with several different products and they all come back clean.
I ran System File Checker SFC /scannow from the command prompt several times that also comes back OK.



A:Bios Clock time changes after every Restart even after replacing Bios

Quote: Originally Posted by Earthmanx

...just the Bios clock changes to a random date and time after every restart.

If this is the case then Windows wouldn't change it, though malware might I suppose (and you have checked for this).

Can you otherwise make changes to your BIOS settings that "stick"? If yes, then return/repair is all I can think of. If NONE of your BIOS changes survived reboot though, then I might consider whether that laptop left the factory with its "reset CMOS" jumper in the "reset" position. Dunno if laptops have these, but most desktop mobos do of course.

Oops you said "started a month ago" so my "left the factory jumpered wrong" would not apply.

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we are trying to do a rather off-the-wall thing. the big picture: we have classified data that we want to encrypt on all writable partitions on our hard drive(s). we need to store the encryption/decryption "keys" - two redundant 32 byte entries - for this data external to these drives. one place we thought of was in bios. these keys will be used for every read/write from/to the hard drives, so we would like them be be accessible in the lower part of ram like all other bios data is after bootup (if possible). the keys may need to be changed sometimes at boot-up by a third party application and NOT by entering the standard bios menus, which may be the trickiest part. is any of this at all possible?

A:How does one write to (and read from) bios without using typical bios menus?

Sure it is, but why do it the hard way? (You would have to rewrite the operating system kernel/drivers to do this unless you are using DOS or something)

There are industry standard solutions like TPM chips on motherboards, smart cards, security tokens, pinpads, hardware hard drive encryption devices..

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 Hi,trying to change BIOS language using HP Bios Configuration Utility but get Error code 6 - Access Denied (failed due to BIOS permissions).BIOS version is THI vA0.08.I can read (get) successfully but cannot change any setting...tried to change other settings unsuccessfully.What am I missing? Do I need to set a password first?

A:Can't change bios language - HP BIOS Configuration Utility -...

I should have mentioned...language is currently Dutch and I would like to set it to English. I removed the * and placed in front of English...essentially following instructions in the manual so that is not the issue.thanks in advance for your help ?

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Okay, so I got the laptop from my aunt and she gave it to me broken, not booting up. So I wanna upgrade/downgrade the BIOS and probably will help with the issue. It booted yesterday, but it didn't today. I followed the instructions in this document at Recovering the notebook BIOS using an external device. I currently have a blank non-bootable USB, and whenever I extract the BIOS there, I get "Error IHIS! not support current BIOS" followed with "BIOS did not support InsydeFlash"  May anyone please help me to finally fix this devil. Any help would be appreciated.    And yes, It is on Windows 10 Pro 32 bit. I did a fresh clean install of it yesterday.

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I have a five-month old HP Compaq Presario Laptop, which has been working fairly decently (I've had a few virus scares, and my Norton quarrentined something a twenty days ago). On HP's advice, I just updated the BIOS on my laptop. It's currently stuck at Verifying New Bios Image, and it's at 100% - It's been stuck that way for a half-hour plus. Any advice? What should I do?

A:HP BIOS Update Stuck at "Verifying New Bios Image 100%"

You have no choice but to force a reboot and keep your fingers crossed.

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Hello, guys...
Is there such program which decodes or reset the bios password of a Laptop
My laptop in an old Acer Aspire 4715z

I've tried removing the CMOS
But found no jumper. I was suprised that after resetting the CMOS only the Date and Time reset.

I'll be waiting for your replies..

A:BIOS Decoder or BIOS password reset tool

I am sorry, but we cannot help youPer forum rulesNo subject matter will be allowed whose purpose is to defeat existing copyright or security measures. If a user persists and/or the activity is obviously illegal the staff reserves the right to remove such content and/or ban the user. This would also mean encouraging the use or continued use of pirated software is not permitted, and subject to the same consequences.

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Just a thought......
Currently we build around 80,000 pc's a year here, with a fairly low attach rate of Nvidia Cards (Geforce G210, Quadro 600 and Quadro 2000D). I was just speaking to one of my Taiwanese colleagues who said their new G210 VGA Cards with a UEFI Bios will not work on Windows 7 Machines/Mainboards with a Legacy Bios, and vv, Older G210 cards that we currently have a Legacy VGA Bios won't work on Windows 8 Machines/Mainboards with UEFI Bios.

Is this right ? or am i being a bit stupid..... ?

A:VGA Bios & Mainboard Bios Interaction Win7 vs Win8

Um, I'm not sure I follow but my Asus M4N68T-M V2 ?ATX Motherboard and NVIDIA Geforce GT 220 PCIe Video card both work just fine with Windows 8. Neither one has a UEFI BIOS. I have to admit to having little to no experience with UEFI. I wasn't aware that a Video card had to have or even had a UEFI BIOS.

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Dear All,
I have a question regarding BIOS upgrades as well as downgrades. First, about downgrading BIOS, is it a safe thing to do? If not, then what makes it not safe? I have Dell Inspiron 640M, with the latest BIOS A10. Not happy with this one due to high pitch sounds coming from the top right hand corner of the laptop. It's been suggested that I downgrade only a couple of revisions back, namely, to either A09 or A08. However, Ive been getting conflicting reports about the safety of downgrading from Dell Tech Support. Some say that it's not done at all, others say that as long as it's only to downgrade back to a couple of previous versions, then risks are not as high as going all the way back to a really early version, such as A03 etc. The risks, I'm told, is in the performance of hard disks. Apparently, if you downgrade to a really early version such as A03, then problems will arise, though I'm not sure what the exact problems are. Moreover, there are those who say that there is no procedure for downgrading and that it is never suggested to anyone to downgrade their BIOS. The notion that it becomes riskier as you downgrade back to a really early version of BIOS such as A03 baffles me, because in my case, prior to doing any kind of updating for BIOS on my laptop, I had version A03, and have not had any kind of improvements, enhancements done to my computer whatsoever. in other words, my computer is the same as when I got it last year in terms of ha... Read more

A:Is downgrading of BIOS safe? How do you know if down or upgrade of BIOS is successful

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Hi all,

I decided to re-install my OS on Saturday as my kids had filled it with a lot of junk and I thought a nice clean re-install would be a good idea. Switched the boot sequence to CD drive and off I went. No problem until I had finished the installation and when I tried to get into the BIOS set up I can't, the screen simply hangs on the Asus graphic with the words "Press Del to go to set up". The issue I have now is that I need to have a boot CD in to continue to use the PC.

Can anyone think of any reason why I can't access the BIOS setup or is there another way in?

MoBo - Asus PG5c - mx/1333
OS - XP Pro SP3

Many thanks


A:Can't access my BIOS set up

Are you using a usb keyboard or hardwired? This can be a problem at times with a usb keyboard.

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I hope I'm in the right section for posting my question. Actually, I have two questions.

When I start up my computer (I'm using Win 7, 64 bit) the computer monitor is blank and I know this is normal, but it is a matter of choice. For my preference, I like to see the text scrolling while it is loading up. Kinda gives me a bit of confidence that it's loading OK.

I recently had some work done on my computer and now the screen is blank while loading until the system is fully activated. If I recall correctly from days long ago, this action can be selected for "Off and On"on the BIOS menu. I suspect it is the same with Win 7?? But time has erased how I can open up and access BOIS.

I tried hitting the F-8, F-10, F2 and the Delete key while the system is loading to bring the BIOS up but this didn't work for me.

So my questions are:

1. How or what do I do to bring up the BIOS menu?

2. What are the exact steps and in what order, do I use so that I can change the options so that the "TEXT" shows when the system is loading.

Any help would be appreciated.

A:How To Access BIOS (Win 7, 64 bit)

What is the make & model of your computer, some use different keys to enter the BIOS setup ?

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Hi everyone...
So, I have a friend's HP Pavilion sitting here in my office. I need to do a hard drive swap. The computer has one HDD, which is completely fried - it won't even power up. Straightforward job - she wants me to put in a new drive, and reinstall Windows 7 on that drive.
Here's the problem: I've been trying to access the BIOS - specifically, to change the boot order - so that I can boot from the Windows disk and get the OS installed. The thing will NOT let me change the boot order. I've tried every POST keystroke and keystroke combination I can find - even from the HP forums, but the thing will not let me into the BIOS. The boot menu does NOT give me the option to change the boot order - which I find perplexing.
Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

A:Cannot access the BIOS

If a desktop I would use the motherboard jumper to clear CMOS and possibly change the battery. When you are in the boot menu, you can't highlight a selection with the up/down arrow keys?

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Hi everyone;

I need your help. I am going to install 7, but, I have a problem during installation that I should disable AHCI mode. I found that I should go into BIOS. I have a Sony vaio laptop that I tried all keys like F1, F2, DEL, ESC, F10 ...Just F2 works and go to setup. In setup screen, I can see just main, security, boot and exit tabs. I don't know is it bios? If so, how can I disable AHCI mode? I didn't find anything.
Thanks in advance

A:Bios Access


Usually its the F2 key for the Vaio's if I'm not mistaken. Hold that down when you reboot.


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Please Help Me, I'm still can't  access BIOS although I have been pressing esc but menu not open.sorry for bad english 

A:I can't access BIOS

Greetings, You are tapping "ESC' too late if your PC completes the POST and boots to Windows. Try again. Cheers!

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I just bought a new Lenovo G580 that came with Windows 8 on it and I can't get into the BIOS settings in order to change the boot order....

A:Can't access BIOS

How are you trying to do it? According to the Lenovo site, you press F2 as soon as the Lenovo logo appears on the screen.

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I have a LG LM50 Laptop with XP PRO SP2 on it, which I have not used for a few months.
I wanted to reformat it and to install Windows 7. It has 1 partition (C which has NO important things on it, so I just started by getting into the BIOS, for changing the boot order, but OH NO! It asked for a PASSWORD! I have NO idea what is it.

The BIOS is Phoenix NoteBIOS 4 release 6.

I figured out the only way I MAYBE could reset the bios password is to disassmble the laptop, remove the CMOS battery and put it back after like 1 minute. This way is too dangerous for me and I don't really want to use it because as I read, even if I perform the process right, I could harm the laptop.

So since I tried booting the Win7 installation from USB (no luck, probabbly because in the boot order USB is after HDD), and the DVD drive won't eject or read anything, my laptop will only boot from HDD. So I tried to boot the installation from HDD - which for I need 2 partitions - C: for the installation files and another partition as the target partition. Because I had only 1 partition - C, I had to resize it and create another partition. I used Partition Magic 8.0, from Windows of course, because I couldn't boot from a CD, When I pressed Apply, It asked me to reboot "because the process can't be done from windows..". I confirmed, and during the boot the PM screen showed up. It started the process, but in like 3% total progress, an error appeared (1518). "press any key to ... Read more

A:No Bios Access...

This is the second time. We can not help with passwords.

If you have a floppy drive, you may be able to use this:

LoadCD will create a bootable floppy disk. If your machine can boot from a floppy, booting from this floppy will load any bootable CD that is in your CD-ROM.
This should work whether or not booting from CD is enabled in your BIOS setup, and should work even on machines that do not have a CD-ROM boot option at all. It also supports booting from CD's created using no emulation on computers that will only boot from floppy or hard drive emulated CD's.

If you have 2 optical drives, you may be able to use one of these:

Boot Loader CD Image


SGD Boot Disk - This zip file contains both CD and floppy images. This boot disk can hide and unhide partitions, activate partitions, boot Windows or any other OS whether there is an MBR present or not, boot from a second drive, restore Windows boot (equivalent to fdisk /mbr or fixmbr), add or remove GRUB, restore LILO, live-swap drives and more.

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Hello, I have a HP Pavilion dv6 3016sl laptop but I can't enter BIOS or choose the device to boot. I tried F1, F2, F9, F10 and F11. None of them work. Could you help me please?

View Solution.

A:Access to BIOS

Hi, Was the bios updated prior to this problem occuring? Try clearing the cmos as follows. With reference to Page 62 of your Maintenance & Service Guide remove the RTC battery.  Hold down the power button for 30 seconds.  Reinsert the RTC cell. Can you access any menus at boot now? Regards, DP-K

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I upgraded my Gigabyte Z77-D3H rev1.0 motherboard based PC to Win10 without any problem and it ran for months very well.

Recently I installed a new graphics card MSI NVIDIA GTX970 and since then boot up has become very slow- On startup the motherboard graphic stays up for ages but I cant access the BIOS via the usual DEL keypress. After 3 (maybe 4) single beeps, each about 30 secs apart, I then get a blank screen for 20secs then the Win10 opening screen before it opens W10 proper. Once up, W10 runs ok.

Ive tried numerous ways to access the BIOS without success - inc turning off "fast startup"

Under PC settings - advanced options I have "System Restore, System Image Recovery, Startup Repair, Command Prompt, Startup Settings, Go back to previous build". I do NOT have the "UEFI Firmware setting" even though the motherboard has UEFI.

I dont know what to do next.

I have considered a clean reboot for W10 but havent found the time to devote to that task.

Any help will be gratefully received .

A:Cant access BIOS - what to do now ?

Try disconnecting all the hard drive(s) data cables and booting up without hard drives connected.

or remove the video card and try it with on board graphics.

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I dug around some before posting, but I couldn't find anyone having the same problem as me, and I'm hoping this is the most appropriate forum. I apologize for the length, but I wanted to post everything I thought might be pertinent. Thanks.

Current Problem:
When I turn on my computer, I can tap Del to access the BIOS, and I can change things in there as much as I want. It recognizes all my drives. After exiting the BIOS (or if I skip the BIOS altogether), the computer freezes about 2 seconds later. It displays a messed up version of the Winfast logo. I cannot boot into Safe Mode, I cannot get it to boot from the HDD, I cannot get it to boot from CD, and I do not have a floppy disk drive. It just freezes.

I was playing Guild Wars when my GeForce 4 Ti4400 died. I got a working Radeon 9700 from a friend (he was using it up until the moment I got it, and I ran AquaMark 3D on it) and ran into only a billion problems. When I performed certain actions involving the online video game Guild Wars, my computer would suddenly reboot with no warning. I adjusted "reboot on error" in the system properties. It no longer rebooted, but instead, I got a solid blue screen (no words, just a blue screen), and I had to hold the power switch down to turn off the system. I suspect that troubleshooting this BSoD problem and putting my system through that repeatedly probably messed up some settings or something. The last thing I did to my computer was install the ATI C... Read more

A:Can Only Access BIOS (That's It)

Sounds like a hard drive gone bad...Does your BIOS setup have a feature to test the drive?

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Had this issue for a while and I just now had a need to enter it.

I have tried ESC, F1-F12, END, INSERT, DEL, the default "Enter" key that my startup guide says, along with the 'break' command. None have worked.

Not sure if it is the key binding for it or if I just can't enter it.

Any ideas?

A:Cannot access BIOS

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hi... I cant seem to access my BIOS.. help me please

A:How do I access my BIOS?


hi. I have a Dell L433c with integrated video memory into the motherboard but I cant get more then 16 colors (I think because the standard PCI graphics adaptor has 64 k of video memory hahaha). to fix this problem I put in a S3 Virge64+ video card in (I also tried my voodoo card) but it still wont activate because my comuter says that the "primary display driver" needs to have at least 256 colors. so I them learned that I have to go into the BIOS menu and deactivate the integrated memory. But I cant sseem to activate my BIOs thing. I have hit all the F keys at the top of the keyboard (F1-F12) as well as the Esc key while the comp was booting up, but the BIOS menu still doesn't come up. what do I do to get my BIOS menu to come up and change from integrated video memory, to drawing video mem from my video card??

Oh and I am sorry if this doesn't have anyting to do with CPUs, Chipsets and Mobos but I couldn't find another place to post this....

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i am trying to install a new OS, how do i  access the bios, on my HP Pavilian dv8?

View Solution.

A:how to access the bios?

Hi: You should be able to access the BIOS by tapping the F10 key as soon as you see the HP welcome screen. Paul

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I tried changing MSCONFIG to force my PC to boot in safe mode (to clear a virus), now I can't even access BIOS. It starts up and freezes on the startup screen
My intel motherboard has an error E6
Is there any way to recover this?

A:Can't even access BIOS?

If this is a desktop model, clear CMOS by doing the following
Either use the jumper. It should be near the CMOS Battery or Unplug the power, remove the battery, hold the power button down for 10 seconds. Replace the battery and the power cord.
This is a EFI BIOS. The E6 code means it could not finish loading drivers.
Do you have a model number of the motherboard? Depending on the model number the jumper method may be a little different but here is the instructions for one board.The motherboard manual would give you a location of the jumper.
CMOS Jumper
The CMOS jumper is used to clear the CMOS configuration to reset the CMOS. This has the same result as when you remove the CMOS battery. To use this jumper:

Open the chassis and move the jumper from pins 1 & 2 to pins 2 & 3.

Plug power back in and turn on the system.

Wait 10 - 15 seconds.

Turn off the system and disconnect power.

Move the jumper back to pins 1 & 2.

Close the chassis and reconnect power.

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Hello! I know the reason: It is a Compaq Deskpro 4000 and because of the the way it is designed, the access to the BIOS is a program installed on the Hard Drive that stays as a "Non DOS" partition. Because the Hard Drive was formatted, I now have to install a "patch" on the Hard Drive thru a floppy disk that will bring the F10 key back to life. Can anyone of you direct me to the "patch"? I went to and I couldn't find it. Thanks for your help!!!!

A:Can't Access The BIOS!!!!

Looks like 2836 is the exe you need, well down the page...

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Ive looked at every list of BIOS Access codes, and ive tried alot of them. Havent been able to access it. I Have an HP Pavilion 533w computer and i cant find the access code for an HP computer anywhere? Maybe my computer just wont allow me to access it? I got the "No Operating System Found" Error.

A:Cant Access Bios...

Have you reformatted your computer lately? Try HP's website and update the bios.

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I have a Tyan S2507S Trinity 450 with a [email protected] It boots up and runs fine, but I cant get to the bios. When it first comes on... I hit delete, and the screen goes black, w/blicking cursor in the upper left corner. I cant tpye or anything from there, i have to restart.

A:Cant access bios

Try other keys like F1 and F10 (try all the "F"unction keys).

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How do i access the bios and i did have windows 7 but then upgraded to windos 10 with the free upgrade thing that i got Pls Help 

View Solution.

A:how to access the bios pls help

Immediately after pressing the power button to turn on start tapping the F10 key..

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I have a Lenovo J115 desktop and would like to know how to access BIOS in case I ever need to.

The manual is of no help.

A:How to access BIOS?

When you boot you should see something like hold F2 to enter setup or something like that.

look for it when you turn on your computer. Then again since it is a retail computer it(the BIOS) might be locked.

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I can't acces BIOS on my Asus laptop. I have Windows 8.1. My BIOS has not UEFI settings. Could someone help me how to open BIOS without UEFI settings.

A:Can't access BIOS

On my ASUS X54C with windows 7 one pressed: F1 during boot for BIOS access; F9 for Repair partition; and ESC for boot order.

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Suddenly, I cannot access bios. My keyboard is not detected at startup, (therefore cannot press DEL)only after booting into WinXP.

A:Cannot access Bios

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