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My CAPS LOCK is not working for lower case, but if...

Q: My CAPS LOCK is not working for lower case, but if...

Iam Using, ASPIRE E 15, E5-571-31HF, i purchased from india, and upgraded windows 10, now my caps lock is not working for lower case letters, but if press SHIFT key, going on LOWER CASE, it is very problem for my office work, any one know solutions for this issue ?

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Iam Using, ASPIRE E 15, E5-571-31HF, i purchased from india, and upgraded windows 10, now my caps lock is not working for lower case letters, but if press SHIFT key, going on LOWER CASE, it is very problem for my office work, any one know solutions for this issue ?

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When I hit Caps Lock, a display pops up in the lower right corner of the screen to notify me of the change.  It looks like this: How do I stop this from happening?  I've found a bunch of workarounds via Google, and they all either don't work for me or don't apply.

A:Caps Lock indicator in lower right of screen

 Looks like you have a wireless (bluetooth) keyboard. Easy way (if you don't use Bluetooth)Click Start.Type MSCONFIG.Allow User Account Control? - click Yes.Click Startup tab.Remove check marks from "Bluetooth Software" and/or "HP Desktop Keyboard".Restart computer. If you want to only shut down the little graphical presentation and you want to keep the bluetooth icon, use the steps above to prevent "HP Desktop Keyboard" from loading, but do not remove the checkmark next to bluetooth.And then prevent the OSD for the bluetooth caps lock indicator by making a minor change in the registry:Click Start.Type REGEDIT.Allow User Account Control? - click Yes.To backup your registry (in case soething goes haywire), select Computer, click File menu, click Export, give a name and save.After backing up registry, open each of the following registry values (the little folders) in this path:  HKEY_LOCAL_MCHINE_\SOFTWARE\Widcomm\BTConfig\General\Double-click the value KeyIndication in the list on the right.Change the hex value from a one (1) TO A ZERO (0).Close the registry editor window and restart your computer. You don't need to save anything - it happens on the fly (scary).

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using word in outlook and some fixes do not work.

Sticky keys are disabled and holding both shift buttons simultaneously does not work.

Ideas? using Win Vista.

A:Only upper case letters, but caps lock is off

now its gone as it came....

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I have a document which has hundreds of words in ALL CAPS (amongst other words that I wish to leave), which I want to turn to lower caps italics. Here's my macro so far:

With Selection.Find
.Font.BOLD = False
.Font.Size = 12
.Text = " [A-Z][A-Z]{1,14}"
.Replacement.Text = "^&"
.Replacement.Font.Italic = True
.Replacement.Text.Case= wdLowerCase
.Forward = True
.Wrap = wdFindContinue
.Format = True
.MatchCase = False
.MatchWholeWord = False
.MatchAllWordForms = False
.MatchSoundsLike = False
.MatchWildcards = True
End With
Selection.Find.Execute Replace:=wdReplaceAll

I want it to ignore Bold headings, hence the fontsize 12 and BOLD commands early on in the macro.

I'm stuck on the line in red - keep getting invalid message. How do I turn replacement text to lower caps? Can't work it out.

I'm already aware of how to toggle caps on off etc with F3. But I need to run this for hundreds of words, hence why I wish to create a macro. Anyone know how to change replacement text case?

Thanks in advance.

A:Word Macro to turn all caps into lower caps

I don't think you can do a "replace all" in this particular situation. The code would need to be modified to search for each instance of Caps one at a time using a loop and do the changes to each one separate. I can help with the coding but I can tell you right now it won't run very efficiently especially considering the number of instances you say there could be.


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A:caps lock will not turn off and keeps making caps lock hold ...

I am not able to provide any solutions or assistance at this time. Please allow for the forum community to assist with your matters. 


Thank you 

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All of a sudden the Logitech Caps lock gadget for my my vista( 32 bit ) sidebar doesn't work at all , no lights come on for caps/numbers /scroll locks. The sound/vision for set point works OK but not on the side bar. I have tried downloading it directly from Logitech and also from Windows sidebar gadgets but no avail. I have checked that my setpoint is up to date etc but still it won't work, Grateful for any help and suggestions.

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I have been using Windows 7 for a few months now, and suddenly my Logitech keyboard Caps lock is not responding. I can get a capital letter in, say, Word, etc., by simply holding down the shift key, but cannot type words in capitals, other than by doing the same thing. Previously I simply pressed the Caps lock key, but recently that has had no effect. The Number lock key works perfectly, so has anyone any ideas please? Thanks.

A:Solved: Caps lock not working in Windows 7

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MY CAPS LOCK KEY is blinking 1 times in intervals and sometimes many times, sometimes its on for many seconds automatically, i dont know what to do please help. I have tried to update BIOS and still the problem is same , tried to downgrade from windows 10 to original windows 8.1 and problem is the same. ResetTING the laptop is NOT HELPING please help.

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I'm having problems with my keyboard again. The Caps Lock key (dim) light remains on and the following keys are not working: 2 @ w s x and the one on the right next to Alt. In the meantime I'm using the on-screen keyboard. I had this problem a couple of years ago, I found a solution online but I forgot what the solution is, so i'm sure is not a keyboard itself.


A:2 @ w s x keys not working, caps lock dim light on

I think you should try re-seating the keyboard's cable to the motherboard.

You would have to remove the keyboard to do it

Can you recall if that's what you did last time ?

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Unable to release "Caps Lock" in Windows, Only With "Shift" key, HELP please.?

I recently had a power serge that frying 1 of my 6 internal 2TB sata hard-drives... After removing it and running some test to see if everything was ok other then that drive... I noticed my Caps Lock key was freezing on... I tried swapping it with another USB keyboard still the same problems then I tried swapping it with a PS/2 keyboard still the same issues... I can release the caps by pressing ether SHIFT key...

I'm Currently running,
Windows Vista Ultimate 64bit (Valid)
8gb Ram,
12TB of Disk space,
(Post a comment if more info is needed, But I think this is more then enough info to help answer the question)

I would really like to not have to press SHIFT every time to release the Caps Lock key.

Thank you if anyone can help this issue.

p.s. I've tried reinstalling the drivers & uninstalling from Device manager....

A:Solved: Caps Lock not Releasing with Caps Lock key

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Hi to all Windows users.


Problem started within VirtualBox app.
First, my both ALT keys were locked.
BUT I found out were problem was.

Pressing BOTH CTRL, BOTH ALT and BOTH SHIFT keys unlock ALT keys.

BUT new problem occurs.

Now keys F1, 2, W, S, X and CAPS LOCK not working.
I don't know what to do and this "on screen kb" i killing me.

I'm gonna try another kb today and I'll pot results later.
My kb is on ps/2 connector and model is Genius KB220.

A:Keyboard Problem, Keys F1, W, S, X and CAPS LOCK NOT WORKING

Yes, that would be a malfunction of my kb.
I've tried another one and another one is working properly.

Lock, please.

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My caps lock light suddenly quit working. I have no display of caps lock. I am running Windows 7 on an X250 I7 with 8 gybtes of memory. I wonde if this is a hard ware problem or a software glitch. I have 136 days of warranty left. Thanks very muchMK Stenstrom

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Hello All,
       This is not really a request for fix assistance, since I've already fixed the problem, but I wanted to see if someone could explain how the now fixed issue came to be.
        I work with individuals who are visually-impaired or blind to teach them how to use their computers with assistive technology such as screen readers and magnifiers (most commonly JAWS and ZoomText but there are others).
        One of my current clients has an HP laptop that is hooked to a large-screen TV via HDMI and who's also using an external keyboard and mouse when he's at his desk.  On Friday, there was an accident where several heavy objects were dropped and hit both the external keyboard and mouse, but not the computer.  Subsequent testing shows neither the mouse nor the external keyboard were damaged.  The laptop itself was untouched during this incident.  The client had believed that the keyboard and/or mouse were damaged, and acquired a bluetooth portable keyboard and mouse, but the behavior I'm about to describe for the keyboard occurred on the laptop's built-in keyboard, the external wired keyboard, and the external bluetooth keyboard:
            1.  Caps Lock was absolutely locked.  Nothing would unlock it, including fiddling with input method settings to switch the caps lock on/off to the Shift key rather than shift loc... Read more

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Hello, I am hoping someone could help me with this issue. I am not sure if I am posting in the right section of the forum so forgive me if i am not. I am using a compaq laptop with windows 7 for an OS. The G, H, 8, and backspace keys decided to stop working. For some reason the only way to get any of those buttons to work is if you put on CAPS lock and hold shift. Then you can use those keys. Im not sure if any other keys have been affected as of yet. Ive tried to google for a solution, which normally helps me fix any computer issues I come accross. So far I can only find the reccomendation to hold the function button and press numlock, and its supposed to remove the, "sticky keys." I am not quite sure what exactly the sticky keys are but I didnt think it was the problem here, and the laptop doesnt seem to have a function button anyways. I have seen the option to turn on sticky keys when holding shift on other computers or tapping shift 8 times, I dont know if it was turned on or if sticky keys cause certain keys to not work unless you hold shift while CAPS lock is on, but if this sounds like something you can help with please advise me of any suggestions. I appreciate any time you take to help or even if youve read this far. Thank you

A:Certain keyboard keys not working unless you press caps lock and hold shift?

First thing you do is get a canned air and clean out the keyboard... slowly, carefully, then do it again with the laptop upside down. That rules out the most common cause... dirt, dust, and debris.

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For some time now, i have been experiencing that my Num Lock, Caps Lock and Scroll Lock all lights up (not blinking) all at the same time, I tried to google it but i can not find any solutions or explanations for it.

Does anyone know if it is bad? and what is causing this?

I am having a wired keyboard with nothing fancy just a standard issue Logitech keyboard.

A:Num Lock, Caps Lock and Scroll Lock all lights up (not blinking)

Can you toggle those functions off, one at a time? Sometimes restarting the computer will use the last state it was in, I'd fully shut down and pull the power cord from the computer and the keyboard cable then put them back and try again.

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how to disable Caps lock, num lock, scroll lock screen messages?

I have desktop pc with two keyboards usb and bluetooth. Also TOSHIBA Bluetooth Stack software, but in device manager: keyboard > hid keyboard device both using microsoft drivers. And I dont have any software installed for keyboards. Also bluetooth has separate system tray indications (it is also disabled) so its not that. I made some googling and found other fix it with Hkey_Local_Machine\Software\Widcomm\BTConfig\General KeyIndication set to 0, but I dont have it in registry. Acualy I dont have anywhere in registry KeyIndication. So any ideas how to disable it? Thanks

A:Caps lock, num lock, scroll lock screen messages


You'll find that the messages are controlled by a piece of software that came pre-installed on your machine when you bought it. Try looking for a Hotkey managing app to see if the notifications can be disabled.


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I'm a sloppy typist. I don't know if I hit some key combo or what but I was typing a letter in word pad and suddenly my typing is in all caps. I have used a reg file to disable my caps lock key on this laptop because it gets in my way - a long time ago. I know it cannot be the caps lock key. I do not have a shift key sticking.

I saved the letter, then copied it to Polyedit another word processor, and it still types in all caps. Firefox does not seem to be effected. I even tried rebooting and nothing helped.


A:Typing in all Caps but Caps lock is disabled - Help

Perhaps this solution?

Can't get rid of caps - Microsoft Answers

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I created a list of companies & phone #'s etc. in access 2000. The letters are upper case. How do I change upper case listings to lower case?

A:Access 2000- Change upper case to lower case

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I would like to know if it is possible to configure outlook 2003 to automatically change lower case i to auto upper case I whilst typing my emails

It does it on my pc at work (could be cos its a better version of outlook)but I would love to know if I can have the same facility on my home pc

I'm using Vista and windows 7

Thanks in advance

A:Solved: Auto change lower case to upper case

Look at the Auto Correct options.

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My Toshiba satellite c650d seems to have power...the on button is green. The screen is black, the numbers and caps lock lights are on and wont go off. The disk drive makes the usual booting up noise but that is all she does. Ive unplugged and removed the battery and that did nothing. I cant even turn it off with the on/off button to remove that battery and then turn it on again. I removed and reinserted the memory (both) and I can't take the hard drive out, its held in by a screw. Is my "friend" dead?

A:toshiba satelite c650d caps lock light, number lock is on an

If, as it sounds, it is booting up but not ever displaying anything on the screen, check the cable between the motherboard and the screen. It might just be one of the connectors (at either end) has worked loose. With the computer well booted up, move the screen gently down to nearly closed. If you ever see anything on the screen then it could be the cable is faulty where it hinges.Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks

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I went into Ease of access center, Make the keyboard easier to use, and turned on toggle keys to make sounds when I hit these keys - Caps lock, Num Lock and Scroll Lock - but I get no sound when I hit any of these keys. What is the problem?

A:toggles keys selected to make sounds for Caps Lock, Num Lock

is the system volume up

Check Toggle Keys and hit apply

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My friends dv7-1135nr is not posting. The num lock and caps lock led light will flash once every 2 seconds at the same time. According to HP this issue is a " not functional" cpu. I am ordering another cpu for 16.00 off ebay because this is cheaper opposed to ordering another board. Anyone else have this issue? And if so did you fix it ?

A:dv7-1135nr black screen caps lock/num lock flashing

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Not a techie.  Can't get straight answer ANYWHERE.  New laptops tend to NOT have indicators on the keys.  Hoping Windows 10 has indicators that can be turned on and PROBABLY would show up in the tray at the bottom right of the screen. 
I have heard of sites where such things can be downloaded but again NOT a techie, so I hesitate to go outside of Windows/Microsoft for downloads.  I do not know what download sites are safe or spoofs.

Please plain English ... i.e. go to settings etc.  Or just give me a Microsoft approved site for download.

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Hi. I recently bought a new R5-417T laptop, and in the process of personalisation found no intuitive way to disable the caps-lock or num-lock notifications. (Windows 10 btw)  ^Notification in question^ How would I go about disabling this? I've tried looking in the BIOS, in regedit and some mythical "Launch Manager" program bundled with older acer laptops that I can't find a working version for.

A:How to DISABLE Caps-lock and Num-lock screen notif...

Caps lock is thr Caps lock key.For Num lock try Fn and F11.

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I have an HP Pavilion Laptop that is about 2 years old. I usually keep it in Hibernate mode but last night I shut it down totally and this morning woke up and the Caps lock and Num lock keys are blinking. Any clues as to what the problem is? All led lights on top are lit. Screen does not come up at all. I am going to try the hard reset to see if that is the problem. Any ideas would help.

A:Hp Pavilion Blinking Caps Lock and Num Lock keys

Hi, Welcome to TSG forums!
You might try booting it into safe mode....while computer is booting, continously tap the F8 key. This should open it in safe mode. If it does, use the arrow keys to move up to 'last known good configuration' click on enter, let the machine do its thing.
Let us know how it goes

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I went to get my HP dv4 Pavilion laptop after work tonight to check email and i opened it up and moved around the mouse to wake it up...the lights on they keyboard all came on as if it were starting but the screen stayed black. I waited a few minutes because sometimes it's been known to take a few seconds to actually kick on...but nothing happened so I forced shutdown by holding the power button. Turned it back on and the screen came on(with a "your system didn't shut down properly error screen) but it still started, but now the Caps Lock and Scroll keys had blinking lights on the side and top, blinking together about every second. I tried tapping the buttons and nothing happened. What caused this and how can i get rid of the blinking. I've read from doing a google search that shutting down, taking the battery out and unplugging from the A/C adapter and holding the power button for 15 seconds takes care of the problem...but I would like to make sure that is safe before trying as this is a fairly new laptop(just got it at Christmas time). I'm running Windows 7 if that makes a difference. would also like to add that I just noticed that my little batter icon says it is plugged in but not's sitting at 80%....this is a brand new ac adapter that I just got last I hope it's not that.Thank you for any help you can give me....and sorry if this isn't the right seemed to be the best fit.

A:Scroll/Num Lock and Caps Lock LED's blinking and battery not...

In order to help you further, could you please provide us with more information about your computer? Please post the specific model number or the (PN - Part Number) from the white tag on your computer. This will help us locate drivers and identify correct parts for your specific model. Make sure you've got the latest HP system BIOS installed.

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Hi, i've been reading through an endless amount of forum threads to figure out how to remove this caps lock indicator and have not been able to fix my problem. It seems every solution in the control panel does not fit, and no matter how much i look in Registry Editor I can't find the right folders. I don't have the Widcomm folders.  This is what I have tried. 1. unchecking any caps lock indication in the control panel.2. Looking through Registry Editor to delete/rename/alter files.3. Deleting and re-installing Lenovo Energy Manager. How is this problem fixed for me?  I am running windows 10, and a rather new Lenovo Y50 laptop

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†† Hi,I have an inspiron 9400 that has been having some issues lately.† As of right now, when I push the power button, the power light comes on but it does not boot or even post.† The Num lock stays on and the caps lock and scroll lock lights blink for about 40 seconds then the whole thing shuts off.† This can obviously be only a few things but, how to I figure out what those blinking lights mean.† I have search dell support but have found nothing.† Any help is greatly appreciated.†Thanks†

A:blinking Caps lock and Scroll lock/ no boot up

Try reseating your RAM securely in their slots.† I have read that blinking of any of the lock indicators is a sign of memory failure.

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Caps lock and scroll lock blinking, will not boot up 

A:caps lock and scroll lock blinking, will not boot up

Hi, Can you match the sequence of 'blinks' to those shown in the table below.  Can you post back with the full Model No. and Product No. of your notebook - see Here for a guide on locating this information. Regards, DP-K 

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Good afternoon,

I just did a clean install of 7 to fix errors with my laptop, and it fixed one, but not the other main issues,
My caps lock, and number lock button on the keyboard don't have a light on it and the pop up that is supposed to pop up doesn't show up on screen.
I figured by doing a clean install it would all magically appear again... I was wrong, I have tweaked everything I could think of looking/trying to change setting from the keyboard in control panel, (including messing around with ease of use) and Gateways so called "support" area was of no help, as well as googling the issue has led me down a path of useless tips, I have also looked on this forum for help.

Any help in this area would be GREATLY appreciated!!

A:Caps Lock/Num Lock, on screen pop up gone Gateway NV77

Ok, I have a problem I have set up the sound, and it does not play a sound.

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ANyone have aclue how to get these working again  i did a clean install of windows and for the life of me can't get these to work I've installed all drivers from the drivers page with no luck

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After installing windows 10 I no longer get the Caps Lock & Num Lock hot key indication on the screen for my Think Pad E550. 

Go to Solution.

A:Hot Keys for Caps lock/Num lock indicator dont wor...

Hi DBooker,
Welcome to Lenovo Forums!
Try uninstalling and reinstalling the hotkeys from the device manager.
Please let me know whether the above step helped you.            
Thank you, have a good day.
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Dear team,                                           I have HP Probook 4440s Laptop.My laptop working fine, But Caps lock light is not glowing. I cant understand the if caps lock its on or off.Kindly please provide the solution for this problem\                                                                               Thanking you ,                                                                                                                                               With regards,                                                                                              &n... Read more

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Hello! Recently, I turned on the on screen indicators for caps and num lock by accident when trying to get the pop-up window to stop opening every time I hit one of the buttons. Now I don't know how to disable it, and it's a pain while playing games. Solutions tried:Going to preference, there is no "On-Screen Display Tab"Going to run the regedit. Any help would be appreciated!


Go to Solution.

A:Y50 Remove Caps lock/Num lock indicator?

hi Vilvern,
Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums!
  If the system does not have CAPS OSD under Control Panel / Uninstall a Program to uninstall
You will need to Uninstall the Lenovo Energy managemenr Under the Programs / Uninstall a program.
Solid Cruver

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I need help. I will explain when I believe the problem began. I Had windows xp running with 3 harddrives and a Cdrom drive. My CdRom drive began to give me problems, so I was going to swap it with one from one of my other computers. At the same time I wanted to change the way I had all my drives connected. I had originally had the 80 gig drive as a Primary Master, with a smaller drive acting as the Slave. I also had the Cdrom as Master Secondary drive and a smaller drive attached as the Slave. Now everthing was running fine, exept that my cdrom drive would read the discs only if it would start up with the disk in the drive. If I tried to change it, windows would ask me to place a disk in the F: drive, when there already was one. I thought to replace the CdRom drive with another working device. while at the same time I decided to change up my Connections. I took the "new" cd rom drive and made it Slave Primary to the Master 80 Gig drive. then I took the two smaller drives and put them together as sencondary devices. when I tried to turn on the computer all that happens is, as soon as I touch the power my 3 lights on my keyboard come on. Num Lock Caps Lock and Scroll Lock. I know the drive is turning on because I can feel & here it wirr. I tried taking everything off except for the 80 gig drive and I still got the same problem. Later on I noticed that there are a bunch of smaller connections that come from the front of my computer power, sleep, and reset buttons. ... Read more

A:NumLock Caps Lock & Scroll Lock all lit up!!??

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My notebook caps lock and num lock blinking 3 times, restart and blinking continuously

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Caps lock and Num lock reversed

On my new Gateway ML6720, the caps lock and num lock are OFF, but my caps lock and num lock lights are on. And vice versa. I don't remember it being that way this morning when I first turned it on.

Why are the lights reversed from what I expected?


A:Caps lock and Num lock issue

Since it is New, I would call Gateway. They will have knowledge if this is a problem with the ML6720 model.

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When I hit the power on button on my computer, it takes anywhere from five minutes to eight hours to start up. While starting up, and while running, the CAPS lock and NUM lock lights flash once about every 2.75 seconds.

I looked up the HP error codes, one flash is supposed to signify a CPU problem...but I can run Half-life 2, WoW, Runes of Magic, and 8 track Guitar Pro 5 files just fine. So I figure my CPU's (AMD Turion x2 dual core @ 2.0 Ghz) got nothing wrong with it.

I've spoken to HP support, they told me to reimage my computer to factory settings...I've done that, twice....flashed the BIOS...and tried running startup repair....any hints?

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Hello, i had problem. My Num lock and caps lock indicator didnt appear at desktop windows 7 ultimate. I already uninstall Energy Management and re install back, but didnt work. But for any hotkey like volume, brightness, FN + F 1 until F 12 WORK good. And for information, i dont have TAB on screen display (control panel - display - change display settings - advanced setting - ) Please help me with this problem. I already stuck with problem. thank u

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When I try to use the lower case B it does not work, only if I use shift and upper case. It must not Be the keyboard or the upper case would not work. Short of reinstalling windows how do I fix it?? In case you are wondering, the word keyBoard I typed with a capital B and the spell checker changed it. I do not have a clue as how to fix this. TIA

A:Lost My Lower Case B

If it's only the one key, I'd still suspect the keyboard, whether it works with shift or not. Is it possible to try another to make sure?

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The lower case L on my computer has gone berserk. It will not function correctly in Windows. When struck nothing appears. However, if the caps lock key is activated and the shift key is held down, the lower case L works. The upper case L and all other keys work fine.

This is only true in Windows. Iím running Windows Pro 2000 and in the Windows login screen, lower case Ls can be typed in both the user name and the password fields. As soon as Windows comes up, it stops working.

I have tried three different keyboards, reloaded Windows 2000 and the keyboard software but the key still fails.

I would appreciate any help.

My computer:
AMD Athon Processor
AT/AT Compatible
256 MB RAM
The keyboard is a Microsoft Internet Pro PS2 (Brand New)

A:Lower case L does not type

You say that you have tried different keyboards, and that outside of windows the lower case L works, so the only thing that I could think of (and it's a long shot), is that when Windows has loaded (and any startup programs as well), a process or program has changed the mapping of the lower case L to perform some other function.
Have you tried booting into safe mode? This should stop any non-Windows programs from loading. Give this a try and see what happens. If the L works normally, then you need to see what programs are being loaded (in normal mode), and remove them one at a time (restarting and testing each time).

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I start up my computer and after the windows logo loads a message pop ups that says: lsass.exe system error- an invalid parameter was passed to a service or function. I am not sure how to fix this since I can't log into windows in either normal or safe modes. any help to solve this would be greatly appreciated.


A:lsass.exe (lower case L)

If it's "lsass.exe" with a lower case "L", then it is a virus in the Sasser family, most likely. You'll need to scan it with a good antivirus either by using a boot CD with an antivirus on it or take your drive out and hook it up as a secondary drive in another computer. That should get you back up and running. You may have to do a repair installation of Windows after you've scanned it.

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The caps lock is always ON.   Tried Gave a temporary relief.  However - the caps lock comes back after some time of operation. How to rectify this permanently. ThanksVidyashankar

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But use the shift key instead when I need a CAP .... but I have an annoying problem cause the shift key only works with 2 characters .... if I need a third cap I have to release the shift key and press again to get the third cap. I have been to "control panel" and "keyboard" but no help there. All I want is when the shift key is depressed is for me to type CApS .... see what I mean! Thanks for any help !!!!!!

A:I never use CAPS lock but ...

no clue at all other than keyboard is dying ?

they're cheap to replace.....

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I just finished reading the posts about the issue of caps lock indicator not appearing. It appears to me that the issue was not resolved, and was curious about other fixes for this issue. I have a Vista machine that has this same issue, and I am not able to resolve it. I tried the suggestions from the post, but still no resolution. Any other suggestions would be helpful.

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My caps lock key turns on at random points for no reason. If the screensaver is on the caps lock turns on and the screen comes back. I have to press the shift key to turn off caps lock. This is really annoying because sometimes I'm gone for a while and my screen is on. Any help would be great. I've got windows 7 and a hp pavilion g6

A:caps lock key

Could just be the keyboard, is there anything that was spilt near that key or anything stuck near or under that key? Does it press any differently than any other key?

I assume it's a laptop? What's the full and exact model number? Check the bottom of it, it should be something like G6-1234us or something similar.

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Crazy problem just started,  HP Pro Book 4530s
This problem only happens when I try to log in to a secure web site, as soon as I try to put my password in and I hit the caps lock the computer locks up and I have to close IE and start over, it only locks up IE and nothing else is affected. The really strange part is if I don't hit caps lock and the password is all lower case then it works fine. Restart in safe mode and it does not happen. I have not noticed any other problem relating to the CAPS lock key in any other programs. Please help as this is way beyond my abilities, thanks in advance

A:Caps Lock Key

Have you tried using Windows' "System Restore" to roll Windows back to a previous state when your computer was functioning correctly? It allows you to undo system changes without affecting your personal files, such as e-mail, documents, or photos. > Windows 7
Video: Fixing a problem using System Restore

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Hey, i need help:

Sometimes, for no particular reason, my keyboard starts to type letters in uppercase. When i activate the caps lock, it starts to type in lowercase. After reboot everthing is fine.

I thought it was a keyboard issue, and even replaces my keyboard with another one, but the problem appeard again after some time...

Nothing terrible, in fact, but quite annoying sometimes...

Any ideas? thanks.

I'm running WinXP Pro SP3

A:caps lock bug

What's the make and model number of your computer?

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Please help me. I am trying to write a report for school and caps lock is on.

A:Caps lock

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How do I get the computer to 'beep' when I turn CAPS LOCK on or off? It was great in XP but I HATE VISTA.

A:Caps Lock


Originally Posted by mariette7

How do I get the computer to 'beep' when I turn CAPS LOCK on or off? It was great in XP but I HATE VISTA.

Try this:
Go to Control Panel
Then select Ease of Access
Select Ease of Access Center
Explore all settings: Make the keyboard easier to use
Check the "Turn on ToggleKeys" box

Or you can try this:

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Laptop Dell XPS 15 9530
OS: Windows 10 Pro
On my laptop, once I login, I see a message saying "Caps Lock is on" all the time. It does not go away until I restart laptop. I have a password with Upper case for which I use Caps Lock. I have to be careful to remove caps lock before I press enter key i.e. after entering password. If I leave Caps Lock on, it shows that message and no matter what I do, it is always there. See attached.
How do I resolve this issue. It is very irritating to have to restart everytime.

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Answer Match 62.16% help with my last problem with

A:Upper/Lower case swaps


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I am having a strange problem with Windows XP. After I reboot my computer, I will open some programs, and do searches on the internet. I will a type in small letters with no problem. Then, all of a sudden, whenever I attempt to type a lower case letter, the computer will open the My Computer section. This does not happen if I use capital letters. , right now I him having no problem typing small letters, but I will have problems later. I would appreciate any comments.

A:Problem with lower case letters.

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I tried to open an attachment in windows live mail and a small box appeared with a blue i and I can't get it off the middle of my desk top. It's icon is at the lower left and when I left click on it 3 boxes come up and will not close when I click on close all windows. what is this and how do i get rid of it?

A:small box with blue lower case i

Can you take a screenshot of them?

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Hi everyone,

i have been having trouble with the caps lock for 3 weeks.

At first it was acting eratically. Either it was enabled or not.
Now it will not disable at all. I would like to be able to select it when needed but not all the time, as it is right now.

As of april 13th ms is not giving anymore tech advice to vista
users to force us i guess to purchase windows 7. I just found that out today.

Could someone help me?

Thanks in advance.


A:Cannot disable caps lock at all!

Check to make sure sticky keys is turned off.

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i've got an advent roma 3001 laptop which i have only had for a few weeks. Its running fine the only problem is everytime i use the caps lock a notification comes in the right hand side of the screen which is really irritating me. Its causing problems when i'm playing video games it minimises the whole game and returns to the desktop. It's also causing delays when i'm typing.

Does anyone know how to get rid of this notification? I've browsed a few sites and the only thing i've found so far is how to disable the caps lock completely which i cant do because i need it for usernames etc which i have.

I am currently using windows 7.

Any help would be appreciated

Thanks in advance.


A:Caps lock notification...

Crack the laptop case and either remove the LED or put some black electrical tape over it.

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when playing fullscreen games, if I click anywhere at the bottom left corner when I press caps lock, which my teamspeak push to talk key, it alt tabs me, which is really inconvenient when gaming, so does anyone know how to remove this indicator? or make it so it doesn't alt tab me? would really appreciate it, thanks

A:Caps lock indicator??

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Hi. I've just had 16 automatic updates installed mostly for Vista security and now the Caps Lock light will not come on when Caps Lock key is pressed. Hopeless!
Any ideas please?



A:No Caps Lock light

Do you know when this problem began? Try a System Restore to a point in time BEFORE the problem began. Here's the procedure: Be sure to check the box to show more than 5 days of restore points. If the first attempt fails, then try an earlier point or two. NOTE: You will have to re-install any software and updates you installed between now and the restore point (yes, I know, all 16 and perhaps others now as well), but you can use Windows Update for the updates. It will notice they are missing and re-install them.

The problem is that one of them may have caused the light problem. It may be best to write down the updates it wants to install (with the KB numbers) and do each individually and then reboot and make sure the light still works before moving on to the next until you find the one causing the problem. Then uninstall that one and just install all the rest but that one. Post back with KB number and name of that update and we'll look into the problem.

Or you can live without a CAPS LOCK light. As a partial workaround, Go to Start / Control Panel / Ease of Access Center / Make the keyboard easier to use and check the box for Toggle Keys. Now whenever you hit Caps Lock, Num Lock, or Scroll Lock, they system will make a sound. As you probably almost never use Scroll Lock or Num Lock, it will basically apply for Caps Lock. Thus though you may not see the light come on, you will at least hear a sound indicating ... Read more

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is there a way to disable rthe CAPS LOCK key? I never use is, and it is just a nuisence when I accidently hit the key. Why was it placed so close to the Shift key?

A:Cancelling CAPS LOCK

"Why was it placed so close to the Shift key?"

Because it's position there is mandatory, to comply with the 'qwerty" layout that typists have been used to for generations. I don't think they would be very pleased to find that a particular key isn't where they expect it to be when the boss wants a report typing up before she can go home.

I don't think you can disable it (not without some third-party utility anyway), but you can have Windows make a two-tone beep sound everytime it's pressed on an off.

Right-click Desktop >> Personalize.
Click "Ease of Access Centre" in left pane.
Click "Make the keyboard easier to use"
Tick the check-box for "Turn on toggle keys"
Click 'OK'.

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Hi Guys

usually when press on "Caps Lock" key it switch the typing letter from small to capital letters and vice versa, since yesterday something went wrong when the "caps lock" key switched the letters to be in capital form, then I pressed the key to reset the function to small letter but it doesn't work! I tried many times and did not work at all, untill I touched the "shift" key wrongly which is just under the "caps lock" key then switched it back to small letters, I practiced it several times and still working this way today also,
my question: how to switch it back to be working with the "Caps Lock" key only? 1 press to switch the capital letters and another press to reset it back as small,


A:Caps Lock - key problem

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The indicator used to appear at the bottom of the screen when i pushed the button, but it stopped appearing recently. (Windows (8.1)The caps lock key beeps ok when pushed. Is there a way to get the indicator back on please.

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I've a customized Pavilion G6, and recently caps lock has started blinking, like, it blinks for 2 or 3 minutes, then it goes back to normal. I googled about it and found some guys had problems like their CPU being damaged, their BIOS being corrupted or something about memory buffers... Well, I'm able to use my laptop, no blank screen or whatsoever.So, my questions are, why do I get this blinking from caps lock? Should I be worried? And what can I do to make it back to normal? 

A:Caps Lock keeps blinking...




I see that you're having an issue with the caps light blinking 2 times. This means the memory is going bad. I would suggest reseating the memory. If reseating the memory does not resolve the problem, try replacing the memory with new memory.


If you do not feel comfortable reseating the memory yourself, take the computer to a computer retailer and ask them to reseat it for you.

Here is a document showing you how to reseat the memory. 


Shown here this is the chart showing you the cause of the blinking.



You can also follow this document telling you what the cause for every possible issue you have with the caps lock blinking.

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I want to use the "accessibility" option which causes a "beep" whenever I hit the Caps Lock key. I can sometimes get it to work for a few seconds, and then it stops working. Any ideas?

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I play World Of Warcraft, and whenever I hit caps lock, the indicator shows up, minimizing thr game, whitch is very frustrating. I'm [COLOR=#3676a2 !important][COLOR=#3676a2 !important]running [COLOR=#3676a2 !important]Vista[/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR] Home Premium 32bit. I'm on a Dell Inspiron laptop, and whenever I go to the keyboard option in [COLOR=#3676a2 !important][COLOR=#3676a2 !important]control [COLOR=#3676a2 !important]panel[/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR], my only options are: Speed, Hardware, General, Driver. None of which have any related to turning off the indicator. I've also looked through thr guides that came with my laptop, and they were no help.
Any suggestions/solutions would be appreciated.
Try and keep the answer as simple as possible, I'm sorta computer challanged

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 8, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2410M CPU @ 2.30GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 5843 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000, -1988 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 928006 MB, Free - 856373 MB;
Antivirus: McAfee Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware, Updated and Enabled

I have a Samsung 3530 laptop running on windows 8 which does not have a Caps Lock Indicator, this is a problem particularly with passwords which are case sensitive, I understand that something can be done to give a popup showing the status, is that correct and if so does anyone know what I need to do?

A:Samsung Caps Lock

See if the suggestions here help:

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I haven't been here for awhile, I got a new computer and everything is OK there but I know there is away to make the caps lock beep when you hit it by accident, I just can't remember how to do it,
Can you help me? Also need to change just what kind of computer I have now.

A:need Caps lock to beep


Originally Posted by Florence

I haven't been here for awhile, I got a new computer and everything is OK there but I know there is away to make the caps lock beep when you hit it by accident, I just can't remember how to do it,
Can you help me? Also need to change just what kind of computer I have now.

I put my computer I have now in here so that is fixed,

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The Caps Lock Display is not working on my Think Pad E 531. Any ideas to fix this problem would be appreciated.

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caps lock on and off automaticallyhp pavilian 15-n011tuwindow 10 64 bit

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Ok, first time posting. Hope you guys can help. I am IT for a small doctors group and was presented with a problem today that has me stumped. One of our users complained that when she hit the caps lock key the narrator and utility manager opened. I went to turn off the accessibility options but it still happens. In actuality its not just the narrator and utility manager that open. It also opens My Computer and sometimes will send your browser page back one page.

System was 2000, but we wiped it and reinstalled with XP Pro SP2. Still have the same prob. Problem also occurs in any user profile so its not just her profile. Once again, ALL accessibility features have been disabled.

Please help!

A:Caps Lock Gone Crazy

Did you replace the keyboard?

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I have a wireless keyboard with no light that tells you when caps lock is on. I have found where I can customize my task bar to show the "HP LED Indicator" on the task bar. When you click on that, it shows you whether caps lock, num lock and scroll lock are turned on. But it disappears after about 5 seconds. I want something that turns on and stays on when I hit caps lock (usually accidentally, because this new keyboard has really low profile keys compared with my old one and I'm constantly hitting the wrong keys!!!!!). I don't want to be clicking something to see the status, I just want to see at a glance!

HP told me it's not possible to have that, but thought I'd check here too, on the Windows side of things...
Just wondering if something like this would be my only option (and whether or not anyone has suggestions for reputable ones).

Download Keyboard Leds Free - Caps, Num and Scroll lock indicator in the system tray and on the screen - Softpedia
Thanks for any tips you might have.


A:caps lock notification

Can you tell, by looking at the system tray, whether it is on or off? Or does the status only display at the time the caps lock key is used?

Right now, I'm getting by with beeps (different one for on and off) that I think I found in the 'ease of access centre' in the control panel.

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Ok, Hope i got this in the correct thread section, Anyways getting to the point, I have a Dell Inspiron N7010 , And i would like NOT have to wait for the caps lock change. when i type and want to go to larger or Lower case letter i click caps lock and it showes on the lower right hand corner ,showing a lock that it is locked or unlocked right away. BUT it takes like 5 seconds for it to engage to type again. Is there anyway to shut that process off or speed up the on and off engagement. So when i type i'm not waiting for caps too change. O when i hook up a external key board i don't have that problem. Thanks Tech Guys

A:Solved: The caps lock

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How do you disable the caps lock key?

The caps lock key on my laptop is big and hard to avoid when typing. I would love to disable only that key - perhaps make caps lock work only when I hold the shift or alt and caps lock keys at once. I would assume that a page file such as would be used for non-US keyboards would do the job, but how this would be done is a mystery, and an easier alternative would be welcome - to many of us, I assume.

A:Help: Disable Caps Lock key.

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I see lots of threads telling me how to disable the on screen CAPS LOCK ON message, but how and where do I ENABLE it? My Latitude has an led in the keyboard key, but there's always this hand of mine in the way.

A:on screen caps lock on

Welcome to Seven Forums markrheuer. A couple of possibilities, starting with easiest.

Start> In search box type keyboard> Under Control Panel, click on Keyboard> IF your Keyboard properties has a Key settings tab> Key Settings List> Double click on Caps Lock> Display Caps Lock status on screen> Click the check mark box> Finish

If no key settings tab, you can make your screen flash when you have Caps lock on

Start> In search box type ease of access> Enter> Make the keyboard easier to use> Check the box next to Turn on toggle keys> Apply> OK> Back to Ease of access main page> Use text or visual alternatives for sounds> Turn on visual notifications for sounds (Sound Sentry)> Choose visual warning> Apply> OK

I see where some Dell users have had success changing a registry key. Suggest always backing up your registry 1st

Registry - Backup and Restore

Start> In search box type regedit> Enter> Expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE to

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Dell Computer Corporation\QuickSet\QuickSetControl and set it's value to 1

Some freeware programs to do the same job

Free Keyboard LEDs software shows state of Caps Lock, Num Lock, and Scroll locks.


A Guy

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hi i am having a problem with my acer laptop win7 x sixty 4 bit, i cannot get the '' at '' in like bill at, i cannot get a six, an eight, a plus sign , or the question mark , maybe others .
i run a paid for version of vipre anti virus, i disable it, downloaded malwarebytes, ran a full scan, no problems, uninstalled it, enabled vipre again, uninstalled key scrambler , uninstalled advanced uninstaller, the problem persists, any help would be welcome, palindon

A:caps lock problems

Is there any other symbol appearing instead of "@"? Else, it may be a Hardware error.
Otherwise, give a shot changing your keyboard layout!

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I remembered whenever i hit the caps lock, there will be this grey coloured lock appearing at the middle of my screen. However, i realize it's gone. I mean its not really important to me, but just getting paranoid over it.

What happen and how do i bring it back?


A:Regarding Caps Lock popup

Keyboard drivers or some helper program, I know Dell puts some like that on laptops.

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I went to get on my laptop this morning and I could here the fan start but the screen stayed bkack. The caps lock I'd flashing. The pattern three flashes followed by two quick flashes. Then it repeats. Any help would be nice thanks.

A:Caps lock flashing

Hello, Thank you for posting in the HP Support forum.  I am sorry for the issues you experience with your HP computer. Based on your description this should be hardware failure - 5 blinks is for the systemboard/motherboard. Please, review these 2 HP official articles about such issues you experience now. Follow the appropriate steps that fit your case to attempt to fix the issue:>>>>   If you did try everything in the articles but nothing helped, I am afraid you will need to bring your computer (or ship it) to service - HP Authorized service center. If the computer is still under warranty, you will need to notify HP support first. If you are not sure where such a center is located, please contact HP support for assistance in finding one. Here is more info: >>>>  Please, let me know how it goes.

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I have an Edge E545. It has been almost problems...EXCEPT THE CAP LOCK KEY WILL NOT REMAIN OFF. I do a lot of manuscript work and constantly have to hit the cap lock key to turn it off. Help!

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On my dell Studio Laptop the Caps Lock will go to Caps, but won't return to lower case. I have Mint Linux on a partition (where I'm now typing) and it works fine; so I assume it's a windows 7 thing. If I hit the shift key along with a dash it will go lowercase.

A:Caps Lock malfunction

Don't know if this will help or not but go to Control Panel > Region and Language > Keyboards and Languages tab > Change Keyboards... button. In the new dialog box that opens, click the Advanced Key Settings tab. Make sure that in the "To turn off Caps Lock" section you have selected "Press the CAPS LOCK key".

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Hi everyone,
I am running win7 pro SP1. I connect to a win7 remote desktop server via RDP successfully. All works fine with all my computers but one that has a caps lock issue : I can turn keys to uppercase pressing caps lock but I can not turn them back to lowercase.
Actually, this issue seems to be related to a local specific profile since I face no problem when I open a session with another local profile. I checked much of the HKCU keys related to keyboard, keyboard layout, input method and so on but I found no solution
to that problem. I might have missed something for sure. Does someone have an idea on how to fix that issue ?
Thank you for your help.


A:Caps Lock issue

For the record, I fixed this issue. Actually, the caps lock behavior on the local and remote computers were different : 
  local : caps lock goes to uppercase, shift goes back to lowercase
  remote : caps lock toggle from uppercase to lowercase.
Modifying the local behavior to the remote one fixed the situation.

Case closed.

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I recently bought a SAMSUNG 300E5A Series 3 which included Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit. The computer itself runs brilliant and I have no problems with it. What does irritate me completely is the annoying pop-up that occurs when you press the caps lock button. Does anybody know how to disable this?

Screenshot of pop-up:

A:How to remove Caps Lock Pop-up?

Refer the link below.
See if it applies to your particular situation..

Disable Capslock popups

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I am running version 7137 of windows 7,and its great.
i do have a problem in that every time i press the caps lock or the letter L,it goes to the log on screen, is there anyway around this.
many thanks

A:caps lock and the letter L

Quote: Originally Posted by NUGGIES5

I am running version 7137 of windows 7,and its great.
i do have a problem in that every time i press the caps lock or the letter L,it goes to the log on screen, is there anyway around this.
many thanks

Thats really odd. Windows Key + L is for login screen (actually Lock). Are you using any custom keyboard and/or software?

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get caps lock 3 blinks and red wifi.....i changed the ram no motherboard bad any other repairs

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Hello-- I run Vista Home and up untill a little whle ago I had a Caps On/Off Indicator in the system tray. A while ago it just disappeared. Can anyone tell me how to get that icon back in the system tray?? Thanks in advance for your time and help.

A:Caps Lock Question

Right click on taskbar
Click properties
Click notification area tab
Under icons uncheck Hide inactive icons or
Click customise and scroll down to Caps Lock and click show !

Hope this helps !

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i got this new laptop recently and every so often i get this problem _ i think it happens when i accidentally press something on my keyboard

i"m not sure where the problem is so i"m sorry if this isn"t the correct section

sometimes randomly my computer starts typing EVERYTHING in capitals even when caps isn"t on and when i do turn on caps lock everything is lowercase

also during this time i cannot type any numbers or punctuation _ like right now

i refuse to continue restarting the computer to fix this problem> sometimes i press a lot of keys and the problem stops

this is a compaq presario with winxp if that helps at all


A:caps lock problem!

strange problem indeed...

possible numlock is on?
causing a little conflict on the keyboard...

not too sure....

but best advice from some virus scanning, spyware, registry fixing etc...

other than that...ask the guys u where u bought it from

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Here is a post from jonto12 in 2009 that has expired but I have the same problem:

Reverse Caps Lock, Clicking Links Open New Windows - And Other major problem... Virus
Reverse Caps Lock, Clicking Links Open New Windows - And Other major problems... Virus? Cant type numbers, on and off for over a year - really need help.

last night , I experienced a strange series of occurences on my computer (Windows XP/ PRO) that I thought had ended - .

when I was typing, that I was doing so in all caps - even though my Caps Lock was disabled.

When I enabled Caps Lock, it then started typing all lower case letters.

Other keyboard symptoms: the period and the comma were not available, only able to type > or < with or without the Shift key. Also, the Shift key didn't work with most keys for characters. There were also issues in selecting text in a field.

Another nuisance during this period is that when I clicked on a link, it would open up a new browser window, as opposed to the link opening in the same window.

Frustrated, I restarted the computer. I made sure no keys were stuck. When I rebooted, it appeared I was still experiencing these weird symptoms. I had double clicked on an icon on my desktop, it had selected more than one icon and opened the first one to the right.

I immediately ran Spybot/ AVG. found nothing - problem stops at random.
Good news, for now, is that a Spybot search found nothing major, and an Anti-Malware scan turned up empty.
I guess my question ... Read more

A:CAPS LOCK reversed

I also switched from hibernate to standby. No change.

One other thing. When I open Word the first letter I type is a small cap which is correct. The next letter is a Large cap and it stays that way until I turn off the computer and restart it.

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I run windows XP. At our buisness we have our systems set to require a password when coming back from the screensaver. The password we use is in caps. The problem is that every time we start to enter the password a warning pops up saying that the password may not work due to caps lock being on. Is there an easy way to get rid of this warning or maybe by editing the registry? I would rather not change my password to lower case.

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i need to know how to dis-able the caps lock alert at the bottom right hand of my screen when i am gaming i will accidentally press it and my game minimizes in the heat of battle, 9 times out of 10 i am dead by the time i gget the game back up?? any suggestions for me, also i have tried the keyboard settings in the control panel nothing there .
thanks you for reading this and any suggestions

oh and its vvista 64 ultimate i dont know if that makes a difference

A:Need help with caps lock alert


What keyboard are you using (ie Dell, Logitec etc.)? Who made your PC (ie Dell, Acer, HP etc.)?

With this information, we may be able to help. If it is possible, uninstall any software that came with your keyboard (software, not drivers).

Otherwise, we could completely disable the Caps Lock key (for ALL applications)


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My boss started having problems with his keyboard. The caps lock is stuck on all caps, but the light is not on showing it is in caps lock mode. When I pressed the caps lock key, the light came on, but the caps stayed. Is it time for a new keyboard? Oh yeah, we work in a warehouse with cement dust flying around, and he NEVER cleans his computer.

A:caps lock sticking?

Yes, it's time for a new keyboard. I would also recommend protective keyboard plastic covers to keep the dust out.

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My HP Laptops Caps lock button will not turn off. I've tried to shut down, unplug, take out battery pack and restart and this did nothing. I've tried pressing the button (does nothing). I've used air duster to see if something was stuck and it did nothing to help.
Here is my info on the computer. Someone please help as this is really annyoning and with a semi newer computer.
9A45UA#ABA Product Number
[personal information removed]
90D90d0d Warranty
Model 17-e135nr

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I truly hate the Caps Lock key. I think it is one of the worst ideas ever created, especially in where they decided to place it. I'm constantly hitting it by accident, and it's driving me nuts. I mean, how often do u need to type ALL IN CAPS? Seriously? That's what the shift key is for! Anyway, is there any way of disabling the CAPS Lock? So, that when I hit it, it does absolutely nothing? That would be perfect, thanx.

A:Disabling the CAPS LOCK

The easiest way will be to download a keyboard remapper to do the work for you. If you don't want to do that you can use the registry solution.

SharpKeys Keyboard Remapper by Randyrants

Only attempt Registry Edits if you know what you are doing. Be sure to backup the registry first.
Open the Registry Editor
Start > Run > regedit

Navigate to: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Keyboard Layout]

Select the Keyboard Layout Folder

Edit > New > Binary Value and name it "Scancode Map"

Double Click Scancode Map key and enter
As a value.

That will change the Caps Lock key into a Scroll Lock key.

Otherwise, you can download these registry tweaks which should do the trick for you.

Quote: Originally Posted by

Changes Caps Lock to be a Control key

Changes Caps Lock to be a Shift key

Disables Caps Lock and swaps Scroll lock to be Caps Lock

Disables Caps Lock

Uninstalls the preference by deleting the key

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