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Power adapter cable for PCI-E

Q: Power adapter cable for PCI-E

My neighbour was given a second-hand computer and asked for my help setting it up.

It is a Dell Optiplex 755 running Win7.

Currently installed graphics is NVidia Quadro FX 3500.

I looked up the service tag and this is not the original card (Original was ATI HD2400XT).

The issue I have is that the FX3500 is an 80W card, with the PCI-E slot having a max of 75W. On booting I get low power warnings from the NVidia card.

The card has a 6 pin PCI-E connection available for the additional power, but the PSU has no PCI-E power cable.

The only free power cables from the PSU are a couple of 15pin SATA cables. I have seen adapter cables for 15pin SATA to 6 pin PCI-E. Are these any good for my situation?

If not, what are the alternatives? New PSU? Different GFX card?

A: Power adapter cable for PCI-E

Based on what you just told us, one of those adapter cables should work just fine.

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The power cable on my dv7, that plugs into my computer was loose from day 1.  Thinking this may have been normal, I didn't report this to HP.  Eight months later, it eventually burnt out the post that the cable plugs in to.  I didn't notice the condition of the post inside until I went and bought a new power adapter and cable, which at the time cost $60 on sale at Best Buy.  I still would not work, so I contacted HP, FEDEX'd the computer to them, just to have them say that this was not covered by warranty.  I was always led to believe that any part that was defective due to the manufacturer, was under warranty.  I was wondering if anyone else has had a problem with HP standing behind their warranty.  If this is not just a remote situation, I don't see how HP could stay in business.  I know that if HP refuses to make some type of adjustment on this part, I will never purchase anything else from them. Colt 38

A:HP Pavilion dv7 power adapter cable

I'm in a situation.  I've had nothing but problems with my HP Pavilion DV5000, within a few days of purchasing it, it completely crashed.  Best Buy replaced it, after having the new laptop for a few months I noticed it wasn't charging properly.  About a month I got frustrated because my laptop was about dead so I unplugged the adapter from my computer only to find that the little pin from the ac adapter had broke off INSIDE my computer. I took it to Best Buy being assured it would be fixed since it was still under warranty and not cost me anything, a week later they call quoting me $200.  I called HP and they said to send it to them and they'd fix it.. sent it to them and again after a week of having it they finally contacted me telling me that I am being charged $317 for the repairs and a new AC adapter and that the AC adapter is NOT covered under the limited warranty.  I ask to talk to someone else and was told they can't give out any numbers, they'd have someone contact me.  I received a call yesterday morning explaining it was my fault this happened.. and that they won't cover it and the cost was now $314.  At that time I was also informed that my hard drive needed replacing but they'd cover that.  I asked to speak to someone else and the guy told me he was the highest person to talk to (which was BS).  I hung up and called back the numbers he gave me incase we got disconnected, a woman answered this time saying they ... Read more

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hi all,

I'm in a bind, and a friend referred me to this site, where I might be able to find some decent answers.

I run a small computer store in my hometown, and I was fixing a Sony Vaio PCG-FRV35 Notebook, It's fairly old, p4 with 512mb ram... But anyway, I was just removing spyware and viruses from it, and finished that up, then he said his sound wouldnt play, i started by reinstalling drivers and all that good stuff but it didnt play, I decided to lookinto the notebook to see if the speaker wires were connected and everything was fine there...

I pried off the faceplate for the powerbutton and LEDs and everything thats just above the keyboard, and I saw a ribbon cable connecting the power button and speaker circuit board to the motherboard, so i carefully unhooked it and put it aside, after finding no problems I rehooked it back up and tried to turn on the computer again... no power no post no sound nothing. It's like the power button is shot now. I've troubleshooted for 3 hours already on it, tried a multimeter to check to circuit connections, tried _everything_

I have no idea what to do now, this guy want's his laptop so he can work with it, and I dont feel like having to replace a laptop... this is like a techs worst nightmare >_<

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, is there any known issues were these power ribbons?

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hi all,

I was fixing a Sony Vaio Notebook, because i was getting a weird error and i cant remember what it was.

I pried off the faceplate for the powerbutton and LEDs and everything thats just above the keyboard, thinking it might be the cmos battery and I saw a ribbon cable connecting the power button and speaker circuit board to the motherboard, so i carefully unhooked it and put it aside, after finding no problems I rehooked it back up and tried to turn on the computer again... no power no post no sound nothing. It's like the power button is shot now.
I have no idea what to do now,

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, is there any known issues were these power ribbons?

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I have a ECS P4.945GCT-M/1333 (3.0) 775 mATX Motherboard and I installed Intel E2180 cpu and put memory stick on it. The computer won't boot - the cpu fan moved a second when I plugged in the power, and the stopped. If I disconnect the auxillary power cable, the CPU fan just can start, but of course it won't post. If I also disconnect the cpu fan, the power supply fan starts and I can see keyboard lights turned on for a second.

I measured the power on auxillary cable and it is ok: 2 12v and 2 GND. I am pretty sure that the power supply is good: I put on another power supply there and it is the same thing.

A:Computer won't power on when auxillary power cable is connected

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I've got a computer that's turned off. I press the power switch, and nothing happens. Now, I unplug the network cable and the computer turns on.

Why does having a network cable connected prevent the computer's power switch from functioning? And why does unplugging the network cable cause it to power up?

The computer has worked fine for a year, but was recently moved to the other side of the room, and a new switch replaced the old network hub at the same time.

A:Power Up Issue: LAN Cable Disables Power Switch?

I swapped network cables and the problem still persists.

Any ideas?

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My laptop will no longer turn on.  When the AC adapter is plugged in, the LED light is white indicating power is arriving at the laptop. However, nothing happens when I push the power button. Troubleshooting steps I have completed already include: Hard reset (several times including after each step below)Tried starting without the batteryRemoved all removable components and reseated themRemoved all removable components as well as bottom cover. Cleaned with compressed air. Put everything back.Nothing appears wrong and nothing happened between the last time it turned on and this time that I am aware of. The laptop is out of warranty, and I am pretty handy with computers. Is there anything that can be suggested short of a hardware replacement that would help get this resolved? TIA

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The tips I got with this Kensington 33197 power adapter have numbers stenciled on them like N3, N5, N19, etc. The tips sold on their web site make no mention of the "N" numbers and have numbers like K20059, K20050, etc. and there is no cross reference.

You can also see a complete reference for "N" numbers to all the laptops they support at the above link. Again, no mention of the numbers Kensington uses on their site.

I need a cross reference for these kinds of numbers.

Kensington referred me to their telephone tech support; but, there is a language or cultural barrier that prevents their understanding what I need.

Does anyone know of such a reference?

A:Need power tips reference for Kensington laptop power adapter

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Hi, I have an Acer V3-772G which I have had from new (Semi New from Amazon, warehouse cosmetic damage), Have never experienced any issues with powering on/off/charging until recently. Here is where I am up to; Laptop will power up from the battery.Laptop will not power up with cable alone (Battery removed).When powered up with the batter inserted ? the laptop will (according to the battery monitor on the laptop) charge the battery, however, the battery continues to discharge and the laptop will eventually run out of charge.When the power cable is inserted whilst the laptop is powered up, the laptop recognises that the cable is connected and will enable the "Plugged in" power settings etc. If I then remove the battery, the laptop powers off.Laptop seemingly charges the battery when it is powered off, however, even after a full night plugged in the battery doesn?t have the charge to start the laptop.Both the external cable and the battery are in perfect working order (Having tested both with a separate Acer laptop).I have opened and cleaned all connectors / fan / CPU / GPU inside the laptop and nothing looks out of place.All USB / Optical Drive / HDMI ports ETC all work without issues. I?m assuming a cable issue and not a main board issue because there are no other faults besides the DC cable (Battery will still power the laptop etc.). I have ordered a replacement 120w internal DC cable from the spare parts website to test my theory. In the meanti... Read more

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Hi guys
I have a problem with my medion mt6 desktop pc.
While running a game i accidently dislodged the power cable and now when i press the button the screen recieves no signal.l also when i press the button again it powers down like ive pulled the plug. I have tried a new screen but no luck. Also the motherboard was recently replaced by medion but it worked fine for about 2 weeks. What is wrong and is it software or hardware?

A:Computer won't power on after pulling out power cable

You need to go into 'device manager' (which is a part of your Windows program). Click 'start menu': choose 'Help and Support' icon. Type 'device manager' in the 'search box'..print out the instructions. If you are new to troubleshooting your computer: print all instructions. It will save you a lot of time and mistakes. Look at the device manager screen, click on 'monitor', then 'properties'. Next do the same on 'display adapters' This will tell what's not 'operating properly' and whether it's the driver's. 'Help & Support' has much help to offer...but not all the answers by a long shot. Good Luck.

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After shutting down, my computer will not power-on again unless I unplug the power-cord, then plug it back in (or use the psu on/off switch).

I have tried changing PSU, same thing happens.

My guess it has to be related to my motherboard.
I have the latest bios. I have reset the bios.
This happened after upgrading to a opteron 180 cpu. But I'm not sure if its related.
I have tried disconnecting the RAM, harddrive, graphics card to no avail. Also tried refitting the power-button cables.
Computer is rock stable once its on ...It powers on fine if I switch off the PSU with the button that is located on the psu, or pull out the power-cable before turning it on.

Any ideas what might be causing this?
Epox 9npa+ultra motherboard, amd opteron 180 (939), win xp sp3, 2gb ram

A:computer will not power-on unless I unplug power cable first

Unplugging the power supply, or disconnecting from the source allows everything to reset in the power supply and on the motherboard. This situation is most always associated with a defective power supply.

Since you have changed the power supply and the condition persists then the problem almost has to be a fault in the motherboard POWER GOOD circuitry.

If it were my machine I would just get in the habit of turning off the power supply after use, and live with it. Unless the problem is something obvious such as a "bulging" or leaking capacitor, chasing a problem like this is like chasing ghosts.

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Hello everyone, I am new on this forum and I have an issue with my motherboard, the issue is as follow;
1- When I connect the 4 pin ATX 12v to the motherboard everything stop nothing works, the CPU fan stop working and everything else, The Motherboard brand is FOXCONN 865A01, even I change the Power supply and still have the same issue.

I would like if someone can show me the right direction on how to fix this issue.
Thank you in advance for any help someone can give me.


A:4 pin atx12v power cable causes power short

1. Welcome to Tech Support Guy
2. The usual cause of such an event is either
A. a defective motherboard - unlikely but could be
B. If this is a new build - a build error and the motherboard is shorting across a ground fault when that power is connected
C. You are using the wrong connector or connecting it on the incorrect orientation - eg the clip is not the correct way on the motherboard header
D. CPU error - bent pin on insertion of CPU

3. Please post some more detail of
is it new build
CPU details
What checks have you made if new build
Re 865A01 - which one please there are variants

4. I presume now having looked at the board it is NOT a new build, so when please did this first occur
and what problems were seen first, if any , before this
Most likely cause now, as I think the system is of some age is the board or the processor, if you refer to the 12v aux power

ATX 12V Power Connector: CN11
The 4 pin ATX 12V power supply connects to CN11 and provides power to the CPU.

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Is there such a thing as a cable adapter that would make it possible for a printer with LPT cable to be adapted to USB?

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(Sorry if this has already been answered. I tried a search of past threads, but I couldn't find a way to specify for "all words" of the search string to be matched.)

I have an older (much older) motherboard with AT power supply connectors. I'd like to get a newer ATX PSU.

Will an ATX to AT adapter cable do the job?


A:ATX to AT adapter cable

I don't see why not.
Most PSUs come with conversion adapters.

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Hi, I've just bought an ENVY Notebook 15-as002na from HP's UK website. And, I need a European plug on the end of the 45 W AC power adapter. Problem is, the cable is proprietary HP, it has a right-angled 3-holed plug on the end that slots into the adapter, it completes one corner of this small square adapter. I've spoken and written to HP UK customer service and the spare parts team and they've forwarded me to All to no avail. Anyone know how to solve this? Thanks, Kolya

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I just happened to brush against the connector of a USB/Parallel port cable where it attaches to my HP Laserjet 4 printer. It was so hot it burned my hand when I tried to disconnect it and it smelled like hot plastic. The connector attached to the computer end was not hot. It seems to me it shouldn't be that hot. If this is not normal, what is causing it - a problem in the computer, the cable itself or the printer. I've had a lot of problems since several powerful electric storms that hit my locale last Saturday. Fried my Ethernet card, but I'm working around that by using an external Ethernet card. Also knocked out my telephone answering machine and my garage door opener. Could the cable problem be related to the other electronics problems?

A:USB/Parallel Adapter cable HOT!

sounds to me like something is shorted in the cable. Try another cable and toss the old one

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This is a common problem (I see lots of posts)
The problem source is the [Dell] AC adapter.  PA-21 Family, 65W, P/N: NX061.  It is made in China.
I have an XPS M1330.  Using Dell after warranty service, replaced the Mother Board twice, replaced the battery twice, replaced the AC adapter twice - not fixing it.
Turns out the power warning message is very informative.  It states "Please connect a Dell 65W AC adapter or greater for best system performance".  So, I plugged in my Dell 95W adapter - WOW Problem Solved.
A lab test of my new Dell 65W AC adapter shows it to be 64.6 watts.  If this unit gets hot (like after several hours of use), it may not put out the full 65 watts - the system may not recognize the adapter, it may power the system ok, but won't charge the battery.
These units burn out after only a few months of use. Their cables are too fragile. If Dell's or their supplier's Quality Control can't produce a reliable 65W product - I found seveal "Made In USA" universal adapters.

A:AC Adapter - Alert - "AC power adapter wattage and type cannot be determined"

Well my solution was simple.
I just removed the battery pack and powered up my notebook. Then I turned off the notebook replaced the battery pack and VOILA. The error message was gone.

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The things you accidentally find out. My computer has seemed quite slow. Every once in a while, I follow the usual advice for speeding things up, but to no avail. I have Comcast cable and use Vonage for my phone service because I pay Vonage only about fifteen dollars a month and Comcast phone has been twice that. Today, I was offered a deal by Comcast that made it competitive with Vonage so I am switching over. I also asked the Comcast tech about my computer speed. He said I should be getting 8.0 Mbps. He asked me if I was using an adapter and when I told him I had the Vonage adapter, he said that would slow my speed down to about 4.0 Mbps. I thought there might be others who would profit from this information.

A:Adapter slows down cable speed

I guess I must mean kbps rather than Mbps.

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I have one of those IDE to USB cable adapters and it SOMETIMES is possible to mount an IDE drive through the USB port. I have a drive that successfully mounted through the USB port in the past but it won't mount now. I recall that even when it did mount with the adapter it was hit or miss. I would have to plug it into the USB port several times before it was recognized and came up as a USB drive.

Does anyone else have experience mounting IDE drives using a IDE-to-USB cable? Are there specific drivers needed for this? I have heard that this SHOULD work with existing XP drivers....

A:Mounting an IDE drive with a USB cable adapter

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I have an Inland Sata Ide Cable Adapter, trying to retrieve pictures and video from harddrive when I dock it to tower it does not work. I hear humming but no pop up box to or anything.

A:Inland Sata Ide Cable Adapter

Are you supplying enough power to the disk?? Many hard drives need more than can be supplied though USB.

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I'm trying to add a card reader to my older pc running xp home. The only connector option I have is to my usb pci card. Does anyone know where I can find a Cable that connects the the nine pin power cord to my usb connector on the card?

A:Solved: cable adapter question

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I am finally making the switch from dial up to Broadband internet. The installation software that I was given says that the "Network Adapter" is either missing or not istalled correctly. I am running a MSI mainboard with windows XP and I still have the drivers and Utilities CD ROM that came with my PC.
Can someone tell me how to best install the Network Adapter that I need or do I need to purchase a
network card from circuit city? Thanks for the help.


A:I Need A Network Adapter To Run Cable Internet....

What version of windows do you have?

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My qosmio AC adapter cable, keeps unplugging from the main laptop board.
The back plug, from the board to the adapter cable, is not tight enough,
and if i move the laptop a little, it unplugs by it self.
This is a big issue when i'm not using the battery, because it turnes my computer off!

There is a way to fix this? some kind of pin i can use? what can i do?

Please excuse my bad english, i really hope you can Help!

A:Qosmio AC adapter cable keep unpluggin

There is definitely problem with power port on the mainboard and it must be checked. Problem is that such issues cannot be solved so easy. The whole notebook must be disassembled and port probably soldered again.

In my opinion best thing you can do is to contact Toshiba service provider and ask for help, especially if notebook has valid warranty. Please don?t do anything alone if you don?t have experience with this stuff. Small mistake and something can be broken or damaged.

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My Xbox 360's VGA HD AV Cable doesn't work with my monitor because my monitor only supports VGA and not HD. I called HP and was told I needed an adapter of some sort to have it work with my monitor.

Anyone know of the name of an adapter or converter or something that could make it so the cable is compatible with my monitor?

A:VGA HD AV Cable Incompatible (Adapter/Converter Available?)

hi have a look here

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Hello there, my computer which is a gateway labtop with vista on it keeps giving me a message saying "cable not plugged into network adapter local area connection" Please help me resolve this so I can get connected to the interenet.


A:cable not plugged into network adapter

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I just purchased a XPS 8910 and two UltraSharp U2417H
I know an elementary question, but i'm confused.  Do i just need some type of displayport cable or DisplayPort to Dual-DisplayPort Adapter?  I don't plan on anymore than 2 monitors. 
A direct link to Amazon or Dell cables, would really be appreciated.

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Something like this but with a thin male connector. I need it to connect flash drives to a usb port where there's little space available around the usb port because the ports around are busy (happens in MacBook air for example).


A:I need a usb to usb cable adapter with thin male end

I think you're talking about a USB to Lightening converter

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Just recently, two weeks before I got my new video adapter: MSI Radeon R9 and as soon as I set up everything, the screen didn't display anything because the new video adapter didn't support my old used vga-vga cable.

Later on, (to be specific, today) I just got the desired DVI-D dual link (Dvi-Dvi) cable and connected it. I turned on the PC and the monitor did not display anything either. I also tried pushing the AUTO button on the monitor and switching to Digital source, thus nothing happened again.

All in all, monitor can't detect any Dvi-Dvi cable connection with my new video adapter and I'm sitting here watching E3 on tablet. Any help, please?

A:DVI cable problem with a new video adapter

What resolution is your video card set to? Perhaps your monitor can't display the video card is outputting. Can you see the BIOS screen when booting up? What is the make/model of the monitor?

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My problem is this...

We have a Motorola Surfboard SB4200 cable modem. I just got the PS2 network adapter. I can't hook up the computer to the modem and the ps2 to the modem at the same time because there is only one ethernet connection on the modem. However, there is a USB port right below it.

The modem is connected to my computer by a "USB EtherLink" - connecting the Ethernet to this 'Link' thing and then to a USB port on my computer. Would I be able to do the same thing but backwards into the Ps2?

Or what should I do - Im not familiar with routers or anything.
Help please!


A:Cable modem hookup with PS2 network adapter

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Realtek RTL8188EE 802.11 bgn Wi-Fi Adapter is set for 100 mps max.Does anybody know if there is a firware/software patch, to increase the speed of the Realtek RTL8188EE 802.11 bgn Wi-Fi Adapter?  

A:Realtek RTL8188EE 802.11 bgn Wi-Fi Adapter Cable company i...

Hi, Please read the following information: I believe your machine only has 1 antenna. Regards.

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Realtek RTL8188EE 802.11 bgn Wi-Fi Adapter is set for 100 mps max.Does anybody know if there is a firware/software patch, to increase the speed of the Realtek RTL8188EE 802.11 bgn Wi-Fi Adapter?  Any other suggestion on what i can do, beside buying another laptop?

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Wasn't sure if this was supposed to go here or in networking, so I just put it here.

My family recently got a new desktop computer and my parents are putting it in my brothers room, which is near the opposite end of the house where the router and modem is. Should I just tell them to get some retartedly long Ethernet cord, or is there a good enough wireless adapter I could buy? I know direct connections are almost always better, but I don't think there is a store that sells long ethernet cords that stretch across my house, which is pretty big.

A:Solved: Ethernet Cable or Wireless Adapter?

It's easy enough to get an Ethernet cable up to 100 meters, and I'd guess that's long enough.
There are many factors that affect wireless reception, including the construction of your dwelling and the hardware you use, so I'd ask a mod to move this to the networking forum where you might get better help.

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i recently purchased an adapter for my computer that i plug in where my monitor goes (15 pin) and it adapts it to an RCA plug (to put into my tv)

i dont expect it to be perfect...but im not really even getting a picture.... are there settings i can change?!

I just want to watch files from my comp on my tv (I dont have an S Video output)


thanks so much


A:Question regarding an adapter from a video card to an RCA cable

Post your system specs, especially video card. A video card does not automatically display a signal that can be recognized by a tv. It has to be changed to the proper format depending on if your using the US or European standard

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So as the subject line states, whenever I troubleshoot a random internet connection shut off, the diagnostic is "Local Cable Connection 2 Adapter is disabled." Weirdest part is that I am connecting via WiFi. I cannot connect via ethernet because my school is cheap like that so I rely solely on WiFi. Any Wifi solutions would be much appreciated. I've had this problem since college freshman year (I am a college junior). It only occurs at school, but the school tried fixing it and "everything" works fine. The internet basically shuts off every hour or so. It's tedious to sign back on and starting this year, I am starting to use a program that requires online internet connectivity for the program to function. Any ideas?

A:Local Cable Connection 2 Adapter is disabled????

Also, most of the time, when I type an address into the url bar, the browser says "this webpage is not available" but if I reload the page, it goes to the website the second time. Is this related to the problem above?

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I bought a USB to parallel cable for my printer in hopes to free up the LPT1 port for a scanner. I have installed the cable, and a driver from Belkin (the cable is not Belkin, but it was the only one I could find). I get a USBLPT1 port in the device manager, but my printer will not talk to it. I have picked that as my port in the details section of the printer properties, but it doesn't help, any suggestions? I don't know the brand of the cable, but I would think they are all the same.

thanks you

A:[SOLVED] USB to Parallel adapter cable won't work

Will you scanner work with the adapter?

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i have a ethernet cable running about 20 meters from our router. i want to know if it's possible to split this ethernet cable so the person in the room above me (we live out the back of a bvig house) can connect to without having to run another 25 meter ethernet cable back to the router inside. i imagined there would be some type of double adapter like i have on the phone line for the adsl. i imagine putting a splitter on my ethernet line would disrupt the signal but just want to make sure.
The guy at tandy reckons we have to buy some router type thing for around 200 bucks.
what do you think?

A:is it possible to split an ethernet cable with a small adapter...

thats what hubs and switches are for

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I have a couple of systems that only have one type of IDE connector and need to flip each way. One of them is a small system but its one/only IDE port is fullsize... normal size. However I want to put a laptop-type DVD/RW in it that uses the miniature IDE/ATA port.

on two other Dell Opti desktops I have the opposite issue: They only have the small size IDE header, but I have a device that needs a fullsize connector.

Am I looking for an adapter that has male/male on each side, mini & standard? Or is there a cable out there, female on each end, that has fullsize on one and small/micro/mini on the other?

thx for help

A:Need reco: IDE standard-to-mini connector adapter or cable?

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I connected this adapter to my parallel printer but not printing. In printing window the message is there is no connection between laptop & printer. I've tried LPT & USB controllers. At USB controller at on USB it is stated printing support. I use Windows XP. How to solve this case?

A:USB to 25 Pin DB25 Parallel Printer Cable adapter,B108

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My PC doesnt have a parallel port. My printer is not USB-capable. So, I connected an adapter (9-pin plug in one end/25-pin plug other end) to the 9-pin serial port of the PC and plugged the printer cable in the adapter. On connecting, the PC communicated w/the printer because a paper came out with a single black square on top. But I could not get it to print again. I tried printing directly from CMD prompt to LPT1; then tried COM1 and COM2 - No luck. Any suggestions? The printer is a discontinued HP Laserjet 4000 - it may have a serial port, in which case I may go from serial to serial but, is that okay? Thanks for your help.

A:Serial Port Adapter for Parallel Printer Cable

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So my network icon shows the cable and a red X, but I'm posting this from the same computer. I have two adapters, but one is disabled. I have tried disabling the adapter in use, enabling the other, and plugging the cable into that...same problem. I got a different cable out, and still have the same problem.

It's not a functionality problem, but's annoying as hell ^.^

A:Icon shows cable unplugged, but I'm posting this. Only one adapter.

The onboard network adapter can be disabled from the BIOS.
It's usually a good idea to disable it from there, if you're not going to use it.

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OK I finally got my bios straight and got my desktop Hdd to boot. Now my problem is when I hook the laptop hdd as slave on same cable (which is 80 conductor) I get an error saying I have to use an 80 conductor ribbon .
The only thing I can figure is the adapter is showing as 40 pin conductor but all the research I have done suggests that it shouldn't matter.

I am using an ultra 100 scsi pci Ide card. I have my cd and dvd drives hooked up on my secondary on the motherboard. and my master Hdd and other slave hooked up on the IDE2 slot of the scsi pci card. for some reason it wont recognize it in the IDE1 slot which it was originally hooked up there in the first place. Before I started this mess.
so my question is first of all am I able to have 3 Hdd at once and if so. can I hook the laptop hdd to the primary IDE1 slot on my mother board. I have already tried to hook it up to the IDE1 slot on the scsi card with a separate 80 conductor ribbon and I get the error I cant use a 40 conductor. HELLO you butthead machine I am using an 80 conductor. This problem has to lie within the 40 to 44 pin adapter.
Or am I screwing something else up???????????
thank you for your input in advance

A:Solved: laptop hdd 44 40 pin adapter ??80 conductor cable error

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I b ought one of these adapters off eBay so I could connect my GPS to my computer via USB, my old cable was the serial port. Anyhow, the seller told me it would work with Vista but she did not tell me it wouldn't work with Vista Premium. When I connect the device it tries to find the drivers but is unable to do so...does anyone know where I can get the right driver? The CD that came with the cable is worthless. Thanks

A:USB to RS232 Serial 9Pin DB9 Cable Adapter Driver

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I have been having BSOD problems ever since I bought this computer (almost a year ago)
Originally it would BSOD on File > Open but I worked around that.
Not It BSODs when ever I either boot it up with some type of internet adapter plugged in, or plug some sort of internet adapter after I turned it on. If I plug it in after it has be turned on, it will run for maybe 10-20 min, and then BSOD.
I was unable to retrieve a System Health Report
I received the error:

An error occured while attempting to generate the report.
The system cannot find the path specified.
This may relate to me being in safe mode but I'm not sure.

Windows 7 . . .
- x64bit
- Windows 7 Home Premium OEM
- Coming up on 1 year
- 1 year also
- Gateway DX 4840
- Intel Core i3 CPU 550
- 8192mb Ram

A:BSOD with Ethernet Cable/Wireless Adapter plugged in

Quote: Originally Posted by robozman

I have been having BSOD problems ever since I bought this computer (almost a year ago)
Originally it would BSOD on File > Open but I worked around that.
Not It BSODs when ever I either boot it up with some type of internet adapter plugged in, or plug some sort of internet adapter after I turned it on. If I plug it in after it has be turned on, it will run for maybe 10-20 min, and then BSOD.
I was unable to retrieve a System Health Report
I received the error:

An error occured while attempting to generate the report.
The system cannot find the path specified.
This may relate to me being in safe mode but I'm not sure.

Windows 7 . . .
- x64bit
- Windows 7 Home Premium OEM
- Coming up on 1 year
- 1 year also
- Gateway DX 4840
- Intel Core i3 CPU 550
- 8192mb Ram

Nothing in the compressed file please try this method

We do need the DMP file as it contains the only record of the sequence of events leading up to the crash, what drivers were loaded, and what was responsible.

If you are overclocking STOP

You may be able to get the DMP files without crashing by booting into safe mode (F8) with networking.

To enable us to assist you with your computer's BSOD symptoms, upload the contents of your "\Windows\Minidump" folder.

The procedure:

* Copy the contents of \Windows\Minidump to another (temporary) location somewhere on your machine.
* Zip... Read more

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This is Windows XP on an old Dell laptop. Just got new cable router modem and everything is fine except when I unplug USB adapter and plug in cable from modem I get strange message from bottom of screen. Message says
Is the problem with cable connection with modem or something else?

A:Cable connection problem from brighthouse. All ok with wifi usb adapter.

Ths topic can be closed as I found the problem myself. The bad url message is actually just a bogus line totaly meaningless as windows often use it, if it does not know what to do, I guess.
The real cause was that I used the computer on Verizon DSL. Then when I gave it to my friend Julie she connected it to her cable modem from Brighthouse. She could get online just fine with the USB adapter. it seems that with WIFI you can get oline with any Iternet provider, provided you have the security key. But with the cable I had to use the Windows Network Wizard to set up the computer to connect to the Brighthouse Network.

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(This is a desktop computer, not the one I have for the forums. Windows 7 Professional)

I have a wireless adapter (WG112v2 ) which plugs into a USB slot. For some odd reason while plugged in directly I get slow readings, 4Mbps; yet while run through an extension cable of three feet I get speeds around 20Mbps.

Seems like possible interference, but I would think the connection would be spiking rather than a persistent lower speed.

My internal wireless card was giving the same slow speed readings until recently. I did some disabling/enabling and the speeds received are normal again. It does appear to be receiving spikes however while the USB adapter does not.

It gets better...recently (today actually) my connection has been dropping from a game consistently, every minute about, while a direct cat5 connection works fine. Each disconnect seems to disable my entire internet briefly. Is it possible for a non-malicious third party application to cause this?

In the end, I'm really confused. I want to say it's router related but I doubt that is the case given the odd complexity of problems.

PS: I'm using a wireless keyboard and mouse if that matters. Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000 and the HP Slim Elite keyboard.

A:USB wireless adapter, fast through cable, slow through direct

Hi vpwin7,

You may try changing your router's Wireless Mode, usually it's in Mixed Mode, try a B/G, G or N (if it supports).

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Notebook: HP Pavilion zv5434rs PC series, refurbished
Operating software: XP, ? pro or home
Problem: Can't connect to Internet via broadband
RJ45 Adapter: Realtek RTL8139 Family PCI Fast Ethernet NIC #2

I have always gotten the message "Network cable not connected" when I've tried to connect this notebook to my existing DSL connection, even when using the network cable that is now connecting my PC to the net to post this message (so, the cable works). I contacted HP's online chat service yesterday about it and received some good help. Unfortunately, it didn't work. One of the things they gave me was an updated driver for the Realtek adapter (above). If that didn't work I was to reset the TCP/IP settings by typing "etsh int ip reset resetlog.txt" in the open field. Before getting offline to try these things, I confirmed with the tech that I was connecting the notebook correctly by inserting the RJ45 plug in the above adapter and the RJ11adapter into the phone jack. He said yes, and I should also check the cable and adapter, too. Well, neither the driver nor the reset worked; I knew the cable was okay but I got new RJ45 and RJ11 plugs. Those did not work, either. While poking around, though, I've noticed in Device Manager that the adapter properties are not picking up the new driver. I installed it correctly last night, and this morning went in and redid it all manually; it all went well, and I rebooted, and the device propert... Read more

A:Getting notebook RJ45 adapter to recognize driver/cable

Just a follow-up, in case anyone else has the problem. Finally did get through to HP, and they had me download an updated BIOS and then reinstall the drivers with the Application Recovery Disk. It did not help. HP kind of ran out of ideas, and I decided to use the OS disk to repair the Windows XP that came on the system. Unfortunately, this is a refurbished notebook, and I assumed the seller (Radio Shack) had cleaned it up first. Apparently not; it asked for the administrative password before it would repair the OS. Of course, I didn't have it. The folks at Radio Shack couldn't help me, either.

So I bought a new Dell notebook. :-(

But I suspect, if the problem was the BIOS, that the OS probably got corrupted and likely repairing it, or at worst, reinstalling it would have solved the problem. If that didn't work, I was going to upgrade to XP Professional.


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My problem is that I Have a wireless adapter hooked onto the end of 2 usb extension cables that have their own power supply, so its not a problem of range. I've had it set up like this for two months, where the wireless adapter was set on the end of the 2 usb extension cables, and it worked just fine.

USB extension cables

I have a Linksys Wireless A/G USB Network Adapter

Now suddenly I wake up one morning to find the message "USB Device not recognized." This only happens when I have the wireless adapter plugged into the two cables. I have tried plugging it into each of the different cables seperately, and it wont work on either cable, as well as working off the end of both cables. When I just plug it in straight into the computer it works fine. Any other USB device I plug into these cables works fine, weather it be a webcam etc. Just the combo of my Wireless adapter and my extension cables doesn't work. What do I do? But yeah if I have to buy something so be it, I'm just not sure whats wrong in this case. I've tried the most obvious means of solving the problem, simply restarting the computer, unplugging the device and plugging it back in etc. I've tried reinstalling the drivers on both the cables and the device, nothing seems to work. I don't understand it at all.


A:Wireless Internet Adapter not recognized when plugged into USB extension cable.

I have found that the wireless card I have will not work if it is connected to an extension, even a very short one will not work with it (I am talking a 3" one)

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Laptop screen goes black when I unplug the Mains cable, even though the battery says 100% charged. Plug it back in and the screen display comes back up. Is it the battery or something else?

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Bought a "USB to Female 25 Parallel Ports Printer Adapter Cable" on eBay to connect the laptop to the HP printer.

After connecting the two cables and plugging in the USB to the notebook, you know when you hear the Windows sound that a new hardware has been found, it makes that sound continuously for like seven times. Obviously something is wrong.

When I attempt to print:

"This document failed to print
click here to open the print queue, and then for assistance, click troubleshooter on the help menu."
Is the parallel port cable bad?

A:Solved: USB to Female 25 Parallel Ports Printer Adapter Cable

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I bought a new router to connect to my cable modem, so that I could share through USB. It's a Netgear WNR2200, the N300 range. I was trying to find out how to set the two of them up, and stupidly followed the wrong instructions, setting the IP address to (yes I've tried typing that into browser, tried typing the old one, tried and .com. Then I tried resetting the network adapter (following threads by people who had the same problem) by doing the following in elevated command prompt:
ipconfig /flushdns
nbtstat -R
nbtstat -RR
netsh int reset all
netsh int ipv4 reset
netsh int ipv6 reset
netsh winsock reset
And then a reboot.

I've tried resetting the router, by holding the pin in and letting the test light flash for a good 20-30 seconds. I've tried turning it off, waiting, turning back on. I've tried restarting in safe mode.

What can I do to connect to this router again so I can restore the proper IP? I don't have another laptop I can use.

A:Can't connect to router via ethernet cable. Flushed DNS, reset net adapter. Help!

After you reset it to factory defaults its LAN address is set to default. Connect a Windows PC to it and show ...

Open a (black) Command Prompt window:
Hold the Windows logo key and press r; in the Run box type cmd and click on OK.

Type the following command:


[Note that there is no space between the slash and ALL.]

[Press ENTER after each command.]

Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter.
Paste the results in a message here.

If necessary use a text file and removable media to copy the results to a computer with internet access.

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I'm having a problem with my internet connection via wifi. One day my laptop simply refused to connect. The day before no problem. I can connect by using the LAN cable, directly connecting into ADSL router, but when I try without the LAN cable plugged in, via wifi, there is no connection. What I have also noticed is that the Ethernet adapter, Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabyte Ethernet, v. 8.48, does not appear/load when I am not plugged in via cable. This was not the case when everything was working fine. Even to the point that it appears when I am on cable, but when I disconnect the cable, the Broadcom card disappears from my Device Manager.

I have tried to update the driver, but cannot find a higher version than 8.48 anywhere. Note that in the 2nd case (with LAN cable), the Broadcom Ethernet adapter appears, while in the first case it doesn´t.

Any ideas on how to resolve the Ethernet adapter issue? I could not really figure out how to update the driver properly. I tried downloading it from HP, but the system says it cannot find a more recent version, or even the one I have now.

Here is my Ipconfig for both cases:

Without LAN cable plugged in, tryingt to access only via WiFi router
Windows IP Configuration

Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : Filip
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Unknown
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
DNS Suffix Search List. . . . . . : home

Ethernet adapter Wireless N... Read more

A:Losing internet connection going from LAN cable to wifi, Ethernet adapter uninstalls

Hi there,

at first check out those possibilities:
When you open your network connections and go to the properties of your Lan-Connection (Cable) uncheck the box in which is says that you should be warned if this connection has low connectivity. Do that also at your wifi connection.

After that deactivate your Cable connection if you try to connect via Wifi.


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For the last two weeks, every time I start my Dell INSPIRON E1705 while using the power supply I am greeted with the following message. "The AC power adapter type cannot be determined. Your system will operate slower and the battery will not charge. Please connect a Dell 90W AC adapter or higher for best system operation". I press the F1 Key and everything works fine. I've read about this on other websites and most say it's a design flaw in the power supply after the cord has been properly wound around the supply as designed. Apparently a few of the cords internal wire strands become broken and cause this message. My computer is from June 2006 and shouldn't be having this issue so early...or ever. This seems like a flaw that should have created some type of manufacturers recall since so many people are having this issue. I'm of course out of warranty, will Dell replace this free of charge?

A:Power Supply - "The AC power adapter type cannot be determined....."

You are correct, the failure is due toloss of the power supply ID signal. Sometimes this happens because of strain on the plug, which breaks the signal wire. Some even are so severe that the insulation breaks away from the plug; this is due to rough handling. The other cause is one or more of the power socket solder connections to the system board become broken. This also is related to severe handling. I have seen one case where all three power connections and three of four mechanical connections were disconnected. If the power supply is bad, a replacement will cure the problem. If not, then the socket is bad, and this will require a system board replacement. If you are experienced, you can try to resolder the connections. I am experienced and was not able to get my daughter's E6000 to work by resoldered. More recent Dells are using a replacable power connection board which is a much cheaper repair.

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Hi, My partners power cable for the above laptop just went flash bang where the 3 pin plug meets the converter, (S/N F12921125129730), leaving black residue on the carpet and on the upper and LHS metal pins. Cable came with laptop when purchased new. Does anyone else have experience of this and how can I contact HP to make them aware of the  danger?Thanks.

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Hi all,

I'm hoping for some help/advice with a problem I have with my laptop. One of the wires that attaches to the power jack keeps coming off and I was wondering if it was possible (and safe) to take the jack out of equation by wiring the power cable directly into the wires that lead out of the jack?

If so, is it likely to be fairly obvious which wires should be attached to each other?

Any advice would be greatfully received.


A:Power cable help

Hi Tony, and welcome to TSG.

greytony said:

One of the wires that attaches to the power jack keeps coming off.Click to expand...

Are you talking about a wire that goes from the motherboard to the jack? Many laptops have the jack attached directly to the motherboard.

If it is a wire from the jack to the motherboard, you might be a lot better off by finding a better way of attaching the wire to the jack so it doesn't come off.

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The power cable (both the wall plug and brick/coupler) for our Chromebook 14-q070nr was lost. I'm trying to find a replacement, but I'm not seeing where to buy one. I'd prefer an actual HP official charger (I've had problems with 3rd party ones in the past), but I can't even seem to find the part number of anything in the owner's manual or on the site.

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I need the 6 wire power cable for the LED monitor
that fits a Compaq 1247 notebook
having a hard time finding a suppler for this cable
any idea that has a good price


A:Need LED power cable

Please don't start a second thread for the same subject.

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after sending wifes presario 1270 in for repairs to display, was told it was not repairable. had a look myself and found that the lcd power to inverter cable had gone missing. i assume that the tech found it more profitable to move on to another job and not bother to replace cable or he had another machine in shop that needed that particular cable. either way, im screwed.
who can help me find a used lcd power cable that i can afford. e bay has at 50 bucks. anybody got a presario at home stripped for parts.
D Rees

A:lcd power cable

Well, I'd call them back and insist they return the cable...

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USB 3 power cable
I just bought an "Inland" USB3 PCI Express card and installed it. For USB3 speeds, I believe it needs a 4 pin white power connector which is the same as a floppy power connector and I don't have one in my HP6200 Pro. One of my other PCS has one attached to a SATA connector and I could clip it and splice the 4 wires together onto one of the HP's SATA connector but it isn't my favorite task on a new PC. The card defaults to USB2 speeds but I already have 10 USB2 ports and would like the super speed for backups onto a USB3 ext. HD. Are there such adapters on the market, has hundreds of pages with very small pictures. The 2TBt Seagate EXT HD is AC Powered and I also wondered if it might already reach Super Speed. It doesn't seem so. BTW, Win8 found and supplied the drivers for the card, but then I installed the supplied mini CD USB3 drivers with no change. A techie in Micro Center said that w/o the separate 4 pin power connector, the card and ports will just function as USB2. Any thought?

A:USB 3 power cable

please do not start multiple posts on the same problem

stay in your original thread here

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I have a graphics card that requires a 6 pin PCI-E cable (two actually, but I only have one). Does anyone know where I can purchase one of these cables? I have a modular powersupply.

A:6-pin to 6-pin PCI-E power cable

What powersupply do you have? Brand, model, rating?

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ive ordered a Corsair 650TX - will it have a power cable for the wall socket?


A:Solved: will new PSU have Power Cable?

I just checked the manual for the 750tx which also covers the 650tx and it says that it does

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I am curious as to the power adapter on the pcjr, it has a strange 3pin connector on the back that looks like a dc connector but inside it looks like it has an ac PSU?

I don't have the supply but I am wondering how I would test this out without a geniune PC Jr power cable and monitor, (I do have an ega screen if it can be adapted)

Thanx for any info

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I have bought a new HP desktop, and am trying to move my speakers across to it.  My speakers have a green jack, which fits in to the green port, but they also have a purple power jack which went into a purple power port on the back of my old Packard Bell computer.  My new HP desktop does not have a port for the purple power jack and I don't know where to plug it in.  At the moment I have the green jack plugged into my new HP desktop and the purple power jack plugged into my old desktop!  Thanks

View Solution.

A:Speakers power cable

Hi, Th HP jack configuration (Beats Audio)), to the best of my knowledge, is standard. I also have a Soundblaster (SB) high end audio card with the same (similar) jack configuration. I am using a Bose speaker system with a subwoofer. The speakers attach to the subwoofer audio out jack. A cable connecting the audio out jack from the PC connects to an audio in jack on the subwoofer. The subwoofer powers the speakers and the subwoofer from an AC outlet. Since the Diamond speakers were connected to your Packard Bell PC as you have described, I see no possible way you will be able to connect those speakers to the HP PC you have purchased. There appears to be no way to provide power to the Diamond speakers from the HP PC or any PC I have used over the last ten years. BTW, I had a PB way back in 1996. VERY proprietary. Jaco   Jaco

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i got hold of a really smashed up sky+ HD box today so i took out the 500gb hdd which is a sata hdd which is new to me..
i opened up the case of the computer and found 4 serial ata slots on the mobo but no where to plug the power cable into the computer, it has a old style dvd drive and hdd plugged into it but thats it im sure there must be a way to do this since theres sata ports on there

i appreciate anybody willing to take time to help me

A:sata power cable

If you have an available 4 pin molex power plug,
you can use a molex to sata power adapter.
They look like this..........

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I opened up my PC to check the connections to my hard drive. I reseated the ribbon cable ok, but when it came time to put the power cable back I realized that one was marked P4 and the other P5. I "thought" I remembered P5 as being the cable I had removed from my C drive but was unsure. My question is, "Does it make any difference which one I use?" It seems to me that the unused cable is for the open bay should I ever want to add an additional hard drive or CD-ROM, and therefore the cable I use is not important, right?

A:P4 or P5 Power Cable Ques.

Anything would do! Dont worry you can connect any cable to the drives in your computer. Would make no difference at all!

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I'm just finishing up a new build and as I started to plug in my SATA devices (two HDDs and a disk drive), I noticed that the SATA power cable was a bit off.

It only goes on about half way onto the plug and then seems to get stuck. The SATA data cable seems to go on fine and cover up all the pins, but the power cable only covers up about half the pins. See photo for situation.

Any ideas? I'm totally stumped.


A:Bad SATA power cable?

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I'm currently building a new system and I think I've made a pretty deadly mistake.

My NEW power supply has a 6/8 pin PCI-e cable that I accidentally plugged into my motherboard's 4/4 pin CPU power slot. I tried to boot up the system while they were incorrectly matched, and now the computer fails to boot up with the new power supply connected.

So I tried using an older power supply that I know for certain how to connect properly. Thankfully, the new system boots up just fine.

What happens now with the NEW power supply? Testing the old one confirmed that at least the motherboard and everything are still okay.

Do I have to replace the new power supply? It seems to work okay when hooked up to another system, just not with my new one.

A:Power Cable Blunder

you have to provide more info - motherboard make & model and PS make and model. At the least it sounds like MB is OK

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Good morning. My Tecra M10 power cable has split (after 4 years use). Can somebody point me to the correct product to order?

I have more information if required.

Kind regards


A:Need new power cable for Tecra M10

Hi Thomas

Do you need new AC adapter or just cable that connects AC adapter on one side and wall socket on another side?

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I just bought an "Inland" USB3 PCI Express card and installed it. For USB3 speeds, I believe it needs a 4 pin white power connector which is the same as a floppy power connector and I don't have one in my HP6200 Pro. One of my other PCS has one attached to a SATA connector and I could clip it and splice the 4 wires together onto one of the HP's SATA connector but it isn't my favorite task on a new PC. The card defaults to USB2 speeds but I already have 10 USB2 ports and would like the super speed for backups onto a USB3 ext. HD. Are there such adapters on the market, has hundreds of pages with very small pictures. The 2TBt Seagate EXT HD is AC Powered and I also wondered if it might already reach Super Speed. It doesn't seem so.

A:Solved: USB 3 power cable

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Quick question about power cables, 4 wires...Red1, Black2, Black3, Yellow4.
1 & 2 complete the circuit and 3 & 4 complete another circuit. I know more voltage flows through 3 & 4. I just wanted to know if someone knew the voltage across those to those 2 sets of points. I have 3 case fans, one originally came crimped into 1 & 2, but im going to splice into 3 & 4 because the other to are that way and they push alot more air. Also i did a test with a christmas light bulb and put it through 1 & 2 and it lit up like normal, 3 & 4 and it was blinding me.

A:Power Cable Voltage


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I have next configuration :
And I observe something. When Power supply it's connected, CPU become very hot, and Ac power it's dis, the temperature drop down .
What should I do?
It's that a problem.
I have 45 celsius in CPU. when it's disconected. And that in browsing some apps open, like torrent , music player.., and maybe adobe dreamweaver..
Field Value
Computer Type ACPI x64-based PC (Mobile)
Operating System Microsoft Windows 8.1
OS Service Pack -
Internet Explorer 11.0.9600.16438
DirectX DirectX 11.0
Computer Name EMILIAN
User Name Emilian
Logon Domain EMILIAN
Date / Time 2014-01-26 / 02:15

CPU Type Mobile QuadCore AMD A8-5550M, 2100 MHz (21 x 100)
Motherboard Name Asus X550DP Series Notebook
Motherboard Chipset AMD Bolton, AMD K15.1
System Memory 3282 MB (DDR3-1600 DDR3 SDRAM)
DIMM2: SK Hynix HMT451S6AFR8A-PB 4 GB DDR3-1600 DDR3 SDRAM (11-11-11-28 @ 800 MHz) (10-10-10-27 @ 761 MHz) (9-9-9-24 @ 685 MHz) (8-8-8-22 @ 609 MHz) (7-7-7-19 @ 533 MHz) (6-6-6-16 @ 457 MHz) (5-5-5-14 @ 380 MHz)
BIOS Type AMI (09/09/2013)

Video Adapter AMD Radeon HD 8550G (768 MB)
Video Adapter AMD Radeon HD 8550G (768 MB)
Video Adapter AMD Radeon HD 8550G (768 MB)
3D Accelerator AMD Radeon HD 8550G (Richland)
Monitor CMN N156BGE-L41 [15.6" LCD]

Audio Adapter ATI Radeon HDMI @ AMD K15.1 - High Definition Audio Controller
Audio Adapter Realte... Read more

A:Heating with power cable.

Yes, electrons moving around in a fast manner tends to produce a temperature raise.

Is there some kind of issue with using the machine that you're specifically trying to fix?

When you have it connected to the wall, the power plan changes and lets the machine work more to its abilities. When it is not connected to the wall, it changes certain things to not work as fast as possible (or things like dimming screen) so that power can be saved and battery life is extended so it doesn't need a recharge so soon.

What you're describing is normal operations.

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Hi there form. I'm a newbie here, please be gentle.

My question is this: I recently moved and the power cable for my PC tower went missing during the move. I have a project due tomorrow that I must work on today. I have a power cable for a printer that I can use as a replacement, but the voltage of that cable is 125 volts, where as the voltage listed on the tower is 250 V. Will it harm the computer to use a cable with lower than required voltage? It's a rather old machine, I try to be kind to it.

Thank you in advance for your help

A:Power Cable Query

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I'm looking for a 12 volt power cable with 12 volt socket to be used on a boat. I'm not looking for an inverter. Does Hp sell one, or are there any aftermarket that will fit my laptop? Cheers.

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First time builder here. I have a Corsair CX430 power supply and EVGA GTX 970 video card. There is only one PCI-E power cable and two connectors on the card. Everytime I plug it in and try to boot up all I get is this message: "Please connect PCI-E power cable(s)." Do I need a different PSU?

A:GTX 970 power cable problems

Hi and welcome to TSG.

The CX series from Corsair are only really any use for basic builds using integrated graphics cards, as stated on Corsairs own website, they really aren't up to the job of running a standalone dedicated card.

The minimum PSU requirement for a GTX970, taken from the NVidia website is 500w and that should be a good quality 500w unit aswell, not a cheap one (it does make a significant difference). Personally, I would look at something around 650w from a manufacture like Corsair (HX, TX and AX models only), Seasonic, PC Power and Cooling or OCZ to name a few. Look for a PSU with at least 5 years warranty, preferably 7 or 10.

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Hi. A friend of mine has an old word processor called a Northgate 386 - the power cable which has 7 pins is broken. Does anyone know where to get a replacement, either new or used? Or alternatively, maybe the pinhead could be fixed? Any info would be greatly appreciated!
If it's possible to email me that would be ideal, [email protected]
Thanks so much!

A:Northgate 386 7 pin Power Cable?

You should never post your email address on a forum. Just opening yourself up for tons of spam.
At least put some spaces in the middle so real people will know to remove them before emailing you.

As for the 386, would you have a picture or link to the the support page, if it's still available?
or a picture of the power connector?

If it's an old 386 PC, then the only thing I could think of is maybe eBay.

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I have a ASUS P6T mobo with a i7-950 CPU.The mobo has a 8 pin power cable connection for the CPU, but 4 of the pics are covers. Not 4 on one side, but 4 on one end.

I have the machine running, all is well, but I'm wondering if I should get an 8 pin cable and use that instead of the 4. I don't do any gaming or real heavy usage projects. A #2 pencil and a sheet of lined paper would do most of what I do.

I have looked on the ASUS forum but not found a positive answer one way or the other, maybe there isn't one.

I figured I'd post here since the knowledge level here seems to exceed any other forum.

Any info is appreciated.

A:Mobo/CPU power cable ?

All eight are not normally needed unless you've fitted an Extreme Edition
CPU which requires considerably more power...

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OK, i feel really stupid right now....but im helping a buddy out with doing some networking at his office. I open up the box for the new netgear 24 port jgs524 gigabit switch, and there lies a power cord that i am not familiar with...looks like it should be for another country..

pics attached.

Can i scrap this cable and use a regular desktop cable?....the female end is the same as a regular pc power cable.

A:Solved: What power cable is this ???

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Hello everyone.

I just found this forum today, but I have read enough posts to learn a thing or two. Very good stuff! Thanks!

I am connecting a new motherboard to my existing case and came to somewhat of a an impasse. Well, let me start with some info on my system:

Motherboard: ASUS M2A-VM AM2 Micro ATX (brand new)
Case: from an eMachines T3104 I had lying around (don't worry, though... I upgraded the PSU)
PSU: Thermaltake TR2-430W (brand new)
CPU: AMD 64 X2 6000+ with stock heatsink and fan (brand new)
RAM: 2x1GB (Crucial DDR2 PC2-4200)
HD: Seagate Barracuda 250GB (7200RPM) IDE
Optical Drive: CD/DVD-ROM (IDE)

I also had to install an IDE port card on one of my PCI slots, since my motherboard only came with one IDE connector. I'm leaving that one for the CD/DVD-ROM and connecting the hard drive directly to the mobo.

All I need to connect now are the wires running from the front of the case to the motherboard. They are:

POWER SW: Black and White wires, with one single connector
H.D.D. LED: Red and White wires, with one single connector
POWER LED: Green and White wires, with one single connector

I read a thread here, in which someone (I think it was Tedster) said that the POWER SW can be connected anyway, without regard for positive or negative. Please correct me if I misunderstood the answer. As for the other cables, how do I find out which one is positive and which one is negative? My other problem is that the POWER LED cable has one si... Read more

A:Cable Connection (power sw, hdd led, etc.)

Yes the power switch has no polarity. The HDD and porwer do have polarity. Just reverse their position when the power is on until they function

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Im really sorry if i posted in the wrong section.So my story starts when the power supple let out a spark because i played with the voltage changer button.I got other 2 power supllyes now and after hard work i made it work just enough to see the computer still works now i tryed to move it and it wont work again.I think the power led,SW and HDD led are the problem,i think i gave you enough info .Here are some pics: My mother board. The power cable and other ones i mentioned are all in one piece so the internet tutorials confuse me.Please paint with red the spot where i should plug it,dont bring me tutorials for new computers.

A:Power led cable problem.

Tell us the make and model of the motherboard or the computer if it was bought already made.

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I want to add another HDD to my Lenovo E73, I fitted the drive into the E73 and went to connect the spare connector that is on a black cable that goes from the motherboard and loops to HDD1 and my DVD drive.
But the spare connector is about an inch away from connecting to Hard Drive 2, does Lenovo stock a cable
that has a bit more slack in it or can anyone suggest a replacement ? I have seen suitable cables on Amazon that loop to 4 devices but unfotunately it needs a 4 pin connector to plug into the motherboard ? The Lenovo number on the cable is FRU 54Y8286.
Can anyone help please ?
Mod:  edited Subject line for more detail and clarity

Go to Solution.

A:E73: need power cable for adding second HDD

I have not seen a cable like that before, usually SATA power connects or is wired into the power supply directly.   
I'm thinking there is probably a longer Lenovo cable available, have you research the Hardware Maintenance manual for your system?     Alternatively, you could add a SATA power cable extension (that would add a connector in the path, and possibly more cable than you need.)

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I got a USB Hub here and I need to get a power adapter for it. On the hub, it says 5V. I currently have a 6V power adapter. Would this be safe to use?

A:Power Adapter for USB Hub

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I recently bought a replacement power adapter for my dell e1505. The computer works but it won't charge the battery and tells me that since the computer does not recognize the charger, I need to reseat the power adapter... What does that mean?

A:Power Adapter

Hello aaronbaron,

Reseat the power adapter just means make sure the power adapter is plugged in good on the laptop and the wall outlet. I would try powering off the laptop, unplug the power cord, take the new battery out. Reinstall the new battery only and try to power on the computer. If that does not work plug in the power cord and power up with the new battery installed.


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I have a Toshiba Satellite C655D that needs a replacement ac power adapter, when I look it up it says I need:

Laptop AC Adapter: 19 Volts, 75 Watts, 3.95 Amps, 5.5mm x 2.5mm Connector


Laptop AC Adapter: 19 Volts, 65 Watts, 3.42 Amps, 5.5mm x 2.5mm Connector

Someone gave me a new, in the box AC Adapter with USB port, made by Insignia.
The documentation says "converts 120v AC to 3-12v with 1300mA max output."

I realize this is a question not exactly hardware related, but I'm hoping someone knows the answer....I'm afraid to plug it in and fry my laptop


A:ac power adapter...

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I bought a Dynex USB 2.0 4-Port Hub last week and have decided to add an external power supply to power the hub. The short and terse User Manual notes on the final page that a 5Volt / 2.5 Amp Power Adapter may be connected. I called their customer support number and talked to a lady, but her best advice was return to the store and ask there. My experience with this store over the years has been fat chance for this kind of request. Has anyone got a suggestion as to where I can purchase such a USB Power Adapter?

A:USB Hub Power Adapter

Radio Shack would be a good place to start although you might have to get one of their adjustable models. A Google search should also turn up something. Actually I just replaced my D-Link powered USB1 hub with a USB2 model. The old one is just sitting around and it has a 5V 2.4A adapter. If you want it so you can use the adapter just PM me and I'll send it to you.

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Can I use 45 Watt adapter for dell inspiron 15 5559?? I got the adapter along with the laptop when I bought it. But a warning is displayed on screen prompting me to use 65 Watt adapter... If so why 65 Watt adapter wasn't given with the laptop instead of 45 Watt?

A:Power adapter

The system is designed to support both 45W and 65W adapters - see the specifications here -
When you plug in the adapter to the system, does the adapter stay firm or does it fall off easily? Is the adapter frayed? Could you test with another power adapter if possible?
Restart the system and press f2 key to enter BIOS - check the adapter status in BIOS with and without the adapter plugged in. Also, wiggle the adapter cable at the end and see if the status changes in BIOS at any point.
Restart the system and press f12 key on startup - choose diagnostics. Let it run the diags and if you encounter any errors - make a note of the complete error and report the same to us.These are onboard diagnostics and they might possible pick some error if the hardware is not functional.
Also, please click my DELL-username and write me a private conversation with the service tag and your contact details(Name and Email) for case records.
Let us know if you have any other queries.

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This is probley not the place to ask but, I have a cardscan and I lost the 4.5V power adapter. The end is very small and I haven't had any luck finding one. I even went to their web site and nothing. I also e-mailed them with no response. Can anyone help?

A:Power adapter?

From their website:

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Contact our Customer Service department for the following types of inquires:
Lost CardScan adapters.

Call 617-492-4200 ext. 3 between the hours of 8:00am - 5:00pm EST Monday-Friday.

Have you called them yet?
Get free stuff and help out a poor computer tech:
LarryCore begs for money

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I have notebook Dell Inspiron 5558. Today something happend with my AC Adapter and my notebook cant charge. Where i can buy the  same AC Adapter?

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I have noreen indicator dont lighttebook Dell Inspiron 5558. Today something happend with my AC Adapter and my notebook cant charge. Green indicator doesnt light Where i can buy the  same AC Adapter?

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Hi everyone...I just received my new computer. Unfortunately I think they forgot to put in the power cable. So my question is, can I just use the same cable from another PC? Or are the cables specific to the power supplies? Thanks in advance.

A:Can I use same power supply cable on another computer?

I have been using the same power cable for about the last 4-5 computers.

I also really should put a newer one on someday. Use your old one. LOL

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Am I posting in wrong forum? I'll try not to make new threads but I've
been searching for a while now, it's hard to browse the pages and I'm
in hurry because my comp might die any second!! Do you know any
Swedish forum similar to techspot? Well, I'm Swedish

I still have a AGP system and the day before yesterday the comp didn't start
because it said I haven't connected the Power extension cable!!! I tried over
and over again but it was the same. I opened the comp and reconnected all
cables even if all seemed alright. The comp worked another day...

Yesterday evening it happened again. This time in Windows XP. The screen
started to flicker and a warning message said some ATI driver was missing.
But it was because of the Power extension cable again. I reconnected all
the cables but the comp still claimed about the Power extension cable
over and over again. I gaved up and went to bed. Hopeless.

In the morning (today) I unplugged all extra stuff like sensors and leeds for the
case and I replaced the cables so there was no other stuff on the same cable.
Well... then the comp didn't start because the CPU was unworkable!!! "check
CPU soft menu"... Ok, but I saw nothing wrong in there and PC health looked
good. But the CPU was still unworkable. Back to the CPU soft menu I saw
nothing wrong except I knew that I changed it for many months ago because
I didn't want it to be overclocked. It w... Read more

A:Power extension cable issue

might be the monitor

No replies :/
Ok... Actually I've had no problem since I changed the settings in BIOS
and it's very weird. I've still bought a new power supplie, a Hiper 580W.
I'll install it later I hope it's good ...and quiet enough. The first step in
the upgrade process :dead:

Why I couldn't start my comp and why it said the power extension
cable wasn't connected... Here's what I think, even I'm not a pro.
Sometimes I switched off my old Nokia monitor while the comp was
working a long time during defrag, virus scan and more, because I
thought it will decrease the lifetime and because the screensaver
didn't always work as it should. I think something happend to the
BIOS because the monitor wasn't on... ​

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Does anyone know of a right angled 4 power molex power cable because i need it to plug in my Gigabyte X58-UD9 motherboard for extra power to handle crossfire graphics but its on the side right against the power supply and the gap is too small to plug in a normal molex cable

A:Need a right-angled 4 power molex cable

Do you know how I know you didn't try google with your topic?

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I had a problem with my HDD this morning. My 5 yrs old Seagate SATA HDD of 500GB which usually ran without problem, all of a sudden did not want to start up. I'm lucky because it is only an external HDD with recorded tv shows and movies on it so I can still access my computer. I don't turn it on very often, only when I want to transfer or view a file from it.

Now I'm assuming that it might just be a broken SATA Power Cable. Because when I opened the case and checked the power cable it seems to be a little not normal. Here I provide you with the pictures of my SATA power cable:

1) The pins are not alligned normally (straight).

2) The black end also look a little bit bend.
3) The yellow cable has little scratch.

By looking at these pictures I hope you understand what I mean. Nothing has ever happened before to that HDD. If you think that the problem is not caused by the cable, please tell me why.

Please answer as soon as possible. Thank you

A:Broken SATA Power Cable

5 years is good. In our times very rare hard disk works warranty period (3years). I've seen cables in more bad shape, those you have are almost new and simply can't be reason for hdd operation problem.
Pins in Molex connector always free, they are not fixed by default.

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