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Y510P - Crashes randomly in certain games

Q: Y510P - Crashes randomly in certain games

Hey everybody, I'm writing this for a friend who I've been trying to help with this issue for a while now.He owns a Y510P and is currently running Windows 10 64 Bit on it.His laptop is mostly running fine, he can play certain games including WoW and LoL without an issue. Others, like Path of Exile won't crash completely, but sometimes the graphics driver will crash and recover, blacking out his graphics for a second or so but then resuming. Other games, like Deus Ex: HR, Overwatch, Vermintide or Helldivers seem to randomly crash in a matter of minutes. Either the game crashes back to desktop without a specific error message or the laptop locks up completely and he needs to restart. This seems to be somewhat related to the load on the system, as he can safely sit in the (already rendered) lobbies of Vermintide and Helldivers or play the practice range in Overwatch which doesn't have other player characters. Once in an actual game, the crashes quickly start happening. I quickly found people suggesting this might be an issue with the power-saving feature when the drivers mistakenly switch back to the integrated card for just a moment, which seems to be causing trouble for other people. But disabling the integrated card via BIOS can't be done without a third-party unlocked BIOS which I won't risk him flash on his laptop and possibly brick it. Other suggestions like forcing the game to use the nVidia card didn't work, either, cause those options were either not present in his drivers or didn't help (like "Use maximum performance" in nVidia settings). What we tried so far:- SLI on / off- Install different nVidia driver versions- Try to install current version of Intel driver directly from Intel's driver page (install fails with "System doesn't meet minimum requirements")- Completely reset Win 10- Install Lenovo power software to set system to "High Performance" Nothing helped so far and I'm currently running out of ideas. For him, this whole thing is quite frustrating because half the games he wants to play with his friends won't work properly. It also doesn't help that I can't physically look at the laptop, but have to rely on Teamviewer to do some remote support in Windows. I would be very thankful for any ideas or suggestions that might help fix this. If any additional information is required I'll be happy to try to provide it (dxdiag file etc.). Thanks a lot in advance and have a nice Sunday!

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I have the machine with specs below. It crashes terminally (power off after a brief quiet whirr very close or identical to an intended shutdown). More so during games, especially my now barely played Empire: Total War. My video card has the latest drivers (and the PC crashed when they were not so new). I intend to see what the power supply is, but with 7600 GT graphics card not being very power hungry I doubt that it is a problem. Overheating? The PC is noisy when starting then goes to a normal purr, so not sure about fans being tired, but any suggestions would be welcome, till I get a Windows 7 PC and a 3 year support deal (cheap now) for peace of mind.

The specs: incidentally it says my dvd is sony but its now a liteon but I don't thiink that is the problem.

System Information (I have the full dxdiag but can get this part in)
Operating System: Windows XP Home Edition (5.1, Build 2600) Service Pack 3 (2600.xpsp_sp3_gdr.080814-1236)
Language: English (Regional Setting: English)
System Manufacturer: ASUSTeK Computer INC.
System Model: A7N8X2.0
BIOS: Phoenix - AwardBIOS v6.00PG
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) XP 2500+, MMX, 3DNow, ~1.8GHz
Memory: 2048MB RAM
Page File: 365MB used, 2300MB available
Windows Dir: C:\WINDOWS
DirectX Version: DirectX 9.0c (4.09.0000.0904)
DX Setup Parameters: Not found
DxDiag Version: 5.03.2600.5512 32bit Unicode

--... Read more

A:PC crashes randomly and in games

If you know it's not power (and you can't be sure unless you have tested the PSU with a tester tool and multimeter) and it's not heat, then check your ram with memtest 86+

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Hello everyone, my computer has been having random crashes recently whenever i play games. Sometimes it crashes after 2 hours, and sometimes it crashes after 30 minutes. I've checked the temperature and everything, and its all below 60 C, so it shouldn't be overheating.
I checked my Event Viewer and here is the error that i get:
Faulting application name: DefaultTabSearch.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x511246e7
Faulting module name: DefaultTabSearch.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x511246e7
Exception code: 0xc0000005
Fault offset: 0x00002c60
Faulting process id: 0x7dc
Faulting application start time: 0x01ce5e64d3f7703f
Faulting application path: C:\Program Files (x86)\DefaultTab\DefaultTabSearch.exe
Faulting module path: C:\Program Files (x86)\DefaultTab\DefaultTabSearch.exe
Report Id: 12ae27d7-ca58-11e2-81f1-50e549485f7b
Please help!

A:Computer randomly crashes when playing games.

Hello Fenrich -
I hope that I have the correct version of "Games" that you have problems with.
Normally this is not a first option, but try to disable UAC while you play a game for a while and see the result.
Post back with results, and any other Event Viewer error if it fails again -
Thank You -

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My PC specs are,
CPU i5-2500k 3.30GHz
GPU GeForce GTX 970 4gb SSC
My power supply is 500W
Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

I recently upgraded from a GTX 650 to 970 and the problem is when I play any game with good graphics my computer just freezes with a blue/black screen and I have to hold the power button to turn it off. No the blue screen is not the blue screen of death. I play the games perfectly on low graphics and they don't crash. I checked if my CPU is overheating but it's fine, although it works at around 50-70% power when I play anything. I guessed it might be because there is not enough power so I bought a 750W power supply. I'm almost certain it's not going to fix anything and I'm also guessing it's just my CPU is being bottle-necked by my GPU. Any suggestions on what's the problem?

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I have just bought a new computer with the following specs
3.00 Ghz Intel core 2 Duo
ATI Radeon HD3870X2
4gb DDR3 Ram
500gb Hard driver
Asus P5E3 Mobo
650W Power Supply
Windows Vista 64 bit

The while playing games such as Call of Duty 4 and World in Conflict I can play for about 5 mins to 30 mins then my computer would randomly shut off and restart.
The weird thing is that it plays fine in other games like Crysis on high graphisc and I can play for hours and have no problems.
The CPU tempearature is about 50-60C while playing and the GPU is about 70-80
Does anyone know what the problem may be?

A:Computer randomly crashes while playing games

Video drivers?

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Hi everyone, I'm Alex93, I'm new to the forum, and I was hoping that you guys could help me with a problem that's been annoying me a lot over the past few months.
My computer crashes randomly. My computer initially started to crash when I was gaming, and now it crashes at any given time randomly when I am using my computer. It was rare at first but now it happens like clockwork at least once a day. I get loads of error screens with:




It crashes almost immediately when booting up MW2, and after a few minutes of play with Team Fortress 2, but also happens sporadically whilst doing nothing in particular.The problem disappeared for two weeks after installing an nVidia 8800 gtx, then randomly started again worst than before. If anyone could take a look at the latest minidumps and give some advice on how to solve the problem, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

A:Computer Crashes Randomly and with Games - Minidump available

nv4_disp.dll is indeed identified as a probable cause in one of your minidump files.

RtkHDAud.sys, Realtek HD Audio sound driver, is another one.

Make sure you have the latest drivers for both. If so, uninstall and reinstall them.

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Ok well lets start from the beginning... About a year ago I bought my computer the OS was Windows XP... Everything was working perfectly.. no errors no nothing...

Then a few months before May of this year my friend gave me Windows Vista.. i installed it of course.. then I slowly realized that it was a mistake.. so then i wanted to go back to Windows XP Pro.. so i did that by Formating my computer and then reinstalled Windows XP. After all was said and done i reinstalled the drivers and everything... But now randomly my computer crashes.. Like lets say theres an Animated Gif image of someone running.. it'll crash my comp after 2mins or so of looking at it.. Then SOMETIMES when i scroll through iTunes itll crash my computer.. But it crashes the most when i run a Java based game.. Such as RuneScape or Conflict Online.. I'm really not sure what happened when i formated my computer, I'm not a guru of any sort... And when i first had Windows XP it didn't crash or anything, same goes with when i had Vista..

I really have no clue on why its doing this...

When it crashes it sometimes just.. Reboots.. Goes to a black screen.. or just freezes...

I would really love it if anyone could help me out..

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i would play for alittle awhile or sometimes without crashing im not exactly sure why it does this but it has crashed the same way when i play LoL or gw2 where the sound loops really quickly and my whole computer freezes up

i have a quad core 2.40GHz, 4gb of ram and a geforce 440gt

A:my computer crashes randomly when i play games

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I recently built my PC straight from the build guide by Austin Evans on YouTube called the 'Neutron 2.0'. I got Windows 10 installed on my PC and it has been working poorly. Whenever I play a game downloaded from Steam, the entire computer will crash at random times, freezing and forcing me to restart the entire computer.

When I go to turn the computer back on it will repeatedly turn on and back off within a second. It will go through this cycle until I have to power down again.

I am not sure why the computer is having these problems. HELP WOULD BE MUCH APPRECIATED.

A:Computer crashes randomly when playing games on Windows 10

Please read BSOD Posting Instructions & How to upload files

Please fill in your system specsPlease follow this tutorial and download the tool. The tool will give you detailed information about your system specs, please fill in your system specs more completely including PSU and cooling system.How to fill in your system specs:

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Whenever I play fullscreen games such as League of Legends or Diablo. After about a couple of minutes, it will randomly crash. I've done a reformatting on the computer to no avail (the problem still persists). Not sure if it's a hardware issue and if I should get the graphics card replaced.

I've also updated all of my drivers so I know the problem isn't with not having updated drivers.

When it crashes, the screen has rainbow streaks, and the audio starts looping. I have to restart just to go back into my game and whatnot.

Windows 7 64 bit Home Premium

(Ingame for league, I turned off video sync and I have settings on low)

Suggestions on how to fix this problem? Should I downgrade my drivers?

Nvida Geforce GT 630
AMD A8-5600K APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics 3.60 Ghz
8.00 GB Ram

How can I debug this problem?

Also I can't access the boot menu to format from the CD/USB. It takes me to the "start windows normally start windows in safe mode etc" screen.

I've tried all the F keys including the escape key and none of them work, because they all take me to the same screen. The only way I can reformat my computer is by doing it through the actual windows itself. I can't even make my current partition active for some reason even though I'm administrator.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

A:Solved: Playing full screen games, computer randomly crashes

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There is no blue screen at all and there are absolutely no consistencies between the multiple times this has happened.  The only consistency is that it occurs while I'm playing a game (such as DayZ, iRacing, Battlefield 4, ARMA 3, etc.).  It has happened multiple times and every single time, the only information offered to me in the "Event Viewer" is the following:
\??\C:\Windows\SysWow64\drivers\dhahelper.sys has been blocked from loading due to incompatibility with this system. Please contact your software vendor for a compatible version of the driver.
I have been working on computers for a fairly long time, but I haven't ever come across an issue quite like this one.  Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!  
PC Specs:
CPU: AMD FX-6350
GPU: Sapphire Radeon HD 7870 OC Edition  
RAM: G.Skill Sniper Series 1866 MHz 2 x 4GB
Storage: 256 GB Sandisk SSD and 3 x 500 GB WD Black 7200 rpm in RAID 0
Motherboard: ASUS M5A99X EVO R2.0
PSU: Corsair TX750M

A:PC randomly crashes in games, screen shows distorted images from the game after

Please download MiniToolBox  , save it to your desktop and run it.
 Checkmark the following checkboxes:  List last 10 Event Viewer log  List Installed Programs  List Users, Partitions and Memory size.
 Click Go and paste the content into your next post.
 Also...please Publish a Snapshot using Speccy - , taking care to post the link of the snapshot in your next post.

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Hi Guys, I have Lenovo Y510P with Windows 10 and i recently installed a new MyDigitalSSD 256GB in the M.2 slot (instead of the 24GB cache ssd) and i'm using the ssd as my main drive for OS and programs. I'm getting reandom freezes during regular operation, I can still move my mouse duriing those freezes but that's it, it won't unfreeze unless I do an hard reset.. Those freezes happen only when the OS is running from the SSD, when I'm I run a copy of that OS from the HDD, it doesn' happen ad everything works. Before installing the ssd, every cache software was uninstalled and i even tried a fresh new clean win10 install on the ssd but the freezes still happens. I read and tried LOTS of solutions (checking for errors in the ssd, disabling SLI, disabling LPM, etc.) but nothing helps. I'm really desperate for a solution, Doesn any one has an idea on what is the problem? 

A:Lenovo Y510P with a Windows 10 on SSD randomly fre...

what i understood is that slot you got there isnt meant for a big SSD :/ so thats probably why os freezes some times it's a cache slot meant for small sized ssd cache drives if understood it right.

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Some day I was using my laptop and then left it on for a while because I have to do something else (I left it for about two hours). When I came back the laptop was dead (at least I thought that because it was not charging the battery nor starting up with the charger plugged in). A couple of days after that I tested the laptop again, plugged in the charger and it was charging again the battery. I could start the system fine. After a reboot the system was not charging again, but the battery had some charge so I could start the laptop again. In summary, there's not problem with the battery (there is power going from the battery to the motherboard), there is no power going from the charger to the battery (sometimes it does, sometimes don't, but the most times don't). With the battery unplugged and the charger plugged in there is no power going to the motherboard. battery and no charger -> ok, power to the motherboardbattery + charger -> sometimes works, but almost neverno battery, only charger -> does not work Power jack tested and it's ok. Charger tested and it's ok. Also trackpad stopped working, windows does not recognize it. Thanks for your help and sorry for the long post.

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I'm currently posting this from my phone so forgive me for any typos. I was playing a session of Overwatch when suddenly my laptop just shutdown. I then caught a whiff of a burning smell and couldn't detect if it was coming off the laptop. I was still able to start the laptop back up, but I noticed that the battery was draining despite having the AC adapter plugged in. It detected the AC adapter even, as it was in high performance mode... I just figured that the AC adapter was fried as despite being plugged in for a while after, it never got warm. So I went on amazon and ordered a replacement adapter. It's a 45N0112 adapter, an official Lenovo one. Tried to plug it in as of now, and I get nothing.  Battery led doesn't even blink. Tried the drain thing and it doesn't work. Removed the battery and tried to see if it would work of AC alone and I got nothing as well.  The odd thing is that when I plug in the old adapter, the led for the battery blinks but it hardly provides charge. I can still start up my laptop with what little charge is left so I'm safe to assume it's not a motherboard issue? What the heck is really going on? I saw all over that a 45N0112 adapter works for y510p as well, and the adapter I bought on amazon was from Lenovo for the y510p itself. Could it be I got a faulty adapter or is my motherboards input voltage gone to whack? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've never had any problems with this laptop, but this is... Read more

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Hello! Well, i own a Y510p. 1080p, single GPU and 8gb ram version, if it helps. Time ago I decided to install Ubuntu on a second partition, because of reasons. Using an Ubuntu .ISO the instalation worked flawlesly, but after a while the computer catched a nasty error. Whenever using Windows (both in 8.1 and 10), the computer would randomly get a BSOD. Sometimes it didn't happened in a week, sometimes it happened twice a day. It was pretty random, i was unable to figure out any pattern. Even the problem would change, from some kernel error to some critical process thing. Sadly, I don't remember the exact error. But everytime, the computer would try to boot via IPv4 and get stuck in there. One reset and working again. As you can see, it sucked, but I could live with it. I eventually had an unrelated problem with the pc and decided to format the whole thing. I kept Ubuntu and just installed Windows 8 again, the unrelated problem was solved but the BSOD thing was still there. And one more time, I had another unrelated problem that lead me to format the computer. Again. Because I wasn't using Ubuntu that much anymore, I decided to combine the partitions again for Windows. And voila, BSOD error is gone! Well, now I want to install Ubuntu again. Well, I mostly have to install Ubuntu because the programming course that I'm taking assumes that everyone is a good person with a proper Ubuntu instalation in their systems. I mean, I can live without it (and pass the course)... Read more

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bought lenovo ideapad y510p a month ago and its been a havoc since. every time i play games, it begins to freeze or hang after 20-30 minutes. im running windows 8 64bit factory installed. all the drivers are from lenovo itself. this is very frustrating and i feel like cheated after buying 1300$ USD notebook that doesn't runs well.

seeking professional help to rectify this.
Computer Type Laptop
System Manufacturer/Model Number Lenovo IdeaPad Y510p
OS Windows 8
CPU 4th Gen Intel? Core? i7 4700 QM
Motherboard Lenovo VIQY0Y1 (U3E1)
Memory 8 GB (2x4GB DDR3 L1600)
Graphics Card Nvidia GeForce GT 755M and Intel HD Graphics 4600
Sound Card Realtek
Monitor(s) Displays 1920x1080
Screen Resolution 1920x1080

A:System Freeze while playing any games on ideapad y510p

updated log with latest dumps. please move this thread back to bsod section

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Hello, Last week i received my Y510P from a reseller here in Lithuania, and ran into a *slight* problem.When playing more demanding games (though i wouldnt call borderlands 2 a very demanding game), the screen freezes and the sound hangs. Occasionally the display would turn pitch black (sometimes the drivers just reset with screen backlight still on). I checked memory, sshd, cpus and main gpus for errors, but none were found. I have no idea how to test the ultrabay though... Temps are pretty high, but definetly not critical. CPU runs below 85c under load, main gpu runs at around 75c, only ultrabay runs hotter, but i've seen people saying that theirs run above 95c and it still works fine. Mine usually crashes when it reaches 91-93c. It reaches those temps in about 30-60 minutes, steadily heating up.  I tried removing and re inserting, but it didnt have any effect. Im stumped. Sorry for rambling on so long. I hope somebody can help me pinpoint the problem, and maybe help fix it. Thanks. System specs:Win 8.1 proIntel core I7 4700MQ 2.4ghzNvidia GT 755m SLI8GB ram1TB+8gb SSHDAll drivers are up to date. 

A:Lenovo Y510P 755m SLI ultrabay crashes nvidia serv...

It seems that re-pasting the ultrabay, and increasing TdrDealy to 8 fixed the problem, but i believe it's something more serious than that...

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Hi all,
Been having a few computer troubles, last couple of days. Up until now, I have never had a computer crash since building my machine. Occasionally I've had to force-quit a program, but never random crashes.

I've had 6 in the last day or so, though. And none of them have happened with a BSoD. The last one to happen was while watching a movie. I Ctrl+Alt+Del'd and it got stuck showing a message "preparing security options..." with the time-circle(?), but never progressed past that point.

They all seem to happen at random, regardless of what I do. When playing full-screen games, watching full-screen movies, or even just sitting idling. I've tried updating my MOBO BiOS, my gfx driver, tried taking out and setting the RAM again, and even ran a full-system scan with both anti-virus and with CCleaner.

I'm afraid I'm not sure what I should do.

I tried to upload the files from the SF_Diagnostic_Tool, but got a message saying I didn't have the correct Security Token?

If there's any other information that you require of me, please don't hesitate to ask.

A:Computer crashes randomly; full-screen games, full screen movies

Put the files on Dropbox or Skydrive and post a link here. Will have a look

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Hello. First of all, thank you for reading my post. I recently discovered a Trojan on my computer and instead of going through the tedias process of getting rid of it, I decided to wipe my hard drive and load a 64 bit version of windows 7 ( an upgrade from the previous 32 bit version I had with the virus). The installation went smoothly and I began to download most of my drivers with no issues. I even downloaded World of Warcraft with no issues. I turned my computer off and got some sleep. I returned only to see that my computer would keep restarting during the start up process.

So, knowin a little about computers, I shut everything down. Checked and cleaned the inside of my PC. Re-set the memory and reset the battery to reload BIOS. I put everything back together, and it started up no problem. Success!!! NO! As I began surfing the internet, IE will randomly shut down and just keep doing it. As I scrambled for a solution to this very annoying problem, my computer would shut down, sending me to a blue screen which states a bunch of stuff that I don't understand. Being the hands on guy I am, I went back to search for a solution with the new information. I figured that maybe BIOS wasn't updated or that I didn't have all the needed drivers downloaded yet.

So I went to download some more updates and every time I go to download something I get a setup error or something that keeps the download from finishing! So, I threw my hands up and came here, hoping that som... Read more

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Hey guys, I'm going on my 10th hour of trouble shooting here.

Started my PC this morning, went and opened Steam, then windows explorer crashed without a message (Task bar disappeared) and locked up my whole PC for about 5 seconds before the BSOD. Rebooted to install "WhoCrashed" to read the minidump. During this process, I went through about 6 other crashes of the same nature. It doesn't seem to be dependent on load, however, because it'll happen just sitting idle on the desktop too.

On the most recent crash, I noticed that around the same time explorer crashed, my Razer keyboard and mouse both died out, leaving me no control.

I just got a new graphics card (NVIDEA Geforce GTX 960 4GB) 2 weeks ago and it was all fine up until now, so I'm not sure if it's related. We put in a Coolermaster CPU cooler at the same time, new thermal paste, etc. and all temperatures are normal (about 90 degrees F, same as always). None of my temps are off from what they've been for the last 2 years, and I don't think I've ever had a BSOD on this custom PC.

Updated NVIDEA drivers from safe mode, started looking into Motherboard updates, but not applying any because I can't even tell what I have already. Everything is fine and dandy in safe mode.

So, please, for the love of all things holy, someone help me out here... I'm good with PC's but I'm at my witt's end here. Attached you should find the proper log and an image from Speccy. Had to take it with my phone beca... Read more

A:Windows Explorer crashes, no message, then everything crashes randomly

the dump point to wininit.exe, the windows startup process, the crash was caused by the termination of a critical system thread or process which means that somehowwinint.exe was terminated and crashed your computer, all we have to do now is work out why and how the process was terminated, if it didn't happen untill you installed the graphics card it could be thaat it is doing something that is affecting wininit.exe

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Im confused, but I will describe this best I can:

explorer.exe crashes when viewing folders or anything built on explorer.exe (I guess) at exactly 11 seconds in on them. It also randomly crashes every couple hours. Im extremely confused by all this and wondering if anyone knows what is going on.

Thanks to anyone who helps or attempts to do so.

A:XP SP2: explorer.exe randomly crashes and always crashes when in folders

Have you done any recent updates or installed any new software to the computer?

Also, I would suggest downloading HiJackThis! and then including the log file in a post so that it can be looked at by one of the qualified agents here in order to help you out. Also you might try downloading and installing MalwareBytes' Anti-Malware and running it. I have found that program to be quite helpful in identifying potential OS issues.

If you are getting explorer.exe crashes as often as you say, then there may be more serious damage to your operating system that will potentially result in a clean reinstall.

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AMD Phenom II X6 1045
8gb Corsair Vengance at 9-9-24 and 1600Mhz
Western Digital 1tb Green

I was told this was most likely a problem with HDD or RAM.
So i have tried replacing my HDD with an old spare, but the pc would still turned off. So i am running HD Tune on my primary HDD to test for errors.
The health tab returns no errors though so i am assuming that this is all good.

I ran memtest 86+ overnight , but with both sticks installed, and it returned no errors (should i retry with one stick at a time?) .

The apparent next cause of such an issue would be the PSU, but after runnnig occt for 30-60 mins it gave voltages on all 3 rails well within 5%, the largest deviation was about 0.5% . Should i also check the bios volatges ?

My cpu reaches about 70 C at full load under OCCT's burn in tests, so i dont think that would be a problem.

It seems to occur more in some games than others, although it also has occurred while at idle.

Also sometimes the peripherals and screen freeze for up to 3 seconds and then become responsive again, they also make the usb insertion sound when they reconnect , so i am assuming that they are losing signal from the mobo.

This leads me to believe that the mobo is the problem, although i dont have a spare one to test with at the moment.

One last note, it can freeze/turn off up to 5 times a day, but then work fine for then next 3-4 days... It seems completely random

Help... Read more

A:PC crashes randomly and turns off randomly


Please post the temp and voltage readings from the BIOS.

Once you have this info install HWMonitor and post a screenshot of the program at idle and under load (while gaming)

Randoms shutdowns can usually be attributed to overheating component or power related.

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All of a sudden as soon as I sign in MSN Crashes with the non responsive error.I can't chat,scroll or do anything. I can close the window as I sign in and it does not do the error but when I open it,it crashes.Please help it does not do this one my other PC.

A:MSN Randomly Crashes

Hi Tehjacknoob,

Try to reinstall it, that usually helps.

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I thought it was just my computer with random ie crashes but if you want a real eye opener go over to look at whats your reliability index and start looking at the logs. Id say Microsoft and us have a problem here. Even some of the big boys here have a problem, so if these guys have a problem then what about the lower ranks. Would someone let Microsoft know so that something can be done.

A:Anyone with IE crashes randomly


Do you have a problem we can help you with? Few people walk away from these forums without an answer.


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My computer restarts randomly. It never crashed before SP2 so I'm pretty sure it's not a hardware problem. Upon restarting I get " The has recovered from a serious error." So I send the error report that appears and get a message about a microsoft help site not being found. Any idea how to find whats causing to restart?Error Signature:BCCode : 1000008e    BCP1 : C0000005    BCP2 : BF805900    BCP3 : BA872C50BCP4 : 00000000    OSVer : 5_1_2600    SP : 2_0    Product : 256_1   

A:XP SP2 crashes randomly

Does it say what program has recovered from the error?

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Hi everybody,
i have a 6 monthes old pc with this specs :
Cpu : intel i5 4690k
Gpu : sapphire tri-x 390 oc
Ram : gskill ripjaws 8go ddr3 1600mhz
        + adata xpg 16go ddr3 1886mhz
Hdd : western digital blue 1to 7200rpm
Motherboard : asus maximus vii ranger
Psu : corsair vs650w
for the first months i was using my pc principally to use programs like 3dsmax and revit (architecture student) but this last month i started playing games, and the witcher 2 (graphically demanding game) made my pc crash every 10 min, so i started questioning if the psu was sufficient for this config, but this last days, my pc craches even when i am just browsing the web. 
thanks in advance 

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im leaving my newly built winxp comp on overnights. but when i come back it has crashed with this black screen showing a lot of what looks like id numbers. but on top of the screen is this:

TRAP31303056 **********************EXCEPTIONS*******************

the numberafter trap isdifferent each time

A:win xp randomly crashes

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I have a compaq persaio and i recently upgraded it to windows 2000. now it randomly freezes on me. i dont know how to fix it. and i dont konw what to say specificly is causing it.

A:Win 2k randomly crashes

Have you installed the latest update?

If not goto:

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Product code is 10B60023AUIt's around 3 months old, Started crashing every now and then (no blue screen of death) just on one moment and off the next.Crashes started to get a lot more frequent (like 4 times an hour - sometimes).Isolation tests, different monitors etc (made no difference)So - did complete software re-image. (made no difference)It's fully up to date and checked with the solution centre (detailed tests - no faults found) So - took it in for warranty service, diagnosed graphics card fault and replaced the motherboard. Great I think.That was yesterday, this morning (same thing - 4 crashes in less than an hour) So - unless I drag this all the way back into the city for another 3 day holiday does anyone have an ideas ? Any known issues with these machines ? TIA

crashes.PNG ?42 KB

A:M73 crashes randomly.

I personally have a M73 SFF, and it's been solid as a rock (other than a problem with the Lenovo-supplied graphics driver, fixed by installing the driver downloaded from Intel), I don't know of any other issues. 
When you say it's " just on one moment and off the next."   Do you mean it powers off by itself?   
More information would be helpful (please read the 'help us to help you' sticky thread.)

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All my games keep randomly crashing while I am playing them. It doesn't ever do it at a specific point or anything. I also posted at crash report of one of the games, I don't know if it would help.

A:Games keep crashing randomly.

are your graphical drivers updated to the latest versions ?

have you tried cleaning the fans / made sure the ventilation works fine ?

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Removed 2 trojans and still happening. I am not a newbie at this but I think the trojan may have last residual effects.
C:\Program Files\Webroot\WebrootSecurity\WRConsumerService.exe
C:\Program Files\Intel\Wireless\Bin\EvtEng.exe
C:\Program Files\Intel\Wireless\Bin\S24EvMon.exe
C:\Program Files\Intel\Wireless\Bin\WLKeeper.exe
E:\Program Files\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware\aawservice.exe
C:\Program Files\Dell\QuickSet\NICCONFIGSVC.exe
C:\Program Files\Intel\Wireless\Bin\RegSrvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Webroot\WebrootSecurity\SpySweeper.exe
C:\Program Files\Intel\Wireless\Bin\ifrmewrk.exe
E:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\GrooveMonitor.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Logitech\LCD Manager\lcdmon.exe
C:\Program Files\Dell\QuickSet\quickset.exe
C:\Program Files\SigmaTel\C-Major Audio\WDM\stsystra.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Logitech\LCD Manager\Applets\LCDPOP3.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Logitech\LCD Manager\Applets\LCDMedia.exe
C:\Program Files\Webroot\WebrootSecurity\SpySweeperUI.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Logitech\LCD Manager\Applets\LCDCountdown.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Logitech\LCD Manager\Applets\LCDClock.exe
C:\Program Files\Webroot\WebrootSecurity... Read more

A:Games Minimize randomly


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My computer gets a BSoD at random places. Sometimes it gets a BSoD after a game crash, sometimes it gets it on a launch of a game and sometimes it gets a BSoD mid-game.

When I interact with a game, and the computer gets a BSoD, it crashes blaming atikmpag.sys.
When I interact with a non-game, and the computer gets a BSoD, it crashes blaming usbhub.sys.

Here is the process for few latest BSoDs
> Game crashes
> I can use browser, skype and other softwares with no problem
> BSoD when I launch a game/close the computer

This doesn't happen every day, but still quite frequently.
I have tried to reinstall my video card drivers 3 times (yes, by deleting the old ones and replacing with new ones), with no results at all.

A:BSoDs randomly on various of games

Hello, TheJmJ I will try to assist you with these problems. First I need you to do something for me.
Please fill out your System Specs

Your System Specs will help us to help you, and doing it in this manner will make them available to all helpers in every post and keep us from hunting for them. We ask that you fill them out in as much detail as possible including Desktop or Laptop, Model number if it is an OEM computer and all components with the Manufacturer and Model number if possible.

If you will go to your last post and click the 'System Specs' in the bottom left of the post, you will find a link to update your system specs. Please fill those out in as much detail as possible, making sure to click save at the bottom of the page. If you would like to know what we would like, you can click 'My System Specs' at the bottom left of this post to see mine. If you do not know what your components are, this will help you accomplish this task. System Info - See Your System Specs
That will help a lot, and placing them in your system specs will keep us from having to hunt them down each time we need to know something. Please include the madel and manufacturer of your PSU and your CPU cooler as well as what case you have.
The dump files are reporting much of what you say in your post. Please make sure your Windows Updates have all been successfully installed. I may also suggest you visit your Motherboard web site and download the latest Chi... Read more

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A few months ago I purchased a new gaming pc, finally putting an end to gaming on bad computers. Although recently, within the month or so any game I've played has experienced very random lock ups.

I've only experienced these freezing episodes while on games. Actually, I've experienced them while trying to launch a game, for example; the World of Warcraft Launcher triggered the pc to freeze and the title screen of Half Life 2. When the pc does freeze the screen displays a ton of scattered random colors everywhere, and repeats the last sound. Completely unable to do anything, no ctrl-alt-del or even moving the mouse.

Not sure at all what triggers games to freeze, sometimes launching them, alt-tabbing into it does it sometimes. I'm pretty sure it's not an overheating issue because I have checked the temp near and after freeze ups and it was just fine. Also, the lock ups are completely random, sometimes it will happen after 4 hours, sometimes 4 minutes.

Here are my system specs: (taken from "dxdiag")
System Information
Time of this report: 1/25/2009, 06:32:18
Machine name: CJ-PC
Operating System: Windows Vista™ Ultimate (6.0, Build 6001) Service Pack 1 (6001.vistasp1_gdr.080917-1612)
Language: English (Regional Setting: English)
System Manufacturer: EVGA__
System Model: nForce 750i SLI
BIOS: Phoenix - AwardBIOS v6.00PG
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E8500 @ 3.16GHz (2 CPUs), ~3.2GHz
Memory: 4094... Read more

A:All Games Randomly Freezing

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I first got the BSOD with the error atikmdag.sys, playing a game and checked online and it was suggested I update drivers for my graphics card. Once I updated the drivers my computer wouldn't recognize the graphics card at all no matter what I did so I system restored back hoping that would at least give me use of my graphics card back. That worked, but then I started at random times not just in a game get the same atikmdag.sys error. So I tried a different version of drivers for my graphics card and during install I got an error for atihdw76.sys. During all of this I also had hard drive errors show up but nothing involving BSOD's

I never got the BSOD during games until this week playing Deus Ex: Human revolution (actually not even playing it happened as soon as I ended the opening cut scene and tried to move the character), but after that I started getting it in other games as well.

Thanks for the help.

A:BSOD First with games now just randomly

Hello and welcome Sky try these for starters

SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

Disk Check

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Hey guys,

I'm having problems when playing games. It seems that randomly my game gets minimized, like when you alt-tab out of a game. It is not me doing it and I'm not sure why its happening. It's not because of my taskbar having updates or something going like AVG or windows updates.

It hasn't always happened, just recently. The only thing I've done recently is updated my motherboards bios, which didnt have any problems.

Any ideas?

A:Getting randomly 'alt-tabbed' out of games

Try checking your running processes for starters and see if you notice anything out of the norm. My first thought was Windows updates but you say that is fine. Is your version of XP legitimate or a crack? I know from personal experience that some cracked versions will still download and install Windows updates although it has not been registered, so from time to time that registration key will pop up in the task bar and minimize any full screen app. It doesn't sound like your problem but it's just a thought.

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As the title states my machine will BSOD randomly in any game I'm playing, but not with any consistency. Sometimes it's once a month and others it can come up multiple times a day. Had this problem since I built the computer, any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:BSOD randomly in games

Quote: Originally Posted by fuhyewl

As the title states my machine will BSOD randomly in any game I'm playing, but not with any consistency. Sometimes it's once a month and others it can come up multiple times a day. Had this problem since I built the computer, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Two causes

1- sptd.sys

Please remove any CD virtualization programs such as Daemon Tools and Alcohol 120%. They use a driver, found in your dmp, sptd.sys, that is notorious for causing BSODs. Use this SPTD uninstaller when you're done: DuplexSecure - Downloads
You can use MagicDisc as an alternative.

Freeware MagicISO Virtual CD/DVD-ROM(MagicDisc) Overview
2-Your video driver

When upgrading your graphic driver you MUST remove all traces of the current driver. In order to do that we recommend using Guru3D - Driver Sweeper

When it is removed then download and install the fresh copy.


Microsoft (R) Windows Debugger Version 6.11.0001.404 X86
Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
Loading Dump File [C:\Users\K\Desktop\120310-17534-01.dmp]
Mini Kernel Dump File: Only registers and stack trace are available

Symbol search path is: C:\symbols;srv*e:\symbols
Executable search path is:
Windows 7 Kernel Version 7600 MP (4 procs) Free x86 compatible
Product: WinNt, suite: TerminalServer SingleUserTS
Built by: 7600.16617.x86fre.win7_gdr.100618-... Read more

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Hi guys. My problem is whenever I load up 3d applications they run for a little while and then they just close. The computer doesnt freeze or give an error message or anything (with the exception of ut2k4 which gives the errormessage below), the program just closes and goes to desktop.

UT2k4 error message:
UT2004 Build UT2004_Build_[2004-11-11_10.48]

OS: Windows 2000 5.0 (Build: 2195)
CPU: AuthenticAMD PentiumPro-class processor @ 2207 MHz with 1023MB RAM
Video: RADEON 9800 PRO (6497)

General protection fault!

History: KAddBSPTriangles <- AddBSP <- KTriListQuery <- KTriListGenerator <- KBoxTriangleListIntersect <- Intersect Function <- Types <- type1: 2, type2: 6 <- KIntersect <- KAggregateGenericIntersect <- Intersect Function <- Types <- type1: 8, type2: 6 <- KIntersect <- KIntersectEach <- KHandleCollisions <- KUpdateContacts <- KTickLevelKarma <- TickAllActors <- ULevel::Tick <- (NetMode=0) <- TickLevel <- UGameEngine::Tick <- Level Robot Factory <- UpdateWorld <- MainLoop <- FMallocWindows::Free <- FMallocWindows::Realloc <- 676F4C57 0 FArray <- FArray::Realloc <- 0*2 <- FMallocWindows::Free

I have been having this problem for a while now. When it first started happening it would happen an hour or two after I would start playing, so I was never really concerned with it. Since then the time has gotten shorter and shorter and now its at like 5 minutes or less before the game ... Read more

A:Games randomly closing...

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I rencently Purchased a new tower about 3 weeks ago,

It was all pre installed & ready to go.

So i installed a ArmA:Armed Assault, it got to the main menu and crashed.

So i restarted , it played for an hour and then the screen froze or it would restarted my computer alltogether.

So i took it back to the shop and guy put a another graphics card in the tower.

I got it back and its still doing the same .

It can crash randomly , after 1 hour of play or after 10 mins , or after 2 mins even.

So i tryed it with another game Day Of Defeat Soruce From Steam . Basically it will play smoothly for about an hour max then crash , then when i go to play it again after restarting it will play for less time and so on , lesser & lesser Game time..

This is really getting anoying i have updated my Graphics Driver & Dircect x and so on.

My GPU idle is at 55 Degree's and 59-60 maybe more during game play.

What i find weird to is when the screen freezes i will hear a fuzzy noise comming from the speakers , Most of the time.

Here are my spec's


Windows XP Home Edition (5.1, Build 2600) Service Pack 3 (2600.xpsp_sp3_gdr.080814-1236)

Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5200+, MMX, 3DNow (2 CPUs), ~2.7GHz

Memory: 3070MB RAM

DirectX Version: DirectX 9.0c (4.09.0000.0904)

GALAXY GeForce 95... Read more

A:All PC Games Freeze Randomly

hmmm sounds like the video card is overheating is the 9500 gt you have overclocked if it is try downclocking it just a bit. Do you know how to overclock? if you download precision evga tool to overclock you can set the fan speed higher to alleviate some of the heat you may be having.

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I have a 7800Gt with latest drivers. For some reason BFV and cod2 have been just randomnly kicking me out. One moment im playing and the next im at my desktop with no warning or nothin. Anybody know what the problem is here

A:games randomly kicking me out

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I get random BSoDs. Usually I get them when surfing the web, but not when playing games. For example yesterday i had lots of opened tabs in google chrome when i received the message on each page "Google Crash" (or something like that), then i got one for downloading a file via yahoo messenger but i never get BSoD when i'm downloading huge files via torrent. I also tried to WinDbg (for 3 times) and i got the bsod. The errors were random, i can't remember them.
This things make me think that the problem might apear because of the SSD since what i download via messenger/chrome, i download directly to my SSD (on which the OS is on). I also tried to install WinDbg on my ssd. The large files that I'm downloading, i'm downloading them to my HDD and also my games are installed on my HDD.

Still i ran Windows Memory Diagnostic and i got an error (only once). Is it the SSD, the memory, the mobo ? Please help me and sorry for the bad English.

Later edit: Now I was watching a movie (the movie is on my hdd) and the movie suddenly started to look like it was badly encoded and google chrome was not opening. I rebooted my PC and it was not booting - 3 long beeps and a pause, then again 3 long beeps and a pause and so on until i restarted the machine from the reset button. This could be a ram issue since there were 3 long beeps on a UEFI Bios (AsRock 970 Extreme3 mobo).

A:BSOD randomly, but not when in games

Sorry for the delay in responding. There just aren't that many people who do BSOD analysis, so at times we get a bit overwhelmed!

Do your still need help with this problem?
I will be notified if you reply to this topic and will respond within 48 hours.

Start with these free hardware diagnostics: Hardware Diagnostics

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I have this problem with all my games. They will just randomly minimize to desktop, it doesn't crash or anything, just minimized. It's not specific to any one game. I get this problem with AOE III, Half-Life, Half-Life2, Call of Duty, every single other game I have that I won't bother listing.
I also hate it when it minimizes during a loading screen, also some games I have don't support ALT+TAB (like F.E.A.R) so I can't get back into them!

Spyware scans with Ad-Aware SE Pro, Xoftspy, Windows Defender and Spybot-SD (along with my anti-virus BitDefender) all came up with nothing.

So what can be causing this?

A:Games randomly minimize

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Hi guys,

When I'm browsing the web or playing a game I get a random BSOD. I have attached the minidumps in this post and I hope that you guys can help me solve the problem.

Thanks in advance!

A:BSOD randomly and in games

adt, it seems your video card driver caused the crash. Try removing and reinstalling the latest drivers.


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I no matter what game I play it will randomly crash the computer some games take longer to crash than others. I since it looked like a graphics card crash I decided to buy a new one to see if that would fix it. Other than a rise in fps I still get crashes. Also yes I have uninstalled old drivers and installed new ones for my hardware.

- x86 (32-bit) or x64 ?
- the original installed OS on the system?
I don't understand the question
- an OEM or full retail version?
- What is the age of system (hardware)?
It's been upgraded a few times but I'd say 3 years old
- What is the age of OS installation (have you re-installed the OS?)
About a month or two old (I have reinstalled it many times before to try and fix my problems)

A:BSOD randomly in games

I just had another blue screen is anyone able to help me out with this problem of mine?

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My Buddy has had a problerm with his new rig, he would play a game and it would randomly freeze out of nowhere, it can range from any game from Crysis to Counter Strike. What will happen is everything will freeze (he cant even ALT+CTR+DEL)

MSI K9n2SLI Platinum
Vista Ultimate 64
600W PSU
XFX Geforce 9600 GSO

A:Games Randomly Freezing

Are his video and sound drivers up to date.

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Hello, I'm having trouble with random crashes while playing games. I have a nvidia 6800gs video card with the latest driver, I have also tried using older drivers but with no success. I have recently been wondering if it could be a problem with my power supply its an Eagle ATX500w can anybody tell me if they are any good? When it crashes I some times get the blue screen message 'nv4_disp.dll is caught in an infinite loop' also the fan often changes speed when its abot to stop. I hope someone can help me with this annoying problem.

A:Games randomly crashing

I found a solution:

p.s use the Alternative Server to download the file.

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Hi there. I've spoke to Microsoft but they were useless (no offence) in terms of their support. So I am seeing if you guys can help me out. My PC randomly bluescreens in games, it's in a 12 month warranty period (1 month old) but idk if it's a simple issue or not. I don't want to just be without it for like 4 weeks if the issue is simple to fix.
What has been happening is that I keep getting a bluescreen after 1-3 hours (random) in a game, regardless of whatever game it is. I've tried it with Skyrim, GTA San Andreas, and Minecraft, all of which have caused it to blue screen after prolonged periods of time. I have checked my heating with the specifications program 'Speccy', which reports that my CPU is (I believe incorrectly) operating at 85 celcius!
I have attached the file that was needed by you. I would also like to specify that the error relates to CRITICAL_STRUCTURE_CORRUPTION with an error code of 0x00000109. I used "BlueScreenView" and it gave me the following information:
Caused by driver: ntoskrnl.exe
Caused by address: ntoskrnl.exe+142770
In case you want the specifications of the system, they are as follows:
Lenovo H50-55 Computer. Purchase Date - December 2015.AMD A10-7800 APU Quad CoreAMD Radeon R7 240 GPU12GB DDR3 RAMLenovo-Branded motherboard (not sure which specifically, think it's Bantry CRB)2TB Seagate HDDWindows 10 64-Bit Home Edition
And back to that temperature thing, here is a screenshot after 1 hour of web browsing:

Thank you for your assist... Read more

A:BSOD in games randomly...

Hi makeitbundem322,

What have you done so far?
Possible link(s) to other thread(s) from you?

Please fill in your system specsPlease follow this tutorial and download the tool. The tool will give you detailed information about your system specs, please fill in your system specs more completely.How to fill in your system specs:

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Hello, I've recently bought a new graphics card and everything went down from there.
Almost all the games that I play just randomly crash, some crash after a minute with no warning or error displayed, others after several minutes, others after 1-2 hours.
I bought the MSI GeForce GTX 970 GAMING OC 4GB DDR5 256-bit and upgraded from an older AMD graphics card but the funny thing is everything worked on the older card, on low or medium
settings but every game worked without any issues.
My other specs are:
Sirtec High Power Element BRONZE II 600W PSU
HyperX Savage 8GB DDR3 1600MHz RAM
Procesor Intel Haswell Refresh, Core i5 4460 3.2GHz box
Hard disk Seagate Desktop HDD 1TB 7200RPM 64MB SATA-III
ASRock B85M Pro3 Motherboard
Nvidia Experience and other applications tell me that I can run pretty much anything on Ultra and High. And everything I play stays at 60 FPS smooth, no stuttering, nothing bad before crashing.
So what can the issue be ?
So far I've uninstalled the latest Nvidia drivers and tried an older version, the issue still persists.
I uninstalled Nvidia Experience as I've heard it can make games crash and underperform.
I underclocked the GPU, I never overclocked it yet.
I even rebooted the windows to have everything fresh and it still happens.
I've looked through various applications like MSI Afterburner and MSI Gaming App, there is nothing wrong with the GPU, it works at normal parameters, at least as far as I can tell.

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Any full screen game i play minimizes at random times while im playing and i cant figure out why. i have bit defender and have scaned several times with it finding nothing.

A:Games Randomly Minimizing

Video card specs?

What games?

Tried looking for more recent video drivers?


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I've been having some random crashes on two identical PCs running Windows 7 32-bit, with the first occurrence on July 30.  I bought the first computer back in April, and I didn't have any crashes until July 30.  I haven't found any software or
hardware that was installed around then to give this error, but this was shortly after the free Windows 10 upgrade deadline expired.  The computer is an ASUS M32CD desktop which had Windows 10 Home 64-bit installed when I bought it. I installed a new
hard drive to run Windows 7 32-bit since I don't have 64-bit drivers for some of the hardware that I'm connecting to this PC.  I've also looked at the minidump files to see the cause of the crash. I'm not sure what it means, but the cause reported is
related to halmacpi.dll, ntkrnlpa.exe, and pci.sys.  Let me know if you need any other information.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I have a Lenovo Z51-70 for about a year, and it's mostly was running on an adapter so in order to keep the battery healthy as long as possible, it was almost always set in the power save mode, so it'a only charging up to 60%.Now in the last week or so, the laptop got that issue that whatever i do (watching a video, reading a document etc.) it's just turns off like PCs when power goes out. But it can't be as if the battery dies out then it should stay on as it's on a adapter and charging right? And if the adapter goes bad, then the battery should have enough power to stay on.It's not a too frequent problem, but it was the 3rd time in a short time yesterday, and i feel nervous that one of the parts is dying in it. Any advice/solution to it besides a visit to the service? In advance thank you for the help!András Pál

A:Lenovo Z51-70 randomly crashes

And also the laptop have a main problem with lenovo programs. They works fine, but whenever the Companion says that there's a new update for One key Recovery or the optimizer and the download and install goes well all the way, but in the end it's always says "Failed to install", and from that the option to retry never comes up, the Companion books it like it was all fine.And today as i was looking in Companion it keeps crashing after a few seconds saying something like the contact with the Companion is lost, try again later or search for support if it's keep happening.

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My computer has been crashing ramdomly lately with the error message WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR. I thought this might be a temperature problem, but temps are fine. Thought it might have been my overclock so I disabled it, but it still crashes. I checked graphics card (780ti) and it's fine. so I swapped out the power supply thinking it would be issue. Still crashes. Unstalled windows because maybe it was a driver issue. Nope still crashes. Can anyone look into this for me? I've also included my dmp files and a specs list for my computer.

A:Windows 8.1 Crashes Randomly

I know exactly what that is. I had this problem on an older desktop machine of mine that ran Windows Vista, but the blue screen would say "The system encountered an uncorrectable error". I swapped hard drives, RAM, even bought a new CPU and kept on having the same error. However, I did find the problem on my machine, but may not be the same as yours.

When I was in the BIOS I looked at the voltages on the motherboard. Some of them were correct, but then some were fluctuating very badly. Installed hwmonitor to check it in Windows, and confirmed that the 12V was fluctuating from 9V to as high as 13V when it should have stayed close to the 12V mark. It would blue screen when it hit over 13V or under 9V, which also caused my CPU fan to act weird. So I had some bad VRMs on the motherboard and it also caused a high pitched whine. The motherboard was out of warranty and got thrown away when I built a new system.

Do you have another system to test your video card, RAM, or HDD, or even your processor?

Looking at bad motherboard possibly at this point.

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The problem I am encountering is that my windows explorer crashes for no appearent reason. Windows itself keeps running, but when I'm going through my files I will randomly get popups that say "windows explorer has stopped working" followed by a message that "windows explorer is restarting," which it then does. Everything disappears, start button, taskbar, everything related to explorer, and then appears again.

Most of the time (99/100) explorer still works, I can click and drag windows or I can open folders and files while Windows is "looking for a solution," which makes me think that it's more a registry problem than a real problem with Explorer.

The problems first began after I cleaned up my pc, uninstalling games and useless software, deleting some personal files, and letting CCleaner clean up my registry. Also I had CCleaner do a "disk erase," something I never did before. When the problems began, I restored the registry using the backup CC created. The problem still exists.

It does appear to happen more frequently when I'm browsing my C:\Program files folder or my C:\Windows folder, but other than that there is no clear reason it crashes.

I know most of you will say that I should simply do a repair install of W7, but since I have no disk I have to use a iso, and since I am working on a Dutch Home Premium x64, there is no iso available. For some strange reason I decided not to make regular system repair poin... Read more

A:Explorer crashes randomly

Copy / paste the event viewer crash report so we can see whats causing the crash.

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I'm not even sure you can qualify it as crashing. Then again none of my computers crash except my Acer laptop. What happens is it randomly fizzles. What i mean is i can be on 5 mins, or 12hours, and itll suddenly freeze up and the screen looks a staticy. No response or anything resulting in me having to restart. Im not sure whats wrong or how to stop/prevent this from happening and its getting quite frusterating. Any help is apreciated, Thanks.

A:Vista randomly crashes?

I have the exact sameproblem on my vista laptop. I;m forced to hold down the off button and reboot.

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Helluh SevenForums (General Section) I've bought these parts for a new computer. My cousin and brother helped me building it and made everything running perfectly. Windows and drivers.

Been researching for this problem for 2 - 3 weeks on Hardware section. Gregrocker and alot other experienced forum members been helping me out with no succes. We have been checking the RAM, GPU, CPU, PSU.

- Memtest 86 (RAM - No Errors)
- Prime95 (CPU - No Errors)
- Been running Alot of programs and stressed my pc with prime95 and GPU stress test and everything for my PSU to give up. But it didnt.
- Furmark (GPU - No Errors)

Gregrocker been helping me getting a Clean Reinstall on windows 7 with no errors and the perfect updated drivers. All is up to date.. But my computer kept getting these random crashes playing any game. this ONLY Happens when playing a game. The last 2 weeks i've been working with really helpful members we found out it could be the PSU that had a defect. So i went out spending $250 - 300 on a new PSU 1050W Corsair recommended Power Supply Unit. I plugged it in and it still got these random crashes. I also bought 8 more GB ram so i got 16 GB now.

So GregRocker told me to make a new thread on this general section to get more advice by experienced members that knows more about hardware. (I told him i was about to throw out this computer and get a new one cause this is getting really annoying, I dont want to be sitting here and listening to friends having fun and i c... Read more

A:Randomly Computer Crashes.

Have any crash minidump to share?

Asus released a new bios toay for that board
M5A88-V EVO BIOS 1103
1.Improve system stability.
2.Improve memory compatibility.

And please, if your windows is not legit, remove the crack or loader to role out that., Yes, a fking loader cause weird behaviour on many different computers.

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When I am browsing the web suing IE9 I get a crash randomly and sometimes after closing the browser and restarting I get a crash.

Can someone suggest anything I could do to pin point the cause and if any of the information below will identify what it could be.

First crash:
Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: iexplore.exe
Application Version: 9.0.8112.16421
Application Timestamp: 4d76255d
Fault Module Name: StackHash_edac
Fault Module Version: 6.1.7601.17514
Fault Module Timestamp: 4ce7ba58
Exception Code: c0000374
Exception Offset: 000ce653
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 2057
Additional Information 1: edac
Additional Information 2: edac5c3830855af34a315003e258c30d
Additional Information 3: 3d5b
Additional Information 4: 3d5b29618184208706b1f2f4b3109524

Second Crash:
Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: iexplore.exe
Application Version: 9.0.8112.16421
Application Timestamp: 4d76255d
Fault Module Name: StackHash_126a
Fault Module Version: 6.1.7601.17514
Fault Module Timestamp: 4ce7ba58
Exception Code: c0000374
Exception Offset: 000ce653
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 2057
Additional Information 1: 126a
Additional Information 2: 126af7b435e3da780f2edf79d4245a08
Additional Information 3: b94c
Additional Information 4: b94c47321f6d8b4bdb5d5a89e4738b21


A:IE9 Crashes randomly during browsing.

Uninstall it and reinstall it.

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This has happened everytime I'm on the computer. After a few hours of use the whole motherboard crashes. Every open program, even the desktop and the taskbar froze up, and it never recovered itself. And I was doing a lab assignment for class too.

I also had a problem opening up Yahoo messenger. When I tried to open it, the whole computer just completely froze up. I don't know exactly how this happened, but I have a small child in the house who won't keep her gripey hands off the computer, even after many times I changed the password to all of my user accounts. I have a feeling that she placed a virus on my computer. I did a virus scan using Avira, Spybot, and AVG and they found nothing.

What's going on? What's causing this? And how do I fix this problem?

Thank you for listening.

A:My computer randomly crashes.

Hi, i have been getting the same problem for the past week. Your registry files directory files and so forth are broken/corrupted. Those programs like avira, spybot, and avg do well against viruses, but not all viruses. Try to always update your programs, but i'd advise you to download "malewarebyte anti malware" to remove viruses. For removing adware/spyware/trojans , get ad-aware but make sure it's updated before you scan. Usually trojans/hijackers will decrease your computers performance it literally freeze it up or crash it. Download "ca anti spyware" to remove unwanted spyware/trojans/adware etc..To uninstalled invalid files or files that are corrupted use revo uninstaller, but be careful because you could also lose many valuable files using it "read before using"
Make sure your firewall is updated.

Get "smart registry defrag" with optimising and let it scan in safe mode or with networking for hours and after 2-4 hours. If the computer does not boot up by itself hold the power button and restart the computer.

Download "ca anti spyware" to remove unwanted spyware/trojans/adware etc..To uninstalled invalid files or files that are corrupted use revo uninstaller, but be careful because you could also lose many valuable files using it "read before using"
Make sure your firewall is updated.

I tried everything like you, but i had the courage and determination to fix the problem, because no other foru... Read more

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Hey, I have a problem that has been annoying me for the past week.

Sometimes when I am on my desktop, my sound will randomly crash. I will need to right click my sound, and disable then enable my Speakers/Headset, and it will begin working again. This gets annoying since it can happen three times in a matter of minutes, or more. It also makes me have to restart the games I am playing to get the sound back. I have even wipe cleaned my computer to see if it was a virus causing it, though it still occurs(Doesn't matter though, I was wanting to wipe clean my comp, and this was a good reason too )

I am running Win7 64 bit, and I am using VIA High Definition Audio Drivers(Well, thats what it says in Device Manager). I recently tried downloading Realtek drivers, though that didn't solve my problem. I have right clicked the VIA High Definition Audio Device in Device Manager, and clicked Update Driver, though it says they are up to date.

My motherboard is a P5KPL-CM.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

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Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1Scan saved at 5:23:43 PM, on 1/6/2007Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.5730.0011)Running processes:C:\WINDOWS\System32\smss.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\winlogon.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\services.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\lsass.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\spoolsv.exeC:\PROGRA~1\Grisoft\AVGFRE~1\avgamsvr.exeC:\PROGRA~1\Grisoft\AVGFRE~1\avgupsvc.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\CTsvcCDA.EXEC:\Program Files\ewido anti-spyware 4.0\guard.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\Explorer.EXEC:\WINDOWS\system32\ctfmon.exeC:\Program Files\Spybot - Search & Destroy\SpybotSD.exeC:\Program Files\Grisoft\AVG Free\avgw.exeC:\Program Files\Grisoft\AVG Free\avgwb.datC:\Downloads\HijackThis.exeR1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Search Page = - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Start Page = - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Default_Page_URL = - HKLM\Software\M... Read more

A:Computer Crashes Randomly

Computer Crash may be related to opening Mozilla FireFox.

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hello, i was just windering if anyone knows why my computer just freezes and crashes in the middle of anything either i am browsing the net or playing a game or even just typing in word.
note that when this happes i cans till move my mouse cursor but nothing works
ctrl+alt+delete doesnt work nothing works and i have to reboot the computer
I am sure it is not from lagging or too much programs becuase i was for example only running world or firefox when it happens and nothing else and got about 600mb ram left. so anyone got any ideas?
my system is:
Intel P4
CPU 2.5GHz
736MB DDR ram
windows xp home SP2
my video card is integrated (crapy) SIS 650

please help this is very anoying...and no errors or anything comes even when i reboots

A:Computer Crashes randomly

Please do not start multiple threads for the same problem.

Reply here:

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My girlfriend got a new laptop as her christmas present from her parents.
The problem is that, when I'm in game, my laptop freezes in all of a sudden at around the 10th min of the game. I had to restart my laptop, it took like 8 minutes to reconnect to the game, then after 10-15 minutes, the laptop's stopped working again, with a blue death screen. It only stops working while I play LoL. The laptop hits even the recommended system requires. Any ideas what should I do in this situation?

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Hey everyone

When im playing runescape and listening to music, my computer shuts itself down. When I boot it back up, it doesn't give me blue screen, but a black one that says "Start windows normally, Start in safe mode" stuff like that. After going to one, my computer will go to the windows loading screen, then shut itself off again. And I'll have to start it up again, and eventually it will start up on the third restart. I'm running Windows XP SP3 2.00 GB of RAM. If there's anything else i can post, please let me know (Minidumps w.e). Ive also done a Virus scan with G-Data Anti virus.

Thanks for taking your time to read my question

A:Computer randomly crashes

Does it restart or shut down (off)? Complete shutdown is sometimes an indicator of overheating.
Does it only shut down when using those two programs? What about when under the stress of other programs?
RUN > eventvwr > look for red errors at the time of failures for clues.
Did you test the RAM with the freeware MemTest86?
I might also run "PC-Check 6.5" off the freeware "Hiren's Boot CD" to test harware.

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I have windows 7 on my sony vaio and most of the time when i go on my internet explorer, within 2 seconds a message will pop up saying that the internet is not working and that it is searching for the problem. It eventually then has to close. I dont know what to do

A:Internet randomly crashes!!!!

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Hi, Back in May I bought the Cyberpower Gaming Empire Elite II Gaming PC from Currys/PC world since then it switches itself off and back on randomly the latest this happened was Thursday morning.
Does anyone have any advice to stop this happening? the last shut down was when I was just browsing the internet
Crash Dump Analysis
Crash dump directory: C:\WINDOWS\MinidumpCrash dumps are enabled on your computer.On Thu 22/09/2016 07:18:09 GMT your computer crashed
crash dump file: C:\WINDOWS\Minidump\092216-20953-01.dmp
This was probably caused by the following module: ntoskrnl.exe (nt+0x6BA3F7)
Bugcheck code: 0x124 (0x0, 0xFFFFD1800A9438F8, 0x0, 0x0)
file path: C:\WINDOWS\system32\ntoskrnl.exe
product: Microsoft® Windows® Operating System
company: Microsoft Corporation
description: NT Kernel & System
Bug check description: This bug check indicates that a fatal hardware error has occurred. This bug check uses the error data that is provided by the Windows Hardware Error Architecture (WHEA).
This is likely to be caused by a hardware problem problem. This problem might also be caused because of overheating (thermal issue).
The crash took place in the Windows kernel. Possibly this problem is caused by another driver that cannot be identified at this time.On Tue 20/09/2016 13:13:11 GMT your computer crashed
crash dump file: C:\WINDOWS\Minidump\092016-39750-01.dmp
This was probably caused by the following module: ntoskrnl.exe ... Read more

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Ever since getting highspeed Windows has been crashing often. I did a virus scan in safe mode and got rid of some viruses, and that seemingly fixed the problem of it happening randomly. Now, when I run programs like Limewire or BitLord Windows will crash after a while. These programs work for everyone else BUT me though. What could be causing this to happen?

Edit: Ok, it just happened and I didn't have either of those programs on, or since I turned on the computer.
Here's my HT log:

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 8:45:51 PM, on 3/27/2005
Platform: Windows XP SP1 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2800.1106)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\NavNT\defwatch.exe
C:\Program Files\NavNT\rtvscan.exe
C:\Program Files\Analog Devices\SoundMAX\SMAgent.exe
C:\Program Files\Ahead\InCD\InCD.exe
C:\Program Files\Analog Devices\SoundMAX\Smtray.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.5.0_01\bin\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Real\Update_OB\realsched.exe
C:\Program Files\NavNT\vptray.exe
C:\program files\valve\steam\steam.exe
C:\Program Files\GetRight\getright.exe
C:\Prog... Read more

A:Windows Crashes Randomly

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like the title says my computer keeps crashing but it happens at random. their is no set pattern to the crashes. they may happen once and I wont get another crash for a couple weeks or even months.

A:Computer crashes randomly

lpzdlo1228, I've looked at some of your dump files and each one seems to give me a different reason for the crash. That is not really normal.

lmvm bflwfx64
start end module name
fffff880`03ead000 fffff880`04000000 bflwfx64 T (no symbols)
Loaded symbol image file: bflwfx64.sys
Image path: \SystemRoot\system32\DRIVERS\bflwfx64.sys
Image name: bflwfx64.sys
Timestamp: Wed Feb 13 11:04:08 2013 (511BC788)
CheckSum: 0001B330
ImageSize: 00153000
Translations: 0000.04b0 0000.04e4 0409.04b0 0409.04e4
That is your Bigfoot Networks Bandwidth Control Wireless NDIS Light Weight Filter driver. There is no way I have found to update that driver. The bigfoot web site is not in service, so it seems they have either gone out of business or someone else has taken them over, which I can't find yet. Or if it is a part of your Motherboard, your motherboard web site may have an updated driver.

lmvm tap0901
start end module name
fffff880`11200000 fffff880`1120d000 tap0901 T (no symbols)
Loaded symbol image file: tap0901.sys
Image path: \SystemRoot\system32\DRIVERS\tap0901.sys
Image name: tap0901.sys
Timestamp: Thu Nov 24 12:50:27 2011 (4ECE91F3)
CheckSum: 000154D4
ImageSize: 0000D000
Translations: 0000.04b0 0000.04e4 0409.04b0 0409.04e4
That could be several things but I think most lik... Read more

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I haven't had a crash in months, but two days ago, my laptop started crashing at random times. I don't think it was due to a virus, but rather a hardware issue with my PCI card. Could PCI card failures cause the computer to just stop functioning? Even after doing a full system restore I'm still getting crashes now and then. How can I figure out what's causing the problem? Please advise. Thanks.

A:Computer randomly crashes

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Okay, my computer has a mind of its own, it crashes randomly and for no apparent reason. I have been using the program HyjackThis and today I had a total of 10 crashes!!!! I have been able to restart it each time, but dang, I cannot figure out what the heck is wrong with this thing!!! I have enclosed my last HyjackThis log, please let me know what you think, thanks so much. Also what do you think of PC MightMax for finding and fixing problems?

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 12:18:18 AM, on 4/28/2005
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccEvtMgr.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\VS7Debug\mdm.exe
C:\Program Files\Norton SystemWorks\Norton AntiVirus\navapsvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Real\Update_OB\realsched.exe
C:\Program Files\ScanSoft\PaperPort\pptd40nt.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Dell\EUSW\Support.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Dell\EUSW\Su... Read more

A:Computer Crashes randomly

I dont know anything about mightymax so cant help you there,but the one below is known to be adware so unless you want to keep it you should tick the following and have hijack FIX them ...

O4 - HKCU\..\Run: [Weather] C:\PROGRA~1\AWS\WEATHE~1\Weather.exe 1
O9 - Extra button: WeatherBug - {AF6CABAB-61F9-4f12-A198-B7D41EF1CB52} - C:\PROGRA~1\AWS\WEATHE~1\Weather.exe (HKCU)

And if you do decide to fix you should also delete the following in SAFE MODE


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Hi everyone

My computer keeps crashing, the keyboard/mouse wont respond and it happens frequently..even when browsing the web

Can anyone help me?

A:Vista crashes randomly!! Help?

What Service Pack level?

I would start by testing your memory . . click on the link to Memtest in my signature . . let it run on one stick at a time overnite or until it starts reporting errors

How to burn an ISO file:

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Hello !
im experiencing 3 kinds of BSOD crashes and i cant figure solutions for each one
help please dumps files are joined !

A:3 different BSOD crashes happens randomly

heeeeeelp plz !

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For almost a month, I have been hit by some random restarts of my XP Home machine. Most of the time, I receive a Blue screen error that states something along the lines of "Dumping physical Memory to disk". I tried uninstalling all the software that might have caused the problem but the issue continues. I cannot even use System Restore to fix the problem. Also, some of these restarts bring up a window that states that "The System is being restarted. This action was issued by NT Authority/System" and it counts down from 1 minute. I can stop it if I do a "shutdown -a" command in the command prompt. I attempted a system restore to late August and the restore failed. I have scanned my computer with MalwareBytes Anti-Malware and found nothing.

I attempted a MBAM scan in safe mode after doing a definitions update in normal mode. MBAM found 3 things but before it could complete the scan, the program crashed and would not restart at all. I also received (IN SAFE MODE) the same window stating that the computer is being restarted.

I ran MEMTEST today but nothing was found. Any advice?

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Hi all, 
I found an earlier post on this subject but the thread was locked so I hoped I could get some help myself. My laptop randomly crashes, and it has done quite often. More often than not it's when it's attached to a TV via HDMI or playing SkyGo but I wouldn't say exclusively that. 
I've complied BSOD report following a guide in a previous report and wondered if it made sense to anyone?
Dump File         : 033113-31559-01.dmp
Crash Time        : 31/03/2013 21:36:28
Bug Check String  : 
Bug Check Code    : 0x00000124
Parameter 1       : 00000000`00000000
Parameter 2       : fffffa80`05b538f8
Parameter 3       : 00000000`00000000
Parameter 4       : 00000000`00000000
Caused By Driver  : ntoskrnl.exe
Caused By Address : ntoskrnl.exe+4af70c
File Description  : NT Kernel & System
Product Name      : Microsoft® Windows® Operating System
Company           : Microsoft Corporation
File Version      : 6.1.7601.18044 (win7sp1_gdr.130104-1431)
Processor         : x64
Crash Address     : ntoskrnl.exe+4af70c
Stack Address 1   : 
Stack Address 2   : 
Stack Address 3   : 
Computer Name     : 
Full Path         : C:\Wi... Read more

A:Laptop randomly crashes

Please download MiniToolBox  , save it to your desktop and run it.
Checkmark the following checkboxes:
  List last 10 Event Viewer log
  List Installed Programs
  List Users, Partitions and Memory size.
Click Go and paste the content into your next post.
Also...please Publish a Snapshot using Speccy - , taking care to post the link.  Do not copy/paste data from the report.

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So my computer decides to randomly crash when playing games.
I play games like Skyrim, Black ops 2 and Test Drive Unlimited 2.
When playing, i will play for maybe 30 minutes, or less, then the game will suddenly stop while performing an action like saving or just clicking on an object game.
-First the game freezes for some seconds
-Then the screen turns all black
-Then it turns white
-Then it crashes to desktop with the game still running, but the whole screen is black except the taskbar, and i cannot close the game.
I dont really know how to find out my specs, as im a total noob at this but i know this:
Graphics Card: Radeon 270x
CPU: AMD FX-4350 Quad-Core
I wouldnt say the games i play are very demanding, so i doubt theres any overheating, though as said, im a total noob at this.
Also, i have tried updated both catalyst and my graphics card drivers, and the error still occurs. 
Help, very appreciated! Thanks =)

A:PC Randomly crashes while in-game

Noone know what may cause this?

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My computer has repeatedly been crashing several times per few minutes, ever since two power outages this morning.
Description of error (same codes):
Error code 10000050, parameter1 ff681fd0, parameter2 00000001, parameter3 f3111b7f, parameter4 00000000.
Source: System Error
Category: (102)
Event ID: 1003
Type: Error
System specifications:
HP Pavilion zt1000
Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3
Intel® Pentium® 4 Mobile CPU 1.50GHz
240 MB of RAM
120 GB Solid-state hard drive
Also, the power outages broke my wi-fi adapter (Wi-Pi, with drivers).
Please help me fix this situation.

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Hey there all, i have a problem with my PC. It's almost 2 years since i bought it and for quite a while now it has started to randomly shut down without warning, almost like the power is just being cut off. I'm a bit clueless to this either being a problem with heat, power supply or a hardware error.
I've tried to look over this moniter, though i'm still not sure what to make of it. Anyone who can help me out, all help is appreciated.

 Udklip.JPG   117.25KB

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Hi, i have a toshiba l300d satellite computer, however It keeps on Crashing at random times "when i mean crashing it as if someone was holding the turn on button" {when there is not} and when i try to turn it on again it will crash again

The only way i can stop this is if i leave it for 30 minuites or so and come back and then restart it, i have checked on many websites and rang toshiba but they could not help me.

If anyone could help please reply

Also when i first purchased the computer the battery lasted for 2 hours or so, and in the last year or so it has been maxed to 15 minuites on its battery i am not sure if this is linked to it but i dont really mind the small battery problem but anyways thankyou.
(also this is a problem with the computer to it is slow o.0)

A:My laptop crashes randomly and often

Shutting down after some period of use could be related to heat. The fact that it comes on after sitting for 30 minutes also points to a heat issue.

The battery life could be normal, rechargeable batteries lose the ability to hold a full charge after so many recharge cycles. You may just need to replace the battery.

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I have been having problems with my PC where it would just randomly crash when gaming for no reason? No BSOD just crash and restart?

The games I play are team fortress 2 and killing floor *Steam Games "Paid for"*, The games would load fine no errors no lag I would play the game and BOOM would randomly crash and restart, I have no idea why And I really hate it! I built this pc for gaming and it seems it cant even do that... It only crashes when playing a game (Thought some games do work fine "XCOM Enemy Unknown & saints row 3") it would never crash other then that, But here is something new I found out, My games work fine in window mode.. So how come they work find in window but not full screen? :(

My PC:
OS Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit 7601 Multiprocessor Free Service Pack 1
CPU AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 840 Processor
Motherboard Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. GA-MA770T-UD3
Memory 8.00 GB
Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce GT 240
Sound Card (1) NVIDIA High Definition Audio (2) NVIDIA High Definitio
Screen Resolution 1440 x 900 x 32 bits (4294967296 colors) @ 59 Hz
Hard Drives SAMSUNG HD154UI SATA Disk Device

*My graphics card is uptodate.
*I really don't think its a overheat problem, I have four fans inside my pc and Speedfan show my temps below 40c (60c when gaming)
*I don't have any mods or anything for dose games.
*I have run'd memtest+ and has come back with 0 errors 6 passes.
*I have ... Read more

A:PC randomly crashes when gaming?

Hello, and welcome to Tech Support Forum. To better assist you, I'll need a little more information.

What RAM do you have installed? Can we get a little more information about its timings, frequency, etc.?

Download and install CPU-Z and Upload screenshots of the CPU, Mainboard, Memory, and SPD tabs. In the SPD tab, upload an image of each slot. To upload all screenshots, it would be best to:generate the images using the Snipping Tool,
go to where the images are saved,
right click in a blank area within the folder where the images are saved,
create a new folder,
name the folder CPUZ,
select all the images,
place the pointer over an image,
press and hold down the left mouse button and drag the image (all images should move with it),
drop the images into the CPUZ directory you created,
create a compressed (zipped) folder of CPUZ
upload the .zip file to the forums.

Phenom IIs are very picky about what RAM they'll work well with. If you have 1600 or higher RAM, or if it is XMP, then it probably will not work with that processor as intended.


Originally Posted by AMD

Integrated DRAM Controller with AMD Memory Optimizer Technology
A high-bandwidth, low-latency integrated memory controller
Supports PC2-8500 (DDR2-1066); PC2-6400 (DDR2-800), PC2-5300 (DDR2-667), PC2-4200 (DDR2-533) or PC2-3200 (DDR2-400) SDRAM unbuffered DIMMs ? AM2+
Support for unregistered DIMMs up to PC2 8500(DDR2-1066M... Read more

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About every 30minutes or so my computer will just die. I will be playing a game and the screen will go blank and my tower shuts off! I dont know what to do please help! My Dxdiag is enclosed!

System Information
Time of this report: 5/17/2011, 20:57:15
Machine name: RICOHARMON-PC
Operating System: Windows 7 Professional 64-bit (6.1, Build 7600) (7600.win7_gdr.110408-1633)
Language: English (Regional Setting: English)
System Manufacturer: Gateway
System Model: LX6810-01
BIOS: Default System BIOS
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q8200 @ 2.33GHz (4 CPUs), ~2.3GHz
Memory: 8192MB RAM
Available OS Memory: 8192MB RAM
Page File: 2291MB used, 14088MB available
Windows Dir: C:\Windows
DirectX Version: DirectX 11
DX Setup Parameters: Not found
User DPI Setting: Using System DPI
System DPI Setting: 96 DPI (100 percent)
DWM DPI Scaling: Disabled
DxDiag Version: 6.01.7600.16385 64bit Unicode

DxDiag Notes
Display Tab 1: No problems found.
Sound Tab 1: No problems found.
Sound Tab 2: No problems found.
Sound Tab 3: No problems found.
Input Tab: No problems found.

DirectX Debug Levels
Direct3D: 0/4 (retail)
DirectDraw: 0/4 (retail)
DirectInput: 0/5 (retail)
DirectMusic: 0/5 (retail)
DirectPlay: 0/9 (retail)
DirectSound: 0/... Read more

A:My computer randomly crashes!

This sounds like either a power issue or your CPU is overheating which is forcing your motherboard to react and shut down the PC as a safety mechanism. The fact that this happens during gaming specifically seems to alert to that possibility.

Check inside your computer and make sure your CPU fan is running and has no dust collecting on it and that your PC has adequate air flow. If you installed the CPU fan yourself recently, it may be caused by improper application of thermal paste.

That's my initial diagnosis. I'll need more info in order to analyze this properly. If your PC crashes too early, then start up your computer in Safe Mode (with Networking preferably) by pressing F8 while it's starting (before the Windows logo pops up). Then follow the instructions here. This will provide a good report for us to look at.

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I've been looking every for a fix to my Windows XP (home edition) problem but no one seems to be having the same problem as me. What happens is my computer can be on for days at a time with no problem but sometimes it randomly comes up with the error:
Generic host process for win32 services has crashed...
SzAppName: Svchost.exe
SzModName: rpcss.dll
Offset: 0001f4f9
and then I have to restart it.
I've checked for viruses and spyware (none) and all over the microsoft support site only to find fixes for windows 2000 related problems which may or may not mess my machine up even more. I really need to be able to depend on my laptop not crashing randomly because I often have to make presentations.
Please, help!

A:Svchost.exe crashes randomly

Really Similar to my problem but for windows 2000 (does that matter?):

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My laptop randomly crashes anywhere from 20-30minutes after it is switched on! My DxDiag is as follows:

System Information
Time of this report: 5/23/2011, 19:24:55
Machine name: LINUS-PC
Operating System: Windows Vista? Home Premium (6.0, Build 6001) Service Pack 1 (6001.vistasp1_gdr.101014-0432)
Language: English (Regional Setting: English)
System Manufacturer: Acer
System Model: Aspire 4937
BIOS: InsydeH2O Version V1.01
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T9550 @ 2.66GHz (2 CPUs), ~2.7GHz
Memory: 3070MB RAM
Page File: 1594MB used, 4742MB available
Windows Dir: C:\Windows
DirectX Version: DirectX 10
DX Setup Parameters: Not found
DxDiag Version: 6.00.6001.18000 32bit Unicode

DxDiag Notes
Display Tab 1: No problems found.
Sound Tab 1: No problems found.
Sound Tab 2: No problems found.
Input Tab: No problems found.

DirectX Debug Levels
Direct3D: 0/4 (retail)
DirectDraw: 0/4 (retail)
DirectInput: 0/5 (retail)
DirectMusic: 0/5 (retail)
DirectPlay: 0/9 (retail)
DirectSound: 0/5 (retail)
DirectShow: 0/6 (retail)

Display Devices
Card name: NVIDIA GeForce G 105M
Manufacturer: NVIDIA
Chip type: GeForce G 105M
... Read more

A:Computer randomly crashes

Attached are the required BSOD information files. Sorry for double posting!

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Last week my computer started randomly crashing at different intervals. This happened before when I bought my computer and I found out it was because of faulty memory. I had my memory replaced, and I ran MemTest several times to ensure that the problem is fixed.

As mentioned earlier, this week my computer started crashing. Usually when the computer crashes, I would have Firefox and Adobe Flash opened. Since last week, I have not been doing anything really unusual or installed any new software. I have started using [email protected] again (I have not used it for about half a year), and I also have once again started using Adobe Flash (I haven't used it for about three months). Earlier today, when I went to turn on my computer, it froze when trying to start Windows. I restarted it and it froze again right before it started to load Windows. I also received a warning from AVG saying that my computer is infected with Tracking cookie.Dealtime, but I think this is an unrelated incident.

EDIT: I also want to add that my computer also stutters every now and then. For example, I would be scrolling through an article on Firefox and my computer would freeze for about ten seconds. I can tell it is frozen because I have a digital clock widget on my desktop, and the seconds would stop for about ten seconds. This tends to happen quite often (usually several times an hour).

EDIT: I have also noticed that Firefox is using a lot of my processing power (I am checking under the Processes tab in Wi... Read more

A:Computer Randomly Crashes

I think I have found the problem to my problem. My friend came over and took a look and is pretty sure it is because my CPU is over heating.

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I just came back after a few days out, and for some reason my PC cashed several times today.
So my PC will restart (more like crash) after I log-in, it is random, it can crash in a few seconds or a few minutes.

Last time I used my PC, the "5,6,7" keyboard buttons didn't work (Logitech G15), maybe that could help.
( I usually shutdown my PC every time I go to sleep or go out).

I know that the computer crashes because, when I boot I get a screen telling me windows did not shut down correctly and I can use windows normally or with safe mode.

PC specs:
Windows 7 32 bit
nVidia 260 GTX
4 g"b ddr2 ram
Intel E8500 Duo 3.16 GHz
Avast free + malwarebytes free

I've tried to find solutions for the problem and even:
- Tried to open case, and tighten cables.
- Cool the system down by opening it and leaving it to rest
But I had no luck yet, so I came here.

Help would be highly appreciated :)

A:PC crashes (and restarts) randomly

Hi and welcome to TSF have you tried booting to safe mode F8 tap it at the splash screen about 1 a second you can then either try last known good configuration or safe mode

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I'm not exactly sure what is going on with my system so I ran the utility and have the file attached here.

A:BSOD randomly crashes


You have a very old version of display driver installed.

start end module name
fffff880`03c53000 fffff880`04175000 atikmdag (deferred)
Image path: \SystemRoot\system32\DRIVERS\atikmdag.sys
Image name: atikmdag.sys
Timestamp: Fri Apr 24 16:21:57 2009 (49F199CD)
CheckSum: 004CC863
ImageSize: 00522000
Translations: 0000.04b0 0000.04e4 0409.04b0 0409.04e4
Update your ATI/AMD display driver.
You can get it from the link in our forum, Latest AMD Catalyst Video Driver for Windows 7, or you may go to AMD Graphics Driver and Software and opt for Automatically Detect and Install the appropriate driver for your card.

During installation, you may opt for advanced installation, and install the display driver only, not the Catalyst Control Center.

And, the BIOS is similarly old, too.

BiosVendor = Phoenix Technologies, LTD
BiosVersion = 6.00 PG
BiosReleaseDate = 12/10/2009
If possible, plan to update it.

Let us know the result. Also let us know, which antivirus do you use?

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Hi, this is my first thread here. hope that someone help me please
my laptop crashes randomly and BSOD.
changed my RAMs slot but nothing changed. even my HDD. with no change.


A:Crashes and BSOD Randomly :(

No Windows Updates installed. Most systems have 66 or more. Please visit Windows Update and get ALL available updates (it may take several trips to get them all).

Drivers aren't installed for this device:

Not Available ACPI\HPQ0004\3&11583659&0 The drivers for this device are not installed.

It's most likely the ProtectSmart Hard Drive Protection or HP 3D Drive Guard

Out of 16 memory dumps there were 10 different BSOD error codes. The differing error codes are usually symptomatic of a lower level problem within the system. They are usually caused by one of these things:
- borked (broken) hardware (several different procedures used to isolate the problem device)
- BIOS issues (check for updates at the motherboard manufacturer's website)
- overclocking - You'll know if you're overclocking or not. If uncertain we can suggest things to check.
- compatibility issues (3rd party hardware/drivers)
- low-level driver problems
- or even malware (scanned for when we ask for hardware diagnostics from Initial Hardware Diagnostics or Hardware Diagnostics ).

Your BIOS dates from 2011. Please check at the manufacturer's website to see if there are any BIOS updates available for your system. Also check the readme file to see if they apply to the problems that you are having. Please be advised that flashing the BIOS is a very unforgiving process - and one mistake can physically damage your motherboard.

Please update these older drivers... Read more

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My internet just crashes randomly and i have to replug my connector. Usually it crashes when i use it like downloading or something similar, but it crashes like every 5 minute.

One thing i did before it started crashing, my AVG Antivirus reported virus and i deleted it. BUT i noticed one thing, when i searched the virus in the folder where AVG told it would be, it was there again. I deleted it another time, and again it appeared.

So any1 know how to fix my internet or delete the respawning virus from my system32 folder

A:Internet randomly crashes

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Hey all...its been a good few months since I resolved my last problem with a Gigabyte mobo, now im back again, and the problems might just have gotten worse.

My system specs havnt changed, here they are listed again.
System Info Version: 2.2
Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP
Processors: 2 x Intel Pentium® 4 @ 3.42 GHz
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 6800 GS
Total Physical Memory: 1 GB
Free Physical Memory: 576.88 MB
Motherboard Manufacturer: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd.
Motherboard Model: 8I945PL-G
Description: Primary Display Driver
Manufacturer: NVIDIA
Name: NVIDIA GeForce 6800 GS
Total Local Video Memory: 512 MB
Total Local Texture Memory: 512 MB
Total AGP Memory: 248 MB
Display Driver: nv4_disp.dll
Display Driver Version:
Driver WHQL Certified: Yes
DirectX Version: 9.0
Description: Motherboard
Manufacturer: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd.
Model: 8I945PL-G
Version: x.x
BIOS Vendor: Award Software International, Inc.
BIOS Version: GBT - 42302e31
BIOS Release Date: 31/03/06
BIOS Properties: Plug and Play, Flash
Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP
Version: 5.1.2600
Service Pack: Service Pack 2
Locale: GB
Desktop Width: 1280
Desktop Height: 1024
Desktop BPP: 32
Total Physical Memory: 1 GB
Free Physical Memory: 576.88 MB
Total Pagefile Memory: 2.41 GB
Free Pagefile Memory: 2.06 GB
--... Read more

A:8I945PL-G Crashes Randomly

Disconnected wireless devices, ran 3dmark 2001

Freezes occured 2 minutes into the test

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Hello there, kinda new at this but I will give it a try since my computer is so messed up at the moment!

Alright, as the topic says my computer randomly crashes. I do not get any error messages or such it just goes black as if i would disconnect my power cable (Blackscreen?). I have checked my computers CPU temperature with the program "SpeedFan". It says that my CPU temp is on: 32C. If you ask me this sounds abit low doesn't it? I have tried formatting my computer three times and this still keep happening.

It doesn't really mather what I am doing when this happends but it ALWAYS happends when I try to launch the game World of Warcraft.

My guess: Power Supply is not working properly? Since all my fans are working as they should and the temperature is normal I dont think that the reason is overheating.

Microsoft Windows XP
Version 2002
Service Pack 2

AMD Athlon(tm) 64X2 Dual Core Processor 4000+
2.10 GHz, 1,75 GB of Ram
Power Supply: Ace 500W ATX

The computer is 2 years old and it has worked fine until my father unplugged it when it was still on, the first sign was blue screens directly at windows starting (fixed by formatting) and then this problem accurs and I need HELP!

Dont know if this is necesairy but it wont hurt:

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 01:38:33, on 2009-12-30
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)
Boot mode: Normal

Running ... Read more

A:Computer randomly crashes. HELP!

Please help me! If you guys think that it is the power supply I will rush to the store and buy a new one!

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Hi again guys,

Since i built this computer and put on vista x64, i havent had a single thing go wrong, no hiccups or anything!

Recently however (6 months later) i installed a large batch of windows updates, which seemed fine. A couple of days later we had a thunder storm and a blackout. My computer was on at the time and just turned off. It is hooked up through a Monster surge board anyway- i thought no biggy and just waited till we got power again and kept going.

Since then at random times, usually when im playing a game or something it just shuts down and restarts itself a couple of seconds later. STALKER is the game... it has even crashed through a defrag...

System specs as follows:

Core 17 940
Asus P6T Delux + OC Palm
12GB DDR3 1600Mhz Corsair dominator
Antec 1200 Case
Asus Triton 81 CPU cooler
HIS Radeon HD4870x2
Azuntech prelude 7.1 DTS
Corsair 1000W PSU
Killer N1 NIC
4x 1TB Caviar Black HDD's (Non-RAID)
2x Pioneer DVD writers

Thanks for the help guys, just need a fresh mind to get my head round this

A:Vista 64-bit crashes randomly

Disable the automatic restart on crash. Then look up the error message on the BSOD. That will point you in the direction you need to go to fix the issue.

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I just bought a brand new computer less than a week ago, I installed my NVIDIA GeForce 9600 graphics card and installed the latest drivers (I play WoW and the integrated graphics wasn't to my liking).
Now, this video card has run fine on my old computer, even with outdated drivers, for a bit over a year. I made sure it was installed correctly and cleaned of any dust etc before putting it in.
Now my computer crashes randomly. Most often when I'm playing WoW, but it will also crash when I'm doing other mundane things, such as running Microsoft Office programs. When it crashes it goes to the blue screen and saying it's doing a memory dump, then it restarts and a box comes up saying Windows has recovered from an unexpected problem and to search for a solution.
I've checked and re-checked my video card driver and it's all up to date.
I'd really like this to stop happening! I need a computer in order to do assignments for my courses and i'm having to resort to using my laptop.

A:Computer crashes randomly

Full system specs would be a big help in finding out what's wrong.
Also, by 'crash' what do you mean? A crash can be anything from a frozen desktop to a blank screen.

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My old Windows XP install was beginning to get a bit screwed up and things began to stop working. I couldn't be bothered fixing them, so I just formatted and reinstalled windows, thinking everything would be fixed.

Everything was fixed. But a new issue arose...

Explorer.exe randomly crashes, as if I had hit 'end task' on the proccess. It only happens when I'm doing something to do with explorer (like browsing files). Every time I go into a folder, My computer etc, it crashes after exactly 14 seconds!

I really have no idea why this is happening. In the event viewer it says this:

Event Type: Information
Event Source: Winlogon
Event Category: None
Event ID: 1002
Date: 22/06/2008
Time: 2:19:02 p.m.
User: N/A
Computer: CONROE
The shell stopped unexpectedly and Explorer.exe was restarted.

For more information, see Help and Support Center at

So it is something to do with winlogon...

It is also worth noting that this does not happen when I boot into safe mode.

Any idea's on how to fix this EXTREMELY aggravating issue?!?

A:Explorer.exe randomly crashes!

I just did a reinstall of the Windows XP system files and still the problem persists!

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I have been having problems with my PC where it would just randomly crash when gaming for no reason? No BSOD just crash and restart?

The games I play are team fortress 2 and killing floor *Steam Games "Paid for"*, The games would load fine no errors no lag I would play the game and BOOM would randomly crash and restart, I have no idea why And I really hate it! I built this pc for gaming and it seems it cant even do that... It only crashes when playing a game (Thought some games do work fine "XCOM Enemy Unknown & saints row 3") it would never crash other then that *I have had BSOD but forgot the message thought dose are rare*

My PC:
OS Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit 7601 Multiprocessor Free Service Pack 1
CPU AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 840 Processor
Motherboard Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. GA-MA770T-UD3
Memory 8.00 GB
Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce GT 240
Sound Card (1) NVIDIA High Definition Audio (2) NVIDIA High Definitio
Screen Resolution 1440 x 900 x 32 bits (4294967296 colors) @ 59 Hz
Hard Drives SAMSUNG HD154UI SATA Disk Device

*My graphics card is uptodate, So says the site.
*I really don't think its a overheat problem, I have four fans inside my pc and Speedfan show my temps below 40C.
*I don't have any mods or anything for dose games.
*I have run'd memtest+ and has come back with 0 errors.
*I have scanned my pc with Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware with 0.
*I have Avira installed and yep with 0.
*I have used ... Read more

A:PC randomly crashes when gaming?

Welcome aboard, MrUser01.

* *
* Bugcheck Analysis *
* *

Use !analyze -v to get detailed debugging information.

BugCheck 24, {1904fb, fffff88004727968, fffff880047271c0, fffff8800133e259}

Probably caused by : Ntfs.sys ( Ntfs! ?? ::NNGAKEGL::`string'+e919 )

Followup: MachineOwner
According to, STOP 0x00000024: NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM
Usual causes: Disk corruption, insufficient physical memory, Device driver, Indexing, Resident antivirus, backup, defrag programs, Disk/Drive failing/failure

Pointing the red marked three out at first.
► Do a thorough disc check:
Update your SSD's Firmware (skip it, if it is not a SSD)
Reseat the sata and power.
Run chkdsk /f/r, following the option two of the tutorial Disk Check
Seatool for dos: SeaTools | Seagate download
Burn it in a blank cd. boot from the CD, click on "Accept", wait for it to finish detecting the drives, then in the upper left corner select "Basic Tests", then select "Long Test" and let it run.
► Uninstall Avira.
Use Microsoft Security Essentials as your antivirus with windows inb... Read more

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Just built a new computer few days ago and occasionally, everything freezes, says "Microsoft Windows is not responding" and I have to restart my computer for it to work.
My mouse can move during this time but everything else is completely frozen.
This happens out of nowhere, whether it's me playing a game or watching a youtube video. Any suggestions?

A:New computer randomly crashes

Can you provide us with more information on your computer:

-Type of Computer (Company)
-What Version of Windows (if its a Microsoft Computer)
-Maybe a few extra details on parts (GPU) and suspicious software you may have recently downloaded and are not sure about.

All these things could help us track down your problem...

Good Luck!

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